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File: eb3a5609c4434b1⋯.png (449.25 KB, 588x326, 294:163, Kenshi.PNG)

3891c2  No.15914469

>No Kenshi thread

Got this game as a gift. It's pretty fun. Who else is playing? How far did you get?

2b83b6  No.15914637

feed him a sandwich anon jesus, starving your character is not ok

e3cbba  No.15914691

What are you even supposed to do in that fucking game? Looks like your typical "just do what you want dude XD" when really there's nothing to do once you've scratched the surface.

44eab7  No.15914724


People say the same thing about Dwarf Fortess and Mount & Blade. Set goals for yourself, faggot.

d27840  No.15914796


build a town and repel the foreign hordes

cfe976  No.15914861

File: 67b0845eb1bfb9f⋯.jpg (27 KB, 750x420, 25:14, heil.jpg)


>mount and blade

massallah gevur well said

73aadc  No.15914868

File: eb80adab7c71217⋯.jpg (832.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, what the FUCK.jpg)

This game is fun. In weird fucking ways.

>have an established base

>kind of a bad spot, constantly raided

>I need to train up my people so they can fend for themselves

>hear about this area called the Shrieking Islands through a bar in a city called Mongrel

>Mongrel itself is surrounded by Fogmen who abduct people in the night and eat them alive

>well shit how bad can it be

>get there

>see this

223475  No.15914893


>it's like mount and blade

oh no fucking thanks. fuck that boring autistic sandbox.

28ba15  No.15914899

I got completely lost the last time I tried to play this, not in a good way. Is there any good content guide? Just walking around and talking to everyone didnt solve much for me, I just need to know what I can do

2c97b5  No.15915083


Since i really lve this game, i´m gonna give you some starting tips since you got doubles:

>First you have to do is to get to a "safe place", like a town or city so you have at least the guards take care of bandits/animals.

>You better move the camera to watch out your surroundings instead of locking it on your character to prevent an encounter with bandits while you are looking for the aforementioned safe haven.

>You can activate popping numbers in the options menu so you can see if there´s some action, so you can get there and loot anything of value to sell or equip.

>I CAN recommend training the stealth stats (Lockpick, stealth, assassination and thievery) but i won´t because this can BREAK totally the game since stealth is broken as hell and beyond, but is up to you if you can manage the low levels and savescumming or running away.

>As mentioned before, you can level up your starts by getting beaten, so better get a new recruit to save your downed character (Mind you, if some slaver see your character inconscious on the ground he will enslave it).

>Getting slaved it´s not so bad. You´ll never gonna starve but you´ll gona be like OP´s pic, they won´t kill you so you can fight against the slavers since they will heal you afterwards and put you in a cage, you can train your stealth pretty quick while you´re jailed and lockpicking. Of course they can sell you, but when you decide to ran away you´ll probably have 50 Lockpick, 70 stealth, 30 toughness… Pretty much you are a pro ninja at this point.

>Probably you want some allies, if you manage to get 10k cats you can pay the Shinobi Thieves to join the thieves guild, so you can use all their equipment/beds and a place to heal and rest for free, also they sell blue/green gear and thieves backpacks at 50% discount.

f7a9d2  No.15915107

File: a18709ad87d19f7⋯.png (16.06 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1450590493046-0.png)

So I've managed to make a self sustaining outpost and got about 61 members with 18 of them being soldiers. I'm have no clue what else to do since I pretty much have most tech researched. What other goal is there to the game once you did the most obvious one? I'm a creatively bankrupted guy so making goals for myself is ridiculously difficult.

fe0c8e  No.15915115


Can you conquer shit in this game? I'd personally go conquer shit.

585d71  No.15915126

File: a5f36777514a87f⋯.jpg (18.35 KB, 395x387, 395:387, 1313186497413.jpg)

>Start as a Holy Nation Citizen and make my way to the nearest source of copper to sell at 114% markup at 203-204 cats.

>Earn 20,000 cats to spend freely on some weapons, armor, and Shinobi Thieves membership for that sweet x1.00/0.90 malus small backpack.

>Already plan to establish an ore-running operation that will one day rival the (((Trader's Guild))).

>Add a mod that allows me to "hire" bandits as minimum-wage workers for which I pay them in Greenfruit and Dried Meat, which I later take away from them in the form of "property taxes" as a way for them to remain in my outpost, eternally grateful for the safety I provide.

Also, using the game's included toolkit to autistically tweak out values and item descriptions scratches my inner passion for useless information such as the taste per each alcoholic beverage.

f7a9d2  No.15915133


There's a mod that allows you to destroy factions and kill off their leaders but I don't think there's one to start your own faction and take over cities of opposing factions.

2c97b5  No.15915145


If you want to set a base:

>You need to find a place where you can´t disturb the local factions (Bandits will raid you anyway, but you don´t want the Holy Islam or Dindu Kingdom knocking up your doors), also a place with copper and iron (Copper only serves for electrics, you can buy or steal the components or make a mini base on a copper node) and fertility/water for the crops.

>Build the wall faster, a wall is good to keep away the pests. Build the gates in U form, with turrets on both sides to fire directly into the bandits.

>Hemp it´s essential to make good biofuel if you don´t want to rely only on wind generators.

>As for recruits, check out the races and their advantages/disadvantages (Percentages are EXP rate, so they can train faster or slower):

<Human Greenlander:100 life points, Jack-of-all-trades combat wise, 20% with science/cooking/harvester

<Human Scorchlander:100 life points, Good ninjas 20% all stealth stats/athletics, 20% weapon/armor smith but -20% science/cooking/harvest

<Shek:125 life points, 10% strengh/toughness training and heavy weapons but -20% on dexterity, -20% ninja training and working (Science, cooking and harvesting). You want this guys as heavy soldiers/tanks mainly.

<Hive Soldier:Can´t use boots, uses special undershirts, 100 life points, 200 hitpoints on its heads since they can´t wear helmets, 20% toughness training and same exp penalty as a shek, this guy its suited for duelist/glass cannon.

<Hive drone:Can´t use boots, uses special undershirts, 75 life points, 125 on his head since can´t use some helmets, 20% turrets 20% on building and working so this guy gonna get to work. You can make then fight for laughs since their limbs can be chopped easily and be replaced with 220 hitpoints limbs.

<Hive Prince:Can´t use boots, uses special undershirts, 80 life points, 20% dexterity -20% strengh/toughness, 20% science/robotics/medicine, 20% ninja training and -20% working. This guy is for researching, ninja or crossbow user.

<Skeleton: Can´t use shirts, helmets or boots, it doesn´t need food, 200 hit points, 20% heavy weapons but -20% ninja training. It works pretty well but can be a little expensive to repair for starters but overall they´re pretty good as heavies.

>Until your little sad sacks of shit can beat your raids, you´ll probably need mercs to guard your base. You can find them in waystations/taverns in two flavours, cost 1k day to guard your base or 2k day as your bodyguards:

<Tech hunters: Usually in groups of 3-4, stats ranges from 40 to 80 and can use crossbows (Sometimes), hobo looking.

<Mercenary guild: Usually in groups of 5-6 (In The Hook, mercs camps can spawn with 9 of them) with two of them being heavies, stats ranges from 40 to 50.

<If you´re allied with a mayor faction (Holy Islam, Dindu Kingdom or (((United Nations)))) you can ask for the patrols to guard you or your base for free.

>You´ll need power, so build like 5 wind generators and a battery bank for each generator.

aa3a67  No.15915237

I often hear a common complaint of this game that there is no real goal, you eventually just get too successful/powerful and get bored as a result. Is there any sort of end game win condition?

2c97b5  No.15915259

File: a5035dce9130b65⋯.jpg (201.2 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, local_woman_ruins_everythi….jpg)


And the final post regarding noobie tips:

>I don´t know if the devs have noticed this, or it´s a bug or feature but after you got some outlaw to the cops for the reward and reputationYou can knock up and give it again to the cops, they won´t give you any money but reputation so you can get 100 reputation after delivering the same guy 50 times and get allied with a mayor faction, so you can get bodyguards for freeHoly Lord Phoenix will give you a chalice, Esata will give you her daughter as recruit (Or in marriage, if you like it more), i don´t know what happens with the united cities

>To get ludicrous amounts of animal skins, get a crossbow user with plenty ammo and fuck up the beak things. The trick it´s to keep them as distant as possible without them charging against you at full throttle, not to far from them but not too close. Not only you will get skins, but meat and a excellent crossbow training.

>The same crossbow tactics can be used for bandits and other animals, keep distance but not too much or they will run towards you.

>However, precision shooting it´s only trained by "Accidentally" shooting your allies, a good armor can mitigate the ridiculous damage/bleed (Harpoon resist affects crossbow bolts too) so your shooters won´t do a favour to your enemies.

>Strengh it´s trained with heavy weapons or being overloaded while walking, but dexterity ONLY can be trained with cutting weapons, the higher cutting damage means more experience towards dexterity (0.70 cutting/0.70 blunt means 50% of the experience goes towards dexterity) so use full edge weapons like katanas to train dexterity faster.

>Staffs won´t give you shit experience since don´t weight anything so you won´t gain strengh XP, and it doesn´t have cutting at all so no dexterity XP too.

>Training melee it easier when you capture a wild robot (Broken robots at 50 in all stats), put them in a cage and release them for the beating. You can repair them faster unlike the organics, and you don´t have to feed them. The longer the fight, the more XP your little sad sacks of shit will get.

>Martial arts it´s not a meme, train 1 or 2 guys in unarmed, it´s really worth it and it´s also a good way to train your dex. Artificial limbs give you a boost to unarmed, so you can benchpress a iron clad armored dude with your hands.

Sorry for the broken english, but i really love this game and i wish you to enjoy it as well.

f7a9d2  No.15915315


>Is there any sort of end game win condition?

Not really, the few goals that I can come up with is building a self sustaining outpost, bounty hunting, and getting the legendary weapons from faction leaders and bounties. Bounty hunting stops being about doing the bounty for cats since by the time you have people strong enough to do bounties you'll probably have high grade weapons and armor you can sell for all the cats you want. I was thinking about setting as many self sustaining outposts in every section in the map but I don't think the game knows how to handle multiple outposts that well, not to mention of how disastrous it would be making different squads for all the groups of outposts there would be.

afc65a  No.15916576

Can you start alone and be Jogimbo? And maybe marry someone and have kids.

be4075  No.15916713

How viable is it to be a wandering murderhobo kung fu master that goes around wrecking people while looking for a greater challenge?

98ca67  No.15916751

game sucks and the autistic dev is anti fun

>not allowed to use slaves yourself

>no decapitations

>can't actually kill people

099b12  No.15916780


Amputations. Slowly convert them into rotten clangers.

099b12  No.15916790

File: 5e613c17b04fb47⋯.webm (3.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, crab.webm)


>pinching bags

Are you even making an attempt?

d690c9  No.15916880


>tell me what to do

being this much of a goyim

334fbc  No.15916926



I have a kungfu guy. The way of the fist is a hard path to walk but watching your dude weave between swords and dropping fags in one hit is always a treat.

f7fa0c  No.15917425

Did they ever fix the weapon merchants, or is it meant to be a feature?

>go to merchant

>he only has rusted shit

<"Ok, I'll make my own shit"

>grind weapon making to create a decent steel sword

>every weapons merchant in the game suddenly starts selling weapons of the same grade as I can make

This shit annoyed me quite a lot

578d1f  No.15917449


Yeah. Weapons and armor are cheaper and easier to find.

f7fa0c  No.15917493


so do traders offer rusted shit all game, or do they start with a more diverse portfolio?

e9065f  No.15918008

Tell me when there are highlight for everything.

My eyes can't handle this shit, I don't need my eyes problems getting even worse

ac8452  No.15918520


Does it not depend on where the merchant is?

I recall having the Hub merchants selling pure shit, but End of the World ones have decent to Edge tier weapons, and there's the Armor King hidden somewhere, who sells great armor.

But it's been quite a while since I last played it, so I might have remembered something wrong.

069386  No.15919150

File: 5a8b4f057320d80⋯.jpg (509.82 KB, 1910x1078, 955:539, Unforgivable.jpg)

2/10 would not recommend.

c28e98  No.15919176


bdf747  No.15919182

Mods will save this game.

6e1418  No.15921344

File: 53c759e0e814d1c⋯.jpg (83.95 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 20181224185459_1.jpg)

File: 3e1695c177fd75d⋯.jpg (197.02 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 20181225145931_1.jpg)

I just picked this up a few days ago. I'm surprised it's not more popular here. It seems to be the kind of unforgiving, grindy autism that usually gains a lot of traction in a place like this.

afc65a  No.15921363


But can you impregnate people or have children in this game?

6e1418  No.15921369

File: 5bba92221b7b4ff⋯.jpg (42.31 KB, 384x500, 96:125, 4b5c4b1083521de04f290a379a….jpg)


Well there is mod support, so I suppose the answer to that question is "soon, and with great violence".

c93376  No.15922385


>Mods will save this game.

Remember the last time people said that?

Yeah that was XCOM 2.

Think about that.



This. Holy Merchants and most city merch is pure garbage tier only being useful if you have

ass loads of dosh and need to melt it down for iron scraps.

Even then you still have regular bandit raids so you just melt down their kit instead or use it

for sparring practice against the crippled skeles in your basement.

As for useful weapons you can find some mid tier stuff in the United Cities.

The most inhospitable corners of the world have good shit but as a general rule you should be either crafting or scavenging.

c697a6  No.15922575

Been out a long time and no good mods exist, the whole 'you are just a dirt bag no different from anyone else' theme seems to, surprise surprise, inspire similarly bland apathy in their modding scene.

02553b  No.15922801


We used to have a single thread that would hang around for a few weeks at a time with a dedicated group of /v/irgins who enjoyed the game.

57b868  No.15922866

File: 1a3dafdaebfcdf7⋯.webm (5.88 MB, 490x360, 49:36, 1a3dafdaebfcdf7c9cd17ee82….webm)


Is it wrong that I finally got to enjoy this game through the use of voice mods? Listening to Tommy Wiseau rant while he eviscerates a Berserker, listening to Alex Jones talk about how they put chemicals in the water to turn the frogs gay while he blows up an entire squad of Vipers, listening to Trump talk about how Jeb Bush has more energy than his enemies, and listening to Hitler give a speech while he kills the last enemy is really quite priceless.

778b5f  No.15922933


NPCs may have a hard time figuring out what to do in a game like Kenshi. Free thought is one of the hardware requirements.

5a13c3  No.15922972

Did anyone here broke into Tengu's Vault? I heard there are some dudes you can recruit there but I never went to see myself.

6e1418  No.15923033

Has anyone successfully built a city on Howler's maze or is it just an unforgiving clusterfuck of acid rain and giant crabs?

206db7  No.15923175

Gourdman anon, where are you? I want to gas the Niggourds.

6f9fc7  No.15923194

Did the dev managed to make ranged weapons?

206db7  No.15923196


Yeah, crossbows are a thing now.

f7a9d2  No.15923201


There's crossbows you can weild and ranged defenses of mounted crossbows and harpoons

069386  No.15923274

I'm currently trying to build my first settlement. I'm making a run of it on a small hill in the middle of Gut, within a short distance of both an iron tree and a copper deposit. Fuck Beak Things. I should have brought three times as many building materials on my way out and built a palisade first thing. If it wasn't for the fact that I have 8 decent crossbowmen I'd be completely fucked, but as it stands I can get a few hours work in between beak thing raids to work on cranking out more construction materials. At least food is a complete non-issue right now since it's constantly delivering itself to my doorstep.

