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File: a5da6a29bd2815a⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, c3.jpg)

9e3ed2  No.16079788

A turbo-autist reverse-engineered Caesar III with 10 years of hard work: https://github.com/bvschaik/julius

dece86  No.16079809

Does it change anything?

9e3ed2  No.16079831


Not really, 1.0 just came out recently. Still, I think this is pretty exciting news.

>Support for widescreen resolutions

>Windowed mode support for 32-bit desktops

>A few small interface tweaks

dece86  No.16079894


That's it?

09a89c  No.16079922


Reverse engineering ONE game on the engine opens the possibility of easily doing the same with other games on the same engine, which includes Pharao, Zeus and Emperor.

Which in turn means proper high res support and mods.

9e3ed2  No.16079950


I'm really excited for the inevitable roadblocks mod.

7236ba  No.16080002


>wanting more than a modern OS and widescreen

Go play OpenRA with the other redditors.

0eadcd  No.16080013

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0eadcd  No.16080019

looks good, going to test it

9e3ed2  No.16080037


Make sure you report any bugs you find. They fix them pretty quickly

dece86  No.16080085


Don't get your panties in a twist faggot

0eadcd  No.16080087

File: 2e57c2e64fb3d7e⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 01.jpg)

amazing work, well done.

time to mod


you the guy who made this?

7236ba  No.16080099





9e3ed2  No.16080110

Nah, I'm just shilling it because it's fucking awesome.

9e3ed2  No.16080111

0eadcd  No.16080116

File: d2954bcc3d73990⋯.jpg (21.31 KB, 423x359, 423:359, ngbbs4e18a6f8b7f89.jpg)


> replicate pixelshit

> replicate


> Julius requires the original assets

0eadcd  No.16080119


hope to see this on more cesar games, pharo and so on

348fb4  No.16080123


Who cares? You can just pirate the original working non-autistic version anyway.

7236ba  No.16080125

File: 99c5daeed472ed3⋯.jpg (29.64 KB, 550x445, 110:89, the-menu-is-as-lighthearte….jpg)


0eadcd  No.16080127


i'm at work and just did so to test this engine, looking great on a widescreen.

0eadcd  No.16080131

also, what is up with all the shitpost in here, is /v/ raided again by some triggered social platform from le epic web 2.0 interwebz?

348fb4  No.16080132



Widescreen is cancer anyway. There are no widescreen CRTs and there's literally no point using anything else.

dece86  No.16080134


What a giant fucking faggot. All I said was "that's it?" you massive queer

0eadcd  No.16080135

File: 7d0fe3f04a734bd⋯.png (212.78 KB, 465x304, 465:304, 59f4ac2e4d40c1be99479430e9….png)

348fb4  No.16080137


>also, what is up with all the shitpost in here, is /v/ raided again by some triggered social platform from le epic web 2.0 interwebz?

You can't be this new.

0eadcd  No.16080143

File: 1e216228bc1d9e4⋯.jpg (7.48 KB, 329x329, 1:1, is-diz-bait.jpg)

944bc3  No.16080157


> That's it?

As if having proprietary software finally be Free and running natively on modern systems without shitty hacks weren't already good enough. Now that the source code is Free someone could for example add modding support. Perhaps port the game's rules to a scripting language like Lua and allow mods beyond anything that was possible in the original. The hardest part is always the reverse-engineering effort.

73cb4e  No.16080166

so /v/ why aren't you reverse engineering games? Think about all the cool mods for clasix that would be created.. I do wonder how difficult it would be to do it or how you would even start

6e38ad  No.16080186

File: 16015a446ce05bf⋯.jpg (53.5 KB, 400x490, 40:49, 1416392003425.jpg)


As someone who is a complete computer tech illiterate, I always wondered: why doesn't the executable of a game show all of its code?

I mean, it always seemed strange to me that you can have a working game in your computer but you have no access to its inner workings, as if it's there but it's also not there.

0eadcd  No.16080193


>hardest part is always the reverse-engineering effort.


3cbd6c  No.16080217


Technically all the code is there, but its not represented and arranged in a way that a person would understand.

You could look in to a very simple compiled program and see what makes it work. But something like a computer game, the complexity makes that very difficult difficult.

They have tools that do some of the decompiling. And its not too hard to find specific things like copy protection if you know what to look for.

dece86  No.16080219



Fair enough, that's all you had to say. Mod support is good, the resolution stuff I could care less about but mod support is everything. Perhaps even maybe re working the game entirely to support larger maps and update things because I always liked these games but they do get pretty simple

31a3f7  No.16080229


When you compile your code, it turns from a verbose and expressive human format into an optimized unreadable computer language. You can figure out the opcodes like branching and looping and setting values, but you have no more labels or semantic meaning. What the dev did was basically educated guesswork and writing it all down for a decade

6e38ad  No.16080233


So when a program is "Open Source" it means that the creator went an extra step in arranging the code in an understandable way? Or did he simply avoid "hiding" it (sorry for the incorrect term) in .exe form?

3cbd6c  No.16080243


Yeah open source means he provides the original source code that was used to generate the compiled code.

6e38ad  No.16080249



Thanks anons. Now I can appreciate the insane dedication the guy put in his work.

39ab61  No.16080302


you could make that in a month in unity. why would he waste so much time? is he retarded?

376141  No.16080329


It's less "hiding" and more preparing. Think of cooking. You can take a bunch of ingredients and render them into a dish, but you usually can't go the other way around unless the dish is exceedingly simple. Without a recipe, you'll just have to figure it out. In fact, "baked in" is a common slang term for "included at compilation."

3cbd6c  No.16080343


Why waste months fucking about with unity?

