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File: 371049bd783dd98⋯.jpg (313.52 KB, 825x464, 825:464, resident-evil-6.jpg)

fcdbec  No.16106044

>decide to give resident evil 6 another chance after playing 2 and 4 again

>its still shit

I wan't to like this game so bad, but its the biggest example of wasted potential I have ever seen.

4b3931  No.16106066

The highlight of that game was the fart monster hidden in the church basement.

508977  No.16106070

File: 97b558f1245688a⋯.jpg (33.33 KB, 600x484, 150:121, stupid bullshit meme react….jpg)


>fart monster

793074  No.16106076


No, the highlight is adult sherry.

76452b  No.16106089


Which Pokemon is a fart monster

b58ff3  No.16106113



198499  No.16106119

File: b9c4bb423222802⋯.jpg (44.57 KB, 680x558, 340:279, M4_SOPMOD_realization.jpg)

>another fucking RE thread

This going to descend into classicfags arguing with RE4fags about the remake being too fluid again isn't it.

4b3931  No.16106131


No, it's going to be about twitterspics who didn't even know what 3d video game was until a decade ago at the earliest pretending to be oldfags and embarrassing themselves yet again.

f3ec32  No.16106138

File: e8b789bb6fcbee5⋯.gif (690.04 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Gre.gif)

Are revelations 1 and 2 good?

461fbe  No.16106150

when will ada and leon finally fuck?

52ed95  No.16106151


You and me both, I like 4, I even tolerated 5, but I got RE6 for free and I just can't stand it. The gameplay is just grating and unpleasant. I can tell you're supposed to use the acrobatic commands and shit, but they're bloody unintuitive and yet you can't play the way 4 and 5 do because the enemies are balanced around them. Also fuck that health system.

e4edf1  No.16106166


What about the fag complaining that Mr X is too hard even though he's only a threat if you're bad at the game and don't know the layout.

adc1d9  No.16106174

4>3>RE2 Remake>RE5>Code Veronica>Remake>7>2>Revelations2>Revelations>Nigger Aids>>>>>>>> The rest

45ab2f  No.16106182

File: 37356d53ec2cd0f⋯.png (423.15 KB, 709x536, 709:536, 1549432203311.png)


f6757a  No.16106198

Its just a bad game. Last time i revisited it i made it 20 minutes in and gave up

>walking through school campus as Leon

>Dead body by small area you walk through

>Shoot it in the head, gotta double tap to be sure

>Its not a real body, just a level artefact

>Go past it

>Fucking see the body load out and load in A DIFFERENT ZOMBIE MODEL ENTIRELY that vaccum pulls me into a qte that delivers unavoidable damage

>"oh hey leon dont forget to use your herbs!"

>in any true RE game damage is avoidable because its not a hand holding scripted (((cinematic))) experience

>Uninstall the game, remembering shit like the senator that turns into a t rex and back repeatedly like a fucking animoprh and never touch the game again.

Ada looks hot. Thats all i'll give it.

adc1d9  No.16106214


>Remake 2

>see body

>shotgun blast it to the head

>nothing happens

>come back after cutscene

>said body gets up and attacks me


b43f4d  No.16106219


The worst part of the game is that every single enemy is made of paper mache bulletsponge and has no hit reaction at all.

Everything is flaccid and much like MW2s Spec Ops mode the only bearable thing about RE6 is Mercenaries.


All you need to do is shoot him in the head several times or once if you have the Deagle.

His punches don't even 1 hit kill you and many times he just plays a shitty cut scene that barely does any damage.

Mr X is only dangerous if you're retarded enough to be followed by him and go through a section with Lickers since you won't outrun him by walking to get past the Lickers with no issue.

f3ec32  No.16106223


fucking where. Spawning zombies i'll give you that but if you pop a 12cal on their forehead they do not come back up later.

adc1d9  No.16106224


literally the first zombie in the station

474e62  No.16106225

1cdee0  No.16106233



yea the first bodies cant be gibbed until you trigger the officer with the notebook, then every zombie body after can be gibbed before they trigger it took me out of it too but its only a minor issue

f56dad  No.16106236

File: c99a31782991e2b⋯.gif (7.75 MB, 600x708, 50:59, 1489580201_Rachel Ladder C….gif)


without spoiling much I would say yes they are good.

I'v sunk allot of hours into both of them and have no real complaints.

f3ec32  No.16106238


sorry, 12-gauge shell


ah look at that i'll give it a try.

f6757a  No.16106245


Horrible reality


The Dream


7ab4e6  No.16106281

File: 59dba5b8d961cc2⋯.jpg (94.62 KB, 1238x695, 1238:695, C9HaljIXsAAvaen.jpg)


dude play the game in timeline order: i had a much better time playing it that way.

there was this guide getting passed around the internet when i played the game. there a huge amount of mechanics in the game that are never told to you. from what i remember: outside of bosses , guns are only used to stun, finish off the zombies with melee attacks when ever possible . TURN OFF QTEs in the settings, go to "auto action button" and turn it on. ALLWAYS quick shot dogs not matter what.

the game goes from unplayable to ok.

the timeline order

I. Inciddent in Tall Oaks and China

1) Leon Chapter 1

2) Leon Chapter 2

3) Leon Chapter 3

4) Chris Chapter 1

II. Flashback in Edonia until present

5) Chris Chapter 2

6) Jake Chapter 1

7) Jake Chapter 2

8) Jake Chapter 3

III. Story Intersections

9) Chris Chapter 3

10) Jake Chapter 4

11) Leon Chapter 4

12) Chris Chapter 4

IV. Answering the enigmas

13) Ada Chapter 1

14) Ada Chapter 2

15) Ada Chapter 3

16) Ada Chapter 4

V. Conclusion

17) Leon Chapter 5

18) Jake Chapter 5

19) Chris Chapter 5

20) Ada Chapter 5

7e8f46  No.16106313


>playing RE6 campaign

just play mercs




>raid mode


7e8f46  No.16106324

File: dba0c39b2cb12b8⋯.jpg (846.24 KB, 1920x2552, 240:319, re3-4.jpg)


>classicfags arguing with RE4fags

who was in the wrong here?

9217d9  No.16106344

Why do you fags dislike 7 so much? I think it's mostly knee jerk reaction to the first person perspective; I played it last year since I thought it would be shit when it was released and I felt it was a great return to classic RE pacing but with more character.

090442  No.16106345

RE6 had some nice monster design at least.

Seeing pretty much every new monster (besides those fucking retarded flying chinks) on a real RE game would have been fantastic

7ab4e6  No.16106359

File: e478ced1f08ce34⋯.png (211.93 KB, 1019x629, 1019:629, re6 non combat.png)


ok i found the guide i used the first time playing it


this was pre Ada chapter being unlocked from the start so the chapters are different.

yeah you only get into cover to regain stamina you should never be cover outside of that (excluding some boss fights)

7b6773  No.16106360


Unfortunately I'm a filthy outsider who only got into the series 4 onwards. 4 is a great game by itself but I really like that re2remake is a actual survival horror. It seems like the best of both worlds to me.


I wish I could play it but it makes me dizzy.

7e8f46  No.16106368

File: 8ce1cf84d07beb8⋯.png (21.21 KB, 438x469, 438:469, 8ce1cf84d07beb8443a547d067….png)


its a shit outlast clone

>bro what if we took RE, you following this?

>yeah what if we took it and


>literally an Evil Residence™

>full of rednecks and Molded™

if RE7 was just RE1 in first person it would have been godtier compared to the cutscene filled shovelware that is 7

52ed95  No.16106377


The chrysalid virus was probably the one with the single most potential in the series.

>You think it's the usual bioterrorism stuff

>It actually turns out to be a project by a waifufag to create a clone of Ada Wong except in love with him

>The deadly virus part was just an unfortunate side effect, whoops

>A waifufag's failure ended up being more dangerous than anything Umbrella shit out

Weirdly female-themed monsters that hint at the virus' true nature were neat but underused.

9217d9  No.16106391


So it takes place mostly in a house and there's rednecks, that's your problem with it?

7e8f46  No.16106394

File: 73473682f667bea⋯.gif (3.5 MB, 900x506, 450:253, Wesker.gif)


>only got into it at 4

>thinks RE2make is survival horror

how would you know its the best of both worlds if you never experienced the OG games? even then in the OG games you drowned in ammo if you were NOT a stupid faggot

bca032  No.16106406

File: c7caf804633b7d2⋯.jpg (7.85 KB, 255x186, 85:62, 42e0cedc6cc7d29aa3ebf16739….jpg)

Resident Evil was never good

7b6773  No.16106412


Nigger I've other survival horror series other than RE. Look at all the articles of filthy journo's complaining how difficult it is, it IS hard for normal people. That being said I did breeze through it on standard, but hardcore I think is a fairly decent balance for a survival horror game.

8488f7  No.16106418

Comparing it with 4 I thought it was ok. There was a severe lack of any sort of feeling of danger due to the fact that movement was hardly restricted and areas were so wide. The qtes would have been forgivable had ammo not been so plentiful as RE 4 and beyond encourages you to shoot everything in your path. I actually thought that the fact that the knives were more for counters rather than slashing was pretty neat. But I did not like the fact that everything past Leon's campaign was a cover shooter. I would have rather had more enemy design than infected chink with a gun. Oh, and Jake's kung fu was pretty cool as well especially in mercenaries.

a131fe  No.16106421

I think the absolute worse part of it is how haphazardly they throw in button prompts. Sometimes it makes absolutely no sense. You'll be walking, one will just pop up, and you have to hit it or you'll be thrown right back to the beginning of the sequence. The motorcylce sequence with Jake was one of the worst things I have ever played.

198499  No.16106439


>cuckchan meme

Whoever thought cherry picking was a good argument

7e8f46  No.16106449


>Look at all the articles


a4b9da  No.16106483


It's based on modern Western styles. Like Uncharted and The Last of Us.


