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File: d701066e019ce49⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 600x649, 600:649, 1422099876651.jpg)

File: 26fe1e56248d6aa⋯.png (645.23 KB, 750x900, 5:6, 1500207024134.png)

File: 9e205c5f990be7f⋯.png (6.02 MB, 3000x1615, 600:323, 1445987208319.png)

File: 41453983e62bb0c⋯.jpg (287.06 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 41453983e62bb0c819bd0cd905….jpg)

File: e1ac41d8ab40521⋯.jpg (131.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

0ca7cf  No.16108537

>What is elona?

Elona is a Japanese roguelike with a ton of different gameplay options and playstyles.

>Elona or Elona+?

Elona+, Elona+ custom G is a popular variant.

>Where do you get it?


Elona wiki:https://elona.fandom.com/wiki/Elona_Wiki

Remember to pay our nip friend Rufina a visit if you have the chance: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCvfpPKBeb0TxKD7VoyGis5A/videos

e33c43  No.16108583


You got the reposity? Will make it easier for newfags to get it. Also if you don't have them I got the screencraps of those beginner tips.

0ca7cf  No.16108597

7a6df1  No.16108779

Just in case Elona+ 1.87 is out now.


>1 new location for Act III.

>41 new map tiles.

>3 new unique NPCs for Act III.

>Added a repeatable hunting side-quest, available from black gauntlet <Leold>.

>Added a "highest enemy level defeated" to pets' character sheet. It's like the deepest dungeon floor cleared stat, but separate for each of your pets. For use as a reference in determining how strong your pets are.

>1 new unique artifact (Fixity anchor - massive ranged damage buff, but makes your target immobile and lose SP for buff duration) available for exchange with music tickets.

>When sleeping without a bed, spell potential recovery will be postponed to the next time the player character sleeps in a bed instead of losing out on it. It can be postponed up to 9 times, and sleeping in a bed will recover all of the spell potential accrued at once.

>Added 1 new special action. (Venotrate - another bolt AOE skill which depends on researching poisons feat)

>Thread of Innervation special action will now give Gene engineer skill experience when used.

>NPCs that use the Pressure special action will no longer use it when their MP is 0 or lower.

>Changed the player's spawning location when entering Zaile from the top or right.

>Buffed the attribute experience from the various forms of tobacco items so that they give 1.5 times as much as rare herbs like morgia. At +15 enhance, they will train 3 times as much as the rare herbs. This is to balance out the fact that "herb in" food from item fusion trains 9 attributes at a go, while tobacco products have a drawback even though you can make 4 at a time.

<Removed sleepiness reduction from coffee and tobacco products. Made them prevent the player character from taking a nap on the world map a certain number of times instead (15 to 25 for coffee, 3 to 5 for tobacco). The nap-preventing counter has no effect on regular sleep whatsoever, and will be set to 0 when waking up.

>Changed the mechanic where NPCs had their power gauge increased by 15% if they did nothing during their turn while in combat. Now it only get boost, when that NPC has target during fights.

Custom and Custom-G updates aren't ready yet.

a1c629  No.16108949

File: 1178f9c969bf058⋯.jpg (49 KB, 600x450, 4:3, anime.jpg)

Will the + devs remove all the bullshit they added yet with this new update?

a1c629  No.16108975

File: 73125b877de3407⋯.jpg (43.3 KB, 960x540, 16:9, violent_orgasms.jpg)


Shit, I meant Custom

no bully pls

47c807  No.16108984



No, but im sure the Custom G dev will.

0ca7cf  No.16109393

File: e5988593427aa71⋯.png (395.31 KB, 1003x795, 1003:795, shop1.png)

Alright, time to hit her with the bio printer, wish me luck! (After getting the final gift that is.)

0ca7cf  No.16109405

File: 74fd3b649be5572⋯.png (316.25 KB, 1001x805, 143:115, shop1.png)


Welp, she one shotted me, -4615 hp.

