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File: 21c639055d7ba9b⋯.png (144.07 KB, 786x325, 786:325, J U S T.png)

File: 702f4816ae93d78⋯.jpg (92.46 KB, 912x1024, 57:64, hahha.jpg)

10ec3b  No.16094268

This game is almost completely dead, it's barely reaching 1k players during peak hours.

What is Valve going to do? This was the first actual game in almost eight years, and it's a total flop. Where will they go from here?

b5c0af  No.16094279

Probably go back to coasting on shekels from the shop and never make a game again. You know, like they did after 2011.

18aa6b  No.16094280

>casual card game

>actual game


e1ce74  No.16094281


>Where will they go from here?

Keep managing Steam? Just give developers a bigger cu and they will BTFO EpicGames/Tencent. Also it's not like this shit gamw was a huge investment for them I mean how much money do you need to create a card game as opposed to a game like Half Life, Portal or Left for Dead?

0fc2c8  No.16094282

How many of those are bot accounts?

4302a1  No.16094284


Yeah. L4D2 was their last good game.

10ec3b  No.16094289



No, the opposite is true. The game is too confusing for most people.

Watch a match on YT and you'll notice that you won't be able to tell what's going on.

899959  No.16094291


>Just give developers a bigger cu and they will BTFO EpicGames/Tencent

I doubt Epic even needs to cut deals to get exlusivity. The pencil-pushers run the numbers, see how fast 18% adds up and laugh at the holdout steamfags who'll buy it in a year anyway.

60ce34  No.16094292


>casual card game

If it was a casual game it would actually have players, they designed it for borderline savants.

10ec3b  No.16094293


> laugh at the holdout steamfags who'll buy it in a year anyway.

You seriously underestimate the loyalty many people have to Valve.

291133  No.16094306


Hopefully they realize that nobody wants them to be some shitty copycat dev and actually make a real game again. HL3 or L4D3 are the best options.

10ec3b  No.16094311


Making HL3 right after a flop like this would be a horrible idea. A new IP entirely or L4D3 are better options.

b5c0af  No.16094319



Isn't Valve a skeleton crew now due to getting money for just selling other peoples' games? I don't think they have the manpower to actually make a good Source Engine game anymore.

e1ce74  No.16094328


From what I heard from other anons, they do have the manpower, but there is nobody there to guide them/have a vision. They have a very relaxed climate, and everybody can do more or else what the fuck they want, but because of that they can't focus on working together and make one game, instead of everyone doing their own little game project.

Plus, didn't they announce 3 VR games?

1865e6  No.16094923

File: 05c204afd3a704f⋯.jpg (90.19 KB, 944x545, 944:545, nice views faggot.jpg)

Maybe they should make an Artifact ASSFAGGOTS because this isn't working.

1cf80e  No.16094930


Pretty much. Valve is basically Amazon now. They sell other people's shit to consumers.

9fa02b  No.16094942


I’m sure they covered all losses with their last DOTA International scam, where they ask you to buy a ‘pass’ to participate but only 20% of it goes to the prize pool, the rest lines Gabes fatass pockey

dff699  No.16094946


Agreed. Someone also needs to make a game about the dragon from Skylanders. He was the best character.

547949  No.16094994


>This was the first actual game


22a418  No.16095005






>They think Valve makes games




>A literal reskin made in 6 months with fuckhuge viewmodel FOV for 60 dollarydoos at launch


You're a barrel of laughs

cdc7c6  No.16095021


L4D2 is good if you're a pirate :^)

f46ad1  No.16095037

File: 17762b003d82a90⋯.png (45.12 KB, 271x193, 271:193, 6eede8c5e70f3b935e86cbe259….png)


>got L4D2 completely free for some reason

4302a1  No.16095052


I was thinking more about the game, not some meta surrounding it. It's quite serviceable and includes all the campaigns from 1, so why not.

1865e6  No.16095059

File: e3a57899aed98d1⋯.jpg (62.44 KB, 676x547, 676:547, one viewer.jpg)


What about a battle royale mode? Imagine one hundred players on the same board. Or if not that perhaps an Artifact CRAPCUNTS?

a158e6  No.16095064



It is probably the most hardcore TCG ever made, which is one of the main reasons nobody plays. It is just too damn complex.


All streamers and 90% of the initial playerbase is playing Dota Autochess at the moment, which is not a card game, but is similar enough in mechanics to attract card game players. I will not be surprised if Valve just went to the devs of Autochess for them to develop a standalone version.

105d61  No.16095078

File: 122ecd7f907a4e5⋯.png (659.32 KB, 1872x1200, 39:25, 1080p to 4K.png)

Are we talking gloatingly or realistically?




They will re-focus on their existing assets (Steam, CS:GO, and TF2 to a lesser extent) to increase the stability and continued profitability of their company. Given that this game was made instead of a sequel to a game fans have wanted, it's clear the internal Valve culture is focused more on profits than preserving its fanbase. So expect more follow-the-leader behavior from them, like battle royale (which they have already engaged in), lootboxes, and livestream-friendly games.

c6dc7f  No.16095085




Funny how people are still pretending that this coin flip simulator is some deep and complicated game.

a158e6  No.16095090


All card games are coin flip simulators when you are dumb, anon

02446d  No.16095094



Would that really work that way? Has it been tested?

96b2e7  No.16095113


It would make each pixel look 4x larger. The output image would effectively just be 1080p, when upscaling makes the output image 4k.

Also the picture must be a joke, since Breath of the Wild runs at 900p in docked mode, and uses resolution scaling in heavy moments before dropping frames. No tv can make that game look crisp.

3cae19  No.16095159



Yes, it works. It's called pixel doubling, and PC gamers have been doing it for a while. That's why people were saying that moving from 1080p to 1440p/1600p was a mistake (because it doubles the GPU load), but 4k is fine (because you can use the full 4k for working, and pixel double 1080p for gaming). You need either to have a monitor (if you drop your display resolution) or GPU (if you're upscaling OS-side) that properly supports it, though.

As the other anon said, though, BotW being there is a joke.

0801bc  No.16095161


Tencent is already working a mobile autochess clone.

3cae19  No.16095163



Forgot to mention, I don't think there's any way you'll find a TV that does it. TV manufacturers are always targeting the lowest common denominator, and most TVs put shitty upscaling and filtering on goddamn everything. It's bad enough that if you get a 120hz or 144hz TV, most of them try to do "smart" frame interpolation that can not be disabled, making everything you watch look like a melting vat of plastic.

