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File: 431245f8d9047b4⋯.jpg (29.67 KB, 480x513, 160:171, God this makes me upset.jpg)

6b956c  No.16103740

Although I'm personaly of belief that there is no idea that can be done badly in writing if you have a good enough writer, there are themes and tropes that I absolutely hate for personal reasons only, andd you definitely have those too. Let's have a thread about things in games, preferably storytelling themes, that you absolutely fucking hate personaly.

For me it's the idea of "You were hallucinating all those monsters and happenings, they are just a reflection of your fucked psyche" in horror games. I don't mind the usage of hallucinations themselves as I think they are cool, but I mind when everything is a hallucination as I feel it removes the mystery and the worldbuilding element of horror entirely and is generally a cheap fucking way to write. It can be done well, but let's be honest, you can portray psychological struggles of a character without making all of the challenges that he faces fake. Hallucinations caused by an actual paranormal power that feeds on character's fears and regrets are a-okay in my book though

344b80  No.16103767


Anything that's a "metaphor for depression". It's a cheap and lazy trope for woke coastal hipsters to talk about that one time they got broken up with and it was SOOOOO SAD.

Using irony and detachment as the main vehicle for expression is the worst, though. For some reason people think that all the main characters acting like Michael Cera simultaneously makes for a good story. It's not. It's lazy and creates zero character progression. Life is Strange is the perfect example of this problem, though any Western hit lately has been using bored,ironic, or detached characters. Joss Whedon-style writing needs to die.

0d8076  No.16103774

On the flip side, I love when the canon in games like Smash is that the events are in someone's imagination, like a child or the player.

a9a757  No.16103775


You never played Life Is Strange if you think it's anything like you describe it

10f761  No.16103779

File: b521afedecf8a7e⋯.png (275.59 KB, 814x788, 407:394, __m4a1_girls_frontline_dra….png)



>Life Is Strange

6b956c  No.16103789


That actually makes sense though.

e607f1  No.16103790

File: 4ab29c42ec18547⋯.jpg (63.86 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 4ab29c42ec1854709e766a1271….jpg)

The worst I could find, is when the game gets to the epilogue out of a sudden, without anything developing before it that would give precedent to the end. I'd rather quit playing it and believe that the characters got lost in their last event than finishing it.

0d8076  No.16103792


That's why I like it.

6b956c  No.16103797



a9a757  No.16103808

2f68ea  No.16103939



>Anything that's a "metaphor for depression". It's a cheap and lazy trope for woke coastal hipsters to talk about that one time they got broken up with and it was SOOOOO SAD.

That's the hip thing to do and has been for a while now. Journos and Twitter can only appreciate games that let them stroke themselves off at how tough their suburban lives are, or relate to how anxious they make themselves.

e607f1  No.16104334

d0b2c4  No.16105133

I know this is a broad stroke, but I hate convoluted stories and over-reliance on plot twists. A good writer must be able to make you invested in a story that you can predict beat by beat. If he can't do that, he's just deflecting scrutiny from his chops. Horii is one of the few who get it.

8beb7e  No.16105171

File: b906592d0c302e7⋯.png (456.91 KB, 856x1080, 107:135, 1468087096576.png)

>Humans are the REAL monsters!

a08a25  No.16105202

Inhumanly innocent character (usually a little girl, always a little girl in Japanese games) who gets killed or put into a coma.

I could not care less, not because I'm edgy and hate little girls, but because they aren't written as actual characters in 90% of cases and exist solely so something bad can happen to them to make you, the player, hate whoever did it and really make them out to be Evil McBadman who cannot be sympathized with ever.

It's just such a cheap way to try and make the player get invested into the story or the villains or have motivations or whatever without actually having to write a coherent plot and series of events that naturally makes the player dislike the villain or have a proper motivation to stop them. Persona 4 is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this retarded plot tool and regardless of whether you liked the little girl or not, you have to admit she existed solely to be innocent and cute to make it horrible when the innocent and cute girl who didn't do nothin' gets killed coincidentally put into a coma she can later recover from, in order to give the player character and by extension the player an actual reason to care about the plot.

