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File: 1749c0bbaa81e11⋯.jpg (246.31 KB, 528x800, 33:50, 1455815197609.jpg)

File: 07220a17225f1c0⋯.png (620.02 KB, 1003x796, 1003:796, shop1.png)

File: 02e41449330a29f⋯.png (458.54 KB, 1003x801, 1003:801, shop2.png)

a86014  No.16022714

It's been a while since last time.

I've encountered something strange, my shop sells things far cheaper than if i were to sell things myself. Can someone perhaps explain this?

117124  No.16022737


Your shopkeeper has lower negotiation skill than you.

a86014  No.16022748

File: 8dc50bcd8da4841⋯.png (542.58 KB, 1004x801, 1004:801, shop2.png)


No, it dosn't seem to be the case. The item I left in this picture only sold for 2 gold when I tried to sell it. However, as you can see, it sold for 38 gold when left in the store.

d2ae4c  No.16022753


I've never heard of this game but I'm interested.

117124  No.16022775


In that case, equation between selling items in shops and by yourself is just different.


Freeware grindy jrpg.

Unfortunately OP forgot to give links to wiki for this.


a86014  No.16022810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A very fun and deep Japanese roguelike. This series of videos is what helped me get into the game.

d2ae4c  No.16022826



Thanks, gonna check it out.


It's funny I was literally just watching one of this guy's videos about the game.

449b12  No.16022844



What's going on my fellow kids?

7ad381  No.16022852

File: 1358a194ba6630d⋯.jpg (62.59 KB, 625x500, 5:4, 6dd2d5ef24c84aa983f0389cb7….jpg)


he does smell leak of reddit right ?

449b12  No.16022856


Your English is terrible.

c85b34  No.16022873


This is the one stop shop for downloading the game and the current plus version.


Also there are is mod to plus that add shit called custom G. Gets rid of pissing and all that other gay shit.

b74449  No.16022880


You need to install custom before custom g right?

c85b34  No.16022900

File: 01cf5d066abdc4c⋯.jpg (158.3 KB, 877x644, 877:644, 01cf5d066abdc4c19218f568a1….jpg)

File: d470e78807fa3ec⋯.jpg (114.67 KB, 781x605, 71:55, 1c3df2d3779a4bfb1e3cb94571….jpg)

File: a5ed4d4ab7ca5ca⋯.jpg (214.63 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1ca9e2e6f9a00878fa50e50092….jpg)

File: 3a12d8c53746aca⋯.jpg (97.39 KB, 456x456, 1:1, 3a12d8c53746aca326eb28fea0….jpg)

File: 6ee804e2170185a⋯.png (628.79 KB, 960x600, 8:5, 3deb8b138864eb93b1adec2abb….png)



Elona plus, then custom, then custom g.

Guess I'll blow my Elona load right now.

c85b34  No.16022907

File: 3a60f68dd662d7a⋯.jpg (224.33 KB, 528x800, 33:50, 4daffe01782602df7398e08946….jpg)

File: 4eb28c96263cc58⋯.jpg (106.32 KB, 650x642, 325:321, 4eb28c96263cc58964b014c0d6….jpg)

File: 5fdcabe25d08643⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1800x2100, 6:7, 5fdcabe25d08643711f82a8142….png)

File: 6aaee63ab8ae980⋯.png (192.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6aaee63ab8ae980c9986d0ba78….png)

File: 6de6b7805b69984⋯.jpg (109.71 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 6de6b7805b6998402531576b62….jpg)

I have a ton of pics but I'll try to space them out so I don't spam the fuck out of the thread.

There really is something about this game that feels like a retarded ass adventure. I just beat the first act for the first time since starting elona. I started when we began to have threads here. I burned through a bunch of different characters who each got a little farther everytime. And I still feel like there is so much more for me to figure out.

b74449  No.16022916

File: 3f889b72dca4663⋯.png (5.65 MB, 4560x2640, 19:11, 3f889b72dca46639a73298c23f….png)

File: 8ad649bf8abb6ab⋯.jpg (263.81 KB, 1790x905, 358:181, 8ad649bf8abb6abfd3edaf1182….jpg)

File: 16fbf0c40e5ff5f⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 969x269, 969:269, 16fbf0c40e5ff5f0b415c323ed….jpg)

File: d587cb61759561a⋯.jpg (153.63 KB, 1788x559, 1788:559, 018be83fd42f85014af52647e9….jpg)

File: e58329e7e05b009⋯.png (213.48 KB, 1003x1409, 1003:1409, 6537a302866c7a4e02edb79dda….png)


Thanks. By the way I'll dump some info

b74449  No.16022920

File: ae097736c6245d2⋯.jpg (78.85 KB, 1111x406, 1111:406, ae097736c6245d23af00889787….jpg)

File: c3a8c7331466537⋯.jpg (185.88 KB, 1775x639, 25:9, c3a8c7331466537db20c63f385….jpg)

File: f186dc31e1bcb84⋯.jpg (449.9 KB, 1734x908, 867:454, f186dc31e1bcb84477a22cf388….jpg)

File: 5e4bfb77f3c04b3⋯.png (167.48 KB, 1792x947, 1792:947, materials.png)

b74449  No.16022930

File: 3dff7c9bf9e66a7⋯.png (1.52 MB, 800x2416, 50:151, 1436770188399-0.png)

File: 553bd3f3e2b3989⋯.png (57.57 KB, 1124x89, 1124:89, the result of internet bul….png)

Also a guide for custom pet sprites, now you can customize your little girl

d73401  No.16022972



c85b34  No.16023005

File: 6eb18660f49e650⋯.jpg (62.51 KB, 559x559, 1:1, 6eb18660f49e6509fda8d19c84….jpg)

File: 7a4d97ed3897fad⋯.jpg (100.73 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 7a4d97ed3897fad939fc484b4f….jpg)

File: 7b77dddc5e75133⋯.jpg (127.16 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 7b77dddc5e7513319cabfbd81c….jpg)

File: 9d29a5a00a68248⋯.jpg (133.75 KB, 540x660, 9:11, 9d29a5a00a68248eda714503fa….jpg)

File: 11d57123f4ae8cc⋯.jpg (233.01 KB, 911x1700, 911:1700, 11d57123f4ae8cc9d61bcc6c44….jpg)


>4th pic

stolen, thats a good chart.

0723c7  No.16023023

File: eeabe88f1b730c6⋯.png (965.27 KB, 1429x791, 1429:791, elonaooen1.png)

Been trying omake overhaul english hack version, the autopickup is so nice, though I miss a lot of plus features.

069fb6  No.16023032


Careful with Custom G, it breaks your save's compatibility with any other version and isn't always up to date.

f49336  No.16023047

How do I actually get this shit to work on my pc

It looks like it wouldn’t need anything special but last time I tried it didn’t run on my Vista machine.

b74449  No.16023070

>see job board quest for "Clean up mischief"

Is this new? What do you even do in it?

c85b34  No.16023081

File: 20ee95e9bd791d4⋯.jpg (75.35 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 20ee95e9bd791d49e0909e21a1….jpg)

File: 24a19c6876d4a4a⋯.jpg (272.5 KB, 650x800, 13:16, 24a19c6876d4a4a10f03c696ab….jpg)

File: 37a9d703d149f20⋯.jpg (300.39 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 37a9d703d149f200e876fa8852….jpg)

File: 37d2dd75bb4570b⋯.png (4.36 MB, 1039x1465, 1039:1465, 37d2dd75bb4570b7e2985ec5b2….png)

File: 91e1dc622a0e5b3⋯.png (1.24 MB, 2486x3368, 1243:1684, 039e3b6e2cc382ee7057a4cdbe….png)




I've seen issues when anons tried to run it on win 8/10. They just ran in compatibility mode for 7. Do you even have that option? Or did you install something wrong?



I tried that, I forgot how hard Elona can be. Plus offers so many way to get ahead

a86014  No.16023091

File: 8e21dd829cb2fac⋯.png (433.14 KB, 1002x799, 1002:799, shop2.png)


You get sent to an area similar to 'harvest time' or 'hunting', but filled with traps and you have to find a certain number of them. I feel you kinda need 'disarm trap' to complete it.

b74449  No.16023103


I see. It's cool they're adding more job board quests, there are really only a handful and they can get repetitive after a while.

0723c7  No.16023121


Not really that hard in this case, platinum is the most annoying thing in the original and the en hack allows you to change the multiplier for them. Was refreshing to remember all the ways to break the game that plus removed. Worst thing is that beyond the Void, grinding blacksmithing to fuse artifacts, and populating the player town the dungeon deed gives you, there is nothing to do after beating Zerome, no Act 2 or 3 Ano fanfiction.

c85b34  No.16024719

File: 091d1c528413833⋯.jpg (118.78 KB, 480x564, 40:47, 091d1c52841383383f674214b4….jpg)

File: 94fa00f4c06aa2e⋯.jpg (243.38 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 94fa00f4c06aa2e0f19e83ab00….jpg)

File: 157f06ba95cfb76⋯.jpg (202.45 KB, 420x688, 105:172, 157f06ba95cfb76c1c16c69ce0….jpg)

File: 234f359a082661a⋯.jpg (117.71 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 234f359a082661a03b62ded1e4….jpg)

File: 527d56a225a41dd⋯.jpg (112.49 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 527d56a225a41dd8080d8b100a….jpg)


Isn't there a rival and knights of the little grills and shit in it too?

2d7b15  No.16025713

File: 0f3ad1d3e01ac50⋯.png (6.29 KB, 365x19, 365:19, blpp.png)

Solid game. I enjoy how many ways there are to advance stats, from being a humble farmer to rampant prostitution. What do people like to do the most, though?

b74449  No.16025913

File: 5d5f8565b49980a⋯.jpg (225.77 KB, 680x771, 680:771, 45e0eea7ff97d5a0537838ef2f….jpg)


I like farming, cooking what I farm and dungeon diving to find more interesting pets to collect. I've only ever played a gunner that travels with a huge entourage of pets that fight for me while I gun shit down from the sidelines. On this character I'm going to actually focus on trying to build up my magic/spells so that I can buff my pets and rely on stamina-based abilities less even though it's incredibly satisfying nuking an entire screen with gardening and turning my blood into a railgun

Also, Kumiromi is best god. Lulwy is okay too but she's kind of a cunt and I don't like the way she talks to me.

fc18e0  No.16026124


I actually remember making those first two posts, it's been a while.

7cf614  No.16026130

man it's been forever since I played this game

19d585  No.16026398

A few protips:

By dropping bottles of water on an altar of your god and praying, you will get blessed bottles of water. These can be used to bless other items.

If the puppy for the puppy cave quest dies, it will respawn after a couple of days.

Use preach to awaken sleeping NPCs.

Give your little girl the cooking skill and try to go to sleep at either 9 or 10 in the evening. Waking up between 4 to 9 in the morning your little girl will make you breakfast.

Carry with you a way to sleep wherever you go, the best alternative is a paperwork happy bed, dipped in fireproof and acid proof liquid.