1ef49a  No.15923412


Wat? What kind of faggot is he?

eaa134  No.15923416

Now that GOD is ded, where to find latest Kenshi version?

d27840  No.15923665

File: 25059a5dd4cde0b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 171.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a11acac4e805751.jpg)


>Yeah that was XCOM 2.

>Think about that.

Thinking about it kinda makes me wanna play again

768346  No.15929323

File: 673eaf702249576⋯.jpg (410.09 KB, 1280x795, 256:159, Unsssssssssss.jpg)

That feel when falling sun doesn't have blueprints, all i want to do is equip my squad of immortal skeleton edge "suicide blades" and carve a road thru the holy empire.

73aadc  No.15929330


it does

look harder

768346  No.15929359



73aadc  No.15929496


Mongrel or Black Desert City

2c97b5  No.15931583


Falling sun blueprints can be bought at Black desert city for 25k cats, also the BPs fot the desert sabre and the foreign sabre (nice sabres BTW)

cfaef3  No.15932846


>>can't actually kill people

you actually can, just right click on them

49f12e  No.15932873

File: 2b4c8a65dd10ab2⋯.png (728.73 KB, 760x1418, 380:709, shek.png)

Shek Shek~!

46d6fa  No.15932878

>Kenshi is complete

>Terrible Path finding

>Terrible Animations

>Terrible Diplomacy

>Actions have pretty much no consequences

>Devs which give the silent treatment

>World generally feeling empty

>"Engine cant take anymore content"

I had huge hope for this game and enjoyed over 300 hours of this game however since the Dev got bored with their project there is no reason to continue playing since the game will still be the same as it was released with no future content planned.

Oh and the price increase was totally unnecessary since the original price was fine for the product in my opinion

e1ff60  No.15933007

I bought and started playing recently, im less than 3 hours in the game.

I think I got too many party members too fast and now I think im going to accidentally have everyone starve to death.

What should I be doing, and how did you guys start off the game?

73aadc  No.15933025


On one hand it's kinda cool because it's one guy's vision and there's some fun weeb things and the world setting is actually interesting. On the other, fuck him for half assing everything. Hopefully the game generates enough of a revenue stream to make him reconsider and hire some developers to make better features. The modding community generally picked up slack where he left off. But there's some big things that the modding tools just can't do. If this game had the same town takeover feature as Mount and Blade it would be an austist's wet dream

390b8f  No.15933103


>What should I be doing, and how did you guys start off the game?

<Focusing on getting enough money to buy needed food so your party won't starve(Mining is pretty good, if ores are close enough to/or in outpost itself.)

<buy simple large sized (Tier-2) house in well protected outpost(but any will do, less protected could be even better, if you manage to steal some shit and get away with selling it.) to not sleep outside, research basic stuff and train any stats you can(even more if you got mod to build more training tools, which should be included in base game.)


>But there's some big things that the modding tools just can't do.

For example?

717740  No.15933133

File: 31a4d6b680f5c3b⋯.jpg (178.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20181229095508_1.jpg)

File: e19994e8ea62d4b⋯.jpg (150.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20181229104733_1.jpg)

File: 3e59da5e3a3720d⋯.jpg (216.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20181229110247_1.jpg)

File: 2322b7db1162f03⋯.jpg (137.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20181229111827_1.jpg)

File: 883b19a03c25c4a⋯.jpg (182.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20181229120503_1.jpg)

>whole squad gets wiped while busy with research

>realize the only one not dying or long unconscious is cripple girl who wakes and plays dead

>manages to heal everyone and herself after old hornfucker goats wander off

>crawls with her noodle leg flapping in front of her to a pile of dead goats and bonedogs up a hill

>makes it back to feed them technically upright

Lolis really are magic. I think it was some mess of goats, a trader and bandits while my squad was mining.

717740  No.15933139

File: 72ad737cf6b5831⋯.jpg (211.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20181229140451_1.jpg)

I'm glad I got it clocked in to not burn out my toaster like duran the summer. Vain is a very strange place full of meats.

717740  No.15933168

File: e73d5e3d7fcf921⋯.jpg (202.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20181229131313_1.jpg)

File: 467d33523e5849c⋯.mp4 (15.65 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The Longing - Patty Gurdy ….mp4)

When your little girl ends up running faster with higher toughness and strongth after everyone but the captain. It ain't no political matter. I haven't touched Kenshi since maybe 2014. They've really attempted as hell as they could to make it to work on a toaster.

717740  No.15933178

File: fb3079a9d5a0129⋯.jpg (192.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20181229123753_1.jpg)

1f37c6  No.15933533

File: 2ae4bcdf810f39e⋯.jpg (11.07 KB, 250x201, 250:201, 2ae4bcdf810f39ee7caebcc417….jpg)

I cannot justify spending 30 dollars on the game in the state it is. Damn if it isn't tempting to buy a half finished game though, but I've learned my lesson.

6a0d91  No.15933685


Her song sounds actually good. I didn't like some of the songs she had when I found her youtube. I too love hurdy gurdy's.

73aadc  No.15935824

File: c4f5c50db9149de⋯.jpg (285.38 KB, 700x839, 700:839, ss (2018-12-29 at 12.06.11….jpg)


On the topic of half assing things, here are some of the major problems with the game that sort of makes it really suck compared to what potential it could have:

Aside from players being unable to take over cities, NPCs seem to not have the capability to destroy buildings or objects when they invade. They can only attack gates and walls and with limited capabilities. as a result, you can pull shit off like this where it's just a maze and they die before they reach your gate.

-Resource depletion isn't permanent. Most everything respawns, once you realize this everything becomes cheesemode.

-Base object placement is pretty trash, along with pathfinding and terrain mesh needing to be rebuilt because object collision gets FUCKED.

-Pause needs a MAJOR rework where you can't literally cheese encounters by dropping bags, equipping/unequipping gear, repeatedly stealing and getting caught with absolutely no consequences. There also needs to be some real anti-save scumming measures too.

-if you lose your outpost you should lose most of your shit in it too. As it stands npcs can't pick up bags left in the base so you can just throw all your food in a backpack and leave it on the ground and avoid almost all consequences for losing your outpost to bandits. I introduced my friends to this game and this is all they did. 100% avoided all conflict and ran away until the bandits left and they want back with zero consequence. Of course, then they complain that the game is actually too easy.

206db7  No.15935868


I like most sheks women have massive tits.

749378  No.15938862

I'm finally getting into this game after trying and giving up several times in the past. It's actually a pretty easy and fun game to play even though the interface overwhelmed me at first. I do have a couple questions though.

Am I able to get any NPC to join my party by getting on their good side, or only certain ones? Also, how do I finish off knocked out characters?

10bb6a  No.15939023


>Am I able to get any NPC to join my party by getting on their good side, or only certain ones?

By hiring NPCs at bar or trying luck in slave shop and be hopeful that they won't run off.

>Also, how do I finish off knocked out characters?

You should get option for that by clicking on them with right mouse button.

749378  No.15939234

Is the AI in this game not very good? I manned one of the turrets in a village and shot one of their own people and they didn't react at all.

a5c4e8  No.15939379


So basically it's a tech demo nothing to do then, got it. Go outside and play.

39ec08  No.15939394

This game seems like prime material for porn mods, is it easily moddable so that we can expect such things in the future? I feel like this needs some rape to truly shine as a sim.

Read about this a bit in the /vg/ thread but not played yet.

10bb6a  No.15939533


I think they were supposed to ignore it happening certain amount of times, before they become hostile.


>This game seems like prime material for porn mods, is it easily moddable so that we can expect such things in the future?

While Kenshi has a lot of mods now, I wouldn't expect one to be actually made.

Besides, if someone truly wanted that, it would be done by now already.

ffed5d  No.15939554



You can also get a mod that allows you to attempt to recruit prisoners after you've put them in a cage, so you could in theory recruit anyone you can manage to shove in a cage and meet their recruitment requirements.

There's not really a way to finish off knocked out characters, the best you could do is either use the "Throw them out" command to have them get removed from your town borders, or pick them up and shove them in a cage with no first aid.



There's a nude textures mod, but nothing beyond that so far.

10bb6a  No.15939693


>There's not really a way to finish off knocked out characters, the best you could do is either use the "Throw them out" command to have them get removed from your town borders, or pick them up and shove them in a cage with no first aid.

I actually found "Kill item" mod, which creates and allows to take certain item from downed NPC to kill them.

>There's a nude textures mod, but nothing beyond that so far.

I saw that too, but wasn't it just for tits?

98ca67  No.15939704

>The top moderator on the Kenshi Steam forums is a roastie furfag with over 9000 hours in second life.

People need to start spamming the forums on his website to make it so you can actually assassinate and finish off people on the ground.

d51d8b  No.15939781

followed this game since ~2010. It went in a bizzare direction when the dev hired other people, their visions seemed to mix with his and we kind of have a mess of a game with a shitty map now. The original version was obviously way simpler but had a much more solid base and core gameplay loop. meh.

The modding is also a meme, you can edit stats, npcs/buildings and thats it, no support for scripting of any kind and many of the stats are hardcoded in ways that make the modding kit not useful for much. You can add custom items and place stuff but thats not what the game needs.

be4075  No.15942604


>Remember the last time people said that?

>Yeah that was XCOM 2.

>Think about that.

So you're saying that mods will in fact save this game? War of the Chosen is fun as fuck with mods.

d263d6  No.15942659


Same really. Too laggy on my aging PC. Will need an upgrade before it runs better than full expansion Sims 1 on a Win98 machine.

749378  No.15942674

I was doing some research in a house I bought in Squin. A pack of Garrus came strolling through town and I tried to separate one of them to kill it and take its supplies. Turns out the guards helped me kill the entire pack with no consequences. I made over 30k off the loot. Why is this possible?

Game is fun and all but in some aspects, especially the AI, it still feels very unfinished.

d263d6  No.15942690


How do you even see a mod list in for a particular steam game's discussion hub?

749378  No.15942776


I forgot to mention it was a domesticated pack with a couple people leading it

882e3b  No.15945129

im in the same exact situation as op

im about 65 days in with an outpost directly outside the hub nobuild zone to the east. Theres an awesome spot next to the road with natural barriers and an extremely thin chokepoint. Unfortunately the chokepoint is still within the hubs nobuild zone but its still well within range of the turrets on my walls.

Im techd out currently and i need ancient science books. Found a skeleton town in deadlands that sells ai cores, science books, and engineering but my money is kinda tight right now. Every ruin i get maps to is usually a tech shack T9000s that would rape me so it feels like buying upgrades is the only viable option. Found 2 libraries that were relatively safe to loot ignoring the local fauna but they feel pretty fucking rare compared to these tech shacks with murder robots. Ive found at least 10 of them.

i found a domed shaped building with mechanical spiders i think i can take. The problem is i have one super ninja skeleton with stats in the 50s and a heavy weapon while everyone else is pretty average. Skeletons overall feel pretty op assuming they have repair kits on themselves.

d7ed93  No.15945713

File: 65613fe12f51cc4⋯.jpg (112.65 KB, 704x396, 16:9, Mr-Magoo-Leslie-Nielsen.jpg)

GOG gave away Soma for free a few days ago, so I've been playing that. Story is excellent, but the "gameplay" is complete garbage. Forced stealth bullshit, with the hook that the enemies are blind as a bat but will notice you if you look at them - which kind of shits the bed when trying to figure out patrol routes. They can hear alright, so basically all you have to do is to duck into a room, turn off the lights, and go into sneak mode. Then just walk past the fuckers while looking at the floor. There's only like 20 enemies in the entire game, and the "final boss" is literally just "push button to win". And if all that weren't bad enough - the developers even felt the need to add a "safe" mode which makes those enemies non-hostile to maximize "atmosphere". They couldn't even be bothered to put decent puzzles into the game. Very few of them have any sort of clues to solve them, but then, they don't need it. Everything you need to solve a puzzle is either in the next room or right next to you - and just blinding activating switches or picking up junk fetch-quest style will move you along through them. A lot of the "puzzles" I solved because I was just playing with the environment and didn't even realize it was supposed to be a puzzle until either a dialogue sequence started or the game bugged from doing things out of order.

There's plenty of quiet time between setpieces, so why they fuck couldn't they just flip it around and use the "puzzle" solving and dialogue sections as quiet time to expound on the story while using all that time just spent walking from place to place to put some actual gameplay in.

Decent movie, shit game.

e8d470  No.15945815



burgerpilled post

65b827  No.15945884

how do i stop getting massive decision paralysis in this kind of game?

all ive done so far is steal weapons in squin and sell them to the stores in stack, mine copper to sell, hire some goons to mine / build / make cloth, and get in barfights

i want to get strong enough to wander outside of the starting areas but also want to make money, and at the same time dont want to have to use a party of more than like three people

ea6d68  No.15945936


>Loverslab has barely touched the game



Do slave start instead, much better, you end up stupidly OP from all the stealth, assassination, lockpicking, labouring, farming, strength, toughness, dexterity ect grinding you get. Plus you don't need food or bandages.

Beyond that take prisoners and beat them up occasionally. Good ways to grind.

ea6d68  No.15945947


Err I just realised Prisoners now require food. Yeah that makes things a bit harder then doesn't it.

749378  No.15949357

Any recommended mods I should use?

6e1418  No.15949392

File: b745fd84965c04a⋯.jpg (142.96 KB, 1157x772, 1157:772, 1413240965540.jpg)


Get a big ass backpack. Travel to the swamp villages collecting hashish, and go sell it to the shinobi traders in the UC desert towns. Assuming you survive your first few runs, you will level your athletics like crazy and make pretty decent dosh.

6e1418  No.15949395


Still worth it. It's really not that expensive to keep a few pieces of dried meat in their inventory.

bfa99c  No.15949494


>256 Squad limit

>New Recruits

>Recruit Prisoners

>Tame Beasties

>Random Enemy Squad numbers

>Kill Item

>Less Suicidal

>Reactive World

>Dark UI and Text color change(Less eye-rape)

>Nice Map

>Try It Yourself, 50+ faction starts.

>Then add few mods which give new weapons/armor/races, if you want.

eb1d5b  No.15951941

What's the best way to make money early game? Should I just be mining and selling the ore until I get better gear? I'm also trying to steal some stuff, but I haven't found anything good yet.

a2c37f  No.15952882

File: e8f33b900154025⋯.jpg (389.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5207_1.jpg)

The storylines that play out in this game are so good. I used to draw and I've honestly thought about making short 1 page comics with different scenarios I've encountered.

>Ashlander lady and random doggo living in abandoned desert town.

>Decide to head east to look for food. We are starving.

>Doggo is just a pup so he's slow af. Throw him over my shoulder and head out at dawn.

>See mountains in the distance, head for them.

>As I approach the foothills I start to see a myriad of figures come into view.


>Huge fucking faction war between United Cities Samurais and Holy Nation Paladins.

>UN is naturally kicking the shit out of the Paladins.

>Perch on a nearby outcropping of rocks and watch… and wait.

>Giant bug things casually make their way towards the fray. They get slaughtered.

>"Dog food for days" I say aloud.

>Make my way slowly towards the battle and start checking the pockets of the dead and dying on the periphery.

>Find some food and first aid kits, some new gear and take some bug meat for doggo. GTFO before anyone notices.

>Keep heading east, Holy Nation territory. Shit. Ahh but what's this? Tech Hunters have a base here too. Intredasting.

>Hole up for a few days while pup sleeps off some injuries sustained by other not so nice doggos we encountered on the trip here.

>Meet Shek lady who seems nice and wants to tag along.

>Sure why not.

>She nurses my injured doggo back to health while I rob the town blind at night.

>I'm fast on my feet so I leave them to scout ahead and see if we can't find a permanent place to stay and perhaps start a new life.

>Find a really nice spot on a river down in the valley. Iron ore and stone as well as farming and fishing potential. Build a tiny house and claim it.

