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File: b27f2b561f2ed37⋯.png (182.53 KB, 512x316, 128:79, gfdsgdgds.png)

21cf2c  No.16102286

So yeah, just finished KH3.

Overall, it was disappointing, but felt like it could've been better.

>Olympus was mediocre.

>Twilight Town is too small.

>Toy Box was good.

>Kingdom of Corona was alright.

>Radiant Garden + Destiny Islands being relegated to cutscenes only sucked.

>Arendelle was god awful.

>The Caribbean was somewhat decent aside from the copypasta AC4 ripoff naval battles.

>Monstropolis was disappointing + felt like missed potential.

>San Fransokyo was ugly.

>The Hundred Acre Wood was boring as hell.

>Disappointed with how short the Dark World segments + Land of Departure are.

>Keyblade Graveyard felt somewhat good in some areas, rushed to hell in others.

>The Final World stopped the pacing and went on for too long.

>Scala Ad Caelum was just a glorified arena for the final boss and nothing more. Very disappointed that you can't explore it.

>Vexen and Demyx were mostly useless.

>Maleficent and Pete were completely pointless.

>Most of the game before the Keyblade Graveyard is just filler.

>Proud Mode was far too easy as if it was designed for casuals.

>Xehanort's "redemption" happened way too fast.

>Eraqus should never have been forgiven.

>Kairi was still useless.

>Sora is still retarded.

>Sora and Kairi got fucked over HARD in the ending.

>Luxu = Xigbar doesn't work, as if Nomura was trying to pull a "Revolver Ocelot" plot twist on us.

>The contents of the Black Box are never revealed.

>Nomura is mentally incapable of knowing when to end a series for good.

Felt like it was overhyped tbh. Somewhat mediocre.

27d449  No.16102294

Reminder that the only reason this series still makes money is because everybody was denied a conclusion to the series over and over again. This game is probably no exception.

eda4e9  No.16102303

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is honest to got the first truly honest, no hold barred, unbiased review of KH3 I've seen on youtube.

Everybody else is probably too damn scared to get ganked on by the entire KH community if they speak up.

eda4e9  No.16102307



*honest to God

27d449  No.16102311

File: 103e9bb3c014ad5⋯.png (101.8 KB, 450x311, 450:311, 103e9bb3c014ad5902fb055637….png)



eda4e9  No.16102318


Holy shit I also just realized that its #2 on trending.

Will the truth Finally be revealed to the normalfags?

Will they finally see Nomura for the colossal fucking hack that he is?

f97ba2  No.16102360

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

61ce3b  No.16102370




27d449  No.16102383



how to spot a /tv/ poster in 1 step

738b6e  No.16102393


>make a game that's fan service for disney and final fantasy fans

>make the -for lack of a better term- plot needlessly convoluted with spin offs spread across like half a dozen systems and three generations of consoles

>after an entire console generation finally get around to doing the third numbered title and hopefully last installment

>seems they've taken final fantasy characters out completely i wonder how much disney paid for that

>at this point the super rare and special key blade that sora got is something that at least half the KH OCs have

>doesn't matter it's not like anyone is paying attention to the story just looks at the pretty colors and clap when you see your favorite disney owned IPs

95e92b  No.16102399

File: 837eeecd225da5c⋯.jpg (14.87 KB, 295x342, 295:342, 837eeecd225da5cb83fb5ae8c5….jpg)

The organization XIII boss rush at the end sucked. Why did they clump them into 2-3 at a time? It reeks of focus testing, I can picture it now.

>"Alright, now for this next part you're going to do 13 boss fights in a row and then Xenahort."

>"What? No, that's stupid. I don't want to play that. How long is that going to take?"

>"If you don't die constantly, 2-3 hours."

>"No way. I'm not playing that shit."

>"Okay, how about we put the bosses together and so you only do 5 or 6 fights?"

>"Yeah, I could do that."

What a complete disservice to fans.

cffff8  No.16102438

File: ff08bf456be3242⋯.jpg (703.88 KB, 2048x1914, 1024:957, you're_a_fuckin_bum.jpg)


I swear to god, how to do it properly. They should have taken a note from 358/2 days and made it so all 7 lights were playable AT LEAST. Ideally it should have been all good guys, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Ventus, Terra, Aqua, Roxas, Axel and Xion. Each of the most important fights thematically (Saix x Axel, Riku x Ansem etc) you would be forced to use the corresponding character, but for more general ones (Larxene, Luxord, etc) you could switch. If you really wanted to be fucking ambitious, you get 7 "lives" with each being one of the seven lights, you then boss rush the 13 "darknesses". There, done, you have successfully made a climax that makes it feel as if it's a cohesive team that Sora has to lead as opposed to Sora just fixing everyone else's problems.

a26626  No.16102449


I don't understand why they didn't the have EVERYONE fighting at the same time the game runs on UE 4 there is no reason why the engine couldn't handle that, having 7 party members.

when it had you choose who to help the first time i thought it would matter with the story. like if you helped Micky riku would die but that was stupid on my end because they never let you have choice in these games.

e7c239  No.16102460


Okay, I believe you.

010d0d  No.16102470


If only Sakaguchi was still in Square, he was the tard-wrangler for Nomura's insane suggestions. Well, I'm waiting for that announcement of the Kingdom Hearts Musical for Tokyo Disneyland.

a0ee86  No.16102510


That Kingdom Hearts Musical will have exclusive story content related to the game like the Kingdom Hearts Concert.

95e92b  No.16102513

File: 029a75b30195fb5⋯.jpg (48.91 KB, 654x667, 654:667, 029a75b30195fb5efd61f9c56f….jpg)


Because ultimately the game was rushed. You can see it in every facet of the game.

>No Final Fantasy content, only passing mentions

>Only one unique optional boss that's piss easy

>No critical mode

>World's are as short as KH2 except you never need to go back to them (Going back to fight the organization made the small worlds okay)

>Dialogue is stiff

>No Colosseum

>No playable Roxas despite his return being the most anticipated event of the numbered games

>No post-game optional boss

>Photo-realistic worlds despite every other game having a clearly illustrated look (Most worlds look like they're from the UE4 asset store)

>Feels like the story doesn't start until the keyblade graveyard

5bd7b6  No.16102515

File: c1c55577cf599ac⋯.jpg (17.13 KB, 319x395, 319:395, 1491402785615.jpg)

How is it a Keyblade war it's about 25 people and a little under half the total participants don't even wield Keyblades?

cffff8  No.16102524


>>No playable Roxas despite his return being the most anticipated event of the numbered games

You forgot that Roxas also gets to Dual-Wield while neither Sora nor the rest of the cast gets to.


What I don't understand is how the original Keyblade war was between "light" and "darkness" where we have now made it canon it was all of the Light Unions fighting other Light Unions. Unless there have already been 2 Keyblade Wars by the time of KH I>>No playable Roxas despite his return being the most anticipated event of the numbered games

32af5c  No.16102535

File: a2e9c038ae9d69c⋯.png (311.2 KB, 640x545, 128:109, manly tears enjoys a cup o….png)

I'm enjoying watching the fallout, KH fans are so fucking deranged they seem to even take actual concise criticism of the game as a hit piece. Dunkey put out some video where he actually points out issues with the game but the KH fans are still throwing a fit on places like twitter. It's one thing to like shlocky stuff but to defend it to such lengths is incredible.

32af5c  No.16102543


the thing is he's not wrong, the game is full of fucking slowdowns and exposition and massive attack animations but the KHfags just say "NOOOO DUNKEY IS AN IDIOT BECAUSE HE DIDN'T PLAY THE OTHER 200 GAMES"

a26626  No.16102549

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

what drives me up the fucking wall about this is how heavily the story is leaning into that fucking LOOTBOX CELL PHONE GAME.

Sora even meets one of the dandelions from the fucking game before the ending.

5b2b4a  No.16102575

File: 56f99e9e4cf8a4d⋯.jpg (60.13 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Dyy0SZXVAAAuzzI.jpg)

I feel like I missed the memo on the returning Organization members. Why did only some of them go back to being human?

b80e4f  No.16102576


I don't even feel like it's unreasonable to expect that this game could be a massive, chaotic fucking war. The games have been something of an escalation by nature, with entire worlds and reality itself at stake. It's a war that's been stewing for ages between the forces of Light and Dark, which was so insane last time that it shattered and segmented all the worlds into insane little bubbles that are barely held together by their own internal logic.

Instead, we got some shit with Sora faffing about, trying to remember shit that happened a dozen side games ago, then fighting a bunch of Organization 13 faggots, and then a wet fart of an ending.

cffff8  No.16102583


Never properly explained, at best, Xehanort seems to just snipe certain one's before their heart reconnects with their body and just shoves his heart inside them. Why he did this to just some as opposed to all is never explained, but neither is fucking Xion so who the fuck cares.

95e92b  No.16102621


And the worst part is they're probably going to bring back Sora for KH4. Instead of doing something better like making Roxas (or anyone that's not Sora) the main character. Hell, I'd really like Kairi to become the main character in the future. It'd be nice to play someone who's inexperienced with the keyblade instead of watching Nomura flounder for an excuse as to why Sora(or any of the previous playable characters) is level 1 again.

>"You were in a ipod lotus flower for a year so you're out of practice"

>"Xenahort stole your powers when you nearly got norted"

Just give us a new main character, damn it.

9f11e3  No.16102633


If you didn't realize the whole series is beyond saving by now then you are retarded. Why would you even buy KH3 in the first place?

21cf2c  No.16102634


During the encounter with Saix and Xion, Roxas mentioned something about their hearts traveling forward through time and entering replica bodies that just happened to be waiting for them upon arrival.

21cf2c  No.16102636


>I'd really like Kairi to become the main character in the future.

No. She's fucking useless as hell. Everything she did after KH1 was mostly superfluous.

5bd7b6  No.16102637

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What the fuck happened to the Mysterious Tower? It was supposed to be playable, but it's gone. You were also supposed to explore Scala ad Caelum back when it was called Cable Town, even find the chess set that Eraqus and Xehanort played with, but now that's been fucked with too.


>And the worst part is they're probably going to bring back Sora for KH4.

Already confirmed. Look at the secret ending.

>Hell, I'd really like Kairi to become the main character in the future.

But anon, that would involve making her not useless and turning her into an actual character with a personality and goals.

b3ca90  No.16102648

File: da1de5d0b689282⋯.mp4 (1.62 MB, 640x268, 160:67, I_dont_meme_so_good.mp4)

cffff8  No.16102659


Wait a second, so the entire point of Xehanort's plan is to stick his heart into the vessels right? And he prepares replicas for this purepose yes? And we even get to see Repliku take evil Repliku's "heart" out, so my questions is


Why not, I don't know, just make 13 fucking clones of yourself and forget the fucking nobodies.

21cf2c  No.16102682


Not gonna lie, but I fucking DESPISE Sora post-CoM. He went from being a mostly brave & gutsy dork of a hero to being a braindead asshole in KH2.

This escalated in DDD when the game made me think that Sora suffers from severe autism.

In KH3, Sora seems like he's both a braindead asshole AND has severe autism. I hate him so much that I wonder if Nomura personally fucked with his OC protagonist because of how he admitted that he doesn't Sora at all and personally identifies with Xehanort and the Seekers of Darkness more. He wanted his version of Sora to be Noctis in Versus XIII, but got fucked over by Square Enix higher ups when he was booted off the project before Tabata came on board to "finish" FFXV. Probably explains why his "Verum Rex" homage is also a symbolic middle finger to Square because Nomura will forever be asshurt over the fact that he never completed his dream project the way he initially intended.

01e57c  No.16102686

File: e1abe1ecdd54bd1⋯.jpg (62.54 KB, 440x494, 220:247, that's just how they work.jpg)

Visualize my neurons firing in a surprised manner induced by sudden revelations.

cffff8  No.16102691


I'm replaying KH2 on Critical to wash the taste of KH3 from my mouth and he's not nearly as bad as you're making him out to be. Having played 3D which turns him into a literally brainless mongoloid and III where he's as you described KH II Sora at least has fucking emotions that aren't "I'm so happy gosh aren't I just amazing?" He's angsty as fuck but that fucking works for the retarded kind of story KH II wanted to tell. Compare 3 where the story is super serious business but Sora can not fucking get his shit together.

Sora KH I is still the best voice acted of the bunch though

21cf2c  No.16102695


I…..don't know. I think it was just a way to recycle the OC villains all over again for the sake of fan service. Also, it may have to do with Vexen defecting from the Organization, and because he's apparently the only KH character in the series who knows how to make replicas aside from Xemnas (Xemnas just collects people's data while Vexen is the one who synthesizes replica bodies somehow), the Organization can't make new replicas aside from the new bodies to house the old Organization's hearts in + Evil Repliku.

WTF was the point of even bringing Demyx back at all if he was gonna defect anyway + WTF happened to the Lingering Will after he countered Terranort? He never shows up after that, and it's never explained or shown why.

