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File: ccaf6340f4cebec⋯.png (102.08 KB, 1275x504, 425:168, good night sweet prince.png)

File: d9faf222795d443⋯.jpg (97.53 KB, 771x878, 771:878, ah.jpg)

a9577e  No.16091634

>We founded Revival and built a team to make Overload, not really planning to create a lasting company that would build more games. We wanted to have fun creating a spiritual successor to Descent, and we're very happy with the results.

>We would have liked to do more with Overload – more DLC drops (we will do another community DLC pack), new features, maybe a sequel. Those things look very unlikely now. We're gratified by Overload's strong user reviews and we love the community that has formed around the game. Nonetheless, sales have been disappointing and can't justify much additional work on the project.

>We are proud of Overload and have many fond memories. The Kickstarter, which was as all-consuming as many had warned, was very satisfying in the end. We both enjoyed being (slightly rusty) programmers for the first time in years, and it meant a lot to be part of such a talented team. We were gratified by the community of both newcomers and Descent fans still committed a game we created over 20 years ago. And it's particularly meaningful to see team members who got a career boost out of their work on Overload.

For those who don't know, Overload was a kickstarted spiritual successor to Descent (which was basically Doom but in zero gravity and full 3D mindfuck level design) by The Original Creators™ on the Unity Engine. Except it turned out really good. Like Top 5 FPS games of the past two decades good. It arguably exceeded even Descent 2 in terms of quality and can be considered one of the all time greats. The level design is boner-inducing just by looking at the automap, it's got aggressive and diverse enemy AI, it's got fun and balanced weapons, it controls really well as a 6DoF game, the graphics actually look pretty good for what they are instead of adhering to some retro style, there's no poz, and it's actually very well optimized for an Unity Engine game. And yet.

Unfortunately it went relatively unnoticed in comparison to other games hopping on the retro FPS throwback fad like DUSK and Ion Maiden, so very little people even heard about it or bought it, dashing most hopes of additional level pack DLCs like Descent 2: Vertigo, or even a spiritual successor to FreeSpace which most of the devs here worked on too.

This is why we can't have nice things.

0450f3  No.16091643

How about they just run another kickstarter then? Dumb fucks.

61900c  No.16091651

Looks generic as fuck. No wonder it didn't make much cash.

c04424  No.16091657

Ion Maiden changed the character design to be more PC so fuck those faggots

90d899  No.16091659

That's a shame, Overload was great. I should have dedicated more time to it, I only played the main campaign and didn't do the community map pack or any multiplayer. Too little too late, I guess.

Isn't there another Descent game coming out in the near future as well?

0f7161  No.16091673

…what game?

This shit looks boring, who gives a rat's ass besides fags like suhrayiss?

a9577e  No.16091699

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Then you should try out the free demo. It plays much better than it looks, though I have no idea what gives everyone the impression that it looks generic. It's not like 6DoF shooters are that common nowadays. If you like classic shooters like Doom or Duke Nukem or Quake then you already should play the first two Descent games while you're at it.


>Isn't there another Descent game coming out in the near future as well?

Yes, they're just calling it Descent (2019) and making it an official reboot now. It doesn't look that good.

2c8fba  No.16091735

Damn shame, there was a sudden oversaturation in Descent type games, don't think that helped.

5ad86e  No.16091739

File: 3530d215dde504f⋯.jpg (12.36 KB, 340x343, 340:343, edcecf61a0ad5f22c502e6452b….jpg)


>Unfortunately it went relatively unnoticed in comparison to other games

What the fuck are you talking about?


Neither Dusk nor Ion Maiden benefited from one and yet they somehow managed to not fuck up so far

b6bf7c  No.16091750


Ha, so everyone leveraged a nostalgia kickstarter into another job?

72fbdf  No.16091764



One man project.

>Ion Maiden

Has publisher funding and it actually launching is dubious. I don't know much about Overload but it appears to have about 5 paid developers or something.

6DOF shooters aren't really marketable like epic nostalgiafag retrobait like Dusk and Ion Maiden are.

a9577e  No.16091778

File: 0d0c4e315512aa1⋯.png (57.1 KB, 631x485, 631:485, sales.png)



It was a relatively small Kickstarter goal, where they were asking 300k and just barely got 306k. Compared to most nostalgia Kickstarters, that doesn't show a whole lot of interest. Meanwhile Descent: Underground (now renamed to Descent (2019)) raised double that for its Kickstarter purely because of brand recognition, and that one started long before the Overload Kickstarter started, yet they haven't even finished their game yet.

