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File: ceaf3f5041c3b4b⋯.png (490.58 KB, 800x740, 40:37, 0b95987633d0cd45cb73e60ed0….png)

File: 019ee1eb5579ad5⋯.jpg (162.16 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 019ee1eb5579ad5b4c54dfde46….jpg)

File: dc9b58d2f880e75⋯.jpg (120.28 KB, 600x595, 120:119, dc9b58d2f880e7562385980bc4….jpg)

File: 5206d5e2074ff46⋯.jpg (3.87 MB, 1498x6600, 749:3300, cuckvg vita chart.jpg)

File: 2268103b4c5cc9d⋯.jpg (838.59 KB, 1364x2966, 682:1483, Vita chart.jpg)

1be7fb  No.16002514





And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous Threads:https://pastebin.com/FPM09Key

(New) First-Time Buyer's FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6

Game recommendations: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/gamerec/games.png

Vita Hacking: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/pastebin/paste.txt


Vita mods: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/pastebin/mods.txt

>Latest News

>Catherine Full Body's western release for the Vita has been canceled, contact Atlus NA here if you care https://atlus.com/contact/#support-tag

>13 Sentinels has been canceled for the Vita period, contact Atlus JP here if you care https://pro.form-mailer.jp/fms/1246530f118006

>The physical versions for Sharin No Kuni's are being worked on and still releasing as intended

>NISA (be careful) plans physical release for Penny Pinching Princess, The Lost Child, and The Longest 5 Minutes for March 2019


Some limited run games like Iconoclasts are coming soon


>Puyo Puyo Tetris finally got a fanslation


>dirty partial english fanslation (only all menus/navigation text and all images that contain text in menus) released for Gun Gun Pixies here


UPPERS! and Omega Labyrinth (Not Z)'s fanslations were finished a little while ago, and can be found here respectively.


(Couldn't find the Omega Labyrinth one as the old link 404'd, I'll probably put it on the /v/ola later if people request it)

An anon was/is working on a new chart, be sure to contribute if you can!


Sorry about the lazy OP, but nobody else was making one and we went long enough without one

Post last edited at

1be7fb  No.16002519

Oh also I didn't manage to save the current WIP vita chart from the chartanon, the thread's images 404'd before I remembered to do so

b37499  No.16002577


But I'm holding it right now and it appears quite alive.

1be7fb  No.16002579


In terms of new games coming to it, its almost dead, yes. That didn't have much to do with the Switch and had far more to do with Sony's cancerous actions in 2018. The 3DS was killed far more by the Switch than the Vita was.

The homebrew community will keep it alive for a while though. The fact that we're still getting physical copies in 2019 is pretty shocking

739c2b  No.16002674

File: 79a799724fd7f01⋯.png (331.82 KB, 336x408, 14:17, where I want to die.PNG)

File: baddaa980c4727e⋯.jpg (85.06 KB, 601x461, 601:461, vigilantes.jpg)


Raijin is a good maiden.

02852c  No.16002770


>Catherine Full Body's western release for the Vita has been canceled

It's a minor consultation, but vita users with hacked consoles now have access to games released up to 3.69/3.70 and maybe even FW's above that. If Atlus doesn't budge then a fan translation will most likely be possible.

1be7fb  No.16002781


Yep, though it'll probably be several months.

d2f4f0  No.16002795



77717b  No.16002986

The big news is that reF00D came out and you no longer need those stupid compatibility packs. Guide was updated for that. Also 3.70 official firmware that fixed the Revenant key but didn't actually fix the rest of the keys in the chain of trust so it was for nothing. I will WebM the stream where Yifan chides them in a bit.


When I add Project Diva I'll put that up too but it isn't to the point it can actually be published.

e93ba6  No.16003134

is it possible to play valkyrie profile lenneth on vita?

549731  No.16003135


You mean 3.70? Sony just dropped a new update recently, though only the biggest retards update.

1be7fb  No.16003144





Eh? I think its fine to post just so people can see how its looking and whatnot

77717b  No.16003179


I'd word it don't update past 3.65 or failing that 3.68 now. Need to confirm FAGDec works with reF00D but for most people it is no longer necessary to update.


I mean it won't be put to the OP link yet.

1be7fb  No.16003297


well okay then

You should still post it and say what's needed on the thing

fb8682  No.16003575


Front Mission 1st and a bunch of arcade/small titles in-between (FF Crystal Defenders, Panel de Pon, Ridge Racers 2/R4, etc)


Catherine on Vita, which looks like to be a decent port


Nothing. I already have a big collection of physicals that I keep these days just as secondary backups

Retroarch emulation for old Nintendo systems has been so far so good, except a bit for the GBA (mostly sound issues). Any improvements on the mGBA core from a mid-September nightly build? And is it possible to update the core through the Retroarch Vita app or do I have to update manually from my PC?

There is also that weird bug on Adrenaline after quitting an extended session of PS1 vidya (custom eboots seem to trigger this bug more than official eboots). The funny thing is that the XMB menu and PSP isos are completely muted, but all PS1 titles are left unaffected. It's a slight annoyance as you can just exit Adrenaline and the bug is no longer present upon next launch.

77717b  No.16004585

File: 698d03fd6b8a62c⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1680x2334, 280:389, games.png)

File: 7f216f363a71cd7⋯.png (53.55 KB, 578x422, 289:211, Screenshot_2019-01-17_14-1….png)

File: ade91b57dca7728⋯.png (414.5 KB, 1158x1108, 579:554, Dw73Gw5VsAAYN_k.png_orig.png)

File: c9700b6fbf9b22f⋯.png (58.54 KB, 575x592, 575:592, ChainOfTrust.png)

File: 6ed1c01c8ee759a⋯.jpg (445.4 KB, 1235x1405, 247:281, streamtext.jpg)

Actually WebM will take too long to do. This is the main take-away from the stream talk and Sony's ineptitude with 3.70 not actually fixing anything. Also humour.


I still have a few games to add but I can refer to the thread archives to correct that. Again, it's descriptions I really need help with though.


Feels nice and stable, and not agitating.

c70d7a  No.16004727



>Guide was updated

reF00d should work on 3.70 too. Until they actually bother to fix what Yifan outlined.


Becoming so stable, gravity wells might stop affecting it.

79dc33  No.16004774

Dragon's Crown

fc0105  No.16006016


Can't wait for it to actually be abandoned by sony so we can get the hack for all the poor saps still on 3.69.

b37499  No.16006028

File: 3b548a2405d1d6c⋯.jpg (189.62 KB, 620x335, 124:67, wipeout2048.jpg)

What do you guys think about this game? I've played the first season and it seems worse than both Pure and Pulse. You start with only one car available. Soundtrack does not pump you up like the prequels'. There's no custom race mode either.

fc0105  No.16007347

File: 549508829ca7abb⋯.png (859.89 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 3247892398.png)

What theme we rockin' now, boys?

9627c9  No.16007386

was there ever r34 of third pic? i think its Odin Sphere

160427  No.16008258

I'm having a strange issue with Adrenaline. After I put the Vita into suspense mode while inside a game and return to it later, the game will just hang and buttons will be unresponsive, I can't bring up the Adrenaline menu either, I'll just get a black screen. Only way out of it is to reboot. Might this be related to https://github.com/dots-tb/LOLIcon/issues/16 ? I guess I will need to try with lolicon off.

Other plugins I have active that aren't the very basic stuff are repatch, ref00d, ioplus, shellbat, pngshot, Vitagrafix and gamesd. All my plugins and Adrenaline are up to date.

87c721  No.16008275


Thinking about it, why not combine both and create a handheld general since both the 3DS and Vita are so dead that they will be thrown out the door at any given notice. The lack of new content can justify talking about both systems in one thread.

160427  No.16008309


Just tried to reproduce and it crashed completely on my first try and needed a hard reboot. Tried reproducing it again with lolicon disabled and could not get it to crash no matter how many times I tried. Damn, I thought those kind of issues were long fixed.

1be7fb  No.16008430


Feels wrong to me to do that. We already have a handheld thread in the catalog for example (and that kind of thread crops up occasionally) and it never really does well, and diluting focus doesn't seem that great to me for keeping a thread alive.

The 3DS threads naturally died out (or unnaturally, if you want to blame the Switch) and nobody cared enough to continue them unfortunately.

The vita threads are slowing down, but I don't think doing that will save it honestly.

The only way such a thread would stay alive imo would be involving some console war stuff, which doesn't sound bad on the surface if its meaningful discussion but it could quickly and easily go bad though I'd like to believe that the 3DS and Vita fanbases have no real beef with each other

87c721  No.16008464


Well, dang, I was looking to some discussion with pokemon rom hacking.

c5fc29  No.16008475


Unfortunately you may need to switch to the older plugins in that case, which aren't global like LOLIcon is. I haven't used Adrenaline in a while, and I've been distracted with 4GO and Doom to be using my Vita lately.


I'm fine with 3DS but it could definitely degenerate into a pissing contest. Also it'd need its own expert. Does anyone still even have the 3DS general OP. I dropped out of those threads a while ago and it's honestly funny that they died out while Vita didn't.


Still my custom Iris Heart one.


Not played.

160427  No.16008534


Yeah, I know but it's a pain as those have their own issues too. Maybe now that f00d got pwned they can figure out new ways to run plugins and fix some of the weirder compatibility issues.

4976b1  No.16008596

For some reason I can't get reF00D working to save my life. I have P5D on my PSTV and it keeps kicking me the error it gives for a too-new game. I have the shit in ur0 and I have checked my config like 10 times, idk what the deal is. Has anyone else got it working on 3.65 Enso?

1be7fb  No.16008605


You'd have better luck creating a dedicated thread for pokemon romhacking discussion in all honesty. The few 3DS threads that have popped up randomly rarely break 100-120 posts and usually die by that point. The Switch did too much of a number on it.

I could probably try to keep one alive if I truly cared, but I just do not feel the urge to do so, and it would be pretty frustrating.


I'm sure they still exist.

>it's honestly funny that they died out while Vita didn't.

I blame the Switch honestly, and the fact that the Vita got a bunch of boosts in homebrew and indie love towards its latter years while the 3DS started stagnating and suffering even in its homebrew with the closing of the freeshop and the ROM sites like n***blog's nintendo section being taken down f (which also hurt all the romhacks hosted there as well). Its a shame. I liked that little handheld. Though I'll admit I like my Vita more if it came down to it.

Hell aside from Alliance Alive and some Atlus remakes that were worse than their originals, this entire year (technically last year) felt threadbare for the 3DS. I'd call it worse for the Vita though because of all the happenings (even if it was "overall" better thanks to more decent games being released physically and whatnot), the Vita essentially was all but killed last year thanks to Sony.

c5fc29  No.16008691

File: 3970d0ba9bf1b91⋯.jpg (542.03 KB, 1157x933, 1157:933, I play for this.jpg)

File: 81f07eae1a983d1⋯.jpg (477.13 KB, 1300x1300, 1:1, Not for this!.jpg)


Make sure it's after NoNpDrm as per the instructions, but also that you specify reF00D.skprx and not reFOOD.skprx


3DS should probably merge with Switch threads if anything.

>which also hurt all the romhacks hosted there as well

Someone should get to archiving them. And also ideally, ROM hackers would distribute patches and not entire ROMs because not only are they often smaller, they aren't opened up to takedowns.

>the Vita essentially was all but killed

Which is a good thing. It means the only game likely to be tainted by their recent policy changes is Catherine, and even that could in theory be fixed.

1be7fb  No.16008711


>which is a good thing

Yeah I suppose you could look at it from that strange perspective, maybe but the the things that killed it happened in the earlier and middle part of the year, before PQube's canary in the coal mine anyways.

I would rather the Vita not die and Sony not censor. Looking at it as a "good thing" is like looking at the premature death of a loved one before they could see how appalling their kids became as a positive thing.

Ideally Sony would not have censored to begin with, and the Vita wouldn't have had a rather sad reason to die.

I look at it as a bad thing because it might've been possible for Sony to have changed course in the meantime while the Vita was still alive, assuming backlash and whatnot eventually had effects and we might still have gotten 13 Sentinels, unpozzed while we were at it along with plenty of other nice possible releases.

Instead we're left with almost nothing, except some dedicated homebrewers (god bless them)

de323f  No.16009515

File: 0ff0a6331060cbb⋯.gif (4.65 MB, 609x532, 87:76, _.gif)

After setting my DNS to and trying to update over wifi I'm still getting the 3.70 notice from SONY, not the “3.65 (変革 Compatible)”

on 3.60

c5fc29  No.16009537

File: ce63feb6861fbc2⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1a87e101d3632564f9d827f652….png)


Do not do anything. Presently not in a state to answer properly.

bdeeb0  No.16009562

How does everyone feel about Hakuoki? I know its otome but from what I've heard its a pretty good vn.

de323f  No.16009564

File: 131fb7771fbd050⋯.jpg (335.59 KB, 812x2048, 203:512, anon_devolution.jpg)


>Do not do anything

I won't. A realm shame though, wanted this Vita presentable for my sister's bday. Guess I'll just get a cake.

c5fc29  No.16009567

File: 4ad1ec45d5211f1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 700.98 KB, 764x1081, 764:1081, 2ec9301e4fc490f12d8a081976….png)

If it is not clear, if it tells you something contrary to the guide, do not do it. Instead be distracted for a while.

c5fc29  No.16009586

File: 9fa318a3f591877⋯.jpg (217.04 KB, 1272x1800, 53:75, 9fa318a3f5918775a11c0bd958….jpg)


Wait until I respond (under 24 hours). If you update now you will ruin the system.

f91d4b  No.16009697

Still on 3.60. Should I even bother updating to 3.65? The only benefit I can think of is faster boot times for 3.65 games due to ref00d not being needed.

c5fc29  No.16009713

File: 547650d8f9a009b⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 2378x3532, 1189:1766, __histoire_iris_heart_noir….jpg)


You too. Especially if using update365. Hold your horses.

469447  No.16009797

Got a vita a couple of weeks ago. Dropped in to say hello, and I'm enjoying it very much. I'm playing ff7, will finish sotn after that and get started on p4g.

d9cc6a  No.16009807


The SOTN included with Dracula X Chronicles has some familiars from the Japanese version we never got, they changed the translation/voiceover from the PSX version though.

I still wish we got Maria.

c5b589  No.16009817

Updated my Vita's plugins this week after not touching it for months. I've been too busy to play it lately but I'm going to try to find the time to pick up some games again. Any worthy recent releases/translations?

95f17a  No.16009848


It's worded in a confusing way. rePatch has faster boot times because everything is already decrypted. Vita does not have to load anything into RAM and decrypt on boot. So it's faster than reF00D. But then reF00D is faster than the Vita decrypting it the vanilla way. So whichever option you choose, it will only speed you up rather than slow you down.

0127af  No.16010353


So, no reason to update to 3.65 then? From what I saw you have to uninstall Enso and other hacks before updating and I'm too lazy to do all that.

0127af  No.16010361


>and I'm too lazy to do all that.

Without a good reason, I mean

1be7fb  No.16010495


if you feel like playing them go ahead faggot :^)

not many people know how they play given that, they're marketed to girls, fags and fujoshis with a very small minority male non-faggot audience.

Tell us what you think. Idea Factory handled it right? Its probably okay, though for a VN london detective mysteria or whatever sounds more interesting

95f17a  No.16010578


Yep, no reason at all now. I kinda regret that I jumped the gun and updated when Enso for 3.65 came out but I wanted to play some nip titty games real bad.

b37499  No.16010617

Virtua Tennis 4 is fucking awesome.

05d7ad  No.16010783

File: c5c295516b867d3⋯.png (1.27 MB, 334x251, 334:251, ClipboardImage.png)


Is tier 6 anon just Dilbert 3?

63ab1c  No.16011932


I thought it was okay, 2048 contains some interesting ideas (specialized ships, cross-buy for HD and fury content) but it is brought down by poor performance, a limited ship (car? plane?) selection, and repetitive music (basically the soundtrack of HD with less tracks).

Even though there are many different ships, there are some ships that are obsolete in a mode from the moment they are introduced: why would anyone want to use any ship but the Quirex fighter in eliminator? Why would anyone not want to use the fastest speed ships for a race? The amount of needless ships manifested itself in online mode (which was shit by the way) where everyone would pick Quirex fighter/Quirex prototype for eliminator events and Pir-hana speed/Fiesar Speed/Fiesar prototype ships for races.

That might seem like a nitpick, but ship specialization is one of the only new ideas 2048 introduces. I would recommend playing the psp Wipeout games instead, they have more tracks, don't run like ass, can be emulated/upscaled, and have better eliminator modes (at least, Pulse does).

I know nobody cares about eliminator or some shit dead online mode but eliminator was basically destroyed in 2048 when playing online, everyone would just crowd around the first set of weapon pads and fly back and forth until they got quake, which was basically the "I win" button. And since everyone was at the beginning of the track there was no reason to "race" since it was faster to turn around and pick up weapon pads until you got quake and won

101088  No.16011966

What's a vita? Is it one of those dime a dozen consolenigger consoles?

1be7fb  No.16011972


Its a handheld console.

Like an upgraded PSP basically. Its got pretty high build quality, so I wouldn't call it "dime a dozen".

c5fc29  No.16012222




Right, you don't need to update from 3.60 unless you really crave more stability. Just use browser HENkaku to jailbreak, then install Ensō, and then the rest, and you're golden.


Rephrase: It's more consolation than good.


>responding to some drive-by console war faggot

dfe91c  No.16018896


I'll see if I can scrounge up/put together some descriptions, a lot of anons have recommended shit in the past with a lot of description to go with it, the problem will be condensing it to fit that text limit

c5fc29  No.16022052


Appreciated, and it's a triviality to make the tiles bigger if necessary and editing them is something I'm happy to do myself.

Anyway, that Jak 3 run and its hoverboard movement tech convinced me that I really need to play that series so I'm doing that. Shame the Vita port's iffy as far as the first game but I don't have an easy other way of playing them.

f059b8  No.16022058

File: 69542160d1dd4da⋯.jpg (124.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (29).jpg)

I'm playan Front Mission 3 AND ITS SO GOOD. ITS SO FUCKIN' GOOD.

Go buy/pirate that game. Its like 5 bux or less and its fucking great. Its like FFT meets policenauts.

c011d4  No.16022084


>why not combine both and create a handheld general



> was looking to some discussion with pokemon rom hacking

Make a thread, nigga.


That game is therapeutic.

daf080  No.16022098

I played P4G a few months ago. Got stuck on Mitsuo and didn't care to grind up enough to not get obliterated in a turn.

c011d4  No.16023059


>Got stuck on Mitsuo

Did you not fuse Black Frost?

daf080  No.16023526

File: 81ae845154c062a⋯.png (167.29 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-01-21-115615.png)

File: b97c41913d72971⋯.png (259.7 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-01-21-115625.png)


this is my party. I can't fuse black frost yet. I remember now that I fucked around raising SLs instead of grinding, and I was initially around level 30 when I fought Mitsuo. Now I have two days to level up.

3c8366  No.16024333


Do you have a good afinity with the dog? Since your team doesn't get tired, you can spend a day grinding forever so long as you can afford to get the dog to heal you. I lucked out and kept finding those golden gloves so I was way too overpowered for the fight with personas that nulled physical.

7e0340  No.16024338


Sounds and looks like fun

daf080  No.16024497


I have a low affinity with the shrine fox. Thankfully I have a large stock pile of money and I abuse physical attacks to deal status ailments, so running out of SP and HP isn't an issue. I moved onto other media rather than taking some time to grind up a few levels. Might as well continue where I left off.

b2511b  No.16024740


What difficulty? Depending on that you may not need to level up, you may just need more personae. If you're on the hardest then exploiting rare hands will give you the best bang for your buck if you use physical attacks.

a4f950  No.16024818



dc839f  No.16025089

File: 6f12fa7d4174117⋯.png (209.58 KB, 450x410, 45:41, 6f12fa7d41741174305d98ac2c….png)

File: b6718e1ba726d27⋯.jpg (63.91 KB, 400x519, 400:519, 13601.jpg)



Kinda like the complete descent into madness of that artist that drew cats. Is that what waits for us?