5bd7b6  No.16102697

File: b1256627784c8dc⋯.jpeg (334.44 KB, 306x780, 51:130, xion new outfit.jpeg)

Why didn't Xehanort nort Xion? How did she come back anyway? Her heart was still inside of Sora, as noted by Ienzo. Did her heart, at some point, leave Sora after that conversation and willingly joined NuOrgXIII? For what purpose? Was she reprogrammed again? Is the new Xion a clone and the real one's still inside Sora, or is it really her? Why bring Xion to the organization at all? I don't think bringing in someone who had a history of not being truly loyal to the first OrgXIII and resisted when she found out who she was is a good idea.

I understand people wanted her back, but the way she was brought back was not explained at all.

>hey, guys! Xion's back

>just don't question how

It's the biggest fucking plot-hole in this game.

bb48e9  No.16102700

At least Xion anon should be happy to know his waifu got a good ending. A shitty ending, but an ending where she exists.

95e92b  No.16102714


She's there because we need a reason for Roxas to deus ex machina and save Sora

cffff8  No.16102736

File: d7145c3e5252489⋯.jpg (271.74 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, This is canon.jpg)


Xion is the second biggest plot hole in the game, and that's really saying something considering her being a Xehanort has 0 build up or explanation afterwards why she was even considered a candidate for darkness. No, the biggest plot hole of the game is here.


>WTF was the point of even bringing Demyx back at all if he was gonna defect anyway

The fact that Xehanort can put his heart into people but they can still betray him makes no fucking sense whatsoever. It makes it so putting your heart in something means literally nothing. This meme has become canon now as Xehanort can literally betray Xehanort.

4ec0f1  No.16102774

File: 9af79527bf09e4d⋯.jpeg (85.5 KB, 1071x841, 1071:841, 3F57A04C-72DC-434E-AD5C-A….jpeg)

Was Kanga in it at least?

cfd335  No.16102780


should have had a zootopia world tbh

cffff8  No.16102781


Nope, you get the gay sounding heffalump instead.

cea61b  No.16102793



No fucking Eeyore either.

There is so much disappointment with this game.

People waited eighteen years to see Sora and Kairi be together and fucking kiss at the end and Nomura is so gay and Square is so Jewish that they just can't let people have closure and think they can continue milking they shriveled decrepit teat that is this series. Fuck this gay fucking earth.

cea61b  No.16102797


So mad I can't even type straight…

f2619c  No.16102805

File: 13c8d2240903e37⋯.jpg (113.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

What's the best Armor and Accessory setup to fight Dark Inferno? I've already got the Ultima Weapon.

cfd335  No.16102808


It has a theme, but it's very convoluted. It's just a metaphysical Good vs Evil/Heart vs Heartless. It's about spreading your friendship to everyone.

32af5c  No.16102812


> It's just a metaphysical Good vs Evil/Heart vs Heartless. It's about spreading your friendship to everyone.

the same shit every shonen anime and JRPG has done over a thousand times, I dunno why KH gets a pass

cea61b  No.16102815


If you have ultima then it doesn't even matter, your stats are probably so high that as long as you learn the pattern you'll never get hit.

cea61b  No.16102822

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0539ed  No.16102866

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The soyboy is right twice a day

It should have ended with 2 honestly. That was the last time we had that good blend of Square and Disney while also having the most self-contained aspect of its story. The beginning is nearly intolerable, though and some other stuff is stupid but overall it was the best.

bd6db0  No.16102874

File: 303f3aab01c7c31⋯.gif (2.17 MB, 279x350, 279:350, c0e16360d34d60875eb7c96122….gif)


>Monstropolis was disappointing + felt like missed potential.

<Good music

<Scare/laugh power perfectly translates to KH logic and gives them an opening to reintroduce Unversed

<Sully actually DOES SOMETHING

<Map isn't completely overwhelming retardation like Mount Olympus that takes 3 hours of autism to completely explore

The only missed potential there was a Randal fight, but you're a retarded nigger if you think Monstropolis wasn't one of the best worlds in the series.

Not going to argue about the rest of the Disney worlds though other than saying that they were ripping off AC4 with the pirate ship battles whenever those mechanic existed for years even in fucking Sly 3.

>The Final World stopped the pacing and went on for too long.

Going to disagree there since it was a bit of surrealism that the series has desperately been lacking lately that made the first game so memorable.

>The contents of the Black Box are never revealed.

It's implied to be the Book of Prophecies.


The game uses juggling and knockback as punishment more than damage, and you're given any means of defense in the air outside of glide and double jump (a huge design flaw with the combat since the game's more floaty than usual). It doesn't matter how much the engine can run at once, you physically wouldn't be able to constantly fend off 7 bosses attacking you at once and fight back unless you kept gliding away and spamming magic.


>What I don't understand is how the original Keyblade war was between "light" and "darkness"

The story in the first game went that they fought over light, and from that darkness was born in their hearts as told by Kairi's grandmother, but that doesn't matter since it was retconned to be about political divide anyway.


They all do. Some go back for sloppy seconds with Norty.



Yeah, this one seems retarded. I have a possible explanation for it, but it would be nice if Nomura would give a definitive answer.

In BBS, Xehonort splits Ventus's heart into 2 pieces, which nearly kills the kid, forcing him to need to be repaired inside of Sora's heart. If Xehonort splits his heart into 12 additional pieces then puts them inside of empty vessels, those fragments will die out, but if he puts them inside of 12 fully-living people, they'll be able to survive within them similarly. If he puts them within 12 other bodies that were accepting of his control in the past, then, he'd be able to exert that control from his fragments, then take over the host like Cordyceps fungus.


<Even more furfaggotry


a26626  No.16102878


spamming magic is the end all strat for KH3 remember someone saying they went through the full game spamming thunder

bd6db0  No.16102880


>and you're not given any means of defense in the air outside of glide and double jump

It's 2:30 am.

8e05ff  No.16102902


Disney is to blame for the direction of the franchise.

>disney wanted kingdom hearts to be more of a advertising tool for them

>final fantasy characters removed with the exception of moogles

>wanted the gameplay as simple as possible for a larger audience, a huge step down from 2

>pushed for the mobile facebook type game to be made

rumor has it that square might be making disney games that aren't kh now

84e60d  No.16102903

>series has so much buildup to the conclusion that it's insane

>the conclusion is a letdown

Why does this keep happening in current decade?

bd6db0  No.16102915


Because you have expectations.

If you went into this game thinking it would be the long-awaited sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2 with 11 years of planning and development, you were already setting yourself up for failure. We've already had that, it was called Dream Drop Distance, and personally I hated that.

It might sound cynical to say "don't call a game good until after you've played it," but that's seriously the only way to stop yourself from getting hyped nowadays.

As for 3, pretty much all of the signs were there for what you were getting into with gameplay in 2.8 with how floaty it was, how OP magic was, how unfulfilling melee combat was due to not having any weight behind the attacks, and how the finishers and other situational commands broke the combo flow that 2 set up so brilliantly.

Only real thing that it wouldn't have prepped you for was a complete clusterfuck of a story. I remember yelling at my screen "You still need to free Roxas" when the gang stopped to eat fruit tarts in Twilight Town and go chop vegetables with Remy.

6d5cd5  No.16102924

KH3 is fucking unfinished and an entire world was cut.

The endgame was supposed to play out like this:

>kairi gets killed at keyblade graveyard after you fight some of the lower organization members and the swarm of heartless and nobodies

>sora flips the fuck out and bootleg merlin + animu cat save his ass

>mash triangle 300 times to win

>xehanort opens kingdom hearts

>you follow him to The World that Never Was

>now it's a big gothic looking city with a clock that has 13 hours on it

< also, this is a doom counter

>every time you kill an org member the clock advances one hour

>they come at you depending on where in the city you go

>when the clock strikes 13 you have that fight with all the org members ganking you and xehanort fucks the city up

>xehanort casts some ebin spell that opens the real KH

>teleporting fucking everywhere

>you straight up kill him with the x-blade after he gives it to you, because that shit was a trap

>him and eraqus fuck off back to heaven

>scala ad caelum was the afterlife this whole time

scala ad caelum is also where sora was supposed to go when he "dies" and collect all the other parts of himself. he was also supposed to be able to talk to namine and roxas there. there were also supposed to be loads of NPCs that look like the niggers from the mobile game. they changed this because all the scenes of xehanort playing chess take place in the afterlife and sora was supposed to walk into that room and see the chess board set up for a new game, implying there hasn't been a game yet.

7b345f  No.16102928

File: 1049e0edd5ec740⋯.jpg (29.25 KB, 670x449, 670:449, RIP.JPG)

i was actually impressed Maleficent and Pete were even less integral to the plot then kh2


>"is this it"


>"alright where is it"



0539ed  No.16102934

File: ce0aad3963ce79f⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1680x864, 35:18, Charles hints at Sam socio….png)


Considering it's Nomura, not only do I fully believe this but I also am utterly unsurprised this was cut

8e05ff  No.16102940

File: f5a8a257acb7419⋯.gif (470.83 KB, 512x288, 16:9, f5a8a257acb7419c7885ee727d….gif)


If this is true I'm going to drive down to nippon and force feed nomura my cock and make his waifu watch

>mfw my most wanted game this year, kh3, is trash and etrian odyssey nexus turned out to be better

21cf2c  No.16102949


This is literally the easiest superboss in the history of the series, so much so that it shouldn't even qualify as one given how piss easy KH3 is in general.

32af5c  No.16102972


>>mfw my most wanted game this year, kh3,

you set yourself up for heartbreak

9f11e3  No.16102988


Blame Nomura for adding his gay OC to be the real villains.

5bd7b6  No.16102992

File: 5ca87a5ceb747da⋯.jpg (260.22 KB, 570x558, 95:93, Bullshit.jpg)


As believable as this sounds, I still want proof.

21cf2c  No.16102994

File: 7801381ac586e08⋯.jpg (48.1 KB, 600x600, 1:1, zed98.jpg)


>I dunno why KH gets a pass

Because of…

>nostalgia fags



>Twitter Twatters

>yaoi artists

>Disney shills (AKA the most cancerous fanbase in human history above all else, period)

>Final Fantasy tards

>people with shit taste


>pretentious edgelords


>low IQ people

>attention whores/seekers

>The X-Keepers


>Sonyggers who grew up with the series since KH1 on PS2 and can't grow out of it mentally

>all of the above

Kingdom Hearts as a series, at best, is mostly very mediocre.

>KH1 was ok

>CoM + reCoM was very boring gameplay-wise

>KH2 had the best gameplay in the series, but had a more retarded plot + too much filler

>358/2 Days was the MOST boring & repetitive entry in the entire series bar none

>BBS "midichlorian'd" a fuckton of plot details + it's where the floaty Osaka corruption began with the gameplay

>Coded/ReCoded was mostly nothing save for its ending

>DDD was all over the place + time travel bullshit + was too easy

>0.2……..not much I can say aside from that it's too floaty + only exists to explain why Mickey doesn't wear a shirt at the end of KH1

>X, Union X, and Back Cover are so goddamn forced and only exist to continue extending/padding the fuck out of this needlessly drawn out narrative to ensure that this series never gets any definitive closure, and the majority of this story is in a FUCKING MOBILE GAME

>KH3 is disappointing AF

bb48e9  No.16103010

I do hope Kairi gets trained by Aqua to use magic before 4 because Kairi a shit at melee. I always believed if Kairi was to be a keyblade weilder then her strength will be magic, not melee. Shame because Kairi has a bretty decent keyblade with it's high critical hit rate.

21cf2c  No.16103016


And it's not even a definitive conclusion either, because Nomura and Square want this soulless mindfuck of a story to go on forever and ever long after Nomura dies.

fb3e11  No.16103018

File: 4814f47419f4670⋯.webm (272.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, wtf_is_this_pos.webm)


>KH1 was released in 2002

It's totally believable that Kingdom Hearts was one of the neat game that teenagers bought because they grew up on yidsney and also played Final Fantasy, where the mash-up was cool at the time. I was 9 when this shit came out. I wish I would've been disappointed 5 years ago but they decided to wait like 14 years between 2 and 3.

webm related both to your post and KH3 as well.

dddc39  No.16103021


Citation needed

79684d  No.16103033



Never understood why KH got so popular when the first game's finale with all its sequel hooks aleady made it clear that it was going to be the start of a giant franchise of spin-offs. Now you have an actual stand-alone story in a fucking musical and important plot points contained in a fucking mobage which get referred to multiple times in a mainline title. It's the perfect example of an overly sanitized, overly polished entertainment media IP designed to appeal to as many demographics as possible and thus grab as many shekels as possible while completely forgetting to actually be entertaining. Well I guess some anons still fell for it because despite its AAA status, the KH franchise was never really a thoroughly pozzed one, which is probably the only good thing about it.

556734  No.16103036


>implying there's anything wrong with it

27d449  No.16103063


with /tv/ or saying



ef8d4f  No.16103094


You can tell he shits on it so hard because he cares. The KH story has gone on for too long as is and ending it with a sequel is only going to sour detractors like him so this was the likely outcome.

bd6db0  No.16103119

File: 9d50a3d5d39cdb0⋯.jpg (75.52 KB, 500x650, 10:13, 1491793124921.jpg)

Also, can we talk about how the openings for a moment, and how this one was a complete letdown in terms of art and surrealism?