You could just close your eyes and imagine your playing the game and that would only take seconds.

f10498  No.16080345


Awesome, I'm gonna try it out. I loved this game and I tried playing on my modern PC, but couldn't get it to work.

944bc3  No.16080632


The other guys gave a decent explanation, so I'll try to elaborate on what they said.

A computer program is made up of instructions to be executed by the computer's hardware. These instructions are in a machine-code language that the hardware understands. Writing programs this way is possible, but it is hard to reason about for a human.

For this reason high-level languages like C were invented. You write your program in a language that looks like very formal English, then a program called a compiler translates that source code in machine code. The game developer then copies the file with the machine code (usually an EXE file on Windows) onto a disc and ships it out to customers.

You could open the EXE file in an editor and you would see all the machine code, but it is very hard to figure out what any of that code is supposed to do. De-compilers can generate C code from machine code, but there is a lot of information lost in the process. Right off the bat, any comments (human-readable text that is ignored by the compiler) is lost, so if there was a comment in the original source code that explained why something was done in a certain way, that information is lost. Names of functions and variables are lost as well. When you read a name like "player_position" you instantly have an idea what it does, but a name like "x228" means nothing.

Reverse-engineering is like trying to look at a cake and try to get the the eggs, flour and milk out of it again. Technically all the components are still in the cake, but they have been mangled by the cooking process so much that they are unrecognizable. Take for example the following famous piece of code:

float Q_rsqrt( float number )
long i;
float x2, y;
const float threehalfs = 1.5F;

x2 = number * 0.5F;
y = number;
i = * ( long * ) &y; // evil floating point bit level hacking
i = 0x5f3759df - ( i >> 1 ); // what the fuck?
y = * ( float * ) &i;
y = y * ( threehalfs - ( x2 * y * y ) ); // 1st iteration
// y = y * ( threehalfs - ( x2 * y * y ) ); // 2nd iteration, this can be removed

return y;


The details don't really matter, the point is that only thanks to the names and comments can you know what this code does. Remove all that and you are left with a weird computation that takes in a number, does some weird thing to it and returns another number, but you have no idea what the meaning of the computation is.


>So when a program is "Open Source" it means that the creator went an extra step in arranging the code in an understandable way? Or did he simply avoid "hiding" it (sorry for the incorrect term) in .exe form?

More the former than the latter. In order to run the game you need it in machine code form, your CPU will have no idea what to do with a pseudo-English text file. Open Source means that the developer has made the source code available for your use. You can then study the code to figure out what the program does (very important for security) and you can make changes to it.

Usually open-source developers will put the source code in a public space like the above link on GitHub, but they could just as well put it in a ZIP file and included it on the disc.

8ea875  No.16080634


Think of it as the difference between having a well documented set of engineering schematics and design documents, and someone throwing an actual machine in your lap and saying "lol go figure it out"

8f9926  No.16080738

File: 0098a985a3191d0⋯.gif (838.97 KB, 450x402, 75:67, 0098a985a3191d01c10587ac19….gif)


>guys lets add these awesome features to a couple of old rts games that we all know and love dearly

>and then

>stay with me here

>we destroy the core gameplay and shove in our OC donutsteel to ruin everything

The original games were fine why the FUCK would you do anything other than widescreen and a couple of bugfixes

953330  No.16080775


>Open source

epic, does it compile on ganoo+loonix

Aye, true to Caesar.

c2a14b  No.16080806

Can't wait until someone reverse-engineered starcraft

ffe048  No.16080808


You could have found out by clicking the link.


9e3ed2  No.16080810


Yup. I'm playing it on linux right now.

f53f81  No.16080833

File: 76b88dd26b6095e⋯.gif (967.58 KB, 380x262, 190:131, 76b88dd26b6095e888ef25ad45….gif)


>open source Pharaoh


a40240  No.16080870


Hot damn. I hope they can get it working for Pharaoh too.

dece86  No.16080890


If you want that then just play the original. The original games are played to death, adding some new stuff to keep it interesting is only a good thing, I don't get why anyone wouldn't want that

7236ba  No.16080903


Don't worry, modders can add a cock to your ass for you.

dece86  No.16080929





Sounds like you already got one up there lol

4f11c0  No.16080960

File: 2ec4df93d0ae57f⋯.png (208.18 KB, 540x400, 27:20, bed think.png)

Whats the benefits of reverse engineering? what makes it any better than ripping all the assets and then rebuilding a game?

cbb114  No.16081619


Because even though Caesar 3 was awesome there were major pathing issues that made building large cities difficult to impossible unless you abused the AI

497458  No.16081840

File: a5c2428cc57ce47⋯.png (13.93 KB, 783x752, 783:752, 45fded41a95d0d72b515137bbe….png)


Because instead of adding new content they change the base balance for 50 patches since the devs have autism.

0d26bb  No.16082109

Hopefully pathfinding improvements are possible. Patrol units are terrible.

c9867d  No.16082112

File: db13e6e6c85ca1a⋯.png (280.18 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, rw93e8gf79111.png)


>what makes rebuilding a game and then ripping all the assets better than ripping all the assets and then rebuilding a game?

c9867d  No.16082121


>why doesn't the executable of a game show all of its code?

It does, in x86 assembly. The CPU runs all that directly. The fact that it's in "machine code" binary type of assembly, usually machine-generated and entirely stripped of annotations, is a whole different matter.

7c3a17  No.16083349

Pharaoh needs the most fixing of these games, the walker glitches and unit selections are just god damn awful. I'd also like a proper sandbox mode that allowed you to build all the monuments on one map because that would be cool as fuck. The sandbox map Pharaoh shipped with is fucking terrible. But other than that just leave the game as it was but with all the resolution and ai improvements.

