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File: 6d45c90f4c9886b⋯.jpg (14.43 KB, 770x470, 77:47, epic-games-logo-770x470[1].jpg)

3704f5  No.16102921

>Used to make classic games

>Kill all of the games you are currently developing including UT franchise just to focus all of their eggs into Fornite

>Get bought out be the Chinese Chink government

>Decide to make a Store so that way once Fornite finally does die they will get store money and like valve never have to make another game again

3f4ebe  No.16102926

>try to think of classic games

>brain comes up with none

344ba6  No.16102937


Unreal Tournament

5ce8cc  No.16102941


It's been a long time coming. Sleep with Cliffy, wake up with fleas.

0f3303  No.16102942



Goddamn its been so long.

e1911e  No.16102943

Just make your own game.

1d9647  No.16102953

File: d72e9a1f35148a1⋯.png (79.04 KB, 283x359, 283:359, d72e9a1f35148a14c9efa9eca8….png)


fc08d3  No.16102960

File: d224719a23d235e⋯.png (358.68 KB, 562x602, 281:301, fuck.png)


>AAA shit's main problem is being mediocre and inoffensive

>Complete and utter philistine dares to call this lovecraftian

Your post made me angry in a way normalfag games can never dare dream.

fc138a  No.16102979

It's not even Epic doing it. It's a chink company who owns Epic, Discord and Riot among other things. They're using Epic's name to promote a chink service.

2deef5  No.16102995


Tencent owns discord too? No way, that would mean the chinks have access to the private conversations of millions of people from around the world.

1d9647  No.16103003


>AAA shit's main problem is being mediocre and inoffensive

It has many, many other fucking problems. If this were 2012 I would agree, but we've gotten to the point where not having gay niggers and "non-binary" characters in your game is a controversy.

fc138a  No.16103014


The only Triple A company left worth a damn is Capcom. But it's a DLC nightmare unless you pirate it. I think the best way to handle Capcom is to buy a base copy and then pirate all the DLC when it comes out. I think DmC woke them up when it bombed so hard and they haven't gone full cancer mode because of it.

368756  No.16103034


I believe Capcom is cancerous but not in the "make my enemies ridiculous" kind of way.

54606d  No.16103052


all according to keikaku

6bf485  No.16103072


>reddit spacing

fc138a  No.16103073


Their DLC practices are which is why I say buy a base game and then pirate it. Their base games are pretty good but Capcom won't stop the DLC rape train unless they see DLC doesn't sell. I don't want DMC or RE to die so I will support those.

ce9bcb  No.16103079




597272  No.16103080

File: d67af1610cdeeff⋯.jpg (56.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, byhDkLx.jpg)

6bf485  No.16103084

File: fc69a6b6edd5090⋯.png (141.8 KB, 313x382, 313:382, die 2.png)


Shitposting is for faggots, kill yourself.

597272  No.16103097

File: 0b3e31fc2d54635⋯.png (670.11 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1380679973210.png)


>The team that was working on UT said they were asked to help fortnight team.

>The ut team said lol we were asked to help but don't worry ut is still being developed where going to be back after were done.

>ut team makes fortnight a success

>lol hey guys were making lots of money here so ut isn't going to be developed any longer.

Kill yourself

c47f91  No.16103344


What if i make my own games? who will fuck them up then? big companies really cant just fuck you over like that can they?

6bf485  No.16103354


Oh fucking shut up. Why is this board so full of blackpill faggots now? There's still plenty of good shit being released each year, and while it may be leagues worse than it used to be people like you act like the fucking sky is falling and that there's no recourse.

c47f91  No.16103356


>There's still plenty of good shit being released each year

name them

c96f61  No.16103361


Why you ask? This is the anger of people who have to see something they love and care for getting brutally raped. Videogames are getting the hollywood treatment and all we can do is to sit here and watch while venting our frustration

da3dae  No.16103366

File: d25d3f983d1ed6b⋯.jpg (63.35 KB, 600x529, 600:529, getoutjew.jpg)


>Battlefield Vagina and AC We Wuz Kangz are inoffensive even with all the cultural marxism and historical revisionism they promote

6bf485  No.16103368


If you mean in 2018

>La Mulana 2

>Into the Breach

>Mega Man 11

>Gal Metal

>Lethal League Blaze

>Rimworld 1.0

>SC6, if only for it's character maker


>all we can do is to sit here and watch while venting our frustration

No, that's not all you can do. You can try to make a game yourself, maybe collaborate with other people to make one. There isn't "no option but to sit here", and only a blackpill faggot thinks otherwise.