>Opens up with closeup of a closed eye, zooming out in a camera shot to a waking face

>We hear a voice against some black smoke as a voice speaks: "I've been having these weird thoughts lately" (pause, letting the words "having," and "weird" linger onscreen against the wind. A few more words appear, "real or not" against "weird") "Like, is any of this for real, or not?"

>We're given a few shots of a character falling in the ocean, camera blurring and cutting as a few electronic instruments create ambiance, with a scale descending with the boy falling deeper

>Music kicks in with "OH!" and a flash as the boy wakes up. We finally get a body shot of our protagonist right as it starts up,

>The boy runs to another character with his back turned, then becomes surprised to notice that there's water where he's standing. The lyrics start. He looks up, and sees a tidal wave about to engulf his friend, and runs out to reach his hand, with the other boy turning around and holding his out, smiling confidently.

>The boy is tossed about, and his friend reaches again, unphased despite being underwater. The boy tries to struggle for it, then is tossed back by the current

>The boy surfaces back at the surface at sunset, and looks around

>He sees a girl against the island. The colors are dark, but still on the warm palette of things. The lyrics continue as she waves to him. "Please."

>We cut back to the boy as he starts to make his way towards her. "Oh baby, don't go."

>The two greet. The girl moves in rhythm with the music until she puts her hands behind her back, leaning forward. The two talk, adn the girl laughs.

Now for the best part in the entire fucking franchise…

>The girl stops laughing, then looks up. The boy turns around

>The boy sees shooting stars in the sky, along with his own body falling

>As the two stare up in disbelief, the tide washes up beneath the boy, then turns into a sky.

>The boy falls backwards, into the sky, and reaches up for his friend. His friend reaches back towards him, but a water ripple dissolves her image

>The boy sees he is alone, straightens his body, then falls back into the ocean as he was in the beginning

>The boy aligns his body to stand, and his feet land on a solid mass, which transforms into birds that fly away, revealing a stained glass platform

>The boy looks up to the birds, now flying away into a pitch-black sky.

>As the music ends, we're given an overhead view of the platform to reveal a picture of Snow White

Absolutely fucking beautiful. You have no idea what the fuck is going on the first time around, but it sets up an ambiance for mystery and a journey into the unknown, and on watching it after the game, you can draw your own symbolism (water = darkness, water=freedom), and there are still parts that are just beautifully illogical.

f2619c  No.16103124


So it's not as difficult as Terra / Lingering Will? Good to know


Anime-hating soyboys like to say "cuckime" a lot on /b/

bd6db0  No.16103130



>Instead of black smoke, we see Sora standing on a hill looking at a night sky. The dialogue over him is in a new voice: "A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory." 'A far-off memory' zooms to the camera to the top-left. We cut to a night sky, and 'A far-off memory' fits before "A scattered dream." The connection here is obviously to the dramatic irony from the dreams Roxas starts to have in the tutorial being birthed before the events of the game. "I want to line the pieces up - yours and mine." closes the monologue, and the music begins.

>The music is tranquil, and Kairi sits on a beach looking at a wayfinder charm.

>We cut to the trio sitting on the sub-island. A guitar plays a few notes, still tranquil Kairi and Riku respectively fade to the wind, and we're left with ambiance as Sora looks down

>He winds up and jumps, letting the rest of the island dissolve

>He lands at the foot of Hollow Bastion as the music kicks in. He slays some Heartless, and makes his way up some ice platforms before cutting to the room before the Final Keyhole, where he runs to try to wake an unconscious Kairi

>Sora turns and sees Riku's back. Riku turns to face him, holding his hand out with the same expression as the first opening. Sora runs to it similarly to the first opening, but readies his Keyblade.

>The two clash, and Riku backflips, then shatters into Ansem.

>Sora attacks Ansem, then we see Kingdom Hearts opening, and light pouring in over Ansem, with Riku talking afterwards

>Cut to Sora releasing his heart, then embracing Kairi.

>Kairi's eyes open to midday back on the islands. We get a shot of her looking at the island from before, now empty. Slow pan back to her face as the sky darkens, and a light falls in front of her

>She looks up, and sees a shower of small lights as Sora calls out to her from a portal engulfing him.

>Kairi looks onward, longing, as her body dissolves into the wind again, only to form into a more aged design, more taller and womanly, but with the same expression

>She looks down and mouths the lyrics "Music and time," but strangely she is joined by a blonde girl in a white room

>The camera pans, an a crystal ball wipes the bright, sunbeamed sky for a white room, where that blonde girl, noticeably younger than Kairi before her, is drawing on a tablet a spiral stairwell

>We enter the drawing, giving the stairway form as it turns back into 3D modeling, with Sora running up it, slaying Heartless. The guitar takes over the instrumentation as the tranquility from before is lost. Some of the swings line up with the guitar struts

>From the smoke of some slain Heartless, we see DiZ, and another character, hooded.

>Sora looks about to see himself in a white corridor with Marluxia. Sora charges.

>As they clash, the guitar gives way to an electronic keyboard. We cut to Riku in his dark form attacking someone, but we aren't made aware of it until later that he's fighting Ansem. Sora throws his Keyblade at the smiling man, then we cut back to him running on the stairs.

>We see the gang running up the stairs, we see Riku's feet. We see the gang on the stairs again. Pan up from stairs. Riku's up the stairs. The gang is running up the stairs. On the next pan, Riku's running down the stairs following a small black figure that's barely noticeable on the first watching.

>Cut back to the girl drawing, and Sora enters the room she's in. We pan to her drawing of Sora engulfed in what looks like a flower, and Sora looks down to see a lotus-like machine appear out of the ground surrounding him

>Sora looks back at the girl, who mouths the lyrics "Angels in flight," and Sora starts to close his eyes

>He falls into a white void, and starts to fly backwards. The void shatters to reveal the Destiny Islands.

>Cut back to the girl, with the lyrics "Music and time." This time, she is silent, and we get a shot of her notebook, now with Sora sleeping on it. She closes the book.

>We cut back to Sora and Kairi holding hands on the beach, sleeping. When the camera pans to reveal Riku, he's also holding hands with Sora, but we're not left to linger on this before the island bursts into dust, and out from Sora's place falls a new character, a boy. At first, he appears to fall as Sora did, but then straightens up and falls straight down. He straightens up and lands as well. This time, it takes the birds a moment before they fly away.

>As he looks at the birds flying, we're not left with a clear view of what the stained glass is this time, but instead the camera pans up, and we see a verk beach with some glowing cyan on a rocky coast rocks, some of the rocks arching

While anyone who played CoM would be able to tell that this is mostly a recap, the visuals are still left to the imagination, this time mostly used for the transitions. Dramatic and situational irony are heavily used here throughout, helping distinguish this as both a recap and an introduction to the upcoming game.

bd6db0  No.16103136

File: 177c2c22b821b13⋯.jpg (575.33 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 96ca51367ecd22e7784632d2ec….jpg)



>The dialogue opens up with Sora's voice against a black screen with a few blobs forming and fading "They can take your world. They can take your heart. Cut you loose from all you know." The screen fades into a night sky as the camera pans to Sora standing on a water ripple. "But if it's your fate…" We pan on Sora looking up, with the next line not having any dialogue, "Then every step forward will be another step home."

>The clouds start to pass by in fast forward as the piano starts, eventually revealing a night sky, then cutting to a kid in black who looks remarkably like Xehonort, sitting looking out a window in front of a chess board. He sees a purple star, then moves a chess piece. From it, a vortex of black/purple smoke appears, then we cut to a current of the smoke going over a forest on some mountain crags, revealed to be the Land of Departure. Terra, Ventus, and Aqua stand in the clearing in front of it, and a pillar of smoke comes down, consuming Ventus and obscuring him, then wrapping around Terra before he turns into his possessed form. Aqua reaches out for him, then gets pulled back by the smoke. Ventus reaches out for her, then looks up to see one of the pillars go towards him. We spin in the next shot to Ventus's Dive into the Heart.

>The lyrics really start here as the stained glass shatters. "Let me face - let me face - let me face my fears"

>Ventus falls downwards, then dissolves into light, which consolidates into a falling ball and lands on Destiny Islands

>The instruments start to pick up as the night rapidly fast forwards to day

>The synth picks up even more as Sora and his friends are running on the island

>A hand places a chess piece down, horned like Ansem's guardian, with the camera flashing between it and Ansem's smiling face to the impending bass drop.

>The bass drops, and the same purple smoke from before starts to wrap around the beach.

>Sora, visibly confused, reaches towards Riku, who flickers into Ansem

>He's wrapped up in a vortex along with Kairi. She flies up, he flies down, into a chess piece with the crown symbol on it. We see the boy from earlier holding a chess piece in his hand, bouncing it while lightning flashes in the background. It's one of his, though. The boy smirks

>We cut back to Sora falling in the sky, transitioning to sunset from the night before

>He curls slightly upwards, and we crop to his eye before a white flash takes us to Roxas sitting on the clock tower, eating ice cream with Xion and Axel.

>A hand puts the piece the boy was tossing in his hand down, flickering to Xemnas, and Roxas drops his ice cream

>We get an obvious recollection of the confrontation with Xion that honestly I'm starting to get too bored of dissecting (that and it's 4:00 am)

>We cut back to Axel standing across from Roxas on a chess board. We see Roxas ready his keyblades like we've seen a million times already…

>Then we get a bunch of chess pieces, including one with a star which transitions to Kairi looking at the drawing Sora made in KH1. In probably the best shot in the opening, a tear rolls down her eyes, then ripples as it hits the ground. Sora, falling into the ocean similar than before, notices this, then rotates himself right-side-up and readies his Keyblade

>We cut to a white light opening up to the ice cream trio and the BBS trio, and see Riku standing within it.

>Then a bunch of people fighting on a chess board, then Sora and Kairi meeting on the islands, then the chess imagery puts a bunch of pieces surrounding them with a cut to the boy, who (unsurprisingly) flickers between he and Xehonort.

>And then a bunch of people get into a fight in the Keyblade Graveyard

>In probably the only use of smart lyric synchronizing in the video, Sora fires a beam to the sky to summon a bright light. We cut to Master Xehonort smiling as it washes upon him, with the lyrics speaking "It won't be long - I'm almost here."

>The boy in black from before is now looking out the window at day, with a single piece with a crown in front of it. The board is empty otherwise.

>We cut back to the ripple and sky from before, with Kingdom Hearts shining down on Sora in his new clothes (hold the fuck up), holding one of the chess pieces as the light of Kingdom Hearts shines down on him.

>The sky turns to day as the other characters start to materialize in front of him, and we get a downward shot of them all, with the reflection of Kingdom Hearts in the water, which transitions to the title.

All this one was really concerned with was recapping the events of BBS, 1, 358/2, and 2 and set it to Face my Fears. The imagery is blatant, and the transitions are uninspired. Hell, DDD's opening works better for this game since at least that one covers CoM, and the transitions are enough to keep your attention. You can tell in that recap of the third one where I started to get bored analyzing it in more spots than where I just gave up.

ef8d4f  No.16103165



They're gonna make that DLC. Like you should have been able to play FFXV characters at the beginning


>he was the tard-wrangler for Nomura's insane suggestions.

We can claim all day that he is stupid as fuck (yeah he is). But if all his games are making money like the higher ups want then how stupid is it really?


>What the fuck happened to the Mysterious Tower? It was supposed to be playable, but it's gone. You were also supposed to explore Scala ad Caelum back when it was called Cable Town, even find the chess set that Eraqus and Xehanort played with, but now that's been fucked with too.

Sounds like content was cut like everyone else in this thread said and just like FFXV did


It's 90's as fuck along with the anime boom in the west. I guess 00's

1edb25  No.16103210

File: 3ec84f51801de6b⋯.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, 643:820, woah nigga.jpg)

7a780e  No.16103224


ef8d4f  No.16103230


I wish people would be banned for posting this picture. If niggercattle would bother to read more than one paragraph and actually engage these discussions /v/ would be a better place.

9f11e3  No.16103231


Why would anybody but tumblr want to engage in KH autism?

49f250  No.16103238


So tell me; is this a videogame with actual fun gameplay or another movie with a layer of interactivity?

556734  No.16103302



It's not serious, you massive fucking morons. I bet you think everyone saying "amerimutt" actually thinks that that every american is a subhuman.

27d449  No.16103312


To be fair, why would a person who is #2 trending on youtube shill his video on a board with 2k users max?

dcbfc8  No.16103674


>if only Sakaguchi was still in Square

He's apparently working with the Bravely/Octopath team on their next project.

cffff8  No.16103680


Use Countershield and cheese the entire fight


>They're gonna make that DLC. Like you should have been able to play FFXV characters at the beginning

KH modus operandi so far has been re-release but that was before DLC was a big thing.

3eaf12  No.16103696


I don't like the fag but he isn't wrong for once.

7aaa7b  No.16103698

I thought it was fine. Nowhere near perfect but I had fun. Anyone else feel that way?

cffff8  No.16103700


The only fun I had in this game was tearing it's plothole ridden ass a new one, laughing in a sardonic manner as Nomura does actually tie up every character's plot he ever made except Sora. (And Riku to a lesser extent given Secret Ending.)

