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File: 29d5ee397227659⋯.gif (104.91 KB, 500x410, 50:41, 29d5ee397227659418eb7389b3….gif)

6217ae  No.16044757

Fate GO Thread.

The Dante banner is currently up, so good luck to those that are after him. The Valentines event is a few weeks away. It'll give us some more needed mats like Gallstones, Gears and Fangs. MHXA will be available as well for those that are after her. Good luck!



8b3c34  No.16044791

I despise this thread and anyone who seriously plays gacha games

6217ae  No.16044872

File: 62d31ae17c6ed72⋯.jpg (312.32 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, mysterious-heroine-x-fate-….jpg)

File: f8ab01e05dfe84b⋯.png (751.65 KB, 619x869, 619:869, 7857cacbe97658f2494c64c251….png)

Is the final Dante repeatable going to be worth farming?

0c2750  No.16045503

Pulled Dantes off a today's event ticket. The NPC version impressed me much more this rerun since I have proper support to run with him this time. Between that and his edginess growing on me I decided to throw some tickets at the banner. If only he had a not shit artist.

30a416  No.16046098

File: 54724475e790e9e⋯.png (922.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-01-27-04-4….png)

Ufotable having a giggle

efbd62  No.16046099

File: 08fbe547a79befe⋯.jpg (310.54 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, 76b2223b88a949f411407b071c….jpg)

Illya thread?

fc7a2a  No.16046554

e36e94  No.16046599

File: 1f9d0dd8d3dbf8e⋯.png (1.01 MB, 930x1199, 930:1199, 1f9d0dd8d3dbf8ebb1a3499b2c….png)


im mainly here waiting for people to start dumping porn

d54d53  No.16046626

File: 699fed8f8727a2e⋯.webm (8.14 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 699fed8f8727a2e7c087220dd….webm)




Go to boorus.

a735cd  No.16046682

File: 65ed247741a7ff6⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190126-000458….jpg)

>figured I'd give Dantes another shot after not getting him in the OG run of the event

>nothing out of tickets, throw a ten roll at him

>get pic related

It's not the edge I asked for, but it's one I'll accept.

86d819  No.16046689


I think the art works for him (but not for cleopatra)

55db6e  No.16046703

Reminder that this shit is NOT video games.



ff370f  No.16047014

File: ab226d42eaaebf7⋯.webm (1.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, GACHA IS BAD CIVILIZATION.webm)

257b14  No.16047025

File: 79ae7e677135064⋯.webm (12.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, EmiyaMMD.webm)

Went browsing on nicovideo; what a shit site. Stole this thing though because it was pretty cool.

Also read like four 500 year old archery manuals and it feels bad to know I'll never be able to make a counter guardian Emiya game with Tribes gameplay.

c1c78d  No.16047048


2d1fac  No.16047061

File: 8bfd4ca7cc3ba88⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1240x1683, 1240:1683, 67176751_p0.jpg)


The 7 wave 5AP node won't drop anything the second time around I believe.


Pure, wholesome Illya only

80dab0  No.16049061

Why did they make the Avenger class have low star creation and weight but then have the first Avenger be quick based


Shouldnt Avengers have more star weight since they are supposed to be selfish and wanna destroy everything

84f5ba  No.16049076

File: 1ecd33c020d465d⋯.png (567.56 KB, 1094x670, 547:335, AbundantBladedObjectsActiv….png)


>he thinks there are lore explanations for stats like star creation and star weight

Explain to me why the furball with A++ Strength has a lower attack stat than the Rank A edgelord bitch faggot.

b4c088  No.16049093


I'd say wait for Double Skadi to make him as amazing as people say he is but you need at least NP3 Dantes to pull the Quick memes off.

069244  No.16049132

Are there any female servants with snouts yet?

84f5ba  No.16049138

File: 3d5c48fdfdc2856⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.05 KB, 850x1207, 50:71, Only correct answer.jpg)


Of course

18b988  No.16049151

File: 62cf7aa2acf47d0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 963.82 KB, 1080x1626, 180:271, 63077438_p0 - 【FGO】獣人化注意.png)

File: 69d544109775c30⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 606.61 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 70844251_p4 - fgo log.jpg)


Does fan art count?

84f5ba  No.16049158

File: 7636de599769f5e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 508.03 KB, 512x875, 512:875, It begins.png)


Why post fanart when there's official art?

069244  No.16049272


>anthro cat trap astolfo

this is a new layer of gay

d54d53  No.16049395

File: 94df767f430ddb6⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 94df767f430ddb679db621af7f….png)

I thought I knew disappointment. First it was gachapon. Second it was that people rarely even post the only good thing to come out of them in the threads here (hot girls). Then >>16049132 and >>16049138 and >>16049151 and >>16049158

2d1fac  No.16049434

File: 74aba54b3827e59⋯.png (562.52 KB, 700x1244, 175:311, 69952830_p0.png)


>expects anything but the worst possible outcome from a mobile game

You poor fool. Not to mention we've weeks of reruns and nothing to do. During times like these you'll see the worst of the worst come out of fgo threads

18b988  No.16049467

File: 3eccbef3eb444d7⋯.jpg (26.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, moe dog.jpg)


If it makes you feel any better, I just have the fanart saved. I don't play the game, nor have I played any of the VNs or watched the anime.

8f5883  No.16049472

File: 6cfa681062212df⋯.mp4 (400.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Gacha_is_Video_Games.mp4)

069244  No.16049477


"I don't like thing, therefore nobody must be allowed to talk about thing"

d54d53  No.16049556


"I am blind to my absolute dogshit tastes and need to pretend that criticism is a demand for you to be censored." Let's not go there, and leave it at if you must play these things, do not pay them. Ever.

069244  No.16049584


"I'm not demanding for you to be censored I'm just expressing my complete and utter disgust with what you're enjoying via whining in a thread where nobody else shares my viewpoints"

"I also use sage as a downvote"

603403  No.16049612

>gambling for jpegs

0c2750  No.16049730


The star gen stat is mostly meaningless. What matters more is hit counts. Dantes actually can make an decent amount of stars. His star weight is still an issue though.

d54d53  No.16049741

File: e447e67e3cfffec⋯.png (474.37 KB, 625x561, 625:561, 1223766296296.png)


And? Are you unable to accept criticism for playing (or even worse paying) games that embody the most vile form of microtransactions? Please. I don't need to lay an egg to be able to smell a bad one.

f86beb  No.16049774


>Not pressuring Mark to say that gacha isn't videogames so you can assure other anons that Gacha is, in fact, videogames

What are you doing?

2d1fac  No.16050419

File: 5a7b3bc9a6f24c1⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, great.png)

Angry is finally bond 10 after a few months of benchwarming in the back row. Happy dead week anons

8f5883  No.16050425


Congrats. Now he'll actually be slightly useful when his strengthening hits.

a87ed3  No.16050619

File: 866a615c07e43b4⋯.jpg (170.68 KB, 528x477, 176:159, 五円/次は2.24HARU - FGO漫画 (698….jpg)

File: 3b3c0acfb2f737a⋯.jpg (93.4 KB, 489x738, 163:246, 五円/次は2.24HARU - FGO漫画 (698….jpg)

File: c8a4f144bde0e2c⋯.jpg (99.07 KB, 484x739, 484:739, 五円/次は2.24HARU - FGO漫画 (698….jpg)

File: 2169c3b7593bc93⋯.jpg (84.59 KB, 390x898, 195:449, 五円/次は2.24HARU - FGO漫画 (698….jpg)

File: 3668ad4f3e18116⋯.jpg (105.97 KB, 773x729, 773:729, 五円/次は2.24HARU - FGO漫画 (698….jpg)

83b390  No.16052848


What if we only jokingly play it?

fe6ccd  No.16052871


Until the catalog is 100% full of shitposting and stale memes I don't think it'll matter to him, even if just two threads are gacha at any time.

691630  No.16052972

File: b7a1adb4d48ef1f⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1000x1414, 500:707, bb160.png)

File: 8cd996c0199ddc1⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1202x1200, 601:600, minamoto no raikou579.png)

File: fc60b9211e49e79⋯.jpg (303.19 KB, 936x1275, 312:425, queen of sheba17.jpg)

File: c6a2c29f4597923⋯.png (785.91 KB, 1003x1011, 1003:1011, shuten douji349.png)

File: 620a6553739454b⋯.jpg (310.68 KB, 1290x1821, 430:607, xuanzang109.jpg)


Ditto. Got no fuckin' clue what this crap is about but the anime tiddie is primo quality. I would have given the Musou knockoff a chance but the roster is terrible.

043bf7  No.16054484

File: 0606fb523d6085b⋯.jpg (397.03 KB, 2538x3193, 2538:3193, __elizabeth_bathory_and_el….jpg)


>Play Fate/Extella expecting dumb waifu wars. Know nothing about Fate.

>Get some absurd multiverse shenanigans and a giant QT.

>Ending up actually finding my waifu despite not expecting to get one.

The gameplay was barely average though. Thankfully Extella Link looks much more fun. They improved on a ton of aspects that the first game needed tweaking on.

9fa380  No.16054676


There's also Da Vinci.

8b3c34  No.16054756


>its shitposting and stale memes to hate gacha

Man you're retarded


"Ironically" playing gacha is still cancer, there is quite literally nothing positive about doing that when you could be playing real games instead

2d1fac  No.16055662

File: 43c5bea674b63b8⋯.png (2.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, before.png)

File: 5bd3ff0ccfde785⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, after.png)

I'm glad Mozart is always there for us to enable these moves but jesus christ Rama calm down

8f5883  No.16055751


But gacha games are the real games of the modern age dumdum. I mean, what, you want to play Anthem or something?

1dafe5  No.16055764

File: e81f83ce2ff746f⋯.jpg (559.87 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, iv7vjKo.jpg)

How did we get 45 posts into a Fate thread without a single Astolfo post? God this board is gay.

86d819  No.16056461

File: 7bf9e45316e16ab⋯.png (636.62 KB, 566x625, 566:625, 7bf9e45316e16abfffb5abfc98….png)

84f5ba  No.16057731

File: 53dfa1d7ff1d753⋯.jpg (240.73 KB, 913x882, 913:882, 7de0600fe5e2edfd9f645393ef….jpg)

Post yfw Jesus is now a Saver class servant in Fate/Conquerer, his noble phantasms are Crown of Horns: Restraining Vines of the Hawthorne Tree, Death of Longinus: The Sacred Martyr with No Regrets, Reverse Longinus: The Sacred Martyr that Pierces the Soul and Son of God: King of all Messiahs

fe6ccd  No.16057738


Just fagging up the place as usual.

b0ec19  No.16057763

File: 31f9e5736561878⋯.png (8.88 KB, 199x25, 199:25, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm more concerned about who wrote the wiki article for him.

b4c088  No.16057771


I always wondered why is it called Saver when Savior sounds better.

Is it intentional or is it one of Arcsys' infamous mistranslations?

e0bedc  No.16057851

No Ilya route will forever mean Fate is for Faggots.

0c2750  No.16057876



Who gives a shit.

0c2750  No.16058233

The challenge quest was pretty easy. Nobu murdered every wave up to the ruler pair at which point I plugsuited in Ibaraki who fisted them and Dantes to death.. I did not lose a single servant. I had more trouble on the giant ghost fight.

b4c088  No.16058261


I used Gramps throughout the whole fight with Waver and Merlin.

Seeing him kill Amakusa like nothing is pretty satisfying.

6217ae  No.16058357

File: 3846a4a2c1dd50d⋯.png (667.61 KB, 982x1024, 491:512, yod5lrimlfd21.png)

File: f4c19dc58d2a733⋯.jpg (189.36 KB, 703x1100, 703:1100, v5jfeu7j9dd21.jpg)


I made it to 6/7 with Jeanne left. I went in blind, but I wasn't expecting it to put up much of a challenge or else I would have shown up with a fully stocked team.


Amakusa melted like it was nothing to banana oni. It was pretty funny. Caligua fucked her up the turn before by locking her np and skills or else Jeanne would have gone down as well.

If that last challenge quest really is farmable, I'm going to have to use a better team.

6217ae  No.16058391

File: 8bb3ccce301ed8a⋯.jpg (606.25 KB, 779x1100, 779:1100, wk25mjtnl6d21.jpg)

Don't whale btw

It might be luck, but that last mission was raining hearts. Is everyone else getting good drop rates or are they set for the first clear? If the former, it might be a good place to farm if your team can get through. It is definitely not as easy as past content though.

