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File: db2fabf17c94a64⋯.jpg (79.67 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ebin 5 of a kind dice roll.jpg)

598271  No.16063739

What would it take you to buy a current-gen console you don't already currently own?

For me, I could buy a Switch if they show a sign of having a library that's bigger and legitimately more worthwhile than the Wii U's and then only after they somehow revise the console to have better hardware. I don't foresee a scenario where I would get an Xbox One because it's kind of redundant if you already have a PS4.

2a7951  No.16063743


60fps and piracy.

0f9444  No.16063760

File: 65ec0884ae338f0⋯.png (5.79 KB, 227x222, 227:222, gondola2.png)


To be honest the state of PC games right now with all this steam/epic bullshit I am seriously thinking of picking up a second hand Gamecube. Fuck emulation all PC is good for now is lurking here and even at that its pushing it. With needing multiple launchers, port begging and an over usage of windows its a new dark age for PC.

116ce1  No.16063764


Get a wii instead, easily modded and cheaper than a gamecube. Gc also has a shit library of games you've already played.

8ac217  No.16063769

Games I want to play. They don't have them.

0f9444  No.16063774


OH shit. Good advice anon.

bf906c  No.16063783

I wouldn't buy a stationary console regardless. Handheld is possible if it had good FREE online and I had friends to play it with.

3c45d6  No.16063791


>What would it take you to buy a current-gen console you don't already currently own?

Companies not being corrupt as Hell, good games actually being produced that can outshine what was done over a decade earlier, and that's pretty much it.


Yeah, I have to agree with this guy. Buy a Wii if you want to play GameCube games. However, if you already havea Gamecube, don't exchange.

f380cf  No.16063799


The Wii also has way cheaper component cables.

ffd183  No.16063832

I would never buy an Xbox, no Japanese support.

a9e571  No.16063833

File: 4ae5d5ae12284e8⋯.jpg (22.56 KB, 404x394, 202:197, 5.jpg)

Literally not a single good reason exists for buying a console. Use it for what purpose? To give those abysmal companies money? And then give more money to trannies for "games" like Horizon Zero Whites, Until Dawn, The Cucks of Us and Soy of War?

They only had 1 decent franchise, Yakuza, and even that is getting ported to PC. So what the hell else do consoles have to offer that makes it worth for me to spend $400 on one? None. I don't even buy games I like for more than $15. Not once in my entire life did I buy a game on launch. Every game I buy is 2 - 3+ years after it was released, off some chink key-selling site for a low price. I have absolutely no problem with waiting an entire decade for an interesting console-exclusive game to be someday ported on PC, then wait 6+ months more until it gets pirated.

The only way you could ever make somebody like me buy is a console is if you made every game on it fully compatible with keyboard/mouse, it ran every game on 120FPS on maximum settings on 2K res, and it had full mod support. And of course, it's OS should be open-source.

7a9ed8  No.16063835

Drop the price tag to maybe a third of what it is now.

0f9444  No.16063836


>Wii actually acquired.

Got a mom and pops vidya store on my road just nipped out (dodged the crack whores) and got a wii for $30 got that shitty sports game, Mario Kart and Resident Evil 4 with it. I think that was a good deal. No doubt I will be called a faggot for paying too much.

24972e  No.16063839


6d2618  No.16063851


You don't own shit. What you "own" is a one-time transferrable license to play those games in a private environment, and it does not give you the right to rent, sell, exhibit, disassemble, or modify the game in any way.

7a9ed8  No.16063853


Can't WiiU emulate both of those systems flawlessly? You can probably grab one of those used for nothing.

3c45d6  No.16063870


Wii games, yes. GameCube, however, require you to use a special homebrew application, and you need a wired controller and to a working ISO rip of the games (Some idiots actually have insert GameCube discs into their Wii U and broke the system's disc tray). And, even then, there's a compatibility list surrounding what the app can and cannot run.

32bb91  No.16063879

File: 4d128ce0128fd18⋯.jpg (25.53 KB, 460x432, 115:108, 4d128ce0128fd1890de2a0349c….jpg)

>buying games

>paying for online

>no games

>can't play old games

>restricted to the games of the platform

why do i need a console again?

0f9444  No.16063891

File: 4ceb7b273e3e7bd⋯.jpg (61.18 KB, 567x781, 567:781, 4ceb7b273e3e7bd31a1bf60fe6….jpg)


>Almost everyone here is using a PC.

>Think PC is some secret club.

>Loses his shit because I bought a second hand dead console with a zombie game.

>Mad a gave an old woman with a tiny shop some business and not some big faceless company like Nivida money.

>Thinks giving graphics card companies his money is fighting the system.

Thanks Anon I needed a laugh. You keep fighting the good fight.

f380cf  No.16063900


I'll buy a PS5 if it's backwards-compatible with every console Sony has ever made, including online features dating back to at least PS3 as well as the vita à la PSTV.

