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File: 8eaecce4b2d82f8⋯.png (3.26 MB, 2500x2250, 10:9, ClemBadaasposter_ladyversi….png)

094bfa  No.15985814

Lotus says when it comes to picking sides in the warframe war, ( *in terms of lore-politics* if you care to get into that . . .) Ponder for a moment that the fact that the Grineer have produced the persona of 'Clem' , and what has the Corpus ? nothing. infact take that for a consideration for a moment if you will when it comes to the characteristics of the factions in the solarsystem's dynamics of how they operate, also that the Grineer were in the far flung past known to be the 'builder's' while the Corpus seem preoccupied with 'profits' as one might come to learn. Should you care? up to you. but now you know.

2b3da8  No.15987686

I recently got back into the game and I want to say that the operator kids are an awful idea.

fa4a13  No.15987734

The game was so devoid of any kind of grind that it made me uninstall it in three weeks.

Overall: Would never install again / 10

a570b7  No.15987738


I came back after the last mission I did was to get Inaros and now everything is just so confusing. What the fuck do I do and what is this open world bullshit?

04bca0  No.15991865

File: 6780b2327331300⋯.png (693.82 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

So in the past days they decided to make the Orb Mother immune to armor reduction because people were not playing the game as Steve wanted them to play… again.

fb15ab  No.15991885

File: 522101e76632652⋯.png (78.73 KB, 400x400, 1:1, fox react.png)


>and what has the Corpus ? nothing

>he knows not of the prodman

bf1231  No.15991984

File: d30f7aec3c444be⋯.png (796.78 KB, 986x1683, 58:99, vivetm9p74721.png)

>The prophet of profit


28a65e  No.15992191

File: 8db977388dfcffc⋯.png (58.46 KB, 295x328, 295:328, help out.PNG)


The greneer were vatgrown slaves while the corpus are the descendents of spess smugglers and pirates that survived the war.

Clem is pickle rick tier corporate meme and youre a huge faggot if you like it.

69c616  No.15992309


I really do hate when creators validate their retarded fans' jokes and memes. Fan shit should stay in the hands of fans, for everyone's own good.

Also salt dump because /v/ is the only place I can talk about Warframe:

>have an Axi O1 relic drop into my lap, finally have a chance to finish Oberon Prime

>rad it up, join survival fissure mission

>load in

>10 seconds until the 5 minutes mark


>relics pop

>out pops an Oberon Prime System from someone else

>"first try lol"

>mission ends

>I am left with nothing

>run my relic in another mission

>get common trash

My luck has been horrible since then. It's like I'm cursed now.

5de754  No.15992332

Is this game good yet?

28a65e  No.15992348


No, its still grindan gaem and they still manipulate droprates to be higher than usual after significant updates to lure in new players.

e5719a  No.15992408

My account was banned when I stopped playing for a few months and I've waited over a week for them to look at the damn ticket. Don't know why I bothered.

04bca0  No.15992429

Of all syndicate weapons so far I don't quite get this, the AoE effects never killed anyone, but now with Telos Boltor it is actually killing a lot, why? isn't it all 1000 elemental damage and that's it?

8fdc81  No.15992509


Well kill or not depends on the element/enemy resistance. The syndi gimmicks arent interesting for their dmg but the proc, if at all. The only syndi weapon youll keep anyways are the Sancti Castanas and the Rakta dagger.

04bca0  No.15992552


Still, why is the Telos effect killing enemies when all the others aren't? and I am talking mid level enemies at least, not just low level.

8fdc81  No.15992601


"Truth" is Gas dmg which, on proc, delivers 450% of the base dmg (1000) as toxin

e98017  No.15992649


Vaykor hek is also good

04bca0  No.15992706


That would explain that.

4c2a98  No.15992783


What makes Clem special anyway ?

ce2716  No.15992815


Everyone agrees.


>What the fuck do I do

Don't even know where to begin.

>what is this open world bullshit?



Me and a buddy duo her pretty easily with Oberon and Chroma. However it'd be nice to give people more options rather than being severely autistic. I just don't understand why they keep being like this.


I'm not sure I understand. Did your computer shit the bed or something? Why couldn't you take the Systems?

e98017  No.15992828


He joined a few seconds before the relics popped, he didnt have the reactant.

69c616  No.15992862


Clem was just a player meme that was made into a real thing, same as John Prodman.


What >>15992828 said. I had no time at all to grab 10 reactant so I could get them. I had at most 15 seconds in-game before the 5 minute mark.

>I just don't understand why they keep being like this.

Game designers can be massive control freaks for some reason. They don't want you to do it your way, they want you to do it THEIR way, because it's the RIGHT way, in the fantasyland that exists in their heads.

04bca0  No.15992864


As usual, it is how the dev wants you to play the game, since reducing armor "breaks" the orb mother they decided to screw everyone, apparently you can't just go and speed run a boss.

ff9d6f  No.15992904


The eternal struggle against the unshakeable nature of a player or players to try and do shit in the most efficient way possible. It's fighting the natural flow instead of working with it

8cccf1  No.15992996




you're a fag.

04bca0  No.15993525


When people complain about it some others wonder if DE would rather make Eidolons immune as well instead of going back on their BS.

ce2716  No.15993602



Sorry, forgive my autism.



I just wish I knew what that fantasy land was since I don't think they do either, but act like they're quite sure they do.

Nevermind that people already do speedrun it and had it done within days. Nerving Shattering Impact would barely slow them down. Even my and my friend can do it without SI in under 10 minutes, or faster, consistently and we don't use SI.

ce2716  No.15993620


>All these typos

Fuck me.

04bca0  No.15993689


Yep, but they hate people running hard content with more than 4 specific frames.

0014ba  No.15993753

Is there a good jewtube guide for Orb mothers yet? I haven't seen anything yet. Is it self explanatory?


Then they should make the other frames good. Would that require too much effort?

04bca0  No.15993925


>Then they should make the other frames good. Would that require too much effort?

apparently so, remember how many nerfs came because other people wanted to stop the "kill steal" and shit like that, stuff like self-damage gave rise to stuff like certain frames exploiting it, then they went out of their way to nullify self damage strategies, they nerfed Nova back in the day with molecular prime, then Ember, Hysteria, etc.

ce2716  No.15994023


She shits out a bunch of damage and magnetic procs. You'll also be bombarded by constant enemy spawns. Survivability is important and Arcane Nullifiers if you have them.

Orb Mom's face will literally have a giant glowing indicator of what she's weak too. You should know what each damage type's icon is by now. I bring Rubico Prime for Impact, Radiation, and Cold, Pyrhana Prime for Slash, Corrosive, and Heat, and Redeemer covers Gas, Magnetic, and Blast. If you don't have the element Orb Mom is asking for then you can shoot her with your potato's amp to cycle it, but there's a brief cooldown on this. Each weakness is time or health gated otherwise.

Once her shields are down you have to pull out your Archgun and shoot her legs. I recommend getting behind cover before summoning

since the animation for it is about 5 hours long. Once all four legs are down you can shoot her directly to reduce her health by a quarter or so. I use Imperator Vandal, but Velocitus and I hear Corvas work too. Her armor is Alloy just like the Eidolons so mod your Arch Guns for Radiation and Cold.

After this she'll shoot out four pylons you must destroy. After this is another leg phase so don't put away your Arch Gun yet. once she's taken down again her shields will fully regenerate.

Once taken down again she'll shoot out six pylons. When destroyed she'll regenerate shields once more and give you about 5 minutes to finish her off.

69c616  No.15996856

File: 6dd48781635c85f⋯.png (5.83 KB, 384x384, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Update to the salt: I almost had the same thing happen to me again, but with a Neo relic with Limbo Prime's chassis. Loaded in at the end of an interception mission with only around 30 seconds remaining, but this time everything dropped just enough reactant to pop the relic at the last second, and out popped Limbo's chassis, the last piece I needed for him. And the round after that, I snagged the last piece I needed to finish my Rubico Prime. Unlikely to finish Oberon Prime any time soon but at least I've accomplished that much. I also got a couple of Nova Prime parts and I'm wondering how expensive it'll be to trade for the rest of them when she gets re-vaulted. Probably a fuckload since I'm on the Switch which has a market of pure anarchy so far.

0014ba  No.15999346

New update has fixed Mesa prime's rear, and the fomorian now gives dual stat archgun mods.


Redeemer handle relics and mesa chassis relics are a pain in the arse to get. At least limbo's relics are easy to farm.


Thanks, anon.

I am 0014ba

69c616  No.15999702


>New update has fixed Mesa prime's rear

What kind of "fix" are we talking about?

d87b18  No.15999905

File: 28a0764dd52cc1f⋯.png (35.13 KB, 229x185, 229:185, whatareuangryabout.png)


>operator kids

It would've been fine if they never spoke, and never took the mask off. The Tenno were better off as silent guardians with enigmatic personalities. It's incomprehensible to me why someone with a clearly-defined personality would fuck off to replicate all the strange quirks of each frame, unless all the frames inherently had some personality to them.

But then that brings to question why the flying fuck the Operator exists.

91d74f  No.15999965



Why willingly eat shit?


>But then that brings to question why the flying fuck the Operator exists.

China. Look at the promotional art for warframe from China. Since getting bought by PWE their chinese overlords wanted a more human aspect to the frames. So they stopped being guys in biosuits to flesh puppets controlled by space kids.

d87b18  No.15999981

File: d1eb21eb323729b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.73 KB, 674x733, 674:733, 302175805275.jpg)

File: 100e1cd579d9276⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.82 KB, 526x776, 263:388, w26gm212jk411.jpg)


>Look at the promotional art for warframe from China

Unfucking real.

252aa8  No.16000074


Heh, reverse power rangers.

69c616  No.16000091


Pretty fucking repulsive. China ruins everything as usual.

975082  No.16000123

File: c190aa44bbf43a5⋯.jpg (123.66 KB, 740x740, 1:1, c190aa44bbf43a505b0b6b35b5….jpg)


>it's mass effect andromeda crossover with the hunger games

78a7e4  No.16000218


>What the fuck do I do and what is this open world bullshit?

