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File: 0dcdad71e80e5b3⋯.jpg (276.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FEAR.jpg)

bbec12  No.16092757

Was FEAR the last good first person shooter released before Modern Military Shooters completely took over?

9934cb  No.16092772

If you mean single-player FPS, probably.

066ed6  No.16092787

I played this for the first time recently. Goddamn the combat has aged so well.

>that fucking shotgun

82b543  No.16092789

File: 7753e5711ec1dac⋯.jpg (206.67 KB, 692x960, 173:240, 1050.jpg)


FEAR was a mediocre game with nice lighting effects. The AI was pretty dumb and mostly charged towards your position when it was not doing scripted shit like toppling shelves for no reason and charging towards you from doors and walls that are set to blow up on their own on timed triggers. Take the easy mode tier slow-motion mechanic and it's as generic as any other shooter of its era.

f1e7cf  No.16092792




The game is piss easy, has no enemy or level variety and crappy jump-scare scripted horror. The only things it did right were the shotgun and the ghost loli.

f1e7cf  No.16092797


> The AI was pretty dumb and mostly charged towards your position when it was not doing scripted shit like toppling shelves for no reason and charging towards you from doors and walls that are set to blow up on their own on timed triggers.

The much praised AI is actually just standard AI that throws out voice lines which make it sound like they're using tactics. Literally the same trick Half Life 1 did seven years earlier.

bbec12  No.16092798


I will admit that the horror is really lame, but judging FEAR as a horror game is retarded. The combat on the highest difficulty is genuinely challenging.

569557  No.16092799


>The AI was pretty dumb

Holy mother of bait

689bc8  No.16092803


t. Homosexual

bbec12  No.16092807

File: 98bc8c0e805b944⋯.jpg (220.15 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, C9RC22q.jpg)


>it was gay in max payne

f1e7cf  No.16092808


>The combat on the highest difficulty is genuinely challenging.

Are you brain damaged?


Max Payne at least has rare moments of challenge on the harder difficulties.

bbec12  No.16092811


When was the last time you played FEAR?

1e2220  No.16092813

How can you innovate the fps genre without turning it into a bullet hell? So yeah it's pretty much dead until someone makes an action game that plays like a bullet hell that uses grappling hooks and fun movement.

0ec865  No.16092821

>Ostfront 41-45


>Call of Juarez

>Battlefield 2142

>S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

>S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky

>S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

>Quake Wars

>Team Fortress 2

>Painkiller: Overdose

>Call of Duty 4


>Bad Company

>Bad Company 2

>Crysis Warhead

>World at War


bb2896  No.16092826

why can I hear the AI talk?

82b543  No.16092832



AI calling out the things the player's doing is pretty basic shit meant to tell the player that the AI is "aware" of what they're doing. When Replica soldiers say shit like "HE'S FLANKING US" despite you just walking towards them regardless of direction, call out grenades but don't run away from them, etc. They don't really act on what they're calling out, it's just ear candy to make the player feel immersed.

Their AI is pretty much "go towards player" from any path they can find, and their apparent "brilliance" comes from the levels themselves changing and opening up paths through scripted sequences so they can pathfind their way to the player. They're not doing much else. Go watch the devs' conference on how they made the game if you don't believe me.

Also the game has effects out the ass. The shotgun looks like a fucking musket from all the gas it spews out with every shot, and the walls must be made out of confetti to cough up so much dust when bullets hit them.

82b543  No.16092841


In fact, during development of FEAR, the devs did make it smarter than it is. On top of doing away with voice callouts (so the player won't know what they're planning) they did program actual flanking tactics to them, but playtesters hated it because they were getting shot in the back of the head by unsuspecting enemies who were both silent and knew exactly how to rationalize the best tactic to kill them. They dialed that back and made the AI just as dumb as any other FPS, and suddenly everyone loved and praised it for being "smart", including /v/.

It's funny, really.

f1e7cf  No.16092842


A few years ago. It's really not a difficult game even when you try it with the slow motion disabled.

e62c2f  No.16092844


>Ostfront 41-45

Based on a mod that pre-dates fear.


Must admit I've not played it.

>Call of Juarez

Did you mean Gunslinger? It's ok but overrated.

>Battlefield 2142

A shit game that locked essential equipment behind a shitty unlock system. Battlefield 2 is better and was the last good Battlefield.

>S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

>S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky

>S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

Great atmosphere, shit gameplay, asspull story. Except Clear Sky which is just shit on all accounts.

>Quake Wars


>Team Fortress 2

Only for the first few years until item faggotry got in.

>Painkiller: Overdose

Fair enough

>Call of Duty 4

Only an underage faggot would think this.


Tech demo.

>Bad Company

>Bad Company 2

Battlefield died after 2. Shitty console versions need not apply.

>Crysis Warhead

Better than Crysis but still not great.

>World at War

If you mean CoD 5 then you have terrible taste.



Mark should never have let cuckchan in here.

f1e7cf  No.16092855


Outside of that MP is still pretty good. Give me that over fear any day.


That's not a surprise at all. This idea that fear is good is only true if you compare it to utter trash like CoD 4 where the AI is 100% braindead and then 90% braindead is impressive.

569557  No.16092873

File: 7f15db188a9ee0b⋯.png (378.06 KB, 794x807, 794:807, 7f15db188a9ee0b2df045e9537….png)


>The much praised AI is actually just standard AI

No, it wasn't. They literally won awards for it. This myth is propably due to devs saying that the key to letting players know that their AI was clever was to make it call out what it was thinking instead of just having it be silent like it is in many games, because then players would never notice the AI. The game used a planning system and still has the most advanced AI ever seen in a shooter. As someone who has written AIs myself, have played FEAR extensively and have read interviews about the inner workings of it I find it really annoying how a dumb no good nigger like yourself can just go ahead and claim the AI is no more advanced than the piece of shit that was used in Half-Life and was entirely faked.

82b543  No.16092874

File: fd018bdaad1e94b⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 1453230721502.webm)

File: 509fca8e652efb4⋯.webm (7.09 MB, 960x600, 8:5, pvzntl.webm)



You can find such advanced AI in another better game, as broken as it is.

Far Cry 2 also has some pretty nifty AI.

51218e  No.16092885


I'd love to know what fps you think are great.

c4b2c2  No.16092890


>underage redditor calling anyone else a cuckchanner for giving OP some good FPS games

>Says Stalker has bad gameplay

All opinions discarded. The only person with shit taste in this entire thread is (You)

f1e7cf  No.16092894


>They literally won awards for it.

So shit. Fucking Skyrim won awards.

>This myth is propably due to devs saying that the key to letting players know that their AI was clever was to make it call out what it was thinking instead of just having it be silent like it is in many games, because then players would never notice the AI. The game used a planning system and still has the most advanced AI ever seen in a shooter. As someone who has written AIs myself, have played FEAR extensively and have read interviews about the inner workings of it I find it really annoying how a dumb no good nigger like yourself can just go ahead and claim the AI is no more advanced than the piece of shit that was used in Half-Life and was entirely faked.

And yet despite all of this supposed technology the AI is as stupid as any other game bar the outright shooting galleries like later CoD games where they pop in and out.

