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File: 06eeaa3b0b3bb9f⋯.jpg (168.72 KB, 526x525, 526:525, dorf dev cycle.jpg)

771cbb  No.16108293



ccf726  No.16108306

What are Keas and how did they steal my legendary obsidian crown?

0ac748  No.16108340

File: 92d430a11b6315c⋯.gif (325.6 KB, 500x269, 500:269, 92d430a11b6315c36368449755….gif)

Reminder that elves and goblins should be genocided. Around knife-ear, watch your rear!

5fcf3d  No.16108375

Is it bad that I can't get into this game? I try to read the guides, I follow them as I play, I get to the initial start, and when I start trying to set it up, I just lose interest and quit. I don't know if it's the complexity, difficulty of controls for a laptop use, or it's just not my kind of game.

45c924  No.16108379

So spear trap danger room is not working anymore, my dwarf keep getting bruises and the spear keep japing their throat. Do guys have trick to speed up your military dwarf training?

efdcdf  No.16108380


Dwarf Fortress requires a kind of autism you either have or not. It's not something you can acquire like a conventional skill.

ce3fb1  No.16108397


If the game isn't for you, it probably isn't and thats the reality of it. If you just have gripes about some ingame systems try cheating a little bit using the console window or come back to it later. When I first tried the game I hated it but a year later I really got into it.

3034ff  No.16108425


I have never seen Dorf discussed outside of an imageboard. Ever.

893f86  No.16108427


Not your blog.

df452d  No.16108431


>t. Retard

f701fa  No.16108436

File: 590e96562508100⋯.png (63.59 KB, 624x628, 156:157, 69296BE0-E76B-47B7-B29D-2B….png)

5fcf3d  No.16108437


That's the thing, I have the 'tism, but it might not be the select kind for this stuff.


I should consider this, as it would probably help. The problem is when I start using the command prompt, I don't stop, and it's all I use.

872fb0  No.16108440

File: ed02e8c6c35c96b⋯.png (12.42 KB, 526x525, 526:525, 06eeaa3b0b3bb9f43018f10a08….png)


I hate when people make these into jpegs because the image becomes dirty as hell. It's not even smaller as a jpeg, converting it into an indexed png makes it 12kb compared to fucking 168kb.

a8d13c  No.16108468

File: 33489a5221fb79a⋯.jpg (41.26 KB, 500x379, 500:379, AFuckingElf.jpg)

File: a96040d52a36c8f⋯.png (1.08 MB, 603x1287, 67:143, DwarvenTelevision.png)

File: 751ae48a91712d9⋯.jpg (283.97 KB, 1045x1491, 1045:1491, GoodReason.jpg)

I finally got around to installing the Masterwork and I'm surprised in all the brand new ways I can get fucked. A frost wyrm just flew in one day and proceeded to murder absolutely everyone in the fort.

The worst part is that the only dwarf that actually did any damage was a guard with a siege crossbow. With wooden bolts.

a8d13c  No.16108474

File: bedf85c6f8678a0⋯.jpg (128.68 KB, 960x540, 16:9, HammerMyself.jpg)

File: be75af659f17cf0⋯.jpg (52.38 KB, 720x405, 16:9, SwordIsTooGood.jpg)

File: 194e9f62cf26ff4⋯.png (328.82 KB, 500x380, 25:19, TheCure.png)

a8d13c  No.16108476

File: 94869579b94a1e2⋯.jpg (163.29 KB, 1500x447, 500:149, GraveProblem.jpg)

File: 663f8ae48121272⋯.jpg (55.18 KB, 730x545, 146:109, TheElven.jpg)

File: 1fb841899f2ec02⋯.jpg (96.63 KB, 588x801, 196:267, TheFinalSolution.jpg)

893f86  No.16108477

File: 92bcea591770049⋯.jpg (26.87 KB, 526x524, 263:262, ed02e8c6c35c96b15701f8f4fd….jpg)

8f0332  No.16108485


I don't think that's it. I used to enjoy DF, now I can't. Most of the shit he has added in the last 8 years or so has made the game more boring rather than more interesting.


Try playing an old version from back when the game was fun and see if you get into it then.

58d434  No.16108515


If thats what it takes for you to have fun with the game, then whatever. When I started I cheated using runesmith for a few months because I couldn't handle how slow the start of the game was. I'm not sure what changed to make me not cheat, its probably because I learned more about the systems and mechanics then ended up just trying it once and that was that

d0ad7b  No.16108576


for me i didnt initially like dorf fort. Then i played something that tried to be dorf fort and realized everything it tried to do dorf fort did better.

Same goes for x-com. I tried it and didnt really like it but then i played nucom. Got intensely bored with nucom so i went back and tried x-com, now x-com is one of my favorite games.

something about imitations that make you crave the original

d358c8  No.16108620


Make large squads with dwarves who have decent physical stats and aren't lazy. Give them low priority jobs that can be performed near the barracks. Set up the minimum amount of active duty dwarves to about half of the total squad number. Dwarves will attend lessons and spar frequently, the low number will mean that lessons won't be held up by tardies. The most important thing though is to capture prisoners, disarm them and have your dwarves beat up on them with shitty wooden weapons. When you want to train fresh recruits in an established fort, find skilled militia dwarves with decent social skills and/or high teacher skill and pair them up with a bunch of recruits.


The biggest problem is the performance. Back before the world came alive, you could get 300+ pop forts to last over a hundred years without dipping below 50 FPS. Now you're lucky to be at 50 FPS 5 years in with less than 80 dwarves.

09700a  No.16108641

File: 9d34d9e70cfaf6c⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, Kea_on_rock_while_snowing.jpg)

File: 84bc37dd15ed48d⋯.jpg (19.26 KB, 320x320, 1:1, A1C.jpg)


>what are keas


aefacb  No.16108651

What's the deal with inns? Do I HAVE to have them in order to feed adventurers? I got a hammerman running around the caverns nearly starving.

ccf726  No.16108667

File: ca4ccb48709872d⋯.jpg (89.67 KB, 916x642, 458:321, wewewewew2ewe.jpg)


Here's a better version


These fuckers are worse than kobolds. Kobolds steal stones and other shit. How are birbs worse than a literal thief race?

c0b57f  No.16108679

File: 016a95c3dc6fb9a⋯.png (4.58 KB, 640x300, 32:15, official-screenshot.png)

Speaking of versions, is there a version of dorfort that's more "optimized" than others? Never really considered that sort of thing.

8f0332  No.16108681


One from an alternate universe where toady isn't braindead.

0012be  No.16108714

File: ee0d2e8eee6ef36⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 278.3 KB, 1023x1703, 1023:1703, hedgehogs and a massive ov….jpg)

>No multithreading

>Need thousands of third party programs to even have a partially functioning user interface. Still no mouse support/menus.

>Game punishes success by killing itself with lag

>Requires 200 hours of wiki reading and certification tests to even understand whatever the hell the game is doing anymore. Still can't tell what is a bug and what isn't.

>Toady would rather work on simulating hemolymphatic systems instead of fixing anything.

You guys take "losing is fun" to autistically meta levels of fanboyism.

771cbb  No.16108715


>The biggest problem is the performance

What can be done to improve it?

e3ad6b  No.16108722

File: 637ceef495a991a⋯.png (430.23 KB, 1920x1405, 384:281, urist and plump-helmet.png)

What do Plump Helmets taste like?

93219c  No.16108724


You post this in every dorf fort thread anon. We know you don't like the game.

aefacb  No.16108728


Judging by dwarven taste, probably bland as fuck.

8f0332  No.16108736

0012be  No.16108742


This is actually my first time posting in one of these threads. I finally tried the damn thing out a month ago, I really should have known better.

Dwarf fortress isn't just a bad game, it's an unrelenting disaster. I am completely unsurprised that you seem to see similar opinions.

If you don't like video game criticism, you're in the wrong place.

0bfdd8  No.16108768

File: 128fa89d06d34c0⋯.jpg (172.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 128fa89d06d34c08ce6cf329a6….jpg)


Yes but instead of "optimized" the proper term is "make sure DF can fully utilize your hardware".