025c5a  No.16103454


Go back to 4um fag

a623a5  No.16103457


>>PC gaming doomporn

May not happen. Apex has swooped down and stolen Fortnite's lunch money. How many exclusives can Epic pay for? How does single player game exclusivity even work in the PC market, when your audience can simply pirate you out of spite or common sense of not wanting to use your shitty marketplace? Exclusivity works on consoles, because console plebs have no choice. Should've just stuck to making games.

779e25  No.16103488


None of the games you named are made within the "industry" though.

5e516d  No.16103508


>brain comes up with none

Newfags having no idea that the first Unreal game was vastly more influential than retrokids' favorite FEAR.

9ee272  No.16103848


He said good games

6bf485  No.16103850


Fuck off

c47f91  No.16104107


but none of those are good games

6bf485  No.16104147


Burden of proof is on you now, fucking faggot. Prove me wrong.

c47f91  No.16104234


no it isnt, you never provided the proof in the first place of good games, what you listed are meh/decent tier, nothing there is good but also not bad

b7b2f0  No.16104285


Not a blackpillfag, but I can understand why people are cynical about current year shit, it's hard to see all the good games when they're being drowned out by waves of shit.

81429a  No.16104304


the first unreal is pretty shit and is only fondly remembered by graphics fags. Jazz Jackrabbit is a shit contra meets sonic clone. There are no good DOS platformers so lets ignore the rest.


The problem is retards on a niche board for people with niche interests can't help but bitch and moan about things that aren't for them and are way out of their control which creates an entire atmosphere of misery and people come to the "there's le no good games" conclusion and fall for retard level shit like the 2007 meme.

daeb7e  No.16104916


>Kill all of the games you are currently developing including UT franchise

Are new UT servers dead? Its your problem your didn't play this game and instead secretly play Fortnite.

c92bb4  No.16105448


>randomly shitting on a game no on brought up

c4be86  No.16105471

Valve, CD Projekt, EA, Epic Games. Seems like when you open up an online store, you lose all your talent to make great games.

20fb96  No.16106081


>the first unreal is pretty shit and is only fondly remembered by graphics fags

You weren't even born in 1998. Unreal pioneered open world exploration with understated narrative, something very different from the script-a-palooza introduced by Half-Life and plagiarized by everyone afterwards.

To this date the Skaarj warrior is the advanced enemy mob in a FPS, capable of switching seamlessly between melee and ranged with the dodging and tactics of a bot.

000000  No.16106100


none of their great games made comparable amount of cash as gabens fat store

8ea51a  No.16106107


Disagree. None of them except maybe Epic ever had the talent to make great games, and Epic lost theirs LONG before opening the store. CDPR was showing improvement throughout The Witcher series at least (even after GOG), but they've never achieved "great"

4abc1d  No.16106152

File: 3293ea7ce651ab5⋯.png (42.64 KB, 1200x740, 60:37, 4agames.png)

>create decent if niche FPS series based on book

>series starting to become popular

>have to put your game on shitty chink store because of publishing bullshit

>insult gamers when they don't want to use the shitty chink store

>threaten to never make another PC game if they boycott your game over the shitty chink store

674ec0  No.16106156

File: 58f115ea1ee3384⋯.png (9.62 KB, 352x438, 176:219, mega slowpoke.png)


>Get bought out be the Chinese Chink government

This happened???? HOW???????

eb7a14  No.16106185

I cant think of anything good made by Epic themselves other than Unreal Tournament 99.

The first two gears of wars are only half decent if you dont use cover like a homosexual

8ea51a  No.16106192


Unreal Gold, UT99, and UT2k4 were all great. No matter which one you think was best, all three are amazing games. Even UT3 was "good", though not like I said for the others "amazing".

3704f5  No.16106241


>Just make your own game lol

What if I don't have the free time like most people to make a fucking game from scratch? What if I do make it and no one plays it like what happened with Midair and Skynoon?

6a5cdc  No.16107011


Try again, give free copies to streamers, shill on reddit.

3704f5  No.16107054


>Streamer is too retarded to play game and just goes back to Fornite

>Game dies

398142  No.16107057


CDPR never showed promise. TW1 was shit, TW2's combat was shit and was a graphics whore game. TW3 is the open world meme with even worse combat.

488399  No.16107141

File: 0a3f18a5b0e3e74⋯.webm (10 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, everything you love will ….webm)




No one ever promised life wouldn't have suffering.


