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File: d9da58f6b899ee0⋯.jpg (18.32 KB, 193x255, 193:255, (((United Cities))).jpg)

810f7b  No.16066324

This is a thread for greentext stories and deep, debilitating autism.

1a0a5d  No.16067100

File: 6e5566b43dff0af⋯.jpg (389.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_12.jpg)

>spent the last 8 hours (human hours) making 22 sets of chainmail.

>base won't stop getting face fucked

>3 raids at once, no fucking breaks

>what the fuck is this

c0a230  No.16067291

File: db523fe769468b0⋯.jpg (18.49 KB, 320x371, 320:371, c37adbf8b68c8a0940fae823a7….jpg)


Maybe it's time to move away from that base if it's attracting that much attention?

45c1a6  No.16067300

>set up base

>dont want it now.

Erry time

2a6049  No.16067328

File: 24defd45a4066a6⋯.jpg (228.08 KB, 1456x1456, 1:1, KENSHI MAP.jpg)


>He decided to settle down with only 20 people

>Gets fucked up by hungry bandits

Lmao get fucced bitchboi


But you're gonna need a big party for it, even one of my best guys can't take more than 8 fogmen on his own, and there's pretty regular hordes of them rampaging around, especially where Fog Princes appear.

Also fuck beak things. Why the fuck do they do so much damage? Pretty sure it's armor piercing too. I just left the fog islands now, hoping for some more decent followers and intrepid adventures in the shek kingdom. Anyone know where the Pre version 0.7 or so map is now?

a52a1c  No.16067330


>Band of bones

>Starving bandits

>Red Sabres

All you need is the BD ninjas and dust bandits to show up and you´ve got a nice shitpost party, it´s really a shame cannibals don´t show up that down

>Day 197

Anon what are you doing? By day 45 i got 8 warriors at 30 and i wipe the floor with them. If you want a peaceful and comfy base, go to the levianthan plains, you will receive a cannibal visit every 6 days and probably they will be eaten by beak things.

9d2e76  No.16067420

File: f797da4cc9aec47⋯.jpg (106.8 KB, 800x530, 80:53, 199wyb6u2dykrjpg.jpg)







<actually not that you mention it BD ninjas and dust bandits do come too, so actually five different groups just rotating on me like a bitch salad but usually 2 or more groups at once.


I've played this game hundreds of hours, several times starting over with new groups and grinding until everyone has final tech gear and at least everyone in 50s. Right now, my guys are atleast all in 30s (all 22 of them, my original group of 8 got sidelined while I brought in a new generation and it has taken forever to get them up and going) and using mk1 weapons and specialist armor. I'm just not catching fucking break from raids. The first 100 days or so this base was fairly boring and I held it with just 3 mercs from a way station from almost day1 after about day 50 until day 100 it was easy to hold with just my 8 guys.. now I'm just like in the middle of Afghanistan or something everyone wants a piece. I wish the opposing raiding groups would at least fight each other. What I don't fucking get is why my toughness and weapon skills are not actually a fuck load higher than they are as pointed out it's day 147

9d2e76  No.16067431


ps- picture is somewhere in central asia

pss- I also started getting prayer days AFTER day 100-ish, after 90-ish days of being on site.

2a6049  No.16067529


>I've played this game hundreds of hours


If you wanna flex I've been playing since 2013 get on my level skrub

As for the rest, guessing it's because of one of the updates/break in the code? I don't know, remember having a fairly sizable base way back in 0.70 or so and getting raided every couple of days. Good way to train the rookies. I find it interesting to note that even on full release things are still a little bit wonky-like. Don't think there's anything truly game-breaking/crashes in here now though which is nice. And tbh I think it's better to have an army of medium tier dudes than less than 20 special ops guys. It's so much easier to level a noob up to 30 or so than level up much past 50, and even at 50 you can still get hit from time to time. Damage is also spread much more easily, and it's generally a nice counter to getting raped by fresh spawns if you're already in a fight.

Only downside to having loads of guys is that your party consumes astronomical amounts of food, but food is of course, free, courtesy of the wildlife.

As for solutions to your problem, I would say your best course of action is maybe go townhopping with one/two of your fastest guys, give them some trade items and sell them to some bars. Recruit some noobs find unique NPC locations Crumblejohn is a fucking MUST. Seriously. That guy starts with 60 fucking strength and pretty decent stats. and bulk out your numbers. That way you could also probably have a stay at home team and an exploring team. My final plan in this game is to wage war with the holy nation, so I know I'll need top tier guys, weapons, armor, plus about 200 dudes. I have a squad limit mod. But right now I just wanna explore as much of the map as I can, because I don't want to split my current forces between building and exploring. Good luck anon.

2a6049  No.16067539

Oh, and also I like the idea of kidnapping a high level NPC and making him a living training dummy. I don't have a base atm myself but since you do maybe give that go?

45c1a6  No.16067569


>crumblejohn op

I think that was patched because he had like half that for me. Which was still great but not what I was hoping.

040693  No.16067663

File: 62130409d1b4da8⋯.jpg (457.21 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190131015716_1.jpg)

File: d601737822ba87f⋯.jpg (463.98 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190131155531_1.jpg)

File: 5b7fb7a57c2090b⋯.jpg (208.49 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190129131351_1.jpg)

File: f1841d6517cf542⋯.jpg (321.42 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, 20190127201302_1.jpg)


That shit was unbearable for a scrub like me, yet I refused to move anywhere else because I found the perfect spot for me personally.

In the options settings you can turn the rate of incoming raids down.

I did and now I get raids every few days.

Good luck neighbor! Also a moneymaking tip for swamp boys like us is that you should start making hashish and selling it to the shinobi theives in the great desert for a 700% price markup, you can easily make dozens of thousands of dollars per run through the cities as long as you also have a shitload of hashish on you.

9d2e76  No.16067679

File: 2fb2634e824d95a⋯.jpg (399.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_15.jpg)


23c5df  No.16067682


<Sounds like you're already drunk, boss.

48660a  No.16067690


Where is your base set up? Border zone?

9d2e76  No.16067769


Border zone on edge of the swamp, last five minutes have been fairly quiet after about 20 groups got murdered. Skills and gear seem to be pushing past the point of basic bullshit raids finally.

9d2e76  No.16067842

File: 066b7f15bb6452f⋯.jpg (216.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_16.jpg)

File: bb62612471b9fff⋯.jpg (227.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_17.jpg)




great shots! never noticed how beak things look like giant killer swans in the water like that.

>well, after many many real life hours my squad is all in specialist gear /mk1 with fairly good stats, especially the 25+ medic each that they got rotating on the medic benches. there is literally nothing I can do but go explore labs now because I'm max for what I can make.

45c1a6  No.16067881

File: 9c32283091095df⋯.jpg (230.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_116.jpg)

File: bf8f6ad65b038c9⋯.jpg (228.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_117.jpg)

File: eaf950bcdd323dd⋯.jpg (292.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_118.jpg)

File: 603dad1811f5876⋯.jpg (271.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_121.jpg)

File: 61511a6fe1f2dd3⋯.jpg (172.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_123.jpg)

604018  No.16067928


>last image

He just looks so done with everything.

9d2e76  No.16067944

File: 7fcf45817e976aa⋯.jpg (228.11 KB, 680x563, 680:563, serious.jpg)

604018  No.16067980


>impact font memes

Go away

9d2e76  No.16068015


I'm sorry sorry to offend your sensibilities, I literally had to google the font type make it. I suppose the cool kids on 8ch use something like edge lord font and I just never noticed because I don't give a shit.

db8ff1  No.16068043


>impact font memes

It's an image macro you retarded redditor.

2cfd90  No.16068813

File: 72bbccc47814577⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 685x960, 137:192, Thinking_noodle.jpg)

Every Kenshi bread there is always anons losing with their 20 man squads during base raids.

Looks like you retards are making poor choices in weapons/armor, not enough training and pissing off every minor faction possible before setting up a base.

Seems to confirm for me that smaller squad games are the way to go, they forge stronger characters and force you to consider weapon types that compliment each other.

c8e35f  No.16069170


>Also a moneymaking tip for swamp boys like us is that you should start making hashish and selling it to the shinobi theives in the great desert

I've been doing that and I wanted to ask a question. Does selling them hash increase their total money? Because I have been noticing that they have more and more every time I show up.

c8e35f  No.16069175


>Every Kenshi bread there is always anons losing with their 20 man squads during base raids.

They probably just aren't embracing the absolute rape that turrets are.

f37fa3  No.16069183


This. I never understood the meme of people saying

>only settled with 40 people, ofc you can't defend

I've had essentially no problems defending mine (apart from against retribution of god attacks) with as little as 6-8 people depending on if some of my guys are out. Good gate placement with harpoon turrets can cut down the raids by about half before they break through, then just a couple decently trained people with heavy weapons can easily aoe cleave through the rest, usually backed up by martial artists.

dd96a8  No.16069313

File: 0afb35ba37676f4⋯.png (19.02 KB, 828x1080, 23:30, 7hoursinpaint.png)


I've not gotten around to base building yet but is there any reason you cant do something like pic related to your base with turrets on every inside wall?

45c1a6  No.16069332


Pretty much every NPC buys narcotics up to and including skeletons for what ever reason. There is a good chance they are getting more fags buying shit from them.

f37fa3  No.16069352


In theory it should work, I've seen lots of people also cheese by making a maze with furniture. Not sure exactly how it works but sometimes if the path is too long they'll target the walls directly too. I've also had raids stand directly next to my gate and decide to attack the wall next to it sometimes but I think that's due to the constant navmesh issues.

45c1a6  No.16069920

Where can I find acid proof shit, even the swampers never sell the coats that are supposed to be popular there.

810f7b  No.16069928


The Travelers shop in Mourn always has trenchcoats and hats for sale.

eefeb0  No.16070124

File: 975bc0dfb4d683d⋯.png (2.94 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mourn.png)

speaking on Mourn, I didn't know beak things could spawn in these numbers

810f7b  No.16070130

File: 16ac82508272a82⋯.jpg (287.37 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190131200604_2.jpg)

File: c2392d643775b7d⋯.jpg (299.54 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190131200840_1.jpg)

File: cffa898da8b7db7⋯.jpg (235.46 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190131195800_1.jpg)

File: c5713c5616c3a8a⋯.jpg (295.05 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190131204427_1.jpg)

Speaking of trenchcoats, I ended up loading a hardsave before wasting my impromptu cult following at the gates of Bad Teeth towards the end of last thread. Picked a smaller target, one of Holy Mines. Went much better. Rotten abrahamic fuckers barely had anything worth looting, though. Typical aesthetes.

On a more serious note; I need some advice on Crumblejon. He was one of the first guys I recruited in mongrel, is one of my strongest characters. I could easily greentext a few stories where he personally got the gang out of a scrape.

I didn't discover his shameful NTR fetish until late in the game. I feel betrayed. I actually have a crucifixion mod installed and I was considering leaving him nailed to a cross on the top of some mountain for his cuckoldry, but I've built him up to be to valuable to the team.

What should be done with Grandpa Cuckshed?

747cc9  No.16070280



I was totally defending early game with exactly 8 people. Last thread I was insisting to stay at low numbers because my first game that went to max was 28 people. 7x4 squads. Last couple of games I just went with 8 but a lot of people are like omg256fun so I broke down and went 22 because that is the biggest number the UI looks good with. I can't explain the vast influx of raids after that point, but yeah I got my shit wrecked for a while. Not anymore though after 40 days of endless assaults they seemed to have overcome being shit tier slaves.

747cc9  No.16070312



every single item with acid resist anything over

70 is overkill unless you plan on living an acid zone.

747cc9  No.16070397

File: b4164ea0af07298⋯.jpg (310.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_18.jpg)

population 1.0 setting with 40 hungry bandits?

b741e9  No.16070688


Take everything but his weapon, then send Crumblecuck on a mission to retrieve the skin peeler blueprints.

810f7b  No.16070879

File: 3eb945c2580973e⋯.jpg (177.71 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190113183110_1.jpg)

Racial Hierarchy of Kenshi, in descending order:

>Greenlanders with white skin and blonde/red hair

>Scorchlanders with bluegreen skin and silver hair (lizard aryans)

>Western Hivers

>Shitskin Greenlanders

>Shitskin Scorchlanders

>Southern Hivers




Skeletons are exempt from this list, as they are inorganic and it would rankle my autism to include them due to this.

b62fe9  No.16070956


Turrets just seem wonky in general, and require a shitload of AI cores, but that's a given.

040693  No.16070963


If they were organic then they would no doubt be at the top of the list though, theres no denying that.

You hate the shek too? My nigger.

I really want to find out what happens once you kill their queen

Its going to take me a while to get that strong though

810f7b  No.16071002

File: 3974a8167e0e27b⋯.png (116.59 KB, 300x374, 150:187, 1433375411513.png)


>Take everything but his weapon, then send Crumblecuck on a mission to retrieve the skin peeler blueprints.

I like your style. You have a flair for dramatic executions,

>Take everything but his weapon

but you understand you're asking me to basically drop a Edge Tye 3 Falling sun in that shithole for some random skin nigger to pick up, right?


Even though I spend more time bullying the Holy Nation since they bullied my Rock Bottom waifu because of her skeleton arm, Shek are much more niggardly. My contempt for them is about on par with my contempt for beak things, and at least beak things don't walk up to me like a campus cop asking to search my bags for hash. Fuck the Shek and fuck their "Oprah the Hedgehog" looking queen.

b741e9  No.16071009

File: 7b6a35ea51d780a⋯.png (261.14 KB, 385x542, 385:542, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0dad687b9d83a94⋯.png (283.28 KB, 502x309, 502:309, ClipboardImage.png)


So make it a metal gear style sneaking mission. Has to get all of his gear along the way.

747cc9  No.16071013



Are you guys talking about mounted crossbows/harpoons? Unless you nigger the ai they are basically shit. Fucking gates go down in 3 seconds to dust bandits.

14ef0d  No.16071017


i would just sell his bitch ass into slavery, he would probably enjoy being a bottom.

b741e9  No.16071073

File: 953e665b9125d34⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1184x907, 1184:907, ClipboardImage.png)

…Well now what?

45c1a6  No.16071154


Crumblejob was trying to impress you, hes just a broken old man. Don't bully him.

810f7b  No.16071215

File: ca432eab81d5982⋯.jpg (316.63 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190106163806_1.jpg)

Meh, not him but I've probably spent too long leveling the old pervert and invested too many cats in gearing him out to do anything too drastic. I'll probably just leave him tied to the cross on the roof of my Mongrel house for a few days so he can think about what he's done.

b741e9  No.16071364

File: 2384efaa2a2a626⋯.png (505.58 KB, 770x632, 385:316, ClipboardImage.png)


I ended up bringing him to Catun, having him buy a house to store the meitou weapon in, then released him. Wasn't gonna stick that old madman in the peeler, since he did his job. Still, he can go be a cuck somewhere else. Also, how do I dispose of bodies without picking them up? I used my brand new peeler to replace the altar of my church, but then this happened and I can't move him.

747cc9  No.16071426


most bodies just decay over time, but for items you can just leave your base with all your guys and let the zone "despawn".

d957b1  No.16071708

I really can't decide where I want to settle on my current playthrough, my main goal is to find an area that is nice to look at, no acid rain and moderate to good resources and farming potential (though I do have those hydroponics). I don't mind a bit of danger as it gives me another reason to build a good base defence.

I like Shem but I've settled there before and might want something new. Many of the Holy Nation areas are nice and lush and I'll probably make an enemy out of them at some point anyway. How prepared would I have to be if I want to settle in their region with 1/3 of my party being skeletons?

22e883  No.16072023

what are you guys using on your non-martial arts guys for general walkabouts? currently I'm using face masks, black plate jackets, armored rag skirts and drifters boots. I feel I'm getting my legs hacked on a bit too much but don't know what boots/pants would make a good replacement.

22e883  No.16072064

File: cae599d8ecdda17⋯.jpg (315.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_19.jpg)

>spend over an hour clearing a tower of robot spiders (over 10 total)

>weak ass gimp crew has to pull one a time, split multipulls, kill one, kite other, heal up and repeat

>figure I'll get shit for RND loot and basically hate myself

>end up with 4 ai cores, 2 engineering research and a bunch of ancient science books

>everything is going to be ok.jpg

22e883  No.16072226

File: 3cc833ce5995e20⋯.jpg (286.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_20.jpg)

>when it rains it pours.jpg

82f2fd  No.16072349


Dust bandits are actually where the turrets are most effective since they go down in 1 hit. No need to even fuck with the ai, just a simple 2 gate system and you're looking at about 20 kills in the 10 or so seconds it takes them to get past both gates, just with 3 or 4 people on basic harpoon turrets (well trained ofc). Even after they destroy the gate there's an opening animation which takes a good 3 seconds to complete before they actually get inside so it doesn't matter that the gate itself goes down in a second. Combine this just with a short run between the 2 gates, doesn't have to be a mile long maze and it's pretty effective. Also, I've found that they stand around outside for a little bit before actually starting the attack which gives you a chance to pick off at least a few before they even start.

The real problems are when actual well armoured enemies attack like the holy nation, shek etc since the harpoons will do so little damage to them and they still hammer down the gates in no time. I've found that the shek seem to attack with WAY less people though for whatever reason and so have never had too much trouble with them.

d957b1  No.16072365

File: 4347c2b0314a276⋯.jpg (606.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190202165632_1.jpg)


>I feel I'm getting my legs hacked on a bit too much but don't know what boots/pants



Just let your puny meat sticks fall off, robotics covers all situations.

Want to go sanic? Put on scout legs (pic related)

Want to sneak? Put on stealth legs.

Want to fight and the two above aren't tanky enough? Put on some KLR series (275 hp).

You can even swap robotic limbs in the middle of combat in case they actually do get damaged.

b741e9  No.16073797

File: 383d8d150444a83⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1154x843, 1154:843, ClipboardImage.png)

Took forever, but I finally geared out Beep's army. Specialist/Masterwork white plate jackets and samurai legplates, and weapons are a mix of mk3 and edge 1 toppers, spiked clubs, and a single edge 1 falling sun.

45c1a6  No.16075264



How do you do that?

2a6b6c  No.16075739

>Return to Hub after a dozen or so days.

>NPC Guards, barkeep, etc are assumeably dead from shit off screen rendering me unable to sell shit.

>Have no idea what happened.

Well fuck.

Should I have put fatalities at half to avoid bs like this?

Having otherwise static NPCs die off screen without warning sucks.

b741e9  No.16075771


It should be in the squads window, drag the portrait to the dismiss button.

442690  No.16075905


This has never happened to me in the couple years I've been playing. IIRC town npcs will respawn after some time.

check your mods?

5af5e5  No.16076028

Anyone rolling with any mods? I was considering at the very least one of those cannibalism mods but that seems to just make things easy mode. It does feel like the final insult though, having a detainee over some oaf's back while you eat his captain. Bandits are just that much of a pile of annoying cunts.

442690  No.16076044

File: 592225494ddaedd⋯.jpg (299.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_24.jpg)

>base update.jpg


if you are having problems with food I suggest altering the food consumption rate to 3.0, I think at 1.0 it just becomes to much of a bother tbh.

5af5e5  No.16076068


Doing a nobodies run is a bit more trying than one would initially suspect considering all those early game mouths to feed. It's nice being some sneakass raider raiders though. It's manageable if you become a raider raider, t-boning a bunch of roaming assholes never quite gets old. I created a homestead more or less as bait, with just a sanic-fast naked science woman like a canary in a mine shaft. I've taken to kiting factions that hate eachother onto eachother and picking up the scraps.

442690  No.16076103


I always kite wild life into each other, or spiders of some variety into a pack of gurus. Those fucking spiders..

442690  No.16076128


Are these guys part of your squad now? I thought they were NPCS? How did you acquire them? I could use a robot army to watch my base.

5af5e5  No.16076132


It is highly entertaining, my personal preference is getting goats into the mix. I have a few naruto tier runrunrus that I did it with beak things before but that started to feel a bit unsporting.

5af5e5  No.16076180

File: e9bc2ef10c94fb1⋯.png (270.54 KB, 728x546, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Tarnation, thought I had screenshot that, may be on a different computer. Anyway, they both had broken arms and looked the spitting image of some narutards. I've probably posted about my time in the Hivelands before.