So I won't buy a PS5.

ffd183  No.16063907

File: 256c44af13e5da8⋯.jpg (334.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Baldur-s-Gate-II-Enhanced-….jpg)

PC gaming is console gaming on ultra settings. I used to be a PC gamer in the 90s and PC gaming was on a completely different planet.

e4b33c  No.16063914

When split screen games come back.

86c694  No.16063915

I would buy a console if it got easily cracked without needing hard mods and without much chance of being patched and it had a very good homebrew scene. I bought a Wii just for the homebrew, and I didn't regret it.

f380cf  No.16063920


>hardware is DRM

Oh no, it's retarded.

f380cf  No.16063944


>How am the retarded one

Dropped on your head? Shit genes? Fetal alcohol syndrome?

284d72  No.16063970



Wii gets you the both Gamecube and Wii games, plus a shit ton of homebrew. If care about video quality, the Wii component cables are also a lot cheaper. (Gamecube's component output is a bit better, but costs a fuck ton more even for new 3rd party component/HDMI adapters.)



WiiU can use vWii and run most of the same Wii games/homebrew. Nintendont is just as compatible for running Gamecube games as it is on Wii, although any games that need certain GC accessories (GBA link cable for Pokemon, Bongo Drums for DK, etc) can't use them.

I personally stick with a Wii because it's quicker to get to the HBC, I can use accessories as needed, and older Wiis can use a modified boot menu allowing you to boot straight to the HBC. I've turned on my Wii remote maybe a couple times in the past 2 years. (Some Wii games support the GC controller which is really nice.)

Only get a WiiU if you want cheap HDMI output (every plugNplay HDMI adapter for Wii is garbage) or actually want to play some WiiU games. The original Wii is just a better way to play Wii software.

cb6fa3  No.16063988

i want a single player focused video game console with a hardware/software focus on power, simplicity, and physical games.

39dd0d  No.16064003


You sound like you never emulated a single day in your life and don't know the enhancements that gives you nor have PC gaming experience outside of digital stores. I don't know how that's possible unless you're retarded.


> 15 minutes later

Yep. You must be retarded to commit so easily and are prone to impulsive decisions.

3cba14  No.16064004

>Owns a no game station 4

>Condems the Switch for not having games


41220a  No.16064019


I've seen this image before.

Where is it from?

0ed566  No.16064025

File: 8eda5a3e94b8610⋯.jpg (186.59 KB, 850x1183, 850:1183, sample_8fa0b92fdc02d733070….jpg)


Free online, AO games allowed, KB option on all games, Full game on disk no download code bullshit, And most importantly lots of good single player games with no lootbox/microtransacton/dlc bullshit.

78115b  No.16064030

It get's an emulator so I can use that for free instead and mod Bloodborne to 60fps, then mod it into a completely different game about fucking the monsters.

670ef6  No.16064059

File: f1aebdc3574a757⋯.png (135.6 KB, 253x297, 23:27, ClipboardImage.png)

Always offline, no DLC, no bluetooth, no wifi, a hard drive, cartridges, SD and/or USB support, wired controllers, exclusives that do not include remakes, ports or ROM collections, no censorship, and a hard line effort to promote even their most """problematic""" titles. In other words, not a damn thing.

4e05b6  No.16064087

>buying current gen hardware of any kind

your fucking retarded if you do this

b08a3c  No.16064099

Nothing really, I have no interest in most AAA titles which is usually what is exclusive to consoles.

9e5b0a  No.16064527

File: 7f7cb788a6ab9f1⋯.jpg (6.8 KB, 102x118, 51:59, psw2.jpg)


The console manufacturer would have to pay me to take one off their hands, if they want to gobble my data dick they have to stump up some moolah. Oh also all the games would have to be free and run better than they do on my PC.

b7aa7d  No.16064541

File: f8b9a93cee7b254⋯.mp4 (452.57 KB, 640x640, 1:1, f8b9a93cee7b254243733cebc3….mp4)


I traded in my gaming PC for a switch with Kirby Star Allies and Labo. I am not shitposting this is truth and there is nothing you fags can do about it.

32bb91  No.16064552


oh hi mark

0ed566  No.16064563

File: 4266d69d720352c⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 2324x1587, 2324:1587, 6684a5da04e18e9d6ca85ff9ac….jpg)


Are you in the market for a bridge by any chance.

838b88  No.16064583

the coming crash


post war

9336c1  No.16064586

File: f144a68c0a29411⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, wallpaper-3-2560x1440-Wast….jpg)


>own gaming PC for master race loli mods

>own a Switch for casual and on-the-go gaming

You would have to pay me to play the Shit-Box at this point. I mean literally, if M$ handed me one for free they'd still have to pay me by the hour to actually plug the fucker in and bother to boot it up.