25f02b  No.16092895

File: de8e8a9c7403cb2⋯.png (9.47 KB, 490x176, 245:88, Stalker Mutual Flank.PNG)


> it's just ear candy

It's a vocal signal tied to it's parameters, when it gives a vocal signal that means it's parameters have changed. Replica soldiers saying they're flanked is a signal that the AI recognizes it's in a position exposed to the player. You're making it sound dumber then it actually is.


STALKER uses the same FOSS standards as FEAR. By saying STALKER's AI is smart and FEAR's isn't you're basically establishing you don't actually understand anything the devs have said about their own game.

569557  No.16092897

File: d0bf68cdd1aa6de⋯.jpg (34.63 KB, 769x560, 769:560, DeP1W9lXUAIear2.jpg)


>And yet despite all of this supposed technology the AI is as stupid as any other game

You have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

f1e7cf  No.16092899


>play the actual game

>AI does nothing other games haven't done before

I don't care what fancy methods they may or may not have used if it doesn't get results.

eae518  No.16092912


>Mark should never have let cuckchan in here.

I agree, which is why you should leave.

e015df  No.16092914

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The AI in FEAR is 'smart' because it is effective. The AI in FEAR is able to flank the player and keep him on his toes because the level design allows for it, and because the AI pathfinding can make full use of the environment I'm fully aware that any flanking on the AI's part is more or less unintentional, but because FEAR's combat arenas are often circular in design the game can turn into more of a game of cat and mouse, which is what elevates it from all the other first-person shooters released at the time whose level design devolved to focusing on cinematic setpieces and gimmicks where every gun was hitscan and you had your obligatory sniper/turret/vehicle missions.

FEAR is one of the very few full-hitscan game which actually understands the importance of combat spaces which feature several routes and plenty of geometry that breaks line of sight for combat which is dominated by hitscan weaponry. Instead of dodging projectiles, you instead have to move around the combat space to prevent enemies from getting a clear line of sight on you while you can get a clear line of sight on their flanks. If the level was a linear corridor, then the AI can't express any intelligent action. What can the AI and player do in a linear corridor other than shuffle around, sidestep in and out of cover, and shoot back? It's disingenuous to judge the AI in FEAR solely by itself.

also embed related

f1e7cf  No.16092916


>cuckchan meme

>only response when his opinions are challenged is ad hominem

Really makes you think.

f44c6c  No.16092918


not really anon

>red orchestra ostfront


>crysis + warhead

>necrovision LC


>call of juarez gunslinger


>any CoD after 1 and any BF after 2


what the fuck nigger

ae2629  No.16092925













This kind of autistic kvetching that popped up late 2015 is why /v/ will never ever be good again.

Thr same retards pop up every time.

82b543  No.16092928


>You're making it sound dumber then it actually is.

I'm specifically making it sound as dumb as it actually is. Calling out "GRENADE" when the player throws a grenade or "HE'S FLANKING US" when the player kills one guy isn't anything groundbreaking.

FEAR's AI is not all that grandiose thing you think it is. As I said before, it is boosted by level design that changes to make it look better. Had that one set of double doors on the roof level not been set to blow up on a scripted event, the AI would only charge the player from the one available route it has, which is up front towards him.

FEAR's levels have a lot of point of entrances, hence why the AI can spread out and - surprise suprise - just charge the player from as many directions as they can from their spawn point. The AI moves alot, and the levels allow them to move alot and have a lot of scripted animations for toppling shit (which is just the level design itself changing, not the AI acting upon it). Go fight them in a simple room or a corridor you can funnel them through and you'll see them lining up at your gunpoint.

f44c6c  No.16092929


I forgot to add bioshock 2

82b543  No.16092949

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d4fad7  No.16092953

No that was Cube

25f02b  No.16092955


>FEAR's AI is not all that grandiose thing you think it is.

I don't think it's grandiose, you are making it out to be even stupider then it is. They prioritize moving to the player's position by moving to safer positions if it's available which is exactly why they move around besides charging at you. As for using animations to get around the map that's something they didn't intend for but incorporated the bot to be able to do that in every map because it was pretty cool.

It's exactly what I envision it to be and it's exactly because it is like this, which is why it is brilliant.

c4b2c2  No.16092968


>CoD 4 was a bad FPS because other studios failed to understand what made it so good

You're a fucking retard.

e015df  No.16092974


>FEAR's AI is not all that grandiose thing you think it is

Again, a moot point because what matters is how effective it is for gameplay. It's about as useful as criticizing the enemy AI in Serious Sam for being dumb.

I think you're majorly underselling how important the combination of effective AI and circular compact combat spaces is to make FPS combat work where everything is hitscan, and how FEAR was really the first game to show the importance of it. Yet very little games have taken the same approach to combat since then.

If the AI is the driving factor behind making dynamic combat encounters, than naturally it will be called smart. Enemies in Unreal were fueled by multiplayer bot AI which meant that they were capable of reacting to attacks from the player and leading their own shots so their projectiles could hit you even when strafing, and that's all it takes to have smart AI.

82b543  No.16092982


>you are making it out to be even stupider then it is

The AI has 3 fucking phases for fuck's sake, one of which is just movement animation. The other two are just "goto" and act on a scripted event. It shines because the level design allows it to attack the player and move around in a fancy looking way.

A further example is STALKER - enemies spread out and take cover as soon as they engage, and their programming is to push towards the player from whatever direction. Combine this with a map with a lot of paths one can take towards the enemy and you got yourself an AI that is unlike other games.

Far Cry 2's AI has more as well, despite the game's flaws. When a group of enemies is shot by a sniper rifle, they all take cover and won't come out until the player leaves the area, which is the smart thing to do when being attacked by a sniper.

They'll shoot the player from cover instead of just charging them.

When an enemy is wounded, he takes out his pistol and keeps attacking the player while waiting for another enemy to come and drag him to safety.

They'll run way from wildfire and explosives.

When the player runs away, they'll jump into jeeps and chase him down. The jeep drivers will actually try to run the player over instead of jumping out of the vehicle to attack, and when they miss, they'll jump out of the jeep instead of making a turn and trying again as it'd take too long.

I've had cases where I was using a silenced shotgun moving through bushes and killed one enemy, and I honest to god heard the others actually perform tactics, as I remember one saying "you go left, I'll go this way" and they split up to circle the bush area to find me. This is the sort of little detail that makes AI shine on its own, rather than the level allowing it to perform fancy animations when going from A to B.

82b543  No.16092999

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>how effective it is for gameplay

It's true, but my point is that great AI does more than just attack the player and move around towards his position. Serious Sam's AI is trash because enemies either just charge you, shoot you from afar, or both. Croteam tried to compensate for it by throwing a billion enemies at you. Hell, even the levels are often just barren wide areas for the player to hold down M1 and walk backwards until everything is dead.

Doom (1993) for example, did AI just as simple as FEAR's, and boosted their fairly simple AI with level design. It wasn't bad for Doom, but again this was 1993 AI.

ae2629  No.16093006


>Serious Sam and F.E.A.R are bad because I'm retarded

And here he goes again

82b543  No.16093009

File: d5ac1707f0dca8c⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1357x3061, 1357:3061, SS.jpg)


>He thinks SS's AI is good

So you don't have an argument.