Never take investors though, they'll fuck you over eventually.

3704f5  No.16107299

File: e16a0522c0736bf⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 2331x900, 259:100, cover_combo[1].jpg)

File: 59d42d96a9e7563⋯.gif (530.89 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 38d7466d7729d6cdc91585b676….gif)



>TFW We will never get 80s Marvel again

488399  No.16107316


Don't know anything about she-hulk. Is she stupid like hulk?

a385a4  No.16107335


it's called tencent

b4f749  No.16107362



>The only Triple A company left worth a damn is Capcom

Are you fucking serious? Are you just going to forget the decade of more of bullshit and anti-consumer shit just because a few recent good titles?

64f5f9  No.16107365


She's an attorney, and has her full mental faculties while Hulked out.

be8ba2  No.16107370


She's also a massive whore and likes to stay in her hulk form all the time.

3704f5  No.16107371


No. Getting "Hulked" makes you the opposite of what you normally are. Bruce Banner is smart and mild mannered but wishes he could be more aggressive so that is what he is when he hulks out. Jen is a beta 6/10 so when she became she hulk she became an outgoing 10/10.

debab2  No.16107375


If you had a form that turned you into a 10/10 alpha you would probably stay that way and fuck everyone too.

be8ba2  No.16107381


The comics don't do a good job making Jen look like a 6/10. She's pretty cute when not hulked out.

4b2658  No.16107385


Apex isn't even touching Fortnites numbers

What the fuck are you smoking?

Fortnite had 8 Million concurrent players last year, Apex had 3 Mil at launch and is dropping fast, its flavor of the week shit.

3704f5  No.16107386

File: 92108e5e56c4dc0⋯.jpg (84.54 KB, 500x843, 500:843, She-Hulk-Jennifer-Walters-….jpg)


By comic book standards this is a 6/10. Remember what the average super heroine looks like.

3d45de  No.16107390


These days she's like a 8 / 10. She still has tits and a nice body, these days they're all flat chested short haired dykes with no hips or ass.

4b2658  No.16107394

File: 9e1c452c6433959⋯.jpg (256.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

File: 9826e131c3869bb⋯.jpg (154.63 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, she-hulk-1.jpg)

Do Nucomics/Mouse'd Marvel even give her tits anymore?

b3f450  No.16107411


One of the most popular games in Japan (with a niche following in the west) is the Chinese developed Azur Lane. Permissions for the Android app include:

>read/write to SD card

>record audio

>take pictures and video

>run at startup

No one thinks any of this is a problem. When I point this out to people elsewhere they say I'm paranoid or crazy. I love cute anime girls but I'm not installing software from an enemy nation on a device with GPS, cameras and microphones just to play a mediocre game with them.

488399  No.16107421


It's enough to stop EA's downfall for now, and "influencers" are saying the game is fun, faster than Fortnite without the annoying base building.

4b2658  No.16107438


>It's enough to stop EA's downfall for now

No shit, it's a massively shilled Titanfall 2 asset flip BR game and investors are fucking retarded.

This shit is just flavour of the month just like Tencents garbage, it will dry up and everyone will just fuckoff back to Fortine after EA fails to provide regular content updates to the game, investors will buy in droves like they are now and then sell back once Apex short term gains are gone which will last them 3 months at best.

The only thing the game has going for it is the ping system and that shit is massively undercooked and the base mechanics of the fucking game are absolute trash.

e1911e  No.16107441


>What if I don't have the free time like most people to make a fucking game from scratch?

Kill your boss and become the new CEO. Radical problems requires radical solution.

> What if I do make it and no one plays it like what happened with Midair and Skynoon?

>giving a shit what other think about your game or if they care about it in the first place

3704f5  No.16107445

File: 8d4f8232ac48e02⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.62 KB, 600x910, 60:91, kt4vs8r09ro01[1].jpg)

File: 8ff0d5b99e92a7f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.58 KB, 702x336, 117:56, Hulk-comics-4[1].jpg)


I'm sorry anon, I didn't want to do this but this is what She-Hulk looks like now. Be warned, it might ruin your day.

8ea51a  No.16107450


I disagree on that last point. TW3 had moderately better combat than TW2. TW2's "level design" was also awful enough that the "open world meme" was an improvement.

Of all the games they've made, TW3 is the closest to being a good game. It's not there yet, but if they continued the trend then by the time they got to TW6 they'd probably be pretty amazing. Obviously, the series shouldn't continue that far and nothing about Cyberpunk looks like they managed to continue the trend.

fd7a45  No.16107454


Cyberpunk looks like a fun game. Except the car.