2d1fac  No.16058416

File: 5cd2b2a8fea95c1⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1200x878, 600:439, 70898287_p0.png)


Fixed drops on all, 5 AP is repeatable but gives no items the second time around

ccefe7  No.16059039

File: 76b7ab7da809d79⋯.jpg (525.16 KB, 983x2141, 983:2141, Screenshot_20190130-104537….jpg)

Happy Birthday, I guess

>14 years

>we still don't have a decent adaptation of the Fate route other than whatever the fuck Studio Deen created

f69b34  No.16059191


>retard can't count

15 years faggot

Fate is the worst route anyway prove me wrong. Saber gets whored out everywhere else so it evens out.

ccefe7  No.16059338


My bad, my autistic brain still believes its 2018 when it comes to write it down on something

7cc8d2  No.16059374

File: 62eeb4d3636a29b⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 225A6D55-401C-4672-8E0C-1B….png)

Blackbeard knows what’s up

372615  No.16060980

File: feb12939697232b⋯.jpg (28.3 KB, 342x298, 171:149, feb12939697232be50a88ec26d….jpg)

>mfw the challenge quest took me 65 turns

2d1fac  No.16061044

File: 4080559dfa02aa5⋯.png (576.05 KB, 890x1156, 445:578, mini_ferg.png)


Sounds about right. Depending on your merlin count & damage dealer you could go between 25-100+ turns. I've finished mine around 70 with lu bu and rama getting plugged in and out depending on the wave. Was pretty fun

86d819  No.16061437


63 here, tho I wasted a bunch of time during the Jeanne round

b0ec19  No.16061462




Took me about 16 turns but granted I used Merlin, Horta, and Waver, so I don't think that counts.

2d1fac  No.16061580


All 7 waves in 16 turns? Fucking hell that's fast but yeah all of the quick clears I've seen were using jeanne alter or some other beefy SSR

2d1fac  No.16062484

File: 48c78507a4556e2⋯.png (813.14 KB, 915x515, 183:103, da vinci chan.png)

Awesome I got her on the wrong fucking account

5c50b1  No.16062821


It took me so long that I just gave up. This shitty game is so incredibly painful to play that spending more than a few minutes a day is too much to bear.

913213  No.16062990


I went with full stall memes, using double memelin and mash, and only swapped a herc in during the second to last round. Took me 142 fucking turns, with almost all of them being before round 6.

I still don't know why I didn't choose a faster clear method, but at least it's over now.

958e4a  No.16063131


59 nine here, not that anyone died. Had pretty much max health in the end and could have done it all over again with my Emiya, Tamamo, Merlin 2x2030 set up. Fucking Rulers man.

958e4a  No.16063276

File: cf99f250702cd42⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 2459x4860, 2459:4860, 350_555.jpg)

>looking through official mats


ff370f  No.16063682


70+ turns with Herc, Waver, and Merlin.

84f5ba  No.16063969


Took 59 turns with Raikou + Jeanne + Merlin

Redid it took 30 turns with Raikou + Waver + Merlin

7111e5  No.16064000

Memelin + Nobu + Shakes + Jeanne Alter (support) = 49 Turns

Also with anniversary blonde mystic code

bcf13f  No.16065070

Emiya w/Golden Sumo

Mash w/2030

Support Marlin w/2030

Kintoki Zerker w/Halloween Princess

Chaldea Combat Uniform, total 50 turns, fuck you Amakusa, buff clearing retard

0bb10d  No.16065115

File: 1d6c8641337a768⋯.jpeg (95.16 KB, 740x771, 740:771, Mommy head pat.jpeg)

File: d63b6f96b6c75f0⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1306x728, 653:364, Nox_2019-01-30_06-02-33.png)


Used Mommy Raikou with Memerlin and Waver, they lasted until the last wave and reduced dantes to 100k HP and they got NP'd, then Ibaraki and Heracles finished the job, remember to head pat your mommy Raikou for a job well done

277e1b  No.16065121


Good tastes son. I've grailed both Raikou and Ibaraki to level 100. Currently working on Jack.

0bb10d  No.16065170

File: 81e62560952fa20⋯.png (1004.29 KB, 997x1386, 997:1386, Mommy jack.png)

File: dd8d4dcf1c54355⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1196x1819, 1196:1819, __ibaraki_douji_minamoto_n….jpg)


Fine taste, haven't got best daughteru yet hopefully she spooks me with a ticket roll sooner or later

d23fff  No.16065189

File: 5afe1e5554741dc⋯.jpg (276.92 KB, 870x790, 87:79, All platinum.jpg)


>horns function as titty hoisters

5749e8  No.16065629



86d819  No.16065640

File: 58eca6d10e62554⋯.png (993.84 KB, 842x677, 842:677, SPOILER_unknown[1].png)

Finally some spooks to cheer me up.

And she gave me a great succ afterwards, I'm a bit less sad at gacha now

5749e8  No.16065667


Congrats she's the best meme farmer, but goodluck with her mats

ff370f  No.16065672


I just realized Nitocris's hair makes her outline look like a cobra.

0bb10d  No.16065702

File: 65491b7a8cecca3⋯.png (732.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nitocris smile.png)


she's best farmer and a good girl treat her well

2d1fac  No.16065715

File: 3d94fa8493c3848⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1061x1500, 1061:1500, 65084347_p0.jpg)

File: 5a8f0ce87272d9f⋯.png (347.32 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 61599050_p0.png)


Congrats you just got one of the best and easiest to use farmers in the game. Two wave wipes any node of your choice, riders included.


Although catalysts are a meme maybe all of those wanks to some very questionable doujins were the reason behind it

7cc8d2  No.16066377

File: cbcabcf4b17df45⋯.png (380.55 KB, 512x724, 128:181, 687804ED-24E2-4577-B614-A3….png)

unlocked billy the kid in the fuckhuge friend summon spam today.

I swear to god if I get another gender bender…

86d819  No.16066408




Thanks, I noticed her crazy abilities while taking her for a spin to farm more chains for her

Even without them she is doing a lot, absolutely lovely.

188807  No.16066454

File: dca8d397f385fcb⋯.png (89.85 KB, 462x420, 11:10, 6561de00e321e0fe9a70785831….png)


Swapped out squirtoria for vlad when the rules came around and ezmode. It's a shame that on my first attempt my vlad got crit three times in one turn before I got to use full np chain.


>da vinci doujins

84f5ba  No.16066460

File: e3c796e1e28fbad⋯.png (118.34 KB, 362x388, 181:194, disdain__for__bakas.png)


>FP summon spams when no event is going on to get 3* farming CEs

Get a load of this fucking faggot

85e12a  No.16066486

File: 8c8e36b680ecacc⋯.png (1002.77 KB, 900x1274, 450:637, 1b1d18ccbbe55714d53af2fd91….png)

File: c1db7d1fbf689ed⋯.jpg (73.36 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 4fa91dbed451f569082f5a0e4a….jpg)

File: 5a821d1caad3fad⋯.jpg (747.23 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 5a821d1caad3fadfadedea479e….jpg)

File: dbf7fa697b6e6b3⋯.jpg (169.31 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, dbf7fa697b6e6b330a1df00cf8….jpg)

File: 2299250308c754a⋯.jpg (92.38 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, DxmJ3enU0AAAKmo.jpg)


Astolfo's the only good thing to come out of thise gacha shit.

84f5ba  No.16066493

File: 1f144e91e2f4eda⋯.png (137.74 KB, 276x473, 276:473, 1f144e91e2f4edae5331f95e79….png)

>16066486 (no (you) for you)

>Astolfo came from the gacha

d54d53  No.16066542

File: 968c81edfcfc848⋯.jpg (304.32 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, AAAAH!!!.jpg)

805f7e  No.16066732

File: 792fa9efff806aa⋯.mp4 (78.19 KB, 400x224, 25:14, astolfo 792fa9efff806aaba6….mp4)

File: 7dc2b3cc365a6aa⋯.jpg (105.76 KB, 640x949, 640:949, astolfo 0dc883bc0e3ebe8b91….jpg)

File: 5b1b4ee87fa437b⋯.jpg (31.39 KB, 639x472, 639:472, astolfo 5b1b4ee87fa437bcaf….jpg)

File: 0703927a0900803⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 400x412, 100:103, astolfo 9b3dc49e9dd442c244….jpg)

de4a1c  No.16072559

File: 0595ac19c61c3f0⋯.jpg (57.46 KB, 310x288, 155:144, 0595ac19c61c3f0b5845e93401….jpg)

Out of curiosity, which gacha is by far the worst one out there? And I'm not only talking about shitty drop rates, I'm talking about awful grinding, retarded levels of power creep every update/event or even p2w mechanics.

I've seen people bringing up Dokkan Battle and SMT, but never explained why those games are shit

84f5ba  No.16072596


SMT gacha system is double cancer, not only is the drop rate for SSR-tier whatever shit, but there's a chance that, even if you do pull the correct unit, there's RNG mixed in that causes the same units to have possible garbage skillsets, basically ruining the unit's usefulness.

80dab0  No.16072703

b4c088  No.16072715


Fire Emblem Heroes. People praise it too much for "muh 3%" but the value of the 5* units are almost nonexistent and the fact IVs exist can potentially ruin the character you got. Also you need 11 copies a character if you want to get the best out of them.

There's also the fact most units aren't unique at all due to you feeding other units at them for skills, which means people only roll for banners not for the characters but for their skills.

Granblue does have awful grinding for sure.

I know Brave Exvius is completely awful in almost all fronts.

6217ae  No.16072807

File: ed8ec8ac242d99b⋯.png (51.88 KB, 242x237, 242:237, 9ef5066f026f9a7d8791531ecf….png)



It's KHUx(Kingdom Hearts Union Cross) now, but the gacha there is completely fucking retarded. Imagine rolling for multiple versions of the same character and they may not even have all of their abilities be unlockable. Imagine a system in which power creep is so insane that the good pulls you get are meaningless less than a month later. They also have "pvp", but it's more like who is the best at beating up a training dummy than actual pvp. You also need multiple copies of the same medal(think servant) if you want to add traits to the medal or to guilt it. Traits add extra attack, attack up and a bunch of different defense downs. Keep in mind that the devs balance shit for these high end traits, so not having them can be the difference between hitting for 100 million damage and 1 damage. Guilt adds extra attack to the medal, but it's rng as to how much you get. The story is neat and it would make for a nice entry in the main series, but it is very barebones. People bitch about the gacha here, but the worst the game gets here is how mat starved we all are in general and having bad luck with getting our favorite servants. In KHUx, you also have to pay to participate in half of the content they have in the form of vip access. It's a weekly payment too.

In Fate GO, when you unlock a servant, you can level up that servant to the max and nothing is really blocking you except for mats after that. In KHUx, you need to unlock multiple copies of that servant and their boosted drop rates are as worse than Korea's. Think .22% boosted drop rates for the best medals in a banner that may also be outdated.

84f5ba  No.16072869


>The story is neat and it would make for a nice entry in the main series

[citation needed]

6217ae  No.16072918


It's essentially FF8 mixed in with FF7. You're part of a union(garden) and then war breaks out among the gardens with some shadowy fucker manipulating things from behind the scene. You fucking die and then the world gets reset in a dream world, but your memories of the shit that went down are returning to you in the form of nightmares. Some chick that likes you ((Marluxia's sister)) gets killed and then that's a huge mystery as to who the killer is, because she was supposed to be one of the handpicked individuals to survive the war. This means that one of the few to survive is actually the murderer and it's currently unknown who it is, but many think it's Ven. The same Ven from bbs The story is pretty neat. It really is held back by being stuck on mobile and how terrible the devs are at presenting that story. The girl you're supposed to feel sorry for, is introduced and removed from the story during the same chapter. If competent devs were in charge of a remake, it could be a great stand-alone game. Our devs are better at presenting the story btw. The story itself is neat, but the presentation along with a lot of the game in general is just really bad.

b0ec19  No.16073533

File: d47ce5f963fb9f2⋯.png (544.37 KB, 558x1026, 31:57, ClipboardImage.png)


Granblue's requirement for grinding almost makes it unbearable if it wasn't for the awesome art, okay story, and likeable characters.

Azur Lane has better SSR rates but it also requires you to put the game on auto battle for days on end in order for you to get anywhere. Art is great, story is otherwise trash and most people skip it. Has some of the best girls, arguably ( Cleveland almost became my waifu, but that position is still very harshly contested ) and the game lets you headpat or grope your preferred ship girl, so that gets a plus.

FE Heroes is dogshit but not all of it is trash. It has good art - sometimes - and it's nice to see characters in the FE series who have long since been without art get more. PvP is almost entirely dependent on how much money you've spent and using the same 5 or 6 characters who are OP beyond belief.

Fate/Grand Order is probably the best there is at the moment considering how the story ain't half bad and the art is cool, as well. It's also right down my alley using historical figures as warriors. Only problem with that is how much preference Chinese/Japanese swordsmen get. There's way too many of them.

8f5883  No.16074371


>Only problem with that is how much preference Chinese/Japanese swordsmen get. There's way too many of them.

While this complaint makes sense, at the end of the day it's still an Eastern production, so this shouldn't really be unexpected or anything.