853c51  No.16095197



i dont own a 4k tv and i dont understand what the picture is saying at all.

is it suggesting you have your 4k TV set for 1080p resolution when using a device that outputs in 4k instead of forcing it to upscale?

do 4k TVs specify that they upscale and you can choose to just set the TV to 1080p instead?

does the same apply to something in 480p being displayed on a 1080p TV?

1865e6  No.16095250

File: eb7b86a77b2310b⋯.mp4 (1.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, shartifact.mp4)

d5cde5  No.16095265


>i dont understand what the picture is saying at all.

4K is twice as big in each dimension as 1080p, so if you're playing a demanding game you can set the output to 1080p and you'll get a pixel-aligned image (albeit with larger pixels/lower DPI).

3cae19  No.16095269

File: 87bd3ae98ff2dfe⋯.png (516 B, 200x200, 1:1, 2x2.png)

File: f3ef7a8dcd30035⋯.png (1.17 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 4x4-linear.png)

File: 3d11e3a1e891758⋯.png (1.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 4x4-doubling.png)


Basically, if you have a 1920x1080 image piped to a 3840x2160 (4k) display, how do you show that? You have to use what is called "interpolation", meaning to fill in a bigger picture with data from a smaller one. The two common ways are using "nearest neighbor" interpolation (aka pixel doubling, commonly also just referred to as not being interpolated, though that's not actually technically accurate) or a more intelligent interpolation ("fading" between pixels). The problem is that intelligent interpolation usually looks good enough for most live-action content and anything that is antialiased, but for most video games, it looks like muddy shit. You can see the aliasing, but it's a blurry aliasing, which looks far worse than an ordinary alias.

Most TVs will upscale by using linear or cubic interpolation. This is not an issue you can fix with your TV in almost every case, as it is built into the TV firmware whether or not it interpolates (some TVs allow you to fix this in the settings, but most don't). The image is addressed at the manufacturers, not the consumer.

For example, here is a 2x2 image (blown up to 200x200), an example of it uscaled using a linear interpolation, and an upscale to 4x4 using pixel doubling ( commonly known as "nearest neighbor" interpolation), and a version blown up to 4x4 with linear interpolation.

> does the same apply to something in 480p being displayed on a 1080p TV?

Not exactly, because using a regular interpolation like that, you can double the pixels to get 960p, or triple to get 1440p. If you use nearest neighbor, you'd have to either max it at 960 and have black bars all around and then use a different interpolation to get the rest of the way up to 1080 (which is how console games like Breath of the Wild do it), up it to 1440 and then scale down, or use an irregular nearest-neighbor interpolation (some pixels blown up to 2x2, some to 3x3, some to 2x3, and some to 3x2 in a regular pattern), but that looks horrible.

This is why 4k is a good thing, because it is exactly double of 1080p in each direction and allows for this.

3cae19  No.16095281


>For example, here is a 2x2 image (blown up to 200x200), an example of it uscaled using a linear interpolation, and an upscale to 4x4 using pixel doubling (commonly known as "nearest neighbor" interpolation), and a version blown up to 4x4 with linear interpolation.

Ignore everything after the last comma. I edited my post and failed to proofread properly.

495293  No.16096013

File: 91e4ecaeaaaa739⋯.png (17.85 KB, 1200x633, 400:211, Digital_video_resolutions_….png)


>This is why 4k is a good thing, because it is exactly double of 1080p in each direction and allows for this.

To be seriously nitpicky: UHD "4K" (3840×2160) is double of Full HD (1920×1080). But real DCI 4K (4096×2160) is a smidge wider. That's usually found in high-end displays meant for video editing.

c6dc7f  No.16096123


Those strange phone-people usually don't like games with an average match length of 30 minutes.

35e527  No.16096147

File: 88534554d13d09b⋯.webm (12.58 MB, 480x360, 4:3, grabbler.webm)


The polish is nice, it's a shame they added so much jewishness on top of the game otherwise it might have been worth to at least try. The idea that you have to continuously pay money to keep playing without even so much as a lowly f2p track like others have is absurd.



I remember you. It still isn't funny you know.

3cae19  No.16096166


To be more nitpicky, DCI 4K isn't more "real" than UHD, they're just the same term used differently by different groups. Neither one is actually 4K, which would imply 4000 horizontal resolution (though the DCI one is 4 kibipixels, K is understood to mean kilo, not kibi). The DCI standard is used for video editing because it's the Digital Cinema Initiative, and is used as a unifying standards base for motion picture companies.

That said, I hate these initialisms and shortenings. I'd prefer if people just referred to the display resolution directly. It is slightly shorter, but it's fucking stupid to have nHD, qHD, HD, HD+, FHD, DCI 2K, QHD, WQHD, QHD+, 4K UHD, DCI 4K, 5K, 8K UHD, QQVGA, HQVGA, QVGA, WQVGA, HVGA, VGA, WVGA, FWVGA, SVGA, DVGA, WSVGA, XGA, WXGA, XGA+, WXGA+, WSXGA, SXGA, SXGA+, WSXGA+, UXGA, UGA, WUXGA, QWXGA, QXGA, WQXGA, QSXGA, WQSXGA, QUXGA, WQUXGA, HXGA, WHXGA, HSXGA, WHSXGA, HUXGA, and WHUXGA to refer to all these fucking resolutions.

The UHD is "Ultra High Definition", but in there you also have fucking "Wide Hexadecatuple Ultra Extended Graphics Array". At some point, it's just easier to just say 7680x4800 than to keep track of what the fuck WHUXGA means.

1865e6  No.16096340


I'm not the one who invented that term. But I did suggest the A should stand for ASSFAGGOTS.

883641  No.16096348

It certainly lived up to its name.

28a79f  No.16096443


Valve has moved HEAVILY towards hardware. They've developed quite a bit in terms of games (L4D3 was almost finished 2-3 years ago) but due to unorthodox management and awful communication abilities they never publish or advertise anything. If I had to guess I'd say they're able to operate like this since they make so much money but a normal company would have been long dead.

They can make Source Engine games but the move to Source 2 has been extremely poorly executed so far, and their autism makes it impossible to put out the "perfect" posterboy title for Source 2. Valve needs to get their heads out of their asses and just release the "3s" and if they don't go over well, just make something else. Their cutting edge new engine is now quickly aging tech with no authoring tools available.

35e527  No.16096627

File: 1840d1d26cb18e2⋯.webm (527.41 KB, 640x360, 16:9, The_Steam_community.webm)


Too bad everything they make will have DRM on it and consoles are garbage to begin with.

dff699  No.16096655


I seriously doubt anyone capable of making a good game, let alone a worthy follow up to any of their best games, even works there anymore. Last I ever saw of their offices it was all <20 year old hipster scum who look like they just dropped out of community colleges.