0ca7cf  No.16109423

File: b1ad4567a4513fa⋯.png (348.7 KB, 999x801, 111:89, shop1.png)


At least it's still here.

869a4a  No.16109508




by last gift you meant the 50 def negotiation trainer right?

That's probably the most OP item in the game

0ca7cf  No.16109558

File: 75ca5416c1b54a4⋯.jpg (222.77 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, 1402065209039.jpg)


Yeah, by the way I swiched to ehekatl, the negotiation buff gained from worshiping yacatect, honestly weren't that huge of a deal. at around 4500 pietry a crim ale cost me 155 gold, now it costs 168 gold. Btw, I went to port kapul and caught 25 fish which i offered to ehekatl, it netted me 722 pietry, though 125 of that was from when I converted the altar.

c7809e  No.16109811


>Removed sleepiness reduction from coffee and tobacco products. Made them prevent the player character from taking a nap on the world map a certain number of times instead (15 to 25 for coffee, 3 to 5 for tobacco).

Holy shit

756576  No.16109979

File: 8e83d21a6fc3fe2⋯.png (698.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, smile despair retard ika s….png)


Whats the problem anon?

I think its a great idea

also where the fuck are the monster girl sprites, I'm too lazy to check the pastebin

a1c629  No.16110149

Has anyone got the alt chat working for this? Been trying to connect for a while but never get anything back.

c40499  No.16111218

Anyone know if you can wish for the super lure?

6d206b  No.16111256


cant wish for anything with the precious attribute including the lure.

possible in wizard (debug) mode tho iirc

5c88b1  No.16111316


Server is dead and it wasn't fixed yet.

a80fad  No.16111630

File: 580e8b1ed4e2378⋯.gif (317.02 KB, 500x660, 25:33, bird-with-arms1.gif)

Killed a god for my attack jet waifu and brought her the cleaned corpse so we could cook and eat it together for our anniversary on our monster ranch. It was hard finding a rare named artifact/engagement necklace that can fit a futuristic military-grade vehicle, but she's worth it. What are you guys up to?

c7809e  No.16111703


There isn't a problem, napping on the world map has been my least favorite shit about this game for a while.

f546ec  No.16111812


Oh, so that's the point of Tobacco and similar products? Increase Attribute Potential?

I though it was just a weird way of getting the Concentration effect while role playing a smoker.

Also,what does the addiction to Tobacco do anyway? Any withdrawal effect or is it just cosmetic for the sake of role playing it?

Also, why the fuck, after all these changes, you still can't cast healing spells or buff spells on other targets besides yourself? With the sole exception of things like Holy Rain or some Special Actions, just about every buff spell is self-target only which is stupid. My little girl, with her massive armor and giant sword benefits more from Gem, Feather, Hero, etc than I do since she'll actually use it.

And it's not like this is impossible to do anyway, I could chuck potions at her for the same effect anyway.

Sometimes I feel like the best way to play would be a Light Armor Spellsword so I can combine all the magic buffs with fighting ability.

0ca7cf  No.16111821

File: 1ecfc45a0e419cf⋯.jpg (6.95 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 38baa324885e257d3990003191….jpg)


Fishing in order to get sacrifice for my catgirl godess. Something I've been wondering about, does the small ponds like in Yowin and Palmia have the same chance for getting fish and the same quality as fishing in the ocean, like in port kaput and lumiest? Also, does rain affect fishing?

5c88b1  No.16112032


>Also,what does the addiction to Tobacco do anyway? Any withdrawal effect or is it just cosmetic for the sake of role playing it?

Chance for debuff to PER/LER/WIL stats until hidden dependence to drugs doesn't fall back to 0%.


>does the small ponds like in Yowin and Palmia have the same chance for getting fish and the same quality as fishing in the ocean, like in port kaput and lumiest?

It should be about same.

>Also, does rain affect fishing?

Only its speed if you have swimming.

Also don't forget you can use house board to add water tiles to your house and yes, you can fish in these.

