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File: 998524f1faaa2f8⋯.png (68.79 KB, 250x354, 125:177, d51794d40dfdc976ac0716d9e4….png)

569714  No.15934279

How to play diablo 2 today? Are there mods that increase the droprates so you don't have to do a billion baal runs to get gear?

What other must-have mods for D2 exist?

Any specific version needed to play mods?

Is there still a /v/ diablo 2 server around?

554340  No.15934301

File: 3fe63bf15d8972a⋯.jpg (151.29 KB, 748x719, 748:719, sad crying ika musume shin….jpg)


>What other must-have mods for D2 exist?

>wanting to play mods

>not knowing it was mods like Median XL that resulted in diablo 3

I know thats a bit of an exaggeration and diablo 3 was going to be shit anyway because nu-bliz, but they did say Median XL was one of their biggest inspirations the worst part is thats its not much like median XL except for the colours

569714  No.15934315


I only briefly played medianXL and think it deviated too much from the basegame.

Did not know it inspired d3, thanks for the info.

0e8c14  No.15934322

A floppy should work

b175be  No.15934327


Most /v/ servers in the past have had boosted drop rates, and a few altered area drop rates ie more gems and runes in palace cellars. But I don't think that was a formal mod, just server tweaks. The one you want if you're playing singleplayer is PlugY which gives more storage space and enables ladder runewords.

b65836  No.15934365

>People love D2 so much they want to push it to its theoretical maximum and farm for massive power via drops

>Nu-blizz takes analytics and designs entire game around doing massive number of runs for a percentage increase to power

>After a huge backlash, fuck the game up even more by removing auction house and scaling drops to absurd levels for nothing more than having a huge number

>Shills consistently say D3 got fixed at some point

At this point I give up all my pleasant memories of Diablo and Diablo 2 to wipe the cancer that is Diablo 3 and the shills that say it isn't concentrated aids from existence. Diablo 3 is fundamental proof that there are no greater beings in existence, for no being omni-benevlolent or omni-malevolent would allow such an wretched existence.

d57724  No.15934404


Looting is a form of free gacha. After you beat the game, you shouldn't keep playing just to satisfy your gacha-dopamine addiction.

d57724  No.15934410


>for no being omni-benevlolent or omni-malevolent would allow such an wretched existence

Jesus said not to cast pearls to swines. Remember that. It means he doesn't care if you're a sucker and get burnt: because it's on you to stop sucking just to follow your base istincts.

Eventually you have to say no.

b65836  No.15934443


If i'm being entirely honest. I did indeed purchase D3 out of some naive attempt to recapture some of those D2 days. But at the very least I ignored the expansion and every blizzard game since.

These days being a blizzard fan is a mix of perverse joy over the increasing flames consuming their products and heavy sorrow in bringing raw truth to those still in their clutches.

554340  No.15934679


> But at the very least I ignored the expansion and every blizzard game since.

This is the only correct option, once burned, never again

Anyone who considers themself a fan of blizzard would never buy a blizzard game again

2c8156  No.15934703

So….how about a New Year Diablo 2 GameNight tomorrow at 10pm?

ce2c9c  No.15934713


Got some sauce on that? Cause the only time I've seen Median XL even mentioned by Blizzard was when an interviewer brought it up among other ones and they just got a canned response like they found community efforts like this really inspiring or some shit.

5dcf28  No.15934716


Who cares? Brütal Doom resulted in nu-Doom, that doesn't invalidate it it's still a decent mod (it is, it's the obsessive fanbase and sloppy thrown together coding that's the shitty part), as are all the other ones that have come out of that community.


Funny actually, but the item selling from bots are basically proto-gacha. I wouldn't count it as such though because it's more designed to encourage online interactions, and you can definitely beat the game with average gear, and the top-end stuff should be rare with a player base as large as theirs. I dread to think if pay2win stuff had caught on earlier, we'd be really starving for better games.

554340  No.15934749


>Got some sauce on that?

sorry anon, it was several years ago


>Brütal Doom resulted in nu-Doom

no it didn't, Shadow Warrior resulted in nu-Doom and thats due to Bethshitter being fucking retarded

6c50b3  No.15934768

Diablo 2 Fallen Mod

f15399  No.15934792

>increase drop rates

it's like you don't even want to play Diablo 2

ceeeff  No.15934830

Median XL is the best mod I've played so far. Bunch of end game content and challenging difficulty.

554340  No.15934869


well yeah, theres only a few good Diablo mods, however Median XL doesn't exactly follow the same old diablo formula

Which is a good thing as you're likely playing the mod because you're bored of the original and want to change it up a bit, but ultimately it isn't better than the original game, just different

Also the sprites they use are retarded, The porcupine druid looks like shit and transvestite demon/dragon paladin is actually pretty funny, albeit they might have changed them since i last played, its been a few years

I didn't like the ultimate skills and the classes felt even felt constricted all over the place

For example take the paladin and mixing unholy and holy, you can't

ceeeff  No.15934976


I can't deny that its far from original in terms of gameplay. I you're also right about the constricting classes. I understand what they were going for though. They wound up solidifying the min maxing meta as part of the core gameplay, which in turn restricted skill investment. They expect you to minmax. I personally love autistically minmaxing but i can see why some people don't like it. But of all the examples you could've mentioned. You chose the one that makes sense. Why should you be able to spec into unholy if you're a holy paladin and vice-versa? Nothings really changed by the way. At least in terms of gameplay.

964808  No.15937452

I've been playing the Eastern Sun mod and am having a good time

23bc81  No.15937484

Speaking of Diablo, which would you guys say is the better ARPG: Titan Quest or Grim Dawn?

554340  No.15937555


Grimdawn is better than original Titan quest, mainly due to the pacing of combat

However I havn't tried nu-titan quest yet, after they pretty much copied that mod to increase pacing so idk

c89d43  No.15940752

File: ca47875f8ec2e46⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 550x275, 2:1, 1528521886624.gif)


v1.00 over LAN or hosted IP

**Corpse Explosion*

Post yfw Necro replaces Witch Doctor

1f01c3  No.15940810

You should really just stop acknowledging every trace of Blizzard's existence. Nothing good ever came of it, and never will.

422f4b  No.15940863

File: c87826aaf529750⋯.png (1.35 MB, 859x946, 859:946, smuglaugh3.png)


>Referring to another person as "ew"

The soy is strong in this one

f758ca  No.15940869


>if you don't like Actiblizz you must like blimpf


b21680  No.15940877

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I played this for some time a ladder ago it was fun.

If you plan to play ladder reset on 18 this month its a good time to start

a1e645  No.15941376

Live d2 server with increased rates http://europebattle.net/d2/

f12ea6  No.15941445

>b-b-but the teen retrogaymers told me we should be playing Path Of Poxxile because it's le hardcore oldstyl

f12ea6  No.15941452


>Brütal Doom resulted in nu-Doom

I love this, Brutal Doom has effectively replaced the holocaust for the doomworld kikes. They make up new victimization stories daily, to explain that nobody wants to play their lame super weapon mods.

22dd0f  No.15941741

File: fbd9497d608e5c7⋯.jpg (56.81 KB, 753x707, 753:707, fbd9497d608e5c70db9a74bda2….jpg)


>Shills consistently say D3 got fixed at some point

I never understood this.

I've played D3 pc demo, I've played it on my friend's account on release, I've played it a bit after some patches were implemented and I've played the expansion on PS3.

It's all the same. What exactly had changed in between?

>tfw started playing Diablo 2 like 5 times abut always got my ass handed to me by casual filter and have to wait a couple of years before I try to pick it up again

I don't really care about drop rates, I just want a mod that'll help me get through the game with QoL improvements like constant running, autopickups, keybindings or remodeled hud that lets me see what the fuck I'm casting, etc… but keep the rest of the game intact.

10d7cf  No.15941756


>What exactly had changed in between?

They removed the RMAH, changed itemisation so uniques weren't worthless and added some mode that let's you grind without going through the story. It hardly goes as far as 'fixing' the game though since the game is poor design all the way to the foundations. Anyone playing or defending it is suffering from such a potent case of battered wife syndrome that they'd make even a WoWfag concerned.

