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File: da8ee426ab18039⋯.png (240.86 KB, 650x430, 65:43, haven.png)

File: 90aeedd9edec8e2⋯.png (7.15 MB, 2560x1377, 2560:1377, Jewb and loftar.png)

File: fb40982154f117e⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1276x920, 319:230, modernhafen.jpg)

File: c32d64bc1c2c3dc⋯.png (862.9 KB, 1893x1014, 631:338, 8hall.png)

b58094  No.16084237

Quick and dirty replacement H&H thread.

Haven and hearth is a permadeath social experiment created by two immense swedes, we are now nearly a week into this hell and have survived the initial roving bands of russia. Join now and you will catch up to us easily. Post in the thread to ask for a beacon to spawn on us.

The Wiki for all your less obscure questions


Newfags essential read


49147e  No.16084326

post pics of the current chan settlement

63faf0  No.16084346


this, I feel like I stumbled across the settlement. Need to know for sure before I reveal my powerlevel

8c1a7a  No.16084836


Russian spy detected.

4bf2ab  No.16084846

World map is partially known

>Massive update to oceans and boats

>Forget to patch it so that rafts take damage on the ocean

>Autists take advantage of this and map the shorelines


b58094  No.16084988

2c4595  No.16085328

But wut dew you do?

4bf2ab  No.16085347


>Survival MMO

>Persistent shared world

>Basically Farmville with Russians and comfy as fuck

You do what you want man

1e043b  No.16085351

File: 6d693f62bcc1b06⋯.png (5.6 KB, 371x94, 371:94, ads.png)

what the fuck, OP?

4bf2ab  No.16085374

b58094  No.16085461


palemoon and some various cookie and whatnot managers like to fuck with my copypasting.


20947e  No.16085529

Been playing with some other new friends, trying to understand the autism of this game. The wiki is frequently entirely wrong and it kind of frustrates me.

I feel like our next step is to obtain plant fibres but it apparently takes 4 days to harvest one crop (so a solid week before we get good returns) so we're just kind of puttering about with curios now.

20947e  No.16085542

Also, how do we safely travel high seas? We got a rowboat and it still drops health pretty fast.

4bf2ab  No.16085567


Build a Knarr

4bf2ab  No.16085656

Why do people recommend UC over Melee Combat? From what I can tell, even a stone axe has twice the damage, the only drawback being you need an attack that uses it, but it can be learned from ants

20947e  No.16085674


hahahaha okay.

So we're waiting 4+ days for all of our crops to finish, which currently we don't have enough to actually build anything important. We should then focus on making 50 fucking drying racks so we aren't waiting two weeks…

We also need a big source of bones. I can solo bats right now, and it looks like it gets better when we can fight Boars though I have no idea when that gets safe. In the meantime, should we just go on a cock rampage, wringing the necks of all things chicken? (Because we can't make a Chicken Coop waiting on farmville…)

4bf2ab  No.16085692


Can you not feed them thistles and roots for forage? It's not large scale sustainable, but it's enough to get some eggs going

20947e  No.16085749


I guess so, but the concern is bone. We need 120 bones to make Study Desks for each of us, and we all work full-time so our LP gains are limited without a Desk.

I'm having fun with the game but the timegate on the farm took the wind out of my sails tbh

4bf2ab  No.16085782


My primary goal was study desk and seeds, and I got them going. Now I have more bone than I know what to do with (well, they'll be wheelbarrows eventually). I current have a 17 damage Infection to spam soap on, and every time I do a foraging run, I end up with enough cattails to make 3 ropes. My inventory is 4x6, plus a picker. Life's great

4bf2ab  No.16085794

Do drying racks or tanning tubs decay in a cave?

b58094  No.16085812


not if they are claimed and possibly on paved tile. cave also decays at 1/10 of overworld, previously it never decayed at all

20947e  No.16085827


What kind of terrain are you living by? We're thinking we set up poorly, but we're claimed over a cave which is nice.

4bf2ab  No.16085901

File: 4aa055f85d3f181⋯.png (4.46 MB, 1920x1056, 20:11, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 104ea37b2afb9c7⋯.png (100.49 KB, 307x324, 307:324, ClipboardImage.png)


And I have a big cave which is almost paved from the entrance to my house

4bf2ab  No.16086122


Whoops forgot half my post. Meant to say that I'm on the western edge, and juuust out of range of getting griefed. Most of the people I've met eastward have lost some shit

4bf2ab  No.16086198

>When you fucking shred your hunger level because you're too busy digging up a ton of clay and don't notice you're at 1200 energy with 36 starvation damage

1a9c88  No.16086282

I`m in. Tutorial is giving me aids, but the game looks pretty damn interesting

4bf2ab  No.16086339


Birchbark is valuable early on, since it lets you make kuksa (water vessels) so you restore stamina. As well, crafting toy boats a bit later for LP gain.

You want LP which lets you increase abilities and learn new skills/actions. Everything you discover (each type of rock etc) gives you LP. You also gain XP periodically for doing varied tasks, which can be converted into additional LP via studying curiosities (which take a long time, several hours or days).

20947e  No.16086396

What kind of stats would I need to beat up a Boar?

4bf2ab  No.16086400

Wait, do dropped logs and stumps actually decay into old wood? That's hella cool

4bf2ab  No.16086561

File: 37ce221419650a6⋯.png (401.93 KB, 546x491, 546:491, ClipboardImage.png)

Doing pretty good so far. Farming soon.

1a9c88  No.16086614

anons, I got my ass beaten by a bat. I`m laying in the floor without any more health. What to do? ):

20947e  No.16086620


A - H - H.

Hearth back to your fire, lick your wounds, try not to get KOed again.

4bf2ab  No.16086625


Get your energy above 8000u, only then will your yellow HP (soft hp / SHP) start to heal. If you have wounds, this reduces your max red HP (hard hp / HHP)

1a9c88  No.16086641

4bf2ab  No.16086650

File: b1ee4c13c8d9831⋯.png (48.49 KB, 824x388, 206:97, ClipboardImage.png)


Not that you're expected to know how combat works yet, but

This is what the bat will do in combat. Specifically, it will keep applying stacks of blue/green, then stacks of yellow. If any of them get over say, 40, you'll start taking a decent amount of damage. If you can focus while being attacked, try to use restoration moves (Side Step, Quick Dodge) to reduce them

1a9c88  No.16086658


I saw another one and beat me again ):

4bf2ab  No.16086661


You're probably still wounded from the first bat. What does the HP bar on the top left say when you hover over it? What does your character's Wound page show?

4bf2ab  No.16086683

Oh no, you need to raid beehives to get bee larvae now

1a9c88  No.16086691

File: f753109d5e27c03⋯.png (692.86 KB, 596x624, 149:156, battfucked.png)


Should I create another account after all this mess or it´s not a big deal?

4bf2ab  No.16086747


Those wounds are normal, but for the love of god don't enter a swamp or you'll have problems (infection).

So that red bar is your current HP. Any animal will floor you in about two hits before you realize what's going on. When that happens you get a concussion (another wound) and your yellow bar reduces, putting you closer to death. (Some animals like Walruses and Bears do not care and will kill you instead of KOing).

Just maintain your energy in the green (8000u+) and you're in a "healing state" - your yellow bar will slowly turn red, and wounds will tick down towards 0. It'll take several real hours (about half time if you log off in a bed). Just focus on noncombat tasks for now.

1a9c88  No.16086761


Lovely. Thank you anon. Any recommendation? Lurking the forest is not very productive I guess..

1a9c88  No.16086768

File: 3f8c5ce4a78e2b8⋯.jpg (21.7 KB, 552x441, 184:147, 30657134_2144499069115330_….jpg)


4bf2ab  No.16086772


Lurking a forest is VERY productive.

You need string? Spindly Taproots or Stinging Nettle. In order for forageables to show up, you have to exceed a certain amount equal to Perception x Exploration. For example, with your default stats, you'll have 10 per 1 exp, so a value of "10". 40 to 100 is a good total to aim for early on - generally this will be 12 per and 8-10 exp, as LP allows. This way, you'll start seeing way more shit in the forest.


Also learn to catch squirrels, and eventually rabbits. And by learn I mean "get close, then run straight for them". Rabbits are fast, try to lead them into water or cliffs so they path back into you. This will be an early source of meat, and their entrails can be used as bait. Bones can be made into saws, or fishing hooks. As well, Bone Glue is important soon

4bf2ab  No.16086775


If you walk slower, they're less likely to attack.

Why are you in a cave?

4bf2ab  No.16086791


Find a birch tree so you can get its bark and make a kuksa so you can heal your blue stamina. That's critical

20947e  No.16086792


Any good early-game sources of STR? All the fish I've found so far are too diluted with other stats.

4bf2ab  No.16086799


This isn't STR, but it's a great source of energy and FEP


1a9c88  No.16086817

File: 99f605e1b0c10a5⋯.jpg (63.72 KB, 305x475, 61:95, 9c57cb47ba43482857c0c39cf0….jpg)


I have not found one yet anon. Anyways, I`m going to sleep. Enjoy your night my dears, see u tomorrow around here, I guess.

20947e  No.16086822

File: cdd46a73ca4e599⋯.jpg (116.71 KB, 561x441, 187:147, ss (2019-02-05 at 11.54.28….jpg)


Sorry, not batfucked Anon. I'm doing combat stuff in my group, and fish have mostly been good but I haven't found great STR ones.

4bf2ab  No.16086829

File: dffcd5a0436f063⋯.png (208.14 KB, 905x225, 181:45, ClipboardImage.png)

>Finally get 500+ per/exp for my Forager credo quest

4bf2ab  No.16086849

File: 735f4a6229bee9d⋯.png (4.37 MB, 1920x1056, 20:11, ClipboardImage.png)


>not batfucked Anon


20947e  No.16086869


It's okay, I just got fucked up by a Boar trying to run to a questgiver.

4bf2ab  No.16086879

>Realizing you can spitroast and dry fish too

God damn thats a lot of free LP I missed

4bf2ab  No.16087032

>30 survival

>Found cattails with q30

I'm only finding taproots with q13, does this mean I found a really good node for cat tails, string, and rope?

4bf2ab  No.16087207

File: 74faacf19f237ed⋯.png (24.07 KB, 136x65, 136:65, ClipboardImage.png)

Nice quest game, thanks

4bf2ab  No.16087332

File: 7bb7570d7a66961⋯.png (192.97 KB, 289x317, 289:317, ClipboardImage.png)

Let me tell you about my forward base.

I found this a while ago while foraging, set up some stuff in a cave so I could dry squirrels and WWW in a secondary, more remote location, and use it as a small staging area. It works well.