Do what you usually did minus the open world, it's forgettable, unentertaining and down right autistic. They basically took the dull parts of warframe and then made it ten times worse by adding a fuck off massive world alongside always camoflaged enemies, they're so hard to see for me at least that it's physically painful. Or just use a loki.

c087ff  No.16000334


It is no longer flat.

69c616  No.16000693


Good, I was worried it was going to be "fixed" into something less appealing.

8b22a7  No.16000704

File: 951d5158f617e95⋯.jpg (87.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, best warframe.jpg)

So what are you guys' favorite skin? Just bought this and it looks badass.

153959  No.16000709


>unless all the frames inherently had some personality to them.

The story behind the new excalibur frame is that they are mutated people.

69c616  No.16000710


Which only raises the question of, how are we building them?

153959  No.16000747


The ones we build are clones.

91d74f  No.16001126


It looks like he's wearing a backless dress

a2e101  No.16001138

File: 8b7d1fca6fba644⋯.jpg (364.92 KB, 1196x720, 299:180, Warframe0107.jpg)


This glorious Dragoon.

91d74f  No.16001155




>not zephyr

a2e101  No.16001163


>playing as gril

I bet your operator is a girl too, faget.

022a6a  No.16001210

this thread feels very fabricated. more than usual.

is DE this desperate?

69c616  No.16002495

File: e2182368ac54ece⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 12.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dyx.webm)

I hear Nyx is shit. I'm building her now to give her a try but I'm expecting something subpar that I'll sell off as soon as I hit 30 with her. Is this true? A mind-control frame sounds cool but like a lot of cool ideas I wouldn't be surprised if they bungled it.

4c2a98  No.16002549


Nyx is indeed underwhelming.

Also warframe porn is legitimately not fun. Unless it's some super tight female frame the rest are like watching women with biker suits and helms rubbing each other, which is not as fun as people make it seem.

8d3520  No.16002564

File: 677453cbe950579⋯.jpg (59.34 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1388590930005.jpg)


>watching women with biker suits and helms rubbing each other, which is not as fun as people make it seem.

4c2a98  No.16002596


women in latex > women in biker suits

And warframe is for the most part women in biker suits.

91d74f  No.16003928

File: e3a9cdfac33feb5⋯.png (477.93 KB, 2048x1741, 2048:1741, Mesa_Prime.png)

So Mesa Prime's ass got buffed recently. Noble Narta looks nice because each ass cheek moves on its own.

69c616  No.16003958


Can't wait to get her. I only just finished Patient Zero and realized the absurdly fucking horrible grind it takes to get her normal version. They're only making the grinds worse to make people buy them from the store instead.

b9371d  No.16004081

Haven't played since they added the kuva survival thing, how much have i missed and is it good?

How's the new open world?

049fa3  No.16008346


>how's the new open world

It's better than Plains, but it's still dogshit because the enemies and movement of warframe weren't designed for open areas and flat fields.

3c5728  No.16008448


I feel like she would be good to crowd control so you dont have to fight but then you could just use mesa and kill everything where most missions just have to murder everything on the map

d322bf  No.16011500

21 hours on a shotgun riven alert and on a catalyst alert.

2 on a reactor.

Baruuk is a trash warframe.Garuda is fun ok now.

91d74f  No.16011528

The new frames are a mixed bag. Wisp seems alright, but I don't get why they took Rhino's dick and called it a new frame.

83d395  No.16011572


We basically have a goddamn star trek level replicator on each of our ships and we just 3d print everything. Collecting parts for frames/weapons is just gathering schematics to 3d print our shit.

83d395  No.16011581

File: 5087d90c827d7b8⋯.jpg (17.4 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1414521247011.jpg)


Good lord.

1cf497  No.16013127

File: dfaf88858409f12⋯.png (496.67 KB, 800x480, 5:3, she.png)

File: 88e83653ae2d7f7⋯.png (457.91 KB, 800x480, 5:3, her.png)


5dab09  No.16014133


Dude, why don't you just post for radshare in world chat? You'd have better chances that way.

c087ff  No.16014173


>Next "female" frame is just Rhino

Probably some Canadian law making them make up for Mesa's ass.

1cf497  No.16014286


I've been hearing it was apparently mynki's design too, some details on the frame remind me of Octavia too.

The reason for trannyroid frame frame is likely a mashup between gurl power and mynki being a fag in denial.

025fa3  No.16014359

Warframe these days is so bad because DE focused too much on Plains and Valis, both of which are just boring reputation grinds. There is no more fun in the game anymore outside of void relics. All of the new content revolves around Valis right now which is so boring it makes me want to fall asleep when playing.

91d74f  No.16014577

File: ce443d481c7e4c6⋯.jpg (431.56 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, Warframe3511.jpg)


And they're making a third "Plains of Grinding" with a new faction.

Meanwhile I just want more updates to core features. Seriously just fix the core game before adding piles of new shit. Seriously it's not like they have any long-term plans for any of these polished turds anyways. Just work on the basics.

Like scaling. Imagine how much easier designing content would be if you set a hard level cap for content and recalled everything around this.

>Boss fights don't have to rely on invincibility phases because they'll be designed as a an appropriate challenge (maybe add extra attacks for high-level players, and better drops to encourage players to return to older fights)

>Players don't have to min-max their builds to even be relevant at higher levels because with proper scaling you don't have to account for something like an offscreen bombard raping you.

>>Which creates more diversity in setups and softens the "meta" a bit so that they don't have to kick the popular strategies in the dick as often, which leads to more actual development instead of a forum full of "pls nerf' posts

I forget where I was going with this, but basically they keep adding new shit and eventually the game's going to collapse inward because of it. Here's some ass.

91b404  No.16014656

File: 1b15408f15f3757⋯.png (460.04 KB, 486x457, 486:457, 2 (1).png)

File: e989fd9d3e5793f⋯.png (754.49 KB, 554x701, 554:701, 2 (2).png)

Gee, Mesa. How come the Lotus lets you have two tombfingers?


Modular weapons are the the only good thing about either open world.

91d74f  No.16014767


It's a bug with kitguns when paired with glaives. Pain in the ass because I like using Catchmoon and Falcor together and my autism won't let me just ignore that thing

e603a1  No.16014977


But we built Excalibur Umbra too…

e603a1  No.16015039


Looks like a mix between Rhino and Titania to me… but with even more muscles than Rhino.

f166b3  No.16015176

File: c2dbdf3a40b4224⋯.png (752.72 KB, 675x1080, 5:8, Xs69rss.png)


He died for our sins

1cf497  No.16015263

File: ce6ffc0f3b30da0⋯.jpg (43.25 KB, 580x334, 290:167, 2564533.jpg)

File: c5923611d88d4df⋯.jpg (234.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5836142.jpg)


here are some better pictures.

c087ff  No.16015339


People are saying the bald headed flat chested one is also female. Really starting to think they got in trouble after Garuda and Mesa Prime.

91d74f  No.16015434



>Rhino, but after HRT

>Androgynous thing (cool design, 0 sex appeal)

Well they are Canadian. Couldn't keep it up forever. Honestly I'm surprised Mesa's ass buff got through without them slapping a dick on the lotus out of reflex.

6c2fae  No.16015454

Since this game is owned by a Chinese food manufacturer, I can't help but wonder how many of their batshit designs were the result of some chink board of director's approval. Also how the fuck can this game have such a "socialist" economy without chinkmen going crazy over all the potential profits they may be losing? Interesting questions, zero answers.

e5719a  No.16015473

File: 21b9a000d76be11⋯.jpg (15.03 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 21b.jpg)

File: cd3de6f95be3036⋯.jpg (100 KB, 747x810, 83:90, cd3de6f95be30368e8bc0df495….jpg)


>like /fit/ girls

>like muscle girls

>see this

How is it gaijin can never do it correctly? Goodness, it isn't hard!

ce2716  No.16015493



She might look like trash in game, but going by that concept art, the hips and groin doesn't lie. I'd still prefer some tits though.

d6027d  No.16015536

File: 9e32d79f551a479⋯.png (180.04 KB, 700x766, 350:383, Nezha.png)



Are we sure these are female? The thin one looks like a twink and the buff one looks like a bara version of Rhino.

Don't forget that male frames like this exist, so it wouldn't be a stretch.

91d74f  No.16015564


>Faggot nezha poster


d6027d  No.16015584


I'm not the Nezhaposter, did you even read my post? I used him as an example of how some of the male frames can look.

1cf497  No.16015625


>are they really female?

They said as much in the devstream they showed the frames in.

91d74f  No.16017359


You mentioned how male frames can look girly. Nezha doesn't look girly, he's just skinny as fuck. Still has shoulders wider than his hips and if it weren't for his animations he'd just look like a scrawny guy.

e5719a  No.16024578

Baruuk is like autism incarnate, he just wants to be left alone and then he goes full tard strength, and his superpower is making people sleepy.

61a0f0  No.16024617

File: 5615f8ad3e9e575⋯.png (74.2 KB, 300x218, 150:109, ClipboardImage.png)

c48822  No.16026358


>Nezha doesn't look girly,

he has a skirt and pigtails are you for real

d6027d  No.16029582

File: ed929e4ac7f056c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 299.94 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, DxUqr1kVYAAgDOC.jpg)

File: ceaa68bc7db112c⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 9657c3d6b15bd69cc64bb3ec4….webm)

File: dae96a373699fa3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.86 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, DxaiJaBVYAAJRxc.jpg)


>I'm not sure it's even possible to draw straight porn of Nezha in a way that would fit his design.

You can, it just requires him to be a complete sub with a larger dominant female.

dfa562  No.16030376


To be fair, her tits are downright gigantic for a female body builder.

91b404  No.16030433


God, I wish that were me.


As long as a femal frame has either tits and/or thighs then she's fine.

Poor Mag got neither.

c087ff  No.16030761


>Poor Mag got neither

You just want somebody to post the size chart.

2e12e3  No.16030806


At first I was mad they put a dykeframe in the game, but this has changed my mind.