4b2658  No.16107457


I'm not sad as that was expected, the people leading these companies and currently working on them are mentally ill after all


>TW3 is the closest to being a good game

Nope, that's 1 at least despite the shit combat at least it still retained atmosphere and scope.

4b2658  No.16107461


It was fucking GTA with worse physics and a godawful dystopyan future skin.

Demo was scripted as fuck as well.

fd7a45  No.16107474



Looked like Deus Ex to me. Also of course the public demo reel is gonna be scripted to hell.

4b2658  No.16107484


>Looked like Deus Ex to me

Looks nothing like Deus Ex or Nu Sex in terms of aesthetics, the fuck are you smoking?

488399  No.16107498


I want to believe you anon, but EA's going to put everything they have on the continued success of this abomination. It's the only seemingly successful non-sport multiplayer game they've managed to make after trying so many times.

488399  No.16107501



8dbcfe  No.16107529


fortnite is already on the downtrend now everyone moved to apex legends and now ea gets to RISE from the shitstain ashes again.

and epic is already pissing people off with only ON EPIC STORE

488399  No.16107531


Isn't Apex only on Origin?

8dbcfe  No.16107533


probably it does have an EA logo on it. can't say for sure since i have not touched an ea game in almost a decade

054db7  No.16107541


So, what's the difference between her and regular Hulk now? Except for the green vagina.

They completely missed the point of She-Hulk. I know they did it on purpose.

488399  No.16107552


I've never read a marvel/dc comic. What was the point of She-Hulk? Being confident?

c0aa1c  No.16107614

File: 7e6a323b8d5d60e⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 198x255, 66:85, 0606707c92b9f753529c99ab3c….jpg)

0d5c49  No.16107627


did the deadpool thing before deadpool.

a860f8  No.16107638

File: ed11d44f86ec771⋯.jpg (195.95 KB, 640x350, 64:35, 00_coverscreenshot.jpg)

Their last good game tbh fam.

abb11d  No.16107640


because I need a team for that

9e62a3  No.16108088


most players are on console anyway, just like fortnite. one of the reasons it blew up in the first place since poopg ran like shit on consoles (and was stuck on xbone)


> they've managed to make after trying so many times.

you mean it's the first one they didn't try to strangle in the crib. what I find hilarious tho how ea is pissing all over bioware and dice. first overshadow anthem's launch, then give zero fucks about bf vagina's br mode.

it's also just another BR game but with solid mechanisms, it will be replaced sooner or later anyway again simply because EA is gonna fuck with it and normalfags are fickle af to begin with.

1e28c7  No.16108097


Well they classic game called Unreal, and that other classic game called Unreal.

2e6843  No.16108113


Unreal, Gears.



The FBI owns Discord.

3704f5  No.16108605

File: 48cf9b7b8713d3a⋯.gif (51.13 KB, 390x392, 195:196, she-hulk-putting-on-her-sh….gif)


Imagine Deadpool but less annoying and instead a self aware comic book female who knows the more skin she shows = the more sells. She also uses her knowledge of comic books to help herself out at being a lawyer or uses her knowledge of tropes to fight bad guys.

4b2658  No.16108657


You're a fucking idiot

Apex doesn't even dent Fortnite

4b2658  No.16108662




Cucky B please

fe7498  No.16108708

File: f1bdd1a93843dc6⋯.jpg (15.62 KB, 500x422, 250:211, f1bdd1a93843dc678de84b7326….jpg)


I keep feeling like I'm passed the point of even caring when something goes to shit, but every time I'm proven wrong.

b79298  No.16108740


Or wait a a bit until the 'GOLD ALL DLC' version inevitably comes out.

RE7 Gold costed me 26 bux. Not bad.

2e6843  No.16108745


I can't stand the guy but the game is a classic in terms of gameplay. A lot of games have tried to copy the formula but with no success.

4b2658  No.16108830


007 Everything or nothing was a 10 timee better cover based shooter and it was released in 2003.

Gears is garbage

3704f5  No.16110284


You didn't know? The team that was making ut4 was forced to create overwatch instead and Epic announced that they won't be working on or finishing any new ut videogames because fortnite makes more money

f27948  No.16110316

>before Fortnite

>UT4 blows

>no one plays it

>it's extremely mediocre

>after Fortnite


It's pathetic seeing you guys desperately trying to get your "do I fit in yet?" badge by acting like you gave a shit about so many things that you clearly never cared about or even played in the first place.

