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File: 46ec395e0177c1e⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1350, 4:5, Featuring DMC 3 dante.png)

762790  No.16086990

>leitmotif of a single battle theme is turned into the main theme of the prequel game explaining the past of the main character as well as his brother who he fought all through the first game whose theme was the one with the leitmotif in the first place


9ab7d4  No.16087047


Ultra Violet is Virgil's original theme, so yes parts of the song is in Virgil's themes for all 3 fights.

f7a36e  No.16087068



Why do people keep doing that.

a265ff  No.16087188

Doesnt the ps4 demo for DMC5 come out tomorrow which is the 7th?

Thats something to look forward to.

Game then comes out a month and a day after that.

Heres hoping that it wont be a disappointment like how KH3 was for me.

fa8746  No.16087194


Have you seen how V plays? It's going to be a disappointment

134074  No.16087210

Weird that a thread gets posted right as I'm playing through for the first time. Its enjoyable so far. I would say more, but I'm only just getting to the first boss.

a265ff  No.16087232


Dante and Vergil still looks fun to play as though.


Use devil trigger whenever you have it available and beat the shit out of its face. It works wonders. Do that same strategy for every other boss and the game should go just fine for you.

fa8746  No.16087241


It's more of an indicator of overall quality when anyone on the dev team looks at how V plays and goes "yes this is what we want". Not to mention the forced online/AI segments complete with good boy points

ba0850  No.16087437


They probably wanted to put in a summoner to mix things up. Either way we'll have to wait and see if V is fun to play. Nero is still fun if anything.

34d287  No.16087483

File: f5bc8a8a01306de⋯.jpg (702.69 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 10f972eebd889cf773b194c7dd….jpg)


Yes it comes out tomorrow.

I played the first demo on a friends xbone, it was alright but it ran like shit, I hope it's somewhat stable on a regular ps4.

This new demo allows you to save and build up on red orbs to buy new moves from what I've heard, you also have more devil arms. I really want to try it out.


He looks like he's the kind of character you are either doing really well or really badly, with no middle ground.

I think he's going to required a lot of forward knowledge to be good with, so don't expect to do well with him the first time around. He seems like he could create some interesting set ups.

0f20ec  No.16087602

A shame there is no PC demo, want to see how well it runs, but of course the PC version is Denuvo'd anyway.

4a2e63  No.16087643

File: b9499ed37cb2df7⋯.mp4 (1.2 MB, 1066x600, 533:300, itsunodance.mp4)


I would imagine it probably runs about as well as Monster Hunter World does, for what it's worth. They're in the same engine and DMC4 was optimized well enough.

34d287  No.16087656


DMC5 is using the RE engine, MHW is using the MT Framework, which was the same as 4.

I hope it runs better than MHW, that game ran like ass on release and it still has it's share of issues. Though at this point I believe that the Monster Hunter team is just more incompetent on the technical side.

0f20ec  No.16087665


>tfw want to play DMCV

>tfw will have to wait for a crack

>tfw will have to potentially deal with poor performance

>tfw patches that fix performance will need to be cracked too, adding to the wait

DMCV being Denuvo'd has fucked my plans over. I was going to play the games again to get ready but now I might just wait until it gets cracked and then play the series.

4a2e63  No.16087672

File: 5f985094a9ca465⋯.png (262.14 KB, 591x720, 197:240, help.png)


I thought MHW was on the RE7 engine as well? I must be mistaken.

34d287  No.16087694

File: 8fb2b3b80e109f8⋯.jpg (32.96 KB, 540x496, 135:124, 8fb2b3b80e109f8a0626bca0bd….jpg)


The RE engine isn't well suited for big and vast areas with lots going, and with the performance DMC5 had on the xbone the port is starting to scare me, there's a lot of particle shit going on and even REmake 2 on pc has some issues on pc when you use the Spark gun.

That being said, DMC4 uses MT framework and runs like butter while MHW running on the same engine has a ton of issues. So who knows how the port is going to turn out at this point.

I'll still bet that there will be issues with particle effects.

4a2e63  No.16087733


After having pirated the game I wish they'd gone full edge like in the initial teaser.

34d287  No.16087750



Demo is out if you're from New Zealand.

Just make another account and go grab it.

0048f8  No.16087795

File: ba661384b503b0c⋯.mp4 (14.29 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Welcome_back,_Devil_May_Cr….mp4)


We dancing now.


Nice bait, here's your (you).

e3e69e  No.16087919


To be honest the meme dance was the thing that made me more hype about the game. Then they showed Jew Twink Kilo Ren and ruined it for me.

18cf7c  No.16089412

File: 8af09de6f8d3141⋯.png (265.3 KB, 700x700, 1:1, (you)_slut.png)



c8793b  No.16089428

File: b8da78934aa1411⋯.jpg (18.05 KB, 480x360, 4:3, cereal.jpg)


But was he redpilled?

576647  No.16089435

>my truthful post about starting with dmc3 is gone

Play devil may cry 1 first

4e1f5a  No.16089441




371c5a  No.16089469

File: 00c984cd864a715⋯.png (42.33 KB, 613x594, 613:594, 00c984cd864a7159f8e26ec6e1….png)


Fucking kill yourself.

2f540b  No.16089483

File: b6a0082cc726ad3⋯.jpg (23.82 KB, 434x532, 31:38, just about mcfucking had i….jpg)


>liking Donte

Commit toaster bath

aa563d  No.16089497

>look DmC but with nero this time! DMC5(((V))) totally legit

>boom shooh illegal immigrant stronk wymyn

>better graphics, mechanic arm, not a cash grab

640115  No.16089502


>The RE engine isn't well suited for big and vast areas with lots going

What makes you say that?

a21cce  No.16089517

File: 2e9600034630fb3⋯.jpg (58.96 KB, 1279x665, 1279:665, edge master.JPG)


Nah. He should be a fun piece of masturbatory teenage edgelordyness, but instead he's just dumb and kind of a prick. Like the Combichrist soundtrack, they should have gone harder with it. Donte should have been the wet dream of every fat kid mall ninja with a five finger death punch t-shirt.

As is they reigned him in and he's just boring, which really undersells the idiotic occupy wall street plot and scene where he fights a fox news anchor. The true retard edgy game has yet to be made.


>boom shooh illegal immigrant stronk wymyn

what the fuck are you even going on about

42a3d6  No.16089535

File: 533384b215539ef⋯.webm (12.61 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Love Shack Trigger.webm)

Just one month left.

0e397c  No.16089566


Have you played the updated Demo?

42a3d6  No.16089572


It's not out yet where I live.

a21cce  No.16089578


Does the "updated demo" have anything the last demo didn't?

0f20ec  No.16089588


More Devil Breakers, orbs carry over to the main game, PS4 as well this time.

810128  No.16089619

it's too bad the demo can't be datamined yet

667d90  No.16089634


Didn't it say in the first few games that Ebony and Ivory were Dante's HAND-MADE guns? The second I saw Goldenstein and heard it say "ma grandmammy made dem dare guuuyns fur y'all" I wanted nothing to do with it.

762790  No.16089737


I am very certain that it is mentioned several times that dante's guns are custom modified personally, in fact I believe it says that directly in 4, one sec..

>Personally designed by Dante

Let me just take a quick skim through the HD collection too

>Ebony & Ivory

>Dante's hand-made guns.

>Dante's hand-made twin pistols. They fire bullets with magic power.

>Dante's personally designed handguns made for rapid fire action.

Wow, 4 and 3 imply that they were just designed, not actually made, by Dante, but 1 and 2 explicitly said hand-made.

33c144  No.16089761

My only problem with the demo so far is there not being enough moves even after unlocking them, being able to run and charge your sword is a good addition, boss fight is pretty fun but a little too easy, and attacks feel nice and weighty.

3c658a  No.16089773



The models and concept art for 1 have the "For Tony Redgrave by .45 Art Works" sign. Pretty sure that's not the name of Dante's buisness.

762790  No.16089783


It says for tony redgrave because that was dante's proto design name. If you watch the anime you'd know that Dante goes by an alias, Tony, and it's implied that he uses it for certain reasons. I'm sure that he didn't personally create the receiver and the slide, but otherwise it's reasonable to assume he pieced them together himself.

3c658a  No.16089802


I'm well aware of DMC1's development history, and I know that this little bit of trivia was later made into an alias by the novelization which also introduced Nell Goldstein and came before the anime. Also hand-made does not imply self-made. Otherwise I that would imply the sweater I'm wearing right now isn't hand made because my grandmother made it for me.

a265ff  No.16089844

File: e3b96e292626dbf⋯.mp4 (520.51 KB, 640x360, 16:9, itsuno meme dance.mp4)


Heres a version with sound you cuckchanner.


>boss fight is pretty fun but a little too easy

Anon, its the first boss, they are supposed to be easy.

69ad4c  No.16089904

File: 2f2880e5416b68a⋯.mp4 (12.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback.mp4)


Just in time for a Dante for Smash announcement.

762790  No.16089931


This is excellent.

d6ee72  No.16089935

File: 0517b22eee6286e⋯.png (55 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Sparda.png)


>actual name is goldenstein

>ugly tattooed degenerate with huge snoz

Hahaha, what the fuck. Dropped.

7b7b97  No.16089945

File: 0c9d0edd59f7049⋯.png (309 KB, 896x1414, 64:101, screencapture-devilmaycry-….png)





Nell Goldstein is from the original Devil May Cry novel, which had input and was approved by Hideki Kamiya. She is the one who made Ebony and Ivory for Dante.

And DMC5 as a game is doing Loosey Goosey shit with canon, basicly anything they want to take from the Novels or Anime, is Canon, and anything that obviously contradicts things in the games themselves simply isn't canon.

7ad34b  No.16090414


>its the first boss, they are supposed to be easy.

Or the fact that the demo is set on Normal. Any DMC game on normal is piss easy if you've played the series a lot.

9739fe  No.16090510


You're wrong, but >>16087733 has a point. It's funny how in retrospect the original teaser version of Donte with all his cringe and edge probably would have been a more fun and better character then what we actually got.

efbe19  No.16090512


762790  No.16090534



7ad34b  No.16090674



4677c9  No.16090775

Tried the PS4 demo.

Is it just me or does Nero feel off? I can't get him to dodge how I want. The lock on's camera focus point is more awkward than in previous games. I'm sure I can adjust to it but in DMC4 I never felt I had to angle my dodge, if I was pushing a sideways direction it just dodged when I wanted it to. Could just be me.

Boss has way too much HP and a huge dumb gimmick. Are you supposed to break arms fighting him? I never felt comfortable breaking arms and mostly wanted budget trickster from the Gundam arm.

Sound has problems all over the place. Musics way too quiet. The writing is horrendous, it's written by Americans who have no idea about Nero's personality. "I won't lie.." should never ever come out of Nero's mouth. He was never the type of guy who would lie to begin with. Having him saying this one time he won't lie is a slap in his face.

Enemies are a bit passive and just dull. Maybe a problem with the demo but I don't recall the bugs ever attacking me.

Not being able to reassign taunt is dumb as fuck. PC won't let me use the PS4 touch pad so how am I going to assign taunt where I want it?

134074  No.16090784

I fucking suck at this game.

0802cb  No.16090798


>it's written by Americans who have no idea about Nero's personality.

But it's not. Stop spreading lies.

4677c9  No.16090800


There is no fucking way a nip wrote this.

0802cb  No.16090805

File: 2e747ebe563cd8b⋯.png (196.87 KB, 275x764, 275:764, Bingo.png)


It's written by the dude who wrote a majority of the DMC canon you dipshit. Actually check your facts before you spew them.

4677c9  No.16090809


>Wikipedia as a source

Point and laugh at the faggot. The guy doesn't even work at Capcom any more, he left for Platinum

0802cb  No.16090818

File: aea2a572382d9de⋯.png (36.08 KB, 586x507, 586:507, but muh platinum.png)


How about his official twitter instead then you goalpost moving faggot?

e82a33  No.16090828


Didn't Nero hide his arm from everybody in the first game to make it seem like it was a regular arm? Isn't that technically lying by omission of information? Specially since he was in a order dedicated to protect people from any danger including Demon's attacks. I even recall a demon attack being what triggered Nero's arms transformation, if I recall it correctly, it says so in the game's manual. And what the fuck does this >>16090800 means? That nips cannot write bad? Or are they forbidden to write about people that lie?


>Boss has way too much HP and a huge dumb gimmick.Are you supposed to break arms fighting him? I never felt comfortable breaking arms and mostly wanted budget trickster from the Gundam arm.

Usually, when games give you attacks and resources, it expects you to use them. I the boss takes too long because you arbitrarily decided that you don't like to use the attacks of the game, I'll say it is not the games fault. The rest of your complains, although are a little bit nitpicking, I won't confirm or deny, as I have yet to try the demo.

4677c9  No.16090849


"I am sorry for my poor English" and this is the guy who wrote the ENGLISH SCRIPT? I'm not buying it faggot.


Nero has his arm in a bandage and it isn't working. It's not like he's hiding it if it's a dead arm in medical care.

Hands are limited. You only have 4 of them. Building your whole boss around using your very limited resource that change your movesets a bad idea. Especially since the demo doesn't have a continue function, you have to restart the whole mission over. The obvious answer isn't to spam your arms .

0802cb  No.16090872

File: 2b353cb14abb35b⋯.png (53.68 KB, 561x378, 187:126, Nero just take the L.png)


> and this is the guy who wrote the ENGLISH SCRIPT? I'm not buying it faggot.

>Still moving goalposts

>Nero has his arm in a bandage and it isn't working

He's making it look like a broken arm but it's fine as evidenced by the fucking Dante fight. Also you're conveniently forgetting when he pulls his sleeve over it and hides it behind his body when Credo and gang come back to help prove your shitty point.

>Complaining about the magazine size

There's like 3-4 hands lying around the battlefield with Goliath if you are so bad you actually need them and were stupid enough to Break Age every attack. Truth be told I was kind of disappointed with the boss fight as it was just the worst aspects of the Beowulf fight from DMC3 and Berial from DMC4 rolled into one. It total, git fucking gud faggot he's piss. Stop blaming the game on your obvious lack of skill.

7ad34b  No.16090873


Don't feel overwhelmed anon. the first DMC can be quite hard at times. Expect to die a lot.


>"I won't lie.."

Do you have a link to a video where he says this? I've yet to see any of the new cutscenes that have been released.

7ad34b  No.16090881


any tips on how to dodge those fucking feather arrows that Beowulf shoots out at you near the end fight? I love fighting him but that shit always fucking hits me.

0802cb  No.16090885


You just have to get lucky with the timing of your rolling if you're unlucky enough to be far away from him. I've heard you can perfect Royalguard them but I can't nail that if it's possible. I think you can also position yourself close enough to him so they go "over" you but I could be wrong it has been sometime since I played through 3.