The gist of it is:

>install gentoo

>make sure you got at the very least -march=native in your make.conf

>compile a completely tickless kernel (you want to play DF, no need to preempt it for another task, and you don't want other tasks in other cores to lock up anything while they're preempted)

>don't install any DE/WM/login manager/etc bloat, just an X server

>install DF, make sure you use the –with-bdeps=y and –deep options with emerge so it also rebuilds DF's entire depgraph with your CFLAGS, in case any DF dependency happens to come installed by default on gentoo

DF is closed source so the actual DF code is not aware of your hardware's extra instructions which might make it run faster, although technically the graphical part of DF is, and it does get built by gentoo, and then you add on top of that most/all of its dependencies indeed being free software and compiled by gentoo, it theoretically pays off.

>write a script that starts an empty X server with nothing but DF in it

>play the game that way

>if you want to go even faster, copypaste the game to a ramdisk every time you play it, just make sure you symlink the savegames dir to your real hard drive or any outage might kill your save. Using a hard drive does actually incur increased CPU usage due to a multitude of reasons, and a ramdisk should read at tens of gigabytes per second with nanosecond latency

I can actually play adventure mode just fine on a 2ghz single core with a motherboard integrated GPU doing this.

771cbb  No.16108803


>What do Plump Helmets taste like?

They're a variety of cave-grown mushrooms. I've never eaten mushrooms but I imagine they must taste similar.

e3ad6b  No.16108807


Cave mushrooms probably have a strange taste compared to normal mushrooms. Never eaten anything from a cave (and I never would). Regular mushrooms are decent if you want a quick snack while walking in the woods where I live.

733a15  No.16108809


Slight fruity sweetness since they can be brewed into wine.

93219c  No.16108832


You came here to criticize anons, not the game. Quit being a fag and be honest.

8f0332  No.16108850


>gentard ricer idiocy

None of that shit will improve DF performance in any noticeable way. You would need to measure it to see the 0.000000001fps increase you get.


It wouldn't matter where they grow, just what they grow on. But DF mushrooms grow on magic pixie dust or something so who knows.

602f0b  No.16108854

File: f1bc59924ad1a0f⋯.jpg (266.28 KB, 1266x1280, 633:640, sad fat cat.jpg)

>Toady still busy doing the villain thing

>Magic artifacts will never come out

733a15  No.16108872


>You will die before your engravers can add magic runes to your weapons

a41731  No.16108878


Rollback to a version of DF that doesn't track all of the world's history for World Gen or constantly updates the world while you play (in Fortress mode). Adventure Mode is ok for the most part but it'd have to be without World Gen history tracking.


The fact that it's only now that DF is breaking everyone's PCs is a sign Toady is doing a pretty good job overall. The two constraints is the small memory limit DF has which is worse then Skyrim, and a lack of multi-threading Toady doesn't reveal what he does and has so far only a couple people who knows anything whoa re also not saying anything. The multi-threading itself is an issue because nobody knows if it would actually help because World Gen now tracks every, single, thing so after about 50-250 years of history your PC is brought to it's knees trying to calculate everything.

8f0332  No.16108894


>The fact that it's only now that DF is breaking everyone's PCs

People were complaining about this shit a decade ago.

>The two constraints is the small memory limit DF has which is worse then Skyrim, and a lack of multi-threading

And the fact that toady knows absolutely nothing about programming so uses horribly inefficient algorithms that makes it insanely slow.

a41731  No.16108917


>People were complaining about this shit a decade ago.

Yes, but they could generate worlds with more then 50 years of history. Now you can't anymore.

>so uses horribly inefficient algorithms

Guesswork with prodding DF has shown it to have quirks associated with algorithms you would use for this type of game so it's not a matter of inefficiency. Multi-threading is where it is debated now because this is the only real way it could be improved.

0012be  No.16108932

File: 2b607304643f20d⋯.png (263.98 KB, 600x886, 300:443, nah, I don't actually want….png)


Feeling personally insulted about pointing out the game's shortcomings and the fanboyism surrounding it speaks more about you than me. I got what I wanted off my chest but you can continue whimpering about it if you like.


This is both impressive and amusing, oh wow.

8f0332  No.16108967


>Yes, but they could generate worlds with more then 50 years of history.

That does not support your statement that he is doing a pretty good job overall. He is completely and totally incompetent, the game has always ran terribly, and his desire to add more shit without learning how to code has resulted in a steady progression of the game becoming slower and slower. So he is not doing a pretty good job, he's doing a completely fucking terrible job.

>Guesswork with prodding DF has shown it to have quirks associated with algorithms you would use for this type of game so it's not a matter of inefficiency

No. Dtrace doesn't lie. You can see with absolute certainty he is using exponential algorithms accidentally allover the place because he doesn't even know what an algorithm is.

>Multi-threading is where it is debated now

Just like it was "debated" a decade ago. There is no way to unfuck toady's giant cesspool of putrid shit to be able to make it multithreaded. There is no hope for DF ever being a playable game, that's why everyone bailed on it years ago, and a couple dozen people went and wrote DF clones from scratch and finished them while toady is still exactly where he was a decade ago.

a41731  No.16109005


>That does not support your statement that he is doing a pretty good job overall.

It does support my statement, if he was that terrible then it wouldn't even generate 1 year let alone 50. Feature creep is problem to any project where you just continue adding things but I seriously believe that the fact that he can continue to cram things into such a small memory limit is a notable feat. Even if he torched it and redone everything from scratch properly it'd still end up being where it is now.

>and wrote DF clones from scratch and finished them

You mean all those games that don't even bother trying to simulate everything? Every single one of them gave up trying to keep track of everything because they didn't have the determination to complete it.

8f0332  No.16109018


>It does support my statement, if he was that terrible then it wouldn't even generate 1 year let alone 50.

Jesus dude come on. "Oh well if it is so horribly broken that it is unusable that's pretty good because it could be slightly worse".

>Feature creep is problem to any project

The problem is not feature creep, it is incompetence. You can still download old versions, do it. They were always broken as fuck. The additional data he adds slows things down far more than it should because he's got so many exponential algorithms. The basic algorithms used in the game do not scale.

>Even if he torched it and redone everything from scratch properly it'd still end up being where it is now.

Yes, because he doesn't know how to code and has clearly and repeatedly said he will not learn.

>Every single one of them gave up trying to keep track of everything because they didn't have the determination to complete it.

GayspaceniggerDF simulates more than DF does.

5ad3a8  No.16109062


Knowing the twisted minds of my engravers, they'd rather add magic runes to the wall carvings, setting the wall on fire and burning everyone that walks through the 1-wide corridor.


Last time I checked, Rimjob doesn't let you smash the third toe on the left foot of your opponent.

e3ad6b  No.16109069

>looking through things Toady wants to impliment

>see that he wants to align certain areas to 'spheres' like Murder, Singing, and Gems instead of good and evil

>includes things like rocks singing, and trees bleeding

Might be cool.

085f37  No.16109073

File: 96ec863e9cf6804⋯.jpg (509.99 KB, 1600x1096, 200:137, 31b2fe493ceb4503b6f599d3c4….jpg)


>Try playing an old version from back when the game was fun and see if you get into it then.

Just in case anyone is interested in actually trying this advice, I'd suggest gabbing a copy of v34.11 and corresponding LNP. Here's a link to the Lazy Newb Pack for that version:


In a lot of ways I preferred 34.11 to the more recent "DF2014" version of the game. It's before the combat overhaul, so all fights are to the death, there's no climbing, and no cowardly NPCs in Adventure mode. It's also before the big changes to world simulation and war, so you tend to get a lot more goblin invasions in my experience and fort mode in general felt a bit more "gamey" (in a good way). Also, I don't recall Were-creatures being a thing in 34.11, or perhaps they were very rare. So if you're like me and hate constant wereskunk plagues and shit like that, this older version is great.

