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File: 44acb8abbfc234e⋯.jpg (15.61 KB, 300x225, 4:3, s-l300[1].jpg)

28afd2  No.16106251

Anyone else notice that multiplayer games these days tend to die really really quick? I would say about 50% of online FPS die within the first month and it's very rare that they stay around for more than a year with an active player base. Back in the day I remember games being active for YEARS.

What happened?

2e0359  No.16106259

When you increase the number of studios and game projects tenfold, it makes sense you'll end up with a greater proportion of failures.

56ca5c  No.16106263

File: 8c9db4262485b1a⋯.webm (816.65 KB, 640x360, 16:9, gondola empty park.webm)


>What happened?

Online as a service and lobby matchmaking systems happened.

d32cf8  No.16106266



There's so many on the market, only only so many people to play them.

28afd2  No.16106272

>TFW the most popular games on steam besides PUBG are TF2, Dota and CS

>These games have been around for over 10+ each


Yeah but there are a lot more goys playing vidya

d32cf8  No.16106290


There's more playing, but the total amount of hours played probably hasn't increased that much. Sure you may have a game with 10 million players, but of that 10 million, maybe 5 million play more than just on weekends, and of that 5 maybe 2 play more than an hour a day. Whereas if you have one million players who play two hours a day at the least, you'll probably net more total hours played, and have a higher average concurrent player count.

8b5e2d  No.16106297


There's a few things that cause this to happen. But in recent years I'd have to say it's all the e-sports wannabe games. This causes not only an oversaturated market of multiplayer games, but an oversaturated market of games that are designed to make you spend 100s of hours in them so you can "git gud" and waste your life with faggots in the competitive mode.

28afd2  No.16106314


>Every game wants to be Esports

>They are dumber and more casual than ever

6bffc7  No.16106319


Too many games and not many of them are good.

A lot of them also feel like they're made to be forgotten after their initial release.

feaf0f  No.16106334


I would blame lobby match making for the planned obsolecence of most modern games.

With the apex legends shit Titanfall 1 and even 2 come to mind, both are pretty much dead since they shut down most servers and thus make them borderline unplayable

56a503  No.16106916


Not to mention forceful eSports pushing BY THE DEVELOPERS themselves instead of letting it grow naturally and forced 50% win rates on matchmaking with INDIVIDUAL ELO rules in a TEAM based game.

291deb  No.16106918


8b5e2d  No.16106988


Yeah, because selling "Everyone's a winner!" makes more money than CS 1.6 competitions.

9800f4  No.16106993

>only multiplayer game i always come back and play is ironically supertuxkart

>might make some mods for /v/ to have fun

28afd2  No.16107065


Is this a copy pasta or are you legit retarded?

2e0359  No.16107067



7c5763  No.16107070


Nah, I'm just asking. Also if my IP changes after this post, I apologize.

39c956  No.16107075

i miss brainbread and the other goldsrc zombie games

sven's they hunger co-op doesn't really scratch the itch

7c1134  No.16107095

I'll go with what others have said and bet on matchmaking. The same shit that made WoW shit.

424abb  No.16107113

File: dc7f9b0c21a568c⋯.webm (2.16 MB, 952x716, 238:179, where_are_the_games.webm)


I'm just pulling this out of my ass and this has no evidence but I think they have former empire syndrome and that part of Europe is always raining cold and damp and as a result the people are always depressed since it is so cold up there the more cynical,smarter and calculating ones are the people that survived and their genes have been passed down I also think when your raised in such a depressing setting your default mood must become cynical and depressive also polite sage for off topic

c3e529  No.16107173

File: 58e1e052adaf83b⋯.jpg (149.57 KB, 552x530, 276:265, 46ef7c486fc8302705e0dabb5b….jpg)


>forced 50% win rates

That actually keeps more people playing, not less, which is the entire reason they do it.

Why do you think Mario Kart has bullshit like rubberbanding, and the item RNG always gives the person in last place the best items? It's because it's a party game, which means people of every age and skill level have to be able to play together at the same time. Letting the little guy occasionally win is good in most real life social situations. For a party game, it's actually the ideal, because everyone can have fun, and fewer people get frustrated and ragequit.

Nowadays, games are a service, so the developer's goal is to have the highest number of players (read: customers), not the best game. This means applying party game player retention logic even to games that should be truly competitive. Games used to be tests of skill first, and a group activity second. Now they've switched that around. But ironically, because of how their matchmaking accomplishes that, it's harder to form a long term cohesive group of players than it was before.

dc589c  No.16107205


The most intelligent post in the thread

a2f558  No.16107214


Gabriel was always the better personality anyways.

56a503  No.16107219


I would forgive that on party games not those which are supposed to be "competitive."

c3e529  No.16107266


I don't mind that party games do it, but you're going to get pissed off if you play it not knowing that's what you're getting into. It's really shit for single player, since the computer can always randomly fuck you at the last minute, regardless of your skill level, and there isn't even the benefit of letting your retarded nephew win and feel good about himself. There's just an unfeeling, uncaring computer that decided this time you were going to lose.

