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File: 8c2c521772320cb⋯.jpg (374.38 KB, 960x530, 96:53, 006.jpg)

e40c12  No.16103657

>You, a small number of your friends or randos met on places like /v/. Standing on a high vantage point overlooking a vast plain, ruined city, endless desert or mountainous woodlands. Somewhere you there is a giant beast, your prey and the parts you need to make your next giant godslaying weapon to hunt even larger beasts and monsters.

>Its the feeling of playing a turn of the century mmorpg before they became casual treadmills. Its teamwork, camaraderie and the thrill of the hunt for its own sake. Most people see the genre as bland, shallow. A time sink with no purpose without cheevos and epic loot to post about on social media, but that was never the point for you was it?

Hunting Game IP's current status'

>Monster Hunter: Currently split between World and GU

>Toukiden: 2 sold like shit, series probably dead

>Soul Sacrifice: the worst selling hunting game and totally dead

>Dauntless: SJW eurotrash, studio will die this year or get bought by EA or something

>Freedom Wars: neat ideas and has an audience but dies with the PSVita

>Dragomon Hunter: dead as dicks

>Ragnarok Odyssey - ACE: deader than dead

>Final Fantasy Explorers: So dead you forgot it existed till now

>God Eater: 3rd mainline game just came out with more anime and manga on the way, chuunihun's power cannot be contained

Whats your favourite game in this genre of clones? What do you want to see change or be brought to the table?

Right now i'm enjoying Monhun GU with friends as a comfy local co-op experience and God Eater 3 even though nobody i know pays this series, i'm just a sucker for the 2080 ruined japan setting that reminds me of some SMT games. Personally in the genre overalli would love more environmental stuff. Have some wider open areas where you need to hunt, but also setting up traps, hunting for food and brewing up buffs takes more importance. Things like the dam breaking in MHW are a nice first step in that regard, but imagine maps where tides changing can physically change the map as well?

What about you?

4c9285  No.16103699

Been a while since I played, but I'd say MH4U and MHW tie for my favorite overall. MHW was a bit casualized with the easier tracking and stuff, but it still had a lot of new features I liked, as well as cool environments. In the end though, fighting the same monsters in hope that RNG carving will get you the right materials to craft new gear got boring to me. Then again, I suppose I should step outside my longsword/greatsword comfort zone and give other weapons a try for a change. I'm also tempted to try God Eater 3, but I'm busy with other games.

b55f6d  No.16103710


>Been a while since I played, but I'd say MH4U and MHW tie for my favorite overall.

That's an odd way to say "I never played 4U".

e40c12  No.16103719


GE3 is good but lower budget then world but with more story and a far bigger monster roster. I'm interested in the new 8 player 'raid level' hunts its bringing this time with adaptive ash aragami that can change elemental types and weaknesses during a fight.

498367  No.16103739

File: 25e2e9a0cd79c48⋯.gif (50.2 KB, 586x475, 586:475, 25e2e9a0cd79c485e06aac1458….gif)


>I'd say MH4U and MHW tie for my favorite overall

I wish this kind of comment still got me angry.

46ba48  No.16103906

File: d6ba30f6264fb58⋯.png (3.01 MB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, Dauntless.png)