RE2 is survival horror. It's third person action survival horror but the core components remain. Fixed camera doesn't mean survival horror.

76725c  No.16106528


7 was actually a pleasant surprise.

b43f4d  No.16106555


Because it pretends to be open ended when in reality its just extremely linear mediocrity.

Then after you leave the Bakers house it stops pretending altogether and just railroads you in.

933610  No.16106557

File: b91565070e7b69a⋯.jpg (134.81 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, Wendy's.jpg)

RE7's FOV makes me angry and sick and I couldn't finish it

b43f4d  No.16106568

File: ae875c4966b985a⋯.jpg (46.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (2).jpg)


Capcuck is shit fot not allowing a bigger but get a trainer you dumb asshole.



0bcb85  No.16106572


Salazzle’s the one

786f43  No.16106629

File: c7eb1746cb3b73f⋯.gif (957.23 KB, 500x282, 250:141, c7eb1746cb3b73f966ddedc992….gif)


It's a good bait image cause it has RE 3, the game where Capcom said fuck it to survival elements (talking about the PS1 era). You had shitload of ammo and healing items, you could even make your own ammo(they doubled down with this style with Dino Crisis 2 ) Code Veronica was more like a classical RE game than RE3.


It's an ok game that could be it's own thing(main game feels, plays nothing like a RE game). It got attached to RE franchise to increase sales.

Most people that shit on it here clearly haven't played it cause they spew bullshit (there is quite a few things you can criticize if you played and I don't see it being posted).

e4edf1  No.16106654

Vendetta is a goofy, fun movie.

f527d2  No.16106678


>RE6 was actually about Chris wanting to kill Ada so Leon has no other choice but to fuck his sister, the whole revenge about his comrades and the amnesia where a ploy in order to distract everyone

132067  No.16106862


Nothing wrong with first person RE games, survivor and heroes never die were great, seven is just a high budget walking simulator.


>ignoring everything else he said

The molded are incredibly retarded and slow, and there's only molded in the entire fucking game walking molded, fat molded, spider molded, that and the main campaign is full of custcenes and railroaded as fuck.

If only the entire game was as good as the zoe DLC, nothing like beating the shit out of inhumanly strong tar monsters with your bare fists and later a fucking mechanical arm even though you're just some filthy redneck who eats gross shit and lives in a shitty swamp, and whose only superpower is loving his niece too much.

132067  No.16106869



kill me

52ed95  No.16106893

File: dd4cbbd24a2e168⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 278x188, 139:94, how embarassing.jpg)


>Survivor and dead aim were good

Holy fuck, thanks for the laugh.

709b43  No.16106897

File: e7ea2537a65ce06⋯.jpg (28.99 KB, 637x484, 637:484, e7ea2537a65ce06798879a9252….jpg)


>Does not like the best game in the series.

Anon what is wrong with you. This game is so fucking bad and so absolutely fucking stupid it actually becomes the greatest CO-OP game ever made.

b43f4d  No.16106990

File: 47e27780d88556d⋯.png (283.75 KB, 500x1238, 250:619, dude-why-are-you-eating-sh….png)


Post modernism is fucking cancer

Fuck the normalfag internet

da8b6a  No.16107004


The carla vore sections make my peepee hard though.

f94612  No.16107083

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I wan't to like this game so bad

You just gotta have fun with it.Never played a resident Evil game, myself.

764b1f  No.16107090

File: f526cd3b4779155⋯.png (466.72 KB, 754x719, 754:719, 356c2de72427a32f9236902ef4….png)

Helena Harper had a great ass

52ed95  No.16108090


You weren't kidding. Relying almost exclusively on melee made Leon 1 kind of fun instead of a horrible slog.

Not sure that will hold up to the rest of the game though, can the transforming niggers even be safely meleed?

327acd  No.16108093


"Acrobatic commands"? What the fuck is that?

52ed95  No.16108156


You can dodge in four directions and roll on the floor. Quite fancy and very necessary to stop zombies from jumping at you from four meters away. Not quite how other RE play.

b0be7e  No.16108173

File: 918050ffad305d9⋯.jpg (19.71 KB, 300x300, 1:1, bison.jpg)


>Does not understand that Resident Evil 6 is The Room of video games.

Faggot please. Sometimes shit can get so bad it becomes enjoyable. Some people enjoy a good train wreck. A fine example of a majestic fuck up is Street Fighter the movie.

8fc924  No.16108970

I thought re6 was the most action heavy in the series? For someone who'd never touched any of the games, which one is the best shooter?

e78b70  No.16108981


>best shooter

RE6. It's bootleg max payne/john wick against zombies without slowmo.

f56dad  No.16108994

File: 184a4d99f88fcb1⋯.webm (10.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Handcannon Symphony in Le….webm)


If your looking for the one that's the most fun to just kill every enemy in the game, that would be Resident Evil 4.

It stops being a scary game pretty quickly, after the first time you fight the villagers and it only gets more cheesy and silly as you keep going.

But it's undoubtedly an extremely satisfying game to master.

It has a great gameplay loop of killing dudes getting treasure, buying upgrades and better weapons so you can kill more dudes.

RE5 has most of what made RE4 work, and it's still a fun shooter, but it still doesn't feel quite as right as RE4 does.

f682dd  No.16109010


>CV a classical RE

>with broken shit like GL and exploding crossbow

>knife is the most broken it's ever been

>steve burnside existing

The chris part made up for the awful claire part but really it's just inferior to 3.

6719a1  No.16109253


>>with broken shit like GL and exploding crossbow

Actually provided you never use the knife and kill everything the ammo is a bit tight in spots, especially the exploding crossbow since you really shouldn't be using it on anything but the tyrant on the plane and that's 30 arrows gone just like that, the thing is

>>knife is the most broken it's ever been

to the point where some enemies are beter dealt with that.

7e8f46  No.16109426

File: 71b62af0ebf1b8d⋯.webm (1.16 MB, 640x270, 64:27, deliverance Squeal like a….webm)


my problem its a bunch of mutated rednecks and is more of a Deliverance The Game than something resident evil

>entire game consists of running away from rednecks

>no zombies or connection with anything RE

>shit weapon and item variety

>jack is the only good character

>extra content chopped up and sold as DLC

its awful and is yet another experiment at doing first person with RE, trying desperatley to capture the same craze that RE4 did with OTS. i wish they just made the game about being an umbrella clean up crew or some shit that could be fun with FPS, instead of some FEAR type shit with a little girl

>not a hero comes out

>you actually do play as some umbrella agent

>but it plays like nu doom

only cool thing to come of RE7 was the albert-01

793074  No.16109479


>not a hero comes out

>you actually do play as some umbrella agent

Once again an anon talks about 7 knowing nothing about it.

In not a hero you play as chris redfield.

7e8f46  No.16109519

File: 041cc66865f2e6e⋯.jpg (75.52 KB, 631x681, 631:681, Chris Bluefield.jpg)

File: 9d402ded66c0a9b⋯.jpg (58.13 KB, 564x477, 188:159, Chris Design.jpg)


who at the time was working for blue umbrella in a cooperative mission ergo an umbrella agent

>guy is totally chris

looks nothing like him, even if capcum says its chris

f56dad  No.16109546


Just because you don't like the face lift that doesn't mean shit, His signature move is stunning enemies and then giving them a Mega Punch, if that's not in line with Chris I don't know what is


>only cool thing to come of RE7 was the albert-01

You clearly didn't play End of Zoe if you think that.

52ed95  No.16111166


RE6 is fun as an action game, but the crux of the problem is that it's not a shooter. If you play it like you play 4 and 5, you're gonna have a bad time. I know this because I did the first time around.

Popping a headshot and moving in for a melee kill is nothing new to tps RE, but the problem of 6 is that it's pretty much your only viable strategy. Bullets are just little pussy things that barely do half the damage they should do on generic mobs. Guns can't be upgraded and there's no real choice of loadout for any character. Only on amateur do you get enough ammo that shooting everything wouldn't be a waste of bullets. The game knows this and just straight up gives you free gun ammo when you're low in a boss fight, even on normal. Melee everything and save the lead unloading to shit that cannot be meleed.

You're not in a shooter and you're especially not in gears of war, you're here to pop, charge and takedown. The game looks just similar enough to 4 and 5 that you'd never think of being that stupid, yet it's too different to make needing 5 headshots and sighing when the generic enemy gets up AGAIN any fun.

Most of the backlash on RE6's release was how much it jumped the shark, but there has to be a significant factor of frustration with people who thought they knew tps RE and suddenly faced something in which their experience was fucking useless.

I'm not saying it's an underrated masterpiece, after all pulling the ol' bait and switch on your core gameplay and letting the fuckers in your audience figure it out isn't good design by any stretch. But replaying it with the right mindset, it's definitely not remotely as frustrating as it first was.

356daf  No.16111438


>The game looks just similar enough to 4 and 5 that you'd never think of being that stupid, yet it's too different to make needing 5 headshots and sighing when the generic enemy gets up AGAIN any fun.

Oh hey, REmake 2 in a nutshell. The game is now stun and juke everything unless it's obstructing a narrow, or multiple-use path, then dump your ammo on boss-types.

52ed95  No.16115383


That's right, technically. The thing is, though, dodging enemies and keeping bullets for the bosses was the go-to strategy for classic survival horror such as RE and SH 1-3. So it makes sense for REmake 2 to discourage capping everyone despite its better aiming system than the original by making zombies unkillable. It's trying to emulate the original feeling of "just run the fuck away".

The reason why the very same gameplay mechanic is a liability in RE6 is that this game very much expects you to kill fucking everything all the time. Either you need your AI partner to open doors and he won't if he's busy killing shit, or the game pulls an outright "kill everything to progress" condition.

7233e4  No.16115421

File: 77b624500895bb0⋯.jpg (28.71 KB, 456x297, 152:99, 77b624500895bb0e5ae1ee2311….jpg)


>Capcom changes Chris so he looks more like the original ps1 version.