56a503  No.16107305


That too.

48e0be  No.16107322


yeah but consider game releases used to be a big thing back in the day and you could go months without any signifcant games dropping

now there's a new normalfag fad game coming out every 2 weeks, the number of games being made is outstripping the growth in player numbers

ad93bb  No.16107337

File: 36946997431f450⋯.jpg (121.7 KB, 721x767, 721:767, charts.jpg)

i don't play many multiplayer games

39d880  No.16107397

File: af699a0ec3bdcfa⋯.jpg (88.01 KB, 520x293, 520:293, MV5BM2I3MmUwMjktMmNjZi00ZW….jpg)


It has largely to do with the rise in matchmaking. Matchmaking traded convenience for long term playerbases. The reasons are numerous

>pre-matchmaking players generally had to setup their own communities. This encouraged long term investment, things like servers and websites for it. As a result you'd have communities that would easily last 1-4 years alone just for financial reasons.

>Around the same time modding communities were everywhere which also encouraged replaying the game over and over because people wanted to experience new content players were making.

>Developers weren't yet into their "the game we're making is a disposable product we want to only sell for a year and then we don't give a shit about it anymore" like they are with games like the Crew and the Division.

>Because matchmaking lumps players into a "global" community rather than individual clan based communities, it is the developer's job to do things like police the community for problematic players. Previously players would do this themselves with their own servers.

>Because when matchmaking every player you're playing against is different, you don't care about them. When you have to play with the same players every week it's a different story since you won't act like a douche around them because they won't want to be around you

>This is why games are commonly referred to as "toxic" when in reality this is a direct result of matchmaking. It also causes players to view the game they're playing as more disposable and they almost immediately jump to the next big thing when it comes out.

>Developers like this because they don't want people to still be playing a game they made 10 years ago they want them to play the most recent game and then immediately buy the sequel.

I don't know of any solution to this problem unfortunately. Players and developers are all on-board with the matchmaking teat despite it making the game they're playing less replayable and less enjoyable long term.

806987  No.16107412


I love trying to find games that SHOULD be dead but aren't. When I visited my family last Christmas, I put Uncharted 2 in the PS3 to see if I could find anyone still playing that game online, and I'll be damned if I didn't find a fully fucking server nine years after release, despite the game having multiple sequels.

28afd2  No.16107465

Also forgot Gmod. It's amazing that the game is older than a lot of the people I see playing it. I can still find multiple servers. It makes me sad because when I play it it reminds me of the facepunch forums that were built around it and the state it is in now.

5b9fef  No.16107503


You need to understand the changing mindset of multiplayer games. A lot of these games barely give you any way of socializing with other players.

Nowadays, you essentially play a game with other players acting as bots, with the same level of interactivity. You go in a match, you issue basic commands with each other, you give a virtual pat on the back, and you move on to the next match. You report the "bot" that misbehaves (doesn't play the game, or plays it poorly) and you train the system to play with better bots.

There aren't really any lobbies where you can just chat and socialize with people anymore.

I'm looking at Rainbow Six Siege for example, where there's barely any way of communicating with players ingame. In fact, if you spend some time getting to know someone you get REPORTED for not playing the game.

The real travesty for me is that I really like the game mode called TACTICAL REALISM which is hidden behind custom game mode, which you can't fucking populate with automatic matchmaking. Without any ingame way of browsing custom matches it's impossible to play this version of the game. There's no chatrooms or server lists, so the only real way to get a match going is through either your own friends or being a faggot the game's subreddit or general thread. And those people are a tiny fraction of the actual playerbase, notwithstanding the fact that they're cancerous shitheels.

4e669f  No.16107549

File: cb844e2fa071008⋯.jpg (54.57 KB, 447x686, 447:686, cb844e2fa0710087a1a8ddacba….jpg)


In my opinion op, it's because of two main reasons:

>casualization of gaming as a market because it became fashionable in 2007-ish and non-gamers flooded in

>the amount of choice has become so voluminous, any single game has difficulty building a long-term playerbase and the herd-like mentality of normalfags means they coalesce into flavor of the month games to the exclusion of others

Multiplayer gaming in 2019 is an exercise in frustration. It also doesn't help that publishers are actively malicious in trying to wring as much cash from players as they can turning players into payers, etc and that millennials are entering the developer space and bringing their cancer with them.

Let is all burn.