That being said, I would alter it from "swordsmen" to "legends" in general. The most literally who character is still probably osakabehime, although the tongue cutting sparrow is a pretty close second there.

b0ec19  No.16074381


I didn't realize it at first, but that 5 star assassin truly is a literal who. I don't even think (s)he has a wikipedia page in English. Even then, when you google the name, the FGO appearance shows up first.

f13a70  No.16074535




It's a yokai. I would like more Western figures, but I'm not really expecting them to beat out Eastern figures. If famous characters from literature can show up, does that mean Poe, Mary Shelly, Bram Stroker, Mark Twain, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle could show up as heroic spirits? If Sherlock Holmes can show up, does that mean that Iron Man and comic characters could show up as well considering how popular they are? I wonder if we'll ever get Commodore Perry?

b4c088  No.16074573


>Bram Stroker

Finally, an enemy both Lancer and Berserker Vlad can join forces to destroy!

0c2750  No.16074657


Under normal rules(i.e. no mooncell or counter guardian shenanigans) only things no more recent than around WWI can be servants. Everything else is too new. There isn't really any rules if we are bringing the mooncell into the equation though.

8f5883  No.16074745


>only things no more recent than around WWI can be servants.

Is this the new "nothing after the 1900s"? The only thing stopping more recent figures from being servants is the higher likelihood of being sued for it.

0c2750  No.16074795


>The only thing stopping more recent figures from being servants is the higher likelihood of being sued for it.

Only when it applies to copyrighted characters. Real people such as Neil Armstrong are fair game and have been used before in the mooncell.

a9281c  No.16076394


On gacha alone it's FGO.

On the rest it's FF Brave Exvius.

b0ec19  No.16076404


>No more recent than around WWI

This seems like an arbitrary and made-up rule. How do you explain servants like Edison who is the collaboration of every US President - past, present, and future?

84f5ba  No.16076454

File: 7ae14b07fbb5d9f⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Neil Armstrong about to fu….png)


>This seems like an arbitrary and made-up rule.

This is literally all of Fate, where the rules are rules except not really and fuck you. To be more serious though, the original explanation for why more modern people can't be servants is because you can't "master" or "own" a gun or more modern weapon(yet Billy the Kid is a thing), for example, anyone can launch a nuke by the press of a button, so even though a nuke is as impressive as an anti-city NP, you're not special for doing it and the throne doesn't care. 1900s was just given as a general guideline for when the "Mystery" for the world died down because it's when the Age of Man really starts kicking into high gear.

>How do you explain servants like Edison who is the collaboration of every US President - past, present, and future?

If you want the explanation for Edison it was already given, any of the Presidents could have manifested as a Servant (including the Big Donald) but they were more wraiths than proper Herioc Spirits similar to the Hassans where they are incredibly weak. The Presidents then decide to reinforce the concept of Edison to turn him into a "presi-king" capable of fending off Medb. It sounds stupid and rule-breaking because it does clearly break the rules of the original Stay Night, but if you're in this deep and are only starting to realize Nasu can not follow his own in world laws you are either a filthy secondary or a moron. Other servants that break this rule are Mata Hari, Billy the Kid, Anastasia (and she's even worse because Nasu gave her OC powers) and Neil Armstrong appeared in Last Encore (though to be fair if there ever was a modern person deserving of the Rider class and Pioneer of the Stars skill, it's fucking Neil Armstrong.)

1145fc  No.16076587

File: e57e1d2fb04fbf5⋯.jpg (203.78 KB, 1600x1042, 800:521, simo_hayna.jpg)


White Death as a servant when ?

3fb80c  No.16076987

The most recent Servants, barring EMIYAs, are Mata Hari and Li Shuwen iirc. The former is a litarally who-tier slut who never managed a thing and the latter is utterly broken given that he can just walk around completely invisible.


It's Häyhä, not hayna.

84f5ba  No.16077024


Neil is far later than both >>16076454

3fb80c  No.16077053


He wasn't mentioned by name afaik and he has no stats. Also, Moon Cell.

0c2750  No.16077096


In Fate/Extra Shinji mentions a servant Armstrong.

84f5ba  No.16077134

File: 7011fbf2f92141b⋯.jpg (20.69 KB, 471x480, 157:160, 7011fbf2f92141b2d36d209438….jpg)


Moon Cell and Throne canonically share servants across the "Nasuverse" as per the SE.RA.PH. event so reeeing about it isn't going to stop Mooncell shenanigans from being canon.

Li Shuwen was also first introduced in Moon Cell so I don't know why you're caught up on that.

3fb80c  No.16077207


Because Li Shuwen showed up in FGO, too. There's a whole bunch of Servants who're Moon Cell only; Charles and the Sakuras for example, whose saint graphs aren't in the Throne of Heroes per se.


That's been treated as a joke, see Last Encore where he shows up as a corpse.

84f5ba  No.16077290


>Because Li Shuwen showed up in FGO, too.

If you're using FGO as a thermometer the archives between the Mooncell and Throne are shared, let me state this again, they are shared anything in the Mooncell can be summoned by the Throne and vice versa. This is what is made canon in the SE.RA.PH. event and makes Sakuras in the Throne canon.

>Sakuras for example, whose saint graphs aren't in the Throne of Heroes per se.

They are now. They canonically are now. The Throne accesses Mooncell archives and the Mooncell can now access Throne archives. This became canon in SE.RA.PH.

Also Charles is the one that can be summoned as a servant, Charlemagne (Saber) is the one that can't be summoned outside of the mooncell, until the ending says he can now because he registered as a unique existence. So your arguments even weaker.

0673bc  No.16077671

File: efb32f995873b39⋯.png (883.92 KB, 720x1160, 18:29, Fate_headswap.png)

File: dd89ce67fc42002⋯.png (779.45 KB, 720x1160, 18:29, Fate_Headswap_2.png)

File: 7390f39c5a2bccc⋯.png (623.02 KB, 722x769, 722:769, Fate_Headswap_3.png)

File: 8fae716fce71b0b⋯.png (731.63 KB, 722x769, 722:769, Fate_Headswap_4.png)

File: aee9e81468a1397⋯.png (499.98 KB, 906x514, 453:257, Fate_Headswap_5.png)

86d819  No.16077712

File: 38a3c1e08f62fde⋯.png (305.23 KB, 300x555, 20:37, 1547411410620.png)

18b988  No.16077722


Stop posting this crap. It wasn't any better on /animu/.

d64b44  No.16077725



Isn't it that tripfag board?

18b988  No.16077729


/animu/ is not the same as /animus/, and yes /animus/ is pure tripfag circlejerking.

d64b44  No.16077732


I'm confused that there's a board with a similar name.

84f5ba  No.16078052


cuckchan pls go

d64b44  No.16078425


What the fuck does that have to do with cuckchan?

0dd869  No.16078449

File: e1b8cb9354e1a37⋯.jpg (197.09 KB, 1116x1573, 1116:1573, __florence_nightingale_fat….jpg)


I've never even heard of this /animu/.

abee44  No.16079665

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a21908  No.16080620


Every last one of you deserves AIDS

a1129a  No.16082420

File: 1cbf671e72dfcf5⋯.png (253.24 KB, 523x194, 523:194, Valentines1.PNG)

Valentines event is coming soon

which valentines scenes are you looking foward this year guys?

also apparently JP is getting the valentines scenes voiced not sure if all of them or just the ones this year

86d819  No.16082926

File: d55c3b98bf8c43d⋯.png (69.76 KB, 259x216, 259:216, d55c3b98bf8c43df35ac1b177c….png)

What's the logic behind unlocking the Birthday voice line?

A few of the servants I summoned past it already have it unlocked, but others do not.

Merlin and Musashi in particular, because I got Atalanta right between those two, and while the 4* has the birthday line unlocked, the two 5* do not. Atalanta and Musashi came from a ticket so the only difference I can find so far is the rarity, but that still sounds odd.

07e206  No.16083043

New servant with Raita as the artist. She's got big tiddies but Raikou is still better

1e8c30  No.16083055

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>not posting a picture or the video

Lazy shit

0c2750  No.16083483


Any servant released since your last birthday should have lines for you. It does not matter when you acquire them.

6217ae  No.16084041

File: cd0fa7427f2d32a⋯.jpg (518.12 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Heroine.X.Alter.full.20727….jpg)


I'm looking forward to getting more mats. I need gallstones, gears and fangs and mhxa

cf858a  No.16084118


Can’t wait to roll for her and not get her and then go into these threads and see greentexts about how people using their ‘last ticket’ or ‘last SQ’ somehow works and they get her.

48677f  No.16084136


Nah, man, you gotta pull four 3* servants in FP gacha 10-pull which indicates you're in the critical flaw of the randomization engine that has been made unnecessarily complex for no reason other than to expose the company to legal action and possible bankruptcy! That's the secret.

6bcc02  No.16084145

File: 6332aa982ebb527⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 200x150, 4:3, salute.gif)

ba3a71  No.16084268


>possible bankruptcy!

>game regularly hits #1 on transactions for mobage

My sides

48677f  No.16084284


If a guaranteed method of pulling the rarest servants with free quartz really existed, the revenue stream would dry up in days.

d4912b  No.16084304

File: 2e80b6f233c81f3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1009.97 KB, 1280x1820, 64:91, 03.jpg)

>all these FGO-playing fujos on /v/

Well, there are some nice cuties in the franchise. Kancolle's the better gacha game, though.

b4c088  No.16084344


>Kancolle's the better gacha game, though.

>The one gacha game with PERMADEATH

dc4e29  No.16084483


You're probably just responding to bait anyway, but I'm pretty sure only retards actually lose their boats. From what I recall playing it back when it came out you more or less have to send your squads on suicide missions past any reasonable point to sink them.

b4c088  No.16084543


It doesn't matter now as any audience it has or had has moved on to Azur Lane and the eternal San Diego rate-up.

7d1332  No.16084545


>>16084344 (czech'd)

Yeah, if a ship is above red health at the start of a battle, she'll always be capped at 1 HP and won't be targeted after that. You'll only lose a ship if you choose to go into night battle or continue a sortie if a ship has a red health bar.

d4912b  No.16084558

File: 390e8ed52b34049⋯.png (669.28 KB, 1692x2400, 141:200, 48.png)



lol In reality, Azur Lane is dying a quick death in Asia. Just look at the stats from the last comiket. Total devestation for the chinkboats.

>bait if you prefer cute boats over yaoi: the game

Kill yourself.

d4912b  No.16084568



a3386f  No.16084941

File: dc825fb8f911116⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 2227x1349, 2227:1349, zabaniya.jpg)

Open wide~

0c2750  No.16085116


Kancolle has shit gameplay even by gacha standards but you would have to be retarded to actually have one of your girls die. The gameplay is so bad that even though my waifu is a boat, I don't play anymore.

e9e6e2  No.16085258

File: 8a7163435b3686f⋯.gif (246.14 KB, 853x480, 853:480, gudakogachapng.gif)

d4912b  No.16085317

File: e560f1bffe0cde5⋯.mp4 (7.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Kantai Collection (Kancoll….mp4)


>abandoning your waifu

dc4e29  No.16085454


That webm is beyond fucking autistic but I still like it

dc4e29  No.16085456


It's also an mp4 so I'm double retarded.

d64b44  No.16085577


I want to fuck Gudako.

dc4e29  No.16085647


Retards aren't for fucking.

d64b44  No.16085673

File: 5f58e045a115c20⋯.png (6.47 MB, 2508x3541, 2508:3541, __fujimaru_ritsuka_fate_gr….png)


But what are retards for?

0c2750  No.16085809


Who said I abandoned her? I have all her voice clips saved and sleep with a daki of her every night. I even log in to poke her sometimes. I just don't suffer through the gameplay anymore. That mp4 is cute.

d4912b  No.16086317

File: 4ff7b8536c50c09⋯.jpg (130.49 KB, 680x960, 17:24, dsjfaag.jpg)

File: 4d026480b1e8443⋯.jpg (575.91 KB, 1200x1102, 600:551, tenryuu.jpg)


One of these two?

d5ac72  No.16086378


I'm getting Summer Shishou's and Altera's chocos first because of Mamiko Noto's birthday. Outside of that, I'm gunning to get White Umu's, Summer Martha's, Gorgon's and Ibaraki's chocos first. I'm gonna farm like hell for every new girl's chocos anyway because that's the only way to do valentine's unless you're a massive faglord that doesn't appreciate his servants

I'm also giving chocos to all my bros and husbandos as Gudako for the full valentine's experience, go hard or go fucking home


Gudako is perfectly fuckable as long as it's not Riyo.

0c2750  No.16086398

File: 1c4ac9d32eedf2d⋯.png (1007.04 KB, 1500x930, 50:31, f74ca92e49cbf4b6df412a063d….png)


Never been a fan of any of the Kongou sisters, Tenryuu is a good girl but not it either. The only hint I will give is she is in this picture.