05536e  No.16026410


> it will respawn after a couple of days.

What? I thought you just went up a floor and back down to reset

19d585  No.16026411


That chart forgets to add how your cookware affects food tier. A barbecue set is the only one who can make tier 9 food, a food maker and food processor can make up to tier 8 food, while a portable cooking tool can make up to tier 5 food to name a few.

19d585  No.16026414


Oh yeah, that's right.

fc18e0  No.16026420


"Breakfast" isn't bad if you can get it easily, but it's not worth going to too much trouble for. >>16022920 explains one of the best and most reliable ways to raise potentials. Cook shit, make picnic baskets. The hard part is just acquiring each type of food.

021794  No.16026564

File: ec499028c6c3d43⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1152x864, 4:3, 01-house.jpg)

File: 8da6c664486b9bf⋯.jpg (417.64 KB, 660x443, 660:443, shield.jpg)

File: 331ab96f8e658f9⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1280x768, 5:3, that moment when your favo….jpg)

p1. my old house before I moved into a mansion that still hasn't really been made comfy.

p2. dual wield and two handed bonus on a shield lol

p3. love this weapon

bcdab1  No.16026682

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d4a041  No.16026748


SsethTzeentach this guy is my hero

0723c7  No.16027512


Yep, a rival met in the arena, playing cat girl tag for steamed buns, blessing food, 2 new gods, vore, letting pets go adventuring, no potential on most spells, lots of features and little changes that are nice. It's worth a playthrough, but people spoiled on Elona+ extra content and quests might find it lacking. Great for people who've exhausted all that stuff though.

05536e  No.16027538


Doesn't he have a new video due out soon?

2ec59d  No.16027540

File: dcfdc860fde43bc⋯.jpg (145.46 KB, 928x720, 58:45, mfc887066d46fdcb7001f3d700….jpg)

What version is the game currently in?

I havent played since 1.73



<a faggot on the internet is my hero

>linking to jewtube faggots instead of telling anon what you think about the game

i recommend ingesting bleach lots and lots of it

5cca83  No.16027881


>What version is the game currently in?


Just remember to get Custom and Custom-G too, unless you want more tedious gameplay mechanics that nobody asked for and nerfs from ass.

c85b34  No.16028603

Alright. I have my mage I was working on but I might shelf her again. What do I do when I reach south Tyris? Besides go into a dungeon thinking I am hot shit and get nuked.

5cca83  No.16028692


>What do I do when I reach south Tyris?

Go back to North Border and after that go to Melugas(town in centre of map).

0cb76c  No.16030460


sell your body

6fc8bb  No.16030482

>have little girl farm

>enjoy delicious little girl eggs, milk, and cheese

>celebrations I have roast little girl

adadfa  No.16030977

File: 69e038076b44ad2⋯.png (16.78 KB, 750x528, 125:88, fz.PNG)


>Self-signed certificate

hey, why is the site faking it's certification?

2462d7  No.16031035



I know he signs his own certificate, he just hosts all the builds. I think its mostly for him but just gives access to it. I"ve used it but I'm just some guy on the internet. If you want you can look in the elona forums and find everything you would in that link.

b74449  No.16031304

File: d7552f60a6e4872⋯.png (211.55 KB, 586x371, 586:371, living weapon.png)

Just found my first living weapon, this is maybe my fourth character and I found this at level fucking 4 on a traveling merchant for like 5k gold. It invokes ice bolt which is pretty cool. I'm kinda disappointed since it's a 10d4 instead of a 10d6 which is what I usually like my machine guns' damage to be, would using a material kit on it improve the dice it rolls? Which material would be better? Also what modifiers do you guys think I should add to it as it levels?

f1c14e  No.16031332

File: 3bf1c5d8590cce1⋯.jpg (114.11 KB, 499x1063, 499:1063, 3bf1c5d8590cce1eb94ec4f00e….jpg)

>keep getting thirsty

>can't find reliable source of water (I don't drink from the well in Vernis because I heard bad things, plus my little girl companion already got poisoned from it once)

>have to drink alcohol and stumble around town for several turns

>INN is out of booze now

>had to drink a potion to keep from dehydrating which I didn't want to do

This thirst system is tedious and aggravating. Does anyone know a reliable source of water so I don't have to keep scrambling around in search of liquids every ten minutes?

b74449  No.16031342


Just use Custom-G and get rid of the shitty useless thirst mechanic

a86014  No.16031348

File: 33084f15fe57f52⋯.png (690.46 KB, 1202x802, 601:401, shop2.png)


Magaqua, keeps you permanently moist.

b74449  No.16031354


>paperwork food processor

I feel like a fucking retard for not thinking of doing this myself

58d001  No.16031364

What the fuck I didn't know lewd games were this good

b74449  No.16031373

File: d470e78807fa3ec⋯.jpg (114.67 KB, 781x605, 71:55, 1c3df2d3779a4bfb1e3cb94571….jpg)


I mean you can do a lot of lewd shit but I wouldn't necessarily call it a lewd game since you don't really see any of it. Still, you are right, when you first hear about all the whacky shit that goes on in the game it's hard to believe that the game itself is actually really good.

>it's your favorite, human flesh!

f1c14e  No.16031392


Where do I obtain one? Also, I forgot to mention I'm new to this game.

b74449  No.16031406


Vendors, dungeons. You'll definitely find one eventually. Although, like I said, you really should use Custom G. It gets rid of thirst and rolls back a bunch of shitty nerfs to abilities so that they are just as fun as they're supposed to be.

f1c14e  No.16031413


I will definitely try it. Thank you, anon.

b74449  No.16031420


I should mention, since you're new to the game, that Custom G needs to be installed over custom, and that you should launch the game using Custom G's .exe

Custom: https://elona.fandom.com/wiki/Thread:29851

Custom G: https://elona.fandom.com/wiki/Thread:29336

327629  No.16031421

File: 5d4b50beaf284c6⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.08 MB, 800x772, 200:193, elona little sisters.webm)


Little sisters are cute!


f1c14e  No.16031539


>added Elona Custom

>added Custom-G

>followed compile guide

>every time I try to load my save I get an error message of random characters and then the game stops working

What did I do wrong?

14ae30  No.16031542


Jesus Christ, she could palm a basketball with those meaty paws.

e09cea  No.16031564

File: b16d86223905133⋯.jpg (27.86 KB, 512x384, 4:3, b70236fb0132eaacc7ddf3601e….jpg)


you did not fucked one of the female gods !! snake thats a time paradox !! you should have fucked one of the gods after making them drunk !!

b74449  No.16031588


I'm not quite sure, are you using the right version of elona+ to start with? I started my character on Custom G so I'm not sure how well saves from "vanilla" work with it.

0723c7  No.16031599


>What did I do wrong?


>followed compile guide

f1c14e  No.16031601


It's all version 1.86, I even tried generating a new character to see if that works. No luck though.

b74449  No.16031611


Yeah this anon's right


I missed this in your post, no need to compile anything, just copypaste custom and custom 6 over elona+

b74449  No.16031612


>custom 6

I meant G. Holy shit what's wrong with me

f1c14e  No.16031691






So as it turns out, I'm retarded. I forgot to apply compatibility mode before running the game. Everything works now, thanks anons.

a86014  No.16031814

File: 0f9b242db93a4eb⋯.png (789.78 KB, 1206x804, 3:2, shop2.png)

I choose to believe I made the right choice.

c85b34  No.16031843

File: 668f262bfeb56e2⋯.jpg (493.68 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 668f262bfeb56e23da8366c6eb….jpg)

File: 998b7c139d362ed⋯.jpg (108.9 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 998b7c139d362ed959f6637ed3….jpg)

File: 125f4f6d23cc84a⋯.png (794.83 KB, 524x800, 131:200, 5083b800590d3c33e5ab7d6a40….png)

File: 6190ec2b4a69613⋯.jpg (121.22 KB, 630x560, 9:8, 6190ec2b4a69613372931cb304….jpg)

File: 6217dd0c172e485⋯.png (172.89 KB, 487x800, 487:800, 6217dd0c172e4854a0cde0009c….png)


>living weapon

>have played this shit forever and still haven't found one


Also more pics

dd860f  No.16031887

File: aadd75c7a8ec169⋯.jpg (39.04 KB, 640x625, 128:125, aadd75c7a8ec169b7685f686fb….jpg)

>Check OOM's english translation out

>neat little changes

>loads of more options to toggle but most not very gamechanging

>fucking sweet floating damage numbers and chat bubbles tho

>can now understand what goes on in the game

<switch back to plus because that's where my character is

<no more damage pop offs

<entire party attacks at once and I can barely know the outcome of the turns because the chatlog is a fucking mess

I wish I never knew what I was missing…

b74449  No.16032099

File: 618fabda661223f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 310.5 KB, 632x709, 632:709, shena's ass.png)


You'll find one eventually, anon, I believe in you. Get yourself a cute imouto to keep you company until then. Or even better, best girl Black Angel.

Also never forget: Sheena's ass is the best. You could bounce a quarter off that thing

c85b34  No.16032242

File: 8787d077b1b30f2⋯.png (905.62 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 8787d077b1b30f252ed6e9cdc5….png)

File: 8926e2d3a5ad386⋯.jpg (34.52 KB, 500x555, 100:111, 8926e2d3a5ad386116ed311f4c….jpg)

File: 9028912ffad2e06⋯.jpg (239.75 KB, 543x543, 1:1, 9028912ffad2e06f52ae3dce3d….jpg)

File: 9480223ea5708aa⋯.jpg (54.89 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 9480223ea5708aa4995af55c2d….jpg)

File: 9842816c3e58aa3⋯.jpg (144 KB, 735x1000, 147:200, 9842816c3e58aa3b43dc8d50ea….jpg)


True. It will come. Odds are I sold one without knowing because I tend to cruise through my junk items.

b74449  No.16032246


If you can, avoid selling artifacts, or named items, whatever they're called, especially if it's an item that you typically use, like a certain weapon or an armor with DV/PV whichever you prefer. I believe there's a recipe for the pot for fusion where you can combine them into a new item. I've read from other anons in Elona threads before that this is a good way to try getting a living weapon, since the game generates a new named item when you fuse them together so there's a small chance one of them will be living.

05536e  No.16032251


>tfw no Elona game but with little brothers instead

b74449  No.16032263

File: f3e43703282e6e6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 3249x2437, 3249:2437, faggot.png)



Actually this must be new since I haven't seen it before, but I was just given an escort quest where the NPC was a "little boy", so your faggot fantasies can be played out in the latest version, at least

b74449  No.16032267


>forgetting to untick spoiler images

this just isn't my fucking day

05536e  No.16032317


I'm just saying that between shotacon and lolicon I know where I stand

4a11e6  No.16032325

File: 98478966770f6d0⋯.jpg (119.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, My bro.jpg)



i myself just want a little brother i can teach how to fight and share my knowledge with no sexual things just want a brother,fuck little sisters

05536e  No.16032333


>fuck little sisters

b74449  No.16032340


Well lucky for you you can have one now, unfortunately it doesn't seem to have a page on the wiki yet, so I don't know if it's even all that good of a pet. Hell, the little sisters aren't even that great, honestly, you need to evolve them into either a yandere or a catgirl to make them notable in any way.

a86014  No.16032353

How do you make serious money in the current version of the game? In earlier versions of the game, you could craft a ton of panties and leave them at your shop to literally make millions. Now that equipment crafting has been removed, how do you make money? On a sidenote, does custom G have equipment crafting?

b74449  No.16032364


I do just fine with money by selling equipment from random dungeons in my shop. It sucks, though, I never played one of the versions where you were able to craft pantsu.