As a comparison, DUSK sold like 70k copies according to its producer, has around 3000 Steam reviews, got several articles in mainstream game journalism outlets about how RETRO SHOOTERS ARE BACK (which don't mention Overload at all), got rave reviews on launch, and was made entirely by one guy, with another guy doing the music and some other shmucks doing the multiplayer mode. Meanwhile Overload had a development team of like 8-10 people, has like a 1000 Steam reviews, barely got any reviews from big mainstream outlets, and those who did gave it like 7/10s because muh 'no innovation' while giving DUSK a total free pass, even though anyone with a fucking brain can tell Overload blows away DUSK in the level design department.

5ad86e  No.16091779

File: d4aecfb023b5de9⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1009x1764, 1009:1764, Praise_the_sun.jpg)

File: 47a8467cb8625af⋯.jpg (86.85 KB, 964x839, 964:839, you_better_keep_praising_o….jpg)


<muh one man team

<muh publisher

<muh false equivalence


every kickstarter game has some as to why it failed to deliver or underdelivered

135b95  No.16091783



but the game was amazing

the only fuck up was marketing

906494  No.16091784

>Dev updates posted over Discord

It was doomed from the start

Get it? I said DOOMed!

a9577e  No.16091795


>every kickstarter game has some as to why it failed to deliver or underdelivered

Overload completely delivered 100% on every front that was promised. They kickstarted it some time after Descent: Underground and finished their game even before the D:U devs announced they were rebranding it as a reboot. The problem is that it didn't sell much because the devs didn't market it at all and because Descent doesn't hold as much stock for the nostalgiabait audience, as opposed to Ion Maiden being a literal new Build Engine game. Even in retro FPS circlejerks the Descent games only undeservedly get a passing mention compared to id's big boys and The Big Three.

b6bf7c  No.16091817


>mainstream outlets

Absolutely useless, you need to get streamers to play your game nowadays. However, the reason they didn't try to market it was clearly stated, they just were using it as a vehicle to reenter the industry.

56d719  No.16091827

File: 06ecf7add5554b4⋯.jpg (163.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Overlord 2007.jpg)


When people talk about this game I keep fucking thinking they're talking about pic related

77f494  No.16091989

Reminder the best game of 2018 was right under everyone's noses and the entire time they wouldn't shut up about that shitty Daniel Vavra game just because of its connection to gamergate. Identity politics is a hell of a tactic to market a video game.

77f494  No.16091992

Another reminder that good games doesn't suddenly disappear or become bad just because the developers move on. Get the game and let's setup some multiplayer already, faggots.

073732  No.16091995


40 dolla tho

314337  No.16092029


That was a fun game.

46f224  No.16092042

File: 94a6b63461a305e⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 1069x1121, 1069:1121, don't cry because it's ove….jpg)

Don't be sad, OP, think this way: how many projects with tons of potential collapse before completion, or worse, get twisted into something unworthy? Let's be happy that they did make the game that they wanted to, and it is a very fine game.

a18b52  No.16092099


>that pic

Why would I smile over some genocidal maniac killing millions of people?

2c8fba  No.16092104


You're right. Catching typhus at summer camp can be a drag.

6d2c84  No.16092110


Man, FDR was fucked in the head, he killed so many jews by cutting the supply lines to the labor camps.

Fucking sicko.

09739b  No.16092141


It's hardly Germany's fault that Stalin was in power so long

b0545b  No.16092147

File: 28bb07c80890b06⋯.jpg (24.96 KB, 377x364, 29:28, 28bb07c80890b064c635c0e511….jpg)


>Jews and pollacks


ae1155  No.16092182

It sound's like the devs are satisfied with what they did and are thankful they got this far, more than anything. It sucks that there's not enough monetery incentive to go on, but that's what happens when you make a successor to a game that wasn't too popular to begin with, hence the term 'cult classic.'

2c8fba  No.16092197

File: 134bb71a97e22ed⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 400x279, 400:279, roll.gif)


>CIA approved smugs

6c5e9c  No.16092325


>the holohoax happened

Good joke anon.

889628  No.16092330

File: 8fe4c4651b7a07d⋯.webm (529.38 KB, 510x356, 255:178, jackpot.webm)

90d899  No.16092337


>Get the game and let's setup some multiplayer already, faggots.

Maybe, I reinstalled it and tried a few challenge missions but I'm pretty rusty.

d92be9  No.16092354


>pretending the holohoax happened

>five responses to this obvious bait

>sIx now

1d51a6  No.16092432

Undertale sells more than this garbo, lmao

2c8fba  No.16092460

File: c182338823919cb⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1115x1500, 223:300, ClipboardImage.png)


>more than garbo

Thank Goodness.

71adcd  No.16092469

At least they've released an excellent base for all the new Descent mods and level packs to be made on.

I didn't buy Overload because my toaster couldn't run it well and I was waiting on an upgrade, but it's a shame. I hope whatever they make next is more immediately successful. At the same time Overload made me want to try out both Descent games and I ended up loving the shit out of them so it wasn't a failure in my heart.