>Faggot says its not Chris.

>But it is Chris.

>Fag upset Chris is not built like the Hulk anymore.

Chris got ridiculous looking in later games. Glad Capcom rolled that shit back.

52ed95  No.16115462


Revelations is definitely more in line with 4 than 6 is. 6 is really its own bizarre thing. Can't speak for Rev 2.

7e8f46  No.16115816

File: 1de7f70dea0b53c⋯.jpg (32.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Chris End.jpg)


>chris nu-field

>looking anything like PSX chris

you blind as well as being a faggot? the entire facial structure is different from all of the old chris renders and looks nothing like the model that played chris in RE1.

320b46  No.16116455


I had a blast with it on co-op.

If you get a partner to play the game with, it's heaps better. While it's not a good "RE" game, it's still a fun ride, especially once you figure out all the moves available to you.

>Start running, throw self on the floor to shoot at enemies

>Roll to the sides to quickly change position

>About to get hit, throw self back, land on ass, keep shooting

4ac9f5  No.16128797

>If you play a character, the other one won't pick up the new weapons and you'll be screwed if you want to play as him later in the campaign

I can forgive a lot of flaws but this is fucking pushing it.

063280  No.16129124


only for staring at asses

6274b8  No.16132219

File: e724b956d96d292⋯.png (188.84 KB, 561x471, 187:157, 1424085712444.png)

I want more porn of female HUNK, she's a QT

793074  No.16132225


Then jack off to moira burton, thats where her in-game model comes from.

6274b8  No.16132237

File: 570d2b3051889d2⋯.png (125.32 KB, 238x248, 119:124, 1428896179634.png)


pretty good, but not scratching the itch because she doesn't have a gas mask, thanks for the info though

3e98b2  No.16132303

Bashing RE6 was just a step of socjus evolution. The criticism was exactly the same as the classic feminist 'games need to grow up'.

680d68  No.16132335


The game demands you use this fucking awful parry system but the problem is the actual window to parry said zombie attacks is smaller than combo windows in Devil May Cry 4, and you can't shoot pretending zombies already on the floor meaning you have to walk up to within 2-3ft of them to have them trigger their "BOO GONNA JUMP YA" attack, and it's always easier to just keep dodging

The problem is the further you get into the game the more times this happens which turns you into the worlds most heavily armed acrobat

6274b8  No.16132421


That's pretty entertaining

6ef304  No.16132430


blowjob giraffe is shit, but not nearly as shitty as 7.

6ef304  No.16132436




fa7a50  No.16132657

God damn it where is the crack for ghost survivors. I don't even want the free dlc, I just want the patch that fixes the performance for PC.

54e603  No.16134070

Since it's a Resident Evil thread i'll just ask it here.

Do you think each playthrough of RE2 is an alternate universe? Which set of events is canon or does it even matter?

This goes for the original and the remake.

Claire A and Leon A cannot happen in the same universe.

54e603  No.16134072


The pseudo regenerator plant zombies are pretty frightening.

a131fe  No.16135563

File: b69f1d8a0182acd⋯.jpeg (21.9 KB, 250x600, 5:12, 1E48397B-239F-443A-93A8-1….jpeg)

>wrote off RE2 after the shit demo

>friend talks me into giving it another try

>find it on sale with the dlc (would have pirated but I’ve gotten a c&d from capcom before)

>it’s ten times better than the demo

Being timed and giving the player a shit ton of ammo was a mistake. It also felt like they set the thing on the easiest difficulty, but I could be wrong there. Anyways, I’m actually having a real good time with it… it’s like capcom actually learned their lesson after the train wreck that was SFV. Now you just have to wonder how long they’ll keep catering to their core audience before getting greedy again.

Also, is the qt zombie girl in the remake?

f5114d  No.16135588


all I know is that there is a zombie girl with a red tank top, doubt they have as noticeable breasts though

73bfa2  No.16135635

File: d57d2bc058e8677⋯.jpg (146.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190130021559_1.jpg)



17a944  No.16135780

File: c227e7b2c17c217⋯.mp4 (7.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, LEON.mp4)


why is this meme even a thing

a131fe  No.16135858

a5d5e0  No.16135864

File: a1541ae7be97a67⋯.png (232.71 KB, 364x527, 364:527, 1450527905400.png)


>Franchise about corporation conspiracies and experiments on living beings turning them into monsters

>Suddenly turns into some random couple getting into a cabin in the woods and being chased around by ghosts and some dumb immortal mutant redneck

>In first person for some reason

What was the point of 7, really?

a8431e  No.16135913


>What was the point of 7, really?

Jump on the 'le ebin youtuber reaction face' bandwagon

1bbb26  No.16135933

File: 9102c205cd64ba4⋯.jpg (110.64 KB, 560x1522, 280:761, Marcus - Resident Evil 0.jpg)


This >>16135913 but then again. RE has been doing retarded shit for a while now

4ac9f5  No.16135970

File: e856fbe886e9ba2⋯.png (226.18 KB, 480x422, 240:211, re6md.png)


>RE7 is about researchers experimenting on a little girl, turning her into a psychotic telepathic monsters and her turning rednecks into monsters

<Hurr why isn't it about researchers experimenting on living beings and turning them into monsters

Imagine not playing a video game and then talking about it on an anonymous imageboard.

a131fe  No.16136129

>get morbidly curious and decide to read articles about REmake2

>journalists complain about puzzles and how hard the areas are to navigate, particularly the police station

How do these people even survive on a day to day basis?

54e603  No.16136269


I recall seeing something like this on my first playthrough with Leon.

54e603  No.16136271


They're joking right? The puzzles in this are nothing compared to the original.

I'm thankful actually.

a131fe  No.16136298


Nope, they were talking about them being difficult and a “waste of time”. Quite a few articles boiled down to the journalist wanting it to be TLoU again (ie:a playable movie).

793074  No.16136307


Why not?

6dd797  No.16136366

RE is shit tbh

42974b  No.16136433

File: 0383cb239a86021⋯.mp4 (5.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, problem-solving skills.mp4)


>>journalists complain about puzzles

I'm pissed off about the puzzles as well. Mostly about how there AREN'T ANY FUCKING PUZZLES.



>How do these people even survive on a day to day basis?

Google maps and daddy's credit card/welfare handouts. They'd starve if they were ever actually left to fend for themselves.

6ba926  No.16136863

File: 73b06d63a4185ad⋯.jpg (28.54 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 35532628_10212450952088512….jpg)


>One piece

a5d5e0  No.16136875


Oh, so RE7 is basically ripping off FEAR. That's even worse.

4ac9f5  No.16136904

File: 4b52ce53fce1ebc⋯.png (474.59 KB, 960x698, 480:349, ClipboardImage.png)

132067  No.16136957


>implying this is a problem

Helena has the best pistol in the game and the hydra, which is as broken as it was in RE5, Piers doesn't need weapons other than his sniper rifle and Jake should be played as a melee character, unequipping all weapons gives him his father's moveset and he has ways to get 10 stamina bars, 50% extra melee damage and drastically increased defense, not that he needs it when he can flat out evade bullets when dashing up to an enemy to uppercut him, why do you even want to play as the newcomers anyway?

The real bullshit is not being able to play in canonical order (Leon chapter 1 to 4 and then Chris chapter 1) because if you swap characters mid campaign you lose all your weapons and resources, and trust me, you don't want to face Leon's final boss with just the basic pistol and no herbs.

d16222  No.16137004


you're not wrong

8e6c52  No.16137007


If it had been called RE Survivor 3, none of these Sonic-tier autists would have given a fuck.

8e6c52  No.16137017


Are you retarded? There are no ghosts in RE7 and the whole fucking story is about a corporate experiment on humans breaching containment.

>Muh First Person REEEE

RE1 was originally going to be first person. Keep wanking off to technical limitations.

a5d5e0  No.16137074

File: b6424f5de46052c⋯.mp4 (89.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, (You).mp4)


Ur a technical limitation

cuz ur mum is an old cunt

a131fe  No.16137139


That’s the scary thing. The puzzles are little more than slight brain teasers at most, at worst they are just quick trial and error or something that you just do real quick with the answer in your pocket. To think they would actually give somebody trouble is disconcerting.

7e8f46  No.16137201

File: 2de38a5ffbb08d2⋯.jpg (182.78 KB, 1024x980, 256:245, RE3make.jpg)

I wonder how bad the REengine will fuck up her face in the remake

a131fe  No.16137238


As always, it depends on the model capcom is willing to throw money at.

a25edf  No.16137260

File: 96b055e7b6b943c⋯.jpg (256.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, jill valentine.jpg)



jordan mcewan isn't bad looking, but the ingame model of claire ended up looking completely fucked. it all depends how they translate the face capture into the engine.

will it be an Ada, or a katherine? I hope they keep the REmake/RE5 look for Jill, it's best imo.

4ac9f5  No.16137310


>The real bullshit is not being able to play in canonical order (Leon chapter 1 to 4 and then Chris chapter 1) because if you swap characters mid campaign you lose all your weapons and resources

That's not the case at all, though, because I'm following that order >>16106281 and I guarantee you all equipment, ammo and items are there after switching back and forth. The only thing is that it only works if you select the same character.

a131fe  No.16137544


I think the actress just has some really unflattering angles and expressions. When you see her resting/expressionless face she is cute. I imagine the devs probably saw her portfolio and thought she looked good for the part, only to get to work and realize their mistake or just not care.

I also imagine it’s probably hard to get ahold of some cute chick to do mocap for a decent price than it is some guy who’s a fan of the series, especially if they are trying to pull western talent in Japan.

a131fe  No.16137585

File: 025393491508ee5⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1124x1868, 281:467, vendetta.png)


I will never not love that movie.

