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File: 1dcb23ffe238b33⋯.png (35.75 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

File: deceebfcb56455c⋯.png (30.52 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

File: 196efd303c0595e⋯.png (29.4 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

File: c99bcf164a2f21a⋯.png (41.22 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

File: deceebfcb56455c⋯.png (30.52 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

4e073c  No.16084838

Been playing Hector Hard Mode and I'm currently on Crazed Beast. Thoughts

>the US version reducing super effective weapon damage from 3 to 2 is really painful the first 5 or so chapters as with stats as tightly controlled as they are it's clear you were supposed to be able to one hit kill most cavalry/knights with one hit from a lord's special weapon

>Oswin's raw strength is a life saver early on, and rescuing+choke points+multiple routes+guarding Merlinus within a level mean his low movement isn't actually that much of a drag

>only missed three treasures so far: silver card in 19x since it doesn't stack with the bonus disc one and deploying Matthew for it alone isn't worth it, a dragon shield in 19xx (as far as I could work out it was physically impossible to obtain) and a red gem in Four Fang Offensive since it wasn't worth deploying Matthew just for that one item

>currently 5 starts on everything but tactics, which is 4 though I did use the bonus disc (which I actually own) items so funds isn't much of an issue

>the dialog of FE7 is genuinely fun and the translation problems are (as far as I'm aware) fairly minor

>most units are very close to promotion but not quite, only Raven, Guy, Florina, Sain (who was boss abused in Lyn mode because I needed Nils to play music 60 times anyways) and Merlinus actually have

>supports are impossible to obtain with any sort of efficiency and FE9 making support gain based on deployment really fixed it.

As for Lyn hard

<Lyn's age change doesn't fit at all, she's repeatedly referenced as being quite young during her story which makes no sense if she's as old as NoA wanted her to be

>also I'm not sure how the hell this game didn't get a T rating, given the bandits for several chapters straight talk about taking Lyn as a sex slave

>shame so much of Sain's Lyn mode dialog is attached to the tutorial, since it's actually really fun

8fe164  No.16084858

I've always wanted to play fire emblem ROM hacks but I have no idea where to find them or how to install them. Can anyone give me some advice?

664675  No.16084861

Fire Emblem peaked at Genealogy of Holy War. Come at me.

4e073c  No.16084913


>rip the rom from your lawfully obtained copy of the game meaning find it on the internet

>download patch file for hack

>make a copy of the rom and put it with the patch in a folder

>name them the same thing

>open it in any decent emulator


Only hard thing is if you want to combine hacks (Which isn't that common. Only times you'll use it are 1: translation+gameplay changes made for the translation 2: multiple quality of life hacks for the same official game like pressing select to view enemy ranges+visible growth rates are advisable), then you need to hard patch the rom

>go to romhacking.net

>find patcher for the patch format the patch is in

>extract and run the fairly self explanatory patcher

>apply the patches in the right order

After the various translations, for the GBA games try Road to Ruin (do this first, it's the most polished and it's complete with no further development), Order of the Crimson Arm (finished, but may add support conversations/major bug fixes) and Staff of Ages (undergoing serious development at a good pace).

39471a  No.16084927


>also I'm not sure how the hell this game didn't get a T rating, given the bandits for several chapters straight talk about taking Lyn as a sex slave

Its all implied.

>bonus disc

Huh? I vaguely recall something about this, but I can't remember anything about any bonus disc.

>physically impossible to obtain a dragon shield

The fuck are you talking about?

>not worth deploying matthew for that single item

Your choice man

>Supports are impossible to obtain with any sort of efficiency

Unfortunately you're right. The only feasible supports for timeliness are some of the main ones. This was one of the biggest flaws of FE7.

>most units actually have

Have what? Promoted? Lyn mode becomes optional for HHM, but is helpful especially for characters like Florina.

>Oswin's raw strength is a life saver early on

Yes. He's the second-best early game unit next to Marcus, and practically necessary at times especially with how tough the early game is on HHM.

If you want a real fucking challenge, restrict yourself from using Marcus for the early game and weep as you suffer.


Keep thinking you're a special snowflake for liking kaga's games

d57cc4  No.16084938

File: 944bb976f698555⋯.jpg (504.31 KB, 908x1024, 227:256, 4818733541_b034fe3064_b.jpg)


>other tRPGs I guess

what's a good place to start with the ogre battle series?

919991  No.16084986


ogre battle and Tactics ogre gameplay are very different from each other

4e073c  No.16085040

File: 9195edf5ef3b1b0⋯.png (29.09 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

File: ef6d2454b61b32c⋯.png (33.7 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

File: 19a4478f3aa4caf⋯.png (26.54 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

File: fe8ea01c93147ec⋯.png (33.55 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

I like this first line a lot. Since Hector is such a lout and Ulther a lord (plus the adjacent dialog) it comes off as sarcastically in-character despite being a literal translation of family address. I'll have to find the original Nipponese line and compare.


>The fuck are you talking about?

The thief grabs it and the other item next to it before even a Paladin can reach the chests. Since the thief has max speed there's no way to get it back. It might be possible with a more mobile party, but I saw no way to make it work

>If you want a real fucking challenge, restrict yourself from using Marcus for the early game and weep as you suffer.

I did. Marcus was never anything but unarmed meatshield/lure+taxi. Except for getting the Merlinus gaiden where he ran off and got the village and killed two bandits in the process.

>Have what? Promoted?

I'm not sure what ambiguity there is in that


PSP remake of Tactics Ogre.

Do not play the SNES Ogre Battle on original hardware: The battles are so long and places to fuck up (even by pure luck) are so common you need some kind of mid-battle saves to have any sanity left by mid-game. Don't play the PS1 port (which allowed mid-battle saves) either since load times are horrible.

6c44d0  No.16085078

File: d4dc1ed904e3b59⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 2800x3935, 560:787, d45f365d43f6d54f3d654fd365….jpg)


Is there any reason to use any of the archers/snipers instead of just using Rath? It never seems worth it to me, except for the handful of chapters where they're available and he isn't.


The sad thing about Fire Emblem is that it never really had a peak. Every game in the series does some things well and other things poorly and with the way the series has been going in recent years it doesn't look there's ever going to be that perfect Fire Emblem game. The closest were probably 4, with how different it is from the other games and 7, with how well rounded it is, but even those two still have problems that hold them back in my opinion.

Take the Langrisser pill.

4e073c  No.16085126

File: a75fb8daae8cb25⋯.png (28.31 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

Anyone have all the visit scripts for Imprisoner of Magic and Victory or Death? Each character has unique dialog during these.


>Is there any reason to use any of the archers/snipers instead of just using Rath?

