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File: 26eedc1372785fb⋯.png (103.78 KB, 466x318, 233:159, birkin.png)

ce318d  No.16077874

What the actual fuck is the state of Resident Evil canon? Are there more than one timeline now? Does somebody have a spreadsheet?

4d49cd  No.16077886


I think the plan is to release more contemporary Resident Evil games until people just forget about that time a man transformed into a zombie T-rex.

82dbcb  No.16077897

>caring about story

extreme autism right here

ce318d  No.16077934

File: 5d01524fd929d5a⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 784x442, 392:221, autism.jpg)


What is contemporary Resident Evil at this point?

Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, and 0 are all similar but have notable differences.

Resident Evil 4 changes a lot of the gameplay systems but few people see these changes negatively, and still maintains tank controls. It also introduces contextual/critical attacks.

Revelations introduced aiming-while-walking.

Resident Evil 6 is outright action-oriented with very few puzzles and very little inventory management.

REmake was more similar to the first three games and still had fixed camera.

RE7 has neither the inventory management system of RE4 nor exactly the original one as the first three games, but definitely is more similar to the first 3 than 4.

RE2make has non-fixed camera, aiming-while-shooting, and the Resident Evil 7 inventory management. Is this "contemporary," or is RE3make going to have contextual attacks and RPG style inventory management too?

927a2e  No.16077952


>Revelations introduced aiming-while-walking.

I am still fucking mad about this, not that they introduced somewhat proper controls but that they in one single game managed to introduce a control scheme that isn't just gimped TPS, have more horror than 4 through 6 combined then decide to entirely scrap that idea until REmake 2 for no fucking reason.

ce318d  No.16077965


you can walk while shooting in Revelations 2 and the spinoff games, it was really only 6 that forced you to stand while shooting.

077f2b  No.16077976


I don't even remember that, but for the record, I only played until Code Veronica and learned about RE4, then Revelaitons 1 and watched someone play Revelaitons 2 but got disappointed with the lack of loli-vore into sexy last boss.

2282e6  No.16078065


>forgets about CV and the Outbreaks

>doesn't instantly burn RE7 for being a walking simulator

Redditor retrokid confirmed

072773  No.16078070



it's probably going to be almost the exact same mechanically as RE2make since they started working on it a while back and are allegedly planning for an early 2020 release

7efb74  No.16078101

File: d3f94fd306fb27b⋯.jpg (313.16 KB, 1414x2000, 707:1000, Lady_HUNK_Revelations_2.jpg)

Pretty sure that everything in the main games and most of the side games are canon, but they want us to forget about 6 and focus on whatever mansion we're stuck in. Everything after 5 is a shitshow anyway, with only the possible exception of the Revelations games.

fcdc43  No.16078270

File: d9cebb6f5f4c057⋯.mp4 (6.62 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Resident Evil Numa.mp4)

i just think of RE1 as the only RE game, thats a B-movie survival horror, the rest of the games are just some shitty zombie games with no puzzlebox mansions and not enough wesker, who should also get his own game

b5afbb  No.16078301

File: 81bf69970d0a7de⋯.jpg (539.43 KB, 715x960, 143:192, leonkennedyresidentevil4.jpg)


Mechanically, even in survival horror, there's nothing wrong with aiming while walking, or non-fixed camera angles, you just have to tweak other mechanics to account for it.

ReMake 2 For example made the zombies ammo sinks that will hunt your dick relentlessly if you don't ensure they're dead, so you have to learn to pick your fights, either stagger em, run past em, blow of their legs (though they can still grab ya) Though even these options have their own risks, as moving and shooting is more inaccurate than standing still and waiting for your aim to be true, but if you do that, you're left open in a cramped setting where zombies can close the gap, and spawn near windows.

Survival horror is all about taking control away from the player, and giving them obstacles, and this can be done in ways that don't involve tank controls or camera angles (but they certainly go a long way) they're just another set of tools, really.

Re4 in the early goings was extremely tense, though this kinda fell apart near the end of the castle, start of the island, and that was mainly due to the sheer odds you were dealing with.

Though like you were saying, Revelations 1 (and 2) seemed to be their testing grounds, which is strange, since all the ingredients were there since 4, it just needed tweaking, particularly in level design, to facilitate stressful encounters Re4 had this down perfectly in the room you meet your first regenerator

6a0da3  No.16078316


I care about Sherry looking cute and not weird and lumpy.

51ee1c  No.16078321

>people actually like Revelations


fb8806  No.16078333

File: 4695f9ba96ca410⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, 20:11, Solar Think.gif)


>that time a man transformed into a zombie T-rex

Wait what? I don't remember that. Which game?

6a0da3  No.16078374

fb8806  No.16078396

File: 722f8e8bec5f4e8⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, 20:27, Disgusted Dog.gif)


Oh, I haven't played this one because I keep hearing about how bad it is.

82e8d6  No.16078439


Of all the complaint about Resident Evil, I don't get why people complain about the control scheme. Not only was it lifted from games like Alone in the Dark, the lack of manuverability is also intended to make you vulnerable and it's important in horror. It would lose a lot of tension if you can play it like a twitch shooter.

82e8d6  No.16078455


Storyline: Viruses intended to give super powers fail until Wesker finds the right combination

f0ec3c  No.16078479

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

684518  No.16078515


The story is already fucked, so who cares what is canon.

0,1,2,3,CV and Umbrella Chronicles are what made some semblance of sense, Wesker was alive, shit was about Umbrella and you didn't have everyone turning into super soldiers or secret agents.


>Alone in the Dark

Would had been nice for Alone in the Dark to come back to it's roots and show the Biohazard series how to do things but no, had to copy and just make a third person coop.THQ Nordic own the IP now,

hope they do something good with it.

927a2e  No.16078583


>Of all the complaint about Resident Evil, I don't get why people complain about the control scheme

The old classic control scheme is fine, some of the balancing isn't.

But then RE4 basically made it so that you simply took a crappy TPS gimped the controls added some bad attempts at horror and you could call that a survival horror game, RE4 isn't too bad with that as it still had people on the devteam that understood your controls are limiting but RE5 simply didn't and RE6 tries to remedy the issue by giving you an "i-frames now" button.

You can definitely have a survival horror game with controls that are extremely responsive and precise as long as you fucking have a way to make it not always desirable to use, and then you can have very limiting controls that don't factor in at all because you're drowning in resources.

RE2 and 3 made it extremely viable to just not care about your resources which was already a step in the wrong direction compared to 1,

Gun survivor has Handgun D or any other handgun for that matter they're all busted as fuck granted it's a spinoff so I care much less

CV tried to correct that by making ammo rarer and some huge ammo source well hidden and easily missable but gave you the fucking CV knife which ruins that entirelyI mean fucking seriously who thought giving you an infinite weapon that trivializes huinters and easily deals with zombies was ever at any fucking point a good idea,

haven't touched 0 yet so can't say,

REmake goes back to things being scarce and you have to pay attention to what you do to pull through,

RE4 made it preferable to kill everything and nothing is ever scarce and never scales the game up to a point where moment to moment ressources issues pop up unless the player is retarded (aka forgot to reload before engaging a group of enemies),

RE5 just tried to make you even more powerful to make the RE4 formula easier to play through while forgetting that the main problem is that the controls are dogshit for the game it wants to be,

RE6 went in every fucking direction at once by at the same time giving you very powerful options to kill everything while making it easy to run out of resources but then making it almost mandatory to kill a lot of things all the time and then it makes enemies much more dangerous that before while still not giving you good movement and instead relies on i-frames as a tool for the player

a9bc0f  No.16078608

File: 1ce6bb29f44174f⋯.png (502.5 KB, 1440x1458, 80:81, So, you want to play 'Resi….png)


>What the actual fuck is the state of Resident Evil canon?

661074  No.16078671

File: 84067eefe07b0ef⋯.gif (644.52 KB, 500x580, 25:29, 84067eefe07b0ef73b63665ab3….gif)



>keeping your inventory sorted out for ease of finding things and maximizing use of space is autism

8923ac  No.16078699

File: d0e826009648d5c⋯.png (119.44 KB, 330x453, 110:151, d0e826009648d5c8df8cd7871a….png)


>gaiden is 100% canon

reminder that these people are the reason re4 had to exist or else the series would have died.

072773  No.16078702


>RE4 made it preferable to kill everything

I haven't touched in a while but wasn't 4 super linear and nearly all enemies placed so that you basically had to kill them to advance?

fb8806  No.16078712


Nothing wrong with maximizing use of space but the thing is as soon as you use and grab a few items, it becomes a mess again.

658b42  No.16078733


RE6 is good it's just not horror at all. It's more like Vanquish than any RE game.

927a2e  No.16078738


You can skip a most enemies if you want but there's a few rooms that require you to kill some or all enemies.

6fa3f8  No.16078741


>RE6 is good

It's average at best but feels like the devs never took any time to balance out anything and instead committed to QTE's and cutscenes with mediocre gameplay to hold it all together.

0a4964  No.16078872


>It would lose a lot of tension if you can play it like a twitch shooter.

No, it would just require the Capcom to actually balance the game properly so that the tension came through in the mechanics. Games like System Shock 2 prove that you can have a very tense survival horror shooter even with perfect FPS controls. The issue is that Capcom has completely given up on survival mechanics since (I believe it started with) RE4, where the game rubber-bands your enemy drops to ensure you never really run out no matter what you use. And every RE game since has copied this crap.

0a4964  No.16078892


You don't actually need to interact with ammo in your inventory, so it's autistic to sort ammo like that.

Also its not autistic enough since the items in the lower left corner aren't useful ones to be selected like grenades or healing items. Since all 4 corners of the attache case are the quickest to use you want your oftenly-used items in those locations to make them quick and accessible.

e8959e  No.16078919

The Wii shooters are the most up to date timeline. Other than RE2 remake they have a complete canon story line because they're the most recent of the games.

913021  No.16078931

I just classify everything after 5 (even that is cutting it close, but it finished Wesker's involvement at least) as expanded universe tier shit where some of it is okay but most of it is garbage that should be ignored.

Fuck official canon, the people who own the rights to these franchises openly hate their fans so they can eat shit.

69f6ab  No.16078961


>the lack of manuverability is also intended to make you vulnerable

because it feels artificial and lazy. I mean you could also put in an invisible silent monster that randomly kills you in one hit to increase the tension of the game, but most people would just call such a mechanic utter fucking bullshit.

fb8806  No.16078967

File: 1bed558fbfe110e⋯.jpg (78.96 KB, 612x612, 1:1, Cat Tail.jpg)


>an invisible silent monster that randomly kills you in one hit

Well, it's not that excessive but REmake did have an invisible enemy mode.

38585a  No.16078970

File: 2999d09817a2ed0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.83 KB, 600x600, 1:1, b99b04fb83575315399a6ee748….jpg)


oh man, but the gore and the guts xddd it's all so realistic now, ya know?! who cares about outdated controls and camera angles, that shit is in the past. i wanna feel like i'm in control at all times, otherwise this horror game just isn't fun, you know what i mean bro??

a9bc0f  No.16078993



d68861  No.16079006


I think everyone, even in universe, is trying their best to forget RE6

6379df  No.16079025

File: 648dc7b63e2f5d9⋯.jpg (28.45 KB, 342x308, 171:154, 1.jpg)

File: 784711685d5ec2f⋯.jpg (53.57 KB, 354x500, 177:250, 2.jpg)

File: 97ffeb7bc9a802a⋯.jpg (36.51 KB, 313x445, 313:445, 3.jpg)




Here's a better question, who cares? I get that lore can be part of what makes a game fun, but it's pointless for a story with no god damn ending. Canon timelines that go on too long ruin whatever story it is that each video game that proceeded it tells my making the plot ultimately pointless since nothing truly gets resolved whereas something like the Evil Dead games take place after the second movie in their own self contained universes and resolves each storyline at the end of their respective games. Next you're going to tell me that a video game needs to be officially licensed to be good.

e8959e  No.16079034


The control system wasn't about feeling vulnerable. It was an experimental system in an experimental era. It fit the games well on the PS1 and they stuck with it. Once it left the PS1 the controls changed (i.e. RE4).

15d5b8  No.16079056

File: 94a6bc182fa8d44⋯.mp4 (2.65 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Mr X audio cue.mp4)


Speaking of Evil Dead the movies contradict each other anyways so Canon in Evil Dead doesn't even matter.

38585a  No.16079064


>Once it left the PS1 the controls changed (i.e. RE4).

Except the series didn't, because they continued to have tank controls on REmake, Zero, Code Veronica. Even RE4 had tank controls.

268c05  No.16079079

i know the timeline as it stands right now is

0 > 1 > 3~2 > 4 > rev1 > 5 > rev2 > 6

but where does 7 fit in? Is it even worth playing? Hell after REmake2 I almost kinda hope they do a soft timeline reset since by 5 onwards there were too many characters without purpose and the story was just going off its ass. I didn't dislike the BSAA concept but with stuff like rev1 having hunters just being mob enemies started killing what made some of the monsters cool. Same with how the lickers just being mob enemies in 5

268c05  No.16079081



REmake2 having extremely durable zombies and reticle bloom seemed like a good solution to keeping the player at a disadvantage in combat while keeping full control, hell the game itself tells you you should be trying to run away rather than wasting resources on zombies, and you can stagger them and break for it or break their leg and have them be less of a threat later (or get really lucky and have X step on them)

e8959e  No.16079082


CV was PS1 era. And the other games you listed have the option to use standard controls. CV may as well, I haven't checked.

