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File: 1a072a1c49873ce⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 1400x1916, 350:479, Old_FO1_ad.jpg)

38a933  No.16105231

I'm in the RPG mood for a game that isn't fallout. Problem is, that most of open world RPGs(not JRPGs, fuck that noise) Seem to fall into one of 2 categories: Medieval, or your typical fantasy garbage. I HATE That shit, swords and magic and orcs are so generic and boring, and yet, it seems that it's the status quo when people think of RPGs

I've been thinking about playing KOTOR 1 and 2, even if it is star wars, Wasteland 2 also seems appealing, same with Atom RPG, what other good non fantasy/medieval RPGs would you recommend?

fb5859  No.16105239


Does this mean you'd be okay with a fantasy that doesn't have orcs and goblins and shit? Would Nioh count?

57e072  No.16105240


Not a true RPG but have you played Burntime?

38a933  No.16105243


Describe the setting to me. I'm okay with something that tries to be different, what I hate is being limited to melee/bows and magic, mostly, I like it when the game is grounded in reality, and if it isn't, if it's at least sci fi


No, what is it?

ef151b  No.16105244


>not JRPG

Enjoy your trash games

f18cf9  No.16105246

play dragonfall

fb5859  No.16105252


If that's your criteria then nevermind, nioh is probably not for you.

38a933  No.16105255


Did you mean daggerfall?

38a933  No.16105260


It looks more like a souls game to me, from the looks of it. Nothing wrong with that, but souls is not an RPG game, more of an action adventure

57e072  No.16105265


>No, what is it?

Post apoc survival game with a low tech tribal setting, think Shady Sands not Arroyo. Very open for when it came out. It was one of the main influences for Fallout.

38a933  No.16105332


Cool, is it hard to get it working on modern hardware?

b72a02  No.16105379

ATOM RPG is pretty good, just make sure you have your DEX at 10 points unless you want it to be almost too challenging

01bc2c  No.16105399


Age of Decadence is pretty good.

57e072  No.16105400


It's a dos game but I don't remember if it was hard to config. Shouldn't be too much trouble.

38a933  No.16105403


wikipedia article says I can run it in my browser, could give it a go later

5bd0e0  No.16105464

kcd is the best medieval rpg my mans, cuts out all the generic shit with actual history and no fantasy nonsense either, you really get the feel of building yourself up to be a kickass knight, only other game to do that is mount and blade.

also kotor 1 and 2 are gold, don't be a faggot

7611bb  No.16105659

File: c413b820143820e⋯.jpg (165.3 KB, 1026x800, 513:400, shenmue-dc-cover-front-456….jpg)

I suppose this counts as an action-RPG, and the setting is very uncommon. In any case it's great and has a PC port now, so I recommend it.

d6d6d7  No.16105845

KOTOR 1 and 2 are good and you should definitely play them. Don't be put off by Star Wars, the first game is very standard Star Wars but the second is much more experimental. They're both good games, /v/ tends to prefer the second one but that's because of the themes it's playing with rather than because it's a clearly better game. They're not really "open world" in the sense you might mean, though.

Aside from those, you should play VTMB and Deus Ex if you haven't. Alpha Protocol is fun but janky.

76bbae  No.16105898


>literally the opposite of what he asked for

e793d0  No.16106031

File: fbe87b71d874823⋯.jpeg (936.83 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, inquisitor.jpeg)

File: 0c375361d966183⋯.png (4.72 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 8a8Inquisitorscreenshot.png)

Inquisitor is fantasy but not the usual fantasy, it uses christian/pagan magic. Combat is shit though.

65e211  No.16106197

File: d705cc634a3acab⋯.jpg (108.91 KB, 394x700, 197:350, g.jpg)

look at, arcanum: of steamworks and magick obscura, its fantasy but industrial revoloution.

d90161  No.16106252


Good to see someone else mention this one. The town designs are good but you spend too much time in holes and dungeons that are pretty bland.

On the whole I'd say that it's OK but not great. Worth getting a GoG torrent of.

5bd0e0  No.16106261


didn't this game tank hard?

b72a02  No.16106276


It did because the game was never released when fully developed I think and was just sitting on the developer or publisher's hard drive almost waiting to rot

0ac700  No.16107103

File: 2f5cb111e0d4c1c⋯.jpg (921.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SMTI Neutral wallpaper.jpg)

File: 9fdbdee93bf1fe9⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 360x219, 120:73, Jack Frost animated.gif)

File: d6b78fb3e0b5af1⋯.jpg (225.66 KB, 549x716, 549:716, SMTI character window.jpg)

File: 7660696fd5f64f4⋯.jpg (494.04 KB, 784x1109, 784:1109, SMTI Pixie screens.jpg)

File: 1bde700505924a4⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SMTI Shinagawa NewMoon.jpg)


If you're up for a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei Imagine is an excellent option. It's a moncolle (monster collecting) formula RPG title from the series that pioneered said formula. Imagine is the richest game in the series, with many years' worth of content.