1a8536  No.16105274


It was all a dream all along, or a simulation. It devalues the journey and the experience. There are certain games this doesn't apply to, like bloodborne, due to specific reasons, but generally its always shit. Like nu-prey.

d0b2c4  No.16105295


Yeah, you better know what you're doing when you use this in your story. Stable time loops are even worse, though.

fb450d  No.16105426



The only compelling metaphor for depression that I've seen in recent fiction is in Rise of the Shield Hero. The MC, Naofumi, is falsely accused of rape when involuntarily summoned to a fantasy world to be one of the four heroes. After he is run out on a rail, he finds that everything he eats is flavorless. Only after his slave starts changing his opinion of the fantasy world, little by little, does he find that he can smile, thank others, and taste food.

When you're legitimately depressed, most things are bland and pointless to you. Eating is a chore, you don't crave any foods. Nothing is fun, people are just a pain in the ass. You're not necessarily feeling sad or anything, it's just that everything feels pointless, and it takes too much energy to get even the most fleeting enjoyment from life.

On a side note, what does it say of the world when the most popular theme in recent fiction is dying and leaving your miserable existence behind, even if only to struggle in a primitive fantasy world where your efforts actually produce results?

ca03a1  No.16105472


All games are simulations asshole.


It's because far too many people are in denial of reality. They wrap themselves up in perfect fantasies, delude themselves into thinking everything is terrible, shut out everything but what they consume, or some combination of the above. It's just a different blend of that sort of thing no matter where you go on the internet, just varies based on the tastes of the users, and this place is no exception. The Patriot AI was right.

fb450d  No.16105506


I think you're on an adjacent street in this discussion. If your whole life is a string of miserable events, and you start getting used to be fucked over, robbed, betrayed, and otherwise denied happiness, it becomes your default state of mind. It takes a lot of resources to get out of that. I was driving hundreds of miles every week just to get away from my shit job on my off days, trying desperately to wring some enjoyment out of road trips. Hiking, visiting old friends, checking out thrift stores and game shops, but nothing worked. My problem is, I acquired all of my bullshit entertainment (over twelve thousand dollars' worth of games and hardware) too late for it to do any good. Games didn't even provide temporary escape from the shit that was distressing me to the breaking point, and even now that I'm out of that hellhole of a job, I'm not feeling any better.

On the plus side, not buying games, not going anywhere, and barely eating has saved a lot of money, although not enough to buy a house just yet.

037597  No.16105539

I hate it when stories with multiple protagonists try to force conflict between them, but the writer can't think of a good reason for two groups of "the good guys" to fight so they employ magical curses that force one side to fight under penalty of death if they try to talk things out.

6b956c  No.16105550


The other way around, it's because people are unable to fix their problems that they wrap themselves in perfect fantasies not the other way around. It's not even about the world being ass as such as the world being overly hostile to young people and trying to fuck them over without allowing them to learn which makes them generaly want to cut themselves off from reality for obvious reasons.

d0b2c4  No.16105565


>All games are simulations asshole.

All of them? What's simulated in checkers?

9e7a11  No.16105585

I hate stories that couldn't have more obvious twists and beats but the characters are made especially retarded to allow the story to happen, especially when said beats and twists involve information that's explicitly told to the player but not the characters.


An inverse of this is when the epilogue chapter is basically an additional 25% of the game that explores post game stories and adds a fair amount of content. It's rare but it's great when it happens.

Nayuta No Kiseki is indisputably Falcom's best game. There's so much care put into it it makes most of their current games look like shovelware.

e37228  No.16105593


this, redditors mistake le quirky character #7569167129677286838967492386874954764896739746984576349647429673486475386738647538673201235420757206 as being good writing

see destiny where they made said character archetype the main star of the show for its biggest dlc where thereafter the playebase applauded bungie for "improving and making the story good"

ca03a1  No.16105599


Understandable. I know my life has been getting boring at best, but just giving up about caring about that sort of thing has worked out alright for me, now I'm mostly just tired which I think is an upgrade. Better upgrade would be being a robot, in my opinion, but I'll have to wait on that technology, I know I'm too stupid to do it myself.


The world is a harsh place and doesn't teach you shit, that's the natural order. Knowledge is something created by organic life, memes are the genes of the mind, and through memes we have to come to terms with the world memes created. If you can't deal with those things, why live in this reality at all?


