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File: 386c275ab4ebc71⋯.jpg (621.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Onryoki_Nioh_Wallpaper.jpg)

7b282c  No.16051579

What tutorial missions end with something that isn't 'hard' but is designed to teach something that casuals/the mentally disabled cannot understand.

Pic related is a fair example. Its the boss at the end of Niohs first mission, there was a actual tutorial boss before it that you dont actually fight, just activate your super move and get a cutscene, but this Oni demon was the first actual boss and the public beta tests boss used to gauge the game.

A ridiculously small number could beat him. Basically its a two phase fight. First its got iron balls on chains around its wrists, stay too far away and it spins to win and nukes you. Stay close and its a simple move left when he swings the right or vice versa and hopefully you should notice the glowing horns are vulnerable to damage so a high stance cracks then and it moves to a phase two thats very easy where you just use ki pulse to dispel the yokai realm on the floor and just let it to a combo then back attack it, or use your super if you have it. Pretty simple fight that can be over in about a minute. Comparable to fighting Smough from dark souls by himself, if he hits you you can get two shot, but hes so big and slow that if you read his telegraphs that should never happen.

People bitched and moaned but people who like a challenge loved it and he was a barometer for the entire game, so it didn't sell as well because casuals were totally put off by this first boss. I'm kind of pleasantly surprised its getting a sequel.

What early tutorial/first bosses designed to teach the player do you think have stood the test of time as [Z A W A L L] for the 'light user' as the devs call them?

0ac5ce  No.16051605

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b50e7a  No.16051821

I remember Jet Set Radio had something like this

18afc9  No.16051861


Thread's over I guess. BTW, this tutorial is based on a scene from The Driver, starring a cutely aloof Isabelle Adjani.


380590  No.16051869


I wouldn't have found it as hard if not for the fact that pretty much every version of this game has extremely delayed input for some reason. Thought it's my TV's or PS3's fault or something playing the PS1 version but I had that on PC too.

b75a8a  No.16051870

Wait a minute that card

492b70  No.16052074

File: 5863fc147bf0dd1⋯.jpg (322.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, filter.jpg)


That's not the casual wall in Nioh.

1308da  No.16052116

File: 43bbff5c8b29a17⋯.png (595.23 KB, 644x433, 644:433, duelFOE.png)


45888d  No.16052137

File: eb62896b261c45c⋯.png (710.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1505679123453.png)


9c43b1  No.16052154


The nigger was fucking easy though.

0007d5  No.16052193


this was piss easy


>stay too far away and it spins to win and nukes you

I think this fucked me over few times

406d2a  No.16052207


The whole point of Matador's fight is destroying the party if they ignore buffs and debuffs.

03ec34  No.16052484

File: 696c9e783d39aef⋯.jpg (6.08 KB, 208x242, 104:121, noblevoice.jpg)


Which is likely if they've been building their demons for what worked until that point: elemental coverage and/or dodge abuse for press turns. Then is less of a casual test and more of a "can I stomach grinding for a couple hours until I can rework my team for this boss" test. Particularly grating since this fight happens quite a few hours before the point where applying and reapplying de/buff skills becomes viable over a protracted fight given their cost.

Nocturniggers often forget that the fiends weren't even in the original version of the game which for the most part had a far more balanced challenge curve.

1308da  No.16052489


congrats anon, you're not casual scum.

everybody that's played the game and isnt a casual agrees with you.

47dab7  No.16052524

The first Nioh boss is hard only because you're in a stupidly small arena. It's trivial any other time you face it because they're all in open areas.

406d2a  No.16052537


>he doesn't teach the Demi-Fiend Fog Breath

647e7f  No.16052540

File: 0613bd94879f18e⋯.jpg (36.77 KB, 550x305, 110:61, smwalljump.jpg)

03ec34  No.16052560


>he USED Fog Breath on Matador and burnt 1/4th of his MP like a retard

>he didn't realize Matador knows Dekunda but not Dekaja

>he didn't just fuse force resistant demons

Is this what the cool kids call "cringe" these days?