I've actually been playing D*untless recently since I saw that they had some kind of modular dual pistols as a new weapon, and I love me some dual pistols. It's actually fucking depressing. It feels like the developers want to actually make something good, and that they're trying their best, but that they're too fucking retarded to actually execute properly. The human characters look sinfully ugly and you can maybe get to 7/10 status if you pour hours into the character creator. But on the other hand, the monsters are generally interesting and good looking, and even the ones that share skeletons are different from each other and fun to fight. But then again, that doesn't really matter that much, since the game is way too fucking easy. It's not easy in a "literally can't fail unless you get oneshot" MHW way, since the game limits you to 5 potions and you can't change gear mid-hunt, but the game plays like bootleg Dark Souls with super generous dodge windows and all of the monsters are pretty slow with huge windups, but they don't even do that much damage. The only monsters that really felt "right" were the endgame crow, that throws out shadow clones and bombs, and the the bug that locks you in a light dome and tries to kill you with a bullet hell segment. other than the fact that you can glitch out of the dome with a specific ability And the worst monster is some MH Frontier 420XDDDD-tier teleporting beetle that has one attack beyond spawning fucking turrets and blasting AOE damage at you. The weapons are pretty generic, the sword being the LS from MH, chainblades being knockoff Blades of Athena from GoW, and the axe being a knockoff GS that can do a charge while moving at the cost of obliterating your stamina bar. There's a pike that builds up charge on attacks that increases your damage, or that can be stored and used as a missile, it also creates wounds on monsters that cause them to take more damage if hit there. The shotgun hammer is a great idea, but it's really slow and shitty to play, and it has only three different three hit combos, of which you will never use one, and you end up reloading after pretty much every combo you do. The really interesting weapon are the pistols, since they're modular, they allow you to change the barrel, which changes your damage element, the chamber which changes one of your abilities, the grip, which changes your other ability, and a prism, which gives you a different passive. Sounds cool, right? Well, the guns are boring as shit to play. You build as much attack speed as you can, you put on a prism that gives you bonus damage after 10 hits, you stay close to the monster to empower your reloads, you use your abilities off cooldown and you just hold down the left click on the part you want to break. You can roll out and dodge out of the shots too, the only animations you have to commit to are the abilities and the reload animation, so they're even easier to play than the other weapons. The armor designs are alright or even good individually, but some sets feel like they don't fit with the others. There's a Mad Max looking pig outfit, right next to a set that looks like Reaper from Overmeme, right next to fucking Ded Moroz, and a WW2 pilot outfit. And there's still the same bugs floating around from the early closed beta. But, uh, they're going to release and go crossplatform in April to get absolutely fucking obliterated by every reviewer for lacking content and polish, as some kind of misguided hail mary to try and save the game or some shit.

Whereas MHW feels like it's intentionally shitty to appeal to the west, Don'tless feels like it's shitty because the developers are fucking incompetent regardless of their "good" intentions.

c61b35  No.16104382

File: de925928d5b3483⋯.jpg (403.5 KB, 1200x982, 600:491, [016178].jpg)

File: d6642c731bc4f40⋯.jpg (438.12 KB, 1100x623, 1100:623, [016232].jpg)


I get what you mean.

MH4U and MH3U are my favorites due to their aesthetics and sheer amount of content.

MHW comes at a not so close second because despite all of its cool new ideas and features, some of them fall flat and there is fuck all amount of monsters in the game to hunt.

Currently waiting for Icebourne though, not really excited for hunting Nargacuga again due to the fact that I grinded him and green narga a shitload back in 3U. I just want more monsters to hunt, thats all.

I also dont give a shit about God Eater

1b1e59  No.16104552

File: f9ae23d9563486e⋯.jpg (214.81 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1421291848794.jpg)



It's possible to enjoy both World and the real MH games. I liked World less than the other MH games I've played, but it was alright. Most of the casualization is optional (cats shitting out potions, mantles, restocking items mid hunt), so the main issue is just the lack of content.

Personally, I'm expecting Capcom to split the series into a World-line on PS4/PC and an old-school line on Switch, if only because the nips need to have something to play on the train.

f3a0f7  No.16104576

I'm on the fence about God Eater 3, last I played was the translation patch of the first one on PSP years ago. I liked it but the difficulty was simply to put you in an arena with more monsters. Any of you guys got it? How is the content for a full priced game?

>You remember that monster you hated a few mission back? Well, here's 3 of them at the same time, have fun.

498367  No.16104590


It's also to enjoy age of empires and real monhun. It's a fucking pointless statement and you might as well say your favourite monster hunter game is 戦国バサラ4宴 because it says 'capcom' somewhere on the box.

You fucking enabler cunt.

1b1e59  No.16104619

File: 371b630ebfbef12⋯.jpg (213.21 KB, 787x1165, 787:1165, 1421714763747.jpg)


Wouldn't saying you like both Megaman and Megaman Legends be a more apt comparison? And that's a perfectly valid statement.

0069a6  No.16104638

File: 58ca48cdd6f76da⋯.jpg (47.11 KB, 536x622, 268:311, gay.jpg)


>Most of the casualization is optional

No. This is one of the dumbest fucking things I've ever read here.

e40c12  No.16104639


I enjoy World in the same way i enjoy Dead Space 2 as a resident evil 4 style game. Yeah its different and changed a lot of stuff up but its got what i loved in RE4, it just is lacking in comparison. I still think 4U is the apex of the series thus far, shame that didn't get a switch option as going back to the 3ds's credit card sized screen after a switch or even vita is torture.


Its got the existing library from 1 and 2 with a bunch of new monsters and 'ash' variants as well. i think i've seen more in the first two ranks than the entirty of low rank in world. Its lower budget than world but a step up from 2 in every regard and doesn't have "lets mainstream appeal the fuck out of this" casualisation.

