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File: 692cc356f6d3f44⋯.jpg (39.41 KB, 689x768, 689:768, 1549663539517.jpg)

301c78  No.16105491

>game is too hard


>game is too easy and boring now

>turn off cheats

>cant be arsed to play properly

>never play the game again, it just sits on my HD till im ready to attempt it again "properly"

>try it again, still too difficult


Cycle repeats, sometimes the game isnt difficult at all it just has arduous collection missions I can't be arsed with, and the same thing happens. I literally cannot enjoy anything anymore. Please help.

b27504  No.16105495


stop being a retard and play properly?


8fc960  No.16105498

Sometimes I wonder what kind of response a person expects from posting something like this and I just can't understand what they were thinking. Check these dubs.

301c78  No.16105500


Can't now that I've been spoiled.

013a9e  No.16105504

File: 485aabe3e248e2c⋯.jpg (33.24 KB, 399x550, 399:550, britbongs.jpg)


fb2e98  No.16105510


What game

52a745  No.16105513

Maybe dicking around in sandboxes is more your speed OP.

301c78  No.16105518


Nioh most recently.

a251f2  No.16105528


>game is too hard


197a63  No.16105530

File: 66ce65b012768b7⋯.jpg (54.56 KB, 413x570, 413:570, 38657da4385bb203f42b21c40d….jpg)


Just play minecraft on creative mode nerd. lol.

eabad9  No.16105553

File: 8e21c86b1079632⋯.jpg (108.55 KB, 629x382, 629:382, Faget.jpg)

>game isnt hard

>but the camera angles make dodging really difficult at times

how do i into DMC3 bros?

10784d  No.16105554

>playing games at all

what a poof

52e054  No.16105604


I use cheats religiously…to cut down on bullshit time wasters. Infinite stamina, carrying limit, gold in RPG's, XP in modern open world games to free myself from doing pointless chores, no reload in modern shooters so that I can run and gun by reflex, instead of wasting time on sitting behind a cover reloading thousands of times. I also unlock all skills early on so that i can freely experience everything on the highest difficulty.

All this is of course only for mediocre jewish games to make them more tolerable. I have no problem wasting endless amount of time on great games, like grinding weapons in EDF never gets old.

c0b364  No.16105617



8503b2  No.16105623

File: 672bd1f8ac27843⋯.png (13.89 KB, 306x245, 306:245, 672bd1f8ac278437591151d8d3….png)


>complaining about difficulty

>using cheats past age 12

>"I literally cannot enjoy anything anymore. "

You know, not everyone has to play video games to have fun. Have you tried getting into literature or film? Maybe working with your hands in some way like drawing or origami?

91a7d7  No.16105627

>britfag is shit at everything he tries

nothing unusual here then

d57335  No.16106181


This is me playing Divine Divinity. I'm still in tha fucking first village but I'm determined to do it right this time. I'm still using the negative money cheat because fuck the village merchants for being ultrajews.

4aac15  No.16106188

File: 34296d1dd07d997⋯.mp4 (498.71 KB, 636x360, 53:30, uk what does it mean to be….mp4)

File: bfef67e7f0cb726⋯.png (3.37 MB, 3902x3733, 3902:3733, Britbongistan.png)

File: af3bfa238047f5f⋯.png (352.96 KB, 327x767, 327:767, Butter Knife.png)

UK hate thread

1dae61  No.16106202


I'm an amerifat and I use the phrase "can't be arsed". It's the only phrase in which I use the word "arse". I just don't think "can't be assed" works the same.

c6329d  No.16106227


>>game is too hard

stoped reading there, never happened to me, you might want to cut your boyclit off and just become a girl already

c0c902  No.16106303

<game is too hard


>I literally cannot enjoy anything anymore. Please help.

Wow, what a surprise that you can't enjoy anything when you can't handle any challenge without cheating. You're robbing yourself of the simple pleasure of overcoming difficulty, and once you cheat you've effectively tainted the game such that you'll never feel genuinely satisfied having beaten it.

If you seriously want to fix your problem, play a hard game (I suggest Getting Over It because it's self-aware and aims to fix your exact problem) and just finish it. Do not cheat, do not look up tips/speedrun videos, just go in blind and win using nothing but your own hard work. Then when you're done, soak in the simple joy of accomplishment that you earned and understand that you can never get it by cheating.

fbb221  No.16106326


The anglo deserves everything he gets.

eba861  No.16108189


Git gud.

68262a  No.16108193



e1ea5e  No.16108418

Before Americans, the Brits were the goodest of goyim.

963439  No.16108420


Close, and yet so far. I agree, I think these anons are fresh off the boat from cuckchan and don't understand what a thread is supposed to look like here.

a665bb  No.16108421

File: faacb8549c10bd2⋯.png (82.83 KB, 416x432, 26:27, gooddaytohangnigs.PNG)


Sounds like the main problem here is that you're a lazy, unskilled, entitled piece of dog shit.

b8ba73  No.16108424

File: fd0ffd36f6eecc3⋯.jpg (44.55 KB, 657x572, 657:572, fd0ffd36f6eecc3363368411b5….jpg)


How about you stop cheating like a retard and learn to play games?

3fb4a0  No.16108445


>I just don't think "can't be assed" works the same

I've only ever heard of Kiwi's saying "assed" instead of "arsed", Burgers usually say "can't be asked".

b8ba73  No.16108453


>Burgers usually say "can't be asked"

I have literally never heard this before.

9001b4  No.16108455


>Burgers usually say "can't be asked".

No one on Earth has ever said this.