58d001  No.16032377

Why is it that whenever a dev adds a shit system that no one likes Thirst there's absolutely zero chance of them ever removing it and in fact they're more likely to just double down on stupid shit until the game dies? Or at least their version of it

c85b34  No.16032391

File: 50081269d1e3517⋯.png (164.42 KB, 625x445, 125:89, 50081269d1e351767d2d66d980….png)

File: 4438004645b3dfc⋯.jpg (4.61 MB, 6000x2000, 3:1, 51976607_p0.jpg)

File: 09050aa67fb8e9d⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 3044x2214, 1522:1107, 1488382377950.jpg)

File: 21c8f3c4d0f310e⋯.jpg (105.11 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1373087733249.jpg)

File: 899ba723c3755d1⋯.jpg (221.37 KB, 600x415, 120:83, 1399333644600.jpg)


Thats what custom g is silly. I think it was bloodyshade that fixed up the code so people could read it and there is an absolute madman unfucking shit.

4a11e6  No.16032394


i like thirst

gives me reason to carry water and alchol

5e7c65  No.16032399


>Got the best cooking tool.

Yes, it's good.


Either it's autism or Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup syndrome.

0cc28c  No.16032401

File: 867121b0e1e8a0d⋯.png (711.3 KB, 1000x1350, 20:27, 70716952_p2.png)

File: d4f7e9f04828b71⋯.jpg (527.85 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 66197268_p0.jpg)

File: b44e1c98af0c865⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1536x2732, 384:683, 61428606_p0.png)

I love this game



How is Omake Overhaul? From what I can tell, it's slower than plus but that might mean the adventuring is more immersive rather than becoming an anime death god who can teleport behind everyone. The rival character they give you looks fun too.


>fuck little sisters

Fuck little sisters?


>shit system that no one likes

Yeah seriously. First having to do laundry in Cataclysm and now wetting yourself in Elona.

When can we get a DEX penalty for overgrown fingernails? Thank god for G.

c85b34  No.16032459

File: e064a5c7f8d97cd⋯.jpg (325.24 KB, 700x625, 28:25, e064a5c7f8d97cd2ff0dc11d9a….jpg)

File: 336e8e22493660e⋯.jpg (110.42 KB, 541x406, 541:406, 32e8dff1ed117983d6ea139da0….jpg)

File: e6c48c40b51b5ef⋯.jpg (168.81 KB, 640x640, 1:1, e6c48c40b51b5ef5d3e5273bdc….jpg)

File: 1ef81eefc81c59f⋯.jpg (579.28 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 0c6a233f48b8a1f2cfece5c7d4….jpg)

File: 44b7a7ed64079e6⋯.jpg (308.43 KB, 840x525, 8:5, c89118bd25e7457b45b45d92ac….jpg)


The only funny thing about it is pissing on an enemy and giving them the berserk status.

0723c7  No.16032485


Autopickup is hardest thing to leave behind. Not having to check scrolls, rods, or potions and just run over them, hoovering up fairy puked seeds, and blindly grabbing all miracle and up equipment is too nice.

50bb9c  No.16032785

File: 8a2352027c9b202⋯.jpg (438.24 KB, 703x438, 703:438, living.jpg)

File: ed1bb36b7a4cd30⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1280x768, 5:3, breakfast of champions!.jpg)



>Living weapons

I have a few living weapons, almost all of the ones I have are found by trading the traveling merchants or other adventurers. Sadly I think most of them are guns iirc I never got a sword or any other 1h melee weapon yet.

b74449  No.16032812


Do you know of any way to improve the dicerolls for damage on living weapons, or other unique weapons for that matter? I feel like this is the only living weapon I'm gonna find since my luck in finding them has so shit up until now. 10d4 on a machinegun is just so underwhelming, even though it's somewhat decent at the low level that I'm at. Maybe a scroll of name change will do? I might try savescumming a name change scroll and see if that does the trick

b74449  No.16032822


Well, after trying, scrolls of name don't seem to do the trick, for anyone interested.

0cc28c  No.16032829

File: 2a45b01daabfaaf⋯.png (96.14 KB, 1913x1183, 1913:1183, 58950908_p0.png)


>improve the dicerolls

Change its material. I'm not sure if superior scrolls work or if you have to use Garok's hammer.

b74449  No.16032833


Nah, gotta use material kits. I couldn't quite remember if material affected dicerolls though, thanks anon.

50bb9c  No.16032848


You will want to buy a diamond material kit.

b74449  No.16032859


Yeah, hopefully I'll be able to pick one up at the souveneir vendor. I'm going to settle for the Adamantium kit I can get from the minotaur quest until then.

4ce128  No.16033238

File: 6e696bcaf4eaf38⋯.jpg (72.99 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 6e696bcaf4eaf38bfeb7311a0c….jpg)


>machine gun

>protects you from thieves

58d001  No.16033827

Is it viable to go through this game with no companions?

a86014  No.16033921

File: 11030f95d6b696f⋯.png (943.5 KB, 1205x803, 1205:803, shop1.png)



Why would you want to do that?

ab7b8d  No.16033979



>body pleasure


Its the pudit all over again.

b93b5f  No.16033986


Yes, at least for entire first act.

b74449  No.16034553


It'd be a handicap but I'm sure you could do it. Isn't there a feat that buffs you for not having any pets, or am I remembering wrong?

58d001  No.16034555


It exists but I remember it being shit

a86014  No.16034934

File: a52f2475d4bf454⋯.png (825.16 KB, 1203x803, 1203:803, shop1.png)

I am still having the same problem, has anyone here an explanation for it?

a86014  No.16034943

File: f33c0047c3650cc⋯.png (487.03 KB, 1209x803, 1209:803, shop1.png)


…Besides, there dosn't seem to be anything wrong with his stats.

b93b5f  No.16035016


Apparently, it's related to specific math formula for selling items in player owned shops.


42c3a0  No.16035266

File: ca7b024e5871af1⋯.png (2.93 MB, 3360x2784, 35:29, elona lost irva map.png)

File: f4332afcfe0b8a4⋯.png (1.14 MB, 3072x2784, 32:29, elona south tyris map.png)

Anyone got any good replacements for face.bmp? The default version is too blurry for my taste.

848e1d  No.16035402


dude whatever was funny, this one isn't eliciting a giggle

a86014  No.16035950

After a bit of experimenting, I figured out that the only thing that is worth selling in your own shop is equipment. Food, scrolls, potions, monster remains, ect. I can currently sell for over 50% of the buying price at this point.

0cc28c  No.16036821

File: 401ec1ce5e1c561⋯.png (1.51 KB, 252x25, 252:25, shopgold.png)


Even if you sell for less I still think it's worth it since money left in the strongbox isn't taxed. You can also just dump a bunch of shit and forget about it, all without worrying about how much gold the vendor has or inventory space.

8a1627  No.16036842

Can I import a save file from Elona+ to Custom G?

fc18e0  No.16036847


Even if you get a replacement, I can't imagine it being any less "blurry". The resolution/size of the faces has to be exactly the same for it to work

fc18e0  No.16036850


+20% speed isn't "shit". It doesn't make up for having no pets, but if you are playing that way anyway it's the single largest bonus you can get.

0cc28c  No.16036888

File: e4abb47377075d6⋯.jpg (265.11 KB, 933x952, 933:952, 60582010_p0.jpg)


Yes. You can even go back to + from G if you want.

878ba9  No.16036897


>p2. dual wield and two handed bonus on a shield lol

Just get more arms bitch

8a1627  No.16037148

58d001  No.16038038


Is there anything I could do to make up for not having companions?

c85b34  No.16038055

File: 6219ce88a1eda93⋯.jpg (488.93 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1401127879309.jpg)

File: 393d8572c6eb274⋯.jpg (188.06 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1401195145914.jpg)

File: 0d6528f29620295⋯.jpg (104.44 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1404241571889.jpg)

File: 146fcc645cd734a⋯.jpg (363.63 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1420164084492.jpg)

File: 393d8572c6eb274⋯.jpg (188.06 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1420228540661.jpg)

27c77a  No.16038082


Spam AoE spells and special skills as long you can.

f1c14e  No.16038429

File: 1487f6021b00b8b⋯.gif (1019.28 KB, 265x260, 53:52, 9a53a435d8d306fb0495e567ab….gif)

>relatively new to game

>walking through Vernis

>little girl ally drinks from well

>prompted to make a wish

>"oh boy, better not fuck this up"

>type in "armor"

>hoping to get a new helm or breastplate

>receive a shelf with armor displayed on it; a purely decorative item

58d001  No.16038445


It's okay, even if you got a decent piece of late game armor it'd still be wasted. Unless you got seven league boots or something.

b74449  No.16038462


Should've asked the thread first, buddy. Wishes are tough to come by; luckily though you didn't really miss out on anything too game-changing. Seven League boots or a Vindale Cloak are good wishes. An anon in the thread wished for a barbecue set, which is also a good wish since they're the best cooking tool and hard to come by. Look up wishes on the wiki so that you know what you're wishing for next time. Also, if you're using custom and don't want your pets randomly drinking out of wells and getting impregnated by xenomorphs, you can talk to them and tell them not to use things on the ground.

f1c14e  No.16038476


Very helpful advice, thanks anon.

58d001  No.16038887

I'm having trouble getting Elona G installed, everytime I try to compile it nothing happens aside from some error message.

b74449  No.16038897


>compile it

Why do people keep trying to do this? Just paste the mod into your elona+ custom install and overwrite

27c77a  No.16038932


Because faggot which wrote Custom-G mod wrote some stupid shit that only matters for people who compiled Elona+ source themselves and thought that it was default for everyone.

58d001  No.16038958


Yeah I think I'm still fucking it up, I feel pretty retarded.

58d001  No.16038987



Nevermind, I got it working. What happened was instead of downloading elona custom in the sequences I downloaded the bog standard elona instead by accident.

27c77a  No.16039037


1. Do your all .exe files belong to the same version?

2. Most recent is 1.86 - Only these two numbers matter

3. Do you run it as administrator and windows 7 compatibility mode?

0723c7  No.16039677


bbq set isn't that hard to get, just use several rods of teleportation in a party time quest to clear out guests in an area around one (if you can't just slaughter them), then make several walls with a rod or spell of wall creation to block sight, and pickpocket it

0cc28c  No.16041602

File: ce30c191a121b7f⋯.png (425.85 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 36979482_p0.png)


If only elochat was still around so other people could've seen your retarded wish. It's ok, anon, I've seen worse wishes. The items in >>16038462 are

pretty good and so is a happy bed. Personally I'd get seven league boots first since they make escort quests very easy for a good source of plat.