Probably the biggest disadvantage with 34.11 is that Adventure Mode has far less content; fewer structures, less playable races, less variety in general. But, if you want to play a more classic Fort Mode this version is definitely worth trying out.

Or, if you want to go really oldschool and try Dwarf Fortress 2D (AKA the Boatmurdered era versions), the latest 2D edition is (January 18, 2007). I've never played Dwarf Fortress 2D so I can't tell you how that plays.

0bfdd8  No.16109074


>trees bleeding

[triggered elves in the distance]

a41731  No.16109085


>Jesus dude come on.

I don't know what shitty PC you're on but those 50 years doesn't translate to unplayable in Fortress mode at least for me. 100 more years then it's unplayable.

>Yes, because he doesn't know how to code

It is feature creep because he just adds things until it can't support it anymore then torches everything to redo things from scratch. He has done this twice now, and I suspect this is how he'll continue to do it in the future. Since you mostly learn how to code from experience I refuse to believe he doesn't know how to code anymore except in knowledge he didn't have access too before he began coding all those years ago I acknowledge his autism trumps pragmatism but all things considered I can't think of many people who could do a better job when they started out as an amateur.

Also Rimworld is taking shortcuts at every step since the dev gave up trying to go for the same level of detailed tracking Dwarf Fortress does.

e3ad6b  No.16109086


>he's never seen tree ooze sap through their bark before

Just image that, but with blood.

0bfdd8  No.16109090


Sorry, I'm a city boy. But that sounds lewd.

410145  No.16109134


>never eating mushrooms


>eating random mushrooms

This is almost too much, two posts back-to-back. How would a cave mushroom be any different anyway? Wouldn't be much different than how they're farmed in dank sheds.


They just grown on muddy terrain in DF, cease your libelous claims of faggot forest magic.

8f0332  No.16109149


>Rimjob doesn't let you smash the third toe on the left foot of your opponent.

No, but look at what it does simulate, how many things it can have, and how many updates per second you have. It ends up simulating more than DF does. Because DF spends all its time in exponential explosions.


What does my PC have to do with it? You picked 50 years dumbass. 50 years is tiny and pathetic.

>It is feature creep

Feature creep is feature creep, but the performance problems are inherent. You can add as many items as you want if you are using logarithmic algorithms to deal with those items. You will fucking explode if you are using exponential ones. Again, you can confirm the problem using dtrace.

>Since you mostly learn how to code from experience

No, you mostly learn from a very specific field called computer science. Repeating the same mistake over and over does not teach you anything if you don't recognize it is a mistake.

>I refuse to believe he doesn't know how to code anymore

He never did. He has always made this clear. He is a mathematician who never learned any computer science. He just muddles his way through making stuff that appears to work and that's good enough. It is odd that you think he knows how to code when he repeatedly has stated he has no clue how to code.


>They just grown on muddy terrain in DF

Mud isn't food. Fungi digest organic matter for energy. In order to grow mushrooms for real, you put spores onto organic matter (usually wood) and let the fungus eat the wood. They need to get energy from somewhere, and in DF they magically don't.

085f37  No.16109211

File: 6e731ac499ca5a5⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, sap-in-bucket2.jpg)


>The two constraints is the small memory limit DF has which is worse then Skyrim

I think the most recent versions of DF are 64 bit, so the old 32bit memory limits aren't an issue any more. Skyrim Special Todd Edition Redux is also 64bit.


Now I wish we could tap trees for sap and make classic syrup from it. That'd be a great way to torture the elves, imagine making them walk through your Maple orchard to reach the trading post. A forest of trees slowly bleeding their sap so Dwarves can make (and export) barrels full of syrup wine.

a41731  No.16109234


>50 years is tiny and pathetic.

It's pretty good when everything is being kept track of the way it is, if Toady was doing a terrible job it wouldn't even make it to 1 year with it's scale.

>Repeating the same mistake over and over does not teach you anything if you don't recognize it is a mistake.

That's just a problem with being self taught in general but doing is still the best way to learn anything.

>It is odd that you think he knows how to code when he repeatedly has stated he has no clue how to code.

It's pretty typical for people to judge themselves separately from what they're really capable of.

Again Rimworld takes shortcuts and it doesn't even dare approach the scale DF tries to achieve.

410145  No.16109260


>soil isn't organic it's just dirt

Are you retarded?

410145  No.16109327

File: 95158e7985c40a4⋯.png (305.22 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Have you played Odd Realm? It's even more obtuse than something like Gnomoria. At least with DF you know how to hotkey around absolutely everything , as it's generally right in your face instead of dicking through four levels in a toolbar just to make a torch, and instead it defaulting to attempting to make an iron brazier . It's not like they even give you a better idea of how many resources you have, with hardly any sort of sorting or anything more user friendly.Odd Realm has problems that will not be fixed by EA shit, like really even worse ways of how it deals with Z-levels, you can make floors and mine away but it seems to ignore the floor layer while mining and you may scrape whatever it on top, so you're kind of cocking around going a layer down and away from whatever's above. I messed around with it for a bit and it may get better but there is inherit shit wrong with dealing with a lot of information, and they don't even really have any sort of mood shit in yet, or ever.


This anon is pretty much on point about it all.

607758  No.16109399








shill spotted.

you can tell how much toady has advanced (and he has advanced a lot, unlike what you said) on the game through the main version number. v21.93.19a, for example, means "21% complete, with certain features complete to the N% degree". we are now on v45, which means "45% complete". your ignorance of this fact means that you evidently are a shill, and the rest of your points are moot.

733a15  No.16109418



I hate this. What happened to just calling him a dumb nigger

410145  No.16109442

Goddammit, anyone, there are about five specific things wrong with Odd Realms at least. About all they've added as a comfort is something like DwarfTheRapist. Then there's how production is queued, which gives you no more info than DF about resources available. And here's what they call the goddamn inventory, which you cannot even sort. Just a random list of bullshit,

a41731  No.16109447


You know if he's genuinely shilling I would also be part of the team, one argues as the strawman while the other defeats his points to get the desired outcome. This is shilling >>16109327

35870c  No.16109455



>all the posts are complaining about problems with the game

410145  No.16109456


If I wanted to talk about Rimjob, I'd make a Prison Architect thread instead.

607758  No.16109464


I think that i used the wrong term then. I meant "a guy shitting on everything toady has done and dredging up excuses too, just because".

607758  No.16109473


>tries to cover himself up

an attempt

410145  No.16109480


That's called faggots, and I haven't seen a single example of anyone doing better. Just like how I run through every scurvable roguelite and commercial roguelike.

35870c  No.16109483


I'm talking about him accusing >>16109327 of shilling, if it wasn't clear.

0b1986  No.16109486

File: 5baeebde7c9b1c8⋯.jpg (103.1 KB, 715x522, 715:522, this mutton is so raw it's….jpg)


they're meanies

410145  No.16109491


That wasn't shilling, that was shitting. You utter waterhead. Quite the antithesis. How new are you?

607758  No.16109493

8f0332  No.16109499


>It's pretty good when everything is being kept track of the way it is

Simply repeating that won't make it so.

>if Toady was doing a terrible job it wouldn't even make it to 1 year with it's scale

If he was doing a terrible job it would be exactly what we have now. If he was doing a pretty decent job we could have hundreds of dwarves for hundreds of years.

>It's pretty typical for people to judge themselves separately from what they're really capable of.

And it is pretty typical for anyone who isn't an idiot spouting nonsense to look at DF under dtrace and see that you are wrong. But since you are ignorant, you think you can just hand wave away math as if it doesn't matter.


Mud isn't soil. You can't excavate dirt, pour water on it, and get soil. Soil contains organic matter because plants put organic matter there. No sun, no plants, no organic matter, no fungal food. You should have to cut down trees and put them in your mushroom garden to feed your crop.


>I don't know what shill means

>if I state some random irrelevant thing that hasn't been mentioned and pretend you don't know it then that makes incompetent programming good

Are you high or just black?

410145  No.16109515

You're both twin faggots that should die capping an aquifer..

aeed1e  No.16109522


I still don't know how I used to die when I snapped off a plug. It's so simple now all those dead dorfs baffle me.

