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File: d701066e019ce49⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 600x649, 600:649, 1422099876651.jpg)

File: 26fe1e56248d6aa⋯.png (645.23 KB, 750x900, 5:6, 1500207024134.png)

File: 9e205c5f990be7f⋯.png (6.02 MB, 3000x1615, 600:323, 1445987208319.png)

File: 41453983e62bb0c⋯.jpg (287.06 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 41453983e62bb0c819bd0cd905….jpg)

File: e1ac41d8ab40521⋯.jpg (131.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

0ca7cf  No.16108537

>What is elona?

Elona is a Japanese roguelike with a ton of different gameplay options and playstyles.

>Elona or Elona+?

Elona+, Elona+ custom G is a popular variant.

>Where do you get it?


Elona wiki:https://elona.fandom.com/wiki/Elona_Wiki

Remember to pay our nip friend Rufina a visit if you have the chance: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCvfpPKBeb0TxKD7VoyGis5A/videos

e33c43  No.16108583


You got the reposity? Will make it easier for newfags to get it. Also if you don't have them I got the screencraps of those beginner tips.

0ca7cf  No.16108597

7a6df1  No.16108779

Just in case Elona+ 1.87 is out now.


>1 new location for Act III.

>41 new map tiles.

>3 new unique NPCs for Act III.

>Added a repeatable hunting side-quest, available from black gauntlet <Leold>.

>Added a "highest enemy level defeated" to pets' character sheet. It's like the deepest dungeon floor cleared stat, but separate for each of your pets. For use as a reference in determining how strong your pets are.

>1 new unique artifact (Fixity anchor - massive ranged damage buff, but makes your target immobile and lose SP for buff duration) available for exchange with music tickets.

>When sleeping without a bed, spell potential recovery will be postponed to the next time the player character sleeps in a bed instead of losing out on it. It can be postponed up to 9 times, and sleeping in a bed will recover all of the spell potential accrued at once.

>Added 1 new special action. (Venotrate - another bolt AOE skill which depends on researching poisons feat)

>Thread of Innervation special action will now give Gene engineer skill experience when used.

>NPCs that use the Pressure special action will no longer use it when their MP is 0 or lower.

>Changed the player's spawning location when entering Zaile from the top or right.

>Buffed the attribute experience from the various forms of tobacco items so that they give 1.5 times as much as rare herbs like morgia. At +15 enhance, they will train 3 times as much as the rare herbs. This is to balance out the fact that "herb in" food from item fusion trains 9 attributes at a go, while tobacco products have a drawback even though you can make 4 at a time.

<Removed sleepiness reduction from coffee and tobacco products. Made them prevent the player character from taking a nap on the world map a certain number of times instead (15 to 25 for coffee, 3 to 5 for tobacco). The nap-preventing counter has no effect on regular sleep whatsoever, and will be set to 0 when waking up.

>Changed the mechanic where NPCs had their power gauge increased by 15% if they did nothing during their turn while in combat. Now it only get boost, when that NPC has target during fights.

Custom and Custom-G updates aren't ready yet.

a1c629  No.16108949

File: 1178f9c969bf058⋯.jpg (49 KB, 600x450, 4:3, anime.jpg)

Will the + devs remove all the bullshit they added yet with this new update?

a1c629  No.16108975

File: 73125b877de3407⋯.jpg (43.3 KB, 960x540, 16:9, violent_orgasms.jpg)


Shit, I meant Custom

no bully pls

47c807  No.16108984



No, but im sure the Custom G dev will.

0ca7cf  No.16109393

File: e5988593427aa71⋯.png (395.31 KB, 1003x795, 1003:795, shop1.png)

Alright, time to hit her with the bio printer, wish me luck! (After getting the final gift that is.)

0ca7cf  No.16109405

File: 74fd3b649be5572⋯.png (316.25 KB, 1001x805, 143:115, shop1.png)


Welp, she one shotted me, -4615 hp.

0ca7cf  No.16109423

File: b1ad4567a4513fa⋯.png (348.7 KB, 999x801, 111:89, shop1.png)


At least it's still here.

869a4a  No.16109508




by last gift you meant the 50 def negotiation trainer right?

That's probably the most OP item in the game

0ca7cf  No.16109558

File: 75ca5416c1b54a4⋯.jpg (222.77 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, 1402065209039.jpg)


Yeah, by the way I swiched to ehekatl, the negotiation buff gained from worshiping yacatect, honestly weren't that huge of a deal. at around 4500 pietry a crim ale cost me 155 gold, now it costs 168 gold. Btw, I went to port kapul and caught 25 fish which i offered to ehekatl, it netted me 722 pietry, though 125 of that was from when I converted the altar.

c7809e  No.16109811


>Removed sleepiness reduction from coffee and tobacco products. Made them prevent the player character from taking a nap on the world map a certain number of times instead (15 to 25 for coffee, 3 to 5 for tobacco).