>Head to nearby town I see in the distance. It's the Holy Nation capital. Feeling a little uneasy about it but they are all nice and calling me "sister".

>Send word to Shek friend and she cautiously makes her way to the valley with doggo in tow.

>Meet a down and out ex-soldier in town. He joins the crew but stays in town to research neat new stuff for our budding settlement. Cool dude. And he's strong so he'll be able to defend us.

>Rendezvous with Shek friend at our new digs and get to work after robbing everything we need from these rich Holy Nation merchants. Hire a couple plebs to dig stone and mine ores. So far so good.

>One morning I see a large group of men slowly making their way directly towards the settlement with one especially angry looking guy in the lead.

>He starts to call out for whoever is in charge as he gets close. Reluctantly go meet him.

>He wants to know why I have this "untamed beast" with me. He means my Shek lady friend who is fishing by the river, not the doggo.

>"Uh.. S-she's my slave…?"

>He wants to take her to what sounds like a re-education camp regardless.

>"I'm educating her myself. I totally worship your god… heh"

>He tells me I'm a worthless woman who is incapable of educating her properly and that I need to turn her over to them. can't really argue with that tbh

>They have big swords and lots of armor. I'm faster but I don't think she is. Fuuuuck… wat do?

>I agree to turn her over. But the plan is to break her out later.

>She drops her pack and breaks for it immediately.

>They give chase.

>Helplessly watch as they all disappear over the horizon.

>Doggo limps along after her but I call him back. Literally heartbreaking.


>Meet up with soldier friend in town.

>"Maybe we should move.."

I have so many more. This game makes my imagination run wild.

a2c37f  No.15952918


Stealing tbh. You'll get your ass kicked a few times but that's also the best way to get your toughness up. Eventually you'll be able to stealth and steal everything with 100% chance. When I first started playing I'd stay in Clownsteady, steal, get arrested, do time, rinse repeat until I had the money to buy the larger house there and was tough af. It's a really good jumping off point to get to know the game before heading out into the wilderness.

Also there's always some starving farmers trying to raid the place before they get insta-fucked by the guards. Many of them will have bounties so you can carry them right inside and collect the cats.

eb1d5b  No.15954318

Do I need to start a new game for mods to work properly or can I play them on my current save?

I'm using most of the mods mentioned here >>15949494 btw.

9d19e5  No.15954359


it's multiplayer innit? I don't multiplayer.

2f6111  No.15954440

File: 8a7112192836a3d⋯.jpg (257.55 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190105144144_1.jpg)

Anyone else got issues with the game not respecting your resolution choice? My screen gets letterboxed from all directions and becomes blurry.

This is a screenshot I took with the settings at 1920x1080, as you can see it didn't capture the letterboxing and shows as 1768x992.

It works fine on my second monitor which is 1920x1200 and works fine on my main monitor if set to borderless window.

I'm assuming my dual-monitor setup might be causing issues.

eb1d5b  No.15954573


No it's completely single player.

2f6111  No.15954592

File: 36450b34108d7d5⋯.jpg (393.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190105161017_1.jpg)

Am I missing something or can you really not change arm length? That's fucking retarded. There's also way to change torso length independently of 'Height' and the minimum neck length is not short enough for smaller builds.

Any decent mods that affect character creation?

206db7  No.15954620


Try using borderless windowed. I had the same issue.

2f6111  No.15954697

File: 454d8321807389f⋯.jpg (395.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190105165806_1.jpg)


Yeah I got it working.

Found an 'anime race', looks way better than the default greenlander and adds more face options.

10d8dc  No.15954710



>can't give her huge tits

It's shit.

fe0013  No.15954713




What the fuck is this game even about? Starving in africa?

2f6111  No.15954778

File: daf374cc8b7483a⋯.jpg (404.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190105173014_1.jpg)


You can go pretty big tbh.

5286a1  No.15954796


[Angry Manlet]

Looks like you found the Antifa rally, anon.

2f6111  No.15955005

File: 173a79951f54555⋯.jpg (404.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190105184134_1.jpg)

What should I invest my first money into? Better weapon so I can travel to a new town?

Started in 'The Hub', been stealing a bit but it's a really shitty town with only the 'thieves guild' tower (which did have some nice loot) and a bar which I can't steal from because it's always full of people.

Also do NPC's buy and start using houses? All of them are demolished but then I found one I could break into which I'm pretty sure wasn't there before.

7fde7f  No.15955008


But does it have sex-mods?

5eabb9  No.15955126


>shit games is the same as this shit game and this other shit game

If the game needs the player to set himself a goal ain’t good or fun

882e3b  No.15955186

File: 3e18dcef46fd403⋯.png (117.73 KB, 453x443, 453:443, 3e18dcef46fd40320e136945d3….png)


>huge world to explore

>ill just mine rocks for an hour then cry like a faggot that theres nothing to do

0efbf7  No.15955209


>I have no imagination, therefore everyone else should just be boring and thoughtless like me!

6f9fc7  No.15955252

i have 8gb of ram, how bad can this game get in whit the current version? 2 years ago i had long loading times when traveling and switching characters on different areas.

5eabb9  No.15956666


>huge world to explore

>it’s fucking empty and you just have to do the same thing over and over again

Wow it’s almsot like any (((open world))) shit game ever made


>muh imagination

>here let’s fill the incompetency of the dev myself and excuse a shallow gameplay

Good job. Remember to lube yourself up too

0905c4  No.15956682


>game needs imagination for it to be good

LMAO, let me guess, you also think "fun" is the most important aspect of a game right? fucking leddit I swear

71f2ec  No.15956696

File: 5d45849912bf448⋯.jpg (83.1 KB, 600x280, 15:7, 5d45849912bf448149f28ed531….jpg)


>stop liking what I don't like

71f2ec  No.15956719

File: f5c20bb003bd12b⋯.jpg (25.63 KB, 474x468, 79:78, unrelated image.jpg)




7e7d8d  No.15956723

>empty desert

>some town where everybody hates you and there's nothing to do

>you can do what you want :^)

so I can mine this rock over here or inhale this sand over there, great choice.

In DF, the objective is to create a working base, then a great base. In MnB the objective is to survive small raiders then gather land. Just because it's free form doesn't mean it doesn't have a defined initial and long term goal it offers to the player.

71f2ec  No.15956761


To further expound on your point.

In this your first concern is the story when you start (being pursued by the holy nation, being a set of wandered looking to build a base, etc); which gives you a basis to RP from.

After this comes the immediate realization that you must survive the world, you're not the main character, and it doesn't care if you live or die.

Such as, surviving bandits, integrating or adapting to the culture of factions, and increasing your ability to survive; the means to doing this is up to you.

This could be accomplished through building a base, and to build a better base you go on an adventure to gather supplies; which leads to all kinds of stuff.

There's all kinds of ways to approach the "survivability" issue, and all kinds of ways to RP from your initial story.

Although, games like this are definitely free-form compared to "go here do X" games w/objectives, and all people don't have a leader mentality (instead are followers and want2 be given directives); so it isn't for everyone.

f1d981  No.15956835


>Do I need to start a new game for mods to work properly or can I play them on my current save?

It should work fine.

By the way, don't use Dark UI and Text color change at same time.

You could have problems in seeing some text.


>What the fuck is this game even about?

Autistic post-apocalyptic grindy sandbox game.


>What should I invest my first money into?

First buy basic bandage kit, then armor.

If you have too much of everything, consider hiring more people.

After that think about buying and rebuilding some medium sized house in Hub, so you could start researching.

Also hire some NPCs in bar to be able to make more work in same time.

>Better weapon so I can travel to a new town?

Just level up your athletics and you will be fastest being in Border Zone.

>Also do NPC's buy and start using houses?



Only half-nude textures for women and making their tits bounce.


It won't crash, but it will make your game paused. Just make sure to set everything to low numbers in graphical settings.

723171  No.15958203

Are there any other games that are similar to Kenshi? The only thing that pops to my mind is Mount and Blade.

I particularly love being just a single nobody, to owning your own city/faction, much like MnB's vagrant becoming a lord/king.

385810  No.15958720

How does the crime system work? If I get caught trespassing and kill the witnesses without anyone else noticing, am I completely fine? Will they later report me unless I use the mod to fully kill them?

6e1418  No.15958874

File: 5f99b0e00ff802c⋯.jpg (103.04 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190105015044_1.jpg)

>Robot arms are haram

Well, fuck you too then.

5eabb9  No.15959677


>stop telling me I’m a NPC becasue I like shit games

Hows your fifa team going? Did you already catch Ditto in Pokémon Go?

73aadc  No.15959728


There's a reason they're haram. I won't say why because that'll spoil the story but just keep exploring east of holy nation

6e1418  No.15960342

File: ddcf38fe550ce7f⋯.jpg (197.59 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190105195426_1.jpg)


Nah I went West and bought the Y house in Mongrel. I've filled it to the brim with training devices (including modded in weight benches). I have built the church of /fit/. And I am going to autistically grind out my squad into olympian godhood before emerging to rape the landscape into ruins.

a2c37f  No.15960491


>Just level up your athletics and you will be fastest being in Border Zone.

This but make sure to carry the heaviest load you can in a backpack while you run everywhere. You could also carry a body or another team member. This gets your strength up too. If you need to run for your life, drop the pack/NPC.

Also, as far as medkits and equipment go, just hang around in any city that has guards and wait for inevitable plebs to try and invade. If your fast enough you can bait hostile factions to follow you to the city to get fucked by guards Most factions drop at least the shitty little medkits. Also, heal all the guys when they get knocked out, even if they are enemies. It'll get your first aid up so you can heal quicker in a pinch. Sell their equipment, keep the best stuff.

I often park one designated "doctor" at a town's gates and just grind healing. Also, many of them have bounties, so if you're in a place with a police station you can make money while you grind.

I actually just kind of like watching the chaos that ensues when the factions fight.

One time I was stealing from a shop and ran out when i got caught. Apparently the city guards didn't recognize that I provoked the shop guards' attacks and it resulted in an endless war between the shop guards and town guards. The store owner would get arrested every other day leaving the shop wide open for looting. Always fun shit happening in the cities and free stuff to be had if you wait around. I've found it to be the best way to make some initial money and outfit your teams.

7dfb48  No.15962479


Is thieving still horribly broken? I played it a bit like a year ago. You could level up thieving in a few hours then literally steal all the best gear in the game.

For some reason you could make top quality armor, but not top quality weapons.

a2c37f  No.15962635


I've noticed that the guard AI in shops is different now. They used to all mostly head to bed on the roof around midnight, but now they often stay up all night guarding the place. I suppose I could try using a decoy. Send someone in, have someone waiting outside. When they get caught have them run for the hills taking all the guards with them. Send in your backup to clean up the now empty shop. Profit?

But yah if you can get in and there's no guards its still easy to level it up. But it's not really an issue if you don't save scum since the risk is really high that you'll get fucked when your stealth, thievery and lockpicking are any lower than 30ish.

b7ee0d  No.15963147

Are houses bought in towns safe from break-ins or can I return and discover that all my loot is gone even if I lock the door?

67d7c5  No.15963228


>Are houses bought in towns safe from break-ins


>can I return and discover that all my loot is gone even if I lock the door?

It only happens in outposts owned by you, if I remember it right.

b7ee0d  No.15963374



On an unrelated note the disguise system feels really bugged. Did the slave start and eventually escaped through knocking out and stealing some armor.

Now I'm in a town and was discovered but I managed to throw them off and hide on the roof of a bar.

I'm once again fully disguised but the guard is still aggroed on me so he will immediately attack me when I'm seen which will remove my disguise and get the whole town after me.

b7ee0d  No.15963480

I made new characters and found that the house I bought on a different save transferred over, including things I built inside and loot.

Is this a feature or a bug?

And 'The Hub' is completely dead on this new save, the bar doesn't have a clerk and the shinobi thieves are nowhere to be seen and there are no Holy Nation Outlaws anywhere.

b7ee0d  No.15963533


Never mind, found others with the issue and had to import the save without buildings and research. Works fine now.

73aadc  No.15964013


Thieving and stealth is still horribly broken, yes.

Add to that ranged weapons. Also everything in the game has 1 swimming so you can just go across rivers and puddles and take pot-shots while things slowly crawl towards you.

882e3b  No.15964048

File: 663f253974c8903⋯.jpg (476.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, terminator.jpg)



>like a casual

6e1418  No.15966328

File: ef70ea55af4fa72⋯.jpg (36.46 KB, 720x713, 720:713, ef70ea55af4fa7239bf8579eb1….jpg)

>Cloud Ninjas chasing me through three or four different zones to the borderlands

>DGAF because my althletics is well into the 70s from wasting my time running around the map trying to figure out what the fuck to do when I first started playing

Lose all but one extremely persistent bitch

>Kite her into the Dust Bandit King or whatever the fuck that loincloth wearing faggot'sname is

>His gang chops her up

>Kidnap her, take her back to base and throw her in a cage

>Keep her as a human training structure, taking her out of her cage to beat the shit out of her to get my melee and weapon skill up in safety

>Her toughness and martial arts skyrocket up from all the abuse and feeble attempts to protect herself

>Remember that I have mods installed that let you recruit prisoners

>Recruit her

>Take her to the Shinobi plastic surgeon and turn her into a redhead with big tits

>Name her Stockholm

7dfb48  No.15966534


It's still a joke. I'm on day 2 and have a full set of plate mail, but my strength is like 6 so I can barely move.

Anyone have suggestions on base locations? Last time I was right around the halfway point between Stack and Blister Hill, it had copper, stone and iron. It was a sweet spot, but I'd like to try something different.

f7a9d2  No.15966917


>Anyone have suggestions on base locations?

I found a sweet spot west of squin up the hill to the left of the main road with stone, iron, copper and fertility. Perfect spot since you're near the town. other wise you can just set up camp in fog land and bully the fog people.

6362ba  No.15966982




7b2f47  No.15967299

There's far too many memesters just shitposting every thread about how whatever topic is being discussed is actually shit and you shouldn't like it.

I'm sure that there's a few amongst them that genuinely hold those opinions, but for the most part it seems to be just contrarian trolling. Don't bother arguing with them since odds are, they just want to shitpost.

There's a few threads that have learned to ignore them and they are pretty comfy because of that.


I've seen someone using a fun technique to steal from shops.

Basically, you need 2 guys, one with high stealth and one with absolutely terrible stealth so the following sequence happens:

>tall, bulky shek with full plate armor enters the shop

>immediately crouches down and starts sneaking around, looking suspicious as fuck, atracting attention instead of going unnoticed

>the guard and the shopkeeper won't have any of this silly business, so they start harassing the walking wardrobe to leave the shop

>horrible ninja shek goes outside, the guard and the shopkeeper keep following him because "what the fuck is he doing, sneaking around while stomping the ground!?!?"

>unbeknownst to them, a clever ashlander moves in

>he lockpicks everything, takes every item it wants and eventually moves outside

>full plate Shek drops the act, everyone goes back to their posts

>ashlander offloads all the stolen crap on the Shek so he can carry such an heavyweight around back to camp

It's almost like a comedy sketch with Laurel & Hardy.

e01cfe  No.15968082


That's because its accuracy is affected by stealth level.


>everything in the game has 1 swimming so you can just go across rivers and puddles and take pot-shots while things slowly crawl towards you.

It makes sense for regions which don't have any water on ground or have acid lakes, so majority of them I guess.

18c951  No.15971448


>That's because its accuracy is affected by stealth level.

Oh I'm aware, but normally when they spot you they call you out and your UI says that the disguise is broken.

This dude just started chasing me down the moment he saw me whilst the UI showed me as still being disguised, then when he attacked me it finally broke and other faction members noticed me.