6217ae  No.16086917

File: d76d20b30cf5b0a⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1310x2000, 131:200, 8wdnlla6pkq11.png)

File: ceb25cfb6c7ce61⋯.jpg (170.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: d51c3673711a2d5⋯.jpg (571.64 KB, 2520x3870, 28:43, mTJ2hB0.jpg)

File: 4787d7d6fe2c225⋯.jpg (222.97 KB, 1360x1892, 340:473, StAtXvG.jpg)

File: a2d14fda4c1f48d⋯.jpg (218.43 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, RoCADpy.jpg)




I wish she had more fan art. She really does deserve more.


That is cute.

Valentine's event is tomorrow. I thought it was tonight, so the waiting is going to suck now.

efbd62  No.16086930

File: 5b22f24bf37094e⋯.jpg (1 MB, 4242x6369, 1414:2123, 1465266349564.jpg)



acdc1a  No.16087167


That pretty much invalidates the neat concept that when summoning modern heroic spirits you have to essentially summon the item which has become a Noble Phantasm and maybe have a wraith attached to it or a humanoid manifestation of itself.

b80653  No.16087628

Nasu is a hack writer and your fucking faggot waifus are trash.

Go jerk off to better gachashit if you niggers are that desperate.

Neck yourselves. Do your social system a favor.

b4c088  No.16087739

File: 37d20eaf4c280e7⋯.png (474.73 KB, 424x600, 53:75, aq9jtw280xe21.png)

>Enemy party def down + apply special attack vs. demonic to all allies for 3 turns

>Chance to seal 1 enemies NP (1 turn) + self NP charge 20-30% + NP damage up 3 turns

>Party damage cut 3 times 3 turns, debuff immune 1 time 3 turns and removal resist 1 time, 3 turns

>QQAAB with Arts NP deck

80dab0  No.16087759

Does the valentine chocolates from last year work this year? do you need to get chocolates from the same servants again?

d54d53  No.16087780


>the virgin 480p GIF

>vs. my CHAD 1080p WebM w/ audio


c2d81f  No.16087806

File: 874b4ac84ac9aa5⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 600x578, 300:289, f3dd9f98a9dd84150b9eb89fed….jpg)


>19 years since release

>more than 10 years since remake announcement

>still no remake

8f5883  No.16088166


You probably know this, but just to clarify that was never an actual concept. Nasu was making a statement that due to modern weaponry being so easy to use and master it's much harder for modern servants to be a thing, as it's much harder for modern people to become heroes. Thus he mused that perhaps the ez kill weapons themselves might become something like heroic spirits, but we've never actually seen such a thing in practice.

b0ec19  No.16089274


>The weapons themselves become heroic spirits

That's a terrible idea. It'd essentially be doing what Girls Frontline is already doing right now. He'd be better off making the original manufacturer a heroic spirit. There's no reason why Mr. Remington himself shouldn't be a heroic spirit of some renown. Nasu will probably make him weak as shit in favor of some literally who Japanese poet or Chinese bum tickler, though.

86be44  No.16089519


I know right? The Japanese author making a game for a majority Japanese audience has more information about famous people in Japan. It's retarded.

b4c088  No.16089537


Especially the woman who pretty much made the first novel and her writing style is used in many novels even nowadays..

0c7d51  No.16089541

File: 00e59f9c0399c11⋯.jpg (342.68 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 00e59f9c0399c11c0d0862f758….jpg)


>melty blood actress again current code xrth +r [st] HD never ever

b0ec19  No.16089597

File: c2f2af062306545⋯.jpg (75.88 KB, 396x382, 198:191, d020504490ac6bb10ef9039c07….jpg)


Excellent argument, my friend. We all know other similar historically-based games like Sid Meier's Civilization, a game about civilizations throughout history, is heavily biased towards Canadian civilizations and endless Canadian self-wanking. Or how about all of the bias towards the French in Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed games? Oh, and I'd be remiss not to mention how biased the Total War series is, being made by Britbongs and as such every game takes place in or around Britain.

a9ddce  No.16089628


Notice none of the titles you mention are focused on famous individuals from various places, entire civilizations, Sonic OC in famous periods, but never individuals.

823c93  No.16089635


No wait, Civilization has decided to focus on including women leaders while ignoring better men, and Total War has inserted entirely fictional female Roman generals into the game. So really, on par with FGO, only FGO doesn't pretend it's on the right side of history or whatever.

86d819  No.16089644


But are they cute tho

823c93  No.16089663

>>16089644 (checked)

FGO focuses on its primary audience, which is straight Japanese men who want to see cute girls, sexy women, and some cool guys to be GAR about. Its secondary audience is Japanese women (and gay Japanese men) who want to see cute boys and sexy men. The homos and foreigners are just gravy.

b0ec19  No.16089693

File: dab0816edf912cf⋯.png (2.8 MB, 4500x2234, 2250:1117, ClipboardImage.png)


>Never individuals

I beg to differ but I can't think of any games that fit such criteria at the moment. That's due in part to the fact that there's nothing very similar to the Fate series.

In any case, the point is that the game will get boring with too many Nips and boring swordsmen. See: Super Smash Bros. It's obvious how they're scraping the bottom of the barrel when there are plenty of kings and heroes and legends to draw from elsewhere. Rome, despite its prevalence in history, has only 5 heroes - 2 of which are portrayed so poorly they may as well have not even tried.

Pic related shows the problem best, but be aware it hasnt been updated for some time. If it was, expect even more Chinese and Japanese additions.

b4c088  No.16089705


Poor Ivan was left behind.

a9ddce  No.16089712


>double punishes for swimsuit versions


>includes Sonic OC characters

Fucking retarded. No one would care differently if EMIYA was from the US, he sticks out anyway. Him being Japanese barely relates to the issue and it's disingenious to include them.

b0ec19  No.16089929


That image in particular was just taken from some unrelated website. I didn't make it. Regardless, even without the OC characters, Japan alone has 6 more than the second most populated region - that one being England. If it was updated, you'd see even more in Japan.

1e8c30  No.16090078

File: 820c913f1e8d254⋯.jpg (232.44 KB, 1416x894, 236:149, DytRT5zVAAU-ER1.jpg)

konosuba team

84f5ba  No.16090162


>In any case, the point is that the game will get boring with too many Nips and boring swordsmen.

For you, their non-target audience. I don't know why you bitch about literal who Japs and Chinks when you're asking for the Jap devs to do, from their perspective, literal who Europeans. If anything, the places "most deserving" of servants are South America, Austrailia, and Africa, in that order. But I'm assuming you're not bitching because you want more niggers/abbos in the game.

18b988  No.16090173

File: fa6086c0e345c2a⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 360x203, 360:203, Kill everyone ITT, wait a ….gif)


d533f7  No.16090200




You sound like those SJWs that bitch about Japanese games not meeting Western standards, as if you're important to the Jap devs. Yes it has more of a Japanese focus, what did you expect from a company like Type-Moon?

d4912b  No.16090238


>saggy breats: the team

Never looking at these chicks the same after that episode.

b0ec19  No.16090314

File: b4dda9543d48466⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 150x150, 1:1, lilly.gif)


At the end of the day, they can decide to do what they wish with their gacha game. But inevitably, the game's lifespan will be affected by these small decisions and furthermore, it goes to show how feeble the Nip's mind is. For one thing, their Japanese/Chinese servants would look very similar, indeed, had they decided to go with a realistic appearance approach. The fact that they give them such a varied amount of unattainable (for Asians) hair and eye colors speaks volumes.

c8cb3f  No.16090336


Why is Billy on the East side of the U.S.? I know he was born in New York but he's the stereotypical Wild Western outlaw.

b0ec19  No.16090349


That map only lists places of birth, hence why Marie Antoinette is listed within Austria, Tesla in Siberia, etc. The one thing I'm curious about is why Illya is in Japan.

c8cb3f  No.16090355


This is some high class bait btw. You'd have to pretend to have never heard of anime or any sort of pop culture to come from Japan to actually make a statement like this. And I'm sure this anon isn't actually that retarded. Here's your (you) for the attempt.

c8cb3f  No.16090357


Oh. I didn't notice. As for Illya, that's primsa illya illya. I don't know if her backstory changes her birth location in that continuity.

d81183  No.16090421


She was born in Germany in Prisma too.

0c2750  No.16090439


That depends on where they sealed Kuro. Prisma Illya Illya was born when they sealed the original away.

096af6  No.16090569


She's Japanese via Kiritsugu and as another anon said it depends on where Kuro was sealed. At the very least, one can guess she was born in Germany but by virtue of her father and her being raised in Japan that makes her Japanese.

>Thus he mused that perhaps the ez kill weapons themselves might become something like heroic spirits

So boat girls and gun girls fit the criteria. Terrible idea as boats would all be Riders and guns Archers. Abyssals could be Avengers or even Foreigners if you want to take it into that territory. I'd rather have a collab with Madoka Magica since Nasu and Gen are friends plus Gen writing Lostbelt 3

d81183  No.16090590

File: d54fbd6e8881758⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [SNSbu] Fate kaleid liner ….png)


Looks like the Einzbern castle to me.

6217ae  No.16090877

File: 0530d28a3eb20b7⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 651x758, 651:758, 0530d28a3eb20b7ed769acd2ed….gif)


>why Illya is in Japan

OCs usually end up in the same or parallel country as the author/creator. Just look at Metal Gear Solid and how Snake was Japanese as well, even though Big Boss wasn't.


> by virtue of her father and her being raised in Japan that makes her Japanese.

She's also a homunculus too, so she could have been born anywhere.


I rolled on MHXA, but she didn't come. I'm hoping you all have better luck, but I need to save up for Summer Raikou now. Best of luck to you all!

86d819  No.16091021

File: 3e2b7c1dad704cc⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1269x709, 1269:709, unknown[1].png)


c85f70  No.16091028


Though I kinda feel like a way to make it a bit more interesting is have concepts be fused to the spirit of the inventor that invented the weapon/thing. Like say Karl Benz as a heroic spirit because since the car after a while is so well known and could qualify as a heroic spirit just by extension of that.

I'd love Richard Gatling as a Heroic Spirit if going by that Qualification

03695a  No.16091064

File: 36852f5add5a3b1⋯.png (84.06 KB, 300x285, 20:19, smugnito.png)


>I'm so glad I was born

5f4eda  No.16091488

File: e4f9bd0a3975dac⋯.png (2.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-02-07-10-0….png)


I'm sorry Mr. Dubsman, I took your luck with a 1 roll.

b4c088  No.16091519


I got lolidusa.

80dab0  No.16091543

the best farming nodes dont come till 2/08 so save your nodes and apples till then

389120  No.16091578


I just wanted the Kiritsugu CE but I got NTR knight instead.

f5e94e  No.16092092

File: b2cf91c5688d9b5⋯.jpg (59.42 KB, 480x639, 160:213, IMG_0143.JPG)

File: 70362d8d09cefc3⋯.png (964.53 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, tyranny.png)

Never forget.

9251e9  No.16092473


I got her using the tickets they gave today, but it's a pain because she's not very good, and I don't even play the game outside of a token once a month "play" because the game is complete trash gameplay wise

f7c6f5  No.16093162

>you will never be drugged and raped by Tamamo Lancer

>why live

debd9e  No.16093455

File: c4052e5a7244f1b⋯.png (780.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-02-07-20-4….png)

File: 72d000623d990ff⋯.png (913.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-02-07-20-4….png)


0bb10d  No.16093468

File: 3ae973850933922⋯.png (161.74 KB, 397x401, 397:401, Mommy below the bed.png)

File: d83944471d6c821⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1448x1448, 1:1, sneak into bed trio.png)

File: 252ccc7a4581a0a⋯.png (847.76 KB, 643x937, 643:937, Mommy peeking angry.png)


i can imagine she gets pissed if you tell her you got chocolate from other servants

c8cb3f  No.16093471


Nice screenshots nerd

a3386f  No.16095620

File: 848a0c6f7e8969b⋯.jpg (220.69 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, dafac3b3f761767475b0262eff….jpg)


>you will never summon Astolfo (Bride)

c7d809  No.16095625


Cocksleeves aren't for marrying.

a3386f  No.16095637


Please don't use bad words in this thread, it's illegal.

84f5ba  No.16095640


You're completely correct, the proper term is semen receptacle.

a3386f  No.16095645

File: c18e85ff13940ff⋯.png (86.21 KB, 295x298, 295:298, 1533700717.png)



Astolfo might be a bastard and a moron but he's not someone's toy. He's loyal and caring.

84f5ba  No.16095657

File: 05f8f951192f034⋯.jpg (88.75 KB, 564x520, 141:130, 1f41a9698d766b9d363c1a7e2e….jpg)


>he's not someone's toy.