Good question, actually. I'm not intimately familiar with checkers to know for sure, I should probably look up the history of those sorts of classic turn based games so I can dunk on anybody who says JRPGs are outdated when there's a perfectly good reason for them to be turn based. I notice you didn't use chess as an example, as I know that chess is actually based on some war or battle or something, I should probably check that too. I also really should have specified video games, or computer games if I wanted to go full MatthewMitosis.

032fee  No.16105609

File: cb48978a8030d38⋯.png (36.63 KB, 320x359, 320:359, 242163adee7be965fdaaf4c139….png)

>a group is hated vehemently

>turns out it was no good reason at all or based purely on lies

>lol racism, right?

6b956c  No.16105642


But those memes exist mostly for the reason of teaching new generations how to live and to deal with survival in this life. Yet they have become completely useless, to the point where young people just break under what's thrown on them as they are not ready to even begin to adapt.

>If you can't deal with those things, why live in this reality at all?

No one would if they could.

ca03a1  No.16105675



Update on checkers, apparently it's based off some game from the Middle East, so if there's any meaning to it, it's been lost at this point. Fun fact though, checkers is a solved game, although it's only weakly solved. Still, that means it's the most complex game to be solved. Checkers isn't chess and it's certainly not Go, but it's something.


Maybe the problem isn't the memes, maybe the problem is you? And if you sincerely believe this reality isn't worth living in, why do you keep on living? Why not just die? This is a sincere question by the way. Are you afraid of what comes after? I know I am, I'm almost certain whatever happens after you die is, at best, nothing, and I don't want to ponder what else. I plan on living forever. Would you feel bad about your death making other people feel bad? Why should you care when you'd be dead? Besides, they'll all forget you eventually anyway. Unless there's some sort of horrible Dwarf Fortress-style tantrum spiral from your loss, that might be a problem. Maybe you just can't go through with dying, due to your basic survival instincts, which makes me think you're not such a lost cause in that case. Unless you're actually mentally damaged in one way or another the world can be dealt with. Hell, I've got actual autism and I can manage alright. I've chosen to live in this world, and if possible bend it to my will rather than let it bend me. Maybe you need to approach things from a different angle.

97f0d6  No.16105685

What if it was all just hallucinogenic gas?

What if it was all just ink on paper in a secret government camp?

6b956c  No.16105766


>Maybe the problem isn't the memes, maybe the problem is you?

This might be possible, but most of the problems I have are mostly due to my parents not knowing how to raise me, though I'm not saying that I am the best person myself. The thing is, I see a lot of people like that being fucked not really because of their own being but because of how they were raised or what society did to them, especially on imageboards. Maybe this is the case of society changing to be absolutely shit at dealing with young people, or maybe it's the case of us being less adaptive when it comes to stress and generaly a worse type of people.

>And if you sincerely believe this reality isn't worth living in, why do you keep on living? Why not just die?

Because I still have things to lose, there might be nothing after which means that I lose the only thing that I have even if that thing is tremendously ass, or what comes after might be actualy worse what we have now.

ca03a1  No.16105834


I understand your frustrations. However, you recognize the problem, and seem to be more interested in complaining about it rather than fixing it. Or you have fixed it and are just complaining more, in which case most of this conversation was pointless. Regardless, if there is one thing I want to say, it's that I do agree with your sentiment the world isn't really the way it should be. Humans have created a world we are not genetically equipped to deal with, and getting the memes necessary to deal with it isn't really the best plan. Then again I'm that one guy who really hates the concept of organic life in the first place so I dunno how valid my point is. I don't know how much sense this makes but whatever.

6b956c  No.16105881


>However, you recognize the problem, and seem to be more interested in complaining about it rather than fixing it.

I'm jaded and don't believe that the problem can be fixed at all, that is why.