3ac2e6  No.16092471

File: 040df341cd63935⋯.jpg (71.54 KB, 960x719, 960:719, gondola_alcoholism.jpg)


On the one hand what the fuck why did you use the most generic design possible that's why it's forgettable WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PIG MOTIFS AND SYMBOLISM FROM THE FIRST 2 GAMES. On the other hand compared to most other devs being complete washouts I'm actually okay with them throwing in the towel.


>Isn't there another Descent game coming out in the near future as well?

YUsing IP to sell your dumb shit nobody would buy otherwise, the usual kikery.

46f224  No.16092492


>I didn't buy Overload because my toaster couldn't run it well and I was waiting on an upgrade

What toaster is that? The demo runs pretty well on my aging i5 750 (on a shit mobo that doesn't allow overclock) and a humble GTX 650ti (which I do overclock a bit).

71adcd  No.16092497

File: 36acaf175c651cc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 29.2 KB, 660x471, 220:157, beefy rig.png)


Is an upgrade really worth it for like 6 or 7 games?

e75654  No.16092572


Did they market this at all? This is the first time I've heard of Overload. A shame they couldn't find a way to get it trending like other retro titles have done.

Sounds like fun though, I'll probably buy this if OP is being honest with the lack of poz.

2c8fba  No.16092608


Don't fall in for their hardware info. It really should have run on rustic hardware.

71adcd  No.16092615


I played the demo and I refuse to ruin the game for myself in the future because it runs at a silky smooth 40 fps with frequent drops to 20. I can just wait until my toaster dies or really becomes obsolete and then I'll upgrade it to something.

2deb33  No.16092638

File: 86382355a5f43ea⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, q.png)

I really like these kinds of games but I didn't bother because the game was visually and musically boring. The gameplay just seems "good" or "great," but not nearly enough to carry it on its own.

da1966  No.16092642


>maybe we'll do it again in another 20 years

how hard is to keep a damn dev team a float?

56d719  No.16092654


Maybe the devs can get people like Mandalore or Ross Scott to review it?

6e869d  No.16092660

Sadly it's not the first time I've seen devs in similar situations.


>or really becomes obsolete

Phenom 2 rigs pretty much already are sadly because they're not supporting instruction sets that are starting to be used in games, just scour ebay for some refurb 2500 / 3570 / 4670 / 4690 based prebuilt (shouldn't cost you more than 100-200) and drop something like an RX 550 / GTX 1050 in it which also shouldn't run for much more than 100 bucks, it's not necessarily the best choice but it is the cheapest.

90d899  No.16092664


The later stages are a lot more visually interesting, and the visuals early on aren't really slouching either. There's something to be said for successfully creating level architecture which gives almost no indication of what direction is supposed to be "up", which is great for a 6DoF game.


Who fucking knows, industry veterans delivered on a totally solid game and reap none of the benefits, same thing happened when Nex Machina almost bankrupted Housemarque. Meanwhile Madmind Studios managed to take the commercial and critical failure of Agony and parley it into a director's cut release, a spinoff, and another new IP releasing in the future. It doesn't make sense.

a9577e  No.16092684

File: 4cc615788edb2c2⋯.jpg (102.83 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, overload_tethys.jpg)


The gameplay is par excelente, even moreso if you've played the first two Descent games and see how Overload improved on them. Just by looking at the automap you should be able to tell the game isn't fucking around. The spaces the levels represent are maximum abstract, but that worked out just fine for Doom and Quake too. Again, just try it.


It's a bit too late now, though Ross did use Descent music at one point in his videos.

71adcd  No.16092713


But what exactly do I look for in new hardware? I feel like a tool just looking at which gpu/cpu has the better-er benchmark scores and then building the rest of the pc around it.

I'm sorry for turning this into "build my pc"

03e4c1  No.16092761

Whoa, people. Slow down.

Overload can blame all its misfortunes on a single element. The stupidly generic name.

6e869d  No.16092877


Well there are many ways to find out about what you want


Is mostly good if you really don't know what you're doing.

Problem with advice in general is that it's gonna be very situational, price hikes / slumps may make something really good or really shit.

For gaming the only real advice right now is quadcore are starting to fall off (especially ones that don't have SMT) and don't go with AMD GPUs if you like emulation.

