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File: fc1177a68fe38fc⋯.jpg (385.24 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, TKfbg.jpg)

2a4008  No.16094240

Also general MMO thread

e0afd4  No.16094248

File: b7f61f2fe862c5e⋯.jpg (146.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1537045449.jpg)

Nothing at all, WoW is already dead by its own hand.

2a4008  No.16094253


The WoW community!?

7d3c96  No.16094254

Both are pretty shit.

2a4008  No.16094259


Then let's compare shit. I think diarrhea is worse than a solid, but that's just my opinion.

b5ad20  No.16094274

>What does FFXIV need to do to surpass WoW?

Actually let me play the fucking game and stop handholding every single fucking interaction I do in the game world.

552cf0  No.16094288


>What does FFXIV need to do to surpass WoW?

Go Free 2 Play and remove the handholding.

120860  No.16094297

Anon, I'm not sure if you checked out WoW at all since like 2016 or so but the game is almost completly dead at this point. Probably has like a few hundred thousand subscribers and of those maybe 10-20% actually play the game daily.

I'd say on EU servers there are maybe 5k players online at night time. It's a ghost town even with cross realm.

b980e8  No.16094310

File: d34819df2ce376a⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_12092018_173026.png)

Just keep doing what it's doing while WoW shits itself to death.

d3ea80  No.16094320

Not even Classic WoW can surpass WoW. Best case scenario is everyone causes a gold rush until all the world firsts achieved and then leaves. The only remainder will be the autists and no-lifers. The only difference between Classic and a private server will be that the commercial version will collapse in a few months from lawsuits, corruption, and or general incompetence. Thats also assuming Classic isn't DOA due to Blizzard half-assing the execution.

Also keep the WoW tier shit away from FFXIV. XIV is is far from great, but at least its occasionally comfy and the lore isn't total shit as of yet. You also get a decent spectacle alliance raid every so often. The FFXIV community is already bad with the degenerate LGBTA erping pedo potatoes and cat ala miggers. I'd rather watch this game ride quietly out to maintenance mode than chase WoW money. Quite frankly, its lucky to exist at all at this point.

d3ea80  No.16094323


>commercial version will collapse


67708e  No.16094336


Have an actually dangerous world that requires grouping, like old MMOs did. Treadmills until dungeons and raids are the gayest fucking shit.

28cc19  No.16094337

File: 5df306fa6364dc6⋯.png (4.69 KB, 215x166, 215:166, 5df306fa6364dc62033901dfe3….png)

I'm thinking of playing ff14 to look like 2b. What job should I invest in guys?

bbf356  No.16094343


there probably be a timed lockout for tiers to keep it floating and If they bring back old av with higher population.

personally i loved having a 60 account for av and such before they force everyone to move on.

again its not gonna matter its gonna contest against FFXIV next expac if its around june. WHICH WILL HAVE BUNNYS AND 2B RAIDS

2a4008  No.16094345


I do think SE should make harder alliance raids. You said keep WoW tier shit away from FFXIV but the one exception I'd make is making alliance raids hard enough to where it'd probably take weeks to clear. Like making extreme or savage versions of alliance raids. Also have mount drops in alliance raids so people have a more incentive reason to do them.


SAM would be 2B's class, so that.

0ddf7c  No.16094347


Literally do anything other than what WoW did.

1faed8  No.16094349


Anything but White Mage, too many of them already (most are other players GF) and unless you suck dick you will not enjoy WHM.

ffa563  No.16094354


paladin if you want to get instaqueues, dark knight if you want to get instaqueues and have people get mad at you because you're a shitty tank, red mage if you like looking like a straight up pimp

d3ea80  No.16094391


I agree, but when I think about how the community handled that MSQ duty with the dragon on the bridge that shitters failed repeatedly. They ended up nerfing the encounter due to the tiers even though it wasn't even that hard. Or the runs that wipe repeatedly once they get to Cid during the Orbonne raid. They would rather have you grind an instance for one piece of gear a week than potentially gate the shitter end of the community out of marketing content.

So instead they create an autism tier of difficulty thats voluntary and requires more organization. Perhaps thats the compromise, make higher tier difficulty version of the same raid. I agree with you though on the difficulty of the game. I remember playing guild wars 2 during the window of time when Tequatal was just released. Playing on Blackgate and working with the server community to crack the fight as a world first was a smaller sliver of time when than game was actually fun.

7017a2  No.16094402

Anyone trying ToS since the re:build update? It looks like but I just wish they'd fix the fucking game on a technical level first

7017a2  No.16094403


looks like its better than before*

a59e56  No.16094409

a67458  No.16094425

File: c5eb0ad2f6b4c24⋯.webm (2.2 MB, 1642x1022, 821:511, Fran Walk.webm)

>What does FFXIV need to do to surpass WoW?

Add more cute bun butts

e7d3e6  No.16094429

File: 4dd860821668664⋯.jpg (222.93 KB, 534x677, 534:677, 1549542788884.jpg)

Less invisible walls and more pvp.

Until then, I'm going to keep playing OSRS

1afa2a  No.16094431

>What does FFXIV need to do to surpass WoW?

Keep going without suddenly imploding for another year or two.

581a51  No.16094437

File: 01b2a7961e252fc⋯.jpg (124.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bestgirl.jpg)



>remove the hand holding

You guys say that but have you actually tried playing with randoms in FFXIV? Even with the fucking hand holding 90% of those cunts are braindead. I couldn't beat Garuda EX for years because stupid niggers can't not stand by the rocks even after you spam it at them in all caps.

2a4008  No.16094449

File: 9a6fbe821740af3⋯.jpg (123.5 KB, 1530x848, 765:424, male-viera.jpg)


Wonder if the concept art they had for male Viera will be used.

67e6e5  No.16094451

File: 9c2dfdea64d900f⋯.png (3.42 MB, 1919x940, 1919:940, Gielinor_map_poster.png)

File: 42a757b93b93b50⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x2485, 384:497, vinicius-bortoletto-woodcu….jpg)

RuneScape deserves better

1132af  No.16094491


If the game wasn't so shit, the shitters would have whined and quit alread.

581a51  No.16094497


>If the game wasn't so shit, the shitters would have whined and quit alread.

Im-fucking-plying nigger I have had to do fucking EX runs for hours where these stupid cunts would just do the same shit over and over and then they finally do it right and you think "oh thank god" and then they fuck up in the exact same way the next time. Difficulty doesn't scare these braindead niggers away it just makes them want you to carry them more so that they can show off how big their e-penis is for getting past an EX primal or even worst a fucking savage raid.

3ff21f  No.16094503

For FFXIV, what classes synergize well with Bard? From what I've researched, my best bets are Black Mage, Summoner, Dragoon, and, may god forgive me for even CONSIDERING it, White Mage.

2a4008  No.16094507


Black Mage the most.

bbf356  No.16094526


if you mean in a party black mages and goons.

goons give debuff to buff your dmg and you buff black mages dmg.

but goons are pretty shit dmg for some reason atm so your best bet if your thinking of dungeons and stuff blackmage cause then the blackmage is top dps right now followed by sam.

brd plays really well atm thou so you got that going for you and everyone wants at least one in a raid for refresh for healers and dmg buffs.

e84a60  No.16094539

File: 2d704841ba328fd⋯.jpg (28.44 KB, 410x416, 205:208, anime_jew.jpg)


Just advertise, it's always been better than WoW.

c83892  No.16094541


For Bard you'll get the most benefit from Dragoon and Ninja. Of course, Ninja benefits everyone.

fc5465  No.16094551


What about league of legends or dota? some local kid told me they'll live on for a long time because they have 'millions' of active players from all over the world.

2a4008  No.16094655

Guys tell me what servers the Balmungoids will be migrating to once the data center change happens so I can avoid going to those servers.

28cc19  No.16094670


Samurais look cool, but are they actually viable?

2a4008  No.16094675


Most statics don't want SAMs in their raid as they have like no raid utility. SAM is pretty nice for big personal DPS. So if you're not autistic and don't care about savage raiding then SAM is good for you.

28cc19  No.16094682


I don't even know what savage raiding is, other than black mages have leylines and healers are supposed to adjust so they don't have to move out of those leylines.

2a4008  No.16094686


"Savage" is a version of normal 8-man raids. They're more difficult than the normal versions.

96e12c  No.16094707

Remove the timegated bullshit and it will instantly become the best MMO on the market

bdb893  No.16094715

Both suck dick, we need new fresh ideas for MMOs. No mmo will get bigger than wow if it tries to follow old formulas.

We need dynamic combat system and more risk/reward gameplay where death is more than just a corpse run

28cc19  No.16094720

File: f2c53332fb2ba23⋯.jpg (45.55 KB, 480x515, 96:103, f2c53332fb2ba23e7cf7be1d4c….jpg)


Ahh ok, then that's no issue for me. I've always preferred pvp.

a8289e  No.16094724


PVP doesn't exist in FFXIV. No like I'm not even kidding, the pvp mode is such a joke they have to do monthly events to attempt to get the queues below 10+ hours on some data centers

63fab8  No.16094726


How manny mmos that claimed to be innovative failed miserably?

e84a60  No.16094728


all MMOs have shit PvP

a8289e  No.16094733


14's makes almost every other mmo's pvp look solid. It's fucking horrendous

28cc19  No.16094735

File: 1fc0105c3b074d4⋯.jpg (23.25 KB, 231x276, 77:92, 1fc0105c3b074d43fe031299e7….jpg)


Seriously? Then what's even the point of playing the game?

2a4008  No.16094736


What >>16094724 said. PvP is really shit and only worth it if you want the rewards like glam or a few mounts.

457323  No.16094741


>8 man



a8289e  No.16094743


Sunk cost fallacy? It's one of the… I can't even say it's a bad MMO because MMOs are so universally garbage right now. It's an awful skinner box game, with a mandatory melodramatic story that you're forced to slog through to get to any content that's even relevant. You can't even skip any of it unless you pay real money but fuck that. You will walk the exact same area over and over again every time the retards tell you to go back to base camp so they can say something you don't care about to go to the next area.

I will say it's the worst "popular" MMO for new players on the market right now hands down though

dbd28e  No.16094753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


they're not really "raids" per se. they're more like boss fights where you spend a minute running towards the boss first. there's actual raids that are 24 man.

052b12  No.16094760


Worth noting that the 8 mans haven't had a running intro for a few years now, they now drop you in front of the boss.

a8289e  No.16094761


Said 24 mans are absurdly easy though because they have to make them able to be done by 24 retards. Hard part is not getting paired with 20 retards in a game where if you mention someone is doing bad DPS you run the risk of getting banned.

753229  No.16094762

1: dont try to, trying to get more users only leads to the wider market appeal meme that drives your core audience away and starts a death of a thousand cuts

there is no 2.

2a4008  No.16094766


Thing about 24 mans is most of them are piss easy to where even if a few DPS are shit you could still finish the raid.

70ac93  No.16094950

File: dfd5c5855be4c46⋯.png (61.28 KB, 529x174, 529:174, 8ch FFXIV.png)

File: 3a11690b8047656⋯.png (33.06 KB, 210x64, 105:32, Untitled1.png)

Beast tribe companions would be cool, having a moogle or kobold tagging along to assist would mix things up from years and years of your faithful horsebird assisting you. Scrap or completely rework classes like DRK and MCH since it is clear that they were a mistake. Purger servers of degenerates or at least make some expressly family friendly. That is a big one I have been solo playing almost the entirety of my expereince because ever group that approaches me ends up being a disgusting subhuman pervert. I don't care if you want to fuck dog or trannies, I just don't want to hear about it. In fact players from 8ch are some of the absolute worst, first pic related. Personally I would like to see extended job questlines to flesh out their lore and relation to the world. Once you hit 70 it is pretty much done with unique interactions related to class. There doesn't even have to be a reward I would just like to see, for example, what the bard company you helped found is doing. More alliance raids would be nice, they are some of the most fun to be had. Mounts that actually do what you think they would do and have individuality besides Fly y/n and motorcycle has 1* from the get go. Personal portable orchestrions so I can change that fucking background music in kugane. Playable Garleans, like how the FUCK do we have more futa/furry bait from a different setting added before be have the heroes of Eorzea?