At least bullet hell games have enemies that move and attack in different patterns. SS is just a worse Doom with an excess of enemies.

82b543  No.16093012


Also I didn't say FEAR was bad. I said it was mediocre.

bbec12  No.16093038

Did FEAR 2 and 3 even have the 1's melee system?

bbec12  No.16093049

>16092999 (You)

>Doom (1993) for example, did AI just as simple as FEAR's

0/10 bait, please try to be more subtle

ae2629  No.16093068


2 kept it, but it had worse binds and was completly useless outside the basic weapon melee and had godawful floaty physics and sound impacts.

3 had a fucking knife


It's not bait he's legitimately this retarded

e015df  No.16093069


>but my point is that great AI does more than just attack the player and move around towards his position

You won't find such great AI in a FPS (other than a to-be-developed tactical FPS maybe) because 'true' great AI simply isn't necessary or even fun to deal with at all. In fact I don't think you actually have a solid idea of how to make a FPS with true great AI and also make it fun. Enemies have to be reactable to, else you end up getting hit from completely out of nowhere for something you couldn't really see coming, and nobody likes getting hit without understanding why it is that they got hit. Making enemies thus reactable already places the AI in a disadvantageous position because the AI should ideally play with an open hand (or alternatively the player should be given the means to understand what the AI is up to, like scouting units in an RTS). Which is why FEAR's AI loudly announces everything it does, so you can at least react when they decide to flank you.

>Serious Sam's AI is trash because enemies either just charge you, shoot you from afar, or both. Croteam tried to compensate for it by throwing a billion enemies at you. Hell, even the levels are often just barren wide areas for the player to hold down M1 and walk backwards until everything is dead.

The crux of encounter design in Serious Sam comes more from how different enemy types are mixed and matched together to form different situations, which require different approaches to target prioritization and what weapon to select. You tell me what the side-effect of a Headless Kamikaze in a group of enemies is, what happens when you have a bunch of Werebulls running past you and doing a 180 to charge at you again while the main horde is coming at you from the other direction, and how you have to move when a Khnum enters the fray.

Serious Sam is Serious Sam because you're fighting a zillion enemies at a time. The levels are barren wide areas because where the hell else are you going to squeeze all those enemies in? Doom's E1M1? Reduce the enemy count so you can fit in more enemies in more complex environments, and you no longer have Serious Sam.

bbec12  No.16093073

FEAR reminded me of Equilibrium for some reason. I want a first person shooter with actual gun kata.

bbec12  No.16093079

608d3c  No.16093080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>People think FEARs AI is some sort of one-of-a-kind flawless altar


724edd  No.16093081


Mark has stopped banning newfags.

e699e7  No.16093084


Fucking finally someone says the truth about Fear, fuck all these retrokids glorifying a bland corridor shooter with jumpscares.

No one ever gave a damn about the gameplay, back then. It was just serviceable, and bullet time was already an old horse. All Fear was discussed about were graphics and the Alma scemes.

bbec12  No.16093089


>the Alma scemes.

No one gave a shit about the Alma scenes back then, or today. All the praise I've seen for the game have been about visuals (which still hold up surprisingly well) and the gameplay. You are full of shit.

71d202  No.16093113

File: c464369aeff4759⋯.png (133.46 KB, 503x670, 503:670, 0b5.png)

File: 72965c88cbb2fd4⋯.pdf (2.32 MB, gdc2006_orkin_jeff_fear.pdf)


>they did program actual flanking tactics to them, but playtesters hated it

F.E.A.R. did have flanking but it was unintended functionality. Apparently it came from a software bug some newfag accidentally fixed while working on F.E.A.R. 2.



>The AI has 3 fucking phases for fuck's sake, one of which is just movement animation. The other two are just "goto" and act on a scripted event

By trying to show off your knowledge of F.E.A.R.'s AI, you've outed yourself as an idiot. Spoonfeeding time.

Prior to F.E.A.R., most shootan AIs were either state machines or behavior trees. State machines tend to balloon in size and complexity as you add more functionality, and after some bad experiences with state machines in previous games Monolith wanted to try something different.

F.E.A.R.'s state machine only has three states: move, perform an action/animation, and respond to a scripted event trigger. It doesn't need any more thanks to the STRIPs planner, which chooses a goal and then attempts to string together a series of movements and animations to achieve said goal. There's also some limited squad mechanics but most of it is just clever use of voice clips. In addition, the AI programmer and level designers worked closely together to make sure the game had interesting spaces for the AI to move around in.

If anyone actually wants to know how F.E.A.R.'s AI works instead of listening to shitters, here's a paper from the guy who designed it. He has a bunch more resources at http://alumni.media.mit.edu/~jorkin/goap.html if you're interested.

224725  No.16093135

File: 39ce9c4af6cef2f⋯.png (246.75 KB, 1712x486, 856:243, >GOAP.png)


>If anyone actually wants to know how F.E.A.R.'s AI works instead of listening to shitters, here's a paper from the guy who designed it. He has a bunch more resources at http://alumni.media.mit.edu/~jorkin/goap.html if you're interested.

You talk about GOAP as if it's some holy grail of technology but literally Fallout 3 and Empire Total War used it. Both of those games have notoriously retarded AI. It's clearly just a marketing meme.

997dab  No.16093142

File: 07f06621f20f743⋯.jpg (84.76 KB, 864x717, 288:239, 076625293.jpg)



unirocally both of these, I was scammed into buying it because /v/ told me it was "oh so good" but it was really unimpressive, physics engine and lighting aside, that is. then again there's plenty of game with impressive physics and lighting so even those two are kind of a moot point.

07200a  No.16093144

File: 391cef1e0da12e1⋯.png (656.95 KB, 765x565, 153:113, sleep of reason.png)

>none of them have played cryostasis.


224725  No.16093146


>slav developers

It's shit.

bad335  No.16093153



This is the proper prey right? Not shitty nu-prey?

>cod WaW



569557  No.16093155


I've finished it. It was a 10/10 game for me, everything I wanted it to be and more. It's a shame they wrote it for single core processors.

71d202  No.16093156


>You talk about GOAP as if it's some holy grail of technology

I never did. Any vidya AI technique can be used well or poorly (for example, Half-Life's AI isn't revolutionary from a technical perspective but it does have very well-made state machines, while Crysis also uses state machines for its Nork soldiers except they're infamously retarded) and some techniques suit certain games better than others.



Mein negro. It ran at sub-10fps most of the time and I still loved every moment of it.

e015df  No.16093157

File: e0aafa6fedff4f5⋯.png (241.36 KB, 559x278, 559:278, good.png)



FEAR stood out because it actually approached hitscan-oriented combat differently than most corridor shooters at the time. For example, in most shooters, enemies will just shuffle in and out of cover a bit, throw a grenade if you are hiding behind cover, and essentially the whole game becomes a game of whack-a-mole because the enemy has hitscan weaponry too and sticking your head out too long puts you at too much risk. You're usually only sticking to your piece of chest-high cover or behind your corner and peeking out and back in until everything dies. It's fucking boring, which is why shooters at the time usually had to force genre shifts like the obligatory turret mission, the obligatory sniper mission, the obligatory vehicle mission, and the obligatory stealth level in order to give the game some variety.