To act like the development of UT4 was going fucking anywhere even years before Fornite was even a thought in someones mind is laughable.

2505a4  No.16110337

none of you stupid faggots played ut4. i played it up until updates stopped coming and it was clear it was dead. total biscuit was right in his assessment about arena shooters. you're all a bunch of fucking posers. even know qc isn't really that bad of a game and no one plays it. you can fucking duel people without abilities and not using the new duel mode. the performance in qc is also fine except for the loading times.

86ca88  No.16110339



I keep suggesting UT4 for gamenight but no one on this board gives a shit.

2505a4  No.16110402


i don't care about tb and never watched a single video by him, but i've seen that screen cap of his about arena shooters and he was right.

2505a4  No.16110546


there isn't an audience and most kids these days can't handle a straight 1v1 duel. they don't have the testicles for it. they don't like the feeling of getting beaten and being unable to make excuses.

2505a4  No.16110584


what the fuck are you even talking about you mentally ill retard? arena shooters are dead and poser kids like you never played them.

5821f0  No.16110674

>Unreal Tournament 2004 looks graphically superior to modern games

Prove me wrong.

I fucking love that reflection effect they put on a bunch of stuff. So when you walked into a temple the floors would all be this really nice granite. The art direction and level design was superb. They also all had themes, and the themes were interest enough that you could make a full game out of all of them.

Imagine a game exclusively around the grand, imposing hell levels. Or a game set on those animal peoples homeworld (the ones whose hunting ground you fight on)

2004 gamenight when? It doesn't even have DRM, you can just pirate it and connect if I recall correctly.

5821f0  No.16110684

File: b08e71c3dd7647b⋯.gif (343.37 KB, 512x256, 2:1, refinery.gif)

File: b5f4823dd06c549⋯.gif (270.4 KB, 512x256, 2:1, desolationgif.gif)

File: be5106251364c7b⋯.gif (254.24 KB, 512x256, 2:1, Serpentine.gif)

File: a0e725c4d4b3182⋯.gif (160.77 KB, 512x256, 2:1, Antalus.gif)

096c62  No.16110709

I wish more people played on Tribes Next.

add8ec  No.16110726


>implying it hasn't already

096c62  No.16110735


Vengeance is an abortion. I suppose I should just bite the bullet and play Starsiege: Tribes. Most veterans play that.

096c62  No.16110751


I strongly prefer the older games, but I suppose that at the very least.. Vengeance is not Ascend.

7521bf  No.16110884

File: 5357ae528b9601d⋯.png (502.7 KB, 800x600, 4:3, epic-pinball.png)

File: ef6947ebdcecd18⋯.png (564.17 KB, 800x600, 4:3, jazz-jackrabbit.png)

File: 7b8d53db7d5b84b⋯.png (465.06 KB, 800x600, 4:3, jill-of-the-jungle.png)

File: 952035b90b77d69⋯.png (473.12 KB, 800x600, 4:3, radix_beyond_the_void.png)



Hurts to think the company that nowadays lives off Fortnite and the occasional 100th Gears of War sequel is the same who made the original Unreal and these DOS era classics.

398142  No.16110906


Those games are shit. Epic has never been original and their games are always poor imitations.

3481eb  No.16110920

File: 079aea63912e3e5⋯.jpg (88.55 KB, 620x388, 155:97, ut4-face.jpg)

File: fe57be8fd2902fa⋯.jpg (206.45 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, image_27910.jpg)


It was Epic's fault to begin with. It's very clear they didn't give the tiniest shit about UT4 to begin with considering they "crowdsourced" the development. If they would've just spent a year post UE4's launch on it and released it as 1.0 on Steam with a workshop it would've done extremely well. Most people I know never even heard about it because it never officially released and was locked to Epic's launcher. You shouldn't be surprised most people don't want to play a game that has 10% of the content UT2k4 had and mostly reused UT3 assets that they were gradually replacing.

It's also not what people wanted, overwhelmingly the fanbase wants a singleplayer Unreal akin to U1/UG. Had Epic made UT4 the multiplayer mode to a U1/UG remake it would've done amazingly well and wouldn't have cost that much to make. But that'll never happen now.

7521bf  No.16110927


Don't you dare shit talk Epic Pinball faggot

Seriously now, some have not aged well but all were pretty good in their days, and being a contrarian won't change that. They were technologically impressive as well. Epic Pinball and Jazz Jackrabbit were among the first 2d sprite-based PC games to have ultra smooth scrolling that you'd normally only see on triple-A 16-bit console games or arcade machines.