6f408d  No.16096776

File: ffec549732de88e⋯.png (15.45 KB, 324x125, 324:125, 601.png)

Jesus Christ

cb983b  No.16096800


>guy got V& for having CP


f46ad1  No.16097565

b8d550  No.16097804




With TV there is also another thing,I think there was a formula for: Distance from screen,Screen size and Pixel count

So for example 1080p on a 50 Inch TV means that each pixel is more stretched about double than if you put 1080p on a ~25inch monitor,it's probably not those exact numbers but you get the idea,like resizing smaller images you get everything blurred

But the TV usually stands far enough that you won't see it,this is also why something like 1280x720 or less can look quite good on a phone because the screen is so small the pixels aren't stretched

With something like 60+Inch TV's they should really output 8K/16K to have a resolution that matches their size

Once we get good priced 4K 144hz HDR monitors I don't see why would you use a TV in the first place

I mean who even uses TV's,people that watch football?Probably console fags that have to rely on everything being set to auto and having no control over it

Kind of surprising TV's didn't die out yet

643dd3  No.16097880



to spread the icing on the cake, he was v& for *distribution*

6f408d  No.16097900


They wouldn't have lost anywhere NEAR enough money to go bankrupt. I doubt this game cost several billion dollars to make.

6547d3  No.16098147

File: 3bc0810866adaa4⋯.webm (985.9 KB, 854x480, 427:240, moist.webm)

6af743  No.16098546


Isn't this the exact same thread we had last month? Or was it two months ago? I can't even remember. I didn't even hear about this game until it was already dead.

291133  No.16099994


I don't think finally making HL3 would be a mistake. A game like that would get everyone interested in Valve again, even normalfags who never played Half Life. They could release Half Life and Half Life 2 with both episodes remastered in Source 2 beforehand to hype everyone up.

fb130e  No.16101277

I don't know what you guys are talking about, the queue times are really low, there are lots of people playing - the game is fun, why would they leave?

I personally bought Artifact twice, one was for my friend. I spent 200$ on packs, because I love the game it deserves my money.

Stop hating for no reason and just buy it, it's only 20$.

6a3eb9  No.16101342

File: c658bc5aa895e3e⋯.jpg (37.33 KB, 590x421, 590:421, 3842adcf-2202-43b4-89ee-4a….jpg)


>it's only 20$

>I spent 200$

I'd rather spend that $20 on a beginner pack of physical cards. I can at least sell them if I don't want them anymore.

f4a959  No.16101467

File: 1fb51d472bd973c⋯.png (215.69 KB, 1108x400, 277:100, 400.png)


>it's only 20$

>I spent 200$

35e527  No.16101756

File: fa9f7827663157b⋯.jpg (135.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, big bait.jpg)


I'm gonna say 8/10 bait instead of 10 because you didn't reddit space or misspell anything.

fb130e  No.16103149


Jokes aside, that's pretty much what the Artifact community are parroting:

>The whole collection is only 60 bucks when other card games charge more!

>The game has a small, but dedicated community!

>It's not us who are sticking to a failure of a game, it's the other players who OBVIOUSLY don't see the value of this game.

>The game is for smart people, that's why MtG and Hearthstone CASUALS don't like it.

They wasted money and are now trying really hard to justify their spent money.

It's funny. really.

6f408d  No.16103151


90% of the community is the reddit board. I've noticed a slow change in their tone over the past day or two. I think they're finally starting to realise that the game is in serious trouble and Valve's efforts might be too little too late.

60ce34  No.16103159


Look at the top comment from this thread.


>Over a million people supported them already when they bought the game. 3rd party organizers are trying to keep the scene alive by volunteering to run tournaments and funding prize pools out of their own pockets. Considering the most we've got from them is "In it for the long haul", I don't think we owe them anything else.

It's almost twice as voted on than the thread itself. Reddit is full of dicksuckers and apologists, so you gotta really get on their bad side to get a reaction like this.

f20a4c  No.16103161

It's telling how little people care about this game when even the schadenfreude threads can't manage to get 70 posts in almost 50 hours.

05540e  No.16103167


Good, Artifact deserves to be a bomb.

493156  No.16103174


This is actually the second thread. Most people have got it out of their system, or never gave a shit (the proper reaction to a bad game) in the first place.

I don't know what Valve was thinking trying to push this turd so hard when the very first reaction people gave when hearing the announcement was loud, unanimous booing.

6f408d  No.16103191

So they've got the rest of February until the end of March to follow through on that million dollar Artifact tournament Valve was talking about.

Any bets they'll officially cancer it?

6f408d  No.16103192



I meant cancel, but that works as well.

837dce  No.16103209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Member Duke Nukem Forever?

HL3 has the capacity to be that level of fuckup times a thousand. Valve is no longer a small company of passionate devs that take chances.

Call me a jaded pessimist, but they probably won't try to make HL3, and even if they do, they'll probably fuck it up spectacularly .

Again, coming back to DNF, I'd rather keep HL3 as a legend than have it tainted by a sub-par commercialized game.

Who knows? Maybe Valve will come back again and finish what they started the way it was meant to be finished, but I'm keeping my skepticism.

9fab8f  No.16103226



Why would they want to put out another killer app now? They'll announce HL3 the day they announce Source 2.

c6dc7f  No.16103387



>officially cancel

That would be way to mature for Valve.

They'll just take the easy way out and pretend they'll never planned to hold this tournament in the first place and will ignore everything related to it.

61ac9e  No.16103414

Does playing Artifact give you some dota 2 items?

10bd87  No.16103425



It's a retarded attempt to force a meme in any case.

b1781e  No.16103461


valve as a whole has never all worked on a single project.

e41a5b  No.16104412


It's a free for all at valve. Nobody wants to work on anything but hats, anyone with any passion, including the original HL2 and HL3, all mostly left. There is nobody with any talent left anymore at valve to even make HL3 if they wanted to, that's the problem

6f408d  No.16104418


Didn't one of the Half-Life writers come back to the studio?

05540e  No.16104427


You can't make a worthy sequel plot with just one writer.

e4b419  No.16107307


Yes you can. Needing to have multiple writers to make a plot is a sign that the writers don't know what they're doing and that the plot's going to be made into an incoherent mess.

With that said, it is one of the writers who were starting to make Half-Life and Portal into an incoherent mess that's come back to Valve.