031f9f  No.16031056


There seems to be something unnaturally pleasing about the thought of deepdicking a muscledyke. It seems to be a common sentiment, anyway. Or perhaps the people who aren't interested in something like that are immediately repulsed when the subject comes up in either comment or video format.

Most perplexing.

4c2a98  No.16031185


>obese strongwoman in my warframe

What happened to ideal body type warframes. They are supposed to be physical perfection god dammit.

4c2a98  No.16031188



You just have shit taste and haven't been around enough ugly women.

031f9f  No.16031220


Maybe 2D is all it takes to fix them.

ef77e0  No.16031281



Literally just blew OP's argument out of the water, well done.

OP probably plays Limbo and sucks massive grineer dick.

Also there's supposed to be another faction coming sometime this year that look sort of Orokin but are not Orokin, what's up with that?

ff9d6f  No.16031324

File: 3de9825d2f5f575⋯.png (467.38 KB, 480x700, 24:35, 3de9825d2f5f575a0f864cf215….png)


It'll probably be Not Corrupted™ Grineer and Corpus adapted to sentient engineering like Ballas was.

394384  No.16032393

File: 5681cdba99992c0⋯.png (760.45 KB, 1058x624, 529:312, wewwy.png)


c48822  No.16032413



They're a match made in Heaven.

dfa562  No.16032421


Only if the chat mods start autistically banning everyone calling her a futa.

59f9bc  No.16032428


It's worse when all the SFM models are extremely overdone, with megatitties and hyperass.

dfa562  No.16033310

File: 078022027b1c653⋯.png (480.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Zapp_Brannigan_(Futurama).png)


What are you? Gay?

eddfa8  No.16033436

Oi, Griniggers:


>3-Day affinity booster.

>3-Day Resource booster.

>200k Creds


Register with a throwaway email or something and grab some free shit while there still is codes left. (Around 3400 left at the time of writing)

61a0f0  No.16034881

File: b48be3dd40d666b⋯.png (3.62 MB, 2048x1426, 1024:713, ClipboardImage.png)

What is she thumbs upping /v/?

0063a8  No.16034956

File: 99fceb024cdf1e0⋯.jpg (95.62 KB, 399x500, 399:500, barf.jpg)


>people find this attractive

beda81  No.16035329

Cephalon Suda is cute but she hates my edgy syndicate loyalties. Makes me want to grind to make her like me.

1f9d7c  No.16044472

File: 16c8cc7f20d050c⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1920x622, 960:311, ClipboardImage.png)

So, time to farm some Meme Strike and other stuff, I wonder if Melee 3.0 will make a certain bunch of worthless mods usable.

1f9d7c  No.16044514





Nezhaposter died for your sins.


And yet no one has used Saryn or Khora for that.

394384  No.16052520


The Nezhaposter was a middle-aged spic

e603a1  No.16052677

File: a9726a25340e7be⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0004.jpg)

File: 5a978b2e65cb570⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Warframe0008.jpg)


You gotta pay extra for Mag butt.

4a391b  No.16052889

I looked at the reward tables for the Profit Taker Orb thing, and it doesn't seem to drop anything good other than LOLARCHGUNS status mods. Am I missing something or is the only reason to do boss fight is to grind rep for more worthless operator crap and the new shitty not-Valkyr frame?

ce2716  No.16053264


You don't get Garuda from Profit Taker. You get Baruuk.

Only reason to do it is for Vox Solaris rep and credits imo.

d21dbe  No.16057105

File: 20a250908e9a946⋯.jpg (481.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5 memes.jpg)

How is that farming going?

Do ya like da grindan game?

91d74f  No.16057145



He said straight.

dd66d5  No.16058406

File: f7e784b314f8a36⋯.jpg (53.93 KB, 564x733, 564:733, Whatthefuckamievendoing.jpg)

I managed to get all of the Valkyr Prime blueprints and I'm thinking about either selling them and using the plat to buy different blueprints or keeping Valkyr because I love the shit out of melee and I've heard good things about her boss killing potential.

I also have no idea what the hell I'm doing since I completely ignored plat trading and prime farming for all of my 50+ hours in this game and am extremely lost

5b494d  No.16058413



got the Khora systems. Fan-fucking-tastic. Also fuck the bot for banning anything with the words "Nezha" and "trap" in the same sentence.

b7dd85  No.16058471


Build the regular Valkyr to figure out if you like her. I like melee as well but I rarely play her, and mostly do it because I want to look at her model.

f62aad  No.16060462

File: d2ac62cb36e3917⋯.png (270.09 KB, 750x390, 25:13, grindan game.png)



>trying to farm out the last 2 pieces of ember prime that i've had laying around since they locked her in the vault

>the one piece i need is a fucking rare drop from an axi relic

>axi relics only drop from the ballbustingest void missions

The bullet-spongeyness isn't even the worst part, they just do quadrillions of damage which is locking me out of the rest of the t4 void since the first node in that line is fucking mobile defense.

Also, fix for void defense spawns when?


Why am I so flat?

3f1af0  No.16060538


Axii relics drop from lvl.30 missions like xini and hydron?



valkyr isn't worth selling but she is much better than her non-prime counter parts. Although I have no idea what you mean by boss killing potential?

4ee14f  No.16060628


A faction of sentinels, which have been heavily hinted at being baby sentients.

3f1af0  No.16060728

File: 1ca0b77af1fafed⋯.png (224.71 KB, 650x365, 130:73, ngikQGFfwVpdZu7jFG5chZ-650….png)



There called the: Planes of Duviri

f62aad  No.16062601

File: 3c041aeda367944⋯.jpg (74.56 KB, 467x350, 467:350, 7aa70176-3473-41e2-8e2a-65….jpg)


Only some of them do, and none of those include the one that drops the ember prime bp

fa9d7d  No.16063130

Finally got the meme strike, boys.

356abf  No.16066555

File: 9fc47d71f23fe25⋯.png (329.52 KB, 956x1048, 239:262, lol.png)

Ayy Tenno, seems Telluric has some tushy troubles.

26e105  No.16066572

File: 6b9d2cb782d8658⋯.mp4 (544.78 KB, 480x480, 1:1, imma_burn_all_the_niggers.mp4)


>They keep using "INCEL" as an insult

>The same people who say we shouldn't judge sluts based on how many STDS they carry

It's akin to these faggots using the word "Nigger" as an insult, despite how they feel about waycism.

356abf  No.16066589


They mostly just hate men, especially the trannies who have failed at being one. They don't actually believe the shit they say, it's like selling a riven in trade chat and a bunch of people mock you for the price while secretly hoping it'll weaken you and you'll sell for less.

d0409a  No.16066596


Was this one of the faggot mods? They deserve getting shit canned.

Nice trips

356abf  No.16066604

File: 331ca11ab7746f6⋯.jpg (276.63 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, meet your mod.jpg)


Yeah. Tranny expressing the usual amount of mental disorder.

870577  No.16066651


That's FtM right? It's kind of hard to tell.

356abf  No.16066654


Female to failure. It's why it's so angry at the menz.

870577  No.16066655


Looks just like a fat chick to me. She should make like a tranny and hang herself.

078d11  No.16066709


Do trancucks think that by liking cuckime and vidya think we'll accept or something?

356abf  No.16066712


They think cutting their genitals off will make them accepted, so they're not too good at thinking.

dcdbc1  No.16066722

File: 214b31f625d4cb2⋯.jpg (330.58 KB, 675x1014, 225:338, tranny nasa.jpg)


Looks like a fat mexican lady

c087ff  No.16067398

File: 8367e6636d171ca⋯.jpg (72.32 KB, 735x490, 3:2, What_the_fuck_am_I_reading.jpg)


>"Haha I'm going to report you all in that game you play"

>"This gives me unlimited power and you should be scared"

These faggots really can't comprehend anything beyond corporate worship, social media and pop culture can they.

4a391b  No.16067869

File: 052810c944f6d0b⋯.jpg (654.01 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Warframe0003.jpg)

I have a feeling pic related is worth a ludicrous amount of plat, can anyone give me an estimate, or a place where price checks for rivens can be done?

131917  No.16067882


3000plat probably. Obviously start high then go lower if no one is taking.

91d74f  No.16067995

>Go to mot to test out new nezha setup

>Mirage and Saryn also there

>Tfw highest damage and least deaths (as in none)

I'm going to assume they were retarded or weak, but I'm going to enjoy it nonetheless. Since the new update saryns have been insufferable to be around. Combined with the new skin that makes him look a lot less lke a thai ladyboy I've cleared out a loadout slot for him.

c087ff  No.16068491


>he bought the faggot fetish skin

91d74f  No.16068704


He's going to be gay bait either way. At least I can use the one that actually looks like a man instead of some thai ladyboy.

e5719a  No.16075883

Do we have a guild? I remember one a while ago that up and disappeared.

0063a8  No.16075915



Nezha is based of a chinese legend. At worst, he looks like an effeminate chinaman. You bought fetish gear that has a boner and sculpted ass, and was made by a faggot.

91d74f  No.16076654


Yes I know what nezha is based off of. But that doesn't change the sort of crowd he attracts. It's going to be faggot-bait either way, with base-nezha being thai ladyboy/trapshit and nezha deluxe being general faggotry. At least the latter looks masculine. Can you even find masculine art of base-nezha?

0063a8  No.16076674


Did you only read half my post? I don't care about the crowd he attracts. You bought a fetish suit to feel less gay, but you look like more of a fag especially in the manner in which you justify it. Only a woman gives a shit about social pressures. I don't care about fucking art work either. Base Nezha doesn't have a boner, sculpted ass, or flamboyant gear. He just looks like a chinaman with gay ass ribbons.

a2e101  No.16076675





>all these strawmen

Who gives a goddamn what faggots think? They're not human beings anyway.

My frames are all blazing hot pink and I rabidly cheer about ass and titties in the mic. Fight me.

91d74f  No.16076789



>Bought the skin to feel less gay

I bought it because base nezha looks like shit and it has a dragon on the back.