22dd0f  No.15941765

File: d84d75a4dfbc7e0⋯.jpg (153.63 KB, 488x1059, 488:1059, diablo 3 a shit.jpg)

File: 3c7dc4bd4d6858c⋯.jpg (446.76 KB, 1600x1262, 800:631, diablo 3 bullshit.jpg)

File: e6703ee87cb4e9c⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 625x4933, 625:4933, diablo 3 why its bad.jpg)

File: a8b48907ad5a33d⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 2941x4096, 2941:4096, diablo immortal defense fo….jpg)

File: a8805e36456a341⋯.png (785.62 KB, 1027x1283, 1027:1283, Diablo immortal.png)


>such a potent case of battered wife syndrome that they'd make even a WoWfag concerned

that's quite a feat

f15399  No.15941782

I seem to have lost my private server write-up. I no longer find it on pastebin. I'll draft another one this weekend and post here if the thread is still up.

4895e4  No.15941783


>constant running

press R ; the reason you can walk at all is because its an actual mechanic influencing your block and deflect rolls.


PlugY has that iirc


If there arent enough keybind options for you ingame (like, in the fkn options menu) you can remap the keyboard and mouse completely via the .ini

>wanna see what Im casting

I give you the benefit of the doubt and guess you mean buffs/passives because otherwise this would be the worst part of your issues.

There is no interface upgrade that does this but noone ever screamed for one. There arent that many buffs/curses in the game and there can only be 1 active of each individual bracket. (Curse, Off.Aura, Def.Aura, CC.Aura which can share brackets with Offense or Defense in some cases and as such will block other blessings.)

Also your casual filter seems to be options menus. Id work on that.

d37d09  No.15941968

File: eef39baa00d01e7⋯.jpg (2.52 KB, 125x118, 125:118, 1434998260622.jpg)


is their d2 download legit e.g. no miners and other bs?

22dd0f  No.15941988



22dd0f  No.15942189

File: 3fc360932f237f8⋯.jpg (71.45 KB, 640x466, 320:233, Switch-A-Future-Nigerian-C….jpg)

File: 67dd4067665d803⋯.jpg (69.61 KB, 640x466, 320:233, Switch-A-Future-Nigerian-C….jpg)

File: 0b2b85e86f58237⋯.jpg (82.15 KB, 640x466, 320:233, Switch-A-Future-Nigerian-C….jpg)

File: ee52f3ee5597bdf⋯.jpg (93.74 KB, 864x924, 72:77, airhead_by_zohaku-db4ed1u.….jpg)

File: 7c7f98edc258bbb⋯.jpg (196.51 KB, 525x1244, 525:1244, 8888.jpg)


I was looking the comic that perfectly summarizes my situation, but Instead I found all this crap.

ce46a9  No.15942192


Please spoiler that pic anon.

4895e4  No.15942226


As a child I dreamed of being Superman but I never got the chance. Now the computer fills me with video games.

Wheres my money ?

128f05  No.15942254

professional unpaid shilling warning

/v/iablo 2 OP Pasta

Recycled edition.


>Where can I get Diablo 2, mine's broken, missing, I lost my cd-key, and/or some other fucking excuse to having lost or misplaced the game.

Right here: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6098061

>What version is this?

We're running a slightly different version than the default 1.13c vanilla patch called Konkey Dong

It does very slight changes that increase the difficulty of nightmare and hell, adds the ability to get back into the cow portal if you fuck up and kill the king, and SLIGHTLY increases drop rates. Otherwise everything else

is still very much vanilla. (you'll still want a party to get the good shit)

Go here to download the patch http://www.mediafire.com/?nyc122n77lok2cl and drop it in your d2 folder

>Is it a virus?


You should scan it for yourself like every piece of software you download from the internet.

>Can I hack/bot/use redvex and other gay shit?

Turned off the warden I think so feel free to do it if you can get your shit to work. Just keep in mind that you will be mocked if you use anything other than map hacks.

>Why the fuck does my screen look pink? Fuck this game.

See below for a possible solution.

To install and play the game:

1.Extract it and run d2vidtst.exe to eliminate most graphical glitches. (I recommend you use 7-Zip to do this.)

2.Run Diablo 2.exe.

If problems persist do the following

1. Go here http://www.svenswrapper.de/english/downloads.html

2. Download the newest version. this is an emulator tool that tricks diablo into thinking your new fancy graphics card is an old voodoo2 compatible card.

3. Run the program


4b. Dont be retarded and click the second from the bottom option to turn it into english.

5. Run the identificaiton option.

6. Close the program.

7. Drop the .dll or everything into your Diablo 2 folder

8. Repeat the d2vidtst.exe step and select the gfix slide third option this time

To connect to the server:

1a. go here and download the editor http://www.icyhell.net/2008/05/06/blizzard-battlenet-gateway-editor-v3010702

1b. Run BNGatewayEditor.exe.

2. Switch to the SECOND TAB. (IE the Diablo 2/ LOD Tab)

3. Click Add Gateway and fill out the following information:

Name = SRoVQ

Zone = 6

IP =

4. Set to Chosen Gateway.

5. Hit the detect gateway button to see if you can connect.

6. Run Diablo 2.exe.

7. Click Battle.net and create your account. (EMAIL REGISTRATION IS NOT REQUIRED.)

8. Have fun reaching the top of the short ladder!


Major Changes:

-You can teleport and use barbarian shouts in town

-Increased stash space

-Monsters in Nightmare have +3 to All Skills, monsters in Hell have +6 to All Skills.

-Cow levels have an increased ammount of cows and those cows are higher in level. Expect a much harder challenge.

-Cow level has a Waypoint (replace Inner Cloyster). You can kill the CowKing and rejoin through the Waypoint. No more worrying about the Cow getting killed

-Typing "/ann message" in chat sends a message to all the server

-Uber Cows (New dungeon with Uber cows that now drop great loot but prove a challenge)

See the links below for the rest of the changelogs:

http://pastebin.com/QTizfccw - v1.3.4? (current)

http://pastebin.com/4Gn3H0r4 - v1.3.3

http://pastebin.com/ZCbEJzAu - v1.3.2

http://pastebin.com/2VUTRtMU - v1.3.1

http://pastebin.com/bqeR0CfR - v1.2

http://pastebin.com/XwLfnSs6 - v1.1

https://web.archive.org/web/20130910004032/http://pastebin.com/beiQC5AQ - v1.0

NEW Cube Recipes (All original recipes are working):

- Create rare item: item + Um + Pul

- Respec token (1 use): Um + TP Scroll

- Lower quality of runes: 1 rune (example, put Um in cube, transmute, receive pul)

- Horadric staff (A2 shortcut): Amulet of the Viper + TP Scroll

- Khalim's Will (A3 shortcut): Khalim's Flail + TP Scroll

- New rare ring: 3 rare rings

- New rare amulet: 3 rare amulets

- Upgrade item: Item + 3 io runes

List of useful commands - These can be used while in chat lobby or ingame:

/ann *message* - Sends a message to the whole server. Everyone will read it, unless they muted you.

/f add *accountname* - Adds that account to your friends list

/f list - Displays your friends list, who's online and where they are right now (game name or lobby)

/con - Lists all the players online, their account names and where they are

/games - Lists all existing active games

128f05  No.15942273

Here's also information on how to host your own server if you get fed up with my shit: https://pastebin.com/cdZ4cv2e

d37d09  No.15942719

Anyone got a maphack that works with 1.13d?

2ea776  No.15945146


Loli BH off of leddit?

36174f  No.15945195


>increased droprates

You have to be a retard to use this. With increased droprates shit items will just push good items out of loot pool.

2ea776  No.15945224


It's not a global drop rate buff, IIRC only things like HRs were increased. Maybe the nodrop was fucked with as well, but that only increases your chances because it removes possibilities that whatever container you pop contains nothing.

97b8da  No.15945230

File: 857a3c1912257fc⋯.jpg (14.55 KB, 243x178, 243:178, 286a43cb4f1d186ba8e22cc12d….jpg)


You might as well just play Path of Tencent at that point.

24f917  No.15945235


I was going to make a snarky comment about less green breastplates being a good thing, but I realized that I haven't played in so long that I forgot the name of it.

In any case, either what >>15945224 said or manually editing the drop lists or simply adding drop slots would also be possible ways to do it from what little I know of D2 modding.

38b133  No.15945237


It's more that I've tried one such mod and it was pants-on-head retarded.

>runes drop in lockstep with what act/difficulty

>you cannot generate the same unique in the same game so it's incredibly easy to force a particular amulet or ring

Also a lot of the top-end equipment should be rare. My favourite is if you have two Dream items on a Sorceress her Lightning Mastery adds to the aura, to the point you are dealing tens of thousands of damage on strike, and periodic wide aura damage. On Nightmare difficulty you just walk and enemies die instantly.


