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File: 7a04752d1f5cda1⋯.png (1.95 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, Lucas.png)

c8db73  No.16108290


I'm not surprised. Might be better this way…They would have censored it way to much and render the dialogues 100% cucks.

The English Professional Fan Translation is very great.

ae7fbb  No.16108296


I'm having déjà vu.

c8db73  No.16108303


If it were really communist, the game would not use a christian quote to encourage Lucas and his party.

f1acd9  No.16108304

What was there to censor?

c8db73  No.16108308


If you wanted to release this game in a politically correct culture that is the West, you would have to modify at least 50-80% of the characters and dialogues.

f90b53  No.16108322


What Christian quote? What was it in the original Japanese? It's possibly just added by Tomato as 'localization'.


Communism is the status quo. There's nothing more kosher and pc than shitting on capitalism and featuring a bunch of sick fuck tranny faggots as poor oppressed minorities with the evil heterosexual villain Yokuba.

c8db73  No.16108337

File: 9cbdec5f8765117⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 974.77 KB, 1591x1289, 1591:1289, Moo.png)


>What Christian quote?

7cbfcf  No.16108363


No you don't. That's like the retard at Koei saying they "couldn't" release DoAX3.

Of course you can release anything if you're not spineless and ignore SJW screeching.

c8db73  No.16108367


>Of course you can release anything if you're not spineless and ignore SJW screeching.

Almost no editors have spines, especially not Nintendo of America.

f1acd9  No.16108372


There's no real downside to releasing politically incorrect video games, just screeching SJWs and news articles being made in an attempt to "shame" the game and shy people away from it, when really the opposite is true. But that's too much of a risk for shareholders, so they make the developers play it safe and that's how you get shit like Apex: Legends and Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

5822ea  No.16108376


Well yeah, those are the people that made Earthbound which is incredibly far removed from Mother 2.

83cf93  No.16108416

File: 411ddc91a87cbc9⋯.jpg (188.89 KB, 597x700, 597:700, Fassad.jpg)

File: 63aec173c0081ee⋯.webm (2 MB, 320x240, 4:3, MOTHER 3 EarthBound 64 p….webm)

There is no way this game would remotely be intact if NOA got ahold of it.

>the severity of situations would be downplayed or skipped

>the magypsies would be outright tranny fucks instead of silly magical drag queens obsessed with death

>Fassad's entire character would be ruined considering he almost singlehandedly fucks up the quaint little town over the span of a couple years, tortures a monkey for fun, and tries to kill you multiple times

>the entire ending sequence with the Masked Man

just get the rom and the fan patch. fuck NOA.

7cbfcf  No.16108432


That's more of a problem with Japanese companies not exerting more control over their western branches.

0faf04  No.16108482

This is why you learn Japanese. Fuck the west.

184928  No.16108489

File: f1b5f5dd26ac410⋯.png (14.57 KB, 240x160, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


There's also pic related at the beginning of the game.


Religious references, alcohol references, the magypsies, the "sexual harassment" joke in chapter 4, the entire ending.

a865fe  No.16108492

File: 90e3685aef10b40⋯.png (255.99 KB, 1024x693, 1024:693, image.png)


The game already fucked itself by removing the original ending

c27ede  No.16108496

File: 9394b8b8a1d73d4⋯.png (172.04 KB, 1262x555, 1262:555, NoA has been at war with u….png)

365f7e  No.16108497


>tfw we live in an age where the Magypsies are not progressive enough and are now seen as anti-PC

I want to get off this shitty ride.

5822ea  No.16108498

5822ea  No.16108506


did sega remove much religions symbolism? I know they censored a few panty shots, but they are on record of talking to a developer and having a conversation like this:

>is that the Jesus fish?


>oh, okay.

and doing nothing about it.

0891c3  No.16108508


>just accept censorship

as soon as you accept sucking my dick faggot

64a8a1  No.16108511


nice reading comprehension faggot

d90733  No.16108516


>the "sexual harassment" joke in chapter 4

you mean lucas getting diddled?

a865fe  No.16108518

File: 993929298038ce0⋯.png (274.47 KB, 1024x679, 1024:679, image (1).png)

File: 6462639ff2ff167⋯.png (197.22 KB, 1024x693, 1024:693, image.png)


It still would have been way more interesting.

d67aaf  No.16108524


I can't tell if he's disagreeing with the greentext he's responding to or agreeing.

365f7e  No.16108525


It would have meant Giygas was back for some reason. Would have been a much different story leading to that point.