PS4 redux with the VR rig is slightly tempting until I think of all the other things in the world I could spend that much money on and…nope. Nah. Especially after getting fucked by the Vita…just no.

Square is back on Nintendo consoles, FUCK YEAH

1884c2  No.16064597

File: 1571b8aeb7b4657⋯.jpg (199.98 KB, 1024x791, 1024:791, gettyimages-160901402-1024….jpg)


A significant quantity of disposable income.

b7d5c1  No.16064606


I'd buy a switch if;

>If they had more games

>If these games aren't slaughtered like they did to Fire Emblem

>If the games were not all overpriced as fuck

>If I didn't have to pay to play online, how in the fuck they manage to get away with this I do not know

>Less DLC jewery

>If when you brought the game you got actual ownership of a copy of the software and easy access to your saves, meaning you actually control the thing you brought

>If they had backwards compatibility

9e5b0a  No.16065428

I would much rather buy a last gen console and some known decent titles that have never been ported or emulated.

5ba1d8  No.16065441


>What would it take you to buy a current-gen console you don't already currently own?

I bought a switch because, aside from loving handhelds, I refuse to put anything even remotely associated with denuvo on my PC, pirated or not. Beyond that, nothing. I have zero interest in a PS5 or an Xbone too, and have no reason to want one.

f3ec90  No.16065474

File: 871fb728414bb4d⋯.jpg (226.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 14a57aa02bd6e540e296ea86c9….jpg)


gonna sell all my consoles to get the best pc i can fuck consoles

8be5ce  No.16065500

File: b7f88776fece38f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.6 KB, 900x1000, 9:10, ClJ_FvOUsAE_ESj.jpg)

File: 245de7bcf6ecfaa⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 133.95 KB, 830x900, 83:90, 245.png)

File: 06829132e14db64⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 33.74 KB, 1073x1086, 1073:1086, 068.png)

File: cfb161f9e445273⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 65.77 KB, 567x900, 63:100, 2c3.png)


>i can fuck consoles

5ba1d8  No.16065506


>i can fuck consoles

Hi Chris-Chan.

9f2f3f  No.16065535


>Guaranteed to be able to hack it from the start on any firmware

>Homebrew that lets me play older console games from the company

>Money I paid for it does not go back to company

>End of life so I know more or less what the console has

>Worthwhile games to pirate

>No chinkland tier construction and can last awhile

2966a2  No.16065545

File: 4aae8720a43be79⋯.png (566.41 KB, 577x554, 577:554, kike'd.PNG)

0ee651  No.16065551

I've considered a switch just for running emulators but I already have a vita so there's no point unless some magical PS2 emulator runs on the thing. PC and vita is treating me nicely already.

29653a  No.16065573

Absolutely nothing. The only console I would even consider buying is the PS for the new samurai game. The problem then becomes that the PS controller is garbage. I considered buying a Switch last Christmas, but realistically the Switch is jut a BOTW machine and I can't justify spending that much money on cheap plastic crap for one game.

116ecc  No.16065586


Might have been interested in a Switch if it didn't have paid online, and I doubt that's going away from any modern console any time soon, given how everyone's adopted it as a mainline feature.


Even if they did that I wouldn't want to give or advocate for giving Sony money after the shit they've pulled lately.

b01c6e  No.16065634


The only way I would buy an Xbone is if Microsoft went on another suicide mission to court the Japanese market by funding a bunch of nip developers to make exclusives for them again. So never.

26e7d8  No.16065643

>build a new mid-range PC with used parts, totaling at 700 dollars for a 4c8t i5, 12gb ram, 980

>mostly just play DOOM wads, quake map jams, replay deus ex, thief 1 & 2, serious sam, can pirate everything I want

>only games I ever see are the games mentioned above

>or grand strategy

>dont care for it

>can emulate ps2 games i guess

>download 60 ps2 games to play

>play what I played as a kid and nothing else

>pirate new game

>stop playing after 2 hours and pirate another

>stop playing that too

>think im enjoying myself

>watching anime while fast forwarding through ps1 jrpgs

>not even enjoying the game just keeping my hands busy

>go to a friends house

>play puyo puyo tetris on switch

>really good time

>pirate it at home

>nobody to play with

>never touch it again

>dont feel like replaying same old shit

>just use the machine to shitpost here and watch anime

What's that thing about having all the choice in the world and eventually not wanting to do anything? I mean, at least I can do all that at 120hz 1080p. You've never seen a desktop experience so smooth.

9dc2cb  No.16065664


your opinion on the controller is incorrect

4454d9  No.16065668



aec103  No.16065673


Babby hands detected. If you actually have hands like a man you would know that the DS is a shit game pad.

ca670b  No.16065685

File: dea92cb5deb6006⋯.jpg (183.77 KB, 1000x756, 250:189, 203192093.jpg)

I own every current gen console

Even though they were all refurbished and I spent like nothing i kinda regret it I guess what might make me more interested in buying one is better local play support. Since for some reason, Splitscreen is an alien concept to PC

aec103  No.16065693


It's because split screen is garbage. I swear it's only fucking zoomers who pretend to have nostalgia for that crap. Split screen sucked.

