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File: d2b684193f64bda⋯.mp4 (7.81 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, EmptyHeros Music Videos.mp4)

aeaeaa  No.15987303

Before we go into the usual autism, I want to propose an idea for this year's E3. How would you guys feel about doing a stream of sorts like we did a few years back. I'm thinking of trying it again since Sony isn't doing a stream this year. The idea would to collect trailers of at most a minute and at max five minutes, combine the video files and then stream the whole video file from start to finish using Twitch or some shit. Granted the show itself won't be till June, but I wanna do some prepping so we can have a good lineup of games to show off.

I'm thinking of making it a more vidya focused show than just a /v/ thing, not sure if I should though. Either way /v/'s games would be in 100%. Any interest in something like that? Mind you I can't get trailers from AAA games without help from some eceleb or whatever, but I'd be interesting in trying it nonetheless.

That said I don't have anything in particular to bring up, other than to thank everyone for the continued support, that we've been busy dealing with some spam, and that I hope you continue to enjoy the board.



Post last edited at

aeaeaa  No.15987313


holy fuck my ID

dfe31e  No.15987320

why not stream vidya related movies? you never streamed ready player one you fuck

19bf00  No.15987324

File: 26ace7cf41bf740⋯.png (247.7 KB, 927x328, 927:328, fkbgo7t6.png)

Sure why not.

aeaeaa  No.15987326


Every time I do it everyone calls it boring and calls me a fag.

I can do one tonight though.

749c0d  No.15987332

File: d683a4ebf781585⋯.png (97.55 KB, 400x518, 200:259, d683a4ebf7815853d6c49afa92….png)


I propose that you stop shilling and protecting switch threads. Maybe go on a diet as well. It's for your own good, faggot

dfe31e  No.15987335


> everyone calls it boring and calls me a fag.

because you are dumbass, but anyways what movie, RPO or another flick?

aeaeaa  No.15987339


Cyber City Oedo 808

aeaeaa  No.15987347


I propose that you stop shilling and spamming switch threads, this way I won't have to ban you because you can't ignore a vidya thread.

749c0d  No.15987363

File: 31007f43ea87f9b⋯.png (4 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 31007f43ea87f9b28180ccc181….png)


I resent that comment. Not everyone considers reposting bruce.jpg or some cringe shops the pinnacle of entertainment. I do resent biased shit and or you deleting posts because they mock shit taste you share. Echochamber cirklejerks never brought any good to anyone.

aeaeaa  No.15987370


Well yes, but the shit I delete is 99% soy memes, bing bing wahoo or some shitposting before the thread gets started

e2a794  No.15987378


PS Cinco and Xbox Infinity might get announced, so whatever, it'll be a nice dumpster fire of a E3

077770  No.15987382

File: 34f8e843b6429a8⋯.mp4 (7.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Daggerfall_Gondola.mp4)

>E3 in 5 months already

>More than half a year has already passed since the last trashfire

I'm getting old and bitter

At least this year has tons of good mid sized games and AAAshits are dying.

aeaeaa  No.15987383


Well it started with a bang with the Pitchford shit. Here's hoping more shit happens.

077770  No.15987405


>Blizzard employees leaving in droves

>NuBungie leaving Actikike

>All of the massive failures of last year still delivering lulz

>Atlus game on PC

I hope the year keeps delivering



They're pretty much confirmed to be announced this March or this June.

aeaeaa  No.15987412


The Xbox will probably be announced at E3, I could see Sony doing it in March though. I just hope they abandon the senseless censorship policies by then.

0c5800  No.15987419


Markitos, why did you take pics of your culito?

077770  No.15987421

File: fdf512531fcc4a7⋯.webm (1.06 MB, 720x540, 4:3, laugh.webm)


>I just hope they abandon the senseless censorship policies by then.

aeaeaa  No.15987428


I didn't, (((he's))) spamming his own asshole.

aeaeaa  No.15987430


I know, but still.

c4a8d5  No.15987452

File: fbf97cbdceb8037⋯.png (576.77 KB, 800x900, 8:9, fbf97cbdceb8037b7e47eb8a2b….png)

Experience tells me that any attempt at a stream hosted by you will be terrible. We have not forgotten the terrible E3 coverage you had with Gahoole of /tv/. I say don't even try.