8c8605  No.16113658

File: 6c61e01b516eafa⋯.gif (364.41 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, sendhelp.gif)

Out of curiosity I'm trying out omake overhaul because that's how the vast majority of japs play the game. Turns out you can use guns in hand slots and by extension dual wield them which sounds nice until I remember I don't start with the dual wield skill and every skill costs 15 pp to learn

also I somehow managed to read several cursed scrolls of uncurse so everything's fucked

756576  No.16114378


How many monsters have you vored so far?

8c8605  No.16114615


Ah, so THAT's how you train your attributes in this bullshit grindfest. I expect nothing less from those yellow monkeys.

0ca7cf  No.16114975


Just go to the magic store and get them to uncurse you.

2a2c2f  No.16115681

File: 6ee804e2170185a⋯.png (628.79 KB, 960x600, 8:5, 3deb8b138864eb93b1adec2abb….png)

File: 206c47a781a0d38⋯.jpg (102.29 KB, 650x642, 325:321, 4eb28c96263cc58964b014c0d6….jpg)

File: 091d1c528413833⋯.jpg (118.78 KB, 480x564, 40:47, 091d1c52841383383f674214b4….jpg)


Mining entire floors of dungeons for ore to sacrifice to Jure. Wanna get my Defender bro equipped with a Hory Rance as my third "tank" pet behind my little girl and fire dragon.

Also, besides the Black Angel and the Exile, are there any other good ranged/spellcasting pets you guys recommend? I like having a big entourage of pets but too many melee-focused ones crowd up on whoever you target and there's no real way to remedy that.

91fb8b  No.16115759


What'd they add?

d8d63f  No.16115951


Does this allow you to shoot these guns or are you just pummeling niggers on the head with that?

5eb80b  No.16116586


>Btw, I went to port kapul and caught 25 fish which i offered to ehekatl, it netted me 722 pietry

You missed the good old days where it was trivial to stack goldfishes and tadpoles in the icebox

Now those fuckers have 999 variations of quality that don't stack

The trick with the negotiation is to equip the constrictor (or whatever the fuck was the name) and it will decrease your negotiation so low that any purchase will give negotiation exp. This can be used to easily increase negotiation to 150~ish

I just found out I deleted my elona save when I last formatted my pc, so I can't really remember the exact number

This makes charisma the literally easiest stat to rise

ecb8dd  No.16116628



There's a stupid easy way to get Ehekatl piety. Pot for fusion>Junk Make. This produces Dead Fish + 3 other items, and only requires 4x <any item> to craft (and only level 1 alchemy). Dead fish can be sacrificed to Ehekatl, so basically you can convert any item in the game into dead fish at a 1 to 1 ratio.

0ca7cf  No.16116898

File: c5f91a1c9662f65⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1468x923, 1468:923, snow.png)

File: 8f4d06ce65416fe⋯.jpg (149.55 KB, 1013x1600, 1013:1600, bd8b1ba0c4d18bf82b1e02ed2c….jpg)


Yerles conbat plane is hella fast.

Yerles macine infantry/elite macine infantry, both of which can be bought at the derphy slave trader.

2a2c2f  No.16116985


I definitely want a conbat plane to ride. I'll check out the machine infantry, I always seem to overlook the guys you can get at the slave trader

0ca7cf  No.16117161

File: 56e69793fffc5da⋯.png (697.13 KB, 1005x796, 1005:796, snow.png)


This thing seriously is crazy. I honestly gained 20 ranks in negotiation, from level 70 to 90, trading cargo and vendor trash with a little bit of potential training.