792085  No.16107734

The Klutz character. You know the one, she appears in japanese games. I fucking hate how the japs think it's cute that this fucking bitch falls over, or stumbles and drops something or just constantly fails at life, even worse when it actually affects the plot so you can't just ignore her. The worst part is, these girls are usually written as a large side character or main love interest so they always take up a lot of screentime and you have to stare at their stupid fucking faces. FUCK. I genuinely hate these character type so much because it never fits anywhere. she should just die but apparently God hates us so she always survives by the tiniest amount. I want to fucking kill every klutz character there is. NO, she is not funny, not cute, not anything positive. She's a fucking negative to have in the party, she will never be productive and you honestly have to have something wrong with your brain in order to like these characters because they are all on the equivalent mental level of children without the perks :^). You wouldn't take a child into a warzone, so why would you take this fucking bitch? A child could at least startle the enemy because they don't expect you to be so retarded to bring children into warzones but the fucking klutz won't even do that.

Another thing I hate is the highschool setting. I dislike the jap adoration for it and things like VC2 are just downgrades to the original. When does the highschool setting not feel forced in by stupid japs?

0d8076  No.16107755

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fuck you for making me remember that this character exists.

90293a  No.16107771


What am I supposed to feel when I see these characters? Pity? Loathing? Is their retardation supposed to be endearing?

I've always struggled with what emotion I'm expected to feel upon seeing these people fuckup constantly.

0d8076  No.16107774


All of the above.

Also quads

869452  No.16107776


Thank fuck i didn't, tumblr games for tumblr trash.

b80145  No.16107778


What a shame.

650b51  No.16107788

8b23b8  No.16107797


I use to be like you, OP. Then I grew out of that liberal/libertarian mindset.

my mantras over the years

>pre-2014 / pre-GamerGate: apolitical

"If the game is fun, that's all that matter."

>2014-2018: libertarian

"If it's executed well, any idea can work in a story or game."

>2018-2019: authoritarian

"Some ideas are always inherently bad, regardless of execution."

If you asked me to play a game like Stardew Valley or Undertale before 2018, the LGBT themes they promoted wouldn't have bothered me. But now, I've realized that some ideas are always bad, degenerate, and must be stamped out. You can try to present "homosexuality is good" in however way you want, but I will always disagree and be against that immoral shit.

So when you say

>Although I'm personally of belief that there is no idea that can be done badly in writing if you have a good enough writer

to me, it's like suggesting that feces can be good ingredient in a tasty sandwich. Some ideas must be censored. Society is becoming too degenerate and getting closer to collapsing if we continue tolerating these terrible ideas.

98aaf6  No.16107806

Explaining everything. Let some things have some mystery, and this goes double for something like a horror game. There is fear in the unknown, and that fear drives humans. If you want an explanation, put it in broad strokes so that there are a lot of details and wiggle room for you to fuck with the player. This is also useful for cutting out exposition dump characters. Rather than fill them with long winded monologues on how the world works, and make them the "brains" you can give them some actual character.


Rather, it reminds you it is pointless. It is entertainment, so it is supposed to be something that is kind of pointless, maybe teach some lessons and escape reality for a bit, but ultimately something to distract you. It is just a kick in the guts for the game to remind you everything you felt for the characters, everything they went through was entirely pointless by making it so in the context of the story itself. It ties into the horror element that the OP was talking about.

f3a863  No.16107846

"You'll be just like him if you kill him". You know this one. It takes a special kind of retarded to think that this argument carries any weight. It's like arguing that the police shouldn't be allowed to arrest a kidnapper, because they're taking someone's freedom away just like the kidnapper did. Or that you shouldn't be allowed to defend yourself against an attacker because you're using violence against someone, just like your attacker.

Also, "humans are such foolish beings, they fear that which they don't understand/that which is different". This one seems to be one that pseudo-intellectual love. What they forget is that this applies to every single fucking living creature, and that it does so for a very good reason. Fearing the unknown or the different is what keeps you alive. If humans didn't do it, we wouldn't be fucking alive at this point. Evolution is what made us fear the unknown, because anyone stupid enough not to do it most likely died. The same is true for animals. How many animals are there that are completely fearless? Even the most common pets, cats and dogs, exhibit this behavior very clearly. Yet in the mind of these absolute retards, if you can even call it a mind, this most basic survival instinct is proof of stupidity. That it ties into current leftism bullshit is further proof of how idiotic it is. "haha you just hate nogs because they're different and you fear the different :)" Yeah, people do indeed fear things that are irrationally violent and dangerously stupid.