There's no reason to use bow only characters at all in most FE games. Countering with them is so random

39471a  No.16085164


Rath comes too late to be useful.

The snipers and archers are generally shit except for Louise, yes there's no reason to use any except Louise except for added challenge or a partiality to the characters.

>fire emblem never really had a peak

its probably for the best honestly. It would've been difficult to have the "perfect fire emblem game" without having too much bloat in terms of mechanics, bullshit or convolution. What's more, people's definitions of "good" tend to get rather subjective with the series. I've seen people who actually like ambush spawns and are against true hit. It would be near impossible to please the sheer range of differing opinions in the FE fanbase.



Impressive stuff then, that makes sense how you would have trouble with getting the other shit then

f9a5c0  No.16085167

File: 4f7611054f48284⋯.png (740.79 KB, 888x1138, 444:569, Florina2.png)

File: 7389d1b3e83a922⋯.jpg (351.35 KB, 595x842, 595:842, Florina.jpg)


>Is there any reason to use any of the archers/snipers instead of just using Rath

I never bothered with any of the archers and my main ranged guy was Erk. He's a top tier lad in my book. Sain is also a pretty cool.

I gave all of my items to Florina (who is best girl) and Fiora and smashed through the whole game with them and everyone else was mostly a distraction.

Thank fuck for that slow fag, Hector, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to finish the game.

Eli and Lyn were dull.

eebab3  No.16085209

File: e47c6f4fd801c3e⋯.jpg (398.07 KB, 1916x1033, 1916:1033, For a first run, not bad I….JPG)


Rebecca hit pretty hard on my playthrough. Her and Dart were pretty much invincible.

4e073c  No.16085227

File: 6da92c748981b72⋯.png (24.25 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

Wonder who should get my Afa's Drops. Lowest level unit I'm actually using is Matthew at 15 and Priscilla at 17.


>Impressive stuff then, that makes sense how you would have trouble with getting the other shit then

I don't think I ever used Marcus after he recruited Priscilla. Though admittedly Lyn mode boss abused Sain takes most of his utility once he joins.

e779ca  No.16085452


You give it to Florina because she's the cutest.

a9908b  No.16085723

File: d4749691993cc86⋯.jpg (22.82 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images.jpg)

Sue is better than Lyn in every way.

39471a  No.16085768


Sue is a more boring hippie version of Lyn in a more boring game with shittier supports and pair-up options. The most redeeming features about her is her cute unit sprite and the fact that she's a fun nomad to use.

6c44d0  No.16086016

File: 1e4c08c9398b7da⋯.png (139.93 KB, 150x699, 50:233, Fiora.png)


Fiora is better than Florina in every single way.

513be1  No.16086068


Outside of the whole availability and looks thing sure.

You should use both because flyers are generally automatically good

40de58  No.16086071


>Playing radiant dawn

>Shit's fun

>Can't wait to see the support conversations

<Support conversations are canceled

<You can support anyone with anyone though, innit great hurr

What in the fucking honest fuck.

79834c  No.16086106


That's the child of Lyn and Rath?

cc528c  No.16086117


Genealogy of Holy War aged like Milk

79834c  No.16086145




Nothing can top it's Bloodline mechanic. Also love how it feels different from the rest of the series.

4e073c  No.16086147


Game files indicate special pairs were supposed to have unique conversations. There's actually a lot of things indicating Radiant Dawn was rushed for Wii's launch window.

39471a  No.16086267



4e073c  No.16087026

Will Three Houses suck?

39471a  No.16087029


My guess is that it will be a 6.5/10, maybe if it gets lucky a 7/10

They've got a few interesting concepts shown for it, but overall I'm unimpressed and the characters mostly look shitty

31b461  No.16087653


A collaborative storytelling games medium typically played around tabletop.

92018d  No.16087681


Choice and consequence.

31b461  No.16087685


So, when playing DOOM I choose to shoot a zombie before I try to shoot an imp, and the imp then kills me, I'm actually participating in roleplaying?

92018d  No.16087691


Yes. You are acting out the role of a DOOMguy with poor threat assessment skills who chose to shoot a lesser threat and had the consequence of horrible fireball death.

686f4c  No.16087715


Story, endings and dialogue changes based on your playstyle, who you choose to support with each other, and who you keep alive (or not), deploy and recruit.

FE7 also has an exceptional amounts of dialogue hidden behind certain characters fighting each other. Discovering secrets like that and finding out more of the story through that is pretty RPG-like is it not?

31b461  No.16087717


It is relieving to hear that my conscious decisions to mold the personal narrative of my player character are properly acknowledged and not construed as a lack of gameplay skill, which they admitably could by people who don't understand RPGs.

686f4c  No.16087846


So you're just doing reductionist shitposting then without knowing jackshit about the game you're actually shitposting about, got it

f841c1  No.16087858

File: 8d21b13ab80b624⋯.gif (147 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1447270899390.gif)

This thread is full of poofters.

b3a4cb  No.16087890

File: 9b6f5411563e9b0⋯.jpg (17.15 KB, 236x298, 118:149, hitler.jpg)


Only good Fire Emblem is Fire Emblem Warriors.

686f4c  No.16087940

File: 3fcc19be5375e4d⋯.mp4 (14.01 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Hitler Is Informed That FE….mp4)


>characters having a backstory means the game is an RPG

Characters where you can change the endings and outcomes for and find additional information about through unusual methods and combinations is something commonly seen in RPGs. Backstories being hidden behind actions you choose to uncover on your own is something that you can expect to find in an RPG.

Characters and NPCs and the world persisting across two games is also something you could expect to see in an RPG.

The fact that it doesn't have the sheer freedom that an old CRPG might have doesn't not make it an RPG, or at least not have significant RPG elements. The story progression is linear, yes, but the journey and the endings can be changed completely by your actions, you also play as a literal role in Fire Emblem 7. You are the tactician, a character with an actual presence in the game. You are talked to as a character, your actions have influence over characters, and can have an effect as you choose.

Some RTS games can have RPG elements, like the Warlords Battlecry series, or Warcraft 3 with their hero focuses, mobs, skills and leveling systems, shops, inventories, and whatnot.

Let's look at what Fire Emblem 7 has.

>character inventories

>leveling and stats systems

>support and dialogue systems (Which can change character endings and reveal backstories and context based on certain triggers)

>multiple endings (and most notably individual character endings) that you can choose to influence based on how you play

>your character having an actual presence in the game and being addressed as a character

>A world with NPCs who you can talk to to discover more about the world and its characters, and can change based on the characters and situations you use to talk to them with (along with the world having its own lore, history and established attributes to each region)

It lacks a world you can explore in free-roam and a story you could progress through non-linearly, but that's the main points against it "not being an RPG" but overall I would say it leans more towards an RPG than not.