Holy shit

756576  No.16109979

File: 8e83d21a6fc3fe2⋯.png (698.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, smile despair retard ika s….png)


Whats the problem anon?

I think its a great idea

also where the fuck are the monster girl sprites, I'm too lazy to check the pastebin

a1c629  No.16110149

Has anyone got the alt chat working for this? Been trying to connect for a while but never get anything back.

c40499  No.16111218

Anyone know if you can wish for the super lure?

6d206b  No.16111256


cant wish for anything with the precious attribute including the lure.

possible in wizard (debug) mode tho iirc

5c88b1  No.16111316


Server is dead and it wasn't fixed yet.

a80fad  No.16111630

File: 580e8b1ed4e2378⋯.gif (317.02 KB, 500x660, 25:33, bird-with-arms1.gif)

Killed a god for my attack jet waifu and brought her the cleaned corpse so we could cook and eat it together for our anniversary on our monster ranch. It was hard finding a rare named artifact/engagement necklace that can fit a futuristic military-grade vehicle, but she's worth it. What are you guys up to?

c7809e  No.16111703


There isn't a problem, napping on the world map has been my least favorite shit about this game for a while.

f546ec  No.16111812


Oh, so that's the point of Tobacco and similar products? Increase Attribute Potential?

I though it was just a weird way of getting the Concentration effect while role playing a smoker.

Also,what does the addiction to Tobacco do anyway? Any withdrawal effect or is it just cosmetic for the sake of role playing it?

Also, why the fuck, after all these changes, you still can't cast healing spells or buff spells on other targets besides yourself? With the sole exception of things like Holy Rain or some Special Actions, just about every buff spell is self-target only which is stupid. My little girl, with her massive armor and giant sword benefits more from Gem, Feather, Hero, etc than I do since she'll actually use it.

And it's not like this is impossible to do anyway, I could chuck potions at her for the same effect anyway.

Sometimes I feel like the best way to play would be a Light Armor Spellsword so I can combine all the magic buffs with fighting ability.

0ca7cf  No.16111821

File: 1ecfc45a0e419cf⋯.jpg (6.95 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 38baa324885e257d3990003191….jpg)


Fishing in order to get sacrifice for my catgirl godess. Something I've been wondering about, does the small ponds like in Yowin and Palmia have the same chance for getting fish and the same quality as fishing in the ocean, like in port kaput and lumiest? Also, does rain affect fishing?

5c88b1  No.16112032


>Also,what does the addiction to Tobacco do anyway? Any withdrawal effect or is it just cosmetic for the sake of role playing it?

Chance for debuff to PER/LER/WIL stats until hidden dependence to drugs doesn't fall back to 0%.


>does the small ponds like in Yowin and Palmia have the same chance for getting fish and the same quality as fishing in the ocean, like in port kaput and lumiest?

It should be about same.

>Also, does rain affect fishing?

Only its speed if you have swimming.

Also don't forget you can use house board to add water tiles to your house and yes, you can fish in these.

8c8605  No.16113658

File: 6c61e01b516eafa⋯.gif (364.41 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, sendhelp.gif)

Out of curiosity I'm trying out omake overhaul because that's how the vast majority of japs play the game. Turns out you can use guns in hand slots and by extension dual wield them which sounds nice until I remember I don't start with the dual wield skill and every skill costs 15 pp to learn

also I somehow managed to read several cursed scrolls of uncurse so everything's fucked

756576  No.16114378


How many monsters have you vored so far?

8c8605  No.16114615


Ah, so THAT's how you train your attributes in this bullshit grindfest. I expect nothing less from those yellow monkeys.

0ca7cf  No.16114975


Just go to the magic store and get them to uncurse you.

2a2c2f  No.16115681

File: 6ee804e2170185a⋯.png (628.79 KB, 960x600, 8:5, 3deb8b138864eb93b1adec2abb….png)

File: 206c47a781a0d38⋯.jpg (102.29 KB, 650x642, 325:321, 4eb28c96263cc58964b014c0d6….jpg)

File: 091d1c528413833⋯.jpg (118.78 KB, 480x564, 40:47, 091d1c52841383383f674214b4….jpg)


Mining entire floors of dungeons for ore to sacrifice to Jure. Wanna get my Defender bro equipped with a Hory Rance as my third "tank" pet behind my little girl and fire dragon.

Also, besides the Black Angel and the Exile, are there any other good ranged/spellcasting pets you guys recommend? I like having a big entourage of pets but too many melee-focused ones crowd up on whoever you target and there's no real way to remedy that.

91fb8b  No.16115759


What'd they add?

d8d63f  No.16115951


Does this allow you to shoot these guns or are you just pummeling niggers on the head with that?