03ec34  No.16052590

File: bd6faffabc38fd0⋯.gif (20.31 KB, 150x160, 15:16, bd6faffabc38fd0332b20a73f8….gif)


Oh fuck, you made me check, it's even worse

>using the dodge debuff skill on the one boss that can buff his dodge to max any time

7742a8  No.16052624


Eh, the telegraphs on the boss are pretty easy, but there's a few attacks that can just fuck you over in one hit. For example, he can be pretty quick to snatch up an iron ball in his second phase and hurl it at you like a 90mph fastball for an easy kill. It's not hard to dodge if you pay attention, but the tracking is insane and if you're unlucky like me he'll throw another right after the first which you won't see coming. Other than that, the fight seem fair to me. It can be extremely punishing though; if you're a hammer or odachi fag you will die if you get greedy with your attacks. I actually still need to finish Nioh, how is the endgame content?

0e6bd3  No.16052697


Originally, a fucking nightmare to learn, but today wall jumps are a familiar concept so it comes down to figuring out the timing of it, and that only takes 5-10 minutes at worst.

8ade0c  No.16055062

File: 475431b201015fa⋯.mp4 (2.53 MB, 576x792, 8:11, _AA.mp4)

If you can't do tuts as part of the game, just make it a mode.

a3478d  No.16055106


People build their demons before matador? I still had a pixie and a kodama. I guess you're not entirely wrong, but it's more like 'terminal back to ginza and GOTTA CATCH EM' ALL in the nearby area for 15 minutes'. The game hands out multiple wind-null options (nozuchi, uzume, hifumi) as well as some sukukaja and tarakaja demons. Nozuchi especially is right before him and allows you to, relatively, counteract his max suku buff so at least he's only +2 at the andalucia stage meaning a win with a fair bit of luck and hifumi is sold at the junk shop in the mannekin sewer, both requiring next to no backtracking. Taking a couple of minutes to get uzume is nearly a guaranteed win with media and wind-null, which also doesn't rely on noticing that you can just buff yourself without matador doing anything about it.

a3478d  No.16055109


While I'm here, are FOEs really casual filters? You can just go around them and they're generally stronger than that labyrinth's boss, maybe less health but more capable of wipes. Plus once you start killing FOEs you snowball (in most games) making the game easier over-all with better equipment and masses of excess EXP to the point that it can be trivial unless you have some really retarded team-set up. I always saw killing FOEs on a first playthrough as the brainlet way to say 'I can't solve this floor-puzzle I'm just going to smash through it'

e7c043  No.16055165


They're nowhere near as strong as that stratum's boss. The whole point of FOEs are to grind before the boss.

36dce1  No.16055174

The 3rd mission of Fire Emblem 7 in Lyn mode

If you're new to SRPGs its very annoying, and really any map from that point on its annoying because you have to start being aware of shit like taking care of your super-squishy units, being aware of your positioning for more than just melee units and whatnot (for a tutorial map its excellently designed) and also manage getting side objectives, beating a shop, using chokepoints and mobility, and handling ranged units of your own, as well as dealing with a small horde of units that has a decent chance of killing your stronger units if they take all the hits, and guaranteed to kill the squishier ones

b4ea0a  No.16055188

File: f0b4a06e9d97dbb⋯.png (777.75 KB, 1080x735, 72:49, Barroth.png)

File: 126a7f5ef6458be⋯.webm (3.13 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Barroth vanilla tri offli….webm)

>doing village missions in Vanilla Tri

>lots of farming and gathering to teach you about potions and finding your own resources in the field if you somehow run out

>some small game monsters

>a scare with Lagiacrus

>time for your first big game hunt

>great Jaggi

>he's easy and has only one move that will really knock you down and do substantial damage

>next is royal ludroth

>still piss easy but teaches you about monsters who are simple on land but fiends in water

>Qurupeco teaches you about multi monsters in a hunt and might call in rathian

>suddenly urgent quest


>if you're not paying attention, Great Jaggi is a 1 star threat, R Ludy is 2 star, Rathian is a 3 star, Barroth is a 4 star