I want of this ride now.

56a326  No.16025780

File: f5a8a7e118c49ff⋯.png (446.85 KB, 850x786, 425:393, holycrackers.png)

poasting again, I got some of the PSVita 2hu games. None of them are particularly good, many are trash, besides the dungeon crawler. I'm suprised that 2hu has games on the console to begin with, but I didn't expect them to be bad

daf080  No.16025798


I've been playing on the hardest difficulty. The golden hands are pretty slippery, but they do give off some good exp. I'm hoping I get buffs and debuffs soon. They were my go-to spells in P3P and P5.

c5fc29  No.16026020

File: ad6b80833c95de3⋯.webm (7.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sunny_raystation.webm)


Apparently they have sucky localization too. No surprises it's NISA but it has to be said. It's more damning because while there's a lot of crap doujin games for the series, there's also some good ones like the second Castlevania parody and that even got an English translation.

3fa8c7  No.16026049

File: 17bed23d8e0eda1⋯.jpg (167.24 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, touhou-genso-wanderer-scre….jpg)


I was interested in playing the mystery dungeon game at one point but fuck me if I don't think this game looks hideous.

1be7fb  No.16026094


That's shovelware/mobage tier

76b1f3  No.16028980

Dug out my dusty old PS Vita and bought an sd2vita and just finished Enso. I forgot how nice the PS Vita is, it has a nice weight, the d-pad and buttons feel great, and the screen is fantastic. It's incredible how this thing failed but the 3DS did well, the 3DS is an uncomfortable piece of flimsy plastic compared to this thing.

Thinking about giving Danganronpa a try, I am in the mood for an interactive fiction.

dfe91c  No.16029022


Do it, its a fun, intense little adventure

Though I played the fanslated PSP version on adrenaline because I didn't trust NISA, and I think it was missing a nice feature from the Vita version unfortunately in exchange for what's usually considered the (slightly) better translation

76b1f3  No.16029066


I sort of missed it when it was big because I didn't have a PSP and I have an allergy toward emulators, aside for ones that have all the kinks worked out. I'm excited, though.

Another good thing about the PS Vita is that I can use it at work without looking like a manchild. Well, mostly without looking like one.

02f0de  No.16029080


Yep, vibrant colors sadly stick out too much.

I started Danganronpa while I was on an airplane and gave no fucks for the most part, aside from a slight tinge of awkwardness during an ecchi scene or intro, due to the fact that I was surrounded by strangers, some of them old as fuck

At the end of the day though, opinions of strangers should not matter to you

c5fc29  No.16029534


I'd honestly say go Vita version for the doubled resolution and that its colourful visuals pair well with a good screen (if applicable) and that it wasn't until 2 that the translation got compromised. Even with that caveat, if you enjoy 1, try 2. I managed to stomach V3 but that's definitely a risky entry with more than a couple of parts that don't make sense and/or are overly convoluted (even compared to 2's 5th chapter).


>Well, mostly without looking like one.

Which is ironic because of its primary library. Like >>16029080 though I play what I damn well want in public and don't care. Danganronpa isn't even that fanservicey as far as the genre goes.

451fc0  No.16036884

I just got through the catacombs in Dungeon Travelers 2 and I am beginning to grasp the levels of autism I will need to keep playing. All my builds are fucked up and I barely know what I'm doing. I kinda want to reset so I can respec some people but even then I am not entirely sure what I'm going to need later on. I think I'm going to have to keep blundering on through these dungeons and praying I get a single clue as to what the fuck I'm doing. I haven't even seen the third tier classes yet holy fuck am I lost. Can I choose the prestige classes over again if I reset? God I hope so.

c011d4  No.16037842


>Can I choose the prestige classes over again if I reset


>I haven't even seen the tier 3 classes yet

>not even level 30

>worried about builds

Dude, just play the game. You'll be fine.


Did you try the ol' buff, debuff, and heal strategy?

56a326  No.16041244

is the kof 97 cross multiplayer? I saw it listed as that on the PSN store(didnt buy it, of course), and I'm looking to play something with my friends who have a ps4

7fb76e  No.16042083

Wanted to go online for Virtua Tennis 4 and it asked me to download an update, so I did. But now whenever I turn the game on it tries to install the update, stops at 5% and throws up an error. How to install the update? I'm on 3.68 if that matters.

00f670  No.16042173


I think the SNK games are cross-play: metal slug 3, garou motw, last blade 2, etc. but it's better to play fightan games on pc with Fightcade.

ce1a60  No.16046388


The good news is that I got to 30 and did some respec shenanigans and now my main girl Melvy is the god of hellfire. The bad news is that anti-magic zones exist. I'm pretty sure I'm doing this wrong.

884b78  No.16046489

Playing Wizardry:Labyrinth Of Lost Souls, just starting after rerolling for good bonus points, got some good ones after not much time, even got around 40 for my dwarf.My japanese knowledge is limited, so just trying to grasp what's more necessary.Seems to be no map at the beginning, fell for one-way door shenanigans, party got lost, people got poisoned and ended up dead.

Tried Croixleur Sigma but didn't quite like it.If i want to kill endless enemies while grinding weapons there is EDFV2 and if i want dashu high mobility action i got Malicious Rebirth wich seems better overall.

082bf5  No.16046582


I'm surprised that no one has tried to port the PS3 translation.

daa487  No.16046796


Why don't you try?

b37499  No.16046801


Okay, it seems that you can't update games installed through MaiDumpTool. So I tried the NoNpDRM versions (from NoPayStation) but they are not detected. Other games like Hitman GO are detected. Anyone know what's wrong? Tried both the US and EUR versions.

b37499  No.16047073


Now tried it with Worms Revolution Extreme and that also isn't detected. Guess I will stick with the VPKs…

e28a46  No.16047115



What do you mean by not detected? As it doesn't show up as a bubble?

a76b52  No.16047872


Do you have the nonpdrm.skprx on your memory/sd card and added to your config.txt as a kernel plugin?

Did you refresh through vitashell after installing the .pkg? if you're using NPS browser and moving the .pkg files over

7fb76e  No.16048010


I mean when I refresh the livearea it says "0 items refreshed".


Yes to both.

Anyway, I fixed it by using PKGj with this database: https://github.com/Alex4nder001/PSVITA-PKGJ-DATADB

1be7fb  No.16048058

>vita thread archives only go back to late 2016

How depressing

1be7fb  No.16048845

File: dacfe17c763e60a⋯.png (19.32 KB, 230x230, 1:1, red anon.png)

Its really something going through these old threads.

>all that autism involving the toranon (and including himself)

>So many people talking about buyfagging and preordering more than anything else, even showing off their pictures (its surprising how many people bought the MeiQ collector's edition)

>the huge level of optimism back then for the Vita compared to now

>still plenty of shitting on NISA

>lots of fanservice discussions, links and resources and anons dumping things like wallpaper collections

>an anon who recommended one of my favorite fetish h-games in RPG Maker when RPG Maker 2k/2k3 came out for the Vita but he was apparently not paying attention because the game was made in VX

I'm not going to say it was a better time, because the sheer autism exhausts me, but it was interesting if nothing else.

1be7fb  No.16049279

I found one of the threads that was supposedly lost forever and updated the pastebin.


c5fc29  No.16049850


No you cannot. The issue with Vitamin and MaiDumpTool is that these have to do a whole lot of decryption and hackery to work, but as a result, break the normal update process and don't work with all games. NoNpDrm uses 1:1 copies of a game and doesn't even have drawbacks nowadays with rePatch and reF00D allowing game modding and removing firmware restrictions.

tl;dr NoNpDrm only. Older game copying methods are obsolete garbage.


Looking through older history is always a blast.

1be7fb  No.16050801

File: 69b01171c8ba30c⋯.png (244.65 KB, 647x729, 647:729, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 697b930422276b2⋯.png (24.38 KB, 956x500, 239:125, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cb4dcb6604a548a⋯.png (39.94 KB, 981x655, 981:655, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 56d834b19262940⋯.png (206.02 KB, 882x816, 147:136, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6ae50ef12280586⋯.png (261.08 KB, 868x827, 868:827, ClipboardImage.png)

70% done combing through the archives for reviews/recommendations/descriptions for the chart.

This was a nice and cute moment, especially with how energized people were when they were all emailing IFI to do this, not even having hope for the LN to be translated because of how prohibitive such a thing would be.

7fb76e  No.16051202


But I couldn't get it working with NoNpDRM either. In fact, at least with VPK I was able to play the game - NoNpDRM just didn't detect it at all. Only PKGj worked completely (allowing me online access).

c5fc29  No.16051218


Double-check the following.

- The game's root folder is ux0:app/PCSE00286 (or PCSB00332 for Europe)

- sce_sys/package/work.bin exists and is valid.

- You then go into VitaShell to refresh the live area by being in the root (wher all the ux0: ur0: and such are and hitting triangle.

Failing that what is your config, the order they are specified matters.


I'm aware of 2 or 3 threads ago there was a big list put forward.

1be7fb  No.16051248


Big list of what?

7fb76e  No.16051485


The config and game's location was correct for sure. How do I check the validity of work.bin? Remember that I had another game work, but VT4 and Worms didn't.

Anyway, I wanted to do a description for Virtua Tennis 4. How long should it be?

c5fc29  No.16051487


Game recs.

60b3b8  No.16052026


You probably didn't have system files set to visible when copying it over or something stupid like that.

7e0340  No.16052711

File: 212cb8a53092d21⋯.png (458 KB, 1776x599, 1776:599, ClipboardImage.png)

Does the chartanon still have the entries for this older version of the chart?

The games I can kind of recognize from the thumbnail that have entries that aren't on the current iteration:

>Dengeki Bunko


>Valkyrie Drive

>Ys MoC

>Ar Nosurge

>Demon Gaze

Or was that a different chartanon or something? Assuming its the same though, why weren't they included on the current iteration of the chart?

Anyways, I've got some descriptions ready to go for a lot of fucking games now. Fucking combed through so many posts that I'm fucking sick

1aebc5  No.16052762


>Or was that a different chartanon or something? Assuming its the same though, why weren't they included on the current iteration of the chart?

It's a different anon working it now (prior used photoshop to compile; current has coded a generator or something), and from what I've seen, he'd rather not just rip descriptions from the prior attempt. Namely that if the anons that had provided descriptions prior aren't still around to vouch for them, reusing them may not accurately reflect the interests of anons present in these threads now. Or at least that's how I recall it being some threads back. Not sure if he's changed his mind. If so, I can dig around.

7e0340  No.16052948


>reusing them may not accurately reflect the interests of anons present in these threads now

I hope that wasn't the reasoning as I don't think that's the best logic to go by.

This chart should aim to be just about timeless, given that these threads can only live on for so much longer and anons' recommendations shouldn't be lost or thrown out just because some time has passed. They should only be thrown out when they are challenged and beaten legitimately, and even then if enough anons enjoyed it it should still be left in while acknowledging the flaws. Just because anons liked games in the past doesn't mean they won't or don't like them now, and that should be the case until proven otherwise in my opinion. But that's just me.

56a326  No.16053868

File: 19062e28a99084c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 2513x2289, 359:327, 1411535000248.jpg)

Any of you get this problem?:

After playing one game for a while, sometimes having it in sleep mode, when you exit and try to open other applications, they won't open. Usually they just go to their loading screen forever.

Any help would be appreciated vitabros

c5fc29  No.16054041


I've mirrored a few other charts for reference.

>eg01 is that one, and what the generator chose as a template

>eg02 is the 4chan one

>eg03 is some other one

>dungeoncrawl is the one for those games specifically



Ripping descriptions is fine but if it's a game I haven't played I want it to be done by someone else, because you can't really speak about a game without finishing it.


From the start the intent was to stop relying on the 4chan chart because it has no quality control and only has minimal detail on games. My attempt to automate it was so layout could easily be tweaked and games were easy to add/remove. Also deliberately made the whole thing public so anyone could re-use it (or fork if necessary).


Are you using StorageMgr? If so, get rid of it, it's wonky, and use the one dedicated to your particular SD card hardware.

56a326  No.16054445


aye, thanks, seems to load faster too. I used storagenigr because thats what the vita.hacks guide said to use, but looking at it now, it's pretty outdated

>suggests to use VSH

>not using LOLIcon

dd04e2  No.16054675



From what I understand storage manager is slower because it constantly checks whether there's an SD card present at the mount point. This is so you can hotswap the SD2Vita out. If you don't want/need to do that, gamesd (which storage manager is a fork of) will work just fine. Keep an eye out for any weird behavior though, I experienced the same issues and it turned out to be a dying SD2Vita adapter. Sometimes app would not open, slow to a crawl, or the console would lock up/crash completely. Would happen more often after waking it from sleep too.

7e0340  No.16054678


Damn anon, you're very good about archiving.

>Ripping descriptions is fine but if it's a game I haven't played I want it to be done by someone else, because you can't really speak about a game without finishing it.

The good thing is for most of those games, people in the threads have already talked about them and finishing/playing them.

>From the start the intent was to stop relying on the 4chan chart because it has no quality control and only has minimal detail on games. Yep.

Anyways, I'll start dumping the descriptions I've put together based off recommendations/reviews/posts of anons from the archives now (I even have the thread references if you'd like to see them… that was an autismfest of a combing). I suppose I'll start with the games that you currently have up on the chart, but there are plenty that you can add on the chart if you want.

Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!

Audio: Japanese


An actually good all-girls fighting game with a pretty art-style. No DLC shenanigans or DLC-locked characters as Arcsys games are prone to. The last of its series since its creator died. Worth a play.

Dungeon Travelers 2 (dunno if its worth mentioning the censorship on the chart)

A legendary, universally beloved and lewd DRPG. Considered a must-play on the Vita. Starts out easy, but grows increasingly difficult as you progress. Emphasizes class tree skillsets and 4-option customized weapons and armor. Excellent class variety, mechanical variety, and viability along with multilayered and complex map designs. Characters are likeable and cute. Plot is decent. Has a massive postgame with tons of content. Easily worth your time if you own a Vita.

Disgaea 4: A Promise revisited

Audio: English, Japanese

A TRPG from the classic Disgaea franchise. Considered to be better in every way from Disgaea 2 and 3. It's what you've come to expect from Disgaea, only better. Improved and diverse mechanics to use and break as you rise in your numbers quest to destroy increasingly powerful enemies. It is considered to have the second-best story in the franchise next to the original Disgaea. All sorts of crazy and fun shit is possible. If you're grinding for anything but the postgame content, you're doing it wrong. The vita version is particularly good by including the substantial postgame DLC and being more polished and having content over the PS3 versions.

(claim was made by an anon about it including the DLC, I don't know that myself)

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention

Audio: English, Japanese

Unfortunately worse than 4 in pretty much every way, Disgaea 3 is still a Disgaea game so it isn't bad and is worth playing. The story's mileage may vary; it is usually considered poorer than the others, and the mechanics aren't as strong as 4's, but its more Disgaea if you want it and again the Vita version's polish and extra content give it an advantage over the PS3 versions. Its also considered grindier than 4.

(Honestly unsure about including Disgaea 3 on the chart personally, but its overall quality probably allows it to deserve its spot even if 4 is pretty much objectively superior)

Dragon's Crown

(maybe worth making a note that it includes partial Japanese audio, as weird as that sound)

A much-beloved 2D ARPG arcade-y sidescroller by Vanillaware with local and online co-op options. Has an absolutely stunning artstyle in the vein of all Vanillaware games. It is a love letter to Dungeons & Dragons and western fantasy, with its exaggerated character designs and archetypes, world and style along with its "Dungeon Master" style narrative. The story isn't the best as a result of lack of focus (it is D&D inspired after all), but its still very fun and charming to go through. The combat is fast, fluid with tons of options and skill customizations that get more extreme the farther you progress, with combat speed and pacing increasing as you go on. Highly recommended to play with friends, but you can still have plenty of fun by yourself. Tons of postgame content in one of the later patches for the game, worth downloading.

Earth Defense Force 2017

This game is the actual prequel of EDF 4.1, with a bunch of exclusive enemies (assault drones, mini-hectors, the big monster Varak and its cyborg counterpart). It's originally a Xbox360 game ported on Vita, with some new content such as being able to play Pale Wing.There are total of 60 missions also divided into several difficulties. The framerate chugs at times, more so than EDF 2, but its still a playable and fun shooter. Considered the easier of the two on the Vita. The online is pretty much dead except in Japan, so be aware of that. Like all EDF games, anyone who likes FUN will probably enjoy them. Anons have been known to play the EDF games with each other

7e0340  No.16054684



Earth Defense Force 2

EDF2 is the sequel of the first one from the PS2 (both having their own storyline/universe). It's a portable re-release on the Vita (which was ported on the PSP beforehand but with the slideshow experience) with extra content such as the Air Raider class (no possibility to call for vehicles however, you only get to ride vehicles that are spawned in the mission maps, but you get 3 weapon slots in exchange) and new weapons. It's generally viewed as the "classic" game among the fanbase. There's a lot more to unlock, but the gameplay is much more simple due to the small arenas and smaller amount of enemies compared to EDF 4.1. EDF 4.1 is generally considered superior. If you can't play 4.1, 2 is an ok game with some design problems here and there, just don't expect to find anyone playing it online anymore. Still a fun game.

Gravity Rush

A pretty enjoyable action-adventure game. Makes good use of the Vita as a whole while being pretty fun and having a nice albeit somewhat confusing and very open-ended story. Kat is a cute.

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Fun crossover game although unbalanced as it's easy as shit to play as Tetris against a Puyo player, and it doesnt have as many modes as the Puyo Puyo anniversary games.

Mary Skelter Nightmares

A higher-effort, darker-toned DRPG by Compile Heart. It's pretty darn impressive. It has a strong story premise with good buildup, good characters, but a few plotholes here and there.. Excellent difficulty mode balancing above normal, not simply doing a "increased enemy stats" affair and fitting even within the context of the universe with allowing wandering nightmares to be a rare but terrifying encounter when they stalk and catch you in the field. Maps are interconnected and multilayered as well. Grinding isn't the focus so much as skill-builds and gear. Unfortunately the ending will likely leave you hanging for the next game.

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess

Acts a base game of 4 + NP expansion. Fun strategy game that is about setting traps to sacrifice intruders for big daddy demon.

And those are pretty much the stuff I found for what's already on the chart, but there's plenty for stuff that isn't on the chart yet.

Think you could add in more games?


>Utawareruno Mask of Deception & Mask of Truth

>Digimon Cyber Sleuth

>Demon Gaze 1

>Valkyrie Drive

>Dragon Quest Builders

>A ton of the Atelier games apparently

>Ar Nosurge

>Stranger of Sword City Revisited

>Toukiden 2

>Killzone Mercenary

>Persona 4 Golden

>Shiren The Wanderer

>Trails of Cold Steel 1&2

>Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

>Natural Doctrine

There's more but let's start with that for now.

Also, you're doing the Danganronpa 2 description right?

dd04e2  No.16054725

File: b887c55521b13df⋯.png (617.75 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-01-18-021204.png)


>claim was made by an anon about it including the DLC

Maybe that was me but yes. D3 and D4 include all the PS3 DLC and have a bunch of new content as well as QOL improvement making them the best versions of those games.

>Honestly unsure about including Disgaea 3

The only issue people have with D3 is its story. Mechanically and content wise it's a good game and a straight up improvement over D1 and D2. It's also the last Disgaea game with SD sprites. Also includes PS3 DLC, new content and QOL improvements. At the very least it's worth mentioning that it's a nice game and the Vita version is the superior one.


This turned more into a review for the new Uta games, again.