>Only a woman gives a shit about social pressures

Or a faggot, which makes me wonder which you are since you're so focused on trying to shame someone for the skin. I hadn't even noticed the ass until you mentioned it, and now there's a redeemer on top of it so it's back to being a nonissue. Try to hide your faggotry a little better next time.


That's not how a strawman works.

4c2a98  No.16080121

File: dbf200dc08034dd⋯.jpg (176.12 KB, 1126x1038, 563:519, nezsha.jpg)

>nezsha is a trap lel

What about manly nezsha then ?

ff9d6f  No.16080495


The only thing trapped there is his massive dick trying to escape the suit

91d74f  No.16080635


If Base-Nezha is a trap/girlyboy, then post-rework, post-skin nezha is like an omnisexual monster. I'd make a virgin vs chad image but I'd rather not give myself cancer.

4e8171  No.16080983

Grinding for Nidus parts has been my worst experience in this game so far. Had to play that shit over 20 times, but I'm finally done with it. now I need to farm kuva too to complete him.

4e8171  No.16080996


Oh and Fortuna Part 1 is finally coming to Switch tomorrow, or so they claim. I'm looking forward to it purely because I want Garuda; I'm certain everything else about it is going to be a dull let-down like PoE is. In fact I hear it's even worse, but that's not important to me, I just want that edgy bitch.

0063a8  No.16081083

File: b7b782f8bd350c7⋯.jpg (127.78 KB, 1224x1300, 306:325, ink-black-white-drawing-ma….jpg)


>shame someone for the skin.

I called the gay suit gay. If you feel shame, that's your fault not mines. You brought up "crowd he attracts", exposing your own insecurity. That's what my comment on social pressures referred to. I don't care about the "crowd he attracts". The skin looks gay regardless, according to you.

>I bought it because base nezha looks like shit and it has a dragon on the back.

Is that why you said

>Combined with the new skin that makes him look a lot less lke a thai ladyboy I've cleared out a loadout slot for him.


>I hadn't even noticed the ass until you mentioned it

It came up in a warframe thread before the skin was released. That's how I know it was made by a gay. Not that it matters.

>Try to hide your faggotry a little better next time.

You admitted it looks gay already so what are you trying prove? You're the one the bought the skin the makes nezha looks "less like a thai ladyboy" but is still faggy and much more noticeable. Maybe it's you who needs to hide your faggotry better.

If you're wondering, I posted only to make the point that if you were trying to make Nezha look less gay, it backfired.

03e657  No.16081233


>only 20

my man if that disgruntled you then you're in for some real treats

a5b681  No.16081302


>that slender waist and massive bulge

Nezha Empyrean isn't a trap but he's has a fuck all the same. His designer was literally a gay man who draws yaoi and bara of Warframe.

a5b681  No.16081305


*he's gay as fuck

91d74f  No.16081420


>I called the gay skin gay

Not you, apparently, but the ID that stopped posting the moment your ID showed up. I just assumed it was the same person, and still am, but the post >>16068491 implicitly tries to cause shame

>Is that why you said

Yes. because the thai ladyboy look is shit.

>You admitted it looks gay already so what are you trying prove

That the person hard-focused on the faggotry is trying to project his cocklust onto someone that made an offhanded comment about thai ladyboys. And any increased faggotry would only be noticable if you're staring at male frame's crotches or asses. The former isn't that much of an issue because bulges and codpieces have been a thing since rhino came out and I'm not sure why you're looking at nezha's ass enough to notice but sure you're definitely not a faggot. That's why you've brought up the artist multiple times.

And I never said the skin was less faggy, I actually said it's going to be gay-bait either way >>16068704 but the skin at least him looks like a male instead of someone I'd expect to shout "Sucky sucky five dorrah" from some alleyway in a third-world country.

fb15ab  No.16081446

File: 4f8efdcbf432de4⋯.jpg (147.28 KB, 894x894, 1:1, Khora Pizza Approval.jpg)


>His designer was literally a gay man who draws yaoi and bara of Warframe.

I give 0 fucks. If being a gaynigger is what allows him to make awesome looking shit then by all means he can fag it up. All his skins and frame designs have been fucking rad. I'd only be mad about this if the game had no sexy female frames.

f62aad  No.16081451

File: d1c748153322034⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 2482x1440, 1241:720, [smug anime face].jpg)


>he's not aware of mesa prime's stolen thong

91d74f  No.16081454


>All his skins and frame designs have been fucking rad

Well the Atlas one is okay, and Zephyr got fucked over by the redesign and shitty mechanics…

fb15ab  No.16081461


He also made the nidus one with the armor. Poor zephyr was kinda fucked from the start, and even the plains and reworks couldn't unfuck her.

91d74f  No.16081476

File: c2e6b3200357170⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1280x1284, 320:321, tumblr_muvfm4tHG21rbe8a5o1….png)


I'm actually not a fan of that one. Helmet looks alright and the ghost arms are cool but the armor looks like shit. Way too many spikes for my tastes.

As for zephyr, at least visually the concept could have been better. I'm not sure how they got that from the concept art posted but it's a crime

4c2a98  No.16081530


Nani ?

Tell me more senpai.

a5b681  No.16081542

File: 238618527b4fc17⋯.png (35.87 KB, 174x174, 1:1, animu.png)


You can like the designs, but they have sex appeal that's aiming towards gay men. The guys at DE aren't stupid, they know the marketing value of rule 34 and sexual appeasement. That's why Nezha has designs that are "cute" sexy and "handsome" sexy, they're aiming towards two different sections of the gay audience.

It's an extremely successful tactic, Warframe is very popular among porn artists, be they gay, straight, male or female. It's been more effective than a $50,000,000 marketing campaign.

4c2a98  No.16081551


But warframe stopped getting good porn.

I haven't seen a decent porn related thing about warframe since valkyr ass.giff.

And that was years ago.

fb15ab  No.16081554


A great thing about guys though is that "handsome" and bara can be sexy for fags/women, but also look cool to a straight audience.

69c616  No.16081562


Not a fan of the stuff posted in >>16029582 I take it?

a5b681  No.16081592

File: 8c54395664eae4d⋯.jpg (53.28 KB, 600x375, 8:5, Rhino.jpg)

File: 8c54395664eae4d⋯.jpg (53.28 KB, 600x375, 8:5, Rhino.jpg)


That's the genius of it, Rhino Prime can look awesome to a straight guy, but it can also make a gay guy who's into big dudes rock hard. Hildryn is another example of sexual appeasement and fapbait.

I firmly believe this marketing strategy is at least 60% of what's keeping Warframe relevant.

91d74f  No.16081594


>wattchewant stopped making warframe porn

>mesa got an ass buff and Garuda is a thing that exists

A disappointingly large chunk is futashit, too.


Well he did say good porn. Femdom, especially when the woman is more masculine than the guy she's riding, is pretty shit.

c48822  No.16081595


>But warframe stopped getting good porn.

What are you smoking? The game is still getting tons of well made porn.

fb15ab  No.16081599


>I firmly believe this marketing strategy is at least 60% of what's keeping Warframe relevant.

I doubt it. The game is infamous for a shit new player experience and the dick can only keep someone invested for so long. I think it's mainly that the game has pretty good base mechanics, a shit ton of pre-existing content, and the devs regularly add new trinkets in the game to try and hold onto vets as long as possible.

27e788  No.16081635

I just made Mesa today and she's the buggiest fucking shit in this game. I've encountered bugs like not being able to melee, and not being able to do literally anything in at least 5 matches. And upon googling these issues were known and remained unfixed since her release. How the fuck do people play her?

fb15ab  No.16081642

File: 8f636d58334765b⋯.png (121.16 KB, 797x528, 797:528, shrug.png)


works on my machine?

4c2a98  No.16081755


looks like shit

57951f  No.16081846

File: 7d0fcc12c78f66f⋯.jpg (18.87 KB, 518x398, 259:199, 7d0fcc12c78f66fcb301a058d3….jpg)


The better question is why are you meleeing on Mesa, just press 4

c087ff  No.16082169


> implicitly tries to cause shame

This isn't reddit you faggot, we aren't here to make you feel better about being gay.

> instead of someone I'd expect to shout "Sucky sucky five dorrah" from some alleyway in a third-world country.

Normal Nezha is a child. I know you are gay so the first thing you think of when you see children is sex but don't expect the rest of us to have that thought process.

91d74f  No.16082425


No shit this isn't reddit, you can still mock someone for choices.

>normal nezha is a child

Children aren't that tall and lanky. Nezha from the legend is childlike, but it's clear that's not part of the inspiration that went into the design. The androgynous part did, obviously. And the reason I say Thai ladyboy is because nezha is one of the chinaframes. Did you forget that in your faggotry-fueled rage? Hell even the trapfags remember that much >>16015536

59f9bc  No.16082762


I'm honestly surprised we don't have more Sentient Lotus porn.

c087ff  No.16083120

File: eb5e2edfd407f77⋯.jpg (428.01 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, barron-melania-trump-2000.jpg)


>Children aren't that tall and lanky.

That is exactly what they are when growing up.

81e62b  No.16083152

File: 53ed129041748b6⋯.jpg (57.08 KB, 1000x485, 200:97, 0_IxvtvxB8hqBVYa1D.jpg)

Hey, 20 000 000 losers, is your game still a shitty grindfest with no lore?

3ec32c  No.16083181

File: 85d33a221371061⋯.jpg (61.57 KB, 504x470, 252:235, Thank you, Jesus.jpg)


>no lore

I wish

37e4e7  No.16086478


Only 20?

>over 120 Regor runs and still no Equinox

I just need one more part but fuck it's infuriating

At this point I might as well wait for Equinox Prime because she's not too far away.

a5b681  No.16086485


The traps and musclegirls are really what keeps people coming back

a5b681  No.16090361

File: 456d6e7bd014d5d⋯.png (348.69 KB, 401x558, 401:558, nope.png)

I just saw porn of a shota nezha getting his dick ripped off by two futas and then strangled while the gaping wound was getting fucked

I don't think I'll ever get an erection ever again. I feel fucking sick in a way I've only gotten from watching snuff

fbadfa  No.16090373

File: cc8f410f3e51a48⋯.jpeg (69.29 KB, 710x508, 355:254, rest easy.jpeg)

The last time i played was about a month ago,it took me a very long time to kill enemies (my wep was rank 30,decent mods) so i gave up, what's the point of a playing a paywall?

