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File: b7b174aa2983e24⋯.jpg (139.1 KB, 850x619, 850:619, kirisame steals christmas.jpg)

bd2c8e  No.15911651

Precious Thing edition. Post 1cc charts, discuss games, beg for multiplayer matches and laugh/bully/mentally destroy secondaries.


d12268  No.15911653

File: c49cd6ce53a71e8⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1440x1200, 6:5, 4220210ae27e038790817eb9fd….png)

Merry Christmas!

bd2c8e  No.15911654

File: d53796c738b4727⋯.webm (10.92 MB, 640x480, 4:3, d53796c738b4727b498acebd4….webm)

146208  No.15911659

File: 49359cedac570b5⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Hina Christmas.png)


When I was a secondary, I used to think that Hina was somehow related to christmas.

6c5300  No.15911662

Reminder that Hecatia is literally perfect and there is no valid arguments against her

0ccb31  No.15911669

File: af50d6218e267b2⋯.png (615.68 KB, 837x972, 31:36, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….png)

File: 47c73f08f1fbc23⋯.png (1.05 MB, 945x1134, 5:6, __imaizumi_kagerou_touhou_….png)

File: 82f56e5489c599c⋯.png (166.07 KB, 1071x1491, 51:71, __koakuma_touhou_drawn_by_….png)

File: 115c67574aa363c⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1228x868, 307:217, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_dt….png)

File: 5f1b026708ac7c9⋯.png (858.06 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, __doremy_sweet_touhou_draw….png)

Soku players are secondaries.

bd2c8e  No.15911685


ZUN wrote the dialogue and it's a numbered game in the series, much like things like GFW and STB. It may not be a shooting game, but it's primary.

e489ff  No.15911694

File: 39e1eef5ee96c39⋯.jpg (34.52 KB, 600x672, 25:28, 31099-touhou-remilia-scarl….jpg)

File: d21fd2eaffdf69f⋯.jpg (724.17 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, Remilia.Scarlet.full.94289….jpg)

I'm headed to work for now but when I get back in about 8 hours I'll be ready for some game.

a2633c  No.15911821

Why is Kagerou such a fucking slcute and good girl?

2c7e36  No.15914173

File: a15398a556a1f00⋯.jpg (119.74 KB, 579x819, 193:273, DvNCsmRUYAADxgr.jpg)

for me its nue

2cae09  No.15914183

File: 58ed6e9c85fe0de⋯.jpg (987.15 KB, 3363x2507, 3363:2507, train didnt mind yukari's ….jpg)


>t. Hecatia

bd2c8e  No.15914185

soku when

45062d  No.15914191

File: 0f53faa97b099b5⋯.jpg (447.57 KB, 1024x1310, 512:655, 19728fb742643774040a29353d….jpg)


Hopefully never

9ce623  No.15914197


Who is that shitty Aya player?

2cae09  No.15914198

f11e40  No.15914699

File: 862c5ccc0b26733⋯.png (29.15 KB, 800x473, 800:473, 862c5ccc0b26733bfd28109b97….png)

Pls member dat yyuuka is best tohos.

a2633c  No.15914792


Genocide is just edgy as fuck yuuka holy shit calm down

9285b1  No.15914797

File: a49ff781de6752a⋯.png (7.06 KB, 110x140, 11:14, Omochao.png)

How do I get into 2hu?

a2633c  No.15914806


Mountain of Faith then IN an then EOSD and then DDC then anything of your choice

Alternatively LoLK to powerwash yourself and then literally anything else

f11e40  No.15914808


Read dōjins and listen to music. Watch game runs on YouTube.

2cae09  No.15914809

File: 4b6c75947fbb1e9⋯.jpg (588.93 KB, 1043x1516, 1043:1516, moriya bank.jpg)


read https://en.touhouwiki.net/

go to >>>/2hu/ for download links

659495  No.15914812


I only really liked IN and maybe SA

9285b1  No.15914836


That seems like a really faggot way of doing things, Anon.



I shoulda figured we had a 2hu board. Thanks Anons.

bd2c8e  No.15914875



Please don't actually promote the tranny board.

63c719  No.15914921


>linking to tranny wiki

fuck off

2cae09  No.15914967

File: 8a30aa9c17d7dd3⋯.png (981.23 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, Nuenig.png)


>tranny wiki

what happened

f11e40  No.15914985


The game made the whole fandom want to be little girls. So they became trannies. This attracted the tumblr crowd.

1ffa78  No.15914998

I'll be glad when this shit dies.

2cae09  No.15915001

File: cd7ab558eff451e⋯.jpg (296.65 KB, 766x1000, 383:500, ミスリグ 60806734_p0.jpg)


>The game made the whole fandom want to be little girls.

Not me though, i'd rather marry a little (firefly) girl.


Violet Detector was apparently kinda butt, so we might be getting there.

23ff0a  No.15915014


It really saddens me to know that at least some of the guys I spent my youth shitposting on /jp/ with went on to become purple haired monsters that now try to groom a new generation of catamites on IRC and Discord.

Even now I can say I love those guys. I love them enough to wish for their death rather than let them go on in such a state.

2a4200  No.15915072

File: 69c234b091d451d⋯.jpg (19.59 KB, 350x300, 7:6, you little scum.jpg)

Man, not even a week and the IDpol idiots are already here.

f11e40  No.15915089


>Man, not even a week and the IDpol idiots are already here.

>t. Tranny


2a4200  No.15915095

File: 121a26149ac7bc0⋯.png (54.01 KB, 413x244, 413:244, [sodomizes internally].png)


>anyone who disagrees with me must be some faggot I don't like

You're not getting anymore (you)s from me itt.

63c719  No.15915105


t. seething tranny LARPer

a5c6c9  No.15915155


holy fucking kill yourself you tranny faggot

45062d  No.15915167

File: 289839b34e96c87⋯.png (1013.52 KB, 1000x824, 125:103, acd5a7a019143a6cd18b78ad7d….png)

File: edc6582d2ef8067⋯.jpg (250.8 KB, 600x501, 200:167, e4d6b93965be09e33617fb2092….jpg)


All anime fighters belong in the trash and this is the worse case of anime fighter I've ever played

Now post pc98 goodness

f4652d  No.15915172


>nostalgiafag calls the kettle nigger

249a0b  No.15915173


Whats wrong with Arcana Heart?

ab3464  No.15915192

File: 8ff4d09a7bec790⋯.jpg (116.05 KB, 800x1044, 200:261, C0LOjNuUoAAVcL2.jpg)


IN and MoF are literally the worst games to start out with due to their mechanics. Large deathbombing windows and deathbombing + bombing in other shmups will screw you over quick. The leniency for mistakes introduced in those games will make you rely on bombing and deathbombing for survival. Ideally bombs should only be used for scoring purposes or to stave off damn near-impossible bullet patterns (like Zatsuza's).

40da3c  No.15915241

File: 752af584a7f133a⋯.mp4 (2.92 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Attention all Touhou Gamer….mp4)

e66637  No.15915624


Relying on bombs on MoF is bad unless you actually know what you're doing, you'll literally hit a wall because of imao 0 damage if you spam bombs in it.

Death bombing isn't extemely easy for newbies even in the later games.

ff4b53  No.15915649

File: e114851771a8a87⋯.jpg (29 KB, 499x500, 499:500, 1388665395471.jpg)


I hate that I enjoyed that.

4768a3  No.15915740

File: 989e4d380971e9a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1350x1500, 9:10, gelbooru-no pant-touhou-ho….jpg)

File: 043950f9a43e755⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1000x1393, 1000:1393, safebooru.org-no panties-t….jpg)

File: 250c68b83c7a69d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 810.75 KB, 725x1024, 725:1024, safebooru.org-no panties-t….jpg)

File: b65c97dc1db7dfc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 808.14 KB, 1320x900, 22:15, safebooru.org-no panties-t….jpg)

File: 562aa2ff709b0a8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 746.88 KB, 840x750, 28:25, safeboor-no pa-touhou-houj….png)


Patrician taste, nopan Nue is amazing!

c82e75  No.15915811


poor dubs bot :(

i hope you get well soon

092aa5  No.15917002




>Violet Detector was apparently kinda butt, so we might be getting there.

There hasn't been a good game since 2009.

7550aa  No.15917249

File: a3f8254c8d9f8a6⋯.png (168.11 KB, 456x456, 1:1, 42947931_p0.png)

File: 966a485987016e7⋯.png (380.08 KB, 672x1033, 672:1033, 70292163_p0.png)

File: e859b367d229e95⋯.png (487.43 KB, 829x1000, 829:1000, 69344094_p0.png)

File: 787e49350add2a0⋯.png (1.23 MB, 700x980, 5:7, 64242409_p0.png)

File: 40f81787260576a⋯.jpg (141.72 KB, 849x1199, 849:1199, DjMLhrfVAAIuBKe.jpg)


nuechan is sex

376016  No.15917275

Someone post Nitori's and that key to her chest-lock thing.

And the same for Alice, but for her sealed book

426212  No.15917404

File: d15597a44f339d0⋯.png (434.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>3rd pic

63c719  No.15917565


Kill yourself secondary scum

7550aa  No.15917976

File: 12b0817964b87d5⋯.jpg (938.98 KB, 1500x1649, 1500:1649, 6820621.jpg)

File: 665da75da7ffe82⋯.jpg (440.33 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 68227396_p0.jpg)

File: 8b8a69dccc3db11⋯.jpg (108.52 KB, 724x1023, 724:1023, DjCpYmZVsAAvUeh.jpg)

File: 9debfa9c8f475ec⋯.jpg (833.58 KB, 1205x1500, 241:300, 1522882707597.jpg)

File: 70eb3465f098be0⋯.jpg (114.2 KB, 917x1200, 917:1200, Dr2qRJkU8AU95as.jpg)


masturbate to nue right now

092aa5  No.15918366


I'm much better at the games than you.