What I'd like to draw your attention to is the cat tails. They are Q30, and are being hard capped by my Survival. This means the quality could be even higher. I have a rope walk in my cave. This means Q30 rope (if my sewing and dex permit). This means Q30 string. With the high quality rope, I can make an infinite source of Fishing Nets. Notice the NE lake - it has deep water.

This area is remote, I made friends with my neighbours, and this area is even more secret. Oh, and there's a Lotus resource here too

cb920f  No.16087409

79ac0b  No.16087471


>item q capped by skill level

wurm ptsd tbh

cb920f  No.16087548

Protip: you can use Cattail roots as fodder.

b58094  No.16087664


in a fair fight, light armor, and 45 agi 45 UA

45d652  No.16087814

45d652  No.16087821


make “nutjerky” with leaves, nuts, and meat


They need to be cooked in a fire pit with embers (red bar) for ~15 minutes

68e051  No.16087903

Is anyone on to place me a beacon?

1e043b  No.16087946

File: 9f2a927f4474cff⋯.png (100.31 KB, 526x318, 263:159, fD1MTqo.png)

b58094  No.16087951


yeah I can get you setup, gimme a minute

b58094  No.16087967

beacon up using SATACABLE2

b03fd2  No.16088170




thanks boys, useful info.

any tips on questing, or is it just a massive timesink of walking around? Taming horses seems a while away and my questgivers keep popping up ~30mins away from my base. I've tried abandoning a bunch to get closer ones.

b58094  No.16088184


timesink that pretty frequently awards big LP, try doing them, it will be faster than curios (but have curios working anyway)

4bf2ab  No.16088219


Do you consider putting distance between yourself and an ant while reducing your openings to be cheesing? Is "fair fight" you just standing there?

4bf2ab  No.16088251

Will fishing nets just disappear?

I set one in my unclaimed lake and went to bed, now it's gone

4bf2ab  No.16088253


Nevermind, I see a stockpile of 1 fish that wasn't there before. I think I got nigged

b58094  No.16088283



b03fd2  No.16088299


I think 'cheesing' is involving either Palisades or Boats, both being you not getting attacked, and then when the enemy starts running away you chase them down.

Fair fight is probably best to just be standing there, as with enough Agility and a properly built combat deck, you're barely going to take damage in the first place. Close in on 20 UA/25 Agi I can almost kill a Bat with taking only a few HP of damage.

Ants are a bad unit to test combat against (despite relative easiness) because they have inherent armour piercing. Once you can handle a Bat you'll see that you don't even take damage at all until your openings are raised a bit.

b58094  No.16088330

at 35UA 18 AGI I can handle a fox without armor and only lose about 40 SHP, spamming punch 2/5 but I also throw in a opening reducing move every two or three punches once the opening hits 50%

4bf2ab  No.16088342


I still get beaten by a bat, because I can't space myself and lower my openings, even though I know what to lower.

Now when you say a well built deck, I still have all the starter moves, so they're all in it. But it still comes down to just increasing one opening and lowering theirs, right? I'll need to get some better moves to 5/5 in a good one?

1a9c88  No.16088433

I can`t fucking finde a damn "birch bark". Where the fuck do I find a birch tree?

b03fd2  No.16088438


The starter moves are fine for the earlier enemies, but eventually you'll need to make decks to specifically counter what enemies do. In fact, there are a few too many starter moves for fighting Ants and Bats, but that's fine. It won't impact anything. See >>16086650

With enough UA and Agility, you'll kill the Bat before your openings reach a point where you take big damage, which is where 'Fair Fight' comes into effect. (Around 15/20 I was taking about 30SHP per Bat, no permanent wounds.) For the most part, just spam Punch and whenever an opening gets "too high" you use a Restoration. What "too high" is depends on the enemy, but for the bat: They use Fell Scratch until GREEN is 40%, then Wingbeat until YELLOW is 50%. If you keep GREEN under 40%, then they never move to Wingbeat. If you're still getting too beat up, then you need to raise your Agility to get faster turns and raise your UA to do more damage.

Keep in mind with restorations, they heal a %. You don't want to use them when they won't do much, but you still don't want them to get too high.


Birch trees are the white-and-black spotted trees. If you're using a custom client (you should) then Shift+I should show resource information while holding shift, which lets you see what each tree is called. Early game, Birch is the only unique tree that you have to memorize the look of, so just learn that one and don't worry about the others.

4bf2ab  No.16088439


They're white and have brighter green leaves. You can't miss them. They're fairly sparse early on, you probably need about 18 bark (9 trees) to get everything you need off them (kuksa, backpack, maybe some boat curios)

Just keep looking.

>inb4 you find a bunch with stripped bark

e9ccf6  No.16088460

Do I need autism do play this game?

b03fd2  No.16088478

1a9c88  No.16088479



Ready. Thank you anons :)

e9ccf6  No.16088491

b03fd2  No.16088524


It's a lot of fun but I learned that it has to be approached like Harvest Moon with a bunch of neckbeards that can steal your shit. The systems are archaic and obtuse, frequently obfuscating information intentionally to make life difficult (even the Wiki is incomplete or straight up filled with lies) and you can permanently die at any moment.

4bf2ab  No.16088528


How is any system obtuse? Quality makes perfect sense

b03fd2  No.16088537


I was mostly thinking of the UI in general. Left-click your Kuksa then right-click Water, but if you left-click Water then you lose your Kuksa forever…

But yeah, you're right, the cube root of Survival*Lore*Perception divided by two hard-capped by the average of every item in the craft is totally transparent and easy to calculate.

4bf2ab  No.16088567


It's transparent, but a geometric average makes a lot more sense in this game than a linear average, which prevents quality spiraling

1a9c88  No.16088603

File: c1fccb0531339e3⋯.jpg (51.99 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 10155792_10203130291291171….jpg)


>but if you left-click Water then you lose your Kuksa forever

been there

4bf2ab  No.16088606

File: 1dfdd33dedf7f75⋯.png (480.15 KB, 742x349, 742:349, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw rowboat fishing with a wheelbarrow to shuffle stockpiles around, and can teleport it all back at the end

Good shit

1a9c88  No.16088614

File: e0240114f0abbe0⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1077x487, 1077:487, Sin título.png)

>visit Oldhoven

>be in Oldhoven

>nothing happens

mh… I probably have to do something extremely logical, but it doesn´t come to my mind

4bf2ab  No.16088622


Oldhoven is the name of the tree. Right click him.

1a9c88  No.16088630

4bf2ab  No.16088784

File: bc9afe802e6d79d⋯.png (217.39 KB, 379x264, 379:264, ClipboardImage.png)

This is where I like to sort animals into the parts that make them up

4bf2ab  No.16089001

Killed my first bat. Took 57/132 damage on my leather pants though. Yeah, armor really made a difference

4bf2ab  No.16089060


And my fucking leather pants broke in the second combat. Still won, but I had a gilded Molepaw to it, so now I miss out on some nice mason bonuses RIP

49147e  No.16089163


beautiful autism at work here

49147e  No.16089172


There is no "elk" in Haven and Hearth. Do you mean a moose, or a reindeer?

4bf2ab  No.16089184


Probably Moose, since Deer is listed above

4bf2ab  No.16089242

I put my fish fillets in a cave underground, and the frame turned red (which Amber uses to indicate a finished product?). Is that valid, or did I fuck it up?

4bf2ab  No.16089247

File: 630f24e3e0df644⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1056, 20:11, ClipboardImage.png)

Also my cave so far

49147e  No.16089374


Yeah it is probably moose, but it's worth noting that "Red Deer" which are red and "Reindeer" which are gray, are two completely different animals

b03fd2  No.16089438

I got a Gilding Rock with +4 Agi, +4 Int. Seems good.

4bf2ab  No.16089446


My quest rewards have been shit like Feldspar, 7777 LP, hunger reduction (6-9%), and a gilding with +12 melee

4bf2ab  No.16089667

File: ee08c11012a066e⋯.png (528.33 KB, 863x550, 863:550, ClipboardImage.png)

So I think going in there would be a bad idea

4bf2ab  No.16090229

Do beeskeps make potted plants grow faster too?

49147e  No.16090354



they also don't make wheat/barley grow any faster, and good luck raiding beehives for the larvae

b58094  No.16090415


its called two people with beepkeeping, one draws aggro the other immediately raids

4bf2ab  No.16090769

>Friend gets forager credo

>Find a fucking Stalagloom mushroom (100 forage)

>My first forager quest was to find rustroot (500 forage)

>second quest is glimmermoss (1275 forage)

Fucking bullshit.

Anyways, with mole paw clothes, I'm a combined 3 points between per/exp away from finding it

cb920f  No.16090895


You could try peeking in and unlike Beaver Dam, it isn't a instant death trap due to getting trapped in deep water when trying to leave. You do most likely lack the stats to clear it.


My friend's first quest was to collect Green Kelp (over 3000 forage)

cb920f  No.16090896


I got same issue, the thing seems to be only accurate for hides/Wild Windsown Weed, not the fish.

4bf2ab  No.16091003

>Friend tells me he's going to log on at 5 am to capture the Lotus resource

>I know where it is, I'm farming that area for cat tails all day

>Get there early


>See them log in

>Oh shit what if he sees me stealing it

>Grab it within 2 seconds of it spawning, then teleport out

>2 minutes later, see him log off

Sorry, +1 FEP without any penalty is pretty important though

4cbae0  No.16091605


>(even the Wiki is incomplete or straight up filled with lies)

The wiki is, has been, and probably will forever be run by Sabinati. He's a goon and one of the forum moderators. In addition to this, he's also in charge of the Haven Map that everyone uploads their minimaps to.

Suffice to say that, when the Symbel was an unknown and mysterious element that was added to the game, we knew its finer points and could build small gods with relatively little effort.

4bf2ab  No.16091679


Got an example of misinformation?

4cbae0  No.16091696


Old examples, none of them relevant anymore. Withheld information was always more the goons' game.

e28a5f  No.16091852

File: cd520ffb021c6bd⋯.png (158.9 KB, 322x240, 161:120, H&R main account gameplay.png)

>people start moving around us

>bringing unwanted attention to our autism village

>it dawns on me there`s a real possibility of attack

>mfw we reached a point where, just like in real life, a smaller tribe has no chance against aggressors and survival only depends if the big fish either don`t notices us too much or think we are small enough to ignore

I didn`t expect this depth on a autistic farming seweshit game

351933  No.16091863


Currently the big thing I struggle with is just how hugely inaccurate all the FEPs are. I get that they were all adjusted, but with the kind of autism this game requires, it shocks me that no one yet went in and adjusted it. I had to start making a list of Fish myself because they were godly early FEPs for my group.