It's just breastplates in general because they are the only item in their treasure class that isn't class-specific (1/3 drop rate)

500964  No.15945261

File: e25add4f2b39127⋯.png (634.43 KB, 928x1080, 116:135, 1491053965077.png)

Are there any mods that give you more or better cube recipes?

2ea776  No.15945271

If anyone wants to hop on right now I'll give you a rush to act 4 which is where I'm stuck.

c89d43  No.15945356

File: 2ec6dc9598b8e89⋯.jpg (141.52 KB, 700x469, 100:67, 20190106.jpg)

D2 Amazon is so fun. Twang.

36174f  No.15945599


Would be nice to have generated runewords at start of the game with increased droprates for runes. So you have to find runewords instead of using a wiki.

c89d43  No.15945620


A find a in-game book with Runewords

2ea776  No.15945819


Brute forcing new runewords isn't feasible, so what you're asking for is items which tell you how to make runewords right? If the only realistic way to get the recipes is through a random drop, isn't that just adding an extra arbitrary step to getting a good item? I don't really see the point. It also seems like a lot of work to mod the game enough to do that.

6add60  No.15945855

I have now installed the game, but it's version 1.14 and PlugY only works with 1.13. Is there a way to switch to an earlier version? I know people are doing it somehow, but it's like the entire Diablo II player based is possessed by a form of autism that prevents them from explaining things to normal people.

500964  No.15945862


Why not just apply an earlier patch?

http://plugy.don't use link shorteners/Patch/LODPatch_113d.zip

500964  No.15945867

File: cc09d7bc6c0def9⋯.jpg (13.95 KB, 341x323, 341:323, 1985492984.jpg)


>link shortener

lol fuck you too mark you faggot, it's a normal link

e1e74d  No.15946223


>a lot of work to mod the game

Not really. It basically requires one external exe to run and generate the list.

6add60  No.15946236


Oh, so I just get LODPatch_113d.zip, unzip it where I installed the game into and that's it?

See, this is the shit I'm talking about, why can't anyone put it in such plain term and write up proper instructions? Either they assume you already know it and provide no instructions at all, or they provide instuctions for retards that go into how to create a folder and are worthless if your setup deviates even slightly. Those instructions are useless for me when I'm running in Wine.

6add60  No.15946239


Oh, one more question I forgot in my spergout: is it possible to "downgrade" without actually overwriting any files? Is this what d2se is for? That's another thing I cannot figure out what it's supposed to do.

e1e74d  No.15946269



I advice to install d2se instead of fucking with patches.

Yes, it also have video settings and allows you to install different mods on same game installation and often has built it pluggy.

6add60  No.15946331


Neither the patch nor d2se work, both say that d2data.mpq is corrupted, even after I try substituting my own original back in. I guess that's what I get for trying to have fun.

e1e74d  No.15946401


clean download of any version of d2>d2se>mods in folders inside d2se folder

c4b2f3  No.15946482


Eastern Sun is excellent as far as gameplay changing mods go. Far better than Median. It's very faithful to the original game while adding cool new stuff.

c4b2f3  No.15946499




D2SE just manages your installs so you don't have to fuck about with files manually like you did with the patch. It's not incredibly complicated. If you want to play a mod that only works on 1.12, then you can do that with the click of a button instead of switching out files yourself. Sounds like you fucked up your install and should start over.

a33e0d  No.15946633

I finally played Diablo 3 for the first time the other day and I don't really understand all the autism surrounding it. To me it just seems like every other ARPG in the genre that I've ever played. Are all the complaints about it in regards to super high level high difficulty play and gear grinding autism (that most people like me will never touch)?

Only thing I really noticed is that it was giving me skills automatically rather than letting me choose them from a tree, I guess? I can see how that would maybe limit the replayability. The fact that it's the only ARPG type of game I've found that allows me to play with my little brother on the same machine really adds some value to it in my eyes though.

c19f01  No.15946749


>To me it just seems like every other ARPG in the genre that I've ever played

Worse than diablo 2, GD and poe, nioh.


Its linear. All gear is the same. Gear drops all the time. You cant really build anything interesting, you just play whatever and everything playes exactly the same. Progress is behind super duper uniqe items with same stats but there is more of them. Its extremely shallow and easy. There are no difficult encounters, everything is exactly the same. You cant even choose what to do, you have to do all the chores in order to do other chores.

>its fun with friends

Duh, almost anything is fun with friends.

c4b2f3  No.15946842


Games like D2 are entirely based upon cool gear and the possibilities of interesting or "hidden" builds made by combining gear and character builds. D3 literally takes all of this away and says "Here's your hamster wheel, goy. Enjoy getting your next weapon which will be gaurenteed to give you more of your primary stat, more vitality, and maybe if you're lucky some kind of uncalled for World of Warcraft reference because apparently our employees are so autisric that that is all they can identify with."

You don't understand how finely tuned Diablo 2 is to be good. The loot tables are fucking excellent. Autists playing on competitive ladders will obviously do tons of boss runs but if you play through the game "organically," the drop rate feels pretty good and it makes getting good gear feel more valuable. The game isn't perfectly balanced but there are enough viable skills and builds to make it interesting. It's sad, but it seems like every other game after D2 has failed to find this balance.

6add60  No.15947440


I finally got it running from my old CDs. I installed it from CD, then manually patched it to 1.13d, avoiding the downgrading mess. What drove me up the wall is that my system did read all CDs fine, but during installation when it came to the third CD it would not read it, even though it did read it before installation. I ended up copying all contents of all CDs to my hard drive and then I hooked up those folders are virtual CD drives in Wine, that did the trick. It's all such a fucking hassle with these games sometimes.

bcbe3d  No.15947448


>fuck the game up even more by removing auction house

You're an idiot. The auction house was a mistake from the beginning and wrecked the entire game play dynamic. While the game still has flaws, it is immensely improved without the auction house.

c19f01  No.15947615


>auction house was a mistake from the beginning

It only made them few millions.

24f917  No.15947639


And probably cost them far more in the long term due to player players renouncing Blizzard, refusing to buy the expansion, loss of faith from fans, and loss of credibility as a company. That's what happens when suits make the decisions.

c4b2f3  No.15947671


"A few millions" is a flop in the modern AAA market.

c19f01  No.15947683


Pretty sure AH is still running in chinese f2p version. But I only know that chinese version is f2p, so its just speculation. And its not like AH was the only problem. And blizzard dont have fans, they had drones which they are alienating right now.


Few millions is also just a speculation on my part. I am more than sure they maed a lot of money from d3.

22dd0f  No.15947688


surely it will make billions from Diablo M because everyone has phones!

76aacd  No.15947701

File: 007a9588e8d9b62⋯.jpg (50.62 KB, 604x402, 302:201, humans and apes.jpg)


D3 was one of the best-selling games when it launched because people didn't know how shit it supposedly was (I honestly still don't, I never played it).

It definitely made money, not to mention the action house shekels, but it forever poisoned the well.

The latest Diablow blunder was merely tying the noose which was around the neck already.

They wouldn't be scrambling to make D4 if they weren't in the shit.

08400b  No.15947718


Chinks spend an exorbitant amount of money on anything that has a cash shop. Especially if it features pay to win mechanics. Mobile games have a ton of these.

Look at it from another perspective. If chinks are willing to shell out their life savings, meager they may be, at the drop of a hat when it comes to a game with a cash shop it makes a lot of sense to start shifting everything towards Asia. Remember, there are a fuckton of gooks and if everyone of them paid just USD$1…this isn't even including SEA countries

a97bd5  No.15947755

These days I enjoy ARPG's a lot but only ever got a bit further than act 2 (I think, sewers and a desert IIRC). I've seen both 'Eastern Sun' and 'PlugY' be recommended, seems like the former adds more content.

Which would you recommend to someone that hasn't played much of the game?

36174f  No.15947759


>They wouldn't be scrambling to make D4

They dont. Freemium games are the future!


Clean install lod with plugy.

41e77c  No.15947769

File: 07125f9ea3e6c5b⋯.jpg (68.98 KB, 733x550, 733:550, 10024_ce9a6fb2becc2d235e62….jpg)



Can we stop comparing apes to blacks? Apes are noble animals who actually take care of their family and have some rational thinking. Noble animals don't deserve this

a97bd5  No.15947810


I still have the .iso files I downloaded years ago and it also has a 1.13d patch I can apply, I see that it's supported by the mod, should I patch it to that?