8a1627  No.16041919

File: f11567b53354dec⋯.mp4 (120.02 KB, 500x310, 50:31, DTCwFTuVoAEgKNy.mp4)

>got a rod of wishing

>don't really need it for anything

Wonder if I can just wish for herb seeds.

58d001  No.16042257


Why not wish for stats

fc18e0  No.16042271


Use it to summon Gods to your house or something

b74449  No.16042726

File: a2414d527041267⋯.jpg (235.27 KB, 840x525, 8:5, a2414d5270412678b9dfdbbe30….jpg)

>find 4 little sister's diaries in one dungeon

>thinking about raising an army of imoutos

Well, I'd better plan out money for a putit ranch and start seriously training performer, I'll need a lot more charisma before I can command the loli militia.

6b6bfc  No.16043687

File: 0c04bd124986f3c⋯.gif (205.87 KB, 1282x769, 1282:769, donttellmonster.gif)

Ayo hol up.

This game has kemonos in it?

b74449  No.16043918

Does anybody know what property transfer deeds do? They must be new, I've never seen them before

773c2e  No.16043979


I read in the update log that it's now possible to move buildings after having put them down, it's probably for that.

b74449  No.16043991


Ah. That's convenient.

4afedc  No.16045099


I have 3 little girls (bought 2 more from the town with whores).. they are great.

58d001  No.16045120


What are good locations for buildings?

8a1627  No.16045403


Wherever you want them to be, dude. I put my farm near Yowyn so I could have a handy supply of harvest time quests and sprawled from there.

fc18e0  No.16045459


Two good options I think. One you can stick them all right next to Palmia. That gives you a centralized base right next to the town you probably need to visit most often, not to mention the Embassy

Second, you can try to put them closer to the South Tyris boarder. Maybe next to Derphy (especially if you have an outlaw character) or maybe near the Doujyo if that's something you use often.

The third possibility is to put them near Noyel and/or Garok's Workshop. The problem with this is you end up teleporting into the middle of the snow region. Good if you want to go to one of those locations, bad if you want to go literally anywhere else.

Regardless of where you put your house, it makes sense to keep most or all of your other buildings right next to it, ideally so that you never have to walk over a non-owned square when visiting your property and the nearby town(s)

878ba9  No.16045509


Craft repair kits can also potentially improve dice rolls

275039  No.16045531

What's a good music pack that's not outdated?

0cc28c  No.16046216


>What are good locations for buildings?

I settled near Lumiest for the Mages Guild.

Placing your other buildings near your house is also great if you can consistently cast Recall since your house is one of the teleport points.


>What's a good music pack

Just put your own favorite music.


773c2e  No.16046521

File: c92867986d09d7f⋯.gif (4.1 MB, 377x289, 377:289, UglyHiddenCanadagoose-size….gif)

>Go to a level 40 dungeon

>Gold, silver, zylon, spirit cloth gear everywhere


c85b34  No.16046684

File: 3cfe803d62c3d39⋯.jpg (56.88 KB, 624x390, 8:5, 1424286360685.jpg)

File: dc04020238afa25⋯.jpg (242.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1431032560844.jpg)

File: a8e34974a9c13e3⋯.jpg (190.9 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1436299316643.jpg)

File: 9ddfecb6585bfed⋯.jpg (222.82 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1440792518914.jpg)

File: 41453983e62bb0c⋯.jpg (287.06 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1442366309488.jpg)

773c2e  No.16046707

I was trying to work out the damage difference of two weapons (a machine gun and a shotgun), is the math correct? (The stats were taken from the character sheet.)

10d8+41 = (10 to 80)+41 = 51 to 121

4d12+47 = (4 to 48)+47 = 51 to 95

d2bf1b  No.16046728


Yes, but you forgot to add multiplier to damage from your weapon skill to that.

>x1.0+ or whatever that is for you

ba3082  No.16046760


The multiplier was the same for both guns, so I decided not to add it in this case.

e0e4e5  No.16046954

Is it viable to run around without pets eventually?

7d7261  No.16046964

8a1627  No.16049810

File: 1a4ca9d9ca9326a⋯.png (356.16 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

How do I put this hair on my little girl?

58d001  No.16049915


You have to fuck her and make your own little girl

c85b34  No.16049939

File: 217b286f306dd45⋯.jpg (33.84 KB, 800x350, 16:7, 1452059563638.jpg)

File: a2f1d7b8060211b⋯.jpg (210 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1465604140703.jpg)

File: a3c5f8e0a9c7aad⋯.jpg (94.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1487495742687.jpg)

File: 045611125603446⋯.jpg (121.95 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1487496011287.jpg)

File: 25ed198ac1a3a4c⋯.jpg (585.7 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1488397516747.jpg)

f775ff  No.16050281

File: 4c43ab9503673ae⋯.png (133.96 KB, 410x296, 205:148, magic_damage.png)

I don't get what this does. Is it adding an amount of magic damage to attacks with the weapon, or does it convert part of the physical damage into magic damage?

a5b06b  No.16050410


it's additonal i would assume, otherwise why have levels of rank for that attribute?

go smack some hoes with it or something

33fcc0  No.16050950

game seems interesting i will check it out, but knowing these type of games i am going to suck ass at it.

9d0a1d  No.16051260


You can reach the western half of North Tyris using return to Lesimas and then escape. Building near Noyel you can buy Christmas trees, use return to get almost to Port Kapul and sell them, buy fish seek them in Yowyn, do harvest time quest and buy… uh, toys? and return home to sell them and pick some crops.

e0e4e5  No.16051325


I always waste shitloads of time doing nothing in games like these. Getting all the freedom to do whatever from the start of the game is nice, but then I end up not knowing what to do with said freedom.

9d0a1d  No.16051338


same, also real life has this problem

36c6d4  No.16051572

Is there any way to search for an item? Either in the log or in the world itself? Suddenly my barbecue set is gone, which was both acid and fireproof, and I didn't die.

2d7b15  No.16052370

File: 48b4a304b46bfd9⋯.jpg (36.36 KB, 347x207, 347:207, temp_e.jpg)

The light that emits off towns and the player during the overworld's night is a nice touch.

c85b34  No.16053953

File: 731e5940b2317c1⋯.jpg (240.11 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1489605109261.jpg)

File: 3153b57a3c6bf98⋯.jpg (157.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1503249067853.jpg)

File: da07bf4ecece89d⋯.jpg (217.33 KB, 840x525, 8:5, a2414d5270412678b9dfdbbe30….jpg)

File: a66990dd3db513c⋯.jpg (141.14 KB, 640x640, 1:1, a66990dd3db513cc17569676ba….jpg)

File: acbae31bf893925⋯.jpg (102.68 KB, 840x525, 8:5, acbae31bf89392502c82cf03bd….jpg)

How to get barbecue set. I wanna take my cooking to the next level. Should I just invest in the shops at the embassy that sell furniture?

0127a5  No.16053966

c85b34  No.16054189

Oh yeah. How should I outfit pets? Just biggest PV value on them and let them go nuts?

f775ff  No.16054511

File: c66c19fbe64461f⋯.png (1.26 KB, 128x192, 2:3, pcc_ride_5.png)

File: d6802c5a2ba01e2⋯.png (4.17 KB, 128x192, 2:3, pcc_ridebk_5.png)

I couldn't find a centaur PPC for riding so I made one. If my horse is going to have arms and fall in love with me then it's getting titties.

f775ff  No.16055270


After experimenting with multiple weapons that "deal (type) damage", I think I've figured it out enough to make estimates. For damage, each # represents a 10, so the ### in the picture is 30-39 damage. Or at least, damage on average, since it sometimes hits slightly above and below. But this seems consistent, since #### tends to hit in the mid 40's, and single # has been hitting, on average, below 10.

This damage looks like it doesn't get affected by your damage multiplier, so the special damage type seems more effective on one-handed weapons or pets with weak attacks.

36c6d4  No.16055325

File: a214952c41f5eaa⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-01-29-14-5….png)

I thought some of you might be interested in this. I came across this nip making elona gameplay vids just about every day, getting less than 10 views per video. He seemed quite excited after I left a comment on one of his videos.


dc10e6  No.16056009


>u will never ride ur wife into combat

b98fdb  No.16056041


>can't even be arsed to pirate a voice changer

No thanks.

b74449  No.16056066


This is a surprising amount of effort for someone getting zero views on most of his videos. Still not watching this shit though. If you want to get people to watch your let's play series on jewtube elona, or any roguelike for that matter, is just about the most boring choice of game you could make.

0cc28c  No.16056154

File: d5d053c62b24eb7⋯.jpg (449.47 KB, 2048x3072, 2:3, 1574211_p0.jpg)




I have a friend that likes watching me play CDDA for some reason but I think there's something wrong with him. I cannot fathom what anyone gets out of watching someone play a roguelike.

230a1a  No.16057224


shit how do I learn spells

1375b4  No.16057231

File: d7cceec6e3fee82⋯.gif (26.66 KB, 195x195, 1:1, d7cceec6e3fee8284b74856b66….gif)


Fuck this game each time I try to get into it I die of some fucked up eldritch disease. Each one fucking more retarded than the last.

230a1a  No.16057291


git gud

1375b4  No.16057306

File: 846fb47781b2647⋯.jpg (23.08 KB, 539x296, 539:296, 846fb47781b26473de304f72c6….jpg)

fc18e0  No.16057310


git gud motherfucker

e0e4e5  No.16057334

File: 1ac2c7ae746b60e⋯.jpg (16.16 KB, 480x480, 1:1, medathink.jpg)


>eldritch disease

Get to a fucking shelter you nog.

But then again, I somehow got twisted legs by dreaming a bad dream, so there's that.

230a1a  No.16057337



seriously though, I forgot since last time I played do we learn spells by reading spellbooks or something else?

0127a5  No.16057344


it's easy enough to get potions of cure corruption from the casino even if you mutate. Even then most mutations don't start getting horrendously bad until ages later.


Yes. Read them in your home for extra security.

9c542c  No.16057346

File: 3b6f1112df8f3de⋯.gif (123.06 KB, 512x512, 1:1, tornado.gif)

I always see this game but does it have any actual gameplay? All I see is gimmicks and memes.

230a1a  No.16057347


>Yes. Read them in your home for extra security.

you fucking fag

230a1a  No.16057355


If you got the time to put into it it's got that satisfying long term acheivement kind of fun going from a scrub that dies to rabbits to wizard that grows magic staffs

dc48d2  No.16057356


>I want someone else to blame if I waste my time on a game.

It's not ADOM, nor is it stone soup if you're wondering.

fc18e0  No.16057357


The gameplay is pretty much exactly what you expect from a (real) roguelike. Step based combat with a ridiculous number of options, most of which are completely useless.