5ec9cf  No.16065696



stop shitting this place then

ca670b  No.16065703


Ok but, I have a 85 inch 4k tv, and a more than capable PC to have 4 individual screens with plenty of visual information to players.

I'd like to have split screen games, or at the very least maybe nicer couch multiplayer.

fc2476  No.16065717

I'd get an xbones to play 4k movies on if it had a couple of worthwhile exclusives but all it has is forza so fuck that.

ps4 isn't very appealing either with a library of nothing but cinematic experiences, last gen ports, and one game… still.

f63db9  No.16065813

I mostly game on my PC. Bought a switch because I missed out on the Wii/WiiU stuff and there were some games I wanted to play from that era. I assumed the switch would mostly be a port machine so I figured there would be some way to play the old games I wanted plus new ones (XC2, Splat2, smash).

So far it's paid off even if I haven't gotten the ports I really want. Buying a switch for smash and splatoon was enough to make it worthwhile. The paid online is gay, but it's not like I also have a PS4/xbone so $20 a year is small enough for me not to care really.

2e559e  No.16066120

File: 3ed988d4fecf732⋯.png (504.84 KB, 2400x1600, 3:2, 3ed988d4fecf732bdf7cd323d6….png)


This is basically what I'm aiming for. Don't have a Switch yet but already scored MK8 and Odyssey off a buddy for free because they are a fag and have chosen to go "full digital" because "dats da future dood" but still need to pick up Splat2 and Bayo on the cheap.

c8fe61  No.16066457

File: 7881af82f02ee99⋯.jpg (17.95 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1458098462994.jpg)

>What would it take you to buy a current-gen console you don't already currently own?

<Please tell us how to market to you

c8fe61  No.16066462

File: 35abcab74db41cb⋯.png (347.05 KB, 600x521, 600:521, 1413052203364-3.png)


That's one ashy negro.

121fe2  No.16066472

I own a PS4 it was a gift, I'm not a retard but I never play it much as is. I don't think I'd buy another console, especially when the next gen will probably be announced this year.

1b382c  No.16066603

jew gold

1b382c  No.16066611

File: 71dc9b0879cc08e⋯.jpg (597.02 KB, 974x709, 974:709, 23589fh205.jpg)


i think you're doing it wrong

121fe2  No.16066634


Anon, you can't pirate a console.

d0c2fb  No.16066639


If they have a USB port where you can plug in a normal keyboard, open source their operating system, and give me the opportunity to modify it fully at will, with, at the very least, a C compiler. Free Multiplayer helps too, but is basically secondary when I can make my own.


You can already download guns, it's only a question of time.

3659cd  No.16066648

>buy every console except xbone which has nothing of interest and never will

>buy no software

>hack every console

>have all software

Why is this not the default? I feel like everyone else is stupid but me.

96f312  No.16069389


Not yet you can't.

fed8f5  No.16070030


why are you black

e24c19  No.16070055


It is worse if the nigger refuses to pirate out of some choice and feels better buying literal shit, rather then simply not know about being able to pirate console games.

4ea39d  No.16070070



Why not both? WiiU had some good titles that are pretty good if you haven't played them.

a1afb5  No.16070700

Games that I can't buy on PC, that I actually want.

98ac2e  No.16070707

Boobborne PC when?

Forza on Windows 7 when?

cd8c09  No.16070712


If the gameboy had a backlit screen and supported NES games

6873a3  No.16073427

File: 2db1fae06f9d3df⋯.jpeg (12.36 KB, 399x347, 399:347, 49d776437b46cd250afa70319….jpeg)


since i have no interest to begin with my price will be an outrageous 100 gold bars and free pc parts for the rest of my life, paid for by the console company of course.

f8ee71  No.16073443

Breath of the Wild and Splatoon got me thinking, but didn't do it.

6fc31a  No.16073665

Nothing, but when it comes to next gen, if the rumors that PS5 will be fully backwards compatible with all the previous PS consoles with no catches then I'm getting one.

6fbd46  No.16073689

File: 7cd0771bd476311⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 254x265, 254:265, Podly.jpg)


Nah just buy shit from ATM instead.

b5d1a8  No.16073929



Kike enablers.

55afc8  No.16074652


>be black

>steal literally everything you're told to not steal

>conciously go out of his way to buy everything you're told to steal

at this point, i'm 99% convinced darkies only exist to spite us

377bf0  No.16074982


Until the servers shut off and you can't get the download for other half of the game

1cf7bc  No.16079817

Nothing on a console is worthwhile because you can get the same exact thing except better on a PC

357f30  No.16079820


They steal necessities and buy luxuries

a08b57  No.16079860

File: 12dddd2210d14aa⋯.png (220.38 KB, 641x907, 641:907, 3ee65872de7f1579e4a3904c09….png)


>Data mining?