28687f  No.16107602


Matchmaking, and the fact that you can't stay on a server and keep playing matches with the same people for a while has made me that asshole that tells people to shut the fuck up and actually play the game. It's mostly because, again, it's a post-matchmaking world, and I'll probably never see those people again after the, at longest, half an hour match. Secondly, it's because the matches in games nowadays end so quickly that they're actually wasting precious time, especially in something like siege, or they're being autistic and yelling at each other in German while I'm trying to win a 4v1. I was a lot more open to socializing back in the day where you'd join your favorite server, see the same couple of regulars, some new faces and people you were already friendly with, and you'd stick around and play games all day or for a couple of hours straight.

72520b  No.16108053

File: e09ff26b90f23d0⋯.jpg (126.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sweettaste.jpg)


<like they are with games like the Crew and the Division.

while I agree with you in general pick a less retarded example next time. ubishit is literally the only publisher that still gives a slight shit about their games longevity and image.

72520b  No.16108071


>it's impossible to play this version of the game.

does it have progression enabled? because if not even with matchmaking no one will play it because MUH RANK/DROPS. it's the same bullshit like most games where you can't even advance in custom multiplayer because apparently fucking up real matches is better than cheesing it with friends, when the outcome means fuck all anyway or even puts you on a lower powerlevel till you complete the challenge/achievement/whatever for the unlock.

that being said you can still find that type of community in smaller games or on discord, but yeah, there's no excuse for retarded matchmaking when a small indie studio like muse can nail it to the point they can survive with 500 players online.


unironically try VR. it's not normified yet and due to the low installbase lot of devs focus more on good implementation or experiments than trying to milk their players, also way more social with everybody having a mic by default.

02d102  No.16108078


>not normified yet

Did you miss millions of views in VRchat compilations on youtube or are you just retarded?


There is no "other game" unless you make a friend play this shit with you and I wouldn't recommend buying FIVE NINETY NINE YUROBUCKS headset to anybody.

f5989c  No.16108086

File: 6d2bedb14dd9e27⋯.jpg (64.52 KB, 322x308, 23:22, video games.jpg)


>I don't know of any solution to this problem unfortunately.

what about making our own games?

aed7a4  No.16108147


this, the concept of overwatch esports is fucking laughable

breathing esports is up next

035d5f  No.16108217

File: 3207d2499d0e66e⋯.jpg (17.64 KB, 360x261, 40:29, burgerkingsuicide.jpg)



you mean the shit normalfags used WITHOUT A HEADSET?


so you're retarded, that explains it I guess

aae18d  No.16108222

File: 4bf63067bdec4bf⋯.png (581.17 KB, 1581x834, 527:278, Worlds.png)

Not exactly a game in the first place, but does anyone else remember Worlds.com?

That really felt like exploring a ghost town.

3e3e10  No.16108248

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It used to be populated, apparently. This was before my time, of course.

c65597  No.16108249

When bf1942 came out it was amazing being able to play with 64 people on a server, and WW2 Online was ground breaking. Then the e-sports cancer came and suddenly everyone wants 5v5 matchmaking shit because of Gaylo and the Fagbox taking off. This shit state is 100% the fault of consoles and everything becoming casualized faggot matchmaking e-cancer

f5989c  No.16108300

File: 5eb2da5297e6105⋯.png (467.46 KB, 636x535, 636:535, 5eb2da5297e61053ace2748287….png)


worlds gamenight when?

7d4b45  No.16108305

Maybe they ought to make a game that isn't a fucking console shooter. Modern game devs literally cannot understand what movement and shooting mechanics are. They'll brainstorm up new game after new game and use the exact same console-tier movement and shooting mechanics every time.

>Let's make a new FPS game!

>alright first things first

>the player has to look down ironsights and almost completely stop moving to be able to shoot straight.

>The skill-curve is as flat as the floor

>The graphics are a mess and you can't see shit

>If you're allowed to chat, you'll get banned for saying anything

>How many of these characters can we make black, gay, or trans?

Copypasted mechanics in copypasted engines with copypasted ideas because the gamer bubble isn't over yet.

56ce91  No.16108328


That creepy asshole is still there sending scary sounds to people.

He sent me some audio clip that was totally spooky.

0ca0f0  No.16108334



Not worlds.com but I remember when activeworlds still had a userbase in the double digits, I came in at the end (mid 00s, about 2005) but people and companies still used it as it was a clean alternative to second life, which at the time was still mostly vanilla porn and not furry S&M.

My middle school had a server for architecture projects, it's still up although it's obvious nobody has touched it since at least 2012 (when someone redid the front sign to inform visitors that the place was no longer being maintained). It's a neat time capsule.

b24e21  No.16108461

File: 15e25fc40dd68ae⋯.png (494.64 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Kroenung2.png)

File: f5fb40fcf93443b⋯.png (399.08 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Kroenung3.png)

File: 103dad2d58f6da2⋯.png (341.66 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Kroenung5.png)

I never played many online games, but when I did, it was games where player interactions was varied and allowed for plenty of goofing off, fraternising with randoms, RPing, etc..