2cae09  No.15918454

File: 7e771739b92e9a4⋯.webm (888.92 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Chicken asking for proofs.webm)


Prove it

63c719  No.15918510


And you're still a secondary genwun faggot. Kill yourself out of this thread secondary.

cbf1ba  No.15918573


I've beaten every game on Lunatic. What have you done?


2009 isn't gen 1. It's gen 3. 2009 was UFO and Soku. TD and HM happened and the series was never the same.

63c719  No.15919038


Look at the OP. Secondarysharts like you aren't allowed. Now fuck off back to Reddit, faggot.

2a4200  No.15919118

File: b9a7ca2109673fe⋯.png (59.13 KB, 396x417, 132:139, koishi.png)



Words have meanings, anon. You can't just throw around the word "secondary" as you please.

cbf1ba  No.15919123

File: 244b5855b4a8ee2⋯.png (59.73 KB, 223x222, 223:222, items.png)


I've put thousands of hours into the game. I'm not a secondary.

915d20  No.15919132

File: 0e6b8820a6b179b⋯.png (4.29 MB, 2700x3300, 9:11, 56712177_p0.png)

File: 829a78b37385535⋯.png (596.07 KB, 900x1182, 150:197, 52243792_p0.png)

File: b645755fca9610d⋯.png (323.17 KB, 579x579, 1:1, 57574321_p0.png)



Take this!


07b8a8  No.15919196

File: 120dddc4a560cc1⋯.jpg (738.97 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, sample_b2061b5ada3b209061f….jpg)

File: 3a080de5227a15a⋯.jpg (395.1 KB, 850x1343, 50:79, sample_7330042f4eddc942b36….jpg)


>nostalgia for something I started playing a year ago

>after 10 other games

If you dont like the old designs just say it so I can call you the nigger


>Whats wrong with Arcana Heart?

It could really benefit from being just a classic/sf clone fighter

cbf1ba  No.15919239

File: 715507db32ad5aa⋯.jpg (390.4 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 42e2d75d.jpg)

File: 79191c2d99e543b⋯.jpg (185.49 KB, 754x992, 377:496, 65741cf7.jpg)

File: c11c8f0d4078b9e⋯.jpg (145.92 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 17b012a1.jpg)

File: 7731daa2346372b⋯.jpg (186.64 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 6b5fb91f.jpg)

File: e0b39ab4285bde5⋯.jpg (123.46 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 455568a9.jpg)


PC98 designs are wonderful.

cbf1ba  No.15919253

File: 600fda95a004ab6⋯.jpg (231.01 KB, 1446x1128, 241:188, 52041008.jpg)

File: 496a246eef8a877⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 1300x1733, 1300:1733, 2851ed47.jpg)

File: 92186a28738cbf0⋯.jpg (205.88 KB, 610x736, 305:368, 218f1b2b.jpg)

File: db3fd8ffca32217⋯.jpg (900.2 KB, 1400x1100, 14:11, 932fb98.jpg)

File: 72a209b467c8130⋯.jpg (116.81 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 2c26696c.jpg)

e489ff  No.15919260



Guess I'll die.

cbf1ba  No.15919280


What are you dying for, Anon?

e489ff  No.15919354

File: 046a3adaf1742f5⋯.png (832.17 KB, 916x700, 229:175, remilia faces.png)

82c736  No.15920530


>zun shoved all the pc-98 characters under the floorboards

I wish Yumemi would make a return. Maybe in another Phantasmagoria game. Same for a few other characters.

01e73c  No.15920717


I'd love to see Yumemi, Sariel, Shinki and Mima come back.

7550aa  No.15920886

File: ff173ff02e571ec⋯.jpg (878.04 KB, 888x1255, 888:1255, __meira_touhou_and_touhou_….jpg)



for me its pic rel

i mean cmon evil reimu sister would make cool antagonist and would give use more backstory about reimu family

3383d0  No.15920890

I need images of Marisa's bloomers and I need them yesterday.

Chop chop.

e8100b  No.15920891



hurr durr you can't be a fan as a secondary, durrrrr

Reminder that secondaries are the true fans

2cae09  No.15920898

File: 06c1c71a32dcdca⋯.jpg (128.76 KB, 1050x1400, 3:4, 東方旧作9枚 71922738_p4.jpg)

File: d8e52725723ff16⋯.jpg (158.51 KB, 640x708, 160:177, 色々 72109896_p2.jpg)

File: deb79f62b23d69b⋯.jpg (167.07 KB, 638x814, 29:37, 色々 72109896_p6.jpg)

File: 5357a06d9d314b7⋯.jpg (793.47 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, オレンジがやってきたぞっ.jpg)


orange never ever


> evil reimu sister

that's reimu's mom's girlfriend

63c719  No.15921161


Kill yourself newfaggot. That has been in the OP forever. Go back to halfchan.

cbf1ba  No.15921164

File: 514d6cf173f2bbd⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 2680x3737, 2680:3737, blade_maid.JPG)




Chiyuri -> Murasa

Elis, Kurumi -> Scarlet Sisters

Elly -> Komachi

Kana -> Prismrivers

Kotohime -> Kaguya

Mai -> Cirno

Matensi, Sariel -> Tensi

Meira -> Youmu

Mima -> Soga

Mimi-Chan -> Mini Hakkero

Mysterious Orb -> Nueball

Orange -> Meiling

Rika -> Nitori

Sinki -> Byakuren

Yuki -> Mokou

Yumeko -> Sakuya

Yumemi -> Sumireko

Those characters aren't going to be brought back because they've been replaced instead.

63c719  No.15921174




Holy fucking kill yourself, autist. TENSHI. SHINKI.

2cae09  No.15921193

File: 86c57e4bf4e2c9e⋯.png (762.86 KB, 1300x1600, 13:16, ワンドロまとめ 65345583_p3.png)



from hel

4e0b3c  No.15921194

File: 2d611ad384805ec⋯.jpg (107.91 KB, 730x560, 73:56, 241c032d0e40c2c66678f957d2….jpg)

File: 69186335a0aca27⋯.jpg (127.11 KB, 827x637, 827:637, 41bb4bd965834645c91d18156f….jpg)

File: ee461cbdfc4c94b⋯.jpg (675.05 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, 12fcbfe3e775319051d765ff33….jpg)

File: 15a66c8a7c17acf⋯.png (345.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 71609e9ef49b529509e5fc15e1….png)

Is Orange the older sister, or the younger one?

cbf1ba  No.15921207

File: 40a2051b684f306⋯.jpg (452.2 KB, 1642x2048, 821:1024, 66f60ef5.jpg)


Those characters are redundant and unnecessary. Only 2 letters are required to distinguish any sound in Japanese. That's how you type them in an IME. People should be encouraged to learn languages instead of relying on inferior translations.


Orange looks younger to me.

cbf1ba  No.15921222

File: f10f3b8ea86851e⋯.jpg (250.64 KB, 728x516, 182:129, 490c4075.jpg)

File: 8c1ecab56d8ba1b⋯.jpg (82.38 KB, 950x785, 190:157, 3478b82c.jpg)

File: efd9886526a3558⋯.jpg (356.26 KB, 1393x1968, 1393:1968, 109e4389.jpg)

File: 2014edfb1f339f2⋯.jpg (310.48 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 137cd4aa.jpg)

File: e2cb17448b1cf47⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1568x1000, 196:125, 4012735b.png)

Crossovers are great.

2cae09  No.15921231

File: b264ea1a86273d9⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1400x1700, 14:17, Obsolete Organism.png)

File: 355c190541bf27e⋯.jpg (986.59 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 花曜日に幽香を描きたい167.jpg)

File: 0499062e7e7fd63⋯.png (159.59 KB, 700x700, 1:1, らくがきろぐ 60302404_p0.png)

File: 9b1471cdc6b8572⋯.jpg (172.24 KB, 1000x1415, 200:283, グッド・オレンジ.jpg)

File: bb2050bbb20f38a⋯.jpg (103.95 KB, 640x480, 4:3, みみみ.jpg)


older and kogasa's wife :^)

63c719  No.15921239


You should try to not be an autist. You aren't typing in Japanese, you're typing up a organization. And in English you use SH when you want to make the ʃ sound.

cbf1ba  No.15921248


Autists are better than neurotypicals. Being autistic is something to be proud of. In English, you don't start sentences with "and". The "ʃ" isn't even an English letter. Also, those names aren't English, they're Japanese written in romaji.

95bc87  No.15921261


>You should try to not be an autist.

Anon, what site are we in?

What board are we in?

What thread are we in?

2a4200  No.15921302

File: 46c15c87c9213a1⋯.gif (494.04 KB, 600x386, 300:193, reg_bully.gif)


Autism isn't a superpower, you fucking idiot.

63c719  No.15921306


ʃ is phonetics for the "SH" sound you smoothbrain.


This is not Tumblr. Stop italicizing so frivolously. You have to go back. Listen, faggot. I have autism to and it dictates that "Sinki" is fucking retarded. It's Shinki.

1ab07a  No.15925810


Mommy told me they are special people so your wrong. :^)

How else would you play toho?

a231f0  No.15925961

File: 38d5af13f1f3239⋯.jpg (31.41 KB, 640x480, 4:3, i came here to laugh at yo….jpg)


>Autists are better than neurotypicals. Being autistic is something to be proud of.

Go look at some of the autismos on https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Asperger%27s_Syndrome and say that again.