>if you don't pass this quest, you don't go anywhere

>his roar stuns you

>the head, the go-to weak spot on all other monsters is armored and deflects your weapons because, if you're lucky, green is the highest sharpness you can have right now

>if you're using hammer, chances are he's a tall motherfucker and the only times he lowers his head is to rape you

>he is weak to fire, but his mud armor resists fire and needs to be knocked off with either raw power (you don't have much) or water, but his actual body is not weak to water

>he's fucking fast, easily on par with great jaggi but hits harder than any other monster up to this point

>he doesn't turn around on the spot, instead swinging his entire body around so if you try to attack him from behind, you whiff

>if he chooses to leave the area, he digs, so it's easy to lose him the first time or two you're fighting him

The amount of people I saw on messageboards talking about this guy when vanilla tri dropped was astounding. my brother even had issues with him as, up to that point, you can kinda clusterfuck your way forward, but when you fight Vanilla barroth? You either learn the hunter's creed, or you quit. My brother chose to keep fighting and learn. He still plays monster hunter and feels World is an absolute affront to the franchise

140850  No.16055189

File: 5dcf06ff97dae5a⋯.webm (2.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cuphead pidgeon.webm)

6d6bc2  No.16055198

File: 8d811b1a8a3a550⋯.png (355.53 KB, 804x720, 67:60, 8d811b1a8a3a5507c577acebc9….png)


>quitting at barroth

casual doesn't even begin to describe it, now if you quit at the double rajang in mhfu that I could somewhat forigve, but a fucking barroth? and the first hunt of it? pathetic

b4ea0a  No.16055215

File: a0f75b27da1c99a⋯.jpg (134.67 KB, 600x333, 200:111, Duramboros.jpg)


What's even more hilarious is when 3U dropped and Barroth got nerfed, everyone was talking about this guy. Topics of "why won't this guy die?" and "I keep timing out". Granted, he's a damage sponge and what's deceptive about him is that his horns, humps, and tail break pretty easy, but they don't reflect on his HP at all. One guy did learn that if you're fighting him via equipment available up to that point, it can still take a good 15-20 minutes even when you know what you're doing. Couple that with people freaking out about his spinning (not knowing you can trip him) or that his preferred strategy is to have his back to you (usually an opening but now it's how the monster attacks) and they waste time when you need to be hitting him near non stop. He's really not hard, but he did his job in teaching hunters that they need to be aggressive and to not get cocky if you happen to break a part.

ed61df  No.16055223

File: 11f3373b0d7383e⋯.jpg (20.34 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 11f3373b0d7383e6f5f4e2766e….jpg)


>second webm

>running around and jumping at random

>not, you know, attacking

5f9a73  No.16055261


>What tutorial missions end with something that isn't 'hard' but is designed to teach something that casuals/the mentally disabled cannot understand.

Temple of trials in Fallout 2

140850  No.16055265


devs admitted temple of trials was a last minute addition that was forced o them by interplay, the only thing temple of trial provides is a massive pain in the ass for players new and old who didn't specialize in speech or melee/unarmed

5f9a73  No.16055269


It causes massive amounts of asshurt among people who can't just run past the scorpions or pickpocket the key.

Bethesda managed to make even shittier tutorial in fallout 3 out of their own voliton, rather impressive.

653b40  No.16055276

File: 9be6b10440a3a38⋯.png (1.67 MB, 800x1131, 800:1131, ClipboardImage.png)




You do realize the game was significantly made easier sense the public beta.

289d20  No.16055279


Going by what the speedruns of this game do I'd say you're not entirely right either, Matador doesn't seem to put his buffs back if you don't use more than 3 sukunda on him.

Force resistant demons don't seem to be much of a factor either since they all seem to have 2 monsters weak to force and instead rely on Hifumi for force void on the protag for turn eating.