So again PS1 era.


Rebecca and Barry never had a purpose. They've hung around like a bad smell since RE1

f1d934  No.16079086


>Rebecca and Barry

Funny that you mention them because if you start thinking, many of the events of RE1 might as well aren't canon specially all the fucking endings.

268c05  No.16079087

File: bd4a79aff02f780⋯.jpg (270.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190103005844_1.jpg)


>he doesn't like barry and rebecca

die. Plus you're wrong as hell, Barry assists Jill greatly during the mansion incident and saves Jill again in RE3. Plus he was the best part of REV2, succeeding in doing "sad dad" better than every fucking AAA title trying that angle.

Rebecca sure you could argue she isn't as useful as Barry was but she's one of the mansions survivors but they devs gave her a wonky prequel instead of properly putting her into 2 onward. If we wanna talk about characters without purpose there's anyone who isn't chris/jill in revelations especially the comedy relief duo

30fc03  No.16079090


To be honest, this shit is fucked, and I really don't care anymore. I'm kind of amazed other people can still manage to still give a flying fuck given the state of things.

d68861  No.16079095

RE4 and RE5 were probably the right level of whacky. Although RE5 was only held up by Wesker everyone else was boring.

268c05  No.16079100


> Although RE5 was only held up by Wesker

the "7 minutes" bit was fucking stellar even if he was going full matrix at that point. A funny story I tell often about RE5 is that I assumed way too much of it, so when you fight evil jill and heard the sad music playing I thought "holy shit the balls on this game they're going to make me kill Jill to give her sweet release" so I shot her in the face with a handcannon causing instant game over to the frustration and amusement of the guy I was playing online with. RE5 was dumb as shit but I would be lying if I said I didn't have fun

594531  No.16079104


RE5 is just a weird game overall, but the entire series technically ended with it

Umbrella/Wesker were the major antagonists, kill both off and the series doesn't really have any particular direction to go except remakes of decades-old games and making the villains umbrella/wesker rejects

04b249  No.16079105


Remake 2 inventory management is the same as classic in hardcore mode, the only way it should be played, really.

e8959e  No.16079107


>Barry is in 3 cut scenes and then they put him in the budget release games no one played

May as well be in Gun survivor for all he matters.

Rebecca is little more than porn fodder. She's just a worst Ashley who at least has big titties so isn't just bait for pedophiles.

268c05  No.16079115

File: 3932f82b250a365⋯.png (151.72 KB, 488x236, 122:59, ClipboardImage.png)


>isn't just bait for pedophiles.

you're pushing your luck.

e8959e  No.16079117


Wesker was retconned into being an antagonist. He's in 1 and dies, not in 2, not in 3, in VC and then has a cameo in 4. He's barely even a real character, he may as well stroke a cat and watch a video screen.

Umbrella never had a direction either. It was facelsss evil bio weapons company. Once a city got nuked to deal with them there was no where to take the series except "more companies made bio weapons and you're one of the worlds experts at not getting killed by them"

38585a  No.16079118

File: ee48d64f2047833⋯.jpeg (137.65 KB, 960x720, 4:3, hello friend.jpeg)


>all that shit

At no point did I say I was having difficulty with the game. I'm just tired of nuRE fans shitting on the people that preferred the classics.

e8959e  No.16079119


>Posts pedophile comic to deny being a pedo

268c05  No.16079123


makes you wonder if they were expecting the level of success they got, I'm sure RE1 writing was just "oh man and we put a secret lab underground this will be great" then by 4 they had to go standalone because there was nowhere left to go with that story after 3, then 5 they had to completely dig up wesker

38585a  No.16079124


>CV was PS1 era

You hit your head? You sure you don't mean Dreamcast? Unless you mean Code Veronica came out while the PS1 was still in production. You're technically right, but the Playstation could never replicate Code Veronica so your claim is slightly dubious.

04b249  No.16079126


The zombies are fucking ridiculous on hardcore mode. It can take 10+ handgun shots to down one zombie regardless of where you shoot them, and it feels like they're all faster than crimson heads by default. There's tons of zombies so you can't possibly kill all of them, nor should you even try. On the other hand, damage is pretty random. Sometimes you can kill them in only a couple shots.

f1d934  No.16079127


The Umbrella bit is not true at all. The original trilogy and CV teased a final showdown between Umbrella and the survivors but of course that was before RE4 was rewritten like 3 times and instead we got a little resume in the introduction of the game.

594531  No.16079129


Wesker had 1, Code Veronica, then 0 and Umbrella Chronicles, ending in RE5.

Even if he's just a ret-con, he was a pretty compelling villain for the majority of the series.

>umbrella never had a direction

The Mansion -> Corrupt Racoon City/Paramilitary force, Rockford Island, idk, they sounded like a fairly fleshed out villainous faction. Not only that, every other villain is essentially umbrella, but not really. Mikami fucked it up tbh, as much as I like RE4's villains.

5d51a3  No.16079132


are you seriously suggesting you wouldn't smother the new Sherry with headpats

like is that a thing you're really trying to do right now

594531  No.16079135


ya, they were clearly going in the direction of the RE cast teaming up to do some sort of underdog/rebel thing, but after RE4 the cast became USG workers, despite the fact that the government was working with umbrella anyway

268c05  No.16079137

File: 5ce7ebe4b01ef2e⋯.jpg (336.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190202021254_1.jpg)

File: 964a13c6d947659⋯.jpg (328.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190202214315_1.jpg)

File: 92fee075cfbc0de⋯.jpg (330.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190204010353_1.jpg)


>The zombies are fucking ridiculous on hardcore mode.

personally I loved their behavior save for when they linger on doors, its tough to make zombies formidable these days and I think they handled it well. I found myself double tapping their knees to go for staggers or breaks and booking it the fuck out and saving killing blow ammo for zombos I absolutely didn't want to run past again.


her "ohhh i'm sorry" line deliver after claire explains to her that her parents were dead was the best delivery in the game next to Leon mumbling "fuck you" against zombies in game. I dunno why even, I don't care much for child characters and at that little moment I felt ready to protect her a lot more

38585a  No.16079141


Wait, I'm tired. I'm not entirely sure what I'm trying to say here. My point is that Code Veronica wasn't on the Playstation 1, and on better hardware that could do something other than tank controls or fixed camera angles - but they kept them anyways, probably because the devs knew they had a winning formula on their hands.

208de4  No.16079147


>Wesker was retconned into being an antagonist

Did you even play RE1?

e8959e  No.16079154


CV is part of the original series of games. It came out right next to RE3 and was in development at the same time. Hence the PS1 era before it switched to the Gamecube and ps2 era.


Mikami doesn't like making the same game multiple times. RE1 was probably designed to be a stand alone horror game and that's why 2 has no real connection to it. It's not until 3 it becomes a mess of past characters returning for no reason


Having a few labs and random mad scientists isn't much of a story. Umbrella logo or not it's always the same set up of finding a secret lab and shutting it down. Doesn't matter who's doing it or where. Call it Umbrella or the illuminati and it's still zombies with a couple of harder enemies like lickers or hunters.


Did you? Wesker gets killed by the Tyrant. He never survives the mansion. Any where he lives in a retcon

38585a  No.16079158


>CV is part of the original series of games. It came out right next to RE3 and was in development at the same time. Hence the PS1 era before it switched to the Gamecube and ps2 era.

Right, I knew Code Veronica was intended to be the third game but are you telling me it was actually being developed for the Playstation? I've only ever heard it was intended for Dreamcast but Sony demanded the third game be on their platform. I'd like to see a source if you have one, though.

594531  No.16079161


>Having a few labs and random mad scientists isn't much of a story.

It's not about the story, it's about having a compelling antagonist. Umbrella may not have been the mad scientist equivalent of Iago, but they were an important faction that moved the plot along, and the trilogy all ended hinting at a final showdown that never came.

>Mikami doesn't like making the same game multiple times.

Still was a mistake, seeing that the rest of the series is stuck trying to pick up where he dropped it.

e8959e  No.16079164


I'm saying it's part of the PS1 era. You have clear divides in RE's style. PS1 to gamecube, gamecube to PS4, RE7-whatever the fuck we end up now they're focusing on VR tech

f1d934  No.16079165


It feels like a wasted opportunity, specially because of exception of RE1, all the other games always ended with the characters saying how they were to fuck shit up for Umbrella:

<Leon in RE2

>"It's up to us to take down Umbrella"

<Jill in RE3

>"Umbrella is going to pay for this"

<Chris in CV

>We gottta destroy Umbrella, now, let's finish this for once and for all"

For RE4 to just be like: "lol, they were bankrupt and the company closed"

a1f226  No.16079170

>A remake sold more than RE 5, 6 and 7

208de4  No.16079172


>He dies therefore he's not an antagonist

You would be better off saying Wesker's death was retconned, not his status as an antagonist.

efadf9  No.16079201

File: 4789828719d4654⋯.jpg (50.51 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1542772377395.jpg)


I'm so fucked. There's no way I'm gonna be able to clear the parking garage dogs or juke around them with Mr. X on my ass.

268c05  No.16079206


I'll give you a minor spoiler so unspoiler at your own risk the dogs despawn on leons route after X chases you into the garage and triggers a cutscene

e8959e  No.16079222


AS long as you have the ammo to deal with the dogs you will be fine.

efadf9  No.16079256



Thanks guys. Glad I avoided your mini spoiler because it just happened and it was a relief and was neat. I'd ask when I should drop Wesker's Beretta for something else but I feel that could come w/ a spoiler too.

268c05  No.16079264


I haven't used any of the bonus handguns yet so I got nothing on that, I only did one laugh-run with unlocked infinite super weapons which is the goofiest shit. Matilda has upgrades though but I don't know if they make it statistically better than the bonus pistols or not

ab6bb1  No.16079347


The zombie ai in re2make seems to be pretty keen on doing surprise lunges behind corners or doors you'e trying to pass.


I get the feeling RE6 tried to have too much of everything without properly gluing it together.

28fcdf  No.16079417



They actually did that in Revelations 2

2282e6  No.16079422


>It's more like Vanquish than any RE game.

RE6 has the most advanced movement system of any 3rd person shooter. But it would have been better to unlock those moves gradually, because faggots don't appreciate anything they don't have to grind for.

e8959e  No.16079427


Why are you cheating with pre order shit?


I dropped the tyrant boss battle with matlida in 1 cycle. I had nothing but pistol ammo and it fires so fast it tore him apart. There's no way a normal handgun could of fired that fast.


Or RE6 is so unplayable you never learn any of it's systems? I tried Leon's campaign. I got stuck walking down a hallway as some asshole talks at me for so long I quit and uninstalled it.

2282e6  No.16079432


>the lack of manuverability is also intended to make you vulnerable and it's important in horror

Oldfag here, get your facts straight. It's not like we were cavemen in the 90s, and tank controls were accepted as commonly understood technical limitations.

Everyone complained about turning in place like that, the expectations were not met. Consider that when RE1 came out, Mario 64 was just a few months away and people knew it controlled like a 3D game should.

2282e6  No.16079440


>I got stuck walking down a hallway as some asshole talks at me for so long I quit and uninstalled it.

Kid, being a hipster is hard. Don't try if you're only going to look like a my anime list reject.

fcdc43  No.16079446

File: ed0722e28e999c6⋯.jpg (213.29 KB, 1280x918, 640:459, Tank.jpg)

Tank Controls is the ultimate n00b filter, only crackwhores and niggers complain about them

efadf9  No.16079448

I cannot not get this container to hit this homo twice.

e8959e  No.16079450


I don't want to play a game where I hold forward and it talks at me. I can just watch a movie if that's all it's going to offer me. It will have better acting, camera angles and story. Why the fuck would I want to listen to some guy slowly walk down a college hallway telling me about his probably dead daughter?


How about different genres should control differently? People didn't bitch about tank controls until the PS2 era. They function well in the environment you use them.

a8358f  No.16079481

Whats confusing about it?

Its all pretty lineal, after umbrella fell and wesker died it stopped being about evil mega corporations to focus on the BSAA (chris, jill and barry), US goverment (leon and sidekicks) and random corporations (ada) dealing with bio-terrorism, outbreaks and cleaning up the mess of corporations and umbrella.

e14237  No.16079486


>wesker, who should also get his own game


db9c3c  No.16079641

>state of Resident Evil canon

capcom changes it on the fly to improve gameplay. because these are video games before stories.

this thread reminds me of people going ape shit because int RE 2 remake the A and B stories overlap on the second to last boss fight. these people would have much rather not have the gameplay of the boss fight to keep the movie in their head going.

cbc2be  No.16079663

File: a6f8630a162503f⋯.jpg (131.46 KB, 980x752, 245:188, a6f8630a162503f66eb8cd2a20….jpg)

I kind of like the RE universe and all the retarded canon that it has. The only RE game that felt out of place for me was RE7 with its super serious atmosphere and lack of anything fun (except for the chainsaw fight with Jack). I'm not saying that it was a bad game, it just didn't really feel like Resident Evil for me but more like Outlast with guns.