9c542c  No.16057385

File: 03008cec03d92fd⋯.jpg (210.09 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, 1541930438560.jpg)




Is there any challenging encounters when you're basically maxed out on everything already?

Does it have any threats lategame or you just become a literal god and nothing can kill you like in DDA?

fc18e0  No.16057391


It's more of a grindan game. There are ALWAYS "challenging" encounters unless you put hundreds to thousands of hours maxing out everything. Most of the harder stuff is totally optional, but it exsts

230a1a  No.16057427



alright yeah it was books, I just couldn't remember

0cc28c  No.16057621


There is an endless dungeon that gets progressively harder with bosses every 5 floors.

183584  No.16057645


after 100 hours played you are just a basic bitch anyways

36c6d4  No.16058307

File: 2c5daecf05bcd87⋯.png (438 B, 48x48, 1:1, C995-Chaos-seed.png)

File: b6555df8dbcc080⋯.png (667 B, 48x48, 1:1, C818-Mayu_sibayu.png)

File: ec47c077392df17⋯.png (1.08 KB, 48x48, 1:1, image.png)

Hi, we are the fuck you clan, ready to fuck you up.

6d94df  No.16058336

If you don't fuck your plane wife everyday then you are a disgrace

6d94df  No.16058338


When the winds come you have to get to shelter or you'll die

e0e4e5  No.16058913


You sure you can cure non-ether mutations with potions of cure corruption?

f3bef9  No.16058968


no, only ether disease mutations

cute mutation is a different potion

109a53  No.16059561

How do you preach again? I have 12 faith but the option doesn't appear

f775ff  No.16059603

File: 7bed18b529880dc⋯.png (128.61 KB, 335x280, 67:56, bbq.png)

Thank you merchant you are truly my greatest ally.


Have you leveled up recently? I think the abilities from having certain skill levels only appear when you gain a level.

fd268d  No.16059651

This fucking game is harder to get into than Dwarf Fortress.

0723c7  No.16059660


You are using Shift+w and not pressing a?

58d001  No.16059716


>Dwarf Fortress

>Hard to get into

Only if you're a cum guzzling redditor

f775ff  No.16059809

Does anyone have any experience with a Valkyrie? She apparently has the cheer skill, but I don't know if she uses it intelligently, or if she randomly spams it instead of acting. I use cheer and have all of the charisma, so I'm afraid she'll randomly skip turns to overwrite my cheer with a worse cheer. I don't want to evolve her if it's going to make her worse.

0cc28c  No.16059884


Use Elona+ Custom or Custom G mod. You can set custom ai and have 100% cheer uptime.

a1e2a5  No.16059897


>Only if you really don't want to learn how to use DF UI


8072c5  No.16059910


It's not really that hard to get into, though it took me abandoning about 4 or 5 really low-level characters before it really started to click. When you first start out just focus on doing notice board quests and learning every skill you don't start with. After that everything really opens up and you can decide what your goal is from there. I wouldn't know how much harder this is to get into than dorf fort, I've never played it

6b6bfc  No.16061207

Tried fighting Zeome at level 38 with the E+ Custom difficulty tweak on and holy shit, that is one mean mother hubbard. Only my juere swordsman has enough raw HP to survive one of his chaos blasts, and that's with #### resist. Even without buffs up Zeome only takes about 90 damage from rods (my highest skill) of any element so those are out of the question. A melee gauge attack takes about a quarter of his health but he heals when he gets low. If I want to beat him I guess I'd have to get more resists for my swordsman and grind his CON a bit so he can participate and do damage, and bring rods of silence because I have high magic device so even if it only lasts 5 or so turns it may be enough to kill him before he can heal.

Also tree sparrows are able to decapitate? That's pretty fucking nuts that a level 40 enemy can instakill unconditionally when all the death word enemies give you some warning and a chance to stop it.

t. just died to one

230a1a  No.16061250

File: e6dd9f2056ec179⋯.jpg (152.02 KB, 785x567, 785:567, elona-a.JPG)

File: 466deddea97e241⋯.jpg (148.58 KB, 776x533, 776:533, elona-b.JPG)

File: 117369ba8bb3707⋯.jpg (103.67 KB, 795x546, 265:182, elona-c.JPG)


go south from starting town

south at crossroads

and east at next crossroads and go do harvest quests at the farming town

Also do the quest with an empty inventory or else your overloaded bag will crush you interrupting your harvest.

Also get the crops further from the harvest box as they are larger and will be a better time investment.

The quests will renew every once in a while.

After you start getting platinum coins get the following skills in this order

"Sense Quality"

>passive identify skill based on skill level

"weight lifting"

>passive inventory weight increase based on skill level


>passive EXP gain for moving

after that it's your preference as you should be doing very well by that point, as long as you are not retarded.

878ba9  No.16061348


In my experience allies with the cheer skill use it less often than you'd like them to, not more

e0e4e5  No.16061380

File: efb53115ca66807⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 369x368, 369:368, 1304938223524.jpg)

>my pets unexpectedly wreck a group of bandits trying to steal my cargo

>take their loot thinking I'll be making more dosh now

>next group that shows up kills me because I thought I could handle them now

>lose everything and a chunk of money


e0e4e5  No.16061388

File: ea2b21ffcc7572f⋯.png (97.92 KB, 736x438, 368:219, master of retards.png)

Oh wait, apparently I didn't.

230a1a  No.16061401


you probably lost a handful of items

e0e4e5  No.16061421


Probably. I was more worried about losing my cargo, though.

Also, since dungeon diving hasn't been too lucrative yet and traders don't seem to be carrying interesting gear, where should I look for better equipment?

230a1a  No.16061483


have you met with traders on the roads?

e0e4e5  No.16061498


Once or twice. They ask a shitload of gold for their wares though.

c85b34  No.16061512

>Nether hound room

Oh man, I love feeling like hot shit and opening a breathhound room.

230a1a  No.16061518


a lot of their shit is high level

6599e3  No.16061527


>Also tree sparrows are able to decapitate?

Yes, they do.

c85b34  No.16061531



Where can I get another coolerbox? The dwarves?

0cc28c  No.16061539


>room full of kamikaze yeeks

>alt-tab for a while as they all blow up


>Where can I get another coolerbox?

By doing the little sister sidequest and selecting it as a reward when you turn in enough sisters.

6599e3  No.16061543


At least you didn't opened cluster bomb rocks room yet.


Try to successfully find locations in treasure maps.

c85b34  No.16061546


>little sister quest

Aw fuck me really? There is no other way?

0cc28c  No.16061572


Nope, not unless you cheat. I've noticed that food in 4th dimensional storage never rots if you can consistently get mirrors. They're heavy as shit though.

c85b34  No.16061597


It was on my mage faggot so probably not the best idea. Whats 4th Dimensional storage?

0cc28c  No.16061609


It's like a storage that's tied to your character instead of the item. Using a mirror accesses that storage. Kinda like the piggy bank in Terraria. There's a spell for it too.

c85b34  No.16061633


Oh wait, I think I've seen that in the craft list but never really knew what it was for. Well fuck me maybe I'll use that.

0cc28c  No.16061713

File: f887037007e221b⋯.webm (5.94 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 1446921862886.webm)


Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door. The Touhou thread is two pages down.

8a1627  No.16061975


Spamming slow/haste/silence rods makes a lot of boss fights very easy , I tell another poster after getting fucked by Doggod while trying it and losing my happy bed because that dungeon's floors are rerandomized like the puppy cave


Trading with adventurers is a good way early on. Save up casino chips until you get a lucky day and then play blackjack at any slot machine or dart board for cure corruption potions, they trade for a lot.

6b6bfc  No.16062088

File: e8f34a12110aa5c⋯.gif (332.79 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, bosskill.gif)

Well that wasn't so bad. Threw a set of buff pots at my husband and went at it. Next goal is the chaos fort fugger so I can get a <magic heart> and evolve him.



Surely by that point in the game you have a ton of happy beds lying in your house, although you probably spent flying scrolls on it. About that doggo, if you never talk to the alchemist in the town does he not spawn?

8a1627  No.16062140


I do but I can't remember where I left them. It hasn't mattered much because my dude keeps taking naps every time I set foot on the overworld.

Dunno, this is the first time I've played this far so I'm just having fun with it.

8ee2a2  No.16062196


>"oh look another shitty Harvest Moon clo-"

>screenshots are all spreadsheets

I may actually be interested in this.

ccf2bf  No.16062341


It's more of a sandbox rpg/roguelike. There's boatloads of weird and obscure things you can do, like getting rich off of buying and selling loli sex slaves, trying to survive as a snail who wants to become the best musician in the world, or getting strong enough to kill literal gods or the gods inside the gods.

a5b06b  No.16062397

File: 87f67b71f5a0d2c⋯.gif (495.29 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 87f67b71f5a0d2cceb57e9e2bc….gif)

>try and pick this up again after a couple past attempts

>decide to power game

>look up a powergame guide

>get okay at basic shit

>cooking real OP

>need some good gear

>guide tells me to go buy a NUKE and kill those gay elves in my home for neat gear

>head to shithole town

>so many whores that fuck townies and vendors and after they get fucked they go insane

>have to wait 10-20 turns for the vendors to stop fucking to buy something

>fucking degenerates

>buy a nuke for 12k

>fuck i cant carry this piece of shit its 120 weight

>you need scrolls and shit to carry it

>tell my pets to fuck off and nuke the shtihole for giggles

>try and go back to loot

>get slaughtered by sleeping tigers and hidden dragon NPC's

>jesus christ the towns still burning

>decide to fuck off and do other shit

head to Vernis

>i dont sell to criminal scum!

>go home to check on elves

>they left because i entered vernis

>decide to really powergame

>make a new game

>get 12k

>head to shithole for nuke

>get nuke

>kill myself while holding nuke

>surprise! im at home with nuke!

>activate it


>res and loot the fuck out of those elf scum

>4 artifacts

>some armor with upward of 10 PV

>this some good shit nigga

>slaughter puppy cave and the slime den

>hell yeh boi

>go buy 2 yerles machine infantry

>give them some good stuff

>wander around and just watch as they systematically slaughter everything before it can get anywhere near me

>noice shit

and so my adventure continues

and so the adventure continues

36c6d4  No.16063255

File: fe3514b33bde832⋯.png (298.48 KB, 1008x805, 144:115, shop1.png)

How do you actually steal a barbecue set? I keep getting caught stealing, even when surrounded by walls.

e0e4e5  No.16063503

I'm trying to get a deed of shop to get a steady source of gold before I have to pay >taxes, would putting my little girl in there as shopkeep be a good idea for now?

888a97  No.16063544


how many actions it takes to pick pocket something depends on its weight, and each action you have a chance to be detected

find one made of spirit cloth or another lightweight material


I used a rod of dominate on a thief guild member. There are thief girls there if you want to play strictly harem.

0723c7  No.16063726


You are not clearing a large enough area of guests, they can hear you if your Pickpocket skill is low enough that you keep making loud noises. You can train Pickpocket up a bit by stealing dead trees in the wilderness areas of cleared hunting quests.