683e8c  No.15987470


He'll be quiet for the whole stream up until the Nintendo Treehouse stream when you will hear him masturbate furiously.

aeaeaa  No.15987473


I never said I'd be hosting it, I just wanna get something set up.

8c451b  No.15987524


077770 (checked)


aeaeaa (witnessed)

I think the meme magic is spilling out

aeaeaa  No.15987544

Guess there's not much going on in terms of meta stuff.

I'm gonna play some forza

60f43e  No.15987545


street fighter and postal

60f43e  No.15987584


and resident evil retribution and resident evil vendetta

fdbb02  No.15987607


I was throwing up most of yesterday, illness. Today my ribs are bruised and sore from heaving like a mofo.

Then I read your comment, you bastard, i'm in severe pain from laughing. Fuck sake.

01cfb9  No.15987619

File: a6fbcafdbd226f2⋯.png (38.67 KB, 275x275, 1:1, 1466274667893.png)

>nothing in particular to bring up

The constant fag spam is something that should be dealt with better and you know it.

077770  No.15987622


Get well soon anon

aeaeaa  No.15987627


We're on it

aeaeaa  No.15987630


feel better

e74ab6  No.15987681


So yeah.

aeaeaa  No.15987687


I'm still here

c4a8d5  No.15987690

File: 9a560126307e616⋯.jpg (272.72 KB, 876x1024, 219:256, 6fac2d8c2a119ca0d5527ae212….jpg)


That's even worse. You may likely give it to him and then he will shit things up with his goons and defense force even moreso. If you're gonna have anybody stream it, make sure it's a nobody who 1. doesn't power-trip and 2. respects anonymity and is anonymous himself

e74ab6  No.15987701


Mark should just use his Jew connections and get a hit on /tv/'s BO already.

aeaeaa  No.15987715


Well it wouldn't BE hosted. It would be just an intro, a string of videos, and a "thank you for joining us" thing.

c4a8d5  No.15987722


I wasn't referring to Gahoole. There are far darker forces at work.

9cadb4  No.15987725


What do you expect anybody to do besides wait for the autist to get bored?

85a15a  No.15987730


aeaeaa  No.15987740


I fucking wish I was gay, it's fucking weird how many gay guys wanna fuck me. Like one thing I've noticed is that I'm a magnet for the gays, but chicks don't really speak to me. Like I have people asking for my dick pic constantly and NONE of them are women. Sadly I'm just not into cock.

43e50b  No.15987747

File: 5edb4a358967e50⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 474x267, 158:89, doubt.jpg)


>Sadly I'm just not into cock.

2e1665  No.15987750

File: 0777d07720f2593⋯.jpg (281.29 KB, 655x902, 655:902, Doubt.jpg)

c4a8d5  No.15987761


They're just joking, I assure you. Also, was it just a n Aaron Lawson rumor that you sent nudes to a gay guy or was that the cold hard truth?

dd33b6  No.15987764


Mark is clearly not into cock, do you know how hard it would be to type if you were inside one?

210326  No.15987765


>it's fucking weird how many gay guys wanna fuck me

it's instinctive,they subconsciously seek revenge for what your kind has done to them

43e50b  No.15987767


Mark admitted that he once sent nudes to a gay 'friend' of his. Whether those are the same nudes that Aaron posts is still unknown.

aeaeaa  No.15987769


They're not, I would've said if they were.

aeaeaa  No.15987774


They're not

6dc428  No.15987796

File: 1d50e28a48991f9⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 568x960, 71:120, 1d50e28a48991f9692d77da116….jpg)

Ok, Mark I read your idea and I really appreciate what you're trying to do and I think it's actually a great idea HOWEVER I have some suggestions myself, which you may or may not approve of but, hey, I'm just throwing it out there so hear me out: so you say you want to stream some trailers and shit for E3 and make for a fun night, right?