78e145  No.16076552

>Wipe out Cat-Lon and his headless hordes of robot samurai

>Recruit Cat-Lon because gotta catch em all

>Time to visit the southern hives and "meat" the king!

>Get fucking bodied by the queen's retinue and their shitty equipment

I mean they have higher average stats than the thralls but with all the meitou/legendary equipment my squad has I don't see why I'm getting annihilated. Guess I'll go get the bugmaster to even the odds.

810f7b  No.16076563

File: c758b0f98fcdf00⋯.jpg (244.93 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190203091146_1.jpg)

At the end of the day, I really didn't feel like wasting a bunch of time with any elaborate sacrifices or suicide missions, and I decided that the best cure for cuckoldry is just a little bit of backalley brain surgery courtesy of the shinobi guild. Judging by his posture I assume the operation was a success. I would like to go on record and say that I also support trepanation/lobotomy as a cure for cuckoldry in real life as well.

0fe9ae  No.16076662

File: 20e74e173aa35a6⋯.jpg (15.83 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 4a6fdbc5b9549425bd0455e33b….jpg)

File: f0e954b0ef70b68⋯.jpg (339.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_28.jpg)


Levis took out 4 for me, I still had to kill 2, sadly the loot wasn't even worth stopping for, not even 1 decent weapon in the armoury.

0fe9ae  No.16076887


I've only cleared 3 armories in this game (and all games post v1.x) for that matter. Did they nerf the drop rate on decent stuff, I remember literally feeling that armories used to be "loot rains" where you could expect several weapons mk3 or higher.

b741e9  No.16077748


Nah, they just follow beep around and murder everything around him. I found them at the reprogramming workshop in the deadlands and just kept making a ton of gear once I figured out I could pick them up and change their gear that way.

99eff0  No.16079310

File: 677bb2fb837fb42⋯.png (43.21 KB, 448x360, 56:45, e523f4ca713d4bc74eeeec9036….png)

today I went to the Tower of Abuse for the first time.. killed a bunch of skeletons, capturing 2 named with 20k bounties each carrying a meitou weapon, after looting the base took several ai cores, research and ancient science books. But the best part is that after letting one skeleton out of a cage he decided to join my group. I've been searching for-fucking-ever for a skeleton recruit, he's my 1st.. very good shit

Ps where the fuck are the skeleton recruits nowdays?

e11858  No.16079327


There's a unique recruit in Black Desert City named Sadneil. He's a sad skeleton.

c8e35f  No.16079340


Burn is just sitting in his tower in the wetlands waiting for someone to invite him on an adventure.

99eff0  No.16079343


couldn't you just recruit skeletons randomly in the swamp in old versions?

c8e35f  No.16079346


I'm sure if you went to the skeleton city in the acid hellhole you could recruit some from the bar there too.

99eff0  No.16080311




Well I got the 3 named recruits now but I'm hoping for a few more for a base defense force.

2cfd90  No.16080651

Burn, Agnu and Sadneil are the only unique skeleton recruits.

Waystations, Mongrel and World's End seem to have randomly generated skeleton recruits more often than other places but they are rare to begin with.

6efe59  No.16081356

Are there any must-have mods besides the general improvement mod and reactive world?

497cf9  No.16081622


You can recruit them with the Recruit Prisoners mod and doing some modifications in it.

810f7b  No.16081943

File: cd484427a23cb57⋯.jpg (163.51 KB, 500x422, 250:211, Thousand Cubit Stare.jpg)


>Burn is just sitting in his tower in the wetlands waiting for a robot spider to gank him before the player shows up.

I'm still mad.

0f8520  No.16082309


If you actually see one in your game (a random skeleton) post version 1.x let us know because at this point I think they might have been removed.

I'm on day 300+ and have never seen one in my game.

810f7b  No.16082333

File: d1aa50d9c48db2b⋯.jpg (338.33 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190130231355_1.jpg)



Found this nigger here limping around outside the traveller's shop in Mourn. Hired him for a measly 3000 cats.

040693  No.16082341


I found one named Thumper.

I made him a karate Skeleton.

I'm on day 158.

040693  No.16082349


Oh and I also found one in Shark with unique hiring dialogue but I rejected him because I didnt want a skeleton at the moment and was too broke to afford one anyways.

I think I met my Thumper in either Catun or Flats Lagoon.

55717b  No.16082406


got my skeleton Thumper in Flat Lagoon

810f7b  No.16082429

File: 8ff9c455aca72d8⋯.jpg (15.27 KB, 236x221, 236:221, ns6.jpg)



14ef0d  No.16082656


leviathan is (((✡Hebrew✡))) for whale

0f8520  No.16082664





thanks guys, I appreciate the replies and locations

040693  No.16082860

File: 8886652a092f151⋯.jpg (389.6 KB, 1768x992, 221:124, SHIEEEEEEEEEEET.jpg)


I was just wondering why nobody wanted to join my squad anymore. Everyone in the bars just gave me the silent treatment with the exception of the bartenders and mercenaries. I coudlnt even find unique characters I talked to and rejected before.

Then I found out about the 30 character recruit limit.

Good god it sucks donkey dicks that I have to use mods to make my exploration squad actually decent sized and fun to play.

Its about time I quit playing the game vanilla anyways.

0f8520  No.16082906


it's really really really easy to change that

>open FCS.exe

>click make new mod

>click the top bar that says global settings

>find squadsize and whatever

>set to 22 and 256 (22 fits in the UI very nice)

>save and profit

6efe59  No.16082976

Wait so are there any unique recruits that are only available outside villages or are they all inside some sort of town?

0f8520  No.16082989


some are outside, two unique skeletons are both outside of a village/town

460b3a  No.16083004

Is the mod that allowed you to make skeletons still up somewhere?

I remember before the last big update there was a mod to create (basically, spawn them) and I was planning to roll a robot army against the Holy Nation.

Also: how many guys do you think I'd need to take down Bad Teeth? Assume I can reliably get them into the 60's for their stats.

b62fe9  No.16083064


I've seen multiple random skeletons in swamp bars. Ironically I found two in the dancing skeleton

0f8520  No.16083088


Yeah, 3 named skeleton recruits in fixed positions and random skeletons.. though harder to find than earlier versions and more likely in the newer parts of the map with my luck so far.

Also, You can pick the "nobodies" start and with that you can make 5 of any race including skeletons.

2cfd90  No.16083211


>how many guys do you think I'd need to take down Bad Teeth?

One if you have a good ninja :^)

It could be done under 10 characters if you're just rushing the town, probably 60s-70s, with some having weapons for armor penetration and crowd control.

But that's for a normal squad, its going to be far more brutal to send nothing but skeletons to fight, high paladins will probably fuck your shit up before reaching Phoenix.

0f8520  No.16083466


what do you consider crowd control weapons?

2cfd90  No.16083528


Characters with properly trained stats for heavy or other long reach weapons like polearms, the longer hackers also do an okay job.

Dex is an important stat to train even for heavy weapons, since it effects overall combat speed after you clear the minimum strength requirement.

0f8520  No.16083694


out of sheer ignorance, how do these weapons handle the mobs better than someone with a katana/saber/spiked club of the same stats?

0f8520  No.16083696


(I had hoped that cross-training and using a variety of weapons was beneficial because that is what I do, but I've never really heard why for example heavy weapons will help win a fight)

460b3a  No.16083824



Cross training is very important.

Start off people with Katanas, some shitty one's. It will train STR and DEX, leaning more on DEx, but that's okay because STR can also be trained other ways. DEX only trains attacking with weapons.

Once you have enough STR, you can equip Heavy Weapons. The high STR will give you a great damage boost while having high DEX will increase your attack speed (something you desperatly need on such heavy weapons).

Now, why are they good for mobs? Put simply: Kenshi actually does weapon collision (or something so close to it I couldn't tell the diference). So when your shek-lady swings a Plank around, it can hit multiple people.

So imagine that after several hours playing, training and gearing up, you find yourself travelling. 7 bandits show up. They want your shit and they want it now.

Shek-lady takes a single swing… and hits 7 guys for 170 damage. 5 go down instantly because of the lack of legs or an head. Or the torso turned to graffiti in the sand.

The two lucky survivors just saw their arm fly off and try to attack anyway, with severe penalties. Shek-lady parries once, parries twice and swings. The Beak-things will not go hungry again.

On the other hand, if you go up against too many people, even with high DEX, the Heavy weapons are too slow. If you're surrounded by 12 dudes, you will DIE from a thousand cuts, as the Japanese say. You'll be stuck parrying for hours, while they get an hit in here and there. On the other hand, someone with high enough melee defense and good armour can take advantage of this. Load up a backpack with rocks until emcumbrance is ridiculous then pick a fight with the local rape-gang.

You'll need some rescue to get out of it, but I saw a single greenlander last 30 minutes (realtime) against 12 guys armed with clubs.

Just have someone nearby to break the gangbang once your STR hits 80 or 90.

0f8520  No.16084014


thank you

14ef0d  No.16084293

File: d4a6c23949b99f4⋯.jpg (411.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ExibitA.jpg)

so what the fuck is the hive queen anyway? i know that they are "robotic" as they have oil and reboot while injured but they look like a hive prince with a face plate screwed on and an artificial womb to avoid having to talk to females, human females.

f55943  No.16084329


>what the fuck is the hive queen anyway?

Robotic beings created to control hivemen/fogmen by some ancient fallen civilization.

2a6b6c  No.16085025

File: f967c72013163d5⋯.png (64.18 KB, 185x167, 185:167, 4344262.PNG)

I wonder, is it possible to smuggle drugs inside of a picked up enemy corpse past the Shek guards?

3539e4  No.16085039


Only one way to find out.

040693  No.16085097


They were biologically engineered slaves used by one of the previous big empires, nothing more nothing less.

Skeletons were probably slaves too.

Sheks were most likely the Soldier/Law Enforcement class.

4d8f6c  No.16085597

anyone know any good places to mine copper near okrans pride or bad teeth?

810f7b  No.16085823

File: 55a0d969cba606a⋯.jpg (192.49 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190203175744_1.jpg)

File: e445f017c799498⋯.jpg (288.07 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190204202130_1.jpg)

It's really quite amazing how much you can carve through with a high quality Falling Sun.

It's also a shame you can't I haven't found a mod that lets you imbibe drugs and alcohol for status effects and maximum LARPing.

edb927  No.16085856

Where's the download, shills?

810f7b  No.16085876

File: 7fb56064d23d81f⋯.jpg (270.82 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190203180655_1.jpg)


If finding a torrent is too hard, the learning curve will make you fuck off anyway, so it doesn't matter. :^)

And I do it 4free

edb927  No.16085888


>finding a torrent


That's not the issue here. My ISP flips a lid if I torrent anything.

d03b47  No.16086310


nice digits I would love to help you out but all I have is a magnet link, maybe others will find it useful..


d03b47  No.16087371

File: c63a57335727cf8⋯.jpg (194.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_40.jpg)

File: f7190a67755bb58⋯.jpg (280.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_41.jpg)

>max squad size 22 (modded)

>train the fuck out of 22 guys.. all edge2+ specialist+ gear 50s stats

>decide for some fucking reason that wasn't enough

>recruit 22 more guys to "defend the base"

>train all 22 guys in melee (14+), medicial (20+), turrets (25+) etc

>make 22 more sets of specialist/edge gear

Now I need to actually field train these scrubs


55717b  No.16088182


this mothafuka right here… i like the way he thinks.

report back findings

or you can just park your pack bull outside the wall and transfer shit to your char standing inside the thieves tower

2a6049  No.16088410

File: 8b1fbae0b3963e6⋯.jpg (490.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190126120605_1.jpg)


982686  No.16088485


He reminds me of "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME" for some reason.

afc774  No.16088652

Magnet for version 1.0.12

(update from version 1.0.2 because math and coding isn't the same thing I guess)


Played this version today, works great, some stupid shit was fixed.

Next play session I'm importing my game but not my buildings going to move off to a new base, wish me luck. or not, fuck you

55717b  No.16089035


next time straight up use Comic Sans

and watch them have a stroke

55717b  No.16089056

File: bc7312f87941ba7⋯.jpg (580.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CATUN.jpg)


checked out this flat area today

its between Swamp, High Bonefield and Burning Forest

100 Arid 100 Swamp and 209% water wtf

just 1 mountain away from Catun

f7abcc  No.16089843


but does it have water, stone, iron and copper?

I've got hydroponic research maxxed out so I could live in the middle of the hell as long as it has metals.

55717b  No.16089887


209% water 100% stone at places

crap loads of iron… and 2 copper

go take a look

f7abcc  No.16089889

Anyone having my same trouble with the robotics bench? training to make kits but it won't play nice with making all the components, in fact I had to build 5 benches so each bench could make 1 piece of it, am I missing something?

b62fe9  No.16089949


A robotics storage will usually fix the issue provided the guy making it has a backpack on, but yeah making components to a later craft can get sketchy

f7abcc  No.16092127

File: 81592803da4de87⋯.jpg (293.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_9.jpg)

File: b90a53ca9804ce9⋯.jpg (322.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_11.jpg)

File: 110c159404beb7a⋯.jpg (282.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_12.jpg)

File: 56061654c5e4a26⋯.jpg (251.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_13.jpg)

>moved into my new shitpost, lost 2 recruits when I wasn't looking wearing a bunch of end-gear (edge2) so I will need to recruit some new guys another two guys lost an arm and leg today and I can only make standard skeleton versions so far but that will do for now.

040693  No.16092351

File: 34709c36da8d798⋯.mp4 (5.59 MB, 888x498, 148:83, narutard run.mp4)

If someone were to take this video and edit in Naruto music when the fogman is running and have it cut out as soon as it is dropped then I will worship the anonymous group you walk on.

I would have done it myself but I cant edit videos even if my life depended on it

0e91f4  No.16092421

File: 532b5cdd2a52261⋯.jpg (553.98 KB, 2408x3612, 2:3, Brendan_Fraser.jpg)


who could last pic be?

fa3d64  No.16092963


>Brendan Fraser run where you start with Rock Bottom and have to kill the Shek Queen (renamed the Alimony Golem, Afton) in order to free yourself of your past

Someone needs to do this

deeea3  No.16093094

File: 836641d57e41383⋯.mp4 (8.44 MB, 888x498, 148:83, KenshiRun.mp4)

040693  No.16093278

File: defab89fdf60575⋯.png (251.21 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1429232339285.png)


Fucking BASED

Thank you anon. I always wanted to see a video like this made ever since I saw one of my victims run like this a while ago.

1c7cc1  No.16093371

File: cb447f28f675543⋯.png (65.31 KB, 475x565, 95:113, mods.png)

What mods are you guys running?

810f7b  No.16093566

File: 8810a2deed9e114⋯.gif (940.08 KB, 627x502, 627:502, 1de.gif)


>breastlimits v.1

45c1a6  No.16093569


>no bouncing boobs

step it up

8ed3a6  No.16093726

8ed3a6  No.16093732

that is bouncing boobs, link works, I don't know why it came out funny.. maybe because 8ch uses the double asteric..

8ed3a6  No.16093782



apologies, but if you are like me, this file is dead, I found the mod in MOTHER Russia…


>if you don't want to figure that out just click this instead (It is in Russian)


2a6b6c  No.16094182

File: 8ab72bebea1936d⋯.png (1019.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Are you frustrated Satania.PNG)

>Have delightfully devilish idea

>Stealth KO Slavers, loot them, and then put them in their own cages.

>Have a hearty Kek as they wake up trapped.

>I don't think the AI knows how to react to this situation, as they just stay in their cages without trying to leave.

It's the little things.

810f7b  No.16094411

File: f61f0bc99486bfd⋯.jpg (338.49 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190207211604_1.jpg)



Nice. Now all we need is a rape/pregnancy mod and we are good to go.

c8e35f  No.16094500


Most AI won't actually try to pick the lock of a cage but other AIs that are allied with them will let them out. I tried the same thing with the samurai police in some UC cities but eventually people came running to let them out.

c8e35f  No.16094508


Also a stupidly funny thing that happens is when you knock out samurais in a city with a slaver the slaver will be a complete cunt and run to enslave the samurais. Which is great as it effectively kills the fucks when you are fighting all of them.

f50a69  No.16094513

File: 58dc0a43ca1dd78⋯.png (1.36 MB, 950x665, 10:7, blood for the blood god.png)

c8e35f  No.16094515


>Average day in the cannibal plains.JPG

74258c  No.16094525

File: 4db66ecba3a651a⋯.jpg (245.57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190207182105_1.jpg)

File: 613803e7b35d48a⋯.jpg (196.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190207182133_1.jpg)

>Two Hivers walk up

>'Hey, we're escaped slaves, prepare to die, potential snitch'

>'I don't really ca-'

<Commence wild flailing with little stick limbs

>Casually KO one in a single blow, jump kick the other so hard they launch into the atmosphere

Martial Arts is the best.

Cursor is where body landed, that one kick also amputated both his left arm and leg

55717b  No.16094537



*heavy guitar riff

8ed3a6  No.16094719


anime levels

eb3175  No.16094803


a perfect image of what skeletons wanted to do to humanity


and acidic rain.

f50a69  No.16094861


>actually average day in The Shrieking Forest.png

8ed3a6  No.16094988

File: a8d680e96ec775a⋯.gif (78.4 KB, 740x469, 740:469, h8956f44.gif)

I feel like since I've gone over 40 (closer to 50) people that I'm just chasing my tail with feeding/gearing people out.. I only did it because I thought it would be nice to have a base defense group while my main squad was out running around but now I starting to feel like, you know it's not really worth it. What do anons? Should I just dismiss half my crew or newgame?

bd288f  No.16095028

File: 1b6d2e4391df9d4⋯.jpg (574.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181203181242_1.jpg)


This. Or they're not paying attention to their turret tech. The basic shitty crossbows have a significant variance and are pretty god-awful, but the T2 ones (not even harpoons, just T2 crossbows) have flawless accuracy. Just a few untrained peasants manning them and covering a gate will cause pretty extreme damage to most raids.

Also, daily reminder that running an in-town shop is the comfiest way to play the game.

1c7cc1  No.16095031


I just got 50 people and I think trying to keep them all fed is half the fun, the constant rush to get enough money to scrape by another week out adventuring. Managing food is easy though since everyone eats out of backpacks

55717b  No.16095036


treat your $3000 scrub hires like expendables

deck them out with the garbage you looted and send them on roflcopter missions

high risk high reward

whats the worse that can happen

bd288f  No.16095048

File: 9a771c8b462bc9f⋯.jpg (478.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181213180634_1.jpg)

>>16094988 (heil'd)

How are you having trouble with a base group? Set up basic tasks for everyone and you can have food fully automated.

Shift+rclick an item with someone selected to add that as a permanent task. Set up farmers, I generally do 1 farmer for 4 fields but leave overlap for crops that come in at the same time - every field should have two farmers total. Then set up similar automated tasks for anything in the middle, like grinding flour. Have as many automated cooks as you need, and then most importantly, set up a couple of haulers with tasks to auto-haul to food barrels. Let it run for a while and make sure that you've got enough fields to result in a food surplus, and your base will run forever. If you keep skeletons only on turrets and have a few people with the engineer turrets, you can even ignore bandit raids provided you've got the necessary firepower.

If you've got 50 people and a base and yet you still have to buy food, you're doing it terribly wrong. At that scale (shit, even with 10 people and a base) you should be treating the game like Rimworld.

bd288f  No.16095057

File: c5e30823ad54580⋯.jpg (282.28 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 20171014000412_1.jpg)


Oh, and to decrease base food usage further, make a comfy tavern with a bunch of chairs and beds and shit, then make the last order in all worker queues to sit in a chair or sleep in a bed. Hunger rate decreases when resting, so your idle workers will eat less.

810f7b  No.16095062

File: f008ce268417a4a⋯.jpg (40.72 KB, 345x420, 23:28, 1437316564083.jpg)


Absolute Unit

8ed3a6  No.16095079

File: 31caab606e88937⋯.jpg (53.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 977b44968c84c9742f40bd1124….jpg)


The was about 200 days ago in my game, I think mostly that early game turrets/gates are meme, because they break so fast, but I would say mostly that I needed someone clearing corpses/throwing people out/doing medic and after not having played for a long time I was pretty rusty on base mechanics, also I probably just tried to build a base too early and considering the slight balance changes in the last few versions that's a bit harder task, not something you should do while still weak.