459553  No.16079670



>that image


Not even close, anon. The healing items are out of order with a first aid spray to the right instead of the left (unless the player is Japanese or from somewhere else where they read right to left), there are shotgun, rifle, and handgun bullets away from the rest of the group (probably because they aren't full boxes, but in that case they should be positioned closest to the weapon), there is magnum ammo without a magnum in the inventory that should either be sold or thrown away, there is a flash grenade out of place, the misplaced rifle and shotgun ammo have been rotated for no discernible reason, his money doesn't end in 2 zeroes, and he's wearing the fucking RPD gimp outfit. If this player was truly autistic about his inventory, it wouldn't look the way it does.

89dee8  No.16079696


Outside of the 10/10 movement which should've been in some kind of Max Payne spinoff or a John Wick game, it's a game that's only good on a first playthrough because of the cuhrayzee setpieces. I'll never forget the giant shark fight, or the part where Chris has to strafe an aircraft carrier deck with a Harrier while Piers jumps down to defuse missiles or some shit, or the bootleg Salvador fight on top of a double decker bus moving at full speed, or the part where Sherry and Jake outrun a fucking T-72 on foot.

00a6af  No.16079716


What a stylish negro.

And yes, RE is a B movie with silly shit, and should never stop being so.

20a28b  No.16079778


It's something like that:

RE0->RE1->Outbreak 1->RE2->Code Veronica->Outbreak 2->Survivor 2->RE3->Survivor->Dead Aim

3061e1  No.16079823

File: 87200d23ffcd398⋯.png (70.51 KB, 229x256, 229:256, totty.png)


I have literally never felt scared or vulnerable by being forced to stand still to shoot, I felt pissed off.

6ad5cb  No.16079828

How was sherry handled in remake 2? As in did they make her likable?

fcdc43  No.16079855

File: 1b33c0d46964be0⋯.jpg (390.04 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, sherry.jpg)


she ugly

7efe11  No.16079865


Try shooting a gun in real life then, you'll be extra pissed off.

faf6fc  No.16079866


What is RE7? What is Remake 2?

fcdc43  No.16079869


Shit games? that run on some gay engine that magically makes every femoid ugly as sin?

d62486  No.16079870

File: cb9a74e492a0c4a⋯.jpg (101.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1408197291594.jpg)

e8959e  No.16079883


A and B completely overlap in multiple places. It's the same scenario either way but Scenario B gives you a progress item early in each area and adds Mr X encounters after the police station. Other wise it's just an extra boss at the end.

Japan considers canon to not exist. It's all flexible if it makes for a better story. It's only Western autists who care.


Jack is fun and goofy the entire way. The birthday video tape is goofy, as in lucas throwing a rave party with you and fat molded in the barn. If you don't think RE7 is goofy you didn't play it all the way through.


Was never intended to be this. Capcom just made goofy games because they're nips.


Remake 2 is probably the best usage of horror in any video game ever. Mr X is able to keep high tension and actual horror running for long amounts of time when any other set up would fall flat on it's face within a few minutes. A game where you can't just hide in a closest (he has rooms he won't go but they're rare and you don't know this going in unless you're a retard and spoil your own play throughs) but you also can't kill him. Even AvP2 one of the best horror games ever made struggles to match the tension. It doesn't match the level design and sound work that went in to making the perfect balance.

cbc2be  No.16079888


>Jack is fun and goofy the entire way. The birthday video tape is goofy, as in lucas throwing a rave party with you and fat molded in the barn. If you don't think RE7 is goofy you didn't play it all the way through.

I did and literally the only goofy part is the Jack fight. The Birthday Tape felt like I was playing one of those shitty SAW games.

71e7f5  No.16079895


A Human transformer

e8959e  No.16079919


>I don't consider a barn rave to be goofy

What word do you live in?

cbc2be  No.16079929


>entire screen is grey

>character pulls a dart out of his stomach

>clown carves loser into his hand

>characters burns to death

How is that goofy? Compare that to Jill sandwich or the melodramatic death of Richard, or niggers on motorbikes or Leon's suplexes. RE7 tries way too hard to be serious.

89dee8  No.16079938


>how is that goofy

Lucas throwing an ACME bundle of dynamite sticks into the room after you piss him off by skipping the puzzle?

142e41  No.16079941

File: cc7d60836d9827a⋯.png (383.9 KB, 441x478, 441:478, hoggun.png)


This brother dude jack

51ee1c  No.16079942


7 doesn't feel camp because they outsourced a lot of the writing to the commie faggot behind Spec Ops the Line so you end up with a game that's half trying to be tryhard garbage and half trying to not stick its head so far up its ass that it comes off as terribly inconsistent.

51ee1c  No.16079946


7 doesn't feel camp because they outsourced a lot of the writing to the commie faggot behind Spec Ops the Line so you end up with a game that's half tryhard garbage and half trying to not stick its head so far up its ass that it comes off as terribly inconsistent.

e8959e  No.16079953


RE1 was never supposed to be goofy, it's the Japanese producers not speaking English which leads to the bad lines. RE3 isn't goofy either. Neither is 5.

Again a RAVE and popping balloons. SAW didn't make a birthday cake that killed you by putting a light in it.

Do you not consider a woman with a bee hive for a vagina to be goofy? The last boss being a giant face to be goofy? A lot of Re's goofiness is unintentional and RE7 fits that motive.

8a6ba1  No.16079965


The original game had different bosses between the two scenarios, with the only repeat at least getting a different introduction and leading into a completely different lab area to finish up the game with. The remake's B scenario is fucking pathetic in comparison, making you fight the exact same three Birkin bosses again and offering nothing new beyond a slightly different starting place and a couple of notes left behind to remind you that you're playing the other side. The fact that Annette gets killed by Birkin in A, comes back in B, then gets killed again, only underlines how much effort didn't go into trying to live up to a game from twenty years ago.

cbc2be  No.16079967


I knew that it had a western writer but I didn't know that it was the Spec Ops fag, I guess that explains some things.


>giant spiders

>giant plants

>giant wasps

>giant toads

>giant sharks

>not goofy

Nigger what?

e8959e  No.16079983


None of those things are played as goofy. If you count B movie monsters as goofy then you have to count bug crotch as goofy. And Jack cutting off Lucas's hand as goofy.

I was using your standards not mine.

cbc2be  No.16079993


All of those were played as goofy, otherwise everything would be dark and gritty.

e8959e  No.16080005


They grabbed "actors" off the street because they spoke English and were white. The autists can't even track down some of these people because they're literal no bodies and Capcom didn't know any better acting wise.


Which it is. RE1 is dark and gritty as they could manage at the time So much so that there's multiple censored releases.

RE2 is dark and gritty too.

RE3 is even darker and grittier.

I bet you didn't play it at release but look back at it now. Bad FMV wasn't intentionally bad, it was just all they had at the time. Check out AvP's original ingame videos, they're goofy as fuck for the same reasons.

cbc2be  No.16080022

File: 0b1f4f8b60ac4ad⋯.png (216.54 KB, 327x480, 109:160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b8a37bfd079b3e⋯.png (186.28 KB, 414x300, 69:50, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d3e130f1d7e7ee4⋯.png (115.31 KB, 414x300, 69:50, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c6f0700b0a60072⋯.png (291.04 KB, 446x479, 446:479, ClipboardImage.png)


Yes, the concept art sure screams dark and gritty. Besides, if Resident Evil is supposed to be super serious, how come that the guy who basically invented the series later made an official sequel that was completely over the top? I however semi agree with 2&3 being dark considering their concept art opted for realism.

e8959e  No.16080034

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Are you retarded? The concept art is just that, you don't draw your characters too dark to see shit on them. The artist style makes it look less gritty than it should be.

He also went on to direct REmake, which we can assume is his true vision for RE1 once the tech caught up. RE4 isn't even that over the top, it has silly attack elements like a superplex but it's not a stand alone product. They were trying to tie the films into the games at that point, there's small references thrown around including the laser scene. RE4 is pretty gritty in it's presentation. Unless you consider chainsaw maniacs 1 hit killing you to be goofy, in which case all horrors goofy.

This is supposed to set the tone for RE1. The first real scene you see in game after the intro shows you multiple people dying to zombie dogs as their friends run in terror (but can't act, which is again the era not the intention)

00a6af  No.16080036


Shes a cute little girl that wants to be adopted by claire and leon, also wants a parrot.


None of them are shit games.


Well yeah, japs filled the game with weird japanese bullshit, that doesnt take the fact that the games are like a B movie away.

fcdc43  No.16080038

File: fc44ef9a3fa206a⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Nemisis.gif)

i wonder how long its gonna take them to do RE3make, how would dodging or nemisis even work with OTS?

faf6fc  No.16080045


I honestly hope they dont just rush it out. The Remake games feel so refined and timeless to me for some reason. Like Remake 1 feels like it'll never be outdated graphically and mechanically same with 2 for some reason but not as much.

e8959e  No.16080046


There's B movie stuff and weird Jap stuff but that's not intentionally goofy and it's a minority of the game. People remember Jill Sandwich because it stood out from the rest of the game. It was bad writing in an era full of bad writing and bad acting. Dino Crisis isn't any better and was made by Mikami too.


I'm betting it will be a DLC for Remake 2. Maybe a shorter scenario instead of a full game. Game didn't do that well and is the black sheep of the series. RE2 already poached all it's good material.

00a6af  No.16080056



>black sheep


cbc2be  No.16080064

File: 12bf6f6082afab4⋯.png (364.22 KB, 720x480, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


<RE4 is pretty gritty in it's presentation

>Leon running away from a giant boulder.

>Leon suplexing his enemies

>Leon karate kicking his enemies


>your hand comes off

>the giant mech made of stone that chases you

>the camera zooming in on Ashley's ass during the one section you play as her

>Ashley calling you a pervert when you look under her skirt

>the entire fight against Krauser

RE4 may have a lot of gore but it's not a gritty game and doesn't take itself seriously 90% of the time. The only really dark game Shinji ever made was The Evil Within and even that had some funny and over the top moments.

e8959e  No.16080086


RE3 wasn't very popular because it's mostly phoned in.


Look at the damn screen shot you just posted kid. It's a brown grungy mess. How more gritty do you want it to look? Japanese media has goofy elements because it's Japanese. It has dumb elements because it has Japanese. Including a few wrestling moves in the moveset doesn't change the creepy cult members, the giant freaks or the overall tone.

cbc2be  No.16080101


>humour and fun don't count because it's Japanese


e8959e  No.16080114


Intentionally dumb and being a gook aren't the same thing. RE4 has gook shit in it, I never said it didn't. But you can't argue RE4 isn't a gritty dark game. It's brown, blood and shit, that's it's entire colour pallet.

51ee1c  No.16080124


>grittiness is defined solely by the color palette

You're the dumbest motherfucker on this board.

e8959e  No.16080140


Yes, it's just the colour palette. At no point do you see women nailed to buildings via a pitch fork in the face or people being burned alive. Absolutely nothing but wrestling moves happens in RE4.

No wonder you people are such plebs. Your only experience with games is through youtube cringe compilations.

7fa204  No.16080144


By that logic Evil Dead 2 is also gritty realism bullshit

fcdc43  No.16080148

File: dba0c39b2cb12b8⋯.jpg (846.24 KB, 1920x2552, 240:319, re3-4.jpg)

>faggots arguing over RE4


Now that the dust has settled, Who was in the right here?

e8959e  No.16080164


You get another 2 inventory slots in RE3. And the 60 slot inventory uses multiple slots for items.

That image is pure cancer.

072773  No.16080171


>actually having to worry about ammo in RE

The original 3 gave you so much ammo it wasn't even funny, you could run and gun all you like

mind you the rubberbanding in 4 is pretty dumb

7efe11  No.16080176


Yeah man I had so much trouble with inventory management in RE4 anyone who says it isn't a true RE game clearly never fucking played it.

927a2e  No.16080259


You imply that inventory management ion RE3 is fucking piss easy.

927a2e  No.16080261

41be9c  No.16080288


>Talks about canon in Resident Evil.

Fuck off anon. Seriously.

fe81ca  No.16080303


Not to mention the comics contradict alot of stuff too

bddd7b  No.16080922

RE1 has two campaigns that are mutually exclusive with each other, yet both have been considered true for decades. If you cared about the finer points of canon after that, you're the fool.

00a6af  No.16081033

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Actually, you could make them work, by having chris separating from the rest of alpha and teaming up with rebecca, wesker misguiding both jill and chris, jill getting put in the cell after barry's betrayal (and then saved by him) while chris bullies wesker in the tyrant room.

376515  No.16081034

File: 9bf02f27bff0169⋯.pdf (234.26 KB, Resident Evil 7 _ Biohazar….pdf)

Here, OP: this will explain everything.

bddd7b  No.16081067


I don't have anything against people who try to headcanon the twisted bramble that is RE canon into something presentable, because trying to fit weird shit together can a fun thought exercise, but it's still only in your head. The very opening cutscene where Chris/Jill/Wesker OR Jill/Barry/Wesker arrive in the mansion are impossible to fit together (unless there's two Jills and two Weskers and Chris and Barry were caught in a time-warp), much like how RE2make has the identical Birkin fight in the lab for both Leon and Claire.