2cae09  No.15925976


"neurotypical" humans can be stupid, too. see: normalfags

a231f0  No.15925992


Yeah, but I never saw any of them make fools out of themselves on the scale autists have.

cbf1ba  No.15927051


You don't call living a neurotypical lifestyle making a fool of oneself?

97420f  No.15927063

File: 6ab6a12604ede86⋯.png (304.14 KB, 550x2500, 11:50, 1301906074525.png)


Not compared to the extremes to which the everyday autist will go.

84a5ce  No.15927075

File: 7aa472fb49e783c⋯.jpg (44.2 KB, 560x521, 560:521, 7aa472fb49e783c0cffde9c648….jpg)


>Autists are better than neurotypicals. Being autistic is something to be proud of. In English, you don't start sentences with "and". The "ʃ" isn't even an English letter. Also, those names aren't English, they're Japanese written in romaji.

This autist proves you wrong. >>15923357

41a146  No.15927521

I'm here to inform you that all the cutest pictures have been stolen by secondaries.

23b117  No.15927547

File: 792dc872e19e682⋯.png (147.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 751d97e83301a97ef2e8d1672f….png)

2abf6c  No.15927579


imagine being so mad you failed in one thread to console war derail so you run to a touhou thread to try it again the next day

imagine being gamezard

644ee4  No.15928965


nice crowbar mr freeman hahaah half life 3 when

644ee4  No.15928987

File: edb6bbec5abb89f⋯.png (60.56 KB, 128x245, 128:245, Th06Meiling.png)


its not like RED was that old to begin with either, she kinda mutated or "grew" if you will. this same scenario plays out with a lot of the non loli characters

d5a1b2  No.15929041

File: 8698f65d5386a5d⋯.jpg (67.32 KB, 800x800, 1:1, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….jpg)

sokuniggers get the rope

d5a1b2  No.15929066

File: 89b24128b483fa1⋯.jpg (53.07 KB, 648x900, 18:25, __shameimaru_aya_touhou_dr….jpg)



Start with 6, play in release order from there until you feel like downgrading to pc-98. Ignore all kikes who tell you to play any later windows games first.

01e73c  No.15929293

File: df769305aa256b2⋯.jpg (205.64 KB, 647x800, 647:800, df769305aa256b2bdd7dbdf911….jpg)

The 1st is coming up. Don't forget your rabbits!

63c719  No.15929455


fuck off with your cuckchan memes

0ccb31  No.15929456

File: 42eb2a83d586c54⋯.png (285.59 KB, 507x507, 1:1, rabbitrabbitrabbit.png)

bca7e6  No.15929471



915d20  No.15929484

File: 5f7f1e4ea6201f6⋯.jpg (491.66 KB, 1884x1996, 471:499, 5f7f1e4ea6201f63e2e134a368….jpg)

File: 8bc1ed3023a8d31⋯.jpg (117.7 KB, 1024x1341, 1024:1341, 42b73b0e4118f13f8da93110f7….jpg)


No lewds.

3f625b  No.15929490

File: b4fa752ee357f2e⋯.webm (11.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, rabbit rabbit rabbit.webm)

01e73c  No.15929613

File: 228263e86ee99ee⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 2400x3200, 3:4, 72269814_p0.jpg)

File: 5799e256d6d227e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 2400x3200, 3:4, 72269814_p2.jpg)

File: 95f79d861528734⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 257.98 KB, 1044x1500, 87:125, 71492852_p0.jpg)

File: 381c6120efba494⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 71812811_p1.jpg)

File: 8d1ca70d60aaf69⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 741.33 KB, 1287x944, 1287:944, 71885841_p0.png)




Yes lewds.

915d20  No.15929679

File: 1ace5c7702bc779⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.24 KB, 717x928, 717:928, DbqUfaLXUAAEglK.jpg)

File: 2426b46d03a0568⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.56 KB, 815x815, 1:1, DoeBHxlU8AAxgWc.jpg)

File: 4cd0be19d46b6f2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.49 KB, 667x753, 667:753, Doo36IkU8AAxVdL.jpg)



644ee4  No.15929971

File: d79f7345d52e43a⋯.jpg (230.81 KB, 1000x1100, 10:11, 9875a20eff819ac52af5af14b9….jpg)


you never explained why not

2cae09  No.15930334

File: e0b8c03be2090bf⋯.jpg (506.96 KB, 846x1200, 141:200, いろいろ 68968999_p0.jpg)

File: 0de29de915cca41⋯.jpg (172.4 KB, 1003x1416, 17:24, 0de29de915cca417e9d237a00a….jpg)


yes lewds

bd3e5d  No.15932256



>you are wrong

>posts parody and smears of a caricature

915d20  No.15932274

File: 55c1e8d39bbd617⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 575.36 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 71929713_p0.png)

File: 83595941ebb1a74⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 429.19 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 70878276_p9.png)

File: 83113e25aca9502⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 673.4 KB, 1000x678, 500:339, 70878276_p3.png)


No lewds, no reverse psychology.

0fef6e  No.15932289

File: 2782d60a1ce3408⋯.jpg (134.37 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, happy day.jpg)

2a4200  No.15932316

File: b3ce452917f20c2⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 269x249, 269:249, captain cirno.jpg)


I was about to to gtfo, but then I remembered what thread we're in and that at least you're containing your attentionwhoring in here.

01e73c  No.15935762

File: 885a01b57cfb84d⋯.jpg (126.58 KB, 850x600, 17:12, 885a01b57cfb84d0eba87af2d3….jpg)

Tonight's the night!

e209af  No.15935768

File: 8e503809bb07afd⋯.png (350.65 KB, 450x850, 9:17, __futatsuiwa_mamizou_touho….png)

File: 5fa4bb5ce64a8df⋯.png (226.33 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 06e82bbd63ddb72d0fdd7ba644….png)

File: 6b7bd62425262b5⋯.jpg (128.5 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 6b7bd62425262b57d90fc56fb0….jpg)

File: 12e22f5f7daed07⋯.jpg (455.47 KB, 736x1000, 92:125, 12e22f5f7daed07bfea25b6c20….jpg)

best girl and least likely to eat you

cb7903  No.15935839

Rabbit stew always tastes great in the winter

cbbfd8  No.15936142

File: dbb8cada87a562a⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1282x898, 641:449, finally.png)

I did it! I finally fucking did it! I finally managed to beat any Touhou game without using continues.

I know it's on normal, but it has been, I don't know, 1 and a half years since I'm playing.

Last day of the year, I can even hear the fireworks.

Bye, bye secondary status, fuck this! Now I can post about the game without feeling somewhat guilty.

d21b95  No.15936183


>playing on mac

>no japaneese locale

ayy lmao

cbbfd8  No.15936200


>playing on mac

It's linux, the window decoration is from XFCE. I'm running it with Wine, it messes up the title bar, but the in game kana renders just fine.

d7fdea  No.15936904


anyway congrats on beating worst mainline game

a7373e  No.15937894

I've downloaded the original tohou labyrinth and for the life of me I can't get it to activate when I use the execution file to play. Any advice? I only worked once.

268128  No.15937927

File: a49698ba230a250⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.51 KB, 728x514, 364:257, 1543098110_9.jpg)

File: 01185a6e9e7457d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.58 KB, 728x410, 364:205, 1543098202_12.jpg)

File: 3b30a9dec6c2651⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.95 KB, 728x1057, 104:151, 1543098234_22.jpg)

File: ed6ef5d613b57ab⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.15 KB, 599x841, 599:841, B1IjEOECAAAS8Mg.jpg)

Happy new year to you all. I'll be on to play later tomorrow.

40f37e  No.15937928


Have you made sure you've installed it in JP locale and are playing it in JP locale?

0ccb31  No.15938124

File: fb98e6f37cb2cd4⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1500x1060, 75:53, 33377194_p0.png)

File: 65fb1f8c7b5267a⋯.png (3.27 MB, 2151x1254, 717:418, 59081797_p0.png)

File: 70f3b87c35b3b70⋯.png (251.03 KB, 960x1394, 480:697, 49043250_p0.png)

File: f8bc257a9bf0a37⋯.png (820.16 KB, 713x1000, 713:1000, 43386917_p0.png)


>maximum overjpg

915d20  No.15939528

File: 1f936cff0b581aa⋯.jpg (70.79 KB, 2151x1254, 717:418, Jay.jpg)


>Not liking stronkest image format

>Not liking efficient compression


e0a3e4  No.15939643

File: b2731ba7bd847b2⋯.png (883.69 KB, 800x598, 400:299, good.png)

File: 4b13a8575b867b2⋯.png (675.93 KB, 639x479, 639:479, bad.png)

Cute, but I prefer the "bad" ending

36768b  No.15939684


dont worry all marisas ending in all games arent canon

72bd33  No.15939770

File: ac51a7e8bdd9de0⋯.png (129.3 KB, 1147x787, 1147:787, ELEMENTARY.png)

File: df1798bcbebc8f8⋯.png (45.17 KB, 605x418, 55:38, Anonymous Home Invasion Vi….png)

The PC 98 games are considered the easy ones right? Havent touched a TooHoo in ages but I was able to clear Lotus Land Story EZ with Marissa A. Forgot how much I actually liked the final Yuka fight, I feel I got pretty lucky with where her clone spawned

e0a3e4  No.15939784


No fuck you

36768b  No.15939818


well fuck you wizard man

0ccb31  No.15939827

File: 7e56eaf86305585⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lunatic Eyes - Invisible F….mp4)

rabbit rabbit rabbit

e0a3e4  No.15940145

File: f492d70cb9ae64d⋯.png (169.73 KB, 218x672, 109:336, dog and cow.PNG)

What are they talking about?