It's not a problem of food or money, half the problem seems to be CPU, running a group at base and outside of my base seems to cripple the fun. The other half is I've just trained an additional 25 people in all the training available plus geared them and just feel a bit meh, I know that my original group could have already been an unstoppable killing machine if I had just focused on them.

2a6b6c  No.16095082

File: 35ad9e2ecc9f021⋯.png (148.85 KB, 593x464, 593:464, Tasty Babies.PNG)

>Be me, exploring the map

>Rich asshole starts shooting at me

>while talking shit

>He's so fucking dead

>Beat him and all his bootlickers up, loot all their shit, free his slaves

>Carry prince douchebag into Beak Thing territory

>Stealth right into the middle of a bunch of local Gutters.

>Drop him off, immediately starts saying that pompous rich asshole shit

>Gutters notice him.


>Watch them OM NOM NOM him alive

This game is awesome.

952359  No.16095116


That's until you will enter any United City outpost in your case.

Good luck.

ee9013  No.16095148



I normally have this issue too, i got a nice base with 10 workers, some guards and a good adventure squad ready to make the world comfy and then i fucking start a new game because i got the itch to start anew and do it better from the beggining, and i already did this 6 times yet i´m still thinking i can do it better, now with a swastika shaped base.

Overall, make more farms if you need more food, put them in auto-mode, and for gear go full ninja/samurai or make your own uniform with colored versions, capture a swamp ninja/red sabre/holy nation inquisitor/flotsam ninja and put them in cages, and equip them with the dyable items, or move the entire base into a darker territory for maximum stress and fun.

b73e2e  No.16095171

wow call me an idiot but after playing the game for a couple of years I just realized that items stack in wooden backpacks, unlike regular backpacks. (trying out the 5 man start with the old warrior)

8721f5  No.16095196

File: 1e8db37e88bbdb1⋯.png (466.54 KB, 966x613, 966:613, stackable.png)


I recommend this mod, really nice QOL.

Everything in your inventory/bags stacks in sizes between 5-10. In chests some stuff like Building Material and Iron Plates go up to 20 and a few things like raw and foul meat up to 40.

Ammo and food stack to 10 unlike what the screenshot suggests.

b73e2e  No.16095347

that trader start sucks, comes with a 20k bounty just like the holy sword start.

What is a good city that has some iron/copper around it and plenty of real estate while I larp a game of guild2, I want to try city life..

20e016  No.16095365



b73e2e  No.16095418


I'm not comfortable with your choice.

040693  No.16095436


Just hire some bodyguards, I know you got the money to do so.

You should probably rack up some athletics to escape from monsters/bandits easily then become a drug dealer.

14ef0d  No.16095447


its even better as slavers will slave each other if they find them in the cages.


you know raids don't happen unless you are looking at them right? like a cannibal raid will wait for you to "look" at your base before they go hostile, meaning as long as you don't look you can get away with marching your main group all the way back home from the ass end of the world as long as you don't move the camera to close to the raid. (this can result in multiple groups waiting in your killbox at the same time and sometimes they just kind of sort themselves out ) also you can just "sneak" into a corner of your base and let it happen. its not like they break anything and the only thing iv'e ever had looted was food. i mean shit how hard would it be to have the ai go all sorts of scorched earth on the players base if they pissed someone off enough, not starving bandits looking for a meal but like Holy nation raids or UC visits, i mean hell the worst that happens is when river raptors wander into your farm.

b73e2e  No.16095495


I know what your saying but look isn't the right word, raids happen if anyone is in the base, looking at it or not.


I didn't see iron or copper, but I noticed it had an auto iron mine that you can sit and just loot.. too much cheese for me. I did pick up Beep and some hot goth looking chick.

14ef0d  No.16095531


iv'e done this multiple times in the current version the raid will show up wait in front of the first gate you made and wait to be loaded in. via proximity to the camera. then when they are loaded in they will snap the camera to them and give their dialog and then go hostile.

who knows maybe it's a bug introduced by my settings. iv'e come to abuse it a bit to fudge allied reinforcements and be able to move my main squad back to back up the farmers.

b73e2e  No.16095578


I get raided all the fucking time, my secondary squad is just finally able to handle defense in Shem against all-day beak things and large (15/40 person) peon raids. I almost never "look" at the raid unless my squad tab shows multiple KOs. That is the way it has been for me from .96 to 1.12.

However, if I leave a base completely it will not be raided until I come back and honestly I think that isn't right so part of the immersion of holding a base for me is 24/7 defense.

14ef0d  No.16095618


>I get raided all the fucking time, my secondary squad is just finally able to handle defense in Shem against all-day beak things and large (15/40 person) peon raids.

>all-day beak things

ahh wild animals will wander around being hostile and yes will be triggered regardless of camera but…. the cannibal raids that are spawned at one of their camps and march towards your base…. or the holy nation raids, or slaver raids, anything that you get a warning that they are headed towards your base. while not the opportunity attacks that hostile stuff just sort of throws at you. wandering bandits or beak things, gorrilows, land bats. but all that shit disappears with a wall and a maned turret

8721f5  No.16095632

File: 97fa276be37da36⋯.jpg (595.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190202122154_1.jpg)


>while not the opportunity attacks that hostile stuff just sort of throws at you. wandering bandits or beak things, gorrilows, land bats. but all that shit disappears with a wall and a maned turret

>that shit disappears with a wall and a maned turret

<100+ hungry bandits knocking on your gate

14ef0d  No.16095668

File: c6cdd657178cd9b⋯.jpg (424.99 KB, 1922x1082, 961:541, Untitled.jpg)


look i don't know how it works but it works on the 100 cannibals that show up to my base perhaps it is handled differently. do you have the load multiple chunks selected?

8721f5  No.16095736


No no, you're completely right that the scripted raids can be delayed, in my experience they require both a character to be near enough and your camera to be in the general area.

But like you said the roaming squads don't give a shit and some of the larger ones will require some micro managing or an amazing gate defense setup.

8721f5  No.16095823

File: 1de0df2641e096e⋯.gif (940.14 KB, 627x502, 627:502, 1de0df2641e096eab0f8aaad9f….gif)

What's some armor that's good at protecting your stomach for a martial artist?

Currently using Dark Leather Shirt and Dustcoat which are mastergrade and provide 100% stomach protection alongside Samurai Clothpants at specialist grade giving another 50%.

I've noticed that it's always the first part to go and get me downed despite armor focused on protecting it. Maybe I should get some heavier stuff like a chainmail.

Also anyone else think x3 attack slots is a bit much at times? Especially for my PC I feel like I spend 10 seconds dodging and if I'm lucky I get one attack in and this is despite having a mod that reduces the dodge animation time. Most weapon users seem to just power through many attacks instead of spamming block.

55717b  No.16095896



yes they wait at the first gate off camera

but ONLY if your turret gunners (guards/dogs) dont shoot them while they wait, or they start attacking.

c0c86f  No.16095900


>Also anyone else think x3 attack slots is a bit much at times?

I personally use x5 attack slots, so no.

8721f5  No.16096044


It's only a problem when greatly outnumbered and more so with martial art than weapons.

Tried to solo 4 Bonewolfs with my martial artist that had 3x their stats once. My character spammed dodge for 2 minutes straight without getting time to attack a single time and then got downed from chip damage by the occasional bite that slipped through.

eb3175  No.16096054


>Currently using Dark Leather Shirt and Dustcoat which are mastergrade and provide 100% stomach protection alongside Samurai Clothpants at specialist grade giving another 50%.

thats not how armor works, its coverage of the area, not the damage reduction

8721f5  No.16096058


Yeah but they're masterwork/specialist and have ~40-50 armor value alongside protecting the weak point.

eb3175  No.16096077


thats marginal. no matter how you look at it

you shouldnt be getting hit in the first place, get better dodge/defense

8721f5  No.16096097

File: 75259b60fcb4d54⋯.jpg (493.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190208204526_1.jpg)

File: 1a10c5c950ddfae⋯.jpg (641.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190208205308_1.jpg)


I have 65 dodge. I'm asking because when my stomach hit 0 health, my second highest body part (my chest) was still at 76 which means my stomach defense is a huge bottleneck for my survivability. Probably managed to kill 10+ before I went down but the dodge spamming without getting attacks in and my stomach defense being so weak really fucked me over.

bd288f  No.16096897

File: feccc1c3560efaf⋯.jpg (476.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181028140428_1.jpg)

If any of you fags are using Enhanced Shopping Economy, I just pushed an update. NPCs will buy weapons and armor now, thanks to 2ch black magic modding fuckery, and shit should work better in general. You'll need to import the game for it to work.

Here's a raw copy for the piratefags: my.mixtape.moe/cnmkoq.zip

8f6256  No.16097141

File: b7aba5b7b60a2b3⋯.jpg (64.11 KB, 654x539, 654:539, b7aba5b7b60a2b36104fd91f78….jpg)

>Be you, Anon.

>Dropped into world of Kenshi

>To your west is lizard niggers

>They want to shank you and mug you for the street cred

>To your east is slavers and kikes

>Being poor is illegal, money is the basis of society

>To your south is literal bugs who want to eat you

>Basically Chinese

>To your north is the Holy Nation

>The last remnants of non-mutated humanity

>The last people to place value in something greater than either themselves or materialism

>The surviving remnant of what was once the First Empire, old humanity

>You go north

>Paladin walks up to you

>"Hello traveler, welcome to the Holy Nation! Aryan waifus and prosperity from our verdant lands will flow unto you, but only if you don't racemix or support the Skeleton-Jews".

>Tumblrites and shills would have you believe the Holy Nation are anything less than the only choice in the world of Kenshi

Think about it. If you were dropped into Kenshi, the Holy Nation is the only reasonable place to ever go. They are the only true, pure, humans left and are valiantly fighting to keep things that way. They even BTFO the lizard niggers when Shek-Tyrone got uppity. And yet every thread is full of people bitching about them. Holy Nation, Best Nation.

810f7b  No.16097150


Honestly, unless you're planning on making your money smuggling hashish or slave trading, there is really no reason to spend any time with the 56% samurai brigade in the first place. And the Great Desert is pretty much the worst zone anyway.

62624a  No.16097382

File: 6b0024bf83b1aa4⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 320x200, 8:5, b683567a75d206f178656dfd9a….gif)


I'm having a little trouble with your geography / race references but it sounds legit.

62624a  No.16097457


I see what you are saying and TBH I didn't realize this aspect (scripted raids) can be delayed. Usually though scripted raids are not any stronger than the local random shit in my experience except nigger ninjas in borderlands, I have those fuckers because their script can't be broken they just rush to your food and loot it.

62624a  No.16097462


(I guess that wouldn't be true though if I was getting scripted cannibal raids or pissed off a faction)

333f4c  No.16097717

File: 787225b32fe6c8c⋯.jpg (70.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, so, whaddy'a think.jpg)

File: 6107d3113b73acf⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1027x788, 1027:788, thick.png)

File: a73b8896e0f8bda⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1027x788, 1027:788, thicker.png)

File: c03b86c8a2bed33⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1023x719, 1023:719, cute shek.png)

So, whaddy'a think?

She also starts off with a bone dog.

45c1a6  No.16097723


cute face

333f4c  No.16097752

File: 83866508579cc8d⋯.png (242.4 KB, 541x496, 541:496, buckard.png)


That was my goal.

a03358  No.16097756

File: 46bd8717b4056dc⋯.jpg (424.94 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, average female shek.jpg)


I don't mind the horns on the top and sides of the head, or the sides of the body, but I wish there was a way to get rid of the jaw horns on the females. Even at their shortest length, they still look like that retarded split beard style old Appalachian men and nu-male hipsters like to go for.

3a5f79  No.16097758

I want to start an order of warrior-monks armed with naginata made from scratch.

It's also my first game.

I've bought a house in town and am mining copper to repair it, once that is done how to I find recruits for my tiny monastery? There's one guy in the bar but he asks for more than the house cost. Also it's only open to male greenlanders.

040693  No.16097764


She looks like a pregnant bone nigger.



Visit the bars in the varying towns along with the waypoints here and there. They will usually have a greenlander or 2 to recruit.

Have fun anon.

b62fe9  No.16097770


wander around and recruit people from bars, they cost money to recruit. try to get a way to make money early on, because eventually it stops mattering.

You can also just rob the bank every couple weeks

3a5f79  No.16097783



Is there any way to move faster than walking at 3x speed? Because it takes like 5-10 minutes to move between places and I often die.

b62fe9  No.16097790


Stop carrying so much heavy shit and level up your athletics

3a5f79  No.16097798


So no, considering I've been naked every time. Is there any way to discover towns besides wandering around?

040693  No.16097805


The more you run around over time increases your overall running speed, just keep running and you will be dashing around like speedy gonzalez in no time.

You can buy maps from travel vendors and some barkeeps in various towns and bars in the game.

62624a  No.16097807


you can buy maps from one of the city shops i think the general store with scales or the backpack shop not sure.

3a5f79  No.16097808



Thanks. Also you answered my next question on backpacks.

62624a  No.16097839


I don't know if you noticed this or not but they also have horns on the sides of their hips that make for perfect handle bars while fuggin.


no problem. also notice the stats on gear carefully, regular backpacks kill your ability to fight early game, look for the black ones. not every city has every shop and different regions sell different products, about 22 "cities" and maybe 100 village level settlements, all of them can have something of interest if you poke around. A lot of cities have unique recruits, sometimes even for free,.

62624a  No.16097847

File: 79f9ce0ee966d5f⋯.jpg (198.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_23.jpg)

>Just came back from my first multiday mission with my main group leaving the place to the 2nd and 3rd squads.

>Set them to farm, cook, make weapons and armor (armor plate and chain sheets) while I am gone.

>They defended the place perfectly, supplies are plentiful.

>massive feels, like a samurai shogun returning to his keep, everything is waiting for the master to return.

62624a  No.16097860

File: fb718722172e01c⋯.jpg (195.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_24.jpg)


I shall be in the inner keep do not disturb me!

31bdc4  No.16097901

So, if I heal crippled or dying bandits, will they become grateful and join me?

62624a  No.16097953


Short answer is no. But it's a good topic.

You can get postive reputation for first-aid. (faction) (check squad button- faction) this way but they won't join you. You can buy slaves and some of them will join you but it's prolly easier to just recruit in bars. Buying slaves also gives faction. Also if you get a (small) bounty on your head it will go away after a while.

31bdc4  No.16097964


Ah, okay, guess its a good thing I saved that citizen back in holy nation outlaw territory then. Thx anon.

3a5f79  No.16098006

What does the yellow part of a health bar mean?

31bdc4  No.16098028

I just got to a shek city. Why do they all seem to want to start shit? They also really dislike my nigger samurai companion for some reason. They ignored me but searched him, which i found suspicious.

4c0283  No.16098070


At least there isn't any trouble with getting food there from constant Skimmers attacks on southern part of it.


Very rarely and only if they are single member left from their squad.


Cut damage which was treated, that will recover on its own.


>Why do they all seem to want to start shit?

Because they are niggers of Kenshi. Also don't walk into their cities with high-tiers weapons, trust me on that one.

I managed to lose sword on Holy Sword start from this shit.

>They also really dislike my nigger samurai companion for some reason. They ignored me but searched him, which i found suspicious.

They dislike humans after they got trashed from Holy Nation several times.

62624a  No.16098077


they always talk shit about my weapons but never do anything about it for me but I didn't go there with 1stats and a the holy sword either.

31bdc4  No.16098100


>I managed to lose sword on holy sword

This just happened to me. I was minding my own business, decided to try out training and they suddenly attacked me and hobbs, saying they don't like my face, then robbed me of my weapon and put me in prison.

b62fe9  No.16098119


I did almost lose an AI core because I forgot they were considered illegal in holy cities. It ended in bloodshed and half the town dying

31bdc4  No.16098136


They let me out though, and I stole it back, before getting the hell out of there.

2a6b6c  No.16098140

File: 8c0e3028235e068⋯.png (278.18 KB, 1500x800, 15:8, PlankWarp.PNG)



You know what you must do, anons.

Or at least add those responsible to your list for later.

31bdc4  No.16098159

File: b5215c56d6ae4a6⋯.png (3.16 MB, 1683x1044, 187:116, 444444.PNG)


stole it back. figured i had to find a weapon since they took my thousand times folded weaboo blade, and found it by accident. was worried i was about to get raped at one point tho, late at night while i was knocked out this shek dude comes up and just stares at me.

1c7cc1  No.16098180

File: da803c80d706e23⋯.png (908.19 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Masterplan.png)

You ever get a bounty and have no choice but to pick a spot and pray? It's even worse when your squad of rogues becomes an army.

4c0283  No.16098207


>they always talk shit about my weapons but never do anything about it for me but I didn't go there with 1stats and a the holy sword either.

If your weapons are weak, then they will just call them shit but that's all.

Also I had 20 stats around then.


I wish there was some in-game list for this shit.



Honestly, I was so butthurt about it that I actually used savescumming to solve that.

31bdc4  No.16098222

So, did the shek just make up that I broke the law to rob me because they saw I had a high quality weapon, or am I just not allowed to train at the training dummies? Cause they immediately let me out later without needing to pay a bounty.


I wasn't going to, I wanted to play this with no reloads to make things easier, I just got really lucky I managed to steal it.

4c0283  No.16098230


>So, did the shek just make up that I broke the law to rob me because they saw I had a high quality weapon, or am I just not allowed to train at the training dummies?

It could be both.

Especially in 1.0+ versions all factions NPCs get annoyed, when they see you using their training equipment now.

31bdc4  No.16098241


Great. Well, either way i'm hiding my katana in my inventory while i'm in town now. Fuck those guys.

31bdc4  No.16098385

I hate the shek. Intensely. They've left me in prison, long past my release date, for no fucking reason. These bastards are fucking trash, and I am making it my personal mission to murder them all.

eb3175  No.16098395


holy sword is nodachi not katana, it doesnt fit in inventory

31bdc4  No.16098398


Oh, my mistake.

1c7cc1  No.16098415


I'm a human and the Shek haven't bothered me at all, although I didn't really have any masterwork gear when I stayed at their place.

31bdc4  No.16098424


Anon, i'm still in prison. I've been "waiting to be released" for 3 days now. Me and like 7-8 dust bandits. One dudes leg is so fucked he'll never walk again, he's just sitting there all broken like.

31bdc4  No.16098427

they've just left me here to rot.

31bdc4  No.16098428

I'm going to kill them all. Every single fucking shek.

31bdc4  No.16098440

I did it, I got out. My lockpicking wasn't enough to pick mine, but it was enough to train on the other cells next to me. I built up my lockpicking enough to get myself out. But now I gotta sneak out.

d5baf2  No.16098467



Using another factions training gear is "forbidden" and all of them will tell you to stop or just beat you over the head and put you in the cage. However for early game using that shit when they are not looking is the way to go, a few guys with 14+ melee will get survivability levels in the borderlands..


They have probably forgot about you literally and you can probably go back to training or just leave.

55717b  No.16098474


they can fuck right off and stick their kOran books up their faggot assholes, i dont want to see them anywhere near my base becuz i need my -

>Niggas crafting/forging

>Shek titty monster gf gate bouncers

>Skeleton turret gunner 24/7 overwatch

>Hive Drones farm/mine slaves basically paid with raw foul meat

31bdc4  No.16098482


I learned a trick. Once I got free I had no bounty, since I was waiting to be released, but I can get back in the cage. So i got in and have been breaking other prisoners out, which trains my lockpicking. My lockpicking is currently level 19. I tried outside the cage but the bandit attacked me as soon as he got free, the retard.

55717b  No.16098483


bigger tits for that Shek titty monster gf meme

31bdc4  No.16098487

Also, I learned if you drop your weapon, the shek don't loot it, then once they're done searching you, you can just pick it back up.

d5baf2  No.16098492



shit, Now I'm on the fence about this.