>Utawareruno Mask of Deception & Mask of Truth

Mainly visual novels with some added gameplay elements. The game part in Mask of Deception is very barebones. Mask of Truth ads more of the game part and has some QOL improvements but remains basically the same. The SRPG gameplay is barebones but fun enough. At first I was pleasantly surprised by how it improved mission variety over its predecessor but my opinion on it changed later on. It keeps throwing way too many same-y boss fights that all go down the same way:

- Defeat boss

- This isn't even my final form!

- Fight him again

- Or fight him again in a later stage

- Or both

And it just keeps on repeating. I got so tired of this, I put the game on hold for now.

My other issue with Mask of Deception was how the writing felt like filler for most of the game and was nowhere near on par with the first Utawarerumono game. Only at the very end does the story finally pick up, but before you get to the good bits it really tends to drag its feet and bore you to death. Mask of Truth starts off rather strong, imo. It feels like a proper Utawarerumono game for a bit. However, once you pass the first few chapters it quickly devolves back into filler. And just drags on and on.

It's a lot less interesting to me than the original game was where I never had the impression the writers were stalling for time because they didn't know what the fuck to write about. Characters in the new games are a lot flatter (and that's saying something considering some of the original girls are basically semen vampires), at no point do you actually feel like the MC is as smart as they make him out to be.

The writing itself just can't deliver on what its set out to do in a believable fashion. I don't know if this is because these games have been in development hell since forever and they just decided to rush them out without going over the script too much or if the writers changed for some more incompetent ones. Maybe they were just trying to capture the zeitgeist of contemporary braindead anime fans.

The first game felt a lot less forced to me. Hakuoro is a smart and practical man and the story and grounded writing made it feel very believable. He turns some backwater country into a strong empire using his knowledge of modern day science and every step he takes feels realistic enough that you could actually imagine it happening. Mask of Deception/Truth just feels very lazy by comparison. MC just gets thrown into some crazy asspull situation and comes up with another asspull to get out of it. Wow, so smart. It's not like this all the time but it happens more often than not.

Maybe I'm talking out of my ass though as I've played the original game some 10 years ago now, rose tinted glasses might be strong because I loved everything about that game. Even so, there's no excuse for the shitty pacing. At least some of the girls are cute.

tl;dr if you're a long time Utawarerumono fan, don't expect too much from the new games.

7e0340  No.16054750

File: f29f536dcc130d7⋯.png (30.29 KB, 1350x150, 9:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b4928f0eed46cb⋯.png (59.78 KB, 1311x367, 1311:367, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 68e0d1a4a432fc0⋯.png (15.77 KB, 520x218, 260:109, ClipboardImage.png)


Unfortunately I can't speak personally to it. All I have are the opinions of anons from the past, and one anon says its one of the best vita games he's ever played, or maybe that was mask of truth.

I do remember seeing some criticisms about the cliffhanger ending for the first one on the vita and it starting to get repetitive later on but overall the impressions were quite positive for the pair


dd04e2  No.16054778

File: 6fb823086b98fb5⋯.png (936.08 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-01-29-092705.png)


The overall story isn't bad per se. It's just that the writing is weak and does not live up to the story and world building at large. The gameplay is fun enough but very limited in scope compared to other SRPG's on the Vita. It feels more like an afterthought, particularly in Uta 2. In 3 they add a bunch more options for you to play with and make it a bit less boring.

Uta 3 is just a bit more challenging although the game gives you a very easy way to grind levels should you ever end up struggling.

Don't agree about post game battles being hard in Uta 2. Nothing is hard, you can rewind like 20 turns at any given time and even then I never really needed to use that feature. As for it being the best game he's ever played on the Vita, that's just like his opinion, man. It probably does stand out among the other braindead VN's on the system. Would I recommend you try it? Sure, if you're a long time Utawarerumono fan it might be interesting. Just curb your expectations.

Would I recommend to buy it? Hell no, especially not Uta 2 and its fuck you tier cliffhanger ending. If it's of any interest, I clocked 57 hours in 2, including post game and secret CG. I did not bother grinding a character to lvl 50 for the trophy or anything like that though. I'm not a masochist. Sitting at 63 hours in 3 now and not done with the main story yet.

c5fc29  No.16055096

File: 12c693d93f7bccf⋯.jpg (292.06 KB, 700x947, 700:947, lewddesires.jpg)



Some of them will need trimming but I'm all too happy to do that, and I can't wait to see how much of an improvement it'll be once I'm done importing it all. Stand by.



I straight away knew because I hit your exact issue with that plugin. However because of


can you confirm your version was a recent install? I can't remember when I stopped using it, but if it still applies to 3.0 I'm thinking that I need to dissuade people from using it in the guide.


For a minute I thought you meant my guide. That definitely deserves a warning. That said I do retain it as deprecated which >>16008258 proved right, and it's useful for the example config for how to blacklist game plugins for specific games.

c5fc29  No.16055306

File: 371045a26662209⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1680x2334, 280:389, games.png)

Slowly but surely. It's so much more filled in. I will fill in extra games soon.

02f0de  No.16055331


I'll note your critiques when I write the descriptions up.

>I wouldn't recommend buying it

Eh, I disagree there not because of the quality of the games since I haven't played them yet, but because the physical copies included some nice stuff like a pillowcase and artbook along with those nice big boxes. That's better than what most vita games would give, and I got both of mine for 20 each new which isn't bad for any half-decent vita game


Nice. Its looking respectable, and its good to see it not be so empty. Satisfying to look at already; I can't wait for the final product. It'll be nice to see it polished up and pretty-fied, but its already pretty damn good as it is

7ac2e7  No.16055534


Aye, thanks for the help. I disabled LOLIcon because of my issue, but if I don't have any problems I'll turn it back on too.

side note, I modified another theme to customize my own. Process wasn't hard and took no longer than an hour. I fixed up a bit, looks good right now. Will post pictures later.

dd04e2  No.16055752


I didn't set out to write my critique for the chart. It's just my own very subjective view and I have no idea whatsoever what other anons thought about the game. For all I know I'm just a special snowflake who didn't take to these games and everyone else was completely satisfied with them.

Also, Uta 2 had a CG censored in its western release, another reason why I wouldn't recommend buying it.

dd04e2  No.16055790


There is one good reason for using the other OC plugins over lolicon still: Adrenaline. Lolicon on its stable release will crash Adrenaline 100% each time you play. The experimental build that got posted in the issue thread on github seemed fine at first but ended up crashing it too. Just takes longer and is more random with that build.

02f0de  No.16056303


Well, you still provided something so its going into the chart :^)

Everyone's view is subjective of course

>Uta 2 had a CG censored in its western release

Yeah, I didn't like that at all. I already planned on playing with an uncensor patch (along with the graphics upscale and overclocking, god a hacked Vita is so wonderful), though I gave Atlus the benefit of the doubt for their excuse. In my eyes they still have some credibility. They were very transparent months in advance, cited regulations that were in the EU and people showed as much, and they did as minimal censorship as they could from what I could see. Compared to places like NISA where they almost seem to fucking enjoy removing or heavily censor many images and avoid releasing them uncensored even on "safe" platforms like Steam and whatnot. Atlus never went beyond a few and keeping things as minimal as possible, avoiding the usual slippery slope that seems to usually come with censorship and they seem to be genuine so far.

Though its risky of course, and I generally, if not always encourage people not to buy censored products so I would say you're in the right for encouraging against it. That's just my reasoning for that particular purchase and giving that particular company the benefit of the doubt.

dd04e2  No.16056344

File: 69014c90fbfea8a⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, muh children.png)


What EU regulation did they cite, exactly? That CG really does not have anything worth censoring in it. It's just stupid. What about Dungeon Travelers 2? Did you think the censoring there was acceptable too? Did they cite some kind of EU regulation again? I've seen much more explicit shit on daytime TV here. Games like Senran Kagura are way lewder than anything in DT2 and it gets a free pass somehow while Atlus' games don't? Ridiculous.

a76b52  No.16056353


>What EU regulation did they cite, exactly?

Probably something about "violence against children"

> I've seen much more explicit shit on daytime TV here.

Silly goy, don't you know nip products have different rules and regulations applied to them because they're played exclusively by children and must be censored as such?

"Domestic" products depicting similar subjects are art though and exempt from those regulations.

dd04e2  No.16056366


I don't buy it. I blame Atlus fully for not having the ball and then trying to find an excuse after the fact. This is how it always goes.

02f0de  No.16056376


You don't already know about double standards in how western and eastern products being treated by now?

I didn't think it was "acceptable". I just chose to believe their excuse it was out of their control to avoid the AO rating. For Dungeon Travelers iirc, they said it was the ESRB's AO rating.

>games like Senran Kagura are way lewder than anything in DT2 and it gets a free pass

Senran Kagura wasn't uncensored. They removed the ages on the girls. Same with Valkyrie Drive.

I am against all forms of censorship including those, but if a company has credibility in my eyes I'll choose to believe them if I feel they have an excuse as a result of regulators and have a good track record.

Ironically for Senran they didn't even cite a regulator as an excuse, they supposedly just did out of "wanting to be on the safe side" from what could be gleaned from the situation.


>violence against children

Yep, that's pretty much what it was, though I'd have to go digging through the archives to find the exact thing for it.

dd04e2  No.16056424


Were those ages mentioned anywhere inside the game in Senran? I doubt they went as far as treehouse to re-record the voiced lines that mentioned a character's age when it came to that. If it's just in the manuals, it would bother me far less than having them tamper with the game's contents directly. There seems to be a double standard everywhere, not just east vs. west but between different publishers of Japanese games as well.

>that's pretty much what it was

If that's true, then for me it still means Atlus has no balls and does not believe in the content they are trying to sell. I'm sure that scene is not enough to count as "violence against children" and could be easily explained to any EU commission that might take offense to it, even if I don't believe anyone would have a problem with it. This just stinks of the usual tactic that other publishers like NISA like to employ. Just shift the blame to someone else and make it look like your hands were tied and you had no choice but to (preemptively) censor it.

Whatever. We've been over this time and again and I'm tired of arguing about censorship. Go buy it or don't, it's your choice.

02f0de  No.16056465


The ages were mentioned in the game and they were removed iirc

>it still means Atlus has no balls and does not believe in the content they are trying to sell.

They aren't Idea Factory International, that's for sure. You've got a point there.

>This just stinks of the usual tactic that other publishers like NISA like to employ. Just shift the blame to someone else and make it look like your hands were tied and you had no choice but to (preemptively) censor it.

Maybe. It depends on whether you choose to believe Atlus or not. I don't know the internals, I'm mainly judging off results and consistency (or lack thereof).

>Go buy it or don't, it's your choice.

I bought it preowned because I wanted a physical copy, so I didn't give money to them at least :^)

>Whatever. We've been over this time and again and I'm tired of arguing about censorship.

This is hardly arguing. I'm agreeing with you 100% that its wrong to censor, and 99.9% that its wrong to buy censored products. That .1% is how much one is willing to tolerate in regards to circumstances, and situations like this or the ages in SK/VD and stuff, or things like if it doesn't include japanese audio or if the translation isn't perfect. Usually the amount would be "none at all".

If I like and generally trust the company, and they have an excuse out of their control that seems to be genuine I might consider buying it assuming no other factors (such as in the case of Sony's and Steam's censorship… I wouldn't want to support a censorious platform… but then again, one could technically make the argument about the ESRB if they wanted and just not buy any non-imported game at that point, which is obtuse libertarian-tier, and if you know Japanese that's what you should be doing anyways assuming CERO doesn't fuck you or the games you want over) affected it. I'm generally one to contact companies as well to let them know how much I would either appreciate something, or dislike something and want to see it go away(uncensored games for the former, censored for the latter obviously).

But that's my own opinion. I might be naive for doing so.

24cc0a  No.16056473

File: fd45dacccf3274b⋯.jpg (29.1 KB, 510x510, 1:1, fd45dacccf3274b409e8247afb….jpg)

Finally got around to buying a Vita, i wasn't expecting them to be this cheap since here in the third world even a beat up super slim PS3 with a shitty bootleg controller still goes for $220 minimum, unfortunately my phone camera is trash so i can't take any decent pictures of it, it's just downright embarrassing how awful they look, then again my phone is from around 2011 and it was a budget phone at the time.

I paid $120 for a OLED in pristine condition with the original charger, a crappy game that i sold the smash clone and a 4GB memory card, and another $20 for the SD2Vita, an acrylic case and a white strap, it's a shame they didn't have screen protectors last time i ordered one from china it arrived broken, i'll see if i can find a htc one m7 glass protector since those fit nicely on a Vita, at least according to some soytuber faggot.

Recommend me some good games, i don't trust the cuckchan chart, i already downloaded gravity rush, neptunia rebirth 1, odin sphere leifthrasir, muramasa rebirth, the GuP game, rabi ribi, atelier sophie, dariusburst, croxieur sigma, blue reflection, ia/vt colorful, sayonara umiharakawase+, senran kagura estival versus, god of war collection, ys memories of celceta and tales of hearts r.

02f0de  No.16056480


install Adrenaline if you haven't already, that shit is pretty much vital for any hacked Vita

Anyways it seems like you've got a decent amount to start with, is there anything specific you were looking for?

24cc0a  No.16056506


Japanese games of any genre, i went with the 360 for the entirety of 7th gen because it cost me half the price of a PS3 so i'm starved for good games, and coming from the PS2 which had tons of great japanese made games it was hell, 360 got either shovelware or shit that came in 3 fucking discs, and the few good japanese games it had were hard to find because no one wanted to stock them.

I already installed adrenaline and a all the essential apps, but i'm not looking to replay the entire PS1 and PSP catalog because i did have a PSP, i want new games.

28b0b2  No.16056528

File: 606da9c2d29a424⋯.jpg (45.41 KB, 331x449, 331:449, Doubly cursed.jpg)

I want to play some weab shit and an internet acquaintence showed me how he has psp and 3ds emulation working on his vita. That combined with the exclusivity of P4G has convinced me to buy a used vita. What's the price range on these in 2019? I didn't see anything in the pastebin guide about that and searching online shows them for more than 220 USD. That hurts the jew within me.

dd04e2  No.16056541


>I bought it preowned because I wanted a physical copy, so I didn't give money to them at least :^)


>This is hardly arguing. I'm agreeing with you 100% that its wrong to censor, and 99.9% that its wrong to buy censored products

What I meant is that I would rather talk about the games themselves as it gets tiring going through the same censorship dance again and again. I'm pretty sure most people browsing this site are in agreement that censorship is a no-go.

>how much one is willing to tolerate

Yes, ultimately everyone has to decide for themselves, including the publishers. Maybe people like us are just a drop in the ocean but there isn't really much else we can do other than vote with our wallets.

>if you know Japanese that's what you should be doing anyways assuming CERO doesn't fuck you

ESRB, CERO, Sony, Nintendo, other publishers, everyone is out to fuck you and make a profit. A bit disappointing since I am learning Japanese and now they're getting more and more on board with the western censorship train over there as well. Imports were prohibitively expensive for me anyway but now there's less and less reason to do even that. Like you, I'm very happy the used market still exists, in particular for consoles and console games so I can have my cake and eat it too, no matter what those greedy fucks do.


Unless your PC is a complete toaster that even a Vita would overpower you can probably get rid of stuff like Blue Reflection, Atelier Sophie (get rid of that one even if PC is not a toaster tbh) and Rebirth 1.

Check out Shiren 5 if you're into roguelikes/mystery dungeon games, it's probably one of the best ones out there. Also check out Dungeon Travelers 2 and the Disgaeas. There's also Bullet Girls Phantasia if you wanna play a simple and lewd hack and slash/shooting game. Do you know any Japanese? That would give you some more options. Lots of cool dating sims on the system like RecoLove or Photokano Kiss are Japanese only for obvious reasons.


There is no 3DS emulator. Just an experimental NDS one for PSP iirc. Read: shit does not work 99% of the time.

02f0de  No.16056572


Well there's a fucking lot. If that includes VNs, Danganronpa is good. Persona 4 Golden is fine.

Anything Idea Factory is pretty damn japanese, so you can't go wrong with them but I would recommend their 2D games as their 3D ones need overclocking to perform decently on the Vita.

Mary Skelter, Trillion: God of Destruction, Akiba's Trip, Demon Gaze 1, Deception IV (though this one seems to be more of an acquired taste I think with how unusual it is), Dragon's Crown, the EDF games, the Miku games are okay, I remember an anon really liked Lumines iirc, Yomawari is good for cute horror. Neptunia Action U and Megatagmension are basically just 3D nep beat-em-ups/mosous, with the former having clothes-ripping action.

Trails of Cold Steel is a good one, though its a slow-burn JRPG like all Trails games and you need to play all the games in at least each subseries to appreciate them the best, so you'd have to play CS2 after it. Ideally play Trails in the Sky before you play that though. Tokyo Xanadu is a decent ARPG by Falcom. Omega Labyrinth and UPPERS got some fanslations, you should look at them.

Soul Sacrifice Delta and Toukiden Kiwami and 2 are considered bretty gud.

Super Robot Wars is one of the most beloved games/franchises, period. Superdimension Neptune is a good nep spinoff.

Steins;Gate and Muv Luv are considered to be good VNs.


Used you can get it anywhere from 80-140.

New is usually going to be 170-200. 220 is a bit higher, usually that's more for colors like white and blue but even still you're overpaying a bit.

24cc0a  No.16056624


>Unless your PC is a complete toaster that even a Vita would overpower

It's an ancient thinkpad that i use exclusively to browse this place and watch anime, and the only upgrades i've made to it are upgrading the RAM and swapping the screen for a better one, even my PS2 overpowers it i think.

>Atelier Sophie (get rid of that one even if PC is not a toaster tbh)

Why? I've heard nothing but good things from atelier and the girl in the cover of sophie is cute.

>Check out Shiren 5 if you're into roguelikes/mystery dungeon games, it's probably one of the best ones out there. Also check out Dungeon Travelers 2 and the Disgaeas. There's also Bullet Girls Phantasia if you wanna play a simple and lewd hack and slash/shooting game.

I don't like disgaea so i'll pass on that one, the rest i'll download and give them a try.

>Do you know any Japanese? That would give you some more options. Lots of cool dating sims on the system like RecoLove or Photokano Kiss are Japanese only for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately i don't, however i've beat several japanese only games on the PSP because i liked the gameplay, namely the radiant mythology trilogy, nayuta no kiseki, frontier gate boost+, redigitize way before it got translated, i beat the game and got far enough in the arena to get a lillithmon before my memory stick died, and i haven't gotten around to replaying it with the patch, sol trigger, gunhound ex and last ranker, so as long as those games aren't 100% story focused i'm ok with them.


>Well there's a fucking lot. If that includes VNs, Danganronpa is good. Persona 4 Golden is fine.

I hate persona and i didn't like the first danganronpa when the PSP version got a translation, so i'll pass on these two.

>Anything Idea Factory is pretty damn japanese, so you can't go wrong with them but I would recommend their 2D games as their 3D ones need overclocking to perform decently on the Vita.

As long as overclocking doesn't eventually break my vita i have no problem with that, it's not like i actually leave the house so i'm fine with being glued to an outlet.

>Mary Skelter, Trillion: God of Destruction, Akiba's Trip, Demon Gaze 1, Deception IV (though this one seems to be more of an acquired taste I think with how unusual it is), Dragon's Crown, the EDF games, the Miku games are okay, I remember an anon really liked Lumines iirc, Yomawari is good for cute horror. Neptunia Action U and Megatagmension are basically just 3D nep beat-em-ups/mosous, with the former having clothes-ripping action.

Mary Skelter looks interesting, i'll download this one first.

>Trails of Cold Steel is a good one, though its a slow-burn JRPG like all Trails games and you need to play all the games in at least each subseries to appreciate them the best, so you'd have to play CS2 after it. Ideally play Trails in the Sky before you play that though.

I hated the first TiTs on PSP, so i'll pass on this series as well.

>Tokyo Xanadu is a decent ARPG by Falcom. Omega Labyrinth and UPPERS got some fanslations, you should look at them.

ARPGs are always welcome, falcom games are great.