My group has seen a few headscratchers, like: http://ringofbrodgar.com/wiki/Unarmed_Combat

>Damage can be calculated by the following formula:


>(Shouldn't the Unarmed Combat ability be a factor?)

You're telling me no one can be bothered to fix this? The page itself doubts the formula it presents. Even more baffling than this is we were wondering why it was recommended to start with Unarmed Combat instead of Melee Combat but searching for Melee Combat is not very helpful: http://ringofbrodgar.com/wiki/Skills#Melee_Combat

351933  No.16091872

Basically it's probably the worst Wiki I have ever seen and that's saying something because it's not even a Wikia.

e632ec  No.16091997


As someone playing solo either wiki is pretty useless.

Also semi unrelated but what's the deal with fucking nettles? wiki says they're common but I can't find enough to make clothes.

1e043b  No.16092010


they're common as shit, either up your exploration or go to a different biome that has them

e632ec  No.16092022

File: d88f9735f1974ed⋯.jpg (29.55 KB, 500x365, 100:73, 57e00c7bfb6dac230730363d80….jpg)


Thanks must just be bad luck for me then I got a lot of taproots. I've not been playing long though. I did head out a lot further than usual but some bats bullied me. Don't really know what I am doing anyway. Got exploration to 10 and that's about it so far.

351933  No.16092052


They're common but if you're still new to the game you probably haven't yet adjusted to the timescale of autism this game requires. When you start setting up a farm and tanning leather, you're going to have things you will be waiting literal real life days to harvest, and on a scale of resources that you'll actually need literal real life weeks to make anything relevant out of. In that sense of scale, I can walk around for an hour and have more than enough Nettle for anything I can dream of.

1e043b  No.16092059


don't run all the time it's a waste of energy and hunger

don't go near aggresive mobs like boars and bats and bears and badgers, if you have to at least go to crawl speed

351933  No.16092067


I suggest the Amber client, by the way. Learn the bat icon on the map and just veer away from them until you can fight them. If you're solo, you might well put that off for a long time in favour of other things.

Start raising your Survival - getting to three or four before you Gild your Nettle clothes will prevent you from needing to make new clothes. If you don't know what that means, it's pretty simple - Craft, Clothes and Equipment, Equipment Gilding, Primitive Gildings, Taproot whatever. Left click the Taproot item and right click the Equipment you want to Gild. It will give you Bonus Stats, and the way it works is your bonus received is hardcapped by your current stat e.g. +10 from equipment only gives you 8 if your Survival is 4. With a Spruce Cap you can easily get 20 Survival which will have you set for days to come.

e0ff3f  No.16092082

I really don't care for this new version. I swear it runs worse and is even more fucked than original recipe Haven.

4bf2ab  No.16092096



Okay, so a few important things.

Forageables have a Forage value before they appear. You must have a [Perception x Exploration] value that exceeds it. Nettle is very common, and getting say, 12 per and 8-10 exp will be decent, but more is better. Survival will improve the quality of your items you find, generally (other shit like masonry is for clay, for example)

Speaking of Quality, it's important to understand how it works. An item's quality is generally the average of all the component quality. This quality is then either uncapped (left as is), softcapped, or hardcapped. If the final product's quality exceeds the hardcap, that's it, it becomes fixed to the hardcap value (eg a q20 item HC'd by your 10 surv will become q10).

Softcaps are a little trickier. Instead, you take the uncapped value and multiply it by the SC, then sqrt it. So in the same example 20*10=200, sqrt(200) = 14.1 quality. Think of SC as a way to ease you back towards a point to prevent power spiraling. Oh and in some cases, the quality calculation varies, a lot. Wiki is your friend here.

Also learn how FEPs work and try to only eat for stats, not energy

ee4e8e  No.16092106


>I didn`t expect this depth on a autistic farming seweshit game

It has only just begun..

4bf2ab  No.16092115


I'm in a very fortunate location. My neighbours to the east (about 5m boat ride) occasionally get griefed, but I'm about 4 map tiles from the western edge of the map, I could easily run west and hit the border. There's nothing out here for them to take.

I just kept my external farm looking hopefully trashy enough for them to ignore. I plan to palisade my entrance and use an alternate entrance (though this would make farming trickier). I share the cave with someone, I saw a rudimentary base far in the system

e632ec  No.16092134

File: 8e692bbb6e841ab⋯.png (305.5 KB, 480x579, 160:193, fc657077b5b864d69ece380801….png)




Thanks guys will try to take in all that advice. Just making some tendies then I'll have another crack at it. Hopefully my meagre shit hasn't been raided. Thankfully I found a boat so travel isn't too bad for me.

1e043b  No.16092202


don't go in the oceans with anything that's not a knarr, good luck

e632ec  No.16092304

File: 0b956f6d6b02ae0⋯.png (43.17 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 0b956f6d6b02ae06b0c5409bed….png)


Thanks, I have a rowboat so I'll stay away. To be honest I'm expecting someone to pinch it while I'm offline just like how I got mine. So easy come easy go.

4bf2ab  No.16092338


Rowboats are nice. Normally you have to set up a tar kiln and wait about 8 hours for enough tar

4bf2ab  No.16092389

File: 9d306f726ebc386⋯.png (864.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Kinda ran out of stuff for the last column

4bf2ab  No.16092399


Well fuck, I just overwrote my PSD save so now it's only a png

1e043b  No.16092465


this omits the fact that you can get hunger reductions from questing, otherwise seems ok?

e632ec  No.16093248

File: bfbf941d4ef21ab⋯.jpg (49.11 KB, 526x640, 263:320, bfbf941d4ef21ab02815225bff….jpg)

Went on a bloody long trip to see what these quests are about. End up on a long, long wild goose chase to something I can't reach without my boat which is far behind. Still end up with 800lp which makes me happy.

Then I find a fishing rod lying on the floor on the way home. Finally found enough nettles on trip to make a full set of clothes so I'm no longer naked man.

Have a Leanto and some crates finally.

Now I have no idea what to do? I guess earn enough lp from quests for yeomanry then find somewhere to stake a claim and build a house?

5c3289  No.16093253


Start building some Drying Racks. Dry out some Wild Windsown Seeds so you can start a farm, and Hides so you can begin Leather production. Those two are pretty big things. You'll probably want to keep them on a claim else you'll have to babysit it all to prevent raiders and decay.

e632ec  No.16093268

File: 7b1fadff572e1f4⋯.png (176.49 KB, 359x343, 359:343, question_cute_girl.png)


Right so get yeomanry then start the drying thing. 4k LP seems like a lot but maybe fishing and carpentry will give me good LP or should I just quest on for some too?

5c3289  No.16093281



Quests are good, and they get better once you've done a couple. My recommendation is to abandon the quests until you find a questgiver reasonably close to your settlement, then just spend a few hours at it to get a big list going. In the meantime, a really good object to focus on building is a Study Desk so you can start getting the good LP gains. The biggest part of that is 40 Bones, so just find a Meadow and destroy some cocks and hens. Keep their feathers, bones, and entrails.

Fishing has great foods for INT gains early on, but most fish are way bloated with excess stats. I'll just copy-paste the list I've been making because the Wiki is garbage: (these are all spitroasted values, you get tons of food and if you're in Ravenous it's one fish per level up - if you're not in Ravenous, questing helps you get back into Ravenous with a bit of time/luck)

Bad Fish:







Lavaret CON/AGI


Perch INT/STR 66% INT!!!

Salmon CHA/INT/STR meh





Grayling PER/AGI/CHA


Haddock PER/AGI


Mackerel INT


Herring INT/DEX 50/50


Rose fish WIL/CHA 66% WIL

e632ec  No.16093313

File: abc2a9714c90396⋯.jpg (39.93 KB, 615x482, 615:482, abc2a9714c90396ec956e60d48….jpg)


Ah thank you, I'll build a spitroast thing tomorrow and I think I have one quest guy pretty close so I should be okay hopefullu. Cheers dude.

4bf2ab  No.16093327


I'd actually recommend you find a cave and just build the racks inside right now, at least a screen from the entrance so it doesn't look used. Or you can do both and just have a forward outpost somewhere.

Try to get all the cheap skills (2000 or less LP) and acquire all the different raw materials you can, wax, leather, string, etc., and build all the production style buildings. You can chase links all over the wiki and see what unlocks what

5c3289  No.16093329

File: d61b320f6491806⋯.jpg (23.18 KB, 269x175, 269:175, ss (2019-02-07 at 06.49.49….jpg)


And here's my Study Desk setup, so that you stop thinking 4K LP is a lot. You'll probably need to find a replacement for Bat Wings if you aren't getting into combat (my group has afforded splitting roles which helps a lot) but otherwise I think this is a great setup, so I sincerely recommend 25/30 INT as an important breakpoint.

Mirkwood Offering and Feather Trinket are both great LP/hour, and the latter I think should scale very well into the mid-game because of how well you can improve its quality. You can also get both of them sorted very easily: Chickens will give you Feathers for the Trinket and Entrails for the Offering.

Gooseneck Barnacle is a very low-effort high-reward curiosity. Seven hours for something that spawns frequently along coasts, and so far I've never seen one under q20 which is 194/hr. It's extremely easy to stockpile these and forget them.

Bat Wings are legit. q15 is 269 LP/hr, and if you can kill Bats you're getting valuable Meat for Nutjerky, Hide for Leather, and more bones. Needs some investment into combat skills and some decent AGI to not take a lot of damage.

Wavestrider is the hardest to stockpile, and only because finding higher quality ones can suck, but they're still very efficient and last nearly 4 hours, so six a day covers you.

That brings you to 25 Attention, and there's decent options to flex the last 5 Attention: A pairing of a 2 and a 3, like Dragonflies+Ladybug, or Tuber+Stalagoom, or a decent 5 Attention item but is hard to really stockpile like Worm-eaten Apple, Cave Moth, Mallard Feather… You're not going to be devoting a ton of time to upkeeping the last 5 Attention, but I think it'd be hard to do more until you get into Mining.

With a Study Desk and this set-up it's a nearly free and effortless 33K+ LP per day.

4bf2ab  No.16093335


>Meat for Nutjerky

Does batmeat specifically help more than say, Squirrel? What do you consider good LP/h for an item? I usually cut them if they're less than around 240 or so. I mostly get the feather tokens and toy boats and sometimes a cone cow. I should make more offerings but I figured it'd be a waste to invest in it since I'm limited by Q10 wood

5c3289  No.16093345


Squirrel I think loses some Str for Agi, so it's not necessarily bad. Bat's the best Nutjerky we've found so far until I'm presuming Boar, but it's honestly hard to keep track of because all the wikis are wrong. Both of us eating Nutjerky don't want crafting stats though, so it might not matter nearly as much to solo players - we have to care more about the stat split because we can specialize.

