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6f809d  No.15822742

>buy our nostalgic console !

<It's just a repurposed PSP processor using PCSX…

'round 100 bucks for that shit.

That's a top tier jew tactic.

1a725b  No.15822748

File: 847829fb52ab4ea⋯.webm (12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, --Myon-Myon-Meme-Douga.webm)

You forgot to add

>Repackaged PSP hardware, with somehow worse emulation

Why the fuck didn't sony just opt to use their proprietary emulation software when it was obviously designed for their hardware? I don't understand. I mean for crying out loud a Raspberry Pi 2 (not 3, nor 3+) at stock speeds, with no cooling on it what-so-ever with the same Emulation core, runs everything better.

68b006  No.15822749

File: 4cf3ddec7c9cb44⋯.mp4 (14.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, y2mate.com - how_to_access….mp4)



c91bbb  No.15822751

File: a10e2b850b2980b⋯.mp4 (14.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, HOW TO ACCESS THE PS1 CLAS….mp4)


6f809d  No.15822754

af2736  No.15822755

>just use a usb keyboard and press esc


61191c  No.15822756


Well, this is a good reminder to buy cheap backup PSPs and Vitas for Christmas, because this thing is fucking low-effort nostalgiafaggotry.

af2736  No.15822758

Also this shows how fucking jewish sony is for just using old PSP hardware and selling it for fucking $100.

1a725b  No.15822764

File: ba0aa8d203e9dc3⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 368x357, 368:357, ba0aa8d203e9dc304c16d051ba….gif)


The worse part is

if they would have just reproduced the PSP in a budget case, and slimmer build, and opted to make it all-digital, it would have been a better bargain

Put me in Daddy Sony, I'll make you fuckers rich and less fuckin' gay.

68b006  No.15822768






Uh, where's the part where it actually says that it uses a PSP hardware?

d0e445  No.15822770

File: 1ac2c7ae746b60e⋯.jpg (16.16 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1ac2c7ae746b60eceb37642af4….jpg)


>psp hardware


e58aef  No.15822771

File: e01b915130dc373⋯.png (381.7 KB, 669x800, 669:800, __fujiwara_no_mokou_hourai….png)

550ddb  No.15822785


>release Playstation Classic Portable, and basically make it just what you said

Now that could actually have been a good product. A $100 portable system preloaded with games would be a good buy for kids, especially since the 3ds is currently in its death throes and Switch isn't really a portable console.



Not him, I don't know about hardware (didn't watch video either) but software is 100% confirmed to be ripped from PSP and an unofficial playstation emulator. I remember there was a scandal like this when commercial ports of games were released to the wii, secretly wrapped in SCUMM.

d5c1fc  No.15822789


I would not be suprised if the ps classic was just a psp based hardware design. That is insane.

6f809d  No.15822792

>1gb of RAM on PSC

<the PS1 used 32MB of ram

Couldn't they use the PS1 emulator made for the PS4 ?

d0e445  No.15822808


>100% confirmed to be ripped from PSP and an unofficial playstation emulator.

Wait really? Got info dumps? If so, that's fucking lazy.

5ae0af  No.15822841

File: 4bb34558e38aa72⋯.png (16.84 KB, 225x294, 75:98, nah.png)

>lousy game selection

>no dualshock

>trash emulation performance

>laggy 50Hz PAL versions ruining some games

No effort to develop this at all. Just take someone else's software and slap a pricetag on it. The PSTV is better value than this.


If it was PSP hardware they could've slapped their in-house POPS emulator on it. Because they slapped an open-source emulator in it, it makes me think it's some off-the-shelf piece of crap.

396958  No.15822846

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's not PSP hardware. It's a off the shelf Mediatek processor, a Mediatek MT8167A.

6f0a9e  No.15822851

>faggots here will still try to argue this is """""original hardware"""""""

>all because sony is slapping their name on some chinkshit SoC

original hardware

a627cb  No.15822855

PCSX's license is GPL so they're allowed to use it for commercial propietary shit, not that the PS Classic isn't garbage or anything, but they're not doing anything illegal.