4ac9f5  No.16137595


I don't think anybody can disagree that Vendetta was the shit. Even though I would have liked Rebecca to at least start her transformation, the black veins were lame and way too stretched out

6f2103  No.16137711

File: f674c6d52cdb6d5⋯.jpg (53.44 KB, 500x375, 4:3, reimu_ded.jpg)


>Pigeons are unironically smarter than game journalists now

>There's recorded proof of this

Just end it all.

7e8f46  No.16137845


>mods to make 6 more slow paced/better

no, but you could get the trainer and try out things

4ac9f5  No.16137858


>Make RE6 more slow paced

Nigger, did you even play it? One of its main problems is that it drags on and on and on, despite its technically more energic gameplay. A slowing down mode would technically turn it into an offense to the geneva convention.

3a23c9  No.16137862


Sounds a lot like Dead Space.

>shoot limb with plasma cutting

>stop xeno to death

>repeat x10000

793074  No.16138246

File: 1857099f5b8afdb⋯.png (125.96 KB, 480x640, 3:4, Rebecca getting Richard ki….png)


>I hope they keep the REmake/RE5 look for Jill, it's best imo.

Julia voth has always been up for playing jill again, she even goes to conventions dressed as her.


You forgot rebecca.

a131fe  No.16139321

File: 0ee227c92922949⋯.jpeg (89.05 KB, 1480x536, 185:67, 8DFC5A58-2FE3-48CD-8920-9….jpeg)


>you can turn off the super shitty QTE’s

I had no idea. That was the only thing that kept me from doing playthroughs on harder difficulties. Holy shit, I’m gonna have so much fun now that I don’t have to worry about those.

54e603  No.16139595


Meanwhile Chris

>God dammit, Leon, they keep making me stupid. Why do you get to be cool still?

6f2103  No.16142050


>Street race vs infected dogs

b860d2  No.16142057

File: ca716b4acde83b1⋯.webm (650.61 KB, 480x480, 1:1, !_POISONED_!.webm)



Someone called him CRISS in another thread and that almost fucking killed me.

f08e5e  No.16142060



f08e5e  No.16142083

File: f39d57ff1a1dc72⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 299.66 KB, 630x900, 7:10, シェリー!.png)

File: f4384cb03670c05⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 510.86 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, シェリー!!.png)


> adult sherry.


8431aa  No.16142111


>Jump on the 'le ebin youtuber reaction face' bandwagon

2011 called, they want their shit back

caeebb  No.16142906

File: 54f95d4db9da1fb⋯.jpeg (240.48 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, DB31813D-235F-4DD6-8900-4….jpeg)

So in REmake2 you deal with the zombies Dead Space style, but how do you deal with the Lickers? I can’t figure out how to dodge or stun them and usually take quite a bit of damage.

132067  No.16142923

File: 349c63e22d3d17b⋯.png (225.71 KB, 441x527, 441:527, 349c63e22d3d17bc097fef2636….png)


>dead space style

So you can kill a zombie in REmake 2 with exactly 3 shots of the basic pistol and then stomp on its corpse to get ammo?

caeebb  No.16142926


I mean it’s best to target their limbs, specifically their legs, so you can cripple them and not waste the ammo trying to actually kill them.

132067  No.16142935


Then it's not dead space style, leaving enemies alive in that game is a death sentence considering they can pop out of vents and sneak up behind you without making noise.

And you deal with lickers in REmake 2 the same way you dealt with them in the original game: bait them into doing the leaping slash and run past them.

caeebb  No.16142943


I didn’t even think of that. They are so intimidating you don’t really think to move through them.

7b6773  No.16142960


Or you could just walk past em.

b860d2  No.16142974


Two shotguns to the head usually puts them out of commission.

1aa25a  No.16142985


>yea the first bodies cant be gibbed until you trigger the officer with the notebook

That's so fucking bizarre, especially considering that they specifically designed the game to be replayed.

caeebb  No.16142996


I’ve shot one in the head with 4 blasts from the shotgun and it didn’t do it. Maybe I just haven’t been getting lucky with my crits. Or maybe my shots were to shakey during the encounter.

1aa25a  No.16143021



You can dodge their leaping slash if the room layout is right. The problem with this is two fold:

>the room layouts are almost always shit (long corridors)

>the penalty for fucking up is massive (from green to red health)

If you are playing Claire, lickers are easy mode because she gets acid rounds. Those are somewhat effective against anything that feels pain and they are super effective against lickers because they have no skin. They will actually just die in two acid rounds but they will be flailing around in pain for so long that you can put them down with something else after the first one if you want.

As Leon, life is tough, but there are also fewer lickers in his routes. Bullet weapons in general are the least effective against lickers. Your best option is to sneak past. If that is not an option, use a grenade (either are very effective). Failing that, use your magnum. The shotgun will cause you to waste a fuck load of rounds, usually.

8d3845  No.16143063

File: 59a9c9b465efaf5⋯.png (662.33 KB, 925x956, 925:956, Freeze this is the RPD.png)



54e603  No.16143093


Why do PC dicks always do this?

54e603  No.16143095


Fuck you, a loot system would make this game perfect. You dont know how many times I've ran over zombie corpses expecting there to be a little flash of an item to pick up and there never is. I'm too used to Souls shit.

caeebb  No.16143178


Yeah, as of now I just save my magnum rounds for them. Each usually takes 2. I appreciate the advice.

f56dad  No.16143205


While the loot system of RE 4 and 5 did make the action aspect more fun, it also removed any serious decision making.

It has to be one or the other, if you want to focus on the action then sure have enemies drop gold and ammo, but if you want the player to go though "OH FUCK" moments when they're low on resources and potentially up against a wall, then having enemies drop shit is antithetical to that.

bbc94e  No.16143209


Because they can

56b5f7  No.16143218


>dude play the game in timeline order:

Literally neofag. Get out.

fa7a50  No.16143235

I decided to get into resident evil due to re2r. Tried 7, it was alright, but the first person view really doesn't suit this style of game. Now I'm about to try 6. How bad is it gonna be?

I think I played 5, unlocked Sheva's tribal ass costume too.

1aa25a  No.16143246


Even classic Doom had these "oh shit" moments, although usually they can be attributed more to questionable level design choices than anything else.


The first 3 games and their remakes are radically different from 4, 5 and 6. 7 is slightly more similar to the first 3 but much more focused on a Westernized "SAW"-like experience where the protagonist is forced to endure physical suffering and other shit. I have not touched 6 either but from what I have heard, it is unabashedly a pure action game, moreso even than 4 and 5.

bbc94e  No.16143290

I'd say if you've never played the first three + Code Veronica, you've never actually played a Resident Evil game. 4 and onwards is such a departure from the original games it's essentially not even the same genre.

c0c7fb  No.16143343


>Not playing hardcore on your first run

You shouldn't be talking about how difficult things are.


Just bind each individual dodge. It's pretty intuitive, the combined vault / sprint / use button however is not. That and camera controls being taken away from you at every corner is one of the major flaws of the game.


It's only parts of Ada's campaign and Leon's campaign that are like that. The classic zombies were the worst part of the game, by far.


The opening 30 minutes yeah. I wish you could just skip it, makes replaying the game a fucking slog.

f56dad  No.16143349

File: 31680c707a87951⋯.jpg (109.84 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, resident-evil-character-63….jpg)

File: 23381b02999efc1⋯.webm (846.12 KB, 640x360, 16:9, i may have gone too far i….webm)



You can see the progression in the series from RE 1 - 6 things got more action focused after every title, Resident Evil 6 is taking that Action and cranking it all to 11, turning everything into a roller coaster ride. Everything that happens in the game is just constant escalation it all just keeps getting more more fucking insane.

Chris literally goes on a one man war against disease

Jake is hunted down constantly though his campaign by this games version of Mr X/Nemesis, until it eventually ends in a bare knuckle fist fight over a pit of lava

and Leon's final boss has so many god damn phases it feels like it takes 2 hours to beat.

While the game is very flawed you can't deny it's meant to be a celebration of everything Resident Evil is,

They may have gone too far it a few places, but sometimes that's the best part.

7ab4e6  No.16143370

File: a18e3e83b69cde6⋯.gif (366.97 KB, 322x181, 322:181, o7yvxv7si1qikdulo1_r1_400.gif)

File: 800b90b27b79125⋯.gif (5.26 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1483878806_clare new.gif)


> Code Veronica

that when the games went off the rails people try to act like that game wasn't some fake ass action movie

bbc94e  No.16143374


>cutscenes are gameplay

C:V is the best game in the series, fight me

7ab4e6  No.16143468

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


gimme me the address

bbc94e  No.16143473


1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

1bbb26  No.16143505


CV is the worst classic gameplay/camera game along with 0. The only good ones are RE1 to 3 and REmake.

bbc94e  No.16143620


Why? It has the longest, most varied campaign along with some of the toughest bosses in the series. The C:V knife is also the strongest knife in the series not counting RE2Remake knife which is just broken.

54e603  No.16143929


>the only good ones

Cant take this shit seriously.

54e603  No.16144047

Here's something for you observational types. Have you noticed how fucking large the cop car outside of the parking garage is? What were they thinking with the size of this model? Go look at it, right now.

8157f6  No.16144231

Just played re6 again for a bit an hour ago, here are the major problems I see:

-Too many scripted sequences

-Running is automatic and too fast

-guns feel like plastic with 0 recoil

-Aiming and damage are both RNG

-Laser sight isn't always accurate

-Just hordes of zombies and b.o.w.s without dark scary atmosphere or intense surroundings, its just plain too open. Everything feels like a deathmatch map, its like an arcade game.

a131fe  No.16144261


I think that’s what they were going for. RE6 is an action game with horror elements. It may pretend it’s a horror game for a bit in Leon’s campaign, but eventually it just goes balls to the wall crazy and has you rolling and sliding around like a nut. I’d say my biggest issue with the game are those stupid moments where something will come out of nowhere and instant kill you, such as the ambulance. If you are standing in the wrong place at the wrong time then you are just done and that’s going to affect your ranking. Also, make sure you are at least playing it on veteran on PC or it becomes a bit to easy as it’s dialed down for console difficulty.