556c76  No.16089511

File: a312cbbbdcd06f2⋯.jpg (72.57 KB, 768x562, 384:281, uAbLvhgpNZ8.jpg)


>including Pharaoh

Holy shit, yes please. That game needs so many QoL tweaks, it's making my blood pressure rise just thinking about it.

021669  No.16090929

File: 84b26a5da0c13d5⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1647x1283, 1647:1283, 1499998178166.jpg)

File: d9330cdd908ad03⋯.jpg (4.05 MB, 1800x1326, 300:221, Aztec Neighborhood overhea….jpg)

File: 540b9876c767bf2⋯.jpg (322.96 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Montezuma's Palace besides….jpg)

File: c7531b03930e25a⋯.png (621.65 KB, 1026x573, 342:191, Overhead view of residenti….png)

File: 5012e3f04958087⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1796x983, 1796:983, Royal Gardens in the Aztec….jpg)

Would graphics mods be possible?

I've wanted a Mesoamerican (Aztec, Maya, Olmec, Mixtec, Zapotec, Purepecha, etc) themed version of these sorts of old city builders for ages, but the only one that ever got made was Theocracy which fell for the "they were just tribes" meme.

So being able to mod out the sprites for each building and rework the UI so everything is mesoamerican themed would be awesome and I'd be willing to put my autism to work to do something like that

5d6b97  No.16090944


Hi shillkun~

021669  No.16090957


>mentioning theocracy is bad and I don't like it is somehow shilling it


5d6b97  No.16090984

File: 4e336221344955e⋯.jpg (19.98 KB, 540x413, 540:413, 05bf5.jpg)


Nigger you've been at this for literally years on here, 4chan and possibly reddit. The same .jpgs and autistic writing make you stand out as the sorest shill.

021669  No.16091037


I think this is maybe, at most, the third time i've ever mentioned Theocracy online period.

If you just mean mesoamerican shit in general, then so what? Am I not allowed to mention in dream game threads that some sort of Mesoamerican city builder would be my dream game? is it a problem for me to use the same images when they are good images for illustrating the idea? You act like most of /v/ isn't the same images posted over and over

I'll concede there have been times where i've let my passion get ahead of me and i've brought it up when it's only tangentially barely relevant as an excuse to post information but I've done my best to curtail that, and for every time I've done that there's been like 5 times somebody like you has just bitched about me posting even when it's on topic and started a shitfest about it, as you are now.

It's also not as if I'm just here only posting about this subject, most of the time i'm talking about random vidya stuff, it's just that nobody else posts about how much they'd be into meso themed vidya but me so when I do do it it stands out, wheras when, say, i'm posting about Pokemon or Mortal Kombat or whatever I just look like any other anon. This is also probably why you get pissy at me for this but not any anon who happens to post about Roman or Japanese history despite that happening way more then me posting about meso shit just because I stand out as one person rather then a bunch of random people.

So, yes, I think your asshurt is complely misplaced and baseless. Can we not derail the thread over this when I was asking a simple on topic question?

9e3ed2  No.16091059


One of the devs posted this:

>Right now it is not possible to change game assets, as they're loaded from external files. There's a tool available, also created by bvschaik, that allows extraction of all game images, but not replacing them or adding new ones. However, since that tool is open source, it's possible to code it to allow images to be replaced or added.

021669  No.16091102


Dang, that's a shame. Thanks though anon

021669  No.16091103



Actually wait

>However, since that tool is open source, it's possible to code it to allow images to be replaced or added.

Has anybody asked if they intend to add that functionality at some point? if it's possible I can't imagine why they wouldn't do it.

526c4a  No.16091110


Learn what "shill" means, retard.

9e3ed2  No.16091120


I guess it's just a matter of priorities. They are probably too busy fixing bugs.

If you have any questions, you can ask them here: https://gitter.im/julius-game/community

3cd2dd  No.16091161

File: b63e1ee590a85d9⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x903, 640:301, IMG_20190202_195053.jpg)


But that's what he did you dummy. Software reverse engineering means that original assets can be utilized, and therefore, open-source version of the game engine must be capable of executing the same tasks closed source engine was capable of executing.


We all know you're the la plata autist or whateverthefuck.

987616  No.16091179

Oh boy, time to relive those hours and hours spent trying to optimise walker paths and then ripping out my hair when they go the wrong way.

291c5e  No.16091185

File: 20e3efcf2fb24b2⋯.gif (996.15 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 20e3efcf2fb24b260f59c618ff….gif)




Days later still getting answers, thanks anons. Makes me feel like it wasn't such a retarded question as I thought.

9e3ed2  No.16091191


You can use gatehouses to control walkers:


021669  No.16091196


Thanks, I probably will


>We all know you're the la plata autist

I honestly, legitimately have no idea what this is. Looking it up it seems to be something in Uruagay or Argentina; the stuff I post about is civilizations from Mexico and Guatemala, which is like 6000 miles away from that.

987616  No.16091229


I can't believe I never knew this.

2defd7  No.16091286

File: dedab678e8509b8⋯.jpg (742.42 KB, 1796x983, 1796:983, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….jpg)

e739a8  No.16091346


I played Theocracy back in the day? What was wrong with it?

Apart from having fucking invincible conquistadors that even wonderbows couldn't vanquish.

021669  No.16091405

My issues are purely thematic in nature: It shows the cultures it's featuring as basically just unga bunga tribes whose only real accomplishment was building big pyramids when in reality they were more comparable to cultures of classical antiquity like the Greeks or Persians, with large urban cities, formalized governments, organized armies, and intellectual and philsophical traditions.