348a97  No.15822873

File: 8899f1b5b354e00⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 640x559, 640:559, 1465946061459.jpg)


>a fucking tablet SoC

>running PCSX

85a647  No.15822890

Why didn't they just literally take the PSP and remove the screen and unnecessary shit, put it into the mini-ps1 shell and have it be a PS1+PSP machine?

68b006  No.15822896

File: 104eff91a28e3f8⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 640x640, 1:1, playstation-vita-tv-329413….jpg)


You mean this?

85a647  No.15822898


Correct hardware, wrong business model.

396958  No.15822900


Because building PSP SOCs again after they have been out of production for like 6 years is expensive and the old hardware would be incapable of outputting to 1080p in HDMI. The PSP had a resolution of 272p.

1a725b  No.15822904

File: 18868acfdb3b946⋯.mp4 (492 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Kot.mp4)


They have PSP and PS1 emulators written by them though, surely they could have produced or grabbed a SOC that would have been a good fit for both for little money right? I still don't understand why they aren't using their own software, software they already have written.

1d5f38  No.15822906

File: 07fddd7476d5f49⋯.jpg (88.35 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 71nXq5M1o5L._SL1500_.jpg)

My only hope from this mess is that retroflag will make a playstation shell for the raspberry pi, and we can wipe our hands clean of this failure.

They released a Genesis case not to long ago and its damn sexy. I want to swap out my NES case for it, but I'm holding out on the playstation.

1a725b  No.15822911

File: fd05ea07129a9fc⋯.jpg (107.63 KB, 1500x995, 300:199, superkuma.jpg)


I like retroflags stuff, but I also started looking at some other company that popped up recently

Kintaro or some shit, Bought their SNES case along with their custom heatsink, I've heard good things about their heatsinks, and the case has an option for a fan if you want to put one in.

and like retroflag, it also has working buttons

1d5f38  No.15822932


Yeah I saw the snes case, not a fan of the system. I original bought a pie after nintendo announced they were canning production on NES classic. I've been sitting on buying a b+, if a playstation case comes out I might, just so I can add some psp titles. they run like shit on a normal B last time I tried.

After I saw all the bad previews for the PS Classic, I started messing around with playstation stuff again. I got a 128GB card on a black friday sale. I could fit the entire US playstation library with room for a few pal/japan exclusives. My only real complaint is I want a better controller. I bought a DS3 from mercari and it was a REALLY GOOD bootleg(swan i think) So it rumbles while I charge it, and as I was playing pac-man world the rumble was going nuts. I also had it shut off a few times during play and it randomly hits left or down. I'd be perfectly okay with a USB wired DS, but I can't find any that don't look like some third party garbage had an orgy in china.

1a725b  No.15822942


mainly bought the case for the heatsink tbh Never had an issue with the smaller passive cooling sinks, nor with a fan+small sink combo, but I always wondered why nobody just made a shaped sink for the whole board, seems trivial and the gains you get from such a setup is fairly large (an additional 9cs) I like overhead when overclocking;

PSP has gotten better on the 3 B's with recent updates to the emulators, but you kinda wanna overclock it, I hear the B+ 3 is flawless to near perfect though. but I'm a degenerate with 4 3's and 2 B+'s coming in I still haven't found a decent LCD panel though for some of the projects I want, have no idea how to go about it.

For decent bootleg controllers though, I'm pretty sure there are some japanese companies that do shit like that, I've also heard good things about the 8bitdo controllers.

cd22ed  No.15822949

eabfcf  No.15823047

I bougth a SNES classic hacked with 200 games, including a Metal Slug and Sanic, and I will do the same with the PS classic. This is the list of games I'm putting in. Something missing?