5debdb  No.16108531

5debdb  No.16108535



Also, in the comment section, the frogs are just roasting the fact that censorship is the reason why the game won't come West.

d62fe3  No.16108538

File: 97e7db1686b5050⋯.jpg (256.25 KB, 1080x1560, 9:13, ys viii ricotta 2.jpg)


If only they could stop supporting NISA too. Fuck the French still.

c27ede  No.16108552

File: a15a9be26123a28⋯.webm (202.16 KB, 320x240, 4:3, the frensh.webm)

04995b  No.16108562


Frogs get butt-fucked by NiSA, the anti-translation company.


This. I cannot support an official localization of this game because if Nintendo of America exists.


<Learn Japanese to tell Japan to go 1488 and region ban all communication outside their country and gas all non-genetic natives. Forget learning the language. It's better to hard ban all gaijin piggu from accessing Japanese media. Period.

Fixed your argument.

8fdb70  No.16108625


I got a wild guess that if originally Giygas would've returned, they may used the masked man as a body vessel.

999aa5  No.16108669


>having some other country actually do the hard work instead of your own

Nice boomer-tier argument. Maybe if europoors and amerimutts didn't become pozzed to all hell and too lazy to fix their own countries we wouldn't be in this mess.

04995b  No.16108683


You know if you want good games in the western market you have to make your own right zoomer? Every game in the west is shit. And soon non-pozzed not western developers want to take no part in the market because they have to allow foreign entities to dictate what they do. Therefore the foreigners are going to have an export ban on their native language games soon. And learning Japanese won't save you. So make your own good vidya from now on. Nips will not sell you non-pozzed non anti-translated versions anymore after 2020.


1a0b5e  No.16108698

File: 97c304e16514678⋯.jpg (266.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8e11e7b056543c2bde54b6c8d0….jpg)


ys8 is like $100 on ps4.

$40-$50 used.

c1f067  No.16108702

File: 4628f3534de8a49⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 3553x1275, 209:75, PySdNGa.jpg)


Companies care A LOT about PR. Why would you release something when it will only create controversy and bad media attention?

Nintendo just chose to err on the side of caution.

c3e443  No.16108759


>just get the rom and the fan patch. fuck NOA.

This. I have absolutely no idea why anybody would want a treehouse translation of Mother 3, even without considering censorship they are very bad at their job and would never be able to accurately translate it. I've even seen faggots here complaining that they won't make one, then again I've seen faggots here complain that Nintendo aren't churning out sequels even though Itoi has finished with the series.

5fcc91  No.16108763


Exactly. Mato's work is frankly outstanding (the amount of romhack magic mainly) and it's easily emulated on almost any platform. For those who want the 'pure' experience a flashcart takes care of that.

7cbfcf  No.16108770

File: 2c0e219b102c7f4⋯.png (468.84 KB, 605x770, 11:14, 2019-02-11 13_15_24-Playas….png)


Because controversy sells, dummy.

c1f067  No.16108776

File: 1976515254cbdd2⋯.jpg (22.5 KB, 300x372, 25:31, 784ce3992e2292e55f31cce460….jpg)


Well its not France that is censoring games. Its SJWfornia.

31a329  No.16108789


Plus he left some translation notes online (some in print, but also in video form) so that you could understand why they chose their interpretation. You would never get that with a professional or nintendo localization.

5fcc91  No.16108800


Yeah, and from there now he has a whole site covering all sorts of translation topics. It's a fun read.

"Professional" as you said it only makes me think of the attitude taken by idiots in "professional" VN translation. 'Don't like the translation? Well fuck you, entitled scum'

I still can't believe Sukisuki had the girl calling you onii-chan in the audio having it translated as "DUDE". I'm not kidding.

2b5dca  No.16108818


Where do I get started? And which language?

22c06d  No.16108839

File: dc78b203c7e5c09⋯.gif (190.73 KB, 250x188, 125:94, VnKGtixvQUOigccMXOFS.gif)



Couldn't be more oblivious, could you?

5fcc91  No.16108841


Actually, no language. If you start with one, particularly a high level one, you'll get a crutch with it, because you'll try to apply whatever language you got when moving to something else.

First learn about logical structures in programming with basic pseudocode. Then you can move on to a language - if you have the basics of logic down with pseudocode first, adapting to a language will be easier and you won't be limiting yourself to a crutch.