7aaa7b  No.16103702


That's sucks. Better luck next time then

cffff8  No.16103704


There will be no next time, it's obvious the Mouse has shoved his dick too far up Nomura's ass, let alone Nomura being a dumbass, for the perfect autism blend that was KH2 to ever come again. I played the game to see what closure I was given and I was given something for each and every character that wasn't a drooling retard.

Also the gameplay is balanced like complete garbage.

7aaa7b  No.16103706


Okay. See you in kh4 thread then

eedb2d  No.16103707


>non-specific non-arguments and conclusions

does anyone care?

3eaf12  No.16103708


I can actually believe this.

7aaa7b  No.16103711


Apparently not. A lot are nitpicks but at least it's not complaining about not understanding the plot which some reviewers who didn't play anything since kh2 do. My problem with the game is the same I had with every game: the Disney stuff is always filler

f469f9  No.16103713

>a kingdom hearts game sucks

cffff8  No.16103715


There's no arguments to be made because he's right. About everything but Montropolis There's more specific to complain about the gameplay but this would imply the game wasn't so easy it's difficult to even mention it.


I would say KH I Disney worlds were definitely not filler.

9087a0  No.16103716

File: 6a646c143c52648⋯.jpg (70.86 KB, 789x622, 789:622, Reag_1331274411.jpg)


Reminds me of another game.

141598  No.16103717


KH4 will probably be a nomura wankfest with like two disney worlds. i fucking hope

cffff8  No.16103720


>it's KH but you visit exclusively FF worlds (and TWEWY) as opposed to Disney

I would laugh my ass off but I wouldn't play it when it comes out in 2059

3eaf12  No.16103721


That made even normalfags hate Bioware's guts.

141598  No.16103725


This shit actually makes sense and that last part about all the chess parts being post-death makes me think it's real.

It's like saying that Sora's story was never actually predetermined and Xehanigger and his buddy were just fucking around while their spirits pass on, and Xehanigger finally accepts defeat when his friend beats him in a game. They probably cut that shit because they wanted to redeem Xehanort while he's still alive.

141598  No.16103735


what if you just visit random squeenix worlds, like Hitman, TWEWY, DQ, Life is Tumblr, and Chrono Trigger.

i would buy instantly if they made a voxel-based octopath traveller world with turn-based combat and having sora bitch about having to wait to fight

27d449  No.16103737


Gets me every time

cffff8  No.16103741



>Hitman doesn't actually kill people he's just turning them into heartless

>Sora and the crew have to stop Hitman from murking his targets

141598  No.16103747


fucking kek'd at the idea of 47 walking around mumbling to himself about darkness

556734  No.16103750


>Sora gets headshot instantly with no dramatic bullshit

eedb2d  No.16103752


He can't be right about anything because he substantiated nothing. I bet he didn't even play the game.

cffff8  No.16103753


Sora can take bullet shots and keep going, this is canon from KH I.

141598  No.16103757


i feel like sora and the other humanoids from KH aren't even people, they're like fucking androids or some shit.

this could be why cloud wrapped his sword up, since blunt objects work better on them than cutting them up.

7aaa7b  No.16103760


>I would say KH I Disney worlds were definitely not filler.

There was no point to be in most of them. 3 per playthrough are even skippable entirely, that's how filler they are. The Disney characters were largely irrelevant, Sora was just helping them out for almost no reason other than beating the last boss means locking the keyhole. You don't even need to lock the keyholes to beat the game so whatever


Same/ While it was fun when I was 11 to go "oh wow that disney cameo is in it!" the novelty has far ran off.

141598  No.16103762


i unironically want a more edgy KH where mickey loses everything and is out for blood.

7aaa7b  No.16103770


It doesn't need to be edgy but I think the Disney brand is holding them back. Did you notice that Monstropolis and Toy Box had the most artistic liberty? That's because Pixar took charge instead of Disney and told Square to do anything they wanted. And since BH6 isn't a key Disney property, they had more liberty to do things too. If they want to add Disney they need to make it revolve around the story more, which it almost never has. KH4 should have way less Disney as a result of these restrictions.

6beaaa  No.16103771

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nice review, although very short in my opinion. I also recently saw this review. It explain well most of KH3 problems in detail. Guy channel have shitty opinions of other stuff, but this video isnt shit.

cffff8  No.16103782


>If they want to add Disney they need to make it revolve around the story more, which it almost never has.

KH I did this, best example is Atlantica were Triton is aware that other worlds exist and it becomes a meta issue if Sora should even be helping Ariel. Neverland was plot relevant. Monstro was optional but also relevant. They were stuck on Tarzan because the ship crashed. Alice in Wonderland less so but that's because it was mostly exposition introducing the initial plot hook of people disappearing. Colosseum is fucking Colosseum but Cloud was involved. I'd say the least involved was Nightmare Before Christmas but it still got to tell an original story.

ec27fd  No.16103786

File: 80a4633ce88d715⋯.jpg (117.01 KB, 530x670, 53:67, 8911656779806.jpg)

Kingdom Hearts would be far better if it removed all the shitty final fantasy elements and retarded plotlines and focused more ont he disney aspect from the very start, with more fleshed out worlds and exploration in the respective universes. The unbridled narcissim of the creators who think their retarded keyblade weilding heartless OCs are actually a nuanced and well told story and should take a front seat need to kys. Shame we'll never get a game like the original concepts for the epic mickey series

7aaa7b  No.16103795


>best example is Atlantica were Triton is aware that other worlds

In a world that was completely skippable where Ariel wasn't even a princess of heart. Great

>Neverland was plot relevan

The only one I'll give you

>Monstro was optional

So it's not relevant. It's filler if you don't even need to touch it.

>They were stuck on Tarzan because the ship crashed

Which plays no bearing on the rest of the world. They are not stuck for more than 5 minutes before they regroup at the camp.

>Alice in Wonderland less so

Nothing happens in this world except the first keyhole, which could have been anywhere. The rest of it is a giant loop through woods and hedges and shit for no reason.


Completely skippable

>Nightmare Before Christmas

Original story but completely skippable

Sorry but if something can be skipped and it does nothing to the plot, it's filler. Most of these worlds are filler. The only one relevant is Neverland because it's the last Disney world and plot finally starts happening. All the rest of the plot is contained in traverse town, which you go back to for even more plot, and then Hallow Bastion.

KH series has never had Disney worlds be a part of the plot other than one or 2 points that could have been literally anywhere and had nothing to do with any of the Disney characters whatsoever.

4602b1  No.16103800


The problem is that I have no reason to believe anything that Dunkey says because he's Dunkey, and thus most of his opinions are soyboy cuckery.

"Right twice a day" is a fallacy. Most of the time whenever someone who's mostly wrong expresses an opinion, anyone who ever held that opinion is automatically invalidated, as they rightfully should be for sharing an opinion with someone who's wrong about basically everything.

7aaa7b  No.16103802


Remember, this is the guy who said the ending to Mario Odyssey was one of the greatest in video gaming history. In the ending Mario gets cucked.

4602b1  No.16103803


I have more reason to believe that Kingdom Hearts 3 is a literal fucking masterpiece now than before I watched that video. The only reason I don't is because the people in this thread are telling me it isn't.

7aaa7b  No.16103809


It's not a masterpiece but he pretty much admitted to not playing any game between KH2 and KH3 and complained the plot was too difficult. Kh3 has a LOT of problems but he couldn't even point them out right. Also he said there are too many in battle cutscenes, which is funny considering there's an option menu to take all of them out.

27d449  No.16103811


>"Right twice a day" is a fallacy. Most of the time whenever someone who's mostly wrong expresses an opinion, anyone who ever held that opinion is automatically invalidated, as they rightfully should be for sharing an opinion with someone who's wrong about basically everything.

This is the dumbest thing I have ever read

ebd720  No.16103815


You're retarded

c2eaf4  No.16103823


Pauline is way better than Peach. What was Mario thinking?

cffff8  No.16103834


The plot isn't difficult it's just so poorly told and so stretched over so many games that it becomes a mess unless you've played everything including the shitty mobage.

>Also he said there are too many in battle cutscenes, which is funny considering there's an option menu to take all of them out.

You can take out the start up animations but with the carousel for instance the animation is drawn out as fuck.

>just don't use it

Why is the game given me moves with huge invincibility frames and free damage if I'm not supposed to use it? And even if you want to say that isn't a problem, it's still a huge break in the flow of gameplay that you don't see in KH II even though that has huge animations as well.


Is there even a word for this fallacy? "Tainted well"?

a26626  No.16103841


as far as i understand every changed will need to be approved by Disney, that's why the worlds are self contained. I remember Devs talking about how Disney handles starwars. they will send ideas to Disney and they would get feed back months later. Disney saying "we don't like that , change it "

im taking it the Pixar and Square were in talks about the story even in pre prodection. if i remember Pixar designed the look key blades for Toybox and Monstropolis. thats why the story's continue the plot of the movies.

note how all the flat out Disney movies are just retelling the stories from the movies. Big hero 6 is technically a Marvel property that's why i think Disney let them go fast and loose with the plot.

7aaa7b  No.16103849


>stretched over so many games that it becomes a mess unless you've played everything

Well that's why you play everything then? I didn't start LOTR at Return of the King, read the first page, and go "What's Minas Tirith?" No one complained that Harry Potter had 6 prior books prior to the last. Or if you didn't play everything read a synopsis. I didn't play phone game for a single second and I still know the entire plot and who Strelitzia is and why Marluxia and Larxene are motivated to do what they do.

>with the carousel for instance the animation is drawn out as fuck

The animation is the attack. Each pulse is an attack.

>Why is the game given me moves with huge invincibility frames and free damage if I'm not supposed to use it?

Please point to the line where I said don't use it. Please do this.

7aaa7b  No.16103855


Pixar's writing staff who did those two movies were brought in for input and they were very receptive. It's why you see things like Woody telling off young Edgenort and expelling the darkness, and Sully and Mike throwing Vanitas through doors, meanwhile none of the other Disney characters do shit. And yes BH6 is a Marvel property primarily so a lot of liberties were taken. Disney has been a massive limiting factor since KH1

cffff8  No.16103869


>I didn't start LOTR at Return of the King, read the first page, and go "What's Minas Tirith?"

>comparing LOTR to KH

Give me a second to stop laughing, again, you miss the fucking point. The story is bad because it is stretched over so many games in what could be contained in one if Disney filler weren't so heavy. The overarching "plot" of KH is shallow as fuck and built on a shaky foundation that was never meant to hold all of it's contrivances. Even if it weren't stretched out, the story of KH is fucking treated like drivel with plothole after plothole stacked up ontop of each other so much nothing means anything anymore.

>The animation is the attack. Each pulse is an attack.

What part of "breaks the flow of combat" did you not understand? Playing a rhythm game in the middle of my ARPG is flow breaking even if the rhythm game is an attack retard.

5b955e  No.16103870

File: 536bd796799fc01⋯.png (514.07 KB, 1020x698, 510:349, What were they thinking.png)

never really cared about this franchise

played the first 2 mostly becos of the FF character cameos (back when FF was still worht getting hyped about) and it was an OK game with an overly copmplicated plot

then i the third game was finally coming out just right after Yidsney got their greedy hand on the Marvel Universe and Star Wars IP

>oh, cool, we'll get to see a threeway battle between Sephiroth the Death Star and Galactus

>no matter how shit this game is, ror how fag Yidsney characters are, nor how much the MU and SW have fallen from grace, this crossover will give anyone a nerdgasm

>games comes out




459a93  No.16103871

File: 56a58ee7c1073de⋯.png (145.94 KB, 500x697, 500:697, Guess I'll stop jazz music.png)


>making anime sounds with these long, awkward pauses

<suddenly remembers Re:CoM

cffff8  No.16103873



To be fair, Big Hero 6 was used, and is technically Marvel.

27d449  No.16103876

File: 373c6d1c4ab1d40⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 308x302, 154:151, 373c6d1c4ab1d40f011d104f7d….jpg)



7aaa7b  No.16103881


>Give me a second to stop laughing, again, you miss the fucking point

Okay. I didn't play Elmo's Letter Adventure and complain I didn't know my 123's because I didn't play Elmo's Number Journey, you fucking mong. The point is still the same. You can't complain about plot if you haven't played the games or hell just read up on what you missed.

>What part of "breaks the flow of combat" did you not understand?

It IS combat. Sorry the carousel sucked but that's still combat.

236eb8  No.16103885

Explain in terms if lore why some FF characters appear. I know that it is a marketing ploy, but why are my favorite gambling man and Cloud both helping Sora save the world from dumb bullshit.

2e4fe7  No.16103898

File: 595756d3814a086⋯.jpg (34.19 KB, 496x600, 62:75, 595756d3814a08637b6f57ddad….jpg)



Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

You wouldn't take DSP's opinion on anything seriously, but what he had to say about FF13 was pretty much spot on.

cffff8  No.16103902


>fails to address the fact that the plot is shit because of how many plotholes it's created for itself over the years

>says the game was good

>apologist for the shit gameplay

>You can't complain about plot if you haven't played the games or hell just read up on what you missed.