6adbe8  No.15940162


That's a rather poorly drawn cow.

879be2  No.15940370

File: e22b844a2bb9f68⋯.png (56.26 KB, 147x200, 147:200, Cow-mit suicide.PNG)

915d20  No.15940374


Subverting humans through milk.

a7373e  No.15940452


I tried using locale emulator and it didn't work.

f66f7c  No.15941028

After using 2 continues with SakuyaB in PCB Normal, I 1cc'd with SakuyaA with 4 lives to spare. SakuyaA feels like cheating, so I think I'll unlock ReimuB for Extra

aa164d  No.15941125


turning humans into yokai with yokai milk

329766  No.15941210


Symposium says Marisa was the one to go visit old hell in SA.

4c588e  No.15941214


And reimus ending in EOSD literally can't be canon since she kills Sakuya in the final stage.

3e0dc0  No.15941543

File: a2f45172d47bfff⋯.jpg (271.01 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, smug wop.jpg)


Too bad you're a secondary until you can 1cc all games on normal or better. Or at the very least the Windows games.


At higher difficulty levels SakuyaA falls off because of lower damage, ReimuB is preferred for survival.

3e0dc0  No.15941548


The PC98 games are not the easiest unless you're counting the first one, but considering that you played on easy modo it's no wonder that you'd think that way.

36768b  No.15941634




f66f7c  No.15942910

File: 90d298846d8ada5⋯.png (381.69 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1512090449104.png)


I love Reisen!

dc5480  No.15945998

File: b9bafdf2d85e046⋯.jpg (319.58 KB, 700x1200, 7:12, DoinItForMLady.jpg)


Sakuya's extra bomb per life over Reimu easily makes her come out ahead for first time beating any difficulty and extra.

276068  No.15946556

I almost reached the fifth boss in my last HSFiS no-bomb attempt. Pumped the fuck up, but at the same time the boss seem terrifying.

bd2c8e  No.15946607

File: 001c1547e9ff5cd⋯.png (14.69 KB, 278x392, 139:196, meme beam.png)



dc5480  No.15946624

File: dc5f7b494c47511⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 950x810, 95:81, 0152c0abe8c39bf4be1b093a9b….png)

File: 70769d6c16bf6c0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 455.14 KB, 1500x916, 375:229, 1239905874765.jpg)

File: fc32eb48ed2fb3d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1100x1700, 11:17, 1239903199421.png)

File: bea9a0bfe3e9f52⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1013.22 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, 1239908958828.png)

File: 310b2fa87571820⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.2 MB, 1800x1600, 9:8, 1240271136926.png)

All that talk about PCB made me start it up again. Hadn't touched it for years and hadn't played much Touhou recently either. After 2 or 3 sucky attempts I 1CC'd it on _hard_. Also got highest score I ever had on that difficulty, captured at least one card I never got before and managed to kill the death fairy at the end of stage 4 without bombing/dying for the first time. Very satisfied right now. Anyway is it just me or is Alice the true final boss of that game? Killed me two times which was just as many as Yuyuko and I distinctly remember losing more lives to her than Yuyu on my first lunatic clear as well. Blogpost over now

e62a08  No.15946626


sent ;)

bd2c8e  No.15946650

File: f01a04ca2465f5a⋯.jpg (193.67 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….jpg)


You seem like a big guy



e62a08  No.15946678


sent ;)

e0a3e4  No.15948040

File: f2205b9ec3f848f⋯.webm (7.38 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Marisa MoP2.webm)

>Memories of Phantasm 12 trailer already out

>not a single sub for 10 or 11 despite coming out a year ago


02094d  No.15948086

File: 9ff7c4ffbe52611⋯.png (322.54 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, the douk.png)

>have all the 2hu games sitting in a folder

>played 6 and 7 to the end

>attempted 1cc on 6 but get rekt by sakuya every time

>want to play but may not be autistic enough to git gud

Give me some motivation, guys. I don't want to be a filthy tertiary anymore, so training-wise, what is a good order to play them in? What characters and what shot types to pick?

dc5480  No.15948201

File: fd64533196c51b5⋯.png (82.77 KB, 383x493, 383:493, TouhouFirstTime.png)


IN is probably still the best game in music and atmosphere. Spellcards are alright as well. Its only faults are that it teaches bad habits because of its humongous death-bomb window and is a bit too easy even ignoring the bomb thing. So it's basically perfect for a fag like you.

3d7248  No.15948348


ur meme beam is dum and u shuld feel bad for havign a deck with it.

9a54a5  No.15949645

File: e794d31615012a3⋯.mp4 (4.24 MB, 1270x720, 127:72, phDybpLg8fDyI66b.mp4)

e2ab75  No.15952704

File: 6dc6bd64127ef4f⋯.png (285.67 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1cc pcb normal clear.png)

Well managed to 1cc PCB normal with ReimuB and to think it only happen because I bomb more often.

e0a3e4  No.15952814


How did you get past all the bullshit on PCB? Better said, how many bombs did you use?

And while I'm asking stuff, how do I put the games on a decent resolution higher than 600x400? The english patches let me change it to higher values but it doesnt fit any screen, 4:3 or 16:9

e6ff02  No.15952938


Please don't ever post that again.

e2ab75  No.15952960


>How did you get past all the bullshit on PCB?

I either graze it or bomb it.

>Better said, how many bombs did you use?


>how do I put the games on a decent resolution higher than 600x400?

I played it at 600x400 fullscreen, didn't want to fiddle with the resolution and it didn't bother me.

cbf1ba  No.15953166


>And while I'm asking stuff, how do I put the games on a decent resolution higher than 600x400?

You edit the fields in the vpatch ini file or use a program like Sizer.

2cae09  No.15954104


tounge isn't even moist 0/10

c1b0fe  No.15955143

File: 9aaf4c550475145⋯.png (36.45 KB, 295x221, 295:221, Chen question.png)

Does anyone here know why does my Koumajou Densetsu 2 game crashes after I start a level? I finished the first one yesterday and while it crashed when an attack made 3+ enemies flash, it was still playable, but when Touhouvania 2 starts the first level it just crashes after 1 second of working.

I can't find shit about how to fix that and even when I downloaded from 2 different sources it still shits itself.

9281c1  No.15956911

File: 9eba5b954e9c7e8⋯.jpg (279.39 KB, 1494x948, 249:158, Untitled.jpg)

File: 406bb43a5786a28⋯.jpg (233.42 KB, 850x1168, 425:584, this is hard.jpg)

so what draws you to 2hu instead of actual, good shmups?

is it just the goofy waifu shit?

2abf6c  No.15956934


What draws you to touhou threads if you don't like it? I like both.

df50fe  No.15956943


It was the first game I ever 1cc'd

Also the porn

268128  No.15957076


Touhou has no porn though

df50fe  No.15957121


Then what the hell are those 375 Touhou doujins I've got in my folder about?

915d20  No.15957208

File: c82dc9365c37092⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1061x1500, 1061:1500, 153227_20161222223210_0.jpg)

File: c44d25a2de8322e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 585.99 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 153227_20180113223015_14.jpg)

File: bf32c6d03a50424⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 649.95 KB, 1001x1200, 1001:1200, 153227_20180814224053_1.jpg)


That's correct, there is next to no toho porn.

3d7248  No.15957281


>Impregnating Shinmyoumaru

Your children are going to be ⑨s.

e0a3e4  No.15958069

File: 6454a45143350df⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1130x766, 565:383, mr22.PNG)


>is it just the goofy waifu shit?

You better believe it

7636b8  No.15958090

File: 31af0208a979935⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 485.42 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 56112242_p0.png)


You could say there is very little of it.

2cae09  No.15958155


>so what draws you to 2hu instead of actual, good shmups?

what makes you believe we don't play both?

01e73c  No.15958237

File: 03f3593d5d96de0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 664.21 KB, 976x1000, 122:125, 03f3593d5d96de0496b75a68b9….png)

File: d32524aaf8d4fc7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 409.49 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 68252324_p0.jpg)

File: aac537ce22b15ff⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.37 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 68252324_p1.jpg)


>Not inchling sized



I thought Shinny was a naive child; not a baka.

77cda7  No.15958253

File: ec7d1d25bb4e765⋯.jpg (237.27 KB, 1191x1684, 1191:1684, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_ki….jpg)

So Rumia supposedly was planned as a playable character for Soku before being scrapped. What do you think would her moveset/spellcards have looked like?

2cae09  No.15958327

File: 164ca446477e29c⋯.jpg (987.49 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, 蛍と虫もどき.jpg)


>So Rumia supposedly was planned as a playable character for Soku before being scrapped.

Wriggle was also planned.

No Wriggle Kick for us ;_;

63c719  No.15960704

File: 3db4b30dde15034⋯.png (69.64 KB, 407x405, 407:405, 1527814988300.png)

File: ea89340e1e3d3e8⋯.png (127.35 KB, 926x702, 463:351, 1545265492967.png)

Shanghai Near Complete Version Leaked


It's in Japanese though. The main game is complete. The only missing things are the post game and multiplayer/online functionality. Those will probably never come out though, as Capcom C&D'd the project weeks ago. Rumor has it that the translator (Kerreb17) might release the translation patch for this leak. Might. Don't count on it.