Off the top of my head, I played much Team Fortress 2 years ago (on the 360 even). Taunts, wacky bug exploits, and the overall tone of the game lent itself to a light-hearted and jovial experience where—while of course everyone tried to win—you could be a good sport, and every once in a while someone would come up with a neat thing to do (building a human pyramid, a teleporter discos, exploring out of bounds, whatever), everyone decided that this looked more fun than pursuing the actual goal, and had a good time.

The Dark Souls games with their cosplay options, expressive gestures, and variously hostile and cooperative interactions were also great to play online. You could have honourable duels; invade someone only to find he as a noob, decide to help him out a bit, and then kill him anyway; randomly team up with or against other invaders; and much else.

Finally Minecraft, while a shitty game by itself, was also a fantastic sandbox for roleplaying made-up politics. I spent years on a server where people founded their own nations (often a parody or amalgamation of some historical or contemporary real one, at other times elaborate OC) with a handful or sometimes just one citizen, and then spent their days building themed capital cities, engaging in diplomatic banter, and occasionally fighting petty wars to later write wildly exaggerated wiki articles about them.

Most contemporary online games I'm aware of, though, seem to be either twitchy and highly competitive shooters, or MMORPGs where you can get by with autistic solo grinding or are following a somewhat rigid story. I'd be very happy for someone to correct me on this, or to point out all the exceptions, though.

53b147  No.16108495


>multiplayer games = western civilization


483ecb  No.16108502


Sage isn't a downvote.


28afd2  No.16108599

File: 591735161fb87b6⋯.jpg (42.97 KB, 377x326, 377:326, 1359870676207.jpg)

>Playing TF2 today

>People calling each other faggots and niggers and having a good time

>A 40 year old woman tells a speaker "shut the fuck up nerd"

>Everyone having a laugh

I miss this.

28afd2  No.16108617

File: 9b649b0bdd3a7cb⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Overwatch anon.png)

File: 93a00a9a6db4b4f⋯.png (223.82 KB, 1083x250, 1083:250, Average OW player.png)


>All those faggots in the Overwatch generals that would defend it and pretend that Overwatch was hardcore

53b147  No.16108666




lmao at those fucking tards

7b95a9  No.16108729

File: 1bc4f6566133258⋯.jpg (29.64 KB, 291x552, 97:184, Capture6767.JPG)

I blame annual call of duty releases.

51f027  No.16108762

They are designed to be disposable. They aren't designed for long term staying power. Just like modern pop music, game developers have realized they can sell more games if they make something that people love for a month or so and then they want the next thing, forgetting the last one even existed.

Games used to be made as passion products. They are disposable media now, meant to be replaced as soon as possible with the next new shiny thing for normalfags to spend their money on microtransactions.

fb6161  No.16108797

File: 061a2aa05fd78e5⋯.png (5.55 MB, 1160x9000, 29:225, RottenHuman1.png)

File: 34eb31dd2577c0a⋯.png (4.98 MB, 1160x9750, 116:975, RottenHuman2.png)


Posting for posterity.

28afd2  No.16110304



>I've yet to hear a coherent explanation as to why Reddit is such a terrible website, other than the fact that it got normalfags on it

>other than the fact that it got normalfags on it

This is gold.

f3779f  No.16110315

File: 9a7928afb20a91d⋯.png (3.98 MB, 1744x10050, 872:5025, Facepunch invades 8chan.png)


Reminds me of this

1da28d  No.16110322


>CS 1.6

cs was the cowadoody of its day, yurofaggot. know your place

28afd2  No.16110329

File: 1e770e4e14b86e4⋯.png (250.36 KB, 780x849, 260:283, rotten.PNG)



Holy shit, look at this. Even on reddit and to the rust community he is seen as a faggot.

This is truly amazing.

899c6e  No.16110957

File: 6c2c0f40c31530a⋯.jpg (164.98 KB, 1200x1188, 100:99, lit.jpg)

Annual sequels. DLC splitting playerbases. People simply moving onto other multiplayer games. No bots. Minuscule, lackluster base-game content. This is why you never buy multiplayer games. Once the playerbase fucks off, you literally cannot play the game anymore and it becomes a paperweight. I'll stick to my singleplayer games, thank you very fucking much. At least I can always come back to the Witcher 3 if I feel like hunting monsters, instead of waiting in a lobby for an hour for a game that no one is fucking playing anymore.

23641e  No.16111515

File: 3b470498ae9ffd7⋯.jpg (49.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8a03b66fe6523b4607f3f5945c….jpg)


>>Playing TF2 today

>I miss this.

Something doesn't add up here.

7aa7e9  No.16111624


>Games became fashionable in 2007

Are you a nigger or just stupid? Arcades were immensely popular in the 70s. Gaming has been mainstream since before you were born and it was likely your parents who made it mainstream and popular.

The most ironic part of this thread is that all of this still exists in the most popular game of this generation. Minecraft, still modded, still server based, no match making etc. etc.