Mind you, I'm also totally dfown for media that plays up human sacrifice and stuff for like a horror atmosphere: There at least you are doing something unique and thematically useful with your sterotyping. Apocalypto still does show the cultures as savage barbarian tribes but it uses the aeshetic to make a damn effective unqiue atmosphere that wouldn't be otherwise possible. Theocracy doesn't even do that, and going for a more accurate theme that showcased their complexity historically would have only benefited the game: The images I post in >>16090929 are of the Aztec captial, Theocracy *should* look like Ceaser, Pharaoh, Zeus Masters of Olmypus, etc; with that style of arcthecture (granted, different mesoamerican groups had different architectural styles, so not everything in game should look that way), and the game would be all the better for it.

I can delve into why I compare them to Classical cultures rather then bronze age ones if you want, but in essence they don't nearly compare to any specific old world group as a result of their graphic isolation, and vary from being only bronze age level in some regards to outright ahead of europe in a specific few, Classical Anitquity is sort of where they average out and where I think the more important comparsions, such as with political systems and city sizes, has them analagous to.

021669  No.16091408


Was meant to reply to >>16091346

9e3ed2  No.16091462

Is Theocracy still worth playing? Missed it back in the day.

6290b5  No.16091482


>based Aztecautist


291c5e  No.16091506


In which paths were they outright superior? Genuinely curious.

87ce1e  No.16091553

File: 761def4b214e4c0⋯.jpg (116.99 KB, 430x576, 215:288, pastry_knight.jpg)

021669  No.16094610

File: 42f304cac301126⋯.webm (6.59 MB, 600x335, 120:67, Texcotzingo baths, from H….webm)

File: bd9bdc19ae9c5b6⋯.pdf (499.88 KB, Water Management in Lowlan….pdf)

File: 555abcaaae3e761⋯.pdf (4.43 MB, Location and Orientation o….pdf)

File: 2187821504708e0⋯.png (2.32 MB, 3060x1029, 1020:343, tikal 3 step zoom.png)

File: 88471f45eb1463a⋯.png (1.51 MB, 2235x1167, 745:389, Ancient lowland Maya compl….png)


Sorry for the late reply, hopefully you still catch this

Basically, sanitation Sanitation, Hygine, Medicine, Herbology, and botonany/horticulture, all sort of tie/flow into one another.

This https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1805201/ is a pretty good overview of the subject for the Aztec captial at least. In summary, the cities's streets and buildings were washed and cleaned regularly, toilets were stationed around the city and the waste from them was well managed; bathing on a regular basis and very high personal hygine standards were expected in general. There were state run hosptials, possibly with mandatory admission, and the Aztec approach to medicine was emprical in nature with studies showing that around 70% to 80% of their treatments being medically effective; and they essentially had an almost taxonomic system for the categorization of plants and flowers. That PDF doesn't go into it, but for the Aztec, cleanliness literally tied into their metaphysical philosophy used by some elites/intellectuals in a really interesting way, basically causing the same cosmological effects as not sacrificng people but on smaller scales, but I'd need a whole seperate post to get into this further. Anyways, other cultures and other Aztec cities may not have taken it to quite the same extreme, but in general hygine and sanitation was a big deal in Mesoamerica and there was a heightened focus on horticulture in the region as a result of the fact that there were no large, domesticated mammals to use as food sources.

Waterworks technology was also complex relatively speaking; but i'm hesistant to say it was "more advanced" then europe at the time unlike these other things simply because from a pure engineering standpoint mesoamericans weren't up to par: The romans had stuff like hydraluic drills and pistons and stuff which was certainly not something the Mesoamericans could do, but depending on how much hydrogenginnering had fallen by the 16th century I think it's likely the Mesoamericans, were on par or at least the Aztec: The captial was quite litterally built on a lake, mostly out of artificiality islands, with venice like canal between them, aquaducts (incluiding a dual piped one so one side could be cleaned while the other ran), dike systems, etc. Some of this was designed by a specific king, Nezahualcoyotl of the second most important city in the empire, Texcoco; who also designed a pretty impressive watering system for his imperial gardens in Texcoco, as seen in the webm

Other mesoamerican cultures such as the Olmec (relative to a first civilization for a region anyways), Teotihuacanos, and Maya were no slouches either when it came to water systems, I attached one PDF each on the Olmec/Maya and Teotihuacanos. Sadly the teoti one doesn't mention the sewage system, nor does the maya/olmec one go over tikal's or palenque's much, which are my favorite maya examples for this, but there's tons more PDF's and papers I could upload or link or shit I could talk about, water mangement is my favorite element of Mesoamerican culture, and these systems were decently common.

There's also city sizes, which did match contemporary europe (and early classical antiquity with the greeks; while Romans eclipsed both and the mesoamericans here) insofar as what could be considered a small, medium large, or huge city in both Europe and Mesoamerica would have similar populations, though there's some rather notable differences in how their urban design and layout worked. Euripean cities tended to have a dense collection of structures in a set area with clear end/start points, with a static level of density inside that space. Mesoamerican cities, meanwhile, tended to be designed around communal structures such as temples, marketplaces, plazas, etc, which formed the dense urban cores of cities, along with palaces, noble homes, etc; but then had a lense dense set of suburbs and smaller cores all places around them radiating outwards over a large amount of space (larger then expanse of binary european cities), with a gradually decreasing level of density. You can see an example of this in the 4th image, which shows the Maya city of Tikal at 3 levels of zoom.