4bf2ab  No.16093362

File: 853bf1e3a8770c6⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1056, 20:11, ClipboardImage.png)

I've got pic related and 38 tanned hides. What should I do with them

5c3289  No.16093367


idk we think they're trash tbh. we just drop them.

4bf2ab  No.16093419


Also, I have to leave for a few days, what are some good curios to study? I did the math and figured I need about 30 offerings, are the expensive LP ones like cruel splinter worth i t?

b58094  No.16093445


you can used them as prepared hide in recipes and as curios

4bf2ab  No.16093475


They're kinda shitty as a curio, but I've been using them as leather scraps. I crafted two Nine-Tails curios and get 314 LP/h of them (21h study time), but that should work since I'll be gone for a bit

4bf2ab  No.16093806

I finally got a second wheelbarrow, now I can efficiently strip the riverbed of Q20 clay. Happy day

Turns out my clay inlet is actually a Q20 node - I have more masonry and it leveled off

4bf2ab  No.16094011

So my friend is a new player and made an alt because he fucked up his first character somewhat. Now he can't figure out how to cook a squirrel. The "Food" menu isn't showing up in the craft menu for some reason and he says he has Hunting and Foraging done, what do?

b58094  No.16094038


did he discover the squirrel and its meat

4bf2ab  No.16094041


I think the problem was that he built a stick fire, and not a fireplace

4bf2ab  No.16094077


Nope that's not it. I made a new character, went through the tutorial, found a dead rabbit and butchered it and got the ability to cook meat.

Now he's running Amber on Linux but that absolutely should make no differnece

4bf2ab  No.16094094

File: 33f3e30dfc0fc36⋯.png (51.02 KB, 189x211, 189:211, ClipboardImage.png)

Beat up some bats again since I had a surplus of leather. That's about 1/4 damage to my shield, helm, pants, and body. I need more UC to beat them up faster, I guess? I got a shield and put a few points into MC for higher block%

cb920f  No.16094103


Unarmed Combat determines how effective most your moves are. Melee Combat is only used for weapons and Shield Up maneuver.

4bf2ab  No.16094112


Sure, and I figured I should put a few points into MC just because the shield's extra block is that good, right? Anyways, I put the second bat to death no problem and earned Full Circle, my first melee attack

cb920f  No.16094121


Are you actually wielding shield? Can't tell from your picture. Without it, you only get half of your MC value. Also it's more effective to just raise UA.

4bf2ab  No.16094141


Yeah I am.

I have 13 UC and 6 MC right now, and I figured with 250% BV on Shields Up, it would equate to 15 x Weight for my defense, whereas Chin Up gives me 100% BV, or 13 x Weight, so it should be better for defense, no?

Also with higher MC, I can pop some cheap gildings on and inflate my defense further, which means less wasted leather.

>Dead monsters deal no damage

e8f562  No.16094180


16UA is pretty bad. What's your AGI? That determines how fast you take turns, and Bats are pretty fast.

4bf2ab  No.16094187

File: 68b02287a2c9502⋯.png (429.5 KB, 778x312, 389:156, ClipboardImage.png)



These are my stats at the moment. I'm just happy that I can finally start to kill bigger animals, even if it costs me some leather to do so

e8f562  No.16094201


Yeah you just need to raise your UA more. Melee Combat really won't help you that much until you get Melee Combat moves.

4bf2ab  No.16094207


I'll work on that. I can make a combat clothing set that has those gildings that add to both, and that should help a lot.

But am I wrong? As described >>16094141, my shield setup should give me technically a very slight defense edge right now, right?

e8f562  No.16094233


I guess, but versus a Bat if your stats were better you wouldn't even be taking more than single digit damage anyway.

4bf2ab  No.16094383

Okay, so I read something about how each piece of armor receives damage proportional to the amount of soak it has. This would mean that the higher total defense you have, the less your openings are raised, which means that each piece also receives less, so it kinda compounds off itself.

So then, what's the difference between hard and soft soak values?

cb920f  No.16094388

I think the best tactic against bat (and possibly) against other animals as well) is to spam punch and use defenses/restorations when you have openings over 40 because only then the enemy starts to actually deal damage.

4bf2ab  No.16094395


My problem was that I understood the combat system, but didn't realize how fucking crucial it is to actually raise UC. Even 5-10 lets you start fighting back, but not having it just means you waste time lowering your openings by like 0.5 each round

4bf2ab  No.16094435

>Got through a fight with enough stacked defense that I only lost 2u of durability across all my armors, and the next fight I lost nothing

This is feeling good. Soon I'll have more leather than I know what to do with. Hermiting feels nice

c20a0d  No.16094438

File: c8f33e9fd1dadd2⋯.png (53.32 KB, 222x182, 111:91, java_2019-02-07_23-22-00.png)

4bf2ab  No.16094440


How'd you get that? Just digging random walls from a vein you spotted? How much strength is needed to start mining effectively? My base still says the rock is much too tough, even with 24 strength

cb920f  No.16094454


Someone else in my group is handling the mining/metal but I think it's around 30-50.

c20a0d  No.16094481


dooooon't bother

you can only find metal ores if they re distributed in the physical region of the mine you're in, but crucially all the ores you extract will have a shit chance of smelting to metal if you don't have all the mining related skills when you do.

you only know you're in a metal-bearing cave if you randomly hit a wall, don't cave it in, and see an ore deposit on the other side. you then get to play minesweeper while trying to guess what direction has more of the ore instead of trash rocks.


also, your friend misled you: you get the biggest increases in mining power from making your tools slightly better evne with terrible strength.

sink lots of points into masonry (20 hard points minimum),and wander around the world with a shovel, using a->d on any sheet of surface rock you find.

eventually, you will find a sheet of surface rock that digs up at something better than 10, maybe 12 or 15.

use your stone axe to split a wood block, make a new stone axe with the q15 stone and q10 branch.

then use the q15 stone axe to split another wood block, the branches will be better, and you can craft another axe closer to the stone's quality.

repeat this until an axe made by recombining stones and branches chopped by your bext axe doesn't increase the quality of the output axe anymore.

this is the hidden autism grinding secret to mining stone: you want to have a q15 or better stone axe made from q20 or better surface sheet stone, since surface sheet stone has its quality capped by your masonry and not your bad noob tools.

the quality of the axe is multiplied by your strength for calculating both the quality of stones you mine and also the speed you mine, so the faster you tech up your stone axes the less food, energy, and time you will spend cutting each stone wall.

get creative: if you can sneak into someone else's mine and take garbage stones they left on the ground to make your noob stone axes better, it means you can explore your own caves that much faster and try to find your own metal.

if you don't autismgrind your tools, your miner will spend tons of ingame energy meter finding nothing useful, and if you ever strike a really high quality node of stone (improve your axes, production buildings, curios), he'll lower its quality by so much from the bad tools you won't even notice that you were mining precious stuff.

since your badtool miner is using most of his hunger meter to regenerate energy, his stat growth stalls and slows to nothing and he can't level up his strength anymore.

da269c  No.16094969

reading you guys trying to learn the game is so fucking comfy for some reason

4bf2ab  No.16095091

File: 4dd881a5c086d9a⋯.png (348.31 KB, 707x464, 707:464, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 690b464982d2fab⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1056, 20:11, ClipboardImage.png)


4bf2ab  No.16095107


Fuck I'm so mad, I have to leave for (((Toronto))) in an hour and I'll be gone for 2 days. It's my fault for not building a palisade, but nobody's been near my area for over a week so I thought a claim would be fine

They probably smashed it, they didn't take anything else. I don't even have the resources to replace it right now

b58094  No.16095108


toggle tracking and see if you can find the tresspass scent, assuming your claim is actually up

4bf2ab  No.16095110


>inb4 they were allowed to do a diagonal entry because my of claim shape

4bf2ab  No.16095119

File: 1b65e668419e69c⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1920x1056, 20:11, ClipboardImage.png)


Oooh, looks like someone came from my main entrance and had a little look. Can I only track while they're on my claim? The footprints don't seem to extend any further

da269c  No.16095122

To all my ""special friends"" - Ozzy's base is at 44,120

bash him before he gets to strong please

4bf2ab  No.16095132

File: 613c00c7962880f⋯.png (54.52 KB, 195x187, 195:187, ClipboardImage.png)


Looks pretty big.

da269c  No.16095133


You can "pick up" the scent and use it to track the perpetrator to his hearthfire

know though that the lesser the crime the weaker and shorter the scent will be so be sure to use it now if you want to find the baddie

4bf2ab  No.16095136

File: bf8180398d19ede⋯.png (864.29 KB, 830x517, 830:517, ClipboardImage.png)


>Time limited and I have errands


Oh man

4bf2ab  No.16095145

File: f42f4ebb739b778⋯.png (463.58 KB, 493x516, 493:516, ClipboardImage.png)

Down to 2 scent uses left, said it was due south of my base. Probably where my cursor is, or further. Fuckface

I'm annoyed it happened but it's my own fault and it's a great feeling of personal vengeance that actually matters. Wish more games were like this

4bf2ab  No.16095152

File: b0dc3a5ddaba56f⋯.png (63.29 KB, 100x245, 20:49, ClipboardImage.png)

Wait, they're close.

b58094  No.16095154


are you sure thats not a marker you placed yourself?

4bf2ab  No.16095160

File: 0a6d94dc5c5c667⋯.png (118.84 KB, 266x206, 133:103, ClipboardImage.png)


The red flag is my base marker, where I used the first scent, and it pointed south. I went to the lake and used another and it pointed north(ish). I went to the area between them and it pointed west (my last one).

I found a heathfire that belongs to one of my friends from another place. I trust him. Keep in mind, this was a trespass scent on an old character of his, and might have been from the claim entrance at the top of my base, so I have no idea. Damnit.

I'm considering a palisade, but I want easy outdoor access, but sealing it up and going full hermit is too difficult for me at the moment, plus I have the surface crops

da269c  No.16095188

File: 55b8f4e40cfa260⋯.png (551.06 KB, 635x735, 127:147, hnhmap1.png)


lol, found ya

go get him boys

4bf2ab  No.16095195


>griefing other /v/irgins

I seriously hope you guys don't do this

da269c  No.16095205


>western continent

nobody strong or important lives there, dude got lucky

4bf2ab  No.16095220


No just the west island, but near a map edge too. My place is nice and remote, except for the occasional smalltime griefer.