He literally went on a journey to serve as many cocks as possible with his new probably immortal servant body after Apocrypha ended. He's not someone's toy he's everyone's toy.

c7d809  No.16095659


>He's loyal

To dicks.

>and caring

Caring about big dicks.

a3386f  No.16095667

File: b79b0ab335fa684⋯.png (366.8 KB, 709x709, 1:1, 1532912394.png)



Only the dead can know peace from this bullying.

efbd62  No.16095673


Kuro is the fake. Prisma Illya is what she was meant to be without the 400 generations of Einzbern memories or whatever they programmed into her.

223458  No.16095701


Memory alteration doesn't give you a new place of origin. If you're born in America then get a concussion and lose all your memories on a trip to Europe, does that retroactively make you born in Europe, or a European citizen? Or are you still an American, even if you can't remember being from America?


Astolfo will cheat on you with as many men and women as he possibly can, just to win a bet. He's a massive slut and does not value monogamy whatsoever.

cd0f76  No.16095713

Is Apocrypha worth watching? I really only wanna because of Astolfo. But at the same time from what I've seen, the audio for sound effects is all fucked. Like Berserk levels of CLANG.

b4c088  No.16095723


Not really.

84f5ba  No.16095729


Audio levels are shit, writing overall is shit, pacing is shit. I'd say characterization is "good" but since the writer is a hack he can't even handle the interesting characters he was given. He kills so many servants before they get a proper chance of being anything. Sieg is everything secondaries accuse Shirou of being, a retard who runs around getting himself into danger only to get his ass saved by some plot device he didn't earn. Some of the animation effects are "okay" but overall the anime is less than mediocre. Astolfo is unironically the best part of the show but that's because everyone else is either a terrible character or is a good character who gets killed way too early.

cd0f76  No.16095733


Well that's a shame. Not unsurprising though.

223458  No.16095746


It's terrible. It's better than Last Encore, but then again, what isn't? Astolfo gets far too much screentime and feels like he should have been a minor side character, instead of the main servant. The main character is an absurd mary sue, basically Nero levels of retarded bullshit, except unlike Nero, he doesn't even have a trace of a personality. He's literally a cardboard cutout. His near complete lack of a personality has an attempted justification in-plot, but it falls flat, because if you're going to make someone the main character of something you shouldn't just go "Oh, he has no personality, but it's a plot point so that makes it okay". It's a retarded, low effort cop out that doesn't even work. It's not even like they couldn't write interesting characters, they were capable of doing so, which is probably the only thing the anime has going for it. They just had no idea where to go with the ones they did have. Some characters were very interesting or likeable, but ultimately pointless, and got far too little screentime in favor of the bland mary sue. The plot is full of nonsense and it feels like they scrapped everything and re-wrote it halfway through, or maybe just had no idea where they were going from the start. I'm assuming you've played Grand Order enough to realize Amakusa exists which will spoil what is probably the best and most interesting twist the anime has.

7da858  No.16095761


It's a shounen fightan' anime with a typical Fate ending in which the protagonist endures great suffering and loss but comes out with some semblance of a victory. The core story handles Sieg coming to terms with his nature as an artificial creature with a finite, meaningless life but most of the interesting nuance is absent from the anime.

84f5ba  No.16095772

File: 24ff0dceb2f2ae6⋯.png (148.16 KB, 500x633, 500:633, Dragon Dick.png)


I'd only say it's worth watching if you're already a Fate fan in general, it's worthless otherwise but for the few scenes that are intense servant fights those are satisfying.


>Astolfo gets far too much screentime and feels like he should have been a minor side character, instead of the main servant.

Astolfo is the only character in the plot who lives long enough to be something other than "generic good guy" or "generic bad guy". He's a faggot but if you already like Astolfo obviously that wouldn't stop you. I would say I wish at least one other servant survived long enough to play the straight man to him, but Higashide decided that would be Sieg/Jeanne and it ruins everything. Hell, Mordred/Astolfo interactions would probably be the easiest set up for hysterical nonsense but no, we don't get that.


>but comes out with some semblance of a victory.

They didn't convey this in the anime well but the Jeanne in the Throne spent eternity breaking out of it to get some dragon dick. There isn't a semblance of victory, Sieg gets his fucking happy ending and it's garbage.

cce178  No.16095829


Everyone else already highlighted the issues apoc had. I personally had some fun watching it, but fuck if I'd watch it again. I think Sieg as a concept is pretty alright, but he would have worked so much better as a side character and with far less plot armor saving his homunculus ass every fight. The sound design is FUCKING AWFUL and let no one say otherwise. The servants are so-so, the anime did a very poor job at making me care about every team except Sisigo/Mordred and Amakusa/Semiramis and a few servants like Achilles and Karna. I'm still fucking assmad that Siegfried just can't have an entry in this franchise where he's a legitimate fighter, and they especially did my boy dirty in Apoc.

Apoc would have been so much more enjoyable if Sisigo and Mordred had just been the main characters to be honest, they were by far the most enjoyable thing to ever come out of Apoc.

84f5ba  No.16095867




Who motivation only being lust for Amakusa dick is garbage. Medea is similar, but her and Snake Fist had far better execution as far as how interesting their relationship was.

b0ec19  No.16095883


Or isnt given enough screen time like Shakespeare or Spartacus.

6f0744  No.16095889

File: ccf051ff5cfc2da⋯.jpg (427.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190207-095025….jpg)

File: ecb57f741422556⋯.jpg (406.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190207-095039….jpg)

File: c59555457f28c6d⋯.jpg (622.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190207-095216….jpg)

>Get Mode Rider's chocolate first thing

>Mata Hari set up Mode's attempt at the pocky game because she realized Mo has feelings for me

Surprisingly wholesome. Actually, doesn't Mata Hari want a family more than anything else?

Hope I can get at least NP3 Seiba Mode when I roll for NEET Alter.


Even speaking as a massive Mordredfag I say fuck no. If you really want to check it out just read the light novel and watch the Achilles vs Chiron fight on YouTube or something, it's the only good one aside from maybe Mordred vs Semiramis.



Really sucks how he gets shafted in pretty much all of his appearances. I'm curious how well he'd do in a setting like Zero's, I'd imagine the Einzberns would've summoned him as a backup plan if they couldn't find Avalon, and being summoned in Germany should give him a decent boost. He might just be pissed off at them for using the Rheingold to make the Grail though.

cd0f76  No.16095973

File: ba609065bf520e3⋯.jpg (41.12 KB, 900x1125, 4:5, DxvvgZvW0AANI0r.jpg large.jpg)

So what I'm getting here is choosing from gachashit "games", terrible anime, and just memes or porn. I blame gacha addicted otaku for this franchise having any relevance….

dc6897  No.16096015


It was already pretty popular before FGO. Not that it didn't make it even more mainstream but still, far from obscure.

84f5ba  No.16096062


>I blame gacha addicted otaku for this franchise having any relevance….

The gacha would never have existed in the first place were the franchise not popular. Fate/Zero is pointed to as the start of the decline of Fate, as, even though it's a good story, it started the trend of the Fate setting being let out like a used whore to writers like Higashide.

b7c857  No.16096066



What is the appeal of Fate? I refuse to check it out for the sole basis that it looks like design-by-committee bullshit made to appeal to as many weebs as possible

6f0744  No.16096069

File: b29833746b3ec1a⋯.png (75.57 KB, 680x383, 680:383, b48.png)

>Tell me why I should like this thing I've already decided I don't like

84f5ba  No.16096073

>>16096062 (You)

>What is the appeal of Fate? I refuse to check it out for the sole basis that it looks like design-by-committee bullshit made to appeal to as many weebs as possible

Are you asking about the franchise as a whole or the original Fate/Stay Night that started all of it?

b7c857  No.16096179


Franchise as a whole.

Is it actually good? Is there decent story telling beneath what looks like just "lmao memes and anime titties xD"

7da858  No.16096235


>What is the appeal of Fate?

This really looks like bait, but I'll bite. There's generally two ends to the broad Fate series. The protagonists and their arcs, and the other end is (likely) what you refer to as "design-by-committee bullshit".

On the former end, Nasu has a preference for creating characters who are in someway "disordered" within society. In cases like Ryougi/Tohno, they have instincts which put them at odds with the normal human world. Characters like Kiritsugu and Shirou on the other hand function within society but in some regard view it in a fundamentally incorrect way. The story as it focuses on these characters generally looks at how they struggle to exist in a world far greater than they are, a reality that often comes with considerable loss and an ending that is neither happy or sad but rather an ending that allows the character to capture what is important to them. Antagonists often follow a similar route, choosing to live against society rather than to find compromise with it.

Servants, on the other hand, are quite often handled by a "rule of cool" origin. Nasu likes for things to be fun and interesting and isn't as concerned with making things grounded if it somehow inhibits that. A joke within the community is that "archers don't use bows", owing to the fact that a considerable number of "Archer" class servants use different weapons entirely, including even swords. Character writing is equal parts deeply serious, as it reflects on the myths and histories of the characters, and lighthearted, as it recognizes the fact that the cast includes everyone from a nameless samurai to a celtic queen in a bikini.

First and foremost I'd acknowledge it as a series that aims to be fun and is aware of that fact. If you're interested in profound depth and deep moral stories then you would be better off picking up a book. But it tries, and succeeds, to be an overwhelmingly fun franchise.

a3386f  No.16096269


Essentially what this guy says.

Fate is really character-centric, one of the reasons why it meshes with the gacha system at all.

Plus it's battle royale. Everyone loves battle royale. Even /v/ loved the concept of battle royale before games like PUBG and its clones sold it to the mouthbreathers. You can't deny this.

b7c857  No.16096319


Well, if it aims to be fun, I can accept that. Fun things are fun, so I guess I'll check out the anime or something.

571e69  No.16096334


it's just mobileshit. a few anons will tell you it's really good but I'm here to tell you, anyone sane with an IQ above double-digits would play an actual game.

84f5ba  No.16096336


>Is there decent story telling beneath what looks like just "lmao memes and anime titties xD"

There's definitely decent story telling, it's just mixed in with garbage since it became a franchise with multiple writers. Nasu's style is distinct and it's very obvious when he's writing, (This isn't to say Nasu can't fuck up, Last Encore proves that) but when Nasu starts doing a good job it's very entertaining because of his world-building and character motivations, his strongest point and the reason the franchise exists in the first place. The reason Fate was able to explode into the franchise that it is today was because of this robust template that allows you to churn historical figures into waifus, what I am assuming is you complaint about "design by committee". The way it was originally done was interesting from a Tabletop kind of way (in the original Visual Novel Heracles is even described as being "unaffected by attacks below a certain "rank" and immune once he was) with even an in game character sheet popping up for servants. The servant template is incredibly easy to take as another anon said, "rule of cool" approach to history, as all you need is

>someone famous

>what they would wish for if they had the chance to have anything

>famous feats/weapons to translate into skills and an ultimate weapon

This last one is important, under Nasu rules, even concepts can become powerful weapons. Yes obviously Excalibur is a famous powerful sword, but this allows Nasu to allow character traits to become weaponized, for instance, the fact that Heracles was famous for bravely facing challenges in life has high resistance to "mental attacks".

After that is of course his character motivations, which anon points out partially here >>16096235 but that's a bit too flowery for what typically happens in Fate, and it's mostly only true of Fate/Stay Night (Nasu's best work and the original). Nasu typically does with historical figures is instead give them a far more "humane vibe" and a "continuation" to their stories. For instance, you may know of the tale of Jason and the Argonauts, which involves a certain witch named Medea. Medea was mind controlled by falling in love with Jason via Aphrodite, and tricked into killing her brother and scattering his remains to delay the king, along with helping him get the fleece in general. Later on he would then dump her and leave her alone, spiteful and angry for giving her the sensation of love and then abandoning her when she was no longer useful. Nasu then says, how did Medea feel about this after the fact? How does she feel about Jason? Is it really only purely hate now or does she just wish Jason would return affection to her still to this day? Is all Medea want is to be loved properly if she were revived? You then mix this character with their motivations by throwing them into a huge conflict with other historical figures with similar issues and give them the ability to fight using the above template described.

I would also say Nasu simultaneously explores interesting themes while maintaining "rule of cool" operations at all times. You don't just get sophistry, you get to watch King Arthur fight Heracles and see how those two would face off.

This is what I would describe as the main appeal of Fate, don't play Grand Order though, it's a terrible fucking game gameplaywise and the only redeeming factor is the story locked inside it.


If you're going to bother with Fate at all, read the original Visual Novel, Fate/Stay Night. No anime yet has done justice for Shirou's character motivations. Shirou is possibly the most interesting character I've ever seen to come out of Japanese media you just can't experience it without reading his thoughts.

84f5ba  No.16096341


>it's just mobileshit. a few anons will tell you it's really good but I'm here to tell you, anyone sane with an IQ above double-digits would play an actual game.