048119  No.16090379


I know the exact thing you're talking about, I thought the phrase "sick to my stomach" was just an expression before seeing that. It put me off porn for at least a week.

I'll never understand how people get into such sick shit.

8a9c01  No.16090393



V-sarg, right?

God, I fucking hate that guy's work. Warframe attracted so many degenerates it's unbelievable.

fbadfa  No.16090422

File: a1dbafdacb74dac⋯.png (354.8 KB, 500x500, 1:1, FEVfuckery.png)

Yknow what fuck it,if anybody wants to try playing this thing add me, i'm PMR1 and i'm trying to make my way through the star map.

048119  No.16090423


>no lore

Warframe has too much lore that they retcon

048119  No.16090431


This is going to sound like pussy "LITERALLY SHAKING" shit, but the first time I ever saw that I went to the toilet and vomited. I've seen worse things online, but for some reason that castration+snuff comic got to me real bad. Like, what the fuck man? He first posted it on /aco/ and the thread was like "you are a GOD, Sarg!" and they told people who were "kink-shaming" to go away. I think that was in 2016, /aco/ was the very last board I used on 4chan and after that I finally stopped.

a5b681  No.16090448

File: 010f9de48152022⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 252.74 KB, 610x1200, 61:120, 64b430618bf05d6b2299a370c….jpeg)


Well, if it makes you feel any better, he's a complete autist and he deleted his Tumblr accounts recently.

You threw up? It was pretty bad, but damn dude.

f62aad  No.16090452

File: fab3e51f6d529a4⋯.jpg (83.93 KB, 794x782, 397:391, 1415745326018.jpg)




I feel like I should see this, if only so I can later regret having asked to see it.

486ed3  No.16090459

File: 7ddbc4f504a6310⋯.png (266.89 KB, 576x576, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


> what has the Corpus ? nothing

You fool! how can you be so naive?

a5b681  No.16090463


I won't bother uploading the images.


It's not as bad as we're making it out to be, it's still not great. The artist is skilled but all he ever fucking draws is hyperfuta and futadom. I think this was the hardest thing he ever made. He was getting into Undertale porn before he deleted his accounts.

a5b681  No.16090468


Oh, and that comic is actually missing a few panels. They start fucking his wound and strangle him (or rip his head off? It's hard to tell)

c48822  No.16090474


>shota futadom castration

why is the warframe community like this

49675c  No.16090484

File: 5e31369e20e0b6e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 221.97 KB, 510x560, 51:56, 1439185848004.png)

File: 26e3ee55a345479⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 650.91 KB, 677x1000, 677:1000, 1444655981867.png)

File: 776e645d3bc6655⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 563.84 KB, 584x767, 584:767, bwuDLtJB7lqnuq0Fwb8Dt692m0….png)

File: 5e31369e20e0b6e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 221.97 KB, 510x560, 51:56, 1439185848004.png)

Anyone know which artist this is? This is pretty much the only exclusively straight artist I've seen.

49675c  No.16090488

File: 390d9a268bee23c⋯.png (945.14 KB, 1376x972, 344:243, AHHHHHHH.PNG)

well shit, forgot to spoiler

f62aad  No.16090494

File: 24273c5fa10b81a⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 245x281, 245:281, disappointed nigga.gif)



It's everything I expected it would be.

The worst part is it would actually be really fucking good if it was just plain femdom sexytimes instead of futa castration snuff

fb15ab  No.16090526

File: 9ddf746ed407305⋯.gif (911.05 KB, 171x141, 57:47, 1431830921494-1.gif)

905c84  No.16090531


Good job, lad, good job.

cbed58  No.16090532

I'm starting to hit a wall where I instantly pop when not running away from enemies and trying to play. Mission ranks the enemies from around level 40-50. Do I just need to grind credits and endo and get Vitality/Redirection/Steel Fiber to rank 10 or is there some trick to survivability?

t Rank 30 Saryn Prime.

fb15ab  No.16090543


get urself max rank vitality, rage, and the regenerative molt augment. You'll find it pretty hard to die with that. Also you should be nuking shit before it can even look at you.

cbed58  No.16090568


I have Rage and Molt maxed, working on Vitality. Would you suggest using an armor or shield mod or should I leave those out in exchange for more damage? I've been looking at Saryn guides for inspiration and most of them build for range. If I pop spores I can infect everyone within 230~ meters they're just starting to take forever to die which is leading to complications.

fb15ab  No.16090589


But on steel fiber if you really feel the need. Your spores do have to ramp up, but the goal is to keep them ramped so everything dies. And they deal corrosive, so armor shouldn't be bothering you. Use your miasma if things are taking too long.

49675c  No.16090592

File: 452641851c6a243⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 228.66 KB, 568x519, 568:519, saryn carrier.png)

File: 8148244e99be50d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.86 KB, 829x900, 829:900, pbmeIxv.jpg)

File: f0b5ec774cb6ee6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1031x909, 1031:909, f0b5ec774cb6ee6aa8eaf7c1f8….png)

File: e442bba376a4431⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 361.37 KB, 641x708, 641:708, 35b7779c0565d74da27626d25d….png)

File: 427a86629a74c23⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.98 MB, 620x416, 155:104, Harrow_gives_saryn_extra_e….gif)


Rolling gives you 70% DR. Abuse your miasma stun after you apply spores (but you'll probably kill everything in the area anyway) and range is max priority on saryn.

fbadfa  No.16090610

Seriously i'm running a tigris and farus (whatever the fuck its called) and my damage is DICKS at near max rank on both,what am i doing wrong

fb15ab  No.16090611


rank doesn't matter, mods matter.

37e4e7  No.16090622

File: f58a651f88e92b6⋯.png (367.84 KB, 327x455, 327:455, Screenshot_220.png)


56c092  No.16090632




Yeah probably. The status and MS can’t carry it far enough.

93d8c1  No.16090662

File: a1b7724e989bfc8⋯.jpg (43.71 KB, 600x861, 200:287, dacodac.jpg)


I think he used to draw scat too.

I'd brush it off as artistic experiments.

He's on twitter now.


343ca7  No.16090668

how to speed up grind so I will grind less p.s. don't say pay for shit

91d74f  No.16090693


Weapons: Bring Mirage (extra gun=faster kills) for Ranged or Chroma (Vex armor+Rage+Life strike means you can sword harder) for melee. Be a faggot and leech ESO. Only bring the weapon you're leveling

Frames: Hydron or SO. The former has more players (but they might leave soon) and the latter will be tough because SO is tough for an underleveled frame. Bring as little equipment as possible.

>Don't pay for shit


a5b681  No.16090714


He's gone full furfag, I see. No surprise.

048119  No.16090912


>she's teasing him with his dismembered penis in front of his face

I forgot how brutal this was. It's not that gory but it's really cruel.

I have no fucking idea why V-sarg was so popular on cuckchan, this is actual degeneracy. You would have been put in prison for drawing shit like this just a couple of decades ago.

f62aad  No.16091004

File: 352a209c1de41ba⋯.jpg (255.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 391.jpg)


unless your mod setup on the tigris involves either hell's chamber, point blank, or both, it's pretty obvious why your damage is dicks

>but hell's chamber is 10 points unranked

forma your shit and grab a potato.

448ab8  No.16091053




Now that you mention it, there is lots of futa or gay warframe porn out there but never seen anything with nezha as a bottom which would be expected from his base form.


Give Rhino the Limbo Agile set and well, is kind of interesting.

a5b681  No.16091098

File: 8a96d4b27262a69⋯.mp4 (12.33 MB, 1276x720, 319:180, Rhino.mp4)


>Give Rhino the Limbo Agile set and well, is kind of interesting.

You can get very funny results by experimenting with animation sets on Rhino.

63a9f9  No.16091112



Post the rest please

a5b681  No.16091119



go find your gay futa shota snuff porn elsewhere

a4333b  No.16091135


Only if you post your address so that we can come to your house and do the same to you as punishment for having terrible taste in hentai.

d40312  No.16091453


actually could someone post more nehza that dosnt have his dick get cut off, for the sake of my admittedly probably already gone sanity

1dd8e1  No.16094019

File: 5b4a83c0f1d4974⋯.png (425.49 KB, 709x379, 709:379, 1439868377997.png)


>they nerfed Nova back in the day with molecular prime, then Ember,

Just got into the game recently, and I did find it odd you couldn' self proc Ember's passive. So the Dev's play favorites with this or that frame? How bad we talking here? For Honor bad?

fb15ab  No.16094025


It's less of favorites, but more of forgotten. Half the mechanics and items in this goddamn game are added in, and never touched again because they didn't become instant meta.

1dd8e1  No.16094047

File: e4b75bc57916eb5⋯.jpg (18.27 KB, 250x323, 250:323, ihavenoarse.jpg)




As I understand it an Operator is a person "touched by the void" aka an esper with the downside of their esper powers killing them because their frail meat bods can't hold all that awesome.

A warframe is the solution to that. All the warframes powers and energy are the way that specific warframe lets an operator channel their esper abilities without risk of head explody.

And a warframe is a human infected with the infestation virus, given some robotic mods like the grineer and corpus do, and lobotomized. So it's kind of like you're a 40k psyker possessing a combat servitor to avoid rolls on the backlash tables, I guess. And what we build are clones of the orignal warframe.

157d84  No.16094050


holy fuck this is SO obviously a shill post

fb15ab  No.16094068


The tenno aren't really at risk of hurting themselves, but rather are shit at focusing their powers. The frames also don't need operators, they are fully capable on their own and were originally designed by the orokangz to operate alone. But the consequence of making people into infested hybrids is they go kill crazy. the tenno are basically telepathic therapy dogs for the frames.