35870c  No.16109547

File: 8a04f88952f8096⋯.gif (83.91 KB, 500x360, 25:18, cooper strobe.gif)


I'm saying you weren't shilling, you mongoloid.

410145  No.16109550

File: 33db9a32b7c013d⋯.png (79.67 KB, 807x530, 807:530, ClipboardImage.png)


It's right here, unless your dorfs are full retarded it's largely fail safe.

410145  No.16109570

File: 05d40283c036dd3⋯.webm (2.52 MB, 480x360, 4:3, FK.webm)


I didn't bring up shilling, I was saying how trash the DF-likes are.

410145  No.16109603

You're allowed to play games and dislike them, name them, and say why. Otherwise, it's just empty P.T. Barnum, "There is no such thing as bad publicity." nonsense.

35870c  No.16109607

File: f00e4a23f07304d⋯.png (332.82 KB, 701x392, 701:392, AHHHHHH.png)


Jesus fucking Christ anon. This post >>16109447 accused you of being a shill for talking about some game. I said you weren't shilling because all of your posts talking about problems with the games. How you got the implication that I am calling you a shill or that you brought shilling up or whatever fucking confusion you have, I've no clue. You're giving me an aneurysm here.

d358c8  No.16109614



They're just so damn tedious. And the cave-in bug makes it even worse. I just started to turn them off after the first few I did.

aeed1e  No.16109629



>takes less than 90 seconds

7f7ad4  No.16109665

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

why has no one posted sseth's new vid on dorf

d358c8  No.16109676


Sure, when it's a 1z lvl aquifer. When it's 3 or more levels deep, it's just a huge pain in the ass. On top of that, I tend to make huge as fuck entrances and tend to have most of my fort situated around the entrance/near the surface. Guard towers that only open through underground pathways, closed off farms on the surface directly above the underground farms, closed off above ground pastures, beekeeping zones, fishing areas, etc, etc.

410145  No.16109730

File: 680ad25893f927c⋯.gif (965.6 KB, 500x300, 5:3, boo.gif)


I gratefully accept what you are doing but accusations are far from new.

0a54a6  No.16109870



59f19d  No.16109916


Nigga relax its not like the wait for 3.14

749ab4  No.16109930

File: 57e74573b1630b7⋯.png (35.98 KB, 817x625, 817:625, 57e74573b1630b7bd8367a6cc9….png)

fps meltdown is the only reason I dont play this anymore. Less molecular foreskin simulation and more optimization

59f19d  No.16109977


I can't play anymore because after 2000+ hours of the game.

After making a giant tower fort by removing the land around it instead of it being built up and then filling the dug out ground with water that can be drained into the caverns.

After making a fort in hell.

Or making a fort with cordoned self sufficient mini forts which focus on a certain industry, I can not make a fort without meticulous planning overly complicated architecture.

Fuck I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.

749ab4  No.16109990


But that IS the fun of the game. Honestly that stuff is making me want to play again

59f19d  No.16110011


Yeah when you get to that part. I fucked up a spiral staircase that was to allow caravans down into the caverns which is where I was making my base.

I tollied the damage I made and realized it would take me just as much time fixing it as it did making it and just exited.

I'm sure when magic and things gets added in I'll get back into it.

0b1986  No.16110071


>appropriated footage and stories

>claims that they are his own

>weak excuses why the tilesets are all different

>$2,500 per video

glad Sseth is only a kike (((((((ironically))))))) right haha

59f19d  No.16110087


Any evidence he appropriated stores?

Also to the rest of your points, asci purists are retards.

He gets donations nigger, are you going to bitch that the guy at the gas station makes 9 an hour to punch a few buttons?

aacb43  No.16110125

Anyone play the Masterwork mod? I'm reading the feature list and it seems pretty cool.


A square ASCII tileset like the Taffer pack is the patrician way to play.

df452d  No.16110133


You jelly

bbdff5  No.16110134

File: d79103914c5f0f5⋯.png (26.57 KB, 926x605, 926:605, Capture.PNG)


He does credit footage in the description. I don't know whether that was from the start or only after he got caught though.

8f0332  No.16110139


>I can't read so I will sperg out any time anyone even mentions tilesets in any context no matter what

d358c8  No.16110165



I watched the first few minutes of that video and I don't see how anyone could appreciate that. It's just a string of badly edited images and dumb/random videos strung together. "OH WOW DF SO RANDUM LOL LOOK HERE'S A VIDEO OF AN ELEPHANT CHASING SOME GUY AND NOW WE'LL WATCH SOME BLACK DUDE DANCING!!". The vibe I'm getting from having watched that crap is the same I get when some kid that only knows how to communicate in memes tries to speak to me in an online game.

59f19d  No.16110168


Forgive me I only realize now that you were implying that he stole forts and pawned them as his own because they're all different.

The only counter argument I would have is that they aren't screenshots but small clips, which is unusual as most forts are shared with explanation and screenshots not clips.

And yeah, I will sperg about tile sets as I have for years had to deal with threads about df and some fucking autist derails it because of his need for the purity of Asci.


If you like Asci I mean go for it, but to me to put it in an analogy.

Using ASCI to me is like reading manga untranslated, you learn to associate essentially another language visually.

Getting the actual true square ASCI is like upgrading from raws but still untranslated.

Also tilesets help immensely when dealing with water tide, deadly dust, smoke and cave in lava fuckery.

410145  No.16110172

What video? Sseth something? If you've spent too much time elsewhere.

59f19d  No.16110173


I enjoy his videos especially as he brings attention to older videogames which should be the focus on getting games to get better.

410145  No.16110177

What's the new neofag board? I remember setting myself in there early on.

df452d  No.16110178


How are they random? The images always relate to what he's talking about. If you think having a picture of an elephant when he's talking about a elephants is random, than you're retarded

410145  No.16110186

OH, that's right resetera. Honk.

d358c8  No.16110229



Every other word he speaks is edited to a very short clip. These clips are meant to form an association with the word he's currently speaking. The clip used is seemingly picked at random to act as an illustration for the word he's using at the time.

Now let's do this word association with random as fuck shit like the retard in the video did. The spoilers will be the "random image/video clip". Hopefully you'll see how fucking obnoxious this shit is.

Every other word scrolling down a wiki article he speaks a close-up of a mouth talking is edited a few seconds where unrelated videos are strung together at random, each lasting a few fractions of a second to a very short another picture of a dwarf clip the microsoft paper clip. These clips nail clipper are meant to form an association emblem of a well recognized sport league with the word scrolling down Toady's blog he's currently speaking a politician talking before a crowd. The clip pictures of gun magazines to piss off /k/ used is seemingly picked dwarf picking his nose at random dice being rolled to act a stage play as an illustration childish crayon drawing for the word the microsoft clip again he's using at the time a calendar.

df452d  No.16110238

File: 959c04f942646a2⋯.png (38.51 KB, 320x280, 8:7, asr.png)


I'm sorry that quick editing annoys you Anon.

8b420a  No.16110242

File: 6f69d93589fef14⋯.png (16.01 KB, 321x322, 321:322, 4247c260929c4445f28f847558….png)


What's it like being the strawman equivalent of a contrarian faggot? Is day to day life typically difficult to get through without sperging out over seemingly miniscule shit?

d358c8  No.16110255



Well my guess is that retards to that because they're either catering to the lowest common denominator, or they seem to think they need to add flashy shit their videos in order to make the video interesting. Either way, every time I have the misfortune of witnessing that kind of garbage, I feel vindicated in my choice of avoiding "content creators". My preference would be to have someone who is either interesting, or to have an interesting subject to listen to; at least as long as the presentation doesn't seem like it's meant to impress the 6 to 10 age range.

df452d  No.16110258

File: 8744baf0ca72d2b⋯.jpg (70.68 KB, 360x403, 360:403, 8744baf0ca72d2b99674e69d56….jpg)


Learn to spell

769110  No.16110259


Don't let those crypto-normalfags dissuade you, dubsman. That shit is obnoxious.

e3ad6b  No.16110283


He stole footage and a story from a YouTuber called Kruggsmash.

df452d  No.16110286


Shit really? Do you have a link

e3ad6b  No.16110290


>implying im going to put that much effort int…

Okay, fine.