4811cc  No.16094958


You get a good catharsis after a lot of diarrhea though. You feel relief, especially in your gut.

a33a58  No.16094961

All FF14 needs to keep doing is exactly what it is doing. It's the only MMO that generates a positive buzz every time it's in the news, it's never about some controversy, players being fucked over by manipulative practices, the game bleeding players, changing things for the worse, a disappointing expansion. Every time players talk about it, it's about how good it has become and how the new content is so great, how everyone is excited with whatever is going on. I literally never hear anything bad about it. The only thing I hear is about how bad it was before a realm reborn.

I don't play MMOs but doesn't FF14 already have at least 3 times more players than wow? I looked it up and it's saying 15M, nearly passing the biggest wow ever was.

f3163b  No.16094966


Not surprising you feel that way after a full colon blow since you are literally flushing out your body's largest store of toxins.

39e564  No.16094970

>Pay to skip the hundreds of required quests to access each expansion's content

It's better but worse in other ways.

517c44  No.16094976


e521c2  No.16094979


>What does FFXIV need to do to surpass WoW?

By not being WoW and doing it's own fucking thing. Blizztard is already doing a stellar job on killing their games with creative bankruptcy.

fbc483  No.16094982


You've never taken a good solid shit then. The moment you blast half a meter long solid out after holding it in for a short while is pure bliss. Then there was that guy in some thread on this imageboard who supposedly came from shitting several times.

4811cc  No.16095013


I remember that guy. And yes, I've definitely had high quality solid shits before, but Diarrhea is a long lasting feeling as the entire time it's coming out a weight is being lifted off your shoulders. Well, off your ass in this case but the point stands.

f3163b  No.16095018



I wish I could shit like you guys. Born with a birth defect and resigned to a lifetime of shitting problems.

39e564  No.16095022


The only relief involved with having the squirts is when you stop having it. Everything else involved with it is miserable. I cannot believe anyone would describe blasting out liquid shit as feeling good. God fucking help you if it happens during the night or over multiple days. When you're forced to sit there in a half lucid daze, desperate for sleep but your body just cannot stop the relentless leaking of the foul smelling ichor.

f3163b  No.16095060


Compared to the feeling of needing to squirt but not being able to it's great.

dcf51c  No.16095167


I can't think of any, because I'm not aware of any MMO post-WoW which did not try to be a WoW clone. And if they're out there, then they must be really obscure with advertisement by word of mouth only.

70ac93  No.16095419


Also I would be able to tag multiple points on the map simultaneously, preferably assigning them individual markers.

52cf14  No.16095455


Some parts of the FF14 community are arguing over whether the big buff manly bunny men are going to be used over the little shota bunny boys from other artwork. My money is on the buff guys but I would play the hell out of a shota bunny boy.

4426cb  No.16095461

>how can this shitty wow clone beat shitty wow

Who fucking cares?

1132af  No.16095480



>Difficulty doesn't scare these braindead niggers away it just makes them want you to carry them more so that they can show off how big their e-penis is for getting past an EX primal or even worst a fucking savage raid.

That's because the core gameplay is completely brainless. You shitty casual raid doesn't change that because the game as a whole is casual garbage. A game that attracts retards is going to be full of them.

0aeadb  No.16095491

File: 7314db673ab58a1⋯.png (333.91 KB, 1095x667, 1095:667, 1471432607708.png)

Make the game buy 2 play instead of paying monthly.

2ebc54  No.16095494

File: 36c66f28c6c3395⋯.png (790.59 KB, 796x756, 199:189, Contemplate kupo.png)

It already has. Partly because 14 has mostly been about improving itself one bit at a time even if Stormblood's story didn't hold a candle to Heavensward, while WoW has been slowly shitting itself over time.

176d2b  No.16095504

Runescape is more popular than WoW.

fbc483  No.16095512

File: acc895100bad40d⋯.jpg (96.55 KB, 342x555, 114:185, wow_bones.jpg)

The real question is: is there an MMO that's actually good and hardcore? Mammoth shit like Runescape and vanilla WoW pservers is not accepted.

>inb4 this question was already asked gorillion times

18ff7b  No.16095533


it should be buy to play with how hard the game is getting monetized. retail box fee plus a monthly sub plus 18 dollar cash shop outfits every other month. its honestly ridiculous that anyone keeps eating it up but here we are

de78cb  No.16095566

File: 51e0f31a25df47a⋯.jpg (904.2 KB, 943x1200, 943:1200, 61078248_p1_master1200.jpg)

it needs more cute cats.

52cf14  No.16095596

File: 05b28b1fade54c5⋯.jpg (16.59 KB, 360x208, 45:26, nigga-you-gay.jpg)

274b1e  No.16095617

File: 54c20aed3ca11f4⋯.jpg (58.38 KB, 423x343, 423:343, 1365264698898.jpg)

I made a 60 page paper, and counting, on how to save WoW

expect a youtube video, a subreddit post, an official forums post.


274b1e  No.16095622


Project Gorgon is the current best and only true MMO at the moment.

It's basically WoW gameplay and runescape combine with skills on steroids and full customization.

fbc483  No.16095662


Uh, I don't know, anon.

>early access

>30 dollarydoos

>144 average online

I know a vanilla wow pserver with several times larger online. What kind of "massive multiplayer" game has 144 players in it?

4426cb  No.16095716


>It's basically WoW gameplay and runescape combine

So, absolute shit?

a45786  No.16095840

File: c7f2c7e3b1bb911⋯.mp4 (3.47 MB, 460x460, 1:1, c7f2c7e3b1bb91114ab8cfbbc2….mp4)

>Playing a PvE MMO

>Not enjoying the feel of forming a right wing death squad with your buddies

>Going into hostile territory and fighting tooth and nail

>Ganking faggots who do PvE and shit to draw out the hive

>Not enjoying the feeling of skirmishing against larger forces or fighting equally small forces where skill truly matters

>He just wants to kill monsters all day

9fbd64  No.16096098


>Taking PvP in a class-based, gear-based game with a major focus on grinding (every MMORPG) seriously.

<"skill truly matters"

>Says this one line after talking about ganking.

just lol. XIV has multiple PvP avenues but I'm guessing you don't consider it "True PvP" since it's an arena with an attempt at balance instead of open world lowbie corpse camping.

330361  No.16096347



How does paladin play in this game?

70ac93  No.16096358


Ten seconds of Godhood

be5a6f  No.16096364


>trying to shoehorn in pvp in an MMO where pve grinding is the main source of gear

>the state of wowfags

a45786  No.16096366








Okay retard.

330361  No.16096368

File: b3e297b61188b74⋯.png (245.89 KB, 625x826, 625:826, 1543088771131.png)


Godhood sounds nice

a45786  No.16096369


I wasn't suggesting doing it in FFXIV. I was suggesting you go play a real MMO instead of a shitty amusement park.

330361  No.16096370


But then why does it get insta queues?

be5a6f  No.16096381


and wow is a real mmo bud?

70ac93  No.16096389

File: ed379f9377afc00⋯.webm (15.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Why is Paladin so GOOD.webm)


I am a shit tank and so I don't play it but people who aren't shit love it. People that party with them love them too.

af9061  No.16096398

Is there somekind of way to pirate and play ff14 solo?

70d217  No.16096402

File: 38992b7e8add859⋯.jpg (36.63 KB, 450x320, 45:32, 1462465982055.jpg)


Name one MMO with good pvp.

1132af  No.16096407


Silkroad online.

70d217  No.16096410

File: be893da516120b5⋯.png (373.9 KB, 479x457, 479:457, WHOOOOOOO.png)

1132af  No.16096466


Guild Wars

70d217  No.16096493

File: 63f4db57737bedf⋯.png (182.92 KB, 500x377, 500:377, 1380901476293.png)


Honestly I don't much about they're lesbians wars, but knowing weapon swapping was a big deal last I looked it probably has even worse gear vs skill problems. Could be wrong.

b1ec94  No.16096494


>not impressive with Viera

>Actually like Yuke

I never get what i want, i always end up liking strange races nobody supports

867cc9  No.16096647


Think he means the first game, bud. Second game has shit PvP balancing because they only do balance passes every six months or so. Did an update make a class overpowered? Come back in six months and it might be better.

330361  No.16096659

What server do I play on?

70ac93  No.16096696

File: 45bb27e9b93737c⋯.webm (6.76 MB, 500x360, 25:18, insanity.webm)


Avoid Exodus like the plague. It isn't just the 8ch FCs on there. The place is riddled with furries, degenerates, and trannies. They will attempt to ERP with you or just discuss their particular paraphilia, constantly and at great length.

t. Last human on Exodus

330361  No.16096784



Any story on what happened after that?

ffa563  No.16096792


I'm on Lamia and it's not bad, although the "LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY :D" guilds are pretty obnoxious sometimes

ffa563  No.16096801


It's just because tanks are really rare, and Paladin is pretty much the only good tank class. It's pretty fun to play too, especially if you remember what the Paladin class was like in the older games (you get Cover as a class ability, for example, and take all damage intended for that target for a short time). sage for doublepost

70ac93  No.16096838


Russia xaxa


The few friends I have made in this game are from there and are trying to convince me to come play with them.


Warrior is good if you like your tank to be able to help burn shit down when you are in a rush.

072fe2  No.16096840



Jam TV series Episode 6

"CCTV footage shows a children's game of musical chairs which turns nasty when an over-competitive father starts attacking other people's children and then the other parents."


072fe2  No.16096858


Its a comedy sketch show, not a found footage show by the way.

330361  No.16096921


>White Mage

Is white mage hard to level?

70ac93  No.16096948


No you have attack magic. Nothing is really hard to level because the daily roulettes dish out loads of exp and healer has a pretty good shot of getting bonus. Add in the the mix players now have The Road to Sixty buff that gives you bonus exp up until lvl 60 and you should have no problem.

1132af  No.16097072



Yes, I am talking about the first one. That's why I didn't say Guild Wars 2.

330361  No.16097076

What server should I pick?

28cc19  No.16097094


Elder Scrolls online.

052b12  No.16097097


Folks can help you out if you pick Exodus or Lamia on Primal.

b980e8  No.16097109

File: 018a6e3bcac41af⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, l9eph0cvx5tz.png)


Lamia if you want autists, Exodus if you want degenerates.

458ac3  No.16097116


and this is for BfA, yes?

c8f78a  No.16097158


Exodus might still have the experience buff for new characters. Theres a crossworld linkshell so you can still talk to people on either server.

70ac93  No.16097162


It does

a8289e  No.16097406


EXP isn't the issue though, it's the fucking long ass queues for the mandatory MSQs

70ac93  No.16097487


What does that have to do with the post I was replying to?

a8289e  No.16097492


meant for the one above, but it don't really matter

54fdac  No.16097527


The ___ community

Whenever you see that. Whether they're speaking for or against it, take what they have to say with a very large grainial of salt.