01e73c  No.15960735

File: 96a78974304a5b8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.36 KB, 277x330, 277:330, fcb972cc08b4cb72c35d52ba69….jpg)


>Capcom shutting down a 2hu fangame because it's similar to Megaman

9560eb  No.15960766


I had the same problem until I tried running it on vista instead of windows 7.

e0a3e4  No.15961092

File: 3f7b4023becef1d⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1021x767, 1021:767, happy end for everyone.PNG)

Happy end for everyone

7636b8  No.15961115

File: 6c3957325281a9e⋯.png (18.42 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 56896074_p0.png)



I will forever remain angry.

d058dd  No.15962860

File: a09429969c229a3⋯.jpg (103.19 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Waves of Murderous Impulse….jpg)


>it was actually capcom

I didn't expect to get this angry today

e0a3e4  No.15963669

File: 6fe6832df7dd5dd⋯.png (758.78 KB, 641x478, 641:478, laser2.png)

File: f1549cbcb257d98⋯.png (218.49 KB, 636x478, 318:239, laser3.png)

How am I supposed to play Marisa after Mountain of Faith???

Before mof the effective attack hitbox was a reasonably narrow rectangle with some extra corners that killed everything instantly, but you couldnt hit anything outside of it so you had to move a lot to compensate. SA onwards it gets progressively worse, until it turns into pic related. Getting more power just increases the level 1 width a little (level 2), and then it just adds these awkwardly angled lasers that do no damage whatsoever with no bullets in between them. You still have to stand right below the enemy to hit them as before, but the range is much more reduced since you have to stand right in front of the enemy to do damage.

This isnt that much of a problem on bosses (it's really noticeable you're crippled, but manageable), but during stages like in pic related you cant kill anything. If you're in one of those parts with swarms on enemies constantly shooting and moving really slow offscreen, you cant do anything at all, you have to stand directly below every single low health enemy, takes a ridiculous amount of time to kill, and worst of all


Compare that to every other game before, she gets these giant lasers that deletes things. No awkward positioning because she also shoots bullets between the lasers You still have to move a lot but you're rewarded for it. What was the point? Was it necessary? She was good but you had to move a lot all the time or you'd get stuck on a corner unable to hit anything, plus all the movement meant more chances of running into a bullet. Am I retarded?

And that's just up to LoLK, if I started on four seasons visual blocking diarrhea I'd be complaining the entire day

2cae09  No.15963734

File: 9839624504dff4e⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 317x444, 317:444, Rare Marisa dancing.gif)


> if I started on four seasons visual blocking diarrhea I'd be complaining the entire day

do it, faggot

e0a3e4  No.15963782

File: 0221ca818cacbeb⋯.gif (3.36 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 0221ca818cacbeb14c4a02878e….gif)


No fuck you

I cant really capture all of these with screenshots so I invite you to open four seasons with Marisa and witness:

>all of the above

>lasers now have white, rather dense cloud effects around them

>your character's slaves have the same effect plus being really fucking bright

>focusing puts these slaves in a row in front of you blocking your view of what's in front/around you

>the fucking object collecting gimmick that makes everything drop a million items that look nothing like an item

>bullets, your own bullets, items and background often share the same colors, sometimes all of them do this at the same time

Put all of those together and you find yourself in the middle of a bullet stream where you cant tell where you can/cant move at a glance because every single inch between bullets is covered by items, the lasers obfuscate everything in front of you and your own character's slaves block your view of what's directly around you even further. I haven't been able to determine this clearly, but I swear sometimes your slaves block bullets visually, so when a bullet gets in front of you it might disappear and then reappear as it hits you

beac19  No.15964874


I tried every single compatibility mode and all of them crash before even loading the first cutscene.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doomed to not play it.

9560eb  No.15965499

File: 82a7dd9984f48ef⋯.jpg (141.28 KB, 729x1024, 729:1024, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_d….jpg)


You could always do what I did and not play after Mountain of Faith. I'm cool with just playing PoDD to PoFV when I get the urge to bullet hell.

bd2c8e  No.15965563



Aaron go to bed.

8c5e6c  No.15965564


>Capcom C&D

How? What grounds do they have? As far as I can tell, no IP of theirs is being infringed on. This has to be the most emptiest C&D I have ever heard of. Is the term Net Navigator trade marked by Capcom?

915d20  No.15965610


>What grounds do they have?

The very little likeness and M O N E Y.

9560eb  No.15965616

File: 3b69122d1eec1e1⋯.jpg (35.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 3b69122d1eec1e1a79c30f2171….jpg)


>he thinks laws apply

86c7f6  No.15965933


Want to know a dirty secret? Aaron doesn't actually exist, its some fag on /cow/ using it as an alias specifically to shit on Mark

9713f1  No.15967362

File: 6580153f5b4907d⋯.png (17.74 KB, 720x480, 3:2, beetleman.png)

File: 50cc722a6691b09⋯.png (13.21 KB, 720x480, 3:2, zsaber.png)

File: a5a2d0589577717⋯.jpg (100.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, darkpa.jpg)


Wriggle's navi, BeetleMan, is actually Gravity Beetle from X3, complete with him using gravity-themed effects in battle.

Z-Saber, TripleRod and Z-Knuckle are rather obvious nods to the Zero series, with Zero himself featured in the chip artwork.

Dark PAs used sprites of final bosses of Battle Network games, though only as silhouettes.

But with that said, what actually happened was Capcom getting infested with greedy kikes. I hate those fucks so much.

468a94  No.15967804


On the grounds of being Jews.

468a94  No.15968192


3d7248  No.15968372


but you gobba host

bd2c8e  No.15968458

bls reply for


3d7248  No.15968497


ur a meanie face pants but i am desperater than usual for soku so why not

3d7248  No.15968509



Remember to put on the training wheels for me.

bd2c8e  No.15968511



3d7248  No.15968676


put on the training wheels already you dork.

bd2c8e  No.15968677

3d7248  No.15968848

lamao 2 typhoon

bd2c8e  No.15968850

>typhoon into typhoon

wew lad

bd2c8e  No.15968934

File: 04fde3b0b13a806⋯.jpg (139.53 KB, 850x1088, 25:32, 04fde3b0b13a806e844f7c29cc….jpg)

GGs queer. Learn Yukari properly or the bulli will not stop.

3d7248  No.15968935

Right so

I learned that yukari's j.5a is WIDE. Also Remilia is actually somewhat fun when you get used to her.

3d7248  No.15968952


>Says the man whose entire arsenal is j.5a into dial-a-combo and then hope for a spellcard who also only has spellcards in the deck.

You can't tell me what to do, dweeb. Thanks for at least trying to go easy on me.

bd2c8e  No.15968963


>j.5a into dial-a-combo and then hope for a spellcard who also only has spellcards in the deck

>dismissing the sacred jump-in-and-bully ritual

You're supposed to git gud, lad.

>Thanks for at least trying to go easy on me.

W-wasn't even my final form.

57db42  No.15968985

File: 94274f7cc0d4f78⋯.jpg (410.87 KB, 2000x2798, 1000:1399, __miyako_yoshika_touhou_dr….jpg)

Friendly reminder Touhou M1 Grand Prix 13 should be out (and hopefully subbed) by now.

2cae09  No.15973065


i'd rather you tell us something about new touhou fangames.

adbefb  No.15973098

File: 7710b50e2595073⋯.png (352.57 KB, 526x700, 263:350, 45827127_p0.png)


No new Cease & Desists so far.

d7f157  No.15974773

File: 55ef634b65b37c1⋯.jpg (299.26 KB, 796x1000, 199:250, wide_aya_l.jpg)

File: f92b3267231f7f6⋯.jpg (183.71 KB, 796x1000, 199:250, wide_aya_c.jpg)

File: cfcdea5f8244772⋯.jpg (139.2 KB, 796x1000, 199:250, wide_aya_r.jpg)


Wow, those are still seriously going?

0ec0f9  No.15979061

Anyone wants some soku? I think I can host

bd2c8e  No.15979224


You still up fag? I can bully you if no one else wants to.

0ec0f9  No.15979259

File: 46f1232999130b9⋯.jpg (41.29 KB, 429x518, 429:518, to be strong.jpg)


Do it faggot,

I want to git gud at this shit.

bd2c8e  No.15979263


Try not to die.

bd2c8e  No.15979269

>connection failed


you have sokuroll on m9?

0ec0f9  No.15979279


My nigger modem betrays me again, sometimes I can port forward and most of the time I can't.

Can you host? If not, I'll try restarting it and try again.

bd2c8e  No.15979281


bd2c8e  No.15979301

help, it lags like you're in australia

bd2c8e  No.15979328

rip game, died of lag

still hosting at >>15979281 for whoever wants to join

bd2c8e  No.15979587

File: 92feafbeec2d9a1⋯.jpg (165.49 KB, 401x605, 401:605, 1471067078847.jpg)

GGs lagfag. Meiling is fun, but her everything is a bitch to chain. Still gonna host for like 15 more minutes in case someone else wants to join.

0ec0f9  No.15979607

File: 19610768608bb96⋯.png (809.06 KB, 515x750, 103:150, ClipboardImage.png)


GGs man, thanks a lot for the games and I'm sorry about my shitternet.

I gotta change my deck yet again and remove more shit I don't use.

Thanks for the matches and for playing Meiling with me, I pretty much never run into other people who play her as well.

After I feel confident in my Meliling I'll try to learn Sakuya and Marisa.

bd2c8e  No.15979614

File: 9fc10e6d21e5473⋯.gif (36.22 KB, 679x604, 679:604, 14548716856-2.gif)


It helps to learn what other characters's movesets are, but try to stick with just one. It's better to know one kit inside and out than three so-so because it will get a lot easier to get crucial timings right.

0ec0f9  No.15979629


Oh, I know, it's not my first fightan gaym, just saying that those two got my attention as well, and I just like Marisa a lot, so after I feel confident enough in my Meiling I'll get to learn those 2.

At the very least I'm happy I could clutch one match out of all the session, makes me feel I have actually been learning how to play this shite.