This clip and story starting here:


Is from this story:


Same horseshoe crabman necromancer. Same everything. Sseth really is a negro that steals from the white man.

e3ad6b  No.16110297

File: a0142ceb01445b3⋯.jpg (82.35 KB, 699x412, 699:412, autism in action.jpg)



Pause right here:



Sseth probably monetizes other people's content all the time, if I were to guess.

df452d  No.16110308

File: c4fe08d55d02a72⋯.jpg (15.07 KB, 397x230, 397:230, c4fe08d55d02a72fa9bbc55dea….jpg)



That's a pretty good hustle I have to say. stealing other peoples footage and making over $2000 every time

e3ad6b  No.16110318


This is why you should never be a paypig, 'cause' you're probably paying for a second hand product. Most likely stolen by a nigger.

df452d  No.16110324


Everyone knows that Paypigs are mentally ill, supporting someone who already makes free content is pretty stupid

e3ad6b  No.16110333


>Everyone knows that Paypigs are mentally ill

Truth. I've see people ebeg multiple times, fail multiple times, and do the same fucking scam again. I guess there's nothing wrong with scamming people that stupid, since they're basically just mindless automatons at that point.

eca08e  No.16110823


>I've never eaten mushrooms

The fuck.

410145  No.16110862



You two are bad as the fags that don't know how mushrooms work.

a41731  No.16110869


Why are you using a link shortener?

8f4e0f  No.16110878

File: a63739defcedd99⋯.jpg (23.67 KB, 358x350, 179:175, fc7f0e4a7ef515e892b94c44cb….jpg)


I stared into the void and I blinked first.

af6039  No.16110891

File: a91040c7b9003ec⋯.png (359.31 KB, 1052x1050, 526:525, ClipboardImage.png)


best version

8f4e0f  No.16110895


Actually, mushrooms have almost no nurtritional value, so they aren't good for a quick snack.>>16108807

6d271d  No.16111015

File: e672cf3c49348a9⋯.jpg (34.34 KB, 463x390, 463:390, doing the math.jpg)



In the description of his video Sseth links the footage of the guy he took it from, but is it possible that he just had a similar story and happened to find a vid that fit the bill?

Not saying he couldn't do it but I've never seen him steal stories before.


>seemingly picked at random

>always pertains to the word being spoken



I can understand not liking it but I don't really see how you have to feel that strongly about it. In my opinion it's better than listening to a person drone on and one while using barely related footage which incidentally is the same style of his alt channel MandaloreGaming

a41731  No.16111068


The most damning is the actual footage, if it was really his then there would be differences from his fortress to the other fortresses, including names. Plus it's really unlikely for a werezebra to appear in the exact same manner since it's procedural.

eca08e  No.16111100

Who gives a shit, he is presenting the game to normalcattle, not people who actually know how to play it. Do you have any idea how many people asked me "How to play DF" and "what the appeal is"? Now I can link em that shit and they'll understand.

Why does DF create so much asshurt anyway.

691956  No.16111129



Thanks for killing the industry

eca08e  No.16111134


The DF community is already full of homosexual furfags.

ccf726  No.16111192


Now that sounds fun. Maybe it'll be connected to savagery. Like an entire biome that's hell on earth.


Why do faggots continually post youtubers? Just why? It attracts the worse cancer and always derails the thread. This is a videogames board, talk about the game, not some faggot that made a video on it.


>m-muh le spoon feeding

The more who will play DF is the more who will likely talk about it. Take this thread (and the whole board while your at it) and tell me what you see. The best DF discussions were always newfriends sharing their initial experiences and retarded decisions.

5976c8  No.16111298

nobody likes this game.

731385  No.16111326

Toady is a hack

410145  No.16111367

File: 92e68036653fa16⋯.webm (3.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DwarvenDiplomacy.webm)



Kick your wooden ass plug up your own boy cunt.

410145  No.16111416

I don't see it on Bay12, you're inciting hasbara with a kike that is already entombed.

410145  No.16111436

File: 1deb8a7b4272d91⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1250x1130, 125:113, ClipboardImage.png)

I've decided to do a turn on matters. Filtering myself instead of everyone else.

4f8bac  No.16111441

File: e4a5e6eaded79e3⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 640x850, 64:85, Sauron a pretty cool guy.jpg)


Is mind control in this game? I want to take over the world and make everyone my brain-slaves

410145  No.16111444


Adventure or Fort mode?

96ee06  No.16111449


I have never once managed to successfully do this.

410145  No.16111479


That's what you get for not following directions. At worst, you could lose one miner. Take all his shit and send the biggest idiot in to punch it. If they live, there's your military leader.

eca08e  No.16111493

File: 4486f88618cefc1⋯.jpg (85 KB, 990x743, 990:743, 19125.jpg)

I fucking hate aquifers.

a7b555  No.16111494


As far as I know the closest you'll get to that is becoming a necromancer in adventure mode. You will have to be decently proficient at killing people to do this, however.

Go in adventure mode, make your character with demigod stats, then find a place equidistant from a necromancer tower, and a human settlement. You'll want to go to the human settlement first and look for statues to push over. The settlement may not have any, so in this case you must go to the next nearest human settlement. Once you've pushed over a statue and become cursed, chances are you'll become a night creature of sorts (a random werebeast, or a vampire; you can save scum by altf4ing and pushing the statue over again to get the result you want).

As a night creature, undead should not attack you, and you should be pretty good at killing things on your own. Now, you can just take a stroll into your local necromancer tower and steal their book containing the secrets of life and death. Look it over, and congrats you're a necromancer.

You can start out just killing animals and raising them from the dead so they can help you kill bigger things like dorfs or humans, and at some point you'll have yourself a posse of zombies to wreak havoc on any sentient life within your vicinity. Unfortunately, the more zombies you have, the harder they are to control, so your character may end up becoming quite lonely and probably unhappy. This doesn't really matter if you're a vampire though, considering you basically never die.

eca08e  No.16111499

Also why do my dorfs insist on grabbing rocks that are as far away from their workshop as possible? This wasn't a big deal in earlier versions but now since rock hauling slows them down to a crawl its shit.

a7b555  No.16111503


Saging for a double post but I should also add that it is probably best to be a vampire as a necromancer, because you can sense living things around you so if you don't want to wait around for your zombie horde to finish killing that random herd of goats you can just move around where you sense them.

733a15  No.16112018

File: 2885ec75df2800e⋯.jpg (103.75 KB, 639x731, 639:731, Orc.jpg)

Why aren't there orcs natively? Goblins pale in comparison to the Orc master race. The real answer? Dwarves would be exterminated in every worldgen if orcs were in.

4b78d0  No.16112063


Orcs? It would be cool to have a bigger, tougher version of goblins to fight and play as. However they're overused in generic fantasy so I don't think they'll ever get added.

733a15  No.16112075


Maybe a hobgoblin as a size midpoint between a troll and a goblin?

53742d  No.16112456

File: 0ada80525f32308⋯.jpg (903.95 KB, 1716x1658, 858:829, my_stolen_son.jpg)


Build wheelbarrows and make sure every stone stockpile has a couple assigned to it. Dwarves use wheelbarrows to haul stone at their regular movement speed.


Be aware that (without DFhack commands) the max wheelbarrows per stockpile is 3, and dwarves will ONLY haul to that stockpile using its wheelbarrows. So, you kinda don't want to have a single gigantic stockpile with wheelbarrows, since you'll only ever have 3 dwarves hauling to it.