24f917  No.15947877


Don't do a first playthrough with a mod that makes large changes to gameplay. If you have a short attention span, I'd recommend playing something that doesn't only start getting good in the later levels. Sorceress, Paladin, and Trap Assassins all do very well from the start. Barbarians remain crap until you get end game loot, ESPECIALLY in the 1.10+ patches. Necromancers play differently from everything else and don't start coming together until the end of normal. Shapeshifting Druids struggle like Barbs do, but Elemental Druids are fairly decent. Amazons need some farming and crafting to get going, but once they do they're damn good; it just depends on if you want to farm early on or not.

a97bd5  No.15947992

File: ed0cf8e94d44eaa⋯.jpg (431.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot001.jpg)


Yeah maybe I got bored the first time around because I was playing a Necromancer.

After some trouble getting it to run I've had to resort running it in windowed mode with a '-w' command in the shortcut. I'm guessing there's not other way? Running W7 and I tried some other fixes like running it in xp compatible mode and 'disable desktop composition' but it still didn't like fullscreen.

a97bd5  No.15948014



Oh and as you can see I'll give the Sorceress a shot. I'm guessing I'll want to focus on one element since there will probably be %X element increase gear besides maybe some support skills from the other trees.

Are all of the elements viable or would I be better off with a specific one? Not really looking for a full build guide or anything just some general suggestions.

Will I be stuck with the skill points I choose?

793b36  No.15948021


I think some of it is the belief that the loot needs to be a treadmill, and that you need to change equipment constantly. The most cancerous way this can manifest is the power level from Destiny and Martyr. The one thing that I will give some games, is that Nioh and games like it have more difficulty with making creative, viable and fun game changers. You can change the game in some ways, but most break it because it is built about a particular combat system.

76aacd  No.15948045


How difficult is it to finish the game with an Amazon if I'm not willing to farm and this is my first time playing it fully?

I really like spears, so that's why I'm asking.

Like the other anon, I only played until the desert chapter and then left the game.

This happened multiple times, and I don't remember why.

c4b2f3  No.15948053


Did you install the nGlide wrapper? It allows you to use 3dfx Voodoo mode in the video options and translates those API calls to modern graphics libraries. I believe it also has a config that allows you to change stuff like resolution.

c4b2f3  No.15948065


Javelin Amazons get the option of both ranged and melee with one-handed spears and they get a shield to boot. I'd say they are a decently noob friendly option but I am not a big Amazon player.

c4b2f3  No.15948077


>max out one element

Yes but keep in mind there will be elemental resisting and even immune enemies late in the game. Luckily there are options for you to get past this, including gear that gives you spells you don't have and your mercenary companion.

>Will I be stuck with the skill points I choose?

Yes, but as long as you pick one or two skills and max them out to 20 points, then level up the Synergy skills for those (they're listed in the tooltip), you should be fine.

a97bd5  No.15948134


Thanks for suggesting nGlide, works in fullscreen and runs better now. I saw and chose the option to play it at desktop resolution and while it works, it's still rendered at 800x600 with letterboxing, this is fine and way better than before but I still thought I'd ask if there's no way for it to upscale or whatever it would be called.

Also I saw in the FAQ that singleplayer is capped at 25fps, should I just host my own local lobby and play alone for the best experience? Any downside to this?


Alright cool, I'll just browse the trees a bit and see which ones have spells that sound more appealing.

c4b2f3  No.15948156


You can upscale it, but you have to install a game hack to do that. I haven't really kept up with those hacks since they change the size of the UI and I'm used to the current UI. It's also considered "cheating" because you can see more with the camera at once.

286c64  No.15948165


>playing a game about getting gear

Maybe you should play an actually fun game instead, like Diablo 1

a97bd5  No.15948202


Eh, I'm okay with this resolution, especially since the program runs in 1080.

I played around with some settings after reading their explanation in the readme but stuff like supersampling and changing the static size doesn't seem to do much.

76aacd  No.15948203


All right, thanks.

3087af  No.15948269


The sad thing is, I like absolutely no other games in the genre. They just don't click for me. But I can always go back and play D2.

0acbfe  No.15948281


You should enjoy Path of Exile if you ever put some proper autism into D2.

3087af  No.15948290


I've tried it several times, it doesn't click for me and I usually stop playing after Act 3 or so. The biggest thing about PoE for me is the skill web, most of them feel very inconsequential, and none of the skills feel great for me. It might be that I think there's too much recovery lag on most of the attacks and skills.

3087af  No.15948292


Meant to say none of the active skills feel great.

a97bd5  No.15948323



Grim Dawn is mentioned pretty often so chances are you've already tried it but that's one of the best modern ones in the same genre. Better than PoE unless you're into the MP aspect and ladder climbing after resets.

I've played plenty of PoE but wouldn't really want to recommend it after the Chinese takeover, however skills become a lot more satisfying to use once you get access to more support gems and the 'recovery lag' gets circumvented by increased attack and cast speed.

ebddb2  No.15948325


Install game from iso, install d2se. Should work immedeatly and for any future mods.

ebddb2  No.15948336


>but wouldn't really want to recommend it after the Chinese takeover

Nothing changed for better or worse. Current league is goodbut SC only.

3087af  No.15948415


It was okay. I may need to go back and play it more.

a97bd5  No.15948595



>Will I be stuck with the skill points I choose?

<Yes, but as long as you pick one or two skills and max them out to 20 points, then level up the Synergy skills for those (they're listed in the tooltip), you should be fine.

Wew plugy to the rescue, turns out that with it I can change both skill points and stat points.

I get that some people may find it cheating and as if your 'choices don't matter' but I like the extra freedom to experiment. There are plenty of classes to replay the game with, I don't feel like remaking a Sorceress just because I somewhere along the way chose a path I ended up disliking is very fun.

Some spells and skills can sound great fun on paper but turn out to not be at all what you want to use.

24f917  No.15948630


You'll want a single element and another spell of a different to handle immunities and high resist mobs. Going Cold of Fire and using Static Field as your "off" element is usually a safe choice.


All melee except Paladins suck in 1.10+. Unless you're twinking or going to spend dozens of hours farming each boss as you advance in nightmare+, you'll have a real struggle on your hands. In any case, pure melee Amazon has always been pretty bad. Javelin Amazons (Javazons) are fairly good since they can handle packs well and still kill bosses decently fast. You'll still need to get yourself good gear. No way around it.



Agreed. You can add chains and forks and bounces and multishot all you like, but at the end of the day the skills look, feel, and sound boring. And that's just one of the many, many issues the game has. PoE's for trading/grinding autists more than anything.

64c208  No.15948896

File: f6f75140ce1c4d5⋯.png (675.81 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Captureichon de Pantalleic….png)

Suddenly the Diablo 2 Modding Community has resurfaced with some good stuff, and there's a lot to try out.


The one I'm playing currently, it's an expansion mod, having a Vanilla base game with just more Runewords, Uniques, Sets, Quality of life stuff like auto gold pickup, reworked hirelings, (so they're all useful now), slightly increased loot, easier rune cubing, limitless "/players x" command and a lot of more stuff. I asked the creator about expanding the inventory size and he said he'd look into it.

>Le Royaume des Ombres

A total conversion mod that's looking quite good for a beta. Allows higher resolutions, has a revamped artwork, menus, items and skills. Sadly it's been without updates for a while

>Reign of Shadow

An interesting mod which has nice artwork, reworks all skills and includes some pretty nice stuff like auto gold pickup, splash melee damage, showing the damage done to enemies in numbers, and making buffs and debuffs on your character visible via icons.

>Battle for Elements

A total conversion mod made by an autistic slav, so you know it's good. It's clunky and hard as hell, but the sheer amount of extra content and thought put into the new items, lore, enemies and runeword system make it worth a try. I wish he made a game on his own.

>You Gotta Be Kidding Me

A pretty vanilla hack, that changes some maps and enemies to reference "pop culture" stuff and old videogames. It's nice if you just want to replay the game with some fun stuff in between, like fighting Doom demons in the Lut Gholein sewers.

>Diablo 2 Enhanced Edition

A "remaster" attempt that's currently on Alpha, aiming to give a high resolution friendly UI and menus to the game. It's currently being hosted in one of the most cancerous places on earth besides Reddit and ResetEra (Beamdog Forums), so proceed with a lot of caution.

>The Forces of Darkness

A recent mod aiming to revamp the UI and make some tweaks to the gameplay. There's a "UI only" variant if you just want to play Vanilla, though.




These are mods that try to make the game less grindy and more single player friendly, with different approaches and success.