Also if you liked the story of 1 this is a direct sequel rather than a soft gaiden like rage burst. Its decades later, Fenrir has fallen and tiny underground bunkers called 'ports' like in Breath of Fire 5 survive and kids with an oracle factor are taken as slaves and imprisoned in a less severe freedom wars kind of way and these child soldiers are experimented on to make new aragami weapons. But the moon started glowning green again and a human form aragami loli has been found again but now this ash which is bascially nano aragami are everywhere and little of the world is breathable for more than ten minutes without the adaptive god eater, or AGE's factor.

Its got 4 new weapons types, 2 melee and 2 ranged, the engage system where staying near other god eaters activates a super gauge kind of like a hunter art but without the animation lock, and a new 8 player raid mode.

So far ten hours in i would say it feels like God Eaters Monster Hunter 4. The last game was an experiment but this one takes the original ideas, expands on them and makes something designed for a more mechanically varied and complex system with new additions to gameplay that makes it more satisfying than crafting a nuke bullet and destroying everything in seconds.

f3a0f7  No.16104678

File: 2a576662ff0a386⋯.png (473.16 KB, 800x450, 16:9, sxvpbocziibd5dohtzgy.png)


Thanks bruh, I'll get it then, I need another hunting game anyways.

As for MH World, I enjoyed it too but there were too few monsters, I use the game to play with my normalfag friends who are too retarded to play a real MH. I have ultimate on the Switch to play online or with my friends who take off the shackles of soy and fluoride water and decide they want a really monhun experience.

1b1e59  No.16104684


If you haven't tried it yet, GU on the Switch is pretty good. 4U felt stronger overall to me, and some of the styles apparently break the game, but I'm having a lot of fun just going through it with Guild style. The monster list is great, better than 4U's I think.

c648c1  No.16104715

File: 05b25bacb5159ac⋯.png (203.7 KB, 405x584, 405:584, 1b3c1f4d299a00366758c186fe….png)


>You fucking enabler cunt.

I think the irony is lost on you, since you are talking in a MonHun clone thread, where God eater and Toukiden are valid topics.


>I enjoy World in the same way i enjoy Dead Space 2

>not DS3

>Being this reserved about your opinions


>Monster Hunter: Currently split between World and GU

No it's not, it's split between world and everything preGU.

>Soul Sacrifice: the worst selling hunting game

u wot

>Freedom Wars: neat ideas

…but the gameplay is shit.

>Dragomon Hunter

>mmorpg crap that's not even mmoarpg

>Lists PSO clones

>no PSO

WTF are you doing nigger?

>Its the feeling of playing a turn of the century mmorpg before they became casual treadmills. Its teamwork…

Are you making a youtube video or an OP for a vidya thread?

762b12  No.16104719

Ok, this is a bit off topic, but are there any decent hunting sims out there? As in rifle in hand hunting. Deer Hunter used to be pretty big in the 90s but it's a shit series.

00d02b  No.16104736

File: ae4373642b37bd8⋯.jpg (41.66 KB, 620x387, 620:387, andersSmile_2255092b.jpg)


Have you tried larping?

e40c12  No.16104794

File: 971825b73ca82ca⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (4).jpg)


GU is good, bar "HEY FARM SOME MORE FUKKIN' MUSHROOMS TO PUSH YOU TO USE PROWLER MODE MORE" and i like the new monsters but 4U's tone, story and things like the Everwood were my kind of fun. Plus Giggy Miggy and the Frenzy Virus appealed to my 'enemy is some biological corruption' fetish.


>not DS3

I'm sorry what?


There used to be cabella but its dead, now there are some more autistic INNAWOODS hunting sims on pc and ps4 but the name escapes me.

c648c1  No.16104819

File: bc57693f6787d87⋯.png (91.01 KB, 287x317, 287:317, 048012bb0df23422771ec8cd0f….png)


>I'm sorry what?

There is no impact in the comparison, since barely anyone acknowledges bad changes in DS2 since DS3 came out. And if you were to double down on your bad taste that would be the way to go instead of making a comparison between DS1, DS2, RE4 and old REs that doesn't even make sense.

e40c12  No.16104865


Ah, i see. You are retarded. My mistake.

