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File: eedad2addc6da96⋯.webm (13.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ace Combat 7 - Skies Unkn….webm)

727312  No.16088296

Since the other one slipped past the last page I thought I'd make another one. Today we got a new trailer about the season pass - webm related. Seems like they could be adding more story content.

78197d  No.16088307


727312  No.16088339

File: 146e415c9ffdb30⋯.jpg (436.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0003.jpg)

File: de112994a98ec01⋯.jpg (320.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

File: bf20cbc8e5f3ca2⋯.png (660.72 KB, 600x606, 100:101, borders removed.png)

These look like blueprints of the FALKEN and MORGAN

33e48f  No.16088396

Yo buddy, still alive?

322b00  No.16089012


725e58  No.16089028

What the fuck Denuvo version does this have? Why isn't it the same as RE2?

ba94e8  No.16089030


>problem hair


>still no coop


Jesus fuck.

4249d7  No.16089049


>season pass

And then they'll wonder why I've stopped buying their shit. Burn in hell, Scamco.

727312  No.16089052

File: b4db9acd493f5b2⋯.jpg (155.41 KB, 1058x1200, 529:600, DystjTSUwAAG6Lv.jpg)


Maybe they spent their waifu budget on characters already in the base game

30ae5f  No.16089135

File: 6e6b5a1bd5649f5⋯.png (837.23 KB, 1078x938, 77:67, Tired of this shit.png)

I wished they had emphasised more time on the characters… There just isn't enough time or character building to get attached to the characters…

5b1147  No.16089233

>Muh 10 million

dd2aa7  No.16089560


Supposedly the "Alicorn" in the trailer might be referring to a new model of the ADF aircraft. Here is hoping it puts up a better fight than the final mission of the campaign.

727312  No.16089592

File: 296ff36f0061f9f⋯.jpeg (166.26 KB, 848x1199, 848:1199, 1548979146_Ace-Combat-Игр….jpeg)


I hope that Jew contracts a feeling of enjoyment and ends his miserable playtime by playing it more

2e78e2  No.16089660


Last mission in Zero is so fucking cheap. Some of the worst game design is spiking the difficulty cheaply in the endgame.

727312  No.16089687


>spiking the difficulty

Are you talking about the last mission meaning Zero, or The Gauntlet? Because they're really not that hard especially with the superplanes that you get by the end

2e78e2  No.16090090


I'm talking about Mission 18: Zero. I'm using the Su-37 and you're stuck with the same plane from mission 16 onwards. Only superplane I have unlocked is the X-02 Wyvern but it handles about the same as the Su-37 so I didn't keep it.

57fad0  No.16090536

Biggest issue I continue seeing in Ace Combat is how many missions are "Oh bomb this massive amount of ground targets in a barely reasonable time" only to have your amazing antag unpossibly skilled squadron showdown in a clunky A-10 or mildly maneuverable multi-role aircraft loaded with UGB.

45ace3  No.16090848

File: 4de231c37edc1d8⋯.png (232.01 KB, 589x654, 589:654, Capture.PNG)

so 3 original aircrafts and 3 missions early summer

e2fdd1  No.16090880

CPY or CODEX better crack this shit

f2b810  No.16090908



>we really hate mark!

>lets keep giving him attention in unrelated threads, thats a good idea

>/v/ - niggers throwing a shitfit about mark at every opportunity

59675d  No.16091072

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


there is nothing else to say but git gud.

727312  No.16091107


Anon, after the launch you're supposed to joust him like a true knight of the round table. That's how you hit his front air intakes.

2e78e2  No.16091155


He always hits me with his missiles before I get close enough to fire without him dodging. And then there's the broken A.I. that makes him not turn around to face you and he goes back in to his regular evasion patterns so you have to wait - which brings me to another shit thing about the mission is the time limit. First two sections I can get through, but six minutes is barely enough for the third when you're waiting on shitty A.I.

I know it's going to be the kind of thing where I play it 6 or 7 more times before eventually beating it, while doing the exact same thing each time.

ccc179  No.16091170

File: 21c84272b69416c⋯.png (552.46 KB, 600x968, 75:121, ClipboardImage.png)


>trolley problem


Irrelevant, as the sky has no inherent color

ebe7ff  No.16091298


It's fetishism at this point. Just report it.

322b00  No.16091307

Are they gonna add in 21:9 support? Or are the people with ultrawides fucked

a2e4d1  No.16091325


Looks like so far the only thing resembling a fix is through modding, which still isn't perfect yet. Seeing as it's a namco game, they probably won't ever bother adding it in officially.

18db00  No.16091341

File: 745267e4b2ca1f1⋯.jpg (32.19 KB, 500x292, 125:73, d4a3e86e48ddf6a89223243cc6….jpg)

>have to play as the bad guys again

322b00  No.16091378


Damn, and here I wanted to play the game online with you niggers

18db00  No.16091413


the better question is when are they going to fix the retarded menu slowdowns

f4de85  No.16091547


I wonder if this will be a little mini-campaign about Mihaly during whatever war he was last a part of. Or, alternatively, Belkans developing the Falken and Morgan to covertly regain clay


>"Oh bomb this massive amount of ground targets in a barely reasonable time"

This is my #1 issue with Ace Combat 4. Don't give me any of that "it lets you approach the mission however you want!" bullshit. The faggots that say that are no better than the morons who say open world games are good on-principle just because "you can go anywhere you want and do things in any order".

That being said, AC7 isn't too bad in this regard. I've been really frustrated with a few missions but it's never reached the fatigue I felt while playing through AC4.

18db00  No.16091773


yeah, the story is weak as fuck

feels like multiple ideas just kinda got glued together

They should have gone with that penal unit defecting rather than the hopping around different squadrons


This is probably my biggest complaint about 7 so far

mechanically the game plays great, but mission wise it's offering nothing that previous games didn't already do/have, like zero switched it up by having a variety of targets that you could choose from which was great compared to the "destroy everything" previous games did

I also want to know why they never brought back the major ace fights from zero because those were stupid fun, especially with the ability to fight different aces based on how you've been playing

fe1144  No.16092554

Is there any way to use a 360 controller on the PC version of this game?

727312  No.16092596

File: 45b3d8e0b22490f⋯.png (700.2 KB, 800x1133, 800:1133, 15t4rslcxib21.png)


Yes, you plug it in and use it

6387e6  No.16092606

File: eb694c942a1e1c8⋯.jpeg (534.85 KB, 2048x1367, 2048:1367, goddamn.jpeg)


>tfw those juicy legs

727312  No.16092623

File: 476167d2f8fe574⋯.jpg (4.33 MB, 3840x2400, 8:5, Kei_Nagase_ASF-X_3840x2400….jpg)


Since Ace Combat hasn't been in the spotlight for a while it hasn't had the attention from autists and drawfags to create fanart and lewds. I'm hoping AC7 provides us a renaissance of lewds because it's getting popular again

3cdfaf  No.16092706

File: f8c6bd5207171d9⋯.png (578.01 KB, 565x510, 113:102, 43d483b910679ac14cdf1e9f42….png)


727312  No.16092786


Read the translation of Ikaros in the Sky to tide you over. https://archive.fo/uNtWR

f4de85  No.16092840


It better. I need more lewds of Avril


Patience anon, it's just an artbook

727312  No.16093019

File: cb8659c44859001⋯.jpeg (380.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1548979076_Ace-Combat-Игр….jpeg)


>I need more lewds of Avril

We all do anon. The closest thing I have is this art of Yellow 4. I also know there's a lewd of rule 63 Mobius 1, grabbing the tits of a defeated rule 63 Yellow 13 and Yellow 4 but I never saved it. I hope some other anon has it

9deb2a  No.16093037

File: bbf2f50a3b770c7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 546.46 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, bbf2f50a3b770c7891af387a9d….jpg)

File: ac309058ac5c878⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.46 KB, 611x700, 611:700, 79b2da1a738302b0c37949c07….jpeg)


Plus a bonus Nagase

f4de85  No.16093103

File: 5a52b5ad7cc8329⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2508x3541, 2508:3541, Literally the only piece o….jpg)



Seriously there's a good amount of art for the Princess but barely anything for Avril, which I suppose is because of how much the Princess was featured in trailers but still. I wonder if Kono knew how popular the princess would be and that's why she's in the trailers so much, cause in the actual games Avril has a much larger presence. I'm not complaining about that presence though, I'll take as much of that fit tan qt3.14 as I can get.

727312  No.16093342

File: 6a91b170e3c0149⋯.jpg (339.37 KB, 1280x1413, 1280:1413, plgbzqU6MX1ujfvrqo1_1280.p….jpg)


Bless you anon. May flamenco and rightful clay come to you


I hope they both get as much art as possible. It's like Kono reached into my mind and knew my exact fetishes for Cossette and Avril; Nagase can stand aside.

b6b1bf  No.16094872

File: 97afeff02f72744⋯.jpg (26.27 KB, 457x480, 457:480, Operator.jpg)

>just finish playing mission 3

Good God.

>we need the space elevator!!!11


>they dont explain why its a strategic point of interest yet

I dunno, they probably will explain it later, so I'll ignore this for now.

>the UAVs come

The fem pilot

>she starts freaking out over the radio

>i cant shake em

>hes liek a predator

>gets shot down


Good job I didn't have any drink in my mouth to spit out, due to how to cringe-inducing some of the radio chatter is.

If it isn't bad dialogue, they never shut up with nonsense. Well, at least they're not telling me to not fly in a straight line repeatedly this time around.

I've noticed this over the last two decades that Japs love to "tell" with a lot of dialogue instead of justing "show" when it comes to a narrative. I remember way back when I was into script writing and when my amateur scripts were looked at by other writers, they always told me to trim down on dialogue-heavy scenes where I would just dump a bunch exposition on the viewer.

b6b1bf  No.16094913


>I dunno, they probably will explain it later, so I'll ignore this for now.

Disregard. I'm being retarded.

aa72f4  No.16095014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ace Combat 7 Season Pass Trailer

727312  No.16095238


Anon what do you think the OP was

f4de85  No.16095299

File: a46d932918b594a⋯.jpg (397.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 075eea6cb43f69c4a87eff534d….jpg)


>they dont explain why its a strategic point of interest yet

>I dunno, they probably will explain it later, so I'll ignore this for now.

You seriously can't figure out how a fucking space elevator would be strategically important in a modern war? Jesus Christ the absolute state of this board

>The fem pilot

>she starts freaking out over the radio

>i cant shake em

You do realize that she's not talking about the UAVs right? She ran into Mihaly and is freaking out about how overwhelming his skill is.

f87733  No.16095429


To be fair, he's got a point. I'm at mission 11 and the elevator hasn't even had any effect on the story other than the scripted friendly fire incident.

f87733  No.16095437

File: 13c34e770e3b7d7⋯.jpg (231.82 KB, 1284x980, 321:245, wew.jpg)


>that 2D dog

I don't think it even blinks once.

f4de85  No.16095714

File: a119cb0fc40b048⋯.png (371.29 KB, 336x374, 168:187, Doot Doot.png)


Plot doesn't even factor into this. A space elevator is an indispensable tool for putting things in orbit quickly and cheaply. If you want orbital superiority you NEED that. Otherwise all of your satellites are in danger, which is exactly what happened when Erusea took over a ton of Osea's spy satellites (to be fair that event was only mentioned in-game so I don't blame anyone for not remembering)


It was apparently Kono's dog who died and was added to the game as a tribute.

5fe84a  No.16095755

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ace Combat 7 Season Pass Trailer

727312  No.16095788

File: 55f245be216f286⋯.png (366.23 KB, 565x407, 565:407, you only had to listen bud….png)


>It was apparently Kono's dog

And Mark got shade from a developer for making a joke about it

6e1eda  No.16095936

What I find ridiculous about Mihaly is how his "skill" is displayed in the cutscenes. He couldn't handle high-G maneuvers due to a shitty flightsuit, but then he gets a new flightsuit and now he can not only execute these maneuvers, but also defy physics. The effect these maneuvers have on his plane is not even in the equation - apparently, all you need is an ace pilot to stop your plane from shaking itself apart in a high-G turn.

dd2aa7  No.16096019


You can pull off Kulbit after Kulbit yourself and your own plane won't be any worse for wear in the end, never mind doing high-g turns in 6 previously, so planes falling apart from reckless flying just doesn't happen at all. If it did, I imagine Ace Combat wouldn't still be regarded as an arcade flight game.

cc6b86  No.16096156

File: 744c2f2542c227b⋯.png (185.5 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ed9718b71ee65c2ab1b0a0d814….png)




The Space Elevator powers both the Arsenal Birds, Erusea's drone army, and it's factories through solar energy being sent through microwaves.

9d98b9  No.16096850


ac5 had a nog

9d98b9  No.16096861



0a613c  No.16096873

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Both at the same time pls

18db00  No.16097010

File: afb64faeafa2966⋯.jpg (149.31 KB, 538x842, 269:421, 1490391918521.jpg)

The final mission of 7 is pretty awful

>2 drones that are piss easy to shoot down

>2 more drones after that

>only show up in a cutscene right before the final mission and a prototype version you shot down back around mission 7 or so

>no real build up at all

727312  No.16097161

File: 00fcad0d88c5834⋯.webm (5.47 MB, 550x491, 550:491, Agnus Dei.webm)

File: 6d75650b96ac8b9⋯.webm (5.11 MB, 581x491, 581:491, The Unsung War.webm)

File: 3feb8f67e2de912⋯.webm (3.73 MB, 500x491, 500:491, Zero.webm)

File: 7acb1bcf3bc825f⋯.jpg (95.54 KB, 1012x676, 253:169, Larry_Foulke.jpg)


If such a thing existed I would post it anon. But alas it does not…yet. I hope artists in the future refrain from drawing Avril as a nigger, since I think it would be more accurate to portray her as tanned - similarly to Teagan in UT.


I don't think it was terrible, but it could have been much better. The pacing was all wrong since you have the main fight right at the beginning, which is then followed by a pursuit that ends with 5 static targets and a slow moving one. Even the vertical tunnel run is inconsequential.

The main fight should have come after the tunnel run, and at the very top of the elevator at the edge of space. Throw in an even bigger UAV that ADF-11 can plug into that you need wear down SOLG-style. Even make Nagase relevant by having a timer to finish the fight before she docks with the elevator. Then you got tension, fanservice, a this-isn't-even-my-final-form boss fight, unique low G gameplay, and an opportunity to Keiki Kobayashi to play the game's title theme music like Agnus Dei, The Unsung War or Zero.