With maya cities in particular (at least, this research is pretty recent) LIDAR scans shows that these suburban sprawls could exrend for litterally hundreds of square miles, and would be leittered with reservoir systems and minature temple/market/plaza cores; etc; as seen in a 2017 scan of the area surronding the city of Caracol and scans around a few cities in the Peten basin, including Tikal itself; a map from the paper of said peten basin findings is in the 5th image. I can also upload the paper that's from as well.

So, yeah, these are the main ones I would say they were comparable or ahead of europe. Again, let me know if you want more papers, studies, maps, etc.

3831b8  No.16094684


please tell me more about aztec cleaning magic

f4ee27  No.16095789

File: e0101e245db8148⋯.jpg (578.38 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, gandalfak47.jpg)



please tell us more about aztec cleaning magic

9e9dd8  No.16096079


man Aztecs sound like tidy fellows

74e836  No.16096401

File: 9c069487e084090⋯.jpg (175.84 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 7e1bcb01b47488fccd40b09c7a….jpg)


I like this, go on. My mesoamerican history knowledge is nil.

557220  No.16096447


Reminds me of a shit post that Spaniards brought modern sanitation to Aztecs

7236ba  No.16096452


Never change, Mesoamericanon.

What was the other thread with the posts? VOIP harassment?

7236ba  No.16096709



It was this one.

e7363a  No.16098009


It's incredible how much revisionist history goes on in the USA about things like this. As far as basically any child is concerned, American history literally begins when the first English colonists started setting up shop in what became Virginia. There's some mention of the "Indians" but only as wandering tribes who were so dumb they traded away their land for necklaces and shit. Oh sure, there's some white-guilt-ish stuff regarding forced resettlement, spreading of disease, and shoving everyone into reservations… but never any mention of pre-European history or civilization. No mention of American cities and settlements from before the 1600's, not even the ones you can't pretend aren't there, like the cliff-cities of the Pueblo. It's fucking WEIRD. You assume people in other countries learn about the history of their lands in a complete way, not like this. It would be the English learning nothing of what happened on their island before William the Conqueror showed up.

d50f96  No.16098109


Because those didn't happen when the US was a country. It's so new relatively you can't really claim the land's history as it's own. Coupled with a large displacement of the native peoples you have to go into depth in different fields. Like state history courses usually go that in depth believe it or not, but general history courses are more interested in what state was founded and when. Not retarded shit like Colorado's role in the American Civil War, or what June Teenth is

86cab7  No.16098123

File: b0f452763964c61⋯.jpg (45.38 KB, 800x792, 100:99, how bad.jpg)


>It would be the English learning nothing of what happened on their island before William the Conqueror showed up.


1d2db6  No.16098392

File: 3226929a40f4a20⋯.jpg (709.81 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, serveimage.jpg)

827656  No.16098414

File: 8bc9b9a323cd328⋯.png (46.04 KB, 380x403, 380:403, 14eb15b214f9b53928d0f49577….png)

How do I her on this reverse engineering trend? I'd figured out that if I'm not going to do much in my life I could attempt with it over the years. Maybe

e95d9a  No.16098493

genuinely curius what makes you think he is the same anon

e95d9a  No.16098515



it seems pretty informative honestly and relatively harmless considering that beaners are not even natives anymore and is not doing some massive cockgargling of beaners specifically considering jewness

e95d9a  No.16098530


can you give me screenshot specifaly pertetraining him getting called out i would like to see it considering you currently dont have any evidence to contradict claims he made in this thread

e95d9a  No.16098539


but can you give me those screenshots ?

e95d9a  No.16098542


because if not your entire defence falls flat despite me not being the mestizojew

9e9dd8  No.16098560


party pooper fag

e95d9a  No.16098563



i would told you to go to leftypol but considering i was told to go there myself in this thread i am going to consign myself to telling you to go to suicide

9e3ed2  No.16098630

File: 4429903b2e2ec7f⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1920x1078, 960:539, emperor.png)

Can't we just talk about city building games? :(

9e9dd8  No.16098647


was that already widescreen or is it using julius?

9e3ed2  No.16098650


Julius doesn't support Emperor, but there's a widescreen patch here: http://www.wsgf.org/dr/emperor-rise-middle-kingdom/en

0eadcd  No.16099562

File: 73df0ef0f053f57⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ingame_16x9.png)


this one already got a widescreen patch, see here


8d9aaa  No.16099597


Hi /leftypol/, still trying to make /pol/ look like obscurantist niggers?

e79e24  No.16100236

File: 847676bd7e2f585⋯.jpg (71.76 KB, 640x853, 640:853, ahegao425028.jpg)

Anybody else find Anno 2205 to be shit? I played the 1800 beta and I had a blast with it, so decided to try 2205 since Id never played it and it's shit, you literally make all of your money from 'taxing' your own employees. I don't even.

b1cefb  No.16100473


dis a truly game for ants, cant see shit

9e9dd8  No.16100665


you nigga need some glasses

acf33f  No.16100826


I once had a kid ask me to help them learn how to program, and when I accepted, he right clicked Undertale.exe, clicked edit, and looked at me like I was about to cast a spell. Being completely ignorant of how something works is completely different than being willfully ignorant. There is nothing wrong with having a genuine desire to learn.

dece86  No.16100864


Don't shill 1800 here, it's a trash game

e79e24  No.16101261


Not shilling, just shitting on 2205. Bought Rise to Ruins, looks like DorFort lite, mite be cool.

ef60e0  No.16101435


If they could do this for Zeus as well, focusing on improving how combat and combat AI works (In the Trojan War, Troy typically gets captured too quickly for instance) and perhaps even increase how big maps can be, let alone the ability to have more buildings, building types and further QoL improvements would definitely uplift that already (to me) great game to another level entirely.