>Soul Sacrifice Delta and Toukiden Kiwami and 2 are considered bretty gud.

I'll check them out, but i think i played toukiden on PSP already.

>Super Robot Wars is one of the most beloved games/franchises, period. Superdimension Neptune is a good nep spinoff.

SRW is not to my liking either.

>Steins;Gate and Muv Luv are considered to be good VNs.

I don't like VNs, i prefer manga.

Thanks for the recommendations guys, i have a question for you two, how good is the PSP emulator? I've heard it's not really an emulator, it's more like the Vita turns into a PSP once you boot up adrenaline, but to what extent? Can i use plugins like game categories lite, the MHP3rd translation and cwcheat on it? Can i play minis and self made PS1 EBOOTs? What about themes?

dd04e2  No.16056667


>I've heard nothing but good things from atelier

If you want to try Atelier, try the games in the Arland saga. Sophie just does not hold up with the older games and isn't what people refer to when talking favorably about these games.

>how good is the PSP emulator? I've heard it's not really an emulator

The Vita has the MIPS on board so on the CPU side, it's running natively but it emulates the Media Engine. Compatibility should be almost 100%, however you can't change the POPSloader version on Vita and will be locked into version 6.61 only so some PS1 games might not run. Generally PSP plugins work but not all (cwcheat does). I'm not too experienced with the PSP modding side of things but it should work exactly like it does on a modded PSP. You can also bring up the recovery menu if you hit select in Adrenaline.

02f0de  No.16056680


>A bit disappointing since I am learning Japanese and now they're getting more and more on board with the western censorship train over there as well. Imports were prohibitively expensive for me anyway but now there's less and less reason to do even that. Like you, I'm very happy the used market still exists, in particular for consoles and console games so I can have my cake and eat it too, no matter what those greedy fucks do.

I'd like to believe this is one of those "its darkest before the dawn" type situations, and that all this bullshit will go away after the 2020 olympics, but I'm getting worried and frustrated as time goes on, especially if this is more permanent trend than I think. I also don't like the collaborations with Tencent, and China's increasing involvement with video games that will surely result in even more censorship. Every time I hear the word "global standards" or "global versions" and shit like that, I always assume its a codeword for "pandering to china and chinese censorship" and I have a really fucking bad feeling about that. Even worse than the bullshit we're going through here right now possibly, but that's more speculation. Right now the situation is increasingly shit no matter what and its very frustrating.


I'm pretty sure you can use all PSP homebrew on it, you should be able to play self-made PS1 eboots

It is more like a "PSP mode" yes, its basically having a PSP built into your VITA. I dunno everything though, so you'd have to consult videos on that or something.

dd04e2  No.16056779

File: a18cf88a4b7fb76⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 960x3803, 960:3803, dfafadfasd.jpg)


I think on the whole we stand to gain more than we stand to lose, as long as censoring any kind of sexual content does not become mandatory by actual law. So what if the big companies get eaten up by Tencent et al. and start shitting out completely nurtured crap? All it takes is for some upstart to take the place in the new vacuum that lewd games used have their niche in and make bank. Capitalism, ho motherfuckers. At least that is my optimistic outlook on the near future. For the current day things just suck and I can't wait for the Olympics to be over already. I'll put my hopes on the future being bright for the east. No hopes of any kind for the west, particularly America though.

cc4a43  No.16056829


Wait, is she pimping out loli's to the MC?

02f0de  No.16056839


>as long as censoring any kind of sexual content does not become mandatory by actual law

Well the problem with Tencent swallowing up the big companies like Nintendo and Sony and whatnot, they control the platforms that these games are published on, and there's no real solution for Japanese games outside of DLsite (and if that gets taken over, its quite literally all over due to DLsite having a de facto monopoly over there and Steam having one here). Even if they don't take over the platform holders, if they take over publishers who handled indie games they can really fuck up everything.

Even if the laws don't fuck up everything, if all the massive players get fucked and developers can't recoup their development costs by selling with the upstarts, numerous studios will die and good games will have trouble getting made even by indie developers except for the lucky one-offs that don't sell well and don't find a good audience.

I'm still choosing to remain optimistic about it, but its more of a blind hope that I have in the wake of things not looking good at all in my opinion.

dd04e2  No.16056879


First she baits him with herself and then with the cute JS/JK who are members too, yep. And it's true, you can date a 5th grader in this.


But that's my point. When big companies eat all the smaller competition up and start churning out same-y trash it creates a vacuum on the market that anyone is free to try and take for themselves. The niche will live on, one way or another. It just won't be in the same form as today but it really won't matter to much for us as the consumers other than having to readjust.

a76b52  No.16056883


>Capitalism, ho motherfuckers

All the recent takedowns of people on patreon, streaming platforms, random steam content allowability flip flops etc. have been done at the behest of Visa and Mastercard, sometimes including inbetween processors paypal, stripe, etc. as scapegoats.

None of the content taken down was illegal "by the law". It was removed because Visa and Mastercard threatened to pull payment processing from those companies.

Do you know how retardedly difficult it is to create a new payment processor? Do you know what you're competing against?

Mastercard and Visa process over 80% of global payments either directly or through regional agreements. They can shutout whoever they like and for any nonprotected reason including "no reason" with no consequences. guess which one is used the easiest

You need several million dollars to even start to try to start competing against them.

Then you'll need to create agreements everywhere to get people to pick up your payment method and nobody wants to look hostile to Visa and Mastercard.

Literally the only way to stop this is to go all the way to the top and get rid of the excuses all the way down.

dd04e2  No.16056932

File: bb41bd82e57b28c⋯.png (344.35 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2018-11-02-101100.png)


You are talking about porn and I am talking about just lewd games with no porn. Porn is a whole other issue by itself and the kind of hornets nest that I would rather not poke right now as it's beyond the scope of this thread anyway.

a76b52  No.16056963


You do realize that affects more than just porn.

The Vita has loads games that were censored for things that weren't against the law nor were they porn. Why do you think they were censored? Sure you can blame the ESRB, PEGI, NISA, etc. but even games that weren't pornographic or were released on PC were censored when they didn't need to be, why is that?

Is it possibly because Visa and Mastercard have been gatekeeping shit for years?

dd04e2  No.16057005


Possible. Also just as likely that publishers simply don't have the balls and are looking for scapegoats and the easiest, least troublesome way to dump games on the western market.

c5fc29  No.16058600

Just added a bunch of stuff from >>16054684 and will do a bit more in a bit. I did not screen the additions mind but again, easy to fix that. Fixed the overflow in some of the descriptions, added the Danganronpa 2 description. Didn't do Atelier because there's like 8 of them and that's far too many. Ideally I have a "start with this" title that pushes you to look at the rest, plus a couple of others. Ideally Vita exclusives.


No matter what game you play, don't go totally bonkers just because you can have everything under the sun. Vanillaware is a safe place to start. Neptunia anything is an acquired taste and generally you will not be playing them for solid gameplay. Only highly breakable and tolerable, while the beautiful girls and vidya love carries it.


There is no useful DS emulator. PS1 and PSP is what you really get, plus a few lower end consoles. For portable Nintendo systems mind, a 3DS is a better idea since it has GBA injects, DS, 3DS, and its own insane modding community.


This actually really bothers me because dlsite accept credit card, and that site is full of lewd shit. It's mostly hurting small people. Cryptocurrencies excite me for this reason because they decentralize the system from controlling fuckwits.


>It's an ancient thinkpad that i use exclusively to browse this place and watch anime

Hello friend!


Mirai still hints she's underage by screeching "LOLICON" at you in one of the dressing room lines. The subtitling lies, but it's funny that the voice clip was left intact.

749a24  No.16058635

Anyone got any tips on backing up save files? Just the saves not the whole games. I tried save manager but it says the file is corrupt for every game when it tries to. The games and saves are still fine despite the message.

fb8682  No.16058659


That's only possible with a hacked vita and vitashell. Windblows has also a habit to make a lot of folders inside the Vita as 'system hidden', so I use a FTP client to copy the saves in order to make them visible by default.

c011d4  No.16058769

Said it at Vitagen, so I'll say it here. Death Mark is 20 bucks new at Gamestop. Of course, if you get it from the store, it'll probably be opened because I doubt any store has more than 1 copy.

c011d4  No.16058773


You cannot emulate 3DS games. DS games can't even be emulated. He might have been streaming them from his computer, but he definitely was not emulating them on his Vita.

c011d4  No.16058777


>Anti-Magic Zones

Just use attacks until you get out, and keep everyone alive. Only way you could really fuck up is by bringing only magic users.

b37499  No.16058827


virtua tennis 4

02f0de  No.16058839


Death Mark was pretty mediocre I heard

c5fc29  No.16058999

File: d86d76a6eca2b8c⋯.png (3.32 MB, 1680x3550, 168:355, games.png)

Christ. Data entry sucks ass. Did a bit of layout tweaking too so now multi-line dev/pub doesn't fuck it up and the date stamp is not stupid either. Rate, hate, contribute, etc.


I haven't seen anything in the Vita filesystem that uses tricky filenames or settings. It is after all, only using some strange FAT variant internally (which is just exFAT if using SD adapters.

1be7fb  No.16059049


The amount of space between descriptions and the audio line seems… bigger, and it looks a bit more awkward as a result to me. If its not been changed then maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me, but it looks like it is.

Its looking bretty gud so far overall though.

>Data entry sucks ass

I don't envy that part at all, thank you for taking care of it anon. Know that your work is greatly appreciated.

I'll post some more descriptions later today. This is looking solid though. A fair amount of games, and all of them are pretty respectable so far.

c5fc29  No.16059184

File: fb8b03ac5c832b0⋯.png (4.48 MB, 2000x2782, 1000:1391, neps.png)


That's a stop-gap I will fix. But right now, I'm sick of looking at data and need to see something beautiful.

004354  No.16059256


I figured out what buffing and debuffing does and I'm fucking around in chapter 9 doing optional dungeons. I'm gonna make it.

c5b589  No.16059267


Saved by your good taste in neps.

fb8682  No.16059431


>I haven't seen anything in the Vita filesystem that uses tricky filenames or settings.

The Pictures section (for screenshots, etc) is a goddamn mess of folders, which force me to use qcma instead of simply using vitashell

1a9aa9  No.16059751


I mount via USB, open screenshot folder and then type ".png" into the windows search bar. Easy peasy. Of course you will have to use the command line to remove the protected system file flag from all the screenshots if you want to store them without hassle but that only takes one second.

c90a09  No.16060041

File: c48b235192ef998⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, V44030_06.jpg)

File: 94fa9b65519584c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, V61110_02.jpg)

File: ada4b3226351a9e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, V61112_00.jpg)

File: c23505b9076cc32⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 517.28 KB, 1356x1920, 113:160, 00243.jpg)

File: 6146db5046c342f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 292.27 KB, 1356x1920, 113:160, 00042.jpg)


>I'll note your critiques when I write the descriptions up

I'd be wary of noting the critiques of a man who hasn't yet played ~1/3 of the content, especially since 3's postgame differs to 2's in many regards and his issues with story reference merely the first 1/3rd 3 is not only longer but serves as the main story with 2 simply setting the stage, although the anon does rightfully state how some stuff has changed.

Not shitting on this anon btw, although I wish he'd give some examples of any of this >>16054725 as it's just opinion stated as fact and seems a massive exaggeration for what is only a minority of instances.

Also I'd much rather bosses like Tokifusa, an archer and hence distant enemy, who when pressured(first map/fight) uses the environment (to flood a place change the style of map 2)

Or bosses like Mikazuchi through whom the conflict against narratively shows the MC's changes/development, while also being fine levels even if there was no boss, such as in the caves, which is vastly different to the more directly confrontational field battle that is more boss-like

Also of note is that at least for 3 i believe there are only 3 uses, of recurring bosses and that includes fights directly after one another and that for both 2 and 3 the majority of bosses, are simply are beaten and die in a single fight or directly following via story.


>I don't buy it.

>I blame Atlus fully for not having the ball and then trying to find an excuse after the fact.

Germany cracked down on that shit hard after reports came out like a decade ago showing excessive corporal punishment levels even after it was made largely illegal.

I'm not saying that you should buy some censored shite, I bought the moonrune version, but in the english release they still show a loli having the shit kicked out of her, coughing up blood, drinking alcohol, and lewdly dressed making sexually provocative comments, if it was for censorships sake and not just potential legal/regional release issues there's much more they'd have censored. That and i'd bet it's ESRB fuckery since while the CG was changed, the sound effects still occur and the text infers what's happening which would make sense if the ESRB was just checking CG's with a summary of what happens since there not gonna play though a game this long, or at all to see what might slip by.

>and could be easily explained to any EU commission that might take offense to it,

Do you even believe what you're saying?

1a9aa9  No.16060394


Yes, that's why I said it's just my opinionated critique and I did state that I have not finished the third game yet so it's a bit early for a final verdict.


That's one of my issues. How many times do I have to fight the guy? The fights don't feel all that different from each other. And then there is basically every fight with Akurturka users which basically all play out the same way. And you fight them all multiple times, except for maybe Raiko but from what the game has taught me so far, chances are I'm going to fight him again later.

Are you for real about me being only 1/3 into the game or do you simply go by the amount of stages that I have yet to beat? I'm very well aware that it has a rather extensive post game, my critique however is mostly centered on the story mode. I don't think the "game" part is all that exciting when compared to other SRPG's.

>Also of note is that at least for 3 i believe there are only 3 uses, of recurring bosses and that includes fights directly after one another and that for both 2 and 3 the majority of bosses, are simply are beaten and die in a single fight or directly following via story

Gameplay feels just too same-y and restrictive to me. I always end up relying on the same basic tactics because the game does not provide you with too many tools to mix up encounters. 3 is leagues ahead of 2 in this regard though.

>Germany cracked down on that shit hard after reports came out like a decade ago showing excessive corporal punishment levels even after it was made largely illegal

Sauce me up, senpai. What exactly are you referring to here?

>Do you even believe what you're saying?

Yes. You would really have to go out of your way to get an EU commission to ban a game because of muh children.

a76b52  No.16060433


>This actually really bothers me because dlsite accept credit card, and that site is full of lewd shit. It's mostly hurting small people.

It's really weird that they can accept credit cards for loli/lewd shit outside of the US but once a game comes to the West Visa/Mastercard suddenly have "moral qualms" with processing payments for them.

That is, allegedly, why Nutaku censors shit they don't actually legally have to.


You wanted >>16056366 and >>16056424 but I'd like to address your points anyway.

>That and i'd bet it's ESRB fuckery since while the CG was changed

I know a lot of people blame the ESRB for a lot of the censorship fuckery that goes on but the thing is, the ESRB doesn't create or enforce censorship policies. They have no power at all actually, unless or until you get your game rated through them and only to the point that they get to protect their reputation

Game companies, retailers, and hardware manufacturers did that themselves due to moral panic in the 80s and 90s.

The ESRB does not say that a game cannot be sold in their storefront if it's rated AO, Walmart and Target decided that.

The ESRB does not say that they won't allow games with an AO rating on their hardware, Sony and Nintendo decided that which. by the way, they specifically apply to the AO rating as CERO Z rated games exist and are literally the AO equivalent

They may judge weeb games more harshly due to the (actual) purpose of their existence.

The ESRB is supposed to exist solely to judge the appropriateness of video games for parents buying for their children.

Consider Tales of Symphonia with it's T rating.

Does it really need a T rating for violence or sexual references? Not really, but the story content is probably not appropriate for a nine year old, loosely speaking.

Parents don't pay attention to the shit they buy their kids, even less so for weeb shit because they seem to think animation = appropriate for children.

The ESRB judging weebshit more "harshly" could be trying to avoid another "moral outrage" because little johnny saw a picture of somebody getting spanked and a parent might view that as sexual.

That does not excuse the behavior but it does make it extremely easy to explain.

>the sound effects still occur and the text infers what's happening which would make sense if the ESRB was just checking CG's with a summary of what happens since there not gonna play though a game this long,

That's similar to what happens actually, the ESRB doesn't play the games they rate as part of the rating process.

They receive a "highlight reel" of sorts that is supposed to show the most extreme content the player will encounter in the game.

The rating is based on this process

<Physical (e.g., boxed) games typically sold at retail are rated using a "Long Form" process whereby ESRB raters evaluate the content of each game in advance of its public release

<a completed ESRB online questionnaire detailing the game's pertinent content,

<a video that captures all pertinent content, including typical gameplay, missions, and cutscenes, along with the most extreme instances of content across all relevant categories.

That may lead to higher ratings than are deserved for a lot of games but I think it is effective for the earlier described purpose of the ESRB.

>or at all to see what might slip by.

Very rarely are games actually rated by the ESRB before they're censored, nothing is really "slipping by" unless it is intentional. hot coffee, for example

The content that tends to "slip by" is a parent watching their child play the war simulator they bought and flipping shit because they didn't read "for mature audiences only".

By rating a game for it's most "extreme" content the ESRB removes blame from anybody except themselves.

Localizers use the ESRB as a scapegoat because a lot of normalfags are literally too retarded to understand how the ESRB works or what its purpose is.

1a9aa9  No.16060458


Same goes for the USK, the German equivalent of ESRB by the way.

4c0464  No.16060467

File: f87097e736b336f⋯.jpg (614.63 KB, 762x972, 127:162, mfw.jpg)


Well that is oddly accurate


I'm kinda curious about what would be the next tiers


A lame thing to ask but.. game sauce of your pics?

72ffd1  No.16060502


>which. by the way, they specifically apply to the AO rating as CERO Z rated games exist and are literally the AO equivalent

On paper, perhaps. In practice, they seem to mostly just slap it over M rated western imports.

a76b52  No.16060633


>they seem to mostly just slap it over M rated western imports.

Which is understandable because they consider violence, blood, and gore inappropriate for children.

The thing is, have a rating for content that is absolutely unacceptable for children but aren't going to restrict adults from buying and they actually use it to rate games, rather than apply it as a threat or excuse.

They don't even really have a ton of shit they aren't allowed to do other than show genitals, apparently without getting hit by the moral panic police or "no reason but we're ending service with you, lol", though that is shrinking too.

749a24  No.16060738


Yeah I obviously have a hacked Vita otherwise I couldn't use save manager. Doesn't matter I found a different version of save manager that works.

7e0340  No.16061128

File: 3a513ac00eea592⋯.png (58.62 KB, 751x910, 751:910, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d4eecabd4149801⋯.png (65.65 KB, 804x908, 201:227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3d5a7d9edf8495a⋯.png (29.8 KB, 788x450, 394:225, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6abc44aa7844f4e⋯.png (58.01 KB, 1089x745, 1089:745, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 900fffcab48ce86⋯.png (52.04 KB, 1249x707, 1249:707, ClipboardImage.png)

Apparently the last PS Plus lmao Vita games were announced, and even the fucking Vita subleddit of all places thinks they're a fucking disgrace.


Sony really fucked up, but that's to be expected at this point.

It looks like they even weaseled out of giving the last month's games to the Vita.

I don't know why because


costs pretty much nothing to them, and they could at least try to keep goodwill since there's an overlap with Vita and PS4 owners, but apparently not lmao

Not that I care much personally, never touched the (((PSN))) and never will

24cc0a  No.16061137

File: 21dde9cc52b4869⋯.jpg (9.72 KB, 372x268, 93:67, 21dde9cc52b48696acb5e07885….jpg)

I just noticed 2 tiny black blotches and 2 small ones in my OLED Vita's screen whenever it fades to black, i don't see them otherwise. I jewgled it and apparently this is the "mura" effect, it's present on every single OLED Vita and is considered completely normal, is it true or did i buy a faulty Vita? Should i import a brand new slim model from japan next time?

7e0340  No.16061143


yeah, that's normal

1a9aa9  No.16061188


Not every single OLED VIta. Every single OLED display. At least from that time.

72ffd1  No.16061243


Yup, also you better snag an LCD model while you can, because it's said the Vita is fairly quick to rot away, even compared to your normal OLED displays.