Silent Bomber

Soul Reaver

Tombi 2

Megaman Legends 2

Driver 2

Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil Survivor

Metal Gear Solid

Silent Hill

Crash Team Racing

Tenchu 2

Quake 2

Duke Nukem World of Babes

R-Type Delta

G-Police 2

Dino Crisis 2

Syphon Filter 3

Medal of Honor

Tekken 3

Castlevania Simphony of the Night

Alien Trilogy

Gunnm Martian Memory

b78f27  No.15823051

File: 9d8428f6d90ca72⋯.jpg (89.55 KB, 383x362, 383:362, 1316824354488.jpg)


><It's just a repurposed PSP processor using PCSX…

Umm….hey retard? The PSP was MIPS, the PSClassic is ARM. PS1 emulation on the PSP is in fact more accurate because Sony wasn't as lazy back then and took the time to develop a low-level emulator for it. This is just an ARM box with PCSX ReARMed

Its still kind of incredible, Nintendo at least had the decency to write their own in-house emulator

d0e445  No.15823073

File: 8810a2deed9e114⋯.gif (940.08 KB, 627x502, 627:502, Would you like to know mor….gif)

8f1587  No.15823092


>For decent bootleg controllers though, I'm pretty sure there are some japanese companies that do shit like that, I've also heard good things about the 8bitdo controllers.

8bitdo is chinese.

eabfcf  No.15823101


I've been suspecting for months that there's a (((torfag))) shitting up threads just to get filtered and prevent other Tor users form posting in fullchan.

f76303  No.15823110


There's no Majoras Mask

8f1587  No.15823115


He's definitely less retarded than you at least.

4f02b5  No.15823144

File: cd4db9c4de3b2d5⋯.png (9.82 KB, 1394x98, 697:49, torfag.png)

File: 6acb3b598c01448⋯.png (25.08 KB, 1084x340, 271:85, torfag2.png)

>it's not even a refurbished PSP or Vita hardware, but some cheap shit

>crap emulation

>no dualshock PS1 controllers

>mediocre selection of games (the jap one is slightly better with Parasite Eve 1)

>no charger included gotta buy one, in the old typical 3DS XL fashion

>one fucking hundred dollardos

What an absolute mess.


I'd still recommend a PSTV, which is cheaper and can be run on h-encore (assuming it's not on the latest 3.69 Vita firmware), on top of having better compatibility and emulation with POPS than with the Playstation Classic's emulator


That torfag in particular is a mustard race fag who knows jackshit what he's talking about I bet 10$ it's Gamezard because the typing and "arguments" are similar

8f1587  No.15823155


>a mustard race fag who knows jackshit what he's talking about

He's just stating the obvious half the time, not much to be offended at.

8f1587  No.15823175


And by that I mean if you actually feel like you're forced to pay to have enjoyment in your life you seriously have need to re-evaluate your mortality, because you will eventually rot to death like everyone else.

54864d  No.15823178

File: 43b9844fe47f9bb⋯.png (1.86 KB, 200x51, 200:51, (you).png)




4f02b5  No.15823186


That torfag is just parroting memes than stating some "truth". He's probably against people paying shit just to share it to others, or buying second-hand.

I imagine he's also against buying books (specifically the entertainment kind like mangas/comics) if we follow his huenigger line of logic.


The reverse is also true if you completely deny yourself to spend money on things for your personal enjoyment, and that you believe that waiting X number of years for getting something "free" is worth in an existence where you could eventually die from whatever by sheer bad luck.

d4fb33  No.15823189


Which is why it's retarded to pay for anything, whether it's PC parts or some console. Both just lead you to be a cuckold for a corporation.

bdb109  No.15823275

Y'know, it's funny to me that they chose to use PCSX ReARMed when there's already an existing PS1 emulator (Mednafen's PS core) that has nearly 99% accuracy for PS1 games and would, as I understand it, also be able to be used in this case with no licensing problems.

Sure, we're talking slightly more performance cost, but if the intent is to create an "authentic" original console experience, wouldn't you want to at least use something that actually recreates the software accurately?

8f1587  No.15823301


It's an arm board in a box jackass.