But that will never happen.

cc6b86  No.16097195

File: 5fbc9402815d457⋯.jpg (519.94 KB, 900x2300, 9:23, 5fbc9402815d4576a31e6a26d1….jpg)


I think it was better than Chandelier tbh


To be honest we should make an updated list.

f4de85  No.16097229


AH:L is a remake of AC2, so it takes place in Strangereal.

18db00  No.16097237


Should have done

make a name for yourself by mission 6 or 7 sticking with the "convict squad" the entire game rather than jumping around. The enemy uses specific drone against you as "testing" throughout the campaign with it getting badder and badder every time as it learns more. Finale starts off with fight against biggest version of the drone that you wear down and eventually chase up the space elevator. Once you break out in near low orbit, drone breaks out into original dogfighting form

Bonus points for ZOE colors on final form

727312  No.16097238

File: f99848325a88381⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1150x2305, 230:461, ac chart.png)

File: f96d764d41b0c5e⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1150x2305, 230:461, ac chart - n.png)


>anon saved my old chart, complete with the hidden Jew in the AC:Infinity picture

y-you too

I suppose it is time to have an updated chart. In the thread that I was making it many other anons said they didn't feel like AC3 JP belonged on the same tier as AC4, AC5, and ACZ. I think it was just after the fan translation was released too. In the end it got moved down one tier, but I can always change it - I mean I thought it was pretty good.

Have my latest charts in the meantime before the new one is made. Both with and without lewd Nagase.


AHL was a remake of Ace Combat 2. A lot of the more obscure games are positioned from the feedback of anons who played those games and some other charts too.

cc6b86  No.16097239

File: b08893e8ee8cde2⋯.jpg (464.88 KB, 642x2442, 107:407, b08893e8ee8cde251c6be24424….jpg)


AH:L is the western title for Ace Combat 3D, a remake of Ace Combat 2 that was marketed to tie into Assault Horizon (probably why nobody played it).

It has it's own problems, it has the Maneuvers system from Sky Crawlers which isn't as press X to win as DFM but the whole game is built around it. It took me an absurd amount of time to take down boss enemies with it turned off, and the early aircraft in this game stall at the drop of a hat. It had a better soundtrack than X, but X was better in the gameplay department, while they are both on par in terms of story.

727312  No.16097242


Have any anons here played Sky Crawlers? I've heard it's pretty good hence its position, but I haven't touched it. Would it need to be moved?

f4de85  No.16097243


Actually, to amend that, it's more of an update of AC2. Unlike the original game it actually has a proper story and the setting and locations/maps are updated to match the post-holy trinity version of Strangereal.

57fad0  No.16097256

Looking back after beating everything to hell and back I can only feel disappointment in both the missions and plot.

**>When you rescue the ex-president your allied squadron receives orders to fire on the space elevator, this is never elaborated on again

>Somehow you get framed for shooting down the president… or he flies into your missile… or your missile gets hacked by Eurisia… or something. This isn't really expanded upon unless I missed it. I only remember your jack-ass escort-ee mentioning that the higher ups no longer think you did it because ???. Nevermind 99% of the reasons it may happen would be able to be found by actually investigating

>Your IFF is spoofed and un-spoofed besides someone who had juicy intel being marked as an enemy "accidentally" by your commander, this is barely touched upon afterwards besides a few shrugs and "my bad"s

Then there's the annoying mechanical problems within missions.

>Drones can be near impossible to shoot down without PLSL or EML if they feel like being dicks

>Inversely most enemies will do a few loopdeloops before flying long distances straight forward just to give you those few minutes to hit them with standard missiles, even "aces"

>If you try to shoot down enemies you're not supposed to, they'll be flat out immortal and the game chastises you for it and un-marks them

>The enemies spoofing allied IFFs in the radar mission can't be shot down. At all. No matter how good you are with your guns.

>The first encounter with the super-drone has the same issues as other drones where it has to want to be shot down for missiles to do anything, but the game is super-blatent about telling you to wait until it decides to fly away 4noraisen

>The final fight is fine until you shoot down the two drones, then it just turns into "shoot the annoying thing" before the time runs out, and there's not much pressure in the tunnel chase. Even if you try to do it in amazing fashion the drone will literally slam a door in your face which then just leads into a round of Break the Targets**

57fad0  No.16097259


Fucking kill me.

cc6b86  No.16097261

File: a4bb4052a11670e⋯.png (294.76 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, a4bb4052a11670e941a0fdabf3….png)


I propose we update the chart like this.

>Holy Trinity Tier

Ace Combat 04

Ace Combat 5

Ace Combat 0

>Good Tier

Ace Combat 2

Ace Combat 3 (JP)

Ace Combat 6

Ace Combat 7

>Decent Tier

Sky Crawlers

Ace Combat X

Ace Combat 3D

Air Combat

>Lost Potential Tier

Ace Combat Joint Assault

Ace Combat 3 (NA/PAL)

Infinity (Dead)


Ace Combat Advance

Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Ace Combat Xi

Ace Combat 3 shouldn't be in the Holy Trinity tier, while its very unique game with a great story, they hadn't perfected the gameplay formula like in 4. 3D (and I think you should use the JP cover so people don't confuse it for Assault Horizon) has that stupid maneuvers system that prevents it from achieving greatness. 6 and 7 are on par that while 6 does combined arms warfare really well, 7 features a greater variety of aircraft and mission variety.

322b00  No.16097283


Looks about right

7acb65  No.16097386

File: 8171259b991e867⋯.jpg (272.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190201184840_1.jpg)

File: 7c7858fcdbc1ff2⋯.jpg (150.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190203105503_1.jpg)

The season pass doesn't really seem worth it.

I want an ace combat 8 bringing back squadron commands and co-op.


cute couple

the princess isn't that memorable imo, but the queen murders my dick

cc6b86  No.16097395

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In addition, we should also include an emulation guide since the Holy Trinity is very close to being perfect to emulate.

40b3af  No.16097655


It does lack a few things some PCSX2 dev experimented with though let me see if I can find that shit.

I'm also not sure it includes the new and improved AC5 no interlacing code which does not fuck with FMVs.

40b3af  No.16097669

43b1e2  No.16098426


Maybe, I'm not sure.

9d98b9  No.16098522



Should AHL be played in place of AC2 or should I play both?

b889d7  No.16098765


>they hadn't perfected the gameplay formula like in 4

No it's better, branching paths and actual dogfighting with energy management and real life missile tracking.

40b3af  No.16099262


>real life missile tracking.

>spin to win is real life missile tracking.


b889d7  No.16099490


Fuck are you talking about; AC3 is the only AC game where enemy missiles will re-lock if you move back into their arc after breaking from it.

c4150f  No.16099514


She’s banging count after every sortie

40b3af  No.16099552


AC3 has that exploit / bug where if you roll right as you're getting a lock and continue while you fire missiles your missiles have an inexplicably high chance to hit.

AC3 also has that thing where your acceleration and max speed is better if you roll to the right.

And if last thread is anything to go by Airforce Delta has closer to reality missile handling and AC3 has nothing anywhere close to resembling that.

f87733  No.16099577


>solar energy being sent through microwaves.

Nani? Just how advanced is this AC universe, if they can do that, have massive aircraft, super advanced drones, etc, etc?

5b1147  No.16099652


>What is wireless charging

We are also talking about a world where in 1995 Belka created a massive laser that could shoot downwards at targets accurately from thousands of miles away.

1224b6  No.16099682


It wouldn't really be a nip game without ludicrous super weapons.

6a3e94  No.16099700


7 is kind of okay-ish. A little off worse than 6 because it brings little changes compared to others. 7 got clouds which is a nice little addition but rarely see any use if enemies does not fly around them or the skies are clear (in most missions they do) and plane customisations.

5, you get alternate missions depending on radio chatter answer, can select your wingmen planes, the most missions and planes count and memorable scenes and mission backdrops. Story was good paced too.

6 brings ECM and operations which adds very active layers to the gameplay. ECM means you need to fly near your own ECM zone to counter enemies ECM so your missiles will hit. Operations mean you need to decide which one to unfuck first so they can go unfuck other ops on their own and more. A bit too short on the side, but operations mean one mission is usually longer than other games.

0 has top-tier soundtracks and story that blows everything and more over. The perfect 7 would be combination of all the good points of the holy trinity plus 6.

6a3e94  No.16099707


Also in 5 and 6, wingmen are useful and you can give them orders too. You can focus ground targets while your wingmen cap any fool coming after your tail or vice-versa. In 7, may as well be a flying pretty prop in the sky.

3a1dc0  No.16099712

File: 3289da0e28ecccd⋯.jpeg (89.93 KB, 1024x504, 128:63, 3289da0e28ecccd09e68ea199….jpeg)


>content locked behind pre-order bonuses

>more content locked behind a "deluxe launch edition"

>season pass announced weeks before the game was even out

>limited flight stick support

>no mouse support for menus

>subpar story where shit is blatantly left unexplained

>random characters never stfu

>that 2d dog

>that long ass name of mr x

>$60 for a 14-hour singleplayer

>$25 for a season

>tech tree grind to artificially inflate the time spent in-game

Just let me buy the fucking planes I want without having to go through 2-3 of them, plus fucking upgrades.

I'm getting MGSV flashbacks.

>no one knows what you're even gonna get during the "season" or if you'll actually get what you're promised

That is if you're dumb enough to buy a season pass in the first place.

I dunno, lads. I have no idea why SOME of you anons were excited for this game. It was okay, but it was nowhere near close to being worth $60, especially with the merchant tier pre-order tactics. It should've been priced as a $40 game, tbh. Good job someone gifted me the game.

Could be worse, I suppose. At least it didn't have performance problems on launch as Yakuza 0 did, now that was a joke of a port.

>audio problems because the audio was tied to frame rate

>game hangs multiple times despite nothing performance intensive happening

Now that was a whole other can of worms.

a2e4d1  No.16099961


>I dunno, lads. I have no idea why SOME of you anons were excited for this game.

Still excited, for a crack. Ace Combat on PC, just have to get rid of denuvo first.

a65bfb  No.16100126

File: a0ffd3947f1517d⋯.jpg (51.38 KB, 899x800, 899:800, 156_large.jpg)

When are we gonna get a HOTAS mod? It's an Unreal Engine game right so it should be relatively easy to add hotas support? I wanna use my Warthog man

727312  No.16100233


The ESM system in Ace Combat 6 was so fun. If you managed to surround yourself with 2 or 3, it would effectively turn your normal missiles into QAAMs. Using ADMMs in those zones made you feel like a god. I wish operations and allied actions returned too


>random characters never stfu

>that 2d dog

>tech tree grind to artificially inflate the time spent in-game

Literally nothing wrong

727312  No.16101476

File: 2236ff403b7bb0f⋯.webm (8.88 MB, 640x480, 4:3, air combat 22.webm)

>play a multiplayer game

>it plays music from Air Combat 22

I had no idea they included such a good theme in the game

c8b216  No.16101507

File: 1e3044acbfa1ba7⋯.png (206.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 3ffaae17e53689c82a040416b3….png)


Just boost full speed straight at him and break the moment you fire your missiles, afterwards boost away for a bit and turn around after gaining some distance and repeat. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy even on ACE.

c8b216  No.16101555

File: b65c3d0a2a423bb⋯.jpg (95.58 KB, 565x800, 113:160, 7b1ba90381cf8b4884bcf01664….jpg)



SFWish version.

95c972  No.16102595

File: 7cf80c3378bdbeb⋯.jpg (23.11 KB, 250x250, 1:1, indifferent.jpg)


Honest question here, is HOTAS even usable in such an arcady game? I tried using a flight stick in AH and shit was completely unplayable due to how you jerk your plane around so violently constantly vs how you would fly in a proper sim. Granted my stick wasn't nearly as sophisticated as yours, and I didn't have pedals, but it feels kinda like bringing a racing wheel and pedals to a casual racing game like forza horizon. Yeah it "works" but you are at a pretty big disadvantage for trying to play with it because the game isn't realistic enough to work with realistic inputs and was never designed to be played in such a way to begin with.

96bb87  No.16102640

is it cracked yet?

a64527  No.16102656

File: ad015da4ae8de32⋯.png (663.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)




a64527  No.16102665


Fly straight away, flip around, line up on his nose, fire RIGHT when you get lock then brake off, fly straight away, repeat. Pixy is fucking cake.

7ef750  No.16102692


>like bringing a racing wheel and pedals to a casual racing game like forza horizon

What I need is the Flatout of flight sims.

b520ca  No.16102742

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes. In fact, the spiritual grandfather of Ace Combat, Afterburner, used flight sticks and throttles in both their stand up and sit down arcade units.

Also, Assault Horizon used hotas just fine, Project Wingman used them just fine despite only being a pre alpha kickstarter demo. Sky Rogue uses them despite being otherwise simplistic as fuck, as does the Ace Combat in WWII wannabe Flying Tigers: shadows over china. Both of the Hawx games had support for them, although the dead zone was fucked to all hell. Plus there's a dozen space fighter type games that have used either hotas or dual flight sticks as well.

And it's worth it noting that the outrage over this isn't because there's *no* hotas support in the game, which could be at least have been understandable if it was due to budget or time limitations… No, people are pissed because they went and made the game only support the shitty official sticks meaning they had to take *extra* time to code that in compared to just adding basic bitch universal direct input support.

a65bfb  No.16102746

File: 45e4aaec3a43106⋯.gif (197.64 KB, 145x250, 29:50, Tits.gif)


>AH and shit was completely unplayable due to how you jerk your plane around so violently

That's because AH was not built with HOTAS in mind. AC7 HAS HOTAS support, albeit with support for only two specific HOTAS and they work pretty well. The thing is, why can't these profiles be modded to also support other HOTASes?

95c972  No.16102846



>the grandfather of AC

Afterburner isn't even true 3D and plays nothing like Air Combat as its on rails. Even then joysticks are the norm for arcade cabinets so of course it was designed to work with it in mind. And again, just because it supports HOTAS doesn't mean its in any way usable. Like I said, the type of gameplay in AC where you are slamming the stick around to its maximum deflections constantly makes it a struggle throughout to play making the saying "just because you can doesn't mean you should" come to mind. Just like casual racing games where playing with a proper wheel and pedals puts you at a distinct disadvantage due to the handling model forcing you to throw the wheel back and forth to its max travel as inputs outside of your max deflection don't steer as much as they should realistically because the game was made for the kind of quick input and less finesse of a controller.