8157f6  No.16144273


>everything is dialed down for console kiddies

Sounds about right, fucking casual console fag retards ruin everything.

a131fe  No.16144285


Eyup, you basically need to turn it up to veteran and turn the auto-action on to have some actual fun with it. The QTE’s in the game are nonsensical and willl ruin your play through otherwise.

54e603  No.16144329

Is it true that every T-zombie will eventually transform into a Licker?

bbc94e  No.16144363


I think there are certain genetic factors that have to be met with the base person who was infected, just like with Tyrant B.O.W.s, which are something like one in ten thousand.

54e603  No.16144393


It has to do with whether or not they become a Crimson Head first right?

bbc94e  No.16144398


Crimson heads are the evolutionary step before lickers. So all lickers were once crimson heads but not all crimson heads can become lickers.

54e603  No.16144404


Well yeah nothing can become nothing if you interrupt it with a bullet.

bbc94e  No.16144410


That's not what that means. Just because a zombie has the genetic potential to become a crimson head doesn't mean it has the genetic potential to then become a licker.

27eba7  No.16145641


V-ACT is when T's mutagenic side goes berserk in a last ditch effort to keep the host organism "alive" and spreading infection

Different strains of T have different reactivation characteristics. The Raccoon City lab was working on hunters, that strain produced lickers in a human viral reactivation. The Spencer Estate lab was working on Tyrants, this strain produced crimson heads during V-ACT in Tyrant incompatible humans. You can see the reactivated T-103 has big claws and black reddish skin like a crimson head but more pronounced.

809434  No.16145975

File: e0c74cd6b612eb4⋯.jpg (900.74 KB, 1061x1500, 1061:1500, re_ada_coat2.jpg)



just knife them from behind, you can stun lock them and then slashslashslash them into oblivion, especially if you're on PC with that damage-tied-to-frame-rate knife

fde5c0  No.16146007

File: 544cc7ee9906e63⋯.png (332.93 KB, 450x427, 450:427, CHRIS WILL FUCKING KILL YO….png)


>that pic


793074  No.16146021

File: 2b5bedbc0ae4846⋯.png (3.61 MB, 2070x5000, 207:500, Leon the dense.png)

ca1ef0  No.16146606

File: 025868d2d3ab3a0⋯.jpg (5.98 MB, 6071x4299, 6071:4299, 0eaade69c0aa53eed1b2d08426….jpg)


The only lickers I ever bother killing are those two in the hallway beneath the greenhouse area in lab on A round, and even those can probably be skipped safely easily enough. Just get rid of the zombies there beforehand.

Flashbangs are great when you have X and licker is the same room.

54e603  No.16146684


Leon isn't dense. Turning down a 17 year old isnt grounds for all the shit you memers level at him.

Why would he turn down Ada? it goes against the other memes of him being hung up on the snake of a woman when better girls are out there and go right by him.

Whoever made that is a moron.

ca0d9a  No.16146704


This "meme" is as weird and pathetic and unfunny as ponyfags

fde5c0  No.16146709


I disagree.

8605ee  No.16146744


That's some extreme reaching. You just don't like it and that's it.

b20b1b  No.16146786


We all know Leon is a straight shooter, he's not about fucking some 17yo just because his dick tells him to. He's able to resist his dick so hard that he has the potential to keep the plaga mindcontrol at bay.

54e603  No.16147201


After hearing Ashley's voice for that long, would you even want to fuck her after? Say she wasn't 17.

b20b1b  No.16147241


If she told me to cum inside her vagina so that my sperm can fertilize her prime age ovum I'd have a hard time to think straight.

991de4  No.16147591

>open door

>camera facing me

>begin walking forward

>rekt by something I can't see

why is this series popular?

54e603  No.16147622


Because you havent played 4 yet.

5c1907  No.16147668

I just started playing RE0 and is there no item chests at all in this? Am I supposed to just leave shit on the floor to clear up space?

991de4  No.16147680


I have, it is the best. If only it wasn't so wacky. I wish they'd remake 3 with all the things that made 4 great.

54e603  No.16147705


I wish the enemies in 2 remake dropped items like they did in 4. Dont care if that's casual, I like item drops.

991de4  No.16147742


Claire retires on all the wedding rings she looted from zombies

54e603  No.16147771


At least put an arms dealer in the game because there arent enough weapons in 2.

e98f83  No.16147791


The ending of Rev2 is a big disappointment

a78f21  No.16147804


She could be 24 and look exactly like Ada, his reason is that she's the president's, his employer's, daughter, and that his mission is specifically to rescue her. Fucking her, however consensual, would definitely have been a problem.

Chrisposting isn't about his actual reaction, it's specifically the evolution of both the No Way Fag and Chris does steroids and punches a boulder memes. But yes, that comic doesn't follow that line of logic at all.

bbc94e  No.16147830

e8af81  No.16147865

Literally everything besides the gameplay was fucking terrible, dont get me started. The campaigns were abyssmal with even worse scene writing and dialogue then CVX, the music was balls ass and forgetable, just everything besides the core gameplay, and that only shined in mercenaries mode, because other modes all were trying to keep the gameplay from you. It felt like a struggle to even get to use it at all. And the gameplay wasnt resident evil AT ALL, which in itself is fucking terrible, but the gameplay, imo was amazing. I dont feel the gameplay wa trying to emulate anything western, it was Capcom gameplay at heart. It felt a tad like playing devil may cry, the enemies were well designed in their attack patters, but only showed when fighting large horde ala mercs, each attack has a pretty good counter, every attack you could pull off was well designed to be some sort of counter, and it felt really smooth to control, and good to master. BUT THE MERCS LEVELS WERE MOSTLY LOCKED BEHIND FUCKING CAMPAIGNS! And all that with the gameplay that I DO like, just MAKES ME HATE GAME MORE, because the good thing felt like it was dangled in front of me and dropped into a pile of dog shit, then human shit, then cow shit, then burned on a pile of toxic waste. I HATE SIX SO MUCH, because it had potential. If it was just shit, i really wouldnt care. FUCK ASS SHIT CUNT GAME

54e603  No.16147884


Being able to buy new weapons in 2 would kick ass. The selection is just so limited unless you can unlock more through the game's achievement system. I havent tried shooting all the coons yet.

bbc94e  No.16147893


>not enough guns

Nigger that's one of the only things RE2make got right. There are actually too many guns if you count all the dlc weapons.

bbc94e  No.16147930


Oh and I forgot Claire's JMB HP3, which is an extra gun Claire gets because her SLS60 is ass until it gets the final mod. There's also two different guns that use special ammo in the B scenarios that weren't even a thing in the original. So you see, there are actually too many guns in the remake.

f56dad  No.16147996

File: 6ef1224adda1e8a⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, The Smug Nitalia.png)


That's sounds like the talk of someone who got the false ending and didn't know there was a true ending.

8b2be1  No.16148019

File: d0c904fc4f8de17⋯.jpg (79.43 KB, 960x960, 1:1, d2e34419cee5e60657ded824a2….jpg)


You'd be right

54e603  No.16148169


And it's still but a blink compared to all the stuff you could buy in 4.

54e603  No.16148171

>dlc weapons

3 different recolors of a fucking 9mil? really? that's nothing. The Samurai Edge is shit.

bbc94e  No.16148179


4 was an awful resident evil game though. It was a fun game on its own but as a resident evil game, it destroyed the franchise

54e603  No.16148217


>it destroyed the franchise

no it didnt, thats retarded.

54e603  No.16148220


reply to >>16148179

jesus christ

bbc94e  No.16148258


Just admit you don't actually like survival horror a genre and prefer action games with horror elements

54e603  No.16148271


Wrong, I like both.

4 isn't the one that hurt the franchise.

bbc94e  No.16148277


>all mainline games following 4 have the same formula, including the trainwrecks of 5 and 6

>4 didn't kill the series

Kill yourself lol

a0f639  No.16148283


The franchise was already near death by the time 4 came out. 4 revitalized it after the failure that was cv. 5 and 6 tried to copy 4, but they introduced other shit like co-op to try and spice things up even more. 6 was an utter pile of shit, which is why the 4 formula ended with it and 7 did its own thing. If Remake 2 and potentially Remake3 do well, we could see a return to a style similar to the older games in the series. We had better get an Outbreak remake before then though. It's been too long

bbc94e  No.16148293


>tps over the shoulder casualized trash revitalizing anything

I maintain that you should commit suicide

54e603  No.16148304

The dude's flat out wrong and tells me to commit suicide? top fucking kek m8

bbc94e  No.16148306


>wants ammo drops and NPC merchant

>thinks he deserves an opinion

d1020a  No.16148432


>lol dude scary spaniards with pitchforks, let me grind some to upgrade my tps and do sickcombos dude! So scary lmao!

ae1751  No.16148448

File: c259d837d9017c0⋯.jpg (80.21 KB, 492x559, 492:559, retarded child.jpg)


>unironically believing RE4 was supposed to be a horror game

327acd  No.16148475


>s to be one or the other, if you want to focus on the action then sure have enemies drop gold and ammo, but if you want the player to go though "OH FUCK" moments when they're low on resources and potentially up against a wall, then having enemies drop shit is antithetical to that.

You played on bitch mode. Faggot. Acid rounds do almost nothing to lickers on hardcore. In fact, acid rounds are shit on everything.

7a85b3  No.16148481


>lets turn a survival horror series and turn it into cuhrayzee action

>this is good

How can you seriusly believe 4 wasnt a shit resident evil when it isnt even the same genre?

7ab4e6  No.16148549


>the game is a mess

here are some tips to make it less of mess

>nefag getout

you get out, you have nothing a value to contribute to the thread.