This would be true if the game acted as if you played the other games, even the game acts as if you fucking didn't with 1/4 of the cutscenes being recapped. This isn't KH II where the events of CoM are put in Jiminy's Journal and you can read up there, the creators make a point of recapping any and everything for everyone because even the creators assume most people didn't fucking play everything. The start of Return of the King is not 3 chapters of recap.


Because there's a hubworld where all the FF characters live. They're there just as another world to visit.

7aaa7b  No.16103918


>the creators make a point of recapping any and everything for everyone

Except the complaint is that they DIDN'T do that, yet at least they made 5 videos to try and help and included it for free in the main menu. And I don't think vanilla KH2 had the events of CoM in the journal because the journal got wiped. It's even a plot point that the journal gets wiped so I have no idea what you're talking about. Point is doesn't matter how many games the plot is over, the complaint isn't about how stretched out it is, it's saying that things weren't explained when in fact they are, just not in KH3.

5b955e  No.16103926


Using Big Hero Six is like using characters from Star Wars Revels or the Soylo prequel

It's like having acces to whole five star buffet with exotic delicius meals you've never seen or heard of before and you eat only 1 toast with butter and jam

a26626  No.16103948


there hasn't been final fantasy elements in KH since Birth by sleep with Zack in Olympus Coliseum

all the final fantasy is completely gone in KH 3 whats funny is that no one noticed. the Kingdom hearts meta is what's hurried .


it's funny how everyone gives square shit about how the games are. I would kill to be a fly on the wall in some of those story meetings with Disney. Tetsuya Nomura demanding access Hocus Pocus movie and Flubber to tell his full story the and Disney repeatedly telling him no.

5b955e  No.16104038


quite the oposite

the game would have been way better if it was just Final Fantasy before XIII shat the bed and no Jidsney at all

cffff8  No.16104058


That's literally what KH3 was and it's complete garbage.

c24c3f  No.16104094


is this a neofag post

it would be better without the kiddy disney shit

a26626  No.16104264

File: fdb503a7681db45⋯.gif (3.01 MB, 480x270, 16:9, fuckingGPUs.gif)


in the canon their worlds already fell to darkness and pre the event's of kingdom hearts.

Travers town is a mix of all the left over parts of the destroyed FF worlds and Disney worlds.

(that were put back to together in at the end of KH1)

trying to explain why they all still show up in radiant gardens in KH2 will give you a brain aneurysm

cffff8  No.16104326


>in the canon their worlds already fell to darkness and pre the event's of kingdom hearts.

World, not worlds. And the world in question is Hollow Bastion, which is why they show up there. All FF characters come from HB.

>trying to explain why they all still show up in radiant gardens in KH2 will give you a brain aneurysm

Because they went back after Sora unfucked it. Not that hard.

d81b73  No.16104336


In KH4, who knows.


7aaa7b  No.16104344


Maybe even in DLC or Final Mix. Everything around the Keyblade Graveyard is empty. It's like it was made for shit to be added in later

a26626  No.16104350

File: e9540264be25f96⋯.jpg (121 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, knc4kemu7ab01.jpg)


there more than one world that makes up Traverse town

what part of FF has lady and the tramp in it anon ?

7aaa7b  No.16104355


>this reading comprehension

Now I realize why people can't follow the KH plot. Jesus Christ.

13a313  No.16104357

i completely agree


Toy Box > Monstropolis > Tangled > Olympus > San Fransokyo > Caribbean >>>>> Arendelle

cffff8  No.16104367


The FF characters came to Traverse Town on a gummi ship. That's not their "native" world, Hollow Bastion is their world, with Traverse Town just being where they were forced to go after Heartless took over HB.

Jesus Christ this is an easy plot point from 1 how the hell did you fuck this up?

21cf2c  No.16104388



Good. That franchise has been murdered by Disney, and I'd rather not hear anything of it anymore.

dcbfc8  No.16104420


>you wouldn't take DSP's opinion on anything seriously

actually Phil has a pretty good track record. He was calling out cuckjima for the hack that he was long before Phantom Pain or Death Stranding when most people were still worshiping him.

e05bde  No.16104428


You're very special, anon. Now go back to the short bus.

27d449  No.16104429


>Phil has a pretty good track record

>couldn't beat Persona 3 on easy

cffff8  No.16104432


I think anon meant his opinion on things in general rather than how good he was at actually playing video games.

630568  No.16104435


Calling him out? He got mad from dying too much in a Metal Gear game and would just run around screaming "KOJIMA WORLD ORDERRRR" everytime he got frustrated.

d71cae  No.16104441

File: f7b28c0a8a238af⋯.gif (2.56 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 1548124220937.gif)

>reduced number of worlds that you never revisit

>no FF characters

>story doesn't matter until last hour of game when they blow their load all at once on nonsense

>combat is floaty shit where all the enemies are magnetically drawn to you

207aec  No.16104445

File: f046c7ba67b9034⋯.png (51.84 KB, 180x122, 90:61, nursery.png)


Dunkey's favorite RPGs are LISA, an RPG made by a cuck who hates RPGs, and Undertale, a shmup pretending to be an RPG

Following his shitty review of Octopath, there's no reason to give credibility to anything he says about KH3.

b173ff  No.16104471


Star Wars and Marvel weren't in KH III because it would have cost a fortune in licensing to include them. Disney has contracted EA the exclusive rights to make games of "Star Wars" characters so there was no way to include Star Wars.

The Big Hero 6 example is different because that is a straight Disney film. Those depictions of the characters count as "Disney characters" it's like how Disney owns their specific adaptations of Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, etc, but they don't own the rights to the stories themselves. So Big Hero 6 was an exception because it is a Disney adaptation.

I think it's for the best anyway, of all the things that Kingdom Hearts III needed Star Wars and MCU was not one of them.

dcbfc8  No.16104481

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cffff8  No.16104499


>I think it's for the best anyway, of all the things that Kingdom Hearts III needed Star Wars and MCU was not one of them.

If that's true than why did Thanos kill Sora at the end of Kh III? Can you answer that one faggot? >>16102648

95e92b  No.16104540


>How the fuck do you miss an opportunity like that?

Because the whole reason we waited this long was Nomura trying to get his hands on the Pixar license to make the Pixar worlds in the game. Considering it took them that long to just get the Pixar license imagine the nightmare wait it would have been if we had to wait for Marvel and Star Wars as well.

KH3 only took 5 years(a standard dev cycle) to actually make. The rest of the time was thumb twiddling until the Pixar license

bb48e9  No.16104622


The ironic thing about that is that the stories in the Pixar worlds were the best thanks to creative liberty.

6beaaa  No.16105258

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



DSP is a bad person and a retarded "gamer". Now, only thing I would defend him against the people criticize him is that lately people give a big emphasis on the "racism" of DSP, because muh racism, even when 95% of the DSP "racist" moments are jokes, and even good ones. But thats it.

Besides, if we are talking about DSP in a KH thread, might as well post its TIHYDP of KH1. This one and the KH2 are good TIHYDP, and cant wait for the incoming KH3 ones.

5bd7b6  No.16105323

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


DSP has become sad to watch, even as one of his haters. He's a shell of his former self who turned off the comments for all his videos, which broke his YT-based fandom, resulting in most of his videos struggling to break 1,000 views. Even most of the TIHYDPs that were made in recent years are just sad and boring to watch although I blame the creators who just lazily put most of his playthroughs in and do nothing to improve it, like adding twitch chat or just trimming the fat. He doesn't have long left in his "career"; his adsense account was banned, his patreon is on the decline, and it's only a matter of time before the money from his twitch paypigs dry up too.

6beaaa  No.16105375


Oh, the first one is out, good. Thanks anon.

>Even most of the TIHYDPs that were made in recent years are just sad and boring to watch although I blame the creators who just lazily put most of his playthroughs in and do nothing to improve it, like adding twitch chat or just trimming the fat.

Sometimes true, but its like you have to watch every video, and sometimes in my case, I see videos as background, to when nothing special happens.

>He doesn't have long left in his "career"; his adsense account was banned, his patreon is on the decline, and it's only a matter of time before the money from his twitch paypigs dry up too.

Its "dream job" will stop obviously, and he will suffer by not thinking longterm and being an asshole greedy fuck. But damn pigroach have outlasted Sons of Kojima & Machinima….

2bbd23  No.16105409


>DSP only died once in the entire game

You have a big problem when your game is so easy and mediocre than DSP have dont much problem making a playtrough of it. LMAO.

a26626  No.16105429


kingdom hearts is a kids game, it's made for children

people love to compare it to games made for adults.

bb48e9  No.16105434


DSP dies all the time on kids games though.

95e92b  No.16105438


In my playthrough, I forgot to equip any healing items in the time before I learned cure. Was fighting the titan trio and while the fight dropped me to 10% health, I still won the fight without a single heal. This was on standard mode, if I was playing Proud mode I imagine I'd only have needed a single potion to finish the fight. The game is insultingly easy.

2bbd23  No.16105439


KH 1 and 2 were kids games, in which DSP struggled and died a lot of times. Meanwhile KH3 have a DSP deathcount of ONE. ONE. Game is that easy.

0539ed  No.16105475

File: c95ef3dd5fdc025⋯.jpg (170.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, UEGH.jpg)



Yes, and more so >>16104445

However again, if a cuck says the sun is hot it doesn't change the truth that it is hot nor does it make the cuck any less of a pansy

8c46e6  No.16105529

File: e70a89fb6333cdf⋯.png (314.93 KB, 574x596, 287:298, 1463606775887.png)

>conclusion to fan-favorite game saga is a rushed piece of shit

I'm disappointed, but not shocked. After the fucking travesty that was FF XV, I think everyone and their mother could have seen this coming. So much for those hundreds of hours I sank into the originals I guess.

5e93a2  No.16105549

I really liked it to be honest. People were expecting the game to suck their ducks off but it was just another comfy Kingdom Hearts game to me. I liked the Luxury twist as well. Excited to see what happens next also excited to see how they patch and update the game in the future. The hate is over stated. Kingdom Hearts 2 was every bit as "Disappointing" as 3 when it first came out. 3 has the best worlds in the series. The only one that really sucked was Arendale.

9/10 game imo

cffff8  No.16105558

>16105549 (no (you) for you)

Shills go and stay go.

5e93a2  No.16105570


Sakaguchi was the one who enabled Nomura. Nomura wanted a really simple plot for the first game but Sakaguchi advised him to make it more complex to ensure people older then 6 would get invested.

b09b09  No.16105602


> LISA, an RPG made by a cuck who hates RPGs

He wasn't a cuck when he made it, he did an interview here once. He became a cuck after his dad died.

0539ed  No.16105676

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just to be clear, Dunkey is a youtuber hack faggot who bent "reviewed" Octopath Traveler like a regular limp-wristed games journo and also got his soy in a tizzy over Xenoblade 2's fat tits.

15160e  No.16105679


Why do you acts supersized? The original KH was mediocre. KH3 is just more of the same.

eda4e9  No.16105693


Big tits are nice and all but they dont make up for a game being bad. Xenoblade 1 has tits and ass in it but its the best JRPG of its generation.

Also Dunkey doesnt like JRPG's, it was weird that he even played Octopath and it was obvious that he would hate a game from a genre he doesnt like.

be0da8  No.16105736


>KH3 is just more of the same.

That's a generalization, at least it functions as a entertainment product unlike every game past CoM., I fucking hated KH2 when I was 13, overrated piece of shit was somehow more empty than a launch-gen PS2 game, another rehash at that.

15160e  No.16105789

bd3849  No.16105791

File: c1899a13d6cf4e1⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_201902100….png)

File: 9e08b20b3424d99⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_201902100….png)

File: d8f46ba21aa0ced⋯.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_201902100….png)

File: 57e964e2a2b4213⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_201902100….png)

File: 7ed78328b97fb6d⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ_201902100….png)


e849de  No.16105854

File: 4a40dcb1e482685⋯.jpg (56.77 KB, 960x951, 320:317, oi.jpg)

I loved it, especially the Toy Box world. Arandelle can go fuck itself, though. I still think KH2 has it beat in certain aspects, though. It felt like every time something bad was about to happen, the problem was immediately fixed a few hours later. I know nobody technically dies in Kingdom Hearts, but at least these things had a stronger sense of permanence in KH2. You know everything that was fucked would be unfucked in a later game, not in the next 30 minutes. The World that Never Was is an infinitely superior final level in every way possible. Music, atmosphere, plot, fighting through the Organization's fortress, killing off the remaining members, and then that fucking hour long fight with Xemnas. The final fight was especially surreal and stylistic as fuck, and I feel KH3 missed that mark. KH2's prologue was a slog to actually play through, but story-wise, it's one of my favorites. Must suck to have your whole world crash around you, realize your life is a lie, and that you have to fade away for the sake of some other dude you've never met before. There should've been more of that in KH3, minus the shit pacing in the gameplay.

It seemed like Nomura wanted to hurry and finish this saga so he could get on with the Lost Masters part. The game suffered as a result. And after FFXV, I really don't care about the lack of FF characters. I'm done with that series.