55717b  No.16098499



>Shem comfy autism masterace represent

5aa7a3  No.16098506



Lads, what is this wondrous looking game? That's the most beautiful looking thing I've seen for some time

1c7cc1  No.16098509


The Holy Nation has the best society for its own people unless you count the warrior society of the Shek as more healthy. Everyone just hates that their parties end up falling out of Holy Order line and they forget to buy a Good Book.

d5baf2  No.16098518

File: 5d51f60709b92f9⋯.jpg (2.83 MB, 6102x6102, 1:1, Kenshi_Location_Map-claims.jpg)

File: 8ed7c963af5d684⋯.jpg (6.14 MB, 7700x7700, 1:1, Kenshi_Location_Map-region….jpg)

File: 4721f0075c377f9⋯.jpg (2.79 MB, 6102x6102, 1:1, Kenshi_Location_Map.jpg)

c2ecfb  No.16098544


The game is not that interesting and very boring. It's another open world "do anything you want!" shallow but wide garbage gameplay

31bdc4  No.16098545


I'm doing as you suggested and training when the shek aren't looking and when they come by, I just whistle and walk off to the corner. Between this and lockpicking, as well as thievery, I will be an amazing samurai ninja one day.

1c7cc1  No.16098549


Honestly I just want the devs to implement mounts like they wanted and give some minor quests in between all the big tasks like killing faction leaders. Maybe some more base management options too.

31bdc4  No.16098550

What happens to the bandits who lose important limbs, like legs, and get sent to jail? They can't really leave anymore, they only have one leg.

1c7cc1  No.16098553


They serve their sentance anon what's so difficult to understand? :)

31bdc4  No.16098575


I've learned they're retarded. This bandit serves her sentence, and as soon as she is released she attacks the medic who healed/set her free. He then chops off her arm, and she tries to limp away, all in front of me, mind you, until a guard runs in and they finish her off by lopping off her leg and knocking her unconcious, only to chuck her dying carcass in a cell again. I don't know why I did it, but I felt bad for her, so I used some of the first aid supplies to tend to her wounds. It said dying the entire time, so I was curious too if she could make it. She just changed from dying to crippled. Before her blood was in the negative digits and it just went back to positive. Fucking bandits are retarded.

d5baf2  No.16098586

File: afe0ab22b5f54b5⋯.jpg (316.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_27.jpg)

File: 1efe07612544ca2⋯.jpg (289.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_30.jpg)

Expanded my base to take another lake because fuck you.

Have the recruit squad start in the barracks with melee-15 (dummies) and medicine-25(med kits), now they are dragging copper ore across the base with overloaded rucksacks to get strength to 30, they all have wakazukis so they can focus on dex and when a raid comes I put the recruits up front for toughness training, assuming they don't die I'll go back and train the thief/assassination/lockpick.

1c7cc1  No.16098608


Yeah for me it's unlikely that a bandit would ever back down after losing a fight, it does happen though otherwise I wouldn't see the retreat goal occaisonally. Tell me is their goal self preservation when they're shitting up the prison?

55717b  No.16098610


>fellow Shem comfy autism brother

have you tried using the long stretch of water as the outermost gate moat for when you are on weeks long adventures and dont wonna switch camera to deal with base defense

31bdc4  No.16098621


The jailor just came by and released all but one thats been unconcious for like 2 days now, she lost a leg. Kinda looks like an anime character with silver hair. All the others were let go, including the double crippled one I saved, he crawled out of there on one hand and leg, now it's just this one girl, the corpses and that severed arm in the corner.

31bdc4  No.16098626

File: cb5ae9612d6b2a0⋯.png (4.27 MB, 1680x1049, 1680:1049, You forgot this bro.PNG)


For posterity.

d5baf2  No.16098666

File: f74409c42455b5b⋯.jpg (174.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_31.jpg)


killing faction leaders results in world state changes and they drop unique weapons so I think that is a quest without a "!" telling you it's a quest.


I knew I could abuse the AI with the water but I went against it.

>recruits went out for a patrol.. nothing serious just gonna go kill some bandits.. ahh that wasn't too bad.. ah shit 2 beaks.. oh god no.. ok they are dead.. ah shit 3 blood spiders.. fuuug.. but it's a win.. not even out of sight of my base.. have to go back to heal up.

31bdc4  No.16098684


What is a "beak"?

ee9013  No.16098698

File: e7b1e5177fb324e⋯.png (524.41 KB, 623x453, 623:453, afuckingnightmare.png)


The cutest animal ever existed.

d5baf2  No.16098702


they look a bit like a dinosaur, they seem to have some sort of cleaving attack and if they put you down.. they will eat you while you are still alive

2a6b6c  No.16098709

File: 70642ce02da5539⋯.gif (385.21 KB, 512x288, 16:9, GoreThread1.gif)


Yep. From what I've seen of the noble fuck they like to leave you alive until after they eat all of your limbs and most of your torso and head.

d5baf2  No.16098729

about 2 days ago I stole a cup from an waystation so I could make the thief training thingy, I was caught and ran away.. I just went back and they say they won't trade with a thief.. different guys, same faction obviously, is there anyway outside of an re-importing to fix that? Strangely enough the other guys in the waystation are ok with me.

eb3175  No.16098775


there are guys in bars that can improve your reputation with a given faction.

i think stations are owned by worlds end machinists/tech hunters

others in the waystation dont give a fuck because its not their faction

7ab1eb  No.16098779


55717b  No.16098791


i switch my outer gate position from the road to the water moat before i leave for long missions.. since my main goal for Shem was an afk base

i don't judge it as an AI abuse since irl if they have to swim 500m under bolt fire to get to your gate they are gonna have a bad time

unless they are all michael phelps

d5baf2  No.16098792


I looked up diplomatic status on wiki and they don't have one listed for tech hunters so I think it's fucked. I just wanted a dam cup..

6bb1d9  No.16098799

File: a4df1aa803d4d6d⋯.png (9.74 KB, 751x118, 751:118, kenshi.png)


Yeah they're just shoveling those games out the door, wish they'd spend a bit more time to refine them instead.

31bdc4  No.16098813

File: 4d2f0b74dfda130⋯.png (496.95 KB, 710x784, 355:392, 4d2f0b74dfda130aee9729b97c….png)


Where's its eyes?


What the fuck. Fucking demonic abominations man. Can you ride one?


Can't you improve your relations with factions by healing and helping them? Why not look for tech hunters who have been hurt, or tail tech hunters, let them get hurt, heal them, and slowly build up the rapport with them?

1c7cc1  No.16098821


no but they can run at you with speeds of up to 40 mph

eb3175  No.16098840


>Can you ride one

no but mods allow you to domesticate one and use it as a beast of burden

31bdc4  No.16098851


Oh, that's great then.

6bb1d9  No.16098855

File: 7d74c6187a5e12e⋯.jpg (137.11 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1506020550202.jpg)

Which zones do you guys think are the most comfy when it comes to how they look?

Shem is up there because of the chill oasis feel.

The Hook is pretty decent too with some more plantlife and decent climate.

The Great Desert is okay, I really enjoy the bright sandy aesthetic but the geography is a bit 'samey' with its endless dunes. Looked around Spine Canyon but didn't really find a good spot to settle down.

Okran's Pride is nice but I'll probably have to holocaust the Holy Nation or do a human only playthrough and side with them (tempted to do one of these).

Many other zones suffer some bleak or weird lighting which either feel depressing or just get plain annoying.


Can I just use the 'debug' mode or whatever it's called to move iron/copper deposits so I simply need to find a place with decent stone and fertility? Going to give it a try next time I play.


>Why not look for tech hunters who have been hurt, or tail tech hunters, let them get hurt, heal them, and slowly build up the rapport with them?

Or bait some wildlife/bandits to an outpost.

d5baf2  No.16098859

File: 9c291de5caaf50c⋯.jpg (321.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_33.jpg)


it's possible to raise faction that way but it's not certain and somewhat random in my experience.

>I always thought moving the bar in the Hub during the 98-ish update sucked. Can't stand to see it broken down so I decided to buy the old property and fix it up for feels.

6bb1d9  No.16098869


Speaking of comfy, getting that Lagoon town platform would be amazing.

This is the only mod I've found which explicitly mentions adding it, but according to the comments many of the things it adds doesn't work properly and I don't want to clog down my game with half-broken mods.

6bb1d9  No.16098871

File: b8b06d2e4b504f1⋯.png (741.87 KB, 967x618, 967:618, platform.png)


Meant to post screncap.

31bdc4  No.16098872


Less excited about that. Was hoping for the equivalent of riding a t-rex.


That works too. I use the first aid supplies I steal from the shek to heal bandits now. Mostly for practice, but whatever.


Does repairing other factions buildings increase rapport as well?

55717b  No.16098887


>Can you ride one?

when you drop the soap it can RIDE YOU

31bdc4  No.16098903


No thank you.

d5baf2  No.16098907


er, no, basically every town has some houses for sale, some are destroyed and have to be rebuilt with (building materials). I bought and repaired a destroyed building so it belongs to me.

081023  No.16098912


Nigger, that's what shovelware means

55717b  No.16098914


"No thank you" does not work when its charging 40mph to rape you.. dont get spotted


fuk almost got the 8 quads

eb3175  No.16098930


shem is very nice for settling down but for me, the terrain and beakfucks are too annoying.

leviathan coast is nice, there are leviathans and no taxes.

mongrel is top comfy but its shit place for settling down for obvious reasons

next time l am making a stronghold in the unwanted zone

eb3175  No.16098943


consider that other mod with artificial island. sure its not the same but general feel should be similiar

4c0283  No.16098944


>Less excited about that. Was hoping for the equivalent of riding a t-rex.

Unfortunately, mounts weren't made yet.

There is mod which adds T-rexes into game, but adult ones are on leviathan-tier opponents to fight against.

>Does repairing other factions buildings increase rapport as well?

Nope. It's still decent way to train engineer skill though.

4c0283  No.16098955


In that case FFXV, Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld and Grimoire are showelware too.

eb3175  No.16098966


we need a better name for general autism/passion projects that are being made for eternity

31bdc4  No.16098970

File: fef046f666085c0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 916.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 000-img-illu-final-fantasy….jpg)


I'll run into a body of water then.


Oh, I did not know that. This would be useful if I did not hate the shek with every fiber of my being and refuse to live near them.


>And no taxes

There are fucking taxes?


Sounds interesting. I hope they add in a sin level enemy from ffX.


True Indie?

fdb680  No.16098977

Any recommended mods?

31bdc4  No.16098979

File: b1e4714bcb316c3⋯.jpg (178.14 KB, 1600x998, 800:499, pn6bva5xrk621.jpg)

Okay, i've searched like 12 times to no avail, and will just ask here, hopefully someone knows. How the fuck do I squat like this? I know it's not sneak and I want to do it while I wait for things.

d5baf2  No.16098980


Guys, don't feed the faggot, he's likely in 5 threads saying the same or otherwise contrary shit just because he's got fuck all in life to do.

eb3175  No.16098991


>There are fucking taxes?

yes see first map in >>16098518

if you settle in these areas these factions will bully you for money, its not much, i think like 2000 cats/week or something. it is irritating though. and if you dont pay enjoy being raped by samurai killsquads

its especially bad in uc territory as their territory overlaps with traders guild and you will be pestered by these 2 niggers unless you ally with them which costs like 100 000 fucking cats for each of them.

d5baf2  No.16098992


go to a plastic surgeon in the bars, change your idle stance.. it should be like number 3.

eb3175  No.16098993


its an option in character creator, you can change idle poses, slavsquating is one of them

6bb1d9  No.16098999



Don't you mean free meat delivery? I'll give you the terrain though, screws with my OCD. But if you use the debug mode you can straighten things a bit.

Leviathan Coast has this weird purple/pink lighting I'm not a big fan of and Mongrel is a bit too dark and gloomy.


Oh yeah I remember seeing that, going to give it a try.


>Nigger, that's what shovelware means

Exactly. I was mocking the anon calling the game that's been in development for 12 years 'shovelware'.

55717b  No.16099022


i actually prefer the beakcancer than dust/starving bandits since they are like a delivery truck that you pay with blood for

>leather for my industry

>meat to wrap in bread

>foul meat to feed my guard dogs

55717b  No.16099037




i have my entire Shek frontline tank squad set to slav squatting idle… its hilariously cykablyats

4c0283  No.16099089


>There are fucking taxes?

That's just extortion.

These faggots don't even help you against raids.

Just stay clear from major factions( SK, HN and (((UC))) ) territories and you're good to go.


>GenMod_saltfree - general mod which adds content as alpha animals, 256 squad limit and few other minor stuff

>Dark UI - mod which makes UI less painful for eyes

>Tame Beasties - take downed animals into cages fix/feed them and you can try to recruit them into your squad

>Recruit Prisoners - as above but for all not-major NPCs

>Random Enemy Squads numbers - so you can actually fight against other factions even with small squad or solo.

>Attack slots x2/x3/x5 - Changes how many people can attack something at once *Double Edged

>Kill item - to kill downed NPCs

>Nice map(whichever variant you want) - allows you to see where exactly other biomes begin, helpful for weaker computers when you wander around a lot.

>Euro Swords Revised/Chinese Ancient Weapons - more weapons

>Advanced Training - to train all other stats(than strength, assassination, thievery and melee attack) too

>Reactive World, Deadmans Island and there also was one for ashlands and deadcat - adds more possible world states

>Try it yourself factions - Add one gamestart for all factions as their ally

>Shopkeeper regen - So shops will be useable when previous shopkeeper died due to cannibals, bandits or hostile wildlife.

Also it isn't even real slav squat. Their heels don't touch ground.

651a27  No.16099095

File: 95244a5daf9a0e0⋯.jpg (261.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_35.jpg)

File: 21ce012756856c2⋯.jpg (252.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_36.jpg)



I really love Shem, I think the land makes for a perfect building area and the raids are enjoyable with no major factions coming for visits it's best-zone.

>This camp is just inside my gate and you have to get through it to get to the turret guys.

>On the other side of my gate is a barracks that has a true paradise feel.

31bdc4  No.16099103



I don't really want to squat all the time, not to mention the butt kinda morphs weird when you do. I was hoping there was a mod or hotkey just to squat while you wait, or something.

Also, is it normal for enemies to spawn right on top of you?

bd288f  No.16099136


I'd be with you if they weren't faggots about skeleton limbs.

>be proud, mighty warrior

>one day, range too far south

>set upon by foul skeletons

>slay them to the last, but one cuts off your leg

>your companions carry you home

>purchase shitty pegleg from bugjews, not even a skeleton leg

>can finally stand again

>can finally fight again

>stride home, proud and victorious

>countrymen claim that you're demon-possessed for wanting to not spend the rest of your life crawling in the dirt, immediately attack you

651a27  No.16099141


monsters don't "spawn" at all as far as I know so no, however they can literally come from any direction, sometimes running for no fucking reason and cross your path.

31bdc4  No.16099152


I had a group spawn right on top of my asscheeks just now, out of nowhere. I am more than a little miffed.

651a27  No.16099166


a group of what?

1c7cc1  No.16099203


That's not actually the case, while they don't approve of it they believe people with mechanical arms are skin bandits with really good disguises. It isn't until you get good relations with them that they understand it's just you.

55717b  No.16099214


their BONES touch the ground ;)

810f7b  No.16099315

File: eed805a0acd7d24⋯.jpg (381.01 KB, 746x982, 373:491, IGOATbh.jpg)


Wait, you can convince the Holy Nation to chill out about your skeleton limbs? Perhaps I was being hasty when I had my coven of cyber-cripples slaughter everyone those holy mines.

ee9013  No.16099439

File: 68c0b4aafc5add7⋯.png (80.64 KB, 403x403, 1:1, Laughs in okranite.png)


You don´t need eyes to rape but his head looks suspiciously familiar, like it was human before


Of course the Holy Nation is best choice, (((Okran´s chosen))) are the best. It´s not like it´s religion was twisted some time ago and changing the creed to make technology not kosher to prevent our goy… i mean, people, yes, to put their noses into history only to discover that Narko was a lie all along, the phoenix it´s just a puppet and the real demon was Cat-Lon

Otherwise there´s no good factions in the game, all of them are fucking assholes or straight up hypocrites Antistavers, well except for the crab raiders, they just happen to love crabs.

1c7cc1  No.16099452


The Holy Nation Rebels, offshoots and deadcat are the only good people in this world.

eb3175  No.16099459


>These faggots don't even help you against raids.

except apparently for the hounds, literal drug dealing cartel in the swamps.


>only to discover that Narko was a lie all along

>implying cat lons empire didnt use mind control and drugs to rule over humans

>implying narko/okran isnt a tale about first phoenix overcoming his addiction, making up a religion to help people overcome it and lead them in rebelion against second empires evil

also tech hunters are pretty neutral

ee9013  No.16099485



Poor Deadcat people, it would be nice to have a new big faction.

Yes, the tech hunters are actually pretty chill, they are doing a good job with their research and how they fool the (((Paladins))) but try to talk to Iyo, the second in command of the Machinists, with a skeleton. -Don´t worry, as long i'm here, nobody will know the truth -

1c7cc1  No.16099541


Man the devs really hit the wordbuilding right on the head.

a93178  No.16099663

File: 72268cad0dcbfc1⋯.gif (989.79 KB, 480x272, 30:17, renge katas.gif)

I've recently found out that this game exists, it seems interesting. I did a bit of research and I only have one question before I start playing it:

I see that you can use hand to hand combat in this game, how viable is it? I want to go full Fist of the North Star on faggots. Now I probably expect that you can't go full Hokuto Shinken and make fuckers explode or go full Nanto Seiken and cut through steel with your own hands, though if there are any ways of doing so, please let me know.

ee9013  No.16099690

File: 26461c8ca49f475⋯.jpg (504.47 KB, 1904x1002, 952:501, Bulk_Differeces.jpg)


See this post


This guy just send a corpse flying using martial arts. And the more stats you have, your character will change it´s appearance, pic related 0-50-100strengh/dexterity, tecnically make a big buffed Bulkhead.

But this game doesn´t have flashy skills, maybe the jump kicks but not too flashy.

a93178  No.16099713

File: 5e29a64c2aff974⋯.jpg (26.98 KB, 480x360, 4:3, tobi yoko geri.jpg)


>maybe the jump kicks but not too flashy

What kind of jump kicks? If it's a tobi sokuto geri (pic related) I could do a LARP run where I pretend my main character is Shin from Fist of the North Star doing the Nanto Hell Slaughter Fist technique and building the KING organization from scratch.

b62fe9  No.16099719


you can punch people's limbs off absurdly easily, you're super weak early on though and have to get your ass beaten a lot to train up

eb3175  No.16099722


yes,just like that

also there are mods that let you use martial arts with weapons equiped and some that add more flashy moves

a93178  No.16099735

File: 34526d3caa1493e⋯.jpg (41.4 KB, 311x238, 311:238, 83.jpg)

File: ce786933704cbfc⋯.jpg (224.92 KB, 768x857, 768:857, nanto_gokuto_ken.jpg)

File: cd3971085ed059b⋯.jpg (76.09 KB, 350x564, 175:282, Nanto_Koshu_Ken.jpg)


>you can punch people's limbs off absurdly easily

Wew, Nanto Seiken-tier.

>you're super weak early on though and have to get your ass beaten a lot to train up

Not a problem, it'll be a good learning experience since I just downloaded the game.


>yes,just like that

Goddamn, this turned out much better than I'd ever expect it to turn out! It's time to start the Shin run. Thanks anons.

810f7b  No.16099771

File: 9d78688a155d2a6⋯.jpg (107.55 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190126233453_1.jpg)



>I see that you can use hand to hand combat in this game, how viable is it?

You're gonna have a fun time.

7f1cb7  No.16099800


Fuck, I've got enough games that aren't getting played right now, but you're making me want to run a squad of all unarmed martial artists.

651a27  No.16099803


just take your regular weapon/armor squad with good stats and leave all their gear at the base. (or leave with suitable gear)

1c7cc1  No.16099877


I always have a habit of selling everything new characters have so my playthroughs start with naked fist fighters taking out their anger on lonely bandits I kidnap in order to train. It's fun.

3a5f79  No.16100510

Is there any chance buying slaves I sold into slavery joining up?

49ffda  No.16100683


Way lower than normal. ~3% to the normal ~33%.


>the tech hunters are actually pretty chill

Wait, until you enter Shun before saying that.

040693  No.16100851

File: 0a21ab3a39335d3⋯.jpg (119.5 KB, 1024x700, 256:175, [001334].jpg)


Just check out what this anon did. >>16094525

Do you see the raw power and big dick energy of well trained Martial Artist now?

You can defintely become Kenshiro anon.

