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File: a4e67515963a902⋯.png (1.5 MB, 3144x1981, 3144:1981, a4e67515963a902827ab2b8d6c….png)

File: fd029bf58fd7eac⋯.png (54.91 KB, 544x416, 17:13, title.png)

603223  No.15971082

We’re creating a video game in RPG Maker VX Ace together with other anons. Here’s how it works:

We have our own board over at >>>/bizarre/ to act as an archive for changes/resources/discussion. There will always be threads on /v/, but /bizarre/ will serve to host more permanent discussion.

Everyone is taking turns downloading the newest version of the game, making contributions before reuploading it for someone else to work on it. Only one person can actively work on it at a time. This is because if two people make overlapping changes to the database, scripts or switches, they will conflict resulting in one person having to redo all his work. Changes to the map and events can be copy-pasted from one version of a project to another so you’re free to work on new maps and new events if its not your turn and add them to the current version of the game once it is your turn.

It should work like this: OP posts newest version of the map. The first person (Anon #1) to respond to OP stating that he’s going to work on it becomes the active game dev. Once Anon #1 finishes and re-uploads it, the first person to respond to him gets to work on it. So on and so forth. Additionally, whenever you re-upload a new version, reply to the anchor post, it’ll make things a lot easier.

General Rules

>Don’t mess with maps, events or anything else you didn’t make. Although, adding minor stuff like a connection between two areas or fixing bugs and typos is all fine.

>If you’re okay with others editing your stuff, leave a note saying so.

>You’re free to add characters and the like, to the inter-dimensional tavern.

>You’re also free to make changes to game settings, unless its something we’ve agreed upon (we’ll probably do this via a poll)


How do I RPG Maker VX Ace?

>Here’s a good tutorial series if you want to learn how to use it. inb4 jewtube


What about RPG Maker MV?

>We decided in the last thread that we’re using VX Ace. We’re not changing this again. Get it out of your head right now. If you made content in MV you’ll have to back port it to VX Ace. It sucks, but we’re not doing any more engine changes.

Why don't you fucks use version control?

>Like RPG Maker MV, we tried that and the project died. Nobody wanted to learn git. It can't be helped. Plus someone needs a (((premium))) account if we want the project to be private.

Are you guys affiliated with [PUT ANY OTHER /v/ PROJECT HERE]

>No, the group creating this game is not a stable dev group and is only comprised of random anons who get interested in the project enough to start developing is.

Add X to the Game!

>Suggestions are fine, but if you want something added to the game. DO IT YOURSELF. Its not that hard.

What should I add?

>Go nuts, add whatever the hell you like! (However, please keep in mind that if the filesize of this project gets too large it’ll become unruly to work with. So please be somewhat conservative when adding large music or .ogv files.)

Is OP a faggot?


Current version of the game:


RPG Maker VX ACE magnet: This one contains all the DLC


Sprites and stuff: Feel free to steal


You can also steal more shit from the XV Ace steam workshop using this


Archive of Previous Thread:


603223  No.15971094

File: 6f24ab823b9d014⋯.png (554.06 KB, 544x416, 17:13, Gameover.png)

File: c797d8a722f64ec⋯.png (139.69 KB, 544x416, 17:13, Gameover1.png)

File: 05850ea2f70ebb2⋯.png (241.65 KB, 544x416, 17:13, Gameover2.png)

File: 1014a6ab4755388⋯.png (240.61 KB, 544x416, 17:13, Gameover5.png)

File: c82170594a8571c⋯.png (163.2 KB, 544x416, 17:13, Gameover6.png)

Currently I'm working on multiple game over screens. I would love some custom OC's by you guys.

702ffb  No.15971471

>We're back

Great, was waiting for the next thread.

ea2080  No.15971676

File: d684dd5ee3aa8f5⋯.png (138.54 KB, 544x416, 17:13, your dead ass fuck.png)


Here you go. Unfortunately I cannot remember any really good game over screen edits.

9d9c2b  No.15973083

File: dac5e59c04b1c9e⋯.png (66.66 KB, 544x416, 17:13, Game Over1.png)

File: 91c07835653d982⋯.png (34.03 KB, 544x416, 17:13, Game Over2.png)


I made two kind of shitty ones really quick.

9d9c2b  No.15973135

File: f74028712e27b05⋯.jpg (448.21 KB, 893x839, 893:839, retarded gameover idea.jpg)

One more potential idea?

ed2d33  No.15973289

File: 538cf58059363b3⋯.png (106.03 KB, 544x416, 17:13, shamelesschronotriggerripo….png)

738d50  No.15973483


Fucking perfect.

ea2080  No.15973662

File: 4824e28ebc786b0⋯.png (182.57 KB, 544x416, 17:13, Anons_internal_mass_sudoku.png)



Well that was embarrassingly low effort from me, so I made a better version. It turned out a bit too grim for the tone of the game though. Maybe it can be used in some edgelord tier areas. Or stupid meme areas.

I seriously love seeing this project continue. This kind of shit is what internet is for. The tavern with the "Receptionist Whore" and "Data Mining Agent Bartender" still makes me laugh. Shit's Fucking Brilliant.

738d50  No.15973743

File: f054bae1e8eb2cb⋯.png (128.91 KB, 446x324, 223:162, f054bae1e8eb2cbbda79dbf12f….png)

Okay niggers, 10 best locations ranked, best being 1:

1.Retail Town

2.Happy Park

3.Dark Forest

4.Columbineanon's game

5. Shill Farm

6. Moe Village

7. Van Darkholme's Spa

8. CIA loyalty mission if only for the cutscene


10. Regular town

Prove me the fuck wrong.

603223  No.15974166

File: 341c232d7b462f2⋯.jpg (141.62 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 78bc07089fdca3bfff702efc98….jpg)


>1. My areas

>The rest

738d50  No.15974176


I'm similarly happy about this project doing well as I love to see it grow.

603223  No.15974401

File: f7e0ace59dc8a7a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 118.23 KB, 544x416, 17:13, Gameover4.png)



Very nice Anon

603223  No.15974713

File: a7a8ac616a70f06⋯.jpg (98.37 KB, 825x1052, 825:1052, IMG_20181206_191256.jpg)


What? I was joking about how my areas are shit, I wasn't pretending to be Winter-Chan anon.

738d50  No.15974749


Don't worry Anon, I got the joke.

ce099f  No.15975338

In 0.48.5 fixed version of Anon's Bizarre Adventure. The slime enemy in the first floor of the pozzed castle gives a shit-ton of exp for no reason. Leveling everyone in the party from around 7-9 towards level 27. They don't usually give a lot of exp in previous version yet they do here for some reason.

603223  No.15975369


That's my fault. the smile drops shit-tons of exp because I wanted to test the level quotes.

603223  No.15975470

File: 33d5da486339d5d⋯.mp4 (3.11 MB, 544x416, 17:13, 2019-01-10 18-18-31.mp4)

I got it working

738d50  No.15977320


Amazing, and I actually like the fact that you've changed the music in Anon's House, I like Death Grips but it felt a bit unfitting.

daf496  No.15977395


Quick question, I was throwing together a mock Anon's Room theme, can I still submit it?

603223  No.15977399

603223  No.15977505

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No worries Anon, this should cheer you up.

603223  No.15977774

File: 3c704ef65976a84⋯.png (87.8 KB, 249x224, 249:224, Just fuck my game up.png)

What are somethings you guys want to see in the next update besides new content? Bug fixes, edits, stuff like that.

738d50  No.15977814


Please fix the directions that the Puzzle Dungeon man gives you, I was asking for it to be fixed for a long time and they are still wrong, pointing you to the wrong side of the town.

603223  No.15977863

File: 418c0e2f6445934⋯.png (36.76 KB, 522x115, 522:115, Capture.PNG)


Alright, it's finally fixed

738d50  No.15977876



You could also make it more precise saying that you have to count rows from up or down, I don't remember how it was now.

17c6d5  No.15977943

File: ef4872ef8d7a4ec⋯.jpg (23.76 KB, 511x288, 511:288, ef4872ef8d7a4ec0a1acdfa3ce….jpg)


Nice job Anon.

603223  No.15977970


What did Arron mean by this?

738d50  No.15977993


Ah I know what you should do, change the enemy encounters in Water Level to slow fish that either swim around randomly or follow you and you get an encounter if you touch them.

603223  No.15978032


The water level really needs more stuff in-general

17c6d5  No.15979180


There are still a couple of bugs with transfer events in Retail Town.

Specifically, in EV212, the fourth page prevents it from ever triggering. Also, after you nuke Leftypol's base, the event fades out but never back in. The bloody footsteps transfer doesn't go to the right place either.

603223  No.15979268

738d50  No.15982850

File: 580fd1c0fa508fd⋯.jpg (31.93 KB, 400x400, 1:1, iPF_JWuV_400x400.jpg)

File: 923ea42a784f75b⋯.jpg (134.77 KB, 901x1200, 901:1200, CuHtNgEVMAEUyyp.jpg)

Here's a small idea, let's include Randy Cuckford as a boss when the quest of Anon saving Baldman's daughter from the PedoFBI comes, as he turns out to be a pedo.

603223  No.15984951

File: 26bce1c97d92259⋯.png (80.48 KB, 453x500, 453:500, Daryl.png)

So is there currently a definitive direction the story is going too, or are we just going to fuck around and see where it leads?

2a1d7a  No.15984980


I'd prefer if we remained timeless. Randy Bitchford will be forgotten quickly. The last thing I want this game to turn into is the next South Park.

738d50  No.15986015


We'll we have actually established who The villain is.

603223  No.15986507

File: ac7c2183351c997⋯.jpg (203.8 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, redirect.jpg)


Im going to bed

738d50  No.15986551

File: 717a3ccdd07ed0b⋯.gif (499.23 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 717.gif)


Omedetou I don't think that was a good idea anon, it would be better for only the character face and the sprite to change because now you will have to do it for the rest of the game once we make it

603223  No.15986568


I made it so that the portrait will automatically change depending on what Anon has equipped. It's much better than the conditional branch hell of earlier versions.

738d50  No.15986593


Oh! Then that's completely okay then!

cecf63  No.15986598

File: e1d1df82d07397e⋯.png (113.47 KB, 466x345, 466:345, e1d1df82d07397e1329e1685cc….png)

Who are the strongest and most broken party members right now? Never tested this game before and I want to steamroll through everything

603223  No.15986606


**Once I finish adding in Cory, he should be the strongest party member*

603223  No.15986607


Also the games not finish, so don't.