4677c9  No.16090888


He says it during gameplay of the demo


None of your stupidity addresses the core issue of him being a damage sponge. You shouldn't be forced to wail on a boss for days or spam special attacks to beat it. Your melee should be enough in a DMC game, it always has been up until they introduced a bad gimmick.

0802cb  No.16090891


>damage sponge

I haven't noticed him having anymore health than Berial did really. Just feels longer since you can't rely on the Buster grabs for huge damage anymore. Moreover have you tried hitting him on the head? The limbs have higher defence but the head I'm pretty sure deals out more hurt. Also

>Not wanting more style points

ccc1e7  No.16090898

I'm pretty shit at DMC3. I'm getting my ass handed to me by Cerberus but at the same time I can't really understand why, and I don't have enough combos or attacks to really try anything new. The most I have is stinger, the blademaster level 1 shit and thousand swords which sometimes comes out and other times doesn't.

e82a33  No.16090904


Just come back from playing the demo. Maybe is a matter of opinion, but I actually though the boss died way to fast. Maybe is the difficulty the demos is set in, but I was playing like ass and still killed it fast.


>Is it just me or does Nero feel off? I can't get him to dodge how I wantThe lock on's camera focus point is more awkward than in previous games. I'm sure I can adjust to it but in DMC4 I never felt I had to angle my dodge, if I was pushing a sideways direction it just dodged when I wanted it to. Could just be me.

For me, so far, I haven't really feel it was awkward to control, maybe with more time but so far I think is ok. Perhaps is just that Nero movement now has smother transitions between each other and can feel odd, specially if you played DMC4 a lot.

>Sound has problems all over the place. Musics way too quiet.

I though it was fine, perhaps is the dynamic range option that makes it sounds weird for you?. Probably others can give a better opinion of this.

>Enemies are a bit passive and just dull. Maybe a problem with the demo but I don't recall the bugs ever attacking me. The bugs actually seem to not be very aggresive, remind me of the basic clowns in DMC4. The others do attack more often, but aren't really very dangerous, but if the demo is set in normal then is not different from other DMC, where in normal basic enemies are piss-poor easy. This is the kind of thing we would have to see when the full game releases

>Not being able to reassign taunt is dumb as fuck.

That I agree with.

So far, I really liked the demo, seems very promising. Perhaps the boss could of have been better, but it wasn't bad. Really liked the amount of details that the game has, specially in Nero's movements.

0802cb  No.16090907

File: 1c4a12aa970bfdb⋯.png (273.83 KB, 370x360, 37:36, rad smug vergil.png)


What you want to do for the first time you fight Cerberus is either

>Have Swordmaster on

>Shoot off the ice on the heads and then go to town with the Aerial Raves while avoiding the rams and the headbutts


>Have Gunslinger and just cheese your way to victory

or (if you're a big man)

>Have Royalguard equipped

>guard a majority of his moves

>shoot off the ice and let him have a full charge

I'd probably hold off on that until you've leveled up RG a bit though. Might also help you to know you can focus on the front paws and once you get them to a certain threshold Cerberus will fall for a bit for you to lay down some pain for a few seconds uninterrupted.

In regards to Million Stab it helps especially if it's your first time to not play on turbo to learn the inputs easier. Once you get it you get it.

Don't give up anon I believe in you.


Biggest complaint I have so far in regards to how Nero plays is the input for the drop slash being changed and the inability to swap arms without breaking them. Both of which I can really adapt to but still felt off to me. Loving the weight everything has now and the changes to the charge shots too.

b243bd  No.16090913

How the fuck does V work?

ccc1e7  No.16090915


But when do I have fun with being stylish? NG+? This early in the game I have no combos to play around with but at the same time it feels overwhelmingly wrong to cheese the game just like it did in DMC1.

Speaking of DMC1 why doesn't the HD version run on my toaster what the fuck is this shit

0802cb  No.16090924

File: cc4f317e3ee979a⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 480x270, 16:9, mfw you cannot kill me.gif)


From what I've seen so far he summons familiars as his weapons I imagine Gryphon is his range button and Shadow being his melee button. Nightmare is confirmed to be his Devil Trigger summon. However only V himself or Nightmare can land killing blows on enemies so you're going to have to keep a safe distance shredding enemies with your summons before separating that enemy from the pack and finishing it off yourself once the time comes. I kind of like it and if they manage to pull it off he'll probably be a blast to play. He's also probably Mundus or a servant of him but that's already pretty obvious.


Trust me the style will come far before NG+. For me it's as soon as you get Cerberus' weapon as that is probably the biggest style beast weapon in the game besides Beowulf. It's amazing taking out a whole hallway of demons with just nunchuku like it was fucking Devil May Oldboy.

Also DMC1 HD from what I heard has quite a few issues but I never heard of it performing horribly.

e82a33  No.16090933


>Biggest complaint I have so far in regards to how Nero plays is the input for the drop slash being changed and the inability to swap arms without breaking them. Both of which I can really adapt to but still felt off to me. Loving the weight everything has now and the changes to the charge shots too

Yeah, those are the only thing that bothered me too. The limitation of not being able to change what arm you have equipped without breaking did felt like it limits what moves you have access to, but working around this limitation can be interesting too. Besides, maybe in the full game we can upgrade how many arms we can carry or even have access to alternate ways to access to them without breaking. I would say though, the arms are a great addition, they really help expand Nero's arsenal, and each one has their own unique moves. Love how punchline changes its attack if you use it just after pulling an enemy.


I'll say, once you start unlocking new weapons and buying a few moves, it soon will get quite stylish.

9ab7d4  No.16090941


Cerberus is just not very friendly to styles when you first start the game. I got into style combos on the second mission on the first playthrough just experimenting with the default weapons, being Stylish is all about changing it up and switching what you do. I'll save you some pain and just tell you now that certain projectiles the centipede boss throws at you can be deflected.

4677c9  No.16090946

Is the Deluxe PC edition with all the unlocks just unlocking items early from the main game? The Gerba arm is in the demo, was that an advertisemrnt for DLC or is Capcom making you buy arms with real money if you suck?

0802cb  No.16090949


The Gerbera is in the game already the DLC arm is a roided up Gerbera I'm pretty sure.

4677c9  No.16090953


How do you roid it up? It's a fucking space laser already. I don't know if I'm the only one but I'm not a fan of giant space lasers in DMC in general. It's just a dumb idea.

0802cb  No.16090956

File: faa4b957125ae77⋯.jpg (33.52 KB, 500x296, 125:74, nightmare.jpg)

File: eed81c52b83aac9⋯.jpg (19.08 KB, 195x152, 195:152, Nightmare-γ.jpg)


>I'm not a fan of giant space lasers in DMC in general. It's just a dumb idea.

4677c9  No.16090961


Lasers fired by a dildo boss is different to the main character hitting 1 button and clearing a room.

134074  No.16091092

I wouldn't mind dying to bosses if it didn't also mean having to retread the same corridor, recollect the key, beat the same group of enemies, etc.

134074  No.16091094


Oops meant for >>16090873 although it doesn't make much difference.

762790  No.16091096



0802cb  No.16091097



0f20ec  No.16091116

When's the demo out for UK? Checked a few minutes ago.

762790  No.16091129


royal guard

use Ultimate for any projectiles to gain health as long as you're facing them head on and if you're feeling ballsy you can at least perfect the first or every other projectile and hold through to take the reduced damage without a guard break.


>I hear you can perfect guard _

Dude, you can perfect guard nevan's ground explosion lightning flash, I know because I got really fucking huge balls in one moment and decided to try enhancing my mastery. To not much surprise of mine, the developers did not make a single attack that you can't perfect guard, even if you will eat shit on a flub guard


Cerberus is the casual filter, he's going to stomp you tons while you learn the game. I suggest playing through your first time on Yellow Orb mode, since you will generally just become a better player and learn the levels faster, though remember to save before bosses so when you die you get those style points and orbs.

>don't have enough combos

the game can be completed by just pressing circle and directions with royal guard, I honestly suggest you try it out. It's good to learn what moves you can eat with a standing guard, what moves you are required to perfect guard, timing for both, et cetera.

>million stab doesn't always come out

DMC 3 introduced something called crazies, which allow you to mash the melee button to get your DPS melee attack to extend your combo. If you can't get it to come out you just didn't mash hard enough.

Pro Tip; ceiling ice can be guarded standing, but if you jump just before you guard and guard it mid-air, you can perfect guard a bunch of them and then hold it for the rest.

762790  No.16091130



0802cb  No.16091137

File: 539a2d5669c1f51⋯.jpg (221.46 KB, 691x828, 691:828, Dante when you nutted.jpg)


>the developers did not make a single attack that you can't perfect guard, even if you will eat shit on a flub guard

That doesn't surprise me at all damn I should try and get better then. I've only just gotten into how amazingly fun Royalguard is my last few playthroughs because I was a little shit when I was younger and avoided it like the plague.



762790  No.16091149



>I should try and get better then

RG is honestly the most fun style to learn, since it's a dedicated block that makes it so you don't have to move from your comfy position. You just block and release.

42a3d6  No.16091233

File: b50ab47dd56bee2⋯.png (18.3 KB, 548x209, 548:209, dmc retcon.PNG)

File: 8c63db08c9e8253⋯.png (946.26 KB, 1024x891, 1024:891, futaba sip.png)

So they retconned the DMC timeline, and DMC4 is now set after DMC2. Personally I'm okay with this, and I guess it does make sense considering Dante looks younger in DMC2 then he does in 4 and 5, but this means that Dante's personality in the anime and DMC2 was just him going through a fucking midlife crisis, which is hilarious to me.

92ae31  No.16091242

File: 4526b2cb94aca9c⋯.png (17.33 KB, 520x520, 1:1, 1296674476283.png)


Sounds good to me.

0f20ec  No.16091250


>3 - Dante learns about responsibility and has to fight his brother who goes to hell at the end

>1 - Dante goes to Mallet Island and fights the depowered Mundus and Nelo Angelo, Vergil under Mundus' control, redeems a demon to the good side

>2 - Despite maturing and growing, making friends with Lady and Trish, Dante is still down about Vergil in hell, Dante goes to save him

>4 - Dante fails to save Vergil and goes back to the real world, meets his nephew which sort of makes up for Vergil still being missing and stops a cult from enslaving the world

Kind of works I guess. It also helps the games flow a bit better, as 1 and 2 were chronological, 3 was a prequel and 4 was the last entry. 3 1 2 4 works nicely.

34d287  No.16091265

File: 56df1a24e8cbb3b⋯.webm (4.6 MB, 1440x810, 16:9, RoyalRevenge.webm)


The RE engine was design to mimmick P.T as much as possible, as such I don't think it works on open areas quite well.

They have yet to use the RE engine on something other than that, DMC5 seems to be the biggest deviation but even then it's still closed to small areas.

They cut off a lot of the beginning part of RE2 of exploring raccoon city before arriving at the police station from the remake. I feel like this might be the case. It's a bit of speculation sure but I haven't seen anything to prove it otherwise.


>The lock on's camera focus point is more awkward than in previous games

Switching works fine, but I do have some problems when I want to snap to a specific target.

> if I was pushing a sideways direction it just dodged when I wanted it to. Could just be me.

We don't have table hopper yet but it works just the same as any other game. If you dodge mid-combo the characters will now do a little swerve to the side instead, it still functions just the same though.

>Boss has way too much HP and a huge dumb gimmick. Are you supposed to break arms fighting him?

Are you supposed to use in-game mechanics to defeat an in-game boss? What the fuck do you mean?

If you're not using breakage you are limiting yourself to some of the most fun insane shit Nero can pull off now, you can still find a ton through the level and you can resupply at Nico, lose this shitty hoarder mentality and go nuts, break them as much as you want.

Punchline breakage gives Nero his own Real Impact, it fucks Goliath up once you get him down.

>The writing is horrendous

It's about the same fluff I was expecting from a DMC game.

>"I won't lie.." should never ever come out of Nero's mouth. He was never the type of guy who would lie to begin with.

<Implying he didn't constantly lie to hide his devil arm before and during the events of 4.

>Enemies are a bit passive and just dull.

Yeah, but I put the regular ones on almost the same level as the scarecrows. The base insect ones try to sick out red orbs and get fatter, that's probably why they don't attack too much at the start.

Also, this is normal difficulty.


> I've only just gotten into how amazingly fun Royalguard is my last few playthroughs because I was a little shit when I was younger and avoided it like the plague.

Same deal for some reason. I never got used to Dante's style switching in 4 so I've been forcing myself to learn it.

Mixing in Royalguard on it has made it a lot more fun. I thought this style sucked when I first played 3 but now I fucking love it.

34bef8  No.16091279


i like the idea of donte, but donte was shit fam.

the other anon that said he should have been edgy ramped up to 11 was correct.

they should have made him an absolute shithead, but instead we got emo dante that said fuck more.

my ideal donte would be a sadistic version of guts but more acrobatic. think guts up until the lost children arc but enjoying every minute of his demon-slaying and reveling in the pain he caused them. he should seem like he's on a massive fuck you acid trip the whole game.

34bef8  No.16091281

and if they ever made a game like that the should end it by the real dante walking in on him hitting a crackpipe in a bathroom, the whole thing was just the fantasies of sadistic drug addict. take that mallgoths.

38839b  No.16091282

File: 32e280e4ca956d1⋯.png (265.95 KB, 831x501, 277:167, She hates it_.png)

How do I into Million Stab raw/midcombo/from stinger?

t. about as cuhrayzee as Mr. Rogers

42a3d6  No.16091294

File: 214e892434344df⋯.gif (357.8 KB, 500x405, 100:81, I'm getting too big for th….gif)


Go >>>/back/

0802cb  No.16091306

File: e6d75c50baa93b5⋯.jpg (11.57 KB, 254x283, 254:283, take an Air Hike.jpg)


Hammer melee button as your dashing forward from the Stinger. If you hit it enough you'll go straight into a Million Stab.


>Not liking both Dante and Vergil for different reasons

You're not motivated enough

0802cb  No.16091574

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

(((IGN))) just posted this in case anyone wants to see how V plays.

b2007f  No.16091577



0f20ec  No.16091586

I need to know how to mount the punch line and I need to know now.

e82a33  No.16091601


Keep pushing the B/Circle button until the arm starts glowing, then release.

0f20ec  No.16091633


The power attack does an awesome uppercut but the arm goes on its own. Maybe I need to hold it longer, some level 2 power attack.

7b7b97  No.16091641


>"I won't lie.." should never ever come out of Nero's mouth. He was never the type of guy who would lie to begin with.

Are you autistic anon? It's just a phrase.

He was just saying it sucks he lost his Arm/ the Devil Bringing, but the Devil Breakers are a fine replacement.