''Meanwhile I'm going to find and make myself a Martial Arts Skeleteon Unit in my recon squad.

6bb1d9  No.16101633

File: 98f75ac6540e037⋯.jpg (704.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, autism.jpg)

Found a mod ('more building') with the Lagoon platform, this is my current plan.

I'll put turrets on the platform and force enemies to circle around to the other side. I'll have farms and mines on the outside of the inner walls which are then obviously protected by outer walls as well. Maybe I'll only have them accessible from a bridge leading from the platform.


3a5f79  No.16101839


Do slave shops get repopulated? Apparently bars don't.

e945c5  No.16101871


in fact both do but it takes some time, a couple of days, maybe you need to get out of the area, but they will be back. if you want a good variety of recruits though you need to visit all the major towns because some towns have uniques (not randoms).


slaves have 2 chances to join you, once when you buy them and another when you leave the area..


at this point I could turn down my walls in Shem my backup squad is too buff.


8f6256  No.16101991


You can actually, contrary to what most fuckwits seem to think, politely talk with the Holy Nation to get out of trouble 99% of the time. You can bring non-humans into their territory you just need a Greenlander male, preferably with a copy of The Holy Flame on hand, to explain to the paladin that those filthy darkened are just slaves. Even if they launch an attack on your base, you can send out a representative to talk with them and explain the misunderstanding. They are usually pretty chill. Heck, once you get on good terms with them they give absolutely zero fucks about what you do. The only exception is skeletons, those are always KOS.


Tell Moll she doesn't pay you enough, Skeleton.

31bdc4  No.16102026

So, after the shek beat the shit out of bandits, can I heal and carry the bandits to the shek prison area for some cash?


Dust bandits, then starving bandits, then dust bandits, then goats. The goats weren't hostile, but I was hungry and thought they'd let me kill one of them. Nope.

e945c5  No.16102046



any npc you get cash for will have a bounty price when you click on them over their name/faction area on the bottle left of the screen, often one of the bandits in a squad will have something like a 2k bounty.. if you want more you need to get uniques. there are many ways to get money you can even set up a crafting shop in your city house and sell the shit you make.

>, but I was hungry and thought they'd let me kill one of them

goats will fuck you up early game more than bandits

e945c5  No.16102141

How do you set up an arena/training on npcs you have captured?

Even if I lock my door my whole base swarms in to assist me uninvited and after a KO they try to throw him out of town. (Ok so I could disable the 5 people on this duty but what about the rest?)

7220a1  No.16102204

File: f898e69fee774a2⋯.jpg (35.64 KB, 324x297, 12:11, owo.jpg)


just put everyone else on passive, there's also a mod on the workshop that allows you to make training weapons that do no damage which you can give to the character you want to train as well as the unlucky hungry bandit you plan on beating up for endless sparring. as for training areas, large empty buildings are usually the best for this purpose as they might get stuck behind workbenches if you have any around and it might be a pain to pull them out if they do get stuck.

7220a1  No.16102221

File: 27be06ed903a7c7⋯.jpg (61.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, power armor.jpg)


I would kill for an old school fallout overhaul for this game, or at least a mod that adds power armor as a craftable endgame set of armor that increases strength with minimal penalties or something

e945c5  No.16102236

File: 832066a54dd5cdc⋯.jpg (283.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_42.jpg)


"Passive" was the right answer, I didn't want to "hold" them because they have work to do.


Such armor would be a very simple mod for anyone with the skill, since Kenshi 1.X was just released I believe you will be able to find new mods (and even lands) for years to come.

040693  No.16102280


Holy shit that training room setup is badass.

Screencap that shit without the hud please, I can't truly appreciate that work of art while its in the way.

e945c5  No.16102444

File: 1fedd3de11815f8⋯.jpg (157.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_45.jpg)

File: ef3adc4ceda5170⋯.jpg (317.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_47.jpg)

File: fb9ecc6c8d6e33b⋯.jpg (301.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_48.jpg)

e945c5  No.16102457

File: b2e0ecc38a49ce9⋯.jpg (194.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_49.jpg)

just a couple other screens because I think it's comfy, if you want some combat shots I can post them when I go back to that.

7c77fa  No.16102480


Comfy as god damned fuck, anon

fd3573  No.16102526

File: c47f83a808f6328⋯.png (57.47 KB, 259x194, 259:194, GOOBLE GOBBLE GOOBLE GOBBL….PNG)


>STR Training

You can speed that up considerably if you also have them carry bodies, carrying bodies doubles your gains. Just heal up then carry some bandits unfortunate enough to cross your paths for weeks on end crossing the countryside!

Pay no mind to the bandits shrieks of terror, those are actually shrieks of JOY! Joy that they are able to help you get some immense gains! It's not weird, crazy, or bizarre at all!

My main is up to 90+ from doing this, so is athletics and stealth.

e945c5  No.16102562

File: a94a3e4b83d8b46⋯.jpg (203.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_50.jpg)

31bdc4  No.16102729

Ok, why is it cooking at a campfire does not increase cooking? I'm still cooking.


Ahh okay. It gave me a blip that one of the dudes had a bounty but I couldn't find him. I guess it was the dude who woke up and ran off after I saved him.

e945c5  No.16102798


Did you know cooking reduces muscle tone (hover over the skill) you don't want to be a martial arts / cook.

Besides, I would argue that a campfire is the microwave of Kenshi, it doesn't really need a skill.

fd3573  No.16102802


Click on your guy, then click on the lower left up arrow for more details. Mouse over Strength XP, do so when carrying a body, it's a straight 200% multiplier of what you're getting from carrying heavy stuff.

31bdc4  No.16102835


I don't want to look musclebound tho.Im a ninja assasin. I use katanas.

bbd8ea  No.16102842

I just got the game and I have no idea what the fuck to do besides what I did in an old build my cousin let me play and that wasn't much

77c8be  No.16102912


find an iron or copper deposit and mine it and sell that shit to a shop until you got enough money to do something else.

<computer slowing down because?

I noticed my game seems to be slowing down, squads are less responsive to directions and shit. I'm turning down settings but it doesn't seem to help. Is it the size of my faction (60)? Does the game slow down as you explore more of the map (I've covered about 75% of the regions) I just rebooted and restarted my game with no change. Trying to figure this shit out.

77c8be  No.16102973


Ok. I will check that out.

bbd8ea  No.16103007


Hey buddy upload me that breast limits

1c7cc1  No.16103108


I've never used the skin bandit suit but if my skeleton equips it can he stay in holy nation territory?

77c8be  No.16103175

File: eead0147228c7f9⋯.jpg (294.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_56.jpg)

>start a new 5 man "nobody" start

>rated EASY

>random location start "Venge, deserted waystation"

>skeleton thralls in packs of 50 circle it, beaks circle it, iron spiders around.

>every direction is death, staying is death

77c8be  No.16103178

File: 0954bc070de6f15⋯.jpg (234.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_57.jpg)

>settlement destroyed

>only 1 man left alive, need to lead the woyams to safety and start a new life

31bdc4  No.16103188

File: c68d37136995b11⋯.jpg (44.44 KB, 392x445, 392:445, c68d37136995b11fe75ac7215d….jpg)

>Mind own business

>Want to avoid racist shek people

>Make personal cabin out in the boonies

>30 retards calling themselves the bones gang knock on my rood

>Say they're raiding my town

>My town of one fucking shack with a bedroll, a rug, and a workbench in it


b62fe9  No.16103193


yeah raids don't really make sense, one time all I had up was the blueprint of a wall and they came to raid me

31bdc4  No.16103204

File: 37b1d9bee0392ed⋯.jpg (191.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, NSlVzRC.jpg)


Did they steal your idea for the wall,anon?

77c8be  No.16103254



all you need is a storage for ore to get raided

31bdc4  No.16103261


Either way, it's fucking hilarious to me imagining how that conversation went between anon and the bandits.

55717b  No.16103266


the RNG gods gave you the finger then shoved it up ur ass

77c8be  No.16103293

File: b0de5f296f2c6fb⋯.jpg (221.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_58.jpg)

File: 6df05e0c4884843⋯.jpg (233.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_59.jpg)

>Narrowing escaping death several times, we found shelter in the city of Brink. None of us have ever been to a city before, selling all the materials we could scavenge from the Waystation gain us over 14k, we celibrated by having two pieces of raw meat each. It seems we will live through the night.


pic related.jpg


If all bandits just mined ore, Kenshi would be new york city.

77c8be  No.16103308

File: afd9cf3bfc4bcc8⋯.jpg (109.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_60.jpg)

>met a kid named Izumi who says, "Im heroic" and it seems she has been places and know things, and none of my people speaking honestly know anything, so when she asked to join it seemed like a good idea. Considering we all homeless, we need an outsider now to know more about the world.

77c8be  No.16103380

File: cc8dc0e13fd12a5⋯.jpg (287.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_61.jpg)

File: f57770f6d67ab47⋯.jpg (202.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_62.jpg)

File: 59c4d5471feb474⋯.jpg (284.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_63.jpg)

Today the guards killed a two monsters and left them to rot at the gates, it provided us with enough meat for a couple of days more. The land around is torn by various battles, being homeless and without skill we were reduced to scavenging the battlefields, that seemed to always consist of either a group called Reavers or Glass Pirates. This afternoon we killed a man.. he was already injured but intent on doing us harm.. I had katana that I picked of a dying tech hunter and with the help of the girls we poked him to death. It was pure luck he was almost dea,d Izumi suggested we sneak into the barracks to practice our combat skills.. pray we do not get caught in the act as the locals are fond of slavery.

55717b  No.16103569


can't help but notice your Isekai anime harem plot weeb start

>if Ghrosk thinks he can start a weeb harem in the middle of the desert that rains lasers… he deserves to get orbital laser'd then eaten alive

fdb680  No.16103578


Looks more like a Charles Manson type situation, which would arguably be very effective in the world of kenshi.

77c8be  No.16103580

File: e5b268d3e0050b2⋯.jpg (184.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_66.jpg)

File: d0d35b1fc535419⋯.jpg (305.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_67.jpg)

File: 59cd493fc70c865⋯.jpg (181.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_71.jpg)

>A woman named Riddly came into town, who can only be described as a tall thick girl skilled as a warrior. She said she wanted action and I told her we have saw plenty.. Well maybe I wasn't completely honest with her but she wanted to join and we desperately need someone skilled in weapons.

>The battles around Brink have ceased, and the guards are idle in the barracks giving no opportunity to finish our training.

>Riddly suggested we make our way to another city, the closest one is east of here called Black Scratch. We had to dodge several patrols of reavers on the way, and finally we got spotted near the city.. we almost fell as we ran into the safety of the city gates.

>Black Scratch has all of the shops we could have hoped for, in addition it has a library that seems to make Izumi's pussy wet every time its in view.

>And so after some discussion it has been decided that Black Scratch will be our home for the foreseeable future. Just outside of the city is an ore deposit we can use to supplement our income, while inside two houses are for sale, we shall buy the small one and move into the bigger one we we can.

31bdc4  No.16103614

File: 2f08e8bc40367d2⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 328x271, 328:271, a614dc25bb5f70eb6de165bb94….gif)


Now, pimp out the girls for some easy quick cash

77c8be  No.16103641

File: 771e7e4b238497d⋯.jpeg (14.1 KB, 246x204, 41:34, 31ac5fa74086af0bce14ad994….jpeg)

0dd566  No.16103780

File: 12dcb94e999842f⋯.jpg (288.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_77.jpg)

It's been 7 days since the raid hit Waystation.. now called, Waystation Ruins.. skeletons have overrun the place. Me and the girls were lucky to survive it.. lucky to make it to Brink and catch our breath. Now with the help of our scientist Izumi and Riddly, our thick guardian we are learning to survive. We have set up in a hut next to the gate, it is our home and it is ever crowded. Often times raid come to the gates and we assist our adopted home. A day ago we saw a tech hunter go down away from the gates and killed the Reaver responsible and healed the hunter. Hopefully I've repaid my secret debt to their organization.

31bdc4  No.16103852

So uh, i went to squin and there isn't anyone here. It's a literal ghost town.


Wow, rude.

1c7cc1  No.16104201

I'm recently getting a bug that doesn't seem to be associated with any mod that causes characters in my party to switch speaking during dialogue. They even reference the new character as if they were the one they were speaking to originally. Does anyone else have this and know a fix?

1c7cc1  No.16104383

File: 9eea53871d33ddb⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Always Truth.png)


It always fucking cuts to my one skeleton every single time.

1c7cc1  No.16104401

File: bd873514d445f27⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, It just works.png)


It just seems to fix itself. Jeez

55717b  No.16104442



31bdc4  No.16104563


I just put everyone else to bodyguard me, and solo control myself to avoid this.


Ruka is a liar. She obviously pretended to be dead, then ran afterwards

It's obvious when you realize she has such low toughness

ee9013  No.16104569


Did you started a new game, not from the main menu but from a already existing game? I did that, every city was empty but my old bases were there, so i raided myself before import


The three main factions hate you at first honestly and have pros and cons so technically no one is really perfect: Holy Islam hates tecnology and women but the holy priests and inquisitors have pockets full of hashish/bloodrum, the (((United cities))) pretend to be shogunates but act like bugmen to be fair, feudal japan wasn´t exactly a utopia, and the Sheks are pretty much your standard orcish like race without the "noble" since they will atack you sometimes for shit and jiggles.

But once you managed to get allied with them, you´ll become best buddies, really best buddies, so the Holy Islam will allow you to have robotic limbs and even non human members with you They´ll attack your skeletons anyway, not recomended for multi-race minmaxing gameplays tho, at least mine and Holy Phoenix will reward you with a chalice valued in 30k cats.

If you become allied with the shek, they will name you "The Invincible" like a true warrior of Kral, and Esata gives you her daughter as a recruit So send her to her place, the kitchen, also it´s heavy implied that Esata isn´t the real Shek leader but Bayan, since this one is probably the only inteligent Shek around and Esata is pretty much a smoke screen to prevent a rebellion since the sheks are a suicidal race and the war against the nobles and the okranites could end in a extinction, so Esata made a truce with both nations but there´s still a grudge between the Shek and the Okranites.

Now i´m doing a (((United cities))) playthrought to see what can offer me, but pretty much nobody will ever treat you nice unless you work hard for it. Make sure the Samurais don´t see you starving, being poor in the united cities is punished by law

ee9013  No.16104593

File: 570d2df2d7daba5⋯.png (1019.2 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Greetings_from_the_Stenn_D….png)


Sorry for double posting, but something inside me urged to do it.

31bdc4  No.16104623

File: 151bd2e94462fa0⋯.gif (161.68 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 1413501130915.gif)


I don't know why it happened but I fixed it by importing my save into a new game.

>In the united cities being poor is illegal

kek, what the fuck?

ee9013  No.16104674


Yep, i choose the start "Guy with a dog" and you pretty much start starved, so me and the dog went to the east to Sho-Battai when i found a samurai patrol. Then the captain started a conversation with my character "Man, you look really thin, i hope you aren´t poor, since being poor is a crime in the United Cities. Show me your pockets!" something like that, and i couldn´t show him money because you start with 0 cats, so his entire squad beat me to death.

55717b  No.16104724

File: 287fbb0ff5c9cfc⋯.jpg (282.48 KB, 960x540, 16:9, RukaTit.jpg)


>Ruka is a liar.

shhhh don't let them bulli you, Ruka i believe in your tits

always forgot to give her a proper tit job =\

1c7cc1  No.16104781


He's calling the robot flatskin though, this isn't an issue of the closest party member talking I flat out haven't told him to do anything and he's budding in.

c6d7b7  No.16104881

File: 8fa902721717c0f⋯.jpg (264.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_81.jpg)

File: f08b019c60984ec⋯.jpg (224.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_82.jpg)

File: f5d2652c4913a9c⋯.jpg (182.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_79.jpg)

>Day 14.

>Did you ever feel as you were sleeping but awake and now awake but wondering if you are dreaming.

>We moved from the shack today to this amazing y-house. We spent the entire day setting up research bench, beds and a weapon smith, at the end we built a table and some chairs.

>partied all night long, had a lot of laughs and some serious talk, the girls seemed to have discussed it before hand and decided that we are no longer refugees, but something else and that I was the leader of that something else, it seems we are united as one.

<Although we couldn't afford any booze or hash, we all felt drunk and I told them what I had seen the other day that the tech bar. (p3) We all laughed about it.

3a5f79  No.16104993

Are there any downsides to recruitment by slave buying? It's cheaper, you get more of them, I guess it's annoying if you don't hang around UC.

Currently have about 15 people and a pack bull, a walled in mine with copper and iron right next to a town, and basically no combat skill. I'm going to just research in a bought house in town and then train up a good squad with dummies. After I know I can beat some bandits I'll start my own town. Where's a good place with no/ only one faction trying to tax you? I was getting taxed by merchants and the UC last time I tried.

c6d7b7  No.16105040


I think borderlands is the natural place for most people to settle first.. but nowadays the black dragon ninjas like raping bases anywhere in a five region area, if you kill them first though you will be fine with the other shit (2 leader's has a 20k bounty) and that isn't going to be easy, a squad of 15s with all 20s might be able to do it, settlements are a lot harder to start than before IMHO

If you live in town don't buy cotton I bought 8 for 800-ish and made 2 pieces of fabric worth 150-total.

14ef0d  No.16105055


how do the tech hunters get around the holy nation?


well its supposed to be sort of like welfare where they throw you in prison & feed you because you cant take care of yourself sometimes ending in slavery. i mean in the context of kenshi a poor PC is one that is going to steal something, may as well nip it in the bud. and considering the employment choices of the bottom 80% of the population i think shoving them in a mine might not be the worst option.


idk so many of them run so the "cheapness" dissapears as you have to buy more effectively multiplying the cost by the run rate.

and as far as base building goes you can hire several squads of mercenaries and clear out minor faction heads, red sabers, dust bandits, black dragons Brotherhood of Bones gets a special mention here do to distance from the waystaion and how low level they are. and you can make all the money back by turning in the bounties.

c6d7b7  No.16105140

first time to really try to produce in the city

cotton costs much more than the fabric it creates

all food pieces cost as much to cook, cheaper to buy finished in a bar


c6d7b7  No.16105151


Even with that rant, I will say starting in the city is the way to go, You can get a lot of research and training done and my weapon smith at least will be profitable.

55717b  No.16105174


check out the price markup on raw materials on town you want to settle ( like 80%-90% markup )

then produce end products accordingly.

or have them sit there and tan skins.

3a5f79  No.16105196


Google says fabric cost is based off hemp fabric which is cheaper to make

c6d7b7  No.16105238


how does that work? I want buy raw products with high/low markup or end-products with high/low markup? Most everything in this town is 80-100..

c6d7b7  No.16105257


I mean it sounds obvious but I don't really see any effect.

55717b  No.16105281


say for example any leather work ( i buy the fabric from shop ) will turn a nice profit when your armor crafter is above 80

mostly its just giving the guy camping the town something to do =\

i never sell my animal skins

c6d7b7  No.16105337


weapon smith refitted blade wakazukis make a profit almost at no skill (20) and just cost 3 iron plates to make, soon they will be razor blades of death.

55717b  No.16105355


if the town sells enough iron plates ya

810f7b  No.16105396

File: 5cf6d83d867ef13⋯.jpg (324.07 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190210104406_1.jpg)

File: 221bb6b60c5ff14⋯.jpg (256.03 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190210104917_1.jpg)

File: 12021c37af62cd1⋯.jpg (294.34 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190210105004_1.jpg)

File: 5656affc5af92ac⋯.jpg (251.06 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190210105330_1.jpg)

File: 3db9064690a6a7a⋯.jpg (322.89 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190210105746_1.jpg)



Well shit. Oh well, at least being on bad terms with the Holy Nation fits with this Mongrel Edgelord aesthetic I have going so I may as well roll with it. Any last words, Mr. Inquisitor?

bbd8ea  No.16105457

So wot mods do you niggers recommend I run with?

31bdc4  No.16105486


Big fucking tiddies

Bouncin tiddies

and the naked mod.

1c7cc1  No.16105499

File: 6b002ae977401a9⋯.png (10.54 KB, 398x312, 199:156, mods.png)


Reactive world just needs an update to restoring Deadcat and I'd say the game is complete with this modlist.

bbd8ea  No.16105561



Where can I get the naked mod & big fucking tiddies?