83cf93  No.16109157


>the whole sequence that reads like Lucas is being forced to deepthroat a monster cock

yeah that'd be 100% sanitized since it plays on the whole "unease" the magypsies are supposed to give you.

a24c01  No.16109158


>Communism is the status quo. There's nothing more kosher and pc than shitting on capitalism and featuring a bunch of sick fuck tranny faggots as poor oppressed minorities with the evil heterosexual villain Yokuba.

The sad part is that this comment is an exact description of what the game would be like.

Tazmily Village was not communist by any extent, it was a small community of subsistence. There was no money in that world because there was simply not a need for it. Everyone knew everyone and worked for the good of their small and tightly knit community.

Magypsies were not trannies. They were not human. They represented the magical and intangible. Yokuba did not abandon his status as the trannie he never was, he abandoned spirituality. Itoi may have taken inspiration from his gay friends while designing Magypsies, but if you think that that's what they portray, you need to work on your reading and interpretation.

What ruined the perfect society was not the introduction of money, but the introduction of something that took people away from their local communities and made them stop caring for their own.

But a Treehouse localization would not resist changing those things to be exactly what the quote says, as it would be very easy to use the iconography to push their agenda.

a24c01  No.16109160


>The sad part is that this comment is an exact description of what the game would be like.

would be like if Treehouse localized it*

760036  No.16109174

communist would never understand the concept of a loving mother.

83cf93  No.16109199

File: 59601c78b2d2aec⋯.png (888.81 KB, 1368x869, 1368:869, Fire emblem fates danger.png)

File: c5cff3b406a0599⋯.png (1.67 MB, 868x1426, 14:23, Fire emblem fates dragon e….png)

File: beb39bd8027e108⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Fire Emblem sexist.jpg)

File: 062af78999fd279⋯.jpg (57.38 KB, 680x706, 340:353, Fire emblem waits.jpg)



f873b5  No.16109212

File: d7315e135e0a5a8⋯.mp4 (164.5 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Distressed Bird.mp4)



Good thing for piracy.

a24c01  No.16109214


Thank god for dedicated fans doing good work.

c8db73  No.16109224


>There was no money in that world because there was simply not a need for it.

No…There was no money, because it didn't exist yet ! Do you realize, a time before the invention of "money" ? It's the proof that this village was in the very beginning of mankind.

67ed8f  No.16109236


>First learn about logical structures in programming with basic pseudocode.

This is the most garbage, COMMON CORE advice possible. Learn Python, the more quickly you can make something real the more motivated you'll be

d67aaf  No.16109243


Nu-fire emblem is fucking horrible but this is still hilarious to see.

a24c01  No.16109246


And it didn't exist yet because there was no need for it. I should have mentioned that, too.

3616a4  No.16109267


>What ruined the perfect society was not the introduction of money, but the introduction of something that took people away from their local communities and made them stop caring for their own.

It gets frustrating sometimes when I've seen people conflate the state of Tazmily and its people after money is introduced as being a communist message when it was more likely meant to be a message against mindless consumerism when shit like happy boxes get sold to them.

83cf93  No.16109270


it's like puking on a pile of shit

83cf93  No.16109281

File: 5616c907cda797a⋯.webm (1.23 MB, 526x360, 263:180, MOTHER Commercial (subtit….webm)


it's really easy to see how it played out. The whole change of being this small community where everyone knew each other and lived in peace. the introduction of money to it was only successful because Fassad pushed the idea of something only being yours and you should fight others away from it, regardless of how pathetic and worthless said item really was. One of the more heartbreaking things is seeing a father standing outside waiting for his daughter to leave the house so they can go for a walk but when you go inside, she's stuck watching a happy box, and then she says how she wishes she could go for a walk with her father but can't tear her self away from the happy box, then she breaks down and cries.

5fcc91  No.16109303


To each their own. Also, common core is (thankfully) not a thing where I am.

Learning high-level like Python from the get-go can backfire by constraining you. If you need constant 'motivation' by seeing quick results from a print statement or whatnot, then you will probably end up quitting anyway.

c27ede  No.16109310



I hate nu FE but even I felt utter rage at what those whores at (((Treehouse))) did to it and now so many others want to do to Jap games.

c1f067  No.16109329

File: 4a4429eed8b2aec⋯.jpg (172.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault(180).jpg)


Why are gamers okay with this? Christ if a book or movie was translated like this heads would roll.

04995b  No.16109437


Stay buttmad (1)'s. Only the greatest generation is allowed to post on mongolian basket weaving boards.