1865e6  No.16108844

File: 7b703efa692faee⋯.png (23.55 KB, 397x189, 397:189, 940.png)

File: 0468c8aa936df54⋯.jpg (178.75 KB, 1024x710, 512:355, ha ha.jpg)


5c07f7  No.16108855


Marc Laidlaw already released his vision for HL3/EP3 though

If I remember right, it was yet another giant cliffhanger when Alyx becoming the new Gordon and Gordon himself being lost in multiple dimensions or something

eb1616  No.16108907

Forget Valve, they are nobodies now with nothing worthwhile under their belt for long time

like many other of these former "great" companies - Blizzard and Epic etc

Valve deserves to be forgotten for wasting everyones time these years, they havent made anything good for decade, day the actually start doing something is when you should even bring them up

eb1616  No.16108923

Valve, Blizzard, Epic, Bungie, Bioware, Rare etc

there is no point in giving them any leeway for creating anything worthwhile

they are zombies, kept alive by "live services" that are IRRELEVANT and waste of time

0cd8a4  No.16108938


Source 2 is already out, though. In fact, Dota 2 runs on it.

dff699  No.16108956


Those are some really weird noses.

eb1616  No.16108957


at this point it looks proprietary, there is no proper SDK, nobody cares that somebody has that in development, until it isnt out it might as well be proprietary

1865e6  No.16109355

File: 5f6d504f0a8b363⋯.jpg (260.01 KB, 1024x710, 512:355, ha ha.jpg)


I'm not an artist but I tried to make them look less weird.

7dd878  No.16109376



I think it's mostly because it's a weird mix of realism and stylism. The noses are just weird bumps that come out of the face without the bridge that connects it to the brow.Couple this with huge stylistic eyes and mouth and it's kinda weird.

1865e6  No.16109434


It's because the artist drew heavy lines around the shadows which are too dark compared to the others anyway.

897f8a  No.16109506


I can imagine that anyone who wanted to make a single player story driven game got out years ago.

7dd878  No.16109520


it helps but it still looks weird. like I said the point between the bulb of the nose and brow is just completely flat which doesn't work in this style because it's crossed that point between realism and stylism. the artist needed to put in a shadow up the bridge of the nose to give it some depth. If the artist is going to go full no nose he needs to go all the way like with anime. or he need to draw the whole damn thing.

dd43a1  No.16109732


where did these people go?

seems a number of companies have the same issue.

Like all the retards stayed/were left behind, while others essentially vanished.

Could it be that one of the reason why so many of the present morons in the industry are so salty about fucking white males is in fact that their betters got more advancement than themselves?

bde1a7  No.16109950

Still better than what you can make.

dff699  No.16109955


A lot of them were kicked upstairs into positions of relative irrelevance. The rest either retired or some more, or rather easier, money elsewhere.

e14f62  No.16110017

File: 643935e2b37450c⋯.jpg (172.96 KB, 500x502, 250:251, 03980e3e2c45fe980019c04dc1….jpg)

They could've shat out anything from the lost list of things people were asking for.

A fucking card game, man.

dff699  No.16110045


They didn't even take the easy route and make a game out of the Steam trading cards so they actually went out of their way to make a worse decision.

2f1545  No.16111033

File: dc495768b9bacf1⋯.png (59.36 KB, 508x334, 254:167, lol.png)

Artifact is officially dead.

60ce34  No.16111037


Even the game's fans on reddit are admitting it was a failure, everybody is blackpilled over there. You can feel the despair.

b267d2  No.16111040



It's better if they don't release trash just because it's "shitting out anything" but instead just die and turn into an online video game shop management company

f20a4c  No.16111044


>Artifact 451

Fitting, seeing as 451°F is the temperature paper cards burn at :^)

18b65a  No.16111051


>451 players

>451 fucking players

>it'll probably drop to blow 400 in a day or two

In the past 48 hours the game's playerbase has decreased about 30%. The last few fans of this game are getting sick of it, I don't see a way Valve and revive this even with that $1M tournament.

2f1545  No.16111067

File: 796935914f8efb7⋯.gif (4.62 MB, 360x360, 1:1, Bush golf.gif)


>In the past 48 hours the game's playerbase has decreased about 30%.

It was holding consistently for the past week, but yesterday it had over 300 fewer players than it did on average. That was a drop from 1235~ to 930~ in 24 hours.

Artifact is dying at a breakneck speed. It could drop to the single digits withing the month. 

88ad01  No.16111111


There's two reasons why this is happening

1. not free to play

this was Valve's biggest mistake nobody wants to spend 20 bucks on a card game they then have to purchase cards for

2. no mobile port

strike #2 most people don't want to play the game at their PC they wanna do it on the go.

Both will most likely happen in the near future and will cause the game to get a second wind but it'll never be as high as any of Valve's other games.

f15f91  No.16111113


This is what valve's hippy commie 'work on what you want' style gets them.

bc8e9f  No.16111116

File: 512fdc9f3eb1ab7⋯.png (270.32 KB, 472x472, 1:1, Check it Out.png)


Nice digits.

813634  No.16111143


It might have been "holding consistently", but that was also including the weekend spike since more people are always going to be playing on those days. If you ignore them, it's a straight nosedive on every single day.

>>16111111 (checked)

You forgot the most important reason: the game is shit. I watched a stream of it for about half an hour and even once I learned what the actual game was about, it was the most bored I've ever been watching a stream.

dd43a1  No.16111198


got 20$ to spare for me?

come on, don't be a faggot and gimme your money, it's mine now.

it's only 20$

dd43a1  No.16111199


(for those too thick, it's a jest, to indicate that depreciating any sum money as "not all that much" in exchange of something seen as undesirable is entirely idiotic)

dc96b3  No.16111219


>nobody wants to spend 20 bucks on a card game they then have to purchase cards for

Wrong, the pro MTG and Hearthstone players they got to test the game early loved that part. Of course no one at Value decided to question if they should put representatives from the other 99.9% of their target player base in their control groups.

88ad01  No.16112408


>pro players

Pro players only like a game when there's a healthy playerbase for it. None of these pro players would play the game in the state it's in now when they have to queue for a long ass time for games

1865e6  No.16112505

File: dcce185ba99194c⋯.png (39.99 KB, 522x282, 87:47, 855.png)



Yes, that pattern has been similar for a while. The patch release schedule also contributes. Here are the peak player numbers on each Monday (apart from the first figure).

60,740 (Thursday)




9,023 (after larger patch, was 6,799 Thursday)








26f57c  No.16112745


pro players like to compete and get prices in a tourney, "healthy playerbase" means fuck all if they don't interact with them in the first place.

c6dc7f  No.16112757


You're missing the main reason: The game is shit.