Also, you can have a stockpile take from other piles and [g]ive to a workshop, so that the workshop ONLY uses resources from that stockpile. Ideally you have your primary stockpile in a central place, then each workshop has its own stockpile that takes from the primary one. This makes haulers more efficient and saves your craftswarves' time. Be aware though: if even a single stockpile is giving to a workshop, the workers at that workshop will ONLY use stockpiles that give to it. This means you need to make sure that your workshop can still access everything it could need (fuel for smelters, barrels for brewery, etc). If you aren't careful, you'll have strange mood dwarves go crazy because they can't access a special ingredient (they want turtle shells, but your stone stockpile doesn't have turtle shells). With strange moods it's usually safer to cancel all give commands for that shop and let the workshop take from anywhere until the mood is finished.


a41731  No.16112820

File: a6d5fa3504fa7db⋯.jpg (578.58 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, GoblinAndBeakDog.jpg)


There wouldn't be much of a difference between a Dwarf vs Human, since Orcs would be about the same size as a Human. Besides could you imagine an Orc riding a Beak Dog? pic related is official Bay12 artwork depicting a Goblin and his Beak Dog.

85ba2f  No.16112834


733a15  No.16112867


I think there would be a lot of room for unique stuff with orcs. Orcs could be slavers and be like goblin kidnappers except they get adult dwarves as slaves. Slaves from other races could appear in drives clothed in rags and unarmed. Orcs themselves could either be unmounted or mounted on some other animal, either some new weird animal type that Toady likes to make, or giant wolves for a classic LOTR feel. Or maybe the Orc mounts could be just a random "Giant" animal from Untamed Wilds.

a41731  No.16112903


Not much different from Goblins besides being in wild biomes.

e7cacd  No.16112915


Honestly, if I were to implement Orcs, I would have their thing be an ability to actually break seiges with engines, ladders, and grapnels. How this would fucking work I have no idea, but basically them having access to mobility and destruction tools that could crack forts other races would simply bounce off of.

733a15  No.16112934


>Orc Sapper

>Type 3 Building Destroyer

>Can destroy constructed walls and dig through stone and soil

e7cacd  No.16112954


Well, yeah, that's the obvious one. But I mean being able to clamber over walls with grappling hooks that they throw, use seige towers and ladders, etc. If the goblins are your thrteat as a low-teir poorly built fort, and the clowns the endgame superthreat from within, then in my mind the Orcs would serve as a middle ground that tests properly built defenses.

>Did you make more than one layer?

>Did you account for diggers and destroyers?

>Are your men properly outfitted and trained?

>Do you have working magma Fuck Everything switches?

a41731  No.16113021


All siege invaders can climb walls and pits now. Goblins now have building destroyers in the form of Trolls, sometimes Ogres and other things. Orcs having the same siege behavior as humans could be fun though if they're the "Siege Weapon" invader type but Dwarf fortresses are usually mostly underground.

8b420a  No.16113060

Any good DF youtube videos to showcase the latest shit that's been added?

0b1986  No.16114051








One of the channels he took from also stated so (in a non-spergy fashion) in the comments. It was one of the top comments, and he only credited footage (and not the stolen stories) after the fact. Then he deleted that comment.

Not surprising he's an actual nigger and kike, he's cuckchan's man after all.

3f558f  No.16114527


Honestly Hidden Fun Stuff is the endgame threat, you literally prepare for that moment. I like the concept you're going for but if you really want Orcs to stand out make them the army that digs straight towards you from a campsite on the edge of a map. That'll quickly be recognized as a threat immediately.

29159a  No.16114566



Kruggsmash makes good videos about themed fortresses.

29159a  No.16114570


I figured the wheelbarrow stuff out but my crafters still insist on hauling stone by hand. I even put a stone stockpile right next to their workshops and they STILL run and get them from the mines instead.

e3ad6b  No.16114616


His videos are pretty good, especially once he started adding in the detailed art. The videos are a little bit like lets plays, but with a strong story telling part to them.

733a15  No.16115885



So Orcs could be divided into Warriors, who are just killy brawlers with crude iron and leather equipment. Maybe commonly axe, mace, hammer, or whip users. Maybe the occasional Archer squad.

Sappers, who are equipped with Picks and are type 3 building destroyers and will tunnel under defenses and break through walls.

Engineers, who roll out seige weapons. Catapults and seige towers

And Slavers, who have whips and command squads of kidnapped slaves from several races.

340cac  No.16115912


>I even put a stone stockpile right next to their workshops

Yes, but did you link it to the workshop so that it only takes stone from that stockpile?

4b78d0  No.16115945


>A new power is rising, it's victory is at hand

>This season, the land will be stained with the blood of dwarfs.

>March to their fortress!

>Leave none alive!

>To war!

<There will be no door for dorfs

4e3a0f  No.16115958


Same here. It's almost a decade since I started playing, but I haven't touched it in recent years. The combat update was a mistake, it's still absurdly janky. Did they ever fix the problem with crossbows being amazing with bolts of any material, because all bolts were perfectly sharp and only the tip of the bolt was simulated for penetration, making even shoddy wood bolts into fucking armor-piercing discarding-sabot rounds?

On top of that, the militia system is too complex to be properly fun and too buggy to work as desired. The new features feel bloated, things like werebeasts are far too common instead of being a super rare "oh wow holy shit" factor, the map is far too tall and yet you can't take advantage of it because performance tanks so hard.

40d16 was the last good version.

4b78d0  No.16116429

Why do all my dwarfs hang out in the tavern? Why don't they spend time in the throne room or the thousand other rooms I built for them?

423530  No.16116479


>why are dwarves at the place to drink and party when they could be in the place for faggy nobles or any other place that is not the place to drink and have parties?

I wonder.

340cac  No.16117075



Relatedly, is there a way to make a "tavern" or "inn" for nobles and foreign dignitaries only? I've made a lush 5-star suite for the kingdom's outpost liaison but he keeps going to the barebones motel rooms in my surface-level inn and chugging on the cheap booze they serve there.

733a15  No.16117234

Burrows I guess?

733a15  No.16117239

0bfdd8  No.16117942

File: 7e391d92f6da20c⋯.png (16 MB, 1052x1050, 526:525, 7e391d92f6da20c8fa314dc8ab….png)

Stop fighting over your shitty pictures, I got the best one right here.

a41731  No.16118023


>Relatedly, is there a way to make a "tavern" or "inn" for nobles and foreign dignitaries only?

Diplomats and liasions just do their own thing in the fortress until they decide to leave. Sometimes the reason they hangout is because meetings with your leader is not available but other times it seems to be because of something you did to a zone before so now they're socializing and drinking booze indefinitely. Necromancer Diplomats are the worst though since they don't stop being Necromancers but now you cannot kill them and have to keep them caged.

0bfdd8  No.16118085

File: abb4979ed9c339e⋯.jpg (16 MB, 1052x1050, 526:525, abb4979ed9c339e1dc69deaa33….jpg)


Sorry /v/, I messed up.

This one is better, don't use that shitty thing.

749ab4  No.16118108

File: e22980d1169b59d⋯.jpg (304.15 KB, 2540x2088, 635:522, abb4979ed9c339e1dc69deaa33….jpg)

Can you guys fuck off

0bfdd8  No.16118364


Is this loss?

573b7e  No.16118704


Goblins are the ancestral enemy of Dwarves in almost every depiction involving either of the two. Elves are usually depicted as rivals to Dwarves. Orcs are usually depicted as the ancestral enemy of Elves. Adding Orcs would therefore diminish the rivalry between Dwarves and Elves while taking attention away from the Dwarven ancestral enemy. Having an in-depth world history rife with knife ears getting the green sausage might even have the unintended consequence of causing a player, who is about to play a video game about building a Dwarven fortress that will be besieged with all sorts of weird shit, to sympathize with green skinned creatures.

59f19d  No.16118748


off topic, I used to make glorious rape dungeons for goblins, filled with traps, lava, water, dangerous animals.

I would have dwarves drop supplies down periodically, but the best part was since Toady allowed enemy to also be effected by emotions the goblins would eventually go insane or become so miserable they lose the will to live.

Also just to fuck with them, and because it was late game I had everything engraved and furniture and shit was made out of gold and silver with gems embedded.