It's like he aggroed on me, then when I managed to hide and let the counter reset he never stopped his targeting of me and went after me automatically without needing to do a stealth check.

Oh well I'm further in the game and it doesn't matter anymore. Solved it by waiting for nightfall and dropping my disguise completely then stealthed out of town.

6e1418  No.15972290


>This dude just started chasing me down the moment he saw me whilst the UI showed me as still being disguised, then when he attacked me it finally broke and other faction members noticed me.

He was just really smart. He recognized your face :^)

6e1418  No.15974734

File: 38546821610ce70⋯.jpg (217.6 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190109194230_1.jpg)

File: bc27b5fb7741c1f⋯.jpg (268.69 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190109195429_1.jpg)


Fate is funny sometimes

>A few in game weeks later, dicking around with my squad looting ruins and robbing villages

>Resting at some settled nomad shithole when the exact same dust king that attacked my cloud ninja hostage/convert stumbles upon us and attacks

>The weeks of torture, plus a new masterwork robot arm, have turned Stockholm into a very decent killing machine

>Make short work of King Dust Nigger and his band of scavengers

>Crucify that faggot on the nearest high hill

>Spend the next few hours cooking in front of him while he slowly starves to death

This janky piece of shit game is really starting to grow on me, let me tell you.

206db7  No.15974961

>get enslaves by reaver bandits

<but their ai is shit so they kinda leave my shek behind

>she breaks out of her shackles and goes back to where they dropped our shit

>town nearby, I'll hire mercs and find out where they took my guys

>meanwhile one of my guys is knocked out and the others leg is fucked up and getting worse

>the wounded one tails off behind the captors

>while in town, I see guards running to the gates

>The bandits are attacking the town and they have my guys

<but because my guys were obedient slaves they get flagged as an enemy so I had to fuck with quickloads

>One of my guys was able to make a break for the town gates during the fight and get inside so he could pick his shackles

>Shek runs out for the limping one while my skeleton picks his shackles during my captors fight

>all free men and the slaving faggots are rotting at the gates

That didn't go as expected but I'm glad I got away.

a2c37f  No.15975631


Holy shit, why didn't I think of that. Thanks anon. Brilliant.


There's a few good spots in the southernmost part of the map that are quite close to Clownsteady, Drifter's Last and the waystation between them. Lots of waterways for good fertile land too. Only thing is you need to watch out for the UC nobles that wander with a REALLY strong team of bodyguards. If you even go near them they attack. But you can just close up your gates and wait for them to pass until you're strong enough to take them down. There's a slave farm in the area too if you like breaking them out for free labor or just turning bandits in for cats. I always sort of end up in this general area, altho I like to have multiple outposts all over eventually.

It's probably been said in this thread but I want to encourage everyone who's struggling a bit to get at least one character's athletics up as soon as possible. Once you are faster than everyone else, you can go practically anywhere on the map and be able to run away from danger even with a full pack. This way you can leave your farmers and laborers to their work while you treasure hunt in hard to reach places.

a7f0e1  No.15975670



>Distracting guards

Works great when it does. However sometimes they'll bug and keep turning towards your thief even if you run out of town and are completely unseen.

Guess it can be solved by having two thieves in your squad but so far I've only focused on training one.

a7f0e1  No.15975685

At what point is it worth to start building your own base? I've set up a pretty comfy base in The Hub with a storage house, research building, cooking shack and a rest place with beds and training stuff on the roof.

Just started exploring further away than before to check out other towns to find new recruits and better gear, ended up in Mongrel with a squad of roughly 20 people. It's a great place to get really good items but over half of my recruits are new and weak plebs. Even my stronger characters are only in the 25-35 str range with 15-20 melee combat.

I'm thinking of setting up a base in Mongrel to farm the shops a bit, look for recruits and do some light training. Its a long trek to The Hub and it doesn't have many to recruit and mostly poor items.

b9d5af  No.15975693


>Once you are faster than everyone else, you can go practically anywhere on the map and be able to run away from danger even with a full pack.

It isn't possible to outrun all things in game though.

Fucking Beak Things.

>This way you can leave your farmers and laborers to their work while you treasure hunt in hard to reach places.

Better to memorize what major hazards are in certain areas before doing this though.

afc65a  No.15975704


Aren't you fed by your masters?

afc65a  No.15975708

Ok, so you can make lolis.

Can you make proper baras? I like playing as baras going with lolis.Is unarmed combat viable? or you'll die without a sword?

a7f0e1  No.15975721


Yeah the character creation is pretty flexible and most new recruits are customizable, though you'll probably want to look into a face mod. The anime one is decent. Unarmed combat is its own stat and gets a solid attack bonus indoors, there's also plenty of gear to boost it.

As for viability, I don't know. Haven't it on anyone yet.

afc65a  No.15975724


I see, is to see if it would be possible go bara monk or get a sword and go bara Yojimbo/sword Clint Eastwood.

b9d5af  No.15975757


>At what point is it worth to start building your own base?

When you have too much people to depend on nearby cities food supplies and start resorting to mass poaching local wildfire for meat.

>ended up in Mongrel with a squad of roughly 20 people

Damn. That's a lot for that place.

>I'm thinking of setting up a base in Mongrel to farm the shops a bit, look for recruits and do some light training.

You will need to do so, especially when half of your people are greenhorns with low athletics.

Get some gas masks too.


>Can you make proper baras?


>Is unarmed combat viable? or you'll die without a sword?

Yes, but on low skill levels it's even more dangerous than heavy weapons.

Also it gives minor damage to limbs of user, when fighting against high-armored NPCs. *Skeletons and prosthesis limbs are immune to this.

afc65a  No.15975768


I see. Good to know. Also, is the game filled with weeabo culture like all samurai stories should? or they have a samurai culture full of niggers and americans when it makes no sense? I just want to play my unrealizable anime story.

a2c37f  No.15975773


>At what point is it worth to start building your own base?

It depends.. but first either find a good spot for mining stone or have a decent amount of money to buy building materials from shops. You'll need mostly those and iron plates to get all the basic stuff built. Sometimes I'll build a small mining camp in a resource rich spot and not even build walls, I just get a couple good turreters and maybe a merc group for at least the first couple days while I set up. This camp is for providing the resources to build a bigger outpost. Once I have a good amount of building materials, iron plates, etc. I'll find a good spot and start building. Get a good fast character and send them on an expedition. Make sure you use the prospecting button to see what resources are available in the area. Have them hang around an area for a bit and see what spawns to get a good idea of what kinds of mobs will be plaguing you. Make sure your teams have those backpacks that stack things. It makes life a lot easier. And have a plan for food. Either town runs to buy it or farming. But keep in mind that farming takes time and doesn't always yield as much as you'll need depending on squad size. How many people you should start with depends on what you want to do. Keep in mind you won't have town guards to protect you when Holy Nation comes a knockin for your Sheks and Skeletons. Turrets are your best friend and you should research all the advanced ones ASAP. A couple good turrets with skilled operators will save your ass time and time again. I didn't really answer your question I guess but I hope these tips help.

b9d5af  No.15975799


>Also, is the game filled with weeabo culture like all samurai stories should?

Not really. It's just contained to United Cities territory and even then it's just weapons and armor for local police force.

Political situation there is closer to China across its entire history.

>they have a samurai culture full of niggers and americans when it makes no sense?

Lord Tengu is a nigger, but not a real Scorchlander though. So it's probably just a mutt and ((nobles)) are real culprit for all bad things that happen there.

afc65a  No.15975829


So, no weeabo culture except for a few badly made samurai armors? I'm a bit disappointed regarding that. So I guess the world is filled with people called Jack, Johnny or some shit like that instead of just having postapocalyptic nips.

a5ca90  No.15975852


well there are ninjas lots of ninjas

b9d5af  No.15975876


Also Cannibals(13 tribes of these), Fogmen and 20+ other hostile factions or non-factions.

afc65a  No.15975879



I just watched too much samurai anime and samurai movies, so not having regular samurai towns feel a bit lackbusting.

Are there yakuza at least?

b9d5af  No.15975904


>Are there yakuza at least?

The closest thing to that are Shinobi Thieves. You can join them for a lot of Cats. It was 25.000, if I remember it right.

f7a9d2  No.15975927

File: 6916bd5f211a0e1⋯.png (124.22 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 0ab7c41fe443068f722b760472….png)


There's the united cities factions that mostly adorn the samurai armor.


It's 10,000c

b9d5af  No.15975950


>It's 10.000c

It's less now? Good to know, I guess.

afc65a  No.15975966

File: 3bebddb92c5f332⋯.png (112.99 KB, 462x358, 231:179, bye bye my sexual adventur….png)




So I can't have my Kurosawa postapocalyptic fantasy?

f7a9d2  No.15975977


I mean you can try and roleplay as the last nip using a nodachi and katana wearing samurai armor. Make money by stealing using your ninja skills and shit. Other than that the weapons and armor are the only things to consist nippon influence.

ffb77f  No.15975981


>install game

>create character, enter game

>don't know what to do, mine like a retard for hours

>labour at level 50 or someshit

<well I've got money now. what do next? say, isn't this game about forming a gang or someshit?

>go to some bars, grab 3 followers

>start mining with 3 followers at the same time while 1 stays at the newly created base and does research

>faggot marauders demand weekly pay or someshit

<wtf i can't afford that

>only options are to say "yes, i'll pay" and then die a week later, or to say "no, i won't" and die now

>stop playing

fun game but not for me I think. i really want to get into combat but all my characters get chain-locked by literally any enemy that isn't a rag-wearing stick-holding retard.

afc65a  No.15975989

File: fa5d22bfa40a5e0⋯.jpg (35.54 KB, 389x386, 389:386, crying oyaji.jpg)



To be honest I wanted to play as the gaijin.

f7a9d2  No.15976020


Best you can do is try to land yourself in the capital of united cities and live off there, since they seem to be the most nip out of all of the factions with their samurai armor and nip named lords. The capital is Heft.

7b2f47  No.15976028


There's multiple posts in this thread repeating this story and there have been many like this in past threads as well.

If you're some kind of idiot that thinks you're going to discourage anyone from playing this, stop.

The graphics and gameplay do a better job at that than you ever could, and those that aren't stopped by either of these due to sheer autism will just laugh at how bad your examples are.

But just in case you're genuine…

You should get into combat precisely because your characters are shit. Getting a few beatings increases their skills, and getting their ass kicked increases their constitution.

You're not expected to win every fight at the start, especially when you go against well trained and well armed thugs. But your characters can learn and train from the experience since they don't actually die but are merely dropped unconscious. (Unless you're near some really bad shit)

You can also invest in walls and crossbow, especially since now they can be regular weapons too.

Dunno if it's viable to train your guys one against the other either since that'd be a safer option to stat up.

ffb77f  No.15976040


>You're not expected to win every fight at the start, especially when you go against well trained and well armed thugs. But your characters can learn and train from the experience since they don't actually die but are merely dropped unconscious. (Unless you're near some really bad shit)

How do I tell when someone's going to make a slave out of me? I haven't come across this but I know it happens, and this is the main reason I haven't gotten into combat that much. I don't want to lose my guys, ya see.

7b2f47  No.15976115


Last I checked, there was a single faction that enslaved people, the Holy Nation. You can tell it's them because of their incoherent ramblings and since they'll harass you as much as bandits, but they're only a problem if you're near their turf.

You're worried about losing your dudes to something that shouldn't even be a problem and doesn't happen that often either.

Why don't you actually play the game, notice what's dangerous and what isn't, learn from it and do better next time? You don't have to succeed at the first time, the game won't uninstall itself if you lose your first dudes.

efcd3d  No.15976127

File: cae6f6759031ca8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.75 KB, 926x372, 463:186, westaboo.jpg)


In America a Jap would be the gaijin.

8ec93a  No.15976143


Combat tips

>Numbers matter

<2:1 advantage for you is sufficient against people with same stats or slightly higher than you, with equipment on same tier.

<3:1 against herbivore animals, but it will difficult anyway, so you better wait until some animal gets separated, then trash it with crossbows and polearms.

<max you can:1 against predators/hostile factions stronger than you/anything who will eat people if you lose, you need to focus several characters on one enemy, shake them off by running away of their aggro range, run towards to patrol of faction hostile to your attackers or hide in friendly/neutral outposts.

<With animals you can loot them when they get KO'd in middle fight to kill them instantly

>Crossbows are helpful, when used during first strike and on flanks during battle to weaken them further while they are busy with melee fight

>Grind strength, so you won't get slowed by wearing heavy armor, which lowers total damage taken by largest amount and makes grinding toughness much faster. It receives stat exp per hit, but for total damage.

>You can safely hide in friendly outposts during enemy raids, after some time they will get fed up with waiting and leave. However, base can still get damaged and all people need to leave outpost for this to work.

>Just make temporary killbox as in >>15935824 image


Which is constantly raided by Skimmers, so food isn't even issue there.


When Slave Hunters, Slave Traders, Manhunters, Bounty Hunters, Holy Nation(while you aren't white human(Greenlander) male), Reavers are around and all your characters are KO'd or severely crippled and you won't be able to outrun them.

8ec93a  No.15976161


*but not for total damage

0d2c57  No.15976262

Do I need to leave at least 1 unit in a town where I've bought/built houses? Saw some forum posts about some guys losing their shit after ~2 weeks. Don't know if it's just an uncommon bug but might do it to be safe.


This anon listed a bunch of nice mods, the random enemy squad number one will make it easier to get some early combat experience since you'll run into some hungry bandits in packs of 2-5 with low stats early on if you're lucky. >>15949494

Also what the other replies said about starting in a city, worked really well for me and traveling to and from different ones in order to steal is a great way to level up strength, athletics, making money and saving up resources you'll need in the future.


I think I saw a bunch of weeb armors on the workshop.

afc65a  No.15976288


I guess I'll check that eventually with many other weeb replacements or something. Anyway, does this game get any discount anytime? Everytime a discount period comes the only game in my wishlist that doesn't get a discount is Kenshi.

0d2c57  No.15976565

I know this has already been asked but what's a nice area to set up a base? Both visually, resources and not too strong enemies or super frequent attacks?

I'd prefer something a bit greener but so far the only place suiting that requirement (which I've found) would be somewhere in Okram's Pride but I don't really want to piss of The Holy Nation (yet, anyway) and it would be a bother to only have human settlers and guards.

d0ab44  No.15976677


Leviathan Coast, good luck in breaking through Cannibal Plains or Iron Trail every time you want to sell shit though.

Eastern Islands of Howler's Maze, Very hard to access, but good amount of resources.

Shem, part with lakes at least.

Skinner's Roam, lake in north.

Fishman's Island.

Bast, UC and HN will be too busy killing each other out there to bother you. Maybe some Cannibal attacks, but nothing major with some turrets and tier-1 walls.

afc65a  No.15976800


Can you make individual homes instead of full houses? To live the pioneer life.

d0ab44  No.15976849


>Can you make individual homes instead of full houses?

I don't think so. Just use small ones ex.Small Shacks and Stormhouses.

fb4e3b  No.15976904


“She” is also a moderator for several other discussion boards too.

At least it’s not the Day Z moderator Orlok.

I remember he was backseat moderating Elite Dangerous when they were getting shit for bad dlc.

Pointed out to him that he isn’t the moderator for Elite Dangerous and I got perms bannned for it.

There is a lot of cronyism with moderators on Steam.

The fact deva choose who moderates conversation on a platform is amazing.

It’s like if Amazon allowed retailers to moderate their reviews.