1a9aa9  No.16061270


Who says that? I've never heard it. It's about average. It should not pose a problem as long as you don't do retarded shit like leave it running with the screen on overnight.

24cc0a  No.16061928



Thank god, i thought someone dropped this thing or spilled water on it.


Really? If the PS4 doesn't get a massive price drop in december i'll buy a silver slim Vita instead, i just checked and after shipping costs and taxes they're 200 dollars max and they ship in a CFW ready firmware, that's much better than buying a $400 bloodborne machine and having to shell out $30 minimum for every worthwhile game. all 10 of them

7e0340  No.16061945


I don't think its necessary to get a slim outside of having a backup Vita, or having one exclusively for pirated digital games what with how SD2Vita takes up the game cart slot..There's still a lot of good OLEDs from that era though that have lasted well.

The slim does have its advantages though, namely an internal memory you can use without hacking, lower weight, a bit higher of a battery life as well and iirc it might have faster charging as well. Its not bad at all, though I would still prefer my fat OLED at the end of the day.

c5fc29  No.16062114

File: 85c725fdf6ea564⋯.png (3.66 KB, 89x65, 89:65, Break the universe.png)


I mean you only see alphanumeric and underscore in file or folder names, which is all you should be doing generally. Anyway you should be using QCMA for media management.


If you really want to do cartridges, get a 3G system. They're the best aside from needing an official SD to jailbreak and that it's a bitch to open the system up. Even with SD2Vita though you can temporarily switch the plugin off and just rip cartridge games to SD.


Sadly normal. Even my main system has a couple. Not to the extent of my other two 3G systems though, those are really bad. Thankfully it hardly matters.


No. OLED is a total upgrade over IPS, even with that. It only shows up with almost entirely black scenes.

02f0de  No.16065285

File: 3f94fa438297dd3⋯.png (15.52 KB, 1465x199, 1465:199, ClipboardImage.png)


Here's some more descriptions m8.

One note you might consider making for the NISA-localized Experience games (Demon Gaze, Stranger of Sword City, is that their localizations actually aren't ruined for those that might care.

>Demon Gaze

A very competently made DRPG with a solid story and the opportunity to build your own team of waifus by creating your own party. Has a fun gazer/demon mechanic along with several other mechanics with a good amount of depth to them.. Has a huge difficulty spike in the second half of the game, though its difficulty in the first half is quite easy. Easily a strong title for those who enjoy their dungeon crawler RPGs. It is also considered by many to be better than Demon Gaze 2.

>Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax

A solid 2D fighter. The plot of this game is that an anthropomorphized Dreamcast convinces characters from Japanese YA novels to help her fight against the despair she feels for causing Sega to fail out of the console race. Seriously. Nonsense plot aside, this is a 2D fighter that, while not nearly as complex as something like BlazBlue or Guilty Gear, is definitely not a button masher. It also has the sense of speed expected from anime fighters and is fun to go through and play.

>Killzone Mercenary

Considered to be the only good FPSes on the Vita. The campaign alone makes it worth playing, since it puts you on both sides of the conflict. The way you can customize your loadout to be either built like a tank, light-armor build, or something in between was solid too. It's a nice touch that the other games definitely could have used. Not to mention the different drones and other things you could use as well.

There are some hidden things to collect and discover, intel to gather and bonus ways to play the campaign after you beat a level. Multiplayer is good and fun, though its unknown if its still alive.


An excellent rhythm game that gives the Miku series a run for its money. It comes with the largest collection of songs by default with 50, plus 15-20 DLC songs. The physical copies were definitely made worth it by the sheer number of tracks on it at the time. The songs themselves are quite enjoyable, many considered to be better than the ones offered in Project Diva. The game's biggest flaw is that its far too easy, some songs even being able to be completed by doing nothing, unless you play in challenge mode.

>Natural Doctrine

An SRPG with low production value, but exceptional and challenging gameplay. It received some bad reviews at the time of release because many reviewers believed it to be too difficult. In some cases, plays more like a puzzle game than an RPG. You can hedge the RNG a little by doing things in the order the game set us for you on most maps, but not completely. Definitely worth a play if you're a fan of SRPGs. It does have terrible voice-acting, and NISA localized the game so beware of that.

02f0de  No.16065287



>Stranger of Sword City Revisited

Considered by some to be one of the best DRPGs on the Vita, and by far the best game Experience inc. has made, period. The Revisited version specifically fixes a lot of the balance issues in the original and adds some worthwhile content. It attempts to (and succeeds in) capturing the spirit of the original Wizardry games, and features actual roleplaying that you normally don't see in the Japanese DRPG genre. It tries its hardest to build a cohesive world through the main and sidequests before throwing you into a choice between three different factions with the point of no return being in around two thirds of the game. The dungeon design is surprisingly strongnd the systems and limitations you have to juggle through in order to smoothly progress through the game, from the revival mechanics/permadeath to the tight economy and resource management that actually feels meaningful during each adventure, topped by the surprisingly complex and free-form character building mechanics, make for an overall package that's just rewarding to play in its own right. At its best it's the kind of game where you feel every decision you take feels like it has both short and long term repercussions on the rest of your playthrough, and to be honest there's no other DRPG on the system that gives you that kind of feeling. Be aware though that it has the trappings of an older dungeon crawler, it might take some getting used to or be an acquired taste but its definitely worth trying if you like dungeon crawlers.

(attempted trimmed version)

Considered by some to be one of the best DRPGs on the Vita and the best game Experience inc. has made. The Revisited version specifically fixes balance issues in the original and adds worthwhile content. It succeeds in capturing the spirit of the original Wizardry games, and features actual roleplaying that you normally don't see in the Japanese DRPG genre. It tries its hardest to build a cohesive world through the main and sidequests before throwing you into a choice between three different factions with the point of no return being in around two thirds of the game. The dungeon design is strong and the systems and limitations you have to juggle through in order to smoothly progress through the game, from the revival mechanics/permadeath to the tight economy and resource management actually feels meaningful during each adventure, topped by the surprisingly complex and free-form character building mechanics, make for an overall rewarding package to play. At its best, you feel every decision you take has short and long term repercussions on the rest of your playthrough, and to be honest there's no other DRPG on the system like that.

>Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1

The first game in the Cold Steel quadrilogy. This game is part of a subseries,which is part of the venerable and long-running Kiseki franchise. Like all Kiseki games, Cold Steel requires patience to enjoy, being a slow-burn JRPG that stretches its epic world, story, characters and NPCs across several games, even bringing in characters from across its older subseries in its vast, interconnected world that it crafts through metric tons of dialogue and writing. With Cold Steel 1's setting, it starts out in a more academy/school environment like Persona , though this changes quickly as time goes on. It is recommended to play the Trails in the Sky trilogy, and possibly the Trails of Zero/Ao duology before playing the Trails of Cold Steel series. Its recommended to play on the higher difficulties if you want a proper challenge.

>Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2

A continuation where Trails of Cold Steel 1 left off. If you enjoyed or were enjoying Cold Steel 1, you definitely should continue with 2; Trails games have a habit of getting better the longer you continue with them. Be aware that the PC ports of this game and Trails of Cold Steel 1 do have turbo mode, improved performance and resolution, and japanese voices which are significant improvements. The portability and comfort factor rests with the Vita though, and an undubbed version for both games can be used with a hacked Vita.

02f0de  No.16065333


>Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni

Made by the same guy who made Senran Kagura, Kenichiro Takaki, Valkyrie Drive is a decent lewd 3D beat-em-up in the vein of Senran Kagura games with girls who can transform into weapons. Its aerial combat is considered to better than the Senran Kagura games, and its overall combat better than Estival Versus with its focus on dodging rather than parrying and its faster pace of combat. Its recommended to play Estival Versus before playing this game, as it will be hard to go back to it otherwise. It also is considered to have a better story than Estival as well, though with fewer characters and less clothing customization options. Like Senran it has a lighthearted and cute story at first that gets darker the further you go on. Since the cast is so much smaller than Senran's, each girl gets plenty of development.

>Shiren the Wanderer

An absolutely beautiful top-down roguelike dungeon crawler. Its a top tier "creative puzzle solving" roguelike. Instead of playing like a straight forward RPG and brute-forcing yourself through content with better gear, the game really invites you to use the very unique tools available to respond to whatever situation you're in. Has a ton of content with all the various dungeons you can run from town. Definitely worth playing.

>Toukiden 2

A 3D ARPG by Koei Tecmo with lots of hunting monsters. Its a pretty good game, it actually makes use of the tactile screen before its a quick way to aim a critical special move in the heat of battle accurately. There are many weapons and classes that supports quite a wide range of playstyles and the skill system allows for a custom built character thats not tied to item progression. Its story is long and nice without being too complex or convoluted and the characters are nicely fleshed out and honestly likeable. Overall a very solid story, one you wouldn't expect with monster hunter games having comparatively weak stories until this one.

Anons have been known to play this game in multiplayer with each other. Has some performance chugging, but if you can tolerate it, its very much worth your time.

>Digimon Cyber Sleuth

(feel free to edit this one's description lmao)

Affectionately called "Digimon Cyber Sluts", this is a much-beloved JRPG from the Digimon franchise with top-tier presentation, a fun story, and as the nickname would have you guess: very attractive girls. Even if you don't like Digimon, you will likely love this game. The hard mode difficulty should be considered the normal one in this game. Some have compared it to being "Scooby Doo digimon with hot bitches who want your dick".

>Dragon Quest Builders

A game considered universally to be comfy, Dragon Quest Builders is minecraft-esque game but with a sense of direction. It actively takes out the normal tedium associated with the genre through its tools that come up whenever you would need them, such as fast-travel items to eliminate running back and forth, an all-encompassing mega chest to eliminate tedious inventory management, an auto-tiling option instead of replacing every block when making new walls and floors, and so on. It also has a strong exploration side of things, with attractive visuals and surprisingly strong performance on the Vita.

>Ar nosurge Plus

An RPG mainly about collecting and cute girls than about the combat, much like Atelier. The quality is not on the surface but is put into the character and world=building. You will almost certainly actually give a shit about the characters in games and actually go out of your way to see their banter. Treating this game more like a visual novel rather than like an RPG to truly enjoy it to its fullest. A very comfy and cute game.

02f0de  No.16065367


>Persona 4 Golden

An anime RPG that's fairly fun and an entry into the now-famous Persona series. .An updated version and enhanced port of the Playstation 2 RPG. It features a new character, dungeon, and epilogue, along with new social links, personas, dialogue options, cut scenes, mini games, quests, story events, and the addition of difficulty levels. You can also see how other players chose to spend each day in the game. If played on a PSTV it will look better on a modern TV than the original, as the original was in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Considered by a lot of people to be the best game on the Vita. Be aware that its dungeons are simpler than the older games, the game overall is quite easy and casual, and its a lot more anime-styled and pandering than the older Persona and SMT games, but its quite good at what it wants to do. As Persona has always been, its full of style and top-tier presentation and music. A very character-focused JRPG.

>Utawarerumono MoD

A visual novel with SRPG elements, and a sequel to the much-beloved first Utawarerumono game. Its recommended to play it on hard mode from the start. Be aware that it ends on a cliff-hanger and expects you to play through Mask of Truth to finish the series and get the full experience. The story is generally considered to be good and lengthy with a beautiful universe and a massive glossary explaining the many intricacies of the world. The tactical RPG elements are fun at the start, though it can start to get repetitive. The story also is considered by some to have some tedious padding or filler; your mileage may vary. It is primarily a VN before an SRPG, and it shows. It is recommended to play the original Utawarerumono visual novel on PC before playing this game. Overall definitely worth a playthrough, though if you're a hardcore and long-time Utawarerumono fan, it would benefit you to temper your expectations.

>Utawarerumono MoT

A continuation of Mask of Deception, Mask of Truth improves on the gameplay and story elements. To expound a bit more on its basic concept, Utawarerumono is a world builder fantasy leaning heavy on feudal setup and strong characters to basically spin the story of revolution as told by the uncanny/unfortunate heroes spurned to that point. You should have a fun time as you reach the series' conclusion. If you finished Mask of Deception and liked it, you'll like Mask of Truth and owe it to yourself to finish the series proper.

24cc0a  No.16065377

File: 545b97db08e24cd⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 632x646, 316:323, 545b97db08e24cd0f30971d0be….jpg)

Is it normal for my Vita's battery to drain faster when playing PSP/PS1 games in adrenaline? It lasts me 3 to 4 hours when i play ace combat X or valkyria chronicles 3 on it, whereas with a Vita game, any Vita game, it lasts me up to 6 hours, could it be adrenaline's advanced AA filter or the remastered controls plugin what drains battery so much?

02f0de  No.16065395


The fuck?

Mine usually lasts longer in Adrenaline, that's very unusual.

Then again, I haven't updated my shit in forever though, I wouldn't know anything about whether Adrenaline changed in any recent updates or anything like that. That's very odd.

141d85  No.16065402

File: 0ce99e6408a9eaf⋯.jpg (41.7 KB, 661x660, 661:660, eeef4c0db67d6283b5074efb50….jpg)

Playing Duke3d megaton edition.

Good controls.

Minimal lag. 4 chapters + 3 bonus campaigns, and if you don't already own it you can't download it due to contractual shit between the dev and the license holder.

947544  No.16066167

File: 6da07eff6172da0⋯.jpg (4.49 MB, 5248x2952, 16:9, How about I slap your shit.jpg)

File: 5f872d1fef2f519⋯.jpg (3.73 MB, 5248x2952, 16:9, IMG_20190112_180729149.jpg)

File: 5ea465da362811a⋯.jpg (2.91 MB, 5248x2952, 16:9, IMG_20190112_180744348.jpg)

File: 0d6734e8d6cc615⋯.jpg (3.68 MB, 5248x2952, 16:9, MnM2.jpg)

I've been playing Gundam Breaker 3.

I fucking fell for the meme. This game made me into a Gunpla collector.

I'm so ashamed

c5fc29  No.16066802

File: c23cab4ee03c352⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1519x1107, 1519:1107, liebe.png)

File: 0ed19d9adcfba12⋯.png (3.52 MB, 1680x3450, 56:115, games.png)





You are wonderful. All added and condensed (some heavily, I hope they all get the point across still), and spacing issue addressed. I left the silly Digimon description for now it wasn't missed. Barring a couple of good Atelier games and possibly a few more (might integrate the digital-only ones into the standard template honestly, it's too sparse as-is), this is feeling seriously close to publishable.


How the hell are you getting battery life that good? Mine must have aged.

947544  No.16066813

File: 15e1aef3842a820⋯.jpg (479.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GUNDAM BREAKER 3_201705101….jpg)

File: 9e415201fd6b8d9⋯.jpg (187.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: bb4cf4cabafbecc⋯.jpg (499 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GUNDAM BREAKER 3_201609222….jpg)


Gonna throw my vote for Gundam Breaker 3 in there: a third person hack n' slash where you control a custom plastic Gundam model and beat up other kids' models for parts to make your model better. Singapore version has English subtitles and the Break edition comes with all the DLC packs. (New Gundam Breaker is shit and not indicative of the previous entries in the series; Gundam Breaker 3 is Far better than New Gundam Breaker)

c5fc29  No.16066823


Well now you mention that, SRW V is also a serious ommission, at least from what I've heard. I'll fix both.

1aebc5  No.16069074


As a thought, add a note to Ar Nosurge Plus that while it did have a physical release in NA, said release was intentionally limited print only. Also, I'm not sure if you count extended ports as exclusive versus the base game being on a previous system, but if you've got Muramasa Rebirth as being exclusive to the Vita, you should do the same for the likes of other games that fit the case for cohesion.

dfe91c  No.16069212


Yeah, SRW is much loved.

Problem was that while I was going through the archives and seeing that many people loved it, they rarely went in-depth as to why they did without shit that was too vague to put into a description


I think the only other game on the chart that had an enhanced, exclusive port with additional content was Persona 4 golden


Glad to help anon. I know how much of a pain it is to create a chart, it was the least i could to do offer help with all the work you've done to this point.

As for any other games, I would recommend adding Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus to the chart; I asked /senran/ and that seems to be viewed as the best Senran on the Vita and the one that most deserves to be on the chart.

The Ys games also deserve a spot on the chart, and Steins;Gate as well iirc

As for the Atelier problem, maybe you can just do the two trilogies as 2 entries (Arland and Dusk). That should prevent clutter.

Overall I think we're very close to finishing this shit.

1aebc5  No.16069234


Doesn't Ar Nosurge Plus also contain content that was previously Japan only due to lacking a native western release of Ciel to connect with? Though, I suppose that's maybe a circumstantial, regional case.

a76b52  No.16069367


If I recall older versions of Adrenaline ran the cpu at 444 Mhz instead of 333 Mhz but that was fixed a long time ago, so it shouldn't matter unless you're on an ancient version of adrenaline or if you have an OC plugin running under ALL in your config.

49327a  No.16069757


You don't need OC plugins for that. Just hit select on the Adrenaline XMB and you can go into the recovery settings and OC there if you really need to.

a76b52  No.16069972


I know, but older versions of Adrenaline ran at 444 by default and the issue is battery drain, not OC.

c5fc29  No.16071798


If it's significantly enhanced (fuzzy I know) like Muramasa and P4G, they are. Muramasa in particular supposedly was quite different and badly localized for Wii. Any inconsistencies there should be reported though. Also I should also explain that the audio language part is aimed at Western copies and those also have significant holes. Also the limited release thing, if I have space. That's also why Bunny Must Die is in digital-only because it barely got one.


Yeah from memory SV is considered the tighter of the two and while I've never liked the series, I think it deserves at least inclusion for strongly aligning with who'd be interested in the system.


Seems there's two.


I'll mention the first game in each and point out to check out the rest afterwards.

3820b1  No.16071802




>Seems there's two.

Also the PSP Ys games are fantastic, Oath in Felghana and Ys 7.

Also Ys 1 / 2, but the battle system is kinda weird you just run into monsters and bump them to kill them.

1be7fb  No.16071805


There's 3 Ys games on Vita: Ys origin, MoC, and VIII

c5fc29  No.16071811

File: dd2b91aa46cd6ac⋯.png (47.53 KB, 829x307, 829:307, lote.png)


Well PSP games are out of scope. I should add though that PSM games are accepted, assuming it's not all crap. Also Japanese-heavy games like 2-2 are allowed.


Thanks for correction. Ideally this can be pushed to over 4MB.

c5fc29  No.16075899

File: e9a021d5809a4ed⋯.png (314.7 KB, 708x1048, 177:262, 01.png)

File: 22ba07e17f3c94c⋯.png (149.61 KB, 708x1048, 177:262, 02.png)

Actually I'm feeling burnt out for now. Additions will take a bit longer. That's on top of not playing many games on it lately and I feel like going through that one mediocre game Ultra Despair Girls for the one cutscene where Hotwheels girl endlessly punches abused girl repeatedly because it's prime WebM material.

02f0de  No.16078300


That's fine. Playing games on the Vita is important lmao

947544  No.16078540

File: 4245a7b89afd70a⋯.png (59.87 KB, 353x558, 353:558, 4245a7b89afd70ad6d398d2a19….png)

Have you played with Vita-chan, today?

687fff  No.16078722


Actually yes. I played Risk of Rain for a couple of hours again. Goddamn that game is addicting.

9b1562  No.16078900

I'm playing A Boy and his Blob atm. After that I'm finally getting started on Undertale.

ad6ebc  No.16078954


Been playing dont starve recently, played a lot of Tactic Ogre prior. Same shit as pc version of reign of giant but with longer save times and obviously more comfy. I should get myself to finish Trails of Coldsteel, the school setting is just tiring me out. Tactic Ogre is great tho, isnt saturated with FF shit like cherkerberbs and the story is stellar and branches out when I least expected it. Not finished yet but Dont Starve only serves as a break, I will definitely go back to finish it. Once thats done I always have Atelier Escha to Logy to finish, its pretty good but I needed a break from the routine. The sky in that game really weirds me out, sounds like what anon said a while back about the slow end of the world is true, but I'M still early in the game, like right after getting water to that one village.