8b22a7  No.16094080

File: b7fff17c23eed3f⋯.png (295.54 KB, 411x412, 411:412, 1525020925821.png)

>"Nezha is a trap"

>Your access to in-game chat has been suspended

59f9bc  No.16094084


>decent mods

Probably not, and which weapon? Which missions were you doing?

I melt shit without even trying at this point. The game isn't very fun when literally everything is a cake walk.

26e105  No.16094161

File: 31bffffc6edcc48⋯.jpg (298.47 KB, 704x512, 11:8, f00bccadf76485fef31479df79….jpg)


>Faggot like V-sarg

>Popular on 4chan

flavor of the month for mentally ill faggots, it took eons for Shadman to lose his following, now he's latching onto the SKEEEPTIC community, because I think he might actually be a sick fuck, and they have a higher tolerance for that shit. Why do you think the faggot e-celebs hover around them? They let welcome fucks like TheAmazingBanatheist, and "YourMoveDogDickSucks" with open arms

Back to the main subject though Should I focus on clearing the Starmap before grindan for more gear?

a5b681  No.16094173


>because I think he might actually be a sick fuck

He had to leave his home country because of legal issues with his art. He doesn't draw that shit "ironically", he's a sadist and possibly an actual pedo.

37e4e7  No.16096937


Starmap definitely. Easier to grind for gear with a full starmap

f62aad  No.16097087

File: ce8a2daef5514f3⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1468236918562.png)


Clear out enough of the starmap that you don't get cucked out of alerts, then ignore all the alerts and grind the index

0063a8  No.16097137

File: ece21c8a02dd12d⋯.jpg (6.33 KB, 260x283, 260:283, ece21c8a02dd12daa575439e96….jpg)


> I'm not sure why you're looking at nezha's ass enough to notice but sure you're definitely not a faggot.

>projecting this hard

I never said that I wasn't. With every post you spend trying to prove you aren't gay, you're doing an awful job at.

69c616  No.16098057


I've wanted to get Equinox, but there is no fucking way in hell am I going to go grinding for her, especially against that annoying asshole Regor. I'd rather fucking buy her than do that, grinding my face off for Nidus was aggravating enough. And yet, when I went to go get Mesa, it only took me 4 fights with Alad V to get all three of her components. This should hold me over until I get my hands on Mesa Prime.

I'm working towards getting Garuda but she's locked behind the bullshit Fortuna standing. I know people are saying she's not very good but I don't care, I just think she looks cool. I'm also looking back on the frames I've skipped over so far, and am wondering if I should go back and give a few of them a try. I never gave Rhino or Nova a shot, really wishing I had gotten Nova Prime before they were re-vaulted, and I haven't gotten around to Saryn yet.

On a side note, any resources for gauging how good/bad my rivens are? I've only got a few so far and I have no idea what they're worth or if they're even worth using.

f62aad  No.16098210


It's like evaluating normal mods, really

>does it boost something the weapon is good at?

>if not the above, does it mitigate a major weakness enough to justify the drain?

>if not the above, do you have:

<enough kuva to reroll?

<a riven transmuter and 3 other rivens that are trash?

<a buyer for your trash rivens?

<a button to melt it down into endo?

831134  No.16098288

File: 8700faa387343da⋯.webm (1.35 MB, 736x1164, 184:291, 1549663375893.webm)

File: a69f602733f71aa⋯.webm (1.74 MB, 594x974, 297:487, 1549662556830.webm)

Thoughts on the new frame?

69c616  No.16098333


that's fair enough. I just know if I try to sell some of these I'll get lowballed like a motherfucker. I recently got a Catchmoon riven and need to figure out how to actually build a kitgun in a way to take advantage of the stats.


She looks pretty. Good ass. I haven't kept up on the news though, so I have no idea what she does. I get a ghost vibe from her. I should go look up the details. Overall I like the design, it's elegant but simple with only a little flair. I like understated designs.

cbed58  No.16098355


>another floating idle

Fuck. I just finished grinding plat and bought the titania one. I wonder if this one is better.

831134  No.16098367


i like the hip wiggle in this one more than titanias generic float

a29a1b  No.16098369


I cant wait for the porn animations.

c087ff  No.16098800


Definitely getting the animation set if nothing else. Hopefully the alt helmet pops up on an alert pretty quick. I got lucky with the last Titania and Nidus ones.

37e4e7  No.16103135

God I wish all the open world content wasn't so half-assed and unfinished. There's so much potential for it to be great but it's squandered by an incompetent dev team. I love the aesthetics of Cetus and the plains Fortuna is way worse visually but hate going there for anything but maybe Plague Star because there's absolutely nothing new and the grind is worse than anywhere else in the game.


Equinox should be the next prime frame anyway so it's not like it's any big deal to wait another few weeks.

69c616  No.16103153


My thoughts exactly, except I prefer Fortuna's aesthetics over Cetus's. But the grind is awful, and the design is bad, especially Orb Vallis. The Switch version is so bad, sometimes the snow textures are just grids of squares on the ground, it's embarrassing.

831134  No.16103222


This. I did barely half of the plains and have done nothing with Fortuna. I expect a grind but good God in heaven is it awful. It's so fucking tedious and boring.

445035  No.16103518


Holy fuck, she looks very nice.

What are her abilities?

6bfbdc  No.16104440

Whenever I play with a Saryn player my enjoyment of the game drops by 80%.

fb15ab  No.16104470


Nobody knows. Hildryn is coming first so we won't know until she's probably.

64c569  No.16104487


Is it because of the constant brapping?

6bfbdc  No.16105298


Yes, I'm trying to kill but everyone melts before I do. Extra obnoxious when I'm playing Harrow.

fb15ab  No.16105307


Harrow basically requires you play solo m8.

c2235b  No.16105672

>return for the first time in a while

>have a frost prime pack


>do mission with the life support thing

>teammate didnt like that i kept putting energy into it before 15% and calls me a "p2w tryhard"

>doesn't make sense in a pve game but ok

>get to plains of eidolon

>not bad

games ok, i'll stick around a bit longer

fb15ab  No.16105712


well if you like the plains your in luck, cause fortuna is there when you get bored of it.

5618f0  No.16105932

How do i get into farming eidolons? Starting to need those riven transmuters, do i just kill metric tons of the vomvalysts and proceed from there?

fb15ab  No.16105987


Get yourself a good sniper rifle, make sure you have either a harrow, trinity, oberon, chroma, or rhino, and then kill vomvalysts. Get yourself an amp, any amp but the starter mote amp, and then you're good to go.

6bfbdc  No.16106060


I've been doing well so far but I have a tendency to fuck off from everyone else and support them by the very edge of my aura.


How's Limbo for eidolon hunts? The cataclysm seems incredibly useful for the magnetic waves but there must be a reason I haven't run into a Limbo player so far.

fb15ab  No.16106077


I don't know if they changed it or not but he used to be able to do exactly what you're saying. You put down cataclysm and everyone except your operators are immune to damage. Either they changed that, or it could just be that everyone sticks to the lame old meta cause they're fags. For example oberon can heal and titania can pop limbs with the best of them, but both of them are hardly ever seen cause most groups will always just ask for the regular meta frames.

37e4e7  No.16106384


I'm 90% sure you can't do that anymore


Volt as well is great for it

e5de30  No.16106548



Nevermind I figured it out. Tested him against the base eidolon and his cataclysm is legit though for some reason the void can't defend against that meteor attack. But the most likely reason he isn't used is because he's made of paper. I got downed twice.

69c616  No.16106727

The only thing I was looking forward to in Fortuna was Garuda, yet even getting her is a far bigger grind than Gara was. I can't even get her systems from the bounties, and building her parts requires gems from the higher Solaris United ranks, and the toroids I heard so much bullshit about. Fuck this game and fuck Fortuna but I do enjoy the conservation activity, my favorite thing so far.

e032e1  No.16107076

Started in December and starting to get burned out now I'm near done my dojo and all I have left to get are khora, baruuk, garuda, saryn, reg mesa. Forma for every dojo weapon is a pain in the ass.

Put my shit in warframe market for at least 5 over the lowest 5 people there. Still sells even while those others are 'online'. I don't get it but ok. Sometimes it will end up the lowest after a few days and I'll get 6 buyers all within 30 seconds. Have a bunch of Argon Scopes and Maiming strikes at 200 and 300p.

fb15ab  No.16107100


I'm actually finding the fortuna grind far more forgiving than the cetus grind. Except toroids, fuck that. Also fuck how baruuk is locked behind max fucking rank with fortuna.

69c616  No.16107109


The only reason I'm not ripshit pissed about the Vox Solaris lock-out is because I'm not interested in Baruuk. I thought Garuda was going to be the cheap'n'easy option, but nope, gotta get more ranks to get the blueprints to get the resources to get the frame whose blueprints I can't even get because Eudico won't give me the fucking systems. Doesn't help that the Terra Corpus enemies are a thousand times more aggravating than anything on PoE, these guys are obnoxious bastards, there's dozens of them all the time all over the place, the alert system only makes it worse, and I can barely even see the bastards half the time because they blend into the black-and-white terrain.

e3a875  No.16107115


>The frames also don't need operators, they are fully capable on their own

There's only one frame in the entire game that has sentience, and he was the exception, not the rule. The rest are literally puppets with no will. Replay the game.




The problem with warframe is it heavily punishes experimentation without investment, meaning that if you don't pour a fuckton of effort into getting catalysts, specific mods and other bullshit into a given weapon, its going to perform like garbage on everything that isn't piss easy. Start shooting for prime weapons and invest in those as early as possible.

869632  No.16107117

Nezha is a traposexual.

f62aad  No.16107120

File: b54e31f68f5a0c8⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 533x800, 533:800, 1324178062579.jpg)

>all these alerts for blue potatoes

>jack fucking shit for gold potatoes

>rolled endo for today's sortie

Fuck you too DE.

fb15ab  No.16107126


My autism compels me to get baruuk. And it is really obnoxious how both gara, baruuk, and garuda strong arm you into leveling cetus, quills, fortuna, and solaris united.