Consider what makes combat fun in games where enemies shoot projectiles at you instead. You have to actually move around the projectiles, you have to run around like a madman, you have to keep track of your surroundings so you don't accidentally run into another stream of projectiles, you can actively avoid damage, and you're not playing fucking whack-a-mole. This isn't really possible if all the enemy attacks are hitscan which punish you for moving into open spaces at all.

So what does FEAR do? Instead it makes the levels compact and circular, you have rooms that loop back into eachother, there's tons of chest level cover in the offices and pillars to hide behind, but more importantly, each arena also contains routes to allow you to move AROUND the enemy and hit them from behind. In a game dominated by hitscan, facing the enemy from the front poses the most risk to your health, so instead you simply walk around them and flank them instead where they can't immediately retaliate. This allows you to actually play aggressively, to constantly be on the move and get the drop on the enemy instead of passively hiding behind corner like most shooters at the time. But the fun part is that the AI can do the same, resulting in a game of cat and mouse where both the AI and the player are trying to chase eachother and trying to get the drop on eachother. It gives fights a greater sense of dynamism and unpredictability where many encounters can play out differently each time you play it because the AI is very effective at navigating the environment.

It's a bit different from enemies like in Doom, where most enemies are super slow. So to compensate for their ability to effectively move around, the level designers specifically placed enemies in spots in combination with other enemies to create unique challenges where they could pose an actual threat to the player. In F.E.A.R. the AI has tons of mobility, which warranted a different approach to level design. Enemies enter an arena the same time as the player does, giving them an opportunity to fan out. Levels are circular instead of a corridor to provide opportunity of movement. Fights often start by giving the player the first strike opportunity, and letting the player formulate his plan of attack. If you want to know more, I suggest you read this: http://www.fullbrightdesplease use archive.ism/2009/02/basics-of-effective-fps-encounter.html

The unfortunate part is that most hitscan-oriented singleplayer shooters since then completely ignored this approach, or tried to do what FEAR did but with more enemy variety. Instead you got a greater focus on special abilities or other gimmicks, a greater focus on cinematic setpieces, and what have you. Wolfenstein: TNO almost came close to FEAR's unique style of combat, its just that it often also took place in wide open areas with minimal cover where flanking is impossible, and its enemies weren't mobile enough.

e015df  No.16093159


>link ending in desIGN dot com gets wordfiltered because IGN dot com

thank you very much, kike


997dab  No.16093177

File: 2526c6269a7bb28⋯.jpg (75.21 KB, 400x400, 1:1, cb314d08da3a49c76f9fa91d84….jpg)


>this wall of text about how it's le innovative flanking and smart AI

>when 90% of the game is set in tight and cramped as fuck maps with maybe two ways to go at most.

yeah that AI really shone

c7434b  No.16093189


c64bd6  No.16093190


Last FPS I enjoyed was FEAR, but even then I am not much of an FPS person though I like single player games that use sniper rifles.

e015df  No.16093222


>it's le innovative flanking and smart AI

It stands out because it's rare to find a first-person shooter where the AI is regularly capable of doing maneuvering around the player, because it certainly can't happen in a straight corridor or an FarCry-esque open world, which is what describes most FPS level design post 2004.

>>when 90% of the game is set in tight and cramped as fuck maps

If it weren't happening in tight and cramped as fuck maps then there'd be tons of open space with little cover to break line of sight with which allows all the hitscan enemies to easily grate you like cheese. The level in FEAR that took place outside a garage with all the trucks was like this and because of it facilitated a largely passive peekaboo style that wasn't particularly engaging. Because there's so much geometry that breaks line of sight, you and the AI have the opportunity to catch the other by surprise.

>with maybe two ways to go at most

I don't see the point in making the combat space much larger than the amount of enemies present actually warrants. If anything you'd risk both the AI and player getting lost in a pseudo-maze in the process of trying to find the other, which could make fights drag on for too long. By reducing the possible routes but not completely eliminating them and keeping the combat space small you at least provide enough opportunity for the AI and player to inevitably come into contact with eachother, while still providing opportunities for both parties to maneuver around the other.

If you were to improve FEAR, is your suggestion then to make sure there is little major cover so both the enemy and player can see eachother at all times, and always be able to hit eachother? I mean, it could work.

aa348f  No.16093287


t. Didn't play the expansions

4c0907  No.16093463


He didn't say SS's AI was good but that doesn't necessarily make for a bad game because that type of game doesn't need good or SMART AI.

You just proved how fucking retarded you are.


What a terrible video. He makes some good points here and there but he mostly just excuses bad design choices and enemy behavior as being something good


>those far cry and uncharted examples

>you shouldn't notice this

>implying it's a good design choice

Except I do fucking notice and it's just painfully obvious how terrible the AI is.

78d23c  No.16093505


Fears' AI was the only AI that has ever been able to flank me.

252164  No.16093575

What does /v/ think about Rainbow Six Siege?

I got it a few days ago and I'm really enjoying it- it's not a dumb run and gun game, it's tacticool. Would be great to play in a well-coordinated group of friends. I HATE the having to either pay or grind for the DLC operators, but other than that, I'm really enjoying it.

4fbcca  No.16093586


We had generals for a while newfriend, and there's a reason they died off.

2875be  No.16093593


>Serious Sam's AI is trash because enemies either just charge you, shoot you from afar, or both.

You stupid nigger, it's the combination of their different movements that creates a complicated obstacle course that you have to go through. Enemies in FPS are not like enemies in an RPG, they are not the challenge in themself. It's the combination of those enemies and level desing that create the challenge, it's like the usage of enemies in a platformer. The AI is good when it works well with the level design created in mind for those enemies.

25f02b  No.16093596


>The AI has 3 fucking phases for fuck's sake, one of which is just movement animation.

Yes, it's pretty impressive with how much you can get out of STRIPS.


Controlled by the map itself, same as FEAR in fact. They changed it to GOAP in development because their "online" mode for A-Life was perfect when determining actions since "offline" mode was already entirely in control of the map. You're literally fighting the same type of AI as FEAR but it uses different information and goal orientation.

924eed  No.16093599

File: a987ca393e41bb1⋯.jpg (76.8 KB, 628x768, 157:192, a987ca393e41bb191dc3fe9efe….jpg)


>asspull story

Jesus Christ this term is so painfully misused or used as if anybody cares.

252164  No.16093662


why? nobody wants to talk about video games that aren't over 10 years old because "they all suck"?

895d5c  No.16093735


If they were good, people would still be playing them

Just sayin'

4fbcca  No.16093748


because the game implemented a shitty censor bot and the DLC ops get more and more OP, extravagant, and unrealistic with each passing season. We went from sledgehammers to nanobots.

9d2204  No.16093758

File: fd4388b94f1fd6e⋯.jpg (271.92 KB, 1282x895, 1282:895, qualitycomedy.jpg)


Holy shit this happens to me. I'm not alone

5256ae  No.16093892

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Well since this is more a topic of ai, what about something like new doom, I bring it up because well the ai does seem to do more than just simply rush the player, Revenant is a good example since if you let them play out a bit, you can see them try all manner of ways to try to attack you, Imps will latch onto walls to throw fireballs from you, honestly I don't see a lot of enemies that just blindly rush at you, I mean sure it's less packed with enemies, but it makes arenas are made in such a way that enemies are positioned in such a way to make every fight feel different than the last, I could just be fucking stupid, but the ai in it feels more than just rush down the player.