8072c5  No.16063803

Anybody have any idea what a bio battery does? I thought it was just furniture but when I placed it in my home I didn't get a house rank output. Does it have some use or is it just junk?

8072c5  No.16064002


Nevermind this, I found it in the changelogs

>Having it in the inventory will prevent changes to the holder's weight and height.

I guess now you can eat a wonderland soup or puke out an alien baby without having to worry about losing weight, but I'm not entirely sure whether weight or height even effect anything in the first place.

8a1627  No.16064984


Better to go with a dedicated shopkeeper from the start, I think. They improve pretty slowly.

0127a5  No.16065011


I never managed to get this to work since I usually couldn't carry enough to steal it and even when I did I'd usually just fail anyway.

0723c7  No.16065082


You need twice the weight of the tree in strength, naked trees in snow areas are the easiest if your strength is low. Monsters will still catch you and cause a karma loss, which is why the cleared areas of hunting quests or bandit attacks are safest.

e0e4e5  No.16067032


Getting into the thief guild sounds like a pain though. Damn it.


I see.

f775ff  No.16067302

Is there a way to get custom AI characters in Elona+ Custom to use rods like the default AI? I want to put a custom AI on my alchemist pet, but I also want to have her keep being useful.

c85b34  No.16070920


I never messed around with it, I thought they still just did their thing.

a5b06b  No.16071028


they do unless your using elona+ custom, custom lets you set pet rules like

>if below 30% health heal

>stay 3 paces away from enemy

And other shit like that, i personally use elona+ custom g, which is just custom with all the dumb shit like thirst removed

160c59  No.16073231

When will you be able to be a blacksmith?

160c59  No.16073253


"G" is Unofficial?

b67e88  No.16073287




Never ever, unless Ano stop putting shit that nobody asked for and nerfing everything fun/broken.

160c59  No.16073289


No one ever tried to make a mod for that?

0723c7  No.16073320


Omake Overhaul has some limited blacksmith, very very grindy though.

36c6d4  No.16073542


Version 1.71 I think had crafting. You could make stuff like pope robes and panties from the materials gathered in dungeons.

fc18e0  No.16073549


Had? Are you saying that shit's been removed completely now?

ddfbb8  No.16073710


use teleport other to move the guard and just walk right in, then use incognito and you have until the leader gets to you to cast dominate and get out

he's nowhere near as dangerous as the magic guild leader

c85b34  No.16073764


Yes, you used to be able to craft shit like that, now you can't.

b67e88  No.16073940


I am sure that it was only affecting panties.

be6751  No.16074220


Also affects spears, robes, probably other things.

160c59  No.16074724



What executable do I run with now?

b67e88  No.16074796





You only can't craft weapons in Elona+.

160c59  No.16074814


Same as CU, right?

230a1a  No.16074815


you should probably post a pic of the menu you use to prove it

160c59  No.16074859

File: 3bb996e675bf303⋯.png (36.75 KB, 984x678, 164:113, rXTN6kHPSl.png)

This comes up when loading a character in ElonaCU.

230a1a  No.16074866


some of those characters are clearly japanese like ¥

230a1a  No.16074872


also it looks like a bunch of border dimensions

be6751  No.16074891

File: d6cb421c2d740d2⋯.png (304.94 KB, 651x453, 217:151, elona custom 1.70 Carpen….PNG)

File: 0c331fa4102a714⋯.png (302.7 KB, 651x458, 651:458, elona custom 1.70 Sewing.PNG)

File: 014253eac45807e⋯.png (308.81 KB, 656x451, 16:11, elona custom g 1.81 Carp….PNG)

File: a9dea6ae5dd88a9⋯.png (319.65 KB, 663x466, 663:466, elona custom g 1.81 Sewi….PNG)

230a1a  No.16074911


good on ya lad

c85b34  No.16074965


CustomG save us

4e2efb  No.16075792


Iirc, extra damage from weapons such as magic damage scales off the physical hit. Which makes it optimal to have as many different elemental damages as you can.

a07812  No.16075808

Anyone plays on linux here? There has to be some

My sound never works, and I've searched

36c6d4  No.16075842

File: 34f1a72aab540b0⋯.jpg (12.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

>Trying omake overhaul english hack

>"Damage numbers is nice."

>go to derphy, hear the music.


41d1da  No.16075846


Click on config.txt and change number in serverList to "1".

It should disappear by doing this.



That was way worse than I thought.

160c59  No.16075940


>Click on config.txt and change number in serverList to "1".


>It should disappear by doing this.

Nope. Still happens.

160c59  No.16076005

Damn it, I failed so many quests dying that I got -42 karma. Couldn't even finish this one quest to Noyel without getting killed by a guard. Now what the fuck am I supposed to do?

36c6d4  No.16076022



160c59  No.16076027


What about it?

e0e4e5  No.16076034


>Now what the fuck am I supposed to do?

git gud


No guards in Derphy to kill you. Build up karma there by completing quests or some shit.

36c6d4  No.16076169


What are they going to do next? Cash 4 gold? 1$ = 1'000'000 gold?

0723c7  No.16076333


Derphy mission board and run some dungeons, burying adventurers in very effective.

230a1a  No.16076374

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c33b08  No.16076573

Maybe I should give up my solo life after all..

36c6d4  No.16076594


pets > no pets.

768a14  No.16076602

File: 5e7306b45fb8d06⋯.png (446.29 KB, 599x378, 599:378, yellow whizzard home.PNG)



That is correct.

36c6d4  No.16076608

File: bda2d04437495fa⋯.png (739 B, 30x44, 15:22, 575-LittleGirl(MagicHeart).png)

Anyone got any experience with turning a little girl into a witch? I just found a magical heart and i can easily get another heart.

aff233  No.16076616


I've only ever evolved my little girl into a valkyrie. I'm not entirely sure a witch is worth it, rain of sanity seems like a fairly worthless special action and the spell is just an upgraded magic dart. The exile god pet seems like a much more useful spellcasting pet.

36c6d4  No.16076637

File: aed5dc88bc54c7f⋯.gif (15.98 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 2162195151_1.gif)

File: eaede2d2fcd7465⋯.png (75.36 KB, 409x480, 409:480, Goa_defa1.png)


My other choice is to evolve my fire dragon after getting the machine heart. Another choice is that I have a book of butler and evolve him into a goat butler. So many choices.

aff233  No.16076646


I found a butler's diary in the last dungeon I went in, I'm wondering if it'd be a good ranged pet. With its healing spells it seems like it'd be a much better alternative to the shitty android despite its slightly lower speed. Combine it with a defender and you'd have two healing pets both casting healing rain.

793d28  No.16076911

File: 04023f53a93fc76⋯.jpg (52.41 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 04023f53a93fc76588efc5c7f6….jpg)


Explain? What is the music like?

36c6d4  No.16077062


Strange/Erratic piano piece with sudden speed ups and speed downs.

4cf879  No.16077284


Delete everything from server.txt too.



I don't like this one too much either.

0723c7  No.16077338


Fire dragon is really good, Megid Flame is highly useful.

36c6d4  No.16077503

File: 4bc9a70d85062f7⋯.png (617.34 KB, 1003x800, 1003:800, shop2.png)

Can someone help me? I want him to keep a distance of at least 3 units away from the enemies and use ranged attacks on them. Also, use healing rain once his hp reaches or dips below 70 percent.

67a6af  No.16077516

Haven't played this for a while…

Time to get back into it.

I can never stay away from Elona too long.

53eb27  No.16077564


Your "code" makes the character immediately try to range attack only if the enemy is 4 or more squares away, then if it can't do that, cures itself, then if it can't do that , it does nothing. you never told it to move or try using melee attacks, so it never will.

What you need is to set up movement first, then actions, and always end with the attacks


>if distance < 4, move away

>if distance > X, move closer (X being the furthest distance it can attack from)

>then the HP thing

>then the attack(otherwise it will always attack before having a chance to check for its HP)

67a6af  No.16077625

Can anyone share their monster girl sprite for 1.86? I cant play the game without it.

53eb27  No.16077661


Git gud and find some actual monster girls in-game, there's plenty.

230a1a  No.16078572


this >>16077564

priority order

c33b08  No.16078595



Should I just restart my character and pick non garbage traits? I was trying to do solo wizard and didn't really get very far.

a5b06b  No.16078609


>solo wizard

son you retarded

although im currently soloing a golem

shits OP except for speedy fucks

230a1a  No.16078631


nah as long as you can kill low level mobs there is still hope.

Following the instructions in the following post is still viable but know that enemies will interrupt you when you try to pick up crops so you have to clear them before you can get crops. You can also check their weight before trying to pick them up with [CTRL]+[CAPITAL X]


Also post your weapon skills list, whatever shit ass weapon skill you have is still viable.

c33b08  No.16078679


So I imagine I should start using pets then, huh?

And yeah doing harvesting quests was impossible.

011a92  No.16078706




the artist who makes these has perhaps the perfect human soul. not to be mistaken for innocent or pure, just perfect none the less

230a1a  No.16078783


>doing harvesting quests was impossible


Tell me at what level you fucked up?

93929a  No.16078879


Make sure you have the weight lifting and gardening skill. You can keep doing them to gain XP until you succeed because there is no penalty for failure except losing fame which is actually good since high fame means harder monsters. You can do escort and deli very quests instead but they make sure you only take the ones that give you way too much time. Avoid noyul since the snow slows you down too much usually. Avoid the 'escort my girlfriend' quests since they are too hard. The doctor and regular escorts are good. Ecologist quests are actually delivery quests and easy.

Even if you are playing an absolutely abysmal character you can just travel town to town looking for a quest that asks for [trash items] like broken pots and dead fish which you can find in any random tile outside town. Then use that plat to buy the weight lifting and gardening skills. It's easy to survive that way the only annoying thing is the thirst mechanic but you can satisfy it by buying drinks at bar/tavern/pub or drinking unidentified potions from the puppy cave (highly recommended if you are a cheap ass like me. What? Are you a coward?)

230a1a  No.16078982


>"Make sure you have the weight lifting and gardening skill."

>trying to solo without a pet

>can't even get quests done

>make sure to do the things you're having such trouble friend

0723c7  No.16079047


The advice that anon gave was quite helpful.

36c6d4  No.16079365

File: b828f380938b2cf⋯.jpg (26.97 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Doushio.jpg)

>Mfw I realised 4D mirror/pocket works like a giant cooler box. Stuff don't rot when put in there, and it can hold 50 items.

322c3e  No.16079539

Guys, thoughts on warmage? I played melee once but it wasn't very fun because my pets killed everything before I could do jackshit.

36c6d4  No.16079564


Melee is pretty boring. Magic missile has a 100 percent hit chance and spells can be bound to the number keys, like [1]. Gunner/archer is fun as well.

22e9b8  No.16079565


Escort and Delivery quests don't involve combat in any way whatsoever. You can do them solo just fine. Same thing with "I want it!" provided you have things to trade, Pickpocket or can buy the items. I usually check the board for items sold at the general store (Mana Crystal, etc), and if there's a quest for those, I buy the item, get the quest and immidiatly deliver. It pays more than what the item costs and gives PP too.