C# would be a good start because most engines use C#. Xenko which is open source now uses C#.

7cbfcf  No.16109511


Stockholm syndrome. EOPs defend shitty localizations as long as it's their only way to play these games in English.

2b5dca  No.16109527


Well it's not like Japanese is all that easy to learn, what with all that vocabulary and synonyms. Mind you, these days I'm not letting that stop me.

9160d8  No.16109599

File: 5365dd4d3df2dc2⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1200x1500, 4:5, 69429654_p0.png)


And worth every penny.

5fcc91  No.16109683


I had fun with it, but that patch was pretty much essential.

I got the day-one edition sealed for $22. Local game store barely cares about oddball games like RPGs and they had a single copy lying around for months. Snagged it as soon as I saw it.

d62fe3  No.16109686


>giving NISA money

kill yourself

63fa81  No.16109723


C# a shit, learn Python if you really want to get muh results as soon as possible. Learn C or even C++ if you want to get shit done good and don't much care about the extra time taken to learn a low-level language.

8835b1  No.16109726

File: 5f3ae37ac3ed331⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 480x792, 20:33, we can't expect god to do ….jpg)


This is the reason as to why i stopped playing localized games it's always these cucks ruining everything with politics and shoving pc agenda into EVERYTHING literally nothing is sacred in this era! I genuinely want to know why God hasn't cleanace this world in 2012 because after that everything has been getting worse and worst and nobody is stopping these freaks of nature tainting everything!

5fcc91  No.16109744


You do know that the game store already gave NISA money when getting that copy shipped all the way to the other hemisphere, don't you?

I was considering yarrharr'ing on PC but the port is absolute trash (it's NISA after all, they made Disgaea 1 work like shit on modern PCs).

c66166  No.16109879


Kind of funny really how apparently he couldn't get work in the video game industry as a translator and has had to settle for anime (I assume basic translation before an editor gets it, but I could be wrong). Then again, considering how he's got an article on how the hiring process at Square as of some years back required applicants to submit fanfiction to showcase their creative writing skills, that might be telling of what the industry here wants to a greater demand than ability to translate accurately (assuming that was for the western branch, anyhow; JP one has more reason to want creative writing staff).


>"Professional" as you said it only makes me think of the attitude taken by idiots in "professional" VN translation. 'Don't like the translation? Well fuck you, entitled scum'

Or the Bateman style "the best part of the job is getting to fix icky stuff" one. Or Viccy Ireland's "If you want accuracy you aren't even our intended audience" one.

>I still can't believe Sukisuki had the girl calling you onii-chan in the audio having it translated as "DUDE". I'm not kidding.

Definitely an issue to be weighed in regards to audio syncing with the text. Even a non-moonruner can readily pick up on names and pronouns, and while one could perhaps pull that off dub only, it doesn't work for dual/singular Japanese audio. Not like they were caught between a rock and hard place for what to do in such an instance.


Did that retranslation patch even fix anything, or just keep quality about the same? Though knowing NISA, I wouldn't surprised if they somehow broke shit worse in doing so.

5fcc91  No.16109951


It fixed egregious mistakes such as wrong effect descriptions and stilted dialog, but it also introduced mismatching effect descriptions when using the French option. who cares about French anyway

Quick examples:

>Dana's surname was fixed, from 'Icarusia' to 'Iclucia', as it's pretty obvious considering there's a song in the OST literally named 'Iclucian Dance'.

>The infamous 'Archeozoic Big Hole' was fixed. It's now the 'Crevice of the Archeozoic Era'.

>Fruit names, from 'Wall Nut' to 'Cruberry', 'Palm Nut' to Coconut, 'Mangoh Fruit' to 'Mango'.

All these original mistakes live on in the included mini-artbook, however.

The closest to official 'videogame' work Mato did would be Tales of Vesperia First Strike, I suppose… It is kind of weird how even back then he didn't 'click' in the localization recruitment process… Guess that even back then, loc staff was already starting to become shit

c66166  No.16110039


>All these original mistakes live on in the included mini-artbook, however.

Physical or digital (the way something like Odin Sphere Leifthrasir has a digital artbook included)? Just curious since the latter seems like it would be easy enough to edit, if they still had the original files, but I can see why a physical would be forever fucked.

Still though, is the script actually acceptable now, or still typical NISA-tier shit barring the worst problems?