398142  No.16111507


Being a contrarian is praising them like their old days of copying bill budge and sonic the hedgehog matter.

>among the first 2d sprite-based PC games to have ultra smooth scrolling

they weren't smooth and AAA console games didn't exist on 16-bit consoles you fucking simp. These games only matter if you're a pretentious teenager trying to seem sophisticated dragging up some shit contra the hedgehog clone as if it's some "hidden gem" or worse yet some misunderstood classic that was crucial to the industry.

They weren't and aren't.

f055fe  No.16112071


> the fanbase wants a singleplayer Unreal akin to U1/UG.

Get out of here, pleb. Unreal 1 was an extremely successful multiplayer game. Watch a movie if you want to be on your own with a story.

9ee272  No.16112382

File: 1c237aaac745007⋯.jpg (108.38 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, SWJKDF2.jpg)

File: 49e22534b7413f9⋯.jpg (115.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Riddick.jpg)


That period from 1997 to 2004 was the craziest in turns of graphical progression, it happened so quickly, from Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2, to Riddick is like night and day, and it's been much slower since

4b2658  No.16112419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




3481eb  No.16112442

File: eb4f168aaa07e86⋯.jpg (395.76 KB, 1920x1079, 1920:1079, assassins-creed-origins-se….jpg)


It's mostly because of good level design that it looks really nice.


It's largely due to the advent of 3D accelerators and other MASSIVE leaps in graphical technology that occurred at the time. Now comparatively a lot of the graphical technology we use now has always existed and people are just tweaking it so they can render more things on the screen with sharper textures. With Riddick for instance the entire game takes place mostly indoors and you rarely fight more than 3 or so enemies at one time.

eebf1b  No.16112603

File: 9cd88dcc74e2379⋯.jpg (124.24 KB, 1280x1155, 256:231, 1549842263436.jpg)

whats next for epic?

398142  No.16112613

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>and it's been much slower since

yes it has. Hardware hit a brick wall in the 2000's and since performance peaked it became more about parallelization which doesn't really do much for graphics. Be happy you grew up in one of the greatest times in computing, shit's gonna stagnate for a while because Intel, Nvidia, AMD, all faced a cold reality years ago.

e700bf  No.16112734


>parallelization which doesn't really do much for graphics.

All graphic cards are based on many very weak processors that are only useful because you can use them in parallel. What it doesn't help much is the rest of the game in general, since unlike graphics the data may be who knows where and you need a lot of synchronization and that kills the gains.

7ee2ef  No.16112740


>yes it has. Hardware hit a brick wall in the 2000's

Except that's completely wrong. Compare a core2duo with a 2010's i7 just as an example.

82ee59  No.16112741


more like people were gladly paying intel for bullshit 5% gains while doing the bare minimum. just look how shit changed since amd made more cored affordable, else we would probably still be stuck with 4c/4t.

c5952a  No.16112763


Notch is the best example. Created a masterpiece by himself, and was ripped apart from his creation by insane buyouts from the jewish mafia. Moments later and the game centered around creativity becomes a criminal racket to sell skins to children. And no, Notch had no realistic chance to refuse over 2 billion dollars.

488399  No.16112778


> ripped apart from his creation by insane buyouts from the jewish mafia

Willfully sold it. He was already rich by then.

> Notch had no realistic chance to refuse over 2 billion dollars.

He could have if he wanted to, he absolutely had the chance. Not that I blame him, Minecraft's potential had already been fulfilled by then.

e700bf  No.16112780

File: 5a62e739c271afe⋯.png (171.25 KB, 1578x1000, 789:500, serveimage.png)


The performance gains now are shit, back then you could "just" increase the frequency and your performance jumped through the roof, now that isn't possible since there's only so much power you can dissipate at that size. Not to mention memory still is getting faster much slower than cpus, so if you depend on memory that's even worse.

>Compare a core2duo with a 2010's i7 just as an example.

Hardware is getting faster, but the rate at which it gets faster is slowing down. We'll only be really fucked when we hit the physical limits for good, then we'll have to move to 3d or whatever or we're stuck.

c5952a  No.16112837


They would have character assassinated him if he had refused. You can also bet your ass that they were responsible for putting the media pressure on Minecraft before the buyout to drive him into agitation, so that he would sign to get his freedom back. This is all a calculated shakedown, like they did millions of times before. They made the math, pressured the guy into panic and then gave him an offer he couldn't refuse. And just like that the world lost another artist who will never create anything worthwhile again. And the rights to a great game were stolen away and copyright protected so that nobody can build on top of it. Just like they did with everything else.