If you want something I'd make for myself right now, I'd go for that


Good price performance with an upgrade path and somewhat future proof as is, not 100% on the mobo and some choices you might prefer being different (mostly PSU being non modular and the storage)

69d680  No.16092956


>Maybe we'll do it again in another 20 years

Damn what a way to die

56a664  No.16092979

What is this schizophrenic shitskin on about?

b61795  No.16093273


>regular gamers

*mentally ill trannies

3f085d  No.16093296

File: 1f36ef9e83b7cbb⋯.jpg (35.23 KB, 502x470, 251:235, 1f36ef9e83b7cbbd8cfe88555a….jpg)

c2f43e  No.16093582


If it had just had its SDK released to the public then you wouldn't need DLC.

d6facf  No.16093767

>kickstart some hasbeens

>somehow don't wind up with an unpolished turd

You already won.

d01318  No.16093961


>Overload can blame all its misfortunes on a single element. The stupidly generic name.

This, as much as I love the game. Outward is going to have the same problem with its even worse name.

d01318  No.16093987

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>musically boring

Nigger what? The soundtrack had "tense shit happening in spaaaaaace" all over it.

d01318  No.16093995

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Seems like this one guy did all the best tracks, though.

42a833  No.16094029

poop… so much the vague hope we might get a Overload: freespace type of game as a sequel.

9c4404  No.16094120

File: 1e869d709feba82⋯.jpg (172.86 KB, 1009x931, 1009:931, brazilian.jpg)


e5c418  No.16094244


>As a comparison, DUSK sold like 70k copies according to its producer, has around 3000 Steam reviews, got several articles in mainstream game journalism outlets about how RETRO SHOOTERS ARE BACK

I hope I'm not the only one but I just do not fucking get the ridiculous reception of Dusk. I've been playing vidya for 25 years straight. I don't want to even think about how many hours of my life has sunk into it, it'd make me goddamn depressed. I yohoho'd Dusk, and just couldn't stomach more than the first 5 levels or so.

Why does it get such praise? It's so insanely bland, the level design isn't great at all (and lots of reviews claim it is for some reason), movement and combat just feels so dull and lacking in good challenge. It simply looks and feels so bad because the core gameplay is "who gives a fucking shit" tier. People compare it to Quake which is an absolute insult to Quake, I'd much rather just play that. Dusk just got far more positive reception than it ever deserved, and I'm willing to bet there are a dozen amazing games out there nobody knows about that far more deserved the limelight.

5d3d3e  No.16094317

File: 94d14d3cc5ce948⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 565x564, 565:564, Cutscene.jpg)

Of course this would have to happen. At least we have a good game to properly succeed Descent now. But this is honestly pretty depressing.

e4ff41  No.16094482


I can explain that easily.

One of the DUSK Developers made antifa games and released them on Steam.

And now you know why it got all the media attention it did. Another leftist in the leftist media circus with the political connection hidden behind a steam business account.

a9577e  No.16094484


It's probably best played on DUSKMARE with Intruder Mode enabled

c61290  No.16094488

6DOF games really need to step up their game. classic FPS shooters now enjoy huge resurgency with DUSK, Amid Evil, Ion Maiden, etc. and they do so with providing modernized look and feel without sacrificing gameplay. Descentlikes were already a niche among niches and Overload doesn't deliver anything beyond being a sterile looking descent copycat.

c61290  No.16094494


Dusk didn't gain much attention until Episode 2 which is FPSkino with all the fun different ideas crammed there. Episode 1 was playing it safe and Episode 3 tried the same thing but the gimmicks were worse.

d01318  No.16094495


You don't deserve those Hitler dubs you double nigger. None of those games you mentioned even come close to their '90s forebears, Overload actually surpasses Descent's gameplay and level design. Huge fucking difference.

>muh graphix

Kill yourself, every modern game sacrifices VISIBILITY and CONTRAST for shitting particles everywhere and muh realism. It is a mistake, and Overload sidestepped it.

5ad86e  No.16094521

File: 847fcd1b4324786⋯.webm (1.19 MB, 640x360, 16:9, flamethrower fun.webm)



>DUSK sold like 70k copies according to its producer

Hatred sold 100k within it's first weeks and 200k+ after that also,oh mother of all coincidences,no crowdfunding and definitely no love from the pressso nostalgiabait yourself out of that one faggot

Also 300k is a respectable amount of cash if you know what you're doing especially if you take into account that those were before the game was even past the concept stage let alone released to the public for purchase,if you don't however you can add as many zeros to it as you want to it and it won't make much of a difference.

3ac2e6  No.16094545


6DOF seems to be cursed, nobody really tries anything new with it except make it some dull Ace Combat or Freespace clone. Hell I suggested a neat idea for tacticool rainbow six/SWAT style gameplay in 6DOF off the top of my head for a thread 1-2 years ago so it can't be that hard to come up with radical new ideas for it.

3b56a4  No.16094572


this is a wrong opinion. enjoy your dead game and doomed genre :)

e4ff41  No.16094578


Why the fuck would I want "classic" shooters that require a hundred times the horse power to do something worse than the original? There is more Doom, Quake, Quake 2 and Duke Nukem knock offs that I could play through an entire game every day of my life and still not run out.