>mandatory MSQs

what expansion is this? Are you talking about the shit at the end of the RR? Seems like people just burn through that dungeon like it's nothing. What is shitty is all the quests you have to do after you beat the MSQ dungeons before you can even touch HW.

a8289e  No.16097551


every single MSQ quest is mandatory. Every last one. You have to play through all of them to get ready for ShB

54fdac  No.16097562


You don't need other players for them though do you? That would be properly shitty.

>Long ass queues for the mandatory MSQs

or did I misread you?

a8289e  No.16097578


You have to do dungeons. and you can't solo those.

fc0423  No.16097579

File: 1a0f43819d72206⋯.png (3.88 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, this is what a trap party ….png)

Fair word of warning, if you plan to tackle endgame raids like savage or extreme, you would be better served to find 7 other players that at least try not being shitters. This game has a bad case of "Everyone but you is trash" and its the absolute truth. Party Finder will give you ulcers if you're trying in any serious capacity.

Especially beware of the potatoes, they tend to be a sorry mix of degenerate and trash.

70ac93  No.16097586


No worries bruv. Either way I only play DPS and working my way through the MSQ I can only remember one time it took more than five minutes for a MSQ queue to fill. Dailies and trying to grind out extremes on the other hand is ridiculous. Depending on the roulette it can be anywhere from five minutes for a guildhest to an hour for story. Doing Ravana for the first time during MSQ took the longest and I think that was around fifteen minutes.


>t. the gay community


Most of the dungeons, trials, and some such are part of the main storyline. The MSQ also has solo missions where NPCs from the story will join in. It's irritating to be breezing through shit and it gets to a climactic part of the story and you just sort of have to wait around a few minutes for the queue to fill though. Again referncing Ravana you infiltrate this bugman beast ribes hive by pretending to be defeated so they can sacrifice you. You get into the center of their hive and make a deal with their god to challenge him to an honorable duel and then it cuts away from the cutscene and says lol there is a backdoor right there if you want to just walk around while you wait.

70ac93  No.16097604

Shit I forgot to mention what I came back to the thread to post. Would it have murdered squeenix to give one of the Blue Kojin a blue bandana mask and two katana?


>This game has a bad case of "Everyone but you is trash" and its the absolute truth.

This and especially with regards to DRK. It's not just the worst of the tanks. Something about the class attracts ab

54fdac  No.16097675

File: 24480b39a79cc58⋯.png (147.87 KB, 382x346, 191:173, Its a 2011 meme you were _….png)


How about

>The gamer community

c7d412  No.16098236

Don't let everyone telling you DRK is filled with shitters. I've had plenty of DRK's who were excellent. People complain because its DPS is shit which doesn't matter unless you're doing the hardest content and even then its fine. This game has an excess of Min/Max faggots crying the most about a few points here and there and then shitters taking their word as the word of God and damning anyone who says differently. The thing that attracts the most garbage people believe it or not is GLD/PLD. These will all most certainly be newer players and they wont understand how to hold the enemies. You'll see them keyboard turn, stand still for excessive amounts of time and generally be useless. Pray you have a competent healer or your going to be kissing the floor for most of your dungeoning experience.

c7d412  No.16098952


>potatoes degenerates

>not the catsluts

Nigga are you stupid?

b0ac99  No.16099059

File: 57eef14450f1329⋯.jpg (214.67 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, xivhome.jpg)


>What does FFXIV need to do to surpass WoW?

It already did.

XIV won the moment that it showed that it did something that Blizzard would never be able to do. They released an astoundingly awful MMO, completely rewrote it from the ground up, re-released it with a bevy of QoL additions, and have continually invested in not only the game itself, but player retention as well.

Blizzard, in that same situation, would have simply shut down the game, blamed the playerbase for their bad game in their typical passive-aggressive asshole ways.

>you think you want this, but you don't

>you don't have phones? lol

Followed by them doubling down on monetization in their other shitty games.

There's a lot of stupid shit that Square does, but their inflexibility, inability to adapt, and unwillingness to blame their own arrogances aren't those things, at least where XIV is concerned. The amount of candor that we get from Yoshi P is pretty refreshing, compared to the melodramatic "we're rockstars" garbage that Metzen loved to tout.

XIV deserves every bit of success that it has sown, just like how WoW deserves every bit of failure that they've brought upon themselves. WoW will stagnate itself into irrelevance, and seeing the massive blow that was dealt to them because of BfA's reception, that'll happen sooner than later, since Activision is going to "play it safe", and continue to release bland, boring content on Blizzard's behalf.

ce5dc1  No.16099243


how exactly? FFXIV is a blatant WoW clone with very little differences, and the differences there are worse. Aside from cosmetic shit (WoW has this too), the combat is floaty and unsatisfying, damage numbers pop up almost immediately after you press the button instead of when it makes sense via the animation (which is fucking janky), and it's a damn theme park. WoW and FFXIV are EXACTLY the same fucking game, and people who disagree are just fanboys of one of the other.

Yes, Blizzard has done a lot of stupid shit outside of WoW ("do you guys not have phones?") but that's not relevant to the quality of WoW – yu can make some connections but that's all you're doing.

70d217  No.16099381

File: 31ed76b68c5cc5d⋯.png (242.97 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 31ed76b68c5cc5d78cb71e6920….png)


>and the differences there are worse

Have you farmed your azurite yet anon? Get those good rolls on your loot maybe?

274b1e  No.16099385



I just finished elemental shamans

I have Vengeance, Feral, Hunter, locks and mages left. I do a spec a day.

66eb33  No.16099988

File: cb77e3f41353571⋯.jpg (90.54 KB, 375x500, 3:4, cb77e3f41353571762b1113643….jpg)


That is a shallow comparison from someone with a bitter life. That is lile saying Quake and Unreal are the same game instead of game type. Wow and ff14 are themepark mmo but Wow had its own lore raped and the corpse is put up on strings so the lore can be continually raped. Than mechanics so simplified that button pushing is a near brain dead activity. Ff14 brought back an old plot thread everyone thought was forgotten proving the devs care about the lore. Though abilities were also simplified in ff14 you can fuck up an entire run from not pulling your own weight.

a8289e  No.16100095


only because the mechanics are at endgame usually "if anyone fucks this up it's a wipe". Also "bringing back an old plot thread" would be nice, if it wasn't between 90 quests of unimportant garbage like "go kill 12 gunyoki sea imps"

458ac3  No.16100118


good; keep at it, anon

and don't decide to an hero if you find a dumb mistake in there… just fix them as you find them

you can go through it with a finely-toothed comb a hundred times and still find mistakes

getting back into it with a different state of mind, which you'll probably have tomorrow, can be a huge help for finding mistakes

e7d3e6  No.16100163

File: eccf36d5a2ba709⋯.jpg (63.15 KB, 710x480, 71:48, l_1939.jpg)

The stain of that tigole jew needs to be removed for the MMO genre to recover

70ac93  No.16100173


ur mom slays my gunyoki sea imp

6783d9  No.16100222


Surpass in what way? It amazes be that to this day people are still talking about "WoW killers".

5c2c64  No.16100247

File: e2f3971e05b5763⋯.png (46.54 KB, 300x163, 300:163, Final_Fantasy_XI_logo.png)

Drop a V, done.

ce5dc1  No.16100253



the plot and overly long cutscenes are one of the main differences from WoW, and that's EXACTLY what I meant when I said the differences are worse. but if you enjoy sitting there doing nothing for 30+ minutes while you click through a novel worth of text in a shitty unskipable scene, more power to you m8

66eb33  No.16100882

File: 932e812df55e4f5⋯.png (366.51 KB, 494x810, 247:405, 932e812df55e4f55240d0daae1….png)


Yes. It is fun to watch. At the same time there is a certain sadistic joy of others being forced to watch end game arr.

0a5e60  No.16101031


wow stopped "innovating" after lich king, if you can even call it that. blizzard was only ever good polishing other people's ideas, their own ones were pretty much always outright shit.

there are plenty of games which implemented better system but also had other issues. and there's the eternal "why play a slighty better copy of X instead of X", especially considering the sunken cost.

0a5e60  No.16101038



just don't run that shit? it's great for leveling between 50-60 while literally doing nothing.

0c29a9  No.16101292

70ac93  No.16101432


Praetorium is great. A guaranteed 1/2 level of experience for 31 minutes of cutscenes worth of your life. If you were a high speed low drag kind of individual who ran tank or DPS and had decently leveled gear you could just DC in the middle of the first cutscene, reconnect smash through everything until you reach the next cutscene and lather rinse repeat your way all the way to ultima weapon while everyone is still watching the first cutscene. Hell if you are a tank you can solo Ultima and Lahabrea and skip final cutscene out. It just leaves an empty instance that everyone has to short cut all the way to the end.

If someone is real high speed they can do the whole thing in about 15 minutes for the 5 or so million xp at level 69.

75814d  No.16101587

File: 02ed45a0e2ab1ec⋯.jpg (53.56 KB, 565x564, 565:564, 94d14d3cc5ce948660cce16c42….jpg)


The base game plot is bad, but the instant you hit the first expac the story quality jump from 4 to a 7 out of 10.

a2c519  No.16101615


Make it where you can actually die in the game.

4d2ffa  No.16101757

File: 5587b8d26966f9b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 886.1 KB, 1280x914, 640:457, 113e8fb1-002d-4162-abc0-73….png)


I'm surprised the Wind-Up Haurchefant minion doesn't have a smile.

70ac93  No.16101829


Nigger was gay as fuck but he was also a true bro. When you first showed up he was willing to actually listen to what you had to say. When some inquisitor was throwing shade he risked everything to have your back. When your life was in danger he risked and ultimately lost his own protecting the friend who stood by his side.

a8289e  No.16101841


but then after HW it shoots back down to a 3-4/10. god SB was awful

70ac93  No.16101867


Yda/Lyse is the worst part of it. Her stupidity in ARR was just ignorable, but her actions and reactions to shit is beyond confusing in SB. I am warming up to Yugiri and right after I make this post we are going to try to assassinate Zenos. Second worst part of SB is the soundtrack. Kugane is mind numbing as fuck, just the same bit over and over again with slightly varing pitch tempo and volume.

a8289e  No.16101907


The primal music is also all super generic in SB. The final story SB fight is good, but I can't honestly remember a single track from SB outside of that because they're all so absurdly generic sounding. I'm honestly surprised none of them had the YoooOOOOOH noise

fc0423  No.16101936

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc0423  No.16101938

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc0423  No.16101942

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc0423  No.16101947

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc0423  No.16101950

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fc0423  No.16101954

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a8289e  No.16101956


You posted 3 super generic tracks and then the one track I said was good. I don't get what you'rem aiming for here. Susan's theme is the epitome of generic japanese sounding shit, Lakshimi's has absolutely nothing of interest going on aside from the vocals, and Byakko comes in hot with more generic garbage

fc0423  No.16101959

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2a4008  No.16101961

File: cb89c27fe8b0dff⋯.jpg (67.57 KB, 1200x1004, 300:251, 1549616421761.jpg)


Zenos is based. Made SB bearable.





These ones are good. Honestly it's just Susano's and Lakshmi's songs that are shit. Haven't heard snake man's yet.

e84a60  No.16101974



FFXIV literally does everything better than WoW.

>cinematics complaint

Cutscenes are skippable unlike the long ass in-game scripted events in WoW, DURING fucking dungeons and raids. Cinematics only happen beforehand or at the end and they are all skippable. MSQ are the only one's that aren't but you only do em once.

>animation complaint

WoW also has this problem AND has had shitty animations for all it's history, event it's "upgraded" animations are shitty.

>it's a damn themepark

so is WoW

e84a60  No.16101975


All of WoWs tracks are shit and the good ones are copy pasted from WC3

fc0423  No.16101979



>suano's theme



a8289e  No.16101986


I don't get how you dislike susan's but somehow like fucking Byakko and Tsuku. They're both the exact same type of generic. Suzaku I can sort of understand because they sort of try something, They're all incredibly forgettable though.