>one game is the entire franchise

No one in the FGO thread ever unironically recommends playing the mobage. The mobage is garbage and can be observed from a distance to the same effect. The majority of these thread before cuckchan invasion at least was here only for the story and lore and that's it.

096af6  No.16096377


You will hear pretty much everywhere that Karna deserved better.

Love your Karnas like Aoi Yuuki does, anons, because Higashide fucked him over. On that, didn't he write Septem?


At the very least Zero and Lostbelt 3 were written by Urobuchi which at this point I'd rather have only him and Nasu doing the story, lest we get another Nero chapter.

1bb681  No.16096383

Week 1 player: I play the game only for the hentai doujins.

The end.

84f5ba  No.16096396


>You will hear pretty much everywhere that Karna deserved better.

That's the problem though, Higashide probably felt he could just throw Karna into the mix because he should have already been fleshed out by CCC. Karna deserves more definitely but since his character arc concluded in a different work, there was little to do with him. The only thing left for Karna is another Arjuna face off and sadly we got that and it was offscreen and garbage in America.

>On that, didn't he write Septem?

No individual writers are credited for the singularities, events will, such as Prisma Illya and Accel Order, but fans can only infer. The one that most people are certain Higashide wrote was Argatha because of Hydra-wank and Astolfo being important again.

>At the very least Zero and Lostbelt 3 were written by Urobuchi which at this point I'd rather have only him and Nasu doing the story, lest we get another Nero chapter.

Reminder that Nasu originally made Nero and that Nero is unironically a good character when she's getting treated as the monster she deserves to be treated as. The arrival of Whore of Babylon Nero can not come soon enough. Septem suffered because it focused on Nero as a waifu rather than a character with her own narrative.

86d819  No.16096399

Karna's defeat in Apocrypha was one of the most annoying points of the show for me. It was absolute garbage before and after but that one fight holy shit

b4c088  No.16096463


>lest we get another Nero chapter

Agartha is worse.

0c2750  No.16096594


There is no possible way that is true. Agartha may be shit but Septem didn't even have writing really.

84f5ba  No.16096605


A lack of writing is better than

>canon NTR

>Astolfo running around in a High School outfit

>Shota pandering

>Best boy turning out to be a bad guy

>poorly drawn brown Caster

>Reverse rape cartels

>Heracles needing a buff

80dab0  No.16096633


There was a JP poll about which chapters people liked and there was only 1 vote for Agartha with people joking that only the writer voted for it which should give you an idea.

>Astolfo running around in a High School outfit

You say that like its a bad thing

84f5ba  No.16096669


Only when the outfit doesn't look like a real one and completely washes out Astolfo's pallet because the artist is a retard.

c3b2be  No.16096671


>without the 400 generations of Einzbern memories or whatever they programmed into her

That's some retarded bullshit you believe, m8.


No. There's like a handful of good parts, but overall it's not very good at all.

So much wasted potential thrown at a B-writer like Higashide.


>but most of the interesting nuance is absent from the anime.

The novels don't do it any better either, really. For such a huge "artificial humans"-vibe, they really did nothing at all with it.



The works with porn in them from TM are unironically the best. This is pretty much an indisputable fact.


>design-by-committee bullshit

For the later entries maybe, but definitely not for the earlier works. It just made by massive autists. Nasu loves his ancient philosophy and broken characters, Takeuchi loves his moe and keeps Nasu focused and Urobuchi is a huge martial arts nerd. So it all blends together into something chuuni as fuck which might seem like it's been made by corporate committees or some shit.


What he said is right, but the thing is, all the anime are shit.

84f5ba  No.16096694


>The novels don't do it any better either, really. For such a huge "artificial humans"-vibe, they really did nothing at all with it.

>have fucking Frankenstein in your cast for an "artificial human" story

>throw her away in the first big conflict

>Mordred not mentioning or being bothered about being a homuculus either

All this set up Nasu gave Higashide and I'm still fucking mad.

>What he said is right, but the thing is, all the anime are shit.

I'd say Fate/Zero is a good anime and that ufotable UBW and HF are good after reading the VN.

c3b2be  No.16096707


>I'd say Fate/Zero is a good anime and that ufotable UBW and HF are good after reading the VN.

Fate/Zero is like 8/10, but it doesn't quite capture the sheer manic joy Urobuchi had for writing that shit. It's still good, but I'd recommend reading it first.

Ufotable in general is "read the original first and then enjoy the eye-candy" when it comes to Fate. For KnK they're arguable the superior alternative. Okay, I might have been a little bit hyperbolic. Carnival Phantasm and Cooking at Emiya's are good.

6f0744  No.16096722


>poorly drawn brown Caster

Please explain, I know nothing about art and I'm interested in seeing criticisms that aren't just reddit bitching about tits bigger than a b-cup


>Mordred not mentioning or being bothered about being a homunculus either

There was that bit where she killed Astolfo's master and outright told the bitch to 'shut the fuck up' after she was giving Sieg shit over how he was 'just a tool', but nothing outside of it. Fuck, there was even a scene of Mordred putting down a rebellion in a flashback where the leader's main complaint was that 'the King doesn't understand humans. It's easy to assume Mordred didn't care because of her "King Arthur is perfect and can do no wrong" mentality at the moment, but there could've at least been a line mentioning Mordred doesn't see a problem with the King not being human because she isn't human either.

b4c088  No.16096747


Not him but I despise how Raita drew Scherezade because she looks WAY too black to the point she doesn't look like a person.

Then again I despise her for what she did to Drake.

84f5ba  No.16096782

File: eb3b10469f3cc10⋯.png (329.95 KB, 512x724, 128:181, ScheherazadeStage3.png)


Before I start for the record I like Raiko so this isn't about the tits (though Raita has serious issues with finger proportions) girls are just going to look like for waifubait shit. I mostly take issue with Schez's face, the artist tries to go for this "oiled" look but it makes it look like she has no facial structure and it's just a muddy mess. The artist can't decide if she has nigger lips or not. She's basically naked but the artist decided this was free cause to attach dozens of stupid tiny dangly jewlery all over that's chaotic and ruins the cohesion. Coloring is shit. She's got nigger skin, rainbow eyelashes, yellow face tattoos red/pink lamp, blue eyes, and black/gold jewlery with red/green/blue jewelery and it's awful. Most of this is leveled at her final ascension, her first one isn't so bad because the artist has the decency to cover her shitty face.




You moron, you absolute retard. Namaniku ATK is the fucking artist you faggot.

84f5ba  No.16096798


Oh I forgot one last note, her legs aren't properly attached to her body. The artist doesn't know how that works evidently given the "crease" he tried to add but the hips are structured incorrectly (note: not too big, that isn't the issue, the basic shape is wrong.) and her thigh are retardedly long, like freakishly. Normal human thighs are about even with how long the torso is, her thighs basically reach from the top of her head to her hips, this is most evident when you look at her back leg.

0c2750  No.16096871


Raita didn't draw Scherezade. Namaniku ATK did.

da967c  No.16097333

File: f5bdbf84d4086f5⋯.png (4.34 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, CC9768DA-FDF5-4FA0-8276-3B….png)

>kid gilgamesh lets you take your harem of servant girls to his water park

>and, if you like, the male servants too

What an absolute bro. I’d even let him marry my daughter, Nursery Rhyme

8f5883  No.16097361


Don't forget what he becomes. Are you sure you're comfortable handing over your daughter to a collector?

He'd probably be a giant whale in phone games too

84f5ba  No.16097369


Would he though? Gilgamesh doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that would bother on normal gambling let alone gacha shit. His vault already contains everything why would he gamble?

8f5883  No.16097372


How can you say you own everything if you don't have a copy of every waifu?

84f5ba  No.16097375


He does have a copy of every waifu. Enkidu can shapeshift into any waifu.

b0ec19  No.16097388


I think by design his vault should have at least one phone with FGO installed and every servant unlocked within it.

84f5ba  No.16097398


This implies that Gilgamesh stores abstract information in his vault. He would have a phone but does Gilgamesh put any worth into data itself? He doesn't wax philosophical as his opinion is the only one that matters to him, so he doesn't care about that sort of stuff, so why should he care about an abstract collection of 1s and 0s? Would Gilgamesh be a Linuxfag? On a different note, I don't know how big Gilgamesh was on slavery in Fate. His entire spiel in F/SN about the 10 labourers was that each one was important and he couldn't kill any of them. In addition Babylon makes it seems like he treated his subjects as subjects definitely, but not as inhumane workforce, just people that were by default something to be directed by him.

8f5883  No.16097400


But it would have to have a version of FGO that's one rank higher. So is it a console game? But if it's a console game is it still the same gacha? If it's not then does he really have a better version of FGO or something else entirely?

Polite sage because this has just become a three tiered shitpost

b0ec19  No.16097429


I think the one rank higher part is what gives him every servant in the game, all of them maxed out.

54aeb1  No.16097447

This seems like a decent thread to ask this. The only Fate thing I know about is Fate/Stay Night, I have the VN on my computer but haven't read it yet. The series seems to be bloated to fuck, so to anyone who is familiar with it: how are the various Fate additions connected and which are worth bothering with?

If it's relevant, I hate gacha in all forms and smartphone games in general. Gachi is fine though.

b0ec19  No.16097453

File: 9632cb5538cc976⋯.gif (676.49 KB, 500x280, 25:14, ilya.gif)


How far into the series you want to go truly differs on a player-by-player basis. If you want to know what I did, I started with Fate/Stay Night, watched the anime adaptation for UBW, moved on to Hollow Ataraxia, played Fate/Extra, played Tsukihime (relevant only for the next part) and then watched Carnival Phantasm. You can probably stop there if you want. Apocrypha isn't worth it and the Prisma Illya series is a slog and sucks compared to other magical girl anime like Ojamajo Doremi or Cardcaptor Sakura.

84f5ba  No.16097456

File: 6cdfc4666b47023⋯.png (5.86 MB, 2933x3894, 2933:3894, Fate Infographic fixed.png)


This image hasn't been updated in a while but an anon from here made it. Shows how things are basically connected. For my personal recommendations

>read the Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel

>read the Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Visual Novel

>read the Fate/Zero light novel

>do exactly one playthrough of Fate/Extra with Tamamo or Nero depending on whose doujins you fap more to

>cry because Fate/Extra CCC was never translated

>watch any anime adaption that was made by ufotable

The rest range from mediocre to garbage depending on who did it so it's up to you if after Stay Night you realize you really like it.

c3b2be  No.16097459

File: 6cdfc4666b47023⋯.png (5.86 MB, 2933x3894, 2933:3894, Fate guide1.png)

File: 7319f3df8e53ad2⋯.jpg (2.8 MB, 4013x6429, 4013:6429, fate guide2.jpg)

File: 708f2534417bbc7⋯.png (1.76 MB, 2515x1817, 2515:1817, Fate meme chart.png)


Start with the VN, go in with the mindset that it's all about exploring the main character's mind. If he seems retarded or stupid, try to figure out what makes him tick in that situation. Usually there's a reason why he's doing something.

Everything else can come afterwards if you actually like the setting. Here's some old charts if you want for when you start branching out.

54aeb1  No.16097472

wew that was fast. thanks for the direction anons.

I'll read the VN then go to hollow ataraxia.

b0ec19  No.16097482


Good. Remember the importance of going in blind, though. I couldn't imagine how ruined Fate/Stay Night would be if I knew of the important plot points beforehand.

84f5ba  No.16097484


Like *gasp* how Saber is King Arthur?!

But seriously don't watch the anime for Stay Night before reading the visual novel.

8f5883  No.16097494


These charts remind me of how nervous I need to be about Requiem. I don't understand the point of having something that sounds like it should just be in Grand Order considering the already huge amount of servants, and instead turning it into a light novel plot.

c3b2be  No.16097498

File: 189ab9b24b7fb3b⋯.jpg (166.54 KB, 741x600, 247:200, Fate Stay Night.jpg)

File: 30c34c47383cbdf⋯.png (18.63 KB, 1102x194, 551:97, fate summary plot 27465096….png)

File: b36ab52c451a255⋯.jpg (974.78 KB, 2131x1922, 2131:1922, fate weg.jpg)


This; don't use a walkthrough. The bad endings are a punishment of sorts, it's not about "what's the most reasonable choice in this situation" usually, but rather about "how would Emiya Shirou react in this situation".


As a pretty big fan of Shirou, I can say that I watched the Deen anime first and absolutely loathed the Shirou after that. It was only around the end of the Fate route that I realized how much I enjoyed the autistic little swordfuck.


I've been ignoring the fuck out of that, did it start airing yet?

8f5883  No.16097509


No, the first novel comes out at the end of the year. It's just the plot sounds really, really stupid. Judging a book by its cover and all though.

84f5ba  No.16097510


>I've been ignoring the fuck out of that, did it start airing yet?