I really hope OpenD2 and Freeablo get somewhere. I'd really like a fully moddable Diablo 2, with support for custom classes.

24f917  No.15948936


>not gay men having sex with hats on

>not ZNES

Apply yourself.

64c208  No.15948948


The Reddit one was just an afterthought, I'm tired as fuck. I promise to do better next time. good night anon, thanks for helping me improve. I love you

1acb05  No.15948987

File: 89d91ab450dd9ff⋯.jpg (84.68 KB, 882x960, 147:160, it wouldn't be fair otherw….jpg)

Hey OP

Path of Diablo.

Seriously, look it up.

3087af  No.15949195


I agree, D2 builds can be slightly unforgiving. PlugY is definitely a great all around addon to have.

3087af  No.15949199


I have played this and enjoyed it. I need to play it more. It has its own server ecosystem and everything. I felt like I discovered a secret society when I heard about this mod.

6add60  No.15949550

I must be retarded, but I cannot find the nGlide settings. I installed it via the installer, and it does work (I am getting the 3Dfx logo when the game starts), but I have no clue where the configuration program is supposed to reside.

6add60  No.15949554


Never mind, found it: C/windows/system32/nglide_config.exe

Gee, is it this hard to include proper instructions with your program? And no, a readme embedded in the installer program doesn't count.

ebddb2  No.15949559



Just use d2se.

747689  No.15949578

File: 2afdbcd1574eda9⋯.jpg (109.78 KB, 736x1094, 368:547, 2afdbcd1574eda93d8491da2e9….jpg)

7c00c3  No.15949717

File: 444ec16a797a852⋯.png (39.98 KB, 1164x289, 1164:289, glide.png)



I simply downloaded the file, put these in my diablo 2 folder and ran the vidtest to enable it then changed settings with the pictured glide-init.exe.

Don't know what you did, and that readme is as much in-your-face as it can be.

e87f46  No.15949729


>I love this, Brutal Doom has effectively replaced the holocaust for the doomworld kikes. They make up new victimization stories daily, to explain that nobody wants to play their lame super weapon mods.

I'll have you know that Brutal Doom gibbed my entire family and I survived the gibs chamber 6 million times doomgoy!

6add60  No.15949814


You must be using a different Glide wrapper, I used nGlide:


Although to be frank, I don't see any difference. What is the advantage of Glide supposed to be?

7c00c3  No.15949895


Oh yeah I am, didn't realize. I found this one:


He prefaces the readme with this:

>To make it short: i was disappointed about the performance Diablo2 shows in the Direct3D-mode.

>Because of the fact that the game runs far better in GLIDE-mode, I tried to find a way, to make the game run in GLide-mode even on my computers at home. There were two problems:

>1. Glide-Device-Driver exist only for Voodoo-graphiccards. Diablo2 needs at least a Voodoo-Card of the Voodoo-Rush-type, but my computers had "only" Geforce2MX-cards.

>2. there are many GLIDE-wrappers, but I haven't found any that runs fine on my computers.

>The patch 1.10 for the game didn't bring any improvements, so I decided to write my own wrapper, where I again want to point out:

>This GLIDE-wrapper is explicitly written for the game Diablo2 (and its expansion "Lord of Destrucion", of course;)). You have to assume that it won't work together with other programs or at least that it will produce incorrect output.

Then later gets more technical:

>What this wrapper makes such different to the Direct3d-mode:

>1. the Direct3d-mode of Diablo2 creates far less textures than the Glide-mode, so the Direct3d-engine has to reload the textures more often.

>2. the wrapper uses OpenGL, the Direct3d-mode DirectX6. DirectX6 does not support 8-bit-textures.

>3. the texture-administration differs between DirectX,OpenGL and Glide:

>The overhead for administration in DirectX is enormous, compared to OpenGL or Glide. So OpenGL and Glide have their advantages when using dynamic textures. And here's the key: Diablo2 has so much textures, that they won't fit on any graphiccard, so nearly all of the textures have to be loaded dynamically. And in this point Direct3D fails totally: the dynamic loading of textures is damn slow (in OpenGL its average).

>As a work-around of this issue, the wrapper has to create some more physical textures , than are used in Glide. It is posssible, that the wrapper creates 24MB physical textures, when it it set to emulate only 16MB voodoo-texture-memory, but this depends also on the settings.

I'm not really that versed in this type of stuff but I appreciate all the extra options it offers and enabling the use of fullscreen.

7c00c3  No.15949914

File: c094eb6473e50aa⋯.jpg (412.85 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot004.jpg)

File: 46e1b1308fe084c⋯.jpg (427.41 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Screenshot003.jpg)



Also the supersampling is pretty neat, though more visible in-game due to larger game window.

>First without

>Second with

128f05  No.15949965


You generally only want the glide shit if you can't run the game any other way.

64c208  No.15950657


I went through the Dropmod's "Readme" file, and it's pretty damn good for a Vanilla Single Player mod. Thanks a lot for bringing it up

64c208  No.15954627


17ec73  No.15956256

anyone got it working with direct3d?

i can only get it to work with directdraw which is buggy

c19f01  No.15956412


Try reloading test, usually it works after some fucking over. And some modes only work in fullscreen and different patches have different effect on this.

fafabc  No.15957578


Direct3D gives me an unhandled exception when started in fullscreen (which is the only mode it supports).

fbda72  No.15958049



Yeah, don't compare apes and Harambe to niggers.

b6b0d3  No.15958106

plya like 3.5w straight d2, then modded, pod and currently most happy with diablo 2 resurgence, has a slight hi-res option, unique/set reworks, cool crafting system, end game farm locations, reworked skills

they nerfed necro tho, so yeah. better than pod in any case

64c208  No.15959358

File: c333900d45fb1de⋯.jpg (3.86 MB, 3134x3245, 3134:3245, c333900d45fb1de71836723d1d….jpg)

Been trying Eastern Sun and having lots of fun. The new mechanics for the Assassin (making a 2 handed samurai character viable) and the difficulty are spot on.


>Check Diablo 2 Resurgence and Path of Diablo

>They're both Discord pozzed custom launcher based Reddit projects.

Why do they have fucking custom launchers? Just make a goddamn D2SE compatible mod and be done with it, for fucks sake.

c19f01  No.15960406


>Why do they have fucking custom launchers

Diablo2 base really hates any substantial changes and if you want to change anything you have to rewrite everything or make a monstrosity of clutches.

2564e7  No.15960683


What's the difference?

149a42  No.15960845


necromancer is pretty fun in unmodded D2

just get 3 raw points into skeletons and skeletal mages, while getting 1 point into corpse explosion and attract while getting all the prereqs for summon resist and revive, as well as 1 point into summon resist and revive, and then max your skills in this order:

1: skeleton mastery

2: raise skeleton

3: raise skeletal magethese are extremely underrated, be sure to never keep more than 1 poison mage, if any

4: revive

5: summon resist

and be sure to get a thorns, might, or holy freeze merc from act 2 to go with your summons; might is preferable, but I made the mistake of getting a thorns merc, which works out okay

a necro with that build will blow through normal, nightmare, and hell difficulty with some vitality and resistances; don't spend too much on energy, if any

the only genuinely hard parts are the parts where enemies have piercing ranged attacks, such as will-o-wisps and guest monster ranged spearcats; you don't even need decripify and you almost never gotta cast corpse explosion

in fact, the first time I faced hell andariel, I set players to 7 before entering catacombs level 4 and wiped the floor with the whole room… very slowly, and without dying even once

but yeah, summon necros play very differently from all other builds, except pre-nightmare summon druids

they're very passive, unlike all other builds; summon necros are almost like playing a different game

818e45  No.15962338


It's actually better to get Summon Skeleton to max before Skeleton Mastery. The DPS of those many, weaker skeletons is higher than of the three strong ones.

3928e4  No.15962404


Reminder that due to engine limitations, reflected damage killing a monster will yield no experience or items

b3fcb3  No.15962580

RIP /v/.net

880477  No.15962796

File: ddc84c45aa93469⋯.gif (941.58 KB, 500x478, 250:239, 20199999.gif)


Also CORPSE EXPLOSION was based on monster's hit points. 8 player games made 8x the BOOM. This was before patch 1.04

ea291f  No.15962834

File: 2dc52f9e28c3570⋯.jpg (168.09 KB, 800x600, 4:3, wew.jpg)


Still up for me.

4c828c  No.15962969

How to play online with pirated copy?