Also can you manually feed units I haven't figured out how if you can

55717b  No.16105564



>Big fucking tiddies

>Bouncin tiddies

>and the naked mod.

mentlegen's club

very lewd

3a5f79  No.16105578


Are there any mods that make cannibals even lewder?

3a5f79  No.16105582

File: 2f1577eb0052c0d⋯.png (370.45 KB, 359x606, 359:606, rtjl6UJ[1].png)

bbd8ea  No.16105598



So yeah about that big tiddies mod

bbd8ea  No.16105883

Found it after digging a bit

70a0e8  No.16106005

I made a female greenlander character template that isn't too freakish or hideous. At least by Kenshi standards. Recommend for use as one of your workers or guards.


bbd8ea  No.16106020

>ran like a nigger for a week and got 40 athletics I had the Hobb's guy with me mining Copper so I could buy food

I wanna get rid of him but how do I disband from him?

Or should I go looking for the beast of his story?

1c7cc1  No.16106146


Go to a plastic surgeon and make him white

bbd8ea  No.16106171


I left that faggot behind and went exploring I'm in the swamps at the moment I see on the images posted about old tech sites way on the map I might explore that

55717b  No.16106216


all by yourself in the swamps?

hooo boy you're gonna have a bad time

bbd8ea  No.16106265


I met spiders and ran like naruto to safety, raided an old library, found documents, books & an actual treasure map

55717b  No.16106397


all it takes is 1 blood spider to jump u from behind a tree and 1 Hit KO / stun lock and the rest of the 4-8 spiders gangbang u to death…. they eat lone recruits for breakfast =\

bbd8ea  No.16106467


I got into multiple places just fine and hell I've found a big group of them in the infested laboratory near Shark and they haven't gotten me yet

bbd8ea  No.16106502

>burning forest find a lab filled with drones

>character bum rushes them not on my order for no reason two times in a row

Yeah I'll come back to this later christ I hate it when any game takes control from me

1c7cc1  No.16106512


characters auto attack enemies you have to put them on passive or hold

bbd8ea  No.16106543


The game is just empty and devoid of anything besides trees & ruined buildings

810f7b  No.16106546

File: 7f468911de39d0e⋯.jpg (346.87 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20190210170522_1.jpg)

bbd8ea  No.16107101

File: 7dd2b6c287cf8bc⋯.png (31.53 KB, 154x183, 154:183, 7dd2b6c287cf8bc1a889a41d39….png)

I went over to a friends for a little bit. So I left off at a town called Mourn filled with wanted criminals for minor bounties. I found two swords in one ruin both sold for $5k, and I grabbed a skeleton repair kit which sold for 4.9k as well so now I got 30k on me gonna run around the world map for a while longer until I feel like training myself up but where I am now while iron rich, rust soaked ruins are all around I don't like this area. Is mourn in the ruins of a space shuttle or something, anyone got information on what exactly happened here?

31bdc4  No.16107404

Saw a shinobi assassin with two peg legs, and a caved in chest. Not sure how he was "fine".


I didn't see a single enemy in the swamp. Not one.


Naked mod was shared here, it's also on the nexus, like the top mod I think.

Big tiddies is a joke, but apparently a mod an anon has. Check the mod order pics in the thread and search for the breast mod named there I guess. There was also a bouncing tiddies mod posted somewhere in here as well and it works


What is a mentlegen?

7220a1  No.16107463

File: 8ac8b0606629ac8⋯.jpg (136.99 KB, 1200x777, 400:259, NewRobot4_low_(2).jpg)

anyone know that the best armor set is in the current meta for a character using the falling sun or other heavy weapons? or at the least the best looking functional set of armor for skeletons.


it's a retarded way to say gentlemen

14ef0d  No.16107516


Assassin's Rags


-Stealth effect 1.10x

-Crossbows effect 1.10x

-Dodge skill effect 1.20x

-Combat speed effect 1.10x

-Dexterity effect 1.20x

-Assassination skill 1.30x

-Fist protection 100%

-Melee attack bonus +8

-Melee defense bonus -4

-Martial arts bonus +6

you can find blueprints randomly from thief trades/fences and with the stats to back it up can provide more survivability than samurai armor (something to do with actions and the combat speed giving you more opportunities to block) not to mention the damage buff that 1.2 dex *(not +) 1.1 combat speed gives.

31bdc4  No.16107567

File: 7aa112a0f6f65a6⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 7aa112a0f6f65a6fa04f2f9929….jpg)

Got beaten up by starving bandits, they only took my food?


Ah, okay.


How strong are skellies?

bbd8ea  No.16107577


>Go to skeleton capital in lazer storms, acid rain and freak lightning

>check out their scrapyard

>70 stat guards all over with tons of mechanical spiders

>No healing/food items for my smoothskin have to book it out taking more damage possible death

wew all though combat is still shit though, the world building is fucking rad though, the bone yard was FILLED with tons of ancient ruins, massive skellington parts.

Also skeletons are as strong as anything else and have good units at points thralls are fucking funny

31bdc4  No.16107587

I've a question. Do animations change depending on how good you get in the stat corresponding to them? Cause i've gotten pretty good at stealth and I run like a ninja now.


>Random shek guard chases me out into the wilds because i stupidly bodyguarded a bandit

>Escape him

>All of the city is hostile now

>Come back a day or 2 later. everyone is cool now.

>Leave city at night

>The shek guard is still out there, except now he's hunting bandits

>Doesn't even bother to bring them in, just beats the shit out of them and looks for more

I think I accidentally helped create the clint eastwood of sheks.


I love this too. Especially if you need special equipment to even survive in these places. Adds so much to the immersion. Even the casual racism other factions exhibit is great.

31bdc4  No.16107588


Also, skeletons sound badass as fuck. And they got that hk-47 look from kotor 2 going on, which is even better.

bbd8ea  No.16107591


Skeletons are my own speculation here from what I've seen so far There's multiple empires, the first empire was a bunch of space colonists, second empire was some lesser colony possible after a war passed the first colony. The skeletons are robotic slaves and humans put into robot bodies who's flesh has totally worn away but mostly slaves to the pre-second colony

In the Venge area I'm not kidding had satellite laser beams rain down consistently & robot thralls, robots with heads I guess constantly run around, a city I saw prior to that called Mourn was in the frame of a fallen MASSIVE spacestation.

3c281d  No.16107598

File: f8144f44f4427ea⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1291x732, 1291:732, kenshi.png)


>check out their scrapyard

Hope you grabbed some Edge 3 weapons on your way out. So far its the best weapon shop I've found and tends to have 4-7 Edge 3 weapons per respawn if lucky. And has one of the best skeleton limbs shops too (other one I've found would be in Mongrel)

Also protip for dealing with carry weight: Other characters always weigh 30kg no matter what's in their inventory, slap 3 large and 4 small backpacks on a character and and carry them on another.


>Do animations change depending on how good you get in the stat corresponding to them? Cause i've gotten pretty good at stealth and I run like a ninja now

Somewhat. Martial Art gets more moves but I believe the other weapon skills don't. But they speed up from dexterity.

There's a combat mod that adds a bunch of new combat moves and unlocks new ones at certain skill levels just as with Martial Art but haven't tested it.


Maybe there's some resemblance.

'HK Droid Skeleton Races'

f4803e  No.16107600

What are your settings for raids? Do we all agree default is comically overturned unless you have enough resources to build a fully functional fortress in one go?

31bdc4  No.16107601


Quality worldbuilding. Vaatividya must never hear of this series

Damn, I want to go see all this, but at the same time, killing low level bandits at the shek kingdom is safe.



Ahh okay, maybe it was just the dust storm then.


<Demon eyes HK.

bbd8ea  No.16107606


I went in and found they were aggressive so I bolted the fuck away I'm a human/smoothskin but it instantly showed them to me as aggressive and I'm far off them now I don't wanna rush back


Do what I did and level your athletics to 36 and find a pair of sandals then run around like you're playing Morrowind & your speed is 90. I'm playing it like that and all my "lore" is personal speculation from what I actually saw myself.

bbd8ea  No.16107607

Oh my athletics is 60 now

bbd8ea  No.16107608

File: 0f564084e071f28⋯.jpg (420.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 233860_screenshots_2019021….jpg)

Also Holy Nations is pretty rad look at this bible part

31bdc4  No.16107610

File: 18c0c541745e79a⋯.png (2.25 MB, 983x1118, 983:1118, Sneak.PNG)

Okay, im 90% sure my sneaking animation changed. I'm running like a ninja, whereas before you snuck like fallout nv or skyrim or something.


It sounds pretty spot on. Most devs love visual lore more than written imo. It's funner to make it subtle, rather than overt.

Also, my athletics is 36 right now I didn't know about the sandals thing though


Is it uh, dangerous to be a woman in the holy empire?

3c281d  No.16107613

File: c41b7999e873238⋯.jpg (322.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190123201747_1.jpg)


>Ahh okay, maybe it was just the dust storm then.

Nah you're right, stealth is the other exception but it only has 2 tiers, the one you start with and the naruto run.


You were in Black Desert City, right? You must have done something to piss them off in the past, they start of as neutral.

Normally you can pay a 'pacifier' to fix broken reputation with a faction but many minor ones don't have those. But there's a mod called 'Minor Faction Pacifiers' which adds them. Other than that I guess try to repair broken skeletons (belonging specifically to the 'Skeletons' faction) you find in your travels but might be hard with them being hostile.

Then there's the option of turning against them but as you found out first hand they're quite strong.

3c281d  No.16107617

File: 6d87b19f54bda6c⋯.png (6.12 KB, 257x222, 257:222, scout.png)



>Also, my athletics is 36 right now I didn't know about the sandals thing though

Scout Legs is where it's at nigger.

But for the purpose of levelling athletics, wearing sandals (or other + athletics stuff) would actually slow down the progress since skills level slower at higher levels and non permanent effects from clothes aren't ignored for that purpose.

bbd8ea  No.16107619


As far as I've read they wont strike against you if you're not a scorcher or a non-human. They really hate skeletons. And as far as athletics go just run from everything and run in general it'll go up relatively fast and you'll outrun almost anything. Lastly the game shows but doesn't tell which is a really strong writing technique and since this is a video game it's a visual medium, that's why I said the world building was radical as I love sci-fi so my mind goes wild and I'm so happy and terrified at this game


They don't hate me in the slightest and when I was inside the first floor of the scrapyard I went to floor 2 and it had a marker indicating they were aggressive to me, which means I'm not their friends. Though being their friend is something I want 'cos these skeleton robots are cool as fuck and they hold answers to the past.

bbd8ea  No.16107624


m8 I'm a pure human with aryan genes hue

I will say everyone is shorter than my 6'5 greenlander human but he's weak as fuck as I only got 11 attack and fuck all else besides 62 athletics now. The sandals are merely a speed boost at this point

bbd8ea  No.16107630

File: 435797d2ce766dc⋯.jpg (73.73 KB, 960x707, 960:707, GQux0eo.jpg)

I just realized I've been power walking for like six hours holy fuck

521314  No.16107639



Consider this.. skeletons and hivers don't get armor for every slot, so when considering what armor they should use, it should be armor that can afford protection to slots they cannot cover usually. That means armor with head protection and making sure you got some gear that covers your stomach (since you won't be wearing a shirt).


>how strong are skellies

Well, they need special repair kits and a special skill to use them, so if you get one, you will need to get more so can get back up. I did a 5 man start with 1 skelly and he died in the first fight because nobody could heal him. (He also didn't start with a kit so that was lame)


what raid setting does thou speak of?

3c281d  No.16107644


Becoming a cyborg is just the natural evolution of the Aryan master race. What better way to secure our ethnostate and ensure long lives for those deserving?

>They don't hate me in the slightest and when I was inside the first floor of the scrapyard I went to floor 2 and it had a marker indicating they were aggressive to me, which means I'm not their friends. Though being their friend is something I want 'cos these skeleton robots are cool as fuck and they hold answers to the past.

Was the rest of the town friendly? They belong to the same faction so one should not be pissed if the other isn't, unless you were spotted committing a crime and even then it's just temporary unless you assaulted and possible even killed NPC's belonging to that faction.

I'd probably write it off as a visual bug (or AI bug and they actually were aggressive). Go back there at some point and check it out again, if not importing the game would probably fix it.

31bdc4  No.16107645


Nice, so i'm one step closer to my dream of being a badass samurai ninja assassin.


Ah, that makes sense. Sneak levels up faster too if you're overencumbered, due to all the negative retractions.


Ah okay, good. I was worried if I entered with a katana or a naginata on me, they'd beat my ass and force marry me to one of the people around town.

I love the similarities to morrowind, but with more sci fi and post apoc thrown in


Guess you could say, you've only been using 10 percent of your real power.


Makes me wantt to start a repair business exclusively for skellies. I doubt it'd be very profitable though.

bbd8ea  No.16107655


I could check later if I have them like me a little bit but I haven't found an area I like to settle in to raise my skills a bunch fo meh.


The Shek will kill you if you have good armor & weapons actually, in their cities they'll check you and can and will kill you.

521314  No.16107660


I keep hearing that Shek will attack people for having good gear but I've literally been in Shek a billion times with edge/meitou weapons and masterwork armor and never got anything but a taunting message.

31bdc4  No.16107661


How good are we talking here? Because I have a decent katana, but they only challenge me to duels.

bbd8ea  No.16107662

File: 4f360e6faab68c3⋯.png (83.98 KB, 223x289, 223:289, 47bc1d525f81142131b81610a0….png)


Also FLESH FOR LIFE, unless you really have to

bbd8ea  No.16107663


I got a shitton of racial slurs & one guy chasing me like an autist which I ignored 'cos I don't give a shit, fucking nigger I'll run away deal with it


High level anything < dumbshit with higher stats as far as I can tell

3c281d  No.16107664

File: 6a682c5087dbab2⋯.jpg (541.25 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190112114834_1.jpg)

File: acefad1dde30102⋯.jpg (556.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190114141813_1.jpg)



Raid Frequency probably? Personally what fucked me up when building my first base was the roaming squads, not the announced raid ones.

But I'm also playing with randomized enemy squad numbers which can fuck you up the ass with RNG (but I like it that way).

>Vanilla : a Dust Bandit Squad is composed of 9 or 10 members (so 9.5 members on average).

>Modded : a Dust Bandit Squad is composed of 1 to 19 members (so 10 members on average, like in vanilla).


>Well, they need special repair kits and a special skill to use them, so if you get one, you will need to get more so can get back up.

Anyone can repair and even with 0 skill you can save a fellow skelebro (assuming you have a kit which you can steal in any town). They don't eat and have + turret skill making them a great base defence force. Early game they're also extremely tanky relative to other races since others rely on armour whilst their defence is in large part inherent.

Lastly Heavy Weapons are good which they get a boost at and makes them nice as infantry too.


If you check the factions tab (hotkey M) you'll see the reputation with them. If it's not in the negative they're not meant to be hostile. If they still are I recommend importing the save, shouldn't have any negative impact on your progress.

7220a1  No.16107667


basically grass muslims

3c281d  No.16107668


>Also FLESH FOR LIFE, unless you really have to

Say that to my +76% athletics and +46% strength, I dare you faggot.

bbd8ea  No.16107672

File: 05206948e8eb5e7⋯.png (116.35 KB, 309x336, 103:112, 05206948e8eb5e7c2af3d19fcb….png)

So I ran into a nest of fogmen

I am not very smart it seems

bbd8ea  No.16107673


I got 10% athletic eat my human legs you nigger you'll never exceed 30 mph

3c281d  No.16107677

File: 75c1c4514225f3d⋯.png (165.22 KB, 953x284, 953:284, cyborg master race.png)


stats can exceed their 'softcap' of 100 with gear boosts

bbd8ea  No.16107679

File: 15285839f47f85f⋯.jpg (414.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 233860_screenshots_2019021….jpg)

The music is tense in these wetlands


How'd you get them stats otherwise shits impossible to train without building a base like a faggot

bbd8ea  No.16107683

File: cd24eaf147423af⋯.jpg (493.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 233860_screenshots_2019021….jpg)

It's a ruin in a skeleton of some kind of dinosaur/dragon thing


521314  No.16107685


if your playing with mods you might get undesirable results.

521314  No.16107690

Does anyone understand how "required skill" works on bows? the toothpick says 90 while the old bow says 70.. also nobody has that skill so what the fuck does it even mean?

bbd8ea  No.16107692

File: f9ded05f58e691e⋯.jpg (328.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 233860_screenshots_2019021….jpg)

So yeah who remembers Morrowind

521314  No.16107700

File: 11a9b174f0b0a98⋯.jpg (33.08 KB, 360x270, 4:3, spider.jpg)

55717b  No.16107704


>I didn't see a single enemy in the swamp. Not one.

there should regularly be squads of ninja/red saber/spider gangbanging each other

and spiders often come out on top

>What is a mentlegen?


srsly u fags never seen this?


bbd8ea  No.16107708

521314  No.16107722


??? both games have mechanical spiders..

3c281d  No.16107723

File: 335b37121e4f2b7⋯.jpg (595.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190211101807_1.jpg)

File: f6bceb04f83c819⋯.jpg (312.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190211102045_1.jpg)


Running around and punching faggots in the mouth for (literally) 100 days. I've done 0 training other than when early on in the game, a kind gentleman from the United Cities sent me on a nearly month long state sponsored ninja training camp trip. Also my strength is in the 60 area, but you know, robotics.

I just now started setting up my base actually, day 107 and this huge project is slowly taking form. I'd be fucked trying to make something this large rather than slowly expanding if my squad wasn't pretty strong.


Those massive hungry bandit raids just add more fun, I unironically recommend the 'Randomized Enemy Squad Numbers' to everyone. More fun with attack slots x3 or x2 and the 256 squad size limit for yourself (though I've only ever gotten to ~45 or so).

bbd8ea  No.16107730


I'm less than a month and my combat stats are trash. I found a skeletons tower but the owner isn't here fug

55717b  No.16107737


>Makes me wantt to start a repair business exclusively for skellies. I doubt it'd be very profitable though.

Skeleton Repair Kit are insanely profitable and lightweight

if you can manage the logistics chain to craft it

31bdc4  No.16107747


It's okay, plank. I'm riding solo as well. Adventuring life best life.


Can you make a home inside of the dead dragon?


Didn't see a one. I got to the hashish smokers and was thoroughly disappointed.

>Have you faggots never seen this?

I don't like tf2, so I normally don't look for anything tf2 related or watch it when it comes up.


Abomination. How do you wipe when you need to poop?

31bdc4  No.16107749


I'll wait for mods to expand on it, before going full capitalism ho.

3c281d  No.16107750


Combat skills are in my experience always a bit of a pain to level up early game but once you have some backup and better gear you'll be able to take on a lot more roaming enemies across the map and they'll just rise naturally.

Also again the 'Randomized Enemy Squad Numbers' mod can be both a blessing and a curse at time, it lets enemy squads spawn at much more manageable sizes such as 1-3 if you're lucky which is great early game.

3c281d  No.16107757


>Abomination. How do you wipe when you need to poop?


bbd8ea  No.16107758


I didn't try so no idea


Well fuck that I'll just beat myself off in specific combat points I guess

55717b  No.16107772


see the reload time for bows?

reload time: *2-4seconds

required skill: 60

u gotta hit the skill level to be able to reload and machinegun the ranger at 2second reload

55717b  No.16107781


>Abomination. How do you wipe when you need to poop?



ever watch MILF fisting videos? something like that…

55717b  No.16107787


fun tip-

before you can afford 2x Masterwork scout legs

have a battle goat with high athletics then set the squad leader to follow it

it runs circles around bandit groups and kite beakthings

bbd8ea  No.16107802

Also album art that matches this game is Ayreon Dream Sequencer Or any of the albums really it has this desert on planet mars aspect and it's titular

Also gud band

bbd8ea  No.16107812

File: 6b4812ef926be5b⋯.jpg (288.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bicks.jpg)

This is the art for Ayreon post 2000. Similiar time as this dev actually, though Ayreon predates that to 1992

bbd8ea  No.16107815

If you can't guess that's the dome on mars. The other parts are the settlement that died, this overall is the end of the species in 01001000101 which is lame as many factors changed it especially the Source in 2017, and the first album to the fact that humanity did the end in 2080 but this specifically ends in 2080 but it'd makle more sense to be like 2150 or something, the true end but TWENTY-EIGHTYFOUR

bbd8ea  No.16107851

>wot does this have to do with Kenshi tho lmao

Listen to Ayreon's first album, then 2, 3, 4 and stop. Continue if you want, remember thiis is band that made science fiction opera and on top of that alot of movies were based of these stories.

bbd8ea  No.16107870

Kenshi has tons of foundations with Ayreon & Morrowind combined.

c2e6f5  No.16107874

File: 4fff074f9f062a6⋯.png (357.25 KB, 475x792, 475:792, vult.png)

>there was some medieval armor mod

>a crusader-themed one

>aside from obvious visual problems, got serious one about having zero crossbow effect due latest game updates. And to think, it may only give penalty to the great helm, not the armor.