17c6d5  No.15986834

File: 183c880751586c7⋯.webm (1.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, well_congratulations.webm)


Consider me impressed.


Balance is completely fucked at the moment. CIA's pretty solid all around, and you can pull off some real bullshit with Teagan's styles if you use them correctly (e.g. Strong Fireball + Nightmare to deal 80% of the enemy's HP in damage.)

a5d673  No.15989022

Why is there only 1 ladder in Happy Park? Are the other areas still unfinished?

The paladin that you get from the interdimensional tavern doesn't leave when you use the reset party function as well.

I also noticed that some areas like in Librespace before the sword of Noko, where you are introduced to that little war, you can view the scene over and over again when you keep stepping on those same tiles.

50726e  No.15990521

File: bc0d9dc3823e077⋯.png (77.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, nsfleader.png)

Now that I've finished doing the cosmetics, I'm going to finally finish my levels. Big update will come out in a months time hopefully. I want it to have the same level of polish as Retail and Happy Park

2df377  No.15990691

File: ff36a8552b84813⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1919x1010, 19:10, sojuwa.png)

File: 8fe68f8b747d276⋯.png (268.89 KB, 675x516, 225:172, carpenter.png)

Faggyfaggot here. My computer is still in repair so i decided to start working on S4 on my brother's laptop, since S3 was around %75 done. Just writing this to let you know that i'm not actually dropping out of this game and i just threw a tantrum due to stress. Also i have a request from you lot: does anyone have the full Dark Hero Character Pack they can share?


Not finished, obviously. And there's also the fact that i'm too lazy to simply turn the ladder tiles vertical on photoshop.

50726e  No.15990704

File: 9712b7fc15c322f⋯.gif (179.56 KB, 468x479, 468:479, 1470601566092.gif)


I'm glad your still on this painful ride Anon, I actually have a favor to ask you

PUT \f[1] inside Anons fucking message box. dosen't matter where and it doesn't matter if the box already has a actors face in it

738d50  No.15991053

File: 77d6b9aa83419a5⋯.jpg (189.07 KB, 500x378, 250:189, 5e81106901f374845da60e5fc7….jpg)


>He's back

Godspeed you wonderful motherfucker.

738d50  No.15991131

File: d59da12d8c23c54⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Ex6mhwh.jpg)

I have an idea because of retail town which I cannot fucking put into fruition so here it is:

>After a certain time in his training Archer/Skyknigts give Anon a mission to destroy a Goon base with some kind of doomsday weapon or something

>They find a body of a dead goon, with his accountname and password on the way

>Anon decides to use the account to infiltrate the base posing as a goon, Teagan asks if that isn't the same as paying the 10bux at 10bux fence.

>Anon explains that it's only pretending to be retarded so it doesn't count

>They infiltrate the base and Anon has a sanity mechanic where he has to keep his autism in check but with everytime he hears something retarded from a Goon he feels like sperging out.

>The player has to manage Anon's autism by trying not to make him go insane, if he doesn go insane though, the game goes on like normal for the time being but his dialogue… changes a bit.

>He starts being more on edge, doubting himself and actually acting as if he has a mental breakdown, to which his friends are quite concerned

>They meet up with Altanon dressed as Vidya Thief at the end of the base doing his usual evil schtick

>Now here's the interesting part, if the player finished Retailtown this scene will be different depending on the ending, if he picked any other ending than the Gaben ending, Altanon will be alone, if he didn't do Retailtown, they will be discussing the destruction of Retailtown together… if Anon picked the Gaben ending then, things will go different as Gaben is here and recognizes Anon.

>There would be four endings to this location:\

>Normal Ending, Sane, where Anon just destroys the base

>Game Over Normal Ending Insane: where Anon goes insane and because of that dies

>Gaben Ending, Sane, where Anon turns on Gaben and Altanon regretting his decisions, getting this ending blocks you out of the True Ending at the end of thegame though

>Gaben Ending Insane which is the crux of my idea.

>In Gaben Ending Insane Altanon and Gaben start fucking with Anon trying to manipulate him into joining by telling him that he has skills that he can use to get to become the ruler of the world with him

>Altanon would say that he has been wasting his life on video games and that if only he put his abilities to use he could become truly powerful

>He says that he Anon and Gaben are different, and better than everyone else so they deserve much more/

>He says that the only thing he needs to do is to throw away vidya, weebfaggotry and betray his friends.

>Now in the Sane Gaben Ending Anon would tell him to fuck himself, but in Insane Gaben Ending Gaben butts in.

>He says that Anon has a natural drive for power, almost like the chosen people. That he is worthy of being called a honorary hebrew.

>He says that this is no different than what happened at Retailtown… after all, he already betrayed his friends back then because he didn't think they were worthy.

>Gaben asks why does Anon think that his current friends are any better.

>Anon thinks for a bit and then to the shock of his betrayal

>The party crystal breaks and all of Anon's ex-friends have to escape

>This is the start of the Dark Campaign leading to the bad ending

>Silly commentary and memes stop

>Anon goes around grinding on NPCs and finding ways to break or kill his past friends

>He turns back CIA's brainwashing

>Finds the evil Alto version from Uncommon Time who becomes a party member, who helps him break and kill Teagan by using her resentment towards her.

>Alto tells Teagan that she has no right to bitch about Anon's betrayal as Teagan herself "betrayed" Alto, and goes on her "I'm not going to forgive you schtick"

>Fucking nukes Gondola village with nukes taken off of King Ancap's dead body

>Fights the ghost of Pirate-san who tells him that he believed in him

>Generally kills all of the past important characters

>At the end goes insane enough to turn on Altanon and Gaben too

>Murders them

>Proceeds to destyor Interdimensional Tavern, and Librespace, making the universes crash with each other, destroying reality as we know it

>End of the game, Anon is floating in a black void

>He just stands there, the game completely silent for a bit.

>A dialogue box of his last words in the game

>"That was fun, let's do that again."

50726e  No.15991196

File: 616ac2b48c5af63⋯.jpg (59.45 KB, 600x549, 200:183, Ow_the_edgee.jpg)

50726e  No.15991243

File: 59cc5601b80783f⋯.png (248.66 KB, 680x370, 68:37, 59cc5601b80783fdfbabaf9467….png)


Jokeing aside, I actually think this is a great idea. It makes the game sorta-like Undertale which isn't a bad thing. Though I think Alt-Anon can still be the final boss of the route, having him reflect on how he has created a monster.

738d50  No.15991304


That's the whole point.

50726e  No.15991308


Hard to tell with the way your post is formatted but ok

a5d673  No.15992303

Looking at RPG Maker VX's UI, you can't look at all of the spots where a control switch is being used. That's a real pain in the ass if you want to see what events are required and if they happen to be all over the place. The "I Love Ara" flag is a mystery to me, but I also guess that it's probably not being used yet?

738d50  No.15992507


It's used for the Ara event in Winter-chan Land where Anon fucks an Ara, at least I think so. It's a sloppily done location, but Winter-chan Anon was just learning the tools with it and wants to go back to it.

738d50  No.15992510

I personally believe that we need a small bit of dialogue with Teagan after Anon quits Librespace, with him asking what will Teagan do now and her saying that seeing that she's not in a hurry to get back to her own world, she could help him find his video games to learn more about his world.

a5d673  No.15992556

Is it okay to add a new area that one person already finished with? Like if I want to add a new dungeon in the monster girl farm after you complete another event on Mt. Waifu?

Another thing I noticed that some conversation texts seem to auto-scroll/auto-complete too, the TeaganFuta event in GAR village was one of them.

738d50  No.15992618


> Like if I want to add a new dungeon in the monster girl farm after you complete another event on Mt. Waifu?

Just do know that Monster Girl Farm is supposed to contain a way to gain the true ending by using Futureanon's creation whether it exists or not, as long as you leave out a location where you put all the found video games and party members in after finishing the game 100%, then you can make a dungeon there.

>Another thing I noticed that some conversation texts seem to auto-scroll/auto-complete too, the TeaganFuta event in GAR village was one of them.

This is done on purpose for comedic purpose or to signify that a character is speaking something very quickly, autistically ranting or just portraying some sort of emotion.

a5d673  No.15992826


It was a dungeon that when finished will add a new party member And possibly one of the games that Anon will regain after being stolen. Maybe add a good game to the collection.

738d50  No.15992857


As I said, as long as you don't contradict what was established in Monster Girl Farm and leave a place for 100% ending to be activated, I'm okay with this.

738d50  No.15993277


Also could you tease some of the things you are working on?


I think someone put that script in, will have to ask Cityanon about that though Unless you are Cityanon, are you playing through the game?

a5d673  No.15993288


I had to delete the post, I forgot the damn link, here's the whole thing again:

Shill farm seems to glitch out for me after the first cutscene, basically the error states that the game interpreter can't read the Lock_actor message after the cutscene ends. The error message as follows: Script 'Game_Interpreter' line 1409': NoMethodError occured. undefined method 'lock_actor' for #<Game_Interpreter:0xb01f3b4>.

I found this thread when searching for the lock actor issue, the pastebin for this new party system from yanfly did the trick. https://pastebin.com/YQW4znZc

a5d673  No.15993340


No, I'm not Cityanon, I'm playing the game to see how far it has gone and mainly pointing out the errors that crop up. It's been pretty damn fun so far.

I want to make something for the game, so I figured I would make a new dungeon, I need to pick a proper tileset for it though. I might have to do some recoloring for it too. Afterwards then I'll start making it. After the dungeon, then it's the new party member. I have nothing to show for yet.

If a fix for gringlebeard hasn't been made yet, I could make something for that while I work on this update. I noticed that there's 5 slots for the team, 4 active 1 inactive, but I remember another RPG maker game that had up to 8, 4 active 4 inactive, that was Tokyo Tenma. You could check that out for some ideas.

738d50  No.15993402


What was your favourite location so far Anon?

a5d673  No.15993458


The big 3 for me are Pol's Flying Base, Winter-Chan's Town, and Happy Park.

The flying base is massive with all sorts of stuff to look around in, but there doesn't seem to be alot of events to see, I will have to check what I missed for it. The base runway? seems too empty, and I wonder about alot of the tiles I come across were meant to be walls, because I would find myself walking on computers, roofs, and walls. I can let that slide since this part of the project is clearly massive.