Overall, yes my Vita is getting used about as much as my pc, which is quite the statement.

947544  No.16079013


I was sort of taking a break from Vita games, but before I did, I was playing Disgaea 4, Gundam Breaker 3, and Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and The Dice of Fate

c5b589  No.16079815


I've been playing SD Gundam G Generation Genesis lately.

It's the first G Generation that I'm playing for real, and it's plain ridiculous to drop on OYW battlefields with stuff that shouldn't exist at the time.

dfe91c  No.16080401

Anyone buy anything good lately?

bost your spoils/collections or anything you feel like showing off

947544  No.16081644


Like what? I was under the impression that most of the Gundam tech is fairly consistent from time period to time period, save the numbers being pushed higher. You could just balance those numbers out, couldn't you?

Or are you talking about AU stuff like GN Drives and GN Fields?

24cc0a  No.16082163


I played god of war collection today and holy fuck what a shitfest it is; runs at sub 30fps (uncapped framerate in PS2, ran at 60fps in several places), looks blurry and has worse textures than the PS2 original, all the cutscenes are in 4:3 and the audio got compressed to the point where it sounds like it was recorded in a tin can, and if that wasn't enough i ran into a bug where the gryphon rider never showed up, yet i got sucked into his tornado attack without having to dodge the energy blasts, i reset the game many times, i even started a new file and i wasn't able to get pass that section so i uninstalled that piece of shit, thank god i didn't unlock a single trophy because deleting them is a hassle.

If anyone ever recommends this piece of shit for our chart you can safely tell them to fuck off.


I saw a copy of muramasa rebirth on a pawnshop for $50, they also had the second neptunia rebirth for $60, i'm glad my vita came with a CFW ready firmware, those prices are insane.

1aebc5  No.16082263


>Muramasa Rebirth

Way too fucking much. I saw a cased copy last week for $18 at a multimedia shop here. Where do you live that you'd see it for $50?

24cc0a  No.16082294


I live in a third world shithole where sony products are beyond overpriced, still it surprised me when i saw that $50 pricetag on muramasa rebirth considering they sometimes sell the complete edition on PSN for $10, that and games with anime style drawings on the cover always get sold for ridiculously low prices here, Wii muramasa for example is $5, okami PS2 is $3 and you can pickup all the PS3 neptunias for $20, the pawnshop owner must have looked up the prices on amazon.

1aebc5  No.16082323


Odd. Which shithole you in exactly? Still, if that's much a concern to you to have a physical copy, you could always import, but be aware of DLC region locking.

>the pawnshop owner must have looked up the prices on amazon.

Unless he was looking solely at new prices, not likely. Granted, I'm looking at US Amazon, but preowned prices are as low as $15 and new prices are currently $25. Does your shithole even have its own native Amazon?

Still, I'm kind of surprised you'd be seeing non-mainstream Japanese games in a pawn shop since where I live they have fuck all of worth be it western or eastern, but if that's honestly the only place for people to sell their stuff (unlike where I'm at), I can kind of see how that would happen. Those prices on Muramasa Wii and Okami are really low, especially if they're in good shape, and I say that considering my neck of the woods pretty decent for cheap vidya (both are about $18 or so on a good day here).

d9cc6a  No.16082662




What is the replacement for StorageMgr and how do I install it? I haven't done anything since last July, which is when StorageMgr was updated. My SD card is Sandisk.

c5fc29  No.16082698


Try updating Storagemgr first because they apparently fixed that issue. But failing that, guide has links to all of the individual plugins and setup examples.

d9cc6a  No.16082788


Update it to what, the latest commit is from July 2018 and the styff in the guide is even older.

c5fc29  No.16082793


Are you somehow referring to the old Pastebin ones? I moved off that months ago. It's up-to-date.


d9cc6a  No.16082819


== Storage redirection (SD2Vita, PSVSD, USB sticks) ==

Thankfully there are alternatives to the Vita memory cards. Your options are

the SD2Vita (occupies the game cartridge slot), PSVSD (replaces the 3G card on

3G Vitas) and regular USB sticks on PSTVs. Whichever you use, it is generally

best if paired with Ensō. Formatting instructions for Linux, and the SD2Vita

kernel module.


SD2Vita setup guide.


PSVSD setup guide.


Plugin/installer for using USB sticks on PSTV.


Note: Storage should use 64K cluster size or otherwise the system's free space

count will eventually go out of sync with the true amount on larger SD cards.

Note: It is also possible to copy the entirety of your SD to a new one if you

want to upgrade or replace it.



2980b9  No.16083305

File: a8899c58b43a673⋯.png (168.75 KB, 299x481, 23:37, Bright dissaproves 2.png)


>not collecting gunpla due to loving the show

c5b589  No.16083381


Higher difficulties end up raising the enemies' stats but the weaponry and units' abilities are still from that conflict's time period. On the other other hand, unlocking characters and their units, capturing enemy units and even developing your own machines forces you to use weaker stuff which balances things out.

cd47be  No.16083417


I've been playing taiko on her but I have to stop after a while because my hands start to cramp.

b37499  No.16083996

File: 5d0ed1994d12c07⋯.jpg (186.63 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, sd2vita.jpg)

File: 24419e59426894d⋯.jpg (67.7 KB, 646x366, 323:183, hitmango1.jpg)

Is this adapter OK?

Just finished Hitman GO. Honestly, it isn't very good, but it was easy and short so I cleared it. Most missions don't require thinking at all, just a bit of trial and error. There's no soundtrack, visuals and animations suck. And most importantly it has very little to do with Hitman. The most important part of the usual Hitman games - the disguises - exists here but only in a few levels.

d9cc6a  No.16084131


ok I slept on it and read it again less aggravated/tired and I'm retarded.

Do I have to compile gamesd myself? The wololo links are dead.

6a154a  No.16084217


Just click the releases tab on github. Jesus Christ anon, are you a retard?


60305c  No.16084278


I have one of those. Works perfectly.

fb8682  No.16085229

Genesis emulation through Retroarch is pretty good

Has GBA emulation gone better lately though? I had issues with stutters on certain games/situations with the VBANext core (anytime a dialogue box appears in Advance Wars 2, activating the exit in Wario Land 4, "flashback cutscenes" in Summon Night, BGM upon finishing a puzzle in Guru Logic Champ, etc). ChuChu Rocket and Mr.Drill 2 emulate flawlessly so far.


>Is this adapter OK?

That adapter should properly fit inside the cartridge slot of the Vita slim if you own one. The previous black sd2vita model was preventing to completely close the cache (unless if it's the OLED handheld) due of its slightly bigger size

f01753  No.16086086


I don't think it's changed much for the vita, VBANext is still the best core for it but it will still suffer minor stutters on some games.

b37499  No.16087542

There is no DS thread to ask this so…does anyone know if a DS Lite stylus will fit inside 3DS? Will it fall out? How about a 3DS XL stylus inside a regular 3DS?

7e0340  No.16087562

What was edited in the OP?

0061cb  No.16087563


It should, yes.

c5fc29  No.16087585


To not update past 3.65 or 3.68 instead of "don't update to 3.69". My request given it was immediately outdated with 3.70.


Thought about linking the release page too but figured it was clutter. The main page often has readmes so that's essential.


The styli for the 3DS (collapsible), N3DS (not collapsible), and N3DS XL (thicker) are all incompatible. Not sure about DS or other 3DS models, you should be able to find specs for them though, or just use something similar because they're only resistive screens. Not the capacitive variety like in drawing tablets that require special pens.

24cc0a  No.16088444

File: b69555c3bba2de6⋯.png (425.6 KB, 800x800, 1:1, sdvita 3.0.png)

The flow just teased what looks like a downgrader in his twatter, what was the best firmware for the Vita again? 3.60 Enso or 3.65 Enso?


That adapter (5.0) is supposed to be the best one as it fits perfectly on both the OLED and LCD Vita game slots, the previous one only fit on a OLED Vita, too bad because it looks better.

dfe91c  No.16088454


Both are great.

3.60 had the most homebrew apps on it, but much of it was ported to 3.65 (but not all of them)

I guess 3.65 enso is presumably considered the best now, but I'm sticking with 3.60 for now

1aebc5  No.16088918


Comparing the styluses for my Lite and 3DSXL, the Lite stylus is shorter, and while it will still fit in the 3DS socket, it doesn't lock as well to the shape due to having a different end, and requires less force to remove. So while you could make do with it, I'm not sure how well it would stay in the long run.

Not like 3DS stylus are especially expensive, at least where I am. Could get a three pack for about $4.

e1139e  No.16089530


3.60. Easiest to hack, most homebrew.

If that downgrade thing is for real I'll probably do it to get back onto 3.60 myself.

c5fc29  No.16090241


Why. Because all the important plugins were rebuilt for 3.65, and no homebrew cares. I say unless over 3.65 where you can't use Ensō, to stick with what you're on. reF00D removes the main problem of old firmware. Given mine was put to 3.65 via update365 I'm even more inclined to stand pat. Also if it is actually a downgrader I'm very interested for the inevitable presentation on it.

87c721  No.16092016

What would be a better option: buy a second back up Vita, or a secondhand PSTV?

dfe91c  No.16092057


Vita tbh, unless you can get the PSTV for lower than 70

A PSTV sounds nice on the surface but you can just get a PS4 for largely the same effects that a PSTV would offer with an additional library, save for the few Vita-exclusive games not on the PS4.

A Vita gives you a handheld which is a different gaming experience that can't really be replicated by a console

fb8682  No.16092323


I'd view the PSTV more as a much better 'Playstation Classic' than the recent official thing, on top of the PSP/Vita library.

I assume that you could connect a second controller for PS1 games and Retroarch emulation, although I've never tried it so take my claim with a grain of salt

4c132b  No.16092334


I know there are native games that let you sync two controllers to the PSTV so it's most likely possible to just use it as a much better Playstation Classic.

797722  No.16093020


There is that one plugin that lets you dim your screen beyond what the default lowest value and it only works on 3.60. It would allow me to play at night without burning my retinas out.


Flow does those? I've only seen him do writeups.


Oof. I would never compare it to a PS4. Vita has many more interesting games to offer (especially if you know Japanese), ones that never got ported. Plus PS1 and PSP. PS4 is more of a port machine than the Vita ever was and can't even play older gen shit.

7e0340  No.16093030


>ones that never got ported

But for how long? Many games are getting ported to the no games machine and PC.

I never said the Vita was a port machine. Most of its development was native, but that's irrelevant if the ported versions end up performing better with higher resolutions and you're playing on a TV rather than the actual handheld so you lose one of the main reasons for getting it on the Vita to begin with.

797722  No.16093154


Because it has a bigger library and easier piracy for said library. Of course if you don't already have a PC, a PS4 might be okay (if you also hate yourself) but then why would you even consider getting a PSTV in the first place? And if the PS4 ends up getting many more games, why not just wait until it's as dead and as hacked as the Vita to get one?

7e0340  No.16093192


>why would you even consider getting a PSTV in the first place

That's sort of my point. The only reason to get one instead of a Vita would be if its cost is low enough.

The PSTV is just the Vita in home console form (albeit with a very portable form factor). The reason to get it over a PS4 would be, yes, easier piracy for the JP-only library but that's a temporary sort of thing.

Waiting till the PS4 is dead and hacked is a fine strategy as well, though that's only going to take another 2-3 years most likely. The piracy and homebrew for it will improve quickly given how many people are on the platform.

I'd rather just play most of my shit on PC or handhelds. A micro-console like the PSTV seems more like a novelty to me than anything else. I suppose viewing it as a souped up PS1 classic as


might be a better idea for that reason.

b37499  No.16095040

Okay guys, I've got a problem. Up until now I've been using the official 4GB Sony memory card for my hacked Vita. But it only fit two or three games so I had to upgrade. Bought a SD2Vita adapter and a 16GB microSD card. Used this guide: https://codedonut.com/ps-vita-hacking/ps-vita-setup-sd2vita-tutorial/ to set it up. But now after installing henkaku and exiting, it automatically reboots so I can't actually do shit. I know this can be fixed by holding L during the reboot but I still can't use the microSD card it seems. Anyone know what's up?

e9e48a  No.16095068


You followed an outdated guide that links to an outdated plugin. Try again with the latest release and next time read the OP:


c5fc29  No.16095130


STOP. I will want to fix you but in 24 or so hours. Attempts now will fuck you.

bca824  No.16095169



Yeah I figured it out already, thanks. BTW, the OP's pastebin links to the wololo guide (http://wololo.net/2017/07/20/setting-sd2vita-adapter-formatting-microsd-can-done-windows/) which links to a dead google drive link as well.

24cc0a  No.16096185


You might want to backup your saves and start from scratch if you're on 3.68, autoplugin makes this process automatic, just transfer h-encore to the official memory card, use that to put CFW on your vita, install autoplugin and then install the sd2vita plugin with it, after that you just have to copy the contents of your memory card to the SD card, once you do that you can now install themes, games and plugins of your choice.


At least get a 64GB SD card, they're $15.

c5fc29  No.16097743


This one? Seems fine on later systems. https://github.com/devnoname120/vitabright


Some sort of talk will likely come out of this even if it's not from him.


I can probably remove that link now since SD2Vita has the necessary bits about how to format.

766d9e  No.16097897


I realized after posting that it got updated long ago to support 3.65+. Pretty nice. I remember the dev saying it wouldn't come to 3.65 but I guess I was wrong.

With that said, 3.60 is just really easy to rehack and you can run your Vita without any kind of account on it which I think is pretty nice. If I ever had to rehack mine now, I would have to set up a dummy account to get h-encore on there.

2ede18  No.16098661


Autoplugin is dangerous for a new user if they don't know what they're doing.

c5fc29  No.16102741

File: 1307bab6d041c31⋯.jpg (801.5 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, Sony key generation.jpg)

File: 625fc0ab2853439⋯.mp4 (8.07 MB, 1500x718, 750:359, 🐙 everywhere - #2050-10928….mp4)

File: b05d190d8d20ed7⋯.jpg (60.07 KB, 960x544, 30:17, Dytvn0sXcAAAOjF.jpg:orig.jpg)

Gamerec stuff will continue soon but I've been having fun with starting a WebM guide and as a result, re-formatting the hack and mod guides to Markdown. It's way better for URLs and structuring than plaintext in my opinion.



Also besides the teased downgrader, there has also been a demo of a 3.70 exploit.


This. At the very least go through the initial setup by hand and learn the internals, and do not blindly install things. Some of the plugins are actually dangerous. If it's not in the guide assume it's for a reason.

046421  No.16103420


Thanks for the guides, anon. If I understood it right I just need reF00D to play newer vidya on my 3.60 Enso? It's been a while and I don't want to somehow fuck up anything by updating to 3.65 Enso.

c5fc29  No.16103429


Correct. Anyway if agreeable I'll get the mods to edit those into the OP and deprecate the old plaintext ones.

7e0340  No.16103436


Thank you for being so productive anon. Your work's been legendary so far.

dd6c11  No.16103867

File: 3b89d1b155a844f⋯.png (223.46 KB, 600x446, 300:223, 3b89d1b155a844f0ad226717b1….png)


>Couldn't find the Omega Labyrinth one as the old link 404'd

Here's the new link:


Be sure to have the game updated to the 1.02 version or it will crash after the opening movie.

339bb6  No.16104475

File: 29956781c7336de⋯.jpg (734.19 KB, 1080x2340, 6:13, Screenshot_20190210-121800.jpg)


Confirm this

c5fc29  No.16104523

File: 0e316431f6d8bd2⋯.jpg (3.49 MB, 2000x2832, 125:177, I love.jpg)

File: fb8b03ac5c832b0⋯.png (4.48 MB, 2000x2782, 1000:1391, this thread.png)


I will.

d66640  No.16105037


Decided to get the game on a whim since you just posted the patch here. A lot more cute and wholesome than I expected.

dd6c11  No.16108136


Yeah, it was really fun to play. That's why i was looking forward to the release of the sequel.

366988  No.16108320

File: 495678076218e50⋯.png (616.48 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-11-140641.png)

File: 6e279f738daf17a⋯.png (386.93 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-11-150101.png)

File: 495678076218e50⋯.png (616.48 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-11-140641.png)

File: 64000f3be8fc112⋯.png (469.07 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-11-152238.png)


It's like a Shiren lite with cute girls and lewd. I'm liking it more than I thought I would. Script really needs some editing though.

a7ad78  No.16108335

File: 82669a27665d4a1⋯.png (444.57 KB, 616x353, 616:353, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't have a Vita, but I'm currently playing a Vita PC port of Tokyo Xanadu eX+ and enjoying it. At first it seemed pretty basic, but it got a lot better once I learned different attack types and expanded my party. It's also very reminiscent of Trails of Coldsteel for obvious reasons. Here's hoping the localization of Trails of Coldsteel 3 isn't shit.

0d109f  No.16108426


>Here's hoping the localization of Trails of Coldsteel 3 isn't shit


I remember hoping the same thing about Ys VIII, it never ends well.

c5fc29  No.16108561


Confirm this since I'm a moron.

24cc0a  No.16108600

File: 7e0510160a71a39⋯.jpg (38.71 KB, 472x645, 472:645, 1464624742630.jpg)

I downloaded bullet girls phantasia thinking it wasn't going to be any good, but after playing it for a few hours i can safely say that this is one of the best TPS games i've played not that i've played that many, the slowdown doesn't even bother me since LOLIcon fixes that. The game is more or less a better peace walker, "mother base" is full of cute girls whose clothes and underwear i can customize, i can take another girl alongside me, it lets me sprint and do acrobatic dodges ala max payne and the molesting mini game is great, i can't believe that a game whose fourth mission involves touching and licking a loli catgirl all over in order to get her to orgasm and tell you useful information made it to the vita and soystation 4, are the previous 2 games just as good? They weren't translated to english but if the gameplay and lewd is solid enough i can give them a try.

5ddd5d  No.16108615


>Here's hoping the localization of Trails of Coldsteel 3 isn't shit.

There is only 3 people on the localization team that know what they're doing and they aren't even in lead roles on the project. It's already fucked.

1be7fb  No.16108629


Its not even coming for the Vita.

Understandable at this point with how its on life support, I can't blame them but I'm still disappointed.

Fuck the PS4, and fuck NISA too for being the worst kind of cancer. They will ruin it. Hatsuu already seems to possibly be leaving the project. The game's dialogue, text, and lore are infinitely greater in volume and more complex than Ys VIII by far. The odds of them not fucking this up even with these people's help is low. NISA's leadership and management is disastrous with what gets through. They don't give a single fuck about the quality of their work. What's more, even if the quality is somehow tolerable like Danganronpa 1 was, you can be sure they will use everyone's goodwill to coast through with being lazier on the next game, like Danganronpa 2.

dd6c11  No.16109103


Unfortunately it has many typos and other grammatical errors, but is still better than anything nisa ever released.

1be7fb  No.16109125

So what do you ls guys think about the rumors involving the new Switch model being more like a dedicated handheld with a smaller size, better battery life, and being cheaper?


I despised the Switch for its hybrid nature, but if the price is good enough, they improve the D-pad and the build-quality, I might consider buying this

who knows it might also force Sony to develop competition for it if they feel like they're missing out or something

9bf37c  No.16109150


I think in their heads Ys VIII was Danganronpa 1 in your example. That was NISA actually trying. I think Coldsteel 3 is going to be a fucking disaster.

dd6c11  No.16109203


The new model can wait, at least until i'm not able to transer my save files without paying.

So far my half-priced Switch is still doing good.


There should be an uncesor patch for BGP, but i haven't tried it, yet.

24cc0a  No.16109288


Seems pointless, this thing will most likely run games at 480p max even lower than the Vita and the "vastly improved" battery life will still be 5 hours max again, like the Vita, it is a step up from the current 3 hour battery life, sure, but it's still pathetic.