That mosou was one of the shittiest and most disrespectful mosous to anyone who was actually a Fire Emblem fan. Anyone who bought it cared more about the mosou aspect than about being respected as a customer, it was entirely a shitty cash-in.

f0bd0a  No.16087958


In the gba games, no reason to use an archer, or tactics in general. Just choose good characters and plow through with your stats.

In some games, lunatic mode is hard enough that you might actually need archers for a while for tactical purposes.

6c44d0  No.16087994


So the early Wizardry and Ultima games aren't RPGs then?

f0bd0a  No.16087997


I used to think shadow dragon merciless was hard too, then I played the sequel on lunatic.

dc73d0  No.16088420

>Oh look, it's a Fire emblem thread! We almost never have those around here

<thread is easily derailed by retards gobbling up the bait of some semantics autist

I'm thoroughly disappointed

ce5416  No.16088477

File: 687a8b5be52fdc3⋯.png (186.01 KB, 400x400, 1:1, nolan.png)

Do you know who is the best unit in Radiant Dawn? It's not Jill nor Haar. It's this fucker right here.

>joins in the second map of the game

>DB chapters are hard as fuck compared to the rest of the game because your team is so shit, so he'll carry you

>Earth affinity, pair him up for anyone for free evasion, use with Volug or Zihark and pretend that he's a swordmaster, except with 2-range and axes for damage

>can equip Beastfoe/Vantage with a Crossbow on 3-6 and 3-13, which allows him to annihilate the local furry convention with ease

>one-rounds everything on endgame maps if BEXP abused thanks to his great growths and excellent tier 3 caps

>can keep up with ease even without BEXP abuse thanks to enormous health pool and decent defense

>free Nihil for endgame bosses just because he's that good

>35 speed allows him to double Ashera auras with Nasir for good damage

Is there anything this fucker can't do?




ec0908  No.16095156


Nolan is certainly the best warrior I can think of. I must admit I haven't finished RD but in the GBA games especially axe users are pretty bad overall. It would be nice to have fun with a warrior; your post really sells nolan as a unit.

adae9a  No.16095232


Boyd in PoR is very good too. The ones in DSFE aren't bad but there's little reason to keep anyone as a Warrior when Zerker is better most of the time.

65de93  No.16095311


I've played through PoR at least 5 times and Boyd has always been underwhelming. I know that, in theory, he can be a good unit, but he always ends up too slow to double enemies, and even with his high HP his defenses still make him a liability on the front lines.

In the early game, sure, he's useful, but the game throws units who use axes better than Boyd who also have more utility, such as Titania, Oscar (on promotion, since why would you give him bows or swords?), Kieran, and Jill. And if you want someone who can use both bows and axes on promotion, there's Astrid, who will very easily surpass him with a little bit of effort.

17ccd5  No.16095975


I always gave Oscar a spear.

Agreed that Boyd is unreliable.

adae9a  No.16096193


Oscar starts with lances. When cavaliers promote in Tellius they get a choice of new weapon. If you give the ones that don't already have axes anything but axes you are giving them a subpar weapon. And I see where both you and the other anon are coming from wrt Boyd, but I've only ever seen him perform well. You do need to give him a good amount of BEXP for him to dominate, but that's the case with every character and he's around longer to take advantage of it.

6e3852  No.16096395

File: 8776e4287b2f426⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 422.08 KB, 700x700, 1:1, __ilyana_nephenee_and_wayu….jpg)

File: 4f6e74bcfc464bc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 647.54 KB, 1000x755, 200:151, __ilyana_nephenee_and_wayu….jpg)

File: 2972d8d61fb5ad1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 500.77 KB, 800x600, 4:3, __jill_and_mist_fire_emble….png)


Even when I dumped BEXP on Boyd on my latest playthrough, his level ups were very bad (I don't save scum BEXP level ups unless it's an empty level). Between Ike, Oscar, and Titania, I find my early-game Boyds usually unable to keep pace and contribute much of anything significant. He tends to end up on the bench first chance I get.

Besides, if I'm going to abuse BEXP to make a unit good, I'd rather it be someone cute, like Ilyana, Mia, Nephenee, or Jill.

2e8c4e  No.16096547


Levels from BEXP always raise 3 stats; they cannot be empty unless the unit is totally maxed in all stats, hence they can be abused by capping stats before using BEXP.

Oppai! Oppai!

6e3852  No.16096623


You're thinking of Radiant Dawn, but I was talking about Boyd in PoR. BEXP level ups in PoR acted just like a normal level up.

3c0876  No.16096740


I might have made an oopsie there. I'll have to verify by playing the game again. Speaking of which, I believe there is a patch that turns off the map animations to save the player a lot of time. Does anyone know about it?

df07eb  No.16101072

File: d05d748a989e027⋯.png (303.72 KB, 367x825, 367:825, Marisa.png)

What are peoples expectations for Three Houses? I've seen some people pick apart the single trailer we had and it seems that there is more Echoes inspiration there then Fates which gives me some hope. I've also heard that Echoes came about because there was a split at IS with some of the developers wanting to go back to more classic Emblem while the others that didn't are busy running Heroes into the ground.

They fucked up on the character designs though. I like the military academy look they were going for but the characters don't look great and they can fuck off with the Persona artstyle. Should have brought Hidari back.

f16530  No.16101603

File: a27a26947191333⋯.png (196.27 KB, 412x477, 412:477, Mathilda_Echoes.png)


Is Hidari the artist for the FE:Echoes artwork? 'cause that shit, spritework included, is fucking gorgeous.

cf306c  No.16101619


>Not Tharacia 776

cf306c  No.16101643


It'll likely be shit but I'll pick it up if it isn't

17b412  No.16101718


Correct. Shes routinely used in musou games, at least the last few years anyway, as well as the Atelier Dusk Trilogy. Dunno what else shes got under her belt tho.

df07eb  No.16101774

File: f9adcb9e546d4a6⋯.png (437.32 KB, 633x573, 211:191, Mila_Echoes_Art.png)

File: cd5db73740a36ae⋯.png (698.43 KB, 874x764, 437:382, Rudolf_Echoes.png)

File: 849b3b595ca7b90⋯.png (4.52 MB, 1733x2850, 1733:2850, Nomah.png)

513be1  No.16102463


I mean Echoes with skills sounds good from a gameplay perspective, i do have a bit of hope from that when i dug through the trailer when it came out.

The plot doesn't seem overly complex or fanservicy this time which seems good, though i don't know if fates really showed any signs of being a mess story wise in the first trailer.

Though the blatant MyUnit is a cause for worry for me.