8a1cf8  No.16107866


Side note in horror is when they make the antagonistic force completely insurmountable from the word go. It makes for a boring story when you know the entire thing is going to amount to "and then the MC lost"

500d1c  No.16107936


But nogs are easy to understand, you just smack them if they act out of the line like in the good old times.

ce3b42  No.16108174


Homosexuality would be fine is they didn't try to groom kids and purposely spread deadly diseases. Alas, they take pride in both of the above, and have proven themselves unfit for life.

70cd15  No.16108236


>Some ideas must be censored. Society is becoming too degenerate and getting closer to collapsing if we continue tolerating these terrible ideas.

There's a difference between censoring and not tolerating ideas. The former implies top-down control of the spread of information and opinions, which needs to be avoided.

Not tolerating would mean that we shun people that present certain ideas as something to uphold and aggressively voice our disdain in order to either make those ideas not profitable, change their minds or make them unwilling to stand up for their ideas since they know the backlash it'll lead to.

Societal pressure is a perfectly fine way to fight degeneracy but I don't trust the government to define 'degeneracy' and enact censorship on their conclusion.

f3a863  No.16108239


You can't do that when they are numerous enough to kill you for doing it (or for no reason at all) or when you will be jailed for as much as looking at one funny.

d92009  No.16108451

>Lazily poking fun at the mindless gameplay

When the "smart character" tells you "just, like, blow everything up". It's like everything must be masked by 12 layers of irony, can't be honest and unashamed. Can't have unabashed mayhem without reminding the player "just so you know, we're smarter than this!!". I just loathe that head-up-the-ass aura coming from modern western games.

54fe93  No.16114627


>If you asked me to play a game like Stardew Valley or Undertale before 2018, the LGBT themes they promoted wouldn't have bothered me. But now, I've realized that some ideas are always bad, degenerate, and must be stamped out. You can try to present "homosexuality is good" in however way you want, but I will always disagree and be against that immoral shit.

Off topic but this. Their forcing their ideology in everything now and I will not abide to it.

c3d401  No.16115180


> Let's have a thread about things in games, preferably storytelling themes

Why do you need this?

This is probably basic rules of writing a good story but it happens way to often

When everything works out for the main character because he is the main character,actually just having a main character that is this god touched person that takes part in all important events of the world when most people will maybe live one of those moments in their life

Surprising but off the top of my head Battlefield 3 has a cool story that manages to brake away from that by the player controlling more than one character that are connected by the events and became the main character only for some time and mostly because of being a the right place at the right time

Some movies do it by for example putting stories from 10 soldiers and showing one character do them all,kind of like Forest Gump consists of a few stories,The shrimp company after a hurricane is a real story,the smiley by wiping mud on the shirt I think most things in the movie was based on real events but can't remember for sure but something like that can be used well just to show people things that happened in form of a movie

What I don't like more is when I am watching a movie and there is no "will he manage to do it" question in my head it's just "of course he will he is the main character" ,I wish there would be more 5 minute movies but that won't happen because of money

In most movies with firefights all trained cops just miss,there is no ricochet that can kill the character randomly.If a movie has some "super special secret soldiers" the main character can always take out entire teams of them for no reason other than plot

I could understand he takes out 2-3 guys but if the enemies are supposed to be elite than even just on random they should kill him,When enemies take turns waiting to fight the guy or want to fight in the first place instead of just shooting the guy

All of that is also hard to avoid in movies because you will usually have enough money for a few known actors,so for example if there is a moment in a movie where they say "the killer is one of the people from the crowd" and then you see a bunch of extras and one actor you recognize you know who the killer is but the movie can't acknowledge that ,this happens in games too when using known actors as voices

It's like when in some games the doors are closed even if you guess the code because your character has to learn it

TL:DR I actually like when the story is overly realistic and there is nothing that makes me think the outcome was plot based

c3d401  No.16115185


by 5 minute movies I mean a movie where antagonists don't let the characters live so they can train and prepare the revenge plot but a movie where the characters get's killed and the antagonist win,Imagine a horror movie where they double tap the thing the first time it goes down instead of being stupid

d92009  No.16115331

File: c456a7787479d11⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 480x360, 4:3, c456a7787479d11a1e8f5e68fe….jpg)


>Antagonists have complex idealogies and have fully committed to one path for their lives

>Protagonist hardly knows what they're even fighting for

>Despite this staggering difference in willpower, the antagonists all lose to this character simply because they have to

12b070  No.16115559

File: 7edc285b20d9f24⋯.jpg (39.56 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 7edc285b20d9f243b3270383c8….jpg)


>the klutz character

>the spineless MC

>constantly fall into each other trope for cheap fan service

T-thanks, animu cashcows.