After you've got a few PP you should get Gardening because it's a skill that pays itself off.

You'll likely fail the first few quests but you're training the skill and eventually you won't fail anymore. You can also Train with it, spending some extra PP to level it faster.

After that, you can do these quests reliably and get good money and PP from them to make up the cost of training it and funding more skills.

Cooking should be next since food is the best way to raise stats and it's good to start practicing it early.

If you want to be more combat focused, keep doing Hunter requests that are Green since those will be easier and train your combat skills. Maybe hit the Puppy Cave and keep clearing the first room until you can one-shot everything.

Point is, there's plenty of quests that are pretty much free PP and Gardening, when leveled, adds another one to the list.

22e9b8  No.16079589


Your problem was not Riding and using Fire Breath.

One of the best runs I've tried was being a Dragon Knight, toasting my enemies left and right, cooking their bodies afterwards.

My horse was equipped with a Ballista so it was like driving a tank around and was made even better when he learned to spit fire like I did whenever anyway was close enough. Didn't got to the point where I was actually riding Dragons, but I'm planning to get there.

Takes some investment since you need the right perks and Control Magic to pull it off reliably but afterwards it's never stopping infernos.

It's even better with Natural Leader since you can play Commander instead with a legion of ranged pets. Just cast Cheer to have them murder everything in range and stand between your pets and your enemies to attack or flame anything that gets close.

It did raise some questions however about cooking: does Fire Breath use and train Cooking? does the result depend on that roll? What's the quality being used since I'm not using an implement? I'd imagine it's 0 so I wonder how much cooking I'd need to cook tier 9 food simply from breathing fire on fruit and corpses.


It's a shame that you can't swap equipment around like that since using different guns for different ranges based on your enemy would be great.

It's also disappointing that you can't dual-wield pistols or that equipping firearms in hand slots levels up Blunt when you attack in melee with them.

I guess it makes sense since you're pistol-whipping them, but it's still a shame that you can't wield a sniper rifle for long range and dual wield shotguns\pistols for close range fights.

36c6d4  No.16079721

File: 10a934bc3ab8b34⋯.png (548.3 KB, 1005x799, 1005:799, shop2.png)


After a lot of work, i finally got it working. I still don't know what "preserve entity as target" does, but I toggled it on for all instructions.

6ede62  No.16079800


it mentions what that does somewhere on the wiki forums, iirc it does something to the targeting when your original target dies.

6ede62  No.16079851



Here it is, what it does is keep the target for both the logic gate and the action. otherwise the action targets the pet's current target

this is especially important for healing characters, you don't want your pet healing it's current target after all.

22e9b8  No.16079858


You have some faulty logic there, you should use Move(Forward) when the distance is bigger than 6 and shoot when it's lesser or equal than 6.

Yours works but anyone at 10 or more will be ignored by your pet (which likely works, but still)

Also keep in mind that you have it configured so it shoots at range 3, 4 and 5. Is that the appropriate range for your weapon?

"Preserve entity as target" means that whatever entity is being tested in the condition will be used as the target, instead of the pet target.

This is usefull for Healing Touch, for instance, so the pet heals itself or you instead of an oponent. Since Healing Rain is self cast and Ranged Attacks are being tested against the same target, it does not matter for you.

Although, it got me curious… What if we test "Player Distance" for an Attack with "Preserve Entity"?

Could we potentially make the Pet attack us? And train armor\dodge while the pet trains it's skills?

6ede62  No.16079859


you probably could, but that might make all your other pets attack it.

that's an interesting idea, let's try it.

Might also be a good way to train magic control

230a1a  No.16080600


did you read his circumstances though?

6ede62  No.16081066


The solo trait wasn't the greatest idea anyway. Pets are just too valuable

0723c7  No.16081190


The guy doesn't even understand his circumstances because he doesn't know enough about the game, they gave advice based on that.


Pets are not necessary at all, get far enough in and they'll be far weaker than you.

fc18e0  No.16082376


>Pets are not necessary at all, get far enough in and they'll be far weaker than you.

Not necessarily. On the one hand you are absolutely correct they are NOT necessary. On the other if you raise the right pets and do so properly, they WILL be stronger than you no matter what. Unless there are some hard caps for pet stats I'm not aware of?

230a1a  No.16082395



Yeah that's right, he doesn't understand his circumstances but he doesn't have a pet and he cant fight for shit right now except maybe low level mobs, so any advice not strictly on getting out of his hole first thing is shit advice.

230a1a  No.16082404


I've been forgetting to mention, and apparently nobody else thought to mention, that if you survive long enough to the turn of the month some skill tickets will appear in a box in the starting cave which you can trade for skills.

Weight Lifting and Gardening and a weapon skill if you don't have one should be your highest priority so that you can do harvest quests easier and then fight off enemies if you need to, hit chance or enough magic skill to hit bats would be important so they don't interrupt your harvesting and don't forget to look at the weight of the crop before you try to harvest it, dont harvest anything under 10 pounds.

aff233  No.16083710


Skill tickets are best used after training a new skill costs 15 plat, it's kind of a waste to use them when they cost 2

04e24b  No.16083918

File: b8cc380878310b9⋯.png (142.47 KB, 542x310, 271:155, Elona.png)

File: 5665f59deb7efa4⋯.jpg (126.73 KB, 897x737, 897:737, Elona Bread.jpg)

File: f534b7c2180d078⋯.png (155.62 KB, 618x320, 309:160, Elona.png)

File: 131624030d39e41⋯.jpg (229.39 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 18f38e2007aba36ab8a21a35a9….jpg)

Elona is the best game with the best Goddesses.

5e6427  No.16084067

Okay, am making a Paladin kind of character.

Two handed or 1 hand+shield?

22e9b8  No.16084098


Okay, I've tried this and it kinda works.

As in, pets won't actually start killing you the second their tactics tell them to, it's safe to start this in town and walk around.

But the second combat starts, their "tactics" kick in and they'll try to murder you as well as your enemies.

Basically, the tactics you setup for Pets only work when there's an enemy nearby, otherwise they default to just following you around, I suppose.

I guess someone could take advantage of this by idling in Puppy Cave and have your Pets attack you once a snail comes near. Low mobs will likely not harm your pets or you and as long as they're focused on you and you're just idling, they'll leave the enemies alive, keeping their tactics working.

Last thing I kinda forgot to test was if this actually trains your Armor\Dodge\Etc when your own Pets attack you.


You get those tickets with your salary based on how many level-ups you had since the last one, to a max of 9 tickets.

Or to put it simply, every time you level-up, the next salary will have a skill ticket added to it until you hit level 10.


Don't forget that you can use Skill tickets to train skills as well, so they remain useful even after you got all the Skills you wanted.

It's a matter of optimization since to have skills costing 15 plat, you're gonna have to buy 10 of them first for a total of 110 PP

If you're waiting for that point, you're gonna have to spend a good chunk of early game grinding PP without some important skills and when you finally get to spend those skill tickets, it's going to be on some lesser important stuff like Carpentry or Swimming.

Basically, you're trading the value of a Skill Ticket from 15 to whatever they cost at the time in exchange to get a skill faster.

Consider if you get 5 skills with PP first and then spend Skill tickets. You're only wasting 5 PP and counting down for a total of 15 wasted PP, but you only had to grind 35 PP instead of 110 PP.


Are you going to be the main damage dealer or using magic? Two Handed.

Are you going to be the tank and not use magic? 1hand+Shield.

It's a bit of a shame that you can't buff pets with your spells and most healing spells are just self-targeted, though.

36c6d4  No.16086852

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Huh, some other nip commented on one of Rufina's videos, who makes extremely simple and shitty elona animations.

a38919  No.16087682

Just found a "juice mixer" in a dungeon. Unfortunately the wiki has no details on how it's used. What can I make with it?

8a1627  No.16087706

423b27  No.16087723


if you use it, it will show a list of things that can be juiced by it.

I don't remember whenever it's worth doing so or not

I've made this shit ages ago and should still be up to date


I think you need to make a copy to use the auto sorting features and whatnot.

dd630c  No.16087736

I have a level 1 younger sister, should I put her in a ranch or level her up? Dunno what her corpse levels.

36c6d4  No.16087782


Nice, I've always wanted a profit to weight chart.

22e9b8  No.16087797


It lets you mix vegetables and fruit into Juice, as well as milk and herbs.

Juice can be drank to satiate your hunger and it also trains the relevant Attribute. You can also drink Juice even when you're Satisfied or Bloated. In other words, you can juice all the vegetables and fruit in your farm and drink them on to train your Attributes really fast.

However, there's several catches.

First of all, Juices count as the raw ingredient for training. If you cooked the same ingredient you could go about 4.5X the training value.

You also miss on herbing it, especially if you use herbs in the juicer.

Drinking when Satisfied or above may make you vomit, which makes you hungry again and may cause Anorexia.

The best use you can give this is to Juice a bunch of stuff that you're not gonna be able to cook and eat before it rots, but not everything. Then when you're exploring and ran out of regular food but you're currently hungry, drink up some juice instead.

It's basically a really good backup for when you've run out of food (especially since it doesn't rot) or for when you really have way too many vegetables and fruit.

I've also discovered when researching this that eating doesn't actually increase your potential, only herbs, potions and special trainers do. This changes everything.


Your last columm says "ninety item" when it should be "ninth item".

You could also finish that chart using distance between towns as well.

As in, since the distance between towns is always the same, you can make a "profit per trip" calculation, divide it by the time it takes to reach it and you'll have a "profit by step" which is probably more usefull. Snow tiles obviously have to count for more steps.

As in, taking Christmas Trees from Noyel to Port Kapul will probably net a fuckload of cash, but it also takes a long time. Trading from Lumiest to Yowin is much faster so overall it may make more cash, despite carrying less profit in every trip.

You need a comparison for that.

Other than that, excelent work pal.

8a1627  No.16087812


Picnic baskets increase your potential. They're a good stopgap until you can start industrial production of blessed potions of potential. Note that you can eat them even when bloated without problems.

I just learned that pets paying for training increases their stat potential too. I probably spent five hours over this game pumping those little fuckers full of treats and none of it was necessary.

22e9b8  No.16087831


>until you can start industrial production of blessed potions of potential.

Is there any way to influence what materials you get when harvesting in those spots? Do the results go up with the relevant skill or your level? Because it's mostly RNG for me at this point.

>I just learned that pets paying for training increases their stat potential too.

You can use emeralds, diamonds and another gem in groups of 5 in the pot of fusion to make a large tablet of them that sells for a boatload of money.

Give one to your pets and watch them train 5-6 times just from that profit alone.

It's always a good idea to get gems from the shops for that purpose. Fund your Imouto Miltia with Diamonds!

423b27  No.16087836


>As in, since the distance between towns is always the same, you can make a "profit per trip" calculation

Now that's a neat thing I somehow didn't think of.