A prison made out of gold.

a41731  No.16119944



Looking at the devlogs for the latest Villains planned update those little bastards are going to end up being the kings of every civ. They're treacherous, crazy, petty and effectively immortal.

530795  No.16120702

File: 2eb684aa2bb38c4⋯.mp4 (596.7 KB, 352x640, 11:20, »_۰͏Noticias_Venezuela_-_S….mp4)

File: 7805a7ab3ac4a99⋯.jpg (60.32 KB, 776x1200, 97:150, 780.jpg)

Loving the game so far.

I'm all by my lonesome until some peasant werepanther came, killed some of my dwarfs and I had my boys smash it's face in (and explode with gore) with silver maces.


7f7ad4  No.16120768



is he okay?

530795  No.16120770


lol, no

921e13  No.16121023


whats the story behind that mp4?

94f8df  No.16121024



Take a guess, anon

733a15  No.16121317


But Goblins kill elves too, and no one feels sympathy to them.

Another Orc idea is a Orc "Raider" who spawns in little sneaking groups like Goblin Ambushers. They'll sneak in if possible, but once inside or spotted, they'll just attack everyone and break into stockpiles like kobolds and grab anything not bolted down. Might smash up buildings too and even take incapacitated dorfs off the map as slaves.

530795  No.16121416


no idea - only that:


>Dwarf man cry over dead dwarf women on road

>Joins her after hit by forgotten beast

13cc0e  No.16123418


>Burrows I guess?

Go on. I almost never use burrows.

8f0332  No.16123474

Ok I am bored so I decided to write a replacement for DF. Should I keep it an exact clone of the game mechanics and setting, or change the settings and/or mechanics?

aacb43  No.16123478


You could probably set up high class brewers and cooks and assign them to a burrow over a "high class" area or restrict the workshops to only them. Then use another burrow to restrict commoners from going to that area. But you'll still run into the problem of liasons not being part of your fort and doing whatever they feel like.

530795  No.16124692



8f0332  No.16124718


I am writing a DF clone that works. Should I keep it dwarfs and elves and shit or make it something else like space pirates or whatever? And should I copy the mechanics of DF exactly, or just "inspired by"?

a9e5a8  No.16124722


>Should I keep it dwarfs and elves and shit

Do that and you'll end up as Gnomoria.

>or make it something else like space pirates or whatever?

Do that and you'll end up as RimWorld.

8f0332  No.16124733

530795  No.16124741

File: 0fb4b5110634876⋯.jpg (201.52 KB, 1125x1125, 1:1, 0fb4b51106348767ec089c5ce6….jpg)


Keep all that but add an actual magic system.

Have that magic system be as hard as fuck to actually master without hurting yourself and other allies.. i.e its unstable as fuck when not trained or whatever.

Allow the creation of magical objects, maybe even tools, maybe magic doors/portals, maybe even make magical animals like a dog or something and if it goes wrong it becomes an abomination, shit like that.

But please, no minecwaft.

a9b196  No.16124753


jelous of his beta lisp or his mediocre backlog of reddit tier videos?

5d785e  No.16124889


Epic LoL vídeos xD

704932  No.16125701

File: 2709dda7df628d0⋯.jpg (24.75 KB, 374x479, 374:479, we wuz slavz.jpg)

Serious question: is there a good game with higher system requirements than DF?

Just think about it, every other game that chugs on today's highest end CPU is shit, but DF is good, and still does it.

423530  No.16125867


Aurora 4x, if you're into that kind of stuff. Which considering the thread we're in, might be the case.

Also your question is kind of loaded, there are almost no games which chug on the highest end CPU considering most games are more bottlenecked by GPU power, especially if you have one of the highest end CPUs. Plus most games which could be bottlenecked by CPU power are going to be multithreaded, which "high end CPUs" are more focused towards than single thread speed.

82647b  No.16127283


What is the source for that webm? I need to know the full story. Was that a his little girl, mother, or lover?

000000  No.16127476


Don't make it about dwarfs.

I know you wont make anything anyway.

530795  No.16127541

File: a009cd490dea725⋯.mp4 (350.25 KB, 222x400, 111:200, niggers_knocked_out_by_aus….mp4)


some things in life are never answered, and I don't speak the language in the video. The only person who could tell you why that man was crying over her body is now, very likely, dead.

3f558f  No.16127577


Are you into Fortress mode or Adventure mode?

75576a  No.16127643

File: cd614d669e98021⋯.png (150.18 KB, 500x397, 500:397, hammerer.png)

>elves and goblins now often rule dwarf civs

530795  No.16127655

File: 416303d963f2315⋯.jpg (135.38 KB, 640x267, 640:267, 1451951135305.jpg)

how far must i dig to hit iron, found plenty of silver, where the fuck is the iron!

13cc0e  No.16127661


First handful of layers usually. It's just you need to be in the right landscape.

530795  No.16127673


well I picked an island and can only find silver.

It said shallow metals but so far nothing.

making me reeee a bit

d88335  No.16127716



It's pretty likely there's no iron where you settled. Wanting to work with a specific metal requires knowing actual fucking geology to figure out where deposits were most likely located. Your best bet is to either quit and try again, or just keep working with the silver you have. Make silver hammers and maces, and make a bunch of silver crafts and shit and trade it for iron.

530795  No.16127725


ah ok, thank you, is it also possible that iron is deeper in the ground?

d88335  No.16127747





The three iron ores.

If you're finding silver, you may be settled on metamorphic stone, which doesn't contain iron. There's a chance there might be some igneous stone around that has iron in it but I wouldn't hold your breath.

530795  No.16127767


>you may be settled on metamorphic stone

Is there an easy way to check this in game before embarking?

aeed1e  No.16127772


Are you sure you have iron?

aeed1e  No.16127775


If you have DFhack prospect all on the site selection screen will give you a rough estimate on what you have.

d88335  No.16127797

530795  No.16127804

File: 53b3146e25f38ea⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1432634259979-0.jpg)



Got the whole Lazy Noob Pack shiet from the bay12 website, 0.44.12-r2, looking at the apps it came with, i can see DFhack is enabled but I cannot see DFhack prospect in any of the tabs.

So.. I have no idea.

93219c  No.16127819


You type prospect into dfhack.

530795  No.16127828


ctrl+shift+p, then type prospect into the console?

93219c  No.16127833


There should be a console already open with the game if you are launching with dfhack.

530795  No.16127855

File: 8b549f1f9cb0642⋯.jpg (129.75 KB, 960x952, 120:119, 0775e43e7dd28b5fe8b4b86fc9….jpg)


just tried the prospect command in the console at the local/region/world screen before embarking, thank you - thats a big help

d88335  No.16127865

Speaking of ores, I've always wanted to get into forging bronze, but is it even possible to get tin and copper in the same place?

530795  No.16127868


tbh, the whole game sorta relies on trade in fortress mode.

But i am a newb so I wouldnt know everything there is to know.

a41731  No.16127885


Despite being tiles the world gen follows geology accurately enough that yes sites can have both, but because it's that accurate you'll need prospect to guarantee it. Though I don't see why you'd use Bronze when you can make Steel.

d88335  No.16127889

File: bea825fd2b56dd0⋯.png (213.87 KB, 364x550, 182:275, ClipboardImage.png)


bronze is pretty

704932  No.16129345


It's true. Having metals in your fortress only really serves to boost your wealth faster.

beddcd  No.16129385


Because the goblins in Dwarf Fortress aren't faggoty Post-Warhammer, Forgotten Realms goblins.

5f63b3  No.16129386


the guy that made that sees himself as the girl

d358c8  No.16129390


That's what goblinite is for. My personal preference is to embark in a good savage area with a bunch of goblin settlements and maybe necromancer towers and just use what I can get. If I have sand I'll use a lot of glass traps, copper and bronze means a lot of marksdwaves, or if I have nothing then it'll be magma fun times.

ac9a44  No.16129394


Steel requires higher temperature and therefore better equipment than bronze.

When polished bronze looks a lot better too.