> I've also heard that Echoes came about because there was a split at IS with some of the developers wanting to go back to more classic Emblem while the others that didn't are busy running Heroes into the ground.

I haven't heard about any such divide but there clearly are those types of groups in IS; and the idea of such a split sounds realistic to me.

>They fucked up on the character designs though

I don't think the character designs shown were bad, they look like normal nobles really and it doesn't seem like they're immediately entering a war so being properly armored would have been more odd.

But yeah the new artist was a mistake.

c04cf1  No.16102668

File: 382a98ffc796c97⋯.png (59.56 KB, 672x917, 96:131, Nami_Komuro.png)

aadf72  No.16102705

File: a69b4fa793b524e⋯.jpg (84.35 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Eh 7.jpg)

>Grid-based TRPG thread

>No mention of Arc the Lad, Vandal Hearts, Kartia: Word of Fate, Growlanser, Front Mission, Eternal Poison amongst many titles

>Only talks about Fire Emblem


cb4791  No.16102712


It was mainly made as a Fire Emblem thread foremost, the TRPG part was practically throwaway, or could you not read the title?

If you want to talk about those games, fucking talk about them instead of complaining that a thread mainly focused on Fire Emblem talks about Fire Emblem

f3206f  No.16105444


Why do these people get given so much power, When they cant even finish a video game and never liked them at least shes a weeb and not one of the no fun aloud assholes that fail up in the west i guess so theirs that.

69df14  No.16105945


She's an SJWeeb fujoshit.

Things will be a disaster if she gets any more power.

Hell Fire Emblem was already ruined by newfaggotry since Awakening took the contemporary anime style, presentation, character tropes and archetypes and shoved them down the players face with a healthy dose of weeb/otaku pandering with waifu/dating sim elements and encouraged far worse shipping than I've ever seen by the tumblr fujoshi crowd

f3206f  No.16105986

So i am going to start playing fire emblem for the first time and i am starting with a fan patch for the first nes game and will be going in release order, Anything i should know before i start.

4e073c  No.16106082


> i am starting with a fan patch for the first nes game and will be going in release order, Anything i should know before i start.

Don't. FE1 is really, really wonky. You can't level up healers without them being attacked (which shouldn't be happening), half the characters are pointless, you've got some really lacking menus (You can't actually arrange how your units are deployed at the start of battle). FE2 is pretty bad. At the very least you should play their remakes over the original.

Start with 7, released as just Fire Emblem in the west. It's considered one of if not the best games in the series and has an extensive tutorial. Alternatively you could start with 11 (Shadow Dragon), which is a remake of the first game, with the Full Content Patch romhack but that's much less of a recommendation than for 7. 3 (Mystery of the Emblem) is the earliest that's remotely sane to start with.

8fe164  No.16106143


Thanks anon.

f3206f  No.16106446


Thanks I'll start with 7 then.

1c9561  No.16106496


>Turning off map animations

You can do that without patches in Radiant Dawn but only when you've cleared the game once (don't know if you need to clear on hard or maniac for that), so you can just get a clear save file

ca3ad2  No.16110845

Is it worth playing Path of Radiance, or should I just play Radiant Dawn?

7e9425  No.16110858

File: c8ccfbdb61a6358⋯.png (2.02 MB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


yeah but play this instead.

6c44d0  No.16110921

File: f911ff743f77db1⋯.jpg (423.29 KB, 2518x1256, 1259:628, 2f3s4d24sd2s4df3s2d4f2sd4f….jpg)


Growlanser isn't grid-based. You're probably thinking of Langrisser, which I mentioned here >>16085078 but no one wanted to take the Langrisser pill.


I actually enjoyed 2. Granted, I had very low expectations going in because of how many people I heard say it was shit. Still, it's not bad.

9c0ed1  No.16110971

File: 178e37b2964a1ad⋯.png (31.92 KB, 1024x896, 8:7, the legend.png)

File: 844ca271fe0339a⋯.png (18.68 KB, 768x672, 8:7, swamp.png)

File: fc3ca728dfed910⋯.png (14.37 KB, 516x467, 516:467, three times.png)


Gaiden is a mess, i wouldn't call it shit sure but its maps are fucked; all of them have giant empty spaces and are filled with stuff to make you go slow. Its pretty much bad in the same way FE1 is.

It had cool ideas and it does seem that they might actually stick due to echoes.

ec3da8  No.16111331


Because people with that type of personality are good at getting management roles?

df07eb  No.16111717

Nintendo's confirmed Three Houses info in the Wednesday direct.

9c0ed1  No.16111751

File: fb99e7c513de6bc⋯.jpg (228.96 KB, 634x1020, 317:510, Direct.jpg)


you should probably link sources for this type of thing


Well thats nice, maybe this thread won't as quickly as usual. Any expectations?

I'm expecting support details and a confirmation of Byleth being a MyUnit.

c9ce6e  No.16111760

I want to play Langrisser can someone give me some tips on where to start, I've noticed most of the games are in japanese but I'm sure there are translations.

6c44d0  No.16111793


Start with either Langrisser II on the Genesis or it's remake, Der Langrisser, on the SNES. They both have English translations. II is a much more polished game, but Der Langrisser has branching paths and a lot more content as a result. Start with the one that sounds more up your alley.

df07eb  No.16111797


I'm lazy

I just hope it gives us an idea of what direction the series is continuing in, one way or another.

4e073c  No.16117586

>expected nothing on FE15

>it's still disappointing

0ef2ee  No.16117667


What happened?

4e073c  No.16117686


Schoolshit. No war.

0ef2ee  No.16117742

e19307  No.16117779


>he legitimately thinks that students are going to die at school

The setting from the first trailer hasn't changed either, they mentioned the myunit being a teacher.

But clearly builds up to a war.

793f96  No.16117789


I don't how it will play, but I find the aesthetic and art style they're using to be utterly repellent. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I just can't stomach it. I can handle bad graphics, but I will drop a game over aesthetics. I think it's going to be a pass for me.

f16530  No.16117810


The setting for the game is a military academy in the center of the continent. The main character is a customizable player avatar that teaches at the academy.

I'll give them this much: This is not what I'd expect from a Fire Emblem game. But I'm not thrilled about it. It just seems weird.

4e073c  No.16117894


The way they showed it originally, it looked more like a private tutor to a noble than Nipponese high school bullshit. Being the Jeigan would have been perfectly acceptable.

793f96  No.16117898


I played Echoes, and I absolutely loved the simple maps. I actually found that they lent themselves to something approximating actual, real world strategy, and they felt grounded and realistic. Fighting in swamps should be fucking atrocious, taking a fort should be a pain in the ass, and bridges are crucial strategic choke points. In particular, the bridge map is actually really cool, because the enemy consists of mounted units, and you have to make a choice about whether you're going to make a dash for the bridge, preventing a dangerous situation for your more vulnerable units, but potentially leaving someone isolated and surrounded, or stay closely together, and risk having to deal with a lot of enemies at once.