4859d8  No.16148559


RE4 is "horror" in that same way that Army of Darkness is "horror." The core elements and set pieces are all there, but having a capable protagonist reduces how scary it can actually be so they just made it campy and fun.

809434  No.16148866

File: ef3fd4e9e66473c⋯.jpg (710.73 KB, 1001x1500, 1001:1500, re_ada_ice_Cream.jpg)


4 is pretty scary until you get to the cuh-razy castle and then things become over-the-top wacky even though the tunnel fight with scorpion king is pretty tense (first time around at least).

still love the game and would play it any day over code veronica or 0

54e603  No.16149260


I wish people who post like you would just fucking die in real life. Jesus fucking christ. You need to be beaten to death.

793074  No.16149280


And i wish you and people like you would stop playing videogames forever and ruining the things i like, you shit taste faggot.

6f58fc  No.16149350


just because you have acquired a taste for shit at an early age doesn't mean the thing you like is good


4 ruined the series by letting you see what's in front of you, minimizing backtracking, and being fun

9facc2  No.16149419

File: fb98fd4dc9216b6⋯.webm (6.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, BarryIHaveThis.webm)


>The ending of Rev2 is a big disappointment

Fucking bullshit.

6f58fc  No.16149423


Yeah, drop stuff on the floor

On the train anything you tag by by opening the take this? dialog will be on the floor in the crash zone up to a certain limit with weapons and plot items given priority. You should mix both pairs of red and green herbs, the gas and bottles, and throw away all keys items when prompted, and don't miss the bullets in Edward's pocket and on the floor of the locomotive to maximize what you take home even if you can't carry it all.

You can knife Stinger by getting into the top left corner of the bar car (by his right claw) and just aim down and swing away. You can avoid all damage and conserve precious shotgun ammo this way. You can also drop an item behind you and pick it up to exploit the invincibility frames of the pickup animation.

Proto tyrant can also be knifed if you can master turning to the side without running in a circle. Bait his leap and run past his right side, spin around and slash 3 times, spin around again and set up to do it again.

212e05  No.16149426

File: 79d7044d41b8b86⋯.jpg (141.6 KB, 567x322, 81:46, 1339177109797.jpg)


fuck, that's hot

a0d820  No.16149433

File: 6d4b4ba08631b72⋯.png (355.21 KB, 1100x800, 11:8, make_me_an_uncle_leon.png)


The castle is when everything goes from tense to wacky, the statue especially. Although it does pickup tension again with the spider guy if you're doing a blind playthrough. By the time it gets the island I'm pretty much numb to the absurdity until the Regenerators and Iron Maidens show up

9facc2  No.16149693

File: 48636d161637687⋯.jpg (189.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ChrisUncle.jpg)

3c781a  No.16149721


>Why do you fags dislike 7 so much?

I thought 7 was great up until a recent playthrough. It's not really anything more than OK with some parts of it verging into just boring as shit.

Basically the game starts to go downhill as soon as you beat Jack in the chainsaw duel. The Mold are just awful enemies to fight and there's a point in the game were they become the only things you fight. This all culminates in the absolutely boring shoot em up fest in the Salt Mine.

3c781a  No.16149762


Chris Roidfeld > Chris Redfield

18ad5f  No.16149935

File: df79eef0010b368⋯.jpg (10.29 KB, 300x191, 300:191, aeiou.jpg)

>tfw no Dino Crisis remake

54e603  No.16149964


So make a DC thread and bitch about it there getting fucking sick of you.


No, and that's a stupid opinion.

Just admit you're gay like the guy said.

484035  No.16150097

File: 294dd9104f45a6e⋯.jpg (293.84 KB, 1044x1647, 116:183, dinosauroid_by_monopteryx-….jpg)

File: 4cdbd2a8ba2b44c⋯.jpg (153.87 KB, 900x1148, 225:287, dinosauroid_v_2_by_monopte….jpg)


>Dino crisis

I would LOVE the first game to be rebooted in this manner, but I fucking hated the sequels and the lack of, well, dinosaurs. i wonder if they will have a similar analogue to the improvements to Mr. X where when you reach a point in the game where you're not supposed to be fucking around anymore, you're getting chased by an unkillable opponent. Perhaps some sort of "future dinosaur" if they are keeping the time travel plot.

16e87c  No.16150118

File: 0b4c811b4252d8f⋯.jpg (53.09 KB, 171x297, 19:33, OH JESUS DID YOU SEE THAT.jpg)


>If you fuck around for too long the T-Rex can chase you from outside the building trying to eat you through the windows

484035  No.16150206

File: c0c26be80b5dcc7⋯.png (1.25 MB, 896x896, 1:1, rex staredown.png)


>All rooms with windows become potential hazzards

>sure, maybe you're trying to fill out the map and scrounge for extra ammo and items before moving into the lab area

>subtle footsteps are heard in windowed rooms

>rarely can see anything out of them

>get the glint of it's eyes just before it's head smashes into the room

>only option is to leave since the rex was 100% unkillable

>if you're in a room with one door, you better hope the rex isn't between you and the door or else good bye grenade ammo

>scrubs and journos write articles about "the rex's constant intrusions ate up my ammo and made the final sequence impossible, thus I was unable to finish the game" when they weren't supposed to be in those areas anyway

it'd be beautiful

991de4  No.16150380


this image is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen

484035  No.16150649

File: f4456c5a42ebbd7⋯.gif (90.25 KB, 500x391, 500:391, rex JP genesis.gif)


The eyes faced forward, not to the side like a lizard or the herbivorous dinosaurs. It needed depth perception to judge a strike, thus it could look you right in the eyes, giving you the freezing moment of knowing how fucked you were, and unlike most media, there likely was hardly a sound when it lunged to make a kill.

991de4  No.16150762

File: 5daa0aa65557dc1⋯.png (545.82 KB, 500x440, 25:22, ClipboardImage.png)


I think it's the bird eyes, usually they are depicted with a vertical split pupil like a lizard, but the familiarity of those eyes on such an alien frame along and the way you can't see its teeth puts it into uncanny valley territory.

18ad5f  No.16150774

File: e26c99b9a02ae38⋯.jpg (40.78 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Jurassic Park Arcade (1994….jpg)


That was what made the 1994 arcade Jurassic Park so horrifying whenever the T-Rex showed up. It was glaring at you the entire time, and the final fight with it staring you down as it slowly approaches for the kill made it extremely memorable.

I would kill to see that done again, in any game really.

0d20f6  No.16150802


This just looks silly to me. Like it looks like it has black lipstick on

52a237  No.16150821

File: f216d0e65a9a1cf⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 191x255, 191:255, leftypol_BO.jpg)


>implying the tranny dinosaurs aren't the scariest ones

0d20f6  No.16150828


Is that a fucking tumbnail? Are we being raided by people posting tumbnails?

4368f5  No.16150833

File: 9f83b1a0cb05efd⋯.jpg (55.87 KB, 204x363, 68:121, 307293-terrorist.jpg)


Ice cream? god I love ice cream!

991de4  No.16150840


a human-passing rogue self-aware tyrant has hot goods at fire-sale prices

he later becomes a senator

c96221  No.16150842


Raided by ants.

0d20f6  No.16150865


You know what would be fucked up?

If Clair got infect with a mutant G form that a was birthed naturally and was seemingly normal till like age 8 after which it turns into a reoccurring antagonist that chris cannot bring himself to kill.

656b88  No.16150875


>Raided by ants.




991de4  No.16150904

484035  No.16150915

File: 113eff3072da061⋯.webm (8.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Cockatoo finding out he i….webm)



Aye, I'd love for a game to properly do the bird eyes and have it glare at you.

Morse if you go with some of the very eerie shit some birds can do. I mean, listen to this cockatoo who's upset about the idea of having to go into a carrier. he's just mumbling stuff and not really saying anything, but it sounds like he's saying something. Could you imagine hearing mumbling and muttering that you can't quite make out only to find a really fucking angry dinosaur bobbing side to side that you didn't happen to notice at first?

0d20f6  No.16150933


Not those ants, the other ants. You know, the ones that have

You know what would be a fun hobby? Finding, befrending international chinese students, getting them shitfaced, and tatooing cencored phrases on their lower backs. It would be a laugh and a half if they managed to make it back to china without noticing it.

0d20f6  No.16150936


>You know, the ones that have

The ones that have a functioning communist society.

18ad5f  No.16150944

File: 2a087637cc7600f⋯.png (782.24 KB, 587x539, 587:539, centurion.PNG)


The thought of it gives me goosebumps.

>enter room

>all you can hear is the clacking of claws and quiet muttering that almost sounds like words

484035  No.16150955

File: 7cc866f6ed66096⋯.webm (3.73 MB, 480x360, 4:3, raven learning speed.webm)

File: 543b466ed409dd6⋯.webm (2.16 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Screamer.webm)

>going through game

>being on radio with dude in control room

>"Regina, you there?" opens all his conversations

>hear it all the time

>hear it again

>push button to listen to the convo

>"What's up?"

<"didn't you call me?"

>"No. Why?"

>dino sitting not 6 feet away

>"Regina, you there?"

0d20f6  No.16150966



It really just sounds like its speaking irish gaelic

6f9df9  No.16150995

File: 85951402ebd27e1⋯.webm (3.32 MB, 854x480, 427:240, George Costanza is caught….webm)


Why doesn't Chris fuck Claire himself if he's so worried about the Seinfeld bloodline ending?

991de4  No.16151010


I'd rather just get one pregnant

9facc2  No.16151057


He wants the Kennedy genes in there too.