9bd424  No.16094630


Have you ever even played doom? How the fuck do you think the enemies simply rush toward you? Most of them are ranged enemies ffs. Your complete lack of knowledge about the game and the fact that you don't seem to know how punctuation works tells me you're underage or retarded.

1bb128  No.16094637


It was fun until Ubisoft noticed it was alive and started ruining it.

9ec47a  No.16095184


It was Borderlands.

e5536d  No.16095213

File: 8f6164de505c95f⋯.gif (152.26 KB, 500x516, 125:129, 3069726994252911039011938.gif)


Wow anon, you must be extremely fat.

2aaab0  No.16095236

File: 220d0895a0f89cd⋯.png (286.02 KB, 718x720, 359:360, 1456865058565-0.png)

No, fear is one of the shittiest, most generic shooters ever made. And it's not even scary.

4c35ef  No.16096600


this tbh

65a5df  No.16096951

File: 4125deda8781609⋯.jpg (174.44 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1489458769044.jpg)

So if fear has bad ai, what shooter has good ai?

4fbcca  No.16096963


None of them.

ba29a2  No.16096969


>Call of Duty 4


>World at War

Holy mother of shit taste.

5d04c0  No.16096970


Some fags won't ever shut up abut bad AI until the day someone's able to simulate the mind of an experienced SWAT officer

ba29a2  No.16096975


Make a thread about it retard. Also, it's Ubishit, that should answer your retarded question.


>they all suck


ac60e1  No.16098599

File: a0216c78d30d0b1⋯.png (495.77 KB, 904x764, 226:191, DNF 2001.png)


Duke nukem forever

6840d6  No.16098602

I seriously don't get all the hype around this game.

It's fun, but why is it so beloved?

997dab  No.16098847

File: 9ed83c3133c64ae⋯.jpg (264.7 KB, 757x1024, 757:1024, 43f584e4a5e163a04b94ff3d1a….jpg)


hivemind mentality, if you claim something repeatedly and with a little authority eventually everyone starts parroting the same shit as if it was their own belief from the very beginning lest they get cast aside. just accept it and don't dare to ever disagree, you don't want to be labeled a contrarian, do you? welcome to /v/.

7d04aa  No.16098984


Crysis was the last good FPS and the last PC exclusive.

ac60e1  No.16099003

File: 85685e3e04e8e74⋯.png (603.63 KB, 620x800, 31:40, Crysis 2 2.png)

File: 092dec11e322083⋯.png (511.67 KB, 1009x816, 1009:816, Crysis 2.png)

File: 5730fd2eb08d5ae⋯.jpg (231.55 KB, 620x497, 620:497, Crysis 2 3.jpg)




spawned a generation of graphics whores

7d04aa  No.16099204


Crysis 2 sucked when they went multi-platform, and it ended up killing the company

6857e9  No.16099212


It sucked because Crytek is a bad dev and the first Crysis was full of bad design. It's good to see /v/ rightfully rejecting the utter mediocrity of these games.

fdeffc  No.16099219


Agreed. On its own, Crysis is a fun fuck with gooks game until the ayys, but it's mostly a tech demo for an engine that was never utilized to its full potential. The graphics rush thst followed helped facilitate low-gameplay, high-spectacle games as a AAA standard.

c7af15  No.16099222

Battlefield 2 was the last good FPS game. TF2 got close but was too gay.

200f19  No.16099225



crysis warhead could have been made with quake graphics, and juggling the different nanosuit powers against legions of gooks in a large, complex environment would still be some of the best FPS gameplay this decade.

6857e9  No.16099235


It would have been mediocre filled with forced vehicle sections and a gimmicky train level tied together with the same shit crysis ai that is very boring to fight against and now visually unimpressive levels.

The genre is just not good.

070e68  No.16099355


>with the same shit crysis ai that is very boring to fight against and now visually unimpressive levels

Both wrong. Play Far Cry 1 on hard and tell me the AI is bad. The game still holds up visually too.

7d04aa  No.16099409


>I am /v/

Lmao, kill yourself

25f02b  No.16099605

File: 7fe2939074617b3⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 750x280, 75:28, FEAR Lighting 1.gif)

File: bf46a3f77745623⋯.gif (3.89 MB, 796x270, 398:135, FEAR Lighting 2.gif)


This is why.

8ef11e  No.16099693

The Darkness series is the only other one I can think of that hasn't been mentioned yet.

05dd6a  No.16099744


Because there's nothing else quite like it. Besides good gameplay and AI, it has really well designed levels and arenas that make it all a very fulfilling experience, well, in the case of Extraction Point.

64f23a  No.16099757

File: 041282a7a2257bd⋯.png (9.65 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


Replaying FEAR now after since whenever it came out and they just did that to me. There were two paths that led to a combat staging area; while I was busy fighting, one of them took the other path back around behind me and nearly killed me. It was neat.

I hope my drawing makes sense.

569557  No.16099762


>Play Far Cry 1 on hard and tell me the AI is bad

It's pretty bad tbh, enemies barely care about foilage and will snipe you through it. Levels are also very vast and open most of the time so they don't really do much and are only barely above enemies in say Serious Sam.

05dd6a  No.16099779


This is the big advantage F.E.A.R. has over Extraction Point. The entire water plant sequence is designed like this and is excellent. Extraction Point is far more linear, but the quality is consistent throughout with greater variety in art direction, mech battles Perseus Mandate has a good one too, but it isn't worth playing the rest of it, that genuinely spooky scene with Holiday, and none of those gay drones.

db00d6  No.16099802


>being a graphics whore

681a8c  No.16099813

File: 7edc285b20d9f24⋯.jpg (39.56 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 7edc285b20d9f243b3270383c8….jpg)


>>Call of Duty 4


>>Bad Company

>>Bad Company 2

>>Crysis Warhead

>>World at War



>>Call of Duty 4


>>Bad Company

>>Bad Company 2

>>Crysis Warhead

>>World at War


6d5c9d  No.16099824


that's not being a graphics whore tho

db00d6  No.16099831


If it's the only reason an otherwise unremarkable game is considered a /v/ recommended classic it is.

65123c  No.16099837



>CoD 4 is bad

>Bad company is bad

>Crysis is bad

>WaW is bad

Are you fucking retarded?

569557  No.16099841


t. Zoomer

ac60e1  No.16099868

File: d9b3a7bb89e932a⋯.mp4 (2.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, CSI Zoom Enhance.mp4)


>cuckchan meme

the only time you should EVER mention zoom is when talking about CSI

65123c  No.16099876

>mods delete my post

Explain yourselves you fucking mongoloid faggots

f5c829  No.16099898

File: 2b6755f8bb917ad⋯.jpg (25.59 KB, 220x279, 220:279, Aliens_vs._Predator_2_Box_….jpg)

ROAST HER, /v/. She deserves it! She's a slut! She's a slut who can't even do oral and anal. She's a dumb fucking commercial slut who everyone gives her a free go.

db00d6  No.16099901


Show us what your post was before you try and start drama.