No one is praising WoW's music, the Primal themes in SB are a massive step down from HW or even ARR

70ac93  No.16102006


Garuda's theme is reason why I keep her mount hotbared. Flibbertygibbet the Slyphlands theme is so awesome I have it playing in my home orchestrion. Ravana's theme is the best by far and if you know if a mount has it for it's music I would appreciate knowing.

2a4008  No.16102019

File: b8eda936369519d⋯.jpg (401.91 KB, 1091x737, 1091:737, 1496658177856.jpg)


Because stronk wimmin.


If it makes a difference it's only the 2nd phase of Byakko and Tsukuyomi's music that I like.

21e11f  No.16102249

Should I play FFXIV?

t. Guy who's never played an MMORPG in his life

fc0423  No.16102278


its certainly one of the best on the market right now but thats ultimately on you

a8289e  No.16102355


No it's absurdly bad for new players, you have an absurd amount of boring irrelevant content where your rotation doesn't really matter because you lack important parts of it. And you'll not really get any player interaction because all anyone even really cares about is RPing or blitzing through the low level roulette dungeons as quick as they can. You can't even skip any of it, you're forced to do every last MSQ quest in order to get to even remotely relevant content

832aba  No.16102415

File: a6a3e59e703ff13⋯.png (255.32 KB, 474x708, 79:118, level up too fast.png)


Guild wars

e84a60  No.16102426


play the free trial, lets you play half the original game with no restrictions.

21e11f  No.16102485


I like this suggestion. Thanks

ab93f0  No.16102529

File: 366a3bebac9a6d7⋯.png (52.94 KB, 967x359, 967:359, ydyyb.PNG)

1bdc58  No.16102538


I would agree with you if MMO PvP was something akin to planetside where you use skills and tactics to win instead of hours of autistic meta analyzing.

Or worse yet looking up your build on a wiki and just following a list on how you're supposed to play.

517c44  No.16102547


extremely underrated shitpost, please donate more (you)'s for a good cause

b0d611  No.16102557

>playing osrs when you could be playing superior /v/scape

enjoy paying $11 a month for fag-lovers' fan fiction

dcf51c  No.16102609


I hope the crafting update for smithing quickly finds its way to the rest of the combat classes. It looks engaging, and MMO's are missing engaging crafting systems so players can feel like they can live off of professions other than endless boss raiding. I know there's FFXIV for engaging crafting, but that game has the usual problem with themepark MMO's of expansions making all crafting but endgame content a total waste of time.

I also hope those crafting changes eventually make their way to OSRS. OSRS is Runescape 3 Lite at this point, and no longer RS2007, because of Community Poll content, so it might as well.


<fag-lover's fan fiction

>Starting February 2nd and ending March 3rd, is the 'Big Dick Boss Massacre' by Nefarian/Atrocious and Sanaesuccdic.

/v/scape is just as gay as OSRS. /v/scape not putting its homosexuality into actual game content doesn't make it any less gay. It either is, or it is not. And it is.

bbf356  No.16102626


most of the time his voice is what makes the theme bearable

personally only Byakko's and Tsukuyomi's are worth mentioning this expac

stormblood is personally the least i've played during ffxiv. i'm only playing now cause shadowbringers and i need to level crafting and gathering and few other classes to 70 and finish a single relic and get birds and dogs.

a8289e  No.16102674


Endgame crafting in 14 isn't engaging, there's an extremely set rotation you do to HQ shit most of the time, and the other time is the same rotation, just hoping luck favors you

ef2331  No.16102768


>plaintext passwords

b6ac39  No.16102796

Fucking Runescape surpassed WoW in October as far as subs go. Is FFXIV not higher? Blizzard is still overvalued even losing a third of their value in the last 3 months.

"Do you not have jobs?" - fans to Blizz

b6ac39  No.16102887

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Only played one month when Alexander was current. Made it through entire story at that point which was absolutely brutal like 24 hours of fetch quests at end of expansion and gave no closure. Quit because game had no chat outside gold spam.

Games need to have activities out in the world that 2 or 3 people can go do. Fuck instanced off shit, that will never create organic experiences with strangers when it's completely on rails.

e04851  No.16104456


Hunts and treasure maps exist for this reason. Party up with some friends or people you dont even know, and go kill shit in the world for profit. There's even eureka which, while instanced, is a very large instance with a cap of 140 players who you can have some pretty good bants with. It sounds to me that your were just on a shit low-pop server. On a server like gilgamesh, the world is pretty vibrant with people chatting in /shout pretty commonly. I also rarely see gold spam bots. Join an FC is the biggest thing I can reccomend.

66eb33  No.16104720

File: 3b15201c26d6545⋯.jpg (648.66 KB, 1988x1178, 994:589, best meal of his life.jpg)


Dedicated crafters are the jews of FF14. An almost complete dominance of tje economy. As long as there is housing autists and glamour autists than there will always be a demand for crafters outside of raid gear. If you are autism enough, like I am, you can find ARR craftables selling in the tens of thousands to hundred of thousands because no one else makes them.

70ac93  No.16110153

No server maintenance in peak burger hours.

2a4008  No.16110972

File: b76519aa5bd8663⋯.png (385.68 KB, 613x670, 613:670, oh no no no.PNG)

>56-man no pre-made in a dungeon with savage level bosses and limits on raising

uh oh

1827ab  No.16110975

Australian servers.

fuck 299ping MMO's with shit pvp lag

aecd55  No.16111075


>What does FFXIV need to do to surpass WoW

Nothing. It's been the same shit since ARR. The story was its strong point, but that stopped being good with HW. The gameplay is nothing to write home about. The cash shop sucks up too much content that should be available to everyone. The rate at which content comes out is hilariously bad. Before I stopped playing, it was what all of my friends cited as their reason for leaving. The gear treadmill really does need to die.

In general, I think just about all mmos are dead. What killed them is everyone copying wow, which copied the shitpile that was EQ and made it worse. It's just going to be the same cookie cutter shit with the same kinds of bosses and content until enough casuals fuck off back to mobile and enough turbo-autists kill themselves.


>mmo pvp

It's shit and ffxiv pvp got dumbed down in SB, so that retards could play.

b980e8  No.16111145

File: fdb6313ecb06d32⋯.gif (392.87 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 05.gif)


>The cash shop sucks up too much content that should be available to everyone

<Literally just cosmetics, a good chunk of which came from seasonal events

>The story was its strong point, but that stopped being good with HW

<He thinks ARR was good, let alone better than HW

>The rate at which content comes out is hilariously bad

<Being able to actually go play other games and take time off without being left permanently behind is bad

Amazing how one person can be so wrong.

2a4008  No.16111149

File: 27c44b8559747ee⋯.jpg (74.92 KB, 500x415, 100:83, 1242536457478.jpg)


>The story was its strong point, but that stopped being good with HW.

Stopped right there.

3e5dbd  No.16111197


to go back in time and exterminate every single mongoloid who pushed what was FF6 and its former glory into the cesspit of weebshit that came with FF7 and sucessor.

I know they tried to somewhatish fix the flow of filth with FFT, but no, retards wanted more EDGE.

Everything went to shit for square from that point, and it's the simple truth.

Also as 1reply said, WoW is already dead, for a number of reasons we all know (fatigue, plus chronic mismanagement, pandering to tards, etc)

70ac93  No.16111305

jfc I was looking at the revised rules that came out with the new update. Near as I can tell advising another play on a mechanic in a dungeon or raid would be a rule violation and cause for your account to be banned. Disagreeing with someone is also a rule violation. Seriously this shit is some draconian nonsense for absolute shitters that don't want to feel bad ever.

>"Offensive expression" means an expression in general that inflicts emotional distress by being offensive to another person. Offensive expression may include:

>・Expressions that compel a playing style

>・Expressions that unilaterally reject another person's opinion

147cb7  No.16111363


>just cosmetics

It's baffling how brain dead FFXIV fans are. The game costs money, the expansions cost money, and on top of that there's a subscription fee. And then ON TOP OF THAT, you have fucking paid cosmetics. And this, the fucking mindless drones argue, is perfectly fine "bcuz just cosmetics XD". Why the fuck should there even be a cash shop in a paid game with a subscription fee? In what universe is that even remotely acceptable? In F2P garbage they at least have the excuse that they need to make money somehow, but this piece of shit has two goddamn paywalls before you can even start to use the cash shop. How can you defend this? How can you suck so much corporate cock?

657de1  No.16111376


>Have to buy tha game, pay subcribtion and suffer cash shop anyway

Are there actually people on /v/ with taste so shitty they're fine with all this?

41afb0  No.16111393


Nobody plays normal human.

Elf-fags of course rolls the elf.

Everybody else pretty much play the cats.

Bros are Roes.

Emos, edgelords, and taciturns plays Au Ra.

Pedos, perverts, sickos, and kikes rolls the potato.

70ac93  No.16111402


I play Midlander.

bdb893  No.16111423

the only good thing that came out of ff14 is manderville stuff

af9061  No.16111464


Only problem with your rant is that FF14 is not really related to the FF7 and beyond Nomura shitfest and is part of Ivalice, designed by the FF12 guys.

f54424  No.16111470


I was originally Catgirl, switced to Lizargirl and going to switch to Rabbitgirl next.

70ac93  No.16111480


When are you going to change from being a faggot?

2a4008  No.16111538


God forbid you tell a slightly offensive joke.

70ac93  No.16111550


It's a little more than that. You tell some shit tank to stop aiming the boss at the party and he can go and snitch on you like the bitch nigger all DRK are and get you banned. Some Lalafel walks up to you and starts /telling you that having someone shit on your chest and then jerking off with it is the purest form of love in the world and you tell him no, without conceding that he may in part be correct, and you are banned.

Fuck this gay ass shit.

73a2fd  No.16111568


>implemented shota bunny boy

>armies of nip ara join the game

We need this version, not the gym monsters bunny version.

aa8f8c  No.16111620


Rose Lanner mount. Also you can get orchestrion rolls for both of Ravana's themes. Mount and rolls drop from RavEx

70ac93  No.16111654

274b1e  No.16111661

For starters, not have a 2.5 second global cooldown so the gameplay is actually enjoyable.

dbb88f  No.16111979


Go back to Wow and your 3 buttons.

ef2331  No.16112142

I play PSO2

aa8f8c  No.16112319


Highlander or bust.



Exodus truly is filled with abhorrent degenerates, I wish I rolled on another server instead of this one but I've come too far start over. How much are server transfers?

dbb88f  No.16112404


> How much are server transfers?

15-20$ I think

70ac93  No.16112437


Plus you lose your land.

a2660b  No.16112504

File: ea090062c9bc927⋯.png (454.03 KB, 516x669, 172:223, Knipsel.PNG)

Until now, we have operated under the philosophy that “this is an MMORPG and frequent in-game intervention by SQUARE ENIX would inhibit player experience.” Under this philosophy in mind, GMs have intervened only in cases of racial or sexual discrimination or other severe cases.

GMs would not actively take action against other types of behavior that were deemed to be “annoying but not crossing the line from an objective eye.” Instead encouraging the involved players to resolve the situation through communication, adding the players to the blacklist or other peaceful methods.

However, times have changed and although FINAL FANTASY is an MMORPG, it is now our belief that it is better for the community as a whole for us to “intervene in situations where a player is subjected to the abusive behavior of another player,” rather than “worrying about inhibiting communication between players.”