Winterchan's Town had a nice variety of events, so it was a nice little hub to check out. There were a few events that seemed incomplete however, like the septic tank was more of a deathtrap than new spots to check out. The 100 Dungeon seems hilariously unbalanced when you go down floors 97 and 1 as the EXP and (you) gain are out the roof, and the monsters are pretty ridiculous. Makes me wonder if that was late-game content. Then there was Shinobu, which seemed to be missing an event where she should have been a party member, but I heard that was planned earlier, but not at this moment.

Happy Park actually looks like a well designed dungeon with fun events and hilarious content. I managed to find the Nigaway 1000 without having to open the game in the editor. It's too bad I can't use Ladders from both sides, that was something extremely annoying to come across often.

And I'll throw in an extra area actually, the Pozzed Forest/Pozzed Fortress maps were actually extremely fun too, very large maps with alot to explore that actually prevent backtracking, but the encounter rate was through the roof, got annoying at times.

Oh! I noticed there's two dimensional pathway maps, The old style one with the hallway, and the new one with all of the weaving paths, was the latter one a map made back in 0.46?

And one note, I expected Anon to sperg out more often in regular town.

If you think I missed out on content in the areas I listed, please let me know, since this game has all sorts of little things lying around.

50726e  No.15993482


What's the worse area you've experienced and why is it Lakeside

738d50  No.15993486


I hope that you know that Happy Park has two floors and that /pol/'s flying base is only a small part of a far larger location called "Retail Town". Pozzed Forest is great, and it's connected to an older game that one of the Anon's made in the first thread you can play it in our game too, and yes you are correct, the pathways changed during development.

846081  No.15993572

File: dc37b8ae6e0a74a⋯.png (270.2 KB, 706x412, 353:206, dc37b8ae6e0a74abe3b16861db….png)

File: 1cc456558e0a4d3⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1916x1040, 479:260, 17578.png)

What the fuck.

Is there some RPG maker related reason for this, or does the guy that "fixed" this map just not know how tilesets work?

oh no he probably fixed other maps

50726e  No.15993581


What's the problem?

846081  No.15993600


All of the door tiles are set to passable, so somebody put empty events next to every door to stop the player from walking on them.

50726e  No.15993607


Alright, got it fixed

a5d673  No.15993756


I got the 2nd floor of Happy park, but I commented earlier how it felt unfinished (2F, not the basement with shadow mark).

I had a feeling that Retail town was the larger location, but I noticed a few things about that area. The strange house seems like a setup but has nothing, retail town after the board skirmish feels relatively empty (I did enjoy the soygon joke.), And I didn't want to comment on the Steam Tower or the Leftypol base since I havent' really gone to those areas. And I have no comment on Texas-Chan's Farm since that felt incomplete too. Maybe Texas-chan will be involved with the monster girl farm outside of the future-anon quest? She's a monster girl after all.

An area I liked in concept was the Librespace. At first I thought it was merely decent, but when I look back to the Amala Network back in SMTIII Nocturne it was actually alot more fun than I thought. The first large one still felt empty; I almost expected more warp trickery with the areas considering how old and fragmented the place was supposed to be like.

As for worst areas, I don't have much for comment, I'm still playing the game and testing things out.

50726e  No.15994611

File: 4f08addcc84da02⋯.mp4 (885.48 KB, 544x416, 17:13, 2019-01-14 18-47-54.mp4)

The new game over screens work pretty well.

50726e  No.15994684


Thanks Arron!

50726e  No.15994794

File: 0356ac806bc6b25⋯.png (449.47 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, cancer.png)

344127  No.15994842

File: acbfa5874d9ff6c⋯.png (387.9 KB, 796x800, 199:200, alakazam.png)

Put Alakazam in the game, please motherfucker, I beg you cuntman please beaner thank you nigger.

50726e  No.15994844

344127  No.15994848

File: 681ae00ae15d42d⋯.png (450 KB, 931x931, 1:1, weezing.png)


Put Weezman in the game, please motherfucker, I beg you cuntman please beaner thank you nigger.

2df377  No.15995868

File: f77ad4ffcfb5860⋯.png (642.99 KB, 661x1721, 661:1721, carpenter family mausoleum.png)

File: f57f52d4bfbc558⋯.png (549.87 KB, 662x883, 662:883, carper carpenter's tomb.png)

File: 181e45bee090dd1⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1278x1079, 1278:1079, mfw.png)

>Launch RPG Maker with the intention of continuing my current map

>At one point get completely engrossed by a stupid idea that popped in my head

>Waste precious time on that

I think i can understand cityanon a little better now.

43e86c  No.15996127

Can you edit the tile graphics in the editor or do you have to use any other paint program to make the changes? If the latter, the tiles can be found in the editor files right?

702ffb  No.15996366


The tile graphics are just image files so you need to edit them externally.

7b1a8b  No.15997495


How deep does the lore go?

a5d673  No.15997744

File: ee80ba975025178⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 11.44 KB, 256x96, 8:3, CustomLava1.png)

Making tiles is alot more difficult than it looks, at least if you want them to look good. I made a small set for custom lava effects and the lava falls look extremely messy, so I think I'll have to worry about that later and start designing the dungeon with some generic tiles first and then remake the stuff from there.

I was going for a monochrome look with a high contrast between white and black. Doing the 'greyscale' method in paint didn't produce the result so I made this by messing around alot in the options.

7b1a8b  No.15997780

>>15997744 (checked)

What's the premise for your dungeon anyway?

a5d673  No.15997812


The premise:

While (or after) Anon is doing his training for Gar Village to get his stand, if he checks back at Monster Girl Farm, he hears a nasty sound that has caused the monsters to retreat back. Checking the wheat field at the south-east corner would reveal a dimensional tear that leads to a dungeon rather unlike Librespace.

The white/black lava was supposed to be "raw magic" in a liquid form. You need a character with magic to interact with it proper to solve the puzzles. I figure gondola would be the main actor here since he was your first magic user in the party. Masao could technically work with the persona class. The issue with Gondola is that he's not supposed to speak right? I was thinking of having him say a word or two, but that's not what he does?

The end reward:

Anon actually gets a console back with a few games, along with a new party member (which I won't reveal yet.) As to say why the dimensional tear occurred: The rancher's determination and Anon's NEETdom caused something to 'call' from another dimension, but it managed to grab 'something special' along the way, distracting it in the pocket dimension until you investigate it.

7b1a8b  No.15998024

I just got 30$ boys! Do you guys need any dlc for the game? I'll get the one Park Anon wants.


Sounds great Anon, Gondola really needs more events.

ed9bd4  No.15998034


>The issue with Gondola is that he's not supposed to speak right

You can have him pantomine some stuff if it's truly necessary.

7b1a8b  No.15998130

File: 8c1038651bca638⋯.jpg (100.76 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ss_ac9d4afd234fdbef3db175d….jpg)

ed2d33  No.15998198



Gondola makes a complex motion that can only mean **"Is there an anime character stronger than Madara Uchiha?

And I'm referring to Rinne Tensei Madara Uchiha with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan doujutsus (with the rikidou paths ability) equipped with his Gunbai and control of the juubi and Gedou Mazou, a complete Susano'o, with Hashirama Senju's DNA implanted in his chest so he can perform Mokuton kekkei genkai and yin-yang release ninjutsu as well as being extremely skilled in taijutsu and bukijutsu."**

No wait, it looks like he's miming towards that lever, maybe he wants you to pull it.

ed2d33  No.15998200


>fucked up the spoiler

end me

7b1a8b  No.15998213


A+ for effort

7b1a8b  No.16000466


a5d673  No.16000838

File: 4ec21638f9b6a21⋯.png (17.6 KB, 512x384, 4:3, CustomLava1.png)

Apparently the tile placement in the image is extremely fucking important when you want to create animated tiles since the engine doesn't know your intention when it's about animated tile placement. The current image I have up there won't work, this one will. Don't mind the small green dot, that's so I can set that color as the transparent and translucent filter.

The falls still look ugly when animated however…

702ffb  No.16001647


I hope you will solve those problems I'm excited to see what you will do with my location. Can you please make a dev tool that will transport me there and activate the correct switches to play it? I'll be honest, I've been replaying this game like 8 times already to find bugs and I want to just check out your update out before Cityanon merges it, so I want to wait before replaying the game all over again to just check out what you did. For my own sanity.

a5d673  No.16001838


I'm kinda tickled pink that you're excited to try this out. This is new to me, so the dungeon will take a good while before I can set things up. Plus, if I were to show it now, I'll have barely anything to show for it. Hell, I just managed to figure out how to change a tile using the ON switches last night leading up to this event. I'll be working with under/over switches next. Do you remember if there were any made for this game? RPG maker VX games can only have up to 5000 control switches at max.

Wait, are you futureanon? If you are, I got some questions I want to ask.

702ffb  No.16001852


If by futureanon you mean Anon who created Monstergirl farm and made all the dialogue there then yes.

a5d673  No.16001871


Oh shit, nice to see you still around!

I want to make a couple of floors in the dungeon and then I'd figure I can share the work to everyone. It's going to look weird without the tileset I had in mind, but I figure will try anyway. I would have had Albert tell you about the tear, but he was scripted to move down to the basement and stay there because of what you had in mind with the final objective. Out of curiousity, how is that basement floor by the way?

702ffb  No.16001931


I never made it because I didn't want to have the sole decision of what was in there as it was supposed to be 100% ending content so it didn't feel right to decide alone. I thought about it being a mecha that harbors the animu power that I've been writing all this cringy lore about

, piloted by all characters being Anon's party members during the game and Anon himself but I left it open so that everyone could chose.

If you want just make Albert stay upstairs with the line "we can go when you're ready" saying that "Anon needs to see this for himself" instead of going down into the basement.

>Oh shit, nice to see you still around!

I created this project I can't just abandon it now

43e86c  No.16001982


Cringy lore is part of the fun, anon. We wouldn't be here making all of this dumb shit if we didn't have the same goal in mind: having fun. Did you have other stuff in mind to add?

If you're cool with me splitting up the script in that manner then I will leave a note saying that I got your permission to do this. I'll work on the first two dungeon maps after I get out of work of course and then I can make the script arrangements.