3d7248  No.15983649

File: e6c5a6f3bf0e8df⋯.jpg (112.86 KB, 680x573, 680:573, SOKU.jpg)

If soku is still going on here could I get a host so one may kick my ass?

983145  No.15983742

Okay, who got the yoruny porn?

c736cc  No.15983774


Bretty gud this year. They even have Fortune Teller in one of the teams.

bd2c8e  No.15984001

>late by an hour

Will host soku for a price of a single (you).

87a495  No.15984056


Ready when you are

bd2c8e  No.15984066

File: 5bfb82ee06c4447⋯.png (125.75 KB, 620x550, 62:55, 11fc40c42cc688a9bd0e4bc600….png)


up at

3d7248  No.15984080

File: 7f8d30468225411⋯.gif (183.3 KB, 500x250, 2:1, aaaaaaaa.gif)



>Missed getting bullied by notrad by a femtosecond

87a495  No.15984154


Thanks for the games

bd2c8e  No.15984157

File: 3cac80d2cb0adf2⋯.jpg (34.7 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1460410474300.jpg)

GGs remifag. Learn to pressure, because I can't


bully booth open

3d7248  No.15984332

>Input to jump drops guard for some reason


bd2c8e  No.15984438

Yukari's 3a is a miracle.

3d7248  No.15984454

bd2c8e  No.15984595

File: 9b633f33637eaae⋯.png (112.5 KB, 800x700, 8:7, fcac023d34e7965c36a44e0ebf….png)

GGs Yukarifag, your pretty git gud properly you fuck

3d7248  No.15984602

File: e90128465867f01⋯.png (189.49 KB, 456x548, 114:137, AlphesYukari.png)

wealp good games. I felt like I was cheating when I won due to knowing how yukari's specials.

I'll try to learn how to safe-jump so I have more okizeme than just *teleports behidn u*

3d7248  No.15984611


i will fug u up when i learn when marisa's corner-pressure patterns u spellcard-hogging dork

3d7248  No.15984649



>when marisa's corner-pressure patterns

>due to knowing how yukari's specials

Am I retarded

bd2c8e  No.15984687

3d7248  No.15984721

File: b4c3c7ba02ffdaf⋯.png (33.99 KB, 140x208, 35:52, potatoalice.png)


Haha! You lost to a retard a couple times!

bd2c8e  No.15984730

File: 7be1f5ef9cd45f1⋯.png (373.06 KB, 495x724, 495:724, 7be1f5ef9cd45f1ff272327f63….png)


I was pressing buttons, so that's obviously the game's fault.

28de9d  No.15985561

File: e3097840303fa24⋯.png (63.93 KB, 1523x740, 1523:740, Bez tytułu.png)

is my internet ok enough to play with you bros

bd2c8e  No.15985634


I think even Venezuelafag had better internet.

56cb9b  No.15986784

Ok, faggots. So I finally accepted the fact that I can't get into Touhou's lore. So after playing all the main games I just decided to play Touhouvanias, which is the reason I tried to get into the lore.

That being said, which touhouvanias are the best?

9560eb  No.15986795

56cb9b  No.15986808


I used to be from Venezuela, and even though the internet barely reached 1mbps of download, I can confirm it's better than that, jesus


I the first one bad?

915d20  No.15986826


I'm still waiting for someone to provide that recent Sakuya tohovania

9560eb  No.15986843


Controls are bad and awkward, level design jumps off a fucking cliff come stage 4. 2's level design sort of peters out and gets repetitive in the final stage but that's assuaged by the huge variety of enemies you're fighting.

1ffa78  No.15986850

Shit's gay, broly could wipe all of these bitches out.

5da6b8  No.15986915


Fuck off nigger.

189dc8  No.15991025

File: 5b03d416e4ab08f⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 1e88bc46793ef54c74b0eb9a05….png)

File: b1e564fe944c96a⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 136daa9f4bf40c9644c8ee91a5….png)

File: 634059ede481f0d⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 69e25c489895b46cd331ca7566….png)


You are just mad because Reimu qouldn't go out with you.

ca9f6f  No.15991098


Brolly is unironically too pure for that skank Reimu.

75f385  No.15991102

File: 11eb43eab894545⋯.png (263.3 KB, 560x896, 5:8, 11eb43eab89454567061bed776….png)


Reimu is still a virgin. Actually, all of the 2hus are save for Junko and the frog.

01e73c  No.15991186

File: 188b8a066d0ff76⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 800x689, 800:689, 188b8a066d0ff76c1e159986be….jpg)

File: 188b8a066d0ff76⋯.jpg (101.68 KB, 800x689, 800:689, 188b8a066d0ff76c1e159986be….jpg)


There are some 2hus that are currently married too, like Miko and Tojiko together (from before Shotoku went to Gensokyo and swapped genders) or the Watatsuki sisters.

01e73c  No.15991189

File: d3023a527d2fe0f⋯.jpg (112.35 KB, 782x555, 782:555, d3023a527d2fe0ff0f15c3cfc4….jpg)


How did my Miko x Tojiko pic get swapped with a duplicate Watatsuki pic?

a2633c  No.15993384

File: c8e0e54077d94a5⋯.png (21.1 KB, 499x297, 499:297, ClipboardImage.png)

f65556  No.15996610


Are they confirmed non-virgins, or could they have had descendants asexually, as mythological beings are sometimes wont to do?

e0a3e4  No.15996629


your waifu a slut

9fdad1  No.15997900

File: 5360e46ff5164aa⋯.webm (14.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 【MMD】ブロリーが幻想郷に迷い込んだようです-s….webm)

Alice attempts to civilize wild man Broly, but the real question is, who gets the bed?

e0a3e4  No.15998259


I sure wish I could read chinese

e799d3  No.15998263


Sanae is the evidence friend


d4510e  No.15999180

File: afec7e5f0da816a⋯.jpg (875.14 KB, 1240x1517, 1240:1517, 67660827_p0.jpg)

9fdad1  No.16000615

File: 80adcbf8793e995⋯.webm (14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 【MMD】ブロリーが幻想郷に迷い込んだようです そ….webm)

Alice, Reimu and Broly go on a picnic, with sexy results.


You and mean both.I'm just amazed these even exist.

d4510e  No.16000648

File: ed42f0fd47669ad⋯.png (567 KB, 620x700, 31:35, 63493339_p0.png)



I like how 2hus still use that voice synthesizer, even when other characters speak with voice clips. Always wondered what software is it.

72bd33  No.16002911

File: 9abb202b4d55434⋯.jpg (144.01 KB, 850x850, 1:1, __junko_legacy_of_lunatic_….jpg)

Any advice for poor souls trying to 1CC LoLK?

bd2c8e  No.16002942


don't die

if you die, don't die harder

cbf1ba  No.16004835


Get 200 graze on each section for life pieces.

9560eb  No.16004850


avoid bullets

915d20  No.16010015

File: 898dceca7762567⋯.mp4 (1.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, wnvL4jsAGdm9CIFe.mp4)

Touhou is only good for porn.

9bd9be  No.16010480

File: aeda038d687a4db⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 241.87 KB, 600x849, 200:283, 023ce19c43ed38be20d2ff8273….jpg)


Not all of them. Some just left period. RIP d@i.

915d20  No.16010518

File: e9673611e5b7c5c⋯.png (624.07 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, ClipboardImage.png)



It might be coincidence but I have my suspicions.

5fc0ec  No.16011157

>You will never put it in Meilings butt while exclaiming that Daoyu Island is Japanese

3151c9  No.16011781

File: e28246d85f3cb53⋯.png (95.78 KB, 194x270, 97:135, e28246d85f3cb53b02a2837937….png)


>RIP d@i.


01e73c  No.16011812

File: acebb5883b8f9d2⋯.jpg (635.92 KB, 1060x1500, 53:75, acebb5883b8f9d29f2ed490a44….jpg)


He wiped and abandoned his pixiv account. Thankfully his art's been uploaded to sadpanda and his h-doujins are translated (good luck getting his non-h doujins).




0ccb31  No.16011847

File: c2b8a9382cadab5⋯.png (598.32 KB, 1488x1994, 744:997, __komeiji_satori_touhou_dr….png)

File: 116b5f2a051e1f9⋯.png (108.44 KB, 1261x891, 1261:891, __konpaku_youmu_and_konpak….png)

File: 8c5619b4878893a⋯.png (523.13 KB, 1539x2177, 1539:2177, __konpaku_youmu_konpaku_yo….png)




He might have moved to twitter under the name "nunupon0514".

915d20  No.16012670

File: 392bc94e8096856⋯.png (1.27 MB, 799x1200, 799:1200, ClipboardImage.png)

I think there's something wrong with my dog.

ab8a36  No.16012766



What a shame.

2cae09  No.16014412


i'm sure she'd rather give to Japan then let it be in PRC's control.

915d20  No.16016647

File: f8dafdb5eb9d6bc⋯.png (770.81 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

Can he do it?

714c07  No.16016751

File: e949d36177c4c41⋯.png (61.65 KB, 158x128, 79:64, dfgdfg.PNG)

Is this from touhou?

