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File: a9932b52120ef66⋯.png (143.3 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 36da0a5605964b3⋯.png (241.98 KB, 992x504, 124:63, ClipboardImage.png)

80a8d6  No.16104607

What do I need to do to start this up? Is there already a torrent? I would be willing to set up a Mega and maintain it. If /tg/ can archive a bunch of archaic TTG books that nobody will ever look at, we can compile our own library.

>"just use internet FAQS"

They're often lacking and have no good maps/images

>"Just use letsplays"

Those things are utterly unwatchable, and whether or not they explain execution of specific actions is a total crapshoot.

>"Just buy the books off ebay"

Pic related. Fuck off, scalper jews.

191c5e  No.16104630

>"just use internet FAQS"

>Just use letsplays"

>"Just buy the books off ebay"

What shit strawman advice. Here's the actual answer :



c44c39  No.16105362


I'd be wary of using official strategy guides, especially ones for older RPGs. I recall the offical US guide for legend of mana had a bunch of missing or outright incorrect info in it.


Strategy guides are good if you want hi res artwork that hasn't been scanned and were often purchased back when no one had a clue if artbooks for certain games were released in Japan, much less scanned.

80a8d6  No.16105404


I don't have time to scour every inch of a game for every single little collectable.


Also this, especially true of some of the better Prima releases

4b5c12  No.16106111

Got a script working in Firefox for downloading off Emuparadise. Gonna get everything i can.

97d055  No.16106142

File: 415c1e1a30ee6a4⋯.png (75.32 KB, 512x580, 128:145, the jewish handshake.png)


Strategy guides are nortoriously out of date since Prima only had a few months to actually write them and ship them out. They almost always either have content that has been cut out and still printed or have old features that dont work the way as written.

Dont bother with them. theres a reason EBgames here in australia tries selling them for 5 dollars brand new all the time instore.

6f94aa  No.16106155


>i don't have time to play games

this mindset is what's wrong with the industry

fucking die

445fc6  No.16106230


EP used to have a number of them if memory serves. But as others have said, there's often a factor of inaccuracy to the ones out there, especially for longer, larger games. And in the case of particular classic RPGs and the like, at least the ones to come overseas, seeing if they have an RPGshrine probably would serve better than looking for a strategy guide, and unlike gameFAQs guides, can have screenshots. Certainly better than something like forking over $30 I've seen the Tales of Eternia PS1 guidebook go for here, and of which I hear is questionably accurate. Also the factor of if they were written specifically on the author having to try to 100% the game himself within [X time], as opposed to either translate an existing guide (and thus perhaps terminology not syncing with the official game translation for added confusion), or one of the devs or someone else in official know doing so (which could actually be a plus to utility).


>Strategy guides are good if you want hi res artwork that hasn't been scanned and were often purchased back when no one had a clue if artbooks for certain games were released in Japan, much less scanned.

Yeah, except if he art's got text strewn over it due to being used primarily as page backgrounds. Though I suppose some games got it better off than others. Lack of artbook scans is still a definite issue for some games or series. And it's always obnoxious to find somewhere claiming to have them when they're just crops with all extraneous information to the actual character art removed.


>theres a reason EBgames here in australia tries selling them for 5 dollars brand new all the time instore.

At launch, or just a quick markdown on unsold ones? Just saying since I'm pretty sure hardcover ones, depending on length, can be $20-30 at launch here in the states.

97d055  No.16106283


All three.

EB used to have mountains of those fucking strat guides in brand new condition selling for a fiver each. another big shop called JB Hifi was desperate to unload all its F76 stuff, at one point they were selling the preorder edition of 76 with a brand new strat guide AND multiple JB exclusive funcopop bobble things for less then 50 bucks.

f4a8c6  No.16106285

I remember finding a stash of digitalized strategy guides that seemed somewhat hard to find on some shitty filehost with atrocious bandwidth limit, maybe that would have interested you but I have no idea if it's still up and no idea where it was to begin with

9ab080  No.16106296

pretty damn sure strategy guides are notorious for being the author just writing what happened during his playthrough.

445fc6  No.16106842


Yeah, some of the preowned stores here have a bunch of those they've gotten in but can't get rid of either. Sometimes it's fun to glance through the rack though, in case some have unused posters you can take off their hands, or for possible artbooks that are scattered amidst them.


I remember hearing there was one for the first Wild Arms that was explicitly both factual walkthrough and author opinion on what had transpired at any given point, resulting it being a print media review that walked through the entire game.