1fbe83  No.16104889



>Live Action Roleplaying

>Taking a gun and going out to hunt a creature in reality is considered "larping"

Do words fucking mean anything anymore or what?

c648c1  No.16104892

File: afe95659731c12b⋯.png (109.71 KB, 367x380, 367:380, 58741dbd765bf8183992eb4ab4….png)


>ask for clarification

>get clarification

>still didn't get the point

>"better call him retarded to save face"

2ed27d  No.16104896

File: 0f655cc4aca0c69⋯.jpg (28.53 KB, 537x437, 537:437, finish the sanic.jpg)


I'm looking for a game where the monsters aren't annoying, don't take half an hour to kill on a sub-optimized build and the weapons aren't slow.

I played through Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3, Got through World, and heard that Generations on switch is much faster. I dislike how slow everything is in MHW, and how the definition of difficulty for it is inflated stats instead of more interesting monsters.

My experience with hunter games is pretty much God Eater 1 and 2, and MHW. I also am very tired of grinding for shit.

My preference is that a boss fight should be difficult without impairing the player heavily and that in action games, a long boss fight is by principle fake difficulty, because when you get down to it you can die by RNG because there's many more opportunities to fuck up or misread, and having to redo a long boss fight is just going to get me to shut off the game because it's boring as fuck.

I recognize that God Eater is a mite shallow, and don't intend on continuing with the series.

What's a good game for me? Any recommendations?

f3a0f7  No.16104897


I think he implied you take an assault rifle in place of a hunting rifle and shoot niggers and jews instead of deers.

e498ac  No.16104903

File: e4165598b8a201e⋯.jpg (606.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5432.jpg)


>Hunting Games thread

>no Call of the Wild

c4032b  No.16104914

why did Ragnarok series have to die bros

e40c12  No.16104915


NioH. You pull it off enemies die fast. But you don't pull it off you die like a bitch.

00d02b  No.16104920


Now, now. Deers, steers and queers are all fair game.

762b12  No.16104982


This looks cool, thanks anon.

924088  No.16105001

Am I retarded, or do the two new melee weapons feel kind of week in God Eater 3? The ring is neat, but it feels too limited in terms of damage compared to other weapons.

e40c12  No.16105024


What are you playing on? if you are on PS4 press right on the D pad, hammer light attack a few times then strong attack to fucking annihilate bosses. The moonring is the best part breaker for its speed.

19b6a1  No.16105086


why are sonic's pants around his ankles

4cddd9  No.16105096

Technically isn’t WoW a hunting game? If not, then why not?

71f2d8  No.16105137

> Monster Hunter

>you dont hunt shit

>just follow a trail or run around the hub until the retarded game decides to spawn the monster

> repeat 100 times like every gook all grinding and no skill trash game

e40c12  No.16105146


>follow a trail

>tfw somebody shows they only played the most casual version and don't know


e7a7e2  No.16105156


because he took damage. after picking up the ring, it will be returned to its correct place.

71f2d8  No.16105158


>most casual

>gook grinding game series

lmao, tfw when some casual scrub shows how much of a gay ass casual he is and doesnt even realize it

5c72d8  No.16105318

File: b6950b093c3a6af⋯.jpg (75.99 KB, 315x565, 63:113, 1681841.jpg)

File: 01fc8ecb3b6cd5b⋯.jpg (461.73 KB, 550x810, 55:81, 38084740_p0.jpg)

File: 413249a91a30328⋯.jpg (224.34 KB, 2480x1293, 2480:1293, 68248871_p0.jpg)

File: 8c743866c808621⋯.png (830.41 KB, 770x742, 55:53, ClipboardImage.png)

>No FPS huntan and killan game about hunting down radioactive mutants in the post-apocalypse

It might sound like I just want an FPS with the Monster Hunter formula applied to it, **and you'd be right for assuming that.

ec72f8  No.16105327

File: 7a32a5f3ee328d7⋯.jpg (30.19 KB, 500x367, 500:367, laugh at the fags.jpg)


>Follow trail.

>Faggot that plays MHW.

>Thinks he has played Monster Hunter.

e40c12  No.16105336

File: 4f2699419abf71a⋯.jpg (560.98 KB, 1500x1714, 750:857, Anonymous channer.jpg)


What fortunate timing wise consumer, i, anonymous image board channer know of a multiplayer, online game where you explore the verdant woodlands of west virginia fighting mutants!