75f385  No.16016766


Looks like a puyo puyo character

572f79  No.16016772

File: 92b0cc237f983cf⋯.jpg (97.49 KB, 512x452, 128:113, dd000e854ebda96d68d7493ea7….jpg)


Home run is just a game.

a7a344  No.16021184

File: 21df18e14904705⋯.png (97.56 KB, 437x597, 437:597, contemplating chen.png)

One day, I'll beat each of the games on lunatic and stop being a secondary. One day…

915d20  No.16021320


Beat normal-modo and then make fun of secondaries.

bca7e6  No.16021380


Yeah that's Satan from either the first or second Puyo Puyo.

dd5431  No.16022532


Never play any, dont intend to do so, I only like them so much as they are cute and the porn is pretty good. Lol

e0a3e4  No.16023355

File: 347c6635d325628⋯.jpg (76.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Perfect Cherry Blossom - S….jpg)

731667  No.16023401


Lunatic, no graze, no bombs or deaths. Only then can you look at pictures of little girls in hats.

e0a3e4  No.16031966

File: 1d18ba95c4c33e2⋯.jpg (120.72 KB, 1400x993, 1400:993, DOXe7te.jpg)

How the


do I beat boat bitch

ca613a  No.16032640

File: fee74b6a388aff5⋯.png (352.9 KB, 558x569, 558:569, shikieiki smug.png)


git gud

86c7f6  No.16032650


Touch her butt with your penis

f419fa  No.16033178

File: 7c079aacd23d883⋯.jpg (399.97 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, 7c079aacd23d8835388ab54ef5….jpg)

File: 40f98af5bd1cdf6⋯.png (72.55 KB, 333x400, 333:400, 9 suit.png)

File: 0530d28a3eb20b7⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 651x758, 651:758, 0530d28a3eb20b7ed769acd2ed….gif)

File: 5ada42678181986⋯.jpg (991.96 KB, 826x1169, 118:167, 55793030_p0.jpg)

File: 6208b4e0aba0714⋯.jpg (395.83 KB, 1112x1000, 139:125, Armpit_Sushi.jpg)

I was never good at danmaku. Am I still a secondary if I only every beat a couple games on normal?

5263b1  No.16034330

File: 5a3c1ebd6a8dac7⋯.jpg (172.1 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, DxowRiiVsAAeagJ.jpg)

how i make pofv work

0a6431  No.16034399

File: af1d7b278b765fe⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 583x701, 583:701, awkward.jpg)


>armpit sushi.jpg

>they're making onigiri

2cae09  No.16034429

File: 0e23f7f0d822300⋯.png (428.32 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 3 feen verboten.png)


>pic 5

pretty disgusting, tbh

bca7e6  No.16034442



Why do armpitfags always get a pass when they do gross shit?

f419fa  No.16034451


>armpitfags always get a pass

<Anon says as he responds to a post calling armpit faggotry disgusting

2cae09  No.16034455

File: dc99c5fbb1127a4⋯.png (530.1 KB, 1024x821, 1024:821, don't be a bully, little r….png)


because you are not bullying them hard enough

6398f9  No.16034460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Have you guys seen this?

bca7e6  No.16034484


This is the first time I've ever seen somebody say something.

f419fa  No.16034519

File: 4c3b7fa6bfaa7de⋯.png (151.54 KB, 336x399, 16:19, !!.png)


>2hu Kart

2cae09  No.16034540


with literal body surfing

f419fa  No.16034565

I want Bloodborne Kart next.

915d20  No.16034610



I don't see gross armpit art posted often, likely since anons here don't have an armpit sweat/hair fetish. It's often just Reimu lifting her arm because of >armpit-miko memes or focus on side-boobs.

2ed9bb  No.16034758

File: e125df9f85ac253⋯.jpg (227.56 KB, 979x763, 979:763, favorite 2hu.jpg)

Dubs decides my starter.

82083c  No.16034764



bd2c8e  No.16034777

2ed9bb  No.16034786

bd2c8e  No.16034794

File: 6dd5ada421f0deb⋯.jpg (105.02 KB, 551x551, 1:1, 6dd5ada421f0deb51fe6f0f2a2….jpg)

2ed9bb  No.16034803

File: 5caee33235638c6⋯.jpg (160.27 KB, 970x727, 970:727, Cirno.jpg)

56d1c8  No.16034859


>Sariel as a starter

c1e1c6  No.16034894


>blue 9 ball

for what purpose

a2633c  No.16034963



Holy shit what a fucking secondary

2ed9bb  No.16034987


Even though it is kind of just a pokemon clone you can tell a lot of work went into it.

e0a3e4  No.16035285


Is it completely finished, or stuck in beta like almost every single fangame

83ade9  No.16035308


You can select any doll that is available in the game as a starter which includes even the most obscure pc-98 characters

2ed9bb  No.16035323


Finished as far as I know. There was even a bigger expansion (shard of dreams) a while back.

f419fa  No.16035671


Is it fun?

2ed9bb  No.16035728

File: 8bdb300991c5e56⋯.jpg (257.04 KB, 967x728, 967:728, Untitled1.jpg)


If you like Pokemon you'll probably like it. I got about halfway through before the expansion was released and quit for a while so i'm just starting over. Fun is pretty subjective. I'm having fun collecting all the 2hus. Also it seems like you get more control over how you actually want to distribute stats and you don't automatically learn skills. You have to go into the menu and choose whether you want to learn a skill after one of your puppets unlocks it by leveling up. So as opposed to Pokemon you can actually hold onto all the skills and change them out as you want for each puppet instead of choosing to replace a skill with a better one and it just gets erased (for a small pp charge). I haven't even put any of my PP into stats yet though because everything has been fairly easy up to this point. I end up grinding a lot though since I'm hunting for every puppet in each new area so maybe it is something you need to do if you don't grind.

f419fa  No.16035789

File: bd3b83f9f6a8157⋯.jpg (322.29 KB, 743x1016, 743:1016, fddf44197eeeb7db01608db489….jpg)


Is Cirno the strongest?

2ed9bb  No.16035793


She wishes

212966  No.16035919


Cirno isn't even the strongest fairy statwise, for some reason Lily gets an evo with huge ATK; said form of lily is also more used

2ed9bb  No.16035952


>I haven't even put any of my PP into stats yet though because everything has been fairly easy up to this point

Once you meet who I assume is your rival the power difference is pretty apparent. It's a pretty obvious damage/HP check. Just got to it and almost got team wiped (thank god for the absorb skill). I'm guessing this is about the point where I'm gonna have to actually start using PP. Can anyone with more experience in the game than me tell me if it is good to just dump all the PP into stats? I know I should probably keep like 20-30 on each puppet for when new skills unlock but is there any downside to using PP on stats? Like do you earn it slower later on or anything? Also it is fine to sell most of the items in the Tools tab right? Are there any items in there that have actual use outside of the ones that say so in the descriptions?

212966  No.16035975


Putting PP into stats doesn't cause any penalty yeah; most mons don't learn enough moves to even put a dent in your PP so its wise to use it for stats.

Also yeah, the items are fine to sell from what i remember.

83ade9  No.16037161


Dont worry about making mistakes in your stat distribution, the postgame introduces a rebirth mechanic where you can reset a doll and reroll it for perfect IV

421a96  No.16037281


Main game gets easy after a bit if your fighting everyone and looking for all the puppets. Your main puppet will overlevel everyone and, assuming it has decent speed and attack (power cirno), you'll one shot most enemies without taking damage. I think I only ran into 2 or 3 puppets that were using the one shot prevention item. Plus you have backup puppets since exp is shared and most enemies won't have more than 4 puppets. Post game is where the challenge is at.

A lot of items are just used as fight rewards to be sold since you don't get money directly from fighting. Stuff like pearls and such. Hold on to magical fragments though, those are used for rebirthing in the post game.

There's an item specifically for resetting PP spent in stats. You should have enough PP to even unlearn and relearn skills to regain SP without resting.

ae7b86  No.16038261


I would suggest putting off the assigning of PP into stats until the puppet is lv 30 and changed style, that way you can see what stat boosts you want it to have. There is no downside to assigning points, but those are permanent until postgame, and I cant remember if stat resetting was Shard of Dreams only.

By midgame you'll have 999PP and next to nothing to use it for. Only Tools that are not vendor trash are Magic Fragments for postgame and the repels.

f419fa  No.16048960

File: 935c6dee18cd260⋯.png (192.09 KB, 1362x1026, 227:171, ClipboardImage.png)

This ability seems useless unless it applies to the opponent's held item, but that doesn't make sense with the name. Is it useless?

2ed9bb  No.16049054


Noticed that too. There might be certain held items later on though that have negative effects and give overall benefits in some way though so no idea. That's really the only way I can see it being of any use.

f419fa  No.16049262

File: 59cf2c874b146b8⋯.png (150.08 KB, 1372x1029, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

My starter was holding this but it has no effect on her stats in the menu. Does it still boost them without showing, or will I have to give it to every 2hu in the game until I find one it works on?

9560eb  No.16050030


There's gotta be something like a flame orb or toxic orb or even the macho brace and then an attack like 'trick' which would let you slap a negative item on others.

f419fa  No.16050074

File: c7229e85d892d0b⋯.png (293.74 KB, 1372x1029, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>and then an attack like 'trick' which would let you slap a negative item on others.

I got it now. It's an anti-collector skill.

ca3db1  No.16050668


It works on any puppet with a heart mark (which is just your starter until you beat the main game), and these stat changes won't show on the status screen. A good way to see that it works is to fight Satori - you will outspeed her 100% of the time, because her copy of your puppet doesn't have the heart mark, and gets no bonus stats.

f419fa  No.16050711


Danke. Just hit level 30. There are four styles available in addition to base, and I assume over a hundred base 2hus, so that makes over 400 2hus. Hot damn. But you can't have any duplicates, so I assume you can't collect all forms at once.

644ee4  No.16051023


theres a number of santa touhous to be sure

efec39  No.16051252

File: aa3ad911faff32f⋯.jpg (21.58 KB, 474x265, 474:265, th.jpg)

This game series sucks, Un squadron/area 88 is better

124259  No.16051329


>2hu kart is finally real after all these years

>except instead of karts you ride other 2hus

>also the soundtrack is eurobeat

Pretty neat.