80a8d6  No.16106857


Nigga that's why I want PDFs, the shits are free.


Why the fuck would i want a guidebook for a new game that shipped 80% complete?

d43e82  No.16106986

I know for a fact many strategy guides have really obvious errors (Prima is particularly bad for that). But not only do they sometimes contain useful information, it also prevents them from becoming lost media. I understand if you think it's fucking pointless, but the fact of the matter is you never know what will be useful or valuable, and if it's in data form it's much easier to deal with. Basically, archive everything you faggots.

80a8d6  No.16107049


Also allows you to access information without paying scalpers. The price of some books, absolutely fucking ridiculous.

97d055  No.16107086


its not for you anon, its for the soyboys who dont play games, they can read it and post screenshots of the first 20 minutes of gameplay they have and then unperson it all a few weeks later.

Those true gamers gonna buy those strategy guides and that Razer online connectivity required cup for their once a week gaming sessions their partner lets them have.

80a8d6  No.16107145


If you don't care, you can always find another thread to shit up.

97d055  No.16107198


>zoomer doesn't like hearing the truth

Don't you have selfies to take in kingdom hearts 3 sonny? if you buy that hardback you can share it on reddit.

05bd6f  No.16107208


>Strategy Guide

Like prima guides and shit? Why would you want any? They're fucking garbage.

176816  No.16107236

Retromags has some, archive.org has some, emuparadise had some, I don't know of any torrents but they might exist, you might have luck on ed2k or some shit also. The problem is that most scans that exist are pretty shit quality, so we need people to buy the damn things and scan them. The main hub of uploading new scans is retromags. Be careful of downloaded pdfs by the way, they can contain malware.


You act like they didn't purposely hide shit back then so you'd have to call their 1-800 number or buy the damn book to get 100% completion. Some games are even broken where it's actually impossible to get 100% with cheating also.


I thought those scripts didn't work anymore?



Go back to your 4um.

176816  No.16107241


Without cheating, rather.

80a8d6  No.16107248


The script still works, Dreamcast games and books were an issue, Chrome is broken, but Firefox works fine. Working my way down Bradygames right now.

05bd6f  No.16107259


Alright. When did you last encounter a game that even qualifies for a proper cluebook or has a fucking hotline of all things? I think it was 1996 for me.

2981ee  No.16107279


The script doesn't work for guides, just ISOs

2981ee  No.16107282



And ROMs, sorry.

It works for the Emulator sections

80a8d6  No.16107284

2981ee  No.16107289


God bless you

604920  No.16107301


>and unlike gameFAQs guides, can have screenshots

There are gamefaqs with screenshots, tables, hyperlinks and other html stuff.

https://gamefaqs.please use archive.is/pc/926944-ys-the-oath-in-felghana/faqs/61642

https://gamefaqs.please use archive.is/psp/937451-the-legend-of-heroes-trails-in-the-sky-sc/faqs/72569

https://gamefaqs.please use archive.is/ps4/179835-resident-evil-2/faqs/76813

604920  No.16107310


Sorry, didn't know it was filtered, here are the archives.




445fc6  No.16107311


I was speaking more of the user created walkthroughs, the sort that had to resort to using typed text to create vague maps and such. Haven't actually been there in years outside of specific older games, so if they're allowing images now, it's new to me.

604920  No.16107324

File: b8ec48af410ddbd⋯.png (56.5 KB, 1034x501, 1034:501, Ys.PNG)


The Ys one was done in 2012, so it's not all that new but you are right that the majority of them are still text.

Anyway the first link is wrong, here is the good one for ys.


80a8d6  No.16110403

Any other good sites rife for mass ripping? Archive org doesn't let you download pdfs.

2bc2c5  No.16110934


I actually collect strategy guides you tend to find them very cheap at second hand stores. Some stores will practically give them away.

I do prefer them to internet walkthroughs since internet walkthroughs often have very misleading or poorly written information that only made sense to the author. Wheras strategy guides will have pictures and maps. On the flipside there's numerous examples of strategy guides with missing or misleading information. A good example being Final Fantasy 9's strategy guide was only half finished with it full of passages that asked you to visit a website Square setup they expected players to use instead. A website that now no longer exists. Or GTA San Andreas's strategy guide which was based on a beta of the game and has maps of collectibles that are in different locations in the final game.

80a8d6  No.16110994


That FF9 thing was a DRM measure on the book I think

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