>some other modder took armor into his set to update it

>mod comes out


I didn't want to learn FCS and how to tweak mods, but it seems i have to.

bbd8ea  No.16107886


Just fite naked lmao I hope my autistic prattles is oklay

d61e9f  No.16107902


>I got a shitton of racial slurs & one guy chasing me like an autist which I ignored 'cos I don't give a shit

This, ignore the Sheknigga moments.

Course being strong enough to initiate a complete genocide in the event of them niggering at you for no reason is also good.

521314  No.16107907


thank you sir



I just made six benches each building 1 piece, starting with the final product going backwards to components, though for the resources is devours I think you are better off with a smith.

2a1af7  No.16107927




55717b  No.16107935


stealing is too OP in this game

I LARP my way to the top

except i'd steal burn murder factions I hate

31bdc4  No.16108011



How much are they altogether? I've made 20k today just from killing low level bandits.

2a1af7  No.16108034


Masterwork Scout Legs are ~20k each.

If you can take care of fogmen, those might be a good bet for making money if you don't want to 'abuse' the easy stealing mechanic. The fog prince heads sell for 6k and Mongrel has really nice shops.

All of them tend to have a few pieces of specialist gear with the odd masterpiece and the robotics shop always has multiple masterwork limbs. It also has one of each shop type, armor, clothing, melee weaponry, ranged weaponry and of course robotics.

1c7cc1  No.16108082

Remember to powerlevel theiving at the start of the game by finding a bandit playing dead, puasing the game, putting something in his inventory and taking it back. Rinse and repeat until master thief who still doesn't have enough stealth to not get noticed by every sleeping npc.

521314  No.16108182

File: 607ac234b3e484c⋯.jpg (203.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_88.jpg)

File: 18b9cbd9463d2f0⋯.jpg (262.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_92.jpg)

File: 966375d268115b1⋯.jpg (254.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_96.jpg)


not larping

>Ghrosk here, long time no write. The days have passed by quickly as I was making wakazukis for all my my girls and plenty for the shops too. On the 30th day we had grown confidant enough venture outside the safety of our walls and decided to venture to the nearby coast as none of us had every seen the water. It was supposed to be just one day but took 4 because we had to take shelter in the fishing village nearby after many skimishes.

>We have learned a lot about the locals and found a group called the Black Dogs who take money from settlements, a vile and evil crew, but also much more powerful than ourselves.

>A plan was hatched to hire some local mercenaries, not just one but 3 groups, one day would cost us 6000.

>The raid was quick, combined with our allies we made quick work of these batards.

>The loot rained down, taking over a dozen weapons of higher quality than we had ever seen and several pieces of various armors, the results can be estimated about 100k profit.

Most importantly the local people will no longer suffer their treachery.

<While healing up, Izumi bought some maps.. and our world that consisted of just 2 cities is now a continent to explore. We have heard of a place called Mongrol that is near the western ocean, it is our plan to travel there next. In 2 days we will leave here, perhaps forever.

(group is on day 48)

2a1af7  No.16108205


I'm too much of a kleptomaniac in games, but you're right that's it's too OP/easy.

Planning a playthrough where I side the the Holy Nation sometime in the near future and settle in Okran's Pride and I'll abstain from thieving to change up the game a bit.

Speaking of Okran's Pride, anyone built there before? My main worry is that it might be a bit too easy with no dangerous enemies.

But I do have some bandit mods and I think it adds some 'Hill Marauders' or some such to the area so it might be lively after all.

521314  No.16108212


My very first settlement ever was in right in the center of the pride lands, I had played the game for about an hour and started to build a house. That was the end of my first game, can't even remember what killed me.

95aa3f  No.16108355


>As the time approached to leave our adopted home, the locals begged me to lead a raid on the cult settlement nearby lead by an evil hive prince who would trap and eat locals, the weapon he held was perhaps unsurpassed in this world, obviously it was a grand fate that it should come to me. Instead of returning to the city to heal up, I will continue north into the desert as we already know going west directly is death and going south is said to be worse.

Can't wait to stroll around in wherever I settle next with my nobles robe and meitou moon cleaver.

44b61d  No.16108391

What are some good character creation/waifu mods?

What I feel like is really missing is a mod which adds a decent amount of new face textures, hair alongside more and better looking eye colours sliders (for everything).

The anime character mod is the closest thing I've found and it's definitely an upgrade from vanilla. However there are some issues such as them counting as a separate race and unaffected by nude mods and even some animation mods. They also only have a single face texture making them all look a bit 'samey' even after tinkering with face sliders.

However it's a mod that proves the possibility of adding more sliders, it lets you change a lot more and in further detail than vanilla but again, not applied to other races.

I don't want to choose between an attractive character with no nude mods or an unattractive character with nude mods.

95aa3f  No.16108395

File: 79b3a9f79390801⋯.jpg (193.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_97.jpg)

File: 64786c9a6e0f23b⋯.jpg (288.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_99.jpg)

forgot pics

95aa3f  No.16108460


honestly, I think if you play with the sliders enough you can get some decent faces and definitely the bodies are nice, it's not like Bethesda game. After playing Kens hi for a long time I just picked up a nude mod from nexus and bouncing boobs (link in thread) and I'm satisfied with that. Just my 2c.

I think you can find some extra face maps on Nexus but I'm not sure, if you find something nice share the news.

95aa3f  No.16108520

File: 6430a478cdaf92c⋯.jpg (167.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_101.jpg)

War.. war never changes.


44b61d  No.16108558

File: 236324b8715f18e⋯.jpg (388.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190211175300_1.jpg)

File: 12c58be5322103e⋯.jpg (387.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190211175309_1.jpg)

File: 7af9da57c2cf29f⋯.jpg (386.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190211175232_1.jpg)


Maybe I'm just too much of a sucker for the little girl aesthethic, all the vanilla faces look so grizzled and ugly.

I also wish you could reduce head size and neck length further and a new slider which reduces arm length since you can't make really small characters without fucking up their porportions.

Pic related is the future ruler of the Aryan Nation that will stomp out all the disgusting inferior races and will proceed to replace the Holy Nation's religious worship with one that worships delicious lolis.

95aa3f  No.16108589


She's "cute" but I'm not sure why it wouldn't be easier to replace/add a "face 1/2/3" instead of make a new race. I am also wondering how difficult it would be to clean up existing faces.

44b61d  No.16108610


>I'm not sure why it wouldn't be easier to replace/add a "face 1/2/3" instead of make a new race.

Yeah it's a weird choice. Was thinking of learning how to mod and try to merge these changes of this mod with the regular Greenlander, but then I got lazy.

14ef0d  No.16108618


you have no head coverage and you only get 2 armor slots and the armors that cover the best will slow you down, lower your dex combat speed and doge skill so for the parts you cannot cover it is best to be able to block or doge and despite the -4 melee defense it is better with its higher bock speed derived from its higher combat speed, added on to its doge skill. will make your skelebro live longer. unless your getting cross bowed.

the game is heavily weighted for dexfags.

95aa3f  No.16108686



this face mod looks promising but I'm not seeing the loli, it at least allows more eye colors and textures for all races.

44b61d  No.16108726


I found the mod 'Compressed textures' which seems to reduce loading times and VRAM usage a lot, but it seems to override skin mods. This made my choice of not using nude mods easier, going to keep using it for a while and report how much it improves but from the little I've seen and reports from other users it seems to be excellent.

Can't believe that my 4gb VRAM isn't enough to keep textures and shit ready without massive load times.


It adds some nice variety but the only things it really does it add more eye colours and some face paintings ala Skyrimjob.

Face textures are vanilla and no changes seem to have been made.

The 'loli mod' is actually a 'JRPG races' mod, didn't see it on the nexus but it's on the workshop.




>I will add a race that was remodeled to the appearance of Japanese preference.

>(2 kinds of Greenlander / Scorchlander)

>The MOD name is "jrpg_race".

<The main changes are below.

>· Modification of face mesh

>· Modification of face texture

>· Addition of parameters for face modeling

>· Do not make body texture muscular

>· Add a hairstyle to match mesh after remodeling

>※ other elements as existing tribes (perhaps)

>· As additional tribes emerge as drifters

>· Additional tribes to emerge as slaves

>Since there is a sample model file in the bodies folder in the MOD file,

>We recommend importing and editing

7220a1  No.16108814


I saw a couple of giant robot tentacles sticking out of the sand up in the desert north east. probably the remains of some weird old empire giant robot.

7220a1  No.16108823

File: fc3b476b2a95a2c⋯.jpg (15.94 KB, 374x250, 187:125, the chad spider.jpg)


not posting the morrowind spider

d61e9f  No.16108840


That's ultimately what lead me to ignoring the JRPG "race" mod.

Bit of an issue with these mods in that some will have them spawn in the wild as NPCs and the others are for player use only, in the latter case you won't be able to build an army of the custom race without some tinkering on your own part and I was too lazy for that.


>the game is heavily weighted for dexfags.

This, and to make matters worse that kind of limits what's actually useful for you. The color mod I grabbed for outfits doesn't seem to include the decent looking outfits without the penalties. I'm actually really disappointed in our options, was expecting there to be a medieval full plate somewhere, but when I saw the penalties for crap that doesn't even fully cover the body I gave up looking. Penalties probably need to be removed from med armor (some light armor has buffs, no need for penalizing medium at all) and lessened for heavy.


There's a mod that lets Shek have hair. Surprised I haven't seen anyone using it, unless it's lore breaking or something.

95aa3f  No.16108868

File: f2fe82345c1eedc⋯.jpg (239.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_106.jpg)

File: 3ef70bd6d195eb4⋯.jpg (180.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_107.jpg)

File: 749974bdfbdc32a⋯.jpg (259.06 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_110.jpg)

File: 8631538c442ab0b⋯.jpg (225.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_111.jpg)

I've ran from black scratch to worlds end and getting close to mongrel and my squad is pretty scrub still

14ef0d  No.16108873

File: 1567258845c3e87⋯.jpg (494.14 KB, 1916x1078, 958:539, GameIsHard.jpg)

am i doing this right? got the dust kang day 1 and looted into the night already cleared the exile camp, feel like i should start turning shit in to the UC see what a play thew with them is like? or is that a waist of time?


what is worse is that with the buffs you will be tankier with the light armor than you will be with the heavy. minus low level characters But that is because 0 toughness gives you double damage while 100 toughness cuts your damage in half. witch is magnitudes better than any armor in the game. with shit maybe blocking the hit only to then reduce it by a % that then is converted into blunt damage. that being said armor is vital to low level recruits to help mitigate the double damage, and save their limbs, also free strength training.

44b61d  No.16108887


NPC's and random recruits can spawn as the JRPG race, just not unique recruits.

95aa3f  No.16108889

File: 599675e9450627b⋯.jpg (9.58 KB, 255x238, 15:14, 1469345761215.jpg)


Good job tough guy

If you import to older versions it sets the day at 1. not saying you did, just saying that is what happens. Honestly that is what I would say that you did though.

20e016  No.16108913


The game is weighted for dexfags one on one but strength is a way better force multiplier. A dexfag holding up an enemy and strfag delivering the killing blow is most efficient. Or crossbows, crossbows and more crossbows.

14ef0d  No.16108947

i'm having some trouble getting the bouncing boobs mod working is the version that was passed around here earlier out of date for the experimental branch?


i did a freedom seekers start (5 scrubs some building material and 1 guy that has 25 strength/dex/toughness) sold shit then hired mercs at the exile camp waystation then turned in BOB leader then hit up the dust kang tower b4 the contract expired. didn't even take the scrubs i started with with me. going to train up at the exile camp for a bit. i don't even know why they have mercenaries in the game, that shit is broken. 6,000 cats down (3 squads for 1 day) and ending with 46,000 + starting game gear


no just no most damage iv'e done is with a falling sun on a "quality build" idk mabie blunt damage passes armor better but as far as i can tell the cutting damage vs blunt damage is about the same BUT THEN you get more attack speed with the dex, not to mention that you can easily pump up strength without having to rely on combat.

55717b  No.16108978


set an entire squad bodyguard leader on military formation

give them all crossbows with DIFFERING reload times. (else it'll fire like a musket formation)

holyfuk the stream of stun lock is op against humans

>this is the closest ur gonna get to machineguns in a post apoc shithole without guns

95aa3f  No.16108999


that's exactly how I took out the black dogs and cult village (preacher) with a team of 15s average.

>after playing a squad of 7 for 99% of my game play, Burn becomes at 8 with 4 more uniques in Mongrel.

95aa3f  No.16109001

File: 440d946da62b849⋯.jpg (263.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_114.jpg)


3a5f79  No.16109412

I've finally started fighting bandits after extensive training but dogshit gearing and after knocking a bunch out in the holy nation I gave them to the nearest mine as slaves.

This increased my relation by precisely 0.

What the shit

e866a3  No.16109910


Nigger I did not say a single god damn thing about cutting vs blunt.

14ef0d  No.16110107


>Nigger I did not say a single god damn thing about cutting vs blunt.

cutting damage is based off of dex while blunt damage is based off of strength. damage comes out of Your cutting damage (based off your dex) * your weapons cutting modifier + your blunt damage (based off of strength) * your weapons blunt modifier. these are applied separately each attack on whichever body part you hit. You cannot separate the discussion about damage outputs in reference you your strength and dex without talking about cutting damage vs blunt damage. nigger

now to reiterate your attack speed by being determined by your dex while your strength only works against countering your attack speed penalty based off your weapons weight. witch can be completely mitigated but then your attack speed will still be limited by your dex modifier. now blunt damage is better as cutting damage is reduced by armor twice once as it is reduced IF the coverage roll is successful then then it is reduced by the cut resistance efficiency after that the remainder is converted to blunt damage. (so even if you block cutting damage it still chips) the blunt damage then is reduced by the blunt resistance along side all the blunt damage dealt. that just has to go threw the blunt resistance IF the coverage roll is made. so raw damage wise blunt damage passes threw armor better, if only slightly so. BUT cutting damage slowly gets worse unless bandaged and CAN cut off limbs. Meaning that you can Down enemies in a more permanent fashion, that gets to be a bigger problem late game while you try and take a city and the guards you downed first bandage themselves up and get back into the fight in an endless loop until you lock them up or you know kill them or otherwise incapacitate them permanently. the later only being able to be done with cutting or bleed damage (that with the exception of the spiked club is mostly reserved for cutting weapons aka Dex based damage)

on top of this dex weapons don't get heavier as their quality goes up (a katana will always be 2 kg) while blunt weapons will get to bullshit levels 50 kg for a fragment ax and 31 for a max level jitte, not that this cannot be overcome BUT you are eating into your encumbrance and again needing to be overcome for your attack speed to match your combat speed. while a dex player will be raising his combat speed steadily along side his damage.

810f7b  No.16110189

File: 69220add342dfba⋯.png (489.07 KB, 468x468, 1:1, 3aff0f63356de368b7424b4f1c….png)


>Big nigger beep wearing pimp pajamas

I love it.

24b095  No.16110299

Shit tier: AI manipulating maze

Low tier: a circle with a door on plains

Mid tier: a walled city with defined zones

High tier: castle taking advantage of terrain

God tier: houses in cities only

Elder god tier: role-playing the mayor of a wall less farming town

78e145  No.16110417


the last time I bothered with walls was back in .6 or so and they were jank. Then swamp raptors tore down my gate and ate all my crops and there was nothing I could do. Have things gotten better or should I let my farmhands live or die by the sword when trouble pays a visit?

300631  No.16110586

File: 279936daca82332⋯.jpg (289.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_116.jpg)


Enlightened tier: leave everything except what you need to carry to survive


A combination of both, personally I don't ever have untrained/ungeared farmers. Walls let you focus your battles where you want and to a degree lets you weaken the assaults with turrets.

>beep beep.jpg

300631  No.16110820

File: 0b627d148785f86⋯.jpg (226.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_117.jpg)

>I'm stuck in the house in Mongrel making weapons with Izumi who is doing research, later I would hear about how how the crew stumbled on a loan prince. That would be the third, they money is extremely useful as equipment and real estate is not cheap. t.Ghorsk.

300631  No.16110986

File: 6d76ee0c28ea472⋯.jpg (281.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_118.jpg)

>I was tempted but going to wait until I get to the Shek lands for more qualified recruits, though maybe I'll dream of grind machine tonight.

24b095  No.16111169


I only do racially pure groups and recruitment is a bitch. I do sometimes use lesser (non greenlander) slave labor, but they aren't permitted weapons.

31bdc4  No.16111175


What about doggos? Do you accept doggos into your group?

55717b  No.16111181


>Elder god tier: role-playing the mayor of a wall less farming town

fun untill (((nigger dragon ninjas))) bum rush your cattle feeding troughs ignoring combat like a bunch of hungry flies swarming shit

motherfukin hate these lowlifes so much

040693  No.16111215


My adventuring squad is all humans with the exception of the 5 CQC Skeletons I have in there, they arent fully trained yet but they are still all fucking beastly.

My base squad is nearly nothing but Hivers. I only have 3 humans and thats because they are the same turrent gunners I've had ever since I put turrents on my base.


I'm my squad I hired a crab once so I can check out the crab raider armorset but they closed as soon as I bought once so I just savescummed to right before I bought the crab and left that shitty town.

300631  No.16111224

File: 7c0de820e558cb1⋯.jpg (156.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_120.jpg)


go to the ninja tower and genocide those fuckers at once comes with a top tier ninja blade

>We have been fighting fog men around mongrel for many days and after saving several escaped servants hoping to make it to Mongrol in the fog, who mostly would just run off after we healed them, one little girl begged to join us.

(Look at her stats)

bbd8ea  No.16111271

What's the best clothing items you can wear?

I saw someone mention Ninja rags and it seems okay.

300631  No.16111278


best for who.. doing what..

I prefer nobles robe and pants for relaxing.

55717b  No.16111279


everyone gets specialist dustcoat

combat tanks / ninjas / rangers get their own outfit

55717b  No.16111285


looks like its dust tower / ninja tower genocide time when my main squad comes back from hashish smuggling to the deserts

does dust bandits roam squads stop spawning if i rekt dust tower? i kinda like these dweebs for low tier training

300631  No.16111296


no, dust bandits are eternal, thankfully

I wouldn't mind the Ninjas that much either but their fucking script is fucked.

31bdc4  No.16111317

File: 8b1d1db6337592d⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1394x1376, 697:688, 8b1d1db6337592dedc3286b475….jpg)


They killed my doggo. And when I tried to avenge him they beat me down. Twice.

31bdc4  No.16111333

On the bright side I can now effectively duel dust bandits now. I guess.

3a5f79  No.16111335

File: 1f7efe1c1d17ded⋯.jpg (70.99 KB, 515x387, 515:387, 9228dd7ac634bbdc9b6ab7e94a….jpg)


This reminds me

Monk roleplaying faggot here, what's the best gear to give my warrior-monks?

55717b  No.16111351


i think for gearing in general, give them the best +bonus gears in whatever spec u want to train in

then when their level get high enough give them a -bonus item to cripple their skill so they can train to even higher levels faster

since they can already solo someone on their own its like a handicap to make it fun :P

31bdc4  No.16111396

I've become stronger. I've managed to wipe out a band of 9 dust bandits with the help of a garru and a child garru, both of which fell unconcious less than halfway into the fight.

31bdc4  No.16111403


I healed them afterwards. They're food, but loyalty demands respect.

300631  No.16111424


raise an army of goats

31bdc4  No.16111426


You're kidding, right?

31bdc4  No.16111432

File: 37c5406226eab07⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 279.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


You get it, right?