Just the same, I wasnt planning on keeping that base permanently though i dont want to abandon it quite yet. Wheres a good spot for a farm? They take a ton of surface space and are easily found.

I can foresee myself making a wilderness base on cave 2 or 3 when the time comes and having rows and rows of potted plants and drying racks

da269c  No.16095239


Oh damn, I always thought about going full-cave hermit

going like 2-3 levels deep, surviving only on stuff available underground and stuff

remember to make a strong alt that will destroy the mine holes behind you so that nobody will be able to reach you from above

da269c  No.16095245

File: e9c0d26b5f32ab3⋯.png (42.95 KB, 543x541, 543:541, atlas.png)



46e58f  No.16095526


Thanks for this post. I sort of knew about the concept of spiraling qualities but the applications were lost on me as a new player. In general, this is also what I find a bit infuriating - extremely important secrets and techniques are kept rather inaccessible in the places most people would look if they even are looking. There's nothing on the Wikis about this or half of the other important stuff I learned.

4cbae0  No.16095557




Goons hoarded secrets through earlier worlds and it became something of a tradition for everyone to do it. One of the better places to learn from is the forums, where people like Enderwiggin and KlauE used to hang around. I'm not sure if they still do anymore, but guides still occasionally get written by other people who haven't been ruined by the other players.

c20a0d  No.16095576


The wikis and forums are incomplete because the people who write wikis or forum posts are the people who want to exploit new players the most.

Ask yourself what motivations someone might have for wanting to be the first person new players hear advice from. If you wanted economic power or an advantage in character / village progression, how would you benefit from incomplete, poorly collated public information and well-organized private libraries?


Forums are shit too lol. Every problem I've come across learning how to mine required me to personally experiment with the game and see what worked. I learned 10x faster playing the game than by trying to read, and by the time I tried to find answers to obscure problems in the forums and wiki, I hit the point where all good information was buried or secret.

49147e  No.16095968


>he doesn't live in Dicksy Land (aka down south)

d6fe37  No.16096679


Use them with hedgehog quills to make forager's brooch.


based retard

8c1a7a  No.16097093

Lily I figured out how to make an audio res. It is just an ogg but it has some stuff added at the beginning, namely "Haven Resource 1[0x01, 0x00]audio[0x00, file length]"

1. Export ogg from audacity with no metadata, otherwise it will crash

2. Open in hex editor and copy the header from an existing res

3. Change the length value, a big endian 4 byte int, to whatever your file was BEFORE adding the header


49e9d3  No.16097470

My farm is still okay and I didnt miss out on too many hours of XP. I had 10m before bed and now im going onto day 2 of a MTG event

d479e6  No.16097475


Foragers Brooch is neat I guess but our bottleneck is most certainly the Hedgehogs, not the Squirrel Tails. I guess that makes me retarded but Nine-Tails isn't worth as a curio and for how frequently we've found Hedgehogs we could just keep one tail ready at a time.

d6fe37  No.16097532


Ninetails was very recently buffed, it's quite a bit better now.

d479e6  No.16097739


We'd crafted one and for costing 9 Squirrel Tails it seems meh. I guess it's not really a resource cost to make when you can make infinite drying racks.

Does anyone know the conditions for Gooseneck Barnacles? They were plentiful in our old base - but nevermind, I realise it's probably the ocean they spawn in specifically.

d6fe37  No.16097820


Yeh, the spawn on the stony beach near the ocean. They're really solid if you can find them Q30-40.

115ff1  No.16098039

File: 11de99798c49f04⋯.png (45.46 KB, 126x138, 21:23, hitler.PNG)

its back lads

a2763a  No.16098278

I played this for an hour when it first came out, I remember slowly dying of hunger and getting mauled to death by a bear or some shit, is it even worth playing 5+ years later?

5369b3  No.16098285


you will still die to hunger and get bodied by a wild animal if you're a shitter and unwilling to sink many hours to learn the game

Still it's a little bit more forgiving now

d85bb7  No.16098946

Going to register to start playing and the site is using HTTP so the registered details may be seen… am I missing something?

cb920f  No.16099146


The codemonkey of the project thinks SSL is Jewish racket, they have some kind of their own certificate thing but I haven't figured it out. Or at least there is way to get side trusted for https.

a8a166  No.16099218

Having played in world 7 and earlier trying to play this game now just seems straight up worse. Things like wounds, hunger, localized resources, removal of natures seem targeted to screw over people who actually play the game and create things that people who bot can ignore completely.

cb920f  No.16099249


I think wounds are alright as concept but their execution is pretty bad.

4cbae0  No.16099308


They've been trying to battle the botting menace since it began. Curiosities were introduced because they thought it would help curb it, when it really only allowed a supply train to be created and maintained without having to constantly monitor your hearthling as it went out and deforested the world to make wooden clogs.

Entire villages could be operated and maintained by bots with that particular innovation. One could be set up to wander a set path, utilizing the pathfinder algorithm navigate around trouble, and look for curiosities. Another could search for blueberries and spindly taproots. A third, running a farm every hour or so, sorting good seeds from bad, and turning the bad wheat into flour, which would then be delivered to the chef-bot, who would make blueberry pies and leave them on a feasting table for combat bots to eat, so they could fit more curiosities in their mental inventory and get more UA faster. Those advanced enough would have bear-hunting duty, typically wandering the same path as the blueberry-and-string forager or the curiosity forager, only without being set up to travel to hearthfire when an unknown hearthling or a bear came on screen. Coordinate data would then be sent back to the survivalist bot, who would wander back into the village square to slaughter it after the combatbot picked it up and traveled back to the village claim, along with one of the deer that a lesser combatbot beat to death. Strength and Agility, settled in one swoop, because bear bangers are good for the former and delicious deer dogs are good for the latter. Meanwhile, there's a bot patrolling the walls, prepared to scream an alarm in the botvillagechat that causes them all to log off for two hours, thus avoiding detection should Jorb or Loftar be wandering the world.

Things are a little harder now, though. More considerations to take into account with each bot unit, meaning more headaches and more contingencies to plan around. I haven't bothered this world because I'm not invested enough to go through it all.

c35763  No.16099438


Jorbtar don't officially disallow bots. I have a public client with quite a few bots built into it and I've never once got an angry PM from either of them asking me to remove them. My pepper bot was 100% automated from harvest to grinding.

4cbae0  No.16099501


I think it's nice that you added the "officially" part. They still hate bots, but understand that they'd lose a great number of players if they brought the hammer down now. In my experience, having been nuked in the past, it's something that could tip the scales from "we don't like this" to "this must be destroyed."

I guess you don't have a script-based bot engine?

4cbae0  No.16099508


I should clarify. A script-based bot engine that does other things, aside from the bots you've written, and allows players to write their own.

c35763  No.16099523


My client includes the Purus script functionality that lets anybody write their own scripts and just toss them in the folder to run. Shubla's client has had that functionality for a long time and they never said anything to him about it either. At the moment according to loftar there are 1 users of my client per 4 Amber, market share on the rise.

d6fe37  No.16099533


My only problem with your client is the aesthetics. Any way to remove the black shit from the crafting menu? I'd use your client if the interface, save the meters, were closer to vanilla.

c35763  No.16099539



Extract so that hafen.jar is in the same folder as the res folder. Will convert everything back to vanilla. I tried to make the alternate UI a toggle but there's a lot of Loftar autism in the way he loads res files that prevented it.

c43aa7  No.16101189

Well this game is awesome so far. Did some quests then made a timber house and put some stockpiles and a bed in it. Can't get Locks & Bolts yet and won't be able to stake a claim even if I get Yeomanry. Let's hope no one rapes me. Haven't really seen many other players so I can't tell if people are cunts or not on this game. Still haven't found any string. Spent 15 minutes going around river on a dugout and no cattails… seriously how do you get string.

b58094  No.16101204


taproots and nettles are also string.

310d68  No.16101343


>can't tell if people are cunts or not on this game

I say an enthusiastic "Hi!" to every person I met

50% of the time I get a hello back and maybe some nice info about the area or a friend invite

other 50% I just get smacked on the head for half my HP and get called names in russian/polish

d6fe37  No.16101440


Yeah, just be cool honestly. Most people are friendly, but wary.

9b921a  No.16101471

I think they stole my shield as well, in addition to my previous study desk loss. I feel like making a secret house deep in the cave with just that.

4cbae0  No.16101592


I learned something important from a wandering thief, back in world 9. The key to not getting your shit kicked in by someone you meet in the wilderness is to stick to a neutral greeting and in a language that isn't commonly spoken in the hearthlands. The other is to display an equally neutral amount of personal wealth. Leather clothes, which can come from anything that can be made of leather, are a good choice because they also allow gilding for Agility bonuses, which makes you more dangerous in combat.

I recommend German salutations, both for meetings and partings, because they're almost identical to English excepting the umlauts and the ß which means you don't have to quickly type some alt-codes or use a translator to use them. It's also extremely important to turn a greeting into a conversation, because even Russians are less inclined to brutalize someone they're actively engaged in speaking with.


>*Whatever response, it doesn't really matter*

>May we speak English? I need practice, and you seem civil.

Wah-lah, as they say.

9b921a  No.16101828

File: 57379f45b265aee⋯.png (126.44 KB, 321x253, 321:253, asdf.png)

So how do I choose a good proper cave base? I keep finding big caverns

a8a166  No.16101924


by making it yourself, a proper cave base is made by tunneling under a body of water and then building your stuff

9b921a  No.16102033


Oh I see, that prevents them from tunneling from above, yes?

I don't have the strength to dig walls out, for the most part. I only have like 22.

9b921a  No.16102396

Should I be putting my road signs on paved ground?

af5e09  No.16102459

File: 5ab13d5939415c5⋯.jpg (44.28 KB, 492x449, 492:449, c0584e8bb87bfa99ad71359612….jpg)

Is there some special technique to applying firebrand to fireplace? What am I doing wrong?

d85bb7  No.16102824


Make sure the fireplace is placed on the ground. Make sure it has fuel in it like braches or blocks of wood. You can see if it has fuel by right clicking on the fireplace and checking if the left orange bar is somewhat filled. Have two branches in your inventory. Adventure->Light Fire. Make sure you have enough stamina to make a firebrand. Your stamina will go down by about half when making it. When it's done your cursor will change to a stick on fire. This does not last long before it disappears. Right-click on the fireplace and wait for it to light. The firebrand might go out whilst trying to light the fireplace so you'll need to try again.

115ff1  No.16102948


Remember to drink water before trying to light another fire.