FPS games have lost it but the FPS genres been dead for years now, it's just a walking corpse until CoD and TF2 clones drop off.

0e2ebe  No.16111635

File: bd666ace483f2c9⋯.png (127.17 KB, 480x480, 1:1, bd666ace483f2c94f78409d9da….png)


He could have prevented all of this, if he had resisted the urge to attentionwhore with his shitty jewtube channel

2155c1  No.16111641

Zero mod support and no dedicated servers means your game has a definite lifespan which is, at most, the time you decide to keep paying for matchmaking server upkeep. Most games aren't that deep so players figure out the "meta" within a year or so and it becomes stale. Most modern games which ARE deep do so by virtue of having a bunch of shit you need to memorize (MOBAs).

481d28  No.16111646

File: 053d5f05335afe9⋯.png (57.77 KB, 722x488, 361:244, whisper.png)


>What happened?


000000  No.16111651


When companies started to push for games as a service, and at the same time trying to force marxism in every online community, banning people for being functional human beings, even normalfags started to see that modern online games are not worth any time or money.

ab6d6a  No.16111686

Planned obsolesce, pandering and devs wanting to keep the game "fresh" and removing fun.

7aa7e9  No.16111689

People underestimate how effective Twitch is at marketing things. You can't have a stable playerbase if they're constantly exposed to new releases with peer pressure around it. Streamers chase viewers with no games, which in turn pressure people off old games and onto the new ones.

d81e0c  No.16111820

File: 92a8a4bfe1f3c2a⋯.jpg (54.88 KB, 577x608, 577:608, b3ac454e5dc7cd661caccc0c2e….jpg)

850897  No.16111831


wtf i hate capitalism now

f42517  No.16111839


>those arms

If this faggot lifted weights he wouldn't have had to play dress up.

4cbe4f  No.16111877


I think the workshop and servers with way too many mods killed it rather than matchmaking.

4cbe4f  No.16111888


What is the song in this?

7fcb5b  No.16114730



>what about making our own games?

That doesn't fix it because the creator just wanting the game to live long isn't enough,The players want the creator to work on the full time and it's best practice if the creator plays his own game so he know's why players might want a thing or another changed,This means that would be your full time job.

>The paradox is that if you make a really great game people will buy it only once

>How will you keep the game from needing (((broader audience)))

Me for example,I bought Squad for like 30$ and I put 1800 hours in that game faster than I put 600 into BF4,let's compare that to some single player game that costs 60$ for a promised 100 hours of content 360$ for BF4,1080$ for Squad

This is the first time in my life when I feel that monthly based subscription is the only way for this to work,If someone does't like the game after the first month he will fuck off and I will never have to play with them again,while still paying the devs for server and further development

I don't want there to be a single thought process where the devs think "this will make the game more friendly to new players,we need that".Most of those "new players" won't play the game for more than a week anyway but the changes will stay for people still left that are playing

292c57  No.16114841



>Muh 50% win rates

I will never understand this meme. Why wouldn't you want to be matched against players of a roughly equal skill level? If you want to pound noobs all day you play casual servers.

6f098e  No.16114878


God, you're a nigger. You go on and on about your 50% win rate because you're matched against people that can beat you. What the fuck do you want if not even matchmaking? You want a 0% winrate? 100% winrate? You don't make any fucking sense yet you spam your fucking dogshit everywhere. You're almost as bad as the pedophiles.

f802b9  No.16114901



They don't match you with equal players fucktard

bd5a16  No.16114950



Not sure if you are fast response shills or just ignorant but the way the matchmaking algorithm works in most modern team based games is taking the sum of the team's overall matchmaking score instead of individual players when setting up games.

So for example let's say your skill rating is three out of five. Instead of getting a match where you face a team of 3's with team mates of 3's you face a team of 2's while your own team is 1's. The average is still 2 vs 2.

This is made even worse by low skill ceilings. Like for example in tf2 if you are good you can still stomp the enemy team even when your own is comprised of mouth breathing retards but in modern games where the impact of individual player input is minimal and the focus is made on team coordination it quickly turns into a shitheap where you can't do anything yourself and have to rely on untermensch to win. And that is not fun

6f098e  No.16114956


Oh, you're one of those "my team is holding me back" people. You can't fathom how much effort people put into winning the game. How it's a month long project just to not be complete shit at a single hero.

000000  No.16115022


Even more reason to pressure people into abandoning the new and keeping only the old.

6f098e  No.16115042


Matchmaking must be done on a curve. Consider playing at prime time to narrow the curve.