0d2c57  No.15976919


Thanks, I'll start by checking out Shem and Skinner's Roam, both are nice in the centre so I can roam in any direction.

d0ab44  No.15976944


Honestly, the worst part about it is that all of them probably "do it for free"™.

afc65a  No.15977004


I see, and I guess you can't have children nor have relationships. Just to make a lineage.

ffed5d  No.15977171



Northern Coast is also a good spot, you'll really only get raids from swarms of cannibals, so as long as you get walls and crossbow turrets up, and some decent engineers to keep your gate repaired, you can stay pretty safe. Holy Nation won't bother you there, and you have World's End nearby to sell stuff, or even the fishing village on the coast.

Fertility, iron, and copper are all pretty abundant in that area.

afc65a  No.15977185


How about cannibalizing cannibals?

17abe1  No.15977317


You will need mod to do that.

550e6e  No.15977693


>reaver bandits

pay all my taxes and shit to the united cities only to be hit by Reaver Bandits.

get fucked, enslaved, escape.

go home just in time to pay taxes and protection to the traders guild.


am i just done now? i don't want to have to rebuild again but then i got hit by more reavers and my squad got spread out over reaver territory and the game is starting to shit itself. and i don't want to have to ditch my farm. and i had a nice gig stealing beak thing eggs but now i cant even get into town to sell them. level 2 gates do nothing against reaver packs and the beak things that where protecting my base got wiped out by taxmen. the bars are empty so i cant even higher merc's


slavery is unironicaly not that bad… and i suspect a kind of intended story line. my only problem is that you get just about perma debuffed on your reputationwitch isnt even real other than niggers being called niggers even the Great Kan was a slave for a bit b4 he broke lose and eventually rained down vengeance on the clan that did it unless i'm retarded and there is a easy fix for it.


i wasn't slaved by them i settled in the gut and got hit by reavers then there was some slaver raid event that started happening after that. and i hear that slavers will just grab downed characters regardless of relation.

17abe1  No.15978081


>pay all my taxes and shit to the united cities only to be hit by Reaver Bandits.

That's not tax. It just normal extortion in (((United Cities))) case.

>am i just done now?

Not yet, until all your characters are dead.

>i don't want to have to rebuild again but then i got hit by more reavers and my squad got spread out over reaver territory and the game is starting to shit itself. and i don't want to have to ditch my farm. and i had a nice gig stealing beak thing eggs but now i cant even get into towns that belong to United Cities to sell them.

While that's unfortunate you should grind a little more, mainly strength(by taking multiple heavy items into your inventory) and athletics(it raises itself just by walking), so you could break your shackles and just run away afterwards.

Don't worry about hunger. It won't fall below 115.

>i settled in the gut

That's one of most annoying hostile biomes in game.

>i hear that slavers will just grab downed characters regardless of relation.

That's true.

550e6e  No.15978218


even if it was just that then they should LET ME GIVE THEM MONEY, i was running a successful farming operation b4 i started slaughtering beak things by the dozen with turrets. showing up to town and draining merchants of all their cats… successful individuals dragging their shit economy out of the fucking dirt willing and able to pay all the bribes necessary but no they want to have me work in that shit cactus farm that barely functions. B4 you count in the labor loss of having slaves be watched over.

17abe1  No.15978341


>i was running a successful farming operation b4 i started slaughtering beak things by the dozen with turrets. showing up to town and draining merchants of all their cats…

Unfortunately, game just doesn't acknowledge this as fact. Too much work to program it in game, I guess.

United Cities economy lore-wise is entirely supported by slavery, unless you help Rebel Farmers and kill all Nobles off, which demands several genocides and bounty hunting in several areas around great desert for the best outcome possible and some their cities get completely fucked over anyway.

>successful individuals dragging their shit economy out of the fucking dirt willing and able to pay all the bribes necessary

You are implying that it all just doesn't go to yours (((nearest noble))), which is bullshit.

Especially, when they have ridiculous amount of expensive useless shit in their noble houses which I saw myself.

It would be enough to hire over 10 cheapest drifters, feed them for two weeks with bought dried meat. It doesn't even include cats for selling entire equipment of their squads.

550e6e  No.15978429


oh, i did a mouse over and EX-slave just wears off

17abe1  No.15978533


Just make sure to not get caught again, it will reset and you will need to wait even more.

It also works with bounties under 10.000c, but just 1c over that and you are fucked unless you have mod for surgery, which makes possible to remove bounties over that amount. Price for doing this is 10.000c.

afc65a  No.15978556

Is it fun to start as a slave? also, can you edit your look after character creation?

a02f0b  No.15978963

>its crashes on loading, starting a new game and traveling across any long distance

>even on speed one

Is it just this game because it only uses one core or is it time I finally bought an ssd?

6e1418  No.15978996


>Is it fun to start as a slave?

I think so, but I'm a fan of rough starts in general as they are more interesting to me. My most successful character started with Rock Bottom. Fun or no, the Slave start is a great way to make sure your character gets a chance to level up all kinds of shit easily before you break free and start doing you own thing.

>also, can you edit your look after character creation?

Yes. Plastic surgeons are in some inns and, if you join the shinobi, one at every tower who does it for free.

17abe1  No.15978998

File: 7714e2e05caea71⋯.jpg (133.99 KB, 1169x651, 167:93, megapalm.jpg)


>Is it fun to start as a slave?

Not really. It makes easy to grind stats, though.

>can you edit your look after character creation?

Only by mods that add surgery.

>tfw you finally noticed that you play this game with 60 mods installed.

How the fuck did I managed to do that?

17abe1  No.15979033


>Plastic surgeons are in some inns and, if you join the shinobi, one at every tower who does it for free.

I think I lost ability to recognize what was in base game and what I modded in.



I think it just bug with recent versions.

6e1418  No.15979049

File: 3c801fd47a74e82⋯.jpg (131.27 KB, 572x880, 13:20, collison testing.jpg)


I live this game, I do. But as far as the QA aspect goes, forget it. It's buggier than a san fransisco faggot. Granted, my computer ain't that new. I don't go around playing AAA garbage on ultramegaravetime settings, but I had to crank the settings on this thing to bare assed minimum to get it to even run at a smooth 30fps, and that fucking loading bar I swear to god crawls ''backwards" on me.

Personally, I still thing the good outweighs the bad, but the piss poor optimization is most certianly an issue.

cf9e97  No.15979078


the real question is can you impregnate children and have people

a02f0b  No.15979080


Which version do you use? I had some luck on 1.0.2 but its decided to die on me recently


Any advice on how to stop it crashing before the game even loads? Would an ssd help, a better cpu or should i accept the game is fucked?

6e1418  No.15979118

File: 95c20481a409a79⋯.mp4 (3.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 95c20481a409a7912fc1476ca7….mp4)


Can't say for sure if I don't know your specs, but the game isn't that fucked. If your hardware is old and shitty an upgrade should help.

>Mfw waiting for my scrubby new hires to finish training in my mongrel dojo so they can survive outside for longer than 10 seconds.

a02f0b  No.15979130


Moneys tight tbh

Ryzen 3 2200

8gb ddr4

1050 ti 2gb


17abe1  No.15979135



I think about updating to 1.0.10 to get fix for Rebirth bridge and issue with invisible walls on walkable tiered walls though.


No, you can't.

afc65a  No.15980654



Oh, so you need surgery? I was hoping I could roleplay the life of a slave from childhood to adulthood before escaping and becoming a yojimbo.

e3dcc4  No.15980752


No, the 'Ex-Slave' status disappears after 48 hours of being undetected.

afc65a  No.15980767


But can't you escape in a violent manner after training a lot? opening your way through the sword and maybe kill all the enslavers. Or enslave them yourself.

102b0f  No.15980830


>But can't you escape in a violent manner after training a lot?

Not completely alone without relying on assassination skill.

You're better off training 20 characters to mid-70 stats to wipe out few slave farms/mines/other outposts that belong to Slave Traders in United Cities Territory, but it still will be hard.

afc65a  No.15980849


You can recruit people even while being a slave?

18d49a  No.15980884

File: b498e37508d0928⋯.jpg (80.69 KB, 457x407, 457:407, the veggie knight.jpg)

I wish there was a way to actually play this solo, I don't tend to like more than maybe one companion.

c843c1  No.15980909

File: c90652700d687f3⋯.jpg (130.38 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 2017-04-11-image-2.jpg)


i agree

afc65a  No.15980964

Silly question, but are there gladiatory fights? to be a slave and gladiator at the same time.

102b0f  No.15980994


Yes, but it's a pain.


These were supposed to be added into game someday.

afc65a  No.15981155


How does recruitment work? do you create another character or what?

102b0f  No.15981258


>How does recruitment work?

Main ways:

1. Hire some drifter in bar. 3.000c (Always successful)

2. Buy slave 1.000c+ (Very unreliable. They could just run away after exiting town)

3. Some characters(unique ones) will join you for free by choosing correct answers during talking with them.

>do you create another character or what?

You can modify non-unique characters for free after you recruit them.

afc65a  No.15981458


And is there any social aspect between them? do they talk/have relationships? or are they just faceless goons or cannon folder?

c697a6  No.15981488

Game sucks.

cc5d85  No.15981887

File: cff3037fdbeda52⋯.jpg (563.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190111195612_1.jpg)

>O-oh, okay then

Those walls can't be finished too soon.

Also how do I update the game? Steam doesn't seem to want to. Do you reckon my mods will get fucked by it?

cc5d85  No.15981935


They have unique banter with other specific followers, like Mount & Blade.

There's also unique dialogue caused by events, such as seeing an enemy patrol, entering areas, replacing limbs with robotic ones etc.

I suggest getting these two mods:

>'Interesting Recruits!'

<Adds more unique followers, with dialogue and everything.

>'Let's Talk'

<Lets NPC's repeat dialogue, much is only ever said once, even by non-followers.

a02f0b  No.15983568

>sell iron ore and buy lots of fabric

>get little nigger making bandanas for his owners

>he picks up fabric from the fabric container, turns it into a bandana and puts it into an armor chest

>everything but putting the fabric in the fabric storage is automated

>leave him at it for a while

>hes level 80 armor crafting and hes making two bandanas selling at 800 each per 60 piece of fabric

Going to move out of town so I can make cotton fields so he can go wihout stopping.

cc5d85  No.15983722

File: dee324f600825eb⋯.jpg (538.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190112021755_1.jpg)

This is getting retarded. I have ~25 recruits.

c5b55d  No.15983841


That's a lot of Dust Bandits.

6e1418  No.15983884

File: d2e45e581efe0dd⋯.png (117.22 KB, 832x265, 832:265, d2e45e581efe0ddb4e0ddf80f4….png)


Well? What's the next step of your master plan?

6e1418  No.15983924

File: 88659d7ee178795⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 333x358, 333:358, abstract jewry.gif)


>I wish there was a way to actually play this solo,

You can, but you'd have to jack up your athletics and stealth and run away from literally everything that so much as glared at you. I guess that could work for a Happy Merchant kind of playthrough.

cc5d85  No.15983963


I'll do some tactical savescumming tomorrow and hope they roam into a different direction.

348815  No.15987338

File: 404ed353e96465a⋯.jpg (538.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190112191934_1.jpg)

I found a creative way to deal with the ridiculously large bandit raids.

885fde  No.15987517


What the fuck is supposed to be going on there?

I have yet to start building my base yet as I am busy running around like a mongoloid.

How'd you get so much money for all those recruits?

6e1418  No.15987582


>wasting a 1488 get

There's a special place in hell for people like you.

348815  No.15987593


The ones on the outside are bandits attempting to raid my base. I ordered all my units into the house and then had one of them build a shelf in front of the only entrance. The bandits can beat down the door but couldn't figure out how to get past the shelf. My recruits with big heavy weapons have enough reach to strike through (green numbers are damage done) and cleave the fuck out of them but they can't do shit with their small weapons.

I also have a few mounted crossbows on the roof, but need to build more.

I don't know if you misstook the bandits for my recruits, but regardless making money is easy - steal everything that isn't nailed down.

Bring multiple backpacks to fill and some carry assistance then level up a dedicated thief that does all the sneaking and stealing. I went with the slave start and only had two characters for some time, I used 'The Hub' as my base for quite a while. Ran to the nearest city, stole as much as possible (many higher quality weapons sell for 2-4k) and returned to The Hub. Sold until they had no money left and stored the other loot in a small storage house I bought. Then I went to another nearby city (shop inventories reset after 24h) and did the same, often brought some loot I stole from the other city (shops don't mind buying stolen goods if it's a different faction).

Other than letting you earn a lot of money, you'll train the fuck out of strength and athletics this way too. Strength levels when walking/running when encumbered, athletics always levels up but faster at light loads and slower and heavy.

030dd3  No.15987702



>Incoming 100+ bandit corpses

I hope you can build corpse furnaces, because you will need them at this rate.

afc65a  No.15988101


Is there a mod to butcher bodies and be an industrious meat rancher?

a02f0b  No.15988699

File: 4ad5e819713bb81⋯.jpg (146.93 KB, 1149x644, 1149:644, moneymoneymoney.jpg)


Hobb in the Hub, Ruka in Squin, Doctor Chung in mud town in the swamp and Miu and Hamut in Shark in the swamp are all free, plus get Green in Shark for 2300cats early on. Pic related is what 80 armor crafting can make. Each fabric which costs 63 cats makes two and its takes seconds to make on speed 3. Start off mining the iron and copper right outside Squin then use the funds to buy a house and get started on making bandanas, you won't regret it.

885fde  No.15988843


Is Beep a bug man thing from Mongrel worth it? I accidentally got stuck with the guy. I dont even know what he is supposed to eat.

c93376  No.15988874


Beep is a worthless bugman with no redeeming characteristics.

He starts with:

>Some funny dialogue

>Some character interactions


<He has nothing in every stat

<Can not equip headgear

<He has low limb HP

<Is in Mongrel

The easiest way to deal with him is to throw him on your back and sprint to the nearest plot of land outside the fog islands.

Alternatively you could always let his limbs get eaten by fog men and replace them with metal ones.

Either way he is absolute garbage but I keep him around because some of the shit he says his amusing.

>Be defending a shithole from dustniggers

>Literal horde approaching the base demanding food

>Crossbow pierces the skull of the leader before the whole outpost goes into a frenzy

>People dying left and right, limbs flying.

>Beep is left in his own house for his safety.

>Finally the fighting dies down, survivors gather loot while warriors recover.

>Wolf pack eats remaining limbs while their shit gear is smelted into ore.

>Beep is given an iron club to beat the dying stragglers with.

>After an hour of swinging wildly at a legless sandcunt he finally knocks his brain in


e3dcc4  No.15988909


All races have different bonuses to levelling their skills, Hive Workers are kind of shit at combat but have bonuses to farming and labouring which can be useful.


206db7  No.15988949


Beep is a treasure and should be recruited if you can.

470616  No.15988954


Yes. It should be in some mod for people which like to roleplay as cannibals.


He can eat everything edible, but limbs.


>He has nothing in every stat

Mine had high athletics and swimming, so he worked good as bait to separate squads out in wilds. I could cripple squads 3 times stronger than me by doing that.

>Can not equip headgear

He can't wear majority of these.

>He has low limb HP

That one hurts most.

>Is in Mongrel

At least that city is big enough to train strength just by using automatic iron drill which is in that town and walking around in that city with 90s of iron, while giving piggy-ride to someone in your squad.

>People dying left and right, limbs flying.

How many people did you lost?

348815  No.15988963

File: 1de0df2641e096e⋯.gif (940.14 KB, 627x502, 627:502, 1de0df2641e096eab0f8aaad9f….gif)

Speaking of Mongrel, what are some other cities with high quality equipment? It's the only one I've found so far where the shops have a fair share of 'Specialized' gear and even some 'Masterwork' mechanical limbs.