5b27de  No.16117902

File: 8c3bd7e855b7e02⋯.png (94.17 KB, 960x720, 4:3, yutona.png)


It's a shame Kaga will never come back, his series was ripped out from under him.

793f96  No.16117923

File: 6a836e0a53679ac⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 640x640, 1:1, smug_parrot.jpg)


>he thinks it won't be high school with swords

4e073c  No.16117936


>can't read

Follow the post chain.

9e7a53  No.16117993

just fuck my franchise up

e19307  No.16118007


At the end of the day, theirs clearly things that aren't just school even shown in the new trailer("squashing rebellions and suppressing bandits).

Also the cutscences clearly point towards a religious war.

The training school thing doesn't seem that bad, it does give a lot of customization based off of the few screens we got of it.

Also its clear from the trailer Milas turnwheel is back huh.

df07eb  No.16118026

I just wanted an idea of how the series was heading, I can't make heads or tales of this shit. It doesn't even look like Fire Emblem.


I like the aesthetic but the artstyle does look horrible.


>The main character is a customizable player avatar

Since they appear in cutscenes it looks like it will just be a gender choice. Still an avatar is a giant red flag.

7ee8ed  No.16118119


>Doesn't look like FE

>Literally 3 medieval kingdoms fantasy land where they probably fight against each other and some other evil force

On a macro level it is as generic FE as you can possibly get. We know little about the school shit, calm down about it until we know more.

793f96  No.16118122


>expected nothing on FE15

>it's still disappointing

>What happened?

>Schoolshit. No war.


<he legitimately thinks that students are going to die at school

>The setting from the first trailer hasn't changed either, they mentioned the myunit being a teacher. But clearly builds up to a war.

>The way they showed it originally, it looked more like a private tutor to a noble than Nipponese high school bullshit. Being the Jeigan would have been perfectly acceptable


I guess you were implying that the way they "showed it originally" changed? I remember watching the debut trailer, and thinking that I'm really tired of this hogwarts shit, so that latest post still reads to me like you think it wasn't school drama.

a8efa9  No.16118139

File: 1f36ef9e83b7cbb⋯.jpg (35.23 KB, 502x470, 251:235, 1f36ef9e83b7cbbd8cfe88555a….jpg)


>mfw they turned langrisser into a mobage

793f96  No.16118142


I think he meant "looks like" in a more literal sense. Which is true, it really doesn't look like FE, but then neither did Awakening or Fates.

df07eb  No.16118150

File: ec1aba4acd9c7f0⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, teacher.png)

Its not all bad though.

c87b86  No.16118151



Trails of Cold Steel

e19307  No.16118161

File: 4d9a3b2aed01428⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 1853x1073, 1853:1073, Trailer 1.jpg)

File: 87b9551d281c89f⋯.jpg (2.75 MB, 1850x1071, 1850:1071, Trailer 2.jpg)

File: 63eb36fd21fb091⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 1856x1071, 1856:1071, Trailer 3.jpg)

File: 648f39a9c0ab37d⋯.jpg (2.57 MB, 1852x1065, 1852:1065, Gauntlets.jpg)


Just some screenshots of what i was referring to in terms of school having a fuck-ton of customization.

did any other FE have gauntlets? i know PoR had punching

4e073c  No.16118268


No, I'm implying you couldn't really infer what we go with any accuracy from the original trailer.

793f96  No.16118390


But that's wrong though. It's was clearly going to be animu high school meets d&d world stuff that will expand into a larger scale international conflict. The early missions will be a sort of livefire training exercises with bandits and whatnot. Mind you, I've only watched the original trailer, and nothing I've seen in this thread has been even slightly surprising.

ce5416  No.16118581

File: 027e6361692a518⋯.jpg (202.05 KB, 1262x1280, 631:640, 027e6361692a518c7ca63d869a….jpg)

Is this going to be the long-awaited sequel to Valkyrie Chronicles 2? Gosh, I can't wait for more school life simulation!

0ef2ee  No.16118611


Get Persona out of my Fire Emblem.

I like both for what they are, but they shouldn't fucking cross streams.


If they took out large fucking conflicts in a Fire Emblem game then it would just be hopeless. That's not the part that's the problem. The problem is the fucking school part


Those are fucking disgraces to the franchise.

I can't fucking wait for the even worsened mobage elements where you fucking pick up crops and customize your shitty academy/castle along with the shitty dating sim elements getting even worse

Willing to bet the pozz like gay/lesbian faggotry will be worse in this one as well

8bedf3  No.16118625


I can't wait till the beach/cultural festival/sports festival/exams episodes. Boy what hijinks will ensues.

793f96  No.16118724


>a disgrace

you're not wrong, but Conquest had a decent campaign from a pure gameplay standpoint, even if I hate the pairing mechanic. Holy shit was everything else about Fates fucking retarded though

8b11bd  No.16118753

ugh, i'm pissed this is the direction that fe is taking. I dont want FE high school ugu. and the outfits are all stupid

e413f3  No.16118758


Should have seen this coming with the success of Awakening and the mess that was Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Fire Emblem may not return to its roots unless these types of games fail.

7e9425  No.16118785


Self-insert fantasy emblem became the go to for some time, the seeds were planted long ago even on the GBA they were there but there's always alternatives. Play TearRing Saga

e6feaa  No.16118789

File: a3fb027db9b9c58⋯.png (334.43 KB, 474x575, 474:575, fureza.png)

it's like a catch 20 20 with FE

>We get a return to actual SRPG gameplay

>Things look interesting gameplay wise

<Persona/Coldsteel tier school shit

<Looks like More waifu shit now granted if it's more tame then it's not a total issue but still

8b11bd  No.16118790


I was hoping echoes was a return to form

df07eb  No.16118794


>Get Persona out of my Fire Emblem.

It looks more Coldsteel then Persona unless you mean the art


> More waifu shit

There is nothing that points to excessive waifu pandering.

0ef2ee  No.16118803


>its pure gameplay is pretty decent

Why should I give a shit about a game that had only one single thing going for it, with the rest of it being bile in my mouth when I can play other games that have that, and actual good stories and writing with good characters, good animation and good artwork with even better TRPG mechanics?