7fcb5b  No.16115076


>This is why you never buy multiplayer games

Untill we have really good AI bots that's the only way to try yourself against other humans,especially when most game have difficulty levels that are basically bullet sponge slider and how much do you want the bots to cheat

It's easy to spot too Hard doesn't make the enemies smarter,they won't play a trick on you that you can learn,they won't do something comically stupid that somehow worked out,it makes them instantly headshot you,control all recoil because they don't have to aim manually,knowing where you are at all time,and working together against you,and the enemies will either be all easy or all wall hacking skynet gods

Like when you have stealth in most and you walk next to enemies they always aim at you waiting for your cloak to wear off of to head shot you

When in multiplayer it can range from a player not noticing you walking right in front of them to some 6th sense of a dude just checking behind him because he felt like it


>so players figure out the "meta"

This really sadden me when I heard from the devs that people figured out the meta to Squad is hunkering down in one place,building a bunch of shit and waiting for enemy players that aren't part of some gay ass clan and don't follow the meta walk into your crosshairs and whoever has less people willing to sit in one place for 2 hours wins

When you go full E-Sport and consider the game for just winning and not having fun while you win then you might just as well stop,Why would you "play" a game where by your idea the best outcome is to not play

People who consider games Skype with extra activities should fuck off too,if you want to talk with your internet buddies get them on some group paint and not take up a slot on a server

When did people loose the balance to life


> Why wouldn't you want to be matched against players of a roughly equal skill level?

There is no profit in that,you can learn something if your enemies are better


>which in turn pressure people off old games and onto the new ones.

Objectively that is better to the game because all people that were there because it was "popular" or their friends played it will fuck off leaving only people that actually care

ba6ee4  No.16115081

File: a553fde25cd14fb⋯.webm (3.83 MB, 480x360, 4:3, a553fde25cd14fbe1ecea13e3….webm)

Games have been saturated and lowered to the dumbest common denominator, Games aren't fast anymore they are all boring, slow and the same shit.

ba6ee4  No.16115089

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Now Everyone can win, it used to be you would enter a game and get absolutely wrecked. you needed to spend time, get used to the game and learn how to play to get good and win.

Mostly like other anon said, Matchmaking.

ba6ee4  No.16115092

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c65597  No.16115107

Coincidently jews are notorious for the whole "matchmaking" thing, it's some sort of jew tradition they still do today

7fcb5b  No.16115122


> you needed to spend time, get used to the game and learn how to play to get good and win.

That's not even the case anymore and normalfags still refuse to get better

Today you can have thousands of YT channel's with video tutorials,forums that go deep into game mechanics and tell you specific things that you would otherwise have to find yourself over a long period of time,You could understand the entire game before even getting into your first match,But won't do it and it's not just because they are lazy

I met people in the game that Actively Refuse to get better but for some reason will insist on playing,99% of the time when I give new players good advice they will ignore it and shit talk back at me for no reason at all.(not attacking you,you just reminded me)Most of the time their excuse is "I am not as good because you spent X amount of time in the game and I didn't" but that's fucking wrong ,I'm not better just because my steam says I kept the game running when cleaning my room

I am better because I spend 2 days reading about the mechanics,and then I spend 2 more days in the games shooting range practicing,I am better because I am willing to learn and when someone kills me I analyze what went wrong and how he manage to do it ,and then I change so it won't happen

Normalfags are just lazy,it's like they aren't even human,Which leaves me worrying that one day I might underestimate a normalfag and it will be my doom

7fcb5b  No.16115125



ba6ee4  No.16115138

File: 252a0a7fcfa453a⋯.png (991.56 KB, 1353x574, 33:14, st.png)


Get good fag

26084b  No.16115250

Would anyone here be down for Half-Life Deathmatch if I can get a server for it?

b95fdf  No.16115259

multiplayer is hilarious, the games only last as long as the playerbase lasts, that isnt the problem at all with singleplayer, since that experience lasts as long as its content, cant do that in multiplayer so what we have is, EVERY MULTIPLAYER GAME THAT LOSES ITS PLAYERBASE IS UNPLAYABLE BARREN DEAD SHELL, so thats nearly EVERY multiplayer game out there besides few that won the popularity contest

b95fdf  No.16115263

and since multiplayer games require constant maintenance and upkeep, soon as players leave it becomes a liability and devs abandon the servers, patching, everything

f5989c  No.16115284

File: a009e65d3b3e2a7⋯.jpg (38.11 KB, 600x315, 40:21, Multipass.jpg)


>plays squad and BF4

>for over 2k hours


>you would need to work on it full time

except you dont, make game, release it then fix any huge bugs/exploits in the game when they pop up, give the players the tools to regulate themselves and make their own content. dont listen to them because thats usually how multiplayer games go to shit real quick

>monthly based subscriptions

never works and is jewish, you arent making WoW, just a small multiplayer game for fun

>I don't want there to be a single thought process where the devs think "this will make the game more friendly to new players,we need that"

and thats why YOU need to be the dev, can you honestly trust other people with all the shit devs have pulled in recent years?


