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File: 7b26df2f0535499⋯.jpg (351.28 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, fucking deer.jpg)

eb4fd3  No.16077078

What are your favorite setups/tactics?

Also Stronghold thread.

20b067  No.16077085

File: bb21cdd906d97ea⋯.png (58.28 KB, 169x186, 169:186, 1517679231502.png)


113acf  No.16077168

File: 162d6788b304e14⋯.jpg (406.11 KB, 1439x1047, 1439:1047, fucking slaves left m'lord.jpg)

0b428c  No.16077210

File: 685eae7fa23b70a⋯.jpg (52.49 KB, 500x291, 500:291, first_time_in_sandbox_stro….jpg)

Thanks for reminding me about this game. I need to go download some custom maps.

f65b6b  No.16077254

1. Get Stronghold Crusader,

2. search online for Stronghold Europe Mod

3. clean that Arab shit from your Game files with it

4. play with bots because multiplayer matches are littered with basement dwellers that will fuck your little boypussy

would be nice if someone recreates an open source variant,

i'm thinking about new Gamemodes for multiplayer, something like economic goals that you have to reach as a team: get a big amount of stone before the time runs out, or against others: Free for All wood collection, player with the most amount of wood wins, Free Building from Singleplayer but now in Multiplayer…

3f8c1e  No.16077273

How do I git gud at Stronghold Crusader Xtreme?



20b067  No.16077318

File: 2d610392f8e718f⋯.jpg (30.57 KB, 641x653, 641:653, 2d610392f8e718f4e764a8a4ed….jpg)


you don't, extreme is retarded. the only way to go is turtling yourway and holding out as much as possible until you get le epic materialise out of thin hair a rain of boulders to wipe out all those fucking barracks that spawn troops forever and ever, and then you can play a normal game for real human beings. just play original crusader.

25339b  No.16077362

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This video review explain well what kind of games are Stronghold & Crusader. For both newbies & veterans alike. Enjoy.

0b428c  No.16078813


What are the differences between the HD edition, and the original?

b5f758  No.16078840


Pretty sure HD just makes it run on modern systems.

de4c00  No.16078862


Nice, don't believe I ever looked into modding Stronghold.

1ff742  No.16078975

File: 052b3b1b3bf631d⋯.jpg (19.06 KB, 740x784, 185:196, 052b3b1b3bf631d7a639ee2e9d….jpg)


>favorite setups

Mass spam fire ballistas surrounded by portable shields, slow and painful grind towards the enemy castle until their inevitable demise

20b067  No.16079060

File: 1cfe14da632db06⋯.jpg (649.5 KB, 1080x1346, 540:673, 1cfe14da632db06d33c8f2c5bb….jpg)


I can only speak for crusader since I haven't played the hd version of the original. HD version has a new, additional campaign, it adds a bunch of characters (nearly doubling the original cast) and has native 1920x1080 resolution support, that's all.


nah, it never had any compatibility problems

96d09f  No.16079483

File: 7b7159b6b9e480f⋯.mp4 (7.8 MB, 590x480, 59:48, 1458844145602.mp4)


>here's a faggot with a youtube channel and an opinion to tell you why this game is good or not

How about you post a link for the game next time around so that if anyone that hasn't played it for some god forsaken reason but is interested they can download it and make up their own damn mind


f968e6  No.16079521

I remember playing this on the hardest difficulty and failing at the economic missions because my stockpile somehow set itself on fire.

0b5cad  No.16079646


are you sure you were playing stronghold 1 and not 2?

Stockpiles in 1 and crusader can't get destroyed by anything. In 2 they replaced it with a building that can indeed burn and get destroyed by fire

a33d21  No.16079686


Mandalore used to be an avid /v/ poster until he baleeted his /v/ videos and does interviews with Buzzfeed.

ac5d63  No.16079805

Man, I love anand hate both Stronghold and crusader.. They all have pros and cons, but I hate how the cons usually makes me wish both of them could be one without all the cons.


>Looks far better than shit skin

>All units are somewhat useful

>You need to adapt your strategy based on terrain and enemy units

>Cool campaign

>Sieges and defense

<No single player skirmishes



<Somewhat hard to tell the terrain


>Single player skirmishes

>More enemies with different strategies each

>Some things from the previous game moved to the extreme, making it faster

>Pathfinding a bit better

<Mercenaries makes makimaking weapons a waste of time

<Mercenaries broke the game

<Fucking horse archers

<Shit skin themed

My biggest clutch with crusader is that the mercenaries basically ruined the game and although gameplay wise the game was easier to identify shit like ledges, the original simply looks better with all the green and the castles. The original one is also a proper "siege/defend" simulation, fuck ninjas. All in all, I wish the first one had as much characters as the second one, and fucking single player skirmishes.