I haven't seen anyone talk about the AC7 exclusive stick as it was never available in any demonstration and only appeared as mockups at various shows. I'm guessing it has a lot less travel than your average flight stick to compensate for the kinds of constant maneuvers you make in these games. IE it only works well because the stick was made specifically for the game. Meaning using a conventional stick will have the same awful max deflection wrestling match AH had. This of course is just speculation on my part but its still embarrassing that AH had a feature 7 lacks entirely. Even if I personally felt like it was a total gimmick in AH due to reasons I already stated.

dd42f1  No.16102884

File: 24298a499b42427⋯.jpg (13.84 KB, 342x342, 1:1, PC T.Flight HOTAS.jpg)

File: 84288505c8ccb47⋯.png (1.85 MB, 2362x1577, 2362:1577, PS4 AC7 T.Flight HOTAS .png)


>I'm guessing it has a lot less travel than your average flight stick to compensate for the kinds

Not really. The HOTAS they use is based on a PC hotas by Thrustmaster. So the stick isn't made only for Ace Combat 7. For having used it on my brothers PS4, it litterally is just a normal HOTAS. So I think that since the foundation of the control scheme is already there, it should be possible to mod it in. I just wanna use my Warthog.

b520ca  No.16102916


> it only works well because the stick was made specifically for the game.

Yeah, no. The thrustmaster stick is same shitty cheap as fuck T flight HOTAS that TM rebranded and sold over and over again for well over a decade. And the hori stick (which may not even work for the PC version) is the same hotas model hori made back in the xbox360/ps3 days aside from jamming a touch pad into the ps4 version. They're mechanically identical to their previous models. You are seriously giving bandai way too much credit if you think they'd spend the cash to get a flight stick controller built from scratch and specially tuned for the game instead of just slapping an ace combat logo on the cheapest pre-existing sticks they could find.

109e52  No.16103058

As someone who is trying to get into the ACE WOMBAT series, should I slap down 60 petro dollars for Ace Wombat 7 for PC? i've got Ace wombat 4 and 5, and making my way through 4 and I love it. Should I slap down 60 dollars upfront and give money to Bandai or whoever published it and gets the moolah or just wait?

5b2522  No.16103067


How do you feel about the DLC and season pass announcements before the game was even out? How do you feel about the fact that they took the music player which was free in previous games and cut it out to dare to ask you to buy the season pass if you want it back?

3370cd  No.16103103

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Zoooooooom.. do the cobra

5f4fa9  No.16103107

File: b3caea99180e2b4⋯.jpg (37.79 KB, 400x400, 1:1, image.jpg)


Finish 4 and 5 and then head to 7. The multiplayer aspect of AC7 isn't really that great so there's no loss if you pirate it. 7 has a bunch of references to 4 and 5 so it's best you do that first.

b42032  No.16103113

File: 546f256c263a8af⋯.png (4.82 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Belkaball.png)

I'm enjoying 7 but I'm sick of all these fucking GIMMICK missions

This is why Belkan War is the best AC game. Very few gimmick missions and just a focus on destroying everything on the map.

5642bb  No.16104524


Start with the Holy Trinity, then do 6, then play 7.


I actually like the gimmick missions, they actually sorta stand out from eachother. When I played 6, every mission kinda blurred together except for Heavy Command Cruiser.

9d98b9  No.16104549


> then do 6

Can 6 be emulated in Xenia? Not sure if my computer is good enough for that emulator but I'll probably try it eventually.

5642bb  No.16104557

File: 0957ad475e4da8b⋯.jpg (160.46 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 0957ad475e4da8b7aba29b43ef….jpg)


It can but it's still basically unplayable, if you want you can substitute 6 for 3 and go from there.

Wait until all the DLC for 7 comes out and it's cracked

40b3af  No.16104559


>Can 6 be emulated in Xenia?

It's "playable".

727312  No.16105635

File: 267136606f275fc⋯.png (56.77 KB, 186x187, 186:187, Deanna McOnie.png)

Why is she so perfect?

732470  No.16105698




9d98b9  No.16106504

Damn, I just got my first non S-rank on mission 12 of AC0. Oh well.

586041  No.16106562


git gud

9d98b9  No.16106868

File: 449cce461927455⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 612.8 KB, 980x490, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>antagonists in the last third of Zero are globalists

391105  No.16106952




>Military officer

>Skilled at math and weaponry

>Keeps cool under pressure

>Highly attractive blonde

>Modestly dressed but still feminine

Pick all of them.

b42032  No.16107042

Ace Combat 7's mission design is fucking awful. I've never been more bored and less tense playing an ace combat game.

All the battles against the drone planes are fucking trash and you don't feel like you're fighting against an actual opponent. It's all just scripts.

8f802e  No.16107093


I agree completely. All the team jumping that happened in the game made it really difficult to have anyone be memorable in any bonding way. It would have been very interesting to have an Ace Combat in which your AWACS initially hates your guts warm up to you and end up breaking the rules to have your team of convicts pull off some crazy missions. Hell it would have made sense game play wise for your ability to give commands to your wing man to be locked or ineffective up until you became lead and everyone trusted you. It would have made giving commands to your allies in mission 19 all the more meaningful. It also doesn't help that Mihaly is the only real Ace you fly against and he barely has any real humanizing or likeable moments. Meanwhile, Yellow 13 and Pixy were guys I'd love to share a drink with before and after trying to kill each other in the skies.

It's honestly kind of a shame how the whole thing came together because I was expecting weird conspiracies and not knowing who to trust in the middle of war with conflicting orders, malfunctioning IFF, and different directives. Maybe even have your team end up going rogue like in 5 if some of the warhawks in Osea end up sending you guys to pull off some war crimes without any of you knowing. Also I was really hoping for some of the Ace intros that appeared first in Zero.

6387e6  No.16107112


>you don't feel like you're fighting against an actual opponent. It's all just scripts.

How do you feel that now opposed to all of the other AC games you've played?

And arent drones supposed to feel non human and pretty much programmed and scripted?

I think they pretty much hit the bullseye for you in that case.

9d98b9  No.16107118

fuck pixie

what a fucking cunt

18db00  No.16107129


>antagonists in the last third of Zero are globalists

not really

they just want to obliterate the world as it is mainly due to politicians cutting up the spoils of war without ever having risked their own lives

it's more disgruntled soldiers disgusted at the whole war and the outcome.

hell, the cutscene about the peace treaty beats it into you

9cf123  No.16107458


Everyone makes mistakes. He was mature enough to eventually see his actions for what they were - a mistake.

035f0f  No.16110056


>Oh bomb this massive amount of ground targets in a barely reasonable time

Choose the right plane and air-to-ground weapon for the job. It's not that hard. Carpet bombing a slow moving target is pretty darn easy. Remember to zoom the camera in for better visibility (though I have noticed AC7 doesn't let you zoom the camera in nearly as much as older games did).

cc6b86  No.16110068

File: 045ddcb65dc72d0⋯.png (555.15 KB, 1278x786, 213:131, b1116eb6e4b184e1579e007024….png)

What's the potential for modding, seeing that AC7 is on UE4? Surely it wouldn't be too hard to mod in some skins or change the damage of enemies etc.

e1e18f  No.16110143

Any crack showing promise? I bought the PS4 version unaware the game had been vivisected for content for DLC. Not giving another dime to Scamco.

81450f  No.16110261

Speaking of mods, has anyone made Vive/Oculus support for AC7 yet?

40b3af  No.16111307

>replay Air Combat for some reason

>A-10 is utterly busted and is the best dogfigting plane in the game outside of the late game ones

40b3af  No.16111330


Actually nevermind even the latter planes have worse stability and defense so they're worse unless stealth actually factors in which I don't think it does.

Best part is though, the A-10 just utterly sucks versus ground targets in that game.

3370cd  No.16111425

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How do you Ace Combat?

f87733  No.16111609

File: 8c433119388672a⋯.jpg (9.14 KB, 325x319, 325:319, 8c433119388672a3441cf7fa23….jpg)

>tfw i just wanted remakes of AC on PC

I guess emulation is the way to go.

f5bef1  No.16111687



727312  No.16112091

File: a9d133f6ab80d9f⋯.png (85.9 KB, 446x453, 446:453, avril.png)



>A-10 is utterly busted and is the best dogfigting plane in the game outside of the late game ones

>latter planes have worse stability and defense

>the A-10 just utterly sucks versus ground targets

98415c  No.16112338


Which one?

24dcdf  No.16112648

File: b2b5e732833f906⋯.png (234.98 KB, 410x358, 205:179, mkt distressed.PNG)

I'm a little over half way through AC7 now. I just finished Farbanti.

I don't know if things change towards the end, but has anyone noticed how low-scale all the sorties are? I remember every other Ace Combat game throwing in some missions that were very target rich, but in 7 it almost feels like they only put in as many enemies as they think you could destroy. Do you think maybe their inexperience with this new engine is the cause? It might explain why they've taken the approach to make the missions more gimicky than in previous game. I happen to like the variety, but I wish they were interspersed with more traditional missions. I'm reserving judgement until I finish the story, and replay it a few times, but for now the game just feels like a big tease. I want more from it, it could be more, but I don't think it's going to give it to me.

d2679a  No.16112652


Have you played the Holy Trinity?

24dcdf  No.16112665

d2679a  No.16112671


Just making sure

5642bb  No.16112766

File: 5f80e45175102a9⋯.gif (9.12 MB, 520x1250, 52:125, 5f80e45175102a98e7d0121766….gif)


I have the suspicion that 7 was made as sort of a back to basics response to 6 and AH, sorta like how 04 was to 3. 6 was nearly exclusively built around Air to Ground missions, that were absolutely saturated everywhere with targets to accommodate the Allied Attack system. There was only one dedicated air to air mission and that was Heavy Command Cruiser. I think Project Aces may have looked at 6's gameplay and thought it was the reason it didn't sell as well, rather than having a Playstation exclusive franchise go to the Xbox when most of the playerbase was Playstation.

It's also why every mission has a gimmick, whether it's the weather, altitude restrictions, or target marking. Every mission in 6 tended to blend together because you were constantly pulling air support duty, rather than having dedicated dogfighting missions like the Holy Trinity. So they tried to go back to 5's formula where they have different gimmicks in mission to spice things up. Problem was, was that the game isn't long enough to really establish what was "normal" gameplay.

And that's what I think is 7's big flaw, is that the game isn't long enough. The gameplay is there, in it's full glory, but there just isn't enough to chew on. I genuinely like the game, and I think it does some things better than 6 (mission variety, plane selection), but I think the fact that it's so short and feels rushed prevents it from taking it's place amongst the Holy Trinity.

9c7aba  No.16112781

Is there anything more pathetic than Belka? They put together this massive force with trillions of dollars in tech, and the end result is the biggest embarrassment of the century. We in Ustio don't even have much of a military at all! We just picked some random hobos off the streets and put them in flying tin cans in exchange for booze and completely crippled the Belkan forces. Those idiots couldn't hold clay if their lives depended on it. They should just pawn off the rest of their clay or drop a few more nukes on themselves to just end it all. Just let it go Belka, you're only embarrassing yourself.

5b1147  No.16112793

File: 1ed64d9a0ae23ea⋯.png (64 KB, 500x280, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)


24dcdf  No.16113287


>7 was made as sort of a back to basics response to 6 and AH

That seems like the most likely explanation. It's not like they lack the technology to take what they have and go even farther. I'm really hoping 7 will be a launch point from which they can make even better games. They still have the talent, they just need the all-clear to do something ambitious.

40b3af  No.16113327

File: 3e7535098ca5940⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 256x255, 256:255, Air_Combat_cover[1].jpg)


Well it makes sense in the context of that

>extremely maneuverable with best low speed stability means you can get behind anything real easy and they can't do shit about it

>low speed and acceleration means that ground target have more time to engage and missile based one can still hit you even with a max speed fly over if you're not careful because tracking is weird


Pic related

cc6b86  No.16113378

File: 513c0fa6c821cba⋯.jpg (27.13 KB, 600x466, 300:233, 38ad841fae1e4e66f301f2c898….jpg)


I just hope that they use some of the money to make ports of the older games to PC. More so games like 6 than the Holy Trinity, since 6 is perpetually stuck on the 360, the DLC content which included new singleplayer missions got taken down on Xbox Live. It would be really great if 6 was ported to PC with all the DLC (changed to be unlocked in SP. New Game) so more people could play it because I think it's very underrated. 4, 5, and 0 are already vastly improving in emulation quality so it might be unneeded.

727312  No.16113449

File: 03f6d7bdb45c396⋯.jpg (412.57 KB, 1200x633, 400:211, ACECOMBAT7.jpg)

>tfw I pray for artists to refrain from drawing Avril as a nigger in >>16097161 and nip artists deliver

Does God himself play Ace Combat to grant such wishes?


It almost makes me wonder if there are any other planes that allow you to cheese the game like that


>be Belka

>see Osea is growing its military from the Cold War with Yuktobania

>develop high tech superweapons as deterrents against both

>economy suddenly goes into recession

>by pure coincidence be approached by Osea right after, who offer to buy territories which unbeknownst to Belka have natural resources

>form joint finance group with Osea, which quickly shuts down due to fabricated financial forecasts

>all the debt is pushed onto Belka, because Osea wants the land

>economic situation worsens because of this

>discover natural resources on the border to Ustio, some backwater place designated "Area B7R"

>occupy this unpopulated territory to secure the resources and a future for all Belkans

>Osea quickly offer an alliance to Ustio to defend against this "invasion"

>they not only repel the attack to the border, but continue into Belka itself

>they mercilessly kill civilians and downed fighter pilots who are cannot defend themselves

>to postpone Osea's relentless genocide, be forced to nuke the front line before they push any further north

>get scapegoated for starting a war of self defence

>everyone is now suspicious of Belkans, while (((Osea))) subverts the rest of the world

Really makes you think. I bet you believe "12,000" people died from the nukes too.



If AC7 is a back to basics game, and Bamco have made available a season pass, then I have a funny feeling they're going to gradually put all the cool shit back in - at a price of course, silly goy.

f87733  No.16113608

File: 3206941069f1cd8⋯.jpg (38.95 KB, 500x493, 500:493, 3206941069f1cd808317e9ccc7….jpg)


>tfw i thought the same thing

e4d1ee  No.16113704


Frankly, the game feels like half a game, the story would have been so much more fleshed out if they had 40 missions to do it. 20 with Spare, 20 with Strider. Hell, maybe that's what they want to do with DLC until they're ready for AC8.