Preferably closer to Shem than Mongrel is.

7fe363  No.15989333



Try searching in Deadlands(high acid resistance mandatory and DON'T swim there) and Flats Lagoon.

550e6e  No.15989440

File: a9a579e94b66a5e⋯.jpg (292 KB, 961x795, 961:795, dont worry he is allright.jpg)

so did some looting in the acid storm and it turns out that bug people* are imune to acid from the git go with no strings attached rather than haveing to have grass pirate coat (+60%) with the farm hat(+40%) so i had one carry my bag… pick related. things escalated but don't worry he is all right now.

i scored some free robo parts but i don't want to waste them on a bugman who was purchased as a loot whore, also it was way fucking safer than i was lead to believe. hit 100 acid resist and the only hostile shit is the security spiders (tough but slow)+ free loot from fags that show up with no acid resist.


dust bandits don't enslave or kill downed guys and will wander away after giving your guys some free toughness training


half hunger, can eat raw meat… Literal garbage "person"


>Deadlands, seconded

+ forgotten armories for free nippion steel folded 1000 times by mad robots. make sure to loot the "weapon displays" that look like grills

70d54e  No.15990603

File: c85126f75cc7026⋯.webm (2.77 MB, 427x240, 427:240, and they don't stop comin.webm)

4e688a  No.15990675



I'd like to add

Attack Slots x3


and for anyone who may be playing on a toaster or wants the game to run a bit more smoothly


2c97b5  No.15991015


A treasure indeed, it´s the only one who can reveal a secret about Agnu (a unique recruitable soldierbot) and he has some other unique dialogues with Probably her since in the dialogue where he ask "who´s else is a woman?" the robot actually responds and he goes unconscious, clangfags will love Agnu and Beep


>Low limb Hp


Not really, in fact it´s perfect for limb replacements, just let him lose his limbs and:

<Replace every limb with a KLR series with 220 HP each one + dexterity and strengh bonus

<Put him the armor of Holy Lord Phoenix since artificial limbs are easy to repair and maintain, plus a Heavy paladin hachigane on his head and samurai legplates to cover stomach/chest/head

<Add a second layer of defence with an hivemen chain mail

And there you are, you just make the weakest character into a murder machine HE will name himself Cyberbeep from the moment you put him his first limb

c93376  No.15992640


>How many people did you lose


Most of the casualties were hivers.

So, no, we didn't lose any people.

316a82  No.15992992


>Most of the casualties were hivers.

>we didn't lose any people

My fellow Holy Nation brother.


>fact it´s perfect for limb replacements, just let him lose his limbs

I will try to buy/make/steal some first before letting this happen.

6e1418  No.15993020

File: d8b9a7c7bf20fbb⋯.jpg (209.03 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190113135732_1.jpg)

I just wanted to find an economic solution to my acid rain problems and now I'm stuck with an army of mallgoth edgelords


Beep is the realest nigga

316a82  No.15993055


>I just wanted to find an economic solution to my acid rain problems and now I'm stuck with an army of mallgoth edgelords

Honestly, otherwise you would end up just with samurai army.

Besides, acid rain isn't even worst weather hazard in game anyway.

Burning is worst. Thankfully it's only in one biome with nothing inside anyway.

2381dd  No.15993221

File: 0946feee34ee448⋯.jpg (423.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190113222452_1.jpg)

Went to Deadlands as suggested, got some mediocre loot from a lost armory my first engineering and science books from a workshop.

Full crossbow scavenging squad is fun, but is there a way to improve positioning? The 'military' and 'caravan' don't really seem to do much at all and it's a pain have everyone follow a single character, especially for combat situations.

But what's a good place to find some armor and ranged weapons? The Black Desert City only has the armory and the robotics shop which is worth looting, the armory had a few nice melee weapons but nothing else. Might check out Flat Lagoon like I was also suggested.


I strongly recommend the mod 'Nekos Clothing Overhaul'.

It adds different qualities to all the armor that doesn't have any and improves/adds bonus stats on them. The straw hat for example gets 5 perception, 1.20 crossbow efficiency and 40% acid resistance. The ninja pants also get some nice stats like athleticism and crossbow efficiency and dexterity efficiency iirc.

Just recently started using it but feels fairly balanced and adds a lot more variety to lighter armored builds.

2381dd  No.15993270

File: 67dd87ef101e747⋯.png (347.86 KB, 443x611, 443:611, stacking.png)


Oh and it adds various resistances to environmental hazards on pretty much all gear, though some only in the 5-10% range (but it adds up).

I managed to mix and match a whole bunch of different armor on my scavenging squad of 11 members and got 100% on all of them with none of them having the same combination.

Also another mod I'd highly recommend is 'Stackable ITEM'. Saves a lot of headache and is also pretty balanced. Pic from the mod page.

51a148  No.15993290

File: 5b0549418801af1⋯.jpg (406.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TheStartOfABeautifulFriend….jpg)

Just started playing. pic is my current party. any tips for someone just starting out.

206db7  No.15993304

>when you wanna recruit Dinga but she is so fucking ugly you dont wanna bother

2381dd  No.15993345


Aim towards buying a house in a town, anything larger than a shack. Use it for storing loot, save crafting items, consumables and food. Sell spare armor, weapons and luxury goods like alcohol and other things which are only used for trading.

Stealing is good money, lets you get gear and stock up on other things you'll need, some anons also mentioned crafting (make gear, sell it) is good but I feel like that'd only be worth it when you can safely build your own base so you can farm all the resources right near the crafting station.

Crossbows are good but needs careful positioning to avoid friendly fire, I like playing with a squad solely built for ranged fighting when exploring/stealing/looting since armor that helps or at least doesn't harm crossbow skill is light and often offers no negative athleticism. As opposed to heavy armor which most melee characters would want to use which not only weighs a lot but also tends to reduce your athleticism.

But earlier in the game I mainly used melee. Now that I have a nice base they get to work and defend it (with turrets backing them up) while my main squad is out and about.

Check out these mods, you might want to play a bit before modding it to get a better feel for why they're good/needed. But some are pretty easy to understand why you'd want them.

You might want to wait a bit with the 'Attack Slot x3', it's really nice (otherwise it'll just be 1v1 and most of your squad will just stand by and watch) but might make the early game way harder before you have some more recruits in your squad. Ranged weapons don't count towards the 'attack slot' (even without mods) so you can have 10 people mow down a single enemy unit in a single volley.





316a82  No.15993393


Just fix her with surgery afterwards or make her wear some helmet that covers entire face.


1. Make sure you have enough food for everyone you have.

2. Grind athletics and strength first. 25% encumbrance is good enough as long you don't go too far from cities. If you don't plan to leave city for long time try to carry as much you can.

3. Buy medium/large house in city to use it as your storage/research base/hospital(Make sure you leave one person there though.)

4. Get more people - 5/6 is good enough early game and not too hard on your wallet.

5. If you find someone/something unconscious on ground and no one is around, steal everything from it you can carry to sell it. Just don't try to sell these things to same faction.

206db7  No.15993541


I ended up going with Pia, another unique in the same village. She was also hit with the ugly stick but I found a surgeon and cured her.

6e1418  No.15994183

File: cbc0bc2fbffb107⋯.png (509.06 KB, 600x600, 1:1, a38f373d3db66e700d3cb79513….png)


>Recruiting Hobbs

Get a load of this nigger lover.

885fde  No.15994222

File: df4cbdd18f48132⋯.jpg (5.99 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 368bfe616f461c379c1e1f65ec….jpg)

I came across an abandoned holy military base but savescummed after I got my ass kicked by bandits.

I then made it there but then all the loot just up and vanished and would not come back no matter what I do, there was even a Ninja Sword there.

Was that some kind of bug or actually a feature?


I dunno, just dick around and see what makes you have fun I guess.

Thats what Im trying to do.

But I personally just want a good area to make a base, which I have no clue where to.

Shem the area with the settled nomad camp seems like a good place but its crawling with bandits and those starving faggots.

206db7  No.15994244

My squad

>beat bugmaster

>My main guy, martial arts

>Bonedog all grown up, now boneGod

>Rane the giant. Plank user, nuff said

>Shryke, ung those hips. Also polearm pretty good

>Beep, only 2 mechanical limbs! Uses crossbows and hits hard

>Burn, suicide blade, hits hard and can get hit hard

>Seto, My pussy trophy from the StoneGolem herself, not bad.

>Garu hes just a pack mule man

I have nearly 60 martial arts on my main guy and can now one hit unarmored mobs straight dead and armored ones if I hit their unarmored head. I wear just the sleeveless dustcoat, Gi pants, and wrappings. My dodge and toughness are now high enough where I can tank or dodge damge. All of my crew is pretty high level, I think its time to start killing slavers and unique NPC's.

Also the bonedog at elder is a monster. Not bad for some useless puppy who got the shit kicked out of him all the time.

ac4979  No.15994322

Is it posible to get very far as a single character or a duo?

62f938  No.15994369


>Was that some kind of bug or actually a feature?

I think that loot is only there, when going into ruins for first time.

>I personally just want a good area to make a base, which I have no clue where to.

Try some in >>15976677

>Shem seems like a good place but its crawling with bandits and those starving faggots.

It should get better after you slay Dustkang.


Honestly, every animal at elder stage is a monster.



78c342  No.15994377


Depends on what you want to do. You can thieve, trade, craft, etc. with two people. You'll want to max-out stealth, stealing, and assassination. You won't be able to build much of an outpost as two people won't really be able to defend it. You can worship Okran with only two people, but it's better to enslave the lizard niggers and other such darkened abominations to please his holiness.

882e3b  No.15994501

File: 11f1d6888018e47⋯.jpg (43.78 KB, 291x280, 291:280, 1385561159663.jpg)


>appeasing the mormons who act like cunts

7dfb48  No.15994532


Also if make sure to specialize. Having 1 armor crafter with 90 skill is way better than having 3 with 50 skill.

35ab59  No.15994533


Damn. I guess thats fucked for that playthrough. I need to focus on getting stronger then. Gonna have to focus on getting my party BEEFY then.


Fuck Okran. The Holy Nation are all a bunch of lunatics.


Is it possible to kill Okran or is he just some kind of unreachable God or is it actually spoilers for you to answer my question?

23d6ce  No.15994576


No, he's dead already. You can just put an end to Holy Nation dynasty. Feminist Ninjas, Sheks, Fogmen and Skeletons will be grateful*. *Your mileage can vary.

3c75ae  No.15994585


Martial arts gets really broken in the higher levels ie. punching and kicking off peoples limbs

23d6ce  No.15994628


On what level? 90?

18c951  No.15996667

File: db947a6bb8786da⋯.jpg (518.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190114230031_1.jpg)

File: 8e5cdeaec35fcc8⋯.png (16.92 KB, 694x670, 347:335, defense.png)

Will enemies always search out a gate in order to break it down to enter even if it's a long walk, or will that lead to them destroying walls (if they even can)? I suspect they'll only use gates, so me building this many might have been a mistake. I'll remodel it a bit and leave only 1 gate if that's the case, but wanted to ask before I went through with it.

This shitty paint drawing is my idea for a base entrance.

>Black = walls

>Red = gates

>Blue = watchtowers

Or would the watchtowers be unable to properly target them well, with the tight walls? Would wall mounted turrets be better? Some less tall building?

Other than that this spot is really nice, became as large as it is because I wanted to catch all the iron and copper (4 of each in total) and in the middle there's 100% stone and 100% fertility

18c951  No.15996732

File: b106cc4fe5e49dc⋯.jpg (352.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190114114009_1.jpg)

File: acefad1dde30102⋯.jpg (556.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190114141813_1.jpg)


Also this was the second latest attack (new one came before I even managed to cleat the bodies from the first), no casualties but a lot of toughness training and some new cyborgs in the near future, one of my bugmen became a double amputee and just lies in bed all day, occasionally see him very slowly crawl over to the food storage. He'll have to wait a bit more for new legs though, still don't know how to attach them. I'm thinking it's the robotics research which I currently have in the oven.

Anyway this unannounced attack is what made me consider building a better defence. For some reason the game doesn't seem to think a hoard of bandits smashing down your gate to be an important thing to notify you about, which made them go unnoticed until they were pretty much in the middle of my base making my walls completely useless and couldn't even buy me time to gather everyone.

6e1418  No.15997251

File: 3bad443fae2e18b⋯.jpg (66.71 KB, 620x639, 620:639, 1445043036132.jpg)


>You can worship Okran

Get your halal faggotry out of here.

a73736  No.15997720


And this is the post that convinced me to play it, thanks anon

550e6e  No.15998071

File: 0cd0861ebf11e10⋯.jpg (855.69 KB, 1922x1082, 961:541, theGutWouldBeHardTheySaid.jpg)

07df90  No.15998128


I'm curious is Kenshi made with Spring?

7dfb48  No.15998633

File: 986c5a1ac4aa86c⋯.png (43.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled-1.png)


I have one gate and organized attacks always stand in front of the gate and say something before attacking. Makes building a kill chamber easy.

pic related it my defense. They try to beat down both doors while the happon guns rape them.

If they get through the 2nd door they are usually so badly wounded my group can beat them without issue.

577e0b  No.15998643


Certain vendors will sell masterworks from day1.


yes, along with some cork, tape and glue.


it's a wonderful grind game, I've built up several settlements of various starts with various population sizes 7 to 28 and it's always been fairly fun.

Archery is shit don't invest

577e0b  No.15998729

btw, who has a magnet for version 1.+?

d507e0  No.15998752


It's only hard at beginning.

I still remember how badly I was trashed when I went there for first time.

Everyone died.


>Archery is shit don't invest

It's passable as early game defense, when you don't have turrets yet. Also these don't occupy attack slot, so one good volley from strong crossbows will be able to fuck up almost everything except for leviathans and some extra animals from mods.

577e0b  No.15998894


To build bowsand get good at it, just is too much of a distraction. Just master melee and get tough instead. Yeah it's my 2cents.

73aadc  No.15999424

File: ae12b18d392df5c⋯.jpg (814.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dfgdfga.jpg)

megacrab killbox best killbox

0fa826  No.15999498


I'm more confused on how you got the crab in there to start with

049a1a  No.15999654

Has anyone tried blockading mountain paths up to unwalkable terrain? I tested to see if the game would complain. Seems pretty cheesy but a possible way to funnel dickheads or set up gates as early warning systems.

4fb190  No.16000230

File: 57625c0a5262433⋯.jpg (273.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190116003405_1.jpg)


Finally set up my defence, I feel pretty confident in it but I've yet gotten to test it. I also need to build more turrets, currently only two.

I'll have turrets on the inner gate walls and the towers.

4fb190  No.16000252


Also like this idea, might incorporate some furniture as blockades.

3ed777  No.16000282

File: 56ba29ebbb0dbb0⋯.jpg (129.38 KB, 1278x1200, 213:200, DIO listening.jpg)



Can it be possible to play this game without ever making a cool ass base? I just want to go around as my favorite muscular badasses Kenshiro, Aniki, Bane, Zyzz, Dio, Guts, Etc. and beat the shit out of all of the faggots I dont like in the map.

More suggestions on who I should add would be nice too

206db7  No.16000351


Yes, I only bought a house to stash my shit. I tried taking on Tengus vault but still got memed which kinda sucks. I thought my guys were pretty tough. Guess I'll go hunt bounties in the meantime.

9589f9  No.16000392

So I haven't played since 0.98.6, how is the last quarter of the map like Ashlands?

Was anything added to The Eye?