33daa4  No.16081137

The game would have been better if Johnathan Billy was in it.

bddd7b  No.16081203

33daa4  No.16081286

File: de5098c86b7e575⋯.png (448.45 KB, 1145x720, 229:144, purestream_1.png)


Who indeed? perhaps all of us are Johnathan Billy.

d59273  No.16081977


It scratches that itch if you want to play more of 4 (albeit a bit worse, still beats 5 though) and has a great raid mode, way better than that awful Merc mode in 4 and 5.

Rev 2 is possibly the best action RE gameplay wise, hell I'd say best third person shooter out there. Some enemies could be improved and the story has a few gimmicks which aren't fun at all (like that little girls stealth sections) and of course, improved raid mode.


The only thing holding the Remake back are the B scenarios. I don't know what the fuck they were thinking but they either had to rush it or just straight up didn't care. The RPD felt pretty different but after you get to Birkin it's exactly the same fucking game. Aside from that there really isn't much to complain about.

52aed6  No.16082099

Resident Evil story and 'lore' is purile capeshit that makes the RE and it's fanbase look like the sonic of horror.

8802ed  No.16082167


>I get the feeling RE6 tried to have too much of everything without properly gluing it together.

I'd say this was RE6's downfall. It would have been fine if the game stayed in Tall Oaks. Adding in all of those characters dragged the game down as well. It would have been best to focus on one group of protagonists and then let the others be side-stories that unlock after the main game. Jumping from the US to some sub and to China and ping ponging all over the place was a bad idea. Setting the game in China was pointless as well it was tiring even when RE6 launched thanks to Hollywood. Trying to survive with a bunch of nobodies in a gun shop was neat and reminded me of the Outbreak games. Too bad that the bus we were all escaping in falls off a cliff and everyone dies in the next cutscene. It was neat to see how those npcs were starting to get fleshed out, but then that would have prevented Leon from fighting a giant shark and all of the retarded shit that followed


>People didn't bitch about tank controls until the PS2 era

That was only true up until dual shocks became a thing. When we were stuck to d-pad, it was accepted without question. As soon as dual shocks showed up, tank controls became an issue. It's not like everyone turned on it overnight though, but the switch away from the d-pad helped.


>Resident Evil canon

Until we see what happens with Remake3, I think RE6 is gone at the very least. CV may be in some trouble as well if Claire ends up caring for Sherry. It would be easy to just make it a Chris game though. Barry could even take Claire's spot. Steve had father issues, so Barry could fill that bill. RE4 seems to be fine as long as Leon doesn't stick around with Claire and Sherry.

af9e35  No.16083388


"Where's everybody going? Bingo?"

af9e35  No.16083394


Inventory management in classic RE games is certainly a thing, but its not like it was voided from RE4. There are several times in the early game where I have a hard time deciding what to take with me.

9262f1  No.16083437

File: 38c018f7fa0fffe⋯.jpg (417.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1991991.jpg)


>Shes a cute little girl that wants to be adopted by claire and leon, also wants a parrot.

As they say in Russia, you're pizdabol.

8b7970  No.16083463


>RE3 had you like kill 14 zombies and a couple of bosses in total

>RE4 has 365 enemies wielding all sorts of weapons in one room, sub-bosses fucking you up, a crapload of bosses, etc

The problem with comparing 4 to its predecessors is this. 4 isn't a survival horror game, it is a balls to the wall action game with a horror coat of paint that is only skin deep. Any survival elements (like scarce resource management) was thrown out of the window in order to make the action more interesting/viable. We can discuss if it was a mistake to change the genre of a franchise halfway through or not (well, RE progressively became more action oriented since 2, 4 is just the "complete transition" moment), but that is a different discussion than the comparing apples to oranges that is mostly what REfags discuss about RE4 (and that your pic exposes).

409425  No.16083486

re7 was one of the worst games ever made. horrible vr tech demo with 25° FOV

409425  No.16083498


what a disgusting fetal alcohol syndrome abomination

7bd1e2  No.16083794


I know, right? RE6 Sherry is the best Sherry and is the best thing about this game, if only we had good Sherry in a good RE game.

And fuck this shitty remake, for the fact that it's ugly as sin alone.

266af9  No.16083829


>I'm betting it will be a DLC for Remake 2

Or at least a half-price digital exclusive type deal considering that RE3 doesn't have nearly as much content as 1 or 2 did. Even though I love the game and it's my personal favorite RE game, it doesn't have nearly enough shit in it like RE2 did.

f3a28e  No.16084128

I just want to know what was up with the RE4 merchant. Guy was infected with Plagas, but was still clearly in full control. Was it his bio makeup, did he have an antidote, or was the spirit of greed just that powerful in him?

Cameo as an arms dealer in a future game when?

266af9  No.16084135


He was infected with the merchant virus.

7efb74  No.16084229

File: 3ee6b4a85bd7011⋯.jpg (1009.32 KB, 1244x1920, 311:480, 3ee.jpg)


They were going to have him be part of a Leon costume in RE6.

4fcd77  No.16084240


Oi guv! 'Aving a bit o' tussle with the zedds?

00a6af  No.16084241

File: 91b585cf0ca291f⋯.png (104.17 KB, 650x588, 325:294, Claire and sherry.png)


If youre going to insult me, do it like a man and insult me in a way i can understand.

She acts like a cute little girl as she should.

f58857  No.16085119

File: e2284eb4ae05d90⋯.png (2.64 MB, 2360x8000, 59:200, Resident_Evil_Posts_Beta.png)


>Does somebody have a spreadsheet?

There is pic related.


Nobody said anything about buying, impotentposter. How about you turn down your autism for a bit and read?

e295bd  No.16085152


Please do not reply to the huenigger, it only encourages him to sperg out more.

db9c3c  No.16085225

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


game trailers has a 2 hour retrospective going up until 5 ( the last game that was out when they made it)

17ffbf  No.16086413

File: e9d0e0395da2fcd⋯.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Try Harder Faggot.jpg)


4/10 got me to reply.

0dec46  No.16086516


Absolutely retarded argument. By that logic milsims are actually unrealistic because they don't lock the player in place when they bring the weapon up to aim. Let's not forget how either character could dump the entire submachinegun on target in full auto in the original game etiher.

For all the faults the "new" RE2 has, the focus aim mechanic where the game forces the player to stop moving to land shots accurately makes a lot of sense.

913021  No.16086559


>Wesker gets killed by the Tyrant. He never survives the mansion


854442  No.16086565

File: fb98fd4dc9216b6⋯.webm (6.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, BarryIHaveThis.webm)

90124a  No.16088553


why would I fap to a sporty college girl when sweet, pure, little Sherry exists?

>I will never die in an act of heroic sacrifice to protect the loli I love but I'm happy because my life was meaningful and there was no way we could have been together anyway

this world has such a disheartening mixture of evil and safety

00a6af  No.16088616

File: 0a6cd80c9b67929⋯.jpg (252.21 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Dont lewd the rebecca.jpg)


But rebecca is the cutest!



Source me please.

854442  No.16088645

File: 5206db7e21e9a8c⋯.png (1.3 MB, 836x878, 418:439, REbecca.png)

1e5b3e  No.16088697


RE3 is widely considered one of the best in the franchise. Whatever negative feedback it might have gotten 20 years ago doesn't have anything to do with the cult status it has now. Nemesis has become one of the symbols of the franchise to boot.

They'll definitely do a full remake. They would be leaving money on the table to make it DLC. This might mean adding more content or fleshing the city out, but maybe not even that. REmake 2 is selling so well that anything short of a full game for 3 would be patently retarded from a fiscal standpoint. People WILL buy it.

07b518  No.16088715

File: 6d5000a286b2be1⋯.png (117.04 KB, 488x236, 122:59, shotgun fuck yeah.png)


What's the line for? Looks like unfinished clean-up.

cb415f  No.16088815


>The zombies are fucking ridiculous on hardcore mode.

It turns the game into 3D Pac-Man

854442  No.16093632

File: d973adf9cca9bde⋯.jpg (26.99 KB, 520x640, 13:16, ChrisLeon.jpg)

File: 1d073bd206f05c2⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 654x1200, 109:200, ChrisLeon1.jpg)

8efc46  No.16094620


They should make like RE7 and do that for all characters. It's hard to have a horror when the series keeps spotlighting characters that are so experienced they kill zombies for a living. People talk about game mechanics but it was ultimately Capcoms on reluctance to move on from established characters that turned the series from horror into lame western action flicks.


Most enemies could be skipped. In fact the game punished you for fighting them since incapacitated enemies could spawn plaga.

c9d91e  No.16094746


Poor claire always gets cockblocked, first leon, then steve, then her boss in rev 2.

d83330  No.16094823


Highly accurate.

RE4 is the first cancer RE, where combat takes precedence over everything else (especially map design), while in RE 1,2,3 your main job is to avoid/run away/run past the monsters and fight them only if you have too and each fight is full of tension since you have to watch out your ammo usage and make the split decision run/fight. And let's not even mention the plot and lore… (because the thing was B movie japanesetardation but until then the RE canon was sort salvageable).

The whole thing is a goofy-gory action game, not "survival horror" that RE invented.

Which is fine in it's own right but it's clearly the markers of the beginning of the end for RE.

fda5f3  No.16094827


I wonder if we would have been better off if RE4 had been Leon fighting shadow people instead?

cb1641  No.16094839


This is the best thing I've seen about RE in years. Thanks anon.

409425  No.16094840


Claire is pure, unlike the whore you call your mother.

409425  No.16094841


re4 was the first good re though

8a6ba1  No.16094850


> 1, 2, 3, CV

> Watch your ammo usage

If you're not ending with 100 handgun bullets, 50 shotgun shells, a dozen magnum rounds and an whole stack of grenades in different flavours, you're doing something wrong. The only way 4 is any different in this regard is that it gives you more opportunities to cheese the weapon upgrades by buying every capacity upgrade when your gun is empty.

5d51a3  No.16094868


I remember it being stupid easy to kneecap zombies using the knife in CV. The dreamcast version anyway. Easy to save ammo.

d83330  No.16094894


That's my point.

Every person that liked RE4 didn't like RE games in the first place.

Which is proof it's a different formula.

c9d91e  No.16094920


She is pure, anon, but not by choice and you know it.

409425  No.16094928


i liked re games before re4 though

854442  No.16095529

File: a77c15871a9a5b1⋯.gif (3.89 MB, 320x320, 1:1, ChrisLeon.gif)

84dcbf  No.16095553


>The zombie ai in re2make seems to be pretty keen on doing surprise lunges behind corners or doors you'e trying to pass.

Only if they're facing you. The zombies are extremely clumsy, if they're facing away from you, you can brush shoulders with them safely as long as you don't give them time to turn towards you. However, the game also moves existing zombies around in rooms randomly, sometimes. It's a decent way of keeping you on your toes, although sometimes walking through a door does feel like bullshit.

90b599  No.16095664

File: cffda7c8be43d46⋯.jpg (72.9 KB, 750x709, 750:709, Pepe embraces oblivion.jpg)


On my first playthrough i walked to the operations room and thought the zombie whore had despawned because i didnt see her where i last saw her nor heard her, went to pick up the bullets and saw her standing next to a wall in complete silence, it was too late and took damage in a stupid way, it was cool.

713ef0  No.16095741

I've got a question about how you handle reloading in RE games. When I play games, I have an entrenched habit of restarting often until I'm satisfied with my performance. In most games, I enjoy it and I get better at the game, but with games like RE with an emphasis on resource management, I end up with a huge stockpile of ammo and health and I feel like I'm cheating. I don't even necessarily reload, I just run through large sections with a nearly empty inventory, and if I die, I restart, and if I make it, I end up with lots more items. I pretty much ruined REmake for myself by doing this because I ended up with 10+ first aid sprays and tons of other shit, and now I'm playing RE2make and my stockpile is starting to get too large again. I feel no tension because I know I could go to my item box and slaughter everything if I wanted to. I just don't know where to draw the line when it comes to letting myself make mistakes. What are your thoughts on playing the game with the credo of trying to survive no matter how badly you fuck up? I'm worried that if I do that, I'll just run out of health items entirely and be completely fucked and have to reload an old save anyways.

I just had a really bad run through the sewers and wasted all my grenades and some health items. Usually, I'd reset.

How do you guys play RE to maximize tension without backing yourself into a bullshit corner with no supplies?

90b599  No.16095815


>How do you guys play RE to maximize tension without backing yourself into a bullshit corner with no supplies?

limiting saves and never carrying hesling items (save for bossfights), only healing at saverooms

713ef0  No.16095832


I feel like they give too many ink ribbons. I've started to gather them as well.

84dcbf  No.16096026


In RE2make I started Leon on Hardcore, made it all the way to the penultimate boss by the skin of my teeth (I literally had to skip the flamethrower because I believed I didn't have the resources to go back and get it. I thought I had to come back for it later because that is how every other weapon works) and realized that I simply did not have enough resources to kill the boss. I had a couple of heals but I was burning ink ribbons as soon as I got them for most of the game after I got back to the police station from the generator room. I did get extremely close to beating G a couple of times, but those couple of times convinced me I didn't have enough bullets after using everything in the arena. So I restarted the entire game as Claire, again on Hardcore, and breezed through in 6 and a half hours. Part of it is that I do think Claire is easier, at least in the later part of the game, but RE is simply much easier when you know where shit is so you can plan your resource usage.

84dcbf  No.16096034


I will say that the tension I felt during that run was delicious up until I fought G stage 2, which was incredibly fucking tedious because I was on red health until I finally decided to reload an earlier save.