738d50  No.16002180

File: 1791f2801307c6e⋯.png (64.64 KB, 1222x872, 611:436, AUTISM.png)


True If my ID changed that's because I'm on a different wi-fi network, and I had a lot of fun making Monster Girl Farm so goal accomplished. You have my blessing to do so, just leave a note that I allowed you to as you've said.

As for things I've thought of adding I thought of some additional lore for Monster Girl Farm and The Will to Live that would tie in with Interdimensional Tavern and Librespace but I do not know if it should get into the game. Get ready, it's time for some overcomplicated autism.

>All universes exist on the plane of Librespace which acts as a void in between universes, through which the sources of The Will to Live might travel, hitting different universes and therefore creating life in them,

>The universe of the game, where Anon exists was basically a copy of our own universe hit by a very small amount of The Will to Live that only allowed for the creation of physical life and nothing else, as well as causing the world to be equally as depressing as our own

>This is until the entrance to Librespace is discovered and opened by accident, which starts flooding the world with the said energy

>This allows for different concepts, fictional characters, memes to come to life as if they were always real.

>This gives birth to Anon and Gondolas among others

>This power is used by our weebfaction to bring anime to life.

>It transforms the entire world slowly, as it gives life to more things and creates new locations seemingly out of nowhere, changing the laws of the universe

>This also allows for connection of the Interdimensional Tavern to the world

>Now you might ask, if that's the case how can AltAnon be an alternative version of Anon if he didn't exist before Librespace got in and the Interdimensional Tavern was there always?

>Well there's a simple answer, The creation of Anon created an infinite amount of separate timelines, or separate branches of the same universes that went and became their own universes, pic related.

>Interdimensional Tavern is a place that connects all of the points in Spacetime that have access to Librespace one way or another.

>Research on The Will to Live and it's usage by Weebs has led to creating an independant country on Mt. Waifu called… well Mt. Waifu.

>At the same time, this power is researched by the Jewish Conspiracy including the CIA Glow in the Darks who want to use the power to nefarious purposes, including bringng eldritch abominations that they worship into the world alongside of cucking the world and transforming it into their Jewish paradise of degeneracy

How far into Autismville am I? Obviously we don't have to include that if you don't want to, I'm catious with putting in things that have huge implications on the story of the game, especially that this basically explains the origin of the world.

9993af  No.16002183


I want to play this now.

43e86c  No.16002207


It would be very interesting, but how hard would it be to keep this in the game's scope? Whoever makes content for this game is also adding to the game's lore. Anything that's added is one part of an idea, and with many people it's many ideas conjoined together in a massive.autistic scramble. You could say this game is autism incarnate.

It makes me wonder how it will work with my little dungeon, a pocket dimension that was accidentally created because the one party member grabbed a game console that the thief accidentally dropped it, then ended up playing it out of curiousity, feeding to her own NEET-like ways. I'll spoil one description of this party member: It's a monster girl, but I'm not revealing who or what she is.

7b1a8b  No.16002228

File: 0f46b782ac865d1⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DhhYJPgUYAA-shm.png)


I wonder how Alt-Anon fits into all this. If we're using my autistic idea of Obtuse Real Estate or something better

738d50  No.16002408


I don't see anything conflicting with your ideas but tell me if there is something that you notice.

7b1a8b  No.16002437


Basically, my idea was that Alt-Anon founds a regular old Real Estate company called "Obtuse Real Estate". He than finds out about about interdenominational travel and using his charisma and his understanding of normalfags, is able to build a gigantic multi-dimensional real estate firm. Eventually later-on he finds out about Prime Anon and begins planning autistic escapades with him. Alt also finds out how to manipulate the will to live on such a massive scale that he can basically change anything he wants and starts building a machine that can do that.

738d50  No.16002439


That is completely fine.

43e86c  No.16002555



It seemed pretty confusing when I saw your ideas on the previous thread, but at least I know the premise now.

7b1a8b  No.16002590


What's the most confusing part?

43e86c  No.16002614

This alt anon is supposed to be a counterpart to the prime anon (player) right? The real estate setup sounds like he's from a business board. Why did he start his firm? And doesn't he have his own little dimension that prime anon can visit?

7b1a8b  No.16002619


Alt-Anon is basically a giant normalfag, so starting up a business shouldn't really be a surprised.

43e86c  No.16002646


It would be somewhat amusing to have a super simplistic villain create an unbelievably obtuse plan to ruin another anon's life out of envy. Jealous wouldn't really describe this situation though.

7b1a8b  No.16002654

File: fa351b603b6a420⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1125x1107, 125:123, I have no reason to post t….png)


To be fair, you must have a very high IQ to understand Alt-Anons plan. The context is extremely subtle and without a solid grasp of development threads, most of the characterization goes over peoples heads

738d50  No.16002688


Alt-Anon hates Anon because of all he represents, he represents the person Alt-Anon could have become. He is miserable because he is succesful yet doesn't really enjoy life and has to constantly check his autism in check while PrimeAnon doesn't care, is a living waste of space and is far happier. This tells Alt-Anon that he is actually destined for failure, something he doesn't want to accept, while also trying to force his own version of what "success" is onto everyone else. He is also at first lying to himself , telling himself that he wants to "Help" PrimeAnon by deriving him from vidya until he accepts the truth that he just hates Anon. He also larps as an anime villain while in his "Vidya Thief" persona to vent off. He has the exact same personality and likes as Anon but the difference is that PrimeAnon was so obsessed with success that he forced this normalfag persona onto himself and refuses to see anything in different light that "Success" and "Failure", forgetting how to have fun, or make friends in the process. His bonds with others are shallow because he lies and manipulates to get his way and his alliances are merely alliances of convenience, while Anon's friendships are true because he is completely fucking honest about his feelings, even if he is a dickhead in the process.

738d50  No.16002692


What if his machine actually removed The Will to Live from worlds and people, especially from his employees making them miserable and eventually suicidal?

7b1a8b  No.16002717

File: eec21a270bc53fa⋯.jpg (103.9 KB, 500x494, 250:247, test.jpg)


I think it would make more sense if it tainted the will to live, making it the will to unlive or some shit. Also Monster-Dungeon Anon is absouletly right that we should have a visit to Alt-Anons world, maybe see just how much Alt fucked it with the Paradox Machine

738d50  No.16002729

File: 60765dbda5bc066⋯.jpg (102.71 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, CkMX3RTWsAAsXmt.jpg)

I'm kind of scared of the map limit, what will happen once we run out of space? Do we merge different maps together? Like the interior maps of most villages could be merged to make more space, we would just have to put events that change the music in.

Switches and variables are easy to solve, we would just have to change the unnecessary ones to self-switches, and use other commands to accomplish what we want so that we can free them up. Would take a bit of work, but at the end of the day we would have a lot of new switches to play with.

Also there are script extensions that change the number of switches from 999 to 9999, and besides that we can always use scripts to substitude switches somehow, I'm sure it is possible. The real problem is the maps.

7b1a8b  No.16002737


I think your putting the cart before the horse

738d50  No.16002740


So basically "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it" eh? That's fine with me.

7b1a8b  No.16002743


I can see where you're coming from, its only been a year and we're already at the half-way limit. But it's not really that big of a problem considering you can use scripts to fix it

43e86c  No.16002946


Not so much "The Will To Unlive", but more like the "The Need To Follow" if we were to use Alt-Anon's context. The latter could be used as context for a more specific purpose since it's just a simple command. "Need to follow these rules because that's the road of success, anything else is failure!" It would also work with Teagan since she hated Alto for blindly following her parent's wishes without understanding why or questioning it, that could be a major story point for her.

738d50  No.16002974


That's actually very clever, haven't thought of that.

a5d673  No.16003419

Do backgrounds for maps have to be 800x800 or can they be larger?

7b1a8b  No.16004219

43e86c  No.16006134

Out of curiousity who was responsible for the codec calls? I know there were more planned, but there hasn't been an update with those for a good while. Plus the Quantam Codec hasn't been implemented yet.

4af2b5  No.16006146

This is really autistic but I actually want to see how this turns out

Any idea when there'll be a playable preview of what's come out of this thus far, thanks.

702ffb  No.16006200


But There is already, you can Play The current version of the game right now.

7d1544  No.16006659

File: fe437586b5bea3a⋯.jpg (3.87 MB, 1193x7000, 1193:7000, RPG SETTING.jpg)


Completely unrelated to your current project, but I always wanted something like this to turn into a game. Whether it be the whole modular formula, or a really nice, developed list of choices from this.

970504  No.16006678

File: 891ce29254d88e8⋯.webm (11.29 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Electrocutioner Pence.webm)


Any way of implementing webm related instead of that music?

I think it would be more fitting

43e86c  No.16006733


Create an MP3 and that can be used instead. Don't make it high-quality, the damn audio is what makes up the majority of space on this game.

970504  No.16006778

c292f8  No.16010042

File: a2d4b61eaacbbc9⋯.gif (484.73 KB, 319x234, 319:234, w3hUyFC.gif)

Hey anon I don't wanna seem like that ideafag who suggests completely unrelated shit which will bog the game down in an already shoddy engine, but… what if we added a hentai waifu simulator part? ok if you're not into porn then we can do eugenics Pokemon/Chao breeding, everybody loves a comfy Tamagotchi with little needs. Then a slow stealth portion like Hitman/Thief? Ok fine then how about a fast-paced stealth world where you're an alien infection and have to get laid with 10 waifus while running away from the police Grand Theft Auto+Prince of Persia style.

7b1a8b  No.16010150

File: 6305556806525ed⋯.png (502.42 KB, 500x495, 100:99, 6305556806525ed37b0c3d8e3b….png)

738d50  No.16010200

How are the updates going guys? I know that over three people are working on their content right now.

7b1a8b  No.16010238

File: 67603aa882c1744⋯.png (159.32 KB, 529x413, 529:413, Capture1.PNG)

File: a433eb08eb42546⋯.png (345.15 KB, 542x415, 542:415, Capture.PNG)


It's going alright, Ill post my update after I merge the others

43e86c  No.16010301

I found something fun for those who want to make sideway stairs for their maps.


a5d673  No.16011765

Monster-dungeon anon here, almost done with the first map, had to test the flags and movements before I add the small pocket areas and items.to go along with it. Afterwards I need to make those script changes that were granted to me by futureanon. Now the question is: Should I wait until after I finish the 2nd floor and show the preview, or should I release my work before I start on the 2nd map? Don't expect any enemy encounters yet.