Gonna make that whenever I get in the mood to play Elona again

2383fb  No.16087845


return her to Tenenbaum immediately

b2c62c  No.16087848


>Is there any way to influence what materials you get when harvesting in those spots?

I think the level of the dungeon affects it.

6b6bfc  No.16088464

>you can see a target's stamina by highlighting them after pressing *

>after realizing this I also realzed that shadow step taught through custom AI costs no stamina so my swordsman can zoom around with no penalties

Kind of broken but even without it he can do just as much damage at a distance as my dedicated rangers with his high tactics and throwing skills


For what it's worth you can also use rotten and cursed ingredients for juice and the juice will come out normal and uncursed every time

fc18e0  No.16088483


Blessed potions of potential do not raise Speed and Luck. Picnic Baskets do.

6ede62  No.16088628


Don't pets get 10 times the benefit from food? That's hardly a waste.

a38919  No.16089155



I'll test it out in a bit. By the way, how can you hire someone to tend to your farm for you?

400ed3  No.16089302

File: fcda1d0b41794c0⋯.jpg (3.32 KB, 179x240, 179:240, images.jpg)


>you are english is terrible


e19320  No.16089361


>For what it's worth you can also use rotten and cursed ingredients for juice and the juice will come out normal and uncursed every time

considering how easy is to get the OP scythe of eat rotten food, i'd say it's a waste of inventory space

I think what really made me stop playing Elona was the 200 slots inventory limit

I don't want to stop to manage my inventory every fucking 10 minutes. I got the strength to carry the whole world, let me god damn

Also, managing the equipment of 7~ pets is absolute hell. Hunting for specific stat on gear is also hell (for instance, alch/carp/tail/etc sets, strength sets, or just fucking gear for the pets, etc)

8a1627  No.16089727


There's no way picnic baskets raise speed potential. My speed gains are noticeably faster after drinking a hermes blood and the way I slam picnic baskets down it shouldn't make a difference.

fc18e0  No.16089812


Wiki says it does. You'll have to prove otherwise


>When used, it raises every stat potential of the PC and all pets by the enchant value (includes speed and luck)

aff233  No.16089959



This is something I've always wondered since I started playing this game: why are speed and luck potentials hidden? They're basically fucking attributes that are given additional bonuses by gear, I mean shit you can't even see what your luck is. If I'm going to get a piece of gear with "Luck +3" on it, why the fuck can't I see how much luck I actually have? Hidden attribute are fucking gay.

8a1627  No.16089966


Well then what the fuck

22e9b8  No.16090927


>200 slots inventory limit

>stop to manage my inventory every fucking 10 minutes

How the fuck do you collect trash so fast that you gotta stop every 10 minutes to fix it?

Why don't you just stop hoarding crap, only get the valuable stuff and actually use what you have in your inventory?

I mean, I once hit the limit too and noticed I was carrying an entire apothecary in my inventory. So I just dumped some PP in Throwing and Alchemy and then proceed to chuck potions around for fun and profit. Coincidentally, I also started actually reading all those "Magic Mapping" and "Detect Objects" scrolls that were already in stacks of 30 at that time.

Hoarding is rarely caused by a limit on your inventory or the game throwing too much shit at you. It's more likely that the cause is your low standards on what to get and inability to actually use what you have.

996ba4  No.16092101


That's the picnic basket. Eating cooked or raw food doesn't increase potential it increases stats. I may be wrong but I think that's how it works.

996ba4  No.16092105


I only pick up potions, scrolls and rods. Equipment is almost always worthless trash in most dungeons and too heavy.

22e9b8  No.16094948

File: a9f7e8c7794549a⋯.png (131.1 KB, 624x454, 312:227, ElonaCG_2019-02-08_13-34-5….png)

>Let's teach the horse how to breath fire

>Nothing bad can come out of this!

It's not as bad as that time I accidentally managed to cast Meteor in Lumiest

I was going for Mist of Silence instead to deal with some caster I summoned reading books.

Meteor was only 30% chance to successfully cast and every previous attempt had failed so far. And the first time I miscast it in the worst possible time, it succeeds.

Boy let me tell you, Rods of Teleportation are fucking amazing when there's nobles and soldiers rushing you whenever you enter the crater they used to call hometown.

46766b  No.16095627


It will get better.

Just go to Derphy, if you turned into criminal after doing this.

e2fd94  No.16096245


>Dude, it's just an RPG, why would you want to hoard everything you see?

You just don't understand

bc87fc  No.16096375


Just drop it off at your home and wait for it to get molotoved

230a1a  No.16096770


>scrolls having any real impact on weight

bfb74e  No.16098675


My 3 storage houses are already mostly full my dude

bfb74e  No.16098678

my id is changing due to vpn

b33eed  No.16099209

File: 376b5fcfb91b143⋯.jpg (91.42 KB, 864x1000, 108:125, 1548743940.jpg)

Im really interested in trying this out. I just have one question; should I start with Elona+ or is it better to begin with Elona and move up to plus later?

aff233  No.16099224


There's no reason to not play Elona+ with Custom and Custom G. + just flatout has more content. If you're not interested in all that extra content there's Omake overhaul, but that uses a much older version of the game that's a lot less forgiving. If it's your first time trying out the game use Elona+ with Custom and Custom G.

b33eed  No.16099590

File: b25712ee05f7bcc⋯.jpg (136.61 KB, 1200x1199, 1200:1199, 1514771024659.jpg)


Alright, gonna get them set up and check out some tutorials, thanks Anon.

f8916e  No.16099780

File: 6211f8e42e0d591⋯.jpg (129.63 KB, 804x624, 67:52, SaveisGone.jpg)

File: 2c239e77cf02d84⋯.png (120.41 KB, 500x476, 125:119, 1379807628440.png)

I was playing some elona custom G after I decided to give this game a go, then after getting some power outage in my home, My save file got corrupted I think. Trying to play it gives me random boxes about updating from ver. 0 and saving after getting into a town until it closes my game. Is it gone forever?

aff233  No.16099945


That sucks, anon. I'm not sure if your save is salvageable though. What level were you?

f8916e  No.16100064


I was level 11, this was more my first time playing around this game learning stuff but if it doesn't take too long to go back, I can just make a new gunner and put some custom sprites in my next run.

128257  No.16100336


Get the monster girl sprites, it makes the game 10000 times better.

6b6bfc  No.16102228


I had the same issue: power outage, save is fucked. I decided to cut my losses and make a gene based on an earlier unfortunately for me MUCH earlier backup and now I'm on a solo (at least when push comes to shove, I'll still keep a cooking slave and run my goose's hunger clock in towns) martial arts run. Bakuretsuken is actually really damn good, 300ish damage as soon as you get it.

name honestly has nothing to do with metal gear but the title was funny

6b6bfc  No.16102233

File: d7d76195d04f4b5⋯.gif (229.1 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, forgot pic.gif)

36c6d4  No.16104259

File: 55eeac1aecef0c9⋯.png (221.97 KB, 1002x800, 501:400, shop2.png)

Fucking finally!

b33eed  No.16106458

File: 134fa25ac651f11⋯.jpg (38.1 KB, 500x409, 500:409, SataniaThumbsUp.jpg)

>Start off and do the basic tutorial

>Supplement with some tutorial videos and the wiki

>Figure Ive got a grasp of the basics so I dive in with my gunner, (which Im now beginning to feel might not have been the optimal class to pick as a new player) to learn by suffering.

>Hit up the miner town, take a quest to kill monsters in the forest, succeed but lose the little girl, she doesnt like me anymore when I rez her

>Go back to my cave to see if the ore I left there can be used to complete a quest one of the vendors gave me, get mugged by 10 bandits on the way and die again. Loli hates me even more.

>Some kid in the mining town says slimes are sneaking into her house at night and are coming from the neighbours place

>The neighbour has a secret rape basement filled with fucking slimes. I cant hit any of them because I apparently have no idea what Im doing as a gunner, but my loli beats them all up and keeps me safe.

>She keeps smiling at me and saying "Another death!" when she splits them in half with her huge fuck off sword

>Im being outclassed by a little girl with a claymore.

>Tougher slime appears and dissolves her in acid, then dissolves me in acid

>All the impress I got for letting her style on slimes is lost and shes back to where she was before the dungeon

>I dropped my armor on death too

Its been a while since Ive played a game thats given this little of a fuck and held my hand this little. I wholeheartedly approve.

36c6d4  No.16106675


Protip: Go to Derphy and buy yourself a machine infantry pet from the slave trader.

6b6bfc  No.16107015


>gunner, (which Im now beginning to feel might not have been the optimal class to pick as a new player

I'd say gunner is one of the better beginner classes. One skill covers all the gun types (as opposed to bows which are split between normal bows and Xbows) and you don't have to put yourself in harm's way like a melee and the barrier to entry isn't as high as magic.

Go to the blue building southwest of vernis and you can start worshiping what is effectively your class's patron deity who will passively boost your damage and skills and give you an armoured robot to shoot things with you.

Also you can keep your little girl the whole game but you may want to consider ditching her and buying another slave if you want a waifu get a warrior of elea.


As >>16077661 said there's plenty of canon monster girls if you know where to look. There's lots of evolutions that make pets into MGs like cobra -> lamia, slime -> slime girl, or making medusa into a normal cute girl. If you're patient you can find carmillas (vampires) and zombie girls around level 30

36c6d4  No.16107068

New thread soon?

2b3557  No.16107105

here or vg?

aff233  No.16107387


Don't worry too much about your loli dying, your relationship might be going down early-game but after you play for a while she'll be able to die, you'll rez that bitch and she'll still be Soul Mate.


I wouldn't recommend worshiping Mani, even if he's firearm-centric he's still kind of a shitty god, Lulwy's speed bonus is better for a starting gunner and has a more useful god pet.

0f182c  No.16107596

if elona plus mani's armored android is probably the strongest of the god pets come late game imo

798ad7  No.16107880

File: a70d888a5705fb6⋯.jpg (88.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Blush arousal hot embarras….jpg)


>tfw you were so impressed with all the effort he put into it you gave his latest video a like

I only wish i could understand what he was saying

Also my next character is probably going to be a magic gunner, I think it will be better than my first attempt, which was a fairy claymore

I'll probably still go yerles though

798ad7  No.16107899


Where do i find the monster sprites?

I havn't updated my game for around a year and can't remember where anything is

Otherwise I'll have to give the /vg./ faq a try

b6e572  No.16108253


Check the wiki for the medal positions in towns and use them to buy a shield tonfa for the loli

This is the biggest power spike you can get early game

You can also farm or save scum right before the last hit hermit crabs for their amulet that gives lots of faith, which makes the 43 faith requirement for the last gift from the gods easier to get

beggars can give an amulet that protects you from niggers, so always kill beggars

Start with the jew god and get her ultimate gift for easy negotiation training

buy mages from the slaver, they always come with rings and amulets, sometimes those are engagement ones, so they eat instead of letting you unequip. Sell them back to the trader after stealing the rings and repeat

36c6d4  No.16108541

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