140850  No.16055281


the temple has no reason to exist lore wise, and it kills the immersion right off the bat. fallout 1, and even fallout 3 and 4, had a better in game tutorial tha didn't interrupt the gameplay

also, f3 and onwards let you re-spect your character so you don't have to go thru the tutorial ever again, if you chose not to, something that would work wonders in f2

b58b39  No.16062468


>implying rajang should even be in monster hunter

Nigger don't even start the "casul" train shit I've fucked the 140 apex jangs in 4u up for relic grinding, that doesn't make jang any less of a complete fucking garbage fight. And in FU he was also shit.

Of all the monsters that should never, ever come back if they ever make a real monster hunter, rajang is the worst. Plesioth is less obnoxious by far.

e79691  No.16062732

File: 5ef389729f4953c⋯.png (92.88 KB, 304x207, 304:207, 5ef389729f4953cdd1faa6646b….png)


Is this the video where yandere-dev flips his shit and beats his desk with his face?

b86164  No.16062960

File: 8672efef068a9e6⋯.jpg (5.84 KB, 206x200, 103:100, 1338256687606.jpg)


>struggling with FOEs

b86164  No.16062961


No, this is the one where a game journalist struggled to beat the damn tutorial

db7cef  No.16063005


I think actual casuals start playing, think the controls are shit, and stop forever.

b4ea0a  No.16063089

File: ae9d4bd644c4af6⋯.jpg (107.6 KB, 486x1103, 486:1103, monster hunter casuals.jpg)


you are not wrong. most quit out the gate.

a5ba1e  No.16063139


I was around 12 when I first picked up monster hunter at the behest of a friend of mine. Barroth was kind of brick wall for me but I beat the wall down and have been a huge monster hunter fan ever since, I agree with your brother too, the only use MHW possibly has is for kiddies to dip their toes into the series before taking the plunge with a real mainline monster hunter game.

3bf824  No.16070045



I mean I didn't even build my party and I won against Matador by fog breath even if it's a stupid fucking thing to do. I realized that this was ineffective after the fight and thought to myself "I need to actually spend so times on building my demons", so I started taking care of that.

411579  No.16070079


Fog Breath is 2 Sukundas in one press turn. Since buffs and debuffs are stackable multipliers you effectively brought Matador down to level that he can be hit.

1fd399  No.16070244


maybe ill give you a call when i need a ride to the grocery store. AY MAN WATCH DA PAINT

51c8b9  No.16074725

File: 27bb2b6a360b7aa⋯.jpg (167.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, _ (1).jpg)

File: e5fbe1c8415244f⋯.jpg (116.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, _ (2).jpg)

I just realized the Nioh 2 reveal trailer is actually in-game/engine

9082e4  No.16074926


Somehow I'm not surprised that the pigeon figured it out before the journalist.

832863  No.16074971


I wish this was required for all trailers. Then maybe Ubishit would finally die.

280bc1  No.16074974

File: 41cfe72074ccf7a⋯.jpg (61.28 KB, 800x449, 800:449, 90-ToV17_73064.jpg)

Apparently this guy gave a lot of casuals who never block and don't play in manual mode problems.

555586  No.16074975


Fuck that first boss, I died half a dozen times before I could beat him.

The second boss was a bitch too, but after that the game got fairly easy. The Ninjutsu skills kinda cucked me during the final boss fight though, should have became a magic user instead.


The only wall I hit in MH was G-Rank Deviljho in 3u which I was cucked by for 2 entire years. The way i managed to get past it was just simply switching to the nargacuga armor and switch axe then hitting it until it died.

Then Dire Miralis happen and I would either time out or die in one hit from its fireball attack.

I had to change to azure rathalos set with the brachy switch axe and a +10 bombardier charm, after that I killed it in less than 25 minutes.

I wanted to beat Dire Miralis in 3u and White Fatalis in 4u before I could get and play World

I must be a shit eater because I like World too for some reason

631704  No.16074976


I played SnS but his mission were always for me giving me ~5> mins left in the hunt. Once or twice I only had 10 mins left but was he a sponge. I not even that far in 3U but I think I got enough parts for his armor set I believe? By the time I put 75 hours into 3U, 4U dropped. Shame cause 3U was fun, different but fun. I went back to it for a mission or two.