>The closest to official 'videogame' work Mato did would be Tales of Vesperia First Strike, I suppose…

Yeah, and he did a pretty decent job making sure there was cohesion to names and terms with the game. Too bad Bamco couldn't care about getting all the English voices to the returning cast back, only the major ones for Yuri and Flynn (Rita at least has a bit of an excuse of the character being twelve in the movie).

>It is kind of weird how even back then he didn't 'click' in the localization recruitment process…

I've wondered if maybe the fact that fan-translation is a grey area, so to speak, has kept him from being able to get actual game work, like the companies are aware most that use them are apt to patch a pirated copy, even if the translator tries to give themselves the breath space of "buy and rip the game yourselves".

5fcc91  No.16110058


Physical, comes with the day 1 print.

As for the dialog, well… Playing with JP audio you can notice the typical variations in dialog compared to what the audio says, but in general the ideas come through. At the very least there's no critical bug that kills the console…

As for the fan-translation aspect, it's funny how different it is with the VN industry… Shinku Translations basically became Nekonyan, and many fan-TLers got 'hired' or at least their scripts got licensed. However, most of these licenses were done by shits like Sekai, who love sitting on projects and making fucking Kickstarters for everything.

The only big non-VN exception that comes to mind is XSeed, when they licensed a fanTL for… uh, was it a Kiseki game, or Zwei? Can't remember.

ff4846  No.16110331


>Why are gamers okay with this?

They're not. There was a huge shitstorm over this and it lasted months.

The problem is lots of people bought it regardless, so there's zero reason for the "localizers" to admit that they're rubbish and make changes.

c66166  No.16110380


Probably because for most of the populace interested in a given game, assuming it's not super niche anyhow, if it's technically playable in English (or whatever their local language is; I'd wager French, Spanish, Italian, German, etc would all use an English translation as base) in an official means, and fun enough to them despite being butchered, they're willing to put up with it, and even support the way a given game is handled to try to get more in the future. Then you've also got the further sorts that praise removal of content that they either find "icky", or that just consider to make the game "uncomfortable" to play in a social environment (doesn't even have to be lewd; stuff like JP voicing or songs). And that's not getting started on rewritefags like Working Designs' chodesucking fans.

ccf617  No.16110631


The original final was probably not what people think, nightmarish backgrounds aside it was described as up to interpretation and silent. You couldn't have introduced nonsense like Giygas like that.

A lot of the unused stuff and things that didn't make it from the trailers seem like a shame though(chapter 1 was actually fully about Claus Lucas as they went on an adventure and multiple endings).

7e8964  No.16110978

Isn't this old news? Thought it was always said that trying to bring Mother 3 over would be way too much of a localization task, especially for Nintendo.

Maybe I'm thinking of a different game.

d62fe3  No.16111204


And that justifies supporting NISA? What a spineless little faggot you are. Cancer like you is why NISA continues to rapes games.

kill yourself

175c26  No.16111213

File: 2a7482aa31b6995⋯.png (757.84 KB, 1070x1041, 1070:1041, d0b669fabfc3815558e927999e….png)


Well I want to play JRPGs and VNs in English too. However I do have standards. I can deal with spelling mistakes or awkward grammar.

But if a game is fanfictioned or censored I don't buy it. Because what would be the point? The original vision is lost.

4a995c  No.16111226


I always suspected as much since Shigesato didn't like that Mother 3 was already censored to hell in japan. If there's one thing that sandal wearing goldfish tender has it's artistic integrity.


Animal abuse, the pig masks flashing nazi salutes, the casual use of light curse words, trannies being the butt of jokes and not STONK, a black stereotype, and child death/suicide just to name a few.

7cbfcf  No.16111230


>The original vision is lost.

That's every localization. If you want to play the original game rather than someone's rewrite/interpretation of it, then you have to learn the language and play the original.

ccf617  No.16111239

File: 471be971c0c74d7⋯.png (647 B, 23x29, 23:29, 15726.png)


>the pig masks flashing nazi salutes

The pig mask salute really doesn't look like the roman one, i don't even know why people say this.

It does look like something else though.

0005df  No.16112752

File: 21c313deb3d2d37⋯.jpg (15.12 KB, 252x378, 2:3, 1549737142107.jpg)



I always saw it as if they were waving their hands, nothing really weird about it. If they truly were roman salutes they wouldn't be flailing their arms up and down, and the hands wouldn't stand as a ball from the sides

4a995c  No.16113372

File: f260cba6ee4adbf⋯.png (252.06 KB, 705x426, 235:142, pig.png)



According to the Pig Mask Colonel sprite they're lifting their fists into the air.