74a405  No.16096059


haha fuck is this real?

713ef0  No.16096072


The romantic subplot of CV was one of the worst parts, because Claire's attraction to such an insufferable cunt ruins her as a character.

90b599  No.16096103


Well she likes children and is very motherly.

854442  No.16096111


You mean is that dialogue real? Anon, that's a meme.


I agree. I always hated Steve and was glad he died. Rev 2 seems to confirm Claire just has shit taste in men all around. I kind of get why the meme is Chris trying to force Leon to fuck Claire so she doesn't become a crazy cat lady.

3e840a  No.16096142

File: 3c8485332e3e019⋯.jpg (259.11 KB, 1334x1500, 667:750, 2da1f516ec1de83c974a37d36f….jpg)




74a405  No.16096252


I played 3 alot and never had ammo problems and typically killed most things I encountered just to make them shut up. Juke made the knife better but I was really bad at using it effectively so it's not like I did knife only on zombies. They had a puke attack that apparently had infinite range and never missed that they used when they couldn't path to you, so you couldn't cheese them by standing on a crate and mashing stab.

I played Zero a few times and also didn't find ammo scarce enough to not kill most things I encountered.

f26149  No.16096978

File: 4adaad95b7d463f⋯.jpg (13.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, just when I think you've s….jpg)

File: 79d99bebbd3df43⋯.png (362.76 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Capcom_fanboy.png)


Great, just make all horror games vapid twitch shooters then. The problem with this NPC like rebuttal which I have heard time and time again is it's disputing the idea that you shoudn't be slower and more vulnerable in such a game.


Lies, it was a stylistic choice of someone who enjoyed Alone in the Dark. The implication is a technical limitation causing such gameplay but Tomb Raider came out the same year, and first person was discussed initially. What they decided on in the end was Resident Evil.



>Chronicle spin-offs are canon outside of ending scenarios which add new story

>implying anyone but niggery who and the revelations cast is worse than ashley

>18 year old pedo bait

>nip comics are pedophilic

(22) posts of pure garbage, can you go back to Reddit faggot?


The Dreamcast is a 6th generation console so your argument is moot. Also what is Outbreak for PS2? What is REmake for Gamecube and why is it a better game than RE4 easily?


Why did you play nuRE2 then? ;^)


>guess there's no sex discrimination here

>it's gory so the game is serious and gritty in tone

Every time you keep talking boy.


>attacking ancient oc that is a based on a universal truth

>unironically defending RE4's inventory system in comparison to a survival-horror game

God just kill yourself you worthless fanboy.


No that's a lie, they can 180 and grab you with a double lunge.


Rat face, no personality. Only autists seem to like her.


A walking simulator. A soulless reimagining.

8a5896  No.16097017

File: 85f826a5795ba29⋯.jpg (115.56 KB, 875x639, 875:639, gundammit.jpg)


>Gaiden is 100% canon

Kinda disappointed that they kinda dropped the whole main character is infected thing. They drop a huge plot twist like that on us and all that comes out of it is "He was infected but he got help and he's better now lol".

ece8f1  No.16097036


3 in particular has one big issue, the grenade launcher, you get it early no matter what, any ammo you get you can multiply by 4 with a full stack of powder and you get several of these in the town alone, even if you ever only use it against bosses you're still barely using 90 grenades when the game give you the opportunity of getting well over 150.


Every version has the busted knife, it works well against most things that aren't bosses, but it demolishes hunters in particular.

36f9e4  No.16097038

File: 5674b3af459abbb⋯.jpg (74.24 KB, 328x285, 328:285, 1442089675537-0.jpg)


I fought and ended up killing Birkin 2 with a knife after I ran out of bullets while on danger with no health items, it was one of the tensest moments I've ever experienced in vidya

f26149  No.16097202


It's not canon retards, never was.

268c05  No.16097246

File: aedcd55b0db66ee⋯.jpg (388.88 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, comic1.jpg)

File: 1b07f64f419e5aa⋯.jpg (469 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, comic2.jpg)

File: 750a7526505cf43⋯.jpg (374.21 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, comic3.jpg)

File: 3b746cce499f2ae⋯.jpg (283.4 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, comic4.jpg)


>Source me please.

it's whatever this is, I've had it in my folders for years

33daa4  No.16097260


I enjoy this meme.

fb8806  No.16097274


He wasn't infected. It wasn't Leon at all, it was a shape shifting BOW taking the form of Leon.

78c81b  No.16097302


But Claire wants to jump her brother's bones, not Leon's.

fb8806  No.16097304


She wants Leon's cock in the RE2 remake.

78c81b  No.16097306


I don't consider kiked remakes canon.

fb8806  No.16097316


How is it kiked exactly?

6773de  No.16097318


But its not kiked.

36f9e4  No.16097322

File: a5b119dae5baf3d⋯.png (412.29 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, DO NOT SHITPOST.png)




>Inb4 "but Claire is ugly so it's kike shit"

>Inb4 yet another very needed spergout and derail about the subject

78c81b  No.16097323


Made everyone look ugly and retarded

Ruined Mr. X's final battle

Made Irons a lolicon and pushed him to kidnap sherry for no reason

Over the shoulder shit yet again

90b599  No.16097327


>the same sperg spouting completely wrong shit again

You didnt even play the game you retarded nigger.


I eish i knew moonrunes to understand whats going on.

5e8bea  No.16097329


The main characters look jewish.

8923ac  No.16097341

File: bcac4b6a489a25d⋯.png (306.12 KB, 593x540, 593:540, bcac4b6a489a25d72586d27c4a….png)


>over the shoulder shit yet again

Go watch a movie faggot

5f6452  No.16097346

File: 0cb4b74d227f82b⋯.jpg (68.05 KB, 1046x705, 1046:705, Dr Strangewheels.jpg)


>kiked remakes

It's not a Remake, though it was advertised as so

It's more of a re imagining, and despite some retarded design choices here and there, it's actually really good.

I've wasted 50 hours into it in like 3 days and have done 5 runs, about to do a 6th with the FPS mod, the FPS mod also removes the cancerous as fuck vignette they added to the game with no option to remove so everything looks like it's smear in fucking dark matter.

Here's some cons list so you know I'm not a fucking normalfaggot piece of shit with low standard:

-The music they have is complete shit outside Hunks 4th Survivor mode and they make you pay for the option to have the Original music

-Claire looks and sounds like shit

-Alligator section is a shitty fucking scripted event

-No tarantulas though they were barely there in the original game and they are replaced by something better

-Sherrys section are still complete shit

-Many sections don't capture the atmosphere of the original game, both due to being improperly done and due to pre rendered backgrounds/fixed cameras helping things stand out


The only only one of those that's actually a legit complaint is ruining Mr Xs final battle as he starts roaring and shit which is fucking retarded considering he's supposed to be this stoic cold monster.


>Go watch a movie

Are you retarded?

5f6452  No.16097351


Didn't mean to make that first spacing

8923ac  No.16097368



Are you? Fixed camera died out for a reason.

855109  No.16097370

File: 0938ad3a11aaf33⋯.jpg (383.27 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, 50.jpg)

5f6452  No.16097381

File: 784b538fe2383ab⋯.jpg (147.48 KB, 753x1062, 251:354, Azumanga Drigting Classroo….jpg)


>Azumanga crossover hentai doujins

Anon please no, I've been into this hole 11 years ago, I can't fall into it again.


fb2d56  No.16097389


To appeal to normalfags of course. They should've at least added the option since they did the same with the classic soundtrack. The game's not completely terrible though.

5f6452  No.16097397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>They should've at least added the option since they did the same with the classic soundtrack

Pretty much

There's some mods in the works but I don't know how feasible they will be to play

Most are just proofs of concept right now

>The game's not completely terrible though.

It's pretty good, some design choices are completely retarded though.

FPS mod is great, though newer versions only work with legit copies

268c05  No.16097404


I don't know if fixed cam would work with new zombie roaming behaviors

5f6452  No.16097415


Then don't fucking call it a Remake

It's a fucking reboot if anything

268c05  No.16097422

File: d84c867f5a68723⋯.jpg (354.8 KB, 1280x864, 40:27, patty bring the petrol.jpg)


>remake the game from the ground up


what you wanted was a "remaster"

266af9  No.16097427

File: ba630b89af435a1⋯.png (164.56 KB, 591x472, 591:472, image0.png)


I had to finish off the last two Birkins with knives because I ran out of ammo.

db9c3c  No.16097445


the player had to move her body out of the way to see the monster to shoot at it in 0:44 LOL

5f6452  No.16097454

File: 14da1307cb8259e⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 620x330, 62:33, image.jpg)


>I don't know what a remaster is

>Despite living in remaster gen

Congrats, you are a retard

Not like the Reeing cuckchan bullshit wasn't enough proof of that though


>Shooting everything you see dead

What a pleb

fb2d56  No.16097479


It could work out but they'd have to add aim assist and make the zombies less bullet spongy maybe.

373e33  No.16097754

So Las Plagas Killed previous civilitazions and capcom left that stone unturned right?

43dc88  No.16097771

File: 129c445708dc48e⋯.jpg (602.77 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, claire model swap.jpg)

SFM of ClairexTyrant when

65c610  No.16097834

File: 1f4f143cb1d173a⋯.jpg (301.54 KB, 732x599, 732:599, _v_-_Resident_Evil_canon_-….jpg)

aebe6b  No.16097982


>those outfits

I think a Resident Evil game set in the first half of the 20th century could be cool. So long as it wasn't during WWII.

65c610  No.16098004


Kind of looks like Evil Within DLC.

aebe6b  No.16098022


I think that was an intentional reference, much like the "Arklay Sheriff" outfit looking like Rick Grimes' uniform from The Walking Dead.

8a246d  No.16098045


Does this game has boob jiggle for female characters?

43dc88  No.16098394


I don't think so, but the camera is intentionally designed to make it very difficult to get e.g. an upskirt view from any angle, even with that really short dress in the pic. There are panties but you can barely see them Also, when you move, the arrangement of the arms and the way the camera immediately repositions itself behind the character make it difficult to see any jiggle physics, but I don't think it's there.

I'm sure it will be modded in though, they just need to add the bones and animations.

8a246d  No.16098401


SJW garbage.

04b249  No.16098476


It's a remake, just not an exact remake. It's still extremely close to the original game.

03526e  No.16099060


It's westernized AAA garbage pretty much like RE7 or MHW or any new shit Capcom is producing unless it's legit re-release of an old game. This game was made for Americans in mind and possibly even for chinks seeing how it has chink audio which is probably why everyone here is fucking ugly except Ada. The only unusual thing for the west this game has is somehow "higher" difficulty compared to other AAA games which is getting praised because people's standards are extremely low and survival horror is a dead genre. Otherwise it was made in best western industry traditions, even "remake" in title itself screams about how westernized the game is.


I pity you if you expected Japanese game from modern Capcom.

5d73ca  No.16099117


has she ever fucked leon or does she tease him without ever putting out. dosn't she cuck him with her boss?

90b599  No.16099164

File: 2b5bedbc0ae4846⋯.png (3.61 MB, 2070x5000, 207:500, Leon the dense.png)


>has she ever fucked leon or does she tease him without ever putting out.

according to the cgi movies, they did bang once, not sure how cannon it is though.

>dosn't she cuck him with her boss?

Her boss is wesker, the man that waifu'd jill valentine.

0fde3d  No.16099227

>this game has this inventory system, it's good

>this game has that inventory system, it's better

It's like you kids are stuck in a perpetual first level of each game. By the end, these systems are completely spent and busted. They MUST be changed because there's no more possibilities left to try.

db9c3c  No.16099267

can we talk about how ZERO can't be canon because how how Rebecca is like in RE1

she kills dozens of monsters in zero, even kills a tyrant one on one, but flips out when she sees one monster in RE 1

8cd881  No.16099290


It's the same magic delayed PTSD that the Japanese created that lets Samus suddenly have a complete mental break down from seeing Ridly, even though she'd already killed him several times by that point.

d83330  No.16100260


>not sure how cannon it is though.

IIRC the first movie is canon.

d83330  No.16100281


>breezed through

>in 6 and a half hours

Anon that game has a ranking system based on time.

To get the highest ranking you need to be (in hardcore) under 2 hours…

aebe6b  No.16100455


Does Rebecca even have her gun in RE1? I can't remember seeing her with it.


I heard it was 2 hours and 30 minutes.

8923ac  No.16100597

File: 346ab65fb5934ad⋯.jpg (14.5 KB, 276x306, 46:51, 1474167422455.jpg)


>great, just make all horror games vapid twitch shooters then

Panic is a twitch reflex. If you're willfully impinging on the player's ability to fire for no adequate reason then you're disconnecting them from the PC.

>The problem with this NPC like rebuttal which I have heard time and time again is it's disputing the idea that you shoudn't be slower and more vulnerable in such a game.

Maybe if you, I dunno, actually fucking refuted it then it wouldn't get posted so much.

>b-but Re4 had cheesy lines so it isn't a horror game!

Do I really need to remind you of motherfucking Barry? The entire damn series is a homage to old style zombie and horror films. Part of the reason it became so popular was because the nip translation added to that campy charm.

>old bait image is ancient OC, how dare you criticize it!