Sure the retarded pay 2 pay 2 play model kept a lot of people away and not being on mobile cuts your possible target audience in half, but there were still up to 60k people playing at the same time during the first couple of days.

Those people wouldn't all just have vanished after dropping money on this mess if they would have actually enjoyed themselves.

cf3d36  No.16112815


I think they tried to create dota literally in card game, as in something you has to get into. The problem is the dota's rough learning curve was negated by the fact that was originally a mod and by the time it became a standalone it already had a cult that would always fill out the numbers until the actual new players got a hang of it. With this there are no "veterans" so nobody had any interest to get into it.

88ad01  No.16113216


The game being shit hasn't stopped Valvedrones before

1865e6  No.16113344


Trying to avoid pointing out the game's primary issue is boring and unfun gameplay seems to be a common thread. It's not that it's too hard or any other bullshit like that so don't believe those narratives. Gabe Newell explained what it was all about in his ridiculous powerpoint presentation: making money out of a card marketplace, so you don't need to theorise. It's only DOTA because it was one of their existing "IPs" to piggyback on. I'm not a faggot/shill so the only reason why I use the jargon phrase IP is because he did in his pathetic talk.

His disgusting anti-customer attitude towards "monetisation" comes from other games so it's not as if he's a complete idiot. But where he went wrong was autistically believing it could all be constructed out of the blue without having a proven popular game first, and that it could be talked about in public. Evolve, Lawbreakers, etc, all made the same mistake. A small minority of autists will buy into that and "invest" their money into magic beans but most people won't, even the stupidest of normalfags. Developers have to be subtler to trick them.


Except in this case it has. Look at the player numbers. Although you are right to point out those issues, the fact that the game is bad is the main reason it died. The proof of this is simple: the vast majority of people who bought the game and played it abandoned it within days. Same story with lots of other dead games. Watch any gameplay and you will see.

06136b  No.16113670

File: 78f979aee37efbc⋯.jpg (49.76 KB, 190x190, 1:1, 78f979aee37efbcc48982365f5….jpg)

>>16111111 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

2f1545  No.16114898

File: 484ffff97c9193f⋯.png (91.4 KB, 572x421, 572:421, 299.png)








































f20a4c  No.16114948




17ce9e  No.16115093


They will go free2pay like other cardgames.

This is their only chance to make it or break it. Then again, the fanbase (500 people) is going to be mad that it went F2P, so probably gonna revive it for atleast a month.

What are their alternatives? Shipping an expansion to their dedicated 6 fans? Giving out free packs to said 6 fans?

fc72c0  No.16115173

File: ec90b7f26e42509⋯.jpg (21.02 KB, 500x384, 125:96, ec90b7f26e42509b67a4f4dbcf….jpg)

>tell someone its a shit game

>he ignores you

>he learns for himself that its a shit game

>you told me its a shit game and its a shit game! Its all your fault!

a2396b  No.16115175



Artifact got marketed under the whole "we want cards to retain value!", but you idiots actually fucking bought it.

Seriously, take a look at how much it costs now to just buy all the cards from the marketplace: https://www.howmuchdoesartifactcost.com/ (62.28usd at time of writing)

Because of the whole card economy, the shrinking playerbase just further sinks its revenue.

People get sick of the game, and dump all their cards on the marketplace to get their money back.

It's easy to say "F2P will fix it". But the price is already going down steadily without any returning players to show for it. Yes, becoming free will cause an influx of new blood and prices will briefly go up. But it'll still be the same dead game, cards will still be expensive out of the ass, and people will still quit and dump their cards on the market as Valve will continue to prove that nobody fucking wanted a Dota card game to begin with.

I find it equally likely that Artifact will go the way of the Steam Machines. Discontinued without a word, not worth salvaging.

eb1616  No.16115189

this game is now turning into new kind of failure for Valve, the kind that show just how out of touch their development process is, outsourcing and contractors didnt help, Valve now needs to fix itself or wither and die as developer

036be8  No.16115192

File: d10d1fa64d11bb0⋯.png (24.08 KB, 1397x779, 1397:779, Frames.png)

File: 5b7b7d3c8d79e95⋯.png (88.24 KB, 1801x821, 1801:821, GT_table.png)

643dd3  No.16115194

File: cac6e08d8188c65⋯.png (95.61 KB, 801x720, 89:80, smug stocking cunt.png)


finally under 500

e731fa  No.16115207

File: 8effb68a513506a⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 200x241, 200:241, 200w.gif)

>imagine having one billion dollars

>imagine having a sales channel with 150 million users

>imagine choosing to make a card game

I wonder if Valve actually likes videogames.

036be8  No.16115211

File: 4e17d1b9d1924aa⋯.jpg (55.32 KB, 621x702, 23:26, 1541703813992.jpg)


Valve doesn't know how to count so it looks great to them.

01a8b2  No.16115632

File: 042e9e42b19934c⋯.png (297.97 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 042e9e42b19934c8f0b8528fdb….png)



0288d4  No.16122539

File: 3d35fd4b0353e27⋯.png (76.82 KB, 607x304, 607:304, ded.png)


60ce34  No.16122563







bc8e9f  No.16122593

File: bf692422f784512⋯.mp4 (949.63 KB, 480x480, 1:1, birdf692422f784.mp4)



937a4a  No.16122596


looks like the servers were down, but it will be finally dead in a month.

5e0a58  No.16123044


What the fuck did they expect?

9b3301  No.16123391



hl2 was a failed sequel in every conceivable way, hl3 would probably be dumbed down to the levels of seventh gen cod

643dd3  No.16123435


almost got my hopes up too

we're officially following this trainwreck until it hits 0

000000  No.16124762


And it will be shit and it will flop.

Normalfags are waking up en masse against companies.

36663f  No.16124886

File: 64c12affb0f88ca⋯.jpg (863.68 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, sleeptightpupper.jpg)


>imagine having so much money you can do whatever you want without giving a fuck

36663f  No.16124888


it could come with a free gaben dakimakura and it would still be considered shit, it could never meet the hype and expectation people have in their head for over a decade. not doing it at all is the only winning move in this scenario.

130079  No.16124903


That's just the daily Steam server restart. All games at that exact point will show up on the API as 0 players. Lots of people still don't understand this.

8788c1  No.16124920


Actually the servers were just down at that time for Artifact, there were no other points in its history where that happened.

e9a159  No.16126224

File: 1ac67a97be34113⋯.jpg (9.43 KB, 255x227, 255:227, 1ac67a97be3411308a34d51dad….jpg)


>can see three broken cars and gang graffiti just looking out my window

>have to look down when I walk outside so I don't step in feces or used heroin needles

>see picture

>feel a profound sense of loss

>this is the future that was stolen from us

c1c77c  No.16126239

File: 2310d2c0eb0a89d⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 500x259, 500:259, 03x0212012.jpg)

236da5  No.16126782

>Where will they go from here?