All they need to do is sell a new model with a OLED screen these have gone a long way since the Vita debuted; less battery consumption, the mura effect is gone and there's no risk of screen burn-in, some kind of extended battery or a battery pack that attaches to the back like the PSPs 2200 mAh battery pack with custom battery cover, a redesigned dock similar to the Vita cradle and official joycons with concave thumbsticks and a real d-pad.


The decensor is ass, and i don't get hit enough to justify the nude patch, i'd rather have my girls wearing a bunny girl outfit with garterbelt or their regular school uniform with black pantyhose and glasses.

1a0ec5  No.16109308


It'll be even more pointless because it'll have fuseé gelée patched.


Even if you paid, there are games that won't allow save backups, and that really sucks. The only way you can have control of all your saves is by hacking. Thanks, Nvidia!

fb8682  No.16109363



I dont have high hopes for the Switch library, and it has also nothing else to fall back into (Vita had PS1 and PSP compatibility, 3DS had DS). And I dont think the Switch would make a marginal difference as an emulation machine compared to the Vita.

1aebc5  No.16109593


I'm just hoping they're still working on touching the patch up to a proper state, and that it's not going to be left as is. Still annoyed at the team that was doing Sol Trigger for the PSP over releasing a broken beta English patch and apparently nothing further having been resolved in the year and a half since.

d734ca  No.16109931


I have heard that rumor almost since the Switch was released. Is there a chip that would greatly increase its power but allow it to be in a smaller shell? Because otherwise I see >>16109288 as being right and this new Switch outputting subpar resolution just to stay close to the framerate of an undocked normal Switch.

56a326  No.16110191


Iirc, at the moment, it does N64 emulation pretty well, and could do DC, Gamecube and Ps2 emulation in the future. But thats with overclocking, and we all know damn sure that it means it becomes permanently docked

7e0340  No.16110638

chartanon, how do/did you use imagemagick?

I want to create a chart of my own and automate it; I already have a lot of entries and some basic shit in mind for it and a shittier chart done by hand

I'm fucking terrible with anything involving a CLI and I don't know how to use this program

c5fc29  No.16110822

File: 799da796f212540⋯.png (494 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2018-12-20-221511.png)


Oh boy you are in for a rude shock. A couple of stages are constantly slow motion even with LOLIcon and at least for me, the final boss fight was instant-win on hard due to a glitch. But if you enjoy it you'll probably enjoy 2. Haven't played 1 but supposedly 2 is a straight upgrade. Neither of them are translated but they're still fairly import-friendly in terms of gameplay, there's a guide floating around for what the different equippable items do.


I was saying this a couple of months ago. Now though, I WANT people to exodus to there if they're not going to fuck with my games.


There is. It just removes the 3 forms of censorship when girls are naked, amusingly they have pasties under that. It's the only reason to prefer the Vita version.


Heavy scripting. Not remotely elegant but ultimately


is how the image is generated.


300786  No.16111187

File: e025e801a7f8ad3⋯.png (619.18 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-11-182619.png)

File: 54cafb099a5d63e⋯.png (439.65 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-11-213026.png)


Dammit anon, I spent all night playing this game. Shit's fun.

fb8682  No.16111348


>I was saying this a couple of months ago. Now though, I WANT people to exodus to there if they're not going to fuck with my games.

I expect at best that it's going to be like the PS4 with some gems, but nothing groundbreaking either. I was pretty disappointed by the 3DS already, and the modern Nintendo 1st party games just dont cut in for me tbh not saying i wont play Mario Kart or SSBU if invited by buddies but i aint paying a system for those

dd6c11  No.16111800


Doesn't seem like they are going to fix it.

I was actually looking into it, but i don't have much free time.

Still, if i manage to complete it, i'll post it in the next Vita threads.


>there's a guide floating around for what the different equippable items do.





I would be interested in a similiar guide for Omega Labyrinth Z, but can't seem to find it.

c011d4  No.16112166

>have 256GB micro SD

>want to migrate data over from 64GB Vita card

>can't transfer files via FTP without the shit aborting the connection

>can't connect via USB because Linux fuckery

What do?

1a0ec5  No.16112434


You on linux? You'll have to get exfat support installed. I use a dkms module, but it's not exactly that good… Fucking Microsoft doesn't help - even Ninty's implementation of exfat in the Switch is prone to corruption

Easiest route here would be to use the vitashell usb mounting feature on win7. A virtual machine should do.

e9e30c  No.16112776

File: 69d9e2a506b0725⋯.jpg (930.25 KB, 4320x2432, 135:76, DSC08682.JPG)

Hey, who was it that needed a sd2vita? my sd2vitas just arrived i got the 2.0 ver and 5.0 ver

a443c4  No.16113475

File: 97819ead48345b7⋯.jpg (116.37 KB, 894x894, 1:1, vita_tan_9_by_liveactionco….jpg)

Not false. I've played near exclusively anime-styled RPGs with my vita, some of them lewd. Been trying out the Hyperdimmension games. I find the battle system unique, but the dungeons are closed in and I'm not a fan, wish it was more open.

5cdb39  No.16113495


Minigirl Vitan sucking benis WHEN

c9cda8  No.16113531

What's a comfy vita game to snugly play in bed?

c5fc29  No.16114275


The only way to get support is through a kernel module lazily ported from Android, I found it to be too unreliable to use. FTP shouldn't be that unreliable though, I just found it to be painfully slow. Filezilla is the client I normally use to transfer things if I'm using it.

For your case, you should try using QCMA to just copy all your games and media off (it does saves as well) switch to SD card and then copy back. I just hope you've linked a PSN account to it. You may not be able to without factory resetting otherwise and it's required for content transfers of any sort. Activation shouldn't be required, if it is test ReNpDrm. I need to know if it still works.


Z might get fan translated given how salty people are over its cancellation.


Neptunia anything. VNs also ideal.

c011d4  No.16115584




I'll probably end up trying a virtual machine again. I'll need to free up space on my hard drive, though.

c5fc29  No.16115631

File: c91315828f745c3⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1468x1288, 367:322, iris_ss_01_c91315828f745c3….png)


Not needed. I'll make this crystal-clear. Everything that I have said and recommended has NEVER resulted in use of anything but Linux and NEVER resulted in using proprietary software. I run a Libreboot system. So again, can you re-report what's further up because it isn't my opinion they want to hear when it comes to fixing the OP to improve the guide formatting.

56a326  No.16117106

Downgrader came out, https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/modoru , but I'm not really sure the easiness of moving from 3.68 to 3.50 as of yet. Ideally i'd want to just downgrade, keeping my sdcard the same.

56a326  No.16117563

File: 5d4583eb2b11c07⋯.png (154.2 KB, 474x393, 158:131, 1411536309170.png)


I'm a retard for typing "3.50", but it actually was really easy, and I didn't need to touch my SDCard at all. You just move the *.pup and modoru.vpk to your vita's internal storage, or memory card, reboot and then launch modoru

42f81a  No.16118098

File: 653c4b94c62b801⋯.png (311.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, cor.ova.gunsmith.cats.02.[….png)


Going back to 3.65 enso better fixes that annoying pstv usb bug where you have to reconnect your hdd/ssd when exiting h-encore to use it.

a2065c  No.16118876


Fucking yes.

56a326  No.16120175


Not sure if anyone ran into this same problem, it now takes upwards of 10m to boot my vita since I downgraded. Sucks too because having coldboot cfw is nice

c5fc29  No.16120224

File: 0d315fc881218d8⋯.png (4.01 MB, 1680x4008, 70:167, games.png)

File: 3c079d6218260a8⋯.jpg (636.3 KB, 960x3264, 5:17, Break the Vitan.jpg)

Finally added those games and updated about the downgrading process. Also replaying Re;birth 3.


You only really need to downgrade if over 3.65. Which I just did to my spare 3.67 system along with installing Ensō. Absolutely flawless.


That's not normal. Post your config file. What screen does it hang on too.

a2065c  No.16120345


Those fucking speed lines on the live area screen of moduro really make the image.

To those who downgraded already, did it affect save files from your previous account or do things just work? I never set up an account on my Vita and am wondering if I'll have to reimport all saves using save manager of if it will just keep on working like it did before.

c011d4  No.16120791


It'll take a damn long time to create a backup, but I guess I can try it.

948627  No.16120827

File: a193cfdcbf7fbbd⋯.mp4 (598.82 KB, 640x360, 16:9, SCREAMING_EXTERNALLY.mp4)

Can someone tell me how the fuck I can stop Categories Lite from being so fucking autistic?

>got an OLED Vita with SD2VITA with Adrenaline installed and i've got a bunch of games in the GAME folder and the ISO folder

>want to organize the games and have them in categories so I install the addon but all I get is the GAME and ISO folders seperated, so I get double arcade, action, etc, instead of the folders merging

>I've tried copy pasting the folder names and I've tried using the "CAT_" sorting.

What the fuck am I doing wrong?

fb8682  No.16120865

File: 03443260f150c04⋯.png (3.06 KB, 746x28, 373:14, bios.png)

File: 78d962ab717cff5⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1762x855, 1762:855, catherine.png)

I'm certainly a retard but I cant manage to make PCEngine CD games work on Retroarch (1.7.5) despite having the BIOS inside the data/Retroarch/system folder. Cant seem to make a collection list of PCEngine and Sega CD games unlike the rest (GB, GBC, GBA, Genesis, SNES, NES and I recall it was possible for PS1 too)

On the other hand, I managed to make ReF00D work for Catherine FullBody. The port seems pretty good so far, no particular slowdowns during my first two hours of gameplay (although I spent a bit to decide which VA for Catherine), and the visuals are still pretty stunning besides the aliasing jaggies.

c5fc29  No.16121011

File: 3a3f9f57ac59c46⋯.png (3.91 MB, 1680x3749, 1680:3749, games.png)

Decided to scrap digital-only and also filled in some holes. Only 8 more missing descriptions in a list of 50.


It shouldn't do anything but change your system's firmware version. The only big question mark I'd put is whether you can downgrade systems that used update365 but those don't really have a reason to.


It shouldn't take too much longer with QCMA. Just consider it further reason to despise those stupid memory cards because you can straight up copy the whole thing over to a different one when they're real SDs.


If no one here knows there's currently a PSP thread up. >>>/v/16120584


I'll try tomorrow.

a2065c  No.16121048


>The only big question mark I'd put is whether you can downgrade systems that used update365

I'll tell you once the customary few days pass and I feel confident enough to try downgrading.

c5fc29  No.16121062


NO. Do not be reckless. I would run this question by TheFloW first since the setup info does not mention it.

87c721  No.16121196


Excitement, but also fear. I am going to wait a bit for others to test to be sure that this method is rock stable before attempting to downgrade to 3.65.

87c721  No.16121201


Hey! I was that guy. Do you have a link to your eBay store page? I will not be able to buy one until 6 PM EST.

a2065c  No.16121266


How is that being reckless? Anyway, I don't have a way of contacting TheFlow so it's the waiting game for me.

c5fc29  No.16121326

If you don't ask the author of the downgrader who made update365 which installs itself to parts of the system that are read-only by default and tell you to not alter their configuration, it is. I'll look into it later if you won't but for now don't do anything.

a2065c  No.16121445


It's just Enso, dude. It should act the same as when installing 3.65 OFW over 3.60 Enso. No matter, I already said I'm waiting a while before doing anything in the first post I made about this.

b7d816  No.16121455


Stock henKaku config with gamesd and nopdrm. I haven't put reF00D in or anything else yet since I'm trying to debug this issue. I think it might be my custom theme, funnily enough, but it's starting up fine now. Had to let it just load overnight and it seems all good.

c5fc29  No.16121514

File: 8b864496f78b6d8⋯.png (129.08 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-15-014114.png)


It's odd still if that's the case.


If you used update365 it is VERY clear not to fuck with it.

90c6b7  No.16122442


Seems to be my custom theme. I try out official themes, stock thrme, and some of the custom themes on that guy's site. Is there anywhere I can check for logs?

70c8c7  No.16122526

File: 9d5532fa13e6233⋯.png (173.26 KB, 2688x2688, 1:1, hmnmm.png)

If I wanted to get a Vita should I go for one of the launch models or get a 2000? The 2000 apparently has some quality of life features but also seems like it's very likely to be a cheap piece of chink shit

Also how hard are isos to come by?

02852c  No.16122549


There are trade-offs to each model. I like my 1000 but from what I understand the later models have better battery life.

>Also how hard are isos to come by?

As long as you aren't looking for obscure JP-only games just follow the guide for NPS and you'll have any game you want.

70c8c7  No.16122606

File: 05e8192356faca7⋯.png (189.34 KB, 389x386, 389:386, 05e8192356faca7ee032126a56….png)


Yeah the battery life and micro usb charge port are tempting, but the inferior LCD and lighter weight (ie cheaper thinner plastic) are making me hesitate. I like a handheld that doesn't feel like I might accidentally snap it in half.

3ca857  No.16122637

Anyone downgraded from 3.68 safely and how hard was the progress ? I heard you have to disable all the plugins and you're SD2Vita if you;re on the 1000 (which I got), right now am on H-encore and only studying the downgrade for Enso cause coolboot is more convenient other than that, I don't mind staying on H-Encore if it's to much problems.

1a0ec5  No.16122650


If you want the convenience of micro-USB, there's an adapter you can get, but sadly it's only sold in JP stores. Amazon has them, but again they're all sold by JP stores so it'll be slow.

9ea71c  No.16122703


Anyone know how hard it would be to change the battery on the vita.

Could replace it with a better one.

02852c  No.16122884

File: f7af4f416a59262⋯.png (317.8 KB, 482x392, 241:196, PS Vita Inside.png)


It's not too difficult, the battery is in the back cover and is connected by two cables to the motherboard. When the battery starts to really get horrendous I'll most likely have to replace it.

02852c  No.16122896


Connected by one cable*, the other cable is for something else, I think the touchpad in the back.

56a326  No.16123067


I went from 3.68 to 3.65. Like I said in >>16117563 the shit is real easy. Just make sure you install moduro first, and to your vita's internal storage or an official cart. Then follow the guide as normal. I would reccomend keeping your sd2vita out of the console through the process, you never know what might happen.

24cc0a  No.16123228



Go for the OLED, i also hate how cheap the N3DS and LCD Vita feel, OLED Vita and O3DS are built like tanks, O3DS has a metal stylus as well, i don't care about the "better" as in no blotches and less bright screen of the 2000 nor the c-stick and better performance of the N3DS, if i can't even hold them properly they can fuck right off.

56a326  No.16123242



From what I hear, too, the blotches only appear when the system's screen is off, so it's not like you'll notice it from normal play. I got a 2000 because it was the cheapest I got with the firmware I wanted at the time, but im considering getting a backup vita just incase.

24cc0a  No.16123301


The blotches appear whenever a game displays certain shades of black and grey, not just when the screen is "off", it is noticeable but the richer colors make it worth it.

403921  No.16123332

File: 5535359e4b2f4a4⋯.png (143.45 KB, 500x748, 125:187, Bath.png)

c5fc29  No.16123973


I did it in about an hour to an unhacked system previously used for downloading off of PSN when it was broken. No exaggeration.


I generally only notice it when it's mostly black. It's a minor trade-off.

c011d4  No.16123999


>I like a handheld that doesn't feel like I might accidentally snap it in half.

The slim doesn't feel like that. At all. People really exaggerate the differences between the two.

c82bda  No.16125163

I picked up a 3.60 vita. should I update to 3.65?

c5fc29  No.16125280

File: 9251b8fee5b2bc1⋯.png (3.97 MB, 1680x3988, 420:997, games.png)

File: 14e3d2549b55073⋯.png (358.95 KB, 968x575, 968:575, thankyou.png)

File: 6799147e7b2bff6⋯.png (85.66 KB, 968x489, 968:489, thankyou2.png)

The last two descriptions (Toukiden 2 and Ys VIII) elude me so someone who knows them will have to do it. I'll fill in the remaining voice languages at some point but with the rest of the major gaps filled it's now time for QC from everyone especially the descriptions I had to guess a bit. This should easily be able to happen before next thread.

It was a lot of fun re-reading the older threads while chasing the remaining descriptions, but had to resort to dry ones in a few places. Also interesting to find some of the older gamerec attempts including the guy who provided the basic template used for this! You've definitely got my appreciation if still around.


No need anymore.

1a0ec5  No.16125302


Now that you got ReF00D, nope.

b37499  No.16125323


People who say stuff like that have never handled a DS lite most likely…

c82bda  No.16125506


you should add rabi ribi

3ca857  No.16126014

I need some help, right now a majority of my games splash screens are grayed out, the game starts normal but is it any fix to getting their splash screen showing proberly again ?

a29ed7  No.16126062


I think it might be time to start focusing on shit that would make it more flavorful, like a font change for the heading

Times New Roman or w/e font that is feels awkward for this chart

24cc0a  No.16126191

I'm gonna try to downgrade my Vita back to 3.60 and put enso on it, wish me luck vitagen, i did something like this recently with a PSP and almost fucked it up. Took a GO on 6.60 to 6.61 and flashed Infinity LME on it, then i learned the pause function is broken on this firmware, so i downgraded to 6.20 and put permanent PRO-C firmware on it, now everything works perfectly.


Does MGS HD collection really deserve a spot there? They're pretty shit ports and they lack a lot of stuff from the substance/subsistence releases. They may be great games, but recommending people to play them on their basic bitch version with gimped controls and with framerate drops? I don't know if crypt of the tumblrnose should be there either.

Replace Atelier Rorona Plus with "Atelier Arland Saga Plus", same with the Dusk trilogy and consider adding Sophie, it's the easiest game to beat and Sophie is the cutest alchemist in the entire franchise, i'm with this >>16125506 anon, add Rabi-Ribi and maybe Sayonara Umihara Kawase+, Bullet Girls Phantasia and Dariusburst CS, and it seems you forgot about Tales of Hearts R, a great game and a exclusive to boot.

Check out the GuP game if you can, i think it's great.

185134  No.16127144

I've got opinions but I'm staying out of the game commentary entirely for a few days. This is the time for the thread to speak. However if someone wants a game added, I'm going to require a description from them now since writing them is not only time-consuming, it's not really an 8chan recommendation if someone hasn't written a decent post about it. Toukiden 2 and Ys VIII I could not find anyone talking about in the archives and have a good chance of being removed.


Maybe refresh LiveArea (or if unhacked, god forbid, go into safe mode and rebuild database).

185134  No.16128527

File: de1f4a349779688⋯.png (61 KB, 532x447, 532:447, Screenshot_2019-02-16_20-2….png)

File: e07d6fc73cd80f3⋯.jpg (58.45 KB, 412x383, 412:383, 652afe001194f44677dd185cc2….jpg)


I'll think on it a bit but this may be better left to someone who can actually design. The header and footer are just PNGs though, only hard constraint is don't exceed the chart width. Also maybe one of the fonts on the system itself? vs0:data/external/font/pvf it's got a few weird ones actually. Also apparently there's a font swapping plugin. Not dangerous to use unlike the old installer but probably not worth documenting. Comic Sans Vita when.

3ca857  No.16129449


I refreshed LiveArena several times, I got enso now on my system, could I just rebuild the database on Vitashell ?

1a0ec5  No.16129655


I'd recommend a clean sans-serif, for example


>Droid Sans

b30d11  No.16130829


Weirdness with NAtURL DOCtRINE

>You can hedge the RNG a little by doing things in the order the game set us for you on most maps…

sets up for you?

76803e  No.16131001


>Toukiden 2

What about this post?


87c721  No.16131026

Still waiting on the SD2Vita anon seller if he's still around. I am considering buying one of his v5.0 cards.

185134  No.16131409


… I totally missed it somehow.






Try rebuilding database from safe mode instead (back up your config though). Your problem is a little concerning though because splash screens and such are decrypted to its internal storage (ur0:appmeta/GAMEID) not on the memory card. Hopefully it's not failing. Alternatively you've just got a bad plugin.