7cbb85  No.16099908


but avp 2 is good, so are lith's games for the most part

65123c  No.16099923


I replied to the muh zoomers faggot with

"Ebin arguments my fellow anonymous forum user"

db00d6  No.16099927


Then you deserved it. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting and you have fucking terrible taste in vidya.

65123c  No.16099936


>and you have fucking terrible taste in vidya

If you disagree with my taste, then your taste is shit

6857e9  No.16099938


Most monolith games are average (condemned, nolf, nolf 2) to shit (shogo, blood 2, nolf 3, fear 2, gotham imposters.) Their engines are genuinely awful. Fear and Blood were flukes.

7cbb85  No.16099960


>Their engines are genuinely awful.

how so?

>Fear and Blood were flukes

yeah kinda, what about Tron 2.0 and Claw?

ac60e1  No.16099977

File: fc1b52b06862dd6⋯.jpg (88.82 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 11116864_812074022204057_1….jpg)


i wish they made a 3rd one

7cbb85  No.16099982


I think he's referring to contract jack

ac60e1  No.16099990

File: 84ea4ea329600b6⋯.jpg (100.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Nolf 3.jpg)

File: b8a5a74331e23d9⋯.jpg (151.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Nolf 6.jpg)

File: c476431df3be42f⋯.jpg (119.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, nolf 8.jpg)


Which was pretty shit, i dont know why they even made it

608d3c  No.16100027


FEAR's expansions are absolute fucking garbage.

572951  No.16100036


OG Doom's enemies just zigzag towards you. You're delusional if you think they act any different.

6857e9  No.16100053


>how so?

Poor feeling player movement makes their games feel extremely rigid. This is true for all of their games up to fear. Their attempts at including vehicles in lith1 were just a step up over valves func_vehicle in terms of how clunky it is. Lith1 in particular has a problem of miscalculating brush vertex collision so when two brushes are touching each other horizontally the game sometimes creates semi-present walls which cause the player character to get caught on if they are moving against a wall. If the ground isn't flat this also causes hitches at random. Their strict adherence to direct3d in the 90s made it so their games were the ugliest around and even looking glass studios origami amigara fault tier models look more pleasant.

This says nothing about their games design which often lacks direction, is poorly executed or half baked compared to what others did. Stealth in nolf comes to mind which appears to operate on random rules. Nolf 2 is moderately better but not by much.

eb2c30  No.16100154


What I also think is odd about people discounting F.E.A.R. is that it's more than just what the AI does, it's presentation, sound, decals, environmental destruction and in my opinion one of the crucial things: the ability for enemies to actually respond to getting shot rather than taking shots like a robot and being able to get back up after being floored. Had the COD4 craze not taken the industry, had 2007 not happened, who knows how much better vidya could've been had these systems and tech been the common focus.

ac60e1  No.16100250

File: f265a3fe0407efe⋯.jpg (402.46 KB, 900x684, 25:19, HL3.jpg)


> Had the COD4 craze

you mean the HL2 craze? everyone wanting more of that shit tech demo with most of the game being gay as fuck vehicle sections

bc926b  No.16100273

File: 380e00e0ba37606⋯.png (129.37 KB, 297x304, 297:304, bcfd4257ceea75e98610538a92….png)




eb2c30  No.16100353


I suppose there's not one singular flashpoint, HL2 can certainly be blamed likewise. It's just that it appears to be a commonly accepted fact that 2007 was the year that everything went south fast.

ac60e1  No.16100386

File: c01e49db8558b98⋯.mp4 (2.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Only_a_Banker.mp4)


wasnt 2007/8 also the year of that global banking crisis?

689bc8  No.16100436

File: 6643c6fa0ff5043⋯.mp4 (507.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6643c6fa0ff5043c2a860b766d….mp4)

572951  No.16100448


>2007 was the year that everything went south fast.

Most bad things introduced in 2007 didn't gain any traction until early 2009.

630c6b  No.16100539










Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

f5c829  No.16100584

File: 1c29be558ba46db⋯.jpg (17.79 KB, 448x252, 16:9, a30a1b5709a57a51c8552dff26….jpg)


It blows ass from both a technical and gameplay design standpoint.

It fails to be a creative game and a proper action shooter game. C&C Renegade did a much finer job at presenting Command & Conquer from a first person shooter perspective while making it entertaining and satisfying.

AvP2 has numerous technical flaws which shouldn't exist; slipping off moving elevators, vehicles, crates/large objects. All explosions/grenades have just 1 AoE layer of damage, instead of 5-8 layers like its normal. Hitscan paired with randomized bullet spraying. Fake bullet counters. Inaccurate melee hit detection like we're playing Roblox. AI which goes straight like a magnet towards you and doesn't stop bumping into you, like Roblox/Minecraft's AI. Vision mode which reduces your sight range and exaggerates on the colors(red,green,blue,negative colors). Already we're going into design issues.

AVP2 has numerous game design flaws, starting with redundancy and lack of features.

Missions are typical corridor shooting garbage with go from A to B. No interesting objectives and no semi open world. (At least there's no backtracking, I guess). Your only bonuses are reading shitty backstory logs/notes instead of OP weapons/power ups, points, real extra content, gameplay-related stuff etc.

Bosses are just dumb elite mobs which turns into a Roblox match of a large zombie who has to stop to attack. THE Matriarch model is available in the game, but never used.

Lack of vehicles, despite vehicle models being present in the game. Exo-suit very sparingly used. Most late-game weapons of the Predator and Marine are very sparingly used. Alien doesn't get any special molds and any abilities, you only play as a shitty drone the entire game.

Game only has 3-4 mobs per race to fight and the AI and their weapons are incredibly shallow. The predators which could be interesting are rarely used and even they have an AI which can either be easily abused or easily overpower you(Predators hate being stared at from a distance while they're cloaked). Specific mobs can 1 hit kill you. (facehuggers). Flamethrower and a bunch of other weapons suck dick, like the grenade launcher which ends up killing you more than the enemies or the predator's bombs which are too slow to throw and you never backtrack to use them as ambush for the enemies. Most of the weapons are too slow, shoot too little, are too explosive when faced with multiple melee targets in tight spaces.

You can't zoom out of a sniper. Your crosshair sucks dick. Crawling up the walls and ceilings gives you a headache, especially in the vents where you can accidentally turn back without realizing it.

The same annoying "danger" music theme playing over and over again removes all the tension and makes the motion tracker redundant.

The alien's tearing and the hacking device mechanic is redundant, it only wastes 10 seconds of your life to open a door/vent where you have to go through anyway.

You have to move the crosshair on the button/lever in order to activate it, instead of just detecting the player's location like in the SCP game, as if the creator thought you'll be utilizing 20 different buttons/levers next to each other and you need to be precise.

The "super jump" has a cooldown which doesn't detect that you have the button still pressed.

The predator and human are exceptionally slow. The human can die from falling a puny amount of 9 feet(try jumping in an elevator). The alien has no dodging/evading/blocking/defensive abilities. The predator can self heal at any time(it just takes 12 seconds), but the alien cannot.

