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File: 2d3e6f0e750e6cc⋯.jpg (65.69 KB, 557x421, 557:421, 44-07.jpg)

File: c847d0cdf4d5bc5⋯.jpg (53.42 KB, 594x445, 594:445, KirbysDreamCourse-Multipla….jpg)

7b159f  No.15987204

Why can't nintendo just make an online multiplayer port of this?

76428e  No.15987217

They can

561845  No.15987218


nintendo can't into online, their online has been a disaster since the DS era,and it is a disaster still today

7b159f  No.15987220


Then why don't they

76428e  No.15987223


They don't wanna

7b159f  No.15987231


Well fuck them. I want to play it but I don't know anyone to play it with. I wouldn't have to worry about it if it had matchmaking

4c5525  No.15987235

It's pretty easy to find out if they're gonna do it. Just start doing it yourself and about 2-3 months in, monetize it.

They always come knocking on doors when you're trying to pull away from anything they're doing right now.

76428e  No.15987236


Sucks to be you buddy

d947b7  No.15987309

Kirby's Avalanche was better.

1679f1  No.15987316


They're run by stubborn boomers

d4ca19  No.15987493

They want you buying and playing new games. I'm sure every company would wipe their old games out of existence so their new stuff didn't look as bad.

b569d0  No.15987637


Nobody bought it the first time. Nobody will buy it this time either.

f4dd12  No.15987644


do it yourself

a1e648  No.15987723


I bought it the first time. Was a fun game, even my Mom liked it.

486260  No.15987799

Kirby is a big guy

d3727d  No.15988222


Theres emulators that will let you play snes online with people, i think ones called Z-net

76e6da  No.15988271


has anyone tried that with super famicom wars?

since there's still no good way to netplay advance wars 2 ;_;

0e906f  No.15988373


The thing I hate about this argument is that it's nearly impossible to enjoy something you've made yourself, beyond plain satisfaction. What, are you going to be thrilled by the gameplay that you spent dozens of hours tweaking and testing? Is the story that you wrote going to amaze you? Is the art that you created going to fascinate you? Fuck no, you were the one typing every character in the code and setting every pixel of every graphic asset. Making your own game is like holding a surprise birthday party for yourself.

00cc08  No.15988394

Fuck that, where's my online Advance Wars?

4eda1d  No.15989073

File: 11abe00f6e72506⋯.jpg (15.7 KB, 180x192, 15:16, 2da50e39-9fde-4619-86f0-32….jpg)


My motherfucking nigger.

91947d  No.15989141


You can set that up with mednafen. Hell, I can set that up right now, if it's AW2. Would you want that?

536166  No.15989153


>He's never thrown himself a surprise party

Get a load of this faggot. Bet he's got friends and shit.

d58916  No.15989588

File: 81c089cf13ee0b0⋯.jpg (146.87 KB, 704x622, 352:311, retired.jpg)

>still no F-Zero LAN/Online with at least 16 racers (preferably all 30)

3deb5e  No.15989804


Just use some sort of netplay.

cd621a  No.15990784


This game was ruined for me when I figured out you could make the same shot every time and always get a hole in one.

a10e4c  No.15993468


I agree, however think of it from this perspective. You're going to give the world the exact thing you desired. Just like others have done for you.

>>Civilization is based on self-sacrifice. On the Willingness of men to go out and die for what they believe in. When you get rid of that self sacrifice you get anarchy. Civilization is built because I am willing to give up something for my family, and the family is willing to give up something in order for the town to succeed, and the town is willing to give up something so the state can be in business, and the state is willing to give up something so the nation can succeed. Self-sacrifice is the first principle of civilization.

9a8c39  No.15993481


It's a different kind of enjoyment, really.

c01ce3  No.15993487

File: 7f19af8496b3769⋯.png (108.4 KB, 640x1006, 320:503, Screenshot_2019-01-13 Kapu….png)

0de4e9  No.15993896


It's not always like that. What about the graphics and music? If you spent all that time tweaking the gameplay doesn't that mean you end up with gameplay that you like?

467a77  No.15993992


How about you make a game that you enjoy the experience of playing and not just the feeling of novelty? John Romero was responsible for a large part of the gameplay of Doom and Quake and Daikatana and he seemed to genuinely enjoy playing them.

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