5eb80b  No.16116586


>Btw, I went to port kapul and caught 25 fish which i offered to ehekatl, it netted me 722 pietry

You missed the good old days where it was trivial to stack goldfishes and tadpoles in the icebox

Now those fuckers have 999 variations of quality that don't stack

The trick with the negotiation is to equip the constrictor (or whatever the fuck was the name) and it will decrease your negotiation so low that any purchase will give negotiation exp. This can be used to easily increase negotiation to 150~ish

I just found out I deleted my elona save when I last formatted my pc, so I can't really remember the exact number

This makes charisma the literally easiest stat to rise

ecb8dd  No.16116628



There's a stupid easy way to get Ehekatl piety. Pot for fusion>Junk Make. This produces Dead Fish + 3 other items, and only requires 4x <any item> to craft (and only level 1 alchemy). Dead fish can be sacrificed to Ehekatl, so basically you can convert any item in the game into dead fish at a 1 to 1 ratio.

0ca7cf  No.16116898

File: c5f91a1c9662f65⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1468x923, 1468:923, snow.png)

File: 8f4d06ce65416fe⋯.jpg (149.55 KB, 1013x1600, 1013:1600, bd8b1ba0c4d18bf82b1e02ed2c….jpg)


Yerles conbat plane is hella fast.

Yerles macine infantry/elite macine infantry, both of which can be bought at the derphy slave trader.

2a2c2f  No.16116985


I definitely want a conbat plane to ride. I'll check out the machine infantry, I always seem to overlook the guys you can get at the slave trader

0ca7cf  No.16117161

File: 56e69793fffc5da⋯.png (697.13 KB, 1005x796, 1005:796, snow.png)


This thing seriously is crazy. I honestly gained 20 ranks in negotiation, from level 70 to 90, trading cargo and vendor trash with a little bit of potential training.

5eb80b  No.16117554


My dude

1: clear your inventory except for the items needed in 3, drop in your house or something

2: clear a trader inventory, any trader

3: get a item that have a mostly equal sell/buy value, like some random furniture. preferably the smallest value that triggers exp gain for negotiation

4: open the trader chat and spam <enter>

It's been a long time, but this should give the correct flow

What should happen is that you buy stuff from the vendor until his inventory is empty, then his option to buy from him disappears, then the default is to sell to him, which you sell all your items, which clears the sell to him option and you buy from him, etc

Repeat until you got no more money, the item is too cheap to get exp, or your charisma is hopeless

0ca7cf  No.16118588


I've got a buttler, conbat plane and an auto tank. They are so fast at killing that it's been ages since my little girl killed anything.

8c8605  No.16119067

File: 569bb5a770a4858⋯.gif (339.59 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, stats.gif)

Died a shit ton, I don't think I've ever seen my elf buddy level up (although I don't think I've died since buying him, great cannon fodder), and for that matter my own skills aren't great and training costs are skyrocketing (1 more pp every 2 or 4 levels, training only gives 16% potential). I'm guessing it doesn't get better and in fact gets much, much worse.

On the intersting side adventurers in omake are overhauled and actually appear in dungeons so I guess my long term goal will be to befriend and marry one


It does indeed shoot both guns by bumping into an enemy, notice the "melee" gun has the same multiplier and hit chance as the ranged gun. of course the fighter's guild guy asks for 15 zombie kills to join so I still don't have the dual wield skill

d318bb  No.16119123

File: ba6ffa405f5a7f4⋯.png (136.64 KB, 349x490, 349:490, fdcc6abec28f3f34b874dae16a….png)


>Thinks this could be comfy.

>Die horribly all the fuck time.

>This game is pain.

>Can't stop playing it.

a80fad  No.16119162



Excellent choice. They're fast, have nice attacks, and they fuck like a jet.


Progress slowly and carefully. It's not really meant to be a fast-paced level grind like a lot of games. You have to think about what kind of character you want, how you want to train and what resources you have on hand.

fe859d  No.16120455


if you are playing plus, you can tweak ai to make pretty much anything ranged magic

metal and armor pets can be very strong if trained properly,

most destructive pet of all would be the part time worker(rain festival) in act 2. He has a 10% chance of casting meteor which is not compatible with custom ai. also he will probably wipe both the enemy and your team including himself in 1 cast

fe859d  No.16120456


meant to say custom not plus

0ca7cf  No.16120825

Fuck, I managed to gene engineer away my buttler, I had two of them, and I chose to sacrifice the wrong one, the one with gryphon and arbalest among other things. I still got an old savescum, but I do not know how far back it will set me.

5b8b30  No.16120938


Be sure to always make your precious pets precious so that don't happen

it's a dialogue option on them

91fb8b  No.16120952


Surely it can't be that far back. I believe in your strength of will to save your butlerman.

f546ec  No.16121156


>Oh, I haven't played Elona in a while

>Neat, here's my previous save, wonder where I was?

>Oh, I'm home at half life and mana, guess I quit after I died somewhere

>Hey, there's a cave nearby I started exploring but haven't finished yet, let's go back there

>Well, what's with that pile of items? Must have been where I died last time?

<Something throws a molotov at you! You're covered in oil! You burn up!