5eb80b  No.16117554


My dude

1: clear your inventory except for the items needed in 3, drop in your house or something

2: clear a trader inventory, any trader

3: get a item that have a mostly equal sell/buy value, like some random furniture. preferably the smallest value that triggers exp gain for negotiation

4: open the trader chat and spam <enter>

It's been a long time, but this should give the correct flow

What should happen is that you buy stuff from the vendor until his inventory is empty, then his option to buy from him disappears, then the default is to sell to him, which you sell all your items, which clears the sell to him option and you buy from him, etc

Repeat until you got no more money, the item is too cheap to get exp, or your charisma is hopeless

0ca7cf  No.16118588


I've got a buttler, conbat plane and an auto tank. They are so fast at killing that it's been ages since my little girl killed anything.

8c8605  No.16119067

File: 569bb5a770a4858⋯.gif (339.59 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, stats.gif)

Died a shit ton, I don't think I've ever seen my elf buddy level up (although I don't think I've died since buying him, great cannon fodder), and for that matter my own skills aren't great and training costs are skyrocketing (1 more pp every 2 or 4 levels, training only gives 16% potential). I'm guessing it doesn't get better and in fact gets much, much worse.

On the intersting side adventurers in omake are overhauled and actually appear in dungeons so I guess my long term goal will be to befriend and marry one


It does indeed shoot both guns by bumping into an enemy, notice the "melee" gun has the same multiplier and hit chance as the ranged gun. of course the fighter's guild guy asks for 15 zombie kills to join so I still don't have the dual wield skill

d318bb  No.16119123

File: ba6ffa405f5a7f4⋯.png (136.64 KB, 349x490, 349:490, fdcc6abec28f3f34b874dae16a….png)


>Thinks this could be comfy.

>Die horribly all the fuck time.

>This game is pain.

>Can't stop playing it.

a80fad  No.16119162



Excellent choice. They're fast, have nice attacks, and they fuck like a jet.


Progress slowly and carefully. It's not really meant to be a fast-paced level grind like a lot of games. You have to think about what kind of character you want, how you want to train and what resources you have on hand.

fe859d  No.16120455


if you are playing plus, you can tweak ai to make pretty much anything ranged magic

metal and armor pets can be very strong if trained properly,

most destructive pet of all would be the part time worker(rain festival) in act 2. He has a 10% chance of casting meteor which is not compatible with custom ai. also he will probably wipe both the enemy and your team including himself in 1 cast

fe859d  No.16120456


meant to say custom not plus

0ca7cf  No.16120825

Fuck, I managed to gene engineer away my buttler, I had two of them, and I chose to sacrifice the wrong one, the one with gryphon and arbalest among other things. I still got an old savescum, but I do not know how far back it will set me.

5b8b30  No.16120938


Be sure to always make your precious pets precious so that don't happen

it's a dialogue option on them

91fb8b  No.16120952


Surely it can't be that far back. I believe in your strength of will to save your butlerman.

f546ec  No.16121156


>Oh, I haven't played Elona in a while

>Neat, here's my previous save, wonder where I was?

>Oh, I'm home at half life and mana, guess I quit after I died somewhere

>Hey, there's a cave nearby I started exploring but haven't finished yet, let's go back there

>Well, what's with that pile of items? Must have been where I died last time?

<Something throws a molotov at you! You're covered in oil! You burn up!

<Respawn home

>Welp, that's enough Elona for a while

I make it sound like it's atrocious but it helped with my attachment to equipment and items and made the whole experience for this and many other games much more enjoyable after that. I guess that might explain why I actually like BOTW for instance.


>strength of will to save your butlerman.


f546ec  No.16121160



Also, if you haven't named your butler "Butt, the Buttler", you're double-gay.

91fb8b  No.16121177


Item degradation was fairly shit in botw, though. They should've done something with a blacksmith so you could sell, buy, repair or cap durability on things.

This is why carrying shit that lets you see invisibility or having the magic-user godpet is also a godsend.


Hey, buddy, I think you've got the wrong door. The leather club's two blocks down.