Well at least you know people aren't happy with consoles

They should be cheaper both the games and the console

Have more interesting games sports games and most fps are just trash

Not being censored Same no localization, just translation

No need to update holy shit that is retarded

A larger lifespan for the console

Backwards compatibility

That the games are available no point in having games that will not come to the country

There is no need for ultra 256K resolution with the details of every dick on it, it just have to look ok

Fucking normal controllers

Access to all games this is a deal killer, since consoles will try to have their own market

There is no competition, consoles are no longer needed

f18739  No.16093200


You're supporting jewish corporations.

8c9e36  No.16093402

The only reason I got a ps4 was for kingdom hearts 3 and I regret it now because of how disappointing it was.

2cbb24  No.16094632


>you don't already currently own

5180ea  No.16099756

I might buy a ps4 just for cfw. I am interested in a few games, namely some rpgs. But I'm not willing to shell out three hundred and 60xn for whatever games I want.

d12c3e  No.16099765


I current need a dreamcast, ps2 and possibly 3. I recently got a saturn, it's great. my end game would be a neo geo, probably the omega

0d2034  No.16106067

File: dc05be7c8bfe113⋯.jpg (63.02 KB, 720x502, 360:251, xbox_is_hueg.jpg)

I kind of want to buy an Xbox One, but only if the backwards compatibility list for original Xbox games increases.

7d4f19  No.16106093


I will never buy a piece of entertainment related merchandise again as long as I'm alive.

982258  No.16106160


Me since the SNES/Genesis era:

>patiently wait until console comes down in price to roughly 1/3-1/2 original price

>buy the games I want (with all dlc included) for 20 bucks new at Walmart

>Enjoy self immensely while some poor early adopter retard is screaming about how his new Xbox One.2 720 X-X is still not working right

I'm afraid that buying model is coming to an end, what with all the companies gettig super jewy and moving towatds the download only thing.

7c143a  No.16106203


It'd be kinda neat to have a Halo LAN party with OG Xboxes, 360, and Bones all connected together. hack for Xbox One when?

6876d9  No.16106215

I own a PC, PS3, PS4, Switch and 3DS. I am the master idort.

0da685  No.16106222

Im neither retarded or a pedophile stalking little kids on nintendo game chats

So nothing would make me buy a console

4ad8d0  No.16106273


Already own a Switch, and I can't think of any exclusives the Sony or Microsoft have that would get me to buy. Especially now that Sony has gone Commiefornia censorship happy.

Exclusives are the only thing that would push me in any direction, literally anything with a PC port is going to be better on PC. Hell anything Wii U / PS3 can be emulated better these days with a good PC and Switch / PS4 is on the way.

b53150  No.16106550


This was a good move. No lie. The PC is a dead platform that is overrun by DRM and shitty ports.

You can say, "piracy" as a reason for still playing on PC, but what good is piracy if there are no decent games and mods are becoming a thing of the past?

The PC is dying as a gaming platform. The days of UT99 are far gone. Steam DRM rules the market and there's no choice but to accept digital distribution.

17e162  No.16106625

File: 0b4725366414f76⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 680x382, 340:191, worn out shoe.jpg)


Here (you) go, a (you)

dc06ee  No.16106826


That depends on how shit your PC is. I played Wind Waker last year on an emulator and if your CPU&GPU can handle it you can make it look much better with Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering. I'm keeping my eyes out for a usb controller on sale for when my PC falls below req. specs for modern games again. You can also have a lot of fun with mods if you know which games has an active modding community.


I'll never buy a console while I have to buy a TV as well. I'll just play console games a decade after they come out on an emulator.

e142db  No.16107026

>owns a ps4

>Yet complains about the Switchs library

Is this cuckchan?

37bf76  No.16107425

File: 624d707ae9d99dd⋯.jpg (78.69 KB, 532x665, 4:5, 624d707ae9d99dd2443a5e0b4f….jpg)


I'd pick up a new iteration of the 3ds or a switch if they added more cool jrpg games with character creation/customization. Big bonus points if you can pilot mechas too, like a current year gundam federation war game.

357f30  No.16107447


Physical will never not be a joke nowadays.

DRM free digital is 10 times better than any locked down license on an outdated storage unit.


8/v/ might as well be cuckchan/v/ 2.0 at this point with slower discussion.