29e1fb  No.16000409

File: 44ee0f71b007ef1⋯.jpg (15.81 KB, 272x153, 16:9, smiling guts (1).jpg)


Nice. I have no idea what the Tengus Vault is but I will find out eventually once I conquer the wasteland without even owning a damn base.

d88db1  No.16000536


The last quarter is tough as balls anon and nothing new in The Eye region, but there's a working "eye" in the last part of the map.

f418f5  No.16000553


>Can it be possible to play this game without ever making a cool ass base?

Yes. As long you get any kind of house to use as storage and don't get too many people that getting enough food/medicine/beds becomes problem.


It's prison.

73aadc  No.16000592


Animals can be knocked unconscious too.

…unconscious things can be picked up…and healed.

6e1418  No.16000594

File: e2a17e6bd71d2ce⋯.png (284.76 KB, 499x682, 499:682, A future so bright I'm gon….png)


>Martial arts gets really broken in the higher levels ie. punching and kicking off peoples limbs

Jesus Christ, I heard it was overpowered but I didn't know it was like that. Now I'm rethinking my whole strategy. Should I ditch my plans for training an elite corps Falling Sun wielding edgelords and go full ORA ORA ORA?

882e3b  No.16000599

File: 50052e608045a16⋯.gif (494.23 KB, 500x374, 250:187, consider.gif)


falling sun outdoors martial arts indoors

6e1418  No.16000638

File: 53fed0ce90e2701⋯.png (7.35 KB, 223x226, 223:226, I wanna.png)

206db7  No.16000716

>got agnu

>has all of this dialog with beep

God I love Beep. I also swapped his oldworldbow with a Slambat and he can hit for over 100 at a wack now.

>Jesus Christ, I heard it was overpowered but I didn't know it was like that. Now I'm rethinking my whole strategy.



This is the REWARD for sticking it out this long with martial arts. Its a really long road to walk but it feels so good when you arrive at the end of it.

f418f5  No.16000736



Just remember that your limbs will receive feedback damage, if you go with martial arts.

5802a1  No.16000768


martial artist bindings help with that, though if you don't put them on, your toughness goes up faster.

2d22d8  No.16000851


on earlier builds I built walls up the side of mountains and go to places nobody else could, it wasn't that great though because not enough land to give a shit.

2d22d8  No.16000860


where the fuck can you find giant crabs?

206db7  No.16000909

File: 99823d70651f12d⋯.png (107.85 KB, 345x311, 345:311, sumg_comic_girl.png)


>can't find giant crabs

>probably even doesn't know proper crab maintenance.

laugh at this fag

049a1a  No.16001147

File: 851b3b636aa0e1c⋯.jpg (169.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190115194922_1.jpg)

File: dc94bc393e3ff4c⋯.jpg (217.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190115194603_1.jpg)

File: 2ce357ec5e72459⋯.jpg (217.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190115212111_1.jpg)

>clean up after watching goats tear through a pair of bonedogs

>notice one group of bandits

>suddenly another coming from north

>both groups on starving bandits meet with dustfags coming from south

>dustfags ask if they'll join

>chaos ensues possibly due simply to no holds barred goat presence

>death everywhere

>believe goats fucked off

>continue cooking

>still notice numbers popping

>assume goats

>dustfags battling down the northern path

>nearly wiped by garru after getting tri-tip fucked

Goats, man. Skittering around the backside of a mountain path can get you some strange shit.

049a1a  No.16001151


Those first two pics are out of order, that dude was some strangler after the chaos.

6e1418  No.16001194

File: f3daa1c1d49f215⋯.png (116.98 KB, 444x440, 111:110, 1374796030634.png)



Don't get me started on goats.

I still have PTSD from the Tower of Goats.

>Find remote tower on relatively peaceful beach

>Open door

>Fucking die

Hows that for a greentext rp story?

049a1a  No.16001240

File: 59cda32fcc5789a⋯.jpg (195.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190115215214_1.jpg)

File: fae4df931d8167e⋯.jpg (294.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190115215235_1.jpg)

File: c8937512fb0362b⋯.jpg (130.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190115215325_1.jpg)

File: d1f495d4504617c⋯.jpg (212.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190115215342_1.jpg)

File: 557ad270d8db7b6⋯.jpg (226.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190115215412_1.jpg)

Just a bit of an after non-action report. For chronology.


I did a nobodies run with a fat load of mouths to feed.

>goats sound si-

550e6e  No.16001241


>get notification about a ruin i'm walking by


>find Tower

>that's wired its not even lock


>slaughter goats with 6 man team

>loot the room

>all that is there is barrels filled with ancient science books (damaged)

>every level of this tower is the same

>hundreds of ancient science books Destroyed with the description reading the Goats ate most of it

049a1a  No.16001251

The thing about goats, there were two more than I ever saw. I guess it must have been eight initially. Perhaps two packs. What a cross area through The Hub area. No idea about that but the fedora tippers and DEUS VULT.

049a1a  No.16001255


Did that actually happen? I sure can believe it.

049a1a  No.16001268

File: 174dbc61ca84709⋯.jpg (225.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 20190115221817_1.jpg)


I sometimes wonder if I'm off basic time. I was considering installing cannibalism but she's a sharp card.

049a1a  No.16001284

Peace is at 46 athletics already. I don't have many hours through the week for this.

550e6e  No.16001360

File: f54f000e50b250c⋯.jpg (666.78 KB, 1912x1084, 478:271, well that was worth the 50….jpg)



had a squad geared up via a labor camp set up in the gut shitting out armor and having a few max teir weapons and the tower seems more like a joke but you do get 1 book out of it and that was what i was looking for. started a war with the reavers because they keep sending slaving parties to my front door. had my main 6 guys with 3 merc groups mop up their outpost not sure on how to take on the main bad as there where not any named enemies to see. sorting thew loot now.

grog is free money my weapon smith is free money armorer is free money…. never really bothered with the thieving part of this game but did grind up lock pick and sneak escaping from the slave farm and build an "assassination" dummy and i have to say its broken as fuck. as you can just retry a failure before you are discovered. so i have my bulky ass sheek run around naked thinning out opponents jacking their swords before grouping back up and doning samurai armor…+

ended up wiping the slave farm out just by kidnapping the local noble and walking away for a day. master crafted wasabi and now the other slaver raids come from a bit farther away. managed to even repair relations with the traders guild b4 anything happened.

i need a comic of random player kidnapping a noble only for everything to go to shit the moment she leaves despite none of the guards being killed the gates being intact and all of middle management still chilling out

84d737  No.16001552


Can you tame those things with that beat taming mod? I've got it installed but haven't tried it, just bought some from the nomads.

84d737  No.16001572

File: 49663e047b328f9⋯.png (19.12 KB, 641x587, 641:587, crabs.png)


>Answering my own question

Holy fuck, you can. Gotta start gathering a zoo so that the raiders get a fun welcome party.

I'm guessing crabs are pretty top tier for this specifically due to their (presumable) high defence against arrows.

73aadc  No.16001577


It's not tamed. I don't have the beast taming mod installed. But it's not a regular mob so probably not.

33ca9f  No.16001588

diplomacy when?

9589f9  No.16001667

File: 4cf94e5f9e2f9a9⋯.png (40.48 KB, 152x254, 76:127, 4cf94e5f9e2f9a9083113ee94c….png)


I just found Crab Town on the eastern side of the map with a merchant that sells them.

Time to raise some elders.

352212  No.16001684

Not having a main quest in this game feels weird.

I understand the concept of the game is that of a RPG sandbox, but I still feel like I need some endgame which by the look on this tread doesn't seem to exist.

I really like the engine anyway, I think it could be easily adapted to stuff like planescape torment.

e803f4  No.16001691


Goats don't fuck around. They are able to obliterate everything with low stats.

e803f4  No.16001701


>I still feel like I need some endgame which by the look on this tread doesn't seem to exist.

Try killing off some major factions in that case(by hunting down NPCs with diplomatic status* *not pacifers) or commit genocide on some city.

Good luck.

049a1a  No.16001813

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My science woman almost died. Peace will not let them die somehow.


049a1a  No.16001833

If you're wondering who Peace is, she's the one the game made. She has all the toughness, stronk and medical care

049a1a  No.16001849

The Game made her, and called her Peace.

049a1a  No.16001863

Pin is the only hard one. Tells Peace to run. Slink away and hide until whoever is dead. I have note had a game or novel make me care this much in a long while.

Apologies for the quadposting,. I have not had a game make me feel like this in a decade.

449899  No.16002275


Yeah it would have been nice for there to be a mystery to uncover. Im also pissed you cant enter some of the crashed ships and what not. Talk about a waste.

9589f9  No.16002390

File: 248bf35900cfab8⋯.png (300.06 KB, 284x550, 142:275, crab armor.png)

Crab Raiders don't fuck around, their stats are upper-mid tier with slow but extremely strong armor and Catun weapons.



With the last quarter of the map filled out, all the

Meitou weapons for each type are probably in now and you could try collecting them.

Most of them are held by NPCs with top tier stats and/or a shitton of peons, many are faction diplomats and killing/abducting them will change the world state.

29e1fb  No.16002392


Mods will fix it.

Tbh Kenshi should have done what Terraria did and just take suggestions and shit from the community and built the game up from there.

c25f08  No.16002407


Hopefully, devs will make possible to edit scripts after they cease development on this game.

033952  No.16002426

File: 2c5c66f4c2af53b⋯.gif (33.05 KB, 181x222, 181:222, 2c5c66f4c2af53bfe4f0f64980….gif)


Any lewd mods yet? And I'm not talking about the PG13 friendly pixelated boobs either.

449899  No.16002483


There is the boob jiggle mod. And upon closer inspection cannibals have nipples. Time to kidnap and mindbreak a cannibal cutie and feed her my enemies.

df4b59  No.16002591

File: 4ca61ca8f12c006⋯.jpg (99.65 KB, 540x798, 90:133, 4ca61ca8f12c00604fa2b1fd1f….jpg)


>specifically ask for mods lewder than the kiddie stuff

>h-here's some kiddie stuff

Gee, thanks.

449899  No.16002612


Its just not out yet. Give it another mo th or two, the game just "finished"

df4b59  No.16002632

File: 34236784096f379⋯.jpg (182.44 KB, 660x440, 3:2, even buddha won't forgive ….jpg)


>game is feature complete

>mad max raiding

>slaving core mechanic

<no high impact sexual violence

Their priorities are wrong and their design philosophy both sicken and sadden me.

b7326e  No.16002667

File: c7edb54115b3fc3⋯.jpg (551.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190116202049_1.jpg)

I don't know if me knowing about this feature is a blessing or a curse, been sitting and fine tuning my entrance for hours.

29e1fb  No.16003486

File: cee46c87b28b038⋯.jpg (436.03 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190116171143_1.jpg)

File: dcf602dbe877f82⋯.jpg (518.8 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190116171221_1.jpg)

Hey buddy, at this point have you considered ever getting a job?

This is the fate of all who oppose BEEP.

6e1418  No.16004157

File: a337de335d63b4f⋯.jpg (43.83 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, a337de335d63b4f9d806170e47….jpg)


Realistically, the end game would be to have your own fully functioning city build up from nothing, and not immediately having it raped into the dirt by trash mob waves.

Me personally, the lack of main quest makes it more realistic. Most people go through life without a "main questline" so to speak.

6e1418  No.16004251

File: 8b7bf433e301f29⋯.jpg (158.54 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190102195459_1.jpg)


Your stock photo disgusted buddha is noted and respected. Kenshi being Keshi though, pregnancies would probably take nine actual fucking months to come to term. also mods will fix it :^)

410df5  No.16004667


Mount and Blade definitely has a MQ, even MC has one.. I would prefer Kenshi had some ways to take over towns or something, being able to trully genocide a faction (and move into their towns and take their virgins) but.. whatever.


answering my own question. version 1.0.2


206db7  No.16004812

>attacked a slave camp

>stole the noble

>fed her to gutters

Now what?

f97730  No.16004867


Either observe what did changed in UC outposts from safe distance far from gates or kill all remaining nobles.

Also try to avoid slave traders entirely from now on.


>I would prefer Kenshi had some ways to take over towns or something, being able to trully genocide a faction (and move into their towns and take their virgins) but.. whatever.

It has but only in "Take over {Insert outpost name}" mods.

This game has bad case of "mods will fix it".

78c342  No.16005005

File: 05d6da461693fed⋯.jpg (12.68 KB, 200x156, 50:39, 1418250002077.jpg)


>You can end the lineage of the Holy Nation

>This pleases feminists

>lizard niggars

>literal mindless insects

>And the mechanical Jews which were the downfall of the Second Empire

Go be a samefag somewhere else, Skeleton. /v/ was and always will be a Holy Nation-al Socialist board.

29e1fb  No.16005023

File: 396f315731b6190⋯.jpg (527.75 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190117013047_1.jpg)

File: 4c96ac9b37bdd5d⋯.jpg (529.55 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190117013057_1.jpg)

File: 19af411a951a458⋯.jpg (531.44 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190117013102_1.jpg)

File: f036b95b17a9c6b⋯.jpg (453.37 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190117013209_1.jpg)

One of my squad members is a literal cuck and theres an all out 3 way battle royale between the band of the bones, hungry and dust bandits.

I had to evacuate my squad to a nearby waystation.

What the fuck should I do?

b2f733  No.16005040


Send Crumblejon to Mongrel, maybe he can recruit some Fogmen to assist you.

78c342  No.16005042


Build some walls, turrets, and crossbows. In the meantime you can just wait the bandits out. Give it 24 hours, go back, and they should all be gone. They may have stolen some of your stuff, but that's how Kenshi goes.

c97c97  No.16005294


You forgot to mention that they probably destroyed First Empire too unless these somehow managed to escape from Kenshi forever.

9589f9  No.16005321

File: 6c0efd198dbfb10⋯.jpg (34.09 KB, 565x800, 113:160, DnxZoYCXUAALLLp.jpg)



Recently the Noble for Catun in my game died while chasing me out of the town because I stole from his house, an elder beak thing showed up in the forest nearby, started killing and eating everyone. The thing was a literal giant fucking monster with 100+ stats and a runspeed of 45.

When I came back later the entire town was destroyed and full of fish/crab like creatures called gurglers.

f2428e  No.16005326


>not just wiping your hands on your pants to dry them

410df5  No.16005405


elder beak? sounds like a mod?

a87a25  No.16005406

>"Error - Failed to Save: Please Try again."

Am I fucked? first playthrough and I'm 7 hours in

c97c97  No.16005435


>Recently the Noble for Catun in my game died while chasing me out of the town because I stole from his house, an elder beak thing showed up in the forest nearby, started killing and eating everyone.

Good job. The worst thing about this is that UC will think that's all your damn fault and will try to fuck your shit up if you build any outpost.

>The thing was a literal giant fucking monster with 100+ stats and a run speed of 45.

How terrifying.

>When I came back later the entire town was destroyed and full of fish/crab like creatures called gurglers.

That's because Kenshi has thing called world states, which will override NPC cities after some NPCs get killed or kidnapped. Majority of time it can't be reversed and/or fixed.

To avoid it you can see conditions needed for city overrides in forgotten construction set.exe

c97c97  No.16005451


That's wrong actually.

Animals have stat multiplier, which affects ALL THEIR STATS and slowly increases as long they are alive.

>x0.00 - x0.25 Pup

>x0.26 - x0.50 Teen

>x0.51 - x1.00 Adult

>x.1.00+ Elder

The highest multiplier which I saw was x1.56 on some Skimmer.

f4c43d  No.16005666

File: b7eedbb2b3876e2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.8 KB, 687x477, 229:159, This robot it´s trained to….jpg)


Train your squad and fuck up and conquest every city, and challenge the "optional bosses" such the megacrab, the mega raptors And Cat-Lon and his 60 skeleton army at once.