56a326  No.16131436

News from the homebrew community, people are working on an actual n64 emulator to the vita, not as in adrenaline, but natively. I hope it turns out well, but knowing that the vita homebrew scene dwindles as the switch grows, we might only get to as good as the PSP's

1a0ec5  No.16131452


Eh, don't drop the scene so fast. Vita now has basically (almost) total control and even downgrade options, whereas Switch is still about tethered RCM hacks and downgrades are only possible for those who didn't burn fuses.

The vita might be dead to Sony, but it really lives up to its name thanks to hacks now.

4e9b1f  No.16131479

File: 30b4a745a6d0b6b⋯.jpg (886.67 KB, 4320x2432, 135:76, DSC08708.JPG)



hey anon, heres the ebay listing


i placed the shipping at 5 bucks since international shipping is a bitch where i live

b30d11  No.16131491

Anyone got link to decensor patch for bullet girl phantasia? My google-fu failed me.

185134  No.16131535


Quite. Downgrading especially, I considered that a white whale, and look what happened a couple of days ago.


It's in the mod list mate.

76803e  No.16131578


You could also add a bit more to Stranger of Sword City's description from


in terms of some description about its gameplay such as its deep free-form character building mechanics, strong dungeon designs, and tight economy and resource management that feels meaningful during each adventure along with its worldbuilding and factions.

It might also be worth mentioning that Origin is considered one of the better Ys games

I remember Memories of Celceta being considered at least a bit more difficult than other Ys games as well so its worth it to those who want a greater challenge.

1a0ec5  No.16131628



As for myself, it was even weirder. I remember a vita thread here where an anon was wondering if he should update his vita to the latest version (back then, 3.60) or wait for some exploit.

I told the anon to update and have PSN access that way because aside from (back then) Rejuvenate and the email glitch stuff there was pretty much nothing, and the Vita seemed as sealed as ever.

Literally hours later, HENkaku was released.

I might still have the thread saved somewhere…

56a326  No.16131637

File: 5ada555d989bad0⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2019-01-06….png)


I sure hope so. The thing's just so popualr in comparison, and it seems al ot of the 3ds scene went there too. But, I know to enjoy my stuff without worrying about others.

Non-related to homebrewing, but Sony probably has some sort of R&D into a hybrid or handheld, I just don't see Sony entering into the mobile space anymore. Closest thing I could see would be some kind of portable streaming box that connects with 4g/5g to play PSNow games or something.

185134  No.16131699


That reminds me. Special thanks to whoever maintains the list of previous threads for timestamping them. It was most useful for checking around a game's release. Check around July 2016 unless it was a different thread.


>Closest thing I could see would be some kind of portable streaming box

Because that worked so well when Vita tried it.



1a0ec5  No.16131747


Fuck, it's been almost 3 years already? Time surely flies.

56a326  No.16131753


Oh, I don't think it would be a clear success, but they can't do a pure handheld because even Nintendo has transistioned away from that market in a purely dedicated sense. I don't think a hybrid would work either, considering the power gap that exists between cost-effective mobile hardware and the PS4 today. IDK though, if it's just a thin client for PSNow I wouldn't consider it a true PSP3.

b30d11  No.16132051


>It's in the mod list mate.

Thanks. I was retarded and thought that link's for hardware mods for some reason.

185134  No.16132178

PSA: Do not downgrade a system unless the memory card is unlinked (Settings -> HENkaku Settings) otherwise it can render the card unusable due to firmware difference and require updating it back to fix it.


That's actually a fair mistake. OP of next thread might want to re-word that.


185134  No.16132448

File: addb2603e2e40f8⋯.png (4.02 MB, 1680x3988, 420:997, games.png)

Must've stopped half-way through when doing SoSC. Current WIP + Rabi Ribi. Also taking about 30 seconds to run the script so it can now just generate a single tile if necessary.

76803e  No.16132460


Its looking bretty gud.

There's some I can add more specificity and shit for like the Atelier games and Shinovi Versus but I think I'll do that next thread unless I feel the urge to do it before this one 404's

185134  No.16132467

File: 40db54c056d19ec⋯.jpg (238.87 KB, 931x676, 931:676, 36b4a2f64cb597e1e5629feaf7….jpg)



Oh shit we're at bump limit. But in a pinch I can just remove the one game without a description and post a clean one if people want it posted to the OP. I will dissuade that though because by linking it, like the hacking stuff, it allows it to be freely updated.

Also besides re-wording to "Vita game modifications" can whoever is OP make sure to update the guide and mod links. The plaintext ones are now re-directs. (Take the #sublinks out if preferred to not skip down, it will hide the "last updated" info though.)



185134  No.16132521

File: e817537bd74aaf9⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 306x306, 1:1, ♥_means_♥_heart.jpg)


Also, christ, it's just hit me like a truck.

>mid-January 2017: Join here

>mid-April 2017: First actual release of hacking text

>almost 2 years pass: Many seemingly impossible feats. In no particular order: Adrenaline, Ensō, ReNpDrm, update365, breaking 3.68, breaking 3.70, NoNpDrm, rePatch, SD cards, breaking F00D

>mid-February 2019: Downgrading. Every version of the guide prior has said in no uncertain terms it cannot be done and I expected it to remain that way forever

It's insane. I do lament that game talk has fallen out significantly here, but at the same time cherish the sheer power to better enjoy the games on the system and negate the incompetence or outright malice of Sony. I'm very sorry to make the comparison but it's the Oblivion of game consoles.

87c721  No.16132731


That sounds like a big warning to notify. Hopefully any guide out there states this clearly in one of their steps.

185134  No.16132764


Treat it as one but it's not an absolute DO NOT DO THIS but it did deserve some mention since it would be a pain-in-the-ass if it wasn't an issue since I do not want any problem to make more work.

8ac98e  No.16132910


>boot vita

>plug card in

>don't let it format it, don't let it do anything

>henkaku menu, unlink memory card

>replug it

Should work. Unless you have a 1000 of course, but then you could install MLThaku and manually unlink it in vitashell if you were smart enough to downgrade to 3.60.

fb8682  No.16133015

File: 93a88d27113a70e⋯.jpg (139.59 KB, 960x544, 30:17, DzeXwOPX4AESqx8.jpg)

File: 7ed09099462714b⋯.jpg (195.73 KB, 960x534, 160:89, DzeZv2UXcAEsVhj.jpg)

>Caesar III on Vita through Julius open-source engine


Time for some good autism

1a0ec5  No.16133090



Another option is to use another vita or vita TV to remove the 'higher firmware' file from it via homebrew.

By the way, another big breakthrough should come in soon, hopefully:

>With the Viva la Vita hack stuff, memcard auth and stuff is finally clear

>This means vita-MC to USB adapters

>You'd be able to unlink, copy, backup Vita cards directly on PC

and of course…

>3rd party Vita memcards

7e0340  No.16134038


How the actual fuck.

3ca857  No.16135513


yeah I learned this the hardway HOWEVER you can always back up yoour card(which I didn't but you should back up whenever you're doing stuff like this) and format the card on the downgraded system,(for 1000 users) if you're a 2000 user you should just eject the memory card, ALSO this is more likely just for vita cards, sdcard on sd2vita should be ejected when you're doing this stuff and you're main mod should be installed on the internal memory.

b492e8  No.16135611




I'm sure there's work-arounds but I want as little room for people to fuck up as possible so it's worded explicitly now. I'm actually shocked that this didn't come up in testing since Modoru definitely seemed to have been.



1a0ec5  No.16135737


The modoru FAQ still doesn't cover this issue. Anyone that can use twatter to tell theflow to mention the card link issue around?

b492e8  No.16135756

File: 40bbc4ca8a2f782⋯.png (6.05 KB, 359x219, 359:219, Screenshot_2019-02-18_14-0….png)


Hah. I've actually been trying for that and update365 clarification. Twitter is being a piece of shit and doing this after entering verification code.

b492e8  No.16135859

Fuck it, bug reported to Github instead. Fun fact: cock.li is not accepted for E-mail validation on there. Also since autosage, delayed comments on games.



I've admittedly only played a bit of the MGS2 part. So I want to know how bad it is and whether being portable is enough of a balance. Mind, you really damn yourself for this complaint if recommending Bullet Girls Phantasia because its Vita version is even more inexcusable than Gal*Gun, and the game itself, very much a mixed bag even if I will treasure it as peak ero before the light of God.


AFAIK I'm the only one recommending it so if others want it out I'll do it. But despite its devs and indie shit it's take on rhythm games is really clever and its gameplay and music are great, enough that I can say it's worth playing despite that. Also not the sort of game that gets hurt by being on a handheld. Like Terraria is good but the only way to really play that is on PC.


Besides what various people are saying here, there's an Atelier thread up right now where an infographic recommends the Arland trilogy to start with >>>/v/16108773 and my description came from a thread archive. I'll need a good reason to change it.



>the rest

I know some of those belong, but again, trying to describe something I have no familiarity with is scummy and produces shitty descriptions. None of the Ys ones are good, and one is stolen from one of the reference guide samples. So again, I now require a description from you or someone in an archived thread. Something that proves someone here was passionate enough about the game to want to talk about it and why other people might want to try it out.

658030  No.16136030


I would add Soul Sacrifice Delta, Grand Kingdom, Superbeat Xonic, and DJMax Technika Tune. Since we are almost at the bump limit I can add descriptions for these next thread, although it seems like someone already made a description for SSD.


>Gundam Breaker 3 for the Vita

>Fucking Killzone Mercenary

I've never understood what attracted people to GB3 on the Vita, it ran like shit for me, had text that was clearly scaled for a PS4 and seemed to be pretty repetitive gameplay-wise. I'm not a Gundam fan though, so maybe that's why it never caught on with me.

Don't even get me started on Killzone though, who was it at Guerilla that thought making a touch-quicktime event for every melee kill was okay? I was hoping that the motion control in Killzone would make the console-shooter controls less shit but even with LOLIcon the framerate still tanks and the aiming is still shit, since the motion controls only work when aiming and the sensitivity can't be raised very high. I don't really like console shooters since I play FPS games exclusively on PC (thanks to games like Quake), so maybe I'm not qualified to judge console shooters. but I still think they're shit

56a326  No.16136065


We're getting close to the bump limit, but im up to put up thoughts about games I've played. Although, up to now, every game ive played has been on the charts excepting shovel knight, KOF97, various PSP games, and some of the 2hu games(most of them are shit, as ive found out)

c011d4  No.16136538


>I do lament that game talk has fallen out significantly here

Just talk about a game. The whole reason why this chart thing is being so fervently discussed is because people here haven't played enough to begin with and are looking for more.

76803e  No.16138565


Plenty of people have played games, they just don't seem to like talking about them enough, or being specific when they do

e3eee4  No.16139379

File: 752fea09a950616⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1411x951, 1411:951, Reigen_buckle_up.png)

>still no emulator

b492e8  No.16140797

I think what went wrong with Modoru is that it does in fact unlink the memory card as part of its procedure, but if you're using any alternatives like SD2Vita they won't be active during the downgrade so it doesn't get done. That's why nothing went wrong when I did it on my other system. That's where my old memory card is.



I went by the spirited rec from >>16066813


Can't say either. I'm iffy to remove it for now though.

>the rest

Imported basic data.

e6b162  No.16141063

File: 8f718aa5c255cab⋯.png (15.84 KB, 580x452, 145:113, 365 config.png)

File: 773d1fe45b70f0b⋯.png (19.23 KB, 608x568, 76:71, 360config.png)

File: b245f1ffc2e8744⋯.png (299.56 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 1550526229445.png)


And neither does it need to be done, you can unlink those later. Or do the sensible thing and spoof to 3.70 again before reconnecting external storage.

By the way, I successfully downgraded from update365. Everything just werks, except for one small thing: update365 has henkaku.skprx hardcoded to load under Enso, which isn't the case for 3.60's Enso. What this means is that you need to change that in your ur0/tai/config.txt since that does not get regenerated.

Easiest way is to grab the ux0 taihen config that gets generated after you install henkaku for the first time and use that as the new template.

For those curious, I've attached a pic of what my 3.65 config looked like and the 3.60 one I had to use instead (had a screenshot since I was showing a friend).

If you don't do this step, you'll lose the henkaku settings options in the settings app as well as the version string under system information only displaying whatever you set your spoof to. Funnily enough, taihen config was still getting loaded and parsed properly and thanks to that I didn't have too much of a headache fixing the issue.

b492e8  No.16141123


If I have it right:

>people should downgrade to 3.60

>systems that can't downgrade that far are all PCH2xxx with the built-in 1GB so there's no issues with getting H-Encore for spoofing and fixing access to your card

>systems that can't downgrade to 3.65 are SOL

I'm stillinclined to leave it in since it's more straightforward to just do it and less likely to result in problems to solve. I need to edit bits out actually now vita.hacks.guide is updated. Might see if storagemgr has its act together now too.

Also yeah TheFloW clarified update365 is fine. No sense to do it to mine for HENkaku though unless I unlock its internal storage. I'm on the fence about using that.

e6b162  No.16141143


>I'm stillinclined to leave it in since it's more straightforward to just do it and less likely to result in problems to solve

Whether you do it or not is entirely up to you. I'm just saying the downgrading process itself was so easy and smooth, there's literally nothing you could do wrong there as long as you follow the github instructions. The "hard" part is making sure all your plugins and config still work, which should be a lot less hassle on a non-update365-with-hardcoded-henkaku.skprx systems. Also your bubbles and everything else stays exactly as you left it, too.

Basically, you would disable all your plugins (I just commented them all out instead of renaming anything), install modoru on your internal storage/Vita MC, put your desired PUP in the modoru directory, reboot, run modoru, let it update, done. Then you just install henkaku with the webexploit and enso.vpk and can reenable plugins. There shouldn't be any problems to solve this way.


Haven't seen anyone having issues with that yet and it's been out for a while. The most I've seen is retards being unable to understand the instructions. Think the dev also mentioned that you should not downgrade below 2.0 if you use it. This won't apply to users who don't know what they're doing anyway. I might try to do it "later" if I feel like it, not because I need to but because I can. With it, I would not have to worry about my Vita MC shitting the bed at some point anymore.

b492e8  No.16141346

File: 66900c156809357⋯.jpg (77.03 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-20-001025.jpg)

File: 68f2745a24017ab⋯.jpg (40.39 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-19-231758.jpg)


Right I've succeeded but fucking hell that was messy. Main advice I have is to downgrade THEN IMCUnlock. I went with the 100MB option since that's sufficient for VitaShell and Ensō installer.

Also I hit multiple instances where the mem card needed formatting throughout. With my main SD though it was possible to mount in VitaShell and delete it that way. Still something that's really annoying to hit so I'm keeping it in the documentation.

e6b162  No.16141364


>Also I hit multiple instances where the mem card needed formatting throughout

For modoru or imcunlock? The only time I got offered a format was when I was trying to fix my non-loading henkaku and forgot to de-spoof it before force-reinstalling henkaku/enso. Which didn't really matter because I told the "you need to format" dialog to fuck off and unlinked it right after that in henkaku settings.

b492e8  No.16141379


Downgrading and then subsequent attempts to set it all back up threw it at me a bunch. Some could be formatted past, like with the IMCUnlock partition, and the official memory card I used to use as a fallback. With my main SD I mentioned how I worked around it. Now it's all happy though and my bubbles are a total disaster I need to clean up. Though it did show what happens when the 10 page limit is exceeded.

e6b162  No.16141401


Huh, weird. My bubbles were all fine, I was actually surprised they didn't get messed up. One other thing I noticed though is that I need database updates when swapping between Vita MC and the SD card as ux0. Didn't have to do that before (IIRC, I haven't done this in forever) but it's probably due to the fact that so much shit got changed in between that it's impossible to trick it into thinking it's the same card anymore.

b492e8  No.16141551


Whenever I have to re-jailbreak I've usually had a few of them shifted. But probably through switching between an official card and the internal storage before finally getting it all to work with my real SD it forgot everything. It's finally re-arranged though and all working. Also no way in hell I'm putting IMCUnlock in the text. Too much hassle and too risky, should be reserved for people who know what to do.

e6b162  No.16141619

File: 3a147e23f53ad2c⋯.png (773.35 KB, 960x544, 30:17, シェルノサージュ_2 (5).png)


You really made it harder for yourself by installing imcunlock first before downgrading.

>Too much hassle and too risky, should be reserved for people who know what to do

Agreed. Better to leave out the dangerous stuff from guides that are supposed to help out beginners.

I happened upon some other news that I forgot to mention. For those of you who are eagerly waiting for the Ciel Nosurge translation, it looks like it will be slightly enhanced in the vein of the AT2 Retranslation project. They're adding in some costumes that got cut as well as some dialog and interaction that were in the online version of the game but got cut from offline. Makes me glad I've been so slow in progressing it, won't miss out on too much.

515b64  No.16141631

this is the anon with the long bootup time, and now I'm 100% sure it was my custom theme, and I'm taking a wild guess that the problem has to do with the lockscreen file. Last time it just ended up corrupted, this time it's not loading. Should be fixed by editing the file out if the xml

b492e8  No.16141881

Make sure someone else is here to archive.

b492e8  No.16143729


Just realized, even worse, that there was absolutely no point to going to 3.60. It offers nothing.

>unlocked storage, I can just use H-Encore on 3.65 and it's even an offline exploit! Then just use VitaShell and Ensō installer for recovery

>locked storage, you can't use HENkaku without a memory card, identical situation to 3.65 with H-Encore

What's the point then. The best I can say is I can still download off of PSN without ReNpDrm. Not sure how but it was definitely broken for a time.


The good news is safe mode will clear any custom theming if it's broken. As for mine it uses PNG for all images, but indexed with dithering (GIMP can do this) so they're not huge. There is a limit on max filesize.

56a326  No.16143939

Should someone make a new thread?


Yep, it's still fucked up and taking forever. Are there any log files or ways to debug this? It became a problem when I downgraded to 3.65 with the permanent cfw. I might upload it if I can't find any solutions.

b492e8  No.16144244

File: eec24449ebd2fb7⋯.png (218.44 KB, 960x544, 30:17, lockscreen.png)


I'd wait for this to 404. I generally don't like making them since I can't update the "previous threads" list but will if nobody does for a couple of days. Again though, >>16132467

>Are there any log files or ways to debug this?

Don't think so. Try uploading it for others to look at, it's always possible it's wrong in some way. My custom themes are based on the XML from an Enoshima Junko theme which was also edited a bit.

56a326  No.16144330


Prolly a good idea


Mine is based off of one of the themes on the vita theme database, I think it might've been a xenoblade or pokemon one.

In terms of VIDYA, i've been trying out some of the crossplay/multiplayer fighters, as I think i've said. KOF97s is perfectly fine, so are skillgirls and blazblue, but UMVC3 is really freakin good for a vita game, and especially how busy it gets.

b492e8  No.16144414


I'll look over it a bit later. Presently putting the old E-mail-based exploit on my alt partition. Which suddenly decided to be a cock again and decide it was out-of-date. I have no idea what's going on there but it's driving me up the wall.

Also VitaBackup doesn't seem to work worth a shit for fixing bubble arrangements. Fortunately it's not often I have to do recovery.

b492e8  No.16144604

File: 04695597dd0cc7b⋯.png (258.27 KB, 960x540, 16:9, lockpaper1.png)

File: 319954d6bcdab73⋯.png (205.04 KB, 841x693, 841:693, bigmoko.png)


Right. There is definitely a filesize limit for themes but it's been a while since I've had to deal with it. From memory 500kb or something, but indexing usually pushes well under that. All mine are under 300kb. Try with this and this is how to convert them in GIMP.

56a326  No.16147717

File: 340286f2277375d⋯.jpg (134.27 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, pixiv.jpg)


Ayy, I did everything and I got it working. Thanks for the help. I don't think it's possible to delete the older file, but I'll post the new one. https://my.mixtape.moe/fngkdo.zip

I won't post it anywhere else because I don't care too, but I'll post it here for you /v/itabros.

Also have a fun picture based on everyone's favorite vita game

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