<Respawn home

>Welp, that's enough Elona for a while

I make it sound like it's atrocious but it helped with my attachment to equipment and items and made the whole experience for this and many other games much more enjoyable after that. I guess that might explain why I actually like BOTW for instance.


>strength of will to save your butlerman.


f546ec  No.16121160



Also, if you haven't named your butler "Butt, the Buttler", you're double-gay.

91fb8b  No.16121177


Item degradation was fairly shit in botw, though. They should've done something with a blacksmith so you could sell, buy, repair or cap durability on things.

This is why carrying shit that lets you see invisibility or having the magic-user godpet is also a godsend.


Hey, buddy, I think you've got the wrong door. The leather club's two blocks down.

0ca7cf  No.16121306

File: 3e95c5794130de5⋯.png (966.44 KB, 1000x804, 250:201, a9dea6ae5dd88a9e0b1008acf4….png)

File: 8557fc4fa0393f0⋯.png (892.84 KB, 1003x803, 1003:803, 0c331fa4102a714694fa2965b1….png)

Lost about 10 hours of progress. However, I still think it's worth it.

f546ec  No.16121453


>Item degradation was fairly shit in botw

Didn't mattered as much as some fags make it sound it did. Most problems people have with it is because they do dumb shit like using Guardian++ weapons against regular enemies all the time, throw weapons around or don't actually explore enough to get far more weapons than they can degrade.

Like, why would you take your Flaming Greatsword to deal with Moblins? Just shoot one, take his weapon and dispatch the rest. Same thing for all the undeads, just knock one down and use his own arm to bash his head in as well as his mates.

I also though about something like a blacksmith, but ultimately that wouldn't be as good an idea as it sounds.

All it would do was keep a few slots in your inventory filled with weapons that are really good but about to break, forcing you to juggle the remaining slots with trash weapons until you made it back to a blacksmith.

Plus, you'd end up with a few awesome weapons and that's all you'd ever use (unless you were trying to conserve them) making for a repetitive experience.

With item degradation, you're encouraged to use different things, improvise and adapt to what you have available and it makes finding new rare weapons more fun since they aren't competing for the same inventory space that the previous rare weapons you found would be occupying if they didn't degrade.

A portable cooking spot and a tent to sleep, both things that could only be carried on your horse (and thus making it more usefull) would be more important to get than blacksmithing IMO. Maybe using the rare gems you get to craft stuff, that'd be neat.

37bd3c  No.16121836

I miss elochat and voting for Win Combat Stupid.

91fb8b  No.16121867


I wonder how hard it'd be to repurpose some IRC channel for it.

2a2c2f  No.16121890

File: fce8de4be9d88a8⋯.png (13.24 KB, 204x228, 17:19, fce8de4be9d88a8eb6d4fe8f49….png)


Well actual elochat could still work, there was a working server for it a little while ago but it wasn't very long-lived. It's mostly just about who's willing to fix it up and host the server.

tfw got into the game too late to be able to use elochat

22f335  No.16121903






0ca7cf  No.16121960

File: accd275953aa809⋯.png (464.88 KB, 1004x803, 1004:803, snow.png)

Damn it, here I thought I'd be able to also summon ehekatl by grinding my piety up to 4025 and praying at her altar on the truce ground before the end of november. However, it turns out, you can only summon one god a year by praying at the truce ground, I guess I am stuck with Yacatect for now, I was hoping I'd be able to have a god party.

dd333c  No.16121984


yeah, it's one per year. It's a good thing to use wishes though, since you can wish to summon them at any point if you stumble on a rod or savescum on a well

918695  No.16122195



I miss thinking this game is challenging.

22f335  No.16122277

How do I use fertiliser? When activated on the use menu it says "this can only be used for growing crops" but using it over a blank field, a growing plant or a completely grow plant shows the same message.

99d45e  No.16122512


You need to use it on newly planted crop.

22f335  No.16122573

File: 6128ad566eca3cb⋯.jpg (191.96 KB, 815x517, 815:517, onthenewcrop.jpg)


Not working

22f335  No.16122590

File: ee9a01d7facb2e6⋯.jpg (4.65 KB, 101x58, 101:58, 1.jpg)


figured it out, it works on crops when they get to this stage

0b665e  No.16122934


>It does indeed shoot both guns by bumping into an enemy, notice the "melee" gun has the same multiplier and hit chance as the ranged gun


Time to start a new char.

8c8605  No.16124529

File: 2ce85ff82dc9971⋯.gif (306.14 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, barfight.gif)

My first guests are already killing each other. At least I traded for his potential potion before he died.

f546ec  No.16124957



Indeed, you can't use it on newly planted things nor finished ones, it's just to speed up from the intermediary state to the last one. It's a bit useless since you can go do something else instead and come back when it's all grown up, unless I'm not aware of some bonus like improved quality of products harvested if using fertilizer.