It's a Light Novel, so no, it probably won't start airing until an anime is greenlit for it.

c3b2be  No.16097513

File: e1ec5a0dbe57b56⋯.jpg (18.72 KB, 675x72, 75:8, shirou knows clocks are de….jpg)

File: 850008d6aae4466⋯.png (109.65 KB, 800x130, 80:13, shirou sakura sdfghrf qq.png)

File: 7437dcff220b217⋯.png (336.24 KB, 800x600, 4:3, sakura shirou is a sexist ….png)



Right, must have confused it for the Case Files anime. Still sounds stupid as fuck.

54aeb1  No.16097515


No worries, I assume most people here are the kind to read a book before watching its movie adaptation.


My usual strategy is to make safety saves at decisions and go back to them after finishing whatever route I'm on. Then once I've done the alt routes I'll use the walkthrough for true ending. If there is any reason I should not do this in this instance it would be nice to know.

c3b2be  No.16097522


>If there is any reason I should not do this in this instance it would be nice to know.

No, that's a good method. I made a save for every choice and still have them marked for each bad end. Sometimes go and re-read them, since some of them are really interesting.

8f5883  No.16097525


Forewarning that some of the bad ends can get fucklong, so don't think you're safe just because you don't immediately get killed

d5ac72  No.16097526


>how are the various Fate additions connected

Strictly speaking about continuity, Fate/Zero is Stay Night's prequel which explored the 4th HGW from every master's perspective. It heavily spoils a lot of shit from Stay Night, particularly for the Heaven's Feel route, so you should approach it only once you have finished Stay Night or just don't give a fuck. I haven't read the novels, but the anime was pretty good.

Also, F/SN is continued by Hollow Ataraxia, which has some pretty good shit. Definitely worth a read if you enjoyed Stay Night and want to see some SN servants developed even further and how they would react to everyday life situations. You also get to know best boy Angry Man Jew who did nothing wrong.

Outside of that, the rest of the entries are in completely different universes. Fate/Extra, for example, takes place in an alternate world where magic died out and mages decided that hacking shit was cool, so they switched vocations to tech wizards. The games take place in the Moon Cell, an unknown entity in outer space, that is said to grant the power to grant any wish. It is unironically the only entry that had a legitimate HGW where shit didn't go off the fucking rails halfway through, and it has a ton of pretty cool lore. The servants are also really damn good, and it has a really great mechanic where you must research your enemy's servants before you fight them for real to get a shot at their identities, giving you a major boost during the final showdown. Just don't take a look at GO before playing Extra because it spoils their identities.

>and which are worth bothering with?

Extra is pretty alright if you wanna play a straight HGW with your chosen waifu or GARcher, just keep in mind the RPS gameplay gets boring. CCC translation never fucking ever, Extella is supposedly pretty shit and Extella Link is supposedly a bit less shit, I haven't played those so feel free to correct me if needed.

You can read everyone's opinions about Apocrypha in the earlier posts. It's okay, but not worth watching if you're not a hardcore fan. Just watch any scene with Sisigo and Mordred and you're golden.

Grand Order is a very mixed bag. It has a lot of pretty cool lore and some great new characters (like Dantés or King Hassan), as well as some new versions of old servants that paint them in a new light (like Gorgon). The story is SHIT in the first few chapters. Once it reaches the Camelot singularity, however, it gets really damn good. If you're interested, you could just read a summary from the first few singularities and then watch the story from Camelot onwards. Do not get into the actual gachashit unless you really know what you're getting yourself into. JUST DON'T.

2a6177  No.16097719

File: 58ca8175681e512⋯.jpg (86.86 KB, 758x537, 758:537, archerbilly.jpg)


Do you like what you see?

0c2750  No.16097768


Extella is shit gameplaywise but worth suffering through just for Altera

571e69  No.16097874


>The majority of these thread before cuckchan invasion at least was here only for the story and lore and that's it.

so not video games? I wonder why Mark still allows this threads.

d93bce  No.16098092

File: 037f76c617aaade⋯.png (1.21 MB, 707x1508, 707:1508, Galahad the Hedgeheg.png)


The first volume released at the end of last year, from what I've read it seems even worse than expected.

8f5883  No.16098407


Shit. You're right. I'm retarded and forgot what year it was.

Good to know it's as bad as it seems then

86d819  No.16099035

File: 8f92f5245b6788f⋯.jpg (36.96 KB, 192x171, 64:57, haha this is my favorite r….jpg)


>worse than expected

I cannot imagine it. Do they retroactively rape the existing servants in their spirit origin or something?

84f5ba  No.16099467


>visual novels aren't video games

>2 RPGs on the PSP aren't video games

>4 fighting games

>2 Musou games

>Mark has already stated that gacha is videogames too

You don't really know what you're talking about do you?

7cc8d2  No.16099848

File: 94737f971fae96b⋯.gif (2.16 MB, 336x294, 8:7, 59B41968-806E-4C83-9574-FE….gif)

Don’t be afraid to blow all your Saint Quartz

also enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your favorite servant

cause you’ll probably be alone irl

8f5883  No.16100739


From the looks of it, the plot centers around a 14 year old girl who has the job of "servant killer", because this takes place in Akihabara after a grail war where everyone in the world now has a grail and a servant or something. Her job is then killing the servants without a master. Of course, she has no servant herself until the book happens so how she was at all proficient at this job is a mystery.

Apparently there's also shit like servant battles in arenas becoming a televised sport or some shit, with announcers including osakabehime and Teach.

The book's main plot is about stopping a servant turning other servants/masters into zombies.

This is just the bits and pieces I can find, but I can't imagine this turning out good. It almost sounds like a parody/comedy.

84f5ba  No.16100777


Apparently her Grandma won the "Last Holy Grail War" with her super special Jesus Nail techniques. MC probably has some bullshit power even though her grandma is still alive.

d93bce  No.16100846




As far as I know the MC has "evil spirits" possessing her, which of course allows her to kill servants. The tournament is exactly as stupid as it sounds, Blackbeard and Circe are commentators and the whole LN is full of retarded fan service.

The zombies are the work of a nigger voodoo goddess and she kills off the interesting servants.

Oh, and apparently the MC is going to Fuyuki, so I'm expecting even more fan service in the next volumes.

There's more in the Beast's Lair thread if you can tolerate the redditors there.

84f5ba  No.16100878

File: 9e311fb71ee2730⋯.png (340.81 KB, 660x680, 33:34, shit_taste.png)


>only first novel

>immediate tournament arc

This forebodes poorly.

4098ae  No.16100900



>servant battle arena


Yeah I hope its parody/comedy because that does sound more retarded than Mordred.

84f5ba  No.16101117


Apparently one of the Servants, Kundry Rider, can use Projection. Shirou is no longer a special snowflake.

2d1fac  No.16101243

File: e5458cb51b30c9d⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190209-041423.png)

File: 137b0428f59e15a⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1011x569, 1011:569, Nox_2019-02-09_18-58-47.png)

Best farming nodes unlocking soon. Are you guys gonna clear all of your servants CE's or just going with your favorites?

I'm here to post pics because I love my Nito & da Vinci chan

8f5883  No.16101271


Liking Da Vinci is just as bad as liking Astolfo, at least in the sexual sense

84f5ba  No.16101278


That entirely depends on if Da Vinci has a puss puss.

2d1fac  No.16101311

File: d11396ea5bb5c69⋯.png (23.16 KB, 503x253, 503:253, bond 5.png)

File: 28f9450b5e41cb9⋯.jpg (500.74 KB, 738x1000, 369:500, __fou_and_leonardo_da_vinc….jpg)


That's fine anon I'll like her so you don't have to!


She can change things around but that's not exclusive to her. Any servant with the morph skill can do the same I believe.

d4912b  No.16101315

File: 2df812d025443d2⋯.jpg (59.55 KB, 600x540, 10:9, ajrk.jpg)

File: 753205c244dc77d⋯.gif (962.75 KB, 637x900, 637:900, acuteboat.gif)

Bumping with boats.

84f5ba  No.16101323


And Astolfo doesn't have the Morph skill, so it's a fundamentally different discussion about whether or not it's gay to fuck Da Vinci or Astolfo.

6217ae  No.16101370


I'm going to unlock them all then get all of the mats. Are both even CEs worth getting or should I just focus on mlbing one of them?

2d1fac  No.16101431


Invul pierce & divine attack are pretty niche but still very solid CEs to pick up. Full attack stats and NP charge always has a use and you'll want them for farming the nodes if you have nothing from previous valentines or the gacha CEs. It's the servant CEs that have no real use besides xp bomb fodder after the event is over.

84f5ba  No.16101446


Nigger the event is 2 weeks long you should have time to MLB both with ease.

35a851  No.16101452


If I'm correct no CE from this Valentine event ever becomes relevant again in events so keep that in mind. The store CE have pierce invincible or 30% more damage to divine so pick the one that's more useful to you. At MLB they provide 50% NP gauge at start which is nothing new.

a3d647  No.16101457


>Not having both event CE already MLB

84f5ba  No.16101460


There's no reason not to get both as you can never have enough 50% charge CEs. Sure, there are very few times you want them over Golden Sumo but that doesn't matter.


Fucking this

277e1b  No.16101501


I can't care about this event. It looks like a god damned chore.

48677f  No.16101543


Just using last year's CEs has been enough to make farming extremely easy, not sure I'll bother.

d5ac72  No.16101565


Clearing everyone including the dudes. Almost done with all the girls, I'm only missing Liz Brave, Kuro and Ibaraki. I think my favorite scene from the new batch of servants was Serenity, it was touching as fuck. She doesn't deserve to be paired with Raikou and Kiyo in the obsessive group, she's a legitimately good girl who just wants (You) to headpat her while you hold her hand.


Does it make you gay if you like the Mona Lisa? I legitimately don't know how to feel about Da Vinci, it's gay yet at the same time it isn't.

8f5883  No.16101579


It's a man in a woman's body. That's the long and short of it. Caligstro from GranBlue is the exact same shit if you know of him.

84f5ba  No.16101580


It's not gay unless you're some kind of retard that thinks a pussy is gay.

4098ae  No.16101695

I'm almost done clearing up the girls because of my E ranked luck and most lower rarity servants are boys

95bd41  No.16102783

File: 55d543c5257c6d4⋯.png (429.16 KB, 900x637, 900:637, __hassan_of_serenity_fate_….png)


Serenity is a good girl but she will still crawl into the MC's bed every night no matter how many times she's told not to. Now that she can touch someone she's not going to let anyone stop her.

84f5ba  No.16106109

File: b9ee9499bda4efc⋯.jpg (391.2 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Fate-stay-night-Heavens-Fe….jpg)


8f5883  No.16106376


Haha if only there was one near by

158db3  No.16106987

File: c2d0500ad6d29e8⋯.gif (84.37 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 1394282646395.gif)

Anyone in Los Angeles planning on going? I'd kind of like to meet up with some anons for some fun. I'd say I'd be up to grab a drink afterward, but I'd only say that to fit in, because I don't really drink much.

84f5ba  No.16107003

File: 994ffc0fab767a5⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 540x225, 12:5, [Screaming_externally].gif)


>actually living in Commiefornia

158db3  No.16107036


Polite sage for blogpost

It isn't nice, anon. It isn't nice at all. I work my fucking ass off to pay $1550/mo rent for a SHITTY one bedroom apt that's infested with roaches Was infested with roaches, until I went insane with commercial insecticide bait/traps in a SHITTY area full of homeless people and loud mexicans ALL so I have the privilege of living closer to work so I can pay a nearly 40% tax on what I make because I'm a fucking white male and so everyone else needs to have their hands in my pockets. If I wasn't so rooted here, I would leave immediately, but there's existensial dread about that, too, because Commies have moved out of state everywhere else and so are rightfully hated wherever they land.

80dab0  No.16107055


You dont seem like a bad guy but unfortunately im on the other side of the country

0c2750  No.16107077


As long as you tell people you left commieforina to escape the spics and leftists and as long as you don't act like a piece of shit a fair number of places won't mind you. I would welcome you to Texas but you really don't want to come here, there are too many mexicans and I am looking for a place to escape to myself.

158db3  No.16107099


>there are too many mexicans and I am looking for a place to escape to myself.

At a grocery store on a given day I go shopping, I MIGHT, MIGHT see ONE other white person the entire time I'm there. I hope to god you don't have it that bad already, because it's a fucking disaster area over here. I keep thinking oregon, but so does everyone else. Maybe somewhere frigid like Michigan?

b0ec19  No.16107138

File: eeb1d6244c17d87⋯.jpg (27.81 KB, 480x515, 96:103, 013e66fa04f54ca9f57940aa9b….jpg)


This. I don't even want to watch it come March. I think I'll wait for a fansub with shitty video quality of a recording taken in the movie theater.