The game world consists of several separate large areas, but it's the closest this series ever got to "open-world".

Granted, the game suffers from some flawed and dated quest design, and may take quite some time getting used to (especially if you don't know Japanese), but it's free so you've got nothing to lose. The official version is gone, but there's a private server you can find at "reimagine.online"

Yes it's an MMO but it's solo-friendly and extremely PvE-focused

1a9585  No.16107151

File: b4211ddd16cb55e⋯.jpg (195.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, carevaner 2.jpg)

Carevaneer 2, a post apocaliptic trading RPG, it's about a desert world (at least where you are) where the civilisation collapsed due to climate change, can be repetitive since i focused so much on delivering good that i forgot what the main quest was about and some plot points.

430478  No.16107164


kys subhuman weeb

c06ae6  No.16107183


Have you tried using the catalog you fucking nigger?

71d9d9  No.16107218


Buck Rogers Gold Box games

139897  No.16107343

File: 3484000965a09f8⋯.jpg (217.72 KB, 755x960, 151:192, 2968682-shadowrun-returns-….jpg)

Shadowrun has fantasy elements, but the setting is sci-fi.

9b5538  No.16109926


Well there's mass effect

bc6d5b  No.16109956

File: e23ee10fda0d922⋯.jpg (131.66 KB, 960x544, 30:17, operation-abyss-new-tokyo-….jpg)

File: b2ce799163c47b0⋯.jpg (42.61 KB, 960x544, 30:17, Operation-Abyss-New-Tokyo-….jpg)

File: 70e656b2b557338⋯.jpg (219.87 KB, 960x544, 30:17, Operation-Babel-Combat.jpg)

File: bc633cf49deb282⋯.jpg (117.1 KB, 734x416, 367:208, operation-babel-new-tokyo-….jpg)

Does operation babel/abyss count? It would be nice if there were more sci-fi turned based jrpgs based games. Hopefully with gameplay concepts from wizardry and aesthetics of Blame!

b662c6  No.16109960


and a high perception and good luck.

09c53c  No.16109986

Deus Ex?

8bdf55  No.16110006


for futuristic CRPGs, try the Buck Rogers XXVI games (Countdown to Doomsday and its sequel Matrix Cubed)

for futuristic JRPGs (fuck you, try these) try the Phantasy Star series (at least 1, 2, and 4. 3 optional but good in its own way. PSO and its derivatives are good too, but more action-oriented and loot-grindy) or Lagrange Point

for steampunk/magitech try Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

for a weird cyberpunk kind of game, try Anachronox

for espionage, try Alpha Protocol

for delightfully weird, try Okage: Shadow King

057158  No.16110023


This looks interesting. Could you put up some pictures of the mobs you can catch, etc.? (and what do you do with them? Fight with them like pets/pokemon?)

b72a02  No.16110027


as long as you have a machine gun, almost all encounters are not a worry.

a92328  No.16111217

File: b728b2e2a626717⋯.jpg (36.87 KB, 488x305, 8:5, f674af4d6402c313d0745fa004….jpg)


I don't think you could've made a crappier list even if you tried.

59892c  No.16111320

File: 2e7758389c0086d⋯.mp4 (11.28 MB, 480x360, 4:3, SMTI 真 女神転生 IMAGINE オンラインゲ….mp4)

File: b1af41502226877⋯.jpg (99.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, SMTI Cerberus in Nakano.jpg)

File: 5646eb22e4d22e7⋯.png (728.43 KB, 920x340, 46:17, SMT Minister and Demons.png)


Basically, the world is swarming with hostile demons, but you have the option to "negotiate" with just about any demon you encounter on field and in dungeons, and convert it to your side. (As long as your human character's level is as high as said demon's or higher, of course.)

The process is pretty simple: You walk up to the demon of your choice and spam the designated emote(s) several times, and RNG does the rest. There are 4 possible outcomes:

1. The demon joins you

2. The demon leaves you a gift and disappears

3. The demon disappears without giving you anything

4. The negotiation reaches a dead end and the demon remains hostile

In case of #4, just kill the hostile or run away from it, and try again with another demon until you win the RNG's favor.

Once you've made a contract with a demon, you can summon/unsummon it at will. Demons help you in battle. You can carry multiple demon contracts, but you can have only one demon summoned at a time.

Each demon you have comes with multiple AI options you can enable or disable. If you like to multitask, you can manually control your demon's actions in battle via hotkeys. You can even press Tab to assume direct control of your demon and move it around, but it can't stray too far from the owner.

