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File: f53e9ace1dbc7e3⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 500x390, 50:39, ds_lite_sys_onyx.jpg)

3fc104  No.16099673

DS lite battery is fucked, barely does 2 hours. I ordered a chinese replacement but it's even worse. What're my options?

a68e0e  No.16099681

Get a 3DS with an R4 card or emulate.

ebb99f  No.16099720

DS can be emulated easily nowadays. Don't bother with scalpers or chinks.

f691df  No.16099736



Thanks but I want to keep my DS lite

241baa  No.16099769


you can probably find a full replacment online pretty cheap. otherwise buy another battery but this time not chink made

f0ae83  No.16099781


If your issue with playing on the 3DS is the stretched resolution, that can be fixed by holding Start when you launch your game (it'll launch in the original resolution).

3ff76d  No.16099793


122e1b  No.16099810


>my decade old product with an equally old lithium ion battery has no battery life

>I bought worthless chink garbage and it's still bad

>this surprises me

For fuck's sake, idiot. Go get a dual major electrical engineering and chemical engineering degree so you can design new battery tech for the future. Lithium ion is causing all technological progress to stagnate. Hint: look into fluoride-ion batteries

f691df  No.16099838


I just hate the 3DS in every way is all. Shit ergonomics, shit aesthetics, shit battery life, shitty black borders on DS games.

f0ae83  No.16099852


Ok then either buy a used DS Lite that isn't a Chinese bootleg or emulate. If emulation doesn't have enough aesthetic appeal then I suggest time traveling to the past and stocking up on DS's.

7b0b74  No.16099854

File: f44341bca0f0af2⋯.png (470.48 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, 2812 - Ketsui - Death Labe….png)


Nice thread, don't care about your problems.

I finally put Ketsui Death Label with the translation patch on my DS yesterday, Not sure why I didn't do it earlier, it's by far the best game on the system. It suffers a bit from vertizontal syndrome/not enough time to dodge the bullets but I'm loving it, unlocked all the way to Hard-C.

The tutorial with IKD-san is charming beyond all reason.

f0ae83  No.16099859


>it's by far the best game on the system

you played all the other games?

7b0b74  No.16099864


Yeah. Only ones that even come close are Picross, and Picross 3D.

0a0aa2  No.16099873


That you're complaining about 3DS is understandable, but that you consider the Lite better proves how much of a fucking retard you are.

>worst d-pad and buttons in the history of videogames

>shitty glossy surfaces because muh Apple, instant Fingerprint Edition

>looks like some makeup case girls would carry in their purses (not surprising considering how it was marketed)

>shit placement of said shitty d-pad and buttons, highly uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time unless you have tiny hands

Lite must be the shittiest yet most popular system "update" of all time.

dec4cb  No.16099949

Ok OP here are your instructions for the battery's annode and cathode https://archive.fo/CEKnM here is the specific heat table https://archive.fo/yCr8s and here is how to dope the glass with the H3C3 mixture https://archive.fo/Apa5F . I am assuming you already have/know how to make a refinery hot enough to achieve 3,000C and how to make a case with wiring for it and that you don't give a shit about USA patent law.

f691df  No.16099976


Thanks. No, seriously.

In 50 years when I'm still playing my DS and the official hardware is extinct I would happily pay some guy thousands to make me a new system.

4f76dc  No.16100806

It's probably the DS, not the battery.

f691df  No.16100815


As in? What part would cause it to only make the battery last 2 hours?

31867b  No.16100822

File: 6e0ed814a6d51b6⋯.png (387.76 KB, 1200x2046, 200:341, mothgirl.png)


Get rid of the chink battery. Remember the office chairs.

387f21  No.16101218


Gonna have to lay it honest to you, OP, the DS Lite screen is terrible. Get a 3DS XL/New 2DS XL and play the DS games with native resolution by holding start or select once the game begins to load. The PPI is pretty much identical, plus you get a better display with better backlight, deeper colors, and way less ghosting.

f691df  No.16103184


Hold it loose in your hands, the shoulder buttons should line up with the middle knuckle on your pointer finger. Don't attempt to press L or R with the tips of your fingers, do it further down the finger. There, now the DS Lite is the most comfortable handheld of all time.

47068c  No.16103201


You could try getting a broken Lite with its battery and use that, plus have some spare parts just incase.


I found the visual quality to be better on my Lite than my 3DS or XL.

9deea0  No.16103217

File: 3e6b256a019f240⋯.mp4 (340.87 KB, 224x400, 14:25, chinese chink phone.mp4)

387f21  No.16103806

File: a247ef16e7b7772⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, dslite.jpg)

File: 2d5a0c12160c071⋯.jpg (3.91 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, 2dsxl.jpg)


I don't have a better shot of the DS Lite screen as I threw it out due to the glaring issue shown on the photo. When using one of the XL sized 2DS/3DS handhelds, press and hold start or select, the pixel density is as close to identical as possible. I used to think that the DS Lite was better for playing DS games, until I started playing them on a 2DS XL with native resolution.

b87d8b  No.16103821


Then eat shit, you capitalist whore of a leaching poorfag. Rightists like you deserve the repeated lashings that you surely shall be subjected to in the times to come.