0c2750  No.16107140


>he sees other white people more than once or twice a month

It's better in north and far east Texas but only a matter of time until those areas are lost too. Where I am it's abysmal. Anyone with the ability to do so has already left. Moving somewhere cold is your best bet and what I plan to do. Spics hate the cold.

158db3  No.16107158


It's probably about 3-4 times a month outside of work, where thankfully there is a small group of us that cling together.

But yeah, cold will be the best bet for us, aside from Canaderp and dem programs up there. Anyway, godspeed.

84f5ba  No.16107762



North Dakota welcomes all into it's icy clutches. If you have literally any marketable skills you will find work, and if you don't you can bust your ass off in the oilfields doing 30$/hr no benefits. Renting is cheap as dirt too. There's nothing to do here but work, drink and shitpost but the fact you're in a Fate thread speaks volumes about what you do for entertainment and the internet speeds are completely acceptable.

372615  No.16109118

File: b1076e255671413⋯.jpg (7.24 KB, 141x174, 47:58, b1076e2556714134a6b73d8f2c….jpg)

>roll some 30 tickets

>rainbow sparks

>Artoria Lancer

Why is rate up such bullshit?

6217ae  No.16109165

File: b4997337f8cde4f⋯.jpg (627.05 KB, 935x1234, 935:1234, nv5jO4B.jpg)

File: cbd20f9956c1cbf⋯.png (643.75 KB, 620x876, 155:219, tvwSc2a.png)

File: cab0433f24a6eaa⋯.png (801.15 KB, 620x877, 620:877, ejkrzfcvdtd01.png)

File: b7028c4c4bd5424⋯.png (654.97 KB, 620x877, 620:877, lJotJWI.png)

File: 38fb431224262dd⋯.jpg (130.37 KB, 770x1120, 11:16, 38fb431224262dd4b368547dbc….jpg)





372615  No.16109176


I already had the superior Titoria

b4c088  No.16110544

>Get this week's ticket

>Might as well toss it at MHXA or Jack as I have neither

>Get OG Saber Alter, who I didn't have

Things do look good!

By the way, the next banner is just the Story banner with the limited Mash CEs. Only roll if you hate your SQ or you want Dumplings over Flowers.

0bb10d  No.16110688

File: 031b0bade56ee17⋯.jpeg (19.63 KB, 300x400, 3:4, right in the kokoro.jpeg)

>Nursery and Irisviel's scenes

So wholesome

4098ae  No.16110899


>By the way, the next banner is just the Story banner with the limited Mash CEs.

It's worse than the real Story banner since it doesn't include the story locked servants.

b4c088  No.16110917


That's bad. Especially considering the fact that they're in the Valentine's banners.

As if getting Ana when MHXA came out wasn't evidence enough.

efbd62  No.16111303


That's exactly what was stated in the show, m8. Kuro's personality is the one that was artificially created when they unnaturally altered Illya by programming her with the Einzbern knowledge of all previous generations of the family. Illya is what she was in the first place before all that crap was crammed into her head, an ordinary girl.

80dab0  No.16112473


is this the worst banner in the history of FGO?

372615  No.16112548


It doesn't have Medb on rate up so no.

The Amagami artist deserved better

b4c088  No.16112563


It doesn't have Kiara either.

0c2750  No.16112772


Kiara is at least an interesting character in an uncommon class. Medb has no character beyond being a turbo slut and is a completely generic buster rider.

af14db  No.16112783


Watch at least the fights of episode 22 to see why it was talked about.

ff370f  No.16112869

Blackbeard's Valentine is the best of them all.

4098ae  No.16113035

File: 171a3dd582bf96e⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1273x713, 1273:713, unknown[1].png)


It's pretty high tier, yes.

It's a bit annoying that some servants get longer scenes while others get 3 lines and that's it.

6217ae  No.16113039

File: 7d6a01ff20032b4⋯.png (4.45 MB, 2520x1414, 180:101, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

File: dc418a9c5f80351⋯.png (4.27 MB, 2510x1406, 1255:703, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)

>Blackbeard's Valentine is the best of them all.


6217ae  No.16113072

File: b5c4efcf991deb1⋯.png (4.45 MB, 2506x1412, 1253:706, Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at ….png)


Is d'Eon a girl in fate? He's a guy irl, but Fate likes to do its own thing.

4098ae  No.16113075


He is one of the three traps in the game

b4c088  No.16113080


d'Eon can change their gender at will thanks to their Self-Suggestion skill.

372615  No.16113117

How come nobody ever mentions how good Lancer Vlad is?

66a57e  No.16113383


Because Leonidas does a similar job and he's free.

My Vlad Lancer is grailed


IRL at death he was confirmed to have a penis but also fully formed breasts.

3d5694  No.16113855

File: 2ee1fcdc7e1d6ad⋯.jpg (15.2 KB, 220x262, 110:131, 220px-Thomas_Stewart_–_Che….jpg)


Considering d'eon looks like this in real life, Im guessing its typical fatman-boobs.

84f5ba  No.16113964


Women at the time were hideous compared to now too faggot. Doctor had this to say about his body,""unusual roundness in the formation of limbs," as well as "breast remarkably full.""

4098ae  No.16113985


Wasn't him something like 60 in that picture

Most traps lose their good looks in their 20s

3abda6  No.16114022


>That's exactly what was stated in the show, m8.

Which chapter? Don't remember that at all.

6217ae  No.16114152

File: 82cd0ffe2deb7a2⋯.png (321.93 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 72a76f5718ce111e067a9be01e….png)


>Women at the time were hideous compared to now too faggot

I don't think women could ever be that hideous as a whole. There are ugly women for sure, but that's butch dyke on a grand scale.


From what I've been able to gather, shit just got really weird in 18th century France.


>Enter Pierre Beaumarchais, playwright and representative of the French government. In 1775, Beaumarchais approached d’Eon to negotiate his return to France and, crucially, the return of any documents he possessed pursuant to his spy work. After several months of discussion, d’Eon signed The Transaction, as the agreement was called: He would give up all papers and return to France as soon as possible. The king would pay some of his substantial debts and his pension, and he would publicly recognize d’Eon as a woman

It would seem that he was just a proto-tranny, but then…

>The only thing that made the plan at all plausible was the fact that a lot of people, including the French government, already thought d’Eon was secretly a woman. As early as 1770, rumors began circulating in Britain and France that the Chevalier was actually a Chevalière, and once they started, they didn’t stop. One French aristocrat wrote to a friend, “All the world says it. Final incontestable proof!” The groundswell of gossip was enough that in 1771, London bookmakers started taking bets on his gender—3:2 odds that he was a woman, at first, before sinking to even money. The bizarre public debate made d’Eon’s life difficult; he couldn’t leave the house without armed guards, owing to the many people who wanted to see him naked, yet his understandable refusal to publicly reveal his gender prolonged the debate for years.

Makes it seem like people really couldn't tell the difference. I think he was just androgynous enough that people couldn't be entirely sure. David Bowie did something similar early in his career and I think that's what happened to d'eon. I could be really wrong though.

84f5ba  No.16114243


Dude literally went undercover as a noblewoman for years. He looked like a woman.

6217ae  No.16114385

File: 3065c1a9ba238ba⋯.jpg (112.45 KB, 800x532, 200:133, eon-lif513yhl75wgnboymuouz….jpg)


>He looked like a woman

From the posted image, he does look like it.


>fully formed breasts.

The first breast implant surgery didn't happen till 1961. I wonder if he was some kind of hermaphrodite.

>a person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics, either abnormally or (in the case of some organisms) as the natural condition.

It's either that or women really were that ugly in general.

0c2750  No.16114576


It's also possible it had some sort of hormonal disorder.

6217ae  No.16124055

Has anyone beaten the latest super hard mission yet? It isn't as easy as the rest of the missions for sure

0c2750  No.16124173


It wasn't that bad at all. I took used Merlin/Waver/Dantes and did not lose anyone. Any decent AOE damage dealer and two decent supports should work fine.

4098ae  No.16124853


I didn't have much fun, it reminded me of that one fight in babylonia that also took forever.

2d1fac  No.16124947

File: e6b5737964d5121⋯.png (1.37 MB, 958x539, 958:539, Nox_2019-02-15_03-56-35.png)


I went in with the intention of trying out lu bu as my main damage dealer mostly as a joke but slowly and carefully ended up clearing it on the first go. Not as tricky as the dantes event but I did not expect the guy to survive all that damage. Goes to show how ridiculously strong merlin + mash combo is

80ab1e  No.16124951


The moment I realized it was more than 3 enemies I retreated and never looked back. Is this going to be a common trend from now on? Because I will be missing out on a lot of lore or finally quitting this kusoge

2d1fac  No.16124960

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Get comfortable with stalling and raise those valuable skills past 6 for their cd reduction anon. It's a piece of shit the first few times around when you're doing these long, grindy quests but after a while its pretty fun to see your wall of servants crushing wave after wave. If you don't feel like being a tryhard then do any dps + mash + merlin for a guaranteed clear.

Or just solo with mash I guess

4098ae  No.16125010


>135 turns

I hate those quests already, no need to make them even worse

80dab0  No.16125067


the challenge quests are the best part of the game. Its what all the grinding and powering up is for and its nice to have to think a little but about your next move instead of just farming on auto pilot

2d1fac  No.16125464

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That was more of a joke vid rather than a real clear. Depending on your setup you can make these as long or as short as you'd like. What the anon above said is true, these CQs are the payoff for spending time on building up your servants to see how well they perform. If you have trouble just look at how other people cleared theirs to see what strategies work best

84f5ba  No.16125551


>uses two strongest servants in the game

<lol it was easy guys

c85f70  No.16125567


Hilariously enough, I look forward to these to see if I can clear them without Waver/Merlin

I did pretty well with Irisviel/Mash/Helena/Hans/Vlad/Support Tamamo but that Healing debuff really screwed me over after a while

2d1fac  No.16125606

File: b2d116329f1f8e0⋯.jpg (612.12 KB, 2480x3088, 155:193, Berserker.(Florence.Nighti….jpg)


There are vids of the dantes event getting cleared with mash + 3* and below only servants. Dantes is probably harder so this one shouldn't be a problem in comparison.

The biggest benefit of it being a single wave for me was being able to keep the weak NPs alive such as nurse & tamamo while building up lu bu's big dick damage to rip through anything that could pose a threat. They give you a lot of room for setting up which enemies you wanna keep on the field which was a pretty cool change from dantes

0c2750  No.16126083


Along with a damage dealer that is pretty bad right now and only event CEs. Pretty much any damage dealer and two complementary supports would work fine. This isn't a hard challenge quest and it does not require any real strategy.

84f5ba  No.16126220


Who cares who your damage dealer is when you're running Merlin and Waver? Hell the shittiest damage dealers you run that aren't Berserker would still allow you to turtle through it with that team. The event isn't hard but

>lol guys just like use Waver and Merlin

Is the worst barometer for challenge difficulty.

f5742f  No.16126355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is it me or does Detroit Emiya's skin looks more pale than in the JP version of this PV?

b4c088  No.16126361


It seems they want to make him as dark as regular Emiya is. Which kinda defeats the purpose of the Alter part as one of the defining features of it is that the skin color changes. Paler if the characters are white or if they're brown or black they become darker.

He might as well be Emiya who went to Boot Camp.

84f5ba  No.16126391

File: 57dbf6ec1d76461⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1283x672, 1283:672, JP DEMIYA.png)

File: 27728cadf495496⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1275x673, 1275:673, DEMIYA NA.png)


Oh my god they fucking did Jesus fucking Christ.

4098ae  No.16126402

File: cd86fbb3d0568c1⋯.jpg (153.74 KB, 769x692, 769:692, 1546180354604.jpg)




b4c088  No.16126426


Now I'd be worried for Abby's Second and Third Ascensions.

I also hope the dumbasses at Aniplex reverse these shit changes.

4098ae  No.16126432


Well at least its just the promo materials, right?

Just like Chloe, r-right?

b4c088  No.16126442


They explicitly singled Emiya Alter and Abby out for things they'd like to change.

If they do change them I won't even bother rolling for them. I don't care about the former and the latter's replaced by Hokusai.

4098ae  No.16126470

File: 709c66b28effcc8⋯.webm (404.66 KB, 380x386, 190:193, altera.webm)


Those shitty devs wouldn't go all the way with their threats, just to appease reddit, right? I mean Jack and Chloe are still fine…

I wanted to roll for Abigail but I may just move to JP completely if Emiya turns out to be bleached when Shinjuku arrives

b4c088  No.16126478


I'm glad I don't care about Emiya Alter. The regular one's far better for most situations.

84f5ba  No.16126510

0c2750  No.16126599


You are a fucking retard. You can run Hans, Mash, Tamamo, or even Shuten as your supports and still have good results. This challenge quest is not had in the least.

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