It is very back to basics, a bit too much imo. At least on the ground pounding front. You have essentially one mission that lets you go full Mobius for the highest score (Fleet destruction, use LACMs). Most of the air missions I found decent, exception being mission 3 doing the guns only run. On ace. Didn't like the final mission though, very disappointing final boss. Almost feel as though mission 20 and 19 should have been flipped, and you'd have to protect the lighthouse from the arsenal instead. And naturally, make it much stronger to make it more challenging.

I still love it for finally coming back, and on PC to boot. As a general principle, I don't like DLC, but I'd sell myself into goddamn slavery to afford everything they drop if I needed to.

95c972  No.16113724


I wouldn't know how the other games were, but 4 was the exact same way. I could clear the entire board of all targets with about 30 seconds to spare on the score attack missions. It felt good doing it though.

9d98b9  No.16113761

Is there any way to move the camera around in Ace Combat X?

18db00  No.16113794


>everyone is now suspicious of Belkans

the whole "Belkan" thing in 7 was so forced and awkward too, it didn't make a ton of sense and feels like it got tossed in because of memes

cc6b86  No.16113874

File: 69359a938e234f8⋯.png (1.94 MB, 2000x800, 5:2, 1549853502918.png)


I consider it on the same level as Belkan ex-pats being responsible for the Agaion in 6. Most of the war is pushed by the Erusians, with Dr. Schroeder and Grunder simply providing the means.

fd2a54  No.16114468


They explain it in the escort mission (16 I believe) that a drone disguised as an ally and shot down the former Presidents aircraft because reasons. The War was started to just take the elevator and get revenge, but then a radical contingency manipulated the Princess (even though the King rules the country) into doing an expansionist war with Belkan Drone Technology.

96bb87  No.16114635

is it cracked yet?

45ace3  No.16114812


i dont think so. but you can buy it from G2A for 40 CAD it might be less for USD. you have to use a vpn to activate the keys though.

e1e18f  No.16114873

Reminder that Belkan superweapons are so pervasive that the breach universes and are a setting fixture in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

521b4c  No.16116382

File: 09402c8d8340fa1⋯.png (670.01 KB, 950x750, 19:15, b41f0fe11630598d1fffb2a854….png)

I'm doing my second playthrough of the game on Ace and with the JP voices. I'm happy that they kept JP audio, especially since it was actually really good quality in AC5. Fewer cringy moments like the orgasm noises after Chopper's death and the voice acting was way more consistent and subdued. Plus it was evident that the English script was just the translated JP script, but it was a pretty good translation.

AC7's translation… is not. It's shit. From the very first cutscene, there are entire shades of meaning completely removed. In the English script, Avril says something about hoping that her grandfather is happy flying elsewhere, wherever that is. In the JP script, she specifically states, in a sort of wishful fashion, that she knows her grandfather is out there somewhere, flying the deep blue skies. Suddenly the very first cutscene changes meaning from "Avril introduces herself and talks about how she's great and then she gets shot down" to "Avril details how she rebuilt a plane in the hopes of finally seeing the blue sky that her grandpa told her about in the hopes of reconnecting with his spirit."

Then as I've been progressing through the game I've been noticing that the translators didn't even try to translate Japanese idioms, or if they did, translated them such that they completely change their meaning. It's just the shittiest possible localization.

Then by the time you get to the Spare Squadron, there's a huge disconnect between the JP characterization and the English characterization. In the English dub, everyone is needlessly aggressive and confrontational, everyone treats you like shit, and your convict wingmen all have tone of voices that are actively distrustful of each other. It's so over-the-top. But in the JP dub, the convicts all have friendlier tones of voice, tend to have accents or mannerisms that indicate that they're just joking around, and it feels as if they're all just happy to be flying. It's like flying in a squadron where everyone is Chopper. And then the AWACS, while being super mean and aggressive in the English dub, has a tone of voice in the JP dub that indicates that he's just being sarcastic most of the time but still cares about the squadron. This completely changes the context of every single line, and changes how the tone of half of the game is dealt with.

As an example, Mission 7, where you have to fly around in those canyons and escort those fighters for a while. In the English dub, I always wondered about why the AWACS was so needlessly belligerent, to the point of angrily calling you a coward for flying into a thunderstorm. Well, in the JP dub, he says the same line with a touch of awe and sarcasm. He isn't angrily calling you out for supposedly being a coward, he's actually making a joke about how insanely brave you have to be to fly into a thunderstorm. Similarly, one of the fighters you have to escort calls you a coward in that mission, but in the JP dub she uses a different word, which is closer in meaning to "jerk" or "jackass."

And it's like this for every single mission. Just knowing some Jap do your reps, faggots and using the JP dub changes the entire feel of the game drastically. This screams of half-assed/lazy translation and it really feels as if the English voice acting had no actual direction from the original writers, so they just went with making everyone in the Spare Squadron segment of the game a complete asshole.

tl;dr use the JP voices and learn some Jap because the entire tone of the game is different when you have the original script and competent voice actors, holy fuck

f87733  No.16117084


>This screams of half-assed/lazy translation and it really feels as if the English voice acting had no actual direction from the original writers


95c972  No.16118623

File: 2aadc25d4de4b7a⋯.gif (140.98 KB, 500x400, 5:4, bright chew.gif)


So if Band dog wasn't actually mean, does that mean that fullband's death was actually an accident? Because the fact that he asks for fullband's position before marking him as hostile is awfully suspect along with the whole "this is your last warning" bit

521b4c  No.16118722

In the JP script the honorifics and general sentence structure does indicate that there's no malice to it, and the voice acting indicates that it really was an accident. In the mission after that, when it's brought up, Bandog replies in an outwardly aggressive tone in the English dub while the JP voice is more reserved and reticent to acknowledge it. It's less a "SHUT UP!" and more a "now's not the time, be quiet." Bandog doesn't even use a rude style of voice or sentence structure. The only one using the omae form in that mission is the base commander.

Along with the general use of sentence style and honorifics (the omae pronoun form is rarely, if ever, used by anyone other than the self-absorbed base commander, while -ze is used a ton by light-hearted pilots) it's actually downright shocking. The entire nature of the story, campaign, and characters is completely flipped on its head between the dubs and scripts. Spare Squadron goes from being a shitty penal battalion commanded by miserably sadistic assholes in the English script/dub to a wink-wink-tap-the-side-of-your-nose squadron for misfits where only the base commander isn't in on the joke in the JP script/dub.

The incompetence of the translation and the English voice acting is actually shocking, the further I get into the campaign with the JP voice.

9d98b9  No.16118762



Didn't 8-4 do the same thing with Drakengard 3?

5b2522  No.16119713


Yes. Never let the blackpill fags convince you that learning Japanese is a waste now.

45c4f4  No.16119959

Anybody here have any insight into what the rank requirements for AC3 are?

Best I can find is "kill all the thing under the time requirements if applicable".

I could try figuring it out myself but that's a lot of work so I figured I'd ask

5b5b13  No.16120341


I actually don't even think it's necessarily the fault of the voice actors, but rather the voice direction. The way a lot of the lines in the game are delivered lends me the thought that nobody actually bothered to direct the VAs so they worked with what they got. Which is the really stiff FMV dialogue or the snark-tastic radio chatter.

But yeah the Italian bistro line sparked a million red flags about the quality of the localization.

45c4f4  No.16121774


Well got my answer it's kill based outside of the one mission that has points and automatic D if you go over the time limits.

Also finally understood how you know which base is the right one for the shitty stupid canyon mission based on the A/F-117X movements at the start

9d98b9  No.16122381


It is, but it's not a giant meme like RE2 is.

ae7be9  No.16122387


9d98b9  No.16122405


But ps1/2 games don't have denuvo, anon.

521b4c  No.16122488


As far as I can tell, it's likely that the script went to a shitty translation house, then the result wasn't double-checked, and then thrown right at the voice recording studio, where they had no direction and they made do with the stilted translation.

The translation work is actually really bad. I mean, it's passable, and in acceptable English, but the actual meaning of the dialogue is lost in a lot of places, or is so flat-out wrong that the meaning changes entirely. It creates a lot of bizarre moments like during the last missions when they're doing the raid, and Cossette runs ahead and charges into the line of fire to go wreck some shit, then Avril angrily calls her a "stupid woman" before they get back to being best friends. The JP line is way more light-hearted and the actual translation is far closer to "silly girl." The scene changes entirely, and so does Cossette and Avril's characterization.

It feels as if whoever did the translation work has no understanding of either Japanese idioms or English idioms, didn't bother to try to make the English script cohesive, and didn't try to understand any of the shades of meaning or characters at all.

The translation work is so bad in so many different ways that it's actively detrimental to the game, even to the point where I'd say that the difference in very nature of the story and the characters means that AC7 becomes completely different depending on the dub.

This is why it's good to learn Jap, so you don't let unnecessary incompetence get in the way of enjoying Jap media.

cc6b86  No.16122497

File: 3d95e9da450eb19⋯.png (91.41 KB, 364x254, 182:127, 68eb92faf2d631d79eef3a0f4a….png)




>tfw I actually liked how Bandog and your squadron mates fucking hated you

>tfw it was all the product of shitty English voice direction

727312  No.16123117

File: 0abc4fa64069b0d⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1650x3125, 66:125, Ace Combat Chart 3.png)

Any suggestions about formatting, the order of the games, opinion of the bloom effect on the HT/good tier covers, etc?

727312  No.16123119

File: 8103d8c9ac9ae6b⋯.jpg (187.72 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1465672196199.jpg)

>just saw it's 4.63MB

cfe7c1  No.16123149

File: 9b3307c242adafa⋯.jpg (6.21 KB, 207x243, 23:27, aaaaaa.jpg)





>Favorite part of the game is partially the product of absolute shit translation

It's obvious that the fucking japs don't give a shit about the integrity of their work if they farm off their games to such shit translators.

727312  No.16123588

As well as the game tier chart, would any of you be interested in some kind of ace combat waifu tier chart?

cc6b86  No.16123725

File: b7c3a5a091cd832⋯.jpg (1.73 MB, 2200x3696, 25:42, d696971c91d331c63c1491ccd0….jpg)


Absolutely fantastic start chartanon, it is exactly how I envisioned the order of the new chart being.

I think we should add a guide, that includes emulation instructions and details on each game, and how to get it working optimally. Along with an FAQ to get newcomers into the series. Sorta like this Armored Core chart here.

>>16123588 (heil'd)

Sure as a part 3.

Avril a best, I would luck her armpits/10

dd2aa7  No.16124275


Now I'm curious, does the AWACS guy who is a total fatshit about eating a sandwich on the job still talk about food in the Japanese script?

53b358  No.16124302


45c4f4  No.16124586


>I think we should add a guide, that includes emulation instructions and details on each game, and how to get it working optimally. Along with an FAQ to get newcomers into the series. Sorta like this Armored Core chart here.

I was considering making a arcade flight combat pack with emulators / instructions / games / light FAQs with AC as the central part at some point but probably wouldn't go for anything nice looking like that chart.

afee5a  No.16124620


>As an example, Mission 7, where you have to fly around in those canyons and escort those fighters for a while. In the English dub, I always wondered about why the AWACS was so needlessly belligerent, to the point of angrily calling you a coward for flying into a thunderstorm

I'd like to make a small correction to that, for mission 7 Bandog is calling your wingmates cowards for not flying through the storm to reach the UAVs faster. The entire time they fly around the clouds. It's still a shit way to say it though.

1e82a0  No.16124684


That chart always makes me so fucking sad. A new AC game is probably never going to come out, with the only blip of hope being Daemon x Machina, which honestly doesnt entice me much, especially considering the strong likeleehood of it being a switch exclusive.

Fuck I miss V's online. It had a bunch of broken bullshit, but god damn did it beat the shit out of the ultra stale meta VD has, especially on JP servers.

45ace3  No.16124713


I fucking hope they release AC: Infinity on PC but without the microtransactions.

6387e6  No.16124714


What about Assault Horizon Legacy+ that I played on the 3ds? Its missing in there.


Bought the game 2 weeks ago, the wait was killing me too much and the game delivered, plus, I want more AC games to come out in the fututre

071fd8  No.16124821

File: dae4a33c08798a3⋯.jpg (52.78 KB, 750x692, 375:346, [incoherent_hissing].jpg)





>AC7 is shit mostly because of shitty english dubbing/localization

Well, what are you waiting for anons, contact the producers about this pretty big error in the English Version, tell them JP Audio with Eng subtitles which are not handled by incompetent and lazy translators is better.

The next time they try to localize the game in English they should pick high quality TLers who don't slack off in their TLs (though the English VAing needs some work to rid it of that rwby-tier cringe dialogue lines) or perhaps even better, pick nips who are good at TLing English than hiring faggots who's incompetence are borderline intentional in doing their role.

One more thing; they should also release the language packs seperately for every distinct language to spare everyone from that damn awful filesize bloat (40GB disk space), also platform optimization.

>It feels as if whoever did the translation work has no understanding of either Japanese idioms or English idioms, didn't bother to try to make the English script cohesive, and didn't try to understand any of the shades of meaning or characters at all.

What if the guy in charge of the English TLion is some cunt straight out of some pozzed collage whose knowledge is basically /lit/, the kind of guy that can fit right in with those shitty Eng sub groups TLing anime and manga for CR with his low-grade Nip Rune skills with a matching shit personality.


>It's obvious that the fucking japs don't give a shit about the integrity of their work if they farm off their games to such shit translators.

More like they trust these lazy ass 'shady gaijins' a little too much just because they have a fancy 'totally not made up' portfolio and eloquent legalese anon.

1b991c  No.16125018

Yo, CPY of AC7 is out.

1a57de  No.16125295


Wasn't the issue that Full Band figured out how The 444th squadron was a distraction from the Stonehenge project and that anyone cared about the "ruins" at all? One man's life versus the whole front.

9d98b9  No.16125348


Even if there is a new Armored Core game From will probably make it into a Souls clone. :^)

9d98b9  No.16125349



Very nice. Downloading. >50 gb

24dcdf  No.16125474

File: ae7228b0f952678⋯.jpg (282.97 KB, 2500x1406, 1250:703, su-33.jpg)

I finished AC7 last night. I think everyone can agree that the main theme about drones made for a boring story, and some underwhelming bosses. Having the enemy either cower, revere, or hate you is one of the best contributors to atmosphere in previous games, and its absence here was disappointing. The mission at Shilage castle, though not special gameplay-wise, was one of the strongest sorties atmospherically simply because the enemy actually had emotions and characterization.