7b1a8b  No.16012832


Post it when you have the second map finished

738d50  No.16014167

Futureanon here, I have a small request to Cityanon, could you please go into the credits and change the instances of "OP" to "Futureanon"? I think that going by OP while I'm no longer OP will be kind of confusing.

7b1a8b  No.16014182

a0b98f  No.16014601

File: 679014a47cfc42f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 135.92 KB, 545x412, 545:412, pastamaking.png)

File: 82ab1c101446a9e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 23.48 KB, 543x415, 543:415, pastamaking 2.png)

File: a8577c289bee076⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 5.71 KB, 542x415, 542:415, pastamaking 3.png)


My computer finally arrived and my dungeon is still safe. I decided to work some more on the stuff i already finished to remember what i was doing. My work schedule is changing every week so i can't give an exact date as to when it'll be finished.

Right now i'm working on a sex scene with the slutty cosplayer, who just happens to be italian. She'll reward you with a carnolleni alla carne if you do it and you'll skip her boss fight, which has another reward. And don't worry. If you have Ara's Eternal Love, Anon will have an inner conflict and automatically fight her.

7b1a8b  No.16014619

File: 54d1acf4539575a⋯.png (39.03 KB, 300x250, 6:5, rLH8gjCpOK-6.png)


>tfw Anon can fuck a cosplayer but not me

738d50  No.16014620


Is the event able to recognize whether you are married to the ara or not?

a0b98f  No.16014628


Yes. Anon will have different dialogue depending on if he has the Wedding Ring or knows Spaghetti Dick.

7b1a8b  No.16014664


Can you still have sex with her if you have the wedding ring?

a5d673  No.16014666

In my copy I'm using control 348 ~ 380 (est.), would that be an issue if I keep using them when I submit my copy?

7b1a8b  No.16014684


What do you think? But it doesn't matter, Ill just merge it with my update

a0b98f  No.16014698

File: 2c00bda557ff0a0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 33.64 KB, 543x413, 543:413, he will also refuse to hel….png)


If you're a cheating bastard. And one more spoiler in pic related.

a5d673  No.16014784


Chad wouldn't give a shit though.

a0b98f  No.16014792


Just wait until it's out nigger, then you'll understand the LORE.

a5d673  No.16016378

File: 98f248e69b23728⋯.png (228.63 KB, 2749x675, 2749:675, ScriptIssue.png)

Okay I need some help here.

I'm trying to do an event transfer switch from one event to another for a cutscene, but it's not setting off. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Here's the two key events.

The lines on the bottom are to set off the cutscene, the t-brick on top is where the cutscene starts.

a5d673  No.16016386



Oh, the switch for the 3rd screen wasn't meant to be activated. I disabled that one, but that still didn't work.

06cd1d  No.16016438


What exactly is happening and not happening anon?

Or rather, what is it you want to happen? Is the third one supposed to happen automatically? Because if so, your problem is that you set the trigger to action button instead of it triggering automatically.

a5d673  No.16016455


What I want to happen:

The idea is to hit any event from the lower event row to set off a cutscene event that starts at the T-square event block.

What is happening:

When I step on the long event row, the fade out starts, but it doesn't set off the events that are in the T-square event block.


Do I have to set all of the cutscene contents into the event row or not?

06cd1d  No.16016507

File: 2828eda813b0c9f⋯.png (64.06 KB, 863x674, 863:674, SetToAutorun.png)


>Do I have to set all of the cutscene contents into the event row or not?

You do not, but again, you have set the event to be triggered when they player walks up to it and hits the action button. NOT to autorun.

You will need to set it to autorun to have it automatically activate.

a5d673  No.16016510


If I set it to autorun what happens is that the event will start the moment I enter the room. I don't want to start it right when I enter the room.

ed2d33  No.16016516


Can you make page 1 of the event empty and page 2 triggered by a switch which is autorun and has your transfer event?

06cd1d  No.16016523


>If I set it to autorun what happens is that the event will start the moment I enter the room.

Then the conditions of the event are already met when you enter the room.

You will need to add a switch or something on the line of events that activates the T-events.

a5d673  No.16016614



Didn't want to make several cutscene triggers, but I did. I got it to work now. Thank you!

190c1b  No.16016623

File: 876f96e0f20341e⋯.mp4 (4.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Soulja-tan's super cool an….mp4)

Originally this video was made for the Nipponese learning thread, but it's been dead for a while, so I thought I'd let you anons enjoy this while you work, Keep up the good work!

a5d673  No.16018116

Monster-dungeon anon here, my PC has been crashing randomly last couple of days. My project is safe, but I'm trying to figure out this error that crops up. The event viewer shows the fatal error being code 40, related to some connection to crash the PC. I searched online for a solution, tried a few, but none of them worked. I wonder if I have to replace my PSU. I'm running win7 on this machine. I can move it to my laptop with no difficulty.

c96804  No.16018125


fuck off already

738d50  No.16018144


Keep it in your pants nigger I don't mind your stuff but you're being off-topic .

738d50  No.16018647

File: 7e3061a32da8c5e⋯.png (248.21 KB, 6121x792, 6121:792, Anon's Bizarre Adventure p….png)

I made a better LORE timeline.

7b1a8b  No.16018731



7b1a8b  No.16018981


Also what are some good ideas for post-game content?

738d50  No.16018987


Let's focus on finishing the game right now.

7b1a8b  No.16018999


Sure, also are you going to do the genocide route mostly?

738d50  No.16019010


For now I can't do jack shit because my laptop is still not back from repairs.

ed2d33  No.16023889

File: 50255ef3562b761⋯.jpg (4.84 KB, 78x250, 39:125, gig.jpg)


>that genocide route

sounds like a good time

a5d673  No.16024701

Last thing we need is influence from dumblrtale.

738d50  No.16025048


Honestly while I was making the Genocide ending idea was that I thought about Soul Nomad having a Demon Path, not Undertale. And also because I watched the ending to Langriser's Chaos Path.

7b1a8b  No.16025141


>Thinking Undertale invented genocide routes

738d50  No.16027447

Are there any tutorials that do not teach me how to use RPG Maker VX Ace but how to git good at mapping and such? Also, can someone post Alto's sprites, I have a couple of ideas I might want to try.

738d50  No.16027459

Okay so I searched around and found those helpful tutorials for anyone that might need them.


7b1a8b  No.16027460

File: aefbdf04026a2f4⋯.png (131.79 KB, 384x192, 2:1, altofaces01.png)

File: 248e2b7c8064874⋯.png (136.36 KB, 384x192, 2:1, altofaces02.png)

File: 913c374ac036eb5⋯.png (142.51 KB, 384x192, 2:1, altofaces03.png)

File: 9e091aad77f3989⋯.png (151.34 KB, 384x192, 2:1, altofaces04.png)

File: fab29a7ea752047⋯.png (108.99 KB, 384x192, 2:1, altofaces05.png)

7b1a8b  No.16027465

File: fb419d878a5b2e7⋯.png (20.8 KB, 384x256, 3:2, alto-chara.png)

File: a6963ef4b741be4⋯.png (13.46 KB, 384x256, 3:2, winteralto-chara.png)

File: aff9491a0b530cc⋯.png (98.65 KB, 384x192, 2:1, winteraltofaces.png)

738d50  No.16027478



Thank you very much Anon.

738d50  No.16027524

I'm going to try and make what I envision as the genocide ending, but now when I'm thinking about it, should I use normal-Alto's facechar for this instead of Winter-Alto's facechars? There are several reasons for that.

>Seeing that in Uncommon Time all the "villains" were facing right and the """"heroes"""" were facing left, I thought that we could revert that rule seeing that both Anon and Teagan are facing right. Seeing as we're going with "Teagan was right and the real hero all along".

>Playing off of that I think it would be more understandable to base Alto's personality more around her supposed heroic mary sue-ish persona under which lays a complete and utter selfish bitch, acting almost sweet towards Anon, so her normal facesprites would work better.

Also, be aware that I'm going to merely try and make this for now, as unfortunately my current situation is like walking on thin ice so the update might not ever come out and someone else will have to do it Which might probably be for the better

a5d673  No.16027639

File: 4e052946e701bb3⋯.png (229.38 KB, 555x451, 555:451, Preview.png)

Got my PSU early, so now I can work on the project on my main PC again. I will give a small preview of the map given. It's the main gimmick of this floor, and there will be hidden items in some of the underpaths, you'll have to look for them yourself though!

17c6d5  No.16027724

File: 04eec45d82fdaf6⋯.png (366.38 KB, 871x955, 871:955, Teagan math.png)


Did we ever decide which Uncommon Time timeline/ending Teagan comes from in this game?

738d50  No.16027750


I thought the idea is that she is probably from the True Ending.

a5d673  No.16027882


I was kind of trying for that blending approach due to the 'secrets' that I placed. I would have to make more tile graphics for the floor if I did that. I really should work on the dungeons than remaking all of the damn graphics on the first floor. Shit, I still have to do make a proper 'entrance' map to the tear.



If it was based off of the true ending, it would seem odd that she wouldn't mention anything as of yet. Then again, I figured those parts weren't written in because there was no group concensus on where and when she reveals this information too.

738d50  No.16028107

File: 8c1d4c2f0af62f8⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 374x374, 1:1, D8CRtMS.jpg)


738d50  No.16028640

File: d5f99bf370f339b⋯.png (272.42 KB, 815x558, 815:558, REEEE.PNG)

File: 230423830adf31a⋯.png (312.97 KB, 486x419, 486:419, 230423830adf31ad04460e1e2f….png)




738d50  No.16028643

File: f545c16390704df⋯.jpg (60.6 KB, 504x470, 252:235, 3a7b09b3daaf031ff8cffadb17….jpg)


>Fucked up the redtext.

738d50  No.16028656

File: 5513cec94cedcb8⋯.png (396.37 KB, 809x619, 809:619, Walkway.PNG)

Does this look servicable?

ed2d33  No.16028717

File: d001a7e03377f99⋯.png (443.04 KB, 1248x725, 1248:725, basedraisedstone.png)


How about this tile?

738d50  No.16028732

File: cd0adb080407ac8⋯.png (430.98 KB, 812x621, 812:621, Detail.PNG)


That might be a good idea but I don't know if what I just did doesn't look better after adding details.