6cad9b  No.16108504

File: 3ccaf7bf0593691⋯.png (37.68 KB, 259x232, 259:232, pls_help_protag_chan.PNG)

Cant blame you, i have toobecomed too jaded to be interested in videogames anymore. I have somehow fucked my brain up to the point of unable to enjoy anything anymore. I am fine with people here havingfun with it over here though, but to tell me to stop using hack to enjoy the game is pointless. I cant be bothered to care about this shit anymore. Your all fucked up brain is telling you to stop playing videogame my man, you are miserable and you know it. You gotta leave it all behind and do something that actually can give you life.

7ad57f  No.16108530

>this thread

OP and all these other posters really sound like underage faggots

122fd7  No.16108559

The only time in recent years that I've cheated is dicking around in sanbox games where cheats are actually unique and add flavor, using CheatEngine in Dark Souls 1 so I could make a bullshit Trusty Patches and fuck around with people. Also I downloaded level 1 characters with a bunch of souls, all weapons, rings and armor, and 999 of each item / upgrade material for Dark Souls 3, because I got sick of my level 300 jack of all trades build and wanted to diversify. I had already grinded out max rank for every covenant and did everything in the game multiple times, so fuck doing all that again.

tl:dr cheating is retarded unless you're doing it for laughs, or to save you time from doing pointless shit you've already done before.

0f39c5  No.16108567

File: 829f083dc69b702⋯.jpg (526.34 KB, 1600x2235, 320:447, 1291389863411.jpg)


>I'm an amerifat and I use the phrase "can't be arsed".

c4cce7  No.16108587

On the topic of cheating, when is there going to be a website with cracked mobile games that give unlimited (((premium))) currency?

0c07d3  No.16108593


Cool story time.

>Borrow DMC4 from friend on Xbox 360

>Controller is broken.

>Can't press towards.

>Have to hope the camera is in the right angle to make any progress.

>Complete most of the game.

>Get raped by that jumping sequence with the spinning blades.

>End up at the Dante vs Nero fight.

>Can't complete the game because I can't preform the dash attack needed to counter.

>Eventually glitch the fight out by getting Dante stuck in the wall.

>Eventually beat him.

>Make it to the final boss.

>Can't preform any thrust attacks.

>Combos only make it up to SS due to being unable to press towards an enemy.

>My buddy then tells me I could have borrowed a controller from him.

>I said the game was too easy.

>On the inside I was crying.

0c07d3  No.16108606


These days, I only cheat to bypass endless grind.

I want to play a game and make realistic progression. For example: Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode. That game had absolute bullshit progress speed. Just casually playing it would result in getting nowhere in a month. You had to dedicate at least 20 hours a week of grinding just to get decent guns. Not to mention the event guns. Good God. That was assrippingly frustrating. Especially if you wanted moves for a character you wanted.

Say you enjoyed using the Barry Skin, you had to play as the Hunk Skin or the Chris skin , level up that ability you wanted on those two characters, then grind out the points needed on the Barry Skin. And then the heart system, if you died you lost a heart, and they only recharged with real time or real money, like a shitty F2P game.

>F2P shit in a game you paid for.

Serves me right for not pirating the game.

And then one of the updates kicked you off of raid mode if it detected that you hacked your hearts, because those instant kill invisible niggers on the Omega Sigma level are a fucking joy to face.

290291  No.16108611

>play dark souls 1

>beat it without cheating

>get shitbox laptop and move into a shitty apartment

>no time for vidyas

>want to play dark souls

>level up to around 70

>cheese the game until the second half

>still have fun

>naturally level up to 80 or so

>kill gwyn because he's easier to parry because of poor framerate

00a4e6  No.16108631



That's entirely an accent. You hear arsed or asked but they're saying assed.

5030c1  No.16108639

File: 18b60c28c4cda20⋯.png (288.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, terry pointing at you.png)



>Not adapting and getting good by overcoming all the challenges a worthy game can throw at you

You and everyone like you are niggers and a major reason why this hobby has gone to the dogs.

edc37d  No.16108652

File: 617b961ab4615eb⋯.jpg (74.55 KB, 544x515, 544:515, 617b961ab4615eb0c9e35c6f38….jpg)


>Australian sockets


b2939b  No.16108654

That's what happens to cheaters faggot

I'm glad you can't enjoy anything anymore

b2939b  No.16108660


>F/GO gachashit player is jaded and fucked up their own brain to not enjoy anything anymore

color me surprised

5ccd32  No.16108677


Anon you know you're on /v/ right?

d80377  No.16108711

File: 5b7ca00a0ed0bd7⋯.jpg (156.61 KB, 640x480, 4:3, terry stand.jpg)

869bd5  No.16108727

File: fba3ab213d9d36e⋯.jpg (25.87 KB, 600x600, 1:1, UK_Plug_1__85945.143886677….jpg)


why are plugs in other countries than the UK always so fucking flimsy, I feel like im gonna snap american sockets in half when I use them and dont get me started on yurop plugs. Here we use thicc bois

3a2ef3  No.16108730

>Fight seems impossible to win

>Look at a guy on YT do it on max difficulty

>Realise it isn't so hard and beat that part

1a604a  No.16108764


yet "asked" is the only one that actually makes sense.

6cad9b  No.16108815


You are mentally retarded, I have never played any of that shit at all.

cd22fb  No.16108866

Check em

434f2a  No.16109027

File: 098c1d5a102df08⋯.png (325.44 KB, 560x449, 560:449, 7aade6634456afaf712a3a8bf6….png)


very nice

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