Once you've got multiple demon contracts, you can have them fused together to create a new demon. The new demon will inherit the parent demons' skills (within its compatibility limits), but it will usually have to do a little training to unlock said skills. Each demon can have up to 8 skills equipped at a time, but can keep all its learned skills "on the bench", for lack of a better analogy, and equip it at your leisure. That said, once you unequip a demon's skill, you can't get it back, so choose carefully.

916139  No.16115379


Atom is just Soviet Fallout. Wasteland is the game Fallout was based on, with Wasteland 2 being a really late sequel. If you don't want Fallout you might as well skip these.


Deus Ex

Prince of Qin

The Scroll of Taiwu (if you speak Chinese)



Quest For Glory 2 & 3 (#1 takes place in medieval, #2 arabia, #3 africa)

Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse


c4e8d3  No.16115400


>swords and magic and orcs are so generic and boring

Fucking faggot hipsters with their little-brain opinions.

Try Dark Sun: Shattered Lands.

57e072  No.16115417


>Prince of Qin

This one was surprisingly good, but it had a game breaking bug involving closed doors that ate your keys or something. I don't remember exactly, but it got me stuck.

b969db  No.16115582

Since you posted Fallout I might as well suggest Jagged Alliance 2, especially with the community 1.13 Patch.

Its more of a tactical roundbased RPG. But if youre into creating your own character, leveling up yourself and also the mercenaries you hire along the way and like RPG-like roundbased combat then its a really good game.

You technically go around a Country trying to free it from its evil female president(Practically the US if Hillary would have won).

You free up cities, do small quests(if you want to), recruit townspeople into your ranks, train militia against the countries Army to defend your freed cities, level up your character(s) and your fellow hirelings abilities etc etc.

You get gear by defeating enemies from their dead bodies or you order them online for money, which arrives at the local small airport.(Which is where the mines from each town come in)

Theres also a sci-fi mode where some monsters from the presidents experiments will attack you, but they attack everyone, the countries army, the townspeople, militia, and you.

Also big Tigers, randomly.

Its good fun, and it'll keep you busy for weeks, especially if you dare go for the insane difficulty in 1.13

My current game is going on since over a year, simply cause the army attacks me so often that I have to keep retraining militia while making sure I dont run out of funds.

8fc2ab  No.16115593

File: 4c86ec5d998b55a⋯.png (223.14 KB, 528x383, 528:383, Nauseous.png)


JRPGs are boring as fuck because they're generic. If you've played one, you've literally played them all.

e84b84  No.16115597


I'l vouch for Shadowrun, all 3 of them are pretty good and surprisingly not that pozzed either though definitely not based & redpilled either.

Crazy as it sounds i think they managed to do the near impossible and make every new game better than the last too.

be7dff  No.16115638


Underrail is post-apoc, though not particularly focused on storytelling but takes heavy inspiration from Fallout.

The Geneforge games are fantasy, though not your typical Tolkien-ripoff, since you're part of mage organization that uses artificially created creatures to bully everyone around them.

Planescape is an obvious choice since the setting was purposely chosen to be as different from the usual D&D stuff as possible.

Age of Decadence was already mentioned, but it takes place after the fall of the not-Roman empire, so it's basically Dark Age post-apocalypse.

Arcanum is a non-gay take on steampunk made by former Fallout developers.

Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines is non-gay urban fantasy before women ruined it, also made by former Fallout developers, where you get to play a vampire.

Sabres of Infinity and the sequel are about magitek Napoleonic warfare, thought they are text only and more CYOA than an actual RPG.

057158  No.16124513


How interesting. I read about the game and Im finding it nice. But, which is the best private server for it? I hear that reimagine.online is a great one, the Chinese one is based on a very old build of the game and thus unideal (also has microtransactions which reimagine is free of), and that the official servers that are based in China are still running.

Thank you for the writeup.

40fb2d  No.16124570

Jagged Alliance might be up your alley. It's a strategy RPG where your character is the leader of a mercenary company (and a merc himself) trying to profiteer off a fictional-but-realistic wartorn Carribean nation. It's very open world; you get an objective but you can go anywhere, look around in houses and find shit. The exploration is similar to Fallout in that regard, but it has better combat and I think it came up with the sweet interrupt system.

A more modern and also good game (but with a few wacky things thrown in, like German mech suits) is Silent Storm. The expansion is called Sentinels so most people just call the game "S3" for short to include that part. Both JA and this game have fully destructable environments, but S3 takes the environment modeling up a notch with much more detailed buildings and even realistic structural support that you can collapse. Both games also allow you to choose a variety of different mercs, with campy but charming voice acting, and JA also has you manage how the mercs get along with each other. They even have explicitly outlined racial preferences. There's a big American dude named Grizzly in JA2 that hates chinks and Russians and will just leave your group if he has to put up with them. Some of them are psychopaths and enjoy killing people with knives. All sorts of fun stuff and unique dialogue lines to find.