71f755  No.16074986

File: 31ae744079bc0b9⋯.jpg (125.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Hideout SS.jpg)

555586  No.16075005


The only time I got 5 minutes left with a monster was with the dual Stygian Zinogre fight and the Rust Duramboros.

Also have you even beat low rank yet? Go back to your 3ds or whatever and finish the game damn it, you're missing out on some good ass content thats exclusive to the game you lazy fuck.

2d938f  No.16075282


You forgot that part where he does his head swing and the tail will follow up knocking you on your ass.

bd43d3  No.16075294


>The whole point of FOEs are to grind before the boss

lmao no

You are supposed to avoid them to save up your resources for stronger, mandatory encounters.

Of course brainlets who don't know anything except mashing attack face them and get crushed.

bd43d3  No.16075313



There really isn't much reason to use SnS for it unless you're running poison.

You're losing too much DPS on a monster whose HP is only paralleled by a Deviljho

d5297d  No.16075325

File: 50cdd9554481fe3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 66.91 KB, 382x182, 191:91, remember when this was the….png)


Maybe 10% of players even cleared the Gold levels, is it that much of a filter? There are literal walls in another level that are more notorious for killing off casuals.

ef8e39  No.16076076

File: 65054956a6d6a4f⋯.jpg (168.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, EYE.jpg)

While it's not what you have in mind, E.Y.E. does have a wall of tutorials and complicated game mechanics that casuals don't have the patience or attention span to tolerate.

f05302  No.16076276


Not Yian Kut-Ku in 1/2nd.

Of course not because all of the babies started on Tri and the 3DS games.

2ddb52  No.16076664


Pre-rendered stuff is fine as long as its clearly addressed to not be in-game. Usually trailers and pre-rendered videos are to sell the concept of the game.


Neat. I kind of hope they drop the Diablo loot system and let that be Nioh 1's quirk/gimmick. Or perhaps replace the loot for massive amounts of Oni forms.

79e78a  No.16076925

File: 649f0590a9dc47d⋯.webm (4.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dean Takahashi BTFO.webm)

79e78a  No.16076929

File: 47d66da83d6e72e⋯.jpg (313.2 KB, 4685x2457, 4685:2457, out fucking skilled.jpg)


The first door that has to be hacked made my cousin quit the game. A fucking door.

d8a682  No.16076942


That door was one mean son'of'a bitch, I tell ya. I got through it, but I soft locked myself by aiming a gun at the mentor later on.

d8a682  No.16076944


>>gurl gamer

ad0ea2  No.16079898


you can out-hack literally everything in the game by spamming attack and mask until you inevitably win the hacking minigame every time how the hell did he lose?

a33a74  No.16079962

File: a4c6a5a0bae5b69⋯.jpg (26.23 KB, 439x603, 439:603, hnu65xzo8ma01.jpg)


>Nioh public beta

Those were great threads. I miss the original lock-on functionality, that was the true casual wall.

t. conqueror

51c8b9  No.16080065

File: 3eab7141de0291d⋯.png (2.58 KB, 244x135, 244:135, _.png)

File: a9509ebff9d7c28⋯.png (10.48 KB, 817x93, 817:93, __.png)

Expecting Nioh 2 info in 3 days.

51c8b9  No.16083892

File: 95eabf360f93872⋯.jpg (124.26 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, _.jpg)

File: 50638ee8444d35f⋯.jpg (12.51 KB, 225x405, 5:9, __.jpg)

0d8ea6  No.16083900


>Going by what the speedruns of this game do I'd say you're not entirely right either, Matador doesn't seem to put his buffs back if you don't use more than 3 sukunda on him.

This is pretty common in all of the recent SMT games. You're generally fine using 3 -nda's or 3 Debilitates. But if you go to 4 that boss is going to fucking Dekunda and full heal, probably in the same turn.

f4f632  No.16083917



eadf35  No.16083961

File: a4890ed11b89515⋯.jpg (134.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

I remember when it took me ages to kill this boss. That seems like so long ago, probably because it was like 12 years ago.