Does the HD version have the same problems to play in LAN as AoE2 HD had? I just want to play comfily with some friends.

96d09f  No.16079842

File: 756e9965b548d31⋯.jpg (17.87 KB, 623x313, 623:313, 1431540653182.jpg)


I somehow doubt it was this /v/ and that still would justify rule #9 even more so

a33d21  No.16079848


of course it wasn't this /v/, this was back during the GatherYourParty era. god that was a disaster

4fc841  No.16079871


>(((Extra Credits)))

0b5cad  No.16079880


both stronghold / crusader and stronghold hd / crusader hd never had any issues regarding multiplayer, both support TCP/IP for multiplayer and all 4 different versions ran up till win7 without any problem

a33d21  No.16079899


trust me, he used to have a lot more /v/ videos

the biggest tragedy was the 2 hour review he made of TOR with other /v/ posters where they tore the game apart.

a33d21  No.16079984


Most GYP content was wiped with no reups, that's a chunk of /v/'s history gone from the internet.

96d09f  No.16079999

File: 68932762fc3df1f⋯.png (214.21 KB, 468x480, 39:40, 1433405394127.png)


The channel name is not important.What is important is that we are running out of internet

a33d21  No.16080004


i doubt it, there's literally too much content to store. "stupid videogame videos" would be deleted in favor of spree shooter diaries.

8ac072  No.16080006

File: e34ebecc49cb3c3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 135.43 KB, 540x578, 270:289, extra credits.png)


Someone post the webm.

96d09f  No.16080014

File: 1003af2f3066c73⋯.jpg (66.07 KB, 587x629, 587:629, a5cf3dd0a32e086d30ab24cfc0….jpg)


i don't want to,it's a thread about a decent game and i don't want to completely derail italso what the hell this is the third time i get quads this week and i was never able to get more than trips

a33d21  No.16080017


on the other hand, who has the time or money to store 3260 parts of a 14 year old son of a single mother playing the most generic game ever made?

7ba3cd  No.16080077


Why would anyone draw this?

d27206  No.16080324

why'd you delete my comment for

2ab3a7  No.16080542


Anywhere I can find his older vids? I really like them and those sound like fun.

5bbc9f  No.16080604


At least when playing the Crusader skirmish trail, usually trash warfare. Lots of archers to defend, to park on enemy economy to starve them out or to siege with human wave tactics, some spears to fight other melee, demolish buildings and kill lords, and some siege, particularly Siege Towers if I can. Add more siege, defensive crossbows or heavy infantry as needed.

091b42  No.16080728

File: 173d0783bb3c34b⋯.png (59.15 KB, 282x211, 282:211, wwew.png)

I'll just leave this here. https://github .com/Sh0wdown/UnofficialCrusaderPatch/releases

A quick rundown on the patches/features:


>Disable AI Oxen spam

>Smarter AI Trading

>AI buys enough wood so they can allways build bows

>Unlimited defensive siegeweapons on towers for AI

>AI doesnt switch target during an attack

>Improve AI repair (they didnt repair partially destroyed towers)

>Generally improve/fix AI castles (some didnt work at all)

AI Improvements

>Increase AI attack frequency

>Improve AI attack army size

>Choose which target the AI chooses (nearest, richest, weakest)

>Disable AI setting production on hold when its attacked

>Disable AI deleting lots of stuff to gain resources when its besieged

>Increase the rate at which the AI attacking force grows (so it gets bigger armies quicker)

>Increase recruiting speed


>Increase Laddermen HP to take more Arrows/Bolts (still weak to spears etc)

>Increase Arab Swordmen HP to tank more bolts (still "weak" to regular infantry)

>Increase Spearman HP to tank more Arrows (still weak …)


>Change Player color

>Make WASD work to scroll across map

>Pharmacy guy can now heal wounded (very slow tho) (position troops you want healed next to the pharmacy to make it quicker)

>Free marketplace

>No longer have to select which siege engine you want to build again and again, it stays selected

>Moads you want to build are allways visible

>Increased maximum game speed (up to 1000)

>Gates react quicker to enemies, detection range lowered though (so you cant shut down production just by having one soldier run around every so often)

>Increase overall maximum army size

>Added Spectator mode (buggy)

You can select what you want of those options and there's more detailed tooltips in the installer.

113acf  No.16080769


The early vids he has up are still /v/core and he still drops chan shit in every vid, it's just extremely subtle now so mongoloids and normalfags don't suspect.