0a0aa2  No.16103894


I have tried to hold the piece of shit in every imaginable way and you're full of shit. The only way to not make the incredibly and objectively poorly placed d-pad not unreachable with the tip of your thumb without keeping your thumb at a 90 degree angle at all times, is to balance the whole thing on your fingertips. That gets highly uncomfortable if you play for more than ten minutes. The only way to avoid this problem is by having tiny, ten-year-old hands.

It's a fucking brick, and a glossy brick at that which certainly doesn't help it. There is no way any even remotely sane person can actually think that it's well designed or comfortable. There are no words to express just how utterly awful the DS Lite is.

3f30b1  No.16104029

Gonna hijack this faggot's thread to ask if anyone else has problems with their New 3DS XL's D-pad. Specifically the left function. It becomes unresponsive until you have to work it up a bit. I have barely any technical know-how, and I still have a GameStop wireless PS2 controller in pieces somewhere.

f691df  No.16104125


lol, eat shit.

Physical has value to me. I like the look and feel of the DS Lite. I enjoy putting the cartridges in, I enjoy owning it and having it on a shelf.

e0117c  No.16104143

cd63ad  No.16104181


Stay mad porky, I hear the memes are still being waited on in a certain board.

3b0a1c  No.16104250

File: 147a94fb0c0dfaa⋯.jpg (114.8 KB, 921x868, 921:868, Chris Chan Straw.jpg)

I feel your pain, OP. Had a DS lite with me for over 10 years, the hinges gave in, and now, the upper screen won't hold in place. The console works fine otherwise, I had to buy a replacement, but even then, my DSi, which is almost as old, has trouble reading my carts sometimes, and likes to hang my games up everyonce in a while, which sucks if I'm going for battle frontier in pokemon or I didn't save in game for a long time. I dunno about batterylife, 2 Hours never really bothered me, and it lasts longer if I play GBA games, but the POS plastic hinges means I have to buy a plastic shell and basically take everything, cables, screens, ect from my old DS Lite and put it in the new plastic shell, without fucking anything up.

Best handheld ever made, bar none. If anyone offers another source where you can buy batteries, maybe shells that won't break within a year or two, I would greatly appreciate it. Fuck ebay

387f21  No.16104338


I don't own the handheld you have, but my 2DS XL's buttons worked great, but the control stick was incredibly stiff until I broke it in by using it. The c clit button is also horrible, it's too stiff and has no flex.

e0117c  No.16104349

File: 0a1b4ec1a776b17⋯.jpg (549.77 KB, 1199x1794, 1199:1794, Gum8Kqh.jpg)


eBay more like eGay

379623  No.16104370


This is why everyone hates you /leftypol/.


It's inevitable that an old console or handheld is starting to have problems, you should be happy it's lasted this long.

50f400  No.16104374

File: 8569718ef30d906⋯.jpg (22.29 KB, 268x423, 268:423, TOfJHgI.jpg)

373fc4  No.16104437


Waaah my 10 year old electronic device

f11a48  No.16104516


lmao what

f11a48  No.16104518



Is this a new meme? I've seen it at least five times today.

363e45  No.16104553


I'm pretty sure it's a meme used by redditors whenever they encounter someone they consider "a toxic and entitled customer".

86f102  No.16104568


I think you are onto something. I've seen it on /pol/ often and it's a known reddit hangout.

871e81  No.16104577


How will /pol/ ever recover from such a sick burn?

f11286  No.16104582



I thought it was something like >>16104553

but I wasn't sure. Reported them.

f11286  No.16104596




What to expect from the mentally ill?

b94c1f  No.16105309

i'd recommend the 3ds/2ds option.The convenience of emulating nes,snes,&gba with ds backwards compatibility was a selling point for me.

70086f  No.16105351

File: f5e29238bb6844c⋯.jpg (246.71 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 1540263936.jpg)


>I ordered a chinese replacement but it's even worse

How shocking.

7c2073  No.16105408


>has a ds which is old and probably still using batteries from last decade

>I then ordered a chinese replacement which will be undoubtedly worse


3c63cd  No.16105415


Meanwhile my GBA has probably been on the same battery since 2003, and the battery life is as good as ever.

7c2073  No.16105419


Honestly pretty understandable, I think the issue is either shit tier battery or that it drains fast due to performance reasons, the gba doesn't require much power I'd assume. But I'm speaking out of my ass.