As this change in course requires changes to our fundamental policies, and such a change would be difficult to reverse, we spent considerable time carefully reviewing its potential impact. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that it is better for the community as a whole for us to clamp down on abusive behavior and have decided to move forward with this major change.

Needless to say, everyone will have their own view on a situation, so a GM will continue to provide an objective eye. With a more proactive approach to in-game conflicts, we will strive to protect players who are considerate towards others and provide a high quality service in which players can play in a more comfortable and safe environment.

Note that penalties have been adjusted so that appropriate action can be taken against offensive players depending on the severity of their offense.

To keep our players safe, we will continue to keep track of trends both in online games and in the real world, as well as remaining vigilant of the social norms of our time.

We thank you all for your continued support of FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Whats the point of talking in a MMORPG anymore?

70ac93  No.16112520


So a bunch of social media fags in california who get paid to GM can monitor your speech for thought crime. If you read the list of rules literally disagreeing with someone's opinion is a banable offense.

dbb88f  No.16112542

Have you seen the new terms of conduct?


Basically, if you tell a player to get better at the game you're 'compelling a playstyle' and your ass is getting banned. I'm this close to dropping this game.

70ac93  No.16112557

Also did anyone else not have their beast tribe quests allowance reset? I kept waiting but no knew quests today I guess.

1ce8d6  No.16112579


>What does FFXIV need to do to surpass WoW?

By not including any normalfag npcs from wow or any other (((western game))), because a good chunk of them are closet hipster faggots and sjw enablers with zero amygdala, also NEVER pick any one of them who try to be (((volunteers))) for any kind of position of power even if it's janitorial work, not for marketing, pr, hr, ads, especially for the community manager position, because that's where they start their subversive opsec.

And the game devs should never ever think of (((their))) opinions and commentaries as (((the voice of the community)))

590dab  No.16112597



really depends how it's applied. every TOS has a clause they can revoke your access for whatever reason, and while it might not be legal no one thinks to lose his account anytime soon.

also depends how much in line their staff is. I gm'd in companies where you could get away with all kinds of bullshit and others where even a slight fuckup had a high possibility of showing up on someone's radar and get you reprimanded.

in the end you want consistent support, if squeenix can't deliver that it will be bad pr in the long run and at some point reflect in user numbers.

but then EU is based in cuckistans capitol and US commifornia, so RIP basically.

70ac93  No.16112602


It explicitly says disagreeing with another's opinion is an offense.

dbb88f  No.16112612


I basically got kicked out of my FC the other day because I said that if you're a healer and you're asking the tank to tank in tank stance only, you're a bad player. I also said I tell people to learn to play their jobs better. People threw a fucking hissy fit about how elitist I am, that I'm berating other players and disgustingly attack them, how players have the responasbility to 'collaborate' bla bla bla.

The player base is utter garbage. Go to Pyros, no one spawns shit they only sit on bunnies. Go to clear parties, people don't know mechanics and get in only to get carried. Go to farm groups, people do 4.0 tier dps in 380 gear. It's just fucking sad.

e89cdf  No.16112620


Ive been suspended for calling someone a retard who cant play content that is older then his mom once.

Basically surround urself with like minds ive had no problems with most people on my server but u duty finder u get the softest carebears.

And it sucks a good amount of people know this but dont speak up

dbb88f  No.16112650


I don't know how to find a decent fc. Every one I've been in so far is a safe space for special snowflakes. Do people from 8ch have a presence on Omega EU?

70ac93  No.16112655

I can get away with playing DRK now and no one can say shit

b0ac99  No.16112674

File: 4bcf633828e2f6e⋯.jpg (28.12 KB, 460x276, 5:3, smokin.jpg)


>TOS is just basic common sense stuff

>people go apeshit

The only people that are worrying about this kind of shit, are the kind of trash people that have reason to. I'm perfectly a-okay with WoW shitters and Lala players cleansing themselves out of my vidya due to their own uncontrollable autism.

1fce35  No.16112711


>call someone a shitter

>get a 7 day ban

>common sense


dbb88f  No.16112715


Really? It's common sense to ban someone because he said something that made someone feel even slightly uncomfortable? Being banned for 'compelling a playstyle' is common sense? You sound like someone who doesn't do any content or does content with a group of friends and doesn't interact with the playerbase that is pathetically bad at the game they're playing.

590dab  No.16112733


that's just players being retards, I had plenty of those every day. in the end it really depends if a gm gives a shit - most gms don't because getting involved in drama will only cause more drama, and depending on your company you either have to finish a quota with bonus on top or simply cba to deal with that shit every hour. so you want to get that shit resolved fast in a way it won't come back.

thinking about it that shit sounds more and more like some management bullshit from suits who have no fucking clue how shit actually works, which is not limited to support. getting involved in "politics" even ingame is a can of worms most sane support departments stay the fuck away from because it takes time from more important tickets while having hardly any effect (there's a reason the go-to sentence is "put him on ignore").


almost all terms of service have shit clauses and can be interpreted one way or another. for one it gives company the leeway to get away with more shit (which they hardly use since they want more customers and no bad pr, but it's there if need be) and another you simply can't put it in ironclad examples, because people will take it an excuse to work around it (the TOS states I'm not allowed to call him a faggot, which I didn't, I called him a cockmunching asstongue instead!), which requires constant updating of the TOS - which costs money and over time no one wants to keep up when with the new rules when it changes 3 times a day. in general dealing with shit players say or do is the most time-consuming and annoying shit, which takes time from actually important tickets like login issues or gamestoppers, most GMs already hate it even when the TOS gives you freedom to say almost anything.


<COC is just basic common sense stuff

<people go apeshit

>shit has never been abused, ever!

dbb88f  No.16112747

I have a question about cancelling the SHB preorder. I see they haven't charged my on my Paypal, but there is an automatic payment scheduled and I can cancel it. If I cancel that payment does that mean I cancelled the preorder? I activated the preorder code already, if that means anything.

590dab  No.16112750


canceling the schedule simply means our sub doesn't keep going, should be fine unless it was a bundle deal or sth, but then it's usually an advance payment in one chunk anyway.

fc0423  No.16112756


>common sense stuff

>we just given ourselves the right to delete anyone at the mere hint of someone not liking you

Neck yourself you commie sack of shit

dbb88f  No.16112808


I don't pay the sub via paypal, I only pre ordered using it. Now, if I cancel on Paypal, does that cancel my preorder?

70ac93  No.16112821


As long as you didn't unlock the pre-order bonus code you can cancel through squaresoft easily.

dbb88f  No.16112827


I said I activated the code.

590dab  No.16112830


did you already pay for the sub or is it in queue once your current sub runs out? else simply cancel your sub.

7a9407  No.16112840

File: 1538fbcaadd2555⋯.png (518.89 KB, 680x515, 136:103, OSRS.png)

File: 0a5897c91d20e43⋯.png (71.84 KB, 1331x461, 1331:461, wew.png)


>What does FFXIV need to do to surpass WoW?

Don't turn into WoW, that's what killed RS3.

a45786  No.16112922

Amongst other things that should be highlighted, the following now fall under the ambit of "offensive expression" that is prohibited and punishable:

Expressions that compel a playing style

Expressions that unilaterally reject another person's opinion

Additionally, "Nuisance behaviour" means speech or behaviour that hurts others or obstructs game play, but which is not classified as harassment. Even if it was not the intention, a penalty may be imposed if the end result was that another person was hurt or obstructed

If you play FFXIV, you're a cuckold.

dbb88f  No.16112947


Well now the only way to play the game is to completely distance yourself from the average shitter and just stick to your group of people. I don't know, I'm really fucking pissed about this. Now, I think that SE will stay the good old SE that says they're gonna punish parsing but they don't really do shit about it.

4c4664  No.16112962

File: 3793b7f42364471⋯.jpg (109.08 KB, 400x400, 1:1, brandish_by_dexorsa-d96mel….jpg)



When did this change take place?

b0ac99  No.16112969

File: 37853b1b9fc5eb8⋯.png (180.53 KB, 512x548, 128:137, sip.png)





Thanks for proving my point.

70ac93  No.16112971


During maintenance, which ended fifteen minutes early

274b1e  No.16112975

File: 22cee23d2addca2⋯.png (267.54 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 22cee23d2addca2a3b090b5400….png)


triggered sims-playing RP-enabling "muh comfy" weeb FF14 fanboy detected

dbb88f  No.16113009


You can't just say 'autism' and expect anything to happen. Hope you like ice mages, because now you get to sit in a dungeon with one and you have to keep your mouth shut.

66eb33  No.16113052

File: f76eb5225654705⋯.jpg (43.46 KB, 400x265, 80:53, 9ea9fffb0f76421539e45a5bd5….jpg)


Being this beta on an image board. Thos ToS is for snow flake faggots. There is no clause that says 2 completely different people minding their own business cant be banned from a 3rd party snow flake. This kind of shit is what causes the fall of fandom. For as much as I wanted viera for years I will not sub again to a game with this kind of foggy bullshit.

f8812a  No.16113066

File: b042021ac3c2ac8⋯.png (10.13 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, how can be this be happeni….png)

>They could have added in the Invalice Moogles, Bangaa or Seeq

>Instead they add the Viera

We already have a game full of guys playing as catgirls, the last thing we need is another influx of guys playing as brown bunny girls.

ef2331  No.16113077

File: f207cbbe5700d26⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1277x5248, 1277:5248, deliberately.png)



c32e65  No.16113118


as the author of that reply image for the original, i'm amazed at how much it has evolved

b0ac99  No.16113159

File: e266b5bb7b0e001⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 301x250, 301:250, popcorn2.gif)


I'm fully aware of what I said. I knew that some butthurt kids would get mad and lash out, feed me (You)s and then suddenly wonder why Square is cracking down on that exact same type of unfiltered autism in the first place. I understand that critical thinking and self-reflection aren't possible with these idiots, but damn if the irony isn't fucking hilarious to me.

As far as sitting in dungeons with shitters, that's thankfully a part of the game that I don't need to worry about. I run my FC, and directly hand-picked the company that I surround myself with. If I find myself playing with shitters, then I have nobody but myself to blame. But when I step into Ul'dah and see the levels of faggotry in /shout, it'll be pretty funny seeing all of these dumbshits defer to literal niggerisms because they dindu nuffin.


The best kind of cleansing, is self-cleansing. Have fun!

dbb88f  No.16113201


So you confirmed what I told you in my first reply to you: you obviously don't do content outside of your tight knit group. Therefore, your input is entirely worthless.

a2660b  No.16113282


kill yourself nigger mongoloid

b0ac99  No.16113288

File: 1fd5e55d8427eb4⋯.jpg (323.33 KB, 1824x1026, 16:9, XIV loft.jpg)


I take in new blood and I do play with outsiders, but I'm super fucking mindful about how I do business. This is how I see it:

We can all be dumbass shitposting faggots here, posting Hitler, racewar and other edgy shit like we've always done. But do you really want faggots displaying their power level in other mediums? Not fucking me. I already dealt with that shit in WoW at the height of the Habbo days, and it was cringe central. That's why I'm more than happy to see Reddit-tier newfaggots out themselves so they can get banned. Which won't happen if you're smart about your insults and delivery to these subhuman snowflakes.

Context, dogwhistles and outside communication are the three biggest obstacles to a GM. That latter one especially. If some literally-who wants to run with me and can't take the shit we spew in our IRC channel, tough shit. What are they doing to do? Tell GMs that the big-bad FC leader called him a niggerfaggot in IRC? They'll get their ticket closed without a second thought.

The moral of the story is that you shouldn't be spending the entirety of your gaming time with randoms. If you do, you're part of the problem, because randoms are the lowest of the low, the trench-tier. FCs exist for a reason. Use them and you'll immediately have stake and legitimacy; especially because if you have server clout, nobody's going to talk shit to you, and they'll be receptive of the (constructive) shit that you're saying to them.