280ab2  No.16151294

File: 4fb5b2e1e67122a⋯.gif (2.97 MB, 276x154, 138:77, RE-6_Misc_Agent_02_Melee_C….gif)

File: c238839dd1b17cc⋯.gif (2.97 MB, 232x130, 116:65, RE-6_Misc_Chris_04_Melee_T….gif)

File: f9b21f7d8a478a3⋯.gif (2.94 MB, 252x141, 84:47, RE-6_Misc_Helena_06b_Hydra….gif)

File: 45f1102ec30ef54⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 227x127, 227:127, RE-6_Misc_Jake_02a_Melee_C….gif)

File: c8e4ec081f869ff⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 316x178, 158:89, RE6_Q40____A_05b.gif)

The story could've used a lot of work, but damn was mercenaries mode awesome. I loved all the melee combat they mixed in

54e603  No.16151327


>that leon gif

Fucking shame you cant go all John Wick in the actual story.

54e603  No.16151333


Ravens are cool sounding. They all sound like adult men when they "talk"

ba9016  No.16151360


You can and I think there's a "quickshots do bullshit amounts of damage" skill you can equip, but they drain your stamina super quickly.

280ab2  No.16151659

File: 5c45281fe03610c⋯.gif (1008.24 KB, 256x270, 128:135, RE6_Q07____A_06b.gif)

File: ead39b415fa6973⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 276x154, 138:77, RE-6_Misc_Leon_04_Shotgun_….gif)

File: 230be5ba4f17e02⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 209x171, 11:9, RE6_Q39____A_07b.gif)

File: c498d6bbf4a2a59⋯.gif (1012.35 KB, 296x123, 296:123, RE6_Q23____A_03b.gif)

File: f59793973e63620⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 412x292, 103:73, RE-6_Misc_Leon_01_Reload_D….gif)


There's a way to do that John Woo slide while dual wielding pistols, but it's hard to make it usefulin an actual fight. I'm sure the fans at Capcom were John Woo fans after going to the China stage and seeing those paper cranes that were straight out of Hard Boiled.

a0d820  No.16151824


It becomes more understandable in the second half, where it's repeating jumbled phrases involving the word "want". I'm pretty sure he's doing that because it's difficult for birds to form full sentences without turning it into a bird call.

484035  No.16151956


He's saying a broken statement of "I don't want" when he shifts pitches, but the rest is just his own noises that is more like the mocking mumbling, but you're correct, they generally prefer single words as human sentences are often quite difficult.

4c98bc  No.16152166

File: 3f3d11b52d97841⋯.png (480.69 KB, 794x560, 397:280, bfe41579-2987-47d2-c7c9-81….png)

This question is addressed to anyone retarded enough to enjoy ORC, does the actual shooting mechanics get better as you progress or are weapons going to be bullet hoses spraying with lead everything but the crosshair area for the entirety of the game?

>people talk about mercenaries like it's the only good game mode

>no mention of the competitive mercenaries

>no mention of the RE:The Mercs 3d

It's like you didn't even play the game.


>Is revelation 1 good?

It's alright.

>Is revelations 1 raid mode good?


>Is revelation 2 good?


>Is revelations 2 raid mode good?

Fuck no!

>Is revelations 2 extra campaigns good?

Only a single stage from one dlc.


>The game demands you use this fucking awful parry system but the problem is the actual window to parry said zombie attacks is smaller than combo windows in Devil May Cry 4

The fuck are you on about, if DMC combo windows were that big it would be casual trash.


-> >>16106990



Opinion discarded.


> What is animation canceling


> Is this acceptable behavior?



>Aiming and damage are both RNG

>Laser sight isn't always accurate



>1st jiff

You can actually lose some dps if you shoot that fast with dual pistols.

05e999  No.16152181


Reminder that REmake fags don't really care about any of the games: they're only in it for clique cred. Just as it starts showing with this faggot, within 6 months the whole group will push for a consensus that Resident Evil 2 Remake was always hated by /v/, and only reddit played it.

This is the same people who end up playing trannies on discord.

4c98bc  No.16152190


It's the Revelation games I'm talking about, not remakes.

809434  No.16152276

File: e16b8b593f7792e⋯.jpeg (34.27 KB, 424x559, 424:559, re_leon_mr_x_locker_room.jpeg)

Since it's basically a lock in all but name, what do people want in the inevitable REmake3? Anything changed/added/shortened/lengthened?

I hope they bring back the Nemesis loot pinata and I'm really looking forward to all the various areas showing up again in some form or another and getting a bigger fleshed out city streets. Wonder if we'll get a dedicated dodge button.

809434  No.16152332


man, an open world-ish style game with a souped up version of Nemesis chasing you through the city would be sick. It'll never happen but now you've ruined the possibility forever with your suggestion anon, thanks.

7e8f46  No.16152476

File: 01df19772a4f02a⋯.jpg (485.79 KB, 850x1062, 425:531, __jill_valentine_resident_….jpg)


< what do people want in the inevitable REmake3?

>jill to look human

>nemesis design to not change much


>make the nemesis fights even better and dont give fags the option to runaway on easymode

>hard puzzles

>her RE1 outfit and brad's samurai edge NOT to be sold as pre-order DLC

>maybe a section where you get to play as brad ?

>MOAR pronz

>more gun variety

you think they're gonna add some stuff from the movie?

3aec90  No.16152492


I want a high-fov first person camera so I can look down on Jill's boobs.

7e8f46  No.16152546

File: a6fac276e291ec8⋯.jpg (131.72 KB, 390x390, 1:1, jilll.jpg)

54e603  No.16152555


I'd prefer a CV remake as the real 3 like Capcom originally intended instead of 3, which was a bunch of reused RE2 assets.

Not saying it's bad, but CV is better.

bc0464  No.16152561

File: cb0e14e812cf4f1⋯.jpg (156.9 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 8191303d4cf6d3f363c185479a….jpg)


2make had alot of mechanics that are from RE3


>mr x can chase you all over

>being able to explore more of the streets of racoon city

so this kinda confirms 3make is in the works because they've layed the groundwork already but i'm worried that it will feel too similar to 2make and RE3 will lose alot of its identity

what i would like to see is

>same size city or perhaps slightly bigger than RE3 but with more locations to explore

>nemesis behaving as a more agresive and faster MRx but with the option to kill him for items

>more bosses apart from nemesis the only other one is grave digger

>carlos' hospital run to be a bit more fleshed out

>ghost survivor like stories where you play as the remainder of the STARS team being hunted down by nemesis

>add branching paths and events so multiple playthroughs seem differant (important as there is only one campain)

>fix that dodge mechanic from 3

>coop mercenaries mode?

>jiggle physics

7e8f46  No.16152583

File: 729a90594b8e12d⋯.png (520.6 KB, 600x1070, 60:107, resident_evil___jill_valen….png)


>coop mercenaries

How would that even work? wouldnt it be too easy with 2 people?

ba9016  No.16152588


It was alright in RE5, I'd assume they just spawn more enemies if you play with someone else.

7e8f46  No.16152596

File: c6f57f6685f3e39⋯.jpg (421.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, RE4 HD.jpg)


but why would they make it like mercs in RE4 and 5 instead of the version in RE3?

3a86cc  No.16152851

File: 90a8205843eb49c⋯.jpg (59.1 KB, 750x771, 250:257, ed confused.jpg)



when did the whole "leon fuck claire pls" thing happen??? like I see the sfm porn of it now and dont know what to think

7e8f46  No.16152864

File: e343f690fbea2af⋯.jpg (2 MB, 3200x3008, 50:47, Cuck Frogposter.jpg)


last week on /4um/, along with another wojak variation and some pepes. its all apart of cuckold week

fb275f  No.16152882


Evolution of shippings from 1998, the no way fag meme and the fact that noone in resident evil gets laid, ever.


You seem to have a cuckhold fetish, friend, how is a brother looking for a good boyfriend for his sister cuck?

9facc2  No.16152922

File: 5206db7e21e9a8c⋯.png (1.3 MB, 836x878, 418:439, REbecca.png)


Chrisposting was created via a stew of memes, new and old, as well as just years of history of the Resident Evil fanbase joking about certain aspects of the series. Claire vs Ada shipping wars have existed since the internet started talking about Resident Evil in the first place. RE2Make reignited those in a big way by having scenes where Leon and Claire unambiguously flirt (a change from the vanilla game) in addition to the Ada plot. This sort of brought about the old discussion about how the characters in RE are now in their forties but are seemingly entirely sexless. So the concept of Chris being desperate for his sister to get laid came into existence, since nobody in RE has sex Chris obviously doesn't want to do it with someone like Jill. This also mixed with Plague of Gripes' "no way fag" meme, which was already a joke about Leon in no way being interested in sex.

7e8f46  No.16152930

File: 4fb9b4875e70909⋯.jpg (128.5 KB, 1408x1007, 1408:1007, Cuck Dad.jpg)


its cuckoldry

54e603  No.16152991


>that leon

jesus christ.

54e603  No.16153001


>which was already a joke about Leon in no way being interested in sex.

That's a false meme though.

Leon just has eyes for somebody who is a treacherous snake despite better options constantly drifting in and out of his life.

32746c  No.16153038

5, 6, and 7 are embarassingly bad games. 4 was ok for a TPS for the time but hasnt aged well. everything after has been trash including the remake.

fb275f  No.16153055


7wasnt bad and remake 2 is the best since remake 1.

ed8b3c  No.16153060


Why did somebody link that article to that thread? The article is from 2011 and the thread is from 2016

3a86cc  No.16153074


>no one in Re got laid

obviously wesker did

fb275f  No.16153085

File: c5c0702fc0a6073⋯.jpg (100.4 KB, 950x950, 1:1, Smug wesker.jpg)


>obviously wesker did

Test tube child.

3a86cc  No.16153106


you dont think he fucked Excella?

fb275f  No.16153132


Anon, did we play the same game?

He was more interested in striking poses with aryan jill to make chris mad than getting free handjobs from excella

3a86cc  No.16153164


I guess you have a point I just figured someone had to fuck someone at some point, guess the meme is truth

fb275f  No.16153176


From the main cast, only barry.