The way the story and characters were handled was bizarre. If we have AC5 on one side of the spectrum, where cutscenes and characterization are focused entirely on your squad, and AC6 on the other side, which focuses on a bunch of random people with loose ties to the missions, then AC7 was in this uncomfortable space in-between them. Strider, Cyclops, and 444 squad actually have faces, and yet all cut-scenes focus on Avril or Mihaly. All these characters vied for significance in the missions, but the game's length doesn't give them the time they need to really matter to you. It all felt so rushed that I'm not even sure what happened in a lot of story segments. Count ended up being my favorite just for being there the most time, and for being a bro and flying through the tunnel with me when everyone else thought Trigger was a demi-god who would do everything for them. I don't have much to say about it, but one thing I genuinely enjoyed in the story was the tone-shift when the satellites go down. I could go on about how the previous games handle the story better, but you get it. Lastly, the princess was top qt.

Gameplay wise I only have a few complaints. Despite the game being 20 missions long, it still feels short. The missions feel shorter on average since they tend to be more objective based than "kill everything". I like this as it reminds me of AC5, but it needs the length of AC5 to have a chance at holy-trinity-tier. Unlike some of you, I enjoyed the gimmicks. Sometimes they were a little overdone, but I think this is more a problem with the game's pacing. One thing I would have liked were more large scale missions that made the war actually feel significant instead of every mission being a one-sided shitstomping of the Eurusians until they decide to flip the "superweapon" switch. The music was great. AC7 music certainly has a classic AC style while also incorporating a unique synthy flair, which suits its futuristic themes. Werewolf, Lost Kingdom, and Three of a Kind are my current favorites. The boss themes didn't really have the energetic austerity of the big holy-trinity songs, but they were alright. I would rank it above AC6 musically.

It wasn't a fantastic game, nor was it dissatisfying. The word that comes to mind for it is "cute". It was a nice surprisingly polished attempt at an AC game despite it likely being a rushed job. There were a lot of awkward attempts to reference the older games, but I appreciate what they were going for. Maybe they knew their limitations and just wanted to let the fans know they haven't forgotten the classics. I'd give it a solid 7/10 and would agree that it belongs alongside AC6 in the charts.

9d98b9  No.16125488

Hopefully those 3 DLC missions are of a decent length.

727312  No.16125604

File: c07c4087318a9b3⋯.gif (2.02 MB, 300x100, 3:1, banner2.1.gif)

Does 8ch allow for .SVG files? I thought I'd try out inkscape for the latest chart so everything but the game cover bitmaps are scalable.


<would any of you be interested in some kind of ace combat waifu tier chart

>Sure as a part 3

I'd be up for making a waifu chart, but I'm concerned about the quantity of Nagase.


Do it anon. Start out with a simple chart with say the Holy Trinity, then as time goes on add the PS1 and 360 games too.


Some anon requested I change AHL+ to the nip version which you see as Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble. I think helps separate it from the normal Assault Horizon, but I can get why it might be confusing. I'm open to any solutions.

ba94e8  No.16125609


> Despite the game being 20 missions long, it still feels short.

That's because it is fucking short, 4 was 18 missions long. I blame bamco for probably ripping shit out and putting it on dlc.

2eace3  No.16125614

File: ecc356bf81ca2f4⋯.png (959.26 KB, 3669x1500, 1223:500, YsU5dL0.png)


You could add it to the FAQ part 1 section, and explain that Ace Combat 3D and AHL are the same game, and go into the differences between the plus version and the regular game.

751204  No.16125707

1b991c  No.16125732


To download, about 46 gig installed.

9d98b9  No.16126007

>solid 60 fps on my toaster at pretty good settings

Damn, wasn't expecting that. Sucks that you can't rebind the controller though, even though they let you set it up to be exactly like the holy trinity. minus holding the map/radar button instead of pressing it, which I guess I'll get used to

727312  No.16126323

File: 023a3ac9d1c5203⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, secret belkan.png)


>You could add it to the FAQ part 1 section

Oh jeez. Replicating the Armoured Core chart sounds like a lot of work. I was gonna do a few tweaks and call it a day, then make a start on a separate image for the waifus

9d98b9  No.16126352

Is A the highest rank in AC7 or am I just bad?

727312  No.16126372


S rank is the highest rank. A is the second highest

727312  No.16126400

File: 241863932400f50⋯.png (5.39 MB, 1650x3125, 66:125, Ace Combat Chart 3.1n.png)

File: 0fd02cb6222d118⋯.png (4.79 MB, 1650x3125, 66:125, Ace Combat Chart 3.1.png)

I've decided to upload the lossless .PNGs so if you feel they're too heavy you can convert them to lossy .JPEGs - so you at least make that choice yourself. Did I miss anything? Also, has anyone here played Ace Combat Xi on mobile? It's the one in the centre of the Unspeakable Tier. I only heard it's bad from a single anon's testimony a while ago.

9d98b9  No.16126483


Damn. Guess I need to git gud. I know other localizations have replaced A-ranks with S-ranks for whatever reason, like VC4.

6e1eda  No.16126712


I'd replace "Lost Potential" with "Wasted Potential".

9d98b9  No.16127122

Are you penalized for restarting from a checkpoint instead of restarting the entire mission?

d77104  No.16127158


>plus, I want more AC games to come out in the fututre

Lucky for you brainlet, piracy doesn't harm sales.

9d98b9  No.16127168

>Ace Combat 6 is Xbone-compatible

Might buy a copy and borrow my brother's Xbone then.

ebbd06  No.16127169


It does

d77104  No.16127178


1 copy of AC7 has been sent to your address


ebbd06  No.16127182


Thanks, piracy harms sales.

727312  No.16127201

File: 1f0147ea754e000⋯.png (289.99 KB, 512x512, 1:1, test rosa scale.png)




>literally the only reason for posting was to be a good goy

Don't you have a 4chan pass to buy?

95c972  No.16127239

File: dbaf6bb959affd7⋯.png (262.76 KB, 450x450, 1:1, f-14-tomcat-usa-europe.png)

File: 11e09298499d749⋯.jpg (27.77 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 16818424.jpg)


Reminder that they looked at AC3's cut scenes and then at what it would take to localize it and decided instead to remove literally half the game from the PAL and NA releases.


The majority of S ranks in 7 are achieved by both a time bonus and score unlike in 4 where it was pure score. I don't know if the other games were like this as I only played 4 but it surprised me when I only seemed to get S ranks on the score attack missions.


I'm surprised ace combat advance is unspeakable. I never played it but I remember having hours of fun playing Top gun: firestorm advance and F14 tomcat as a child, which means nothing I guess so its probably possible to make a fun plane game on that hardware. at least games that only feature the essential swing wing fleet defender Also the story to F-14 is that China has attempted to annex Taiwan so you are sent to massacre all the bug people which is something we will never see in a video game ever again.

d77104  No.16127250

File: 2422e828fd41081⋯.png (696.97 KB, 867x720, 289:240, piracy doesn't harm sales.png)


You're welcome gaijin

6387e6  No.16127337




I dont give a shit when it comes to piracy or not, go ahead, I personally pirated 4 of the games myself.

I just wanted to play some more ace combat and I hate to wait for things like entertainment.

d77104  No.16127353


That's fine, I paid for Yakuza 0 when it came out and don't regret it. But the notion that piracy hurts sales isn't true.

6387e6  No.16127367


Piracy convinced me to buy FTL and Hotline Miami 2.

If I like and enjoy a game then I would gladly give money to the people who made it. To me its more of an appreciation gift rather than me actually needing to officially own it.

45c4f4  No.16128020

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Also, has anyone here played Ace Combat Xi on mobile? It's the one in the centre of the Unspeakable Tier. I only heard it's bad from a single anon's testimony a while ago.

iirc it's an asset flip of ACX with microtransactions.

Can't play it anymore regardless so it doesn't really matter.

> Did I miss anything?

Maybe the arcade one, emulates well nowadays


Those kinds of games tend to not work that great on handhelds.

Thatr's probably why HAWX went with a straight shmup on their java phone game.

95c972  No.16128310

File: 8ad1b398008fb93⋯.png (68.49 KB, 480x320, 3:2, f-14-tomcat-usa-europe1.png)

File: c71a304b5f19774⋯.png (50.41 KB, 960x640, 3:2, top-gun-firestorm-advance-….png)


Wow that's a really strange way of doing it with the altitude. Top gun: FA was isometric and only had high and low to choose from. Hold D-pad down for low flying, push D-pad up for afterburners which got you around fast at the cost of fuel. Flying low was the only way to hit ground targets without using bombs. It worked pretty well unless you had a mission where there were a lot of ground targets and your thumb fell off from holding down the D-pad forever. F-14 was actually kinda like the spiritual successor to top gun for the NES in the way it was first person. Though it had a scrolling horizon and was not on rails like the classic game. It did have mid flight refueling and a landing sequence that you could choose to do once per mission each if you were running out of fuel, or needed to repair/rearm. I liked how F-14 accurately modeled the missiles you had. Fire and forget short range side winders, semi-active homing medium range sparrows, and the extreme range active radar phoenix. You even had to punch in the arm code for tomahawks you launched complete with a TV feed from the missile and had to choose between chaff or flares depending on what was shooting at you. It was pretty ambitious for a hand held and the people who made it did their homework for a shovelware team.

9d98b9  No.16129072

File: 548a70ead3d8c56⋯.png (310.51 KB, 427x605, 427:605, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 786ad5487e06d4c⋯.png (401.19 KB, 500x608, 125:152, ClipboardImage.png)


f45729  No.16129105


>AC7's translation… is not. It's shit. From the very first cutscene, there are entire shades of meaning completely removed. In the English script, Avril says something about hoping that her grandfather is happy flying elsewhere, wherever that is. In the JP script, she specifically states, in a sort of wishful fashion, that she knows her grandfather is out there somewhere, flying the deep blue skies. Suddenly the very first cutscene changes meaning from "Avril introduces herself and talks about how she's great and then she gets shot down" to "Avril details how she rebuilt a plane in the hopes of finally seeing the blue sky that her grandpa told her about in the hopes of reconnecting with his spirit."

I played the game with ENG audio JP subtitles and I noticed that, what a sad translation. It was actually a pretty good line in JP and gave some feels and kind of ruined in the ENG version.

821474  No.16129178

File: 609ee608f6301f4⋯.jpg (19.13 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 609ee608f6301f4587afe4f2b2….jpg)


>mfw played this game when I was in high school

>yfw Airforce Delta girls still don't have lewd art on CY+4

Feels bad man, the female designs are not bad either, especially Ruth and Francine.

32ef10  No.16129183




98467b  No.16129219

File: 1f1f74cee15fbb2⋯.png (2.2 MB, 2103x1476, 701:492, tandbsnes.png)


> It was pretty ambitious for a hand held

It was actually a port of a SNES title called Turn and Burn/Super Dogfight

6a97ad  No.16129226

File: 433355af485623b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 130.04 KB, 818x1240, 409:620, 5b13577b357fd081c15ca98665….jpg)

File: 4b04adec7671571⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.51 KB, 1100x1789, 1100:1789, b8cdcd63f2ffff0a32d931adc9….jpg)

File: ff281762bddaf6f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 859.8 KB, 1168x1476, 292:369, c0cb3f245c528ccef785627e0e….jpg)


I found one official lewd (two depending on your tolerance level).

He is one of the better artists.

98467b  No.16129292

File: 8ab9f36859ff331⋯.png (523.61 KB, 700x900, 7:9, aten.png)


hooray, now I finally can play the game, because I'm not fucking paying 50 bucks for something I'm going to have to fuck with 3rd party controller apps for hours just to get my shit to work in it.

70cf2c  No.16129456


>3rd party controller apps

It works fine with mouse and keyboard.

821474  No.16129749

File: e87cc96f5e4ce67⋯.jpg (315.84 KB, 1289x1368, 1289:1368, 1519107389310.jpg)


Francine is actually the one who gave me the preference for 2D short haired big breasted women long ago with Ruth bewitching me with her boyish yet sexy look when I saw her the first time I played the early missions. Later on I played 'Hyperspeed Rick' (Wasn't aware of the Lone Wolf/Far Behind secret missions back then), when I saw her at first I never actually bothered with her appearance since she's wearing a full pilot suit with helmet, too busy with the okay-ish lore and gameplay at the time, but when I finished the 'R-Mite' mission she showed up in the post mission debriefing with no helmet along with a very open cleavage… At that moment something clicked inside me but it wasn't until a while later that I have the hots for Ruth and Francine, after playing the game (and my PS2 breaking down) my crush on Ruth and Francine evolved over the years into the 2D Tomboy fetish I now have today

>tsukasa jun

Is the guy still alive? only found a few of his artwork last I checked


Already have them in one of my hard drives anon, was wondering if there's more of them. 15 Years should be more than enough time for artists to churn out at least a few dozen high quality ones.

>(two depending on your tolerance level).

What tolerance level? :^)

95c972  No.16130006

File: 2947ebaf014afd3⋯.jpg (50.82 KB, 331x481, 331:481, Tomclancysrainbowsprinkles.jpg)


My point about it being ambitious still stands then. Though it makes me wonder if the story about having to wipe out all 1.2 billion of the red communists was added later or was in the original. Also


>Bubsy got his pilots license and hes using it to exterminate the chinks

6a97ad  No.16130030


I assume he is still alive, the internet didn't say he was dead.

He's probably working on nip exclusive artbooks or something like that.

5b1147  No.16130047



7a7746  No.16130517

Man, I am averaging B ranks at best. Got 1 A but that was during the elevator one. The time requirements to finish missions seems harsh.

9d98b9  No.16130570


I've got a few As so far, but I'm also mostly getting Bs. I'm slow at games in general so time constraints are always a pain for me.

727312  No.16130587



You'll be fine once you get better planes, parts, and weapons

521b4c  No.16130619

File: 7ad4bed82efeab7⋯.png (243.5 KB, 550x586, 275:293, e43bab1ba154f005ce13a88b3d.png)

My journey in playing through the campaign with JP voices continues. By mission 15 the inconsistencies start catching up, plot-wise, and in aircraft chatter as well. There's way more nuance in the common chatter and the character interactions with Cyclops Squadron are completely different. There's now even more increased instances of the English subtitles only vaguely matching up with what's being said. It's getting to be distracting.