But how about, INSTEAD, you stream giving yourself a diabetic stroke and dying by eating 40 cakes and injecting maple syrup in your dick? Also I know you like to yiff dogs you faggot fuck fat furry piece of shit ball of lard pig faced jew yorker yid cunt useless waste of oxygen.

Your ideas are shit and so are you, fuck you, Mark.

eb66e2  No.15987806

File: 8ba4260683ccb24⋯.png (354.25 KB, 351x330, 117:110, 1533833437477.png)


I'd like to second this suggestion.

de60d2  No.15987808

File: 7e87b49c66fdfd7⋯.jpg (27.58 KB, 502x376, 251:188, 7e87b49c66fdfd77bb5e525c89….jpg)

Mark stop spamming your anus all over the place, it's just gross.

85a15a  No.15987814

File: f14aa9e75ec475d⋯.png (456.82 KB, 522x572, 261:286, Viv.png)


I already know

fyi chatango niggers have been sharing that audio

a96e68  No.15987836


210326  No.15987862

File: da619f31b00ba96⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.25 KB, 966x767, 966:767, spigot.jpg)


no you got that all wrong,that's a mexican you're thinking of

e74ab6  No.15987892


That's because they think you're gay, you most likely look like a faggot and if you're already an adult then you're kind of fucked.

1343c9  No.15987897

File: b26215ff7949fc4⋯.png (395.67 KB, 568x510, 284:255, qwer.PNG)


But who was HE?

04553a  No.15987900

kill yourself mark

ban gamergate threads they have nothing to do with politics or videogames and are just blogposting at this point

e8637a  No.15987918

File: ae1484c250c1e8f⋯.webm (1.06 MB, 200x200, 1:1, HEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….webm)


Well, he ain't my boy but the brother is heavy

aeaeaa  No.15987929



aeaeaa  No.15987934

File: 005e1c052394472⋯.webm (455.42 KB, 480x480, 1:1, take_it_all_away.webm)


the jews



Why do you want me dead?

aeaeaa  No.15987940


also I see tits, but I'm also expecting a dick.

489ef6  No.15987949

File: 3480bd49bdff373⋯.jpg (56.1 KB, 490x519, 490:519, dook.jpg)


I do not want to see a stream of trailers, concating a bunch of videos is effortless unless you want to bring attention to these videogames like the previous dead but good in nature idea of having a weekly thread of a specific videogame to be played and anons would cultivate their opinions on it, allowing actual discussion of videogames to prosper even if it's forced. Revive that idea instead then some boring video, it's easier to process text than video.

I hope in the long line of history that this board will never go so low to put a captcha ever again just because some fucking gay volunteer is too busy sucking dick in their sleep.

Why the hell are the 4am threads still up, it's so fucking gay and retarded, everytime I see them my fucking blood boils, I do not like these threads, no good thinking honest man would say "being depressed loser larping around, talking about non-casual topics on a board specific to videogames is a healthy way to living life as is", should be banned on sight.

cc6120  No.15987954

Can we have LOL threads back? I feel it serving as a shitpost containment thread would really help improve the quality of vidya posts in actual threads.

da798b  No.15987964

I don't think trailers are worth paying attention to at all, especially the ones from big expos and conferences. Trailers are just marketing wankery that don't indicate anything useful about what a game is going to be. /v/ would be wise to ignore them outright.

That said, I don't care what you guys do. I just won't watch it.

Did Thief ever show up in your mailbox, Mark?

aeaeaa  No.15987980


Yeah, thank you very much. I giggled at the post card.

85a15a  No.15987987


I don't want you dead. Just the majority of your people. Surely you can understand.

da798b  No.15987990

de60d2  No.15987994

File: 6faaa7d310cc2d1⋯.jpg (82.05 KB, 519x428, 519:428, 6faaa7d310cc2d15039feb0ca3….jpg)


Why are you sending Mark gifts? Send him a bomb instead.

aeaeaa  No.15987995


only if bumplocked


Douk, please don't have an aneurysm over some autistically suicidal waifu fag. The thread's already dead.

cc6120  No.15988004


>Only if bumplocked

That would be fine, if they don't get deleted after getting bumplocked. I get the feeling your hotpocket squad need to get on the same page here.