I think it's you send the arm out, and then when it comes back then you hold the Button to get on.

8b8e17  No.16091658



and even if you did change yours to that


A redditor and a retard

762790  No.16091667


In 1 you can only million stab in combo, and it's more like 20 stabs

in 2 you only million stab in forward combo DT'd

in 3 you can million stab by mashing mid-stinger, in his combo 2 by mashing after the third swipe I think, mid stinger by mashing for the duration of the stinger, if you're doing a crazy on another weapon and then swap and start mashing you'll immediately begin million stab, and vice versa if you're in million stab

in 4 they let you cancel out of stinger into million stab if you hold triangle and then start mashing when it comes out, cancel out of the final hit of million stab with a high time, and if you're a good curayzee you know that you have the enemy exactly where you want them for all your lovely combo needs


You can create your own parameters for spoilers, it wouldn't be absurd to say that someone would distinguish between the two for clarity. But he didn't even change it.

762790  No.16091680


To clarify, for 3, you tap triangle, wait, tap triangle and then immediately start mashing, it will come out on the third swipe of the second triangle tap's action. It should sound like


a265ff  No.16091772


I'm telling you they should have just made him a magic user instead of some kind of cuck who watches his demon animals do the CHURAYZEE for him from the sidelines.

34e529  No.16091775

File: 58302113eaaa435⋯.mp4 (6.84 MB, 1280x618, 640:309, bang bang bang pull my dev….mp4)

Any updates to this?

bb7ace  No.16091785


I think something was lost in the process of moving all his attacks to his summons. It probably feels good to play but it looks like it's boring as shit because all he's doing is standing around waiting to do his *teleports behind u* move.

0802cb  No.16091806

File: 494030f5c48aa10⋯.png (178.37 KB, 800x1128, 100:141, 163685-chaos-legion-playst….png)



You are controlling the summons though apparently so it isn't just watching. Reminds me a lot of this game.

7b7b97  No.16091813

File: 31426d7331bb06a⋯.webm (6.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Rainbow.webm)


Not from what I know, I'm pretty sure the time gap between newer trailers took too long so the meme ran out of traction and died.

8569ac  No.16091830


It's dumb, they should've released it during Christmas since that's when the excitement was at its peak. Now instead of five million, I see this game doing a solid one million.

fb3104  No.16091873


Everyone’s saying V looks boring but I guarantee you he’s gonna be the most popular playable character when the game comes out

I mean, the most popular behind Dante

762790  No.16091891


I legitimately couldn't get through the second area of this fucking game. Maybe I'm a scrub, but the fucking pillar shit that you have to fight that keeps shooting you from four different spots would always kill the shit out of me. Maybe my emulator was just being fucky.

0802cb  No.16091958


Early March I think.

34e529  No.16091963

File: 75bd59d8d8674ce⋯.webm (8.2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, getting_your_qt_wife_to_c….webm)



a265ff  No.16091964


March 8th.

As long as you have a GTX 1060 you should be fine.

ac0696  No.16091977


it look so…


7b7b97  No.16091990

File: d4614f21ee18baf⋯.jpg (182.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190206105234_1.jpg)


I get your reasoning, but i'm just talking about that specific meme,

As far as popularity in general currently I'm positive DMC5 is actually going to do really well.

I mean you can check for yourself, DMC5 is currently the 3 most wishlisted game on Steam. And that's not counting people who have already pre-ordered the game.


It was in 4th when REmake 2 was still coming out. so for Steam at least I think it's going to sell just fine.


Well REmake 2 actually has pretty well done Optimization setting. You can bring the graphics all the way up to needing 12 gigs of memory or you can bring it all the way down to needing less then 2 gigs.

DMC5 is the exact same engine so I assume it's going to very similar in this regard. Capcom PC games unually only have bad Optimization when they get outsourced. but when handled in house they come out good.


Well It's IGN gameplay, and it's likely a V with few upgrades to his movelist.

0f20ec  No.16092035

How long we will have to wait for the crack bros?

7ad34b  No.16092036


What the shit. I didn't know you could hit their ball back to them. Do you have to do it exactly that way or can you just hit it with you sword?

689d2c  No.16092050

File: 277583d8698a7b8⋯.png (543.41 KB, 584x622, 292:311, ClipboardImage.png)


>Reuben Langdon seriously got his wife to cosplay lady.

e82a33  No.16092053


I think so, I usually just use charged shots with Blue Rose, it works pretty well

d294e3  No.16092066


>Buying Capcom games

Why do people unironically still do this?

Did we all just collectively forget that they're scum or do we just no care now?

7b7b97  No.16092089


Well for one thing the vast majority of people who buy games are just ignorant the scummy things publishers do.

and on the other hand, people can take things on a product by product bases, if the game on the whole is good, then they buy that game, if the next game ends up not being good then they don't buy it.

It's not really complex.

d294e3  No.16092108


>people can take things on a product by product bases, if the game on the whole is good, then they buy that game, if the next game ends up not being good then they don't buy it.

Except this isn't how the game industry actually operates

It takes several bad titles before people stop buying it. Look at series like Street Fighter - Capcom has been fucking that up for years, and yet people still kept buying it.

7b7b97  No.16092144


Well New NormalFags are getting into Video games every day, it's not like they're are always people who know what's happened over the years. I'm sure tons of people just buy Street Fighter because they know it's "That really famous fighting game"

The rest of the people are just hopeless fanboys, or e-sports try hards.

d294e3  No.16092155


With more and more normalfags, coupled with China's emergence as a market, all the worst gaming companies are going to survive for a LONG time. The crash is never happening, sadly.

34d287  No.16092166

File: dc5832d587821f2⋯.webm (5.83 MB, 1440x810, 16:9, V's shympony.webm)

074f03  No.16092196

devil trigger is a shit song just like the sucide silence song it just has catchy vocals so musical normalfags like it

7ad34b  No.16092198



074f03  No.16092201


cuck tbh

d294e3  No.16092223


Who is this character he looks gay

762790  No.16092252


Divine hate is honestly the best battle theme of the 4 games in my opinion

23daf1  No.16092258

File: d685ab5920dcd61⋯.webm (169.77 KB, 344x360, 43:45, wrong.webm)



300c3d  No.16092296


Kill yourself

17fa61  No.16092316


Dante actually would of been based if he wasn't a faggot. If they went full edge like they teased as others have mentioned it actually might of been good in an ironic "This is an edgy teenagers wetdream and I fucking love it" way instead of being weird fake Anon leet underground hackers ROW ROW fighting da Power with muh anarchist mentally ill GF.

7e2604  No.16092341


I really really want Donte to appear in V as a totally normal-ass human demon hunter who everyone hates and can't work with because of his "hurr fight da power" attitude. Just a schmuck jobber who exists only to be comically durable for slapstick and gags.

a265ff  No.16092353

File: 01df0094fbd490a⋯.mp4 (525.22 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Hey honey.mp4)


17fa61  No.16092483


>V is mundus's servant

>V summons mundus

>V accidentally breaks the space time fabric and the Donte/Dante universes collide

>hilarity ensues

345cd9  No.16092505


>Dante gets knocked through a clothing store and winds up in Donte's outfit (as an added joke, it's like Goodwill or similar)

>Donte flies through a hardware store and winds up with a white mop on his head

>They land next to each other, spout the "never in a million years" line in perfect synch, then laugh together

17fa61  No.16092508


Pure pottery right here

aca708  No.16092514

File: 743198da066689a⋯.png (116.08 KB, 816x587, 816:587, 743198da066689a6e4d1ac4137….png)


He's either going to be a blast to play because of how much of a dork he is, or he's going to be Donte 2.0.



<Hahahaha fuck you

17fa61  No.16092524


He seems to be more than meets to the eye most people seem to hate his aesthetica(being physically weaker than other characters almost looking sickly and he has the 2001 emo boy band aesthetic) but I think he will be actually a good character because we've never had a mage type character in this game I think that all of his "weapons" are going to function like Nevan(the "guitar" weapon from 3) and just be these weird quirky but awesome tools you can fuck around with.

34d287  No.16092525

File: b28940951a0839b⋯.webm (2.75 MB, 1440x810, 16:9, He who dances not breeds ….webm)



Oh this faggot is a complete dork. Even Nero's taunts from DMC4 seem more edgy than his.

He's fucking silly.

I just don't like his gameplay style, but hopefully it's different while playing.

42a3d6  No.16092535

File: a3542664b71427b⋯.png (274.65 KB, 559x742, 559:742, Smug Rottytops.png)


His taunts are so fucking silly that it's actually kind of adorable

7ad34b  No.16092540


That was pretty funny. I really want to play as him now.

7b7b97  No.16092547

File: 3a0414f4e29a0c3⋯.webm (951.27 KB, 640x360, 16:9, So it is writen.webm)

File: 1fa6f15b451a189⋯.png (360.93 KB, 386x639, 386:639, Ven Swolo.png)



I knew I was right to have a good feeling about this Smug Kylo Ren Looking Mother Fucker

I heard you can read his book in the middle of a combat to regain DT faster.

3d6d40  No.16092559

File: 21963ab8cfb9318⋯.png (852.07 KB, 1080x1145, 216:229, 9f8678aaee4c40623a025ed115….png)


>Be me and mock fags that say V is Dante's son.

>Think its the most retarded fan theory ever.

>Think V is a lanky looking, faggy looking, emo waste of time.

>See this webm

>V is an utter fucking badass.

>Eating crow tonight.

That level of utter fucking swag can only originate from Dante's balls.

9ab7d4  No.16092562


I like how he's trying to be stylish but he's failing badly at it. I think that's on purpose, like if he's really Vergil he just can't really get into it like Dante or Nero can.

a78f7e  No.16092564

File: df47f756d1ee81b⋯.mp4 (1.48 MB, 720x480, 3:2, its ok.mp4)

a265ff  No.16092575

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Heres some new footage of story snippets in general.

Has Nero EVER killed a boss that is a demon before with the exception of Sanctus?

16b8b2  No.16092579


I don't like how this game gives away S ranks, before to get an S you had to be an efficient player and from there you evolved to a stylish one now you can be a fucking idiot and still get an S (more so than in DMC4). I hope this is just for demo purposes and the game has SS or even SSS ranks

7b7b97  No.16092590


Well the Main reason Nero didn't actually do much killing of the bosses in DMC4, was because they still needed bosses for Dante to fight in his half of the game.

Nero does kill Bael tho, because Dagon is just one of the pallet swapped brothers for Dante to fight.

42a3d6  No.16092601


The guy's using auto assist, it's pretty clear from how he's playing. I was also worried the style ranking would be lenient in the same way it was in DmC: Donte May Fuck You, but from what I can tell it's the same as it has been in previous games, at least from what I've played of the demo.

Or maybe I'm just shit, who knows.

17fa61  No.16092609


For some reason I think he's related to mundus(a creation of his) or arkham(he's lady's brother or some shit)

I thought he was virgils bastard son for a while but as time goes on he keeps getting more differentiated from the crowd. Maybe he's a reincarnation of mundus or something but he's just so fucking weird he can't be related to dante or virgil.

42a3d6  No.16092610

File: c318fbcba98bf7a⋯.png (72.01 KB, 168x212, 42:53, called the police.png)


Is Nico going to make Goliath into a dildo

a265ff  No.16092614

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Maybe the style ranking in the game is the same as the previous ones?

You guys would have known easily if you fucking looked up "DMC5 GAMEPLAY" on jewtube but in the past months the thought never occurred to you or do you not really care?

7ad34b  No.16092620


>friend downloaded the demo

>tells me he's liking the game

>finally head over to his place

<he's playing with auto assist

I turned it off for him and what do you know he gets his ass kicked in the second area fight in the small room.

17fa61  No.16092628


what exactly is auto assist in DMC? I've played 1234 and what the fuck are you talking about? How does the game create combos I mean you do that yourself? Does the game just randomly start shooting/hitting enemies just to keep your combo up is that how it works?

9ab7d4  No.16092634


Hold down button, game plays for you. Usually the game offers it if you suck hard enough or take a god ass long time to beat the missions.

7b7b97  No.16092635


Auto is basically you just keep mashing the attack button and then the game does whatever the fuck it wants.

bb7ace  No.16092639


Is it on by default?


it's called automatic mode in DMC4. You mash triangle/y and the game does combos, style switches, nero ex act, etc for you automatically.

b95e4a  No.16092641


it started with 4. I don't remember much but it chooses the optimal attack for the situtation. It uses guns or stinger when enemy is far away, it throws the enemy to air if you are close enough etc.

7b7b97  No.16092651



Auto was DMC1 and 3, it's just you could only use Auto when you played on Easy, and DMC1's easy always had Auto on, where DMC3 you could choose on or off.

It's the same for Bayonetta and MGR, easy mode lets you pick auto mode.

3581c2  No.16092681

File: 5d9585c3e4d2b71⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 670x671, 670:671, 0a6d6cbac66287d8750b17f8e7….jpg)


I never fucking knew auto mode was a thing in any of those games and I've beaten them all

525e9c  No.16092695

File: d812c16025e720d⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1100x1100, 1:1, DmC.png)


Go away Tameme.

7b7b97  No.16092716


you have to play on Easy mode, and easy mode is for chumps, that's all.

It's the most understandable for DMC1, since unlocking easy is pretty cryptic, I think you need to die 3 times before beating missions 3, and only then that will give you the option for Easy automatic mode, but that could restarts you from mission 1, and you are locked out of any difficulty besides Easy when you beat the game, so no one ever picks it.

9ab7d4  No.16092723



Remaster also adds time limit as a factor so if you're lost and just dicking around in the castle you'll still get the offer for easy automatic mode.

a21cce  No.16092784

File: 959f580692ee84a⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 355x332, 355:332, hethetherg.jpg)

File: c3fa472c794a56f⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 280x461, 280:461, yjkhyj.jpg)


The guy playing kinda sucks, but V still looks like a fun character.

Noticed a lot of graffiti of this guy in a cloak, do you think it's Virgil?

130cde  No.16092851

File: d6f47eb814ec1f6⋯.mp4 (359.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, guess who.mp4)

Wait a minute that voice

33c144  No.16092864

File: 5260f4cba5ddcd6⋯.jpg (100.25 KB, 496x750, 248:375, vergil.jpg)


Just a coincidence

615fd8  No.16092893


>has to use a voice changer not for effect but because Virgi's iconic voice was the result of a cold that can't be recreated otherwise.

a265ff  No.16092896

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Okay I decided to look at some more gameplay and of the current demo this time and im fucking dumbstruck. I didnt even know that was the DB that you could ride on.

How the fuck does this guy manage to pull off all of that shit? I played the exact same demo yet I practically struggle to get and even sustain a single S ranking, yet this guy is drowning in S's.