054ce5  No.15964848


Summon necros are easy to use and fun to command. They're probably the most noob friendly build since they don't need expensive equipment (or equipment at all). There are some fine variations for them including "Summon + Bone" and "Summon + Poison Nova" if you want a more active role in your army, and you don't mind your army being a bit weaker.

e1e74d  No.15964945


>no more than 1 poison mage

You know, these deal one damage per minute?


>if you want a more active role in your army, and you don't mind your army being a bit weaker.

If I remember correctly you only need like 50 points into skeletons(and must have stuff) and you left with 50 to put everywhere else. Your army is not getting weaker unless you put points into retarded shit like mages. What you need to make army stronger is auras. While hybrid works (because skeletons can do all the work) its not that great.

>more active role

You need to curse shit, move around, use teleport on swap to position army, cast CE when appropriate, its not fucking passive.

054ce5  No.15965032


>"its not fucking passive."

I meant it like being more than a commander, which I concede, it's a very active and fun task.

>"use teleport on swap to position army"

>tfw played Diablo 2 for more than 10 years and never got a "Jah" or "Ber" rune to make an enigma for my bone necro

Why did you have to put salt on old wounds, anon?

76aacd  No.15965114

File: 452cf9c8e74719d⋯.jpg (112.73 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Game 2019-01-07 23-58-09-7….jpg)

File: 8b0ea7ef1a50675⋯.jpg (111.99 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Game 2019-01-07 23-58-12-7….jpg)

File: 61a8cf0ccd4e4a9⋯.jpg (113.17 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Game 2019-01-07 23-58-20-8….jpg)


>Javelin Amazons (Javazons) are fairly good since they can handle packs well and still kill bosses decently fast. You'll still need to get yourself good gear. No way around it

I have no idea what the fuck am I doing or where I'm supposed to get better gear.

This is what I put together, the javelin is the hammer quest enchantment reward, the other two I bought.

Everything usually dies in 1 or 2 hits, but any prolonged combat, especially against mages is bound to get me killed.

I'm close to the end of chapter 2 and I already died once in one of the fake tombs but could thankfully recover my corpse with ease.

e1e74d  No.15965234


Vendor sells teleport wands, I am 90% sure.

054ce5  No.15965347

File: 52dbf45af8d0ab9⋯.jpg (480.19 KB, 800x800, 1:1, -5574642961732734332.jpg)


A little further into the game enemies will start dropping Amazon-exclusive spears and javelins that give skill bonuses, and your damage output will be a little better as a result.

If you want a little hint Once you have a TAL and an ETH rune, put them in that same order into a body armor with two sockets

76aacd  No.15965511

File: c99f2f49a87b28f⋯.jpg (44.97 KB, 670x503, 670:503, c99f2f49a87b28f729b6a9bca5….jpg)


Works like a charm.

I'll look forward to javelins dropping in the next chapter.

128f05  No.15965547


gateway editor

364594  No.15965597

File: 702241925b025c0⋯.jpg (19.12 KB, 464x342, 232:171, nosoi psychopomp.jpg)


This is really good. It took a little fiddling to make the game full screen from the ant window it comes with, but it runs great and has really good quality of life changes. I'm just starting in Act 1 on the blood raven quest, but so far I have no complaints and only compliments to pay to it. Very good suggestion anon.

364594  No.15965607


Actually, I do have to amend this statement, I have one complaint, and that's the drop rate of blues/yellows is way too high compared to D2 vanilla. I've already obtained several, more than a few from standard minions, whereas in old D2 I had been able to go miles without seeing blues or yellows drop unless they were powered minions.

64c208  No.15972919


It's really hard to keep a nice balance regarding loot. I dropped a lot of mods I've played once I felt the game was handing me unique/rare/set items like it was nothing.

54cc3c  No.15980291

Apparently there's a new version of medianXl coming out soon. It's great fun if you've played diablo 2 to death.

1fd1e7  No.15980717


>How to play diablo 2 today?

Same way you played it before. Run around spamming the same move mindlessly and collecting your lootboxes.

fe6d01  No.15980794

>clicking simulator 2

>implying clicking simulator was ever good

e624d6  No.15980807

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Holy shit something actually came of all that hubbub like six months back about them finally cracking the game open properly.

5f9071  No.15983260


I get a copy of the full LoD game+ and building a Necromancer. Don't know if this can multi-player without battle.net shit. Also, playing on Linux Feels nice

1df20f  No.15983456

File: 496833a468904e8⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 640x361, 640:361, necromancer hits level 6.gif)


>bone spear hordes of demons

>bone spirit any faggot that thinks hes gonna join my game, flip pvp on, and try to ruin my game

>if someone acts like a cunt in a baal run i can bone prison the portal leaving all the loot for me

>physical immunity with bone armor

unfortunately bonemancer damage is pretty pathetic end game so you end up relying on corpse explosion to do anything

364594  No.15983754


boy i sure wish lord of the skeletons necromancer was viable. It took me like, ten tries (running back to early acts and raising skellies there) to finally take down Diablo on normal as skeletal lord necromancer because I had no golem.

7f0697  No.15984144

is /v/.net still up?

ef532a  No.15988497


>"…unfortunately bonemancer damage is pretty pathetic end game so you end up relying on corpse explosion to do anything" Fortunately you can just cast confusion/attract with a couple of bone walls and you can start making your first corpse for exploding with ease. Fortunately some mid-tier equipment like a Spirit sword, Lidless Wall, Lore Helmet and Skin of the Vipermagi gets you enough +skills and Faster Cast Rate to make it through Hell. Bonemancers and Trap/Kick Hybrid assassins are the most fun classes I've played.

43d5be  No.15995520


Wait, so runes in Diablo 2 work like spells words in Treasure of the Rudras?

ecbab1  No.15995540


you can just hamachi with a bunch of peeps no problem


>cast bone prison on faggot zealer

>declare hostility

>cast iron maiden

>laugh maniacally as the brainlet one-shots himself by whacking on my bone walls

dbc5e6  No.15996338


dont even bother

animations are a complete joke once you start attacking 5-8 times per second

279de6  No.15996414


And gacha is simply a form of operant conditioning, which has been incorporated into game design for over three decades and is a driving force in the dopamine release that tells your brain that a game you're playing is fun.

Nothing wrong with grinding as long as you play video games in moderation and there aren't any microtransactions.

128f05  No.15997721


Aye, scroll up. If it's not up let me know and I'll restart it.

762888  No.16006038

Anyone got experience with the Diablo 1 mod Belzebub? Adds support for high resolutions and quality of life stuff like stash size increase and puts in quests that were supposed to be in the original game but were scrapped.

But it also changes the balance a lot, adds items and 2 new characters (assassin and barbarian).

I'm struggling to enjoy it, just feels very poorly balanced along some other stuff which may just be Diablo 1.

>Rares/magic/bosses are damage sponges that shit out damage, they're pretty common and they drop shit despite the tough fights (a bit of gold and a magic item mostly)

>Good loot is very sparse, using a lvl 6 magic shortbow with 74% damage increase and 16% knockback at lvl 20 and haven't found anything better

>My armor is almost exclusively rare quality and has pretty good stats but the highest is my chest at lvl 9 with others being lvl ~5. Not found competetive replacements

>Skills don't feel worth using, barely any damage increase and forces me to chug mana potions

The difficulty didn't really shit itself until level 8 or so of catacombs where I died 7 times to the same pack. 4 or 5 Possessed Skeleton Knights and a rare boss version of those poison spitter with haste. The knights also had cold damage to slow/stun me.

Ran into some rooms with ~10 of those poison spitters of the magic variety along a boss twice now that just spam the entire screen full of projectiles.

Currently trying to kill the Smith at lvl 10, it has haste and damage increase modifiers, runs faster than me, mini stunlocks me with a single attack making him land ~3+ hits before I can get away dealing (I have 70% recovery) ~20-30 damage per hit (I have ~125 HP) and I am unable to land even a single shot from my bow without him catching up and attacking.

I have 36 strength, 90 dexterity and 40 vitality right now I believe.

65a9fb  No.16006384

File: 3b95261b828fb60⋯.jpg (146.89 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, 148221739516513799.jpg)

Hey faggits Path of Diablo ladder reset is tomorrow 18Jan.

So its the best time to start playing it. Post your faggit character names, accs, server region etc, so we can meme together or at least trade our shitty items.

89a0e3  No.16006462


It has its own servers and shit, which D2SE doesn't manage, so it's easier to just use their launcher and use D2SE for other mods. D2 wasn't exactly designed for mods. PoD is actually enjoyable from what I did play of it though.