13cc0e  No.16129454




See if you can find Tin and Copper. With those you can make Bronze, which is similar enough to Iron to accomplish its function.

a41731  No.16129937


Steel is one of the top 2 materials for weapons and armor in Dwarf Fortress, Adamantine is simply too light weight to win out in all areas and I believe density is now a factor for sharp projectiles.

13cc0e  No.16130835


Don't forget the divine metals

3f558f  No.16130925


Woah Nigga don't go spoiling too much. I think the only way to get that through Fortress mode is exploiting legends tracking with adventurers.

1d339f  No.16138352

File: 1d45e29f2034569⋯.jpg (17.66 KB, 240x280, 6:7, coffee instant.jpg)

Who here /koopa/?

>tfw settled in an area with natural ? block deposits

>tfw half my fort is under the effects of fire flowers

af6c6e  No.16138683



Alright, that one is pretty good.

3ba6f1  No.16138915

File: cdf8083d2364302⋯.mp4 (807.98 KB, 640x360, 16:9, huutopierua.mp4)


>has organized a party at larch Table.

8b420a  No.16140005

What's the best animal you can tame and why is it cave crocodiles?

530795  No.16141001


I've heard you can tame dragons.

I have no idea what that looks like.

What can you train them to do?

312de9  No.16141341


Befriend the elves

d9c62a  No.16142964


Shitposting aside this is what happened:

>Two brothers go drinking to a bar

>After that, they head out home

>Since most of the streets are filled with looters and other criminal scum they decide to cross the highway to avoid them

>Didn't matter since someone mugs them in middle of the highway, killing one of the brothers

>The brother starts crying on his corpse

>Someone playing eurobeat runs them over

530795  No.16144352


you mean attack them don't you?

4d4625  No.16144375

File: 40a09c4ee11e513⋯.gif (1013.3 KB, 320x291, 320:291, goodbye thread.gif)


Wow, what a shithole country.

a41731  No.16144436


You need an animal trainer with the specific skillset of training exotic animals, the Dragon must not have killed any of your Dwarves prior to taming, and just to be safe it should remain changed up isolated from your Dwarves especially your military Dwarves because they attack each other on site. Beyond that you need to weight for an exotic animal tamer to arrive at your Fort, he's impossible to miss since he is generally naked with the exception of socks, underwear, and a cloak.

e4a6e8  No.16145602


>Beyond that you need to weight for an exotic animal tamer to arrive at your Fort, he's impossible to miss since he is generally naked with the exception of socks, underwear, and a cloak.

That was phased out long ago. You can just designate an animal trainer yourself these days.

704932  No.16146284


It would be nice to make orcs too incivilized to form their own civilization, give them some aids skrillex-tier intellect. Turn them into hunter-gatherer savages who are decently strong, make them able to very rarely integrate with Goblin civilization, and then they're there to provide variety but not particularly important.

a41731  No.16146297


So animal people but on the surface instead of caves? Goblins utilize sapient races they capture.

56fea3  No.16146738


Last time I tried a koopa fort I dug into the first cavern layer early on, which proved to be a mistake as a group of tap-taps attacked my koopas. The tap-taps, with their metal bodies, were completely impervious to my basic weaponry, and all the koopas hid in their shells like sitting ducks as they were slowly tapped to death.

804bbe  No.16146754


You may say that 34.11's Adventure Mode sucked but it had a dialogue menu instead of the abortion we have to deal with now.

804bbe  No.16146765

File: 3864d8a557a2cc4⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Elven Nightmares.mp4)

d88335  No.16146793


I tried that mod but the shit just doesn't work. I spent more time fucking with the code than actually playing it. Toads have this weird hang-up where civilizations of them will all look completely identical and I could never figure out exactly why, and the Koopas are designed to live for centuries but they end up looking like senior citizens at the same age as humans so your entire fort of turtles will look like a retirement home. And when I did try playing the Koopas I kept losing them to the glitch where they hide in their shells and NEVER come out, like what >>16146738 said.

The mod had a lot of cool things, but the jank in some areas makes parts of it unplayable. Above-ground building as Toads is absolute hell with how clunky and resource-intensive constructions can be, which is a shame because I liked the idea of trying to keep a community of naive and extremely squishy dumbass mushrooms alive and happy.

1d339f  No.16146822



Yeah, the thing about koopas is that early game sucks dick. You're really just trying to hold out until you get a demon king and you want to use your military as little as possible because your koopas will go into their shells at the slightest bump from local wildlife. They actually can go out of their shells once you have a hospital going, but the problem is that some of them like to take their damn sweet time to decide to come out. They'll do it eventually, but it could take multiple seasons. It's fine once you get a demon king though because you can send them in solo into almost anything and they'll burninate everything to death. Also as a protip you really have to prioritize stocking up on pyrite and rock salt at trade depots to get a proper alchemy industry going.

704932  No.16147199

File: 42b6d825e35d01c⋯.png (17.22 KB, 1400x792, 175:99, 3DPD dwarf.png)

What are some masterful animes?

Dakost Kuletïdath, Scholar had a tantrum at the tavern yesterday, and he couldn't stop talking about "Those who Hunt Elves".

When I got to my Fine Quarters, I asked Zareth Totmonom, trader to purchase me a copy.

After I'm done with Mine, it should be Summer, and the Human Cavaravan will be here with it.

e17b8d  No.16147471

Remember to check incoming migrants for the gay. Magma the gay away.

a41731  No.16148148


You could just edit that out, and you should because that 7% makes breeding virtually impossible without constant micromanagement. Tests have demonstrated 2-3% is generally the upper limit of when it doesn't impede autonomous breeding mechanics.

3ba6f1  No.16148521

File: 4ed6c0d2e9a35e4⋯.jpg (9.59 KB, 200x200, 1:1, mild laughter.jpg)


There was actually a camper sleeping under the tree trunk

d88c38  No.16152415


>You could just edit that out


a41731  No.16152614


Those raw files is not a bunch of illegible gibberish. There is a folder called raws, in that folder is a sub folder called objects. Look for the CREATURE raws, open with notepad, ctrl+f orientation Change the tokens to these.

For males: [ORIENTATION:MALE:100:0:0]

For females: [ORIENTATION:FEMALE:100:0:0]

Your use of ellipses just highlights how retarded and lazy you are at not just using a search engine.

212140  No.16156666



>not double slit penetrating

Double slit is still the simplest, most effective way to get past an aquifer.


I've tried to find the orientation definition in the raws more than once before but I guess I was blind.

b15d21  No.16156747

After seeing Sseth's video and a few other stories, I'm curious about the game.

What tutorials would you all recommend?

What tilesets would you recommend?

312de9  No.16156785



Use Lazy Newb Pack and run with the Curses 16x16 tileset (Square ASCII) and Dwarf Therapist. Both curses and DT are in the Lazy Newb Pack. You just got to set it up in the launcher. Once you've played through the quickstart guide, just mess around and think about why you would want to do certain things and build your own style.

b15d21  No.16156812

File: 15f319ecb9aaf75⋯.png (130.71 KB, 336x465, 112:155, DungeonMeshi Dwarf_Dont_Un….png)


Thanks anon!

Looking through the wikia I assume you mean PeridexisErrant's Starter Pack for Windows?


Should I be downloading 34.11, 40.24, or what? Am I matching the version with the current version of DF?

4d4625  No.16156815


Nothing. Just download and play the fucking game. The first 5 hours will be confusing. After you get used to the basics, the game is a cakewalk. Use the wiki if you don't know how stairs, aquifer holes, and water Gates work.

312de9  No.16156828


44.12 is the latest version

b15d21  No.16156835

File: cd01fe6d61b1e3c⋯.png (163.6 KB, 576x536, 72:67, DungeonMeshi Dwarf Happy.png)


Thanks anon!

a41731  No.16157183


>but I guess I was blind.

You too, don't just blindly trust what I say. I double checked. You have to ctrl+f Male and Female and look for their castes for every single creature, add those under caste male and caste female. So it should look like this for each creature:







For Dwarves it's advised that the be the middle value should be set like this:







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