It's like an artist going "High quality brushes? Haha, no. I want to finger paint some blurry shit like when I was a child". It's a complete retardation of the genre. 2d graphics in platformers make sense as they work as a form factor. Making everyone look like a minecraft rejectdoesn't work in fps because it's a brown minecraft looking mess.

FPS genre has stagnated when FEAR did the best AI and Doom 3 pushed the graphics to their end point. Nothing has come close to these yet and so instead we dig up the corpse of superior games, repackage them and call it a nostalgia bait.

caba13  No.16094579


Right? You have everyone from LGR to Civvie to Icarus to GGFaglives shilling for it and at the end of the day it's absurdly subpar, with wide open levels with not much interesting in them, very obvious secrets that do not feel or contain rewarding things(with the exception of shit like extra bosses like the failed experiment), a good chunk of enemies that are completely unthreatening with the exception of the fucking boring slog that is Duskmare and weapons that are not fun to use with the exception of specific situational parts, like how the sickle reflects projectiles or how the crossbow can vertically boost you over gaps.

It's just not particularly good and I'd rank it next to like Wrack for shit that's just ok but unremarkable. It's better than AAA singleplayer but that's no achievement.

I wonder if Amid Evil and Ion Maiden are the same

e4ff41  No.16094585


The youtubers you list are all manchildren stuck in arrested development. Just tell them you're making a spiritual successor to an old game and they will buy the collectors edition on that single fact alone. Since they all got free preview copies you can guess how much shilling they were going to do.

caba13  No.16094587


In advance I'm sorry for turning this to an eceleb discussion for this post

Yeah but with the exception of the aussie fag they're kind of ok. I mean LGR made those really good tech tales videos, Civvie is most likely going to shill the everloving fuck out of the Blood remaster and maybe that won't be a disaster and monolith might stop making shitty LoTR titles for a change, and Icarus makes doom vids so he can't be that bad I think, I don't really watch them much.

For these people who pretty much base their entire channels on being "old skool fps kiddies" they are impressed by this completely average shooter?

e5c418  No.16094588


>I wonder if Amid Evil and Ion Maiden are the same

The former is actually decent. I'd be skeptical of buying it since their publisher is a bunch of virtue signalers, but I don't know much about the devs directly. It's still a pretty well done homage to things like Hexen or Blood. The latter I played a year ago, and I certainly wouldn't support the devs behind that one, and it also felt…somewhat off. Not sure how, it just didn't quite feel like a Duke Nukem game in some ways, even though it did most of the time. I think there might be a demo for that.

But Amid Evil is worth a playthrough if you're especially fond of old school FPSs.

e4ff41  No.16094589


Have you seen LGR's sims collection? They have nostalgia for good shooters but shit modern taste. Most of them are trannie loves too and don't gate keep faggots.

69d680  No.16094592


What about that fucking project warlock game, that game is fucking barf, the sharpness slider shows 0 but it displays a rounded float and is a fucking bitch, so you have to actually fuck around the slider to not get puke graphics, it's a fucking wolfenstein clone but its aping some retard shit, the main character barely spits out one-liners I got fucking tricked thinking this is some quasi meme game that's stuck inbetween doom/hexen and dn3d/blood but actually it's a piece of shit roguelike meme game that has more similarties to a watered down console game than an actual pc shooter where I FUCKING SHOOT THINGS, absolutely a meme game that can take a hike.

754c25  No.16094600

>Most pc games I played back in the day were disks full of demos provided for free with vidya magazines

>One of them was Descent

>Played a bit of it but didn't like it, then again I didn't like any FPS back then, was very much a platformer dude

>Two decades later I regularly see people holding Descent in very high esteem

>See a studio basically killing itself trying to make a successor

Much ado is made about how overrated nostalgia is, but dodging it isn't really that satisfying either.

e4ff41  No.16094608


Descent was heavily pushed by gaming magazines but it made most people sick or they didn't like the level designs. It's one of those retro active nostalgia games.

2e756b  No.16094643


Tried it recently and I didn't enjoy it much either. Not for the controls, I actually had fun messing with them. But there are a few enemies that are just ridiculous, and once they start appearing, you're pretty much forced to play at a very slow and cautious pace (unless you're one of those insane veterans of course). I imagined myself weaving through 3D space to dodge things, not being forced to hide behind cover and shoot around corners with perfect precision. Like what were they thinking when they designed the Drillers and Super hulks, and the purple walls that spawn enemies? I know I could just play on easy but my pride wouldn't allow it, and I was only on normal mode for fuck's sake

But I tried Overload and the enemies, at least what was in the demo, felt a lot more reasonable. So that's most of my problems hopefully thrown out.

caba13  No.16094765


Descent 2 is less annoying with those enemies. Overload redesigned the drillers to be short ranged instead of long ranged hitscan death and it's more reasonable, but some of the later levels are purple wall tier bullshit.

cf4d00  No.16094869


In Overload you can actually destroy the purple walls so they stop spawning enemies. On the flipside they're sometimes protected by impenetrable shields which you have to find and destroy the shield generator for before the shield is disabled. In reactor rooms most purple generators are shielded by the reactor (which may also be in turn shielded by another shield generator you have to find), though if you overload the reactor I imagine you have more pressing concerns than dealing with the robot generators.