If the fireplace heats up enough you can just shove fuel then right click it to light it from embers alone. You can also use a stick on a full fireplace to get a firebrand that is noticeably better because you're not spending 2 minutes trying to start a fire and fucking up your energy. You may also alt+lmb to move around with the firebrand active

If you want to set up ovens or whatever (they're better in almost every way) you can just put a single fireplace in front of them.

d85bb7  No.16103157

Right… I must have spawned in a world without string. Seriously, no cattails, no nettles, no taproot. This is ridiculous. I can't make anything.

310d68  No.16103212


how high is your perception times exploration score?

d85bb7  No.16103220


Yeah I was looking at the wiki and that's probably the problem.

01211b  No.16104747


Get like 8 to 10 perception then

cb920f  No.16104856


Frog Legs are decent early game PER food, they mostly give AGI but that is useful too.

d6fe37  No.16105110


Frog legs are honestly GREAT.

4bf2ab  No.16105173



Sorry I mean 8-10 exploration, since that's cheap and easy. Optimizing food early is tricky sometimes. But yeah, getting like, 280 or so forage stat early (with decent survival) is very important.

I found Nettle to be essential because I've been making alt clothing sets to shuffle stat bonuses around

d6fe37  No.16105185


Nettles are quite literally one of the most important resources in your first day or two.

cb920f  No.16105193


Don't worry too much about Nettle Burns either, they heal quickly and actually INCREASE your survival rather than reduce it. Said wound used to do the opposite when first implemented. Fortunately devs listened when people pointed out how broken that would make the early game (in a bad way.)

d6fe37  No.16105200


Caveat to this, I -think- nettle burns will stack with midge bites/antcid burns/bee stings, and give you allergic reactions. This cripples your character for a day or so, -10 str/agi per wound.

cb920f  No.16105219


Forgot about that. Adder bite can also count as one of the three types of wounds necessary to create Allergic Reaction.

4bf2ab  No.16105245


Adders are niggers, they kill your Str too hard, too

4bf2ab  No.16105254

>Some random guy walks up to my farm area and asks for rocks

>Donate two feldspar boulders

>He's one of the guys that nigged the Ancient Windthrow day 1, add him as a contact because I might need some later, never know

>Apparently there's someone with a bronze sword in the area

>Says everyone here is really friendly though

>Tells me I can abandon my BS glimmermoss quest

>Get one to study a dandelion instead, my progress is about to be unbound

Why is this game so comfy

d6fe37  No.16105267


Swedish shed building simulator is the comfiest genre

4bf2ab  No.16105479

>Have 4/8 straw to make herb table finally

>Realize that I need to do 6:1 craft to make straw into twine

>Just planted some hemp


I'm way further from it than I thought

9d66cf  No.16105584


Straw twine isn't usable for a herbalist table

4bf2ab  No.16105591

>Found glimmermoss about 5 minutes later


cb920f  No.16105605



49147e  No.16105795

4bf2ab  No.16106284

File: 662dcb171b71656⋯.png (1012.72 KB, 1119x582, 373:194, ClipboardImage.png)

New base is coming along well

4bf2ab  No.16106509


af5e09  No.16106694

My perception is 15 and exploration is 5 - when can I start finding cattails?

4bf2ab  No.16106773




250 forage, or 16 in each value. Might be easiest to get like 17 perception, then get 8 exploration, and buff it with gilding

4bf2ab  No.16106850

File: e177051d9b71d71⋯.png (718.3 KB, 848x900, 212:225, ClipboardImage.png)

>Don't have any glue

>Need to kill 40 bats to get enough bone material for a study desk

4bf2ab  No.16107220


That went very fast for some reason

4bf2ab  No.16107298

File: 70436a14261e7e5⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1920x1056, 20:11, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks junky as fuck but two houses, a cave system, and lots of fencing. Neat base

62757a  No.16108564


did this with my first bucket, now have a cabin and still no fucking string

f5d735  No.16108633

File: 34a18a314c67665⋯.jpg (12.48 KB, 299x250, 299:250, 1411391744227.jpg)


Not near the water anon, it's gonna be hell later on.

8f7177  No.16108756


Its not mine. I already moved to a deep cave and put up some hidden roadsigns to fast travel through it

8f7177  No.16109749

Assuming I domesticate an animal, do I need to hitch it anymore? How does penning work? Should it be on claimed land? Do horses need to be on grass tile etc

b58094  No.16109752


once its domesticated it will eat out of a trough that you can produce and can be fenced in or left to wander your fenced plot

5bc87d  No.16109776

War soon lads

8f7177  No.16109790


Assuming I dont fence it, what happens? Does it wander forever until someone steals it or it dies of hunger/gets killed ?

Never looked into animal mechanics much because I didnt plan on getting UC for a while but im almost there

b58094  No.16109839


you ought to fence it within the area of the trough to ensure it actually eats and doesn't pull a wurm and starve to death in your paved parking lot

4bf2ab  No.16109891


Okay, thanks.

Also, I just realized I should have made Beast Rings a long, long time ago for the str/agi buff. What's a good guilding to pop on it? I figure Polished Porphyry Beads would be good, use them as a general combat/mining ring

4bf2ab  No.16109992

Ayy, just realized I can beat up foxes now

668042  No.16111248


you can only use gems to gild jewelry unfortunately and the beast rings counts as such

115ff1  No.16111266

>Bring a sheep to my place

>Server crashes

its back up

62757a  No.16111315

File: 2d4104762c55d7f⋯.png (4.45 MB, 1919x1015, 1919:1015, getting there.png)

day two getting pretty cozy.

the wait time on the drying racks though…..

668042  No.16111343


better quality of racks = shorter drying time, my dude

f5d735  No.16111636

File: 4e49d482bfc42af⋯.png (879.07 KB, 957x900, 319:300, 3b9.png)

Is there anyone in the west continent with a spare pickaxe or that wants to trade one? Mining in this game is making me want to hurt myself.

4bf2ab  No.16112040


Figured that out. Still 6 str is nice to have.



Sorry what's the advantage of a wooden fence with a claim, as opposed to just a claim?

b58094  No.16112044


the advantage is someone needs vandalism to bash the fence then steal your shit

4bf2ab  No.16112171

File: 912a7a5bb2adadb⋯.png (197.8 KB, 490x324, 245:162, ClipboardImage.png)

Got this faggot hitched up. The wiki says a yellow number will appear to indicate taming progress, but it hasn't

42b8b2  No.16112422

So for you veterans, what kind of curios are secretly really good? I don't mean the obvious ones that everyone should be studying early world, but the hidden gems that can be turned into decent q curiosities? I recently realised how decent Prisms can be, given that Crucibles/Fuel won't affect the end product, making it purely a question of how much Lore you're willing to raise, with a bonus side effect of possibly getting some Fulgurite while digging Sand.

668042  No.16112569


The yellow number only flashes briefly at the end of each taming session.

You have to wait for the horse to enter his "Fighting Stance", then initiate combat with him, immediately hit the Peace button near the horse combat portrait and then proceed to repeatedly punch the beast in the head.

If done correctly after it sustains enough damage the combat will end automaticaly (will not if you haven't pressed the peace button and you'll just kick the creature to death) and the taming progress will show up above him for a while

remember you have to leash the horse to the post after each fight or else it will wander away and despawn

The creature enters the fighting stance only once per day and will fuck off if you let him wait too long (like 2-3 days iirc)

good luck

668042  No.16112587


as the other anon said, after you get your crops up, straw dolls are insane

before that mirkwood offerings, ruby dragonflies (not confused with emerald ones) and feather trinkets are a good staple imo

eff619  No.16112615

File: 361b958cb91af8e⋯.png (934.17 KB, 974x464, 487:232, a64.png)

b58094  No.16112625


I spy with my little eye someones settlement getting raided by everyone within 4 supergrids.

512b5f  No.16112653


with what battering ram? :^)

eff619  No.16112698


Good luck finding us :)

b58094  No.16112703


>implying the interested parties, deprived of their natural wonder, haven't already mapped you and are prepared to trade for brimstone on the forums

eff619  No.16112716


Nice memes, but we have a lot of allies.

000000  No.16112801


other fighters is shit next to our royal guards.

668042  No.16112805

File: a13508456e340b9⋯.mp4 (198.5 KB, 186x280, 93:140, hnh plunger.mp4)

i hate this game

668042  No.16113114


go questing

hunt for more bones and leather

forage the wax-making plants

make sure you have a solid wall up

try and find some friendly neighbours to trade and forge alliances with


build a bech and afk on it for a couple of hours everyday like me

1e043b  No.16113706

8c1a7a  No.16113712

File: 345048481c843c3⋯.jpg (15.89 KB, 292x271, 292:271, de2b5888be4bca70a58fcfc879….jpg)

>Added a burnout mechanic to Dugouts. In order to construct a Dugout you now need to first carve them, and then light them on fire to hollow them out. The burnout lasts for about an ingame hour. Should hopefully make them a tad less throw-away.

>Satiations now last around two ingame days, rather than one.

4bf2ab  No.16113813


>10 days after world reset

>He still doesn't have a rowboat of his own

4bf2ab  No.16114026

File: d70df9b9b7798df⋯.png (42.93 KB, 293x729, 293:729, ClipboardImage.png)

Okay this has to be intentional

d6fe37  No.16114054

File: 7b6dbfc998581fa⋯.png (230.55 KB, 411x418, 411:418, 05347ca42c883a60890ecaa1d6….png)


>he doesn't have a knarr

4bf2ab  No.16114060


Why do I need a transport ship in a cave?

b58094  No.16114247


its existed since legacy and in legacy it used to give you HARM FEPs too just to add to the joke, I mean fucking look at the artwork for it

821157  No.16114486

Any tricks to finding coal to mine or is it literally luck?

d6fe37  No.16114554


There's no coal on L1, if that's your problem.

821157  No.16114594


Is the only way to go down to L2 with a Minehole?

4bf2ab  No.16114612

File: b87445ef5507b1c⋯.png (30.18 KB, 216x233, 216:233, ClipboardImage.png)

>Keep getting hard/bullshit quests for my tier 3 forager credo

>Keep abandoning them and cycling between having tier 2 bonuses and not

>Eventually get stuck at tier 2

Not gonna make it

821157  No.16114626

So currently I can't fight things because of the wounds system, and I've got three stockpiles of ores ready to be smelted but we can't access black coal and when we moved bases we didn't make new Tar Kilns because we didn't realise the reliance on it for charcoal..

So I guess I'm just going to take a 3.5 day break??

4bf2ab  No.16114649

So do I need to find a mudflat for Thorny Thistle? I can't just make a huge dirt field can I

d6fe37  No.16114661




>So I guess I'm just going to take a 3.5 day break??