239030  No.16084134

File: 24deff77c3fb46b⋯.jpg (505.75 KB, 1896x2428, 474:607, Matador.jpg)


In Nocturne buffs and debuffs nullify each other because they operate as a -/+ scale so after the 4 Sukundas you'd have to cast another to place Sukunda on Matador so just nullifying Red Capote won't cause Matador to waste a turn with Dekunda. He will just recast Red Capote. As far as debuffing Matador with Sukunda goes Red Capote is special but it gives a 4x Sukakaja stack which is where the real suffering of Red Capote comes from. This is when Fog Breath/Sukunda should be used.

Truth be told though Red Capote alone isn't that bad, it's the fact that Red Capote signals the final change of the fight with Matador where he'll basically do nothing but Focus+Andalucia. Once he starts doing that you don't have any time anymore to fuck around and losing press turns from missing becomes lethal.

e5cae7  No.16084149


heh. I think I'll chuckle at that reviewer's incompetence even when I recall the event in my 70s. it's not the fact that he's incompetent that makes it good but that he literally can't comprehend a one letter instruction and then proceeds to act smart and entitled about it.

e8aab5  No.16084170


god i hope

f4f632  No.16084421

File: 2d3db68535a1a27⋯.png (1009.98 KB, 750x1050, 5:7, dev DMC styles 2.png)

By the way how dead is nioh on PC? What are the chances I'll be able to find a nig to co-op with?

71f755  No.16084535


>dev DMC styles 2

Post the first one

f4f632  No.16084579


The first one just didn't have the bottom 3.

88be47  No.16085145



this was only a nightmare because the controls were bad, with like a billion inputs required just to perform one wall jump. nowadays most games make it as easy as jumping.


>I actually still need to finish Nioh, how is the endgame content?

too hard for you, faggot


>Is this the video where yandere-dev flips his shit and beats his desk with his face?

i haven't seen that and now i want to


you mean like the infinitely-respawning fucks and the not-infinite ammo?

fd1fe2  No.16085315


I want them to keep the diablo loot system, it kept character progression at a pretty decent clip no matter what as opposed to the souls series where you get your weapon, get it to +3/6/10 and then have absolutely no equipment progression past there except BB's gems but that's a whole other chain of nonsense that was horrible and I don't want to get into.

f889b3  No.16085325


>what the fuck is the Damocles sword

I have never seen ammo

51c8b9  No.16085330

Why don't we play E.Y.E together?

2ddb52  No.16085578


I would offer but I don't plan on playing for another couple of months (got other games to play) and I'm also an anti-social sperg so will drop my spaghetti.

f3ec5f  No.16085667

File: f653c82e97f0ede⋯.png (269.45 KB, 582x685, 582:685, JUST.png)


Still mad. Always quitted at the depressing realization that end game would make this nigger look like a pet.

256cd5  No.16085684

File: 64cf650093433f3⋯.jpg (69.95 KB, 499x643, 499:643, 1491891599088.jpg)

Genshin from ninja gaiden 2, the first real boss of the game, this fucker will tear you several new assholes if you dare to play this game like a brain dead hack and slash or a devil may cry game, you'll have to learn how to time your attacks in order to block or roll whenever needed, and in higher difficulties it will also teach you how to manage 6+ enemies at once and how important UTs are.

Ninja gaiden 2 as a whole is a casual filter for videogames, if you can't beat this game on hard difficulty at the very least, master ninja is how you prove you're a true man you should honestly stop playing altogether and seek another hobby.

d8f4d0  No.16085699



Are there still functional archives of the beta? or is it locked forever due to DRM?

f4f632  No.16085770


There's probably some copy left on a PS4 HDD somewhere, but there was no PC version of the beta.

fd1fe2  No.16085849


The beta was fairly fucking easy but had some busy work that got cut that made people mad, like having to roll through barrels so that they'd drop whetstones/glue to repair your weapons that had the durability of a paper bag

d8f4d0  No.16085885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I forgot it was a PS4 exclusive for a while, should've played that instead of the Yakuza demo.