The controls only tell me so much, is there a combo list anywhere so I can learn how to pull off all of the shit he does?

I dont want to over extend myself, that guy is probably a DMC pro whose been playing the game hardcore for years I probably wont make it to his level.

7ad34b  No.16092915



I watched that same video as well and now I'm more excited for this game than ever. Fuck goddamit a month is still so fucking far away.

810128  No.16092941


I dunno if they're being really obvious with the Urizen clues to trick us or Vergil really is him.

130cde  No.16092978


I think it's just a filter to make him sound corrupted rather than to try and mimick his original DMC3 voice. This clip puts that across better I think:


42a3d6  No.16093110

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

They changed Subhuman's vocalist and added a shitton of guitars.

aca708  No.16093164

File: ed0ca91dc39e24d⋯.webm (262.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, -click- nice.webm)


>Can do exceed while running

Even tiny quality of life improvements like this eh? This game is gonna be nice

0f20ec  No.16093170


I'm still leaning on V being Vergil in some form or another.

He's what Vergil would do to try and law low. He's an edgelord who is also a massive dork quoting poetry. The less flashy attacks, the poetry, all the tattoos to try and throw people off, summoning demons because of his Nelo Angelo days.

V is what Vergil thinks is cool.

576647  No.16093173


record yourself and examine, the easiest way to get gud

e638c4  No.16093186

holy fucking shit the frame rate is all over the place on PS4 pro.

thank god im getting it on pc

that boss fight had to dip into the ~20 fps

0802cb  No.16093563


Wew. I was playing it on a base PS4 and didn't have any significant drops whatsoever.

7ad34b  No.16093970


Do you guys think that if REmake 2 ran fine on your machine then DMC 5 should run just fine as well?

1b6e9c  No.16093984

File: f2f43414e729004⋯.png (69.11 KB, 200x200, 1:1, big think1.png)

>finishing fights at S rank and maintaining it

>still getting an overall A rank

demo is very reassuring of the games quality but so damn short I can't be arsed to restart it a few more times over to experiment with combos more

762790  No.16094331


Your rank will always be A unless you can get low clear times and have great style points. Also probably orb collection.

762790  No.16094413

Played through the demo, I fucking hate how nero plays, I hate the slow down camera, I hate how cramped everything feels, and I hate the big obnoxious text that pops on the screen to tell me the name of enemies that I remember from the trailers or past DMC games. I also hate the unnatural feeling of the weird item progression being "HEY GET THING", "HEY YOU GOT THING" "HEY YOU USED THING ON THING WE TOLD YOU, GOOD JORB"

I mean, I was an idiot at the end of DMC 3, when I got the time rift fix device in that place in mission 19 I felt like an absolute retard because I backtracked through THE ENTIRE FUCKING TOWER looking for a place or a door to put it into, then when I went back through that room I realized that the second room with the mirrors had a statue I didn't select. I guess I'd just prefer if it was less visually intrusive and didn't burn my fucking eyeballs. Also I can't fucking stand Goldstine, they took away the quick and easy statue of the goddess and replaced it with an unnecessary cutscene. Also I thought the point of her not coming along was because they couldn't drive the van over to there, why the hell does that change when nero calls her from a phone box? Why would they not just drive through town? I know there are points where you go on foot through a building or whatever but it seems like she can just teleport to the new place without the weird roof detours.

Just not liking this, I have absolutely no honey mooning for it and I'm glad for that, but I didn't expect to hate it. Hopefully dante plays better.

7ad34b  No.16094462


eh all of those sound like nitpicking honestly. Granted, I have yet to play the updated demo. I played the first demo and really liked Nero's playstyle. I hope they didn't change it because holy shit your post makes it seem like they downgraded what they gave us.

And whats the problem with the van coming out of nowhere? I find it silly and fits with the crazy aspect of DMC. I'm pretty sure you can skip the cutscene as well.

33c144  No.16094477


The only difference between the demos is the shop, transferring orbs to the full game, and a new devil breaker to use.

0f20ec  No.16094782


There was a weird disconnect for me as well when I first played the first demo. I stuck with it and got a lot better. I still struggle with the exceed stuff, but mashing it like a scrub sometimes pays off and I'm not too good at the back to forward moves like Calibur.

762790  No.16094837


>seems nitpicky

it honestly might be I don't really know.

>whats the problem with the van coming out of nowhere

>pick up phone


>she drives up

>now you can access the equipment shop

My problem is it's just wasted time for something that didn't need any time or effort. Also it breaks the lore because it's clear that the van can drive through demons, and she only doesn't do that because she says she can't drive you any further, why the hell would that change because you call her on a telephone? Does nero want to waste time for this time critical thing because he's more interested in playing with the demons?

Also thinking about it more, I hate nero's circle move even more now, since it's just pure damage and pushback, like royal guard minus the effort. I pray that they make a devil breaker that actually preforms like royal guard, otherwise I'm gonna be exclusively playing as dante.

e82a33  No.16094846


Well, we don't really have the full cutscene of the game, as it cuts out, plush part of the level or a cinematic seems to be skipped when we enter on that building, so perhaps there is some reason she can access now to where Nero is. Who knows. Also, let's hope in the full game that the cutscene of the van driving in is just this one instance. Also, I guess he has to kill demons, we don't know exactly what they are doing or what their objective is at that point, only that he wanted to meet with V.

e8ae48  No.16094871

File: b7fe43ef1ffc8aa⋯.jpg (458.71 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Dante Snacks.jpg)

now that my ban is over should i play DMC4?

d6c99d  No.16094874


Doesn't change how gay the lyrics are

d6c99d  No.16094881

You know, all the processing resources spent on those (((Photo-realistic graphics))), could be spent on, I don't know, gameplay?

8806fd  No.16094897


But that doesnt correlate to increased sales says mr shekelstein :^)

762790  No.16094915

>nero feels like shit still

>everything is stiff

>boss is just big guy flailing his arms

>"somebody call a doctor?" actually got a chuckle from me

>A rank even though I was near death a couple times during the fight

Where's the dante demo? I would probably buy it if I know that dante feels good to play.



>double posting

I agree though, games no longer have a style to them to make them stand out between each other, everything just tries really hard to look like real life instead of having some restraint and making everything look a certain kind of cool. Colors are no longer a thing that need to be blended carefully because you can have as much of it as you want on screen, the character's design can be bland as hell because the camera is always stuck directly up the PC's ass so you can hardly see the enemies you're trying to kill even in a wide open area with plenty of space. I really do hope they have a view slider that lets you zoom the camera further out so you can actually pay attention to what's going on around you.

7ad34b  No.16095043


Doesnt the camera already zoom out a pretty good deal when you fight enemies? I remember that it stays close outside of battles and then zooms out when you get into fights of multiple enemies

7b7b97  No.16095246

File: 84c292101f1b3d1⋯.jpg (134.08 KB, 627x799, 627:799, Dy4gYaIWkAAl3ic.jpg)

Pic related is a translated interview from this month.

confirming, that DLC beyond Bloody palace is in the works, I wonder if it's going to be free like REmake2's DLC, or maybe Bloody Palace is considered the "Free" DLC and after that it will be paid.

Vergil is the most likely one to be a DLC Character, But i'd love for Lucia to get a chance to be playable again, but she is the least likely out of anyone, unless they actually bring her back in DMC5.


Out of all the DMC game to play before 5, DMC4 is probably the most required if your only gonna play one of them, since that's the introduction of Nero, and it shows why his arm was so OP before it got ripped off and replaced by the Mechanical ones.

Still DMC5 seems like it has a ton of references to every DMC game.

a3c7cd  No.16095635

I already played the demo once at gamescom but even after spending more time with it today I'm not very excited for the full game. I won't even get into the character designs but even the gameplay on its own hasn't impressed me at all.

One of my favorite things about DMC4 Nero was charging the gun which isn't possible anymore and I really don't like the Devil Breakers. Since DMC is all about being stylish and varying your attacks it seems like such a retarded idea to limit a whole bunch of moves to consumable items when it used to work just fine with the DT gauge; the Devil Breaker attacks themselves are basically just fancier looking DT explosions anyways. The fact that you can't swap between arms without destroying them makes it even worse.

Also, enemies are extremely passive which I guess doesn't matter that much as the demo is probably set to easy or normal difficulty.

e82a33  No.16095647


But Nero can charge his gun, it turns his ammo into explosive shots. While I agree in part with the limiting of attacks by use of magazine (which the full game may have a skill to alleviate or outright eliminate this problem), they grant new moves, which Nero really needed as his movesets was quite barebones in DMC4. Also, why do you assume he won't have a DT form in this game? The demo seems to be one of the early levels of Nero's campaign.

facd31  No.16095660


>The fact that you can't swap between arms without destroying them makes it even worse.

So you can't actually swap between them? I thought I was a fucking retard when I tried every button and looked through the controls and could not find the button to swap between them.

7b7b97  No.16095712



I get wanting to swap Between Breakers on the fly, but this is just how Nero's character has always been, he's not meant to be like Dante, The breakers being consumable is to encourage New Players to keep changing up their tactics. Instead of like in DMC4, where it could be very appealing to spam Buster over and over again since that was one of Nero's strongest attacks.

Maybe once you get upgrades that will change how the Breakers Function, I mean the Detonate is on the same button as Devil Trigger used to be, so it's obvious something is going to change when Nero unlocks his DT.

615fd8  No.16095718


That's what they want you to think.

ddba0b  No.16095719


Isn't there an arm that let's Nero change to other ones? Or was that DLC only

7b7b97  No.16095728

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's the Pasta Breaker in the Deluxe edition, or a buck for DLC, the Deluxe arms are shown of half way though this video.

It cycles the other Arms when you use it, but it does so randomly, and you still need to break the arm to use the next one.

7b7b97  No.16095734


okay so it's not random how it cycles, but it's only in rotation.

a3c7cd  No.16095740


I thought holding down the button would only reload, guess I'll have to take another look. And sure, it might be possible that Nero gets a DT but that doesn't change the fact that I can't stand how the arms work in the demo.


>this is just how Nero's character has always been, he's not meant to be like Dante

He doesn't need any consumables for that though. It worked perfectly fine with Vergil, his Summoned Swords are quite unique even though they also use the DT gauge. Why can't the Devil Breaker simply consume a certain amount of energy per attack which recharges over time?

34d287  No.16095754


The only way your DBs are getting wasted is if you are bad and are getting hit. DB's allow for so much more variety than what Nero had in 4.

>One of my favorite things about DMC4 Nero was charging the gun which isn't possible anymore

I really liked his final shot but let's face it, all you were doing was holding a button for an extreme amount of time and then you release it for an insane amount of damage and style points, it was low risk/high reward.

Now his charged shot can stagger enemies, holding them in place in midair, this can be extremely useful.

>the Devil Breaker attacks themselves are basically just fancier looking DT explosions anyways

No. Restoring DT is fairly easy in DMC if you taunt between combos, once you break your DB it's gone until you can either find the same one on the field or get to Nico, it adds an element of high risk/high reward to Nero's gameplay that just wasn't there before.

Considering that you will be able to hold on to 8 of them in the full game I struggle to see how exactly was this a bad idea.

Thinking ahead and planning for fights and going to town using Breakage accordingly to my plan feels incredibly satisfying. I would suggest just going crazy with breakage's and break-aways and see the shit you can pull off.


Pasta Breaker, I heard it cycles in the reverse order, but it's not a very good breaker, instead of having occupy one slot just put another that you'll want next.

7b7b97  No.16095765


I mean the breakers are meant to be a risk reward kind of thing, something you strategies with. you plan which ones you want to use in what order before you pick them up, but if your not careful you can get attacked an lose the breaker, having just a recharge for the breakers removes a layer of strategy.

I mean I love the way Vergil plays but he's over powered as all hell, at least mostly so in DMC4SE, it's so easy to get DT and abuse it.

a3c7cd  No.16095833


>if your not careful you can get attacked an lose the breaker

But it always gets destroyed when you press L1 or hold circle, I don't get what you're talking about.


> Restoring DT is fairly easy in DMC if you taunt between combos

and it's much easier to just buy a new arm for 100 orbs. All this talk about strategy is completely invalid since it actually makes the game much easier. If you can't beat a boss you'll just buy 8 arms and get 8 guaranteed high damage attacks. On the other hand, if you're bad at DMC3 you'll never build up enough meter to do that many DT explosions, for example. Really all it does is help casual players who can't do combos and limit actually decent players since it makes your moveset less flexible.

a21cce  No.16095949


Haven't touched it myself, but from what I've heard in previews, if a db attack is interrupted your DB automatically breaks

7b7b97  No.16095954


>But it always gets destroyed when you press L1 or hold circle, I don't get what you're talking about.

There is a difference between breaking the arm yourself with an attack and having it get broken by an enemy.

>Really all it does is help casual players.

I don't know what to say besides that was always the point of Nero, he is the training wheels character, because if you dump Dante on a brand new player they are going to get overwhelmed with how many options he has.

34d287  No.16096017

File: 9957950a8d18974⋯.jpg (39.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, afc5a7ea01f479c1d48d78a09e….jpg)


>But it always gets destroyed when you press L1 or hold circle, I don't get what you're talking about.

Destroyed isn't equal to lost in this scenario, losing a DB means if you get hit while using one, thus losing it's use, if you think getting hit/breakage/break-away all lead to the same result simply because your breaker ends up getting destroyed then you really need to try it out again.

>and it's much easier to just buy a new arm for 100 orbs

Yeah and you can buy them mid fight just like you can build up on DT right? C'mon anon. Even in the demo it takes at minimum getting through 3 big fights before getting to Nico. It's not as easy as building up on DT man.

>If you can't beat a boss you'll just buy 8 arms and get 8 guaranteed high damage attacks.

>On the other hand, if you're bad at DMC3 you'll never build up enough meter to do that many DT explosions

Nigger taunts give you one full bar and a half in 3 it's fucking easy to recover even if you're bad. Fuck me yeah a casual wouldn't know about taunting but a casual wouldn't also know about breakage and stick to the Gerbera for the majority of the time. Plus Nero can hold 8 but only fully upgraded, which means that the rest of the difficulties will be built around that, Itsuno said that for Nero, Random breaker pickups will be more limited based on difficulty.

>Really all it does is help casual players who can't do combos and limit actually decent players since it makes your moveset less flexible.


>using break-aways

>using breakages

I have a very large case of doubt.

Every big twitch faggot will be hugging up Gerbera for the rest of the playthrough and not break it for being "too risky", Either that one or tomboy.

I honestly don't see how this helps casuals at all since Nero in 4 was much easier to grasp and this one just throws a monkey wrench in the cog that you just have to work with, casuals will not be using this mechanic to it's full potential of damage output and animation cancelling for combo continuity.