Does ZUN get any royalties from this? I know he leaves fangame creators alone but there's a big difference between selling a niche fangame at comiket and having an official release on a console.

2abf6c  No.16051336


>Un squadron

not even a good SNES shooter. Jesus anon, try to fit in harder.

8f52a4  No.16051374

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>UN Squadron

>not Raiden


f419fa  No.16052343


I thought he has tons of "official but not canon" games made by other people that he rakes money in from?

f419fa  No.16053401

File: ce95484b6e81b84⋯.png (257.72 KB, 1368x1027, 1368:1027, ClipboardImage.png)

>puppet costumes cost 3000 yen to change

>not 3000 yen to buy

>ywn collect all the 2hu costumes

Does Youmu have a wedding dress available as a fourth costume in addition to the standard three because she's my starter, or because she's Youmu?

2e9d3b  No.16053484


Puppets with a heart mark get a wedding dress and a stat bonus when given Shard of Dreams to hold. At the beginning of the game only your starter is like that.

93ce63  No.16053494

To this day I'm amazed this one guy managed to attain such massive fame and amounts of fan art/animation/music/memes/conventions just with a handful of shmup games he made on his own.

f419fa  No.16053501


Any idea what EN and BU mean?

67d994  No.16053529


They're like Pokemon Contact moves, some abilities act like Pokemon Rough Skin if the puppet is hit by an EN attack for example

f419fa  No.16054004

File: ec1d4c18a4d07a2⋯.png (90.63 KB, 653x503, 653:503, ClipboardImage.png)

>Go to Kaian Passageway and Lunar Capital

>Only get one Black Dream Pill so you can't go back once you leave

>Can't be certain you missed a low encounter chance 2hu

>Wiki is incomplete and doesn't cover these areas

Is this all of them? I know there's also Yorihime and Toyohime, which the wiki says can be found outside the Cabin of Insanity, though that may be out of date.

2e9d3b  No.16054010

File: 98e6a896406a36c⋯.png (31.93 KB, 570x740, 57:74, 042パチュリー.png)


演 (En) - act

舞 (Bu) - dance

幻想人形演舞 (Gensou Ningyou Enbu) - Fantasy Puppet Performance

f419fa  No.16054020

e69431  No.16054428

Hello, I wish to run Touhou 12.3 on Linux through Wine. I'm wondering if anyone else has had success with this, because I can't run a vm sucessfully without an extra grahpics card. thanks

67d994  No.16054603


You might be missing Junko and Hecatia in the Kaian Passageway; Junko is rare, and Hecatia is super rare. As for the Lunarians, Toyohime and Yorihime were found outside on base game only, they were moved to Lunar Capital in SoD.

But don't worry, you can go back there later, Reisen sells the pills at the human village for $1k each after going there at least once.

f419fa  No.16054616


I found a guide with up to date enemy locations and vague rarity descriptions. Suprisingly, it took a long time to get Yorihime and Toyohime, but not long for Hecatia.

2ed9bb  No.16054623


Mind sharing it?

f419fa  No.16054631


drive.google dot com/file/d/1JiQTZXL1FQdOyPy5oMIHs-1tTEm2VIbK/view

2ed9bb  No.16054635

File: c7e6c0ba62635e8⋯.png (24.18 KB, 331x286, 331:286, 1451933416190.png)

75bfcd  No.16054653


If it makes you feel better he was kicked off fiver and is being denied thousands of dollars he earned there doing videos like those by the company because they're scared of bad PR of him being associated with the company.

8940ce  No.16054819

File: f7053a15c12a56f⋯.png (10.11 KB, 233x273, 233:273, hen.png)

> https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Double_Spoiler/Spell_Cards/Level_6#Spell_Card_6_-_3

>Aya's Comment

>A bunch of little oni burst out of her.

>I wonder if she can move all these little oni like they're part of her body…

>I wonder how much pain she would feel if they were crushed one by one…


01e73c  No.16055225


She should wonder how well Suika can use her little onis to pleasure somebody.

a15344  No.16055364

File: 66fa017ed360369⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.61 KB, 673x661, 673:661, illust_72876883_20190127_0….jpg)


f419fa  No.16056391

File: 61c8a3f3be8013d⋯.png (274.66 KB, 1370x1030, 137:103, ClipboardImage.png)

>You can freely swap around skill cards to restore SP at no cost

>You can do the same with natural skills for an inconsequential amount of PP

Overleveled Youmu-chan is going to destroy anything without ever having to switch out for other puppets until the end game.

f419fa  No.16056395




f419fa  No.16058504

File: d7be955c821e1e5⋯.pdf (141.77 KB, Touhou Puppet Dance Perfor….pdf)



For anyone who wants it, everything cut out of the guide except puppet locations and encounter rates. Only 19 pages and no areas split between pages.

a2633c  No.16061248

File: 11f11efde75fca6⋯.png (542.48 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

This is a mistranslation. First off, we know what a Divine Spirit is. A Divine Spirit is a Youkai. We know this. It's set in stone. Which makes me think that either

A) Reimu was deliberately written to have misspoke or was lying to Tewi.

B) There's a cultural barrier here.

C) This is a mistranslation.

You can't say that Junko is not a Youkai but a Divine Spirit. A Divine Spirit is a God. Gods are Youkai.

a2633c  No.16061254


One COULD argue that she was merely calling her a divine spirit, but not referring to Divine Spirits specifically. However, the word 'divine' itself means from a god, like a god, or -a- god. Which means no matter what, Reimu is referring to Junko as a god like spirit. This makes her a Youkai.

a2633c  No.16061266


Actually, I just had a look at Junko's wiki page. She's officially classed as a Sagacious Spirit, which is a sub-species of Divine Spirits.

b69664  No.16061287


>A Divine Spirit is a Youkai. We know this. It's set in stone.

Are you sure? If you want to call everything non human a youkai, sure. But divine spirits are supposed to be something else, and iirc they are (were) human specifically. Plus, divines spirits are what Reimu and mikos in general communicate with and use for their powers, that alone would make it really weird to call them so.

a2633c  No.16061300


The textbook definition that the wiki lays out is that a Youkai is anything supernatural, including ghosts. This includes things that have gone through supernatural changes. We know that human spirits/ghosts are considered Youkai because Yuyuko is one. We know that Gods are Youkai because Kanako and Suwako are ones. There's no reason to believe that a Human Spirit (something supernatural) who ascends to Godhood (also supernatural) wouldn't be a Youkai.

a2633c  No.16061406


>Look more into it

>Turns out phantoms/ghosts aren't Youkai

Excuse me what the fuck


f419fa  No.16062172

f419fa  No.16062543

>Wonder what marks do

>Check wiki

>Extra Youmu uses spread attacks

>Has a red mark that gives +10% focused attack

>Can only be changed post game with reincarnation

>Resets level to 1

Fuck. Will there be an efficient way to powerlevel her back up?

2ed9bb  No.16063578


Soon indeed.

42d574  No.16063591

File: 63d672109e21e19⋯.png (1.05 MB, 991x1200, 991:1200, illust_72768789_20190131_1….png)

Last I checked the translation for Puppet Play Perforamance/Shard of Dreams was pretty far behind. Anyone got a link to the latest version?


Tomorrow's the big day. Don't forget to say it!

aba1dd  No.16064618


Shard of Dream has a separate patch, since the story is different.


>the gay behind it forces you to use to discord to actually have up-to-date info

Why do they always do this, technically this complication might mean there is a later version(though this update is pretty new).

f419fa  No.16064732



I've been playing just fine and just now hit the road of liminality. Will there be some point where I start hitting walls of Japanese text without this patch or something? I got it from https://moriyashrine.org/files/file/349-touhou-puppet-dance-performance-shard-of-dreams/ and it says it was last updated Jan 14.

aba1dd  No.16064777


That sounds like there was another patch, as i noted i didn't feel like touching discord for it.

January 14 by itself is clearly this year, and the latest i could find by directly looking for it was from last year.

Realistically thats the most recent one.

01e73c  No.16065323

File: 32ccf719cc1c9cd⋯.jpg (469.4 KB, 720x600, 6:5, 32ccf719cc1c9cd476bada3840….jpg)

fb4c80  No.16066263

File: 77f534fc6ea5634⋯.jpg (137.81 KB, 1202x1200, 601:600, 77f534fc6ea5634f94cdccf92e….jpg)


Downloaded my version on September, and the only non translated things were the names of the youma books when you ask Kozusu for a translation, some choices in dialogue in the postgame that lead to a fight if you picked wrong, and the answers to a question Yukari asks you near the ending that apparently don't matter at all. You're good.


There are items that increase the Exp gained, and beating Suwako gives you an item that increases Exp and PP gain, not counting the bonus exp for beating something that is several levels above the puppet. Beating a postgame trainer with a full team around Lv 70-80 got a Lv5 Sakuya to lv 48 or something with Suwako's item, and you can find Lv 70 or so wild puppets in some areas so she can catch up with your party.

But honestly, that would be minmaxing for the hell of it, and it's not really needed to beat the AI, but if it wa only to satisfy your autism, then go right ahead.

aba1dd  No.16066546


>But honestly, that would be minmaxing for the hell of it, and it's not really needed to beat the AI, but if it wa only to satisfy your autism, then go right ahead.

I mean there is online stuff so it would have a purpose?

fb4c80  No.16068366


If you're playing online then you should probably go for it and portforward so you can host.

aba1dd  No.16069330


I would but i managed to recently lose my data, so i have replay the game to that.

I'll do it eventually

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