021669  No.16102661

File: cac2a8511f923b0⋯.png (151.75 KB, 1445x765, 17:9, 1528508289198.png)

File: 8512e5dad89990e⋯.png (26.63 KB, 400x117, 400:117, Balam caption.png)

What's the conesnus on what the best Impressions Games title is, anyways?

I've only played Zeus masters of Olmypus,are this and Pharoh considered to be better?





sorry anons, been busy, I'll try to do so tommorow


The animu conquistador one? The entire image is pretty bullshit. The other thing it really gets hilariously, not just normally wrong is "teaching the natives how to read and write" when Mesoamerica is literally one of only 3 places in history where true writing systems )and books, by extension, though mesoamerican books were single sheets folded over and overthemselves, not multiple sheets bound together) developed indepedently alongside Mesopotamia and China.

Most people think that Mesoamerican writing systems were like pictograms or ideographs like Hieroglpyhs, and some were, but most also had true phonetic and syllabic elements and stuff like verbal puns; and some were pretty much entirely syllabic and were full, true written languages, the Maya script being the most complex of these, which each compenent of a given "glyph" being a character for a specific sound, AFAIK sortof like how chinese characterswork; though confusingly the Maya script had BOTH a true full syllabary/system, as well as an ideograph/glyph subscript that just had single glyphs representing what they were drawn as, as seen in pic related

e79e24  No.16103181


We need more classic games getting the AOE2HD treatment. Would love to see Magicka HD myself, among many others. Zeus, Cleopatra and the like, their artstyle is timeless, they should be rereleased just like Stronghold HD.

0eadcd  No.16103276

File: 5dd11fc4781d9bb⋯.jpg (352.86 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, XdEfxHgdm7QSSp6RE-PsG9-MlI….jpg)


>use ants screen

>complains about ants resolution

get bigger screen

777034  No.16103297


You're a cool nigga aztec anon

6d9c33  No.16106016

>not playing BrothelCity.exe

af4780  No.16107654


Why? Only recent game I took interest in.

811d3a  No.16107666


I've seen you gush over your spic hordes at least twice before. This is the third time I personally have seen it.

f53f81  No.16107727


i've never played any other of these types of games outside of Pharaoh, is Ceasar III recommendable?

f53f81  No.16107731


or any other games in the series?

8ea875  No.16107890

File: 362169f2963905e⋯.png (30.49 KB, 172x377, 172:377, happy dorf.png)


Undertale aside that's a cute story.

27e023  No.16108115


From my understanding, Pharaoh/Cleopatra is basically a direct upgrade from Caesar III, as it has just about everything C3 has and it all just about works the same, but P/C has extra things on top of that. I haven't played much of either, but Zeus/Poseidon and Emperor are similar upgrades to C3, except that they have some fundamental mechanics like diplomacy and resource distribution that are different, or additional mechanics like feng shui, that make the game play much differently. I tried Emperor, but couldn't get into how different so many things were that I didn't stick with it. I didn't even manage to complete the tutorial because I did something in diplomacy that made it impossible to complete one of the requirements to move forwards.

021669  No.16111520






> I'll try to do so tommorow

obviously didn't happen but I still plan on getting to it when I can

6d3979  No.16111648

Emperor was my favorite game in this series. I hope it gets OS'd next

021669  No.16120260




God fucking damnit I had just typed up a reply to this and then windows decided to restart

ea01f3  No.16120568


It's only recently becoming taught that Mesoamerican civilization (often called "Norte Chico") is as old as the first European and Asian civilizations. MOST people grew up being told that they were just a bunch of idiot savages until the Europeans showed up and bestowed civilization upon a pair of otherwise-barren continents, that literally nothing of consequence happened in the Americas until Columbus etc. arrived. I guess white people just don't want to admit that they're are descended from complete genocidal maniacs that destroyed whole civilizations and they rewrote history pretending it was never there.

9e3ed2  No.16120612



If you only play one, play Emperor. If you plan to play the whole series, start with Caesar 3.

2f4e20  No.16120650




that's where they got you b u c c o

sephardic jude



Mexico city.

3e7b3e  No.16120652

5ac90e  No.16120688

File: 9f322a5c4a75a3d⋯.jpg (5.97 KB, 200x200, 1:1, asked for this.jpg)

8bc6d0  No.16120736

File: a751b83286e9a42⋯.png (142.59 KB, 410x377, 410:377, 975ec5ebff6a5c567270df2043….png)

944bc3  No.16120790


>Reverse engineering ONE game on the engine opens the possibility of easily doing the same with other games on the same engine

I wouldn't say easily, but it does remove one massive obstacle at least.

ea01f3  No.16123035


>Implying the Spanish were the only people who destroyed American civilization to replace it with their own

I'm sure the Cherokee have something to say about that.

b6ec28  No.16123156



>what is smallpox

the europeans just found a post-apocalyptic wasteland

ea01f3  No.16128122


The Europeans BROUGHT the smallpox you completely failure of a human being. That's like saying the Americans arrived on Japan at the conclusion of WW2 to find most of the cities already bombed flat (and a couple of them still ticking with radiation).

d876ac  No.16128461


Eyy mesoamericanon do you know were I can find more about the writing system of the mayans, I always thought it were similar to chinese or egypt hieroglyph/ideograms after seeing those pics I'm even more curious now, I used to study a bit of the numerical system and the callendar but didn't went much further on it.

Anyway its wonderful news to know this got out I've played this plenty back in the day might give it a try again, I'll keep an eye on the Aztec mod and other games like Ceasar.