84c637  No.16010289

>Median-XL site goes down right on new version's release

Hot damn there must have been a lot of people excited for it.

703dcc  No.16012218


>Dropped D2SE compatibility because of the new engine

Fucking shit, setting up mods on Linux with WINE games is a pain in the ass.

e17ac4  No.16012695

Is anyone playing Sigma? I can't even get into the game, just get an unhandled exception error each time I press Play

3f05af  No.16012745

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Be me building up a pure spear Amazon for weeks

>Already in Hell Mode and got stuck with a Demon's Arch that I got by hunting on the Crypt

>Been killing monsters left, right and bloody center in hopes to get War Traveler, Ravenfrost, Cat's Eye, 2 Ist Runes, a Ber Rune and a Vex rune

>Then one night, something unique dropped, it's the Kira's Guardian


6add60  No.16013577


What new engine? Did they write a new game engine for Diablo II (where is the source code dammit?) or is it just a mod that's so large that they call it a new engine even though it's just a mod?

525ec6  No.16013729


Works on my machine.


It's just a mod. The changes are a mixed bag.

>internal resolution raised and locked to 1024x768, monster AI changed to match

>new UI which is mostly just ugly, has some better functionality while somehow losing basic things present in LoD

>many serious bugs fixed like integer rollover and projectile ghosting

>no death penalty (besides hardcore), need to wait at least 5 seconds before respawn

>TP is an inherent skill

>items auto-identify, Cain is totally fucking useless

b666fb  No.16014218

File: 79552c5c40204d6⋯.png (83.91 KB, 395x387, 395:387, 1388533451049.png)

If you're modding D2, how about a mod that adds D1 enemies into the game?

Or how about more fucking waypoints in Act IV. That would be nice.

149a42  No.16014252


are you sure about that? theres more to it that damage

theres also having your skeletons not die to the act bosses

149a42  No.16014261



oh, and also, mastery makes your mages stronger too, not just the melee skeletons

in fact, putting points into mastery makes your mages stronger per mage twice as fast as putting points into mages after the first one does

149a42  No.16014289


poisoned enemies don't regen, and that poison can last for upwards of 5 minutes at not-that-high levels; it has its uses, especially for enemies that were already physical immune and are part of a stoneskin pack

b666fb  No.16017715


Yeah, but I'm talking about a standalone mod for that.

fd2031  No.16017763


Holy shit sigma is out already? I'm hyped up and I haven't even read up on it.

I miss crafting in median… Honorifics, shrining, and breaking gear down and rebuilding it with rare modifications.

25f894  No.16017777


>You know, these deal one damage per minute?

Is that real??? What the fuck

9347d8  No.16017792


I seem to remember being able to use blood golem + iron maiden to become unstoppable but that was removed in a patch.

1f122d  No.16017801

File: 878409f78ac195f⋯.jpg (80.87 KB, 563x322, 563:322, s3.jpg)

30fb4e  No.16025471


>the only genuinely hard parts are the parts where enemies have piercing ranged attacks, such as will-o-wisps and guest monster ranged spearcats

And Duriel, who seems designed from the ground up to fuck skellymancers.

03cbea  No.16025492

so whats the goal when it comes to multiplayer for diablo 2 anyway?

Do people just speed run to a boss for loot?

Is loot improved when you play online? Does playing online while running solo improve loot also?

c19f01  No.16026233

File: 2f5dbd6de0ab154⋯.jpeg (428.44 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 58e24d196798bcd4f68e7562a….jpeg)

Whoever wants to play median XL as summoner, dont.

AOE on bosses instantly kill most of them, you have to summon 30+ minions while you cant even summon more than few at a time with your mana. Some of them use more than half of your mana so you have to spend 30 seconds every time you start a game or when minions die to resummon them. And while their damage is okay but only if minions decide to hit your target and since 29/30 of them are melee most will just wander around. And you have to buff them all the time.


Uber diablo is server only and there are a couple of server only runewords.

>what is the goal

Playing the game with someone.

0de9ec  No.16026241


You need minion health mystic orb'd onto EVERYTHING. Summoner can work very well but requires extensive crafting.

c19f01  No.16026296


+13 to skills and around 300% more life and my minions hp from 8k to 17k. They all die the same from boss aoe unless you jump portal and heal everyone in town every 10 seconds(depends on luck).

Sure its possible to progress if you want to spend 10 seconds in boss room and 30 seconds in town resummoning your shit and that repeat that tens of times.

Or you can play normal class which do not require any of that shit to function.

c937e4  No.16026315

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

RNG things people get overexcited about

>rare lootbox drops

>shiny pokemon

>unique drops in diablo

525ec6  No.16028036

File: 0b327e3d20da328⋯.webm (380.56 KB, 338x258, 169:129, when he gets the royal gu….webm)

8ec801  No.16028699

File: 740c9729d652493⋯.png (3.45 KB, 333x59, 333:59, foreveralone.png)

File: b8e556b8959a0db⋯.png (6.77 KB, 380x46, 190:23, nogaems.png)

ecbab1  No.16030715


6 uniques even from a bugged act boss is pretty astronomically rare though

8ec801  No.16035890

>tfw you will never play Diablo 2 with /v/bros ever again

I'd play on the slashdiablo server if it wasn't for the redditards stupid rule of "No bots or automation" yet they allow maphacks, either allow all cheats or none.

e624d6  No.16036168

File: a0da70af8a5c4bf⋯.jpg (144.77 KB, 848x1224, 106:153, 288a0ae3d32655f0ba9d5e5cf3….jpg)


That's what you get for not using totems.

If you really want to play pure summoner I hear paladin is pretty great now that poison immunity doesn't exist.

33d68e  No.16037357

File: 6e1e6c2a3d628b9⋯.png (77.11 KB, 715x799, 715:799, poz.png)

File: 183727a049ab879⋯.jpg (584.34 KB, 740x740, 1:1, vomit.jpg)

>looking for some shapeshifter builds

>run into some legit looking forum

>most of the users in the thread are furries with 5k messages

What the fug.

09fc15  No.16037366

File: 8b7775ab42c9c51⋯.png (21.59 KB, 127x219, 127:219, 24_years_in_mspaint.png)

Is MedianXL worth it? I dunno if I wanna change my game to something completely different.


Congrats. Now you know how cancerous forums are.

40359f  No.16037485

File: 05ecb8eb1ccd3b7⋯.jpg (95.65 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 20190203.jpg)

Play Diablo2 once with a character-editor. After a few god-modes, tried playing fair with the only modifier being +10 000% magic find. Bosses dropping uniques like crazy. Haha.

501c9f  No.16037501


Why even bother if you're going to cheat that much? You may as well just be watching somebody beat it for you with that little challenge.

e0b051  No.16037502


Kind of like Brutal Doom made many of the trash mechanics put into Nu-Doom.

21db23  No.16037562


I'm glad I left forums and never looked back. Identitarian bullshit is absolute cancer for any community.

40359f  No.16037660

File: 3189ab50edcc49c⋯.jpg (117.25 KB, 1080x899, 1080:899, 20190127.jpg)


I was seeing the difference magic-find makes. You never used a cheat before?

149a42  No.16037707


why look for builds in a game with such simple builds?

just look up the runewords and some unique items, and then look at your skills and use a talent calculator; you'll basically only max out 5 skills, and the 5th one might be only near 20 points

149a42  No.16037709


oh, and you don't have to max out any skills; thats just how I'd like to do it

e1e74d  No.16037725


Synergy is a thing.

33d68e  No.16037756


Because I have no idea what's good, some skills are impossible to appraise by their tooltip, such as Frost Orb or summons. Ontop of that, most skills are either useless or garbage. I wonder if I should just play Median XL, it seems they know how to make classes with more than 5 useful skills.

e1e74d  No.16037801



PS not to mention all the internal mechanics of the game. Lihe how much ias you need to him mim frames for attack or how block works.

554673  No.16041278


>Will I be stuck with the skill points I choose?

No you get one free respec from akara for every difficulty. So 3 in total.

da1cdc  No.16041477

File: 504deb806dbb6ea⋯.png (36.45 KB, 324x161, 324:161, ITS SO GOOD WHY.png)

i hate this game sometimes. This would fit right into my build until I could find something better. But I don't have any runes to reroll it.

33d68e  No.16041532

I've tried Median XL and it lags when I use the shockwave melee skill of the necromancer or druid's spine barrage. Do abilities cause lag in vanilla Diablo 2? I'll try out sorceress and if it lags too I'll have to drop the mod.