7aa5ce  No.16105423


a41b97  No.16105425

tongue my anus

3c63cd  No.16105435


I've never really had battery issues with any of my Nintendo handhelds. I suppose I ended up getting lucky with those, since most of the other rechargeable batteries I have, including the one to my old HP laptop, are all pretty much fucked. I might have to figure out to rebuild laptop battery cells if I ever get around to unfucking the cooling on that portable furnace.

a03628  No.16105576


>be leftist

>hate capitalism despite having enough assets to sneer at "poorfags"

Imagine my shock.

bc8756  No.16106234

The reason why it only lasts 2 hours is because the backlights are shit, the transistors in the ds cpu's were bigger than student loan debt, and battery technology back 13 years ago was dogshit, my phone battery is lighter and holds 3x the charge (3,300mAh as opposed to 1,000mAh for the ds lite) it's a fucking miracle you get 3 hours out of it. Find a half reputable seller that will sell a 1,200 or 1,500mah battery.

f691df  No.16107422


I used to get a good 10+ hours out of it though, I know batteries degrade over hundreds of recharges but I don't understand how hardware inside the DS affects the battery and battery life.

bc8756  No.16107509


Battery electrolytes dry up. the discharge and recharge process causes a small amount of side reactions between the different battery components and can cause irreversible loss of battery life; An overheated or overcompressed environment compounds those malfunctions. Corrosion within the electronic components and on the circuit board traces can cause voltage/power issues. If diodes, capacitors, voltage sensors, etc start to fall that can cause hardware instability and decrease battery life.

Also, the games released during the early ds lifespan were far less demanding from the components than late generation ds games, which were designed for the DSI and dsixl production lines, which has higher powered processors, more memory and ram, etc. Simply meaning the hardware is going to be worked harder and cause more battery drain as a result. You should also check the brightness levels you have your backlight set to, a low backlight uses a lot less power than the backlight set to full.

65c15e  No.16107526


But whats the comparison between the 2DS XL and the DSiXL? Input lag and display does any anon know? I'm thinking of buying a DSiXL or a WiiU to play DS games on.

f691df  No.16107539


Thanks, that's really interesting.

289cc2  No.16108215


Nintendo's Official online store is selling DS Lite battery packs, so just buy an official one instead of some Chinese knockoff.

b0c889  No.16108221


It's literally just mocking someone with the sound of crying. It's not an ebin new meme. People have been doing it for ages.

cfd824  No.16108267

I am in a similar boat, OP.

My DS lite battery is very weak and the hinge on the console is loose despite replacing the mechanism with a new one.

I ended up just getting a DSi XL.

I actually ended up liking it.

It has good battery life, buttons are good, and the screen size never really bothered me.

If the weight of the XL bothers you, you can just get a regular DSi, but you'll get less battery life.

f691df  No.16108326


I live in the UK, Nintendo hates us

c36eaf  No.16109146


Everyone hates the UK m8.

47068c  No.16109802


I'd recommend against the WiiU unless you want to play them on a TV screen because it's emulation, not native runtime like Nintendont running GC games on Wii.

I'd still recommend a phat or Lite for DS games, but I suppose if you want to avoid 3DS but still want the bigger screen, access to DSi homebrew or features, or WPA connection for Wiimmfi-compatible games, you could go DSi XL.

For those unaware, Wiimmfii is a 3rd party Nintendo WFC server. It's mostly used for Mario Kart Wii (and to a lesser extent Brawl) but it supports a lot of the popular games fairly well. no Wifi Plaza for gen4 sadly

6e68ed  No.16110204


I really gotta finish Picross 3D. I managed to find save files of all the online/contest puzzles, but nothing of the online/classic puzzles from Picross DS.

b48354  No.16110209


Not buy a chinese knock-off

9dfda9  No.16110214


>Waah, he made fun of me. He must be from elsewhere

2bbc9a  No.16111142


As they rightfully should

ff972c  No.16111288




How to match the control scheme, though? Games that are touchscreen only can be played decently on a phone and games that are controller only on a PC/controller, but hybrid games like Etrian Odyssey play like garbage on both.

4c7231  No.16111290


>implying he's wrong

0a0aa2  No.16111368


As both are pro-diversity, censorship and general SJW bullshit, wouldn't Nintendo actually like the UK?

17f675  No.16130157

File: 1c889c381a5624d⋯.jpg (42.41 KB, 500x448, 125:112, Space Invaders Extreme 2.jpg)


It also suffers from being a demo. Try a better shooter.

7b0b74  No.16130449

File: 82abd713001bd45⋯.png (86.81 KB, 384x256, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Hm, I might have them.


> the subhuman can't handle the boss rush

Nigger I don't expect an arcade-perfect DS port. Basically every shmup I can play on my Vita is better than Mobilememe Extreme.

6e68ed  No.16130512


>Hm, I might have them.

Thanks for the offer, but I was able to find them on GBATemp's save file repository. They also had the Picross 3D packs, very handy.

913691  No.16131131


You should just buy a brand new one on Ebay or something. 3DS has terrible battery life. DS Lite could get like 20 hours for me when playing GBA games on min brightness. Much more pocketable too.

17f675  No.16131160


You know how I know you haven't played it? Xexex sucks complete ass and you're not a special snowflake for having played it.

7b0b74  No.16136469

File: 619787b0041e395⋯.png (134.83 KB, 474x421, 474:421, ClipboardImage.png)

6a41bf  No.16142775


Fuck off, commie

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