That said, I'm finding that I'm actually appreciating the game more on a second playthrough. The mechanics are all still solid, the gimmicks are still fun, doing the canyon run in record time so I could get the special ace to show up and nab that Su-47 skin was super fun, and I'm beginning to really understand the mechanical/scripting meta of the game. It really does feel like Ace Combat 04 all over again, but I think the main reason it feels so short compared to the technically-shorter 04 is that there's more objective-based gimmick missions and fewer 20-minute score attack missions. Each mission feels a lot like Ace Combat 5's general mission structure but the problem is that there's 2/3rds as many missions. But at least it's better than Ace Combat Zero's mission structure which alternated between multi-part marathon missions or short missions followed by an ace encounter. And it's way better than Ace Combat 6's marathon missions based entirely around attacking tons of enemies and judiciously using allied support.

That said, I found some new complaints specifically for Ace Combat 7:

>allies rarely "support" you in hairball situations so once a single fighter gets behind you then you're going to hear the missile warning constantly until you either fuck off or kill him

>air allies hitting targets don't actually seem to do any damage to enemy aircraft if you're targeting them, making for odd situations where you just saw a guy get slammed by an allied missile, think he only needs one more missile to finish him off, but in reality needs two

>air allies do seem to do damage only to kill-steal though, since they can finish off already-injured enemies and ground targets, making score attack missions aggravating

<on that note, ground allies actually do lots of damage by themselves, holy shit, you can especially notice this in the Stonehenge Mission where up to a quarter of enemy ground forces end up being taken out by ground allies

>Tu-160s are fucking nightmarish since they tend to zip into the map at odd angles to where you currently are, go 1000+ knots, usually target story-critical objectives, and take 3 missiles to kill or 2 missiles and about a second of solid guns

All in all, though, I'm enjoying the game a bit more than my first playthrough, especially after I got over how shit the English translation is. It's a solid game with lots of potential going forward in the series, but goddamn, those of you who haven't studied Jap basically got robbed of solid Ace Combat characters. I wouldn't go so far to say that it's comparable to the JP/English versions of AC3, since there's no actual mission content being taken away, but there is story content and character development that got removed in AC7's translation process. It's a damn shame.


Protip: Learn how to spot certain flight patterns, learn what the sweet spot in angling for missiles is, learn how to do interesting trick shots (like using the angling of the missile to work in your favor when attacking ground targets), use UGBs or SFFS specials when doing ground-attack missions to easily wipe out swathes of ground targets, and most importantly, learn how to effectively use the gun to finish off enemies and conserve ammo.

Really, all the skills from the holy trinity apply here, and I'm regularly getting A or S ranks on Ace on this second playthrough.

521b4c  No.16130662


>What if the guy in charge of the English TLion is some cunt straight out of some pozzed collage whose knowledge is basically /lit/, the kind of guy that can fit right in with those shitty Eng sub groups TLing anime and manga for CR with his low-grade Nip Rune skills with a matching shit personality.

That's the problem. Unless it's done in-house by Japs, usually the translation suffers tremendously. At worst, it'll be done by Treehouse-tier San Fran cunts with more ideology than brain, and at best it'll be done by someone who took a few Jap classes in university, did the JLPT up to N2 or N1, maybe did a few years of JET, and is working as a foreign translator in Japan, likely just in Tokyo or Osaka, where they're so insulated from real Japanese culture while simultaneously being forcefed Western media lies about what Western culture is like. This translation reeks of "done by some university students with good credentials but whose knowledge of Japan is limited to the streets of Takadanobana and Akiba."

7a7746  No.16130667


And I keep crashing on Mission 6. God damn, I don't remember crashing this many times on destroy missions in the trilogy. And to top it all off, I get dumped back at the beginning rather than at a checkpoint.

727312  No.16130703

File: de622eeaf714bda⋯.jpg (77.92 KB, 400x450, 8:9, Kei_Nagase_(Ikaros)_Blushi….jpg)


Don't worry anon. I keep doing the same in Mission 11 - and without any checkpoints it really gets annoying

7a7746  No.16130795

File: 7ec7d1cbfcaaa82⋯.jpg (89.89 KB, 1399x639, 1399:639, cf7e60cc724fe10a20a064cd22….jpg)


And Mission 7 is set in a canyon in heavy weather. Fantastic.

521b4c  No.16130815

File: b10a6f0d11a5bbd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 598.29 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Yokohama_Baybridge.jpg)

File: 314f9df8cee1652⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 502500_20190216162539_1.png)

File: c015b8786b1534d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 502500_20190216175809_1.png)

File: 4b496c3279109c1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 502500_20190216175816_1.png)

As a side note, I I just remembered that something that's really bothering me is the targeting algorithm. When you press the next target button, it cycles through some relatively nearby targets but its center-of-screen weighting and distance weighting is gone. It feels way more like Vector Thrust's targeting system rather than the classic Ace Combat targeting system, and it's kind of aggravating. It makes strafing/missile runs on ground targets annoying since often the next target will be something off-screen or far away while the target in the middle of your reticle will be the 2nd or 3rd one in line. Out of all the fucking changes, this one is the worst.

Oh, and Mission 16 protips: When looking at targets to figure out their IFF, you can hold down the next-target button to look at them, as in the rest of the Ace Combat games, and it'll count towards the identification timer. That way you don't have to line up actual runs to keep them in your airplane's path, but can merely fly past to within ~5000 feet while holding down that camera button. It makes things easier and got me an S-rank. Of course, it's harder if you're in cockpit view rather than HUD view or external view, since your camera view is limited.

Oh, and I found the Yokohama Baybridge. I thought the spiral highway ramp looked familiar, especially since there's some annoying-to-get targets there. It's nice to see that Project ACES still loves to plop random buildings and bridges down into the world as easter eggs.

7a7746  No.16130827

File: 5061342ffe37329⋯.jpg (46.8 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 5061342ffe37329b3e562ba71b….jpg)


YES! I target one thing and move over it, fire a missile and hit but then as I target back, it doesn't target the next target next to it, it'll target something far off, then I have to cycle through a few more before I turn around and have it targeted.

727312  No.16130839

File: baa98be7c2dab61⋯.png (918.14 KB, 1500x1543, 1500:1543, buddy.png)

Okay anons. So far I have about 20 names to be put on a waifu material tier chart. I'm not sure how I'd arrange any of it, but I'll list what I have so far:







>Yellow 4
















And of course:

>Nagase (AC2/AC3D/AC04)

>Nagase (AC5)

>Nagase (Ikaros in the Sky)

>Nagase (ACI)

I hope I haven't missed anyone.


At least that mission has a great soundtrack and atmosphere. Almost makes up for getting struck by lightning and crashing.


I can't believe after all this time they still haven't brought back the boresight system from Zero, and at the same time they don't even use the button it was bound to for anything.

9d98b9  No.16130845


You should have honorary mentions for the Airforce Delta girls at the end. :^)

9d98b9  No.16130865


Oh, uh,


727312  No.16130869

File: 2e16720c56efc68⋯.jpg (358.75 KB, 720x960, 3:4, AvieBook.jpg)


If you can think of a non-cumbersome way to have 20+ pictures in a chart I'll put as many honorary mentions as you want. I don't suppose anyone has existing sample waifu tier charts I can steal from?

d55326  No.16130908

File: a6e7f3cba0fe166⋯.jpg (37 KB, 1014x720, 169:120, [000644].jpg)


The forgot the bartenders daughter from AC04.

d279b7  No.16130937

File: 73ee9de7cb5365a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1400x1000, 7:5, 73ee9de7cb5365a3cc19bf87a3….png)


You forgot best girl.

e4d1ee  No.16130964


Gunther Bay (where the elevator is) is Singapore or some shit. They rip some locations whole sale from the real world.

727312  No.16130966

I forgot to add the Razgriz to the list too. Can you guys give me like your top 3 or 5 girl so I can get an idea of where about to put them?


That's because there's no space on the chart for whores.


No planefus…yet. Maybe after the best girl chart we can discuss which planes are the best and why forward swept wings are superior.

cc6b86  No.16131038

File: 04ef4efea4dedb7⋯.jpg (25.8 KB, 380x366, 190:183, 04ef4efea4dedb7a9d8563f8b1….jpg)


1. Avril

>sweaty tomboy with delicious brown skin

>can turn a wrench

>would probably be really embarassed if you put her in a dress

<crippled legs might limit mobility when fucking

2. Rena

>shy and reserved

>really autistically dedicated about flying

>admires you for your own flying skills

<can't really go outside, and have to take her on dates in a spacesuit

<even if she was real you can't fuck her because your an AI in a plane

3. Nagase (AC5)

>cute asian beauty, the paragon of balance between womanly features and moderation

>well read, enjoys ancient literature and culture and space

>also pilots the best American plane ever made and is an astronaut

<won't stop ranting about pacifism

<also hates Belka

dd2aa7  No.16131322

File: 8ee64e2ccbe420e⋯.jpg (153.1 KB, 400x240, 5:3, Camilla_Almeida_profile.jpg)


>I hope I haven't missed anyone.

There's actually a rather obscure enemy ace from 2/AHL, Camilla Almeida, that you could add in there as well. If ACI Nagase is in there already, then may as well add the OTHER Camilla from ACI too. Not to mention, you missed the best girl of all, Razgriz.

95c972  No.16131403


If we are doing enemy aces then you need to include Kitten AKA Sophie Anderson from 7

>23 year old pure Eurusian waifu who flies Iranian F-14

Shooting her down and finding that out felt pretty bad tbh.

521b4c  No.16131560

File: ef8f6a8e5efbd3e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 502500_20190216215301_1.png)

File: 04c0479e0ffa6a4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 259.42 KB, 1117x724, 1117:724, goddamn it project aces.jpg)

The more I look at it, the more I realize that Anchorhead Bay in Mission 16 is literally just a slightly modified Yokohama. Same features, same bridges, same layout, slightly modified urban footprint, many of the same buildings.

I'm not sure what to think since it'd be immediately obvious to Japs, so it's not like they were trying to be subtle about it. Now I'm curious if there's any other cities and features in AC7 directly ripped from real places, not just landmarks. Kind of like how Oured in AC5 has the same geography as New York, just rotated.

40ffa9  No.16131645

Ace Combat 7

>nice plane selection

>nice visuals

>nice soundtrack

<broken targeting system

<truly useless friendlies

<shit story

<forgettable characters

<too short

<gimmicky missions

<too many sukhoi variants

<drone spam

<most special weapons are shit

Overall: meh.

95c972  No.16131938


Whoops, Andre, not Anderson.

45ace3  No.16132144

File: 40f94f0a41475a8⋯.jpg (293.13 KB, 1200x2519, 1200:2519, .jpg)


>I'm not sure what to think since it'd be immediately obvious to Japs, so it's not like they were trying to be subtle about it. Now I'm curious if there's any other cities and features in AC7 directly ripped from real places, not just landmarks. Kind of like how Oured in AC5 has the same geography as New York, just rotated.

in AC5 ther mission where chopper dies there is a tower in there and that tower is the CN tower in Toronto Ontario Canada

aa17e6  No.16132153

This is my first Ace Combat game and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm just on the radar evasion mission.The controls feel a bit clunky - I can't turn as fast as I'd like but I'm sure that's just something to get used to, not a bad design aspect.

ffd5bd  No.16132201


Wind plays a factor in that missions, caught me by surprise as well. There's some similar missions in the trilogy that go alot easier.

c24b9a  No.16132204



Good thing AC7 is available for PC, I think the first priority for mods is fixing the atrocious English Subtitles.

No matter how good a mod can be, it will never be good as long as one of the main aspects of the base game is damn cancerous

Fix the damn Eng TLs first, the rest can come later

aa17e6  No.16132230


Not just that mission, but the previous ones as well. As I said I think it's just getting used to it and learning. I got too cocky my first time through the radars and decided to hit the afterburners and plowed straight into one.

d30d3f  No.16132236


After we get a better translation, let's re-voice the entire game.

dd2aa7  No.16132276


>every anon saying "Nigger" instead of "Trigger" throughout the campaign

I'd still give that mod a playthrough

c24b9a  No.16132301


Trigger Nigger? or Nigger Trigger?

aa17e6  No.16132304


Double Nigger.

c24b9a  No.16132367


What about Nigger²?

7cafdc  No.16132376


Damn I came in here to pretty much complain about the exact same stuff. They really need to step back from the drone bullshit if they make another one because I have no fucking interest in fighting drones. The gimmicky missions wouldn't be bad if almost every fucking mission wasn't one. Also I know it's a series tradition but I really wish they wouldn't have a another fucking go through a tunnel as the final mission, it's not fun and you've already done it.

45c4f4  No.16132425


><broken targeting system

As in worse than AC3?

Did they take away the thing that allows you to target the thing nearest to the center of your sight?

><truly useless friendlies

They never were much use outside of distraction / meatshielding.

7cafdc  No.16132435


It seems to just arbitrarily target shit in your vicinity sometimes it will do what you want and target the shit in your reticle other times it'll be retarded and cycle around targets around you it's pretty shit.

Friendlies feel even more fucking useless because of how gimmicky the missions are. The game will be constantly telling you how you need to blow x before they escape and other shit like that and you'll watch as your team mates just hover uselessly above the objectives. I know they did that in other games but the way that the game yells at you just ends up breaking the immersion and you realize the whole game revolves around whether you do something or not.

f91953  No.16132442

File: 00484c1227f7541⋯.png (47.21 KB, 1682x1542, 841:771, republic fx8.png)

File: 0f293b2e944b077⋯.png (743.61 KB, 1150x416, 575:208, heink.png)

File: e877176cee01aaa⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1771x1904, 253:272, me300 1.jpg)

I really wish that they'd release an ace combat set in the 50/60s. There are so many goofy designs they could put in.

45c4f4  No.16132444


>It seems to just arbitrarily target shit in your vicinity sometimes it will do what you want and target the shit in your reticle other times it'll be retarded and cycle around targets around you it's pretty shit.

Yeah that's pretty much what AC3 does

18db00  No.16132672

File: 10c53e6086a016a⋯.png (233.52 KB, 720x380, 36:19, 4c9585855a05352cf8ed8e9285….png)


>I really wish that they'd release an ace combat set in the 50/60s.

a fellow connoisseur

early and mid cold war is patrician, late cold war is pretty awful

8f3098  No.16132707


Forget about setting it within a specific time period. Just go full crazy/fantasy like Crimson Skies did.

9d98b9  No.16132714


If there's going to be a retranslation, it will have to be from here. I doubt any other place on the internet has even noticed. Has /v/ ever produced a fan translation?