>whining about the inventory minigame

>whining about people posting in the thread

I'm genuinely surprised you aren't also a TORnigger, everything in your post is their caliber of shit. Lobotomize yourself with lead if you're that desperate for a "slower experience"

9f4dcf  No.16100865

What's the deal with the meme I keep seeing of chris wanting leon to fuck his sister

f6e2d2  No.16101920


is this The Bureau?

8cd881  No.16101997


Fuck if I know. It doesn't make much sense since I don't recall Claire ever showing much interest in Leon in the first place. In fact I thought Code Veronica said that Claire basically just ups and abandons Leon and Sherry on the side of the road all of five minutes after RE2 ended.

90b599  No.16102000


Shipping from way back to 1998, autism, things in the new remake and the no way fag evolved into it.


Yeah, when you control her in order to save chris she has her beretta in the inventory.

aebe6b  No.16102066


>In fact I thought Code Veronica said that Claire basically just ups and abandons Leon and Sherry on the side of the road all of five minutes after RE2 ended.

That more or less is the truth, yes.


>Yeah, when you control her in order to save chris she has her beretta in the inventory.

In that case, I can only chalk it up to Rebecca having an emotional breakdown from two or more days of nonstop monster mashing.

65c610  No.16102701


> It doesn't make much sense since I don't recall Claire ever showing much interest in Leon in the first place. In fact I thought Code Veronica said that Claire basically just ups and abandons Leon and Sherry on the side of the road all of five minutes after RE2 ended.



There's more. Kind of interesting to read. Seems like Leon told Claire to basically fuck off. Where that came from after all they went through I have no clue.

594531  No.16102727


i like how chris is just somewhere sipping coffee while jill/claire are losing their shit over him

65c610  No.16102744


He also can't remember what his own sister looks like.

8802ed  No.16102899


>Leon has yellow fever

In the remake, it does kinda look like he's going to end up with Claire. It looks like she'll at least end up raising Sherry this time instead of fucking off to Europe and abandoning her, which made no fucking sense. Her motherly instincts forced her to protect Sherry, it makes no sense for to just abandon her afterwards and especially when Sherry is an orphan.


Steve was awful. I'm glad he died.


>shape shifting BOW

Like the leeches?


>Azumanga doujins

I don't recall there ever being that many of them.


A Trevor spinoff? Would it play like the older Capcom games like Clock Tower and Haunting Ground? It could also take place during the building of a proto-mansion before Spencer was killed.


>wesker, the man that waifu'd Jill valentine

Poor Chris. No wonder he left Jill. The again, she was all over Carlos too. Jill a slut


Perhaps Rebecca was just at her wit's end?


Claire's epilogue is so dumb.


Chris gave no fucks about anything. I think there may be another what-if that tries to show what he was up to during the events of RE2/3.

0ad484  No.16103493


>He ran out of ammo

Literally how? At the end of Leon's story I was swimming in so much ammo that I killed mr. X with pistol alone.

43dc88  No.16103648


Adaptive difficulty. If you play well (kill zombies, don't use healing items), then ammo pick ups will be severely reduced, zombies will take more hits to kill and become more aggressive.

You had lots of ammo because you played like shit and the game gave it to you to compensate.

43dc88  No.16103667

0ad484  No.16103669


What are you talking about with the pick-ups, the spawns are fixed and either you waste ammunition like a retard or you just run in circles around the zombies.

Is avoiding enemies and not wasting ammunition on needless kills in a RE game now counted as playing like shit?

43dc88  No.16103686


Yes, effectively you get rewarded for playing badly and punished for playing well.

Incidentally, if you successfully dodge a zombies attack it will contribute to raising the difficulty.

I'm not sure how exactly it works, but ammo locations are fixed yes, but the amount they give you isn't. It might be dependent on how much you have stockpiled as well.

One thing that apparently reduces the difficulty by a lot is using the continue option after dying. Did you die a lot?

I generally played cautiously and didn't die much, so sometimes I'd get only 2-3 bullets from a pick up. I remember on G3 once I died a lot and was picking up 20+ bullets in his boss room.

I don't like this system. You can basically exploit it by intentionally playing badly, which is retarded.

d83330  No.16103783


>but flips out when she sees one monster in RE 1

She "flips out" because at that point, she has seen most of her team die in horrible deaths, she's been fighting monsters non-stop for a fucking long time without rest (first in the forest, then on the train, then in the old lab, then in the mansion).

It happens when she think she's been finally rescued by Alpha only for the whole thing to go even worse (at that point there are three survivor from Bravo… at the end of the RE1 she's the only one to survive).

855109  No.16104175


>it makes no sense for to just abandon her afterwards

Leon's goal was to join RPD, but now that's gone. He had no immediate goals after RE2. Claire was looking for her brother, and didn't find him. She still had an immediate goal, but she can't take Sherry with her all over the place to try and find him.

Claire didn't want to leave, but it makes the most logical sense to leave Sherry with Leon.

Then the feds find him.

0ad484  No.16104222


That actually makes sense, I think I had about 5 deaths across the run, with three of them being at the scripted alligator before I actually realized that it was scripted.

I tended to tank damage rather than waste ammo though because it felt like they threw shitloads of herbs and comparatively few bullets at you in the beginning. Probably the reason why crafting shotgun shells in the beginning of the game gave 3-4 shells each and the same thing at the end of the game gave five or six.

d83330  No.16105093


>In the remake, it does kinda look like he's going to end up with Claire.

Originally Claire shouldn't have been in CVeronica, it should have been some new character in RE3 (which is why the lore makes no sense, since she left with Chris and the others to investigate in Europe, but somehow came back in RC, just in time to be stranded).

"Official" love interests are:

Wesker / Jill.

Chris / Rebecca.

Leon / Claire / Ada.

90b599  No.16105126


>Wesker / Jill.

>Chris / Rebecca.

But thats super wrong.

05c72f  No.16105144

zombie and bow bad

chris, leon, ada, jill, sherry, etc kill zombie\bow

woah so complicated

cbdbd2  No.16105226

Resident Evil lore is quintessencialy japanese, it's full of exaggerations, overuse of deus ex machina and plot holes. Now when in comes to characters the most plausible and interesting are the ones in the Outbreak games, where the characters were actual random people with random jobs and not übermensch who joined Delta Force as a teenager while being a female.

59e515  No.16105476

File: f7d27816e82d1d6⋯.png (143.46 KB, 641x666, 641:666, ClipboardImage.png)


i-is there more of this? asking for a friend

24d127  No.16105490


Who is that little boy in the middle?

7efb74  No.16105706

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You mean Lady HUNK? She was in Revelations 1 and 2, and there's some fan art of her, but she's not too popular at all.

I imagine her as someone as skilled as HUNK but has the personality of a Japanese school girl and has to remember not to act like a mercenary/soldier.

ba55b8  No.16105797

File: 1b15e0874a400fc⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 480x621, 160:207, 1b15e0874a400fcb11f18700a9….jpg)


Finished RE7 like 15 mins ago. Was a good game but nothing special a solid 7/10. It felt like Silent Hill Shattered Memories, had nothing to do with the series, no connection except the tile.


Is that Sonoda artwork?

05c72f  No.16106189


>had nothing to do with the series, no connection except the tile

Are you retarded m8? The game happens right after 6, Redfiled even shows up to kill Lucas

e2f84a  No.16106556


It's just little shit thrown later to tie it to the series. Core game doesn't feel or play like RE series, throw out out the title and it could be a stand alone game. RE4 was also it's own thing until someone thought "This shit is good let's make it a RE game to sell more".

cb415f  No.16106639

File: 47c772cb85098a6⋯.jpg (114.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ashley Graham.jpg)


>>Ashley calling you a pervert when you look under her skirt

aebe6b  No.16106744


>RE4 was also it's own thing until someone thought "This shit is good let's make it a RE game to sell more".

What are you talking about? You have it completely backwards, it was always a Resident Evil game in development. They ended up emphasizing action and gameplay so much that they splintered it off to create Devil May Cry and toned down the rest to make RE4.

8802ed  No.16107388


>Claire didn't want to leave, but it makes the most logical sense to leave Sherry with Leon.

I don't think that works with the remake. Claire notes that the letter she finds from Chris doesn't sound like him at all. It wouldn't make sense for her to just abandon Sherry on the side of the road and chase after him when he was obviously trying to get something across to her. I'd have to agree with >>16105093. CV really should have starred someone else other than Claire. I still think it should have been a Chris game from the start and Chris should have been the one to infiltrate Umbrella's EU HQ. It was silly for Claire to do it, when she shouldn't have been able to get past the front door with her skillset.


>They ended up emphasizing action and gameplay so much that they splintered it off to create Devil May Cry and toned down the rest to make RE4.

That's incorrect. Devil May Cry was spun off from an early build of RE2. Kamiya's version of RE2 eventually became the first DMC.


The early build of RE4 makes appearances in the castle and especially during Ashley's gameplay. There were ghosts, so it seemed more like Fatal Frame than Resident Evil.

f6e2d2  No.16107409

was the nemesis parasite related to las plagas?

8923ac  No.16107444


>That's incorrect. Devil May Cry was spun off from an early build of RE2

It's odd, Kikepedia and the DMC wiki say it's based on a build of RE4, but this claims that it started as a prelim build of Nemesis. It mentions traveling to Spain so it makes sense that most would think it was originally RE4


43dc88  No.16107615


No it was developed by 2 separate Umbrella divisions and then implanted in a Tyrant. The Las Plagas were discovered later in RE4 I think, and then combined with something else (G/T?) to make Oroboros by Wesker.

eaad10  No.16107622


>RE6 is good

it's like they handed the RE license to michael bay and the guys behind every edgy teenaged anime ever. everything is exploding, helicopters are crashing into everything, everyone can backflip around, everyone's simmering with a just-under-the-surface rage, the story is terrible, the character writing is truly reprehensible, the settings are probably the only part that were any good and even then they don't fit RE at all. RE6 in my opinion is easily the worst mainline RE

9602c6  No.16107629


Uroboros has nothing to do with Plagas.

aebe6b  No.16107650

File: 16ff2e29e45ff52⋯.png (666.86 KB, 954x534, 159:89, fucking_retarded.png)


I'll never get over Leon doing bulldogs on zombies. It's so awesome, yet so incredibly fucking stupid. They really should have filed off the Resident Evil name and went full wacky action game with it under a new zombie IP.

f6e2d2  No.16107651


wasted lore potential

whatever, it's a clusterfuck of increasingly ridiculous "bioterrorist" billionaires who become hyperniggers by injecting themselves with zombiejuice and butterfinged virology nerds killing an entire town

1af216  No.16107715

7efb74  No.16107768

File: 581b177a68be00f⋯.jpg (179.78 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Lady HUNK 1.jpg)

File: 0c13cef1bbaa61a⋯.jpg (197.87 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Lady HUNK 2.jpg)



Well I found a bunch of cosplay photos, but I don't use instagram thank goodness so here's a sample of a few, and the person cosplaying.


f0546f  No.16107805

File: a6d89b11c984d3a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.71 KB, 410x410, 1:1, bjc.jpg)


>Resident Evil Canon

I just thought they used guns.

79e5cd  No.16107882




no one gives a shit except op

79e5cd  No.16107888


this. and some shitty ones at that. remake is a fucking shooter and boring as fuck.

408959  No.16107904

File: f5d2d62b505b537⋯.png (405.22 KB, 806x802, 403:401, Are you kidding me?_disbel….png)

fcdc43  No.16108019

File: b68c619676702aa⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 592x555, 16:15, Dante.jpg)

>still no DMC/deadrising/RE crossover

Do they hate money?

33dce8  No.16108025


Evil Within 2 is pretty good

7efb74  No.16108138

File: edbf656f7968250⋯.jpg (39.69 KB, 500x366, 250:183, patrick-raising-hand.jpg)


Actually, looking through it, I can't tell if the cosplayer is a dude or a dudette. I don't read moonrunes so that doesn't help. Can anyone confirm if it's a trap, a reverse trap or not a trap?

1fab08  No.16108180


sorry, but that crossover does exist

Marvel vs Capcom 3

fcdc43  No.16108278


but without the capeshit

5d51a3  No.16108787


If Lucas had turned out to be working for TriOptimum, it would have made just as much sense taking place in the System Shock universe.

f2956b  No.16115875



From what I remember, they had several teams working on RE2, CV and RE3 at the same time.

They finished RE2 that was smaller first (which is why it's 2), then they had decided to split Chris and Jill into one game each because CV wasn't part of the numbered series since 2 was taken and Nemesis was clearly shaping up to be 3, then they decided the girl in CV could be Claire and the girl in Nemesis would be Claire.

The team that had done 2 went on to work on another game with the plot being "Leon, who is officially a baddass after taking down so many Tyrants, ends up blackmailed into becoming a super US agent", that should have been a non numbered action game (which became DMC, and of which a few bits made it into RE4).

It was developed at the same time as Nemesis and could have been numbered RE3 (because the numbers were assigned once the games were almost finished largely just on as a schedule/marketing decision) but it's not the same game or an early build.

f2956b  No.16115880


>*since the girl in Nemesis would be Jill.

Fix'd, I'm retarded.