3e6d1f  No.16113924


Isn’t that the one with the NISA localization though?

15817f  No.16113930


>What is demand

0d2015  No.16114315




>「おもすぎる にもつを かみさまは せおわせないものだ」

> そういう ことばを きいたことがあるだろう。

I'm sure 'relocalization' patches and nintendo's supposed official 'localization' would have done away with this "literal translation".

0d2015  No.16114414


>Chris Panger interview sperging and getting fired, mentions Fates censorship considered

>some internal back and forth at treehouse

>complete dub of face rubbing minigame done

>first articles about gay therapy in fates drop like clockwork

>rationale is she's like lesbian tropes, thus lesbian (despite marrying only men), thus her marrying men and finding was so she won't faint during combat from her hyperventilation problem with hot females is problematic

>tumblr artist posts translations for face rubbing minigame making it seem like rape

>gets called out but says yes this is basically my plan to make them look as bad as possible to get it cut

>suspicious delay for europe version

>treehouse issues their disclaimer the game won't have gay therapy, speaks for europe version announcing no other versions until american english version, and everything else based on it instead of japanese, even other languages

>tumblr artist is friends with treehouse editor, both brag about it on twitter, no repercussions

>game is out


>many fan retranslations are started

>one is controlled opposition starting from the compromised NA version with minimal changes, but the other is seriously based on the japanese one from scratch

>second fan patch is exploited on memes against noa on twitter, gets attacked on romhacking hubs for being "too soon" or "problematic", eventually gets infiltrated and they announce everything is cancelled and tools and already done work WON'T be made availabe for anyone to continue, but that didn't keep others from doing it

>kotaku going overdrive in their "kill translation mods" mode, but eventually hears some members in private say kotaku should just fuck off and they're being setup, sure enough they write an article about this and how everyone is secret klans, and that sure convinced anyone who was still giving them the benefit of doubt

>fates director in japan comments it's a shame the overseas audience didn't get the same content, that it can't be helped

>coincidentally sakurai spoke against content cuts, using this specific thing as an example, but before the us release, and the fanmade translation of the famitsu article made it just in time

>this anti corporate story gets so big in japan it gets picked up by major japanese websites, that usually play sycophants otherwise

>even the pokemon company threw shades at treehouse saying they don't work on pokémon moon, despite not bothering to answer such questions usually, or detailing who DOES work on it

>tokyo mirage sessions happens and doesn't help things

>even some of the japanese version movies have na censorship

>noa told japan they need to get the jap VA asses back again to redub the censored lines in japanese. since they changed entire dungeons, there was a LOT of lines

>censored outfits were over the top, especially the wedding dress

>still resetera's all time favorite localization, even today (can't make this up)

>japan got fed up at one point and stopped honoring noa requests, thus some battle models are intact, got told to ship the hell of it as is

>best seller in the series in NA after a strong prerelease advertisment campaign (before all this stink, and partially due to it), 300k


>final dlcs of fates didn't even get a localization, something was awry at nintendo

Now for the interesting stuff

>echoes is handled by 8-4

>apparently told to make it much closer to the original than treehouse's way

>some cuts nevertheless, like alcohol, already in the japanese version (some signs of this with tokyo mirage sessions)

>echoes has zero marketing by nintendo of america

>sells much less than fates

>Fire Emblem: Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon gets announced on switch

>back to treehouse

>even gets renamed Three Houses, to mark their territory

>has an entire direct devoted to it

You all got played like a fiddle.

c27ede  No.16114422


Wait (((Treehouse is doing it)))?

dd1f6d  No.16114465


>Treehouse is handling the localization of Fire Emblem Switch

I didn't think it was possible to get turned off of a new release this quickly.

a24c01  No.16114475


>echoes is handled by 8-4

>apparently told to make it much closer to the original than treehouse's way

It is really sad that this was a shady move to undersell the game and pretend (((localization))) is a good thing, but it still makes me so happy the remake of my favorite FE dodged a bullet like that.

057444  No.16114545

>Tazmily is a quaint small town with no black people

>Suddenly an Arab looking motherfucker ruins everything

>Urbanization takes over, niggers come in

>The (((Pigmasks))) create (((New Pork City)))

>Porky Minch's father was apparently in the business of lending out money if Earthbound is any indication, they're probably jewish

>The main protagonist is Aryan

I don't know how you can think this game is communist or even left leaning

e85aa4  No.16114713


Is that why ghosbusters destroyed its pr and flopped an entire reboot of a series before it began? Or why wolfenstein complained about trump as its pr? Or why bf5 devs and an exec told people to not buy their games if they don't like progressivism and being on the right side of history?