4c4664  No.16113297


>they'll get their ticket closed without a second thought.

Plenty of games already ban you for shit you boutside of them. You're completely wrong.

b0ac99  No.16113307

File: e9f0862b7492417⋯.jpg (81.49 KB, 600x510, 20:17, hmmmmmmm.jpg)



I'm not doubting you, but I'm legitimately curious about this. I used to GM for SOE before the company went tits up. And any time someone referred to things that happened outside of any of our games, we immediately became hands-off to the entire situation, unless it involved suicide threats.

4c4664  No.16113314


Blizzard, Riot, and Roblox.

b0ac99  No.16113341

File: 624ee877cdd6551⋯.png (277.82 KB, 371x675, 371:675, risky.png)


Ah, right. Forgot those chink-owned companies are trying to network out, and consolidate into things like Twitch, their own launchers, and all of that garbage. But that's a whole different issue, in that nobody should be entertaining any game or service by any of those companies in the first place, especially when it comes to account-tying anything to Ciscord or whatever else anyway. Common sense, right?

So long as you keep accounts and identities surgically separated from one another, you should be fine. Anyone who ties their Twitch/Blizzard/Discord/etc. account shit together, deserves every bad thing that happens to them, no exceptions.

dbb88f  No.16113357


This is not an issue of power level, you can literally get banned for telling a healer to dps. On the second part, you are right, randoms are utter shit, but you should be able to tell them shit like 'learn to play your job better'. And for us who play without friends, even finding a decent fc is hard as shit. My sub runs out tomorrow, we'll see.

ffcde1  No.16113422

File: 257420305ed8800⋯.png (744.61 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


How can people struggle with tank?

The only difficulties i'd imagine would come from facing a boss you haven't faced before with the party or getting lost in a dungeon you haven't been in before.

Most of what tanking includes is:

>Draw aggro of enemies, draw more but don't overextend to avoid dying

>Ensure backs of enemies is facing party so they can avoid AOEs/do more backstab damage

>Occasionally have consensual yuri sex with healers.

Tanking is EZ.

b0ac99  No.16113467

File: e4f9283e03e9332⋯.mp4 (9.85 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [東方自作アレンジ]_Hop_[原曲_-お宇佐さまの….mp4)


I'm going to file that under the whole 'wait and see' thing. Right now, it sounds like overblown hyperbole over speculative outcomes. If some random shitter reports me or one of my dudes for telling him how to play better, he can go right ahead. I'm not concerned about getting banned, you shouldn't be either. Only mouthbreathers and socially inept retards get banned from MMOs, and that's a low fucking bar.

My tl;dr here is, not to worry until there's actual reason to worry. I think we'd sooner see crackdowns on those ERP-hounding cocksuckers over on Balmeme sooner than any kind of clamping down on telling shitters to git gud. We'll see.

a2660b  No.16113517


go away nigger

70ac93  No.16113590


I get tunnel vision when I play. I focus way to much on one thing. That is okay when I am DPS. When you tank you hold up the entire party. Say I focus too much on my CDs and miss a swap, die and now the party is struggling. Say I get too caught up in watching for cleaves I forget where to aim.

b980e8  No.16113682

File: 4c11091593eb654⋯.jpeg (36.11 KB, 624x474, 104:79, 4c1[1].jpeg)


>complains abut "content" being locked away in the cash shop

>When it's pointed out that said "content" is a handful of cosmetics with no impact on the game, spergs out about paywalls

Putting aside the part where you call putting some dresses and swimsuits in the cash shop "sucking up too much content":

Square Enix, the corporation, is taking the money from game purchases and subs. That money is then distributed across ALL of their projects, meaning a fraction of what is spent on the game by consumers actually goes into the game's development. The money gained from the cash shop, however, goes straight to the XIV development team, for XIV use alone. Also unlike a f2p mmo, they don't lock any actual content behind it (unless you count the "pay to not play" level/story skip) to force you to use the cash shop.

tl,dr SE gets the sub and game money, not XIV. XIV only gets cash shop money and whatever SE doles out to them.

b980e8  No.16113722

File: 725176a1772732c⋯.png (479.37 KB, 680x805, 136:161, trashman1.png)


XIV has actually been pretty adamant about not taking action based on outside evidence unless you self-incriminate. The closest you can get tends to come with people posting screenshots on Twitter or the like while using 3rd party programs and/or mods, while being abundantly clear that they are the same individual pictured. i.e. "I am player XYZ, on server ABC" while posting pictures of their octuple-breasted futa catgirl on Twitter.

ffcde1  No.16113771

File: 1d3ae7723c13124⋯.png (1.09 MB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Eh, guess that could be an issue, I had that problem when in my earlier days of tanking, overtime ('specially in the later game dungeons) I just kind of adapted.


Does he also not realize a good chunk of the things in the cashshop are just literal reskins of shit already in-game?

Pic related is literally just a recolor of the adamantite set.

a8289e  No.16113772


I'm more confused that you think the cash shop money doesn't go to SE and that somehow FFXIV needs the microtransactions to sustain itself.

I'm half expecting you to say next that FFXIV is a small indie project and they need the money because it's not profitable

072fe2  No.16113790

File: c0fce1e6c438357⋯.png (1.09 MB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


The first thing i noticed in this picture was that the that aqueduct looked like a keyhole

Fuck KH

70ac93  No.16113792


Well there is the gofundme

b980e8  No.16113844

File: beb004aeb4314d5⋯.mp4 (993 KB, 480x270, 16:9, sniper.mp4)


I've heard it said multiple times that mogstation goes straight to them (could be completely wrong, I'm fine admitting that), and I never once said or implied that XIV needs microtransactions to sustain itself. On the contrary, I noted that unlike a F2P MMO, it doesn't. Anyways, here's what Yoshida himself said about their funding:

"Now, you have Blizzard and you have Square Enix. We’re the only two companies in the industry, basically, that are making MMOs with our own money. That gives us an advantage, because where other companies have to get money from investors and have to pay that back, we don’t have a lot of time to build slowly and be able to pay that back. Investors want their returns right away. With Square Enix and Blizzard, because we’re putting our own money into it, we don’t have those investors to worry about, and that means we can release something and maybe take a little bit of a hit at the beginning, but as long as we’re increasing the amount of people we have, then we’ll get that money and make the players happy. We’ll get into that cycle I talked about before, where we’re creating good content and have that steady income to keep the cycle going."

The mistake is looking at the money from game purchases and subs for XIV and failing to understand that it's not going straight back to the game. It's funding XV, it's funding the VII remake, it's funding everything that Square Enix is doing. XIV merely has an allotted budget from the SE coffers. That amount may change based on the success or failure of any and all of SE's projects.

Now, is the current system necessary? That's a question we can only guess at answering, because (to my knowledge) we're not SE's accounting department and don't have access to their numbers.

a8289e  No.16113870


No the mistake is misreading what I said and posting a quote from Yoshi on how anything works. Yoshi "skeletons are too hard to make", yoshi "MCH is in a fine place right now"

That aside having a cash shop in a subscription MMO is jewish as fuck and the story is garbage and I will always say that the game is the worst MMO on the market for new players because of how much boring useless content that doesn't even let you play your character there is to slog through.

70ac93  No.16113890

File: 8952e18af4d38d0⋯.webm (7.01 MB, 500x500, 1:1, Webms_w_0_sound.webm)

5c93af  No.16114008


>tying account shit together

Anyone who does this deserves everything they got.

90d52a  No.16114329


good job proving his point retard

fuckin gook can't control your own autism so you go full sperg


816de3  No.16114382

File: 1c2127f77c93c95⋯.png (57.41 KB, 580x732, 145:183, 2019-02-12.png)

File: c252837e456be45⋯.png (98.17 KB, 901x998, 901:998, 2019-02-12 (1).png)


All of the people celebrating the new TOS are specifically talking about cleaning up their "problematic" FCs. They will be used to take over FCs that allow bantz or at least make it so they cannot say what they want anymore. The rules are vague enough for that shit too you can pretty much get reprimanded for anything regardless of context. The entire thing is about getting GMs involved a ton more in everyday interactions. Which means they will probably hire a bunch more GMs which means the quality of GMs will also decrease. This shit is the end of FF14 I had fun while it lasted.

816de3  No.16114389


Again the specified goal of the new TOS is to get GMs to interfere more during player arguments. When someone is being annoying or a group is excluding a player the GMs are now encouraged to intervene. The new TOS are nothing but a list of THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT. There is no other way to take it they are not just changing the language.

d3ea80  No.16114506

Listen the new TOS is mostly lipservice for the shitters who get assburned when you name the shitter in an open channel or duty. The canary in the coal mine here is the Exodus FC and linkshell. They've yet to get shitcanned during the entire span they've spent shitposting about kikes, ala miggers, potatoes, and boy pussy. The one time they even got close was back was that cuck Dave was around and they pissed off some shitter whom if I remember correctly, joined the guild with an alt and started reporting the banter to SE to try and stir up bans. I haven't been on Exodus since ARR ended, but if I recall the incident correctly, the name Boombox should ring a bell for the old hands. This caused all the shitposting to take place on the linkshell for a while and not the FC channel. What happened after that, I wasn't around to read.

the TLDR here is that if SE really wanted to enforce terms, they'd use a routine to red flag the toxic banter even in private channels and then ban from that. You'll know thats in play when OwO or NwO is nuked from orbit. Which it won't. They'd rather have your money and maintain the containment.

ffa563  No.16114567


>adamantite set recolor

i'm okay with this. i feel like the adamantite set is probably the only one that actually looks like legit armor, especially the helm

ef3df7  No.16114577


the day OwO or NwO is nuked is the day I quit and never look back, for just those reasons.

54fdac  No.16114597

File: c7eb66bef68c519⋯.jpg (13.66 KB, 250x192, 125:96, poor pax.jpg)

This is probably hearsay, but I heard that one potato Pax got banned for being a shitlord in the wrong place. Can anyone confirm?

b0ac99  No.16114638

File: 88705ca04d03679⋯.jpg (33.71 KB, 463x390, 463:390, doing the math.jpg)



So I'm not exactly going to take these complaints with anything less than a boulder of salt. But theoretically, let's say that stuff comes to light where this new TOS can be leveraged against players and FCs.

This stuff has been sitting in the back of my mind all evening, and I've been considering the actual positives to all of this if it comes to fruition. I still think it's a whole lot of nothing, but I'll keep an open mind to it.

That said: There is a faggot FC who is refusing to let us buy out their properties so we can have full control over the ward. And now it has me hatching some internal Crusader Kings fuckery so we can do a social takeover of this "problematic" FC so we can take the last three properties, especially in the final month hype window before SB hits. How could this potential negative be leveraged into a positive?

ffa563  No.16114658


simply rattle their cages. try to initiate a discussion then oh-so-subtly add a reference to how you voted for Trump or something (even if you didn't but you better have you fucking commie). the ensuing spergout will likely give you everything you need to make a strong claim for bullying or harassment, provided it was clear they initiated the negative stuff

d3ea80  No.16114680


when you execute this master stroke, be sure to do so larping as a female black gay transgender rolling a lala.

000000  No.16114726

Looking at the lackluster list of upcoming MMORPGs, the genre is ded. Mobage is your MMO future goyim and there's nothing you can do about it. The profits don't lie, goyim!

a45786  No.16115344

File: 217557b42bfcd16⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, catgirl.png)


This image kept bothering me so I fixed it.

a2660b  No.16115372

e04851  No.16115856


>Buying up property like the massive jew you are and not letting anyone else own a house

> Being so assmad that you can't diplomatically solve a problem that you resort to being a thug about it

Truly a sad person.

f3d900  No.16115934


Is there a way I can have both? :^)

5b1102  No.16115963

I decided to give the FF XIV free trial a try since it's up to level 30 now instead of 14 days. Any tips for a noob to have fun?