5eee81  No.16115975


I liked Jill's wet ass.

edcc12  No.16116701

File: 7c1373fe64e0dc3⋯.gif (683.55 KB, 1277x538, 1277:538, RE-6_Story2C_01_Chris_Cuts….gif)

File: c009de83eb10d17⋯.jpg (827.22 KB, 1280x1879, 1280:1879, p5oe96927X1t43zu56.jpg)

File: 78fa46a8f19771a⋯.jpg (506.46 KB, 886x1217, 886:1217, __jill_valentine_and_ooze_….jpg)

File: f53f9673ed1172f⋯.jpg (83.33 KB, 1000x537, 1000:537, 0010.jpg)

File: c8b175aa2dbab44⋯.jpg (204.13 KB, 990x1400, 99:140, 24a24af8684b3c3c82d7ac6cc4….jpg)


I heard it was something like

CV was meant to be the real Resident Evil 3, but it was taking too long so they whipped up a game with many recycled assets from RE2 and that's how we got RE3.

RE4 happened after CV failed to meet huge sales, so much money was invested to make CV the biggest & best RE game of all time…but it didn't sell as well as Capcom wanted so Kamiya's head was on the chopping block. He was given an ultimatum for the next RE game, make it vastly different so it sells, or don't make another RE game at all.

33daa4  No.16116883


Maybe the 3 remake crapcum keeps teasing isn't Nemesis at all but a CV instead. Maybe they will go back and fix their fuckup by writing the abomination that is RE3 Nemesis out of the fucking canon.

Why did they even create Nemesis when there was already Mr. X in 2? Why go backwards?

I seem to ask this in regards to Capcom alot though.

33daa4  No.16116888


Shit, that 2nd pic blows the claim that Dante is supposed to be Leon out of the fucking ocean.

Dante was originally a completely new character. I never thought he looked like a reskinned Leon anyway.

808968  No.16116918


Nemesis is the most Iconic monster in all of Resident Evil, you'd have to be an idiot to think Capcom isn't going to take advantage of the kind of Hype having him come back would bring.

90b599  No.16116925


>Talking shit about nemesis

Fuck right off, nemesis was actually more dangerous than mr.X, they even had different misions (mr. X recovery of the G virus, nemesis to exterminatte all S.T.A.R.S. members).

f2956b  No.16116940


>Why did they even create Nemesis when there was already Mr. X in 2

Mr. X is there to kill the last cops, possibly the scientists and survivors that would have taken refuge as the police station was the last safe place and they might find a way to get out (technically they're right, Sherry, Irons, the reporter all have dirt on Umbrella, even a G sample), the other Tyrants are sent to the US SOCCOM meeting place with Birkin (for the same reason).

IIRC Nemesis job is to actively hunting down S.T.A.R.S. members. S.T.A.R.S. members are aware of what Umbrella is doing (and Umbrella knows, thanks to them blurbing out everything to Irons) so they all have gone more or less A.W.O.L., however it's just an excuse to do a controlled field experiment to prove that the Nemesis is better than the Tyrant as it has some ability to think, track, hunt and lay traps by itself, while the Tyrants are just mindless killing machines with very limited sets of instructions.

I think that the original idea (without Jill) would have been it was tracking down the UBCS members (which think they're there to help but are only there to provide combat data for Umbrella, while Umbrella is using the outbreak to test a number of monsters that weren't made in the Racoon labs. Which is the big plot twist of RE3) which makes more sense (as S.T.A.R.S. have mostly left Racoon City to go raid Umbrella labs in Europe).

9f3760  No.16117012

>Go to half chan

>Some guy asks if he can kill every zombie on hardcore

>Two guys tell him to play any way he wants

>Say to him those two are retarded, hardcore is meant to have enemies to be run past like the originals

>They descend on me like reddit shaming me for telling someone how to play and yelling elitist

The fuck happened to that place man

edcc12  No.16117027

File: abfab2964f67e6f⋯.webm (4.7 MB, 640x266, 320:133, Mr_POL_Are_You_There.webm)

fcdc43  No.16117099

File: 8d85d94550929cd⋯.jpg (145.67 KB, 499x279, 499:279, Community.jpg)

File: 0c54d7a15382bc6⋯.png (81.84 KB, 1229x417, 1229:417, 4chan traffic 1.png)


>The fuck happened to that place man

people stopped treating the place like a secret club and stopped calling out new users or users from other sites, got too popular over time, people talked about 4chan outside of 4chan way too much, phoneposting, moot being a cuck, 2008, etc

fb8806  No.16117113

File: a92203e29bb4d9c⋯.png (184.39 KB, 1406x952, 703:476, Cuckchan Arguments.png)


What did you expect from cuckchan users?

33daa4  No.16117116


>Nemesis is the most Iconic monster in all of Resident Evil

you know why? It's not the right kind of fame it's the "look at how stupid this thing looks why does it even exist?" kind of "iconic"

It's shit and it was always shit.


Yeah no you can keep that crap and the stupid sci-fi trenchcoat he wears and basically everything about the stupid fucker.

He's sloth if sloth was undead…and a dick.

>inb4 people actually like Sloth

Fuck Sloth and fuck (((the goonies)))

808968  No.16117124

File: 636d2671d6766e6⋯.jpg (10.73 KB, 341x339, 341:339, HA.jpg)


>He's sloth if sloth was undead…and a dick.

Your trying to discredit Nemesis here, but That description just makes sound even better.

855109  No.16117194

File: dc2226ffc3bb6af⋯.jpg (157.47 KB, 600x446, 300:223, 1394998385772.jpg)


Nemesis stalks you throughout the game, runs constantly; unlike Mr. X, and has a rocket launcher. That's, along with his scream, is why people remember him.

3 reminds me of Clock Tower/Haunting Ground because of the stalking. The game even takes you to a clock tower, so maybe the devs realised it or it's just a coincidence.

cb415f  No.16117277

File: 99397fbeec411d9⋯.jpg (121.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ashley upskirt1.jpg)

File: 25d5509d6e78b04⋯.jpg (114.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ashley upskirt2.jpg)

File: f9bd81217e6c562⋯.jpg (346.09 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ashley upskirt3.jpg)

edcc12  No.16117493

File: dcd4bd36ea46cfd⋯.jpg (795.16 KB, 1280x1917, 1280:1917, p5oe96927X1t43zu57.jpg)

File: c8cc5d8d22531d9⋯.jpg (818.3 KB, 1280x1873, 1280:1873, p5oe96927X1t43zu62.jpg)

File: cd1fafc1339e5c0⋯.jpg (943.86 KB, 1279x1920, 1279:1920, p5oe96927X1t43zu63.jpg)

File: 1888c5c1957b4d4⋯.png (109.25 KB, 501x501, 1:1, DYK.png)

File: d9af9c8e96466d5⋯.png (249.69 KB, 546x506, 273:253, BIOHAZARD_1.5_promotional_….png)


I hear when games are made they're kind of a mess until the last minute, then things mesh together well & the game finally starts standing on its legs. Think of it like building a car by first building all the parts seperately, then at the last minute assembling the parts together, it's at that point you have something that actually looks like a car…same with video games. I also hear that many devs build the first level of a game the latest in the development cycle, after they've figured out what the basic elements of the rest of the game are.

Anyway, word is that Resident Evil 2 was 60%-80% done, then some producer said "This game is boring, start over". That's when "Elza Walker" became "Claire Redfield", and "Grant Bitman" became "Leon S. Kennedy". Apparently Leon's designs were too similar to Chris Redfield's look, so they made Leon a pretty boy.

About Dante, it seems Kamiya always had planned Dante + Vergil to be twins with red & blue themes.

More likely than not, the reason why Leon was the main character of RE4 was because Kamiya's head was on the chopping block & he needed to make a surefire hit. So he probably used Leon as the main character, since RE2 had sold the most games in the series at that point.

fcdc43  No.16117615

File: 9d6b1d7f9ca6af1⋯.jpg (92.27 KB, 799x593, 799:593, RE 1.5 7.jpg)


i hate them for not giving us the original RE2

>hey this police station looks too modern

>and the storyline in this game finishes the entire series

>scrap it lol, just make the PD a mansion 2.0 with some bullshit excuse of being a former museum

Had way more zombie on screen and weapons that made sense.

c45a80  No.16117637

Ghost survivors soon.

Can't wait to play as fatass Kendo.

f6e2d2  No.16118165


>he's sloth

nigga did you even play 3?

808968  No.16118202

File: 21ae2ea8f84d6a6⋯.webm (4.39 MB, 960x720, 4:3, (2008) Nahtzee - The n00b….webm)


>Someone is clearly having trouble

>Tell them what they're doing wrong so they'll get better at the game.


And I was wondering how people who are somehow still shit at even DmC existed when everything about that game is designed to be easy.

This is why, not only do they not learn from others who developed more skill, they are out right discourage from learning.

f6e2d2  No.16118278

File: 528051224795577⋯.jpg (18.49 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 00f.jpg)


>hey gais, can I gill all the invinidly resbawning monsders? :DD

>thads nod a gud idea :D

>ged da fug oudda here you fugging elides >:D

7214df  No.16118337


I dont like those graphics. I have same problem with Yakuza. I feel like Im playing those shitty 3D porn games but with better animations and va.

be785b  No.16118382

I don't even know what the fuck is the canon route of RE2

f6e2d2  No.16118887


that was the gayest thing I've ever seen, and I saw a video of 100 guys blowing each other before turning off autoplay on twitter

8802ed  No.16119215

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Ghost survivors soon.

They actually do look like fun. There might be more what-ifs than those three too, which could be really neat. They could even do Sherry escaping her home and making her way to the police station. It would be a neat way to showcase the early hours of the outbreak that RE3 was never able to show. Outbreak did, but we'd probably have to get a RE3 remake before we'd ever get an Outbreak remake.


I think it's Claire A, Leon B. Claire gets to the train first and Leon finishes things off.

eaad10  No.16119234


>we might live to see RE Outbreak make a return

i realize the monkey's paw would probably fuck me over on this but oh please

8802ed  No.16119323

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I really am thinking that the old RE2 ending was changed from Claire just fucking off to Claire, Leon and Sherry sticking together.


I would be very happy with non-suicidal ai.

43d68e  No.16119333


That was always the old ending, I remember watching it. Unless I'm getting Mandela'd here.

43dc88  No.16120480


>they're still making zero punctuation

what happened to yahtzee? did some blue-hair call him a nazi and get him fired?

cd20a0  No.16120554


He's basically the only thing The Escapist has going for it since most of their content creators jumped ship. Their JewTube channel is almost all ZP videos with the exception of movieblob who they recently brought back for some god forsaken reason.

fcdc43  No.16120904

File: a5e374a0efbe2ce⋯.jpg (75.72 KB, 597x448, 597:448, RE outbreak.jpg)



a new Outbreak like game would be the tits

6773de  No.16120965


With proximity voice chat.

fcdc43  No.16120980


and text chat, online RE games dont have it so you cant tell what the fuck the other person is doing

66f1b8  No.16121184


Reminder that RE4 Leon and Dante are literally the same character.

f2956b  No.16121578


In REmake 2 it's pretty obviously Claire 1 Leon 2.

33daa4  No.16122027


No voice chat.


fcdc43  No.16122068


>no voice chat

People will end up just using voicechat on discord or some other shit.

349f6a  No.16122083


>consolefags thinking you can force PC players to communicate like monkeys

145e7a  No.16122119

File: 0aade1663d0f669⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 1012x1012, 1:1, smug.gif)

>resident evil 2, the remake is the best game in the series in every way

Oldfags BTFO.

fcdc43  No.16122144

File: 1487d14ba1efa1e⋯.png (151.88 KB, 855x309, 285:103, RE2 Mutts.png)



>good in any way

it isnt and you are gay

362f5c  No.16122168


This if there was voice chat it would ruin it.

266af9  No.16122177

File: ec19a66953d8b68⋯.jpg (33.65 KB, 576x432, 4:3, ec19a66953d8b6859eaace932b….jpg)


I'd say it's up there, but I'd still say probably the first REmake, followed by 3.

33daa4  No.16122185

File: ea2b2fb09672502⋯.mp4 (1.05 MB, 848x464, 53:29, itsfake.mp4)


>re-used RE2 assets

>better than CV

>better than 4

fcdc43  No.16122205

File: 0551f6ee30ea9e6⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 257x257, 1:1, REv 2.gif)


>dab 3 times to let the other person know you're out of ammo

>do the macarena to signal for backup

>crank dat to celebrate completeing the level

>Charelston on a spot that has an item

or they could do the same thing they did in outbreak and give you commands that characters shout out

33daa4  No.16122223


But then you have people spamming recorded voice lines.

fcdc43  No.16122235


and whats wrong with that?

808968  No.16122269

File: bd490059c0f0203⋯.mp4 (288.42 KB, 640x360, 16:9, what a monster i cant beli….mp4)

I'm trying to play the original RE1 and to be honest I feel this game is only hard because I have no idea where the fuck I'm going.

I get that the mansion being a maze is the whole point, but how many of you actually played this legit and didn't look up were shit is.

>I go though a door

>the camera angle changes 8 times when moving down a hall

>I enter another door

>the door I just used is now locked

>i'm some how on the other half of the fucking Mansion

I want to keep playing the game, but I have a map yet it's feels useless.

fcdc43  No.16122279


Ive never looked up shit in any RE game, they're easy to follow if you just explore and connect the dots and through trial and error, you know how you learn never to check the main door 3 times after the first time you askyourself what happens if i try to go outside? everyone could firgure that shit out years ago.

can you describe what part you are stuck on?