9e3ed2  No.16129485

File: 93a88d27113a70e⋯.jpg (139.59 KB, 960x544, 30:17, DzeXwOPX4AESqx8.jpg)

The first version of the Vita port is out:


18fa80  No.16129719


>lines are not aligned

df3bbb  No.16130834


This system will never die

c4ec69  No.16133901


>There are no widescreen CRTs and there's literally no point using anything else.

Are you retarded? My family bought a HD CRT back in 2002 and used it until 2014 when they wanted a TV that supported HDMI and wasn't a bitch to move. It still worked fine when they dropped it off at Goodwill. (If I wasn't living in an apartment by then I would have taken it.)

161335  No.16133960

File: 8c8d45e06c61226⋯.jpg (68.33 KB, 800x540, 40:27, charlie-weis-smells-food.jpg)


>look that place up

>it's a gas station in Yosemite that serves buffalo meatloaf

124c81  No.16135997


why use a bloated engine? the result would look similar to many other unity made games, with the same exploits, etc. using an engine and an ide, independently or separately makes you lazy.

fd92cc  No.16136039



What you call "first civilizations" isn't first civilizations, but first recorded civilizations. There are sites throughout the old world that predate even Sumer: sites of sedentary habitation.

ea01f3  No.16139275


Generally one thinks of "civilization" as being associated with large-scale farming. There were settlements earlier, sure, but they were still hunter/gatherers and would have to move as the animal herds did. Sites of farming were the first times in human history where they didn't have to move because they controlled their own food supply rather than having to go find it; they became cities rather than just settlements.

021669  No.16144198





Norte Chico is in the Andes, not Mesoamerica, and my understanding is that it's not really accurate to say that it's a "civilization" in the sense I think most people would define the term.

Caral isn't really a city, it''s a megalithic ceremonial site, sort of like gobekli tepe. It's an important milestone in south american and andean history obviously, but you don't really see actual cities and formalized state goverments in the Andes till like 0ad, though there's some gradually increasingly complex proto-cities and other massive ceremonial sites that would have been used by cheifdoms and stuff between Caral/Norte chico and then like the Chavin

Take this all with some salt though, since my thing is Mesoamerica, not the Andes.

But yes eurocentricism is a real issue in education, I wish SJW's were fucking morons and actually did useful shit like draw attention to it. But it's also not like Mesoamerican or Andean socities being complex is that new. If you read conquistador accounts they all talk endlessly about how big and pretty and well kept mesoamerican cities were, how big and varied the markets were, the quality of the art, cloth, goldwork, etc, (I can post excerpts, they are really breathtaking to read)

Many conquistadors and church officials only thought that their religion was barbaric, and that they were otherwise like-minded civilized people and nations; which is why you see native nobility and royalty marrying into spanish nobility early on and such.


I don't really know too much about it myself but I can dig up some book reccomendations for you tommorow





Still gonna try to get back to you all when I get the chance

bfa395  No.16144213


>(I can post excerpts, they are really breathtaking to read)

Please do

021669  No.16144284


*weren't fucking morons


tommorow, if I have time

polite sage for unsubstantial post

ea01f3  No.16144565


>(I can post excerpts, they are really breathtaking to read)

Doooo iiiit!

021669  No.16147922

File: 562fcfbe64b208c⋯.gif (6.18 MB, 1200x796, 300:199, Tenochtitlan evolution tom….gif)

File: 076ec315f0d2f79⋯.jpg (253.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tenochtitlancity36-5292243….jpg)

File: 7e5b5f26742f1aa⋯.jpg (208.24 KB, 736x958, 368:479, 681fe65223cb7597938cfc2058….jpg)

File: b99bd4940d560ca⋯.jpg (3.79 MB, 1800x1233, 200:137, 1519867936620.jpg)

File: 5012e3f04958087⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1796x983, 1796:983, Royal Gardens in the Aztec….jpg)



Been busy almost the whole day, don't have time to post all of what i wanted to, but just to post something quick before I go to bed, here's Bernal Diaz describing some stuff

>The next morning we reached the broad high road of Iztapalapan, whence we for the first time beheld the numbers of towns and villages built in the lake, and the still greater number of large townships on the mainland, with the level causeway which ran in a straight line into Mexico.

>Our astonishment was indeed raised to the highest pitch, and we could not help remarking to each other, that all these buildings resembled the fairy castles we read of in Amadis de Gaul; so high, majestic, and splendid did the temples, towers, and houses of the town, all built of massive stone and lime, rise up out of the midst of the lake. Indeed, many of our men asked if what they saw was a mere dream. And the reader must not feel surprised at the manner in which I have expressed myself, for it is impossible to speak coolly of things which we had never seen nor heard of, nor even could have dreamt of, beforehand.

>When we approached near to Iztapalapan, two other caziques came out in great pomp to receive us: one was the prince of Cuitlahuac, and the other of Cojohuacan; both were near relatives of Motecusuma. We now entered the town of Iztapalapan, where we were indeed quartered in palaces, of large dimensions, surrounded by spacious courts, and built of hewn stone, cedar and other sweet-scented wood. All the apartments were hung round with cotton cloths.

>"After we had seen all this, we paid a visit to the gardens adjoining these palaces, which were really astonishing, and I could not gratify my desire too much by walking about in them and contemplating the numbers of trees which spread around the most delicious odours; the rose bushes, the different flower beds, and the fruit trees which stood along the paths. There was likewise a basin of sweet water, which was connected with the lake by means of a small canal. It was constructed of stone of various colours, and decorated with numerous figures, and was wide enough to hold their largest canoes."