There are some more long-range hitscan enemies in Overload, but thankfully they aren't nearly as accurate or aggressive (except for the Reaver, though you can shoot flares around corners to bait enemies in Overload). On top of that hitstun is more of a thing in Overload (more precisely, your shots inflict impact force on enemies, so shooting an enemy off-center will forcefully rotate it away from you in said direction), and the game is kind enough to be more lenient with shield orbs than Descent was.

e4ff41  No.16094886


Do you have any idea what hitscan is? you cannot have inaccurate hit scans

cf4d00  No.16094890


They don't have a 100% chance to hit and moving fast reduces the likelihood of being hit even further, is what is meant.

993149  No.16095457



So you'd be intergalactic cops raiding sex trafficking asteroids and space drug factories? Maybe illegal alien immigration spaceships? Cool.

69d680  No.16095489


delayed hitscan is not as accurate as instant hitscan

caba13  No.16095511

File: 5c71e90a9486949⋯.jpg (6.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Cultist.jpg)


Are you sure?

772a59  No.16095552


Hitscan just means that the shot is defined by an instantaneous ray, as opposed to a moving projectile. It can be made inaccurate on a random basis and often is for balance reasons, especially in single player games. I find player inaccurate hitscan weapons to be incredibly annoying though.

a9577e  No.16095709


>fucking boring slog that is Duskmare

I wouldn't really know why you would call it boring, unless you were just savescumming

3ac2e6  No.16095756

File: 5575a0efc974529⋯.png (154.17 KB, 256x362, 128:181, SWAT_4_Coverart.png)

File: 0afa656aca0eed8⋯.png (90.19 KB, 256x318, 128:159, Descent_cover.png)


The levels would take complete advantage of 6DOF too. The player would have to think 3-dimensionally in his tactics to succeed. The hardest part is keeping your squad controls within reason while still allowing them to be competent in a fully 3D environment. Plus the enemy themselves I can see it being really easy to make them simplistic and not doing 3D tactics as well.

3ac2e6  No.16095762


*Oh shit posted too early.

You wouldn't want simple 2D tactics so the AI would also need to have the enemy be somewhat competent and unpredictable.

caba13  No.16096262


Because it is. Because with Duskmare the only threats in your way are either rats which need to be cheesed by going into a place they can't reach and shooting them, antlers who die quickly and Scarecrows who also die quickly unless you're on intruder mode in that case who take a while until you get your hands on a super shotgun or riveter.

Dusk is either way too easy on Ciero Meido and below or forces you to play in a boring fashion in Duskmare because you can only reload the big fights so much before you get bored and stop trying to have fun in going fast in them and just take it slow with riveter on the scarecrows or whoever fires fast projectiles and then your backstrafe and shotgun on everything else.

Dusk was so fucking boring I didn't even get past E2M3. Wooo spooky melee antlers too bad they're not a thread.

a9577e  No.16096352

File: d4f49d52fe74e3c⋯.webm (15.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DUSK E3M6.webm)


>Because with Duskmare the only threats in your way are either rats which need to be cheesed by going into a place they can't reach and shooting them

Rats die in one or two shots, what the fuck do you even need to cheese them for?

>because you can only reload the big fights so much

Why the fuck are you savescumming? No seriously, what the hell is the point of choosing the highest difficulty of the game and then reloading saves made every minute or so like a total bitch? Doesn't that defeat the whole point? Of course it's boring when you just go back in time 10 seconds when you die. I don't want to hear anything about how you regulate your saves, stick to something consistent like restarting each level on death instead of making things even easier on yourself. Every level can be beaten under 10 minutes.

>or forces you to play in a boring fashion in Duskmare

Oh Christ, it's the goddamn Vanquish "I'm a scrub so I instead opt to play in the most boring way possible even though more aggressive playstyles exist" argument again. Yes, I can also choose to be a bitch and just endlessly kite every enemy in Doom while backtracking. But that decision lies solely with you. Meanwhile if you have some guts you can make something like WebM related possible without getting hit by enemies. Hell, you can slide underneath Scarecrow projectiles and Wizard fireballs. No need to play it safe.

caba13  No.16096498


But it's fucking boring.