best way to get players is to make the game have some sort of depth and steep learning curve, but not so difficult to learn that the game only ends up with a few hundred cheeto crusted turbo spergs who religiously play the game and drive new players out

f5989c  No.16115313

File: c5d6b9eeaaac4cb⋯.jpg (628.15 KB, 1320x768, 55:32, overwatch.jpg)




ba6ee4  No.16115338

9f276a  No.16121937

I was keeping my eyes on World War 3. But I don't know anymore.


f5989c  No.16122154

File: c5de655d74aab8e⋯.png (117.44 KB, 417x332, 417:332, Polan 100.png)


>endless threads about



>it came out

>no more threads

>no more players

All According to keikaku

3be5f8  No.16132067


>Untill we have really good AI bots that's the only way to try yourself against other humans

The proper way to try yourself against other humans is to try yourself against the developers by beating the challenge they crafted for you. Multiplayer focus is just a way for the developers to be lazy and not actually craft a challenge for you. It's making the bare bones of a game and then not actually finishing it.


>I am better because I spend 2 days reading about the mechanics,and then I spend 2 more days in the games shooting range practicing,I am better because I am willing to learn and when someone kills me I analyze what went wrong and how he manage to do it ,and then I change so it won't happen

This sounds really boring and I wouldn't want to play those games anyway. They clearly don't understand the concept of a difficulty curve. Of course they don't because you can't really implement that in a multiplayer game. Again why single player is better.

858e9a  No.16133101

>What happened?

A partial explanation is the BLOCK BAN DELET culture of nark faggots who bitch about name calling via some complaint mechanism and get players shitcanned. If you can't call your opponents filthy niggers without getting banned there is no point to online gaming.

1eb034  No.16133119

File: f0326f43fe6d7bf⋯.png (96.62 KB, 255x300, 17:20, f0326f43fe6d7bfae0fbfb6c09….png)

File: 336d78e12c46fca⋯.png (178.67 KB, 848x900, 212:225, TR smile and optimism gone.png)


Planetside 2.

f5989c  No.16133182

File: fd01eda3fb32cae⋯.jpg (87.97 KB, 1264x878, 632:439, Helmet.jpg)


And also because server owners/admins are power tripping assholes who always act passive aggressive towards people? every game nowadays is pozzed to the max and even some older games have 1-2 active servers owned and moderated by zealots. i just watched 2 admins bitch at eachother over trivial shit and they spoke like women

ceefa0  No.16133193


Market oversaturation and lack of long term investment.

9a5e9a  No.16135627

more multiplayer games than ever, with planned obsolescence baked in and online features being killed at the whim of the publisher so you'll buy the same shit with a title change next year.


this plus the decline of dedicated servers and server browsers, direct-IP connections, and LAN features. especially and the rise of centralized servers dating back to shit like IWNet. this all makes it harder, if not impossible, to keep online alive after support is discontinued


>>They are dumber and more casual than ever

well of course you'd want the game to be as accessible to the lowest common denominator as possible so they'll buy into it. otherwise they'll just look for an easier game.

fac360  No.16142767

Let's see…take a look at the Call of Duty games on the PS3. I play it every single day, and most of them are dead.

CoD4- maybe about 2-3 lobbies max at peak hours

WaW- 1 lobby at peak hours

MW2- 10-15 lobbies at peak hours, game is still alive and doing well

Bo1- Same with MW2, but even more alive. Plenty of people.

MW3- Due to a bug, PS3 owners take upwards of 30 mintues to join lobbies even with a perfect connection becuase of a patch that Infinity Ward put in, and the patch brought that bug that fucked up the game forever. It takes ages to join any lobbies even though thousands of people are still on online

Bo2- Tens of thousands of people playing, finding a lobby is almost instant

Ghosts- Dead, maybe 1-2 lobbies at peak hours

Advanced Warfare- 100% dead, nobody, and i mean NOBODY is online. I'm the last person on PS3 Advanced Warfare in 2019.

Black Ops 3- Dead, game also randomly crashes with no reason and forces you to restart your PS3

Bonus, Call of Duty 3- One lobby at all times, a few very dedicated players are always online and playing. MisterShred is one of them, he's been playing online for months as a Support camping asshole, but he is single-handedly keeping the servers alive.

Other games:

Far Cry 3 multiplayer- dead

Far Cry 4 multiplayer- a few lobbies during peak hours

GTA 4- dead

GTA 4 DLC- TLaD is dead, but TBoGT is alive and well, dozens of players still fly around in Buzzards all the time like assholes, modding paradise, hackers every lobby, crazy shit happens all the time. It's genuinley fun.

Mortal Kombat 2011- About 60ish players during peak hours

Minecraft Battle, Tumble and Glide- dead

Battlefield 3- alive and well, full of max rank tryhards and almost no hackers so far, but mostly just tryhard and noobs left. It's easy to find 24/7 Noshahr Canals and 24/7 1600 tickets fast respawn Metro servers as well

Battlefield 4- Thousands of people playing, hundreds of servers, alive and well

So, yeah. PS3 is still alive and well into 2019, and the playercount won't be dead for many, many years to come.