587614  No.16114767



And dropped, honestly at this point Treehouse is an instant nope on in all cases.

412334  No.16115002


Echoes was destined to fail in the west due to infamy due to being gaiden, which has a huge hatebase.

Also pretty sure we haven't got any confirmation of translater besides "its not 8-4". if its treehouse i'll just get the nip version

c7ca25  No.16115226

File: 1b94bb401ed8987⋯.png (282.99 KB, 738x748, 369:374, b13d69cad685eb74f873d0060c….png)


That is nonsense. Are you saying you can never translate something? Did you read the Bible in ancient Greek?

This is an excuse localisation companies use. Japanese has been translated for centuries into other languages. But they don't want to translate- they want normalfaggot American gamers to buy it and not get triggered.

91571e  No.16115287

File: 9d6371c6582cc81⋯.jpg (188 KB, 700x411, 700:411, WORKxWORK crew.jpg)

File: 3b414c453032716⋯.mp4 (15.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, WORKxWORK_打首獄門同好会 - はたらきたく….mp4)

Are we ever going to get an English translation for WORKxWORK?

6f8755  No.16115296


Why do you think theologicians, and people who take the bible seriously, study ancient Greek? Of course you lose fuckloads in translation, and the more different a culture is, the less common ground there is.

7cbfcf  No.16115312


Translation is merely an approximation of what the original text says. Why do you think there are so many different English versions of the Bible? Because there is no such thing as a "perfect" translation.


9ce832  No.16115315


>bringing up the bible

here we go, had to unleash the pandora's box of autistic arguments

7cbfcf  No.16115316

File: 5a14c74e0956032⋯.png (248.02 KB, 545x595, 109:119, 5a14c74e09560326ffda0c1668….png)


I didn't bring it up, but it's an interesting case study in translation.

9ce832  No.16115320

File: 936ab364e641b97⋯.png (308.49 KB, 990x682, 45:31, look at that fucking no br….png)


there's zero denying that

but there's also zero denying people's autistic fascinations with arguing about it too

also using terry davis because i can't find my jesus stuff. RIP.

0fa013  No.16115321


Even something like Don Quixote has around 20 different English translations and none of them are perfect.

b37be3  No.16115323


This argument only applies to works where the original author is dead and their intended meaning behind word choices has to be inferred by the translators. It does not apply to videogames where the authors/writers are generally alive at the time of translation.

1c1c5d  No.16115329


So they're black pigs instead of black panthers?

c3e443  No.16115551



>echoes has zero marketing by nintendo of america

>sells much less than fates

To be fair IS and Nintendo were expecting this since its a remake on the 3DS when the Switch was out.

c66166  No.16115693


>echoes has zero marketing by nintendo of america

>sells much less than fates

>switch back to Treehouse afterward.

There's times I'm left to wonder if a company will deliberately fuck over particular games or series to provide evidence either against continuing to work with games like it, or (as the case seems here) to handle it how they would rather do so. That way they can point at the prior version and go "well, we tried it like that before, but [insert excuse like it's the audience's fault]" after the fact.

8d7769  No.16117077


Vic Ireland is untrustworthy and this could be him going salty grapes over not getting the license, but Phantasy Star IV was overpriced by Sega of America for similar reasons.

Nintendo is no stranger to this… Though the gaming press likes to focus on examples from evil nintendo of japan that needs to be converged like what bernie stolar started in sony, did in sega, and finished for mattel's bandai wonderswan worldwide release… like their meddling with project hammer on wii and the internal strife over mario paint n64 (which is hilarious, two jp-exclusive mario paint games done by japan out of spite and NoA not releasing the 64DD out of spite in return for their baby getting "robbed") but there were a lot of insidious stuff by NoA like their treatment of the starfy franchise (localization prototypes produced for every single game, only last one done because smash cameo and people started asking questions)

I don't think nip developers are that much gullible.

Remember the infamous Gunvolt translation by 8-4? (the lesser of two evils here, that still used gender neutral pronouns in the initial english port of gunvolt and hacked away the audio to hide their mess)

Not only was it retranslated from scratch, but later 3DS versions of Gunvolt 1 that offered both translations had a translation selection screen that was so obviously written by a Japanese intern. It's hilarious in its own right.