The example in particular I have is that part in E1M3 where you get the assault rifle and you get a shitton of rats in a crowded room. As far as I remember they do not die in a few shots

>Why are you savescumming

What's the point of reloading a big chunk of nothing that a lot of levels offer if you can just save right before the good shit?

Of course it's boring when you go back in time 10 seconds when you die

My bad, I never thought going back in time a few minutes when I die was fun. I can't help it if I find most of The Cutty Mines or Old Time Religion boring to play through and the last thing I want to do is go through all of the easy, boring encounters just to get to the fun part where the music actually kicks in.

>It's the god damn vanquish argument

Here's the difference, in Vanquish, in Blood, in Shadow Warrior, in fucking Thief, in anything, you get to make the occasional mistake and live through it through tense situations, because instead of relying on a garbage 1 hit you die gimmick, they actually have threats that you can overcome and not

>Melee enemies that don't do much

>Ranged enemies that dead stop every 5 seconds to shit out a projectile at you that's either slow like fireballs or fast like bullets/scarecrow magic, except you can still circlestrafe it because slide boosting is absurd

I can't speak on bosses because the toxic gator and experiments are all I've played but those were pretty easy.

>No need to play it safe

I used to use the sickles on a regular basis just to not die of boredom. The fact is when everything dies rather quickly with shotgun/super shotgun and what doesn't requires stuff like the riveter that's playing with a boring fashion. The riveter is boring. The pistol is boring. The assault rifle is a souped up dual pistol. The hunting rifle is actually pretty satisfying. The super shotgun is pretty good especially for something you can very easily obtain in the first level. The mortars are fine but the remote detonations are a bit wonky. The crossbow feels like a gimmickier hunting rifle but the vertical boost is nice. What else? The sword isn't as satisfying to deflect with. The soap is a neat easter egg.

>git gud

I can appreciate finding a game you like but don't try and be so smug if you have to play the game with modifiers so you can get a modicum of enjoyment out of it. Dusk at it's core is rotten and I do not deny Duskmare+Intruder Mode was fun for a while until the actual game wore out its welcome.

It didn't suck. It wasn't the best thing ever, it was just okay and I feel like I'm more at odds with the overwhelmingly positive reception than I am with the actual game of which I am simply indifferent as proven by the giant wall of text I just shat out.

a9577e  No.16096811


>What's the point of reloading a big chunk of nothing that a lot of levels offer if you can just save right before the good shit?

You already move super fast and can kill super fast, especially if you get your hands on The Sword which can oneshot even the tougher enemies provided you have over 100HP

>because instead of relying on a garbage 1 hit you die gimmick, they actually have threats that you can overcome and not

Getting killed in one-hit is an adequate room for error here considering everything is projectile-based and there's no hitscan, so you can dodge everything if you play your cards right, much like how getting hit once in a shmup already costs a life. The idea is that you should be able to exert skill consistently over longer stretches of time rather than over one-minute bursts where you can just bruteforce your way through with luck or reloading saves, else there's not much satisfaction involved. Most of these first-person shooters are already designed with long(er)-term resource management in mind, the health and ammo you lose carries over to future encounters and you should be able to deal on the fly how you're going to spend your resources. Being able to reload infinitely kind of ruins that. Granted, health on DUSKMARE is a non-issue and Dusk swamps you with ammo, but it's the principle that counts. Else we have some people saying the game's too easy because they savescummed too much and other people say it's actually challenging because they didn't savescum at all, and there's no even standards for discussing difficulty because everyone had wildly disparate experiences

>I can appreciate finding a game you like but don't try and be so smug if you have to play the game with modifiers so you can get a modicum of enjoyment out of it

I do believe that some games are just best played in some way, and 90% of people are bound to play it on Cero Miedo and call the game 2ez even though the only challenge lies in DUSKMARE. If the game's too easy, then play it on the difficulty setting that's covered in blood and gore. If the game's too easy, stop saving after every fight. If you find yourself playing super cautiously, then you need to learn how to play more aggressively.

>Dusk at it's core is rotten

I don't really think that's the problem. If you consider that the basic enemy types like Wizards or Leathernecks or Soldiers can find their direct counterparts to enemies in Doom, it's more a problem with the level design and the main developer learning as he went on. Episode 1 as a whole is largely trash with only E1M5, E1M8, E1M9 being any alright. I think most of /v/ dropped it by E1 for that matter. It's only by Episode 2 and especially Episode 3 that there's a significant increase in quality. It's doubly unfortunate that the most fun to fight enemy types appear very late into the game, so they can barely be made use of. It's more or less a case of unrealized potential, unfortunately everyone here then goes shitting on things that deserve it, but for the wrong reasons

0c9c21  No.16096909


The problem with Kickstarter is that all the money you get to make the game is really just upfront sales. You always have to take into account the possibility that the funding you get from Kickstarter is all the sales you will make.