It's a shame that +/Custom+CustomG doesn't work like that. I tried dual-wielding pistols and bumping into someone merely trains Blunt.

2a2c2f  No.16125891

File: 413b9828451b48e⋯.png (36.85 KB, 1156x70, 578:35, stuffed.png)

I knew museums were for fags

8c8605  No.16127525

File: 7c3f350f2bea176⋯.gif (307.88 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, just.gif)

>adventurer is equipped with a cursed shotgun with huge stat reductions and an arrow for ammo (i.e. can't even shoot the damn thing)

>trade a ring for it, she immediately replaces it with this

Oh no, it's retarded.

ee5c75  No.16128268


At least you didn't got adventurer with doomed sword, which had #####+ attract monsters in Palmia.

That was complete shitshow.

Omake Overhaul is more pleasant to play than plus. Too bad it likes to break itself.

9be746  No.16129729

File: 24fdc25cda222ff⋯.png (127.1 KB, 676x676, 1:1, Fish Jolyne.png)


I may be retarded, is the link broken or do I have to do something else? Everytime I click the download link in the site it gives me an error page.

0ca7cf  No.16129761

d2999e  No.16133957

File: 1329d8fe2f1704c⋯.png (899.71 KB, 911x579, 911:579, thic.png)

Tried a new character making a point of it not to resort to farming in any way. Eating a lot more equipment than I used to. I always do casters but I'm going for a dual wield pickpocket build. Best haul so far was a potion of speed upper from some sap in the fighters guild.

06aa95  No.16140418


>unless I'm not aware of some bonus like improved quality of products harvested if using fertilizer.


>It will make the plant grow instantly into the harvestable stage, and also increases the quality of crops if the plant is a vegetable or fruit plant.

8c8605  No.16140572

File: 71db2bb21b31ab3⋯.png (59.26 KB, 418x358, 209:179, hitched.png)

File: 9f0ce6ce542e307⋯.png (391.01 KB, 590x373, 590:373, recruited.png)

I gotta say it's quite a rush to seek out an adventurer the informer says is in the next town over or in a dungeon that might be nearby. Way different form just having a pet that you marry. My new wife is nice to have around considering she's several levels my senior.

Also I gotta say I really don't know how to feel aka a roundabout way of saying I don't like how omake overhaul handles feats. If you don't dump several feat points into a single weapon type (or spell element, mages don't get a pass either), you're permanently gimping yourself of a lot of damage. There couldn't be a bigger Fuck You to jacks-of-all-trades or even jacks-of-two-trades for that matter. Is the platinum coins invested in one and the fact that you have to start from square one and train again if you want to use a different weapon skill not enough? Because of this feats system, your class is now the be-all-end-all of your character in terms of late-game combat effectiveness rather than just a starting point you can branch out of later.

06aa95  No.16143970


The specialization thing is compounded by the fact that the Omake line barely has any documentation. I remember reading about one guy who fully specialized in blunt weapons, only to learn later on that blunt weapons arbitrarily can't be used with OO's blacksmithing.

The game's constraints mean you need to plan your character out in advance, but there's no data to plan with. You can't even check the source code like you can with Plus (or Custom, at least). It's the main reason I haven't touched OO.

101490  No.16154028

File: d027453cd9cc1e2⋯.png (7.41 KB, 48x72, 2:3, P94-Bysymlha_the_amber_eye….png)

i want to _fuck_ the Bysymlha

a1c629  No.16154412

File: c20818deafb22a9⋯.png (460.56 KB, 674x666, 337:333, fuck.png)

>looks in the pastebin

>finds out that the monster girl sprite sheet's outdated to hell

06aa95  No.16158242

File: ec03b01aec8bb15⋯.png (379.11 KB, 621x467, 621:467, bug_bun.png)


>penis goes inside reality-erasing demon

>nothing comes back out

963ee9  No.16158252


False advertising.

39c3a7  No.16158350

Do you still gain stats off of eating rotten food if your equipment allows you to eat it without vomiting?

4a96f2  No.16158367


>eating equipment

I keep forgetting that this is a useful way to get speed up. Just eat shoes man.

d355be  No.16158371

File: be2dec629e3b26b⋯.jpg (95.3 KB, 588x506, 294:253, 1544734904667.jpg)


>Doesn't play in No Future

>Talks shit

811632  No.16158469


Yes, but only for about half of normal or so.

39c3a7  No.16158520


Alright thanks, I guess it's probably not worth carrying around all this rotten fruit then.

d355be  No.16158645


You can make essential oil and sell it for ~800 a pop. Or oil up.

963ee9  No.16158676


>doesn't know what a roguelike is

>muddies game definitions like a quadruple nigger faggot

d355be  No.16158759


Let's look up the Berlin Definition real quick:

>Random environment generation

Most dungeons. Check.


Any of the permadeath difficulties. Check.





>Non-modal:Movement, battle and other actions take place in the same mode. Every action should be available at any point of the game. Violations to this are ADOM's overworld or Angband's and Crawl's shops.