Please stop with this sophistry. You and everyone else here knows that Valve doesn't make money by making games.

8788c1  No.16136602


Then why bother making Artifact in the first place?

36663f  No.16136681


because they wanted to? same reason they did dota2 btw, because gabe was into it. perks of having fuck you money and no shareholders.

dff699  No.16136969


Funny how he only wants to make games that are competing in low effort cash grab fad genres.

2a5c74  No.16137001

File: 8f4cade3bfab22b⋯.png (128.61 KB, 512x512, 1:1, KeA_-_Awakened_(Ao).png)


Pretty sad nobody at Valve wants to make a real game.

8788c1  No.16137014


I've heard they want to make games, but they have no management holding any projects together.

18b790  No.16137216


All the talent left because no one wants to work when some lazy cunts will get as much credit and pay as you do.

c6dc7f  No.16137380


Dota 2 prints a lot of money, though.

Are you sure that you aren't trying too hard to sound smart and cynical right now and are acting like an idiot while doing so?

25d0fd  No.16137382


Why work if you make 30% of every game made? Imagine their profit margins.


>cost of maintaining servers


>30% of every game sold

They are likely making more money than actual developers.

22a418  No.16137597


>they are likely making more money than actual developers.

Surely you mean publishers, developers always get the short end of the stick in terms of financial gains unless they self publish and are somehow successful or do extremely careful partnerships

93b628  No.16137631


thank you

1865e6  No.16137635

File: 76c96c850a9be9a⋯.png (43.64 KB, 533x292, 533:292, 766.png)

File: f08fbfe72e79266⋯.jpg (39.72 KB, 698x390, 349:195, non-non-refundable.jpg)

Hopefully not calling this too early but it looks like another record low for peak players at only 766.

8788c1  No.16137668


Some people were mentioning on the Steam forums that the game hits new lows every Monday.

Last Monday it bottomed out at 299 players as you can see here >>16114898

It might go below 250 for the first time tonight.

1865e6  No.16137713


Yes I hope so. I'm not sure I trust that 299 figure though because the shape of the graph looks a bit like a technical error. And it was from Wednesday, not Monday.

2a5c74  No.16137931


Yeah if the guy making lootboxes gets as much credit as the guy making a revolutionary game why bother? Might as well go indie or join CDPro.

5cd919  No.16138226

File: 1d43fc120a242a6⋯.gif (816.88 KB, 400x225, 16:9, wub.gif)

I want to imagine what would happen if Valve ships an expansion after a month or more.

Can the update be called good, if there isn't anyone there to see it?

I keep forgetting that this game still exists.

e1241f  No.16139572


he makes the games either he or someone at valve wants to make, but you need someone to want it first. add to that valve is notorious for their flat hierarchy etc and the huge coffers and no suits going on about growth constantly let's them dick around however they want. "low effort cash grab fad genres" are way easier to make by a few people than a long story driven AAA sp game you need several hundred people for (if not more). same reason companies like mobileshit so much.


never said it didn't? dunno what you think you saw when you read my post, I merely explained valve doesn't make games because they have to, only if they want to. no one cares if it flops financially. someone might come along and try to improve it, or not. that's just how valve operates.

e1241f  No.16139576



what credits? one will end up as "monetization associate" or some other bullshit, the other will end up as gameplay designer when the credits roll. if someone wants the guy doing the gameplay they won't ask for the former, that's how it always worked.


remember cs:go was pretty much dead as well till they put in tf2 boxes, and half the normalfag complaints about artifact were about the buy-in. put out an expansion for marketing, "coincidentally" make it f2p and no one will care no matter how assrape the progression is as long as it's free (and if they throw in some tf2/dota/cs shit people will grind for that alone).

3ee454  No.16140790

Why do people call those numbers dead? Eternal got a similar playerbase and that game is f2p. Artifact is buy2play as well.

813634  No.16140858


Eternal doesn't have the backing of one of the largest game companies to have ever existed.

3ee454  No.16140879


Eternal is free2play while Artifact cost 20 usd. I personally like some of the ideas Artifact got but there are some really dumb things in Artifact as well such as arrow RNG, no muligans and creep RNG inbetween rounds (the creeps should still go to a random lane but you should be able to choose WHERE on the lane the creeps go) As a fan of the genre i like some of the stuff Artifact did with it, at least i know that Valve wont let the game die without some rebirth update to it.

643dd3  No.16140888


>All the talent left

marc laidlaw and chet falisek are both sjw cucks, so its more like some of the talent left.

2e6679  No.16141078


>implying Breath of the Wild runs at 1080p outside of CEMU

38e8b6  No.16141158

File: eea763836b80d78⋯.jpg (86.29 KB, 698x942, 349:471, eea763836b80d781d1ee835208….jpg)


The decision was retarded from the start. Instead of thinking "lets make a good game" we got "how can we jew the customers the most?". They worked backwards, they already had the market and infrastructure to facilitate the sale of ingame items and they already had Steam trading cards available. From there they thought which genre of game is seen as "being okay if it's P2W" since there are monkeys that'll defend the money dump which are TCG's. From there they hired Garfef to bake the lasaga like he did for MtG and did another hands off approach since Garfunkle sees games being P2W with boosters as a good thing. How do you make cards retain their value? Simple by making them only attainable by purchase. If every card farming chink was able to get free boosters then the value of all cards would drop (and their % on every sale lessens not to mention the initial purchase of the booster). Valve despite being seen as "fair in regards to microtransactions" actually outjewed Acti-Blizzard since Heartstone gives you free cards. Valve eventually added a level up system that gives free card packs so while they give out cards for free it's diminishing returns in playtime/free cards plus they can always set a level cap. Lo and behold the card prices dropped after this. Around release a full set was around $300-450, the last time I looked it was under $100.


>A literal reskin made in 6 months with fuckhuge viewmodel FOV for 60 dollarydoos at launch

But it wasn't a reskin, it literally was a planned update for L4D1 but TurtleJew wanted to make more money from it. Valve wanted L4D1 to be like TF2 "games as a service" where they constantly update a single game and jew people with cosmetics. Valve did their whole hands off approach to everything because actually making a proper management decision would require a non-diversity hire so they let TurtleJew release a literal update as a standalone game. All content from L4D1 was eventually ported over to L4D2 so playing the first is now redundant. Especially since L4D2 addressed some of the game balance with the charger and spitter.