55717b  No.16111506


its no joke about elder goats, their speed and small size makes them perfect for guarding INFRONT of crossbow infantry and not catch bolts in the back

anyone aggro the xbowmen gets ganked by waiting goats on HOLD/TAUNT

anyone who tries to run ALSO get ganked by goat pursuits

I leave my dogs guarding gates back home since theres plenty of food and limbs to eat

d30f48  No.16111518


animals gain stats as they age between pup/teen/adult/elder plus gain experience for fighting. An army of animals (goats always fucked me up) will destroy early game mobs. It really makes me want to run a beastmaster challenge now, but maybe with a limit of 3-ish humanoids because someones gotta heal you.



d30f48  No.16111522


my dogs always run all over hell even the older ones how did you leave them at the gates? just point-n-click?

55717b  No.16111539


they are playing limbs with other dogs?

my elder dogs just straight up eat the limb =\

maybe place ur puppers deeper into the settlement and not at the gate

55717b  No.16111551




a pack of combat hardened elder bull charging enemy in line formation is a sight to behold

they hit for 110+ and rekt anything without AOE

d30f48  No.16111613


I usually have them follow/bodyguard someone in the same location. I really really wish "guard" was a job, we should be able to assign people to gate houses. About the best thing I could think of was building some sitting boxes nearby (with a tent and cozy campfire) for the guards to be "jobbed".

2b55e1  No.16111640

File: 9d8159966cc2986⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1133x846, 1133:846, ClipboardImage.png)

What do you do with half-eaten research books? How are they usable? I can't seem to interact with them.

This is my second day of gameplay and I've just barely holding a squad of three down, using the vendors as my junkyard dump from bandit looting and paying them all my shekels for food.

d30f48  No.16111713


dust bandit impersonator was everyone's first gig here.

those books are useless.

are you mining? iron and especially copper is easy to get and sells for good money, buy a backpack (a small one with just -2 attack) as soon as possible.

2b55e1  No.16111766


Thanks, so only the whole books are usable for buying research?

I've just dragged my squad to Squin to kit them out with backpacks from the general shop.

d30f48  No.16111861


yes, AFAIK those books are useless, I double checked on the wiki and it doesn't say shit about them (just like a junk item, no comments either).

You said you are in dust bandit territory, Where did you even find that?

2b55e1  No.16111872


Vendors sold them. I was hoping I could gradually save for research that way.

Like you say on the wiki, it had no info but I assumed it just wasn't filled in yet. RIP all my cats

d30f48  No.16111881


Don't worry along the way you will find enough books to build a new library. Also, notice the buy and sell price on that item is the same, just like some real research items (and crafting items).

ca484b  No.16111914


I'm pretty sure you're using genmod, since I don't remember ever seeing half books in vanilla.

Build a writing desk and you can craft a full book using 2 halves + 10 parchment.

Damaged books are the useless ones.

2b55e1  No.16112033


Again thanks. Yes, I'm using General Mod based on recommended modlists. As I'm new to the game I don't know what is from the mod or from the base game.

d30f48  No.16112118


I know it's popular but a modders idea of what makes a game better isn't always better. I mean unless you need something like bouncing titties, I would never play a new game with mods I didn't understand. Just my2c.

bbd8ea  No.16113165

So is there a mod that changes dodging to not be useless or at least speeds up animations for hit staggering & that shitty le ebin Matrix animation that takes twenty years to complete?

792c0d  No.16113362



cause googling stuff yourself is boring

040693  No.16113900


Doggos are overrated.

Get a crab army then avenge him by killing them all

Then you can buy a new dog and live with it in peace

95a6ee  No.16114313

Here's a neat trick, if you carry a skeleton the holy nation won't notice them.

e5de8c  No.16114321


Clearly it's a trophy

ae03dc  No.16114338

help me out Kenshibros, I found Mongrel and Black Scratch to be ideal places to live, 2 houses for sale, all shop types availible with 20+ iron plates a day and iron ore outside the gates. Is there any other cities that can compete?

ae03dc  No.16114341


I tried to carry a Hiver and Skeleton into Stack and I got busted, but it worked in the other cities.

e5de8c  No.16114500

Do you play any slavery changing mods/ captive recruitment mods? Why/ why not?

31bdc4  No.16114662

File: 6aa1084d6841446⋯.gif (208.37 KB, 354x534, 59:89, 14392870483294.gif)




A baby goat is called a kid, guys.


Oh also, i'm not emotionally prepared to have another pet after losing eren like that.


I'd rather harden myself emotionally.

ae03dc  No.16114684


>No. Because I'm not aware of anything. Anyways what would you want from a mod? Slavery is already fully functioning.

e5de8c  No.16114746


>>No. Because I'm not aware of anything. Anyways what would you want from a mod? Slavery is already fully functioning.

1 why was this greentext, 2 I would want functioning slavery, 3 ha, nice joke.

Currently you can give away people to let them be slaves, sell people so others can enslave them and free people from slavery with money or violence. Notice any glaring things missing?

31bdc4  No.16114758


You can't be enslaved?

2262ec  No.16114775


You can actually and it can be useful if you want to train thief skills.

You can't own slaves.

ae03dc  No.16114779


I've been green texting so long even my mom says my mind is gone.

31bdc4  No.16114935


>You can't own slaves

Didn't an anon just in this thread talk about buying slaves?

Yeah, >>16097953 here.


Greentexting is bad for the soul, and sanity ,anon.

e5de8c  No.16114941


You buy their freedom and some volunteer in gratitude. The rest Fuck off with 0 repercussions.

ae03dc  No.16114993


Ironically both of those are me, not sure why my ID changed I'm using the same PC as always.


And seem to earn faction with outlaws.

If I buy a slave and they join my squad, it's up to me to decide if they are "slaves" rp still. If they try to run away I have every right to kill/capture them.

e5de8c  No.16115014


But you can't force them to work if you recapture them, only sell them to the ai who can use slaves normally

31bdc4  No.16115040


That's dumb. I wonder why they won't let you own slaves personally? The only thing I can think of is a balancing issue, as a lot of slaves could allow money gain too quickly, though there are ways to circumvent that like guards, and barracks required, and patrols, etc, to prevent slave revolts.

e5de8c  No.16115067


Upping the cost too, iirc a bigger cost about as much as a new car adjusted for inflation in the US.

e5de8c  No.16115068


Nigger *


ae03dc  No.16115123

hmm.. the hub is empty..

ae03dc  No.16115147


Including the rebel base to the north and the shiboi thiefs. wtf =/

eb3175  No.16115156



import your save

ae03dc  No.16115163


yeah I just did that and it works but it sucks considering that this was supposed to be a no-import run and I will have to see doppelgangers of my recruits everywhere.

e5de8c  No.16115166


Recruit them and kill them

ae03dc  No.16115172


You give me an idea, I think I recruit and disband them, I don't think they go back to the bars.. do they? I don't fucking know tbh.

e5de8c  No.16115186


Let us know the results of your research

409eae  No.16115391


Hub and Sho-Battai.

ae03dc  No.16115444


hub don't have any shops (1 bar) and iron/copper is a bit of a walk, if it was better I would buy the whole town. I wish it was

9230b5  No.16115644




This happens when you create a new game while already in a 'game session' without exiting the game. Happened to me too.


'Minor Factions Amplified' is a great mod and also changes the Hub by adding more shops, police station, guards etc.



Then there are also 'Hub Conquest' mods that lets you own it officially, I know of two but haven't tested either one. If anyone knows which is better let me know. The latter which also contains Squin claims to keep the thieves in their tower which the other doesn't so personally I'd try that one first. Also the combo mod lets you take it over through murdering an NPC, the solo Hub one lets you buy it for 1m cat.

>Squin and The Hub


>The Hub


Didn't find them outside of the workshop.

They're both supposedly compatible with mods that change the cities, just place them lower in the load order than the 'Minor Factions Amplified mod'

9230b5  No.16115664




There's a mod that lets the player own slaves without adding them to your squad and make them act as the slaves of NPC's, you can send them to do labour and other things, there's also dialogue window for certain orders.

Haven't tested but might do, maybe someone else has and can rate it.


(Also didn't find on nexus)

9230b5  No.16115668


Fuck me linked wrong, copying steam url's is so finicky sometimes.


bbd8ea  No.16115671

I killed a fogman prince and you can claim his head. I now have a trophy

9230b5  No.16115695



Since I'm already sifting through some earlier posts and throwing around mod recommendations, I found this Martial Arts mod to be a bit better.


(Again seems to only be published to the workshop.)

Reason is that Martial Arts perpetual dodging animation is not solely caused by long dodge animation but also because of low reach. There are deadzones where your character can't reach the enemy but they can reach you (pretty much anyone that isn't using Martial Arts as well) and when you dodge away from an enemy you're most of the time put in just such a spot.

This mod increases the engagement distance of kick, increases the speed multiplier of dodge and attacks and removes the 'matrix' falling back animation and gives you a more regular dodge that doesn't cause you to be unable to follow up with an attack.

It could be a bit unbalanced as I haven't played with it on a high level Martial Artist yet but it seems fine from what I've seen so far.

9230b5  No.16115970

File: 53e9ce9d9be71cd⋯.jpg (679.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213174008_1.jpg)

File: c53ed84734369e2⋯.jpg (571.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213174107_1.jpg)


>Minor Factions Amplified

>Functioning Market Stalls

>Conquest: The Hub and Squin

I wonder how this'll turn out, seems comfy to become the new slum lord and make all of this my own.

I'll report back later on how well this functions.

73b455  No.16116001


looking forward to it

6a42ba  No.16116130

File: 4a8ad52e41e96cd⋯.jpg (259.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_141.jpg)

File: a5656b567bac92a⋯.jpg (167.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_142.jpg)

240d3a  No.16116501


>the solo Hub one lets you buy it for 1m cat.

That's more than it costs to buy every other building and repair it.

6a42ba  No.16116537


More likely 5x what it cost to do that, but I think the point is it becomes your outpost. However, you would need an outpost to earn 1m usually.

55717b  No.16116618

File: 0c03f97b5420a93⋯.jpg (327.53 KB, 1078x702, 539:351, SHEMmap.jpg)




yo my fellow Shem comfy autist bros

after settling in Shem for 150+ Days i noticed beakniggers rarely visit my front door anymore. Only getting massive hungry bandit hordes and frequent Dust Bandits squads.

my animal feed trough is empty af.

when I watch a beakthing getting shot at by turrets in the watchtower its action is "Running Away"

weird how they are not being aggro'ed to charge my front gate

did i expand my base too large that it "cuts" into what is considered Shem spawning area?

note I see more frequent beaknigger action in the swamp to the west than my front gate at north

also still fuk tons of beaknigger roam squads at the cliff and plateau area northern Shem

I think imma open a gate in the swamp instead and attract more wildlife… low tier human trash brings me no leather :\

eb3175  No.16116652


you can just mod a game start with 1 million cats


>set up shop in a longhouse in hub

>make an outpost near a iron mine nearby

>its literally just mine, iron processor and ore storage, dedicated sheknigger picks off all the plates and lugs them to city

>everytime raid comes, fuck off back to city

>they cannot steal anything since there really isnt anything to steal there anyway

9230b5  No.16116698


The issue might be that you've built walls/gates outside of what the game recognizes as your 'Outpost' and this leads the beakthings to not know how to get to your turrets because they're only programmed to attack gates within your territory.

Though it's just a guess on my part.

Hit shift+F12 to open the 'debug' menu, click 'Town Placement' and you'll see the area which it covers. You can then scroll down the list to find your outpost's name (alphabetical order), click it and you'll be able to adjust its position.

55717b  No.16116718


the outpost radius has been pushed by northeastern watchtower so far out that its 1 pond away from nomad village's radius

i might have to deconstruct my northeastern front to make spawning happen again

9230b5  No.16116774

File: 410210e30d09e13⋯.jpg (507.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213193614_1.jpg)

File: 9cf1980dc21d381⋯.jpg (431.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213193711_1.jpg)

File: 2a00f1d3a0112d6⋯.jpg (221.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213194123_1.jpg)

File: 48dfc3b054a598d⋯.jpg (461.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213194203_1.jpg)

File: 541b8ee7e8f6d75⋯.png (595.78 KB, 674x666, 337:333, DESPAIR.png)

<Day 1

>The now crippled bandit that wanted nothing more than to sate his desperate hunger has finally been released from custody

>Freedom awaits, he merely has to crawl out of town

>But wait!

>Bandit scum aren't appreciated in this town and a different guard notices this pathetic creature on its way out

>After suffering a few quick strikes by a nodachi, our crippled hero finds himself yet again under custody

<Day 2

>Once again they consider his crimes paid for and this time he has made quite the way

>He can practically smell the freedom

>Clank. Clank. Clank. *Clanking intensifies*

>Before our little impaired guy even has time to react, a skeleton guard puts his metal foot on our victim's spine and sweeps him up in a loving embrace

<Many days pass with the guards taunting him in similar fashions, just when he thinks the torture is finally over, he's again and again beaten to a pulp and thrown in a new cell

"This is simply my lot in life" - he thinks to himself as he slumps down on the stairwell, he's but a broken shell of his former self and although free, refuses any further attempts of leaving this hellhole of a town.

9230b5  No.16116805

File: cd2fc43743fbda7⋯.jpg (466.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213194935_1.jpg)

File: 5bd0d6ed2afa340⋯.jpg (334.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213195223_1.jpg)

File: 812550931b6f57a⋯.jpg (355.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213195544_1.jpg)

File: a93cb036805f1c8⋯.jpg (297.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213192959_1.jpg)

File: c3a83d3faefe5e9⋯.jpg (231.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190213192944_1.jpg)


>I can't count to 5

But yeah these outlaw guards are pretty hardcore.

The Minor Faction Amplified mod also adds some pretty strong 'Highlander Bounty Hunters' which the outlaws seem to dislike and started a minor war with. I believe what started it (since both factions are meant to be neutral) is that they enslaved some bandit which a guard attacked, then they retaliated and enslaved the guard.

This further lead to the outlaws attacking the bounty hunters and getting bounties put on their own heads. Suddenly the streets are a daily struggle.

Then some slave traders came and most likely got into the fight after attempting to enslave an unconscious guard.

All in all I really like this mod, adds the kind of action I'd expect in the setting of Kenshi.


Yeah that kinda sucks, I figure you've already tried making it fit within the circle by moving the 'statue'?

55717b  No.16116862

File: 60962ead4a05891⋯.jpg (6.39 KB, 225x225, 1:1, yuge.jpg)


back to the cage you go human

01101100 01101111 01101100

>I figure you've already tried making it fit within the circle by moving the 'statue'?


i can move it in F12 mode or build some building on the other side of town…. but the town circle still remains YUGE

9230b5  No.16116902


Not sure if I misunderstood you, but it's perfectly fine for the circle to go beyond your walls/buildings, you mainly want them to be within it. Especially walls as it can otherwise enemies to spawn on the wrong side (i.e yours) of them. Or like I think might have happened in your case, make certain roaming enemies think the base is inaccessible due to lack of a gate within its limits.

But yeah if you have a rather widely stretched out, thin base, the whole circle being just that can become an issue.

55717b  No.16116924


im guessing the settlement circle is so damn big that no beakthing spawns close enough to the gate to be aggro'ed by turrets

but the bandits for some reason makes 500m dash at me everyfukingtime

55717b  No.16116928


thats it im gonna build towards that "bulge" area of swamp that cuts into southwest Shem

beware of ur town radius if u build too yuge x_X

9230b5  No.16116945


I guess that could be it, but in my experience they tend to wander quite a bit so it's strange that they'd stop spawning further away from your base.

It could also be bad RNG. I'm not really an expert on this, maybe someone else has experience something similar and figured out what caused the issue.

eb3175  No.16116960


>beware of ur town radius if u build too yuge x_X

please stop being a fucking faggot

55717b  No.16116979


>please stop being a fucking faggot

did this faggot got triggered by YUGE

3a5f79  No.16118281

I've been looking for bandits to train on for half an hour and haven't found any

ee9013  No.16118701

File: d318c7f29755d02⋯.jpg (147.28 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, It begins.jpg)

File: 5247465c565baaa⋯.jpg (183.48 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Okran that´s kawaii.jpg)

File: 6e14cec56990617⋯.jpg (123.95 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Average Holy Nation Citize….jpg)


If you're worried about your animal feeder emprty, you could move to the leviathan plains.

Yes, it´s far from everything, you won´t be raided anymore and there´s the blue-ish color of the soil, but there´s constant patrols of beak niggers and raptors and 100 green/50 arid so it may be something.

586939  No.16118960

File: 0fb8b7a4d3b5c13⋯.jpg (323.74 KB, 1078x702, 539:351, a342777566b05289d43ed767e3….jpg)


Both of my current games are in Shem, but the results have been a little different and the bases are in slightly different locations. It seems like I get a lot more action especially from the beaks at the second base, Beep lost both legs in my second game, Green lost an arm and a leg and Shyke lost a leg, in a matter of a couple of hours while I was just setting up.

I would also say beaks come from all directions not just the north hill. Finally and most importantly, no matter where you settle after about XXX days the attacks will slow down a lot, stuff just seems to depopulate to a degree. You can fix that if you must by importing your game.

b3ef9c  No.16118998


I've settled in the High Boneyards recently and I only get a few Bone Brothers or whatever in random squads, no raids so a door makes me 100% safe, but leaving it open lets me have a moderate sense of danger.

I decided to try to walk through Venge today as the lasers didn't look too bad but the swarms of skeletons kept raping me. It took me about an hour to get out as I kept getting knocked out as I tried to sneak away from what must have been at least 40 of them.

Also, bandits recently cut off my leader? Starting character? My dude's leg and he now has a specialist quality skeleton leg. If I carry him will the HN still get butthurt if I go there? I heard they won't have issue with prosthetics if your relations are good so I may go lure some bandits into patrols so I can heal them.

586939  No.16119134


the question is how good do your relation have to be to be walking around with a skeleton leg.. I don't know either. I wasn't in HN even once until after day 100, nothing you really need there, fuck those guys.

5373b4  No.16119188


Greenlander ubermensch recruits

586939  No.16119238

File: 69db8e860064881⋯.jpg (286.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_145.jpg)

File: 292cd02fd3e0990⋯.jpg (253.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_146.jpg)

how are you comfy supply chains going?

b3ef9c  No.16120007

How do you micromanage fights? Thus far the only useful thing I've found is to focus on multiple opponents to ensure the maximum amount of outgoing attacks.

586939  No.16120281


If like me you are in "super fast speed" 90% of the time, make sure you use the pause key, or the regular play key.

If it is a tough fight you can check to see who is getting wreck, usually you back one guy off, otherwise I think auto combat does most of the work.

If you using some crossbows, and a fight is coming just pause the game and pull those guys back before they get engaged.

586939  No.16120288

File: b496cdb801a6db0⋯.jpg (308.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, screenshot_148.jpg)

I also train all my guys in medicine using the medical bench when I get the tech. I think 20-25 is enough to be decent. Anyone who has a decent medical skill (it should be several members) should be auto healing at the end of a fight, and auto-rescue if you are on base.

5373b4  No.16120353

Can you use training dummies to get farther if you have melee penalties

586939  No.16120356


No, training dummies train your skill on your "c" screen not the bottom left status window.

5373b4  No.16120357

55717b  No.16120368


northwest corner of worldmap is waay too far.

if something similar i'd rather settle in the gut and genocide beaknigs while still close to worthwhile towns.


imma try move my base around and shrink settlement radius to see if it affects spawn. import is last resort =\

586939  No.16120375


I've had a huge slowdown in raids after about six hours real-time of being settled not much action, I think all the roamers in the area hit my base and ended up in the corpse furnace.

586939  No.16120380


oh, sometimes I run a scout out and lure some beaks back to base, that will get you some leather

55717b  No.16120381


i only micro my crossbow infantry lines nowadays, if u wonna cheese, give 2-3 guys masterwork spring bat and put them on passive, then have them circle behind some tough enemy and shoot while its being taunted by a melee tank.

its like pointblank shotgun someone in the back of the head cant dodge that shit.


ya everyone auto heal saves alot of time during travels


is there a background counter for regional spawn population?

586939  No.16120385


I'm not sure, what would be interesting is, after leaving your base with everyone for some time, if it would repopulate.

81d47c  No.16121861

New thread


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