You can call it limiting sure, it is after all a restriction. But again, they took out Nero's relatively safe and easy to pick up gameplay and gave it a risky mechanic worth planning and taking risks on.

I understand that is a big change and I honestly felt the same way as you once they revealed you couldn't switch between them ala Style Switching, but this was before I sat down and actually played around with it. And I feel like this is what's going on with you, disregard hoarding the breakers and do a run just going nuts doing exactly what you want, want to switch to the next arm? Fuck it and break your current one mid-combo and keep going. Just go crazy. After it plan what you'll do during the mission and try to execute it.

If you were to make it switchable it would take away the planning and make a relatively more safe mechanic. Thus undermining it.

762790  No.16096028

>Nero starts with his basic combo a and b

>he doesn't have his heavy slam down combo C

>nero has just as many ground combos as dante with a royal release for free on circle, and a fully charged royal release for pressing L1

>he has two air combos coming out to four possible moves you can press triangle with

>his gun is still slow as shit meaning the only thing you can do for the next couple seconds is fire to get your bang for your buck

>when you consider dante has 5 different weapons to choose from, it's easy to tell that even if they all have one combo, they have a sword master circle move, which comes out to 10 attacks minimum

>the number goes up if you're being honest and know he gets at least two ground combos and an areal maneuver with circle minimum

>guns look like they work like 3 again and not how 4 gimped them

>Nero has less and less options to the degree that the fact you have an expendable right arm that does not-enough damage in the first place to be meaningful like an old arcade screen-clearing super is a huge downgrade to the entire character

>nero's breaker seems so fucking intergrated into the main game that he's probably only going to get a breaker that doesn't break at the end or you can get super mode for him, which is just his old buster arm instead

No one's talking about this


>the point of nero is for him to be shitty

great argument m8, I always knew it

>if someone played dante immediately they'd be overwhelmed

that's funny since nero and dante play completely differently and when you've played literally any of the games you know he has a sword to do combo, which is the only similarity to nero beyond charge shots, he gets an assortment of weapons mid game, meaning he has to slowly work up his arsenal, and his styles are upgraded separately, meaning you get all your moves very slowly, but you get a fuck whack of them, allowing a good player to bounce all over the place with the amount of options you get. When I played dante in 4 for the first time, I was brand new to the series; I hated nero and I wanted to see the character everyone talked about, and I wasn't slightly disappointed; smacking dudes around as dante is fun as hell, and the rate at which you grab weapons allows you to customize your playstyle, allowing even a new player like me to learn the ropes quickly and style beast all over everything. Saying nero teaches dante is fucking absurd; dante teaches you how to fucking play dante, if you need a tutorial on how the buttons work you sit in a corner and press them all, which I always did to learn combos. If players are coming in at 5 then they are getting a very watered down experience. This made me at least appreciate how nero used to play.

34d287  No.16096080


Nero has been always been easier to pick up and play by the exact reasons you identified in your post, doesn't mean that he doesn't have depth to him, though he is much easier than Dante to pick up.

Dante is overwhelming the first time around in 4, you get 4 different styles right from the get go, It is overwhelming the first time around, why do you think the majority of people have a harder time playing with Dante the first time around?

>No one's talking about this.

You contradict yourself, you complain that Nero's moves and arsenal is too small which I agree but then complain about the breakers which is a distinct extension to Nero's arsenal. Simply because they brake?

And this makes you appreciate how Nero used to play how? because he's buster only had 3 basic functions?

>Nero has less and less options to the degree that the fact you have an expendable right arm that does not-enough damage in the first place to be meaningful

>does not-enough damage in the first place

>does not-enough damage

Are we playing the same game?

762790  No.16096101


>they took out Nero's relatively safe and easy to pick up gameplay and gave it a risky mechanic worth planning and taking risks on

no, they gave him a super button, and it fucking sucks.

It's not risky to use because enemies are weak as shit and they drop a bunch of arms all over the map, since it would be too much to expect a player to just take the risk and play carefully. There's not enough of a pay off for using it either, since it's a shitty little thing. Also the demo can be beaten in like 5 minutes, why the fuck is the area so short? If you use breakers in every fight it's even shorter I imagine.


>>using breakages

>implying that helps your argument

you can't refute that it just makes the attack pool smaller for nero once he loses his arm, unless they make it so that having no breaker means you can use that wire to just do a normal grab, which would completely nullify your entire argument about risky play since you just go back to a different type of damage button.

The real difference between breaks and DTs is that you can be a good player and get 4 DT explosions in the same fight, but you won't need 4 DT explosions as dante if you are good enough to get it. It's not a risky/reward to use DT explosion, it's something you can build up if you're good and if you're a shitter you'd just lose it all to do one big attack; the risk was betting on needing a DT or not, which a new player will need to get them through fights, and a shitter will waste on a big room full of enemies, and a decent player will be using sparingly even if they gain it early and often.

Breakers, no matter how good you are, will never come back, meaning you as a player are more limited the better you are, since nero is given very little to begin with and bad players will not take the risk, and a good player might take the risk on a boss, but there's not enough incentive to waste your super on the smaller dudes since if we assume there aren't going to be scattered breakers in the full game, you're just not going to get it back, and if there are breakers all over then that just lends to the fact that there is no risk to use them and very low rewards in the first place.


countered most of those points here, feel free to read you sack of shit.

>extension of his arsenal

>up to 8 and they're gone after 1 super use

>button for randomized damage styles

I appreciate how nero used to play because his damage button was honest; I still hate how he works, but he's got systems that don't lie to you and act like they're some strange risk/reward super meter.

a3c7cd  No.16096112


How is a casual not going to use an attack which takes off 10% of the boss' HP and only requires you to press L1 once? It's as easy as it gets. You're also greatly overstating the risk of using them, at 100 orbs per arm they're basically free so you can always max out your inventory at every checkpoint. Then you neglect how easy it is to spam those attacks since the next arm is immediately available after pressing L1 and without the need to refill a gauge, so you can easily spend all your arms on a tough enemy and then defeat the rest with your normal attacks. Building up the DT gauge actually forces you to deal with whatever situation you're in with just the standard tools. I don't see how this is supposed to make Nero any more complicated, at most it simply wastes your time by making you pick up extra shit and mash through the shop menu all the time.

a21cce  No.16096136


>his gun is still slow as shit meaning the only thing you can do for the next couple seconds is fire to get your bang for your buck

I've seen plenty of people loosing off a shot or two before continuing a combo on an enemy they're juggling in midair.


>It's not risky to use because enemies are weak as shit and they drop a bunch of arms all over the map

The demo is on easy, anon.

42a3d6  No.16096154

File: d084b22d577b052⋯.jpg (22.33 KB, 636x317, 636:317, cut dante weapons.jpg)

>we almost got nevan 2: saxophone edition

21f7a9  No.16096167

File: 87fb993e82eec8d⋯.gif (431.31 KB, 181x140, 181:140, 87fb993e82eec8d5a01bd85c49….gif)


I want that fucking saxophone.

0f20ec  No.16096202


So like that Bayo weapon? Shame about that sax though.

7b7b97  No.16096230

File: 057be83601cd141⋯.jpg (121.22 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Mini Faust.jpg)


The Saxophone sounds neat, but we have already had a musical weapon with Nevan, I'm glad we got the Faust Hat since no one saw it coming.

762790  No.16096286

File: 28079d1f72fca79⋯.png (254.84 KB, 387x472, 387:472, ClipboardImage.png)


Nero sucks, he always has, get over it

You will never see something like >>16096154 with nero's name on it

Speaking of





I'm only mad that the faust hat isn't a big goofy demon cowboy hat like in DMC4

34d287  No.16096327

File: 3cb9c94989d6a57⋯.png (216.82 KB, 355x620, 71:124, 3cb9c94989d6a57b107d791952….png)


>no, they gave him a super button, and it fucking sucks.

There's more options to your DB's that just your Breakage action, you can even ride on Punchline that gives a different moveset, this one Breaker already has a more expansive move list than his Buster arm, and this is ignoring the "super" button.

How is this worse?


>How is a casual not going to use an attack which takes off 10% of the boss' HP and only requires you to press L1 once? It's as easy as it gets.

Why would you use a break-away to deal fucking damage? it works the same way DT cancel worked in DMC4, you use it to cancel your animation. You use Breakages to deal damage.

>I can't read so I'll bring the same point again.

Yes you can resupply them at checkpoints, but you can't resupply them mid fight unless you already know which ones are gonna spawn, which is why you can plan ahead on your DB usage.

>spamming break-aways

>to deal damage

If you don't want to bother to learn how the game works why bother to even talk about it?


>Style for your soul.png

762790  No.16096365


>he gets a bigger moveset if he uses his super

you mean that he has a new state for a short period of time that increases his moves in a limited way?

Gee that sure does sound like a Devil Trigger, but it's strange, because the DT doesn't actually stay, so you're required to buy the equivalent of Devil Stars for nero so you can actually use his supers.

>this is ignoring the "super" button

what are you talking about? He has two different supers mapped to two different buttons, they both are a one use that breaks his arm, why the fuck would it change anything?

a3c7cd  No.16096380


Nothing of what you wrote changes the fact that's it's still easy access to massive damage, regardless of whether you press L1 or hold circle. You also conveniently ignore the biggest part of my post which said that you can use those attacks multiple times in a row in quick succession without the need to refill any sort of meter which completely changes the dynamic of an encounter and lets you brute-force strong enemies without any effort.

34d287  No.16096628

File: 20ddc483a9ccb6f⋯.webm (6.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, L1 damage.webm)


I never mentioned DT outside of cancels, I was comparing his Breakers to his previous buster arm in 4, and I was arguing that his breakers vastly expand his kit. Breakers aren't a substitute for DT, they are a substitute for the Buster arm, as such they should be compared to it. I'm pretty sure Nero will still get a DT considering how there is one unmapped button left in his control scheme so far.

That and his fucking theme.

>what are you talking about? He has two different supers mapped to two different buttons

No, L1 would be his "Burst" move, it acts pretty much like DT activation for Nero in DMC4, cancels your animation and protects you. This can be used to extend your combos or get out of a bad spot. It has worked this way in DMC4 since release. Only now the tradeoff is higher. It's not meant for dealing damage.

Holding O would be his "Super" move if you want to use that definition, you trade one breaker for a great amount of damage by charging up a breaker, which the charge time is different for each breaker.

I feel like higher damaging breakages will take longer to charge if punchline is any indication

If you want to use that definition this is the only move that fits the description.


>Nothing of what you wrote changes the fact that's it's still easy access to massive damage, regardless of whether you press L1 or hold circle.

Are you shitting me.

You think this is massive damage?

ddba0b  No.16096680


Doesn't holding down O cause some big damage though? You're webm just showed the L1 breaker. It still breaks your arm though when you hold down O, that I do know.

34d287  No.16096685


Yes and I never said holding doesn't, but read his post again.

7b7b97  No.16096716


Also when your charging it with O if you take any damage then your arm destroyed and gets wasted, so you can just constantly keep it charged all willy nilly with no draw back, like you were able to with Charge Shot 3 in DMC4.

a21cce  No.16096772


>if you take any damage then your arm destroyed and gets wasted

>so you can just constantly keep it charged all willy nilly with no draw back

how is that not a drawback?

762790  No.16096789


>I never mentioned his DT

that's not an argument, I brought it up so we're talking about it, his charges are shittier DTs because he gets a special move a la kingdom hearts summons. It's shit, it's not devil may cry.

>breakers vastly expand his kit

in the same way that a molotov cocktail "Vastly expands your kit" in bloodborne, I suppose.

>Breakers aren't a substitute for DT

post proof, they are literally on the DT button and perform a shitty little super move depending on which of the two you use.

>they are a substitute for the Buster arm, as such they should be compared to it

I agree, the buster only took up one slot whereas now it takes up two and is worse for it

>I'm pretty sure Nero will still get a DT

post proof, this isn't an argument, we're talking about the builds we've currently seen and so far everything you're talking about is up in the air.

>considering how there is one unmapped button left in his control scheme so far

which one? His Dpad has nothing on it, I agree, but if they were going to change the DT to another shoulder button, why would it be R2?

>L1 is a burst move

so it's a super, it's just really shitty and essentially only for if a boss is grabbing you. It's a counter super, those exist. You're not making any sense saying it isn't what it is.

>O is more like a super

yes in that it is the pure damage variant. L1 trades an arm for super armor, just like DT activation without any of the useful features of DT, why the fuck would you even use it unless you get into a grab

I don't know what that other guy was thinking though, why would Nero "Doesn't even have a devil trigger with a themsong named devil trigger" Sparda be doing high damage on L1?

7ad34b  No.16096918


Man, you really really hate Nero. You even hated him in 4.

Your arguments just kinda boil down to nitpicking like I've said before. You also said why is the level so short?? Gee I dunno. Cause it's a demo? Personally I like the breakers addition to Nero since they do give him different moves to play around with. I get that you really dont like them though. Hopefully Dante would be more fun for you anon.

I want the game so I can finally try out V. Only reason keeping me hooked still is the gameplay I've seen of him

2f540b  No.16096920

when was PC demo? also should i splurge and get the deluxe edition? or just the normal and some of the extra weapons? or not at all?

7ad34b  No.16096931


Never buy deluxe

Also PC is not getting demo at all. Just pirate REmake 2 and see if that runs well. That will give you an idea of how well DMC 5 might run on your PC

34d287  No.16096932

File: 2a8a2e643b73728⋯.jpg (130.16 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Du6a6U2W4AAkRXC.jpg)


>that's not an argument, I brought it up so we're talking about it.

Right but I wasn't even discussing it, that wasn't my argument so why should I even talk about it? You're the one who changed it to DTs, that wasn't even my point.

If you do this comparison then buster moves in 4, the regular ones, are also DT moves to you, considering that they deal even more damage than breakers do to bosses. To me this comparison makes no senses, it's a replacement for his buster arm, not his DT.

>in the same way that a molotov cocktail "Vastly expands your kit" in bloodborne

You have yet to prove it to me that they don't expand his kit over base Nero.

>post proof, they are literally on the DT button and perform a shitty little super move depending on which of the two you use.

Nothing outside of leaks whether or not it's real.

There is also a video tweet from @devilmaycry_jp that confirms that the devil bringer will be in the game. Whether or not pic related is true though is up for debate, though the devil bringer is absolutely back in some way.

How will that alter Nero's arsenal? No confirmation as of yet. However if the Bringer is back, so is a DT. It's pretty much confirmed.

>the buster only took up one slot whereas now it takes up two and is worse for it

How? because they gave you the cancel? Because they gave you another move? What the fuck is your deal?

>which one

Don't remember since I remapped all my controls, it's definitely one open though, besides the Dpad which was never used for Nero.

>so it's a super

Okay, had no idea they were also called counter supers, I just got in once they were called bursts everywhere. My mistake then.