808968  No.16122296


I'm not really stuck in where to go, just I'm not really sure if I should actually even be trying to kill enemies or not. I'm assuming It's a waste of resources.

But then I clearly die since their in my way, and I have to sit though a cutscene again and pick up a bunch of shit again, that kind of stuff. I just have to figure out how many resources I'm meant to actually use and how often I should actually be saving

266af9  No.16122300


If you're going through one room multiple times, you want to clear them out. But if you think you're not going to go back to a room maybe once or twice, don't bother killing them.

fcdc43  No.16122327


Run past everything, if the corridor is too small kill everything that blocks your path

808968  No.16122350



My first try save was just really annoying since it was right when every time I would try to exit a room Rebecca would stop me for a cutscene. but I started over and i'm doing better now.

fcdc43  No.16122570


if you dont have atleast 60 shotgun ammo, 40 magnum ammo and 40+ ammo of any type or in total for the bazooka then you're a loser

90b599  No.16122814


Lets start with the fact that 4 is a shit resident evil that sent the series to a shit spiral until 7.

3 has the best controls, cool gameplay things and the series's most iconic boss.


Id say thats remake followed by 3, but remake 2 its the best we have since remake.

d35cee  No.16123114

I don't see how a dynamic 3rd person camera has a negative impact on the game, can someone explain?

I always figured it was something they did because the settings were cramped, lots of small rooms and narrow corridors, and it would have been hard to have the camera not get stuck without letting it clip out of bounds

d35cee  No.16123118


It being fixed camera angle, I mean

90b599  No.16123142


Its not the same and makes the games more focused on combat than puzzles, narrow dodges and well prepared scenes.

fcdc43  No.16123155


>4 is a shit resident evil that sent the series to a shit spiral

and why is that? what exactly did it do?

90b599  No.16123174

File: 960bb52f4b42f85⋯.gif (3.75 MB, 320x320, 1:1, Chris vs leon.gif)


Went from survival horror to TPS that makes it mandatory to kill things, QTEs and "press X to be cool".

so glad remake 2 went back to survival horror.

51c1c7  No.16123198


>>i'm some how on the other half of the fucking Mansion


>Lets start with the fact that 4 is a shit resident evil

incorrect, it went more action than 3 but it was a good and enjoyable game with a serviceable balance of tension and action.

>sent the series to a shit spiral until 7.

it's not 4's fault Capcom continued it's trend, hell, Resident Evil 3 added zombie(s) that shot at you, a dodge move, and a "zombies literally can't touch you" unarmed maneuver.

betcha think HL2 destroyed the FPS genre.

90b599  No.16123237

File: bf8928c5ac5d3fd⋯.png (5.88 MB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, Némesis ace attorney.png)


Oh 4 was a good game, most RE games are good, but it was a shit redident evil while still being part of the mainline.

>Resident Evil 3 added zombie(s) that shot at you

But thats false, you liar, are you talking about puking zombies?

Those were a thing since 1.

Are you talking about nemesis?

Hes a fucking boss, and even then he has a limited number of shots before going back to melee.

>a dodge move, and a "zombies literally can't touch you" unarmed maneuver.

Those were new movement options that in no way broke the survival horror and made sense in game.

fcdc43  No.16123246

File: 469728abda9fedc⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Argument man 2.jpg)

>people arguing over RE4 again

All acording to keikaku

808968  No.16123601

File: 30778f0b9363227⋯.jpg (34.41 KB, 418x588, 209:294, Bingo the mother load.JPG)

File: b5b882c67a9f230⋯.webm (188.54 KB, 640x266, 320:133, Holy shit.webm)


808968  No.16123636

File: d94eeef42273334⋯.jpg (55.34 KB, 690x598, 15:13, Fucking triping herbs.JPG)

I was thinking man there really aren't too many herbs in this game…

and then as soon as your able to get the damn armor key your drowning in herbs, the hell.

51c1c7  No.16124240

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I mean if you don't want to classify Nemesis as a zombie I would understand and that side of my argument was pretty weak looking back but dodge absolutely does break regular zombie encounters once you get the hang of it, have you seen the RE3 tas? because it also pushes other nearby zombies there's no reason not to go for it every time. But that's besides the point, my point is that you can't fault RE4 for starting a thread because that thread had already started by 3.


Nah I think I'm done, now I want to find a way to rip RE4 ios models to turn them into papercraft.

f6e2d2  No.16124325


I disagree with all three of these assertions. Puzzle rooms like the armor stands in 1 could just have the dynamic camera pan out to view the entire puzzle if needed, cameras have different behaviors in different situations all the time.

I don't get what you mean by narrow misses. As in you can see how close an enemy is from a certain angle but not over the shoulder? I'll give you that.

How would the RE3 juke be hindered by dynamic camera?

Machinima scenes could again be handled by either brief camera panning or misdirection or better, level design where you see a prepared scene happen.


>makes it mandatory to kill things

People (you?) keep saying this but I always massacred my way through almost all enemies in 0 and 1 on GC and 3 on PSX and didn't have trouble with ammo on hard. Sure I didn't stick around to make sure the zombies didn't get back up, and who cares about those rotting skeletons in the background of the waste disposal plant, but every hunter, every Puerto Rican fighter monkey, every deimos, every chimera (who didn't duck back into a vent like a bitch), I killed them all.

f2956b  No.16125189


>I get that the mansion being a maze is the whole point, but how many of you actually played this legit and didn't look up were shit is.

Mate it's a pre-internet game.

Unless you bought a magazine with a walkthrough you had no way to look up were shit was. Best case scenario you'd ask a friend that was further ahead.

Everyone that played it at launch played it legit.

Protip: use an actual notepad.

f2956b  No.16125203


IIRC Clock Tower started as a RE prototype like DMC.

808968  No.16125452


your right, my thing was I tried to play RE 1 on like 3 different occasions and for whatever reason I wouldn't get too much farther then meeting up with Rebecca and getting her to play the piano.

Now that i'v actually managed to get 10 mins farther into the game then I was all those other times, It's really not that bad at all, I just needed to get over that hump.

fcdc43  No.16125453

File: 794e745bf3e69fa⋯.jpg (127.37 KB, 640x908, 160:227, Code Veronica..jpg)

Whats the next RE game gonna be? i know they're gonna remake RE3 since the original game was just RE2 assets and the RE2 make already has a gunpoweder system but what happens after that? RE4 remake? CV remake?

43dc88  No.16125635

File: 81d52d6297b43be⋯.jpg (127.22 KB, 475x555, 95:111, Tyrant.jpg)

DLC is not very good.

tl;dr it's like 4th survivor, re-used maps with every chokepoint filled with at least 6 zombies.

yes, 6.

The last stretch of Kendo's run is a corridor literally full of zombies. It's absurd.

The new enemies are:

>poison zombie (Kendo), explodes with a poison gas cloud when killed. fairly large aoe

>pale heads (Katherine), like regenerators in re4 they regenerate, but don't have parasite weak points instead you have to shoot them with magnums. they start out moving fast but slow down severely when damaged. interesting design I like these guys.

>Armoured zombies (USS Survivor), basically zombies with body armour, bullets aren't effective. Only played their mode once, not sure how they work exactly.

Another thing is that there are no pickups lying around, instead there are zombies with big hiking bags that you have to kill for gun powder or keys. There are also dispensers scattered around that give you a choice of 1 of 3 items, and are unusable after you pick 1.

I was expecting more from this tbh. It's kind of a lazy update. At least it's free.

51c1c7  No.16125722


I hope they do something less faithful for RE3make, if they keep the emergency dodge it's gonna be too similar to RE4 and if they take it out it's gonna be to similar to RE3make.

Hey, make it a randomizer game, it's all the rage among autists nowadays.

Also I love the retardness of the term RE2make, let's call em RE4make and CVmake

808968  No.16125727


Well 4th Survivor is the best part of the game so i'm perfectly fine with how the DLC is.

I was honestly expect playing as the mayors daughter to be more Sneaking around like with Sherry.

I'm glad that it's actual Gameplay focused, only problem I see is that it was pretty heavily advertised so people were expecting 3, 1 hour long new chunks of Story content.

90b599  No.16125807

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So did kendo survive raccoon city now?

I hope the ending of his story is canon and that the gguy thaatt rescued him was barry (since it fits with re3 and both kendo and barry were buddies).


The fact that we eventually got good at the games and breezed through them with a trusty shotgun does not mean thats a mandatory things.

You can also do knife only, 100% death runs, but that isnt how the game is meant to be played, in 4,5 and 6 you cant progress many areas until you kill everything, all that whhile enemies drop items and ammo, stop being such a faggot.

43dc88  No.16125831

File: e6fb436e6332a26⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 477x387, 53:43, wwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllcome.gif)


It's not terrible but I was expecting more story what with it being presented as multiple what if scenarios. It's just an extra to an extra, but it's the same idea as 4th Survivor - run through to the end without dying. I'd say Hunk's is better because you aren't as restricted with equipment and inventory and there are less bullshit areas packed full of enemies.

Oh and there's a fourth mission that unlocks when you complete the others. The sheriff guy in the main story intro. You have to survive in the gas station store while waves of zombies (including the new types) come in the doors periodically.

Looks interesting. There's a counter to fill to 100 with kills, but I haven't managed that, it gets pretty hectic. A better mode than the others. You get an infinite pistol but need to pick up guns + heals from the backpack zombies.


He gets picked up by a helicopter, so possibly.

8a246d  No.16125935

File: 025fcb42c2a0c58⋯.png (965.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Resident Evil 2 - The Ghos….png)

File: 63b3729657f6872⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Resident Evil 2 - The Ghos….png)

04b249  No.16125940

File: 3b50ecdb5a783f4⋯.png (831.71 KB, 1578x646, 789:323, epic speed run.png)

Well, after pulling off a fantastic speed run, I can safely say this game is much fucking harder than the original on hardcore.

I wouldn't be surprised if it actually took twice as long given how many times I had to replay certain parts after dying. For example, the two lickers that double gangbang you in that room with the helix trophy took me like 5 tries to get past.

f58857  No.16125973

File: dd6598afb06c9ab⋯.png (390.17 KB, 1000x749, 1000:749, el goblino.PNG)

File: 2da83fde205a784⋯.jpg (72.9 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, you probably should laugh ….jpg)

8a246d  No.16126011

File: 7dbc3549c2b1dbf⋯.webm (170.7 KB, 726x720, 121:120, bandicam 2019-02-15 20-53….webm)

I hope they will never made Dragon's Dogma sequel.

5d51a3  No.16126467


Even if most people had internet access for RE 1, what are the odds most sites would be spreading something like the Akuma unlock in RE 2?

> Protip: use an actual notepad

Mandatory for a lot of older games like Metroid 2.

9f3756  No.16126828


>covered in slime

>no water nearby

>shitfaced grin

what is happening here?

0677e8  No.16127319


it's raining you goddam retard

9f3756  No.16128935


looks like she's covered in goo to me

eaad10  No.16130561


the game has adaptive difficulty which can be disabled via cheat engine. basically if you do really well at any point it'll slowly make your weaponry deal less damage, which caps at 70% of "actual". i had about a 6h hardcore Leon A run that was absolute fucking murder before i heard about the adaptive bullshit; when you disable it you'll never need to dump 11 bullets into a zombo's head to kill it again

51c1c7  No.16131028


but I'm pretty sure headshots don't do any extra damage and simply stun and have a chance to crit and blow up the head instantly.

Wonder why the game doesn't let you choose to activate or deactivate it.

Also wonder why the game won't let you use ink ribbons while outside hardcore.

9f3756  No.16131691

File: 10715dd4f5b0154⋯.gif (3.88 MB, 500x281, 500:281, blamo.gif)


I'm not in principal against rubber banding, but that's fucking ass. It should do things like place fewer zombies and more lickers, or better yet, a monster not normally in the game like hunters so the player gets recognizable feedback that the game thinks he's playing well. Being gimped just feels frustrating, it's not a very fun kind of difficulty.

Can you trick it into thinking you're playing mediocre?

d2379a  No.16132791


>Can you trick it into thinking you're playing mediocre?

yes, just die a few times and choose continue option.

eaad10  No.16133409


>can you trick it into thinking you're playing mediocre

you can change two fields via cheat engine and cap it at whatever level you want

9f3756  No.16133430


not interested in cheat engine

02ac7a  No.16135832


Holy shit this explains a lot.

0c7378  No.16135955

File: 671d0c730055aed⋯.png (164.87 KB, 385x455, 11:13, 1541187695155.png)


Pretty much.

If you don't get easily scared, those things are just a pain in the ass. Most horror games makes me ventilate, but not because of fear, but pure anger. Amnesia for example, Or Outlast, I don't know. The one you start in some Madhouse there's a part where some buff dude jumps on the MC and the only option is running when THERE'S A FUCKING AXE IN THE WALL. Why the flying freaking fuck am I playing as someone who is weaker and more coward than me in real life? Holy fucking shit. One game I played the MC was so much of a fucking pussy, that just the door beating with the wind made the screen go all blurry and shaky like if was playing GTA4 in drunk mode.

Shit like this is why the only horror games I liked were the first Dead Space, and the vanilla Doom 3 not the BFG edition. Those games knew how to let the player scared without castrating the gameplay so much it became a boring and miserable experience.

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