7989be  No.16115640


The idea of a shy klutz boy and a shy klutz girl falling for each other and going for akward dates, both of them having no idea what they are doing but trying their best anyways is fucking adorable though

eb042a  No.16115665


Fantasy Racism is always retarded. I want a game where it's like "Well, those orcs DO rape and kill a lot…"

e1dbc3  No.16115675


I would laugh pretty hard if a game's villain kills a whole bus or school of little girls because he was sure just killing one wouldn't motivate the protagonist enough

491554  No.16115683

File: 74bda9c4df167dd⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 266ef275ede29bc⋯.png (4.39 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c006a94ce21ea03⋯.png (1 MB, 960x544, 30:17, ClipboardImage.png)



Danganronpa 2 does this but also goes out of its way to make sure the klutz is bullied as much as possible


she's not really any worse than Phoenix or Apollo though

1f5090  No.16115688



>Oh the humans won't trust me because I'm half-ogre/half-demon/hostile race, they're afraid of me and this is terrible

Bitch when your extended family eats people and you're an accomplished fighter they're in the fucking right when they don't let you exist near them

73aaaa  No.16115697


>Player is the chosen one

It negates all the effort the characters put in to accomplishing their goal because the gods or fate or whatever has already decided 'let it be so'

>antagonist is evil just for the sake of being evil

It's dumb and lazy writing. Why would someone raise an army, locate forbidden tomes, and develop unprecedented magically ability just to be edgy?

8924c9  No.16115720

File: 9aa7fcd3f3b6f49⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, end_of_evangelion_wallpape….png)


I hate when the story is just a metaphor for puberty with unsubtle symbolism for penises and vaginas.

87db35  No.16115725


>It's dumb and lazy writing. Why would someone raise an army, locate forbidden tomes, and develop unprecedented magically ability just to be edgy?

It's miles better than, "his puppy was shot as a child by X soldier, this super duper tragedy has caused him to become evil but he's just tragically misguided." I'm so fucking tired of tragic villains these days, please more assholes being assholes because they're assholes.

22301c  No.16115731


Have you played Arcanum?

7989be  No.16115750


>Player is the chosen one

It's a lovely theme to subvert though, I love when a game tells you that you are a chosen one and then does something interesting with it, for example you not actually being the chosen one or this meaning something else than usual.

>antagonist is evil just for the sake of being evil

Antagonists who are evil for the sake of being evil and have fun with that are great though.

81ed7e  No.16115835

File: 989aedace93101d⋯.png (296.3 KB, 515x510, 103:102, why contain it.png)

>nature is super beautiful you guys we have to stop raping mother nature

I hate this shit so much. Not only is it extremely misguided (I doubt these fucks would consider getting the plague as beautiful), it's downright insulting. Yeah, hey, we should go back to a simpler time and be more in tune with nature, even though we've spent the last couple of milenia trying to wall ourselves off from nature in order to fucking survive. Forget stupid industrialized shit like antibiotics, medicine, or even the very objects we use to perceive your stupid propaganda, just go be one with nature… somehow. Avatar is the perfect example of this.

>nuclear power bad :c

Nuclear power is the best alternative we have to oil in large scale energy production. Not only its high energy output, it's not as polluting as people want to believe. Those large ugly clouds coming from the towers? That's just steam, which will turn into clouds. What about the used fuel rods? Bury them, since they're way less radioactive than people like to think (they're still toxic though).

But no, muh chernobyl (a combination of negligence and bad luck), muh three mile island (extremely overblown reports), muh fukushima (the tsunami did tons more damage than the reactor ever did, the radiation wasn't as severe as reported).


>more assholes being assholes because they're assholes.

I think Bob Page is the best example of this. He's motivated by power, sure, but his motivation is founded more on philosophy rather than being "ha ha time to steal santa claus power" style evil.