>Complexity:The game has enough complexity to allow several solutions to common goals. This is obtained by providing enough item/monster and item/item interactions and is strongly connected to having just one mode.

You can kill Zeome with beer. BEER. Check.

>Resource management

Rotting food, limited inventory weight and slots, specially on said difficulties. Many items have alternative, not obvious, uses. Check.

>Hack'n'slash:killing lots of monsters is a very important part of a roguelike. The game is player-vs-world: there are no monster/monster relations (like enmities, or diplomacy).

Check. (You could make the argument that pets are monster allies, but so is your Nethack mount)

>Exploration and discovery

Traps. Randomized enemy distribution encourages caution and returning later with appropriate resistances.

>You being a collossal, brain damaged, racemixed anal prolapsed and WRONG FAGGOT


a1c629  No.16158832

Any of you lads know what the purpose of a devil fragment is?

Should I save them or just sell them off for more dosh?

b21735  No.16158842


Currently worthless (except for a sale price of like 400gold ea)

Eventually they'll be used to learn trap-based special actions

75faf3  No.16159177





Don't. This is the same pedantic faggot that kills roguelike threads because he turns them entirely about debating their definition instead of discussing videogames. Ironically, he thinks he is doing some kind of service defending roguelikes, the genre he pretends to care a lot about, when in fact all he does is stiffle discussion about it and make sure that everyone else steers clear of this for fear of being infected with the same level of autism.

Nothing you say will change his mind, no argument will ever work. Deep down, all he wants is to argue the definition and keep it pure because there's a very specific and narrow category that he really likes and is good at and nothing else is acceptable to him. This is not about if Elona is a roguelike, this will never be about what the importance of each element in the Berlin Definition is, this is and always will be about you accepting that there's a single Roguelike in the world that you must play and everything else is something entirely different and can't be discussed in the same place.

To put it in another words, if there was a fruit juice convention where everyone came together to show off the different flavors they made, he'd be the faggot that will turn the whole event into discussing if tomato is a fruit or not and therefore if tomato juice has a place in that event.

He's also the same faggot that then would bemoan how empty every successive event is and how everyone is a casual because they don't want to show off the specific flavor of juice he favors.

In short, it's a pedantic faggot like many others. And just like in those cases, discussion is pointless because he's here to argue definitions, not actually arguing from an honest point of view.

702e59  No.16159208


>most dungeons



>every anon who disagrees with me is the same anon

75faf3  No.16159239

See? He can't even keep the same ID since he's likely rotating it to shitpost in another thread or maybe circuventing a ban.

It's hopeless at this point. He deserves neither your effortposting nor your pity, just your scorn for he does this to himsef out of his own volition.

He could stop being a pedantic faggot and pretending he's not incredibly obvious to the point that anyone can point him out whenever he shows up since he always says the same things and even writes in the same way.

He could even, believe it or not, be playing videogames right now instead of doing this.

But instead here he goes again, another "that's not a real roguelike!" post just to bait responses and show off how much more he knows than everyone else. Respect him, goddamit, don't you know he knows more about this stuff than you or anyone else?

Honestly, it's sad that the irony is lost on him.

We are in a thread about a game where Anons are marrying jetplanes and making an harem of Gods in their house, using panties as throwing weapons, killing villains with beer and marrying\fucking anything. ANYTHING. Such levels of autism can't even be compared with anything else. Anything, except of course, debating the definition of roguelikes. :^)

840195  No.16159354


I'm a big fan of Elona, but I'm not following this thread currently. I just want to offer my support, because this guy, or some asshole just like him, on tor or not, is basically in every thread worth a dam, just wanting to make shit. These are the lowest forms of humanity and while we should take pity on them, personally I just hope they die in a dumpster fire somewhere.

d355be  No.16159645


I appreciate the sentiment but I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to shot down an utterly wrong faggot, specially not while taking shit from her. If this makes me a retard bait biter then so be it, but someone has to keep these retards in check if the vols wont. Videogames.

a1c629  No.16159763

File: ee5c4b348c2c15e⋯.png (193.85 KB, 512x384, 4:3, santo_joke.png)

>enter dungeon with three pets decked out in gear

>feeling really positive about it, killing everything easily

>comes across a medusa and just fucking dies

How do you deal with this bullshit? I can't get my shit back. Also how do you train CHR properly without farming putits for days.

702e59  No.16159765


you really failed to prove that this casual trash is a roguelike though

5fbac6  No.16159778

I've been wanting to get back into elona. I remember when Sony Shock drew peoples elona characters in the old threads on here. Gonna be hard to find my old sprites I used.

c7809e  No.16159822


Eating engagement rings, investing if you've got the dosh

9f92ef  No.16160009

File: 1c29b354d649137⋯.gif (413.51 KB, 480x238, 240:119, you.gif)


I succeeded.