3704f5  No.16112881


Fuck off retard. A lot of people played UT 4 but it was still in pre alpha with developer graphics. Quake Champions is complete shit and ruins the fun for both hardcore and casual players while having a horrible unoptimized engine making it uplayable for 90% of people

488399  No.16112941


>pressure him with manipulations


>gave him an offer he couldn't refuse

No, if he caved it's on him.

>will never create anything worthwhile again

He's a billionaire. He can create a studio and make or fund game creation many times over.

a19f32  No.16113045

File: ae9d894a5f43a1b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 197.46 KB, 413x549, 413:549, serveimage.png)

ac0d2e  No.16115941


>wondering why everyone calling epic chinks

>finally look it up bec of this thread

WOW fucking really


e1c133  No.16126250


unreal 1 comes to mind. not much else so nothing of value lost.

e1c133  No.16126254


they are basically just engine makers

f7b23b  No.16126787


It already has, Valve has done more damage to gaming than any other company. Valve used even worse tactics when they were pushing Steam yet everyone bitching about Epic gives Valve a pass. I have never and will never use Steam or Epic and have never and will never pay for digital distribution, but I think this situation is hilarious since it upsets the Valve drones so much.

b8a282  No.16126821


Valve isn't owned by a communist government

32fc30  No.16126891

File: 0d723869602f21f⋯.jpg (32.77 KB, 307x272, 307:272, unconvinced.jpg)


>Valve has done more damage to gaming than any other company. Valve used even worse tactics when they were pushing Steam

like? since you're apparently such an informed individual it shouldn't be hard to list all of them to educate all the drones

729893  No.16126925

File: d1d044821213dd1⋯.png (941.89 KB, 1791x985, 1791:985, Hello there 2.png)


Well, they're probably the only company to push forward Linux optimization on a meaningful scale.

They also haven't done anything hostile against piracy. So it's pretty funny having these Epic losers bad mouth Steam for "killing piracy" when it's the likes of Epic, EA, and Ubisoft that would have their houses SWATed for pirating vydia.

f59ca3  No.16126972

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>which doesn't really do much for graphics.

GPUs are parallel computing and they scale just fine.

488399  No.16127022


There are increasing limitations on making smaller transistors, but that's far from a brick wall. Great advancements are being made on limiting duds during manufacture, which makes per unit cost less. The chiplet idea is a form of this, and improving inter-chip communication has much potential. It may be a bad idea to make, say, 50x50mm chips (because a single error ruins too much of the wafer area, so the good ones absorb the cost), but making a bunch of 10x10mm chiplets and connecting them together would work wonderfully, if the communications channels are sufficiently sophisticated. this is where AMD is currently ahead of Intel.

32fc30  No.16127232

File: e7cbd013994fc2b⋯.webm (794.75 KB, 640x360, 16:9, elephant.webm)


don't forget their VR stuff. fucking valve time, release that shit already. don't wanna spend money on facebook's crap or pay htc's "premium"…

f7b23b  No.16127371

File: b5f343c0e1f8ba5⋯.png (318.95 KB, 768x663, 256:221, dangers to gaming.png)


And yet they have managed to do more damage to gaming than companies that are owned by a communist government.

The paid digital distribution "business model" is inherently communist since it follows Marx' labor theory of value

>that person made something so they should get money


They popularized paid digital distribution and all the negatives that come with it. Paid digital distribution has created the environment for disgusting business tactics such as early access aka paying to test a game when devs used to have to pay people to test their game, DLC, micro transactions, intentionally releasing unfinished/buggy games to the point of being unplayable since they can just be easily patched later, doesn't leave a sour taste in your mouth for paying for a game that is unfinished/buggy to the point of being unplayable since it is so easy to update, games as a service which digital distribution is, not being able to sell it, being expected to pay for less than air, making games even more popular from easy access to people who otherwise wouldn't play or play as much thus making them a huge market which makes companies make games focused on them instead of actual gamers, lowered the barrier for entry, etc.

The rest of the industry saw that the "PC master race" fell for Valve's tactics so they started using those tactics too.

Games are more expensive than ever because of Valve.


>push forward Linux optimization

Proton is the exact opposite, it gives developers yet another reason not to developer their games natively for Linux.