2e55d6  No.16142778


You have the worst taste in multiplayer games I've ever seen on this website.

3c07d9  No.16142804


No custom servers. Also almost no games made with heart, they only care about money.

353aea  No.16142823

File: 82d759f218efd81⋯.jpg (578.19 KB, 1000x755, 200:151, 7907.jpg)

What happened was marketers and publishes push their games more as a novelty than an actual game. Aka flash over substance. You have no idea how many normalfags falls for this and my roommate is their prime target.

>tries to sell me on Anthem

>shows me gameplay

>he gets all hyped and remarks how it looks so cool especially the melee

>asks me my opinion on it

>say its looks meh and melee unimpressive but the movement looks like it has potential for a decent Capture the Flag mode.

>he becomes flabbergasted as to why I think melee looks unimpressive by replaying the melee portion

>respond with yeah it looks "cool" but it doesnt look like you're doing anything but spamming literally one button

>tells me there is not much you can do with melee with a controller

I almost called him a double nigger for that. There was a terminology for it but I forgot what its called but it has something to do with "not wanting to be left out".

b6ba7f  No.16142832


>wiki articles about minecraft wars

I needed something to do tonight. Where can I find these articles? If nothing else they'll be good for a laugh.

2af67d  No.16142841


Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

53d032  No.16143965


How? What's wrong with them? Actually provide me valid reasons, and a well-put together and structured argument instead of what i am going to assume you will instead name calling and giving shitty excuses

I like what i play; i could care less what you think

3fdda5  No.16144046

File: 06737cf3d64c3ff⋯.jpg (155.35 KB, 847x565, 847:565, ddo.jpg)

I need a new mmo to play. I've played ddo, loved the comfy vibe to it and the world you existed in. But I can't go back to it because the person I always played with killed himself. So I need a new game to play.

I'm deciding between GW2 and Everquest 2. GW2 I played for a while when it came out but couldn't really get into the artstyle. Can anyone recommend a ddo similar game that isn't lotro and doesn't make me grieve?

f9469d  No.16147345

Games today are planned to die after the first few months so people will buy it at release while it's still alive instead of waiting for it to get cheaper.

c8c14a  No.16147499

In some cases, the infrastructure is just plain down. I'm going to shill for wiimmfi, which supports something like 100 Wii and DS games still have an online community.

d6fecc  No.16148128


>Games today are planned to die

Seems like nothing in general is made to last anymore for the sake of repeat sales.

938042  No.16148150

File: 552cd019671ef67⋯.mp4 (1.78 MB, 960x540, 16:9, L6cm4nP.mp4)


There's always FFXIV.

2e55d6  No.16148189


>autism the post

It's couldn't care less, not could.

53d032  No.16149907


Sorry that i didn't feel like using a contraction…

b72e46  No.16149986

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I had though this one was dead for sure, but even after an EA takedown it's back.

I love how people managed to reverse engineer the demo to get the whole thing out there.

e665ba  No.16150076


Game night when?

b72e46  No.16150096


I'd really want to do one.

baf2f4  No.16150665


least this time they were smart enough to distribute the client alongside it.

95ce0b  No.16151229


I can still hear the start screen music. I still remember the hype of "brainbread 2 "being in production. I remember the stupid fucking campy song they made for the game. I remember all those GoldSRC Resident Evil objective maps that were way too fun.

I wanna go back, bro.

ee8d7d  No.16151230


I remember having fun with this, so I'll install and take a look.

999275  No.16155532

File: d2b46ff63e2b363⋯.png (64.49 KB, 500x297, 500:297, schadenfreude-tan.png)

>Playing online multiplayer in the first place

0c9d53  No.16155544


Pretty much this. Match making is a mistake and I've seen jewtubers who complain about old games that don't have a ranking system. Because god forbid they can't wave a e-peen around.

It's going to get worse because most games now are built for ADHD kids and the twitch audience. Once a new shibnier game rolls out, that's it. The fotm will end up dead or hemorrhaging badly.


Worlds shut down a few years back IIRC

27ed2a  No.16156760



it's for norm­ies

313fb9  No.16158699



Yeah competition and random chances are for casuals and normeez. My static story-based retarded AI slaughter sims are where it's at.

ee47eb  No.16158744


>all singleplayer games are shitty jrpgs

try harder

5ff14b  No.16160095

File: eaf3c76c8c1814a⋯.jpg (78.89 KB, 639x361, 639:361, rtcw.jpg)


>WW2 Online was ground breaking


5ff14b  No.16160098


Don't forget that the gun model has to take up literally 25% of the screen!

Also pastel-color, plastic-comic sci-fi aesthetics is genius, no one has ever done that!

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