Xenoblade 2 was made as Nintendo's Hail Mary JRPG to save their winter 2017, so they couldn't just sabotage that without making it too obvious. It's made after Nintendo's nip side said they will develop games for a global audience in mind, but then it has zero content cuts for stuff that would have been certainly purged by treehouse years before, and most cuts are verbal, with none of that messing around with the Japanese voice acting (the Atlus way of cutting japanese audio completely to hide localization excesses -which is decreasing on both accounts to the great displeasure of places like resetera- is tame compared to Nintendo's messing with remaining Japanese options, audio or otherwise, whether in tokyo mirage sessions, or less known, the western versions of bravely default for the sequel, to the point of not simply changing the text but asking the seiyuus to redub the censored lines! Whoever did that, SJW or sabotage artist, kudos to them because they really showed ncl what SJWs truly demanded)

7e8964  No.16120022


Echoes was a remake of a very polarizing black sheep of a game, of course it was not going to sell nearly as well.

f90b53  No.16120342


Exact translation is only possible for extremely closely related languages. For instance, English can be word for word literally translated into some Nordic languages and still produce correct sentences.

a96be0  No.16120428



People who latched onto the series are tumblrettes, who bought them for the shipping. They had to dumb the games down increasingly just to let them win them.

db3aed  No.16120473


>I still can't believe Sukisuki had the girl calling you onii-chan in the audio having it translated as "DUDE". I'm not kidding.

>Translator translates it to brother, but then he realizes they aren't using polite speech so he makes it bro to show that.

>The editor who only speaks and understands English thinks "bro" is an awkward and slightly dated way to casually refer to men, so he replaces it with dude.

7cbfcf  No.16120504

db3aed  No.16120524

File: 07054c329e93020⋯.png (10.96 KB, 274x174, 137:87, Screenshot.png)


Does anyone know how fucked the Rance translations are?

7cbfcf  No.16120575


All I know is he changed JAPAN to Nippon.

3db62f  No.16120586

File: 80ad0f20bb1cf59⋯.jpg (45.91 KB, 644x414, 14:9, scientists baffled.jpg)

I started playing FF 14 recently, and the localisation in that game is well and truly fucked. Every single fucking sentence is unncessarily altered to sound more 'high-class', which leads to everyone speaking exactly like everyone else. Why is it so hard to just leave the content of the conversations the fuck alone? Why do localisers feel the need to play writer with someone else's work? This is going far beyond the point where it's just being adapted for an English audience to better understand.

It's fucking insane how I can be listening to the original Japanese audio while comparing it to the sub, and notice even things as simple as a character crying out another character's name are fucked with. "THANCRED!" turns into "THANCREEED! NOOOOOOOO!" And I can FUCKING HEAR SHE DIDN'T SAY THAT YOU CUNTS AAAAAA

9a4a65  No.16120597


Nice strawman that doesn't even deny his argument

7cbfcf  No.16120598


Yeah I played a bit of the Japanese version after playing a lot of the English version, the Japanese version doesn't have anything like the nonsense words/dialect they use in the localization.

c66166  No.16123130


It's the sort of thing you'd think companies would be more careful of if including dual audio (or even singular JP audio; I'd assume FFXIV to be the former, but I haven't played it) since it provides an easy means for moonspeakers to pick the translation quality apart for others. And one doesn't even need to know moon to be able to pull out name changes and sentence length. I remember one fan translator doing a script comparison of Odin Sphere (which had dual audio and all dialogue voiced) and praising Atlus on the job, keeping it accurate aside from particular terms, which had been replaced with fitting Norse ones (shinigami -> halja). However, I wager most companies don't give a fuck and consider those that want to play in Japanese an afterthought at best, which is how you can get NISA often including dual audio but not seeing any reason to be accurate to either the script content or line length.

As to Square-Enix, for whatever reason the western branch seems to think accents and shit are part of the "charm" or whatever that their games can have (exacerbated by the portion of the fans that are in agreement to such and enable it), hence their prevalence in stuff like Dragon Quest here. It's one thing to be trying to be making an equivalent to a local regional accent in the original JP script, and another to just toss it in wholesale as an added editing expense, especially in the case of text only games.

661d22  No.16125524

Turn based anything is trash. Might as well play checkers.

82e7f0  No.16125535


XIV is a bad "game" anyway.

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