2bd9b8  No.16115964

I want to be a good (paladin) tank but I’m constantly getting contradictory advice.

>use sword oath

>use shield oath

Which guides or rotations do you use?

I started the game when this thread went up.

70ac93  No.16115973

File: d47665bdf0de623⋯.webm (7.56 MB, 680x378, 340:189, Spotting DRK in Kugane.webm)


Report them for compelling a playstyle and then dab on this niggers as you do what you want

2bd9b8  No.16115985


I want to be good enough that I don’t trigger min maxxers autism’s.


If it’s exp just do the main story quests. I hear samurai and redmage are fun, both are dps. White mage/conjurers are also said to be good but it’s really stressful for me. All I do is heal the tank and nothing else.

70ac93  No.16115993


Who cares lol. You can do what you want and if any one ever says anything negative or offers advice get them banned.

efb58f  No.16115995

I dunno I only Asheron's Call emulator on the Hightide pvp-only private server. The fancy chink graphics and nothing to do but grind and play chink dress up was never fun.


b0ac99  No.16115997

File: 4cc535295fac43b⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1920x1280, 3:2, commie kupos.png)


I've thought about playing that angle. Thankfully, I don't need to dip into politics in order to do that, they already have it out for us as it is. They'd have sold for any other FC except ours. Success breeds jealousy, I suppose. Even worse because I even came to them with an offer to overpay for the properties.


When the time comes, I'm definitely going to have to make it clear that it's anyone but me, but that's what multiple accounts are for. I avoid Lalas because they have a stigma to them; almost every Lala player I've seen is either a drama-baby, a shitter who is atrociously bad at the game, or both. Being bad can be fixed, except when they have absolutely zero desire to learn. I'll definitely going to be LARPing as some other dude entirely, though. Going to talk with my officers about the whole thing on Saturday and see who wants to go all-in on this thing with me.


I'm not mad, I simply see this as another aspect of the game. I love social shit like this. It's like The Guild 2: Renaissance, but with actual people instead. This is what MMOs are truly about, in my eyes. This is my version of fun.

70ac93  No.16115999


Also can't RDM or SAM on a free account since they both require lvl 50.

But RDM is hella fun to play. Hell it's hella fun to walk around like a pimp.

2bd9b8  No.16116006


I want to learn and not be a petty shit, I just don’t like having to switch around styles every other dungeon run.

>>16115999 (checked)

Oh yeah that’s right, hear warrior is good for soloing and being a good tank. Conjurer good healing, people are conflicted on lancer/dragoon

ffa563  No.16116030



they're fun as hell but they get hit even once and they're dead. they put out a great deal of damage, but if you choose to play one (and you should, if only to understand how to work around/with them better) remember to be hyper-aware of AOEs in boss fights, and to never, ever pull aggro on your own

d88f6f  No.16116045


>damage numbers pop up almost immediately after you press the button instead of when it makes sense via the animation

This tells me that you have never actually played the game for more than 30min tops, since it is 100% false.

2bd9b8  No.16116084


I do all of that, but sometimes in random ques a asshole teammate decides to drag 3 other mobs for you to when you’re only capable of 4.


Any advice for a new tank, healers always ask me to go shield oath, I don’t mind just the fight takes so much longer. Then the guides online tell me to go sword for extra dps when you feel comfortable enough. I can’t exactly argue back because they’re also lvl 70 tanks.


I could never play those types of glasses feels bad because I’ve always loved the dragoon class.

e04851  No.16116148








70ac93  No.16116159


Dragoon isn't that hard to play. It really depends on the tank. Good tank is able to handle the agro and you will only rarely see the arrow start to turn towards you and you have to pop diversion and back off. It's a fun job most of the way but gets pretty boring until you complete the lvl 70 job quest and unlock life of the dragon. It sucks in that I mained Dragoon from the start and hit lvl 70 only to find the end of the job questline was way at the back of the MSQ. It's something I would put on hold until you finish the MSQ or at least get a fair distance in it. You should also check out BRD. It is my favorite class besides RDM.

7654e6  No.16116164


Ha, I saw your first attempt, fag. Go back to reddit.

70ac93  No.16116171


He has to respond to it a bunch of times you it looks like other people care about his post before he can screencap it. Then he will go back to reddit and repost it.

66eb33  No.16116189

File: e2c31288713b121⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1600x860, 80:43, e2c31288713b121241757aad79….png)


>call a lalafel a potatoe

>get banned

Doesn't take much to see the future.

ffa563  No.16116199


>any advice for a new tank

-Shield Oath 100% of the time unless you're the off-tank, it's not even debatable. it makes you so much more survivable and makes your healers' lives easier, and you gotta be honest with yourself, damage is straight up not your responsibility

-make a simple macro for marking targets, because trust me if you don't mark targets your team will inevitably target the enemy you're not paying attention to. here's the one I use; it simply marks whatever you're targeting as Target 1, uses Shield Lob, and then marks the nearest 2 enemies as Target 2 and Target 3. I have three of these, one for just one target, one for two targets and one for three. they're not perfect but they absolutely make life easier way more often than not

/micon "Shield Lob"
/mk attack1 <t>
/ac "Shield Lob" <t>
/ac "Target Forward"
/mk attack2 <t>
/ac "Target Forward"
/mk attack3 <t>
/target <attack1>

-Fast Blade/Riot Blade/Goring Blade or Royal Authority when you've already got aggro and are looking to hurt the enemies, Fast Blade/Savage Blade/Rage of Halone when you need to gather aggro

-you're the boss, so if the team is doing something wrong don't be a dick about it but correct them. 99% of the time the team will either respect what you say or realize that it's easier to do things your way than requeue for another 15 minutes while waiting for a tank

-pop your cooldowns. every % point less damage you take is less damage the healer needs to heal, and they will love you for it

2bd9b8  No.16116224


>It's a fun job most of the way but gets pretty boring until you complete the lvl 70 job quest

>It sucks in that I mained Dragoon from the start and hit lvl 70 only to find the end of the job questline was way at the back of the MSQ

I was reading guides and almost all the classes require you to do that. I wanted to unlock DRK but man is it tiresome.


Don’t macros get you banned? Also a lot of them tell me to use flash to get sharp on the enemies

Thanks for the advice, shame I haven’t unlocked some of the abilities yet.

70ac93  No.16116243


Don't play DRK

70d217  No.16116256

File: d893250e88eedd2⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 245x184, 245:184, had enuff.gif)


I don't claim to know that much about paladin but in general tanks can start in tanking stance then switch out after getting a baseline of threat at the start to improve their dps, from there they have to keep an eye on threat and actually use the threat rotation when needed. Otherwise staying in tanking stance is generally seen as being lazy as you can do nothing but the dps rotation 100% time and not worry about losing threat. Obviously the former is more dps but I wouldn't blame anyone for not wanting to do dps stance tanking on their 40th run of omega 4.

1cde5a  No.16116258


Anon what the fuck is up with that lettering?

e04851  No.16116281


That's not entirely true. Tank Stances don't only give aggro, but a damage reduction as well. So during most fights you'll have it on, unless the content is so far beneath you, all that matters is getting it done.

70d217  No.16116295


>unless the content is so far beneath you

Which is about 80% of the game. And unless end game stats got significantly harder since HW, I've seen people dps stance relevant content just fine, even if it's purely tank busters you can always stance dance. Not super required but probably beneficial.

9d24b1  No.16116296


Shield oath, anything other then that. You will be badgered until you turn it on.

t. actual paladin player

ffa563  No.16116337


>don't macros get you banned

i can't say for sure, but they have a macro-writing tool built into the game so i seriously doubt it. i can tell you that i've been using my shield throw/marking macros for at least a year now and nobody has ever said anything about it.

>use flash

yes, until you get Circle of Scorn and Total Eclipse to gather AOE aggro Flash is your only option. my starter rotation was

>shield lob macro

>wait for enemies to surround me



>Fast Blade/Savage Blade/Rage of Halone

>flash if needed, taunt if needed, but likely unnecessary assuming your party is actually attack the enemies in the order you marked


2bd9b8  No.16116391


Got you anon, I’ll try it this way. Now just gotta learn some macro as well.


Hope I guess less badgering from the teammates if I do.

ffa563  No.16116408


I'll give you my 1 and 2 target shield lob macros as well so you just need to copy/paste them. >>16116295 isn't exactly wrong in that you can stance dance through some fights, but leave that for the time being and just get comfortable being the tank and cultivate the tanking instinct. once you understand the big fights better definitely experiment to see how far you can push it but for now stick to shield stance, because the damage reduction is what you're going to need

1 target

/micon "Shield Lob"
/ac "Shield Lob" <t>
/mk attack1

2 target

/micon "Shield Lob"
/mk attack1 <t>
/ac "Shield Lob" <t>
/ac "Target Forward"
/mk attack2 <t>
/target <attack1>

3 target

/micon "Shield Lob"
/mk attack1 <t>
/ac "Shield Lob" <t>
/ac "Target Forward"
/mk attack2 <t>
/ac "Target Forward"
/mk attack3 <t>
/target <attack1>

063ec4  No.16116448


To add to this, I would say that you can use Sword Oath in certain instances, even when Main Tanking. Of course, only do so if you know the fight well, know how to use your cooldown properly and trust your healers not to drop the ball and the DPS in your party actually use Diversion and the like . The increase in DPS is always welcome and it is quite exciting to manage risk. But as I said, only if you have enough experience and are comfortable enough to try it, otherwise stay in Shield Oath.

Marking targets is quite important at lower level, but will become less so once you reach lvl 50+, as at that point most classes have already their AoE Skills, and most dungeon trash mobs will be dealt with using these attacks. As Anon said, you are the boss, so you set the pace at which you pull. But is always nice to confirm with your healer if he wants big pulls, and if you consider that your party is chewing more that they can swallow, then reduce the rhythm.

Finally, as a PLD, in high level you excel as a Off-tank, thanks to the incredible amount of support skills you will have. Intervene, Divine Veil, Clemency, Passage of Arms, Cover. You can pull of many neat tricks with them, so try to learn them as best you can and use them always. You literally will be able to save runs thanks these skills. For example, Intervene let you reduce the damage received by your target up to a 50%. The Main Tank would love you for using it, and it is a life saver against Tank Busters. Your healing is also nothing to sneeze at. Sadly, most of the most interesting skill are not obtained till level 60+, but once you get there PLD becomes quite a lot more fun and interesting.

063ec4  No.16116471


Oh, also it would be wise to add, if given the choice in a fight of being Main Tank or Off Tank, always try to pick Off tank. PLD is the best in that role. Furthermore, as I said, sometimes Main Tanks would try to stay in their Offensive Stances as much as possible to maximize damage. Warrior in particular have skills that let them inflict full damage even in tanking stance for a time and have great self damage mitigation, aswell as being able to easily change from defensive to offensive stances. PLD though, cannot do it so easily, as its stances consume MP and are on the Global Cooldown, meaning that while they change stances they cannot attack, nor change immediately after attacking, making stance switching more risky for them and being an actual lost of DPS.

2bd9b8  No.16116516




I’m just starting out so I’m the only tank. But I’ll keep that in mind, hopefully a few more runs helps me learn the mechanics better.


Every guide/person hates DRK. Shame I love the black knight archetypes.