7f7d15  No.16160145


>comes across a medusa and just fucking dies

Next time, after getting up, expand the log with /, look at what went wrong, then don't do it again.

>I can't get my shit back

Return few couple levels later and it'll be a pushover. But by then the shit you lost might be obsolete so w/e.

>how do you train CHR properly without farming putits for days

Make you sure your CHA potential isn't worthless, and if it is look into increasing it back to acceptable levels before wasting your time running into a brick wall (blessed potions of potential, herbs, picnic baskets, training from visiting guild trainers or high impress adventurers). This goes for any stat really.

Train negotiation/invest, stockpile raw engagement jewelry and putit corpses. Then eat a putitoro or a special meal at the inn to trigger fast charisma growth and go invest your dosh while eating everything before it times out.

Prostitution also trains the stat, but it's tiring. Do it before eating so the food gives you some stamina back in a timely manner.

You could also perform, but if you could do so effectively you wouldn't have a problem with CHA to begin with.

75faf3  No.16160233


>How do you deal with this bullshit?

Go somewhere else, do something different. Raid a different dungeon, go practice some skill, trade for some cash, farm some PP.

Then come back when you're stronger.

>I can't get my shit back.


Don't think about getting your shit again. Greed is the mindkiller in roguelikes, especially in Elona. It's going to stress the fuck out of you losing valuable crap all the time if you simply can't let go.

Understand that practically every piece of gear can be obtained again somewhere else, if nothing else by a Wish even. Also that as you level up and gain Fame, you'll end up finding better stuff too anyway.

Take it from someone that wanted to be a Necromancer and ended up losing his Key and Coffins in early levels. Just learn to let go and take your frustrations on random mobs by pelting them with a shit ton of spells or throwing several random potions at them.

If you REALLY want to get your shit back again, however…

Stock up on potions like Gem and Feather to hold up until you get your shit. Get Scrolls and Rods of Teleportation. Rods are more important since you can use them to teleport any monster that tries to melee you.

Sense Object lets you see monsters that have an inventory. Usefull to spot where the thing that killed you is currently at.

Scrolls of Escape or Return so you can safely get out too.

Heck, you might want to mix some more Scrolls for protection if you're going against magic users too.

But once you get your shit and escape out of there… Stay out of that place until you can murder everything within just by looking at it!

Also, keep your important shit in your house and\or spend it instead.

0ca7cf  No.16166025


> how do you train CHR properly.

Investing my dude.

18029b  No.16178589

File: 8bfa58bc498e0d0⋯.jpg (84.32 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 8bfa58bc498e0d0e18587886e8….jpg)

>Rods of change creature do not work on ranch pets

You're no fun, game.

Any uses for them besides being resisted by whatever is eating my face off?

ae5e6b  No.16178888


Not really.

You can always try to use them, when you still have chance to run away and not get minced.

316efd  No.16178964

2 questions:

1) any cheats/editors to make non-specailist more viable and reduce the grind?

2) What god do you anons choose?

There are serious flaws with every single one. Either the god is good, but the servant/pet is bad, or the blessings are bad

5bc159  No.16179044


>1) any cheats/editors to make non-specailist more viable and reduce the grind?


>2) What god do you anons choose?

All of them to get all their gifts including training items.

Then I stay with Harvest shota for stamina recovery and free seeds.

18029b  No.16179051


1) Look up Elosnack

2) Grind faith until you get the gifts you need, then switch gods. The punishment hex isn't the end of the world and should go away in about a week of game time in which you can do undemanding things like grinding faith for the new god. As to which god to end with, you can't go wrong with Lulwy (gotta go fast) or Kumiromi (you won't miss the stamina until you desesperately need it). My last character went Ehekatl -> Yacatect -> Opatos -> Jure -> Lulwy.

a1c629  No.16187299


>reduce the grind

Just play the game son, that's how you reduce the grind.

a80fad  No.16193816




Itzpalt because I'm a magic fucker and and dialogue doesn't make me want to kick his ass. Plus the pet is nice. I think I only have the cheat program so I can get named artifact IDs so other anons can rename their shit to something funny or edgy.

3556c5  No.16193991

So I began to find these "flesh dolls" once I began to kill things with thread of innervation. Besides being edible, what are these for?

06aa95  No.16195525


As I recall, the only point of them is to get a bit more exp than you'd get from eating a steak. (At least from a game mechanics perspective. I've always wondered if they were related to some weird fetish of Ano's…)

8c8605  No.16200660

File: 108ddf9b20de3be⋯.gif (453.07 KB, 500x282, 250:141, serveimage.gif)

Why the everloving


is there no real warning of starving in vanilla elona? I've never starved once in at least 5 years of playing + but many times now I've seen that all too familiar text box suddenly pop up in the middle of the screen while walking. Sometimes I might notice the quiet heartbeat sound of being low health but that's it. On a related note equipping pets with wings doesn't stop wells from being instant death traps, so it seems like every remotely convenient feature was added in Elona+.