>"In this basin various kinds of water-fowls were swimming up and down, and everything was so charming and beautiful that we could find no words to express our astonishment. Indeed I do not believe a country was ever discovered which was equal in splendour to this; for Peru was not known at that time. But, at the present moment, there is not a vestige of all this remaining, and not a stone of this beautiful town is now standing."

>"(About Tlatelolco) After we had sufficiently gazed upon this magnificent picture, we again turned our eyes toward the great market, and beheld the vast numbers of buyers and sellers who thronged there. The bustle and noise occasioned by this multitude of human beings was so great that it could be heard at a distance of more than four miles. Some of our men, who had been at Constantinople and Rome, and travelled through the whole of Italy, said that they never had seen a market-place of such large dimensions, or which was so well regulated, or so crowded with people as this one at Mexico."

Worth noting a few things here: Firstly, that this isn't one solid continuous string of text from his account, it's bits and pieces taken from here and there.

Second is that "Mexico" means the city of Tenochtitlan (The Aztec capital) in particular. Tenochtitlan was variously known as Tenochtitlan, Mexico, Mexico-Tenochtitlan, or Tenochtitlan-Tlatelolco, Tlatelolco being a city founded by a splinter group of dissdents from Tenochtitlan on a adjacent island from Tenochtitlan itself. As time went on and Tenochtitlan grew (via more artificial islands, or Chinampas, being made to expand the size of the city, since it was built on an island: Chinampas were used to make farmland and more space around the lake basin in general), it and Tlatelolco literally grew into one another, as seen in the gif, and eventually Tenochtitlan re-conquered it, Tlatelolco esssentially being a 5th quadrant to Tenochtitlan from that point on.

Anyways, Itzapalapan or Itzapalapa is another town/city in the valley/around the lake basin Tenochtitlan was in. You can see it in the gif in the upper right. Also, as you can see, it was only a fraction of the size of Tenochtitlan-Tlatelolco (Itzpalapa has likely around 20k inhabitants, Tenochtitlan-Tlatelolco 200k to 250k the gif sort of implies the 200k total is for evertyhing in it combined but just Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco together are that much), so keep in mind that Tenochtitlan was even more lavish and impressive then what Bernal diaz is describing Itzapalapa as (though, again,. what he says about "Mexico" or "Tlatelolco" IS in reference to Tenochtitlan and it's district of Tlatelolco)

021669  No.16148039

File: d9330cdd908ad03⋯.jpg (4.05 MB, 1800x1326, 300:221, Aztec Neighborhood overhea….jpg)

File: ebcfbcb4c7274da⋯.jpg (76.16 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Scott stuart gentling HIGH….jpg)

File: ab137a11c9ea23a⋯.jpg (716.09 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, A a retreat for Tenochtitl….jpg)

File: 59435041760ed57⋯.jpg (249.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tenochtitlancity36-1079224….jpg)

File: 0c83551401e87a6⋯.jpg (655.13 KB, 2500x1600, 25:16, Aztec_house-5945368e3df78c….jpg)


Had to split the post up due to the character limit:

The story behind how Tlatelolco got reconquered is also pretty fun: Tlatelolco's king, Moquihuix had the sister of Tenochtitlan's king as one of his wives, but Moquihuix basically cucked her by fucking all of the other wives except her and forcng her to sleep in a separate room and physically abusing her, and eventtually she had a premonition where her vagina talked to her and told her about a plot where Tlatelolco would invade Tenochtiitlan, and she secretly warned her brother so they could prepare an ambush; at one point with Moquihuix's spies checking up on Tenochtitlan's king ahead of the attack to give the final go ahead, while the king and a bunch of the nobles were non-chalantly playing a ball game to make it seem like they were going to be caught off guard, when in reality when Tlatelolco attacked they got BTFO by the ambush and conquered in a counter-invasion.

Also on top of the gif (original images by tomas filsinger the gif is made from is here: http://mexicomaxico.org/Tenoch/EvolCDMX/TenochEvol.htm) I posted some some other images showing recreations of Tenochtitlan, to giving some visual recreations of the sort of stuff being described. I'll post more images as well with other excerpts I guess. The first image is from this minecraft maps: https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-aztec-city-of-tenochtitlan/ which is highly accurate aside from the fact that this very central part of the city was on solid ground vs artificial islands so the city's canals didn't reach this far in; the last two images are paintings by scott and stuart gentling. Tomas filsinger and the gentling brother's stuff is hard to find but I can make rars or stuff if anybody wants what I have of theirs

Since I had to split the post up here's a few more images.

Also worth noting here that what i've posted are speffically example of noble homes and smaller palaces; (larger palaces got even bigger, like with hundreds of rooms) and gardens you'd see in them, IE the sort of buildings that Bernal Diaz was talking about in his description of the stuff in Itzapalapa. Commoner homes, meanwhile, would be less grand and smaller, typically small, single to two room structures, like the smallest buildings you see in the first image here; though in many cases they wouldn't even be that fancy: those still have flat stone roofs and stuccoed/painted walls, many would be more like what you see in the final image here, with unpainted walls, perhaps even made of daub or straw/wood; and with straw roofs. (some other good examples of typical commoner homes: https://aztecvault.files.wordpress.com/2016/07/thinkstockphotos-721969311.jpg ; https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6c/c9/f1/6cc9f16391bfdbb268537c6a4125a69d--aztec-empire-conquistador.jpg ; and https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b2/01/03/b20103377d1893ed5773de164527ddba--aztek-mesoamerican.jpg / https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-BJDAAJzUVn0/U8wly1jiUHI/AAAAAAAAHqE/u3iE122naeE/s1600/aztecas+renacimiento+gente+del+com%C3%BAn.jpg )

Anyways, will try to post more excerpts tomorrow

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