Try defeating King in the royal valley, protip It´s a straight suicide since it´s a machine with 300 in all stats, it can be defeated but it will be difficult.

c97c97  No.16005711


>defeat King in the royal valley

>that spoiler

Now that's super boss.

I am almost thankful that I still didn't went to southeast part of map yet.

aa9abe  No.16005836




I kept seeing a text bubble for gurrgle but I thought it was the game fucking with me.

c97c97  No.16005874



Yes. They are mainly around Fishmen Island and fogmen level of threat.

a87a25  No.16005918

File: 24c6ab68ba28e27⋯.png (852.21 KB, 1254x770, 57:35, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 81951564a848d43⋯.png (161.58 KB, 287x276, 287:276, 49849846.PNG)

I fixed my save issue but now

>somehow navigate myself to mongrel with low level characters

>Low on Cats and Food

>Gain Shryke and Beep

>Promise Shryke I can get her out

>Realize Frogmen and the Fog bum rushes you the instant you leave the city beyond 15 meters

>Can't leave mongrel


The only option I have left is to sell my Holy Sword I started out with just to buy food. How do I unfuck myself and leave this hell hole?

a0f0a5  No.16005962


>Buying food

>Low on cats

You need a thief in your party anon.

While I ran into plenty of fogmen on my way to the city, I met little or no resistance at all when I left. Maybe you're just unlucky or running straight into their camps.

aa9abe  No.16005999



Rest up.

Run fast. If you hit a patrol right out of town kite them back to the guard. They will gladly kill fogmen. One the closer patrol is down you can book it for the holybase or just out of there in general.

If you are feeling really brave you could try to see if you can find a fog prince. His head is worth 6,000 cats.

93ab25  No.16006075


Wait at the gates of Mongrel and find Fog princes, loot them after they are downed by the guards. Their heads sell for really good prices.

882e3b  No.16006315

File: bec15de8b2d3217⋯.webm (411.94 KB, 846x466, 423:233, bec15de8b2d3217d61695d165….webm)


>/v/ was and always will be a Holy Nation-al Socialist board.

aa9abe  No.16006802

Is there a big different in weapon types? This has always confused me

a0f0a5  No.16006866


I'm a bit curious about this too, I know the general stuff but maybe there's more to know. Anything objectively stronger than the others?

Been pretty much just given my units weapons depending on their race, robots always gets heavy weapons, ashlander get katanas and crossbow, shek get heavy or hacker, greenlander get whatever and bugmen are meant for slavery.

>Cut vs blunt damage resistance (which you want depends on the enemy)

>Cut can dismember

>Can only wield maces and katanas in your secondary slot (and one sabre, the longsword)

>Hackers have various bonuses specific to units (such as humans, robots, animals) so you can specialize

>Heavy Weapons tend to have indoor penalty and can damage your own limbs at low damage

>Blunt weapons are less lethal as they don't cause blood loss or dismemberment so can be used to capture enemies easier (though never found a need for this, easy to patch them up)

str = more blunt damage

dex = more cut damage

And then of course there's the different lengths (can hit more enemies), attack speeds and damage.

a0f0a5  No.16006880


Oh and there's polearms I guess. Not used much since most of my dex heavy units are using ranged weapons primarily and therefore need a short weapon in their secondary slot. I've got a few units with polearms but haven't watched them in action.

Guess their selling point is reach.

c97c97  No.16007035


And more damage against animals.

73aadc  No.16007363




you fucking mong you're a dirty sand nigger and you don't even know it.

What other "culture" treats women as literal slaves and forbids them to walk outside of town in public alone?

What culture refuses women the education and ability to read?

>Salaam Alaikum brother, I am here for prayer day, where is the master of the house? You sent a woman!? You dare insult Okran with the treacherous Narko spawn?!!

73aadc  No.16007493


The weapon bonuses on some items are pretty good.

Generally speaking, a weapon's -weight- really matters in terms of how effective your characters will be when wielding it. You need about a 2:1 ratio for strength to weapon weight to use it effectively, otherwise you get a steep attack speed penalty.

You're right about str and dex and what damage they do, which is why POLEARMS are some of the BEST early to mid game weapons as they level both stats, do AoE damage at decent range, and have armor penetration while being relatively lightweight. Your shitter troops can actually hold their own with them.

Most of the weapon types in the game are good for a specific role, except for sabers and blunt weapons. They're hot garbage. Their damage just doesn't scale and the bonuses that they offer are overshadowed by other weapons. (Exception being the Spiked Club for the meme bleed damage and Desert Sabre). Every other Sabre and Blunt weapon is useless.

a0f0a5  No.16007741


Cool didn't know that the weight influenced weapon handling if low strength and I'll hand out a few more polearms to weak fucks. Never used blunt weapons luckily, they just looked sort of bad and haven't been as plentiful in shops and only 3 or so use sabers and they're all sweet edge desert sabres I stole from the robofucks.

What would you say are the best lategame weapons? Seems to me like katanas are the strongest all around ones with no direct downsides, I mean you can probably squeeze a bit more damage out of your weapon if you constantly switch depending on what you face (like desert sabre or falling sun or most hackers) but that can be a bit of a bother. And when you say they don't scale, do you mean literally or just poorly?

89332e  No.16007795

File: 6729a58f240a291⋯.png (28.29 KB, 426x324, 71:54, crusader annoyed.png)


I am a poor fag so I had to torrent the game. How did any of you manage to download mods from steam without buying the game on steam. All the mods on moddb are out of date and nexus has only a fraction of the mods on steam.

3f52ff  No.16008030


I tried to raise characters to be the masters of every weapon category before ranged weaponry was a thing, and while they reached about 70 in their respective weapons, the ones that shone the most were the Martial Artist and the Heavy Weapon user, both of them taking out like twice the enemies the others did.

But if you meant the specific weapons they had equipped, I'd have to launch the game again to answer you.

c97c97  No.16008031





Jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.


You can't raise Dex with these, because they don't deal cutting damage at all.

6e1418  No.16008129

File: b8d305ab2ba3e6a⋯.jpg (212.1 KB, 700x525, 4:3, epRsUYh.jpg)


>durka durka mohammed jihad

You look like a pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of Beak Things it will be your own fault.

78c342  No.16008223

File: f450186e9ebde30⋯.png (22.65 KB, 1233x1113, 411:371, 3134d0418cf2efdeff61b6520f….png)



>Be me

>Holy Nation

>Entire Nation built around the last true humans, the Greenlanders

>Affirm and encourage masculinity from men

>A woman's role is in the house, with the children

>BTFO filthy darkened lizard niggers

>Engage in righteous crusade with United Communists

>Unforgiving towards enemies

>Kind and charitable to friends

>Strong leadership and strong people

>Faith in the Phoenix and Okran

<"Yeah? Well… umm… y-y-you are a Muslim…"

Get out of here with that shit. Go tell Moll she doesn't pay you enough, or do you do it for free?

6e1418  No.16008467


All three factions are shit. Shek Kingdom are spiny ooga booga niggers, and the UC are gutter oil cooking desert chinks but at least they buy my hash. A whole continent of slack jawed faggots as far as I am concerned. I should move to Howler Maze and live with the crabs.

a87a25  No.16008501

File: db29345b9a35c7d⋯.png (963.12 KB, 1238x722, 619:361, ClipboardImage.png)

Once I figure out how to git gud I'm culling the entire Fogman race

550e6e  No.16008598


yea but the dev tried to make the holy nation be the bad guys, because not progressive enough, along with the (((UC))) because "Classicism" while the didu kangdom has a woke female leader that don't need no man. who is desperately trying to make her people more (((progressive)))

also check out tin fist some time the woke anti slaver who attacked the empires peasants to accelerate the decline of the UC, and if you question him on his motives of attacking the working class of the UC he says, "LOL accelerationism"

206db7  No.16008603

I've never bothered to buy the abandon buildings in the hub and work off of that. Any reason not too?

6e1418  No.16008765

File: 0bc5bfa23c23ac9⋯.jpg (86.67 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190103211839_1.jpg)

File: 4c009d536761f76⋯.jpg (142.47 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190103211855_1.jpg)

File: f36534970faa593⋯.jpg (98.39 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190103211851_1.jpg)

Aaaand just like that, we're in a fucking Yoko Taro game.


I must have been lucky. By the time I found Fog Islands my athletics was 50+ and I've never had a bit of trouble from the fogman except the time the scrawny little cocksuckers tried to kidnap Beep while I had him mining copper by the gates.

Fogman genocide sounds like a worthwhile endeavor. l When I get back home to mongrel from my excursions to the eastern shores I think I'm going to look into that. Thanks for the idea.

206db7  No.16008776


Reminder the name of that place is called obedience.

6e1418  No.16008827


>Crumblejon is a cuck

Grandpa I am disappoint.

9589f9  No.16008989


I knew about world states, didn't think fishmen would fucking show up.

Apparently they have a leader, I'll probably go and kill him after I get my base set up.



Aloha snackbar my friends.

But honestly, Okran seems to be a mash of the Abrahamic canon.

Skeletons are not demons plotting the subjugation of humans, that's just ridiculous.


84d737  No.16009181


>Multiple purchasable buildings let you fit everything you wish for (that's buildable in a town)

<No good vendors (Shinobi Thieves can have some nice thieves backpacks and occasionally high quality armor or decent katanas)

<Barkeeper can die due to poorly guarded town (a mod can make specifically this bar recruit new ones in case of death)

>Squin and Stack are both super close and you can sell things you steal from one to the other

>The bar inside The Hub, the one down the road to Stack and the Shinobi Thieves all buy stolen goods

<Squin and Stack don't have specialist or master grade equipment

>Overall it's very central, letting you roam in any direction

I think it's definitely one of the better towns to build in. I just wish the player could take over towns completely, making it like their outpost. Mod when?

907604  No.16009227


>I just wish the player could take over towns completely, making it like their outpost. Mod when?

These were done for almost all major cities and some secondary outposts by now.

84d737  No.16009391


Really? Must have missed them while looking through the available mods somehow, and not really finding anything when searching. What are they called?

f4c43d  No.16009541


Those skeletons were built in the ancient times to fight some ayy race or something and when the war ended the creators asked to them to go into the deepest pit to get it filled with solid metal. You could say they were Obedient to the last.

a87a25  No.16009631

File: 6e476f6bd4a746e⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1247x729, 1247:729, ClipboardImage.png)

With the tips given to me on this thread I've manage to escape mongrel city. I went back to the Hub and bought the station house but I still suck at fighting, like I need to have a 6 to 1 advantage just to win a fight against a Dust boss. I'm planning to join the thieves guild then infiltrating Stack or just start making a base and play this as an rts

d6847e  No.16009758


Hungry Bandits are the best early humanoid enemies to fight and train against, Dust Raiders are (relatively speaking) much tougher. As for making your own outpost, you probably want a few more recruits first and get a bit stronger so you can defend it properly. Also doesn't hurt to start hoarding some crafting supplies such as 'building material' and 'iron plates' to make it easier setting up your base later on.

89332e  No.16009798

File: 51c2cd22a3bebeb⋯.jpg (68.03 KB, 680x537, 680:537, evil nice.jpg)

<Rebirth is a slave camp


<Has Rebirth tought you nothing?

>Rebirth has tought me I can run faster then a horse

>Rebirth has tought me I can fight like some ancient martial arts master

>Rebirth has tought me I can pick a lock with nothing but my fingers

>Rebirth has tought me my skin is stronger then steel

>Rebirth has tought me I am actually in invisible stealth ninja

>mfw I learn Rebirth isnt a slave camp… Its a secret training camp disguised as a slave camp.


Thanks anon

882e3b  No.16009930

File: 773098539d1f181⋯.png (466.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, two same numbers ed boy.png)

>Armor King

anyone else find this crazy motherfucker?

f4c43d  No.16010006


Swim the river east of blister hill up to the north

882e3b  No.16010031


i know where he is i just wanted to know if anyone else found him

8809a1  No.16010222


Conquest and take-over mods.


Yes, makes me regret that I didn't had enough money on my first visit.

d6847e  No.16011004

File: e62b204f0024160⋯.png (380.93 KB, 651x526, 651:526, kenshi mod.png)

>You can't upgrade walls and gates

Why? I mean I realize it's probably because they take up different amounts of space but this is the most retarded thing ever.

Or am I the only one with a massive fucking wall and everyone else just builds themselves into a tiny box and isn't bothered by this?


>Conquest and take-over mods.

Thanks, I wonder why these aren't more popular and why other modders haven't tried a similar concept. Many mods seem to have 10 different versions doing a similar thing.

73aadc  No.16011269


By scale I mean that higher weapon grades get overshadowed by damage from other weapons (that have better bonuses).

I haven't used all the weapons in the game, but from what I've tested so far these are my personal favorites:

1)Falling Sun does the best raw damage because it scales from both str and dex.

2)Planks are my next go to because it still retains some cutting power but has extra range

3)Heavy Polearms, good all around

4)Nodachis, good for fleshy things

5)Fragment Axes (which have the longest range, but require monstrous strength to use), also might get a hidden bonus against robots. But a real fucking pain in the ass to actually train, so I only have one person actually using it. But she tears assholes with it.

Some Hackers are decent as well, but generally speaking I like it when everyone is able to dish out AoE damage, because it all just stacks together since you never really fight anyone 1v1. All the weapons I listed are able to AoE very effectively and have decent armor pen. Special shoutouts to Paladin's Cross (despite being a hacker) for deleting Iron Spiders in a single hit.

ef8099  No.16011292


>Thanks, I wonder why these aren't more popular and why other modders haven't tried a similar concept.

These are tedious to make.

>Many mods seem to have 10 different versions doing a similar thing.

They keep doing multiple versions for some mods.

I think it's just bad case of copypasting other mods, making minor tweaks to them and releasing them as theirs.

6e1418  No.16012150

File: d00610cb438f314⋯.jpg (36.47 KB, 533x622, 533:622, 1452241797433.jpg)


How I got gud at fighting, autism edition:

>Buy house

>Construct Prisoner cage

>Kidnap random faggot

>Place in cage

>Take out of cage

>Beat the shit out of prisoner

>First aid

>Place back in cage

>Recovery coma


Once you hit 30 or so melee, you'll start to be able to hold your own a lot better.


I found his shop and the nigger was gone. Just not there at all. I heard he had crazy stats to prevent you from trying to steal form him so I can't imagine what would have killed him. Swam all the way out to that bullshit for nothing. I was fucking mad, I'm not gonna lie.

c636bb  No.16012987

File: 295195b9b845f7a⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1280x915, 256:183, ClipboardImage.png)


I've captured a Tengu nigger I'm planning to make him into the human punching bag, does the prisoner give more exp if he's really good or are they all the same? it took all 6 guys plus a horde of hungry bandits just to bring him down but I got his shit

faeca7  No.16013395


An opponent that is 25 or more levels below you will grant very little experience gain. The character's level is actually calculated through their melee defence (or martial arts if they're unarmed).

Personally I use a mod that changes this to 50 to give a bit more leeway and not make fighting hungry bandits a total waste of time later in the game. It's called "Weaklings Give XP".

08b8ee  No.16014014


make sure you run giant sacks of iron ore from one end of holy empire to other a few dozen times to build up your strength.

f4546c  No.16014298

>Just used a crossbow for the first time

Holy fucking shit. These things are incredible. Even an "average" xbow does 70+ damage to whatever it hits. This game just got a lot more fun.

73d0e9  No.16018296

File: 65fb6c101dab86c⋯.jpg (666.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190120151909_1.jpg)

File: 7de4d6907eb1a03⋯.jpg (495.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190120152107_1.jpg)

I feel like this mod that lets you buy pretty much all creatures is a bit unbalanced

afc65a  No.16021847


So you can tame beasts? can you use them as mounts?

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