250bdf  No.15823316

reminder that you can do your own console and it is cheap


2711ad  No.15825115

Everyone recommending raspberry pi's needs to stop. Seriously.

a9ea51  No.15825118


They are basically as bad as the ps1 classic

81718d  No.15825123


Aren't there cheaper clones that have better specs? It seems like a lot of people make these emu boxes pay more than they need to.

85627c  No.15825125


>for all of us

Sounds like gay shit

1ffc67  No.15825155


Faggotry aside the drivers and forks are better developed and compatibility is high.


Not really, morons will sugest other SOCS that are maybe 10 bucks cheaper (if that) but a lot of shit isn't polished and the Quality control is hit or miss, there are better all in one solutions out there, but they're neither cheaper, nor as polished, MMV


5c481d  No.15825309

File: 3235a1c8579ddb1⋯.png (972.28 KB, 799x599, 799:599, Tir_Kazumi_Suikogaiden2.png)

I honestly don't understand all the whining. You have been able to emulate all the PS1 games for what 15 years? Twenty?

Hell if you actually like videogames (and lets face it most gamers don't really give a shit about videogames they just like the subculture) this product was never meant for you. Sony could have released the damn thing without any games at all and it would have made no difference.

5578d6  No.15825331

File: 53e3bdc59605e7e⋯.png (719.88 KB, 714x810, 119:135, Wraith.png)

Mini consoles in general are kike tier

and I'm sure Mark bought one and left it dusting

abc81b  No.15825396


The PS1 had a lot of worthwhile games, so yes, I'd say you're missing a lot; really just depends on what all you're interested in, and how much space there might even be room for on there (assuming you can't upgrade the storage).


I think the main concern is that, barring absolute newfags to the system that value a sampler pack, pretty much everyone has a bone to pick with the selection, be it the focus on mainstream titles, or not even attempting to include all the mustplays, and the means by which it's playing them don't sound too apt to make it a good hacked piratebox either.


Probably not even opened, because of the potential resell value.

609b23  No.15825638

File: 2fc1f45bef5528e⋯.png (331.59 KB, 464x268, 116:67, 1529514836967.png)

>Kill off the Vita and the PSTV, the latter being literally a console that can play Vita, PS1 and PSP games natively out of the fucking box, with all the secondary functionalities of a PS3 all in one console that's the size of your fucking wallet, and costs more because of it, at a price that can be easily justified for all its features

>Make this piece of shit instead

>For 100 bucks

This caliber of retardation transcends words and images, maybe even metaphysical concepts.

Not even from a "consumer" point of view, if I was an employee or investor I'd be loudly asking what the fuck they were thinking with this shit right in the first staff meeting.

Sony is dead. I'm glad I got my own PSTV before it got canned.

99dafb  No.15825906



If you want a cheap emulation machine, an OrangePi PC (or PC Plus) running RetrOrangePi is cheap as hell and not SJW friendly.

1a725b  No.15826295


I mean, if you want to go balls deep, all the way to Gamecube, you may as well try to find an Amazon Shield TV, though I've heard good things about Odroid, but it's 20-30 bucks more expensive than the pi's

d71e06  No.15826309


Huh, guess I'll consider that instead of an SNES Mini or just getting a USB SNES controller.

d71e06  No.15826319


"I hadn't known about that option and it makes me reevaluate my plans."

85627c  No.15826325


It really made him think

1081f8  No.15826344

That's still probably more powerful than a baseline actual PS1 console. Not making excuses. PSP was capable of more than the PS1 visually. It could actually render character models with individual fingers.

efb900  No.15826548

File: 9d8b040b2a182cd⋯.jpg (704.67 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Soyny Fan forever.jpg)

so who here bought the Gaystation Classic?

609b23  No.15829801

File: 093a2475de07ed6⋯.png (744.3 KB, 422x817, 422:817, moaifacewhen.png)

abc81b  No.15829988


So are they even accessible? I mean, were they meant to be unlockables ala Sonic's Genesis Collection having nine master system games hidden in it, or just put in to fill space and dummied out? Because why advertise your emubox as having only twenty games when it's got almost twice that many elsewhere in it that can't be utilized?