On another topic, these faggots still have to source for Descent 3 and the only thing preventing them from releasing it is their autism. And since Overload is made with Unity there is no way of getting its source code.

f891a2  No.16096954


Ouch… I was not that interested in it (mostly because of lacking peripherals to play it) but it looked well made and I was hoping it would do well. Sad to see it didn't in the end.

dfca2d  No.16096997


>people still using that shitty rough sketch I made as a reaction

Please end me

94ce16  No.16097060


Prepare thy anus.

d01318  No.16097325

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I finished Insane with m+kb, you don't need peripherals. There's a lot of options for auto-leveling your ship, or not, your preference. I was delaying for this reason too because I remember not liking Descent with a mouse, and I remember everyone using joysticks for it at LAN parties, but I think mouse is the way to go with Overload after all of the quality of life improvements they added.

dfca2d  No.16097348


don't be gentle

f891a2  No.16097583


I feel it just wouldn't be the same and I'd be ruining the experience even if it's possible to play with just keyboard and mouse. Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to buy a joystick just for this game, so if I want to play it it'll have to be with keyboard, but that's not very enticing at the moment.

7e1abf  No.16097826


Wait, we're not talking about chad evil simulator guy? What the fuck overlord is this?

69d680  No.16098044


>tfw overlord 2 you can have a threesome and get everyone's tax payment while you're at it

3ac2e6  No.16098075


Yeah but he has to mind control people to do it and his mom bent over for a filthy knife ear. His dad is a way better overlord and he took over hell too.

c24ad3  No.16098291


>episode 2 and 3 are better

Fine, I'll give it a shot. This better be good.

b6fb46  No.16098730


I get that Canada built concentration camps, but it's been 75 years now, chill.

29fa87  No.16098783


You're omitting the fact that hatred still got a ton of press attention, negative or no it sells games.

Overload was fucking great though, glad I bought it instead of pirating.

61eff2  No.16098822

File: 01a6df31707e79a⋯.png (42.81 KB, 795x620, 159:124, 1.png)


>Hatred got a ton of press when released

>Overload didn't get any

<this is why my favorite game didn't sell

just keep shifting those goalposts faggot and post again when you have reached Brazil

0c9c21  No.16101071


I played through the most part of Descent via the DXX Rebirth source port with mouse and keyboard, and it played just fine. A joystick gives you better maneuverability, the mouse gives you better precision, so it balances itself out in the end.

2f26a7  No.16109293

Compared to Dusk, how big of faggots are the devs of this game? At least it looks good instead of being "retro", so that's a start.

Paid mods though, fucking gay.

e9da68  No.16109436

File: 4d3455c299957bc⋯.png (160.75 KB, 269x271, 269:271, ClipboardImage.png)

1c2fa4  No.16110273

Modern "gamers" are normalfag casuals so unique or interesting games don't stand a chance

1c2fa4  No.16110279


But he's right. A game sells only on the amount of cancerous faggoi you can get to talk about a game.

947005  No.16110467

that's genuinely sad. overload is a really good game and i was hoping for more

305f38  No.16110488

File: 34d887a63e00384⋯.gif (713.56 KB, 254x199, 254:199, CAS anger.gif)


Oh shut the fuck up. Evolve deserved everything it got because they forced in every conceivable kike-rotransaction save for lootboxes in that game. It fucking deserved it. And I say this as someone who put 100 hours in the f2p version and enjoyed the gameplay. It rightfully died.

947005  No.16110494


i pirated it before i bought it and i'd bet the torrents are still up. try searching whichever tracker you use

305f38  No.16110497


I played the pre-launch beta too.

>the microtransaction which were just pallet swaps

Yes and? Does that excuse it? Are you gonna pull a "it's just optional dude xDDDDD"? They were awful.

77f494  No.16110504


>Shame; I was gonna buy this too.

So do it? The developers didn't lose control over the IP to a publisher like they did with Descent. When you buy it now the money still goes to them even if they've moved on to other projects.

305f38  No.16110505


>post development

They were there on release. Eat shit.

e7aaba  No.16110535

reminder don't buy dusk. devs are antifa supporters

3f2878  No.16110564

File: d308fb905df4c59⋯.jpg (60.42 KB, 480x480, 1:1, d308fb905df4c596a1504b11b9….jpg)


Why did I not hear of this game?



889628  No.16111186


>too tech illiterate to pirate

>dude it's just cosmetic

Kill yourself apologist. Normalfags like you are exactly why everything went to shit.

280075  No.16114904


Do you ever go a day without obsessing over this dead, shitty DLC-fest

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