>it's just really shitty and essentially only for if a boss is grabbing you.

N-no. You cancel your entire animation, it's a pretty big deal for a combo extension, I explained this before, you could also use this in DMC4 to extend combos with Nero. It's a pretty neat tool that has always worked defensively and offensively in the hands of skilled players. And it still works the same way. Only now the cost is Higher.

You sound like the kind of guy that only sees his play style as the "correct" one, In a game like DMC that's pretty narrowing.

>I don't know what that other guy was thinking though

I'm glad that we can both agree that spamming break-aways for damage is pretty stupid.

2f540b  No.16096960


I bought and lover Remake 2 and it ran real well considering how much Ram i have, so it should run fine.

I almost wanted to do deluxe mainly for the sound tracks and the bike devil arm.

34d287  No.16096968

File: 1bab1359abcb30c⋯.jpg (33.06 KB, 665x574, 95:82, 1bab1359abcb30c3308103af84….jpg)


>tfw the spark shot causes my game to tank.

Game runs fine besides it. Should I be worried?

7ad34b  No.16096992


It makes everyone tank. They probably made it do that on purpose to make it seem like an EPIC weapon. Or it's a bug.

Either way I doubt DMC 5 will have anything that makes the game dip in framerate especially if you're playing on PC. I played the demo on a regular xbox one and it ran fine despite the fps dipping every now and then. So I can only imagine a PC should be able to handle it pretty well.

inb4 it's a shit port and that's the real reason we have no demo

762790  No.16096994


>your arguments are just nitpicking

nero is objectively worse than dante or vergil, there is no argument you can possibly make that can change my mind. Saying that his gameplay is deep is like saying dante's gameplay is unnecessarily complex; dante has a large number of moves at his disposal to make you feel good and has a shit ton of options dispose of enemies in large quantities without even switching styles once, let alone how deep his systems get when you start mashing dpad. Nero is about as deep as a bowl of soup.

>talking about the length of the demo again because you have no further things to talk about

thanks for that moral victory.


>that wasn't my argument

but I made the comparison, the fact that you refuse to refute it means you have no counter argument and I have easily outdone you in that aspect. That's how an argument goes, I didn't use any false equivalence or try to move goal posts, I brought up something that is clearly evident in the game that proves the point that his dt was replaced with something much worse; it was mapped to a differen't button, so what?

>if you do this comparison then buster moves are DT

that would be true if buster replaced DT, which it didn't. Jokes on you hombre, that's a fallacy.

>you have yet to prove they don't expand his kit

they are a one use item that does a certain flashy move to do damage to enemies. They are holy waters, they are DT explosions, they are a full meter super, whatever you want to call it, but the fact that using it has a lower reward for the risk of not being able to do anything with your right arm after effectively means you get less out of your kit for using his moves. I'd wager it's more correct to say it gives him even less to do.


great point, I win, let's move on

>how, because it gave you a cancel

dante has a cancel and also still has a DT, funny how that works

>because they gave you another move

it's holy water with a can of paint on it, I don't get why you are defending it so heavily.


what's wrong, never argued on the internet before, faggot?

>You cancel your entire animation, it's a pretty big deal for a combo extension

yeah, maybe you can cancel into one of nero's four combo strings?

>the cost is higher now

for no reason, there's no justification for it other than to make his gameplay even less CURAYZEE than it already was.

>you seem like the guy who only thinks his style is the correct one

I couldn't even begin to tell you how wrong that is. Dante's option pool is so fucking vast even in 3 where he has two weapons, the fact that multiple styles exist and you get 5 weapons in both of your slots, each of them allowing for different move variety and how you cancel into your strings, there's so much for him to do. Even if you played the entire game with royal guard and nevan you'd still be fucking set as long as you're playing well.

I hate nero because he only has one option. He has a big sword, you hit the exceed button to rev it when you land a hit, you continue the combo, you have one gun, it does big explosive damage with a slow, shitty charge, he has an arm that used to do a super move and now it does a different kind of super that you have to memorize for which weapon you have slotted so you know what your controls are gonna look like for the duration.

e3e600  No.16097022

File: bf01b5eeb38ed55⋯.mp4 (8.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Riding High.mp4)

File: bc3630694f7253b⋯.mp4 (5.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Air Guitar.mp4)

Having a blast with the demo

34d287  No.16097028

File: fa6205ac978facf⋯.jpg (336.02 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss (2019-02-09 at 01.42.57….jpg)

File: 4c34f0cac801bc9⋯.jpg (379.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SSS.jpg)


Alright thanks, I honestly thought it was just something with my crack. I really don't want to deal with inconsistent framerate on consoles.


>that would be true if buster replaced DT, which it didn't. Jokes on you hombre, that's a fallacy.

And you act like they both can't exist when I already gave you the source for the devil bringer, fuck I know the quality is shit because it's fucking twitter but here it is, in the upgrade tab, it's in and therefor so is DT.

>they are a one use item that does a certain flashy move to do damage to enemies.

Holy shit come back to me when you play the fucking game.

7ad34b  No.16097047


>thanks for that moral victory

Can you come up with anything else to make you seem like an even bigger faggot than you already are?


Is it really worth still arguing with this nigger? He clearly just really fucking hates Nero. If he doesnt like him then whatever. There's two other characters he can play as and both look good and fun from what I've seen.

d6ee72  No.16097091


Retconning for previously non-canon material is gay. Also ugly kikes in my games is a no-go.

e638c4  No.16097145


it may be downsampling by default on the pro then. so the game is running at 4k no matter what your tv output is or it may be that sleep mode bug that ace combat 7 had. because i was playing it from sleep mode.


its the same engine im assuming the very same.

34d287  No.16097180


How did you got that high in the first webm? That was pretty sick.


I should just make some webms instead or arguing against a wall, I'll make some tomorrow.

a21cce  No.16097206


Nero's mid air taunt by the looks of things

a265ff  No.16097334

File: 59238ba44272412⋯.png (29.2 KB, 250x131, 250:131, 1507633956332.png)


W-wow, it looks just like DmC2 you guys!

T-the game looks like complete and total shit and the gameplay hasnt even evolved!

Compared to the previous DMCs i-its a blasphemy!

fa8746  No.16097384


Nero and V are both garbage, I appreciate what they try to do with him, it just falls flat. And overall DMC5 is exactly what I expected, a cheap cash in made by people who don't remember what made 1,3,4 good. and then 4 is debatable because it was a complete asspull to get the length required but it had it's moments

7ad34b  No.16097411


>cheap cash in

Anon, that's retarded. I don't think this game would even have been developed if Capcom just wanted a "cheap" cash in that must've been expensive to make. Also what's so garbage about V? He looks interesting to play as so far.

fa8746  No.16097416


He just doesn't feel well designed, his attacks are clunky, feel underwhelming, he's just too much of a contrast for the enemies and other characters

ddba0b  No.16097437


>cheap chash in

<long ass development time

<Nero and Dante voice actors back




7ad34b  No.16097441


Have you gotten the chance to play as him? It kinda seems like you have from the way you wrote your post.

7b7b97  No.16097444

File: 3210b3cf3775f36⋯.jpg (15.87 KB, 457x396, 457:396, Dante strawberry sundae.jpg)


>he's just too much of a contrast

THAT IS THE GOD DAMN POINT he is supposed to be different

I don't understand you people who are so opposed to having variety in play styles, do you legitimately want to play as only Dante, because if so, there is no point in playing any other DMC game beside DMC3 with the style switcher mod.

What is the point in making other characters if they're just going to keep playing just like Dante does, As much as I like Vergil in DMC3 he's exactly the same as Dante save for his taunt that regenerates DT.

If you could give Dante Vergil's Dark Slayer style, and have him equip Vergil's weapons with there animations, then nothing changes in comparison to switching to any other weapon or styles.

If you want Dante only, I guess I can understand that, but I also find that boring as fuck.

fa8746  No.16097448


You could make him something similar but different with what they attempt to do to nero and dante as opposed to "eh fuck it slow character that doesn't mesh with the style at all"

fa8746  No.16097471


Cheap being "cheap" like someone punching someone else in the dick is a "cheap shot". It's cheap because it shamelessly panders to nostalgia and retards who buy it because it has a brand name they sort of liked. It feels cheap because it's obviously just a fan game "for the fans" as opposed to an actual game that's trying to stand on it's own merits.

762790  No.16097517


>that's the point

Nero would be fine if he was fun to play, but it always feels like a chore to play as him, like I'm babysitting my character action game

>if you want to play dante just play DMC 3 again

I've already played all of DMC 3, I know how that game feels, and it's good, but I also want something new. I'm allowed to want my dante game updated and not have to deal with a shittier, easier character. The biggest problem I have with nero is he is this big lumbering asshole type character, all his sword swings are heavy and inelegant, even his revolver is only good when you charge it. He's just so much more simple than dante even if he had to be different why couldn't he be something like Nelo Angelo updated for a modern DMC game?

>if you want dante I can understand that

>but it's boring as fuck

this is my problem with you fucking new guys, you don't really get what made DMC good. DMC3 is great because dante plays the way he does. I didn't play DMC 4 to play not-dante, that's not what I play any of the DMC games for; even 2 let me play as dante, even if it's the worst one by a small margin in my opinion. If nero was in another game altogether I'd be fine with it, but he's made critical to the story for some reason

To put it in perspective, it's like playing bayonetta and wanting to play as the weird sidekick kid instead of the umbra witch.

fa8746  No.16097533


I disagree there, if they were to completely retire dante I'd be fine with it, fuck it have V be the only character in the game. The issue is when you're designing enemies for characters with styles that conflict too much, one is always going to feel worse than the other, and since two of the 3 characters play very similarly I'll leave you guessing which character was left out of the enemy design meetings.

7b7b97  No.16097609

File: 100b913eb680d09⋯.jpg (64.72 KB, 300x300, 1:1, dante ig.jpg)


>this is my problem with you fucking new guys, you don't really get what made DMC good.

Your the one who sound like the new guy here, because your acting like DMC3 is the be all end all, yet DMC1 is clearly still the best game in the series.

Okay joking aside…

I just really don't get why so many people have such a hard time letting someone who isn't Dante have the spotlight, when DMC1 is clearly Dante's more important ark YOU CAN'T TOP IT, he defeated the strongest entity in the DMC universe, he avenged his mother, and he reached the same level as his father. Dante's fulfilled his life's goal, I am satisfied with what Dante has done, and I am fine with others being the main Lead. Do I want Dante gone? not really, but I welcome every new character since it's always a chance to expand what can be done with the DMC universe.

I still think that out of every character after DMC1, Lucia was one of the most interesting at least on a conceptual level, I feel she has tons of potential.

The history of her clan, her aesthetic and fighting style, how her personality completely contrasts with everyone else's current craziness. That's just the kind of thing that i find the most interesting in this series.

I like seeing new characters, and how they interact with old ones.

ddba0b  No.16097627



get off your high horse faggot. DMC 1 was my first game and I've only yet to play 2. I thought Nero was a fun addition alongside Dante. Hell I prefer Nero in 4 because the enemies were clearly designed for him. Dante was fun to control in 4 and I probably would've enjoyed him more if the enemies were actually designed with him in mind.

DMC 5 is looking like they're giving us the best of both characters with more added on. As well as V of course. That's three characters in total.

fa8746  No.16097705


I would like DMC4 better if dante wasn't in it. and 5 suffers from too many character syndrome.

7b7b97  No.16097731


All I can say about 4 is that it clearly wasn't finished. DMC5 it's not really fair to say when the game isn't out yet.

even if it seems like a lot we've really only seen the surface of what the game has to offer.

fa8746  No.16097734


Unless they have a different enemy set for V, or completely redo the AI while you're V. He's too big of a difference to not cause that syndrome

7b7b97  No.16097740


I mean i'v posted it here >>16095246 "that in difficult battles the enemy AI will start focusing more on trying to hurt V" so were going to have to see what that actually ends up meaning.

fa8746  No.16097744


That's what I'm saying, because all that says is that they won't attack your summons, which they shouldn't do.

a265ff  No.16097789


You fucking idiot. That called a "sequel". Have you ever heard one one before?

Would MGS3 be a "cheap cash in" because its the next game in the francise which adds to the overall story and plot with improved gameplay and what not? According to you, its apparently so.


>character action game

Leave and never come back.


Why would you have a DMC game without Dante and Nero? Good god at that point it wouldnt even be a DMC game due to V's extremely distinct playstyle. If you were the director of the game I would have no doubt everything would go to shit very quickly.

f5aad4  No.16097792


>2nd webm

I'm not liking the fact that they force you to deal with a mid-battle cutscene (for lack of a better word) with the boss jumping out of the building. It ruins the flow and makes me think that there will be more instances of this in other boss fights. Not that it bugs me too much, as I had no intention of giving Crapcom money for their past sins in other games, but this (among it's many other issues already mentioned multiple times) is making me less motivated to even pirate it.

e3e600  No.16097883

File: 3fed88b29607431⋯.mp4 (5.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Advanced Tech.mp4)

File: 0b7dc4b937d1f87⋯.mp4 (5.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Savage.mp4)


It's a weird combination of getting on the missile while in air and pressing circle + square almost exactly at the same time before you touch the ground. I also found an infinite missile jump too.

fa8746  No.16097898


No MGS3 would be cheap if it was nothing but "HEY LOOK WHO IT IS!" and came out after a failed reboot attempt. Like lets say they make an MGS6, and for some reason snake is back, but also raiden, and also big boss, and also the boss. See look at all those characters you already know please clap and buy the DLC goyim.

7ad34b  No.16097930


>DMC 5

>a sequel to DMC 4 has the cast from DMC 4 returning because it's a sequel to it

>cheap cash in

At this point I think you're just trying your damned hardest to hate this game. It's working but jesus christ man.

fa8746  No.16097942


Yeah god forbid a sequel try to be it's own thing at all. All I want is the exact same characters so I can clap when I see them. I need to be told I'm supposed to like this thing by seeing the fact that I recognize things be completely pandered to. Fuck the fact that they went all in on the dad dante memes is already bad enough, now I have to put up with chucklefucks like you that think that completely retreading old ground makes a good sequel

a265ff  No.16097966


Okay what if I said

>And overall DMC4 is exactly what I expected, a cheap cash in made by people who don't remember what made 1, 2 good. and then 3 is debatable because it was a complete asspull to get the length required but it had it's moments

You can say that about literally any sequel that ever came out and you dont really give any constructive criticisms to anything you say at all.


>now I have to put up with chucklefucks like you that think that completely retreading old ground makes a good sequel

Thats what a sequel is you fucking idiot.

What do you want out of it? For it to be a fucking FPS that takes place on mars?