The water design makes me vomit. You can't jump out of water(you have to use a ladder). You can't float on the water surface/you can't stop descending in water. You're exceptionally slow in water. Your oxygen bar is short as fuck. Only thing I enjoyed was that the oxygen depletes extremely slowly if you stand still, as opposed to when you're "swimming".

Most of the enemies have no cool down between attacks, their attacks lock-onto you, their attacks are trash - a simple slash and that's it, any hack n slash and even COD1's AI beats the crap out of AVP2. (We had side-stepping Nazis in CoD1, why can't AvP2 have hopping side-stepping AI too?)

The randomized bullet spread will make you kill yourself.

The annoying enemy spawns and their cheap hits will make you want to kill yourself even more.

Serious Sam handled enemies, swimming/movement, bullets/projectiles far more gracefully than any of Monolith's games.

630c6b  No.16100736


Unironically kill yourself.

f5c829  No.16100742

File: e7097a0c67a264a⋯.jpg (123.17 KB, 526x497, 526:497, SmSY49s.jpg)


Any brief companion/allies you get in this game will die extremely easily, but that's a good thing because if you dare to fire even 1 shot at them, you'll get an instant game over. As opposed to C&C Renegade where you can kill the civilians you're suppose to escort and not give a fuck.

AvP2 is full of invisible walls which electrocute you/kill you from 1 hit, especially ceiling walls. So don't you dare pounce too far with that alien and dare to explore the level, are you fucking crazy? exploration? this is a corridor shooter!!!!! Even the marines will tell you to get your ass back on track or else you get a GG.

The few times you ARE ABLE to explore the scenery, you find absolutely nothing but empty space.

Avp2's game designers are such creative, fun, open-minded people, am I right?

And here we have someone trying to make a better game than AvP2 but from a top-down perspective.



569557  No.16100781

File: 9ac9fef2fee13f3⋯.webm (1.52 MB, 360x360, 1:1, oyveyoyvey.webm)


>Pewdiepie aka Aryan Pill Spreader

4c6848  No.16100787


>discussion is bad

neck yourself, if you just want funny images, go back to 9gag or reddit

ac60e1  No.16100838

File: fd3618bc194f04b⋯.jpg (11.12 KB, 175x195, 35:39, Jewess.jpg)


pewdiepie is the ultimate shabbos goy

f5c829  No.16100945


>Empty space and abandoned sections of the level and abandoned content.



Why are there 2 pathways which lead nowhere?

>Comments section

>Oh that's an alien ultramorph


Uh huh and why isn't it in the game as gameplay content? as opposed to muh shallow lore. At the very least if there was a cinematic there which explained what the fuck it was suppose to be instead of getting this theory out of a Youtube user. He could very well be wrong about what the wailing and giant rib cage was for.

And another example, what's up with the giant 2 egg sacs in the Derelict ship and that other ship inside the gigantic derelict ship. Same with the random jockey which adds nothing but muh references. I also saw 2 unused facehuggers on the giant egg sac in the predator section when he fights the queen.

1:08 the bridge isn't long, the predator is just slow as fuck. See that large acid pool? you don't get to explore, it's just there for atmosphere. It add nothing to gameplay but a shallow blockade, the bridge isn't at risk of being destroyed while fighting the predaliens. The cave also isn't at risk of caving-in on you or any ceiling boulders falling over you or the acid pool raising or splashing you.


Yes let's fight 2 melee opponents on a narrow bridge because your combat gameplay is so good for that. That definitely wasn't clunky as hell, especially when the predalien stands in mid air at 1:41

f5c829  No.16101065



4:00 And how the fuck were you suppose to know you had to blow up those canisters? the predator doesn't tell you, nobody tells you. The sane thing to do was call for the elevator platform.

4:40 if that counts as a successful jump… forget it.

You have to take a leap of faith on the airship before they blow up the place. And this comes from the same game designer which gives you GGs if you dare to shoot allies and dare to jump in electrocuting invisible walls and ceilings.

How was I suppose to know? This is the problem I've had with the Marine mission where you have to jump off the elevator before the Predator blows it up. How the fuck was I suppose to know?


And then the same game designer doesn't even show off in a pre-rendered cinematic or in gameplay content how exactly the predator crashes the airship, it's just implied that he succesfully crashes it past a metal door judging by the debris in the next mission. That seems likely… crashing an entire ship exactly through a narrow door meant for APCs.


TALK ABOUT DEAD END HALLWAYS. That right there was a dead end, that's why the player didn't go to it. Why the fuck are there such dead ends and so many?


The object light reflection is fucked up in this game. Why is that particular debris pitch black, while everything around it is perfectly lit?

7:15 and 11:06

Greatest gameplay ever u guys :D just shoot a bunch of guided missile-tier Minecraft AI and wait for the next ones to appear. Do this for like 5-7 waves. Epic gameplay xD. So intense, so creative, so great.


From how much I remember that alien spawner is infinite. And yeah the game designer+game engine programmer seem to have a hard on for long pit falls. Something he refuses to execute with creativity. The game loads/renders the next area of the level during that monotonous pitfall.

b9f339  No.16101161


Game environment interaction is not the same as graphic display quality.

This may seem like a controversial claim but What about Alien: Colonial Marines Isolation? Sorry. I couldn't help myself with the Colonial Marines comment. :*)

f5c829  No.16101211



Either the player was suppose to rush towards the moving transport(which isn't feasible) or the game designer is a dick who hates fun and the programmer is an incompetent retard who can't let you stand on moving vehicles without sliding off(can't program momentum properly).

Either way the gameplay feels like shit. 5 alien drones in your face every single time with some synthetics/androids with far higher defense and attack than any alien.

f5c829  No.16101239



Exactly what I was complaining about. You can't jump while in water to reach a slight ledge. The ground has to be equal or lower than the water's level in order to get out of the water, fucking atrocious. Who the hell was in charge of this shit?

50aba4  No.16101262


Good AI in shooters is fairly hard to notice, because even if you make it smart, you still want the player to kill it, so it's still dumb.

I've seen decent AI in some AAA shooters, but they're not FPS games, so I wont mention them since some tryhard will pull me over for it.

7cbb85  No.16102129






so what's the TL;DR of this, AvP 2 is total shit and should be avoided like the plague or what?

b219ab  No.16102220

f4a185  No.16102392


CoD4 and CoDWaW are average casual FPS. They were moderately fun though.

b28e00  No.16103582


The level design, objectives, engine, gameplay are far inferior to every other game like C&C Renegade, Serious Sam, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Hitman, El Matador, Vietcong, Half Life 2, Wolfenstein, etc.

6bcacc  No.16103908

File: 6b25f6cf62c1c48⋯.jpg (725.06 KB, 2283x1531, 2283:1531, snap.jpg)



d78c3b  No.16105181

Its very simple, if a FPS is also released simultaneously on consoles its trash, everytime.

Games made thinking only about the PC, and then later on released to the peasants, like PUBG and Insurgency, are the only ones that save themselves nowadays

b3e68b  No.16106294



>shit gameplay

tough guy here, he clearly fucks

1bb128  No.16107821


Low-effort console wars bait.

ac60e1  No.16108042


Stalker does have shit gameplay

>everything takes loads of bullets and master doesnt work like everyone says it does

>if you find a VSS vintorez you automatically win the game

>AI isnt good at all, has really good accuracy through walls and bushes

>stealth doesnt work

>hide behind some rock and snipe people the entire game because any other strategy gets you killed instantly

>multiple headshots to kill 1 low level bandit

58ee4e  No.16108056

>90% of enemies is the same soldier

>100% of encounters boil down to headshotting in bullet time

FEAR was such a great game. Ya'll regret dissing on me in school because I couldn't play CS.