Also yes, or you could trade for coal. What continent?

4bf2ab  No.16114671

Server down? REEEE

821157  No.16114683


Nah I'm not going to worry about trading. We tried to raid a beehive because the patch supposedly made it more reasonable to do so (to try to make a Bee Skep to get wax). I ended up with two Allergic Reactions after three hits total, which means now I can't even mine. Kind of sucked away all my energy to play for the time being.

Haven's a lot of fun but there are a lot of things that just really suck sometimes, and a lot of the huge waits that lock huge chunks of progression are one of them. This game would drive me crazy with the waiting if I didn't have a full-time job.

b58094  No.16114701


the easy solution is to spawn in an alt and go discover and rush beepkeeping, have him raid the hive, and have your friend with beekeeping raid the hive the moment after you do.

2d502d  No.16114735



4cbae0  No.16114773



Jorb and Loftar used to allow people to add ideas in exchange for bug reports that were significant enough. I can't remember what the Creamy Cock was for, but it's a contributing factor for why capes were the made the go-to reward, instead.

4bf2ab  No.16115873

I was not strong enough to beat up a horse.

Also, what the fuck? I was cancelling some credo quests last night, but when the server lag hit and DC'd me, I lost like 1 more quest than I intended.

45d652  No.16115894


Yeah mudflats aren’t dirt

45d652  No.16115895


like high perexp forages? Cause otherwise they’re not really that hard

d6fe37  No.16115896


Yeah, you need real stats to fight a horse legit.

45d652  No.16115899


STR and axe q make you mine faster

cb920f  No.16115922

File: f9ba9d41e1e29c2⋯.png (166.31 KB, 1868x220, 467:55, 2019-02-13_18-26-27.png)

4bf2ab  No.16115923



My T1 first quest was to find some 500 forage thing. I stuck with it. Next quest was to find Glimmermoss, which I stuck with and achieved 1280+ forage, but ultimately abandoned to get something easier. I got up to T3 Q1, but now I'm back to T2 Q1, needing Glimmermoss again. I have about 1800 forage now.


Mostly I'm annoyed by the rarer items. I want to be able to just ding through quests without having to wait 5H for a study time or rare spawn etc


And armor. I didn't look at the stats or attacks later, I thought I'd be able to just fudge through it, but at least I know the mechanics of it now.


I thought axe quality only determined your speed; strength acting as a barrier to determine what you can mine

cb920f  No.16115932


Your "mining power," that is weighed against the hardness of rock, is determined by combination of your tool quality (pickaxe has multiplier) and Strength. Once you have enough of "mining power" to be able to mine the tile, additional power only makes it faster. This also results in reduced stamina drain which is a big deal since you only want to eat food with good FEPs.

49dc05  No.16115943

I don't see what the point of this autistic wurm plugin is if you can't just play with anons and make a tiny ethnostate with enough deterrence to get all murder hobos to fuck off.

It's basically isometric rust.

d6fe37  No.16115968


You literally can do that, you're all just shitters.

49dc05  No.16115974


Well if you can, I guess I'll pick it up. I just haven't heard a fucking mention of it and everyone seems to be getting fucking minged by their lonesome.

9e9a13  No.16115998


So basically if I mine a tile and it takes more than 4 progress bar cycles to dig it out, I should be finding easier tiles or fucking off and getting swole?

d6fe37  No.16116060


If you're using a custom client, enable the % display for the progress bar. Anything above 10% per tick when mining early on is more than fine.

The number of cycles it takes isn't actually meaningful, more a matter of efficiency. Str isn't that easy to increase early on, so your best bet is to try to get a Q20+ stone axe, and then hunt for a very soft cave.

550b9e  No.16116376


Thanks anon, but I know that, just wanted to make it a little easier.

b94ffe  No.16116687

So now that I slept and my allergic reactions are gone, I'm a little bit less salty. Waiting on coal from the tar kilns won't be so bad, I can fill that time with questing and stockpiling curiosity stuff anyway.


Speaking of mining, I'm sitting at q22 Axe and 47 STR, 47 Masonry. I've got two stockpiles of q27-29 Ore but haven't seen any 30+ (I think I need 31 for a q23 Axe). I can't cook my metal for several days because we're dumbass newbies and didn't know the importance of Tar Kilns aside from tar, so do I even have much use in continuing to mine until we have Charcoal?

d6fe37  No.16116723


Quality is calculated to the first decimal point, don't necessarily worry only about going from 22->23.

More ore is always good because if you don't take it, someone else might. Build like 5+ tar kilns.

b94ffe  No.16116741


Think I should just clear out my vein then spend extra energy as I get it finding a new vein?

d6fe37  No.16116908


Depends, are you playing alone or with other people?

b94ffe  No.16116931


Two others.

d6fe37  No.16116935


Oh, okay. Yeah, as long as you have other people to pick up the slack on cooking/curios/etc I'd definitely mine your ass off.

9e9a13  No.16117486

>still progresscucked for quality because q10 trees only

>still 2 more days until i have enough hemp for herb table and probably 2 weeks until i get 20+ q wood

Suffering. Guess it wouldnt hurt to get a bunch of seeds stockpiled now.

One thing that caught me off guard was my tanning tubs. The leather is q33 but it ends up half that because of shitty water and bark and tub wood

4bf2ab  No.16118905

I keep forgetting that having like 25 farming skill literally doesn't matter - it only serves as a cap

4bf2ab  No.16119711

File: 0b1bd158530c3d9⋯.png (495.38 KB, 600x616, 75:77, ClipboardImage.png)

>Have 22k LP to spend

>+5 UC

>Bats die much faster

4bf2ab  No.16120093

File: d7a7ff3236f48b7⋯.png (1.11 MB, 745x649, 745:649, ClipboardImage.png)

>Heh I'll just jump over this cliff to avoid this accidental aggro, I'm so smart


b94ffe  No.16120097

File: a1705b3707a42b9⋯.png (10.23 KB, 266x194, 133:97, ss (2019-02-14 at 12.24.59….png)

I hit q37 softcapped Stone and spiraled my Axe up to q26, and then got some good shit. Today's been a good day.

4bf2ab  No.16120117


I'm jealous, I haven't even started mining yet

4bf2ab  No.16120322

File: a7ec8922aad53c0⋯.png (128.21 KB, 316x306, 158:153, ClipboardImage.png)

Where do my chicks go? I had 7 this morning

6b2999  No.16120326

File: ee57f74b268d3a4⋯.jpg (101.4 KB, 640x720, 8:9, genius.jpg)

4454b0  No.16120450

My first time playing this game (started about a week after the reset) and I feel crazy behind everyone. But having plenty of fun nonetheless. I've only recently got leather and started the foraging credo. And have <100Per*Exp. Hopefully I can just live a peaceful nomadic life progressing at my own pace.

62757a  No.16120693

File: 03703399f73971f⋯.png (736.5 KB, 1153x419, 1153:419, fucked.png)

day three, just how fucked am I

e9cfcb  No.16120706


>9 days ago


Fuck lads I wanted to play this shit from the start but haven't been lurking here for a while.

e9cfcb  No.16120731

Much has changed since I played this years ago. Can I join any of you lads in this autistic adventure? How do we find each other?

550b9e  No.16121228

File: 0ed39e99fccc8df⋯.png (290.67 KB, 428x456, 107:114, 0ed39e99fccc8dfa9b43690c5e….png)


Really fucked anon, might as well end it all.

e9cfcb  No.16121564

File: 5e421caca6a8d3d⋯.png (2.8 MB, 1886x852, 943:426, ClipboardImage.png)

A-am I doing it rite?

How to obtain perception food as newfag without raping my hunger?

Also how do I increase my energy enough to heal?

b58094  No.16121633


catch grasshoppers at night by the dozen, roast for 700% energy food that won't rape your FEP, if you want a beacon to us, ask about it and drown thyself

4bf2ab  No.16121640


Do you understand how FEPs work for better stat gain? That and how quality / softcaps / hardcaps work will give you a good knowledge of the game. Which continent are you on? When I first started, I found a nice cave and had like 8-10 drying racks, full of skins and WWW's.

I also started the Credo, hopefully it doesn't give you bullshit Glimmermoss tasks early on (1250 forage)


Get to 10 Exploration and Survival as quickly as you can, then find gildings to buff them even more (you might need hides, but not leather), you can hit soft 20s no problem, and this will help out your other shit.

I feel like you've been fucked by a lot of wild animals. Try to avoid fighting, especially with less than 15 UC. Seems like you're using the vanilla client, try Amber or another one. You will love the QOL differences (eg it tells you how to cure each injury).

Oh yeah and for both of you, try to get 25-30 INT quickly, since your progress is soft gated by LP, this increases your potential LP/hr

c20a0d  No.16121642


Make a cauldron and parboil those mushrooms that show up on your minimap but don't have food stats.

Try using all the different kinds of bait (bugs, entrails, etc) in shallows, deep water, rivers, lakes, and seawater. Different places have different fish, and you can spend all your bait in places that have the fish you want.

Spitroast fish to add extra FEPs that you won't normally see, or increase the base FEPs. Dry windsown weeds and hope you find carrots. (chip stones to get rocks for paving, put pavement under structures you build outside like drying racks so they decay slower)

Raid anthills and you'll sometimes find aphids, which give you food variety, agility, and perception.

dae45f  No.16121649

File: c89c851a9d0c70e⋯.jpg (37.02 KB, 615x410, 3:2, Richard-Lee-Norris.jpg)

e9cfcb  No.16121667


What do you mean ask about it?

>becoming an hero after all this autism

4bf2ab  No.16121676

>Can use hearth magic to get +Q5 water from a well permanently

>But it costs 20,000 exp and doubles every time

Holy shit. But is this the only way to get better water?

4cbae0  No.16121684


Pretty sure it only costs 20,000 experience for your first one. Someone else should be able to come along and do the same thing for the first time they do it, to the same well for the same cost.

b58094  No.16121693


>what do you mean

I mean ask about it so you don't drown yourself and wait two hours without anybody to make said beacon

15a69e  No.16121694


You should be able to find q40+ Water just in the overworld, which I would be shocked if you've progressed to a point where q40 Water is your bottleneck.

4bf2ab  No.16121698


Still hampered by wood at the moment, but Water will be a very real concern for me in the next 2 weeks

e9cfcb  No.16121721


So the only way to join you guys is to become an hero? Can't I just walk?

b58094  No.16121732


assuming you are on the same continent, and you will be walking for quite some time.

e9cfcb  No.16121738


W-wew can you guys set up a beacon right now so I can join you before going to sleep?