0ca7cf  No.16121306

File: 3e95c5794130de5⋯.png (966.44 KB, 1000x804, 250:201, a9dea6ae5dd88a9e0b1008acf4….png)

File: 8557fc4fa0393f0⋯.png (892.84 KB, 1003x803, 1003:803, 0c331fa4102a714694fa2965b1….png)

Lost about 10 hours of progress. However, I still think it's worth it.

f546ec  No.16121453


>Item degradation was fairly shit in botw

Didn't mattered as much as some fags make it sound it did. Most problems people have with it is because they do dumb shit like using Guardian++ weapons against regular enemies all the time, throw weapons around or don't actually explore enough to get far more weapons than they can degrade.

Like, why would you take your Flaming Greatsword to deal with Moblins? Just shoot one, take his weapon and dispatch the rest. Same thing for all the undeads, just knock one down and use his own arm to bash his head in as well as his mates.

I also though about something like a blacksmith, but ultimately that wouldn't be as good an idea as it sounds.

All it would do was keep a few slots in your inventory filled with weapons that are really good but about to break, forcing you to juggle the remaining slots with trash weapons until you made it back to a blacksmith.

Plus, you'd end up with a few awesome weapons and that's all you'd ever use (unless you were trying to conserve them) making for a repetitive experience.

With item degradation, you're encouraged to use different things, improvise and adapt to what you have available and it makes finding new rare weapons more fun since they aren't competing for the same inventory space that the previous rare weapons you found would be occupying if they didn't degrade.

A portable cooking spot and a tent to sleep, both things that could only be carried on your horse (and thus making it more usefull) would be more important to get than blacksmithing IMO. Maybe using the rare gems you get to craft stuff, that'd be neat.

37bd3c  No.16121836

I miss elochat and voting for Win Combat Stupid.

91fb8b  No.16121867


I wonder how hard it'd be to repurpose some IRC channel for it.

2a2c2f  No.16121890

File: fce8de4be9d88a8⋯.png (13.24 KB, 204x228, 17:19, fce8de4be9d88a8eb6d4fe8f49….png)


Well actual elochat could still work, there was a working server for it a little while ago but it wasn't very long-lived. It's mostly just about who's willing to fix it up and host the server.

tfw got into the game too late to be able to use elochat

22f335  No.16121903






0ca7cf  No.16121960

File: accd275953aa809⋯.png (464.88 KB, 1004x803, 1004:803, snow.png)

Damn it, here I thought I'd be able to also summon ehekatl by grinding my piety up to 4025 and praying at her altar on the truce ground before the end of november. However, it turns out, you can only summon one god a year by praying at the truce ground, I guess I am stuck with Yacatect for now, I was hoping I'd be able to have a god party.

dd333c  No.16121984


yeah, it's one per year. It's a good thing to use wishes though, since you can wish to summon them at any point if you stumble on a rod or savescum on a well

918695  No.16122195



I miss thinking this game is challenging.

22f335  No.16122277

How do I use fertiliser? When activated on the use menu it says "this can only be used for growing crops" but using it over a blank field, a growing plant or a completely grow plant shows the same message.

99d45e  No.16122512


You need to use it on newly planted crop.

22f335  No.16122573

File: 6128ad566eca3cb⋯.jpg (191.96 KB, 815x517, 815:517, onthenewcrop.jpg)


Not working

22f335  No.16122590

File: ee9a01d7facb2e6⋯.jpg (4.65 KB, 101x58, 101:58, 1.jpg)


figured it out, it works on crops when they get to this stage

0b665e  No.16122934


>It does indeed shoot both guns by bumping into an enemy, notice the "melee" gun has the same multiplier and hit chance as the ranged gun


Time to start a new char.

8c8605  No.16124529

File: 2ce85ff82dc9971⋯.gif (306.14 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, barfight.gif)

My first guests are already killing each other. At least I traded for his potential potion before he died.

f546ec  No.16124957



Indeed, you can't use it on newly planted things nor finished ones, it's just to speed up from the intermediary state to the last one. It's a bit useless since you can go do something else instead and come back when it's all grown up, unless I'm not aware of some bonus like improved quality of products harvested if using fertilizer.