aeaeaa  No.15988007


Ah, that makes more sense then.


y-you too

aeaeaa  No.15988013


I guess let me think it over, it's not a bad idea. It'd have to be once a day though.

da798b  No.15988027

File: 73447ad9113fd33⋯.jpg (529.83 KB, 2576x1932, 4:3, mhm.jpg)


Gifts are available to all of my brothers and sisters on /v/. You can have on too, next Christmas season.

aeaeaa  No.15988034


Thank you once again Santa.

ffda1d  No.15988036

File: ff8b0ac0bd1d245⋯.png (372.55 KB, 414x746, 207:373, bath relax5.PNG)


What makes you say that?

6dc428  No.15988051


I don't want you dead, I just want to see you eat 40 cakes and have a diabetic stroke

32ef52  No.15988052

File: bfb6ebc54162152⋯.png (709.22 KB, 528x570, 88:95, I BRAIN IS HORRIFIED!.png)


There is an odd sense of dread coming from your image.

210326  No.15988054

File: 43fcb96aef26b7f⋯.jpg (137.89 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, e30ce13808341.jpg)



8c6c0e  No.15988119



What the fuck

534c30  No.15988137


Well, she does only have one tit.

711343  No.15988147


Holy shit, what have I done with the last 6 months of my life!?

On a less existential note, Devolver's show was grand and there were a couple of non shit announcements but it was 90% loot boxes and battle royale so I'll agree with you on it being a complete dumpster fire.

"AAA shits are dying"

Not really, they've just figured out they can make even more money if they only release a couple games a year per publisher than if they actually produced a varied spread to have something for everybody.

It's also how they perpetuate the lie of "games being more expensive to make", they spend more money per single game, sure, but they publish 4 games this year instead of 14 about a decade ago.

In truth, most of these publishers are actually spending less money to make more money - especially with DLCs, cut content, premium stores and loot boxes they're practically printing money for minimal effort.

The reason EA and Co. are buying up and shutting down all the dev studios in existence is so as to completely kill any choice people might have and so force them to buy their one annual title and it's 13,000 DLCs or have nothing to play.

You'd think between the internet and digital storefronts the middle-market would flourish but no, by and large it's dead and there's only one or two publishers and a tiny handful of dev houses that can actually be described as "middle market" - obviously we're not counting nipshit here because nipshit is awful and not worth considering.

Same goes for indie games, there's only a tiny handful of indie studios that make anything worthwhile while constant scams and failures from other studios degrade public trust in them.

It's a complete shit show, anon, I only wish I had a billion dollars to blast off into space and live the rest of my life on Mars or some shit.

aeaeaa  No.15988149


Well for me its both images

aeaeaa  No.15988165


Oh, well I had problems finishing the one cake. I doubt I can eat 40. sorry anon.

711343  No.15988234

File: 0f8cda4f623f870⋯.png (166.85 KB, 800x600, 4:3, DUKE0000.png)

File: 50e1ea3e1571c50⋯.jpg (15.5 KB, 410x410, 1:1, 10542712.jpg)



>Holding what looks like a Desert Eagle

>probably in .45

>with 27mm Grenades on his shoulder-rig

Has anyone noticed that Duke Nukem actually uses a Hi-Point? Duke's taste in firearms is sub-nigger tier.

b92a1b  No.15988264

If someone makes a joke or insult at the expense of any platform group either ban everyone who does it or no one at all.

077770  No.15988314


They're all fictional firearms you nigger

077770  No.15988317


Just ban the whole board

cb15f2  No.15988366


>Ready Player One

Is it any good?

04553a  No.15988384

210326  No.15988413

File: 922605d2eccffb4⋯.png (32.5 KB, 598x485, 598:485, mork6.png)

>Mark makes meta thread

>thread anchored before it even reaches 100 posts

Your losing your touch jewboi,we may actually find another BO

5e5772  No.15988461

inb4 juicyboy.jpg

c82294  No.15988487

>doing it for free

f19007  No.15989836


Not many people posted in it today.

9ac605  No.15994231

i liked the metokur e3 streams pls no bully

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