It was given away for free on Christmas 2010 or 2011.

8788c1  No.16141197


Apparently TurtleRock's employee's were so retarded that Valve moved the positions of the few talented devs to themselves and then dissolved the entire company.

60b1ee  No.16141236

File: 19bb0a5581950c0⋯.jpg (4.46 KB, 275x183, 275:183, index.jpg)


it'll look more like this though irl

38e8b6  No.16141269


>then dissolved the entire compan

I think you mean the untalented hacks got paid by 2K to make Evolve and we all know how that turned out.

8788c1  No.16141292


That was after the former employees restarted the company following Valve's dissolution.

51a269  No.16141397

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Too lazy to go through thread, Valve never has to make a single game why do they even bother? What do Valve employees do all day other than gouging in some of the most disgusting shit ever.

8788c1  No.16141403

File: 97a67c63551dc12⋯.jpg (8.22 KB, 150x150, 1:1, adam shiggy.jpg)


>Too lazy to go through thread

And I'm too lazy to read the rest of your post or watch your embed

b46476  No.16141413

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


<Garfunkle sees games being P2W with boosters as a good thing.

>We understand what the costs are of the decks that are winning. We don’t want those to be prohibitively expensive. That means that we want a lot of Common cards are generally useful, and that the Rare cards add the final spice.

literally from the man himself. he also shits all over your headcanon with keyforge.

garfield might be one of the few designers actually getting royalties, but certainly not for every game so designing them p2w means fuck all besides bad reputation, not to mention monetization is usually done by the publisher

>Simple by making them only attainable by purchase.

so just like any other trading card game? seems to work for mtg and plenty of others, not every game ''needs' to be f2p with assfucking grind

<TurtleJew wanted to make more money from it.

>the company that didn't even exist at that time anymore wanted to make more money


>we all know how that turned out.

milked by 2k and tried to sell it as an esport when it was a niche casual shooter at best? protip: the exact fucking same would've happened with l4d in that scenario - be we all know how that turned out, right?

22a418  No.16141502


Turtlerock was owned by Valve at the time

eb1616  No.16141544

Valve is Steam now, it doesnt make games anymore, you are fool if you think they will release another AAA game, its all monetization or its never getting released, all these recent games prove it

eb1616  No.16141550

Artifact expects you to pay for virtual imaginary cards with the same money as real cards, it doesnt get scummier than this

even EA knows the difference

b46476  No.16141573

File: b46405da9e320d0⋯.jpg (2.74 KB, 125x125, 1:1, he.jpg)


>Artifact expects you to pay for virtual imaginary cards with the same money as real cards, it doesnt get scummier than this

>what is magic online

1aec23  No.16141651

File: 07e2a09ca2eb2c4⋯.jpg (28.74 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 07e2a09ca2eb2c439edf29070a….jpg)


Still fucking retarded either way.

b46476  No.16141671


it's a business model that apparently works, can't blame valve trying to make money off people that seem to like it.

also: when time is money and the game is f2p, grinding hours for shit is theoretically exactly the same, just a different form of payment.

eb1616  No.16141680


fuck off and go monetize your private life somewhere else

087949  No.16141689


Explosion shit is second worse. Only beat by the room temp IQ.

1aec23  No.16141696


Wiz and Darkness are the best choices. Boom Wizard is ok.

Sage for off topic

b46476  No.16141698


<getting triggered by simple numbers and the fact that he is a retarded either way

you go champ!

8788c1  No.16141703


>it's a business model that apparently works

Oh yeah man look at those three digit player counts

This shit is the bomb

40d650  No.16141715


>what is magic online

A game that was only mildly successful during the peak of the card game when there were no other significant competitors online. If MTGO were still a success they wouldn't have made MTGA.

3ad22a  No.16141768


>that's how it always worked

Valve go out of their way to have the credits for their games be an alphbetical list of the names who worked on the game. With zero indication of who did what or who had more involvement. Unless you're someone who is well known for being "the sound guy" or "the writing guy" there's a good chance your actual contributions get watered down to "developer".

The company have had this weird hippy "no one is your boss" culture about them, which realistically can't work as well as Valve liked people to think it did. And clearly in the long run hasn't.

b46476  No.16142035


<artifact is the only monetized digital cardgame in the world


>mildly successful

almost 50% for NA and 30-40% world wide of magic around 10 years ago, hs probably cut into that hard, but still a high number considering how shit magic online always was even in 4.0.

still worse and more expensive to get into than artifact.


you can still find them elsewhere, high lvl positions are always known either due to the marketing or basic industry connections. don't forget how incestuous the industry is, when you claim you did X it's pretty easy to figure out.

>which realistically can't work as well as Valve liked people to think it did. And clearly in the long run hasn't.


1865e6  No.16142041

File: e01a4e0a3ba069e⋯.png (42.33 KB, 534x292, 267:146, 719.png)

File: 1c146bf2874a77c⋯.mp4 (4.35 MB, 640x640, 1:1, chika dance.mp4)

>new record low

8788c1  No.16142673


>peak isn't even 900 or 800 anymore

>it's fucking 719

dff699  No.16143193


And people here though Valve would never make another single player game.

df4242  No.16143210

File: b42a2701a66b46b⋯.webm (12.43 MB, 724x720, 181:180, Ricardo's_got_what_you_ne….webm)

9fab8f  No.16143227


Garfield is a literal autist iirc

dff699  No.16143325


They should make a code wheel of lootboxes you have to buy to unlock your copy with limited installs.

e37299  No.16143420



3200cb  No.16143470



Roster of




United on the

Net for



It's honestly not as punchy as ASSFAGGOTS.

df4242  No.16143500

File: 01d5a79d13d57a7⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ricardo Shock.gif)


ASSFAGGOTS is an honest description that people who actually play them can casually use them.

CRAPCUNT is forced on itself in an attempt to be just like ASSFAGGOTS and failing miserably. Its the bootleg brand to the original.

b1781e  No.16143520


It sounds too desperate, like it was written by an ausfag trying to be clever.

f2f522  No.16143591

File: 02a8ff46f7d6bf8⋯.png (220.54 KB, 583x340, 583:340, Artifact.png)


8788c1  No.16143609

40d650  No.16143627


Maybe it was more successful than I thought, but that was still 10 years ago. Back then Hearthstone didn't exist and people REALLY wanted to play their card games online. In any case, WOTC themselves decided that the "pay to pay" model wasn't going to cut it, or else they never would have released MTGA under the "you can do everything for free eventually if you grind hard enough" version of the f2p model.