738d50  No.16028766

File: c660ee170682eed⋯.png (328.79 KB, 1046x605, 1046:605, Better.PNG)

Also I was a dumbass for not including the basis of the wall, seeing how better it looks with it.

17c6d5  No.16028856

File: 407286cb3cdbb86⋯.png (290.33 KB, 1046x605, 1046:605, this part.PNG)

>>16028766 (checked)

Have you tried painting floor on this part rather than stairs?

738d50  No.16028895

File: 94758d1c81291ec⋯.png (448.4 KB, 813x624, 271:208, The map so far.PNG)


I think it looks better now. Here is the map so far.

738d50  No.16028936

File: 557ede1bbc99420⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1062x607, 1062:607, event 1.PNG)

File: 0fedcbbc024e10a⋯.png (965.66 KB, 1062x609, 354:203, event 2.PNG)

File: 19fba1c87dc49b2⋯.png (5.23 KB, 203x247, 203:247, 1.PNG)

File: b9ead299c9676e4⋯.png (5.58 KB, 208x240, 13:15, 2.PNG)

So I want the Event I pointed to with the blue arrow to get to the window, dissappear in the window and then reapper again where it was so it seems as if another shiny thing is going there. I want to make it seem as if shiny things or stars were drawn into the windows. What am I doing wrong?

ed2d33  No.16029076


You jump 5 space right so maybe the event is stuck on one of the pillars?

738d50  No.16029097


AAH FUCK, I forgot how jump works

Also does anyone have some webms or vids from Uncommon Time bad ending? It would be nice to remind myself how exactly it went since I skipped the last stream.

17c6d5  No.16031631



Here are the entire streams. You'll have to find the specific parts on your own though.

7b1a8b  No.16033610

File: 7ca5d2ffd59091b⋯.png (70.15 KB, 546x418, 273:209, Capture.PNG)


8aca07  No.16033685


>Langriser's Chaos Path.

I liked the independent route in 2.

1db602  No.16033758

7b1a8b  No.16034019

File: cbf5a0cf47c461f⋯.png (127.45 KB, 354x368, 177:184, shocked.png)

I need some help. If any of you guys wouldn't mind, I need someone to voice these two lines for the game

>Updated my journal

>Quest completed

c3316b  No.16034033


>Silver Tougne

738d50  No.16034957

Qustion to Cityanon how do you change the message displaying after the battle begins?

7b1a8b  No.16034996


What do you mean? Do you want to display a textbox during a battle or after one?

738d50  No.16035007


I mean when the screen goes black the text "Uh oh…" appears, and Oldforest Anon changed it during Moetown fight's to "HEAVEN OR HELL LET'S ROCK" if I remember correctly. Is there a way to change the message to something different for a specific fight? I want it to say "Purification in progress…" during Geno ending's fights as a reference to OFF.

7b1a8b  No.16035039

File: 42d2e0d83e60d05⋯.jpeg (28.08 KB, 480x520, 12:13, yare yare.jpeg)

So I'm going to do something irredeemable Anon's, I'm going to Make Gondola Village much smaller


Hold on Anon, let me see if I can get this certain script to work, and I'll post the results

7b1a8b  No.16035084

File: dc9630320ba4179⋯.mp4 (1.99 MB, 544x416, 17:13, 2019-01-25 06-51-20.mp4)


7b1a8b  No.16035085

738d50  No.16035093


Awesome, you might change that after I finish the Geno ending. Or you might delete the Geno ending entirely and do it yourself if you guys don't like it because I feel like I'm writing the worst fucking thing immaginable

738d50  No.16035095


>Make Gondola Village far smaller

Not all heroes wear capes it seems.

19c5ab  No.16035102

File: 2b7eaecdda7b0ea⋯.png (957.77 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, 54356.png)


>Make Gondola Village much smaller

way ahead of you.

I've just been waiting for you cunts stop sitting on the game for weeks on end before I released it.

7b1a8b  No.16035107

File: fc791539d31999f⋯.png (292.44 KB, 864x1536, 9:16, cf70c3b624a1dbacbbb1562720….png)


>I'm writing the worst fucking thing imaginable

Don't be hard on yourself Anon, I play Genocide routes to do the worst fucking thing imaginable :^)

738d50  No.16035111


You should have uploaded it immediately, Cityanon is on merging duty as he volunteered to merge shit together.

738d50  No.16035113


I know you're being ironic but I meant quality-wise

7b1a8b  No.16035115

File: 0cfa7ad889b5ecd⋯.png (272.36 KB, 655x731, 655:731, Capture.PNG)

File: 685a684d88f1f38⋯.png (83.5 KB, 508x639, 508:639, 685a684d88f1f3871e7772ef72….png)


>Making my 2 hours of work look like shit

738d50  No.16035118


Sorry Cityanon 7b1a8b wins on this one.

7b1a8b  No.16035136

File: e1a71adde594dd8⋯.jpg (32.05 KB, 288x325, 288:325, e1a71adde594dd87bc303b00d4….jpg)


I'm too socially awkward to give you any real "Just bee-leive in yourself" shit, but I can give you one decent nugget of advice. Any good genocide route like Undertale :^) usually makes you feel like complete shit for your actions. I dont know where I was going with this post but always remember this motto when working on Anons Bizarre Adventure, "Atleast Im not the guy who made the yandev torture map"

738d50  No.16035152


>Makes you feel shit for your actions

I'm trying to accomplish that but I don't know how much of it I will be able to convey by just making the ending, I'm not going to spoil how I will try to do that though.

>yandev torture map

Yeah that one is just fucking embarassing.

7b1a8b  No.16035160


Have you worked on anything else besides the Gondola map? Also upload it soon so I can forgot my shitty Gondola map

738d50  No.16035341

Do we have an official sprite for Altanon?

7b1a8b  No.16035363

File: 26177b49d035f20⋯.png (83.32 KB, 384x192, 2:1, Alt-Anon Faces.png)

File: 9bc453d992ed517⋯.png (31.71 KB, 384x192, 2:1, Alt-Anon Faces_2.png)

File: ca45bcd51a2f4cf⋯.png (7.42 KB, 384x256, 3:2, AnonAnonson(Alt-Anon).png)


We kek do

17c6d5  No.16036213

I've got a bug to report. The EMP state is set to remove at "Action End" but prevents all actions so it is never removed.

1db602  No.16037464


Come on anon weren't you supposed to upload it?

7b1a8b  No.16038345


Never Ever


Thank you

19c5ab  No.16038522

File: 70814202beca802⋯.png (6.29 KB, 486x60, 81:10, 632353.png)

File: e80bf61b4b8e2f5⋯.png (847.39 KB, 1854x2048, 927:1024, wurm unlimited.png)

god kill me now

19c5ab  No.16038571

File: 0ee1f1262dbabbf⋯.jpg (37.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, (´・ω・`).jpg)


nigger I needed sleep hours ago

I'm going to lie down and when I fail to post it in 2 hours I'm blaming you

19c5ab  No.16038957

File: e23d1d202a46848⋯.png (251.02 KB, 544x416, 17:13, 38695.png)

File: 84b31f39b10b4b7⋯.png (143.22 KB, 921x768, 307:256, 9b1265a3e2df66a97262250917….png)

7b1a8b  No.16038963


Good night sleepy prince

7b1a8b  No.16040017

File: f91b9247285cd20⋯.jpg (15.65 KB, 427x300, 427:300, 07d.jpg)

Alright, I just finished merging the Gondola map update, what's the ETA for the other updates?

a5d673  No.16040065


Monster-Dungeon anon here, you might see mine either the end of this weekend or a couple days after.

738d50  No.16040140


Future/Genoanon here it'll… take a while.

7b1a8b  No.16040148


How in-depth is the Geno route? Is it like a couple of edits or is it entirely different?

738d50  No.16040234


I'm making only the very end of that route as a possible ending, because I don't believe that I should make the entirety of it.

7b1a8b  No.16044197

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So I have nothing really to show for a bumb, but if you guys want some inspiration here's a pretty fantastic audiobook/album.

738d50  No.16044772

File: e883d0ff858342f⋯.png (17.51 KB, 509x411, 509:411, smoking pepe.png)

I'm trying to make a Genocide-route battle and I have to fuck around with the battle system and will probably release something completely broken when it arrives as I'm shit at making encounters. Should I just tell you guys what I want to do so that someone else can make it and just make the story content? Or should I try anyways so that you guys can try to make some sense out of it?

7b1a8b  No.16044794


Make the encounter and If I have too, I'll fix it.

738d50  No.16045083

File: 9f0fa58b11141a3⋯.gif (152.78 KB, 500x362, 250:181, 9f0fa58b11141a32a946f02e7c….gif)

I have managed to get the main mechanic of the battle working, it feels a bit sloppy and there are no animations to the new skills yet but it works. It will take a shit ton of balancing, fiddling around and improvements to make it not-so akward and balanced but the core idea works.

738d50  No.16045243

When I make my enemies use a skill which only activates a Common Event for effect a message "Failed" appears above their sprite, despite the script working as it should and me getting the desired effect. Anyone know how to fix that?

7b1a8b  No.16045251


I'll fix it later

738d50  No.16045266


Alright, I'll finish the battle then as well as the rest of the location It's just the beginning though so it will take a long while

738d50  No.16045381


Don't be, I don't want to dissapoint.

17c6d5  No.16046405

738d50  No.16046531

So during making the Geno route ending and trying to think of how to actually explain my ideas concerning Alto and the way I write her I came up with an idea that will help me, explain from which ending Teagan is and will allow for a Teagan loyalty mission.

>Tegan is from the ending where WinterAlto destroys the world

>Not knowing what to do after the world was being destroyed and everything that she cared about went to shit, she wanders coming across a dimensional door.

>She opens it and finds herself in another world, this acts as her escape and a chance to just move on

>She also gets a bit lost

>When she's saying that she lost her way home, she is telling the truth… it's just that she isn't really looking for a way back and would rather not talk about it.