9e729f  No.16116000


I've talked with a few people about nuclear power and they're usually okay with nuclear energy until you offer them the scenario that it might be built within a few miles of their house, and then they begin to backpedal. There's a large cultural stigma about nuclear power due to incidents that make the news and propaganda in popular media that makes many average people okay with it until it is in their backyard.

ae62ff  No.16116064

File: 9b453d0cab0e410⋯.jpg (194.19 KB, 636x571, 636:571, f64177d1d85bfe1f06ada248d8….jpg)


>Why would someone raise an army, locate forbidden tomes, and develop unprecedented magically ability just to be edgy?

Let's be honest if I were a powerful villain

from something like Dragon Quest I would be killing faggots and Untermensch to my heart's content.

269eae  No.16120585

>Hallucinations caused by an actual paranormal power that feeds on character's fears and regrets are a-okay in my book though

This reminds me of the movie Event Horizon, where an extremely effective horror plot (this is all happening as a result of the Hell inside of you) suddenly changed toward the climax into something utterly stupid (actually the ship went to literal Hell and these are eeeevil demons) that completely destroyed the horror element and turned one of the scariest movies I've ever experienced into an eye-rolling cringe fest because it attempted to turn internal horror to external horror, which is never any good.

Sage because it's not about a video game. More on topic: hallucinations (not caused by tripping hard) don't work like that, anyway. They're fleeting, not all-encompassing. Real-world hallucinations is like being quite sure that you saw a gremlin sitting on the wing of an airplane (but now it's gone), not being sucked into a vision where every other passenger is a gremlin.

6ad405  No.16120678

File: 9b733e6c1105f85⋯.jpg (164.69 KB, 940x1200, 47:60, 1523420826-2.jpg)

Shit game 1

>Hot ara or big tiddy chick in your game

>Story forces you to end or want to end with the plain jane

Shit game 2

>Any game crossover that doesn't spend time with individual character actions and dialougue

>"Main story" goes with a directors OC fanfiction characters going to each world saying how cool the characters are and how the IPs characters saying how cool the OC character is

>OC character design is usually abominable design vomit

Shit game 3

>Sequel of the game that completely undoes the events, rules, character arcs, and or tones of the first game

>DLC to expand on the story

>Basically everything Mass Effect 3 did

Shit game 4

>Game in the series that completely lose all pretense of what the series is about

>focus on waifus and highschool romance instead of war and philosophy of life

>try to force in a new main character as the frontman for the story instead of the old character which the series is built upon and gave the IP brand name appeal and sequel funding in the first goddamn place

>Just outright changing the game mechanics or shoving in gimmicks that no one asked for

Shit game 5

>Bad guy has a better motivation and reasoning for his actions and a more altruistic end goal

>Protagonist is a high horse moralfaggot who goes off to kill him because NOPE NOPE NOPE you did a mean thing to town we are told to like or told is good

>Protagonist probably travels across the lands doing more killing and slaughtering just to kill off the antagonist just to maintain the status quo

f7c1ea  No.16120690


Shit game 6

>a game has a number of heroines you can pursue

>does not have a harem route

>even actively punishes you for trying it

There's a special kind of hell for people that do this.

12b070  No.16120772


No, physically falling into each other and it always ends in a panty shot or some stupid shit. It's so predictable.

85f4dd  No.16122529

I realized that I personaly really hate how the western writers write family oriented characters. You know what I mean? Think of the father characters in horror games, or anything western really. It always feels as if the only thing they care about is MUH WIFE AND CHILD, which is understandable, but they seem to have literaly no other character traits besides that. Made me drop some games.

e5513c  No.16122574

One of the funniest parts of FFXIV is that they had to make a whole faction rascist in order to get them seen as villains.

>Introduction: We lost this land in a huge war hundreds of years ago, and now we want it back as the rightful heirs to its bounty.

>Also we have proof, and the shit-lands we ended up in are so shit they are a literal danger to our continued existence.

>War now!

>Fans: Well they have a point.

>Square throws in demon summoning.

>Fans: Well, it's fucking war. They still have a point.

>Square throws in human sacrifice

>Fans: Well, it was consensual. What heroes!