Same ampunt of retards and dumb bullshit clogging actual discussion nowadays.

d942b0  No.16107453

I would want it to be able to play good games that I cannot already play by owning a computer without any outside help except a disk

this is the sole function of a video game console, and frankly all but switch, and dubiously the switch at that since it has paid online and only a handful of good games, completely fails at

thats just to consider it though, in reality it needs a NUMBER of good games I want to play to be actually worth it, and ideally those games would be ones I could pick up cheap somehow

if it has more games I want to play then I have fingers (I have 9 fingers) then thats decent, if it has twice that and they are cheap, then thats actually approaching the same level of console viability as the last console I owned, which I considered shit and a general decline

37bf76  No.16107570


I can't remember the dev or game anymore, but my fav physical moment was when the discs they were selling for the game had nothing but the steam launcher on it.

63fd0e  No.16107751

File: bfe1cec6fa6d3b4⋯.jpg (159.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DqUk8pdUUAAK121.jpg_orig.jpg)



The way Soyny are going I wouldn't be surprised if they pioneered some integrated and automated censorship program within the PS5 for anything even mildly suggestive.

1310e9  No.16107896

I'm done with consoles.

I don't see in a day and age when a moderately decent gaming PC can be built for reasonable price, why in the world these things are still produced.

There is no bonuses in console gaming. Only a stable hardware for all developers to focus. Aside that is only downgrades.

a748e4  No.16107910


They don't even have optimized hardware anymore.

360 and ps3 both used the more efficient Power processors apple used back in the day.

Then they all switched to x86. Now it's a really shitty PC for a shit price.

However I want Power CPUs for my desktop computer at a reasonable price.

They don't have all the garbage x86 has because it's not a superset of the Intel 8080 which was produced in fucking 1974. I want things to move on.

974f87  No.16107918


1. High quality low lag/latency back catalogues, the full back catalogue for the company's consoles. Games over 5 years old are never more than $15, 10 years $10, 15 years $5.

2. 1080p 60hz minimum. 1440p 100hz or more desired

3. Full mouse/KB support, with custom keylayouts.

4. AO rated games, which basically lack any censorship.

5. Game comes on a USB thumbdrive ROM thing, like a mini cartridge.

6. I can stick any HDD, Sata SSD, or NvME drive into it.

7. The next gen version will be totally compatible with everything from the current one.

8. All games have full demo mode for the first two hours, and can be returned if they suck.

9. I can sell my game if I want.

10. Console maker won't pull a Soyny and fuck up the games.

fb1909  No.16107926


>There are no good games


>PC games are dying



>You are ntoa real PC games because I say so

Take your elitist BS and showe it up your ass.

90f206  No.16107933


The amount of elitists on the PC is just disgusting. No one should care if you use steam or the Epic store or other platforms as long as you love games.

7aaca5  No.16107937

File: 1f7e1dd6eb68f60⋯.jpg (482.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, it evens out in the end.jpg)


This tbh, shilling for a piece of plastic that you play eletronic games on is fucking pathetic. Just play on whatever makes you happy fuck what other people think. Also I need a poo.

fe3166  No.16108008


The only current console I don't have by now is an Xbone. I considered buying one for the backwards compatibility alone since I never owned a single m$ console, but the fact that only a handful of games work and the whole always online DRM bullshit is stopping me from getting one. Also, I've heard the controllers are nice although I don't see why I should pay 60€ for the controller when I could technically get a whole console+controller+1game for 140€ more.

37bf76  No.16108018


Even if all you said was true, PC is made in the smaller projects, the unique ones, like mount and blade, or kenshi.

e378bf  No.16108020


>Being this retarded

d77a0e  No.16108022

I want to buy an used switch and pirate games on it.

55afc8  No.16108032


I had to deal with that once too.

Anger, that's what i felt.

>oh you dont want steam? here take some steam anyway.

DoW2 if i remind correctly also required not only steam shit but also some windows something account or whatever.

An absolute clusterfuck.

Didn't even bother with THQ after that, all i know is they ended up sinking.

f22cb7  No.16108037

File: fc008e0838e2444⋯.png (969.89 KB, 1258x1029, 1258:1029, consolefags btfo once and ….png)

I'll never buy another console, my last console was the PS2.

e6352e  No.16108046

File: d0fd96f6af4bf2a⋯.png (33.28 KB, 1254x337, 1254:337, pc gaming in a nutshell.png)

File: 3e014f929a24ed2⋯.png (685.11 KB, 1351x1122, 1351:1122, PC gaming 3-24-15.png)

File: ad93ea35150e88b⋯.png (181.77 KB, 1366x649, 1366:649, PCs are better, economical….png)

I've never not owned consoles, but the reason I keep buying the newest and best systems is cause I like to play on TVs and/or with buddies, and without the hassle of game/controller setups/configs.

PC is great and all, the best easily, but in no way does it make consoles obsolete.

f22cb7  No.16108047


Nah they're completely obsolete, you're completely obsolete too.

f1e82e  No.16108062

Nothing. Fuck consoles. Last one i bought was ps3 on discount few years after it was released so it actually had few games. Consoles right now have no games and i'd rather play roguelikes on my high end pc.

e6352e  No.16108077

File: fd3305dd47144fe⋯.jpg (69.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, console vs pc.jpg)


oh right, another good thing is sharing games is super easy on PS4.