>But while WinterAlto is destroying the world, that doesn't mean that RealAlto just disappeared and became WinterAlto

>The truth is that Alto's concious=RealAlto is stuck in the Uncommon Time

>During the events of the game, Anon and Teagan both find the dimensional door back to her world and somehow find out that RealAlto is still alive maybe find some way to pry into DuetWorld so that Teagan can see that everything could have gone so much better and feel bad about it which would act as a motivation for her to try and fix this shit, or at least what can be fixed about it

>Her loyalty mission involves rescuing RealAlto from Uncommon Time and bringing both of them back together which gives you Alto as a party member, her loyalty mission in turn would probably involve fixing her relationship with Teagan and helping her cope with her angst from the story as well as the entire world getting destroyed.

>But in the case of Genocide route, RealAlto is still involved but things go differently.

>GenoAnon is looking for something that will help him defeat Teagan and somehow finds a way to Uncommon Time and RealAlto

>He convinces her that Teagan is to blame for literaly everything and that it was a good thing that the world was destroyed

>They are both quite mentaly unhinged at this moment and it only grows worse from on there.

>They kill Teagan together and set the destruction of the world as their goal.

17c6d5  No.16046793

File: c02ed69a8261998⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 500x500, 1:1, c02ed69a8261998c9299dd7aa9….jpg)


Then just add the tag.


I don't think that fits the LORE of uncommon time correctly. Alto and Winter Alto are not separate entities. Winter alto is a subconscious part of Alto. The only people who will tell you otherwise are Alto apologists. I like where you're going with it though, very brutal.

>final fight with Teagan

>Teagan's incredibly strong, glows in the dark and uses Steel Dragon Breaker

>Anon and Alto barely scrape by

>Alto starts crying

<There's no one who can hurt me now, r-right? Anon?

>He stabs Alto in the back

738d50  No.16046814


I know that they are not separate entities technically, but I was thinking of them as of sides of the same coin that got separated in Uncommon Time and take it in a more literal than symbolic direction by separating them as beings. I wanted to do something similar but different. Spoilers below.

I actually wanted to include Alto in the final scene where she starts becoming actually kind of clingly to Anon after Teagan's death because she sees him as the person who helped her

They are at their last push to destroy the world and fight Tavern Keeper, and Alto is sometimes refering to staying with Anon in the void after they destroy the world, being happy to have nothing to protect or fight for anymore.

Like in the geno ending of Soul Nomad's, just like the main character eats Gig, here Anon starts fucking murdering Alto when they defeat Tavern Keeper

She starts to ask him why, after all of this and how she helped him he is doing this

"Sorry, my party doesn't need a defective hero."

738d50  No.16047702

I have much more fun writing dialogue than I do making battles, though I feel good about doing it. The enemies don't have many abilities yet but have the main mechanics for the fight, although their abilities have no animations yet as I've said. The dialogue for the battle is almost finished though and when I finish the intro battle I'll show a small snipbit of it and take care of the actual mini-dungeon that will serve for the ending. I think I might leave some of the things like actual battle-balancing and animations to Cityanon as I'm simply just not that fucking good at them. That is if Cityanon is wishing to take it upon himself

06cd1d  No.16047754


>Alto and Winter Alto are not separate entities.

Winter Alto and Alto are factually separate entities. Uncommon Time is more like the holodeck from Star Trek than a level from Persona. Winter Alto is a copy of Alto's repressed feelings, but she is exactly that: A copy. A new entity that is separated from its origin. This is why Winter Alto exits Uncommon Time in her white clothing and not the clothes Alto entered in with.

Polite sage for autism.

738d50  No.16048301

File: 0bc59e6e15b1cbd⋯.png (343.12 KB, 540x419, 540:419, Tavern Keeper dialogue 1.PNG)

File: f9657c87016bafd⋯.png (331.68 KB, 540x414, 30:23, Tavern Keeper dialogue 2.PNG)

File: f784469836c7e43⋯.png (30.32 KB, 540x193, 540:193, Tavern Keeper dialogue 3.PNG)

Can someone answer me what the fuck is the problem with this fucking dialogue box? I have a couple like those and they are completely destroying the monologue.

738d50  No.16048396

File: 4c974d8ee4af3a4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.04 MB, 536x3152, 67:394, Geno route battle spoiler.png)

And here is the promised snipbit of the battle dialogue. Don't open it if you don't want to get spoiled on the dialogue.

7a7ad3  No.16048430




8e7fd1  No.16048437


Your text is clipping through the dialogue boxDon't worry about it though, There going to be a new feature to the dialogue once i finished merging it now completely fixes it:^)

738d50  No.16048469


==FUCK== now I have to fix that in every single dialogue box. Thanks for pointing that out to me anon.

738d50  No.16048486

File: 5de383871139da4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1242x1504, 621:752, CWpv1VeVAAIwkZe.png large.png)


>Fucked up redtext

Maybe I'll just go commit sudoku.

738d50  No.16048492


So what you are saying is not to worry about it?

8e7fd1  No.16048509


I'll fix it, dont worry

738d50  No.16052817

How is everyone's update doing? I finished the fight and started working on dungeon's interior but I'm taking a small break from the work.

9c5c73  No.16052994

File: 18df842ff986045⋯.jpg (41.11 KB, 223x286, 223:286, dfa39ba96c96fb55db043b7aa4….jpg)


Don't want to spoil, But lets just say there going be some big changes to the game

b9523e  No.16053084


why not just use the soundbite from planescape?

b9523e  No.16053133



well whatever here you go.

https://mega. nz/#F!KPIRSaDJ!6JDdyPrJ4c1vYqEsjIIQPA

a5d673  No.16053895



The puzzle part of this 2nd floor is being a pain for me, but it's working out. This will take longer than expected. Another thing is writing dialouge. I feel as if I'm not doing the dialouge justice, but I feel like you guys can be the judge of that when I get it released. After this mid release there will be 3 floors: 2 more large floors and then the center that will house all of the major stuff (along with the new character). How this dungeon will tie with the other events, I don't know; I think that's more up to futureanon, altanon, and anyone else who wants to give input to my project.

On a side note: Making new graphics has been time-consuming. I was going to make a new animation for one of Teagan's new skills, but I think I'll put that on hold and concentrate on the dungeon.

738d50  No.16053927


>I feel as if I'm not doing the dialouge justice

Know that feeling, especially when writing geno route I'm incredibly fucking nervous about releasing it when I finish it as I don't think what I wrote is good enough to ascend from being just plain edgy to actually interesting.

9c5c73  No.16053952


I'm going to sound like a huge faggot, but it doesn't matter if its bad Anon, and I'll tell you why. Because of the nature of Anon's Bizarre Adventure, even if the route is bad, people will just laugh it off. If it's decent/good people will like it because now there invested in this route in a shitpost meme game. You can't really go wrong either way.

738d50  No.16053973


That's exactly how I wanted this project to be, still the existence of things like Retail Town make me feel like I need to try more as work of Winter-chan Anon puts my stuff completely to shame.

a5d673  No.16054469


Don't feel bad; the dungeon I'm working on is my first time actually making something with RPG maker at all. This is my first time, period. Being involved with this project is still fun!

0a6571  No.16054821

File: 6b558aa5df4dabd⋯.mp4 (2.97 MB, 544x416, 17:13, 2019-01-29 18-48-19.mp4)

Just finished up a massive overhaul to the Party Room. Now it's much more convenient.

4fb0ca  No.16055284


Well that's helpful, you should get rid of the "error" handling messages.

9993e2  No.16056881


>doesn't know how to use appositives


0a6571  No.16057226

Is the Anon who did the Morrowind trials ever going to finish them?

738d50  No.16057257


To my defense I'm not a native speaker and I fuck it up sometimes despite knowing the rules, I fixed it already.

c075e5  No.16057269

File: af0bba9e54f8fc3⋯.png (95.29 KB, 1137x307, 1137:307, sonic fox repellent.png)

There needs to be an FGC section that involves niggers throwing chairs around and fucking dogs while screaming about how gay they are. Like every attack is called "I'm gay".

7a7ad3  No.16057278

File: ca374d1eaf586b1⋯.jpg (185.14 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, protomagicalgirl.jpg)



c075e5  No.16057284



Nah Anon that is FGC's third form. You have to get past the Meleefag second form before you can face that abomination.

193fd5  No.16057319

File: 3587515af2dedb9⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 300x277, 300:277, 3587515af2dedb98669a602f9b….gif)


>anon's quest to find out who bitch dis is

f0efcf  No.16059787


Got any more to share?

0a6571  No.16059832

File: 70a489ac8e5fdaf⋯.png (285.07 KB, 510x426, 85:71, 70a489ac8e5fdafff7cf806a74….png)


I have Luna Engine

0a6571  No.16060015

File: 2b80ca89d899a5e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 58.06 KB, 536x410, 268:205, Capture.PNG)

Cursed Image

738d50  No.16060021

b77024  No.16060038

0a6571  No.16060039


Imagine playing the genocide route and having that as your cosmetic

f0efcf  No.16060408


Sure, I can use that. Got anything for MV, while I'm thinking of it?

a5d673  No.16063195

I think after I make this dungeon in the farm, I want to work on a town/dungeon that represents the FGC and the tranny corruption that's going on. Just reading some of the offhand shit in the general just screams content for the damn game.

e9b254  No.16063997


Lel, I was going to make an area similar, but except of FGC is was going to be about the /r9k/ HRT controversy

e9b254  No.16066205

Cityanon here, after some thought, I decided to do a scorched earth policy on my maps. Only a couple of the ones that I'm happy with haven't been deleted.

4954b6  No.16067822

Future/Genoanon here, a few things have happened in my life and I have gotten back my new computer, because of this I didn't work on the update for the past couple of days now. I will go back to it the moment when I have a bit of free time.

e9b254  No.16067852


That sucks, how much of it have you finished?

4954b6  No.16067874


Only the fight and I have started making the dungeon, don't worry though, I'm going to come back to making it soon, probably tommorow or the day after tommorow.

e9b254  No.16073008


e9b254  No.16077218

dead thread

17c6d5  No.16080646


Have you made any progress?

e9b254  No.16080681

File: 488c6806e6951d2⋯.png (13.75 KB, 336x330, 56:55, What.png)

It's been a week-and-a-half now Puzzle-Anon, you still working on the update?