31d5cf  No.16153184


And even then that was already done by the time the series started, he never fucked during the course of the series either.

fb275f  No.16153192

File: a7a127a89473b14⋯.png (343.47 KB, 1000x684, 250:171, 45147494_p0.png)


Sex sopped worldwide in 1998, hence why everyone is mad at the world, creating BOWs and causing outbreaks.

a0f639  No.16154189


>Sex sopped worldwide in 1998, hence why everyone is mad at the world, creating BOWs and causing outbreaks.

Umbrella was just trying to end everyone's suffering due to the blue ball endemic.


I want them to take a page from the only good thing to come out of re6 and that is Tall Oaks up until they went underground and Leon beat up a giant shark. I'd like Jill to come across other survivors that she can interact with. It was shown with Dario and various other civilians that Jill encounters, but die before she can reach them. Jill spends a lot of time on the streets of Racoon City, so I'd like a greater focus given to it like the rpd was expanded more on in remake2. I know RE3 starts a day before RE2, but I don't remember on which day of the outbreak it starts. Outbreak starts on day 1 and there still a lot civilians around. I'd kind like to see some firefighters, emts, and cops trying to save civilians.

d6ae8a  No.16155719

re4 is more shit than re6 could ever be. it basically killed the franchise.

54e603  No.16155928


No it fucking didnt shove your history revisionism up your vile ass.

ae1751  No.16155973

File: 2e7d9e0bc103f45⋯.jpg (3.8 KB, 99x99, 1:1, 2e7d9e0bc103f45aefa91174d0….jpg)

d960ad  No.16156013


RE5 version of Mercenaries is the definitive one.

a0d820  No.16156126


A treacherous snake that let her guard down when it looked like Leon was about to fuck her, Leon and Chris are just weirdos but Chris has it highlighted when he roids himself up. Leon kind of just does weird autistic shit and says weird things and everyone just takes it in stride.

54e603  No.16156154


Weird isn't it? Everything else about it was meh but the merc mode is fucking great. I never got real far in merc mode even in 4. Shit was fucking hard, even when you got to use transformed krauser and wesker.

shit was NOT easy.

9b7b42  No.16156173


Mercenaries in 5 is the best I wouldn't say 4 is hard it's pretty fucking easy really(because there is so much ammo) the problem is that you don't get enough time to fuck around and have fun and waterworld has a goddamn boss on it that's nearly invincible by conventional means.

991de4  No.16157511

File: 9bed6756f04ee27⋯.png (3.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Why did they do this?

e95506  No.16157548


In resident 6, would it save the game if you ignored the new mechanics? Like moving and attacking only as in Revelations.

31d5cf  No.16157557


Quite the opposite, ignoring the new mechanics and trying to play it like 4 ruins the game.

4c98bc  No.16157570



You are retarded.


No, it would make the game worse.


>How would that even work?

Like in RE: Outbreak? I didn't play Outbreak.

e95506  No.16157603



I thought resident 6 was ruined by the excessive power given to the player, too unobstructed for a survival horror. Is there any forced challenge or gameplay mod to address this?

31d5cf  No.16157611


RE6 is ruined because every combat in the game is designed to exploit you darting around the place. You seem to be under the misconception it was made too easy, when it is the opposite. A mod that allows you to play 6 like 4 would nerf the fuck out of every enemy.

4c98bc  No.16157640


No, RE6 was ruined by an extremely bland campaign stage design and extra wonky gimmick mechanics, like 4 player coop stages and the agent mode. Also, inventory management and melee mechanics (including the quick shots) while simplified are in no way intuitive for new and unskilled players.

Additionally -> >>16157611

>is designed to exploit you darting around the place

However, that doesn't mean making use of the advanced movement mechanics, because for that to work there would need to be enough open space and no sudden monster spawns right from behind you.

a0f639  No.16157814


No. Had 6 stuck to Tall Oaks and ignored China and ignored Ada and ignored chainsaw enemies and ignored every main character except for 1 or 2, it probably would have been a fine game.

54e603  No.16170938


Your opinion is invalid.

4c98bc  No.16171191


Exactly the response I would expect from a single digit IQ individual like you'reself.

The guy you were replying to maybe was wrong about the franchise death, but you calling his statement about RE4 being the bigger influence on the franchise than RE6 as history revisionism, is not just wrong, it's fucking braindead retarded.

54e603  No.16171388


Saying it ruined the franchise at all is retarded.

92b9e0  No.16172172

File: 965ca8c74145482⋯.jpg (201.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wallhaven-465650.jpg)

File: fb3a6116430b9f3⋯.jpg (62.11 KB, 512x358, 256:179, original.jpg)



>it basically killed the franchise.

REmake literally almost did

People who make this argument are retards. They forget the reason why RE4 was remade as an action game in the first place was due to how poorly REmake sold. And REmake was everything the classic fans wanted but it still sold like shit back on the Gamecube. It's very likely the Resident Evil series could've gone the way of Silent Hill where it just petered out after a string of terrible games. Instead RE4 jumpstarted it. It's unlikely we would've gotten things like REmake on PC if not for RE4.

54e603  No.16172204


ps2 owners were jelly as fuck, it should have been a multiplat

9facc2  No.16172378


RE0 was more responsible than the REmake.

29af57  No.16172837

if you play resident evil 6 like a TPS/beat em up hybrid and not like earlier RE games you'll have a fun as fuck time

4c98bc  No.16172838

File: 3693d14490ddc4f⋯.jpg (9.93 KB, 179x255, 179:255, aa6301482524c5f8f8753ca8b2….jpg)


>having an opinion I disagree with is retarded

>someone having a retarded opinion gives me the right to come up with retarded conclusions

ae8fd9  No.16172934


Lets ignore that the remake was a gamecube exclusive, a console that did very poorly, while re4 was multiplat, also that 4 was the new game of the franchise..

I wanna bet you up so badly you insufferable re4fag with your absolute bullshit arguments.

e10f43  No.16172994


Let's also ignore that RE4 was a gamecube exclusive, a console that did very poorly, and also that 4 was the new game of the franchise, and sold like gangbusters on gamecube, prompting capcom to port it to PS2 despite RE4 having been announced as a gamecube exclusive.

a0d820  No.16173045


Yea but that's true for RE4 and RE5, you think that little midget from the Castle is scary?

ae8fd9  No.16173090

File: ba63c0153d7c8d5⋯.jpg (13.42 KB, 293x161, 293:161, Cant wake up.jpg)


I did say it was multiplat you insencere nigger.

4 killed resident evil, we didnt get back survival horror until 7 you daft cunt, 4 even had the massive balls to handwave the final clash with umbrella that had been teased for 3 fucking games WITH A FUCKING CUTSCENE you massive mongoloid, the closest we ever got was an scenario in umbrella chronicles and a 1 shot manga.

e10f43  No.16173200

File: 56c506f7fa89b07⋯.jpg (36.21 KB, 800x600, 4:3, pleased_mongol.jpg)


>A perfect, step by step parallel to your fautly argument was raised


ae8fd9  No.16173251


Except it isnt, remake didnt go multi platform until the hd re-rrlease years later that sold really well despite the years since its original release, meanwhile 4 even got mobile ports.

132067  No.16173358


REmake sold poorly because it was in a system nobody wanted and that didn't have a lot of games yet (REmake was released in 2002, the gamecube in 2001).


It got ported to PS2 because mikami lost a bet to kamiya iirc, there's an interview where he says he'd rather lose his head than port RE4 to the PS2, and thus downgrade it, but not even a year later the PS2 got the game, God Hand even has a chihuahua dog named "Mikami's Head" in honor of said lost bet.

0182a3  No.16175514

File: a34f4f55ef6e2eb⋯.png (578.83 KB, 800x480, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

I decided to give Revelations 1 a try but it feels brutally easy, is it because it was originally a 3DS game? should I start the game on hard instead of easy?

931d76  No.16175550

File: c428cd5d7916eac⋯.jpg (30.73 KB, 500x464, 125:116, c428cd5d7916eac4d3a00268cf….jpg)


>plays game on easy

>complains that it's too easy

What do you honestly think you should do here?

0182a3  No.16175564


meant to say hard instead of normal

97217d  No.16187607

File: 441fa399173919f⋯.png (358.97 KB, 628x673, 628:673, 1548891188805.png)


I don't get why the game needs to play shittier in order to have better inventory and puzzles.

The puzzles and inventory are not a part of over the shoulder third person gameplay, they're just a symptom that can easily be cured.

By the way, I fucking love tank controls and RE3 is my favorite in the series, but modernizing and perfecting a game's combat and action isn't a bad thing. In classic RE you could only miss and waste ammo if you looked in the opposite direction of a zombie or fired at nothing, TPS has the potential to make ammo conservation much more serious since you can actually miss a zombie you're facing and firing at.

I have no fucking clue why people who are upset about massive inventory space, easy puzzles and endless drops of ammo focus on the fucking camera style of all things.

132067  No.16187624


All the RE games are easy on easy mode, 2 and 3 start you out with the unlockable super weapons too.

Play revelations on normal, hard mode is brutal for a fresh run because it relies on you having good parts for your weapons, same with RE6, the game expects you to either have all the good skills unlocked and fully upgraded or play it like you're john wick instead of a standard TPS/RE4.

97217d  No.16187634

File: 3f574cf476fd2b1⋯.png (246.47 KB, 312x353, 312:353, My reaction image.png)


Julia Voth is one of those one-hit-wonders who plays her character for life.

A lot like Huge Jackedman and David Hater.

0182a3  No.16188003


yeah I noticed, I'm at the end of a normal difficulty run, just killed the centipede infected whale, the normal difficulty was still easy but hardcore seemed way too brutal and I assumed it expected new game+ weapons.

pretty decent game but you need to know your partner is useless and indestructible, otherwise you get too stressed out defending him and expecting him to help when he really doesn't.

makes me wonder why the game is not coop.

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