702cb5  No.16108059


>calling a game bad is discussion

lmao. Just pay the $20 and go back.

58ee4e  No.16108060


>I'm le real mustard pc gaymr

>half-life 2 sucks lelelel

City 17 is one of the most memorable locations of gaming, and the Dr. Breen speeches rival the scripts for the logs in System Shock.

ac60e1  No.16108061


>couldnt play CS

CS was easy as fuck to play, you deserved to be mocked for it

65123c  No.16108063


>everything takes loads of bullets and master doesnt work like everyone says it does

Wrong, unless they're wearing armor.

>if you find a VSS vintorez you automatically win the game

There are arguably better guns, but the VSS is among the best, and why shouldn't it be?

>AI isnt good at all, has really good accuracy through walls and bushes

The A.I will flank you and throw grenades to force you out of a position, plus they don't see you through walls. They don't see through bushes either, only grass. The reason you see them shoot through bushes is because the AI will fire at your last known location even if they don't have line of sight

>stealth doesnt work

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was never meant to be played stealthily, but bushes and night still help you sneak around

>hide behind some rock and snipe people the entire game because any other strategy gets you killed instantly

Imagine being this bad

>multiple headshots to kill 1 low level bandit

Imagine lying this much

ac60e1  No.16108074

File: be4dcbf9bf34f1e⋯.jpg (155.93 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, STALKER kart.jpg)


>t.faggot who never played the games

do you just spam cheeki breeki all day or what?

4c6848  No.16108123

FEAR still has a level of polish that not many slow shooters have managed to meet, according to me


stealth is lie, correct

AI is also a lie, they still cheat, but thats why you gotta go around baddies or lead the tiny corridors with your gun

of course multiple headshots necessary to kill bandit, we're talking rubbish tokarev soviet earplugs versus mutant fetal-alcohol-shielded hohol skull


>implying all those 50m engagements were sniping

no, only place for sniping in game is the trash levels at the end

>everything takes many bullets even with vintorez and i changed the difficulty to normal because i am trash

use AP against body armor and use semiauto mode, more importantly, use kalash pattern raifu

65123c  No.16108158


Wew, I have more hours in this franchise than you have being alive, faggot. You're spewing out bullshit that only redditors say after they play the games for 2 hours

ac60e1  No.16108163

File: da5c8efc3e0fde2⋯.jpg (33.87 KB, 319x243, 319:243, 1314158777837.jpg)

8f0608  No.16108940

File: 785a9c7dfdead39⋯.jpg (23.33 KB, 512x384, 4:3, aff329a11fc83dad6db83843f9….jpg)




And this is how the game would look like if you actually turned on the brightness all the way up and stopped messing around with the colors. Wow you can actually see things now! It's like what the AvP2 movie needed too.

f6f4d3  No.16109045


you think necrovision is a better FPS than fear? what the fuck?

b49b2e  No.16109080


where did I say that? I just wrote good first person shooters that came out after FEAR, not that they were superior to FEAR

8f0608  No.16109817

Russians have been arguing about the unsatisfying gameplay that predates all zombies vs marines / cannon fodder vs campers type of games. What are your suggestions and examples, /v/? Any games which properly design the overrun/survivor/evacuation genre?

6353b4  No.16109860


dont listen to russians, dont play fps.

78783d  No.16111938

God I hate Monolith. And Rebellion too, their younger more retarded cousin.

91d49e  No.16126687

I just replayed one fight like 15 times just because it's so good

other shooters are so fucking slow, especially now when you just hide behind shit and all games are like whack a mole. here you go with a shotgun and ten seconds later whole room has holes and blood on the walls

39d89c  No.16134339


With how small the bullets from AvP2 are, each model should be at least the size of the queen, meaning 4X their size. The spread is also tiny and inaccurate and so is the hit detection.

Every shooter Monolith ever made on the retarded Lithtech engine sucks major dick.

The predator's spear gun is the most challenging gun ever you could possibly use.

13b796  No.16134728

File: 2662a3fcea46f1e⋯.png (34.19 KB, 153x164, 153:164, 2662a3fcea46f1e9935bb2d934….png)


I liked the Alma fan service in 2 and 3, only thing that made 3 worth playing to be honest.

fa2238  No.16134947


City 17?

fa2238  No.16135007

File: 51b9c47647a7af9⋯.jpg (326.06 KB, 996x1500, 83:125, 51b.jpg)


This tbh, I just played tesv on my switch and it was the most fun I've had in years and it has nothing to do with it being one of only gaems available for it.

e54eec  No.16135026

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>tfw there will never be a game that does it as well as F.E.A.R. did it ever again

at least it's one of those games you can play over and over again.

ce7d66  No.16142711

Eh, i think 2007 was the last good year in gaming before it all went to shit. I praise 2007 becuase that's the year CoD4 released, which completley changed the Call of Duty franchise, and really changed gaming as a whole. Props to Infinity Ward for making such a good game…sadly, that cannot be said for the rest of the series, barring World at War, which was badass as fuck

91d49e  No.16145825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



stop shilling your website

e54eec  No.16145970


You are one hell of an autist.

d42a34  No.16145977


I miss her but imagine how shit it would be if it came out today.

13b796  No.16146841

File: 00b2a4a5d64c53b⋯.jpg (111.2 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 00b2a4a5d64c53b44d8d8bf6d1….jpg)


Suck start a shotgun, Larry.

6afdef  No.16146865


You're my current favorite on the site.

4a6631  No.16146880

File: b4678e0eb2bf154⋯.jpg (82.62 KB, 600x1473, 200:491, alma_take__s_her_chance_by….jpg)

I only played FEAR 2 just to get raped by Alma

7e1ac2  No.16146893


>bitches about invidious

>posts a FUCKING JEWTUBE link rather than a webm or mp4

20 days cooler

13b796  No.16146945

File: 1fae012340119d5⋯.png (264.59 KB, 500x439, 500:439, 1fae012340119d5873216a0f75….png)


A true patrician…

1a87e4  No.16148493

File: 9acc46da2a5a4ce⋯.jpg (62.57 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1449375807108.jpg)



>The game used a planning system and still has the most advanced AI ever seen in a shooter

Then you must not have played very many. Because that wasn't even unique when the game released.


13b796  No.16151395

File: 02a1d6bbaf8f5dc⋯.gif (329.77 KB, 500x364, 125:91, 02a1d6bbaf8f5dca1721e4450e….gif)


Are you fucking retarded? The enemies in that game were practically fucking braindead.

f5bcc5  No.16151445


You eat shit and you know it. Remove yourself.

6353b4  No.16151479

>yet another fear thread

>just as shit as the last ones

>now with shitflinging from 7th gen kiddies over which is better, stalker or fear (they're both shit)

first person shooters are for kids.

59fc54  No.16152124


t. indie shit jewstarter backer

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