>"hey buddy, I got x game, what are your PC specs? mind if I log you out of steam so I can go in to my steam so we can co-op on a game only I have?"


>"oh, you got a PS4? lemme login on my controller and dl my co-op game while we play yours"

e6352e  No.16108087

File: e6fe9157be75a03⋯.png (5.31 KB, 366x117, 122:39, PC gaming isnt superior.png)


OK Tumblr. If you had reading comprehension, you would see that I already said that. Why are PC elitists always the most retarded fucks on /v/?

f5a06b  No.16108089


>even running windows is too hard for the average console peasant


f9f604  No.16108118


>Actually debating about consoles

The last good consoles were the xbox/ps2/gamecube

Why are you constantly trying to force this console talk? You need to leave that shit at 4um and fucking lurk more, faggot

fe3166  No.16108150

File: 201ad2add8ecf34⋯.png (514.73 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 8738783.png)


>it's good with mods!

Everytime I install mods I end up playing the game for 10 minutes or so until I realize it's still shit and play the base game of something good instead. Romhacks on the other hand are pretty cool, because they usually don't mess with the formular which made the og game so good, but instead offer some variety.

That image reeks of butthurt

eb0d45  No.16109342


Switch: Something worth playing that isn't bing bing wahoo soyboy bullshit

Xboner: ANYTHING the PS4 doesn't already have that's worth playing.

Any new games for the PS4 I got it as a present okay jesus: Games that aren't soy-fueled pozztacular garbage

eb0d45  No.16109347

File: e7cfee1ce3d8caf⋯.jpg (113.98 KB, 720x1037, 720:1037, Brogief_bought_an_Xbone.jpg)


Friendly reminder that I am fake news

Post last edited at

fe19be  No.16109365

File: 2956faf4ca50f30⋯.jpg (30.62 KB, 391x364, 391:364, hmm.jpg)


>What would it take you to buy a current-gen console you don't already currently own?

Depends on the library and how many personal compromises I'd have to take in order to enjoy it.

I went full PCfag in 1996 after the N64 was such a colossal fucking disappointment. I did a little console gaming when over at friends' houses, but nothing really made me want to get a console even then. Though playing MGS1 for the first time was pretty fucking magical.

The current generation was worse than the ones previously. The only interesting stuff seems to be on the Switch, but I'm not throwing down $300 for a machine that only has like, five worthwhile games. Though I might consider it if the new Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing turn out to be pretty good.

357f30  No.16109422





Totally natural!



Stop going to cuckchan/reddit and enjoy a good game with mods that can make the game have more variety or even improve the already great gameplay.

For example, playing REmake2 with an FPS POVgives variety to the game and removing the god awful vignette effect the retards forced down peoples throats improves the games visuals and gameplay.

What the image is trying to convey is scalability and long term positives.


>Physical only is the only environememt to have good games made

Yeah, all those great 7th Gen games post 2007 when Gamestop peaked were truly masterpieces.

f9f604  No.16109562

File: cd4394d010133d9⋯.jpeg (94.38 KB, 720x764, 180:191, 3AE931CD-706D-49EB-8F26-3….jpeg)

I love how people who visit this board insinuate they have real friends that they actually factually interact with when everyone knows thats a bold face lie

No one on here can tolerate the general populace

55afc8  No.16109718


Consoles are a relic from the past.

No point in them since the mid-2000, and only survive because some people somehow have no computer.

32bb91  No.16109731

File: 104588da29f45ec⋯.png (21.2 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1f42c34597a9d6c92e314f51f0….png)


this isn't a HAH thread

fe9bfe  No.16109734


It would take me about $299.99

cec1e7  No.16109735

I’d buy a Switch if most of the games I wanted were:


>not $80

Switch is the only one with more than moviegames but I cant justify the prices for new games, especially if they run like slideshows.

e021a1  No.16109965


lmao you too retarde who do you think made your GPU and CPU

ebc8e9  No.16109985


Some people find it easier than others to hide their power levels

1f5abe  No.16110437


You came really, really close to describing the OG Xbox.

1f5abe  No.16110445


And yet you bought it in the first place you jew

97f4cc  No.16110566


What videogay is that?

339e03  No.16110828


The console would need to stop having shills make threads dedicated to certain consoles every week. Then I might contemplate buying.

5c84f3  No.16110860

If you bought a gonsole after the ps2 xbawks360. Srs, wtf are you doing with ur life.

26e7d8  No.16110872


playing good games

da1f22  No.16110882


Should have ceased here.

da1f22  No.16110893

>good games

Get a new hobby. Iterative trash does not make a new game.