Valve is hostile against piracy, some of the tactics that Gabe Newell pushed are inherently anti-piracy such as intentionally releasing games unfinished since they can be patched through some fucking client, (he even said that it was a bad thing that developers used to have to release their games on console complete, whole, and playable without a patch since they were physical only and had no way of patching it, brainwashed drones are dumb enough to think automatic updating is a good thing) and games being digital only discourages optimization and compression since they don't have any financial incentive to compress or optimize to get it to fit on the smallest amount of physical media possible, large file sizes prevent piracy as proven by repacks existing to fix that.

The "piracy is a service problem" is hostile towards piracy and a good game development environment since it implies service such as automatic updating should be part of a game instead of treating it like it should be, something that is released complete, whole, and playable without any service aspect.

I also have never seen him suggest that piracy should be legal so those that never wanted to use Steam or pay for a download license would still be able to legally play games without using Steam or paying for a download license.

If they REALLY cared about video games then they would have never pushed Steam, they would have pushed for the end of stuff like cd-keys (which Steam still uses for licenses), having to keep the disc in the tray, starforce and for games to be released complete and payable without a patch. People would still be able to get their digital download thanks to piracy, but games as a whole would be much better than they are.

09aa64  No.16127616

You faggots STILL don't understand that the epic of yesteryear is not the epic of today. Pretty fuck please get it through your heads that this company is NOT what it used to be.

f69d15  No.16128250

File: 54ac7dd5821274e⋯.jpg (35.63 KB, 480x476, 120:119, sting.jpg)


<They popularized paid digital distribution and all the negatives that come with it.

yes, you're right, if valve wouldn't exist we would still all buy physical and gamestop would still be a thriving business.

never mind companies always explore new avenues for revenue and gaps get filled by new ones seeking business opportunities all the time, it's not like the snes had a satellite receiver in 95 and the dreamcast dial-up in 99. and with everything moving online run by big companies pc gaming would be THE holdout niche where people would still buy their equipment and software in brick&mortar stores, especially all the people that grew up with pcs since the 70/80/90/s and raised their kids with it making it more common and mainstream. also fuck valve that I can't buy a cheap key from a reseller at launch for half the price and not have keep paying 90 bucks for battletoads or 120 for sf2. valve is also the reason the majority of consumers is fucking retarded, up until 2003 they were all enlightened individuals who could've never been exploited and would've rejected stupid or even anti-consumer practices outright. how can gabe live with himself being responsible for us not living in a paradise?

<Valve is hostile against piracy

they are a business, of-fucking-course they don't like piracy. there is still a big difference between steamworks and ubisoft going full retard in 2009 with asscreed2 and settlers7.

<it gives developers yet another reason not to developer their games natively for Linux.

except linux was and still has a chicken/egg problem. fun fact: most engines could natively export to linux for years - yet hardly any dev did it, least of all big publishers. it's almost like there are economical reasons to not release a native linux version you have to officially support (which costs money btw, in case you didn't notice), but yeah, it's totally proton's fault we don't get more linux games that could increase the install base that makes releasing for more attractive…

<The "piracy is a service problem" is hostile towards piracy and a good game development environment

>what is convenience for 500 alex

I guess netflix and spotify are also hostile towards piracy and good game development. oh wait they operate in a completely different area. could it be that costumers rather pay a sub for direct access and a whole catalog than wait 2 days for delivery/drive to a store to pick up a cd or subject themselves to only watch tv at a specific time with riddled with advertisements? nah. must also be gayben's fault people are lazy and impatient.

<If they REALLY cared about video games

yes, as an individual you can either go full capitalist that burns babies for profit or full anarchist that burns everything down for muh freedoms, nothing inbetween. now imagine being a company trying to make money and having only limited say over how other companies protect their intellectual property if you want their business. it was gabe who invented denuvo all along! what a tweest. literally hitler backporting it into all valve games.

>all that drivel

it's always great when people talk about shit they have no fucking clue of. I mean expected dumb shit, but this was probably the most legit retarded post of 2019, and we're just 6 weeks in. congratulations.

daeb7e  No.16128309


>They popularized paid digital distribution and all the negatives that come with it

Digital distribution also have positives. Its very low entrance level not cockblocked by monopoly giants. There are histories of small independent indie companies successfully self publish digitally and achieving great success. LoL, WoT. Note: it is only possible with working anti-piracy measures (server based engines work the best, pirates BTFO)

>The paid digital distribution "business model" is inherently communist since it follows Marx' labor theory of value

Stop. According to Marx theory discounts are exploitation crime against humanity.

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