70ac93  No.16116557

File: 3d4cfa8a3867e5a⋯.jpg (39.81 KB, 395x395, 1:1, Poor little DRK.jpg)


I'm sure you do

063ec4  No.16116622


DRK was great back in Heavensward, but sadly the rework of SB had taken a toll on the class. It used to be the second best tank after Warrior, being hard to play because of the high amount of skill you had to use in quick succession but very satisfying. Now it only has a single combo, you have to spam Dark Arts like crazy and it still doesn't bring as much to the table as PLD and WAR, which complement each other perfectly. DRK best skill is the Darkest Night, and while it is probably one if not the best damage mitigation tool in the game, the kit of the job in general feel disjointed and, in my opinion, to boring to play, while still being a worse pick that the other two tanks. Still, you can do content perfectly with it. First time I did Savage with a DRK who did great DPS and was very good with it, Just don't expect to be welcome in parties in general because it is the weakest choice. Hopefully once SE rework the class for Shadowbringers it may become good again I doubt it though, SE cannot balance the 3 tanks for shit, let alone 4 when Gunbreaker is released

dd25f8  No.16116643

I see EverQuest is FTP… Is it any good?

I want to play a MMORPG, just that I don't know what one I should play.

c7109d  No.16116650


As your tank sensei mentioned, there is a built in macro tool in game. As you keep playing it'll be impossible to miss players who use macros for snarky messages when they cast raise or ascii art and they're obviously fine.That said there are faults with the macro system that some might decide to get a 3rd party macro, like on their mouse or whatever. If anything would result in a ban it'd be that. Even then I really doubt it.

As stated there are problems with FF14's macros. It's fine for utility stuff like the other anon is showing you, but never try to macro your combos or anything like that.

The first problem is that FF14 allows you to queue up an ability just before the GCD finishes, but a macro isn't an ability so you are forced to wait for the GCD to finish before using it, even oGCD abilities work this way.

The second problem is if you tried to macro a whole combo. Their system only works while whole numbers. A combo macro'd would function like it was on a 3 second GCD causing you to lag behind considerably. This is more so a point for DPS, but I feel it's important to mention in general.

To be clear there's nothing wrong with the macros your tank sensei is sharing with you. It's just that the problems with this game's macros aren't readily apparent so I thought I should say something.

dbb88f  No.16116679


You will get badgered by bad dps who can't manage their aggro and bad healers. If you have aggro under control and you use cooldowns, there's no reason to be in shield oath. Sadly, because of the new ToS, you have to adapt to bad players.

If you ever intend to do higher end content such as extreme primals and savage raids, you will have to learn to tank in sword oath. Now, aggro management is a team effort and it's hard to expect randoms in DF to manage aggro properly. Many ex primals and savage raids can't really be cleared without a certain amount of tank dps which can only be achieved out of shield oath. That dps is required because randoms in PF barely do enough dps and tank dps is actually needed to get enough raid dps to clear.

70ac93  No.16116682


>It's not my fault it's the healer and DPS

If everyone but you thinks that you are an asshole, it's probably you.

70ac93  No.16116684


Nevermind I thought you were responding to a DRK.

aecd55  No.16116697


>He thinks ARR was good, let alone better than HW

Learn what reading comprehension is, Chinaman. HW was the last good time the story was good and where it stopped being good with the shift to SB.

>Literally just cosmetics

Way to suck SE's cock.

>Being able to actually go play other games and take time off without being left permanently behind is bad

>Being able to play other games is a selling point. No, you turbo nog. If SE's current audience didn't suffer from Stockholm syndrome on such a huge scale, they'd be fucked. The reason why they can get away with it is because wowtards have being flooding into ffxiv for some years now. One cancer has taken over another and ffxiv will more than likely never be good again until they all fuck off elsewhere.


It's true, you silly nog.


>Are there actually people on /v/ with taste so shitty they're fine with all this?

Yes. There are a fuckload of retards in mmos now. Modern day mmo players are fucking pozzed to the max and that won't change until the last mmo fails and they fuck off back to mobile.


>defending cash shops

Please jump into the nearest oven, Jude. The MSQ needed to be trimmed long ago, but SE put a MSQ skip into the cash shop rather than doing what needed to be done. Retards like you are why they can continue fucking players over.


>story is garbage

It was pretty good up to HW, but it went to shit after that. SB really was garbage.


Do the msq.


>Which guides or rotations do you use?

Don't even bother unless you're doing difficult content.

Use shield oath when you need to hold aggro and when you're getting hit hard. Use sword oath when the dps needs a boost and when you aren't getting hit as hard. If you want to be lazy, just stay in shield oath. Watch enemy aggro and do your basic aggro combo with liberal use of flash to keep enemies on you. Open up with shield lob and get flash going quickly against groups of enemies. Switch targets to make sure you still have aggro. You won't get decent dps until way later.


> Gunbreaker is a tank

What fucking retards. What niche is it going to fulfill? They couldn't handle 3 tanks without hosing 1 of them. How in the fuck will they deal with 4?


New players really shouldn't bother with macros.

676b42  No.16116704


>you have to adapt to bad players.

you always had, that just how it works. also no one likes a retard that didn't get the memo that randos play differently than his fc buddies.

676b42  No.16116710


figure out what's fun to you, if you can't find it or it's too tedious just move on, no harm done.

dbb88f  No.16116726


>randos play differently than his fc buddies

I never played with fc people because they were all shit. I remember the good old days where the shitter would be told to get good and be kicked from the party. You can't do that anymore. Like, people would actually call out Netflix healers and ice mages. 'Deal with it and keep your mouth shut' niggers like you are nothing but shitter enablers.

c7109d  No.16116728


>Learn what reading comprehension is, Chinaman.

>The story was its strong point, but that stopped being good with HW.

You are the one with lacking comprehension. I'm not either anon that responded to this, but I read it the same as them. Because you wrote that the bad writing came WITH HW. It's your use of "with" that is wrong here. What you wanted to say was

>The story was its strong point, but that stopped being good with SB.


>The story was its strong point, but that stopped being good with the end of HW.

Both of them are still flawed in that they suggest the story in ARR was any good, but it still communicates you thought the story peaked in HW and is on a decline now which your other statement clearly didn't as it got misinterpreted by multiple people.

5a4fba  No.16116843

>Blizztard is already doing a stellar job on killing their games with creative bankruptcy.


5a4fba  No.16116854


That was a long time ago for GW2, I think it's gotten better since then. The expansion content is better than the main story, as are the builds. There's way more build diversity now, instead of just a single DPS rotation forever like in 2012 and 2013. Now you can get a bit creative or even change a few skills out based on what you're doing. Early GW2 sucked because there was about one actually good build per class which made PVP more about getting perfect stat gear and timing a perfect DPS rotation into your macro buttons. That shit was weak and they lost a lot of players over it.

Just my 2 cents. I am open for playing others but I don't want to hop on WoW because it's old as fuck and looks like shit. I don't want to be surrounded by autists.

2bd9b8  No.16116921


So I hear, fun for solo shit in dungeons.


Yeah I notice I can’t be in shield oath all the time. One of the earlier dungeons in the game woulda have been a full wipe if I hadn’t switched out of shield. Just no one caught be doing it.


That’s actually what I’ve been doing but it feels disjointed. And sometimes mobs move to fast and avoid my flash. Also why shouldn’t I learn macro?

ffa563  No.16117110


>I just want to play an MMORPG and don't know which one

anarchy online is free and is still very, very fun

fc3564  No.16120805


A good game engine.

cd9ecc  No.16123122

File: 7352a43b0ba9b1b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.88 MB, 1239x1076, 1239:1076, 125371527351.png)

I made everyone a special Valentine's day card this year.

Happy Valentines's Day, /v/.

75f2de  No.16123927

5b1102  No.16124171

File: 989168e82fa0576⋯.webm (14.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, mabinogi p server.webm)


Depends what you value. Mabinogi has a refreshing combat system IMO. You can also convert midis to music scrolls to play on instruments. The official game has P2W shit though so play on a private server like MabiPro.

9b445e  No.16127552

Don't forget to pre-order StormBlood™ you filthy goyim cattle.

8e6566  No.16127710


I blame the gooks and the whales either from balmeme or exodus for the cash shop shenanigans with story skip and job to 60 shit. Gooks love micro-transaction so much (they buy 1 phantasia/month on average or so I have heard) those things were gooks-server exclusive until some whales brought it to reddit then all hell broke loose.

c7109d  No.16127836


You're not wrong. I noticed a new board popped up on the front page, /xivlg/, a degenerate circle jerk group that was apparently kicked out of two different halfchan boards before migrating here. When looking into their lewd mods because of course I did I noticed that more than a couple pieces of slutwear is for stuff only available from the Mog Station. Sure there's some that are edits of Mog Station items, that's understandable, but some of them were completely different. It's user made content they are specifically paywalling without actually getting paid for it. It's a new level of cuckery.

ad5ed9  No.16127873

I'm in such a weird state, I only afk in Pyros trying to get the mount and the Penny card and it's boring me to hell. So I think of going back to ESO but then I remember that I actually have to use my brain there and I'm too lazy to do that so I just stay in FF14.

a8289e  No.16127949


So you're just addicted to the game and need to find anything better to do

15ed48  No.16128089

File: 43dff186f1fa9f1⋯.jpg (26.27 KB, 640x465, 128:93, nickycage.jpg)


the fuck you talking about retard? I kick shitters all the time. the secret is not being a sperg about it. half the time you tell them to do their job properly they leave on their own, if not they get the boot with the recommendation to not drag their group down next time and that's it, it's that fucking simple.

>niggers like you are nothing but shitter enablers.

yes, because there is literally no middle ground between pushovers like you and tards that throw a shitfit if they don't get protect 3 seconds in from a lvl16 cnj that started 2 days ago. fucking retard.

ofc I wouldn't expect someone that apparently can't even hack it in a semi-competent fc to get that.


try eso, does literally everything gw2 does better (including the sjw parts)

c4fd67  No.16128480


Where do you even run into this shit I've played on balmung since release which is supposedly the worst server for this shit and I've never run into anyone saying or doing things like that.

c7109d  No.16128501

File: 3b8ac969d67c193⋯.png (112.55 KB, 451x151, 451:151, unknown.png)

2a4008  No.16128593


I would've vote-kicked that person for disrupting gameplay.

c4fd67  No.16128631


Well shit.

c7109d  No.16129743


Also, I didn't want to directly link to them, but since we're past the bump limit. >>>/xivlg/

9b445e  No.16129837

File: dfd5c5855be4c46⋯.png (61.28 KB, 529x174, 529:174, 8ch FFXIV.png)


Exodus. Hell just today I got partied with a healer form Exodus while I was a RDM. I noticed they weren't able to keep up with the healing so every so often, following a Verfire or Verstone, I would use my dualcast Vercure on myself to keep from dying and slowing down the DPS. They notice and start losing their shit demanding that I stop curing myself. I sarcastically mentioned "good heal" and they lost their shit saying they were going to report me for a tos violation, and then the rest of the dungeon they refused to heal me. During the boss fight I couldn't keep up with DPS and heal duties and died. So they just spammed the chat with




over and over again until the WAR and SAM finally whittled the boss down after way too long. Exodus is the absolute worst server filled with nothing but human trash.

cb59d0  No.16144043

I need a new mmo to play. I've played ddo, loved the comfy vibe to it and the world you existed in. But I can't go back to it because the person I always played with killed himself. So I need a new game to play.

I'm deciding between GW2 and Everquest 2. GW2 I played for a while when it came out but couldn't really get into the artstyle. Can anyone recommend a ddo similar game that isn't lotro and doesn't make me grieve?

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