Goofy is the Master of Masters and has planned everything in the plot. He simply forgot about it all until he was hit with that rock in KH2. Mark my fucking words, Goofy is the true big bad.

62d181  No.16105900

When will WB or DiC make their own Jrpgs?

5d2190  No.16105904


<Post on KH thread

>Why would anybody but tumblr want to engage in KH autism?

Nigger you deserve to be banned for being this retarded.

9f11e3  No.16105914

File: 5a14c74e0956032⋯.png (248.02 KB, 545x595, 109:119, 5a14c74e09560326ffda0c1668….png)


>posting in a thread is the same as engaging in discussions about the autistic story

You got me.

95e92b  No.16106164


All projects they were working on when FFXV came out will likely be shit. FFVII remake will be shit, Hitman 2 was shit, KH3 was shit. All we can hope for from Squeenix is that they pick themselves back up once they're done fucking up all the projects from that period.

c8f704  No.16106204

Why would you trust Nomura after FFXV?

When has any sequel over a decade after the last main title been good ever?

You knew the answer to both going in and bought it anyway.

95e92b  No.16106232

File: 0bcd09f9818bf8d⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1200x630, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)


>When has any sequel over a decade after the last main title been good ever?

The demo makes the final game seem promising

f3adff  No.16106242

File: ad2a17e76d17a34⋯.png (391.64 KB, 1049x735, 1049:735, ClipboardImage.png)


PS4 games are encoded IIRC

7be4ba  No.16106267


>So it's not as difficult as Terra / Lingering Will? Good to know

It's more accurate to say he's much simpler. He has like four moves and three phases:

>Long combo that ends in a charge. Block it androll through the charge, because it's unblockable.

>Short combo that ends in an overhead. Block it, if you're not in the air the overhead will always whiff.

>Big spin on the ground. Avoid it and punish from above, it can't be blocked and always stuns, leading into cobo 2.

>Circle of projectiles. He'll dissapear for this, leap up and circle tightly with glide. If you can remember where he vanished from, it's a decent punish.

Phase 2 adds in some dashes out of the original punish phases. Phase 3 speeds everything up and he doesn't vanish during the projectiles, chasing you instead. If you somehow close in between attacks, only hit twice or he'll counter with combo 2 instantly. Rage form is a decent panic fallback if you can reliably avoid his attacks and know the block timing. He has HUGE time between attacks, the first two phases are almost a gimme because of this. Hell, combo 2 almost always whiffs hard if you're gliding.

b61099  No.16106271

File: 3eda12cc3e5574a⋯.png (282.69 KB, 557x539, 557:539, e161a5c4d21ae5a96601570b4a….png)


I'm amazed people aren't bitching about the final boss being hyped up as master of light and dark, master of time and space. So fucking unbeatable that every master of each of those loses to him consecutively.

Then he just gives up after making it clear that he can still take them all on.

cffff8  No.16106275


Or, you know, just use Countershield and block everything from all directions. Then take out one bar of health per a return.

7be4ba  No.16106280


So how do you start the fight with countershield out?

cffff8  No.16106288


You have to charge it up as shown here >>16102822 but you can "store" the transformation.

cffff8  No.16106299

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Whoops, wrong video, thought it was this one

f1c3db  No.16106309

File: cc5baa772eb4b40⋯.png (264.44 KB, 362x462, 181:231, not ballin.png)

>corny faggoty gay (main) story that still makes no sense

>world specific side stories are mediocre to decent, but you're always fighting the same generic enemies

>boring repetitive combat mechanics with a few special attacks where you spawn fucking neon amusement park rides

>bosses are easy as fuck, just dodge their few big attacks, spam air combos until your keyblade powers up, and heal when needed

>minigames/puzzles are piss easy retard tier shit

>main character is a sonic the hedgehog tier tryhard who constantly makes stupid exaggerated hand gestures when talking

>managed to be probably the only game where i was actually finding myself dreading the gameplay and hoping a cutscene would happen

Don't buy this shit. Just watch the cutscenes on jewtube or something if you must. I had more fun with FFXV for fucks sake.

7be4ba  No.16106311


Anyway, I'm just saying that it's comparatively simple, especially next to Lingering Will's like, six moves, some of which have minigames and mechanics associated with them, Aqua or Vanitas IN THIS FUCKING GAME, or the secret bosses in 1,etc. It's hilarious that Countershield makes him a huge bitch because the Highwind always felt in general more useful, to me.

96e22c  No.16106343


I like how he Shit's on KH3 yet he praised God of War 2018 to hell and back, despite pretty much having the exact same fucking problems of being all flash and no substance.

2499ab  No.16106373

File: 4bb82a752e720f4⋯.jpg (47.76 KB, 562x437, 562:437, dudce.jpg)

bb48e9  No.16106656

How are the lewds of best girl right now?

f04687  No.16106769


Are those the same assholes that purposefully deleted all the Rumble Rose models because some sjw got mad about "female objectification" a few years back?

b61099  No.16106859


Speaking of which

>Aqua challenges some dude on her own

>Locks Sora and friends out of the fight with bullshit magic while saying she blatantly just wants to look strong in front of them


bfb741  No.16106892


I may hate Galaxy but it's narrative blows Odyssey's out of the water in practically every way with a fantastic ending. How can anyone think Odyssey's story was good in comparison?


DSP was also 100% right about Street Fighter V.


wew, I forgot there was a point in time where Disney was less cucked.

95e92b  No.16107001

File: f16d2b738a22619⋯.jpg (50.01 KB, 559x1199, 559:1199, DyN6SQGWsAETY09.jpg)


I see blackpill fag is now also an onionfag. Kill yourself

dcbfc8  No.16107043


What the fuck is this post? Do jewtubers hire actual pajeet shills now?

>big tits are nice and all but they don't make up for a game being bad

okay? Nobody said otherwise, he criticized the game specifically because of the titties he didn't say "the game is bad, but hey at least there are some nice tits to look at". Is your reading comprehension that bad?

>Also Dunkey doesn't like JRPGs it was weird that he even played Octopath

It's not weird at all Octopath was one of the biggest titles released in the summer, it was guaranteed clicks and as for "playing" it he didn't. He played the first chapter then made his "review" just like those professional game journos he loves to lambaste. Except it was even worse than the typical IGN writer because he deliberately and maliciously mislead his audience about the game in his video.

Next time at least bother to skim through the video of the guy you're responding to so you can run damage control without looking so blatant.

f2619c  No.16107072

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is it just me, or does Elsa's facial structure look a lot better in the game than in the movie? The japanese devs made her face less pudgier and less caked with makeup.

0539ed  No.16107088

File: 05a48f6135d48d5⋯.png (159.74 KB, 500x405, 100:81, Goro ''Autistic with the A….png)


I take back what I said about the Dunkey cuck being right twice a day. THIS is a proper review and definitely the best review of this game yet.


>never mentions the absolute lack of Final Fantasy


8bd3c6  No.16107089

File: 531ba7eb5bf686f⋯.png (326.26 KB, 665x590, 133:118, ?.png)


>jewtubers hire actual pajeet shills now?

Lookup Multi Channel Networks, have fun

eda4e9  No.16107102


Anon, I obviously dont care about the guy enough to watch his videos I watched months ago to a year ago again and fact check them.

I'd rather waste my limited time on Earth other things, like shitposting here with you guys.

2f33e2  No.16107123



never bothered watching the movie let alone the song but now that ive watched it for the first time i must say… its pretty shiiit

949000  No.16107131

File: 1106c476946825e⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 410x396, 205:198, d.jpg)


Taking so called reviews from jewtubers that have done paid promotions for gaming companies seriously. Those fuckers are nothing but greedy click chasers.

c947d8  No.16107150

Why are people talking about Roxas, Axel and Organization XIII? They're all gone after KH2, aren't they?

cea61b  No.16107155


Oh boy, you have no clue what full retard really is.

32af5c  No.16107159

wait they actually put shot-for-shot remakes of disney movie scenes into this game? and that's seen as a good thing to some people? That's shovelware tier shit

96e22c  No.16107161

File: aa4a79ce5284c7e⋯.mp4 (3.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, oh no no no no no no you'v….mp4)

c346a2  No.16107165



c947d8  No.16107169



You're scaring me.

8bd3c6  No.16107182

c346a2  No.16107204


He changed his name when found out, but you need only look at their near identical posting styles to see it and sentiments to see it:



f2619c  No.16107264


it's alright. i can relate. after beating kh3, i watched pirates of the carribean 3 (the movie that Jack sparrow's kh3 world is based on) for the first time. it was total shiiit

b61a34  No.16107273


Holyshit, this posting style reminds me of:


And this I recently confirmed he knew spiclang, it has to be him, someone so obsessed with Undertale's Chara, it lines up perfectly

He's made several accounts on several servers before too, "seeking a non faggot instance" instead of rolling his own

443fd3  No.16107294


this is now the best thread on the board

bb48e9  No.16107331


Women, amirite?

Too bad Aqua is not a virgin after 2.8.

bd6db0  No.16107366

File: f19b0a1daad784a⋯.jpg (44.37 KB, 600x891, 200:297, hina face.jpg)


>>Locks Sora and friends out of the fight with bullshit magic while saying she blatantly just wants to look strong in front of them

>Player takes control of Aqua against "too slow" Vanitas

>Utterly one-sided fight because magic is OP and Firega is relatively cheap on the MP


Developers need to fucking stop doing this shit.


The movie's hair has more detail, but the KH version runs at a slightly higher framerate. I think her face (or just her cheeks) look more pudgy, but it works. You're right about the makeup, though.


Let's dive into the autism.

>Person's body dies - heart lives: Heart persists if a host can be found. Alternatively, the heart goes to join Kingdom Hearts

>Body lives, heart dies: unheard of outside the replica clones, but the closest we have otherwise is separation like what happens to Kairi's body in the first game

>Heart and body both die at the same time - death unless you have something tying you down to the world (totally not a plot device, guys!!!!!), which causes you to live in the Final World. Guess everyone who ever died was just unloved, so they're better off dead anyway.

>Heart falls to darkness - body/will is weak: Heartless is created, body dissolves

>Heart falls to darkness - body/will is strong: Heartless is created. Corresponding nobody is created.

>Nobody is allowed to express emotion - heart is left unjoined: Nobody becomes independent person with a heart, suppressed if the original heart returns to them

>Nobody is killed, Heartless lives/Nobody lives, Heartless is killed: The slain component remains in darkness until the other counterpart is slain

>Nobody is slain/Heartless is slain: Both components find themselves again and reunite into the original person. There is nothing to stop the person from falling back into darkness later.

>Heartless is exposed to light: Returns to original human form, but the prior body still has independence

Notice how many ways they gave themselves to have a fucking character come back to life, and only one condition to actually stay dead.

7be4ba  No.16107367


No one thinks they are good? Literally everyone I've spoken to seems to think that Corona, Arendell, and Pirates are the worst worlds in terms of story, and I'd agree. Toy Story is the best, Monsters Inc a close second. and Olympus and San Fran tied for the next. Twilight Town is utterly forgettable as a world, and the last world is just Endgame Content Town.

You haven't lived until you've seen a talking fucking toy look a sephiroth-looking edgelord in the eyes and tell him he never had friends or loved ones.

7be4ba  No.16107372



Is this real or some "Fanart makes a character a slut" shit?

c947d8  No.16107413


So only unpopular characters leave forever and everyone else will continue to come and go for the fans?

bd6db0  No.16107467

File: dbf275c0ff63dd0⋯.jpg (68.2 KB, 975x600, 13:8, this guy used to be cool u….jpg)


That's right, and that's just for whole hearts.

c947d8  No.16107496


There's no hope for the story, is there? Shame, KH2 actually made me care a bit.

6b325d  No.16107514


Guess they're gonna release some new DLC.

de60ce  No.16107649

File: d84b0315e8f6bb6⋯.png (352.64 KB, 662x718, 331:359, 1429605019011.png)


>only hope for Sora and Kairi eventually getting a happy ending without waiting until advanced waifubots who developed adaptive pirating software exterminate all retarded insecure western cucks and hags just for love

>only hope for fixing lack of core features, characters, locations, challenges and even crucial story explanations after having Riku and Aqua fully fucking playable with unique movesets and animations just for brief parts in an already ridiculously short game almost 20 years after both its predecessors on PS2 and even PSP


And I thought fucking trash bros was bad. At least there's no paywall exclusive waifus or lewd in vidya so far.

f0f988  No.16107743

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's pretty good

Also this is old as shit, but with there being so many cutscenes where it's just talking and longass animations in KH3 this is back

7f9028  No.16108103

It's pretty heinous that the FF trio from destiny islands are missing. Those three were literal friends to the main characters.

Nomura is delusional if he thinks his discount FF hoodie team is anywhere near as interesting or iconic.

000000  No.16108184


And for the plastic toyline.