M8 I have gorillions of hours in this game I am very familiar with it. In the second dream your frame comes to help you when stalker is choking a bitch, and umbra shows they were all once human. The codex entries show also that the prototypes at the very least were fully capable of operating on their own, as proto rhino killed some orokang scientists. Not to mention nidus and the helminth show that they are also connected at some level to the infested hivemind. They are very much alive and cognizant.


You will definitely need more blues than golds in the long run.

69c616  No.16107143


Don't forget Revenant. Or do. I've no interest in him either, they clearly had a 'vampire' theme in mind then meshed it up with Eidolons and ended up a mess.

646856  No.16107344

Just started getting into the game. Got the Trinity Prime somehow (I think from Twitch Prime or something) and I'm trying to play as support, and I feel it isn't needed

Like I kinda get that healing isn't really needed in Warframe, mainly since shields are the meta, but I even feel the energy vampire isn't useful. Everyone seems to be energy sufficient without my ability.

It might be since I'm low rank, but I feel it should just start playing another support frame.

fb15ab  No.16107347

File: 4b30b081734970c⋯.mp4 (895.07 KB, 526x348, 263:174, putin laugh.mp4)


>since shields are the meta,

f62aad  No.16107353


>It might be since I'm low rank

It is.

69c616  No.16107374


Early Warframe is child's play and shields are shit later on when enemies do a gazillion damage per shot because Digital Extremes can't make proper difficulty.

646856  No.16107431




Guess I have a lot to learn. Any suggestions? Right now I'm just trying to unlock every planet.

69c616  No.16107440


Keep doing what you're doing. Upgrade your mods to keep pace with the rising difficulty. Spend all your starting platinum on warframe/weapon slots.

c2235b  No.16107448

>missison to destroy hives

>they take 6000000000 bullets to destroy

i'm just gonna assume i'm too low of a level to be bothering with this?

fc0a3a  No.16107452


They can be spongy even with a properly built gun, but yeah probably. What’s your MR and what’re you using?

c2235b  No.16107464


mr 4 with a max level(no formas) frost prime and soma prime

fc0a3a  No.16107485


Soma prime shouldn’t be having much problems. Do you have max serration, and maxes critical mods on it?

d47f82  No.16107499


>maxed serration at mr 4

Why? Its a waste of credits and endo.

c2235b  No.16107502


Not really. Most I have is a mod that gives me a stupidly high fire rate. My damage mods aren't anything to write home about yet.

d47f82  No.16107508


You should always use serration or the weapon class equivalents damage mod, point blank for shotguns etc.

Serration at rank 6 to 8 should cover you when clearing the startchart.

c2235b  No.16107522


Turns out my serration is maxed. +40% rifle damage.

d47f82  No.16107537


Thats the flawed shit version. The actual serration mod has 10 ranks, costs a lot of credits and endo to max, and gives +165% damage at max rank.

You should get the normal version and fast.


e3a875  No.16107913


>M8 I have gorillions of hours in this game I am very familiar with it

If the community has shown me anything, it's that you can have infinite time spent ingame and not know shit about it because it not only doesn't explain things, but often times intentionally leaves things vague because they were just afterthoughts that the devs didn't account for right away. In the second dream, your frame barely budges to help you because of the residual transference energy that the operator was just then barely tapping into. It wasn't sentience, it was a half assed ability use, which is reflected in the gameplay: when you deploy the operator, you can't completely leave the warframe yet, your powers are still too weak. Then later on, after the war within, when you finally get your shit together, THEN you're back to your proper, "true" power, but when you leave your warframe, it doesn't move. The only warframe that does move and fight is umbra excalibur,, because he actually had a human implanted into him situationally as a punishment for the human. All other warframes are just puppets. Even Alad V mentions that there's nothing inside them that really makes them "tick" and that it "didn't make sense" as a result. As for the prototypes and the hivemind, Warframes were a result of infested testing and experiments, to fuse biology and machines, with Tenno being humans immune to the infested's effects. This results in some warframes being more or less built with the purpose of manipulating the infested, and the infested itself mistaking warframes for allies at times. As far as sentience goes, early forms of the warframes were more dependent on the freewill of certain creatures, but it was problematic and had to be restrained. Those issues were eventually refined out as the transference mediums came into being. The warframes we use now are neither truly alive, nor properly cognizant. They at best have residual bodily functions (bleeding is about all they can do) and trace physiological instincts (Their funny animations, which are overridden at any time by the operator). Aside from that, they're literally just puppets you slap together in a damn forge.

e3a875  No.16107917


>proper mods are a waste of credits and endo

Maybe just stay on earth from now on and fight the level 5 enemies forever..

c7b57d  No.16108390


You can get more relative damage output for the endo spent at that level with elemental mods.

34e971  No.16108621


>it was toterally the Tenno controlling the frame

>from ten feet away

>while getting choked out by stalker

>after only recently learning what transference is

You can choose to believe that but I do not.

69c616  No.16111339


>The only warframe that does move and fight is umbra excalibur,, because he actually had a human implanted into him situationally as a punishment for the human.

But, all the Warframes are humans infected with the Helminth Infestation.

426fbc  No.16112045


At least the originals, possibly meaning the Primes. The 'regular' frames are likely divisions/copies.

fb15ab  No.16113473

File: 10f7b69381cbf76⋯.jpg (417.86 KB, 1100x623, 1100:623, enraged plesioth.jpg)

You know what just fucking occurred to me? As we all know DE removed the raids, citing it was too much to take care of anymore and not enough people played them. but lunaro and conclave are both still in the game.


Less people play that stupid bullshit than the raids, yet they get to stay in? Fucking why? And new weapons and frames keep coming out so they still have to adjust them for conclave, so it's not like these game modes are easier to keep alive. Did they really scrap raids just so they could move the arcanes onto the planes? Are they that stupid?

c768d2  No.16113498

Saryn just makes the game play itself, fuck this frame.

37e4e7  No.16113690

File: 4b4f043ef2820a3⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 374x254, 187:127, 1446664755040.gif)


>Are they that stupid?

This is DE we're talking about

613abc  No.16114003

File: 0be925a4d085d55⋯.png (109.27 KB, 1531x869, 1531:869, Atleast Destiny still has ….png)


raids were removed because they needed something new for eidolons to drop which were the arcanes you would normally get from raids. Its the same type of reason why the spider fight doesnt drop anything significant.

29720b  No.16118259


aren't they planing to axe the conclave anyway?

55951b  No.16118638

I'll never understand what inspires people to pay money for generic looking blender sculpts with massive amounts of bloom.

69eaa7  No.16118653

Nezha is a trap. Agree y/n?

fb15ab  No.16124536

Is the opticor worth potatoing for the purpose of annihilating those drop ships in fortuna and PoE? Or will I need a riven and shit?

4e8171  No.16124616

File: c658936f3028093⋯.png (8.79 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

I decided the grind for Garuda was bullshit so I sold a riven and used it to buy her from the market, with a little under 100 leftover. Are you ashamed of me, anons?

fb15ab  No.16124619


No that's reasonable.

91c7f9  No.16124626

File: fb678dc8405b3ae⋯.png (537.78 KB, 423x664, 423:664, 1526494433921.png)


welcome to the true endgame. flipping rivens so you dont actually have to play the game. instead spend all your time experimenting builds you will never use.

4e8171  No.16124640



I only did it because she requires 6 Toroids and I just really really really did not want to deal with that crap. And I had a 50% off coupon. And it was a Catchmoon riven and I didn't feel like bothering with kitguns yet even if they're the best things ever.

fb15ab  No.16124647


Toroids are actually insanely easy to get. Just today I farmed like 50 of the things in probably half an hour.

597f0c  No.16124663

I just ate 850 calories worth of valentine's chocolate. Warframe sucks, why do I keep playing it?

7a3360  No.16124665

File: bebde48fa699676⋯.png (944.48 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, whee.png)


whether you agree or not doesn't change the truth


Toroids never drop for me, and on top of that garuda also demands rep grinding , mining, and just being in the vallis, loading into that shit kills my computer a little

fb15ab  No.16124675


I mean if he was only a few toroids away then just grinding for the 6 it takes to make her was probably worth saving him the riven/plat

4e8171  No.16124678


Oh. Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough, but my other excuse is she requires refined zodians and thysts which are locked behind the mid-ranks of Fortuna standing and while I had gotten zodians I was getting extremely bored of it, like >>16124665 said. I hate doing the bounties, I hate being in Orb Vallis, shit is glitchy and crashes on me constantly. Mining is the least aggravating thing to do there and it's still far from enjoyable.

I'm told Garuda's not even good, but I don't mind. She looks cool and her abilities are ridiculously edgy and that's all I wanted.

d3e957  No.16124759


Nezha's not a trap he's a fucking ambush

4c2a98  No.16124763


>+40% serration maxed

Get your shit together, holy fuck.

a3d1ae  No.16125851


Nah, rhino wearing a dress would be an ambush.

a3847c  No.16126160

File: 4fc9d71d30ea98a⋯.png (752.42 KB, 780x900, 13:15, 0af24039a404aad9d3356e5a8f….png)

Haven't played the game since a month before Fortuna came out, so how is it in your opinion? I'm expecting Plains 2.0: Snowboard Kids edition and from what I've read in this thread so far, a fuck ton more grinding just for basic shit.


An ambush I would gladly walk into.

597f0c  No.16126164


a3d1ae  No.16126204


I’m actually finding fortunate far more tolerable than PoE. The grind is far easier and much less is gated. Of course you still have a daily cap and certain gem BPs are locked behind ranks, but you can basically catch every kind of fish with the starter spear and bait, your basic laser can mine every kind of ore and you not only get more gems per mining site than PoE, the top tier gems can be traded for 1000 standing each. Hunting is fun and gets you a good amount of standing per hunt. The absolute best so far is the fact that containers have a chance of just exploding with materials and ore, so you’ll find you have fish parts and gems you didn’t even need to go get. Also buying debt bonds is basically free standing. It’s really easy to max out your standing cap every day, whether by running missions, mining, hunting, or just forking over some extra gems you had. Also bounties now have optional objectives that give you a little extra standing, so doing the highest rank bounty four times hit my 20k cap easy.. The k-drives are really fun, and the stats are the same no matter the parts so you could potentially just buy all the low tier parts and make one as quick as possible. Grinding vent kids standing is kind of a pain and boring, but it’s not really that bad. You just have to grind on the same pipe outside fortuna for twenty minute and you’ll hit your cap. Lastly toroids. Don’t fall for bullshit and try to farm them from caves, you’ll never get any that way. The best way is get a pilfer hydroid, nekros, pull nidus, and buff rhino the lest your wanted level hit max. You’ll be rolling the things in no time. I haven’t maxed out fortuna yet though so I can’t say anything about the orb mothers, archguns, baruuk, or garuda.