A DMC game has to have DMC like themes to be a DMC game otherwise it may just end up like DmC and you know how everyone feels about that steamy peice of shit.

fa8746  No.16097973


Actually you couldn't say that, because the first part of the game you were playing as Nero and if you went in completely blind the switch to dante would've been a surprise as it wasn't heavily marketed on LOOK WHO'S BACK!!

And also look at DMC4, a decent game that could've used some polish admittedly, but the parts as Nero were pretty solid, and were different enough from the other games, but still felt like you were playing a DMC game and then they shit the bed by making you replay the game as dante but whatever It's possible to do similar but different without you constantly trying to bank off the same main character

7ad34b  No.16097975


Well what the fuck do you expect from a DMC game? Of course it's going to have Dante. Its apparently supposed to be his last game from the way the director talks about it. You cant be this fucking dense. Please tell me your baiting. I just cant think anyone would be this big of a retard.

fa8746  No.16097989


Coming from the retard excited for DMC5. I could vote blue in america, walk around with 1000$ taped to myself in the bronx, and kiss a man in saudi arabia and still be less of a retard than someone who's hyped for DMC5. The game's marketing is just pandering. Bring back dante sure whatever, but then don't bring back nero. The only damn playable character they didn't bring back is Lucia and that's because they pretend the game never happened. This game is going to sell fantastically just like MHW, and I for one can't wait until DMC6 where they'll re-bring back dante, V, and Nero.

6fb86c  No.16098027



you nigger

34d287  No.16098472

File: 3a6c2c16427c56b⋯.jpg (31.94 KB, 331x407, 331:407, 3a6c2c16427c56b90c0890c4fb….jpg)


>The game's marketing is just pandering

<It's not pandering to be specifically therefor it's bad.

6a8c54  No.16098513

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



0f20ec  No.16098633


Wait for the crack. It is Denuvo so may take a while, but hopefully gets cracked fast like RE2 did. Hopefully its the Deluxe Edition or the regular with deluxe DLC. More tracks to play with. I also hope its a good port and is good from the start, because if it needs a lot of patches we will need to be waiting on those cracks too.

33c144  No.16098752

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Do you kids even know how to style?

ddb325  No.16098788


Pop music doesn't fit the gameplay.

a21cce  No.16098936


>Yeah god forbid a sequel try to be it's own thing at all. All I want is the exact same characters so I can clap when I see them

that's why they added Mr. Gothboiclique, you fucking retard

7478b0  No.16099129

After just playing the demo my only gripes so far are:

>having to disengage lock-on to use devil breakers instead of making the grapple a directional input


Other than that it's pretty great.

42a3d6  No.16099183

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I can't wait to die immediately after the song goes YOU CANNOT KILL ME

On another note I'm glad they kept style switching. I didn't really think they'd remove it but I was kind of afraid they would.

7b7b97  No.16099328


Even better Dante's Style's have gotten buffed, at least the ones I payed the most attention too is when in Gunslingher guns are now auto charging.

And Royal guard will now use DT as a resource when you mess up a guard first before taking down your health, making taking more risks with RG allot more enticing

810128  No.16099742


>auto toggle

there's an option in the menu to turn it completly off

2bf5fa  No.16099753

My frustration is getting bigger because I can't get Exceed lvl 3 in the demo, plus all the other cool moves that Nero has. Also, I miss the Devil Bringer.

82da57  No.16100198


I guess you could say they pulled your Devil Trigger

0f20ec  No.16101035


Devil Bringer was cool but you have so much more at your disposal now. Is there a Buster that mimics the Bringer's grabs?

a265ff  No.16101097

File: 89307d18e042f49⋯.jpg (183.5 KB, 1199x722, 1199:722, Devil Breakers.jpg)


Yeah, its the one close up front that looks like a claw.

Its the DB that allows Nero to "SO LONG GAY BOWSER" Goliath into that church building.

18e3c9  No.16101136


>V is what Vergil thinks is cool

Please let this be true, it's too perfect.

0f20ec  No.16101216


Great stuff. I'll probably always have one in my inventory so I can do some wrestling moves.


Its my theory and I think it works. For whatever reason, Vergil is lying low or using his last remaining strength to get V to him. So he needs to use a disguise and Vergil is self aware enough to know he should do something different from himself. So he goes out as V and lives the persona he was too beta to try as himself. Vergil is a massive dork who probably always wanted to be a bit like Dante's WOOHOO PIZZA TIME but still be refined and aristocratic.

a265ff  No.16101309


If you are running at an enemy and do a taunt you will do the drop kick, you of course got to time it right in order for it to land though.

0f20ec  No.16101447


I think I've gotten into the habit of starting every fight with that.

3c2ea4  No.16101453


>be super dork

>disguise yourself as giga dork

like, fukn genius bro

0f20ec  No.16101506


I didn't explain it right. He wants to disguise himself as someone cool, but his idea of cool is someone like V. Its like the fedoras who think they are cool or dressing like big shots from the 20th century.

a21cce  No.16101575

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

All I know is I'm gonna post V's theme in every DMC thread because I think it's a complete fucking banger.

a87c6f  No.16101658


It's shit and so are you, kys.

a21cce  No.16101707

File: a11bba20f33779e⋯.png (172.39 KB, 323x330, 323:330, fuck you.PNG)

7ad34b  No.16102833


I really want to try out the whiplash. Is it available in the Demo?

ad714b  No.16102856


This looks like the cuhrayzee I’ve been missing

762790  No.16102918


>jumps up and down looking like a raging autist

nothing I see will make nero gameplay impressive to me. I can see which of the four combos he's doing, I can see exactly what move he's using without even having to lean in, I don't feel anything even resembling interest when I see this shit. I just get really confused as to why the style meter is pumping so high, and then I remember it's scaled down, as it is in every DMC game when you have less options.

04d63d  No.16103040


Okay. Thanks for sharing your shitty opinion.

0f20ec  No.16103428


Nero is great, though.

34d287  No.16103579

File: eede8b849a20a42⋯.webm (13.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, figuring out punchline.webm)


Only slightly.



34e529  No.16103588

File: 37fbd641df5bdf9⋯.jpg (47.98 KB, 700x480, 35:24, a01c82e190afbfec2d05ab6cc6….jpg)


Is it me or is the music too quiet for the lower ranks? A rank and below seems fine, but s and above feel like the volume should be mixed a bit higher.

34e529  No.16103590

File: 4bf26e76d91e3c9⋯.jpg (91.83 KB, 900x900, 1:1, eee59979f12c1b9b47665f38d4….jpg)


>lower ranks

higher ranks

0f20ec  No.16103595


How exactly do you ride the Punch Line?

34d287  No.16103596


It's a bit too low for me in general honestly, didn't notice it much while playing since I use headphones so it might just be the way the soystation records it.

I might jump in again today and will keep it in mind. I can barely hear through TV audio though.

34d287  No.16103600


Hold down the Breaker button when you're calling it back to you.

f7a36e  No.16103611

File: e0b77a31f9a7f6c⋯.png (206.52 KB, 340x549, 340:549, ClipboardImage.png)


But does Royal Guard have that Dreadnaught form you had in DMC4? I'd be kinda sad if they let go of that. Maybe it was replaced by that Majin form from DMC2 people were speculating was shown in that one leak where Dante faced the boss.

6d1cb1  No.16103742


So I decided to give the game a second shot today and either I got better or turbo mode is hard mode. Either way I just beat cerberus and the combo potential is rising, I'm starting to enjoy this. My problem is that I have no idea if to simply keep with the default shoulder button weapon switches or try different shit, since it feels fairly odd. Is there no lock on toggle instead of hold?

Also, I have my attacks mapped to O or whatever O is on the 360, and it's coinciding with the use button and it's kind of annoying. Is there a workaround that, since the use key has no remapabble button?

7478b0  No.16103819


>there's an option in the menu to turn it completly off




7b7b97  No.16103874


Na Dreadnaught is replaced by a move I think is called Royal Revenge, Dante enters as stance when once hit it activates an alternate type of release that's only uses 1 part of the Royal bar instead of all of it.

Dreadnaught was cool to look at, but it was useless when you look at things practically, to get enough of the Royal bar for Dreadnaught to last long you would already need to be good with Royal Guard, and if your good with it, then you don't need Dreadnaught, it just slows you down.

7b7b97  No.16104141

File: d01d6c4048dea14⋯.webm (1.16 MB, 852x480, 71:40, DMC3 instant SSS.webm)


>I just get really confused as to why the style meter is pumping so high, and then I remember it's scaled down, as it is in every DMC game when you have less options.

Yeah because it was SOOOO HARD to get to SSS in DMC3,

Webm Clearly not related

762790  No.16105218


>hit a bunch of enemies with a high damage move

same thing happens with DT explosion, the only difference is in 3 it's harder to keep a style meter up if you do the same move over and over again, forcing you to switch between weapons and get good with the style you're using to maximize your style ranking. Nice cherry pick though.

Show me a video where someone uses one move through an entire mission without degrading style points and I'll think about taking it back.


Not gonna lie, I was upset when I played 3 after 4 and dreadnaught was gone and replaced by ultimate, and then ultimate turned out to be really good; you can eat projectiles and not worry about timing with them since they have weird timing to figure out, and you heal the health that you'd lose for just using a standing guard.

Then I went back to trying dreadnaught and realized it's just a waste of the meter; I'd rather just use royal release when I build up enough meter honestly, so another move that eats away at it makes less sense.

ad714b  No.16105228

how does it run on a regular ps4?

762790  No.16105237


It handles pretty well.

7b7b97  No.16105322


My point is that Using a DT explosion and such to take out a bunch of enemies in DMC3 to get to SSS is same as in DMC5 and using one of Nero's super moves to take out a group of enemies.

Nothing about how fast you gain Style meter has changed, I think in DMC4 it simply doesn't degrade down a letter, but that hardly matters.

You making it sound like the Style meter in DMC3 being a bit harder is a big deal, but it really isn't, since getting to a SSS and getting an S rank in Style points at the end of a mission has never actually been difficult.

The style meter is simply a guide line to tell people when they've reached the point that they are actually playing the game properly, it doesn't actually matter after that point, when you know how to play the game well.

762790  No.16105365


>nothing about how fast you gain style meter has changed

Except I can see nero doing fuck all for stylish techniques, I don't see what everyone is clamoring over.

>you're saying the style meter is easier to build

I'm saying that it's obviously easy to build for the fact that Nero has less manuvers he can do, which has always been a thing in DMC; if you have less techniques the game's meter will build faster because you have less shit to cycle through, but when you get all possible moves the game penalizes you for not using all available techniques, or at least not most of them. Style meter has always been easy to build, I'm saying that if you think nero gameplay is stylish you have a screw loose. Dante's gameplay video wasn't as good as it could have been, honestly, but that's because IGN isn't actually good at video games and could probably recreate a nero style video pretty easily.

7b7b97  No.16105405

>I'm saying that it's obviously easy to build for the fact that Nero has less manuvers he can do, which has always been a thing in DMC; if you have less techniques the game's meter will build faster because you have less shit to cycle through, but when you get all possible moves the game penalizes you for not using all available techniques, or at least not most of them.

What the fuck are you talking about here, you made that up! That not a mechanic that exists.

Getting to SSS style with a new game Rebellion is no different then using the exact same combos with an end game all moves purchased Rebellion.

If you just don't like Nero's gameplay style that's fine, but your just Wrong about facts now.

7b7b97  No.16105407

>>16105365 forgot the reply but you get my point i'm sure >>16105405

762790  No.16105424


>What the fuck are you talking about here, you made that up!

woah kiddo, no need to use exclamations on me. Play through DMC 3 on a new file and do every combo you can from the gate, you'll be getting S rank in no time. Get further on and just do those same combos, you will be physically unable to just get to the same rank when you have a second weapon, more guns, and more techniques. It's always been a thing, have you never played a Devil May Cry game?

130cde  No.16105433


Haven't had any issues with it personally.

7b7b97  No.16105468


I just played Normal mode Mission 1 in DMC3 ,on both a new game and my DMD compete file using only Rebellion and E&I without using a style.

I'm positive there was no difference and that your full of shit.

ad714b  No.16105740

so I’m playing the demo now… did they take out jump cancelling? Hitting an enemy up in the air and not being able to jump off them feels horrible.

130cde  No.16105744


No, you just have to buy it. It costs 15000 orbs I believe.

ad714b  No.16105750


Gotcha, thank goodness. That one thing really would have brought the whole thing down for me. Other than that the demo was great. Might be a day 1 buy for me. I’m heavily considering it.

7b7b97  No.16105829


Yeah for what ever reason Enemy step was a default ability in DMC1 and 3, but you have to buy it in DMC4 5 and DmC. I guess it's that way so people are more aware it's a thing that exists.

7ad34b  No.16106040


>day one buy

You're at least getting it for the PC right?

ad714b  No.16106088


That sorta makes sense I suppose.


I don’t think my computer will run it, I have a base PS4, and for what it’s worth, I’d never have gotten a PS4 if I’d have known how horrible Sony would become.

0f20ec  No.16106095


>Telling someone to buy a Denuvo game

Come on anon, you have to wait for the crack like the rest of us. I'd probably cave and buy it day one or two if I wasn't a poorfag

7b7b97  No.16106133


Well it depends on just how much of a toaster you have since like Mentioned here >>16091990 REmake 2 has pretty good Optimization setting, if you can say run the Demo for REmake 2 pretty well, then you'll probably be fine when it comes to DMC5 it's the same engine after all.

21fff6  No.16106287

Some of the posts in this thread are proof cuckchan has permantly ran off the old userbase.

e455b1  No.16106306


I’ll download the RE2 demo and see then

7478b0  No.16106346


>stop liking what I don't like


Is the RE2 demo even still available?

ad714b  No.16106355


just checked and it is not.

7b7b97  No.16106370




>They took down the REmake2 demo

Okay that's retarded but the RE7 Demo is still up, and that's still the same engine I guess.

Or you could just pirate REmake 2 if Capcom are going to be dumbshits about this.

ad714b  No.16106399


my computer was "okay" with RE7, but definitely had trouble keeping a solid 60 fps. I've got a AMD Radeon HD 7900 in my pc, so I dunno if it's going to want to run it to well.

ad714b  No.16106497

Out of curiosity, has anyone managed to make V look stylish yet? All the gameplay videos just make him look like a slog to play as

7b7b97  No.16106506


Well the public hasn't really been able to play as Dante or V yet. Nero is the only one who's gotten public demos at cons and such, only journalists have gotten to play as Dante and V.

22489b  No.16106511

Devil may Cry was always trash

7b7b97  No.16106522

22489b  No.16106540


No,this braindead buttonmasher for edgy mouth breathers doesnt even compare to resident evil. I bet you faggots like trash like bayoneta and Nier too, they are all games for single digit IQ people

ad714b  No.16106552


I wish Capcom knew how much harm it does to the game to let “journalists” release their footage of it. I had all but written it off till I got my hands on it. I’ve seen the V footage in the thread and it looks pretty bad but you have to wonder if they just aren’t playing it right.