378021  No.16110987


Viva Pinata 3.

284d72  No.16111048


I've seen it a couple times outside of browser games. It's very rare. I'm surprised Steam didn't push for that when they tried to do SteamOS.




That said, gen Z grew up on the tail-end of split-screen, if they played it at all. A lot of multiplayer games began dropping it in favor of online with strict 1 person per console. Not to mention more of them grew up (or are growing up) playing casual mobile shit. It's mostly gen Y and maybe the younger part of gen X that played split-screen.

>Split screen sucked

Yeah, you lost a lot of visibility or had to deal with friends screen-looking (or screen-cheating, I heard it called a lot of different things) but it was a quick and easy way to play with friends on 1 console. No additional set up required other than connecting a few more controllers. If anything, I miss the ease of getting a multiplayer game set up as easily as that. You also didn't have to worry about online servers ever going down. I'm more disappointed about losing LAN than split-screen. Split-screen has been slowly fading away aside from Nintendo games, but LAN is practically dead on consoles. Even PC games aren't supporting it as much as they used to back in the 90s/early 00s.

a1d4e5  No.16111364


Not quite, PC is still your only real option if you're any kind of strategy game fan. Even fucking XCOM2 didnt make it to consoles. There's also the fact that most groundbreaking stuff comes to PC first, and then makes it to consoles. I love gaming on my PC, don't see myself dropping it anytime soon.

a1d4e5  No.16111371


This, I'd buy every console just for that one odd game that interests me.

b97fb7  No.16111410

File: 0d563ad77eb322d⋯.webm (4.97 MB, 640x480, 4:3, softmodding an xbox.webm)


This, squid lolis, and not having to spend as much money on it.


What about an original Xbox? There's no good emulation for it yet and it was pretty easy to softmod. It's not hard to upgrade to a bigger hard drive either if you have a toaster with IDE support.


I can second this, it worked fine for me. Component on the Wii doesn't like my capture card for some reason but it was easy to softmod.


See above, what's the point when you can mod a real one?

c57f15  No.16127131

it's getting towards the end of the current gen's life span. the only one I don't have already is the xbox. Maybe if there were a not of really good exclusives released between now and the announcement of its successor, and the afterwards there's a really good deal on the old ones. Maybe I'd buy one before the next gen is announced but it would take an unrealistically good deal.

fb3fa6  No.16136592


A steam or digital download code in a box isn't a physical copy.

4b52f6  No.16136617


>current-gen console you don't already currently own


>What would it take you to buy it

Mainline idolm@ster game, but featuring Cinderella girls.

6911f1  No.16137656



357f30  No.16137704


XCOM2 got a console release some months after the PC version.

Custom content is half that game nowadays though.

c5ed26  No.16138144


I'd never buy a console. I found out I absolutely hate any controller other than keyboard and mouse. I've tried emulating, but I've yet to find an actually good game ever relesed on consoles, since all I've tried are mind-numbingly shallow and simple.

9aab04  No.16138521


>What would it take you to buy a current-gen console you don't already currently own?

Sworn statement under penalty of death that their isn't a PRO/X/Ultra/ 2.0 version or new gen system less than 3 years away.

Functional web browser.

Free online gaming.

No censorship.

And so, this will never happen so it is pointless to think it will ever be a worthwhile purchase other than at a swap meet 10 years from now.

e021a1  No.16138579


You gave intel money

413b1f  No.16138617


Pretty much this. There is no console worth supporting.

357f30  No.16139532

File: 0b8c691ba95abb9⋯.gif (157.13 KB, 260x187, 260:187, mfw.gif)


>mfw when disposable income

>Don't buy consoles or over expensive useless high end hardware

57b6fa  No.16139577


I wish this was true. I could use a good laugh.



593426  No.16139656


You too, in fact you're sponsoring Israel by paying your taxes as well. There is no way you can escape this but you can support them less, not to mention that you don't even need to buy CPUs often, in fact you can get a powerful CPU used without worrying about getting replacement for who know how many years. In fact I doubt there is any reason to get a CPU which doesn't "officially" support Windows 7, even if you're working. I know I won't be getting the new CPU until mine breaks.

f3ee05  No.16140921


games that i want to play

fb1909  No.16141023


>What would it take you to buy a current-gen console

God himself coming down from heavens and ordering me to buy it….after giving me the money to do so.

d98c3f  No.16141163

File: 4f73e3c2717dc8d⋯.jpg (197.45 KB, 1193x800, 1193:800, mgs2substance-cover-xbox(3….jpg)

There is literally not ONE game on the Xbox I really miss.

As an OG Xbox and 360 owner the Xbox brand has just completely and utterly lost all of its relevancy. Everything that made Xbox good has been killed off.

aeb898  No.16141213



>12GB of ram

You are a retard.

aeb898  No.16141221


And so am I for quoting the wrong post.

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