Mandalore is a respectable /v/irgin who knows how to hide his power level, unlike you underaged faggots and your epic shillposting contests to see who's the most elite retard on this shitty little stale board run by a fat gay NEET kike.

8ac072  No.16080814


>stale board run by a fat gay NEET kike

Who is bad at video games.

0b428c  No.16080948

File: 84b31f39b10b4b7⋯.png (143.22 KB, 921x768, 307:256, gondola_tired_bed.png)


>game has voice files so it can call you Lord John

>says there are lots of them

>make name Lord Gondola

>Greetings Sire

Eternal disappointment.

dc897b  No.16081000


I'm really bad about actually building castles, I just wall off a nice chunk of the map using rivers and rocks and defend it really well. If a river bisects the map I don't even build a wall, just gatehouses on the crossings.

068da6  No.16082020


Hey swordsman I think you got the wrong barracks, the mercenary post is two blocks down.


>Nearly doubling the original cast

That was due to Stronghold crusader extreme, not HD

187755  No.16082277

I remember some group was trying to make a LotR campaign for SH2 that I spent a while waiting for. They put out a partial release of their maps, but never finished them.

I really want to be exited for Stronghold Next, but everything after 2 has been pretty awful.

9a80a6  No.16082350


There are 223 voiced name files, including Lord Yoshi and a bunch of PC game review sites

9f764a  No.16082580

File: d351932ec672281⋯.jpg (331.82 KB, 900x500, 9:5, 2015-900x500.jpg)

>you'll never play space colony 2

5e4e06  No.16082621

Place single towers, no walls, in the general direction of where the enemy is coming from. The AI is too stupid to assack the towers and will just try to rush to your keep, but your archers will wipe them out

2281fa  No.16088702


><Mercenaries makes makimaking weapons a waste of time

Yeah it is tempting to simply go for 80 gold archer but when you have limited economy you are much better off going with 100 gold fletcher's and regular archer costing only 12 gold. You are basically cutting your expenses 6 times after the initial payment.

It is important because 2000 starting gold won't usually defend you but it will get you 6-8 workshops as well as getting your economy going and after you start making bows you pretty much snowball with near free archers. After you have enough archers you will be able to sell bows as additional income.

Rest of the units are 100% your decision between more economy or just making weapons. Both are valid but more economy is just easier thing to do.

Also one strategy I found to be decent at defense is spending your money at fire ballista. They suck for cleaning archers but high single target damage is very cost effective way to make sure no armored units get close.

Just putting it out there to show that mercenaries are not everything.

a40f76  No.16088716











6e5285  No.16088865



So no big deal then? The only two who posed a threat were the pig and wolf. Which reminds me, if they're ever going to make a Stronghold 4 I wanna see what happens with the wolf. Also how was S3, I hear it bombed.

1cd29a  No.16088887



0b428c  No.16088936

Are the modding tools released for this game able to make custom buildings, and custom citizens?

9e7b67  No.16089187


Have you tried making a 3x3 square tower with nine ballistae? That's 315+7 stone, 180 gold for the engies and 450 for the artillery. It's also capable of halting anything other than over nine thousand horse archers but then again, what is?

ef6a04  No.16089346

File: 6742efce0d325a7⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1000x563, 1000:563, ClipboardImage.png)


What webm?

bfc753  No.16094260


Probably the one they warn that we are literally running out of internet. As in that there wasn't physically any way that wireless bandwidth could be expanded to allow enough mobile data/WLAN/WiFI in densely populated areas. It turned out to not be a problem because what they thought (and mentioned in the video) to be unthinkable happened and TV giants relinquished their old broadcasting frequencies for mobile data/WLAN/WiFI.

bfc753  No.16094272

I played this game when I was quite young, I got into the mission where you invade Pig's castle. I had to let fire trap kill half of my army, made it almost to the final Stronghold but then a hunter's lodge, that I couldn't destroy, started infinite respawn of hunter that whittled down what little remained of my army. So I couldn't kill the enemy Lord (Pig.)

5a218b  No.16095126

File: d3c5a2e65b1d05a⋯.jpg (228.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 11259750.jpg)


Sounds to me like you need to revisit and smoke some ham

135a05  No.16096482


>That was due to Stronghold crusader extreme, not HD

no faggot HD has all the extra characters too because it comes bundled with Extreme. fuck you for making me double check.

1c0a2f  No.16111209


I'm not sure how you managed to "check" and still be dead wrong

711fcb  No.16111228


Anon, Extreme comes bundled free with vanilla Crusader.

db1eec  No.16111249



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