>question asked 22 days ago

4c175a  No.16041591


Isnt 10000 magic find bad?

If i remember correctly, too much magic find is a bad thing

e1e74d  No.16041641


Try configuring glide. You are using win10? If so than its your own fault. Otherwise there are myriad of possible reasons for that and often fix is "just wait and hope it unfucks itself".

40359f  No.16041718


doesn't help you in combat now but let's you find that vital piece of equipment easier..

e1e74d  No.16041737


Its bad only if you understand how it works.


>finding that vital part of equipment

Sure, whatever makes you feel better.

33d68e  No.16041776


Win7 and Glide is configured, I think they fucked up something when coding those abilities. Sorceress' ice and poison spells don't lag so far, so I'll play that, I guess.

280312  No.16041996


Median XL is trash, as are most mods. Diablo 2 is already a damn near perfect game, the only real mods you should use are minor fixes like PlugY to add Ladder content to singleplayer (I actually moderately disagree with PlugY's storage space enhancements since it removes a lot of decision making on what to keep and what to sell but I guess I can forgive it on the basis of singleplayer having no trading). If you install some faggot modder's idea of how the game ought to be it's just about guaranteed their vision is far inferior to Blizzard North's.

e1e74d  No.16042042


Maybe you have something running in background. I had 2 fps in cnc2 because I had flash player in browser.


Too bad David Bravik thinks its really impressive and he dislikes a lot of regular diablo 2 and median xl is the 1st diablo2 mod he ever played(even if its only a little).

>descision making

>am I lazy enough to drop this good shit or will I log in into a mule

The only game with better decisions is mass effect andromeda.

280312  No.16042060


Too bad that doesn't affect it being a garbage mod that severely detracts from Diablo 2's quality. Brevik himself turned into a reddit-posting bearded numale in later years so it's no surprise he'd like a mod that shits all over his own work.

e1e74d  No.16042082


>opinion of game creator is irrelevant anyway


68ec5d  No.16043173


He's probably just being nice.

33d68e  No.16045112


You're right, it was because of the browser.


>their vision is far inferior to Blizzard North's

Fanboy or nostalgiatard?

>higher res

>new side and end content

Prevents burnout.

>more than 5 useful skills per class

Vanilla sorceress has 1 good frost spell, 1,5 good lightning spells, 2 good fire spells, that's 3 viable builds (I+F, F+L, L+I). Median XL sorceress has 5 fire, lightning, ice, poison, magic, melee, and unlockable/specialisation skills. There are about 8 viable tree combinations and several times more builds depending on which skills in the trees you focus on, because all of them are good.

b184a9  No.16053667


Restart the server

I'd rather bot in a dead server than to play on a plebbit server

1fdf03  No.16053881


>so you don't have to do a billion baal runs to get gear

but that's what diablo 2 is

149a42  No.16053897


what about the part before you do a billion baal runs?

c7c61e  No.16061052



you also do a lot of Pindleskin, Lower Kurast, Area 85, Mephisto and Travincal runs

e15b79  No.16066499

diablos are horrible garbage, back then and totally today. play dungeon siege 3 nigger, much more enjoyable

08ba03  No.16073578


What a waste of good dubs

d0eb7c  No.16074087

File: 967e166adf98b04⋯.jpg (83.2 KB, 604x550, 302:275, 967e166adf98b04cd9e25066fc….jpg)


Pretty sure meth runs are useless. Loot calc is misleading. And you forget hellforge trains.

0de9ec  No.16074227


Meph runs are fine until you get better gear. Unless you are a hammerdin.

ff4597  No.16074232

ecbab1  No.16078228


>meth runs


yea if you're a massive faggot that puts on 500 mf and gets OHKO'd by the council pack you fucking retard

ecbab1  No.16078235


get a naj's on swap on any char and reset till u get a sub-10 tp doh2 map

get a gull or alibaba to swap in inventory

congrats you just made meph a fucking breeze

11da76  No.16086494


eastern sun is pretty amazing. If you want d2 but don't want to play a Diffrent strain like median xl its breddy fun.

Eastern sun feels like a remix but still d2 while median xl feels like a remix but a diffrent style of arpg.

fa5a79  No.16086582


steve bannon laundered a lot of Russian money there

8294e7  No.16087123

Hope you goys don't mind if I discuss Grim Dawn here. Grew up on D2 and enjoy it immensely but I can't get into any of the modern games. They add too much random bullshit for the sake of it. In Grim Dawn I'm picking up 1/3rd of an item which amounts to nothing more than a socket gem. Why the fuck would I find that fun or interesting?

Level design is really linear. It's all hallways and corridors with houses on the side. Does it ever open up or is that it for the entire game? Diablo 3 had the same problem and PoE has the opposite where it's just a complete void with no personality. It's like a MMORPG map from a different angle.

Does the combat ever feel good in modern D2 games? Titan quest felt decent, but I've yet to find another which had the weight you need to compensate for the simple gameplay.

6957cb  No.16087180

File: d6406bdab630935⋯.jpg (82.79 KB, 940x606, 470:303, 20190203.jpg)

File: 3fcd34e8bf2f579⋯.jpg (92.81 KB, 850x590, 85:59, 20190210.jpg)



Diablo2 had superb gameplay… pity there's nothing quite like it today.

b09b7b  No.16087511


The item fragments are overall across the board annoying but later in the game when you start getting good items for socketing and new crafting recipes and consider the value of some of the items in those crafting recipes the item fragments start making sense. It lets you acquire those items a bit more reliably rather than hoping you stumble across a full item dropping. Keeps the rarity but lets progression towards certain items be steadier.


IIRC GD's level design more or less stays that way. There's hidden paths and quests and shit you can discover, and later on you'll enter Rift areas and high level dungeons which are more open.

As for the combat, once you start filling out your divination points and start adding some effects to your skills, then they'll start feeling weightier. GD's somewhat floaty animations and gibs having low grav made the game feel weird for me too

c076af  No.16087549


Never played that game, but if it involves specific runes/whatever being socketed into an item in a specific order to create a unique item, then yes.


That has a full list of runewords, if you want to find them out for your self then don't click on that or just read the first few paragraphs. The important bit is that it only works on unenchanted items, so don't waste your runes in magic armor if you're trying to create a runeword. They're generally the best or close to the best items in the game.

Notably, the high tier runes like Zod are pretty much impossible to get through normal play and can only realistically be obtained through the cube.

7d87e8  No.16087555

Real disappointed to only see one mention of Path of Diablo. It's literally Diablo 2 but better in every way with active devs, an online community and every QoL change you could want.

608a2c  No.16088065

Been playing MedianXl but fuck me I do not remember this many stun lock enemies.

>act 5 normal

>dying over an over to frogs

fuck it I'm doing a ranged character

ceeeff  No.16088190


I really hope you mean Nightmare or Hell Act 5, because theres no reason you should be having trouble at all on Normal. How much defense and resists do you have? If you're melee you should have max resist NO EXCEPTIONS. This isn't vanilla D2 where elemental damage didnt mean anything. Your defense should be AT LEAST 200k by the time you hit Act 5 nm. Also did you know you can upgrade tiers of uniques and even turn non unique items into uniques as well? And now that i think about it, you probably have low resists. Taking high elemental damage will stun you. Thats probably what's killing you. Because there's actually only like 2 or 3 enemies in Act 5 with real stuns. Quit being a pussy and struggle through it, melees have amazing endgame damage and survivability lategame.


Path of Diablo is for fucking casuals who are scared of getting 1 or 2 shotted.

608a2c  No.16088584


Yeah you were right.

2a1acb  No.16088600

diablo 2 is one of the worst games I've played, I will never understand why people like it

287eb9  No.16090535


But does it have titty sambo?

62cca8  No.16090567


Median XL is really good. Levelling is fast and does not feel boring because you got some challenges in between and the endgame uber areas and challenges that require you to adapt are very well made. It blows my mind, the last arpg I played was POE from 2011 to 2016 or so, while the gameplay was good in the beginning it has really degenerated.

b184a9  No.16091660

File: 163b436f60f720d⋯.png (6.6 KB, 1002x95, 1002:95, rip vnet.png)

933964  No.16093097


>Brütal Doom resulted in nu-Doom

That's false, they play nowhere close. Fuck your doomworld lies, you envious kike.

149a42  No.16093109


but then you can't fill your inventory to the brim with charms!

5277e0  No.16111440

File: a81e95731978657⋯.jpg (42.6 KB, 498x888, 83:148, 20190224.jpg)


Yes, I can…

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