5c72d8  No.16105358

File: 2da0e64cd72c29f⋯.png (191.96 KB, 692x687, 692:687, 2da0e64cd72c29f561a6b4c663….png)

Okay, now make the game functional and actually have some soul to it

ec72f8  No.16105367

File: 135d609268fff29⋯.png (3.46 KB, 255x176, 255:176, kirbit.png)


>Playing Cockless.

>Writes a novel about playing cockless.

c9571d  No.16105451

Why do you play these games? I love the idea, but the grinding is just miserable. I like the enemy designs, I like the world (in some cases), it's a genre I should really enjoy but they make it tedious as fuck. Having to cook food, sharpen weapons or run through 5 areas killing goblins for 10 missions ruins the experience.

Do any of the games do a better job of it? More SOTC and less Korean bullshit?

924088  No.16105455


I use the PC version. What does hitting right on the dpad do in the ps4 version?

e40c12  No.16105482


The crescent turns into a huge chainsaw axe that demolishes parts with ease but you lose movement control, light attacks move you fowards, triangle you can only do once in the combo but its a literal helmsplitter.

89f7e3  No.16105497

>Freedom Wars: neat ideas and has an audience but dies with the PSVita

As much as I enjoyed the gameplay of Freedom Wars, the crafting system ruined the game for me. I lost all motivation to do any post game content after I grinded for hours for rare materials and waited half an hour of real time only to find out that the pay to win MMO tier RNG gave me a weapon so shitty that I immediately just donated it to the Panopticon. Damn shame. I loved the thorn and customizing voiced dialogue on my robot girl.

e40c12  No.16105793

File: b911f02f618ef67⋯.jpg (49.39 KB, 600x338, 300:169, GE3-PS4-Blog-Post-Korea_11….jpg)

Just fought the first large Ash Arigami "Ra" and it really is a step up. It teleports, it has 6 different moves, inflicts status effects and can stunlock you with roaming projectiles and backs off when you use a power boosting thing.

Overall much smarter AI and a lot more fun to fight. Can't call it truly challenging after years of G rank monhun but harder than anything in the previous 2 games and in terms of movement and pressure more comparable to a high rank monster hunter or mid tier dark souls boss. Which is a large improvement for the series.

A quick google lead to all the mainstream journos calling it "an unfair, unbeatable wall only 9 hours in" and its the rank 2 boss. So its basically Anjanath/Odogaron all over again.

f3a0f7  No.16105865


>Anjanath/Odogaron all over again

Those were easy as fuck. I even saw steam reviews whining about the Paolomu. Fucking casuals never hunter real G-Ranks and already whine about shitty sacrificial monsters. I'm about to do Ra too soon.

890dd2  No.16105970

File: 2c9e0b15e9d6ede⋯.png (410.14 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Carnivores_MENUM.TGA.png)

Any good dinosaur hunting games?

e40c12  No.16105991


Turok pls go and stay go.

c35bba  No.16107286

File: 3bd0725915a0a8b⋯.jpg (20.03 KB, 479x282, 479:282, 1409932769129.jpg)

>yian garuga wont stop screaming

ff8c53  No.16107309


The one you just posted and primal prey.

924088  No.16107341


He is not too bad when you learn what he can do. Later on you fight this one armed statue looking aragami that can inflict strong poison on you and hits like a truck.

789d5b  No.16107573


anon, relax. G-rank is coming in the xpac dlc releasing later this year.

5bd2cc  No.16107604

File: fc4310f14693354⋯.jpg (103.29 KB, 900x300, 3:1, Deadeye VI.jpg)

2ed27d  No.16108201

File: fd14686bdebc99a⋯.gif (4.5 MB, 480x270, 16:9, no healing bitch.gif)




The casual shit really isn't optional, because the entire game is much slower and easier to keep up with. Regular MonHun is fast as fuck compared to World and has loads of styles and skills per weapon to minmax to pick from before heading out, while World sloppily combines them all into the same weapon, casualized movesets and inflated damage numbers on weapons, so they fucked themselves when it came to making new monsters, because the only way they can make it harder is to inflate monster stats.

There's several builds in the game that roll over every monster with little effort. Dark Devourer/Explosive Ammo, Royal Burst Gunlance, Elementless Jewel Wyvern Ignition Greatsword, etc.

I ran the Dark Devourer build, where up your ammo count for explosive bullets and put on Xenojiva armor for Spare Shot, which gives you random free shots without expending your magazine, and was stunning and destroying monsters like nothing. Explosives break through all resistance, and do set damage based on your own stats, the monster's part areas do not matter.