Also posting one that's usually posted as a casual filter. Cerberus really exists as the big kick to get your reflexes setup for the rest of the game. A fist time playthrough makes this boss a major kick in the teeth until you've grinded enough orbs for the double jump. but asubsequent fresh start give a nice challenge to beath him with either properly timing the basic dodges while keeping pressure with swordmaster, zipping past his sweeps with trickster, or constantly staying in his face with perfect blocks from royal guard. he can still be a good challange not just for the style meter, but now regaining the disadvantage of a smaller window of opportunity for evasion.

his themesong is kickass to boot

a61b98  No.16088723


The oneyplays version is also pretty good.

fa4229  No.16088808


>What tutorial missions end with something that isn't 'hard' but is designed to teach something that casuals/the mentally disabled cannot understand.

Demon's Souls. Death is inevitable and if you have shit gear whilst running into a boss for the first time, you're probably fucked. Also I love the whole 'boss is really hard and you're meant to lose' but if you do beat it, you get rewarded.

Unlike that bullshit fucking nerd dragon in Dark Souls 1.

891bff  No.16089171


>you mean like the infinitely-respawning fucks and the not-infinite ammo?

1) there are fucking armories fucking everywhere in that game that you can use to refill your ammo. and if there aren't multiple armories then the mission will take you past the same one over and over like for example the teleporters on mars. the game even puts giant triangles over them just so you always know where they are

2) every enemy with a gun (ie feds jians culter looter scum Synicles all of them) will drop ammo and an gun which you can then pick up or turn into health. these ammo drops have something like a 75% chance of being for a gun you currently have in your inventory regardless of what you killed or the gun that drops

3) what is psi powers/using your psi stat as a gravity gun to throw everything from tables to cars at everybody

4) what these fucking swords for, why the fuck do I have one always no matter what

5) if you are just hell bent on being a giant faggot then you can actually change the respawn rate or just turn it off completely

there is absolutely no reason for you to ever run out of ammo in that game and even if you did there are more then enough tools to keep on killing

the only thing I might cut you some slack for is not knowing that those giant wooden crates with the gun painted on them can be used just the same as an armory since I don't think the game put an arrow over all of them but still

8d597c  No.16101538


This is the monster that made love the series, i saw a friend of mine fighting it and just getting his ass kicked. I had a much easier time than him though since i decided to main hammer instead of anything else, although my weapon still bounced a couple times. Although I will say that I started on the 3DS and not on the wii version which i hear was about 100x worse with barrioth and nargacuga and shit.

018c4f  No.16106404


Why do you subhumans exist?

There's absolutely no reason to keep a retarded diablo loot system in any game.

It's only there to make retards like you sperge out when you see the same weapon you just had a couple minutes ago but with a higher stat number.

Absolutely retarded.

0128db  No.16106503


>playthrough whole game without ever using the lock on, because im not a dick loving homosexual

>get to a boss that hits you even with you dodge and it clearly didnt hit

>what the fuck is going on

>turn on lock on

>it doesnt hit anymore and the game becomes a cakewalk

JAPANESE TRASH, i dont know why do i even bother anymore with these japshit casual trash games pretending to be hardcore so braindead animu retards that literally use a in game cheat can feel good about themselves

fd1fe2  No.16106856


That or it makes it different and provides a source of constant progression unlike the souls game where you stop caring about your levels/equipment halfway in because you're already maxed out.

b58b39  No.16111324


Kut ku is an actual joke, the preys were harder. If you'd said yian garuga maybe because garuga is a cunt. Also, 3rd gen is legitimately the best place to start and anyone trying to get into the series should skip the first two gens because fuck going back to that trash when 3rd gen was such a huge improvement in every respect.

328eb8  No.16115565


Ouch. What did you expect from a ps4 exclusive…


4f3de3  No.16115603

File: a56f14a2ce75298⋯.png (727.33 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1376175357566.png)


Or you can be a bitch and shoot him to death with E&I from the back of the stage in half an hour

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