9d98b9  No.16132717


Maybe I'm retarded, but targeting was worst in AC5 imo. It would target the same thing 5 times in a row before finally switching, so you'd have to mash the button every time.

727312  No.16132961

File: 42fda3b4e3bc893⋯.jpg (499.44 KB, 1595x1807, 1595:1807, DRAFT.jpg)


Excellent anon.



I'll add both Camillas since pictures exist of them. But I can't find any pictures of Kitten, so I'm leaving her out.

Furthermore I've put together a big picture of everyone I have so far. This is by no means a final order, I just think it would be easier to decide the order if we get to see faces. For now let's say best girls go to the top and worst go to the bottom. And with five rows, we can get an idea of which girls are better than others

40ffa9  No.16133526

File: f4780ee7e2fafd8⋯.jpg (93.89 KB, 960x500, 48:25, F341_F15C_JG54.jpg)


>Did they take away the thing that allows you to target the thing nearest to the center of your sight?

Yeah, the boresight was only present in Zero. In AC7, it will target an aircraft flying 12 miles away while one is right in front of you.

>They never were much use outside of distraction / meatshielding.

In AC5, wingmen would consistently down targets, also there was the allied support in AC6 which would've been really useful in AC7 for getting drones off your ass.

45c4f4  No.16133754

File: 44d270e01bfc7d4⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1260x900, 7:5, ClipboardImage.png)


>In AC5, wingmen would consistently down targets

Honestly Keith / Nameless Su-43 from Betrayal / Swarm in AC3 is probably hands down the best wingmen in any of the games I've played, usually gets 5-10 kills if you let him do his thing and even with the superplanes you'll have a hard time stopping him from getting any, which is even the exception compared to the rest of the game in the JP version where you will rarely see more than a couple friendly kills outside of that mission.

Pic related being from my current AC5 playthough for example.

40ffa9  No.16134455


Interesting. Did you assign them to attack targets? I noticed in my playthroughs they will kill targets fairly regularly.

dd2aa7  No.16134539


Come to think of it, shouldn't some or all of the Nagases be lumped together as one, or would their subtle differences be enough for each to stand out as their own?

45c4f4  No.16134555


I prefer telling them to spread, they distract the respawning planes better that way.

One thing I've noticed though is that they tend to damage a lot of planes, just rarely kill them.

727312  No.16134608

>>16132444 (solitary'd)


The four Nagase I've put on the chart are technically different people. And I couldn't find a picture of Nagase from Ace Combat 3. I like to think it adds an inside joke for people who follow the series.

7cafdc  No.16134742



Do they do full damage in 5? In 7 I've watched as missiles pile into a target and it still takes two of mine to down it.

521b4c  No.16134823


Allied missiles in 4/5/Zero seem to only outright kill if they are on already-injured enemies and also seem to have a time-dependent damage cap. In particular I remember more than a few times in 5 where I'd see 3-4 allied missiles plow into a full-health target, take it down to low health at most, and then if you don't follow up, then the target becomes valid to die under allied missiles within a minute or so.

It's quite the opposite in 7 where allied missiles do no damage to full-health targets but absolutely damage or kill enemies once they are damaged even a little bit by the player. Even gun contact seems to count as player damage.

45c4f4  No.16135051


Your own squadron always does full damage in 5 I'm pretty sure, but I'm generally too busy killing stuff myself to really pay attention.

They don"t seem to fire on some mission critical targets

But like in 4 there's hidden mechanics at work so it's hard to give a definitive answer.

9d98b9  No.16135497

>got my first s on mission 11

>took out pretty much all the ground targets in the first 10 minutes and spent the last 4 dogfighting in my A-10C

Pretty fun.

521b4c  No.16135525

File: 27d6b7020e6ff79⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.58 KB, 358x374, 179:187, 27d6b7020e6ff791359e5677be….jpg)


Dogfighting in an A-10 has been a time-honored tradition ever since AC04 codified it with Bunker Shot. If you were an okay player, you had just enough credits by that point to buy an A-10, which is great, so you used it. Then you fought A-10s in an A-10.

After that if you went into everything blind you'd go at Stonehenge in an A-10 and have to dogfight Yellow Squadron in an A-10. Like I did. What a great experience.

95c972  No.16135725


I took down stonehenge in the F-117 because I thought it made sense to sneak in and precision strike the guns with a stealth bomber. Lucky for me yellow 4 died instantly in the first pass.

>you had just enough to buy an A-10 at bunkershot if you were good

What? You can easily get the A-10 at invincible fleet.

521b4c  No.16135738


Really? The fuck am I remembering then?

Either way I didn't think of doing that mission in anything other than an A-10. Still don't.

e4d1ee  No.16135848


You may be thinking of AC5, which basically gives you a choice between the A10, or the Prowler with UGBLs for your ground attackers for the obligatory D-Day landing mission.

521b4c  No.16135867


Maybe? AC5 had a lot slower progression because of the grinding system. I did last play them all in November so I don't know what the fuck.


379136  No.16136211


>I think the first priority for mods is fixing the atrocious English Subtitles.

fuck that, I want the actual fucking controller remapping they promised. I want to put yaw and throttle on the right stick, put fire buttons on the shoulders, and change that mother fucking unnecessary double button flare bullshit. Emulators spoiled me for what retarded garbage the normal bindings are.

45c4f4  No.16136886



You can already do that, and depending on what controller you're using there's other ways as well.

3aec31  No.16137947


>Has /v/ ever produced a fan translation?

Don't think so. Would've picked up on it if it were the case, or maybe they're too deep in the web no one's even heard of them.

However, you have a point, there should be a /v/ TL group, but they'll have to be anonymous like the guys who cracked AC7, and more importantly not pozzed as shit like the pseudo-marxist cartel subbers or those ircfags from ages past, or some other soy soaked faggot using leftist lingo/dialect for that matter

And speaking of dialect/lingos, someone should make a bingo pic of every marxist meme words, phrases similar to the shill bingo pre-free speech /pol/ made last year.

45c4f4  No.16138174


>Don't think so

The Neptunia threads have contributed to the retranslations of two games to some degree.

727312  No.16138741


I don't suppose any anons know how to reverse engineer the game

d59d2b  No.16139016

File: e3643e209574dd2⋯.jpg (34.03 KB, 600x352, 75:44, $.jpg)

I just made a thread without checking the catalog but don't forget. Ace Combat is officially, according to Namco, in the same universe as Galaga.

d59d2b  No.16139018

776b01  No.16139114


>AC0 had a nog AWWB leader that was probably a black guy (voice actor)

>AC4 had a black chick

>AC5 had a black guy

>AC7 has one too and a delicious caramel tomboy

The thing is that they were all well written and pretty moral characters just like the white guys and they werent spear chucking, slang speaking, gang banging nigs that everyone hates them for. They're just brown.

d59d2b  No.16139811


calm down

c18b94  No.16139816



Yellow 4 in AC04 was black. But that qt tanned tomboy is just that: tanned. As in, nowhere close to being a nigger. She exists only for headpatting and fixing aeroplanes. You are worse than a Jew for you are, may Allah forgive me for uttering this word, an Osean.

b918c7  No.16139834

File: a3d89d71817d904⋯.png (561.43 KB, 720x720, 1:1, ROBOCOP2.png)


>You are worse than a Jew for you are, may Allah forgive me for uttering this word, an Osean.

Ace Combat brings out the best bantz, thank you anon

873c85  No.16140152



AC4's gameplay is the clunkiest in the trinity. What the fuck are you on about.

873c85  No.16140193



>truly useless friendlies

What difficulty are you playing on.

I saw friendly pilots, ships and even ground units take out shit like tanks, planes and damage enemy ships. They just do less damage than you so you can get more kills.

620b03  No.16140201



>Anon is a scheming sack of shit who excels in the art of deception, telling lies and starting fights for no good reason

Belkans are not allowed in this thead, go nuke yourself, again.

9d98b9  No.16140591










I need a mod to remove this fucking voice. There's a fucking beep, a giant arrow and an AWACS warning me that the enemy has a lock on me. I GET IT.

9d98b9  No.16140599

If my dumb ass crashes into the ground after the mission's ended one more time I'm probably going to kill myself.

95c972  No.16140624

File: 083ecf68ca83018⋯.jpg (22.31 KB, 650x366, 325:183, 2e4df740bd4d9e2b69f34a98ad….jpg)

Anyone else find it strange that its impossible to run out of standard missiles? Ive been through the campaign twice on hard, once for the first play through, and again to hunt all the aces and found that when you run out of missiles, you just automatically get two again somehow. Was this a thing they introduced after 4? Can you only run out for good on ace?

31ee0e  No.16140681


>The Neptunia threads have contributed to the retranslations of two games to some degree.

Perhaps they can do a reTLion for AC7, just give them a peace of mind and some security measure against infiltration attempts

31ee0e  No.16140685



>using kike speak

Get another brain transplant you fucking drone.

86302e  No.16140729


>Anyone else find it strange that its impossible to run out of standard missiles

Not really, considering that so much of the game revolves around stupid numbers of hard to hit tiny, nimble drones and guns in a air to air fight are more of a novelty you use for achievements or skill challenges rather a primary weapon

45c4f4  No.16140803


>AC4's gameplay is the clunkiest in the trinity

AC3 JP is AC4 except rougher when it comes to plane handling

They also went even deeper into arcade territory with handling in 5/0, and in general made the game faster playing especially at the lower-tiers and lowered TTK.


Could be worse, you could have the bad habit of crashing into the plane you just gunned down

873c85  No.16141365



I know, I played them all. I said AC4 has the worst gameplay in the trinity. Planes are floaty and unstable as fuck, wobbling back whenever you pitch or yaw in any direction like it's rubberband or something. It's very apparent when you play the game back to back. AC7 plays more like 5 or Zero, ergo, a lot better than 4.

18db00  No.16141447

File: 762eb3de28045d0⋯.png (179.69 KB, 847x744, 847:744, 762eb3de28045d062033923c64….png)


>You are worse than a Jew for you are, may Allah forgive me for uttering this word, an Osean.

45c4f4  No.16141460


>ergo, a lot better than 4.

I wouldn't say the difference in plane handling is large enough between games at-least not between 1 and 0 to say it controls a lot better

If anything the most noticeable difference between 4 and 5 is that you roll slower in 5 while your planes accelerate faster / have higher max speed (especially since 4 makes cruising altitude much less relevant outside of the heavy ground assault missions), and your movement vector aligns to where you're aiming faster in 5

So if anything the handling is more noob friendly (don't have to account for drift, less chance of overshooting when you roll, can zoom around the map much more easily because most panes are faster than even AC4 endgame ones etc) not particularly better in the absolute sense of the term, besides I'm pretty sure it's impossible to truly make bad controls outside of lacking roll entirely controls in that genre.

873c85  No.16141478

File: 4569b67bcdc1b96⋯.webm (652.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, F-18.webm)


>So if anything the handling is more noob friendly

Real planes don't overshoot by inertia when rolling/yawing as much as 4 shows, especially with an experienced pilot. 4's gameplay is just half-baked because it's the first AC on its engine (which is rather primitive when it came out), but it's not a badge of honor or a deliberate challenge either. It's just annoying.

45c4f4  No.16141522


>Real planes don't overshoot by inertia

Real planes don't behave like they do in AC in general

When I'm talking about overshooting I mostly mean due to slow reaction from the player because 4 has really fast rolling compared to the others, the inertia is negligible at best, also present in 5 and consistent so any player will accommodate for it in time.

Besides when it comes to rolling 5 has that stupid thing where you immediately drop down significantly when you're upside down compared to the soft drop every other game had prior to it.

873c85  No.16141543

File: 26afa662f31c921⋯.webm (4.46 MB, 850x480, 85:48, Graze2.webm)


>the inertia is negligible at best

It is very present. What I'm saying is that the inertia acting as a reaction force rather than keeping the momentum and letting planes drift predictably. The planes feel like bricks, like they're actually pulling in the opposite direction you're turning them, thus preventing you from predicting how far you have to turn before letting go of the stick/trigger and let the plane drift like you'd expect it to. In 4, they stop almost instantly, like the inertia is actually pulling them back, which is nonsense gameplay-wise. While AC is obviously not realistic, the sense of weigh in 4's planes are all over the place. 5 and Zero fixed that.

873c85  No.16141567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>you immediately drop down significantly when you're upside down

That's actually pretty accurate, realism or not.. Plane wings generate lift by design when they're on the right angle towards the horizon, turn them on their belly and the wings will push them down hard. Still, it's not unmanageable, just push the stick up. The drop rate is also pretty predictable.

45c4f4  No.16141786


>That's actually pretty accurate, realism or not

It might be and it is fairly manageable unless you try to show off in the tunnel / SOLG, but it clashes with other decisions to make handling easier for newcomers in my opinion it's also unlike every other game up to that point and it also clashes with the progression of mechanics throughout the games, smoothing out the pseudorealistic handling / physics over time has been a thing since 2.

Although it's not the worst design decision in 5 gameplay wise, that would go to making vibration completely retarded and basically on 90% of the time instead of a good cue that you're gonna stall.

>It is very present. What I'm saying is that the inertia acting as a reaction force rather than keeping the momentum and letting planes drift

Well I'm talking about rolling and you're talking about turning / pulling, yes there's a lot of drift when turning or pulling compared to 5 but nothing you can't account for, Megalith is a good place to see that, just try to enter the tunnels from the top.

>While AC is obviously not realistic, the sense of weigh in 4's planes are all over the place. 5 and Zero fixed that.

And in the process made your starting F-5 barely feel worse than the endgame Su-47, which is both good and bad.

There's also the weird case of the MiG-31 becoming the complete outlier when it comes to handling despite the, that plane feels more like a brick than anything in AC4

873c85  No.16141816


>clashes with other decisions to make handling easier for newcomers

I wouldn't imagine newcomers flying around upside down, that takes experience. Handling in AC5 is perfectly fine really. 4's case is not the realism, but rather the plane behaving in a sensible way, which it doesn't, which is my gripe. 4's tunnels were easy but I really had to keep pushing the yaw/pitch little by little to adjust the flying because the planes feel stiff.

>Well I'm talking about rolling and you're talking about turning / pulling

Yes. Rolling isn't as bad but it also isn't as consequential as turning your plane to face the direction you want it to go, which is clunky as hell compared to the rest of the trinity.

>made your starting F-5 barely feel worse than the endgame Su-47

What? The F-5 stalls like hell in my experience. Still, if it remains viable to the end, it's good design.

>MiG31 feels more like a brick

That's the Foxhound for you, but it's the only brick I found in later games, other than maybe the A-10.