This better be the main village lad.

b58094  No.16121782


ill set it up in a moment if you are still here

b58094  No.16121829

The beacon is ready to fire if you are still awake anon

e9cfcb  No.16121864


Okay what do? Give instructions.

e9cfcb  No.16121868

P.S can I just make an alt instead of drowning?

15a69e  No.16121871


You can if you really want but your current character is basically worth nothing (sorry but that's the nature of haven)

b58094  No.16121916


sorry anon had to do some things, simply drown yourself by learning swimming and swimming till you die or make an alt.

When you talk to the wizard again and enter your name, go talk to the skull on the pole next to the wizards garden and tell him SATACABLE3

15a69e  No.16121940

File: 8c5d9f5df4f5f1c⋯.jpg (50.05 KB, 1002x398, 501:199, ss (2019-02-14 at 11.29.00….jpg)

Ore veins are pretty large. I think I'm getting close to finishing it but I've still got this back section to carve out. Up to my 8th stockpile of ore.

4bf2ab  No.16121955


What's the trick of finding ore veins? Can you find them just sitting there in the caves, or do you have to dig / use rustroot? How do you tell for caveins?

15a69e  No.16121982


Rustroot works (somehow, I don't know how) but I found this vein after two hours of carving through random spots in cave walls. The game popped up an experience event for me so I knew when it happened. It just takes time, and once I finish this vein I'll be back to just carving through wall to find stuff.

Caveins are actually pretty easy, it's basically a game of minesweeper. You see in my picture where I've laid down some paved stone? I pave stone whenever I break a wall and there's Cavedust on the tile. Whenever you see Cavedust on the ground, that means an adjacent tile (including diagonals) is a cavein tile. If you pave over every tile you see spawn Cavedust and only mine tiles that have adjacent safe-spots (like in my picture, I'm mining next to where some Cavedust spawned but it has a safe tile adjacent - if it were a cavein, I would have had Cavedust where I'm mining right now, so I know it's safe) then you'll be safe. It's still a little bit spooky, especially when there are multiple tiles nearby, but I'm quite confident in mining now that I've successfully carved around a few of the tiles and seen that this strategy does work.

4bf2ab  No.16122035

File: 2bf7de977744e4e⋯.png (78.6 KB, 272x151, 272:151, ClipboardImage.png)

How decent is this? I need to make more offerings

8c7b62  No.16122074

Can someone set up a new beacon? Last one closed before I managed to kill myself.

b58094  No.16122103

b58094  No.16122125


SATACABLE 4 is the key to your new life in the /v/illage

4bf2ab  No.16122133

File: 4144def47af814f⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1024x661, 1024:661, ClipboardImage.png)

Imagine being this autistic

8c7b62  No.16122140


I get a message saying "no such name is currently in use". Can I still use it?

Also, are names visible to other players?

b58094  No.16122162


SATACABLE4 I accidentally spaced in the post but not the beacoN

4cbae0  No.16122171


There was a brick maze built in World 8. Without sprinting and armed with the knowledge of the fastest path through, it took thirty minutes to complete. At the center, there was a strongbox that someone stuffed with bars of silver.

The goons went ballistic over it and ended up smashing it open because no one knew where the key was.

4bf2ab  No.16122173

File: 9915620edc8e56b⋯.png (718.83 KB, 716x580, 179:145, ClipboardImage.png)

Okay, so it takes a lot of damage to undo a cave-in, gotcha

4bf2ab  No.16122690

File: 0f8d4762427ad1b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 247.4 KB, 635x336, 635:336, ClipboardImage.png)

4bf2ab  No.16122902

File: 676e5d66f26b952⋯.png (628.6 KB, 771x338, 771:338, ClipboardImage.png)

So it turns out I'm awful at planning. Is there any way to level a cliff off?

b58094  No.16123259


stand on the ledge of said cliff and dig

2d502d  No.16123267


You can try what this anon said>>16123259 but if it fails I would recommend dropping dirt around the cliff you want eliminated. The dirt should terraform it after a few minutes, if it doesnt keep doing it until the cliff edge is just part of the hill, Cliffs are always a pain in the ass.

d6fe37  No.16123512


This is the correct answer. Drop dirt at the base, when it decays/disappears it'll raise the ground level, once it's level with the cliff the cliff will disappear.

000000  No.16124726


4454b0  No.16124941


Thanks for the tips. I died once on my first night and haven't come near aggressive monsters yet - literally haven't touched combat. I use Amber client and Alt-Shift rightclicks are a godsend. I guess I only researched FEPs yesterday and have started buffing my exploration. I'm on 15 Per 8 Exp. My first credo quest is to find a Chestnut. Which I thought was easy on paper but I'm sure I don't have the Per*Exp for it and the wiki suggests trees don't have a score. I've found Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Beechnuts but not Chestnuts. I've just got to Bone Glue and have way too much coal because I wanted Tar for a rowboat. I can't tell what continent Im on but I'm near two Claypits, a Geyser, and a Fairystone. Hopefully, that info doesn't get me killed. Is anyone else here playing solo or has everyone groupes up?

512b5f  No.16124984


trees are biome specific, they might not spawn near you.

c17052  No.16126236


I'm solo

Testing to see if I'm still banned due to shitty vol rule interpretations

115ff1  No.16127354


>double gild taproot and hide layers on nettle clothing for +6 survival 3 UC 3 MC

>I legitimately can't raise my survival high enough to catch up to the bonuses

4bf2ab  No.16127519

What's water capped by? Survival?

4bf2ab  No.16127583


How'd you get so many 2-slot gilds? Just luck, or did you recycle a bunch? Is survival that important? I have about 30, but that's usually "good enough" since most things I find don't usually go higher than 20q sometimes… or do forageables always scale to survival?

4bf2ab  No.16127945

>Always got Q10 blocks and boards so assumed wood was hardcapped quality

>Cutting boards uses the tree quality and tool quality, which means I can actually make better boards

>Safespot boars on a boat, end up with a shitty Q22 bone saw

>Need more survival to get Q50 bones (Q30 saw)

>Found a source of Q30 water

>Plan to remake all my tanning tubs soon (tm) with potentially Q26.6 leather (1.63x) at the end of it all

Shit I'm excited, soon I can make even better gildings and shit

45d652  No.16128019

45d652  No.16128037

Community Fair (massive public market) is being built in the massive square centered around (-4,114)

45d652  No.16128044


Rustroot tells you the mineral (stone or ore) one cave level below your position (so cave level one if you’re on the surface)

It also points to ore if you’re close enough. The distance it can detect ore is determined by its quality (higher q means larger ore detection radius)

45d652  No.16128060


You are using split logs for the axe rather than q10 ones, right?

Also find a person with good nature stats and have them plant you trees for better wood so your axe quality can increase more rapidly

706c66  No.16129270


I am, and I'm with other people. Our shit's been real slow because we're all new to the game, so we've struggled with the farm. We're about to finally have it going in a good, organized way, but it won't be until another few days that we actually have a Herbalist Table.

I gave up on my Fisherman credo and have started working on Forager to unlock Quarryman, so probably in a few days I'll have that going too.

ac641a  No.16130489


>a few days

Ive been struggling to get hemp and flax going for over a week, how are you doing it? Did you just dry a ton of WWW or something?

8040f2  No.16130689

My credo has me picking a Cavebulb. Just to confirm, they're just kind of rare and can spawn anywhere in a cave, right?


Yeah, but there were three of us to gather WWW. We're on our third crop harvest now, too. Biggest issue is we've struggled with bees so that's been slowing our crop growth down a lot.

12eccc  No.16133381

We can basically make a new thread at any time now

4bf2ab  No.16133518

Also I see that >>>/hafen/ was a board, but never took off. Is it worth someone taking it over?

4bf2ab  No.16133952

File: b87c4fabdf6aede⋯.png (27.85 KB, 375x52, 375:52, ClipboardImage.png)

4bf2ab  No.16134214

File: 62770224bad65dd⋯.png (1.03 MB, 946x527, 946:527, ClipboardImage.png)

How do I correct this bullshit?

d4b1e9  No.16134309


If it's fresh you can just wreck it, otherwise you need the skill vandalism.

4bf2ab  No.16134359


It won't let me enter the area, so I'd be a criminal it seems

4bf2ab  No.16134994

>Spent 20 minutes digging up random places in a forest and tracking the dirt quality nodes and found Q30 dirt

>Right next to my Q30 clay and water source

Oh baby. Now I can make 14.4q trees if I did my math right. Not a big jump, but that's legit 20% better wood from the next generation of trees. Guessing I should just do a variety of trees instead of one type

adce9e  No.16136423

Having never played before I built my base close to water and now reading the wiki, I'm led to believe I can't put up a palisade withing 6 tiles of water. Can anyone verify this? Also it seems that you can't level the terrain right next to water?

4bf2ab  No.16136497


Correct. Also, rivers are a noob trap, they're basically highways and get a lot of player traffic, which is bad.

62757a  No.16136499

so is it too late to join the op town after starting?

4bf2ab  No.16136516


I don't see much chatter in the thread, so I don't know how many players are actually active. I know I saw about 20+ hearthfires at the /v/ town cave in a picture, but who knows, could be under 8 players now.

Usually someone will make a beacon with SATACABLE or some variant as the hearth secret

4bf2ab  No.16136518



And I misread your question.

Yeah, after you've been burned into the world, it's too late. You either have to suicide or make an alt

62757a  No.16136527

File: 1fd4ab987cc0967⋯.png (149.7 KB, 500x711, 500:711, 1549634780358.png)


thats to bad, but theres some major settlement setting up just across the river from me so maybe not so alone.

also how can you see the quadrants on the map? would be good to know where i am in the world.

62757a  No.16136532


coordinates is the word i should have used.

af5e09  No.16136591



Bumping for this. Can't figure out where I am.

e9cfcb  No.16136768

File: 62a8b8f826816f2⋯.png (986.88 KB, 1094x606, 547:303, bat.png)

You might not like it, but this is what peak efficiency looks like.

e9cfcb  No.16136784

File: c8227065c1279d2⋯.png (463 KB, 582x435, 194:145, bat2.png)


>turns out to be a superbat that can outrun you full sprint on grasslands

pls send help

af5e09  No.16136790


Another question: can you die from infection?

1154ce  No.16137225



Use Amber client, it has a button that opens up the world map in your browser centered on your position


Yes, even if you're logged out/in your sleep

4bf2ab  No.16137687


I've had a pair of infections hit 24 apiece before healing away. Nasty shit. Stay out of swamps

4bf2ab  No.16137918

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