Wasn't he also responsible for the trio? And even so, the FFX characters were only there at the time because X was the newest entry in the franchise. Even at the time, you could tell that no one on the development team cared about those cameos.

f8a701  No.16108219

File: c1789e9e0ac278c⋯.png (491.48 KB, 700x500, 7:5, Sephiroth summons Meteor b….PNG)

>they've taken final fantasy characters out completely

Like I needed a reason to care less about this series with modern gaming being the cancer that it is.

Cracked up laughing IRL when I saw the retarded "theme park special moves" and the boss fights don't look particularly well done.


Good post anon, I completely agree, in particular with your choice of worlds and especially Woodys savage burn on Samefag the character. The "IT'S JUST LIKE THE MOVIE PLOT, BUT SORA AND FRIENDS ARE THERE IN THE BACKGROUND" shit was always lazy and bad, and still is.

Halfway done watching the cutscenes and then I'll be done with this.

15717a  No.16108325

File: 7837346e1616407⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 450x320, 45:32, disappointed-african-busin….jpg)


The FF characters were always handked kinda crap because besides for the main Restoration Committee, they only used them whenever they needed a character to fit in a roll. They needed sporty kids, so they age regressed Titus and Wakka. They needed a girl that's kinda ditzy, so they used Selphie, then reused her again when they needed to give Kairi a schoolgirl friend.

Not having that expansive of a story outside of the original characters and a few Disney cameos means that even if they wanted to, they wouldn't be able to fit in FF characters anywhere other than at the lab. It's a direct consequence of them shoving all of the story at the last portion of the game.

Now for the real question about cameos:

Do you guys think either Riku or Kairi told Sora's mom that he's dead, or do you think she kinda just started assuming that when her son disappeared for over a year?

13a313  No.16108356


completely agreed.

The only "ok" 3 in 1 fight was Xemnas, Young Xehanort and Ansem together, since they actually had coordinated attacks and fought as a team. The rest were a complete disservice.

b61099  No.16108387



Remember what anon said about unpopular characters?

They're dead, anon.

bb48e9  No.16108532

File: 46bdd3adf30fea7⋯.png (61.94 KB, 600x710, 60:71, 1528765406.png)

17a81c  No.16108556


lad. riku killed fucking everyone when he invoked the darkness and destroyed destiny islands.

why selphie is alive is anyone's guess. maybe she went to the town that night or her parents live there or some shit.

sora lived on the island, his parents were probably hippie faggots or something. they're dead lad.

3eaf12  No.16108565

File: e43df70a47ad818⋯.png (89.28 KB, 306x366, 51:61, you fucking gigga nog.PNG)

bb48e9  No.16108582


Look, I just want to see a model of Sora's MILF. Is that too much to ask?

5bcfcf  No.16108585


Don't forget that it might be canon that Xehanort was a Destiny Islands native as a child.

dcbfc8  No.16108591


>riku killed fucking everyone

except nobody ever actually dies in Kingdom Hearts.

84c16a  No.16108594

Worth the cost?

17a81c  No.16108601


plenty of people die m8, they're just faceless mooks not main characters that sell the games to teenagers.


i could see xehanort turning out to be sora's dad and not even knowing it because he was a fuccboi or some shit. this gets revealed in the death star level of KH6 and starts the second xehanort saga :^)

abfee1  No.16108607


Wait for the final mix DLC where there's actually something to do in the post-game

431455  No.16108771


No, it isn't. Wait until it's worth 30

f1c3db  No.16108804


This, assuming you mean $30 CAD

c947d8  No.16108817



Buy it second hand so as to not support this madness.

967b22  No.16108845

File: 680dded795bfaf5⋯.png (324.26 KB, 337x500, 337:500, hobo with a keyblade.png)

It's really bizarre to head Rutger Hauer as Xehanort, but it means I can do this now.

967b22  No.16108882


Shit, I meant hear.

9f0bb1  No.16108893


>It should have ended with 2 honestly.

This. 2 provided good enough closure to the entire series, we didn't need to see what happened afterwards.

9f11e3  No.16108914


No it should have ended at 1. 2 is where Nomura starts adding all his shitty OCs, the beginning of the end for the series.

15717a  No.16109472


2 has closure. 1 doesn't.

7f9028  No.16109524


>why selphie is alive is anyone's guess

Continuity man.

7f9028  No.16109531


>Kingdom Hearts



K and S should have ate each others Paopu Fruit and closed the curtains in 1.

9f11e3  No.16109552

File: e34ec82e0ef9d63⋯.png (131.66 KB, 219x426, 73:142, 1448483014872.png)


>K and S should have ate each others Paopu Fruit

000000  No.16109571


That is why it is visible that they didn't care. They either were bound by the producers (or even Disney's contract), or they simply used those characters as fillers, because they only cared about their OC cast.

As for Riku and Kairi, they probably went for Tidus and Wakka, and said "fuck it" to Sora.

Or this >>16108387

e849de  No.16109923


2 was a complete journey, though. You set out to find Riku, reunite with Kairi, and defeat OrgXIII and you do all of those things. You and Riku return to Destiny Island, credits roll, you're done. All of the major plot threads were tied up by the end of it, except for some minor things that could've just stayed as spin-offs.

7f9028  No.16109935


If there was no Chain of Mammories then Org 13 wouldn't even be a thing at all.


During sunset I might add.

cffff8  No.16109993


>If there was no Chain of Mammories then Org 13 wouldn't even be a thing at all.

Correct, but Riku and the King would still be missing. The entire reason Sora and co. were wondering around pre-Neverland. Also Sora and co. Would still be in bumfuvlck who knows where. Only Kairi wins in this scenario.

bb842e  No.16110001

The entire series is nothing but fanfic so I'm not surprised.

0c1f77  No.16110014


corona was legitimately my favorite world even though I don't really care for tangled and expected to hate the level. there is some good exploration, the writing isn't as cringey or repetitive as other world, and it had a very catchy theme. rapunzel's mom had some very nice titties as well

i actually really liked the toy story level, it was fun exploring one central area that gradually unlocked instead of just one big sprawl. didn't mind the mechsuit shit, reminded me of the shooter attraction which was the only one i liked. writing was pretty cringey and repetitive with the "buzz lightyear doesn't trust us!" every damn scene. they also really copped out on not giving us a buzz bossfight. overall we didn't get like any disney fights, all of the bosses are just random big heartless. half of the fun of the disney shit is getting to fight fucking jafar and other villains.

monster's inc was the most disappointing level in the game. i liked the movie a lot but instead they just focus on "we gotta get boo home!" in every cutscene it was so fucking grating.

pirates and frozen were fucking trash. big hero six was wasted potential with that big open world city but not much to do, still one of the better worlds.

i haven't played every game in the series, but compared to 1 and 2, 3 more so than the others really had no story progression during any of the disney shit. and shoved it all into the part of the game after the worlds were done. i feel like the other games i played had at least a few plot beats between a few disney worlds. they really should have had you save aqua partway through the disney worlds instead of after them all

also it was completely retarded how basically all of the villains got a little redemption scene in the labyrinth. most of the org members are just gonna be revived anyway and really had 0 motivation for even rejoining, it was fucking retarded

ca6b7c  No.16110022


I wonder if Disney is responsible for the lack of incorporation of disney chars into the story. KH1 has some villians as boss fights and/or working together with the original antagonists but they became more and more separate in the later games. Maybe Disney didn't like giving Nomura's fanfics validity by being in an official game.

ca6b7c  No.16110043


I agree with this for the most part, Caribbean could have been so much better if not for invisible walls. I spent too much time gliding around islands finding that some of the tops were unexplorable. And SFokyo was better tha Olympus.

fdf410  No.16110048

I just finished it and I don't know what to make of it. The game as a whole was unadulterated bullshit honestly. The first 80% of the game is just filler and the piss-easy gameplay can suck all the cocks in the world. I don't know what to make of the "real" story because for every question it answered, there were 10 left unanswered and 5 new ones posed. There was no closure, no big reveal outside of the epilogue, nothing. And that's without even going into the damn plot holes…

0a343e  No.16110051

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.




c947d8  No.16110064


The swan song of Disney's competence.

0c83d2  No.16110086

File: c5e7a480df70465⋯.jpg (112.73 KB, 1000x551, 1000:551, 358-2-days.jpg)


Let's eat some ice cream. We are best friends.

You are right.


5bd7b6  No.16110142

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>not posting the compilation

Why? The only ones this doesn't contain is the real Re:coded, Chi, and 0.2, all of which were made after this.

f2619c  No.16110160

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You and your boyfriend should watch this if you're not sure

a26626  No.16110175

File: b5cadc87757214f⋯.png (3.34 MB, 1789x1080, 1789:1080, dafwefwefwefin.png)

the issue with the "I just want more Disney worlds" people is that the well is drying up fast

people quickly forget how most of the Disney movies are flops that Disney doesn't want to bring up back into peoples memories

the only eras that the company made profit were the Silver age, Renaissance, and Revival. note: how meany of the worlds in the KH games come from those movie eras.

also, im not talking about movies that you or I liked and think are good. Disney doesn't care, if they were flops they can't be in the games.

9f11e3  No.16110187


This is another problem with the KH games post 1. They used up most of the good Disney franchises to begin with, then they had to dip into modern Disney and Pixar shit.

cffff8  No.16110197

File: 524e53af32ba518⋯.png (295.28 KB, 1374x1594, 687:797, 72769921_p2.png)


>Pixar pre-Cars


9f11e3  No.16110200

File: 9a148f0b68bfd72⋯.jpg (17.3 KB, 480x362, 240:181, 9a148f0b68bfd724a349a4d8d4….jpg)


You heard me.

c24009  No.16110211


why is post-2007 called the revival era by that picture?

it implies that more than one thing in that part is good

a26626  No.16110231

File: 41758d317f1eef3⋯.jpg (28.01 KB, 441x436, 441:436, a3MXnve_460s.jpg)


they made the most profit out of any other era, they are a company so they see that as a good thing.

just because you and I think that other movies from other eras are better Disney doesn't care. that's why Frozen was in KH3

5bd7b6  No.16110424

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's out.

000000  No.16110442

B–but muh Kekmate

a26626  No.16110474


what in the fuck is up with big Japanese characters dying off screen.

Snake in mgs4 and now Sora.

i know he's not dead but he is as dead as you can get in a KH game

f2619c  No.16110482


>all the disney movies that have been made into worlds so far

[*1928] Steamboat Willie (and other black & white Disney shorts)

[1937] Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

[1940] Pinocchio

[1940] Fantasia (Yen Sid's tower)

[1950] Cinderella

[1951] Alice in Wonderland

[1953] Peter Pan

[1959] Sleeping Beauty

[1977] Winnie the Pooh

[1982] Tron

[1989] The Little Mermaid

[1991] Beauty and the Beast

[1992] Aladdin

[1993] The Nightmare Before Christmas

[1994] The Lion King

[1995] Toy Story

[1996] The Hunchback of Notre Dame

[1997] Hercules

[1998] Mulan

[1999] Tarzan

[2001] Monsters, Inc.

[2002] Lilo & Stitch

[2003] Pirates of the Carribean

[2004] Mickey's The Three Musketeers

[2010] Tangled

[2013] Frozen

[2014] Big Hero 6

The well isn't quite dried up yet imo. Most of the popular 2D animated Disney movies have already been made into worlds, sure. But they've barely tapped into the vast potential of Disney's 3D animated movies. Like having worlds based on Wall-E, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Wreck-It Ralph and such.

But tbh tho, my guess on where the series is headed next is not more Disney movies, but possibly having worlds based on Final Fantasy games. The lack of FF characters in KH3 in this "Disney x Final Fantasy" crossover struck me as really suspicious. And it's not like we have explored any FF worlds like FF7's Midgar in this series so far. It's mostly just been Disney stuff.

That's my speculation on what the post-Xehanort Kingdom Hearts games will be like.

>a new Kingdom Hearts saga with worlds based on popular 3D Disney/Pixar movies


>a new Kingdom Hearts saga that finally explores some FF worlds

9f11e3  No.16110484

File: 03c7f9d43121a21⋯.gif (61.62 KB, 260x200, 13:10, 03c7f9d43121a217fc91f37e1d….gif)


Snake didn't die though?

5bd7b6  No.16110500

File: a08dd12444ca03c⋯.png (365.92 KB, 825x457, 825:457, snake says what.png)


>Snake in MGS4

You didn't see the debriefing, did you?

a26626  No.16110510



he died off screen of "old age" less than a year after the events of mgs4

aee5e0  No.16110517

File: 494bb783d5b5e6f⋯.jpg (8.51 KB, 203x248, 203:248, index.jpg)



9f11e3  No.16110524

File: f8ae35a8a63e63e⋯.png (953.23 KB, 1163x720, 1163:720, 1d3e9c1ca312d51ff3b1ff1a5d….png)


>died of old age

That can apply to every single character in every game anon.

a26626  No.16110531


did you even fucking play MGS4 ? his age and dying was the whole fucking plot. he died weeks after the events of MGS4 and Kojima felt that was ok to overlook.

a26626  No.16110549


the issue with FF is that between kh2 and kh3 there were only 2 main line FF games 13 and 15.

square may pull in games from non FF (it already did this in dream drop with "the world ends with you") They may dip into the Eidos games it owns.

bfb741  No.16110555



so I was right that impotent torpedo is that guy. wew

967b22  No.16110630

File: 4f4ee548f4833c7⋯.gif (815.56 KB, 500x360, 25:18, I'm_interested.gif)


>They may dip into the Eidos games it owns

>KH4 is gonna be Sora running around with JC Denton

000000  No.16110848


That is because the "writers" only cared about presenting the characters, so they could be turned into toy lines later.