72b28e  No.16143923

File: 3d578b3f79b71de⋯.webm (1.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, VALFᴇ2.webm)


Last one.

000000  No.16143937


All entertainment must be free.

f46ad1  No.16143951


>Here, goyim, some "free" entertainment

>riddled with ads and microtransaction garbage

Fucking idiot.

38e8b6  No.16144066

File: cfaf4657a358764⋯.jpg (55.17 KB, 625x349, 625:349, cfaf4657a3587640d6bed4277d….jpg)


>literally from the man himself. he also shits all over your headcanon with keyforge.

I bet you believe every press release and every time your favorite media influencer yells "get hype" your mouth widens into the cuckold grimace in anticipation. It's called playing both sides you incessant retard, he has his fingers in the CTCG pie and the single purchase pie. It's what tencent has done in chinka, they own league and a dozen or more league clones so no matter your moba choice you'll be paying tencent (obviously dota2 is an exclusion).

>garfield might be one of the few designers actually getting royalties, but certainly not for every game so designing them p2w means fuck all besides bad reputation, not to mention monetization is usually done by the publisher

That's fucking bullshit and you know it, monetization and distribution are incorporated into the design of the game.

>so just like any other trading card game? seems to work for mtg and plenty of others, not every game ''needs' to be f2p with assfucking grind

MtG is physical and booster packs are basically lootboxes. MtGO still jews players for digital cards but at least one good thing about their system is cashing out a full digital collection into physical cards. The alternative to grind for free cards is no free cards which clearly worked for artifact upon release. Do you honestly suck so much corporate dick that you think game progression (and card collecting) should be tied to additional purchases instead of playing the fucking game?

>the company that didn't even exist at that time anymore wanted to make more money

Would you rather me say the 11 jews that moved to valve from turtlerock (then valve south) were the ones that pushed for more profit. 5 months before L4D2 was released it was confirmed that turtlerock/valve south was shut down. They were still the original fucks from turtlerock you troglodyte.


>milked by 2k and tried to sell it as an esport when it was a niche casual shooter at best? protip: the exact fucking same would've happened with l4d in that scenario - be we all know how that turned out, right?

I don't disagree since 2K would have also forced it as an esport but imposing too many "competitive limits" really screwed up Evolve. If you had 4 people and wanted to go 3 hunters 1 monster because god forbid you'd actually want to play against your friends, it was impossible as it forced you to go 4 hunters. If it was sold as a pick up and play casual 4v1 it'd have fared far better. I'd loved to have seen 2K try to sell the charger and spitter as DLC for L4D charging $10 each as with spawnable weapons that only DLC owners could grab.



>Artifact expects you to pay for virtual imaginary cards with the same money as real cards, it doesnt get scummier than this

>what is magic online

You should go check out the Magic Duels forums with people crying out wasting money since they abandoned it for Arena, they were fully expecting Duels to be like MtGO and they keep their cards.

I know in the Arena beta it says (or said) that any cards opened in the beta would be reset upon release so if you paid for a bunch of cards in the beta they'd be reset on release.

dff699  No.16144079


That there are more people watching EQ1 and FF11 streams at the moment should tell you how boring this is for people to watch.

eee506  No.16144961

File: 14d6aafd7a60c9c⋯.png (2.47 KB, 645x66, 215:22, ClipboardImage.png)

I called someone an elitist and that was enough to get me banned.

It was their own fault for being an elitist fag.

74fcd9  No.16144965


Only the most casual of normalfags use elitist as an insult.

8788c1  No.16145626



What were his posts?

dc2984  No.16145670


I want to play Metro: Exodus, but fuck me I'm not downloading the epic platform. I'll stick to one digital games platform for simplicity, and buy the game when they sell it on steam.

9412ae  No.16145846

hahah guys hey

lookie here:


1865e6  No.16145857

File: 0cd030d2e6226da⋯.jpg (137.21 KB, 1920x1090, 192:109, artifucked.jpg)

File: e6fa300fb5c1352⋯.jpg (130.76 KB, 1920x1090, 192:109, artifuct.jpg)

b39993  No.16145868


good, but consider this:


c7ac10  No.16145885

File: d180699bdca78cc⋯.webm (6.92 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 352858.webm)


looks like someone needs help from rodrigo "i got the munchies for dead druggies" duterte

1865e6  No.16145886

File: 55967e650afff91⋯.jpg (138.24 KB, 1920x1090, 192:109, articucked.jpg)

8788c1  No.16145921

File: c333b0257d0a321⋯.png (813.9 KB, 1108x400, 277:100, 1.png)

File: e060bfce30aec1f⋯.jpg (299.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2.jpg)

643dd3  No.16146025

File: df4a720c7c8677c⋯.gif (2.23 MB, 320x384, 5:6, Laughing_girl.gif)

9a3b47  No.16146035

File: 5e1d1b6399d3ae4⋯.png (650.82 KB, 750x709, 750:709, meowail.png)


cool, shit was an eye-sore, they if they could only remove all the cosmetics

dff699  No.16146072


Shit like this has to be the most annoying things in games.

036d76  No.16146085


Why is she wearing a chad jacket backwards?

9a3b47  No.16146099


Because she is literally the opposite.

9412ae  No.16146881


she's a beta female virgin?

6aeba4  No.16147513

File: ddceeaa4fbbb0d1⋯.png (62.65 KB, 1676x230, 838:115, Screenshot_90.png)

File: 64c425addfbafe4⋯.png (245.6 KB, 1044x407, 1044:407, Screenshot_91.png)


7184f2  No.16147544


It dropped below 500 earlier.

b5dcbf  No.16147548

File: a02d03c07c9ee14⋯.jpg (33.68 KB, 743x720, 743:720, a02d03c07c9ee142f3d2ca7ce6….jpg)

I hope in the end its just two guys left that are Valve employees and are the only ones who play because they worked too hard to let it die and slip into the void of 0 players.

643dd3  No.16148403

File: e2147ba817158be⋯.jpg (18.77 KB, 222x281, 222:281, chimpus laptopmus.jpg)


>beta female virgin

>with that face

cool then i have a chance

985f7e  No.16148463


>even fountain regen couldn't keep it alive


1865e6  No.16154469

File: 64dfd2630273cd8⋯.png (9.6 KB, 712x114, 356:57, average.png)

When a game is dying the % gain figure for the last 30 days keeps falling more and more until the end of the month. I'm really hoping it will hit at least -74.95% again before it gets locked in as the February figure.

In other news Valve hasn't posted a twat on the Artifact twitter for two months now.

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