3625b5  No.16081278



Really sorry guys, had to solve some problems both in real life and got stuck on trying to make some of the ideas work. But I'm working on the update.

e9b254  No.16081390


Show some screenshots

e9b254  No.16082091

File: c3a03a595edb320⋯.png (238.28 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Uncommon Time Sticker reva….png)

You niggers want a sticker?

ed9bd4  No.16082513


Damn fine work.

e9b254  No.16084408

File: b673a9378a3dc6d⋯.png (52.31 KB, 536x415, 536:415, Capture.PNG)


Thank you

e9b254  No.16087043

File: a4994df30832f38⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.63 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 14c0f5026ab239fd1033478981….jpg)

I hope you guys are excited for my update, It's going to bee great :^)

e9b254  No.16093777

File: 54db5116f295611⋯.png (661.16 KB, 848x900, 212:225, ibp3dxZy2Vys4F.png)

>tfw no new post in two days

b9523e  No.16093880


is ded

nice digits.

e9b254  No.16093917

File: 288c85504e807b8⋯.jpg (15.78 KB, 851x315, 851:315, 288c85504e807b88ee371a9538….jpg)


Anons Bizarre Adventure never ever

e9b254  No.16094222

File: 9b3bf39b10abf46⋯.png (1.43 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 9b3.png)

>It works

You guys better hurry up with the updates because I want to show this off

17c6d5  No.16096891

Edited a script, I thought it would be sound better for the battles in steam tower to have the background music continue rather than switch.



Nice trips.

c66e9a  No.16096903


Post it Anon, I'm still working on it but the progress will become awfuly slow due to exams.

e9b254  No.16097098


It's alright, I think it'll be for the betterment of everyone if I post my update after merging it with the others. My update is without a doubt the biggest one

e9b254  No.16102125


3e498e  No.16106854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm posting this track in case anyone wants to use it, because holy shit does it work well for ambience.

c065ac  No.16108275

how is the ebola RPG coming along? last i checked i played their first playable demo. have there been any more since?

e9b254  No.16108319


I think you got your RPGs confused

c065ac  No.16108323


nope. i havnt kept up with the game's progress in a while and wanted to see if anyone knew if they made any public changes since the first playable demo was released.

e9b254  No.16108342


What do you think the game is about? Also Read the OP

c065ac  No.16108377


learn how to read, retard. if you dont know the answer to the question, dont reply. simple as that.

e9b254  No.16108381


I'm confused anon, the thread is called Anons Bizarre Adventure, why would it have anything to do with Ebola RPG?

c065ac  No.16108394


because i explicitly asked about the ebola game in my post. do you have brain damage? or are you going to be confused again since this thread isnt about your personal battle with overcoming severe brain damage?

e9b254  No.16108408


Why would anyone here know about Ebloa RPG anon? This thread has nothing to do with it and is about developing an entirely different game. Maybe you should make an new thread and ask there.

c065ac  No.16108503


>why would anyone on 8ch/v/ in a thread about a homebrew rpg know about a homebrew game that was made and distributed on 8ch.

kys, newfaggot.

17c6d5  No.16109129


Both of you, calm your autism. Just check


e9b254  No.16109881


That's pretty dumb logic, just make a new thread

e9b254  No.16109936


Did you mean end of this month?

bea96d  No.16110359

File: e996d2f856db53f⋯.png (77.9 KB, 282x300, 47:50, Fib2sWc.png)

I can work on the genocide ending again more, but the only problem I have is that I know exactly what to do but I have problems with giving actual structure to my ideas. I have an idea of what is supposed to happen and even the entire way that the player is supposed to go through the section, but I have a problem with how to implement them correctly as I don't know how to script them correctly and how to pace them in a reasonable manner. I'll try to work on it anyways but I'm thinking about just asking you guys for advice.

e9b254  No.16110372


What are you having trouble with?

bea96d  No.16110406

File: a9094bd5883d499⋯.png (597.05 KB, 1535x877, 1535:877, Bizarre.PNG)


Okay so the problems I have are as follows:

>I have no idea what enemies might inhabit Keeper's Fortress as random encounters.

>I want to script an event where Anon has to bring three different things to that event and no matter what order he brings them in, it will simply accept them and then unlock the way forward after gathering three. The thing is that every thing brought to that event is supposed to have different flavortext after Anon brings it to the event and the possibility of bringing that thing again is supposed to disappear. I'm unsure on how to script that.

>How to make the corridors surrounding the central room more interesting? Pic related, I'm going for a "mansiony" look, with the center room being something that stands out from the rest of the location.

Besides that there are problems with pacing and troubles but I can deal with them myself.

e9b254  No.16110525

File: 2162a410b4eb480⋯.png (80.05 KB, 500x1274, 250:637, event.png)


Is this the sort-of thing you want for your second greentext?

17c6d5  No.16111676



Might I suggest my very own Dimensional Knights? I never actually put them anywhere. Buff them if you like.


Maybe try adding a carpet down the middle and torches on the side or something.

d0bad0  No.16111772

>Months on and the OP pasta is still parroting misinformation about needing to pay for a private git repo

bea96d  No.16111815


The OP needs to be updated, because it's incredibly old.

88ec52  No.16116772

>no seeders

>copy I got last week is in русский

Это будет ухабистая поездка

dd645d  No.16127485

Hey does anyone have the Teagan Codec screens? I can't seem to find them

e9b254  No.16127505

File: b2d5c0cb46d3be6⋯.png (83.02 KB, 640x416, 20:13, Codec(Teagan).png)


Here, made one for you

c7191e  No.16127559


I need it for a video I'm working on

c7191e  No.16127560


Er so thank you*

17c6d5  No.16132750

File: 698bb05c515b54b⋯.jpg (162 KB, 639x737, 639:737, 698bb05c515b54b229ba664606….jpg)




e9b254  No.16132981

File: 086fc274f9cd42e⋯.jpg (725.52 KB, 1080x1776, 45:74, 086fc274f9cd42ea5efecd81d4….jpg)


>Trusting an anon when they say there going to release an update on a certain time

3f2494  No.16146879


e9b254  No.16148486

File: 392d6dbeba7c035⋯.png (23.85 KB, 378x378, 1:1, teaganfaces02.png)


dd645d  No.16151119


Can you give me that picture for teagan?

e9b254  No.16151630

File: 915bf8c68b277d6⋯.png (85.01 KB, 544x416, 17:13, teaganstatus.png)

17c6d5  No.16153593

File: a99c40794027756⋯.png (41.06 KB, 132x287, 132:287, teagan-battler.png)


Smaller but full

e9b254  No.16170976

File: 673614e35316396⋯.png (228.55 KB, 428x565, 428:565, 673614e353163961c0a9966e26….png)


03cb4a  No.16176828

File: 5984bf30dc28b29⋯.jpg (88.45 KB, 480x604, 120:151, 27591c848b7ea2c16c823a572e….jpg)

So I guess it's safe to assume that our videogames have been stolen?

e9b254  No.16179185


never ever

17c6d5  No.16182142

File: e5c62a060663545⋯.png (37.22 KB, 370x440, 37:44, SAKI HATES IT.png)


If you don't post before march, we're going to assume you're dead.

baacb6  No.16182686

File: 4b160d29b402ec9⋯.jpg (476.78 KB, 1043x1043, 1:1, 4b160d29b402ec9d03dfc9573f….jpg)


I'm so fucking sorry, I had fallen out of university and everytime I started up RPG Maker VX Ace to work on the project, I was just looking at it like a fucking retard not having an idea on how to continue from where I left off, I know perfectly well what I want to do with the project but I have no fucking idea how to actually write it so it doesn't suck dick so I've been putting off writing about it because I though that "I will definitely work on it tommorow and have an update to show for it" but between my lack of inspiration and the fact that I've just fallen out of uni, that just never happened.

3f2494  No.16182739

File: d8291d42f2b700a⋯.jpg (115.41 KB, 488x506, 244:253, 516e318c6584b026e5cfbe70b9….jpg)


>fallen out of university

Does that mean you dropped out, or are failing or something else?

baacb6  No.16182765


I dropped out as I failed the last exams, I'm not a native english speaker so I fucked up the wording

e801a2  No.16182891

File: 5eddc1908e45bdb⋯.jpg (284.8 KB, 1024x516, 256:129, Wesker.jpg)


>Failing Uni

Well that's a fucking life-ruining bummer. But you know what will cheer you up Anon, Playing video games

73580e  No.16182942

Will I get a computer virus if I download this?

73580e  No.16182990


Why do you think you failed your last exams? If it's because of something like not having studied enough, I think you should figure out how to get past your procrastination problems and then give it another shot. Edit: Thanks for the upvotes kind strangers.

baacb6  No.16183070


Mostly because I actually fucking hated the subject I was learning and I only went to this course because I was pressured by family into going to uni when I didn't get into my prefered course. This forced me to learn Arabic and struggle as the very act of learning this god-forsaken language started to become unbearable not because of any /pol/-related reason, it's just an awful language.

Sage for blogposting.

73580e  No.16183661


There's nothing wrong with thinking that, personally the only foreign languages that don't sound harsh on my ears are the romance languages, but I'd still never take a course on them because I know I'm shit at everything that isn't STEM. You already know English which is the only language you'd ever need economically, so I've got to ask, what kind of university are you going to? In my five years of undergrad, I never had to take any courses unrelated to my field, even a student with low grades should still be able to take the courses they want as long as they've passed their prerequisites. Maybe there's a way you can finish your program (or major or whatever) without having to take courses you know you'll do bad in? Sage because I'm already posting like a Redditor trying to make some easy karma as it is.

17c6d5  No.16187922

File: 5cfdb1079eb023d⋯.jpg (62 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 5cfdb1079eb023dcb6c7a420b8….jpg)



No worries, just upload what you have if you're not feeling up to it.

As far as school, I'm not really the person to ask but if you're just doing it because your parents said you should, you'd have been better off getting a job. See lifemathmoney.com/evaluating-a-college-degree-and-student-loans-and-when-you-should-take-them/. Water under the bridge now I guess.


Don't be retarded.

d04e46  No.16189974

File: fdb41d1884d7d0d⋯.jpg (585.65 KB, 1493x1500, 1493:1500, moon man.jpg)

please put him in the game

139003  No.16190857

File: f075a0df37e2a86⋯.mp4 (12.8 MB, 854x480, 427:240, I_am_a_Woman_and_I_Will_NO….mp4)


Didn't someone make a sprite version of that guy?


da4ebf  No.16204122

Final bump so we can do something with the news that the most recent anon is dropping out of uni and can't effectively work on the game anymore.

If anyone else has something he wants to work on, now's the time.

e801a2  No.16204900

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