The whole point of modern entertainment is to sell plastic toys, with whatever medium (movies, games, book,s etc) being only the commercial for said toys.

9cff8c  No.16110937


fuck the kojima ending, I want a konami story!

eda4e9  No.16110945

File: 0a90cf22d8f532d⋯.jpg (94.5 KB, 750x920, 75:92, eyes.jpg)


God damn it now I actually want to play and beat KH3 now.

2d2ccf  No.16110988


>sometime in the far off future of 202X

>Konami actually gets back into making video games because pachinko parlors dried up in favor of legit gambling casinos being legalized or some shit

>try to play it safe and make a new MGS

>without Kojima pushing for Hollywood actors, hundreds of license deals for music, and whatever weird thing he read about while surfing Wikipedia on the toilet last Tuesday, they actually manage to produce a finished game while under budget

>MGS6 is a by the numbers stealth/action game that starts off with you playing a young Solid Snake

>he's told up front that he's a clone of the original, has all his memories, and that the cloning technology was perfected so he won't turn into an old man in the span of a few years

>the game ends up selling so well that it ushers in a new golden age of Konami vidya, lasting for ten years before they funnel all their cash into making their own casino, canceling all their upcoming titles in the process

>the day after their Metal Gear-themed casino Outer Heaven opens, the Japanese government outlaws gambling again

Of course, none of that will ever happen.

be83d0  No.16110997

File: 2ff7b1ddbe06543⋯.jpg (223.81 KB, 1045x1050, 209:210, 15280971859372.jpg)

9cff8c  No.16110998

File: c4d3a850a71fd07⋯.mp4 (399.35 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Can_toss.mp4)


>Of course, none of that will ever happen.

I hope for it extect for the last part

2104f6  No.16111034

fea260  No.16111302

What do you think xions panties smell like? Haha

3c1856  No.16111345

File: c3104b4b2c4ddff⋯.jpg (31.8 KB, 381x382, 381:382, confusioncat.jpg)

Aren't these games for kids and women who never grew up?

bb48e9  No.16111422

File: 7fce090785abb26⋯.jpg (417.19 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 564039.jpg)

File: 3aec4ff35e08ba1⋯.gif (221.49 KB, 220x165, 4:3, tenor (1).gif)

I just woke up from a dream where Sora, Donald, and Goofy met Drossel in her mansion.

Then Drossel's English voice was done by a porn star.

f3adff  No.16111476

File: 1b573a48362db38⋯.png (615.29 KB, 658x795, 658:795, ClipboardImage.png)

>KH3's metacritic score has dropped to 8.0

I really hope it goes down to 7.9 by the end of the month at least.

273a2d  No.16111497


I love the beginning of 2 in the context of the story.

000000  No.16111670


Only on pachinko machines now.



6beaaa  No.16111909

File: 4b490c0c5998af6⋯.mp4 (179.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Kingdom_Hearts_One_Day.mp4)

There is no more point following this series, after KH3. All the spinoffs after KH2, all of that convoluted plot, to any fan, should have been worthy or more than enough for KH3; And it would end the game main storyline ( The one which cares).

But KH3 is complete dissapointment, lasting so long to release, yet looking & feeling so rushed and with no cohesion. And worst of all, its that it didnt end the main storyline! Sure, Xehanort have been defeated but Sora is missing for retarded reasons. All of this anticipation, all the spinoffs, ALL FOR NOTHING.

So now there isnt any point following this series, not even the gameplay part, because KH3 was floaty, flashy, and easy as fuck. And the plot will only become more dumb & autistic than ever. Its time to let go of this series. Really, stop giving money & atention to Nomura and Square Enix, its for the best.

2c6622  No.16111996

>expecting something from a Disney Rat AIDS filled amusement park tour

95e92b  No.16112004


I love the beginning of 2 in the context of not playing as that fuck boy, Sora. Roxas is a better character and has got more going on (like wearing normal fucking shoes). When you think of KH on it's original premise of Disney x Final Fantasy, Roxas is better because he's much more of a Final Fantasy character and Sora is much more like a nuDisney character.

64962d  No.16112078




thanks for the recap

692065  No.16112106

KH is nothing but garbage.

It was trash, is trash and will be trash forever.

422b94  No.16112981

File: 9e2e776abb54722⋯.mp4 (3.62 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Monsters Inc. Jazz Theme S….mp4)


>Gets pulled off FF13

>Gets pulled off FFvs13

I'm seeing a pattern


He is


At least we finally got Gopher

That was because he got death threats from crazy nip fujoshis for shit like that back in the day


I'm just disappointed this music related didn't make it in even though they put the door bit in for the world intro


Not surprised everyone forgot but they were supposed to making a bunch of Marvel games. Of course being Square we haven't heard anything since the start of the console generation


Make sure to buy Episode Roxas day one

So I guess KH4 will be VS13 with Sora in it, since it looks like it'll be the setting of Verum Rex

Anyone notice the model swaps in the Tangled and Frozen worlds? Especially the "Let It Go" scene where the just rip it from the movie and switch models at the end of the scene

6c51ad  No.16113202

File: 3c2faea355c969a⋯.png (216.61 KB, 1846x1073, 1846:1073, ClipboardImage.png)

Did I do alright?

c346a2  No.16113271


Why the fuck are normalfags so fucking sensitive to spoilers nowadays? They weren't before, I'm sure of it.

6c51ad  No.16113298


Sheltered norms, probably. They're used to having proactive control over whether they see things they like or don't like.

9f11e3  No.16113299


You don't remember Snape kills Dumbledore?

a26626  No.16113523


last time i checked is was a buch of people that don't speak English pissed that it doesn't have their subhuman dialect in sub options.

422b94  No.16114059



>The guy who tried to argue that the disparity between critic and user reviews of Venom was because "Movie critics are more professional"

And into the bin it goes

a6eec9  No.16114074


Be less sure of it because they sure as fuck weren't.

cdbe72  No.16114230

I never played any of these because it was Disney and that's kiddy crap. On that note I also never played any marvel vs. capcom kind of stuff, never cared for synthesizing mediums when they are just fine on their own. Did I actually miss out on anything as someone who's never had a shred of interest for games like this?

cffff8  No.16114251


KH2 Critical difficulty is one of the funnest experiences gameplaywise from an ARPG I've ever experienced. If you don't like that type of gameplay then whatever.

cdbe72  No.16114266


Righto. I always knew these existed because my cousin's family loved this series to pieces, but it just never grabbed me. I have to figure there's a reason for it and that must be it, they're not dummies.

79ea07  No.16115286

Fuck me, I forgot to mention these as well:

>no voiced lines for Phil, Dilan, and Aeleus

>attraction flows are just too overpowered

>the actual story comes in at the last 2 hours of the game

>summons are mostly useless again

>no Colosseum

>no Critical Mode yet

>most of the Disney characters feel soulless

>the secret boss is a pushover

>no Sephiroth, obviously

>"THiS looKS LikE a GOod plACE tO FiNd soMe InGrEdIaNtS!!!!"

>less keyblades

>no world revisits

>no Eeyore

3d1a01  No.16116509


>less keyblades

I would argue that giving them all unique* formchanges makes up for this.

*Except when they repeat the function of some keyblades. Starlight, Kingdom Key, and Dawn 'Till Dusk make sense being the same I guess, but why is 100 Acre Wood exactly the same as the Star Seeker-like keyblade or Toy Story the same as the Game and Watch one?

Everything else you said is spot on.

eda4e9  No.16116732



>less keyblades

Theres no fucking Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

Thats a BIG fucking red flag for a KH game.

5bd7b6  No.16117063

File: 803374060152681⋯.png (991.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Did they ever explain why Xehanort's eyes were grey during the flashback with young Eraqus? His eyes were already yellow when he left Destiny Islands. They even changed it to yellow in the trailers.

79ea07  No.16117301


1. Darkness

2. That 2015 trailer was a prototype.

9f11e3  No.16117408


>expecting consistency from autism hearts

f7d262  No.16118420

Okay, I've only played Chain of Memories, but I want to make sure I've got this right. So Sora and Kairi like each other, as shown near the end of KH3. Roxas is mostly Sora, I say mostly because Sora and Ventus have a weird symbiotic relationship but it doesn't really matter for what I'm trying to get to. Namine is Kairi's Nobody, but only exists because of Kairi's heart being in Sora's body, so she's mostly Kairi with a bit of Sora. Xion on the other hand is mostly Sora, but due to shenanigans ends up getting a lot of Kairi in her, so she's mostly Sora with a bit of Kairi. It seems like Roxas somewhat likes both Namine and Xion, which makes sense since they're at least partially Kairi and he's mostly Sora. Now, the only time Namine and Xion would even have a chance to interact is right at the ass end of KH3, so I can't say for sure, but because they're both part Sora and part Kairi, they'd probably also be into each other. What I'm saying is due to Sora fucking stabbing himself, he might have created the ultimate threesome. Forget Xehanort's fucking retarded plan, that's what people should be caring about.

e5fcf6  No.16118606


>"THiS looKS LikE a GOod plACE tO FiNd soMe InGrEdIaNtS!!!!"

I hope you know that this outs you intellectually as a teenager.

000000  No.16119003














26d045  No.16119081


Wouldn't it be a foursome

1ff277  No.16119139

File: 99ffdd98ea6a7db⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 6.3 MB, 2508x2241, 836:747, 2958286 - Aqua Kingdom_Hea….png)


She wasn't norted, if she was, she'd be wearing an organization jacket.

She's probably turning into a darkling, due to being trapped in the realm of dorkness for too long.


000000  No.16119140


Even more reason to spoil everything for them.


Updated toy line to give money to shareholders.

1ff277  No.16119156


He probably wasn't a vessel at that point, either not yet or not anymore.

On that point, do any of the games ever explain if the person time travels forward in time via temporary body and goes back into their own time, do they still retain their memories of being in the future?

3d1a01  No.16119369


>He probably wasn't a vessel at that point

That has nothing to do with it as he was shown to have yellow eyes even before leaving Destiny Islands.

>On that point, do any of the games ever explain if the person time travels forward in time via temporary body and goes back into their own time, do they still retain their memories of being in the future?

He does mention in DDD that he won't have any memories of the future, but he will know his destiny, IIRC.

1ff277  No.16119500


>That has nothing to do with it as he was shown to have yellow eyes even before leaving Destiny Islands.

That's what I mean, the yellow eyes, pointed ears are only there if a person is a vessel, case in point, look at Siax during the ending of KH3.

eda4e9  No.16119896


This will make good ammo against KH faggot fanboys in the future, thanks for posting that anon.

86b98e  No.16119899


With how convoluted the story got, I don't know what you expected.

1ff277  No.16119929

File: a02fb638b3e0854⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 3508x4961, 3508:4961, before.jpg)

File: d8b94e7cbfed44c⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 235.43 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, after.jpeg)



1ff277  No.16119932

File: 80ca70d7a90c474⋯.png (115.34 KB, 233x219, 233:219, f53a801d51f0856af570fbc1de….png)


damn, forgot to spoiler

9f11e3  No.16119936

4c4005  No.16120429



Get banned pussy.

b4d61d  No.16120838

File: f46745ce7b13ad7⋯.png (164.87 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190214-131111.png)

And so darkness prevails and light expires

95e92b  No.16120908

File: bbb5c41fdd8dc7b⋯.jpg (97.73 KB, 1200x592, 75:37, 46356480_10155392315866362….jpg)


Don't worry it'll be unlocked when you purchase the Roxas epilogue story DLC for $14.99 which also includes the Cloud & Sephiroth finale :')

422b94  No.16121093

File: 91703525285333d⋯.mp4 (14.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Kingdom Hearts 3 Angelic A….mp4)

I thought Toy Story took place in America? Why is there an obviously Japanese doll in a major department store?

c09ff1  No.16121345


Is that foliage ripped from Crysis?

It looks oddly familiar.

a26626  No.16123322

File: 0db037a0f8e5fd1⋯.jpg (41.81 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Samantha-american-girl-dol….jpg)


looks like a take on an American Girl doll remember they can't copy the real dolls. they have fake Barbies in the store too.

b941ab  No.16123385


My favorite was the not-Disney Princess display, quite the giggle.

000000  No.16123402


It is for those that still had any empty hope.

I don't expect anything good from the industry since 2007.


But you will only be able to unlock them. To view/use them, you must buy the newest useless KH plastic toy line complete.

d9a016  No.16136844


>Final Fantasy is completely gone from KH3

Good. I cringed at the thought of what FF characters would be on the writing chopping block whenever anything KH was announced. All of them lose a couple dozen IQ points once they enter the KH world and it hurts. Aerith and Cloud too good for that franchise

Disney finally took over and the games are revealed for what they are: poorly written, stretched out Disney ads.

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