Xenojiva, the final boss, is so slow that every attack it makes is easily dodgable, so he's more for getting his armor parts and getting weapons even more overpowered then the Dark Devourer

0069a6  No.16108230


Still not interested. The game is total ass compared to other monhun games. It actively punishes you for trying to play with friends until you're done with the "story." Removing gathering hall specific quests was incredibly fucking retarded on their part, nevermind the dozens of other valid crticisms and complaints.

2ffa62  No.16108291


Unironically Skyrim. Modded with Frostfall, Hunterborn, maybe some wildlife packs, and a needs mod.

4c9285  No.16108299

File: 343348840abcf35⋯.jpg (108.87 KB, 432x528, 9:11, 3ds games.JPG)


Yep you got me, I actually never played it.


Me too

e65bc8  No.16108404

File: 7a9897e5b803315⋯.png (194.81 KB, 640x320, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Came here to raise the same stink. Thread needs more COTW.

b4ff0a  No.16110237


THe "Real" MH games are casual AF. Hide behind a loading screen to recover, monsters turn at exact 45 degree angles and have a delay giving you free hits.

5c72d8  No.16110387


t. guy who never got to G rank

b5a82a  No.16110408


Tell me, does G rank stop any of the things he said?

7e0b55  No.16110463


Yeah it actually greatly reduces the "time for free hits" by generally increasing monster speed and aggression. They also in HR/Grank have increased stagger points so they don't chain stagger to death like a certain other game in the series.

Basically the only thing he really said that even sort of applies is that you can hide behind loading screens, but that's a very prevalent issue in MHW too given the 90 get out of jail free cards you have at any given time and can infinitely refill.

c35bba  No.16111172

File: af2665382c09894⋯.png (9.99 KB, 611x427, 611:427, sad pixel bear.png)


>tfw no cool wallpapers like that on the swtich

8a4429  No.16119107

File: 2b0a82fb3555076⋯.png (76.01 KB, 876x555, 292:185, 29f4a2de573177832e0a574642….png)


cf2125  No.16123271


Playing 5 hours of low rank doesn't count

If you didn't make it at least through gogmazios and fatalis then your opinion is actually worthless and you should go live in a dumpster like the trash you are


God eater is unforgivable trash, not "a mite shallow". If you don't like long boss fights against bosses with large movesets and in general lots of unnecessary animations to make them feel more like creatures, then you won't like any monster hunter game at all because god eater hunts are short and simple as fuck comparatively. Grinding aragami in GE burst was on average sub 5 minutes with appropriate equipment, whereas fighting a G rank monster in 3u solo will take you probably 15 if you're using appropriate gear and you know what you're doing, first time will probably take you 30. 4u is somewhat faster kill times if you have the skill, but monsters are more aggressive.

No "hunting" type game is for you at all, though if you want to actually UNDERSTAND the difference between a dark souls dragon with 2 or 3 moves and a monster hunter boss, I'd suggest looking up some basic G rank gameplay from 3u, 4u or Gu.

7e0b55  No.16127005


so what you're saying is god eater is on par with MHW then.

cf2125  No.16128152


MHW is absolute garbage and a massive degrade in quality, so on a comparative level of which offends me as a monster hunter fan more, MHW does.

That said, no. While I'd sooner play god eater than give capcom a single penny, it's far inferior even to MHW. You can get sub 5 minutes on monsters in MHW, but in god eater burst, monsters had animation quality that made mh1 look impressive and optimal play involved charging your gun and then just unloading the strongest piercing bullet you could make, or using the auto-homing bullet rain to completely obliterate anything with ease. God eater's combat and enemy complexity was much closer to kingdom hearts than any monster hunter.

7e0b55  No.16129381


So once again on par with MHW

f39959  No.16129410


Why though? Do you live in a country where it's literally illegal to go hunting? Simulators for things that you can easily do in real life are the worst simulators.

956797  No.16129458


No. MHW is better.

348515  No.16129583


Video games are for whatever the fuck you want, also maybe he doesn't like venison.

3f7029  No.16134140

File: d54b7509a5d0385⋯.png (777.51 KB, 839x778, 839:778, no one has eternal pain an….png)


I have more trouble with the fucking Havakiri shits than anything else in this fucking game.

>tfw dual Havakiri mission

I like the new Ash Arigami's, they are fun to fight but they can be fucking annoying once they start spamming their devour attack over and over until it hits someone, even if you perfect block it they still resume it shortly after.


I hope my son grows up to be the hardcore gamer that you are anon.

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