>Square throws up its arms, has one leader throw around terms like 'master race' and 'purity of blood' along with other Nazi nods

54fe93  No.16124494


I heard something about this. If true that's fucking funny

>have a villain so compelling and relatable that you have to keep adding caricature and tropey villain traits just to get your users to stop seeing their side

41a918  No.16125350


Sounds like Zeon in a nutshell.

4d0f66  No.16125416

File: 1fb190c03fdd7ec⋯.webm (3.31 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Seems like we both have a….webm)




I hate not-zis, where they make obvious references to them based on popular culture.


There's also been some tremendously bad management around them. For instance, the Diablo Canyon NPP in California is built ON A FUCKING FAULT LINE next to the ocean. I think it might've been pushed purposely by the oil/coal companies to go there, it had to be some kind of malice and not a simple fuckup.

1465b9  No.16125432


To be honest, that scene was weird, so I'm not entirely convinced that was the "real" emperor, either he is playing some role in front of the alliance, or maybe someone is impersonating him, as it was very out of character for him for what we had seen so far. Also, I think SE actually didn't make him racist. When speaking about the master race he refereed to the race that existed before the creation of all the other races, including Garlean, and he desired to make all races "evolve" (or "devolve") to gain freedom from the Ascians, as he consider them invincible otherwise. Although I guess in the end you could summarize his goals as "create the master race and kill the enemy of mankind that control history events from the Shadows", so who knows. Somehow I think we will end up allying with him one way or the other.

cef9d5  No.16125649

File: b2a79d84e2b9fe4⋯.png (224.08 KB, 1399x1354, 1399:1354, b2a79d84e2b9fe40dea24e338a….png)

Villains who are SUPER EVIL for no reason at all.

Just plain evil and destruction with no thought or reasoning behind it.

Also any kind of good vs evil dualism.

Sure, it's a powerful idea and an easy way to make a story go, but it's so overused, I'm tired of seeing it.

The execution is usually terrible too, which just makes it worse.


Valkyria Chronicles has some really dumb plot devices.


>You wouldn't take a child into a warzone

But that's what people did sometimes.

Also, VC2 had the opportunity the be a pretty grim story about a duchess holding on to her throne by using child soldiers to fight the rebels since both the regular army and the militia got wiped out.

Too bad Japs only know how to write happy-go-lucky stories when younger characters are involved.

d92009  No.16125912


At least asshole villains can have a personality. Mindless destroy-everything monsters are worse. How many games end with you killing the retarded god of a retarded cult?

ee5add  No.16126036

The cheeriest, most optimistic character is secretly a sick, depraved man/like, super-depressed, nihilistic and cynical, man. I know that's the case in real life in many cases, but is it hard to have a more recent character that stands out because of his/her bright attitude and gets up from a bad situation? No problems if the backstory is traumatic and strived to be someone with a more positive attitude.

ce1155  No.16126109


>censorship is okay when it's the things I don't like

Maximum gamergoy.

ee5add  No.16126123

You end a game as the celebrated hero, or simply ends the character arc in a good way, be it a villain or hero. Next game, your character has hit the bad times and it's up to the new hero/villain the fix the situation, and if the previous hero joins your cause, he'll be weaker compared to the brand spanking new hero.

22d960  No.16126182

Most people here have already covered what I would say, but one of my most hated tropes is the whole supernatural vs technology thing. One of the things I liked about Twin Peaks is that the supernatural beings actually operate through technology itself, and season 3 even implied that the first nuclear weapon test is what brought the evil spirits like Judy into our world in the first place.

190624  No.16126317


>Eating is a chore, you don't crave any foods

t. doesn't stress-eat

>tfw the spartan meal control you follow up with to avoid getting fat actually make you feel less bad for having more discipline in your life

3f8294  No.16126460


>but one of my most hated tropes is the whole supernatural vs technology thing.

I'll punch you.

1f5090  No.16126508


You made me realize, one of my most hated tropes is the complete absence of guns where their presence would very logical. Okay, you've got magic, you've got super strength or super speed, there's still quite a lot of reasons why you might want to carry a 9mm just in case. This applies doubly to characters who only have support powers and no offensive capabilities of their own, just like carry a handgun and at least you might be able to pop a motherfucker who underestimates you.

d0b2c4  No.16126997


How does it make sense as a dichotomy.

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