It's a shame that +/Custom+CustomG doesn't work like that. I tried dual-wielding pistols and bumping into someone merely trains Blunt.

2a2c2f  No.16125891

File: 413b9828451b48e⋯.png (36.85 KB, 1156x70, 578:35, stuffed.png)

I knew museums were for fags

8c8605  No.16127525

File: 7c3f350f2bea176⋯.gif (307.88 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, just.gif)

>adventurer is equipped with a cursed shotgun with huge stat reductions and an arrow for ammo (i.e. can't even shoot the damn thing)

>trade a ring for it, she immediately replaces it with this

Oh no, it's retarded.

ee5c75  No.16128268


At least you didn't got adventurer with doomed sword, which had #####+ attract monsters in Palmia.

That was complete shitshow.

Omake Overhaul is more pleasant to play than plus. Too bad it likes to break itself.

9be746  No.16129729

File: 24fdc25cda222ff⋯.png (127.1 KB, 676x676, 1:1, Fish Jolyne.png)


I may be retarded, is the link broken or do I have to do something else? Everytime I click the download link in the site it gives me an error page.

0ca7cf  No.16129761

d2999e  No.16133957

File: 1329d8fe2f1704c⋯.png (899.71 KB, 911x579, 911:579, thic.png)

Tried a new character making a point of it not to resort to farming in any way. Eating a lot more equipment than I used to. I always do casters but I'm going for a dual wield pickpocket build. Best haul so far was a potion of speed upper from some sap in the fighters guild.

06aa95  No.16140418


>unless I'm not aware of some bonus like improved quality of products harvested if using fertilizer.


>It will make the plant grow instantly into the harvestable stage, and also increases the quality of crops if the plant is a vegetable or fruit plant.

8c8605  No.16140572

File: 71db2bb21b31ab3⋯.png (59.26 KB, 418x358, 209:179, hitched.png)

File: 9f0ce6ce542e307⋯.png (391.01 KB, 590x373, 590:373, recruited.png)

I gotta say it's quite a rush to seek out an adventurer the informer says is in the next town over or in a dungeon that might be nearby. Way different form just having a pet that you marry. My new wife is nice to have around considering she's several levels my senior.

Also I gotta say I really don't know how to feel aka a roundabout way of saying I don't like how omake overhaul handles feats. If you don't dump several feat points into a single weapon type (or spell element, mages don't get a pass either), you're permanently gimping yourself of a lot of damage. There couldn't be a bigger Fuck You to jacks-of-all-trades or even jacks-of-two-trades for that matter. Is the platinum coins invested in one and the fact that you have to start from square one and train again if you want to use a different weapon skill not enough? Because of this feats system, your class is now the be-all-end-all of your character in terms of late-game combat effectiveness rather than just a starting point you can branch out of later.

06aa95  No.16143970


The specialization thing is compounded by the fact that the Omake line barely has any documentation. I remember reading about one guy who fully specialized in blunt weapons, only to learn later on that blunt weapons arbitrarily can't be used with OO's blacksmithing.

The game's constraints mean you need to plan your character out in advance, but there's no data to plan with. You can't even check the source code like you can with Plus (or Custom, at least). It's the main reason I haven't touched OO.

101490  No.16154028

File: d027453cd9cc1e2⋯.png (7.41 KB, 48x72, 2:3, P94-Bysymlha_the_amber_eye….png)

i want to _fuck_ the Bysymlha

a1c629  No.16154412

File: c20818deafb22a9⋯.png (460.56 KB, 674x666, 337:333, fuck.png)

>looks in the pastebin

>finds out that the monster girl sprite sheet's outdated to hell

06aa95  No.16158242

File: ec03b01aec8bb15⋯.png (379.11 KB, 621x467, 621:467, bug_bun.png)


>penis goes inside reality-erasing demon

>nothing comes back out

963ee9  No.16158252


False advertising.

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