Use Oberon or trinity, get a lanka, then a sarpa with shattering impact. Keep your lures alive, pop a few shots from the sarpa into the ayy, and you’re good to go. Also unairu and madurai will help you take shields down fast.

6c1bda  No.16126260

File: 241ef855ac095f3⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 421x421, 1:1, not smug.jpg)



>tfw no Rhino bf

168ce3  No.16126334


>plains 2.0


>more grind


91d74f  No.16126406


>more grind


You literally have to grind rail-grinds to get vent-kid standing and there's more grind than before with the """heist""" quest

fb15ab  No.16126409


There's more stuff to grind, but grinding to mac rank in PoE is a lot longer and more boring than in fortuna.

91d74f  No.16126427


>more boring

It's all the same shit. You just swap out konzu and the quills for the vox and vent kids. You swap out eidolons for that spider, you swap out brown and bloom for frost, cyan&magenta, and you swap out archwings for nothing because hoverboards are slower and aren't even satisfying with their floaty controls.

You're still spamming bounties until you get the stuff to hit the next rank, traveling an stupidly long distance between points because of the map size, and reaching an end with an unsatisfying payoff. It's the Plains, but bigger and frozen.

fb15ab  No.16126452


K-drives are fun, the spider fight works differently to ayys, plains didn't have hunting, fishing is faster with the shock spear, and mining is faster in general now cause of the double rewards. It's what PoE should've been. You don't even have to touch bounties if you don't want to cause standing is easy to get by mining, hunting, or buying bonds.

ef77e0  No.16126475


So they can show those sculpts to their friends?

Remember Asia has a big thing about expressing your self worth through consumerist and materalistic ways… It's like a part of their social culture or some shit.

Basically the more money you can spend on something the better you are… People will spend big money or grind for ungodly amounts of hours just to get rare and expensive shit in MMOs just so they can boast about how cool they are.

91d74f  No.16126476


hoverboards are shit. They're floaty and require their own set of mods to even remotely function in a way that's satisfactory, and have even more limited functionality than archwings. Without bounties you're just wandering around a big sandbox playing the worst farming simulator, and burning your credits on an even more inefficient way of getting any progress. The fight works differently but it's still just eidolons 2.0 because they need something big to justify all that space. It's fine that you like the plains, we all have some shit taste, but trying to pass them off as less grindy is dishonest at best

fb15ab  No.16126485

File: 313cbdb1ceae64c⋯.png (350.8 KB, 600x600, 1:1, shiggy pulse.png)


Fortuna is objectively less grind than PoE. To get to max rank in PoE with both cetus and quills takes more time than fortuna with solaris united and vox solaris. This is fact. And I don't even like the plains aside from the k-drives and bosses, I just want baruuk and garuda. I suffered through PoE all the same to get gara and revenant. And I'm sorry you don't enjoy space ninjas on hoverboards and slap on your archwing and hold and shift and space like a boring bean counting fag.

91d74f  No.16126517


it's the same, just spread out more so it feels smaller. Don't fall for their shit, it's all the same grind with more travel time. And I would enjoy """Space ninjas on hoverboards"""" if either part of that was enjoyable. There's barely any ninja to speak of aside from the weeaboo lens of ash's kit, and the hoverboards control like shit and the rails feel added as a second thought than anything. I'm already playing warframe, I don't need to eat more shit if I can avoid it. And of course you'll slap on archwing, there's nothing worth exploring down there except a couple of largely empty bases and whatever enemies spawn.

Just like the plains, but bigger and frozen.

fb15ab  No.16126540


>spread out more so it feels smaller

U wot? Seriously do I need to spell this out for you?

>you get more gems than PoE (or at least used to, this is moot cause the new mining system works there too)

>fish are no longer straight up locked behind bait that is also locked behind standing

>rare gems give you as much standing as a large rare fish in cetus and are far easier to get

>hunting also gets you about the same standing as fishing did in cetus

>again debt bonds are basically free standing unless they need fish parts or gems, in which case just don't buy those

And k-drives are just personal preference. I like to actually enjoy getting from place to place, and using the k-drive makes it enjoyable because I need to pay attention to the terrain, can do tricks for vent kid standing, grind on rails, and pick up those little vent kid gem things for more standing. This is more fun to me than just boosting straight to the waypoint for 20 seconds.

fb15ab  No.16126550

Oh and I forgot to add

>toroids are like cetus wisps but enemies actually fucking drop the things so the grind for those is easy as fuck

>containers will drop gems and fish parts so even less grind

91d74f  No.16126593


Like you said, mining was a nonissue because of the new system. But that doesn't change that it's the same mining across the board. The only difference is that trading gems for standing is viable now. Fishing and Hunting are effectively the same thing. More options, but not much else especially since rare fish aren't nearly as hard to get as you seem to think they are unless you don't go about it well. This actually goes for wisps as well, since if you know what you're doing you can get them easily enough. There's at least one image floating around with a "best" route for getting them, though this is under the assumption that everyone's got an itzal already (because why would you use something else?)

And containers can drop. There's no guarantee on that. The point is that while the options have (mostly) increased, you aren't actually making any progress over what you would in the plains. Look I don't want to keep repeating the same point but it really is just PoE, but bigger.

7a3360  No.16126618


Speaking of mining, how do i get zodian to drop?

I've got everything i need to build garuda except the zodian, but every time i dig up a gem it's thyst or amarast

fb15ab  No.16126621


I'm not denying that mining and fishing and bounties are basically the same shit, I'm saying that you can get everything you need faster. Why is this so hard to understand?

fb15ab  No.16126647


get lucky on blue mining spots, and try very hard to get the double resources on red ones.

91d74f  No.16126662


Because the way it was phrased before seemed like you were trying to say you just gain more standing, rather than the materials for it. Also the daily limit, which should still be a thing.

fb15ab  No.16126672

File: c1481f0422862f1⋯.jpg (36.95 KB, 650x793, 50:61, mechanic cat.jpg)


yeah the daily cap is still as shit as ever. I'd probably be done with both PoE and fortuna by now if it didn't exist. Bravo DE

168ce3  No.16128245


>literally have to grind

You literally don’t.

>before the heist

You mean the heist you unlock at max level? I’m not denying there’s grind, but to say it’s as bad as PoE is just not true. It takes fucking forever to get full standing the the quills.

91c7f9  No.16129922

File: ae2fd30bbbe0172⋯.png (449.61 KB, 919x589, 919:589, tenno.png)

what are tenno?

fb15ab  No.16129975


>the quills

Wat? Do you mean the ostrons? Cause the quills are easy. Doing one eidolon hunt can probably cap your daily standing.

059a6c  No.16129982


The survivors found on deck 10-0

58a889  No.16130001


Little twinks

69c616  No.16130183


Something cool ruined by a bad plot-twist.

29720b  No.16132866

I wish I could experience the grind of both PoE and Fortuna, but every time they drop frames like it was the only thing they could do

beb7db  No.16137026


Technically still relevant, all the frames we build/resurrect stuck around rather than slept.

Might be said that those persons who have played since founding never 'awoke' either but just 'drifted'.

43a194  No.16138244

File: f77df1d78d85910⋯.jpg (5.3 KB, 245x251, 245:251, 1307390960385s.jpg)

>spent 36m on vay hek because i foolishly thought i was geared enough but i kept running out of rifle ammo

well at least hes gone

91d74f  No.16138251


Please tell me you at least ignored the clones and went straight for the main body.

43a194  No.16138291


I HAD to kill the clones for ammo. Assuming you're talking about the generic grineers. Otherwise, I would've just sprayed him down.

91c7f9  No.16138297


post your builds bro

59f9bc  No.16138349

File: b5ef9f6462daa8e⋯.jpg (86.67 KB, 800x670, 80:67, 1408046597222.jpg)


>mfw solo'ing him as Valkyr with an Opticor back before The Second Dream even came out

fb15ab  No.16138357


You're not missing out on much. It's probably faster to just sell stuff for plat and buy anything you wanted from them from other players or the market. PoE has near fractal grind.

7a3360  No.16138359

File: 656a6854ef1bdf8⋯.gif (1008.65 KB, 500x280, 25:14, 139145123095.gif)


Plains don't make my computer cry, but goddamn if the snow effects on the vallis don't make my processors weep.

But at least it's held together enough that I have only one last rank of fortuna rep to beat out before I can build garuda and tell the vallis to fuck off for good.

43a194  No.16138364


can't atm, but assume it's hot garbage. unupgraded ammo drum, maxed flawed serration, etc.

124063  No.16138403

Has the BR mode they hinted at released yet? Or any new info?

fb15ab  No.16138418


are you serious?

29720b  No.16139325


I can't even go there, I had to buy the bonds

07eff5  No.16144773

Haven't played since Excalibur umbra update. Did they improve anything worthwhile or should I keep it dropped?

84159f  No.16145026


Orb Vallis is like plains but prettier and with grind shortcuts. Also body horror and nods to 80's wave aesthetics

fb15ab  No.16150951

File: 1c6b016a79b4c0a⋯.png (354.94 KB, 1150x231, 1150:231, de rebecca gaym.png)

So, uh, I'm in a game with rebecca. Wat do?

4f2cd5  No.16154059

File: bfd3055dce94f7f⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1116x848, 279:212, Warframe.x64_2018-11-16_17….png)


>she has shit taste in coloring

a4523b  No.16154533


dang that color coordination looks bad on inaros

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