The GBA was the only example of self-inserting actually ever done well in the franchise (it ended up being a positive point in favor of the game as it actually ended up contributing to the story and immersing you in a way that isn't dogshit, cringy, or obnoxious), and is completely different and unique from any other game in the franchise in the way its handled. Calling it as "planting the seeds" for this cancer is giving it shit that it didn't deserve at all and is nonsensical to link it with newer games trends especially given how they avoided doing anything even close to that for next 3-4 games after it anyways.

e6feaa  No.16118812


>There is nothing that points to excessive waifu pandering

True but I'm not going to be shocked if it has it either.

7e9425  No.16118815


It's basically just a few throw away lines in the GBA version, but the premise was set.

793f96  No.16118864


I'm not saying that you should like it, just that it has a redeeming feature that mitigates some of the shit associated with it.


You're really reaching.

7e9425  No.16118874


If you can't see how one evolved into the other you're delusional.

cb4791  No.16119020


Evolving implies a logical progression.

You'd have to be delusional to come up with that conclusion.

>one concept implemented modestly and in a unique way in a single, unusual game for the franchise and doesn't show up for 7 fucking years worth of games

>when they do "bring it back" (in the loosest definition of the word) they handle it completely differently than anything even remotely resembling the original because who fucking knows

>this shows that it somehow "evolved"

if FE7's concept didn't exist it wouldn't have made a fucking difference in them trying it or not for FE12, I bet, because its ridiculous and too far separated to be called an "Evolution". Hell for all we know the leadership or development team could've thought of the idea organically irrespective of FE7, it could've been different teams entirely, and I think that was the case with how fucking different and unusual it was.

This wasn't a fucking "Evolution". Actual self-inserting began with Kris, and from there you can see an actual fucking evolution into Fates as time goes on.

37a9db  No.16119089

I don't know what's even going on with this series anymore. Last game i played was Awakening, felt like getting back into it, maybe replay them all since the beginning, try to give Fates and Echoes a chance. But this is getting out of hand, we are in school life dating sim levels now.

793f96  No.16119110


It's really no different than the zerg overmind or whatever it was called in starcraft. A "commander" character that isn't much more than a vague presence with occasional plot significance, and what you seem to be trying to do is like blaming the overmind "character" in the original game for the mary-sue soy-waifu shit in the second. Except it's even worse because, as the other anon noted, there were a bunch of games over a long time that dropped the idea, and then one game implemented an avatar in a way that was completely different.

793f96  No.16119145


Just don't start with Fates, it will sour you on the whole series. The writing, characters and plot is even worse than awakening. I would only recommend Conquest to someone who's played everything else (aside from Birthright) in the series and was desperate for more.

I think Echoes is wonderful, but it will depend on what your looking for in an FE game. It's very down to earth, and doesn't have any waifubait stuff or modern anime cliches.

df07eb  No.16119218


Skip Fates, play Echoes

cb4791  No.16119237

File: b73d98406b21c2f⋯.mp4 (3.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nintendo Makes fun of Pair….mp4)



from a jewtuber but its still funny how they did this

adae9a  No.16121086


Mangs is an idiot.

a464bd  No.16121221


He's like Molyneux's dim-witted younger brother

7e9425  No.16121230


>it isn't actually self inserting when you are asked to self insert

>it's not self inserting when the games characters refer to you by name

>it isn't self inserting when they fellate my ego

You probably grind at arenas too.

adae9a  No.16121258

I think 3H looks good. I like the idea that you have to meet certain requirements to reclass besides having the item you need, and I'm interested in seeing how the story evolves out of high school hijinx. I'm sure there will be some missed potential, though, like not taking advantage of the opportunity to suddenly cut off resources via the school getting ransacked in the story, or something.

187351  No.16121354


It does seem fun to be able to basically pick your entire unit class roster.

I do wonder about classes though, Wyvern is probably Heavy Armor+Flying? Is riding required for all the flying classes or just the ground ones? Considering flying is inherently strong as fuck i'd believe the former but who knows.

Dark magic and Anima seem to in the same category, so what does that mean for dark magic classes? Is it just learn-set based? I wonder if any classes require authority.

Also in the trailer healing doesn't damage the healer, is it just not shown or does it use something else? It clearly doesn't use items though so what could it be? its could just be an error though

Combat arts seem to follow suit but they have something obvious to pull from, weapon durability.

Bows seem to be back to normal in the new trailer too, whereas in the original one they were gaiden 1-2 range ones.

We still haven't been shown any skills despite them clearly been shown.

The army attack things(called "gambit" now) have had basically zero revealed about them as well.

I think i agree that it might end up good but with missed potential. there is a decent chance of it just being a shit-fest of jacking off the self insert though

Something tells me if its shit the school thing will not be the thing to push it into that territory.

0ef2ee  No.16121657


Guess you couldn't come up with an actual response right?

So much for your "evolution" claims.

I guess the seeds FE7 planted must've stayed completely dormant for 7 years while other plants grew around it, and then an entirely different kind of plant sprouted from it in a different field. Truly the peak of evolution, anyone who can't see it is delusional.

adae9a  No.16121742


>Wyvern and flying

I figure they will keep riding to grounded horses and flying to its own category, based on how they are typically categorized separately in the other games. Then again, 3H seems so different from the rest of the series in other ways that I can't say for certain. IS also doesn't tend to worry about balance, judging that Wendy and fucking Miledy were in the same game.

>Dark magic and anima

That's how it was in Fates and Awakening as well (the fact that there was only one dark tome in Fates notwithstanding).


It might have something to do with promoting, but I'm not sure about reclassing.


Good question, I was curious about that too. Perhaps it uses a skill? I don't think IS would be foolish enough to allow infinite healing. It could be that there's a hidden item, or like you said there was a bug in the video.


I can't make that call from what we saw. I hope that they aren't 1-2 range, I prefer my bows situational and bad.

187351  No.16121798

File: 9418bb153aff61b⋯.png (3.69 MB, 1850x980, 185:98, Bows 1.png)

File: a9e6478eeac155d⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1856x1078, 928:539, Bows 2.png)


>judging that Wendy and fucking Miledy were in the same game.

No clearly the game series that kept on giving archers gimped growths and stats and also made a Jeigen with almost better growths than his lord(Seth) knew what it was doing.

>That's how it was in Fates and Awakening as well

I actually totally forgot thats what Awakening did.

>I can't make that call from what we saw. I hope that they aren't 1-2 range, I prefer my bows situational and bad.

As i noted iron bows have clearly lost 1-2 range, which is probably for the best. Considering being bow locked would require an intentional fuck with the system presented the whole niche thing is a lot less bad.

adae9a  No.16121826


Oh, I haven't looked at the screens that closely. Well, good. I like that change. I've been playing FE8 lately (Iron Man, rest in peace Ross) and I never cease to be astounded at how absurdly broken Seth is.

e6feaa  No.16121950



I want to hope the game is good.