40fb2d  No.16124584


UnderRail also gets a recommendation from me. It is heavily inspired by Fallout but has much better combat and stealth mechanics.

efd7ac  No.16124767

File: 85c32651b3993e4⋯.jpg (92.75 KB, 620x475, 124:95, 1462155382052.jpg)

Can anyone tell me about Battle Brothers? This seems like the thread to ask about it in

ff3a35  No.16124803

File: 14d84ec778aeac2⋯.jpg (56.79 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1549249068692.jpg)


>liking visual novels with tacked on combat systems

8400a8  No.16124817


Not an RPG, more like turn based very tiny scale M&B. Kinda fun unless you're autistic about diceroll combat. You will have a LOT of 30 CTH attacks. Your first few attempts will fail because one loss will start the spiral of failure early on.

774c0f  No.16125889

File: 5f412946293005b⋯.jpg (580.79 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, SMTI screen_.jpg)


"Reimagine.online" is indeed the best server the game currently has.

Now, like I said, the game suffers from flawed quest design, so brace yourself for that if you do decide to play. Doing the main story acts can be tedious, and you'll unfortunately have to get them done for certain important unlocks. On the bright side, you're free to progress at your own pace, and the game's story is pretty good.

Here's the address to SMTI's English wiki, it ought to help with just about anything:


That specific page I pasted contains instructions for the very first main act to get you started. The wiki has an article for each act, with links to next and previous for easy navigation. Enjoy.

a1cdaf  No.16125905

File: 19503bebc3e6055⋯.jpg (109.96 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 568j68.jpg)


>coif without padding

I'd like to take a piece of rebar to that cunt and show him the error of his ways. As for the game it's neat. Hard as nails even when you figure out what weapon type counters which enemy type, good writing but not too much to do. Pretty fun until you reach the end game and find out that it doesn't have any

d36c94  No.16126031

File: a4114e537abb6fd⋯.jpeg (87.74 KB, 826x620, 413:310, pie.jpeg)

File: 5a1f958ee1df8d5⋯.jpg (119.59 KB, 267x360, 89:120, Rattus_norvegicus_1.jpg)


It's a good game, brutal tactical combat, balance of RPG and strategy elements, low fantasy, nice art style. Wait for them to release the new DLC and then pics related.

057158  No.16127377


I see. Thank you for your information.

bd8c94  No.16127403

File: f1c682c5a0a5524⋯.jpg (171.47 KB, 556x423, 556:423, ss_ep2_3.jpg)

bd8c94  No.16127405


fuck me for posting the image link and not the game link


ac3f54  No.16127416



Thanks, each day I learn something new.

4b388c  No.16127763

Nobody ever talks about The Fall: Last Days of Gaia.

A slightly above average squad post-apoc rpg.

Forged with Kraut magic I think around 2006, if you're interested get the "reloaded" version.

I think the community is still around tho, still making fan patches.

cbb9e8  No.16127900

File: 13e8052e5f319f0⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, b6VgYf9eNSBSnNbMvDED28.jpg)

Unique setting, likable characters, challenging and very unique combat system and an interesting story. I've heard a few people do not like the combat, however, I liked it.

ea2ef3  No.16130914


lame setting, boring characters. the combat is one of a kind and while fun, is very repetitive and tedious.

also jrpgs don't count.

71d9d9  No.16131872


grab an emulator and run through Phantasy Star series

a9b352  No.16131886

File: a3e66423bba6fd1⋯.jpg (98.24 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, i wanna fuck the cat.jpg)

0903ff  No.16131896


The weirdest part of that fucking game is how it has all these QTE sections and builds up to a bit were you're going to pilot a giant mecha. But rather than it being a QTE sequence it's just one big cutscene.

343128  No.16134022

Videogame RPGs are lame.

Play a MUD or a tabletop RPG.

086823  No.16134028


We all did, anon. We all did.

46d5e5  No.16134273

Just play Yakuza. It's a beat-em-up RPG.

a1cdaf  No.16136103


Some did. Remember the tale of the /k/atfucker.

779f6b  No.16151681

File: 2167d8edf9e7624⋯.jpg (414.79 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Dragonfall.jpg)


I haven't played any of these, so I can't vouch for their quality, but they look like they might be what you're looking for:







Probably not. Dragonfall is a good game, though.


I think it's debatable whether or not Hong Kong is better than Dragonfall or even Returns.

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