7b7b97  No.16106573


Well they need the Journalists to advertise the game to Normalfags, and they only care about how pretty the graphics are, so gameplay doesn't matter in that regard.

On the other hand Combo players are now playing the demo 24/7 which shows people who actually care about Gameplay what the game is all about.

ad714b  No.16106596


Yeah, and it’ll be nice once somebody like Brea gets ahold of the game.

man, I’m really happy the demo was good. It’s weird to think we’ve been waiting longer than 10 fucking years for a real DMC game.

a21cce  No.16106613


Either way it's good to see publishers remember that releasing an actual honest to god demo is a hype magnet.

ad714b  No.16107559

File: f3a0dc20b092be5⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1680x866, 840:433, ClipboardImage.png)


It won me over. Been a long time since I played through a demo so many times. I'm excited to take on Berial 2.0 on harder difficulties.

7ad34b  No.16107914

File: 7624f1131896285⋯.jpg (72.34 KB, 825x589, 825:589, Doomed Turkey.jpg)

>tfw finally installed style switcher mod for 3

Holy shit. Why the fuck did I not do this earlier? This is undeniably the most fun I've had with any videogame in a while.

33c144  No.16107920

File: 13527d4b3a037e6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 19.32 KB, 100x100, 1:1, 1360048571073.png)


But are you motivated ?

7b7b97  No.16108706

File: 3da57e37ce33791⋯.jpg (53.39 KB, 620x650, 62:65, crewcut.JPG)

The official twitter has now acknowledge Crewcut.

We got our first DLC character boys

ad714b  No.16108813


How are you doing the attack where you push them forward in the air?

7b7b97  No.16108865


Are you referring to Caliber?

It's (Lock on Back, Forward + attack) Nero has another move with the same imput on foot called Roulette.

Think of doing a Psycho Crusher, or a Flash Kick in street fighter, but you don't have to charge it. Or better comparison would be doing Scorpions Spear in Mortal Kombat.

Just Back Front Attack

ad714b  No.16108869


Oh yeah, he had that in 4 didn’t he? Thanks.

42a3d6  No.16109228

File: bebd09c44ddbd78⋯.jpg (123.5 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, fusion dance.jpg)

File: 4d9b23fd2c8c055⋯.png (627.79 KB, 800x1067, 800:1067, holy fuck.png)


762790  No.16109292


Just gave horse face Cidney's face; news flash, goldstine looks like a trash fire.

9739fe  No.16110457


Damn. Cidney is blue collar/trailer trash done right.

ad714b  No.16110925

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I wonder if Brea is still around. Looks like her last uploads were for DmC and it was mostly just her either breaking the game or showing that it couldn’t keep up with her.

134074  No.16111481

I just finished playing through Devil May Cry and I'm considering what to play next. Normally I would just play the next game in a series, but I've seen a lot of dislike for DMC2. I'm considering whether I should just play DMC2 anyway, skip DMC2 and skip to 3, or maybe replay DMC on Hard mode. Curious how other anons feel about it.

7f508f  No.16111653

File: ebc217b0963ab75⋯.png (53.97 KB, 741x592, 741:592, DMC best boss ever.png)


Unless you plan on becoming a die hard fan of the series, skip 2. The definitive games of the series to play are 3 and then 4, with DMC1 being optional, and then 2 being discouraged and playing at your own risk.

DMC1 is a good game in it's own right, but it's also just starting to dip it's toes into the 'crazy' formula, if you do play it, it's always best to play it first due to the sheer volume of depth that its successors have created (Which it looks like you've already done, so good on you).

3 Is generally considered the objectively best game due to it's usually all around good design bar one or two bosses/levels. It introduces a style system which allows Dante even more moves than just the weapon he wields depending on which style you choose and even levels up the more you play one, granting new skills, but you can only change your style when you visit the gold statues or before a mission (I'll elaborate on why this is so fundamentally important in DMC4). Dante also now has the luxury of switching between two weapons on the fly vs having to go the the pause menu every time you wanted to change to a different weapon. It's a solid game, with some of the most iconic bosses in video game history, and to this day, sets a bar that I've yet to see any other game pass in terms of single player action.

DMC4 is mixed in terms of general game design, but is also generally agreed on being the most mechanically refined of the series. The reason 4 is so divided is because of two reasons; Nero, and the devs ran out of time and had to cut well over half the game. Nero is the playable character for the first half of the game and was meant to be a character that newcomers would be comfortable playing as if 4 was their first game, but was also fun to play as if you were a veteran and managed to master him. Nero is very streamlined in terms of depth, has only one firearm, one sword, and his devilbringer which he can use to grapple enemies. He could also rev up his sword with exceed and could power up his moves if you hit the exceed button the moment his attack would connect with an enemy. All in all, Nero can be satisfying and fun to play in short bursts, but is ultimately noob-bait that was streamlined for more casual audiences. Now for the best, and also worst part of the game.

The Good: Dante now has the ability to switch between all four main styles of DMC3 (Sword Master, Gunslinger, Trickster, Royal Guard, and the unlock-able 5th style) mid-combat with the use of the D-pad. Dante can switch between a total of three different melee weapons, and 3 different firearms at once (vs 3's two weapon limit), making Dante arguably one of the most mechanically in-depth action game characters in video game history. When you finally get to play as him, he'll blow Nero straight out of the water in terms of just how high his skill ceiling is.

The Bad: The second half of of the game forces you to backtrack through all of Nero's levels as Dante, even making you fight all of Nero's bosses with Dante, again. Dante only gets one unique boss, and depending on who you ask, it's often considered the worst one in the series. Dante also gets less game time than Nero which is a bummer. Oh, and SS ranks are gone and S ranks are the highest score you can obtain, and they're fairly easier to get to boot.

Overall, DMC 4 is gem in the rough, but it's worth playing just play as Dante

2 is bad for a lot of reasons mainly because the gameplay is terrible and using guns make the game an actual joke, and now Dante is a brooding doofus with the charm of a wet blanket. The game was rushed out of developer hell and given to Hideaki Itsuno to be made into a DMC sequel. In fact the reason Itsuno made DMC 3 in the first place according to interviews , I kid you not, was because "He didn't want to be known as the guy who made DMC 2". So if that doesn't deter you, I don't know what will.


3 and 4 are must plays

1 is supplementary material, but if you really want to play it, make sure that you play it first due to primitive CUHRAYZEE

2 and DmC:DMC are 'play these at your own risk' due to their terrible nature

I hope this helps any other anons curious about the franchise.

f7a36e  No.16111748


DMC2 is a quick game. I'd still play it before jumping into DMC3, because once you've played 3 you won't want to ever touch 2. So if you care to see how they improved from 1 and 2, I'd recommend giving it a play.

134074  No.16111787



I appreciate the information. I'm going to give DMC2 a go and if I really can't stand it I'll just move on.

7b7b97  No.16111852

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


DMC2 is a bit better if you actually look at the move list, problem is the game doesn't have one so you need to look it up.

DMC2 doesn't actually use pause combos like every other game in the series, instead a combo branches off when ever you move in a direction while attacking.

You obviously going to want to play as Dante the most, but his half of the story is literally just go place kill thing move on with hardly any dialog, Lucia is the actual main character of DMC2 so her half of the story is slightly better. she also only has 13 missions where Dante has 18.

I'd say Lucia is at least worth giving a playthough just because she's a rather unique character, compared to the rest of the DMC cast.

762790  No.16112561


play DMC 2 to appreciate it and the rest of the series.

The game is very short and there isn't a lot to it, but at least understanding it is better than saying

>Oh everyone hates it, so I just didn't play it

that breeds a whole bunch of people who just hate something they have literally never touched for no reason.

ad714b  No.16112890


I couldn’t get past an hour of it personally. Dante’s attacks look shitty, the weird auto lock system feels horrible, and his movements are janky. Just about every way they could take a step down from 1 they did.

762790  No.16113000


The game picks up halfway in. The game in total for me was about 6 hours, it felt more like a devil may cry fan game by an indie studio more than anything. If I could change one thing for the game, it'd be to update dante's weapons to give him a bit more than paint your sword, and make the last missions have actually decent levels associated with them. The customized devil trigger system was pretty neat, and the actual combat system, in my opinion, was not as bad as everyone else seems to think. It's honestly not even as intrusive as everyone makes it out to be, the fact that you can kill everything with guns is the same as arguing that you can just devil buster on all enemies in DMC4 so the game is easy. The guns auto launching people into the air was kinda weird but that's also not offensive to me. The one big drawback to the combat system is the weird roll mechanic that feels like they forgot how to make a context sensitive button function, but that's strange because the sword combos are all context sensitive with a lot of depth to them, so I still can't figure out why it wasn't mapped to the jump button like every other game.

7b7b97  No.16113040

Yeah the more i'v come back to DMC2 over the years the more i'v gotten better at it's mechanics and the more enjoyable it became to play, It may be the weakest game in the series, but it still has the fundamental core of what gives each DMC game that lasting appeal to me.


They clearly found what their mistake was when they ended up refined the dodge button into Trickster, but a dodge that can be done in any direction is still more handy then only the dodge roll which is restricted to only two direction.

762790  No.16113111


I just want to remind that DMC 2 basically gave us a proto style system that DMC 3 had because of it, Bloody Palace, and because we had a bad one so early there was already a reason for the team to try harder.

762790  No.16113147

Does anyone know if there are going to be alternate tracks allowed in the base game or do I need to ante up the extra 10 dollary doos?

7b7b97  No.16113214


Remake 2 has only the classic music DLC as an option for alt music i belive. so it will likely be the same for DMC5.

the deluxe DLC comes with everything in a pack for the, or you can get only 1 thing from the pack individually for like 1 buck.

615fd8  No.16113281


Looks like a rejected Gorillaz character.

42a3d6  No.16113530

File: 0bb51c93496a19e⋯.webm (14.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Your ''Rules Of Nature'' ….webm)

Vergil and Lucia being in this game is probably the worst kept secret ever. I have to wonder if they'll be unlockable characters. Consider Capcom loves re-releases they might get campaigns either in DLC or in a DMC5 re-release if they're not playable already, but they're definitely involved with the plot.

I bet in the cutscenes we've seen with Dante, Trish and Lady, Lucia is right out of frame.

bc539d  No.16113537


She got married and has kids

She also goes by mombot on Twitter

f7a36e  No.16113542





bc539d  No.16113578


They say that if you type SUPABUS three times at mombot then he'll return.

33c144  No.16113595

File: 290ea8d48cc490a⋯.jpg (69.69 KB, 415x332, 5:4, You made me stop being CUU….jpg)


>mombot is brea

I don't believe you

63f748  No.16113703


I hope she comes back for DMC5. Hopefully the Japanese cold didn’t get her.

f7a36e  No.16113711

File: af210441db05990⋯.webm (6.9 MB, 480x360, 4:3, initial bus.webm)


>They say that if you type SUPABUS three times at mombot then he'll return.

But Supabus actually delivers and doesn't larp as woman on social media.

acc372  No.16113818

Why was the new thread locked? Have we not reached the bump limit?

7b7b97  No.16113838


The rule is an old thread has to be on page 13, or post 750

63f748  No.16113876


Considering how dead this place is and how much the thread is buried, that’s sort of retarded.

ad714b  No.16114183

Now that I’m playing through 4 again, one thing that sort of does bother me is how easy they made the Enemy Step ability. In 4 it required fairly precise timing making it satisfying to pull enemies high into the air for extended combos. Not a huge deal, but something that is noticeable.

9739fe  No.16114263





>a rule that has been in place forever is now retarded

Are you new? A new thread is never made just because it reached bump limit.

6d1cb1  No.16114696


134074  No.16114981

Maybe somethings wrong with me, but I'm not seeing why DMC2 is disliked to the degree that it is. They way I've seen some people talk about it, I would've thought it diddled their dog or something. Dante's part was kind of boring, but so far I'm (dare I say it) having fun with Lucia. My biggest gripe is the camera, which didn't bother me in DMC1, but I feel changes angles more frequently, and more jarringly in DMC2. This mostly occurs for me in combat, so it might be my fault for not having proper control over the targeting system. It's also nice being able to see the gradual progression and alterations that were made to games like this over time.

134074  No.16115057


To add on to this, I bet many people went into DMC2 expecting to totally hate it based on what they had heard, so discontent was exacerbated. Its easy to dislike something when you're actively searching for reasons to do so. Of course there's the convenience of aligning yourself with how the majority of others feel about the game too.

ad714b  No.16115191


Nah, I went in expecting it not to be as bad as everyone said it was, and I liked Dante’s design in 2 so if anything I was looking for a reason to like it. The auto aim and extremely slow movement and attacks really killed it for me. Really, it’s like they took out all the power behind the animations in Dante’s attacks and just made him looks like he was struggling with a big sword. Then you add the wonky movements and bizarre level design on top of all that. DMC2 isn’t as bad as say, DmC, but it really isn’t a good game.

134074  No.16115298


I didn't think it was good either, the auto targeting took a lot of the fun out combat, but I was just expecting worse.

39733b  No.16116956

762790  No.16117007



>not even embedding

you need to leave, reddit.

134074  No.16121670

HOly shit DMC3 is fuggen cool. I only just beat Cerberus too, I feel like I'm about to get overwhelmed with game mechanics.

d55454  No.16123869

File: a6919f487968125⋯.webm (8.99 MB, 640x480, 4:3, DanteVsReaper.webm)

I gave the demo of 5 a go, its pretty good.

The artstyle isn't as bad as I feared when it comes to the levels, when its lighter it looks really nice. Some of it is pretty drab though.

The faces do look bad though, especially in motion. I don't like Nero's facial redesign at all.

Gameplay is great, the new arms are fun to work with, punchline especially: Riding a rocket is great and having a version of real impact for Nero is sick.


You haven't seen shit yet, I personally do not like Cerberus as a boss, so it gets much better.

That said, try to learn how to jump cancel efficiently, switch the gun and devil trigger button so the gun is on L1 so you can charge it while fighting. That gets more important later on and especially with 4.

3bbcb6  No.16124161


He's just started DMC 3. At least let him play normally before going into the more crazy shit.

5eb653  No.16125034


I never managed to get that good. either I am too old or too bad at vidyagames, still enjoyed 3 and I think even after5 it will my fav

d55454  No.16125046

File: 233e8ce49de5fd7⋯.webm (10.61 MB, 640x480, 4:3, DanteVsLady.webm)


For the skill level of these two webm's you need to be either godly at DMC, or use third party tools.

Its not something you can achieve without retarded amounts of effort.

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