609b23  No.15830584


They just used them to test the emulator.

But guess what they might use it for.

Game-unlocking updates

837f3d  No.15830784

File: bef5f3c8a307f7e⋯.jpg (75.29 KB, 554x1200, 277:600, quality security 1.jpg)

File: bb33b5b05e75cf1⋯.jpg (67.18 KB, 554x1200, 277:600, quality security 2.jpg)

>firmware updates are signed using the public key

Public CFW will probably be out by the end of next week at this rate.

a5bff6  No.15830807


Still have the original, however, I would have bought it to play Parasite Eve again, but that was only in Japan, as Don King used to say.

41fc74  No.15830818


Sony put in zero work on security on this thing. Seems like they either didn't care or they've just gotten sloppy compared to the overzealous security in their last two machines.

cccd8a  No.15830829


They probably assume that piracy will be a selling point. Like I've said many times, they're banking on it to become like the PSP.

d0e445  No.15840526



2ab7bc  No.15840559


Better than the $1 C.H.I.P. hardware inside NES Classic that sold for $200 on ebay. Sony and Nintendo should both be embarrassed shoveling cheap chink hardware inside these things.

4358ac  No.15840590

File: fda81d72a117b73⋯.png (215.03 KB, 600x447, 200:149, raspberry pi.png)

File: a846e8f3fa95306⋯.jpg (34.7 KB, 581x204, 581:204, raspberry pi2.jpg)


>raspberry pi

Don't buy one of these you nigger.

609b23  No.15847034

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>People already found a way to put their own PS1 games into it

d96849  No.15847050

File: 35e20557ccb0ed4⋯.jpg (641.04 KB, 640x640, 1:1, jew mouse.jpg)


>giving a shit about (((gaymergoyim))) in 2018

>while posting from his intelaviv machine

>while bashing the only tech company that still manufactures in a relatively white country


b6bfd9  No.15847054

File: b927d4686395f6c⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 300x252, 25:21, 7553834635686.jpg)

>Long ago

>Backed up all my PS1 Classics from my PSP

>I can just slap them into beetlepsx

>Finding out how easy it is to make Isos of PS1 games

>This exists about a week after throwing a buncha shit on a Laptop drive and hooking it up to a Tinkerboard

b6bfd9  No.15847112

Also isn't sony retarded they don't even bother to sell the controllers separately so if one croaks you have to buy an entire new system? Instead of, y'know buying a new controller.

a77ef2  No.15847611


Could you just use a ps3 controller over USB?

303fc7  No.15847630


What are you talking about? I have a DS3 and a DS4 separately without ever buying the console.

b6bfd9  No.15848097


You can't use those on the PS1 classic

d63969  No.15852346

So where could I get a cheap RPi 3 b+? Or buy it used? I know there's better options but I want to connect it to my CRT for PS1 emulation.

d4073b  No.15852527

File: 4f09e0766be5940⋯.jpg (66.7 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Maria.Balthasar.600.583157.jpg)


Nobody will actually use the PS1 classic. It just looks nice on a shelf.

People who do actually play videogames emulate them on a PC and play them with a DS4.

d4073b  No.15852534


How? People who can pirate have been playing PS1 games for years.

85091c  No.15852581

Why the fuck wouldn't it use POPS? I don't understand

c7a157  No.15860061

The refurbished ps1 I bought was cheaper than this shit and works like a dream

cccd8a  No.15860104


>defending communists

Go back.


Something you pick up with the express purpose of hacking it to do whatever. That's what the PSP was. The entirety of Europe, and probably every region that wasn't US and Japan hacked their PSPs, and it's why it was more common than the DS there.

e0cba9  No.15860229

File: b49a781045210ff⋯.jpg (524.52 KB, 1000x649, 1000:649, Maria.Balthasar.full.56389….jpg)


Nowadays we have laptops, tablets and smartphones which can all emulate PS1 better than this piece of shit. Even if the PS1 Classic is hacked wide open it would provide nothing new.

cccd8a  No.15860260


I never said Sony was smart.

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