45c4f4  No.16141903


>I wouldn't imagine newcomers flying around upside down

True, but the drop happens even if you're just rolling, meaning that there are times where you wanna pay extra attention to not roll in a specific direction whereas it's much less of a factor with the softer drop and in 4 you roll so goddamn fast that it's even less of a factor.

>Handling in AC5 is perfectly fine really.

It's fine in all the AC games, well except AC1 since that doesn't have analog and it has a couple mission with a stall blocker which is really fucking bad as a mechanic, but really not that bad outside of that even if primitive and hampered by other aspects of the game.

>Still, if it remains viable to the end, it's good design.

It feels almost as good, but it doesn't perform quite as good (although in general the gap between low an high tier outside of ammo is narrower in 5 if you exclude superplanes), the primary blocking factor in latter parts is low ammo and shit special.

I'd also argue not hard deprecating gameplay tools is detrimental to the sense of progression granted 5 replaces deprecation with exp based plane progression to get you to fly other planes.

873c85  No.16141956


>the drop happens even if you're just rolling

Oh that happens in every game to a degree, though it is more prominent in AC5. This where you use your yawing skills to maintain your trajectory while rolling, which is something I love to do.

>except AC1 since that doesn't have analog

Yeah 1 is pretty tough. I think the flying is locked to six axis in it.

9d98b9  No.16142000

Might play Joint Assault just to let San Francisco burn at the end.

45c4f4  No.16142018


>I think the flying is locked to six axis in it.

If you're proficient with the D-pad or remap it through an emulator it behaves like you'd expect in expert mode without the nuance that an analog so no smooth turningstick would provide but it still feels off by some margin, although that is less noticeable once you get a plane that's not shit (in the case the A-10 since it's the best plane in the game for some reason).

9d98b9  No.16142024




f84edc  No.16142208

It took me 30 hours of gameplay to realize that in AC7, you can double-tap throttle up and throttle down (if you're using keyboard controls) while flying slow (a bit below the default speed), and then press pitch up to perform this weird maneuver where your aircraft continues to slowly glide in its original direction for a moment, and during that time you can give physics the middle finger and almost rotate yourself in place. It's cool, it lets you do all the crazy cutscene shit Mihaly did, like the on-the-spot turn in mission 7. I thought it was a thing only he could do, because he was wearing the high-G suit. But it seems that only certain aircraft are capable of doing that thing at all. The F-22, and most, if not all Sukhois can do that, but e.g. none of the F-15s can. What's up with that?

873c85  No.16142221

File: 4167a8fab656ae0⋯.png (27.36 KB, 400x100, 4:1, ClipboardImage.png)


That's the Pugachev Cobra maneuver, first performed on Sukhoi jets. It's a real thing that became a game mechanic in 7.

6a97ad  No.16142246

File: 84d0f39e2345c7c⋯.webm (3.82 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Cobra maneuver.webm)

9d98b9  No.16142257

727312  No.16142266

File: 762d0bd41351bbf⋯.webm (11.87 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, AC7 TGS trailer.webm)


The planes pretty much need to have supermaneuverability even though the original trailer shows an F-18 doing it

5b2522  No.16142274

File: b32947e15bfd52a⋯.webm (2.45 MB, 960x540, 16:9, pugachev's dorifto ace co….webm)

873c85  No.16142285


I'm so fucking tired of this meme. People really fucking ran this into the ground.

17bdb3  No.16142324




It's absurd that you can only stall at low speed since it's arbitrarily coded in as a canned animation and not physics based. In AC3, which is the closest the series ever got to sim physics, you can actually perform the Cobra and other maneuvers properly. Also, I wish the "high-G turn" system was renamed to and only usable on vector thrust aircraft, else what is it an abstraction of? The pilot pulling the stick off?

873c85  No.16142357


I do believe you can perform these maneuvers manually at high speed. What I did through my gameplay was hold both thrust buttons and pull the stick back to make a sharp turn, then push it forward. Of course it's not the same thing, but you can pull your plane upwards to decelerate quickly, then pitch it back down.

You can also technically perform the Bell maneuver in all the games if you stall while flying straight up.

45c4f4  No.16142576

File: 787d8c1548e1602⋯.mp4 (12.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-02-19 21-12-54.mp4)


For everything terrible about JASF I kinda liked their approach to afterburner and vector thrust even if the effects of the latter are completely overpowered.

Basically,with an x360 controller if you hold both trigger you engage vector thrust mode while you hold those down which boosts your mobility in every way, especially yawing which gets ludicrously fast, same with afterburners you have to doubletap the throttle to engage it and it's a limited thing that replenishes over time, but obviously you can't use both of them at the same time (dunno if it's realistic but it works in hte context of that game)

521b4c  No.16143852

File: f9879abef8afeac⋯.jpg (402.69 KB, 1036x841, 1036:841, 1493563021916.JPG)

Done with the campaign on JP audio. There's a huge missed opportunity for dramatic character development in a few cutscenes due to the absolute shitty translation. The confrontation with Schroeder takes on a different angle since Mihaly's granddaughter uses the same term (deep blue sky) when describing Mihaly's true passion. At that moment, it cuts to Avril suddenly changing expression since it's supposed to clearly resound with her memories of her own grandfather. This is lost on the English translation because the same term is translated in two different ways across two different cutscenes even though thematically it's supposed to be the same.

There's also fine gradations of respect and friendship between Avril and Cossette, reflected in Avril's Jap speech patterns with are notably tomboyish and informal with a high sense of irony (such as consistently calling Cossette ojou-sama while using the -ze form) while also using the expression ばかやろ whenever possible, in a childish manner and context, which reflects a lot on her character. This is all simple, basic literary convention in Jap that you'd have to be willingly stupid or actively incompetent to not pick up on, even at a basic-intermediate level. Instead we get needlessly confrontational and bizarrely incongruent dialogue. It really feels like the translation was done by a team of 30 people, each assigned a different mission or cutscene and not knowing what the others were doing.

Based on the credits info (the credits actually change depending on whether you use JP or English voice, which is nice) it looks like there were three or four translation teams, in addition to vague localization by Keywords International and Synthesis Global Solutions. The three or four other translation teams are: One in Singapore made of 3 people, one in L.A. made up of about 8 people + 20 testers, two English testers in Europe that have vaguely Nordic names, and three English "Localization Specialists" in Bamco America. The one in L.A. team is the most interesting since they also did the voice recording. It's Bang Zoom Studios. They are notorious for bizarre translations, have six dialogue editors alone, and their CEO infamously predicted the death of dubbed anime nine years ago if muh pirates didn't immediately stop doing translations of their own.

What a shitshow. Anyone who only has the English translation got robbed of a solid, if short, Ace Combat story. What a waste.

a64527  No.16143879


Pretty sure every version came with the Japanese language available. At least the US one did.

I still prefer English. I ain't got time to read subtitles in the middle of a fucking dogfight.

9d98b9  No.16144034


>I ain't got time to read subtitles in the middle of a fucking dogfight.

Yeah, same. I miss what people are saying in English sometimes even. I kept the translation errors in mind though, and will probably switch to Japanese on further playthroughs.

95c972  No.16144080

File: 089f4ddbefdc72b⋯.jpg (28.59 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 6bce927243a956dd245e56a942….jpg)



Post stall maneuvers can only be done in





>all seven fucking flankers

<seriously the game should have been called ace combat 7 flankers

>and the X-02S


>it doesn't tell you how to do one

>it doesn't even bother telling you what planes can or can't do it and instead gives you an incomplete list of what planes did it IRL

It honestly amazes me just how fucking worthless the ACwiki is on terms of how incomplete and not helpful at all the information it contains is. The Airforce Delta wiki is kept by much more competent autists and contains way more useful info you can't find in the instruction book or in any other guide because the games are so obscure.

873c85  No.16144088


>game should have been called ace combat 7 flankers

It's a fair tradeoff considering ruskies don't care about licensing their shit on videogames and the fact that Sukhois are never on the cover of any of the games.

95c972  No.16144105

File: ef1e18eb1cfb90d⋯.jpg (71.46 KB, 650x650, 1:1, Ace Combat 2.jpg)

File: 309fd2dede9cc07⋯.jpg (94.46 KB, 953x953, 1:1, 51794-Ace_Combat_3_-_Elect….jpg)

File: aa896e447a0dca0⋯.jpg (495.71 KB, 1208x1225, 1208:1225, 52863-Ace_Combat_3_-_Elect….jpg)


But Sukhois are on the cover AC2 and (both) AC3(s)?

873c85  No.16144112


…Except those.

I reminded myself right after posting, I'm retarded.

1509bf  No.16145114

File: 2cac5faa153e260⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 620x500, 31:25, 2cac5faa153e2606bdbac9c84c….jpg)


>56% meme came out more than a year ago

<hurr ur the dumbass not me le 56% meme has a long history don't you know

>never heard of the word Bastard and Mongrel

>thinks marxist revisionist history straight out of california are 'irrefutable facts'

>yfw ID:9b8eb9 unironically thinks kike memes spammed on imageboards nonstop from paid thinktank groups are 'truth'

Goddamn you're more stupid than a fucking nigger, kill yourself and take your cancerous stupidity with you.

34d797  No.16145143


>one in L.A. made up of about 8 people + 20 testers

>and three English "Localization Specialists" in Bamco America.

>The one in L.A. team is the most interesting since they also did the voice recording. It's Bang Zoom Studios. They are notorious for bizarre translations, have six dialogue editors alone, and their CEO infamously predicted the death of dubbed anime nine years ago if muh pirates didn't immediately stop doing translations of their own.

>Los Angeles, Commie-fucking-fornia

Seems like we found our (((problem))) in regards to the English Dub and Subtitles, if anyone can contact the devs about this little hiccup perhaps they might reconsider on who they pick their Eng TLers next time should the next AC game comes along

9d98b9  No.16145630


Could it be more of a 'bandog feels bad for having to kill him' situation? The rest of the dialogue in the mission makes it hard to believe it wasn't intentional.

873c85  No.16145648



Bandog actually did plot Full Band's death. When Tabloid tells everyone to group up on Trigger to update IFF and the dogfight begins, Bandog asks Full Band for his position, to which he replies "at the tail end." Bandog then lets out a quiet chuckle on the comms and Full Band's [friend] indicator vanishes from the radar, turning his IFF into an enemy. It's hard to notice, but it happens, so yes, there was malice, regardless of translation issues.

727312  No.16146815

File: 6aa590671c16619⋯.jpg (88.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, original.jpg)

File: bbd26d25ad8d98e⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, template2.png)

File: 76b1641431291fa⋯.jpg (492.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rosa nagase.jpg)

File: 98016da0df8d816⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cia.png)

File: 023a3ac9d1c5203⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, secret belkan.png)

It's been a while since I posted this template. So aces, what is Princess Rosa watching on TV?

3cfdf1  No.16149674

Since the MIG-25 and 35 still aren't available, I'm trying to get into the 31 instead. How the hell do you make this thing viable? True to life, it can't maneuver for shit and its stability can't keep up with its speed. Pulse lasers are awful too.

I know it makes sense for it to have speed over mobility, since it's an interceptor, but that means there's no point to it exisiting in the game since it has no ground focus either.

On another note, why does this, the F-15, and the Su-37 have lasers? I can't make sense of these decisions, especially since even the Wyvern doesn't have anything unique and the FALKEN isn't in.

5eda36  No.16150051


You go fast, you take laams or saams, and you boom and zoom. I've styled on 4 man F-22 QAAMer teams with it. In SP, it's basically useful for one mission: Bunker Buster. It's a russian brick with two fuckoff-huge engines to it. You can't really make it anything more than a dart in SP, with some of the MP upgrades though, it gets pretty spicy.

The MIG-31 has lasers because lasers are fast. Also Belka.****

000000  No.16151901

Consolefags were always so proud of it.

Turns out it's literally just HAWX that never shuts a fuck up.

Well at least denuvo got fucked again.

ddee73  No.16153597

File: da17461fc7b608b⋯.png (120.2 KB, 296x366, 148:183, 6213.PNG)

speaking of story, I couldnt really follow why this war in particular was so super bad. In the last few missions the theme was all about "end this terrible terrible war :(" from nearly all sides. The "big bad" wasnt that terrible **the drones arent commiting atrocities?", so whats the great danger that somehow unites everything?

What did I miss?

e4d1ee  No.16153866


The drones are heading towards total runaway air power, with ZERO input from human hands. This is not good.

f45729  No.16155184


Erusia were the good guys, and the drones would rob humans of the sky.

0725fc  No.16157895

File: f600ad31d6490e7⋯.jpg (280.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs]_Gegege_no_K….jpg)


<hurr ur the one doing damage control not me :^)

>thinks donkeyface is his 'waifu'

>literally making up bullshit as a 'counter argument'





f9476d  No.16157919



The last thing this thread needed is lefty cunts like you shitting up the place with your soy lingo.

Sage for offtopic.

9b8eb9  No.16158661

File: 469d4e460f02ba6⋯.png (604.97 KB, 1055x1005, 211:201, [doubt].png)

File: 4df3dbe2813f42a⋯.jpg (10.39 KB, 320x320, 1:1, smug anime face.jpg)



>butthurt I called the "chocolate" tomboy an ugly mongrel

>used nothing but verifiable facts

>durr ur osean

Pure autism.


>there is a forced meme trying to claim all american are mutts

>therefore a word insulting racially mixed is lefty lingo

Pure fucking autism, filtering both of you retards. Bumping, because slightly on topic.

f84edc  No.16158692

File: 075d14a675554f1⋯.webm (15.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, caution. pull up. caution….webm)

The canyon run in AC7 mission 14 is fun.

e4d1ee  No.16158723


Have you seen the sub 60s ones yet?

f84edc  No.16158746


No, I haven't. Where can I find them? That webm is something I made for my own enjoyment, and because most people on YT seemed to use first person camera and/or novice controls in their videos. I wasn't concerned about the time. I just wanted to roll left and pitch up a whole lot, and hopefully make it look exciting.

e4d1ee  No.16158784


Specifically, the sub 60s I saw on reddit. On you tube you have a lot of 70-90s ones.

I do have to say yours looks amazing. The sub 60 is… amazing in a completely different way.

9d98b9  No.16159621


Man, I crashed more times than I'd like to admit by being bad and refusing to slow down.

b5e3ce  No.16161489

File: 11aacd16107c544⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.41 KB, 580x530, 58:53, 1550974058683.jpg)

more like this?

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