039073  No.16122012

The art looks a bit better than the last trailer and at least the customization appears a bit better so the horrible designs can be avoided. At least the game seems way more polished now but I'm still not excited.

df07eb  No.16122163

File: f0f744a09d2fddb⋯.jpg (60.87 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Koei Tecmo.jpg)

It appears they left this out of the Western trailer. I wonder if they are just lending out programmers or is it something more.

4e073c  No.16122640

File: 9d7539e70aa7246⋯.png (27.15 KB, 240x160, 3:2, OrderOftheCrimsonArmFinal-….png)


Order of the Crimson Arm made bows useful by making them really strong and making longbows common. As light and accurate as swords yet as powerful as axes. That combined with some really good bow users made them worth using.

55176e  No.16123579


What happened to Vestaria Saga and its localization?

Who wants to help an EOP romhacker translate Genjyuu Ryodan?

c41162  No.16123621

I hope the school setting doesn't remain for the whole game, like eventually the 3 countries go to war and you go from a school teacher to training an actual army. Clearly you need something to fight besides just bandits and rebels. And Byleth should not be usable as a unit, or at at least not an OP fuck like Kris or Robin.

9582ca  No.16124874

File: 7e5961e0f6ea586⋯.jpg (112.85 KB, 1192x606, 596:303, Crest.jpg)


>I hope the school setting doesn't remain for the whole game, like eventually the 3 countries go to war and you go from a school teacher to training an actual army

The first trailer clearly talks like something happens, though all the stuff in the trailers just point to an evil church or something, but the whole "side with one house" mechanic does imply an eventual split.

Fun note, the black beast was the only hint towards the crest thing from the first trailer.

>And Byleth should not be usable as a unit

He's been shown as usable for both trailers, so you probably shouldn't hope for the impossible.

df07eb  No.16127295



On second thought don't play echoes, the blonde Pegasus knight gets blacked and the cuck friend accepts it.

f16530  No.16127582


Gray is just tan, he's not a nigger. The same goes for Boey.

df07eb  No.16129332


I'm sure it was just a coincidence that they changed her to a blonde and gave him dark skin.

b3c72f  No.16139487

File: 27af4f829fdf6a7⋯.png (223.04 KB, 391x412, 391:412, 27af4f829fdf6a7fa6767149c2….png)

Don't know why they didn't keep Hidari as the lead artist, granted it looks better than before but changing the art style of the series is how advance wars died

Doubt anything they will do will make me buy a switch though

765a6c  No.16140179

Real talk: How many of you think that Three Houses will by a "return to form" in any way. Most of the people I know IRL who like FE are planning on getting it, but most of them also were perfectly fine with nu-emblem. Granted, I had a good time with Awakening, but you can't tell me that fates is as a good as the rest of the series.

5b27de  No.16140203


Thracia was always my favorite, unfortunately it's difficult and the casuals who only played the newer games hate it. Hope they bring capturing back someday.

12f897  No.16141298


I mean it seems to have weight and durability this time? That has to be a good sign right?

Really its just a crap shoot of "maybe the garbage parts of FE left to the gacha".

>but you can't tell me that fates is as a good as the rest of the series.

I can tell you its better than awakening as an actual game, it fails literally everywhere else but music though.


Well the fates one existed… honestly it wasn't a bad idea but kinda underdeveloped.

The original was better but i do think it'd be funny if it retained the fates stuff(maybe if you kept captured units till the end of the map?).

85e13e  No.16152970


Thought it might then I saw the direct.

f9121c  No.16153044

Which FE games are worth playing? I've only played Awakening and I'd like to play something else with Marth in it.

38b387  No.16153121


I consider FE3 to be the best marth game, it cuts out the worst of FE1 and doesn't shove in mechanics that fuck with the balance of maps.

The Telius games are both good.

Genealogy is more up to taste, but its praise does come for a good reason.

Thracia i think is really good, but is a bit scummy and doesn't really pull punches.

7 is pretty decent, 6/8 aren't abysmal but i would say both are really flawed(in different ways mind you) but neither is really bad.

Echoes is decent in its own way, but its pretty different in how its handled.

e6feaa  No.16153196


>Hidari as the lead artist,

He should have been lead but the new one while not great isn't awful either.

adae9a  No.16153297


Yeah, it's awful funny that of the 3 main romances that are canon in the game, 2 are between a dark-skinned male and a young, attractive white-skinned female. Really makes you wonder.

3e8420  No.16157745


Who cares about those two niggers, there are bigger issues at hand, such as the main character rejecting best girl Faye on her A-rank support conversation.

afbaa9  No.16157874


What about the FE3 remake on the DS?

f7c391  No.16157957


It fixes some issues(SNES era maps besides Thracias are huge; the remake increases movement range), but adds some. Also its the source of the current avatars, so the My Unit sorta fucks the story and everyone praises him way too much.

The reclassing system of the remakes is a bit sketch, it basically breaks units into mostly stats.

Unlike Shadow Dragon, the weapon triangle doesn't really hurt the game.

The DS era emblems are pretty meh looking as well, though new mystery is an improvement over shadow dragon in that respect.

New Mystery isn't a bad game, but i prefer FE3. Also a point, FE3 also has a remake of FE1 in it, and that is much better than Shadow Dragon.

afbaa9  No.16158073


Yeah the avatar wanking is a huge turn-off for me, but I've heard 12 is a good game despite that. I recently finished an 5 star playthrough of shadow dragon and its…pretty unbalanced (both ways, warp is broken) to say the least. I'll keep in mind the FE3 version so I can compare when I get to it

f7c391  No.16158110


Warp is eternally broken in any game its in really and FE1 loves to give a lot of warps for some reason.

I think in terms of a singular pure playthrough FE3 is better but there is more options in terms of what you can do in FE12 which makes it better for replaying.

Stuff like Lunatic Reverse(having to always deal with counters) is pretty interesting.

The story isn't marred as much by Kris because its a remake, the game couldn't fully become about him. Gangrel Awakening sorta had the same thing(ironically until after Gangrel Awakening is pretty good in general from what i remember).

afbaa9  No.16158138


>Warp is eternally broken in any game

Sure, but having infinite range is just completely over the top. I made a point of only using it to get to side objectives faster since if I'd just warp-skip I wouldn't even play half the maps

85e13e  No.16158169


>so the My Unit sorta fucks the story

How? After the prologue I can't remember MU doing much plot wise outside of Gaidens. Only thing that she "took over" was the lectures on the kingdom's history and frankly it was stupid to have Marth being the recipient in the first place. He was seriously just now learning about the history of the country he is literally the king of? From a man he spent two years in exile with no less? Most she gets is (all new) base convos to add depth to other characters and a side story in the gaidens.

f7c391  No.16158184


As a note warp wasn't nerfed until the GBA era. But yeah the original warp gives chapter skips that babies could do.


I haven't really played FE12 for ages so my memory is probably a bit off, but yeah that was just me not really thinking about what i said, its mostly just that Kris gets a lot more praise than he deserves.

I do remember the story of FE12 being bad though, i can't remember what causes it.

afbaa9  No.16158201


>As a note warp wasn't nerfed until the GBA era

Hmm, didn't know that. I still haven't played the SNES era

8ab628  No.16158219

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'd say that FE5 nerfed warp staves pretty hard.

>Teleport into 50 enemies to assassinate the boss.

>Teleport Leaf onto castle.


It's not like you can't just restart, though.

f85c0a  No.16158568

I kind of wish they'd make a Gaiden 2 and try a wildly different direction with the mechanics again, given than the FE fanbase(s) will complain regardless since they're all so split anyway.

f6e0e8  No.16158916

Did you know that in FE6 silenced units can't talk? So they can't activate supports or visit villages either. It makes sense in a way, but it is a bit inconvenient, and it doesn't really make the silence staff stronger for the player, which is pretty weak since enemy mages tend to have high res. Though I haven't ever tried silencing a thief or brigand before they take a village for themselves.

85e13e  No.16159004

File: f2f0d9f4ad154bf⋯.jpg (606.62 KB, 679x960, 679:960, 35446363.jpg)

File: f5b7e088d555247⋯.png (483.62 KB, 1440x816, 30:17, NPJH50380_00001.png)

Translation never ever. Why aren't you learning Nipponese?

afbaa9  No.16159163


I already did but I also have burnout and depression, can't have everything

f6e0e8  No.16159166


What is the title of the game sempai?

85e13e  No.16159181


Literally in file name of second picture.

adae9a  No.16179719


The only chapter I can think of where you have access to silence and there are brigands attacking villages is the Vaida survive chapter (26 in HHM).

85e13e  No.16184514


Speaking of which, I've got to figure out how to setup the mine glitch and steal the uber spear with the HHM layout.

6c44d0  No.16184678


And that's on top of the shitty 3DS game that came out a few years ago. At least Growlanser has managed to find safety in the grave.


It looks like it could be fun, but I doubt that it's going to be a return to form unless they really take advantage of the Switch's hardware and make the chapters bigger and more intricate than those of the last few games. The FE game I can think of that had interesting maps was Radiant Dawn over a decade ago.

c67f86  No.16184826


I think the bitch who ruined everything since Awakening (except Echoes) is on it, so I wouldn't hold out any hope.

cef07c  No.16198307


f68b27  No.16198742

Fire Emblem Fates was the only one done by Nintendo Threehouse, right? The rest are okay to play in English too.

1d38e1  No.16198758


The other ones don't really have the best translation either.

But yeah its not extremely bad with shit memes slapped in.

85e13e  No.16198806


Awakening and Tokyo Mirage Sessions have horrible translations to match.

f68b27  No.16198821



Just found out there was some restoration patch work done for Fate. What happened with it? All links I find are dead so far.

ed028a  No.16198837


>Satoshi Urushihara

>good art

Pick one, he's a shit artist who is praised for shitting out repetitive character designs and styles. His porn isn't good either.

85e13e  No.16198844


Everything but some support convos have been done, and those convos are translated just not in the game.

ec20ee  No.16198878


Just because his porn isn't like the furshit you're used to doesn't mean it's bad. Different people have different tastes, especially when it comes to art and porn.

f68b27  No.16198967


The undub version I downloaded also is labelled to include Swimsuit+Marriage 0.4.1 Patch, but I am not sure about the complete scope of that. The thread here says version 1.3 https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/60728-team-if-fire-emblem-fates-content-restoration-v13-please-read-op/ but all the links are dead. Also found the fan translation for the Japanese version of the game, but that seems dead. I don't mind playing the game fully in Japanese, but even so I would like to have some English version backed up as well.

eb2d31  No.16198969


>how advance wars died

Its not that they changed the art style per-se, but that they changed the art style and didn't match previous entries for how much art there was. There are only two army designs in DoR, if you didn't notice.

75f0a8  No.16200672


Vestaria Saga was a free game made in SRPG maker by Kaga. I think it was a loveletter to his fanbase, that's why it broke the fourth wall frequently.

It also has a pozzed localization team. Don't know if it will affect the game or not, just pirate when it launches so that you won't feel regret if you see a drumpf line in there.


Same feelings that I have about Berwick Saga.

f85c0a  No.16208118

How's Yggdra Union?

3e8420  No.16208961

File: b8730d1b4961e6a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 18.96 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Fire Emblem (USA, Australi….png)

File: 79931aa45a1ed7e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 965.46 KB, 1171x1746, 1171:1746, 0b61e74dd6b1f19c383fd645cb….jpg)

File: 928a30aa16a0aea⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 426.34 KB, 850x1198, 425:599, 1c34d35a4e430810958cd9d86….jpeg)

File: f2c5cfc74759ce0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 882.69 KB, 2518x3206, 1259:1603, 1c1ef6697d669ee77f3be37a07….jpg)

File: 6a236844b15bb4a⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 576.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1a4ab0212ddfb38426e2ef7d74….gif)

My rank so far as of FE7 Chapter 16x. I had to start a new game when i couldn't get past Chapter 22 because i fucked up when leveling my units.


Posting Urushihara just to spite you, you massive faggot

71493b  No.16209149


>fucked up leveling my units

Wew lad. This game has been beaten on 0% growths hack and even negative growths on HHM, how did you manage to get stuck?

f85c0a  No.16210433


And someone else beat Dark Souls with a dance matt, not sure what your point is.

adae9a  No.16210735


You can just use Marcus for everything. Chapter 22 on Eliwood mode is the Dragon's Gate, right?

9340ec  No.16219886



wish he did more vanilla.

85e13e  No.16228191

>watching videos of Nipponese people try to speak English

>American host's name is written in katakana


I have to wonder if Sain was supposed to be "Thane". Sain is a valid name, but Thane does seem very fitting for a knight. NoJ romanized it as Sain first, but Japanese romanizations are rarely anything to go by.

1c9cfd  No.16236991

File: 95135f6b3dde6eb⋯.png (940.71 KB, 820x611, 820:611, FE.PNG)

Will you choose the Germans, Meds, or Slavs?

380498  No.16237019

File: 59f19e2986875c8⋯.png (1.3 MB, 5304x784, 663:98, 59f19e2986875c8b37998788dc….png)


Meds of course.

21cdc9  No.16237765


Is this an image for ants?

df07eb  No.16238926


for bugmen

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