On an unrelated note having jiu jitsu activated in Elona+ makes the squeeze action hit twice so you can grapple all those pesky bats and baptists.

Also, story time

>using tobacco on occasion for buffs and flavor

>buy a kiseru from the blackmarket vendor, not sure what it does

<lose karma for drugging someone (i.e.myself), addicted to drugs, do not pass go, do not collect $200

I'm guessing the only purpose of those is to make NPCs you don't like dependent on drugs

d14481  No.16208014

File: 8be6ad1dd8526b0⋯.png (612.56 KB, 782x482, 391:241, waifu.png)


Tobacco is retarded.

>just source uncommon tobacco leaves to smoke continuosly and you won't be slapped with a debuff during 75% of your turns for a month

>smoke some bad drug? you're a criminal now

>all to raise the potential of one or two stats

>when you could be making picnic baskets and raise the potential of all stats of EVERYONE in the party

Also rate shortstack waifu.

92f921  No.16208025



Oy vey, looks like we've got a pedophile on our hands!

a1c629  No.16210004

Anyone know how to sneak into the guilds? Keep trying to enter them after teleporting the guard away and getting fucked. I just wanna use those trainers.

64d484  No.16210378


Use incognito set, first turn you are in guild and rush to trainer so you can learn what isn't possible anywhere else during Act 1.

Just be aware that set won't work on Guild Boss, because they are Unique characters that also destroy walls.

cf9650  No.16222741

File: 1c3273716993af4⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 400x306, 200:153, 1c3273716993af4a7ced41e9a5….gif)

>clear dungeons twice my danger level regularly

>still can't kill fucking estork because of sanic speed and bullshit unavoidable stamina drain

Danger level 60 my ass.

af4647  No.16224161


Have you tried to bonk it using bleed damage counter equipment?

8c8605  No.16224263

Does upping your speed at Leold hurt you in the long run by making it harder to train speed normally? I collect all the shoes I can but even then it takes a lot of shoes to gain a single speed point and I've never gained a single stat point from swimming or travelling so it's tempting to just gain some speed right now and be done with it. For what it's worth this is a solo run so I get all the AP.

Also, I've discovered probably the biggest downfall of going it alone which is that every sanity attack is aimed at you.


Just before writing this post I fought some of those blood puddle enemies. Those, chupacabras (also drain blood), and cluster bomb rocks are probably the only real threats for me in early act 2


the bleeding isn't even the issue. When you get drained to -100 stamina you have like 20 speed and you can't use any special actions and there's no cure other than to haul ass out of there and rest 20 times

56dec8  No.16224395

File: 9c273aa3664954f⋯.png (4.84 KB, 368x84, 92:21, stupid dog.png)


I stashed a bleed counter chainmail I found recently for wherever I bother trying to kill Frisia again (now that I mention it maybe I should do just that), but the bulk of his damage is power breath + mana drain reaction. Even with the Magic Restraint on I take around 22% damage per breath and he's taking like 2.5 turns for each of mine.

So its gonna be like everything else in this game: it's impossible until you have amassed enough resources and hp to tank it, at which point it becomes a pushover.

56dec8  No.16224434


>Does upping your speed at Leold hurt you in the long run by making it harder to train speed normally?

Not really, the cost upgrading your speed with AP is always equal to your base speed, if anything raising speed through other methods beforehand makes spending AP in speed less efficient, given that those few points you raised manually then are added to the cost each time you buy +20 speed at Leold. I don't think it matters much in the long run since few are autistic enough to earn the maximum amount of AP

I never noticed much difference in the rate earning speed, ¿have you quaffed any speed upper? Those raise your speed potential to 400% again. Picnic baskets also increase some speed potential.

2c83e1  No.16227037

>throw forbidden meat at my little girl to make a trap

>she's a futa now

This is fine.

3faafd  No.16228069

File: 203a366bf7dc4ad⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1667x1047, 1667:1047, first.png)

File: dc829b458866cff⋯.png (984.47 KB, 963x736, 963:736, win.png)

good grief, it took a while. FUCK super regene, good thing blade strings is OP

aa2307  No.16233148

>Gokiburi makes for a good pet with low INI

>it just stands still instead of attacking enemies

How do I make a simple custom AI to get it to attack the nearest enemy?

91fb8b  No.16234576


With elona custom you can just program it to run towards or shadow step to every enemy it sees.

06aa95  No.16244178


>drained to -100 stamina

You should probably brew some soma. Maybe carry a statue of Jure around if the sanity damage from drinking it would be a problem.


Just, like, write conditions and actions to take under those conditions in decreasing order of priority.

You want "if the enemy's right next to you, attack, otherwise move closer to them", right? So, two lines of AI code.

Here's the manual if you want more details:


598965  No.16244410

File: 8ade64e2ade7938⋯.gif (66.76 KB, 256x192, 4:3, thinkegn.gif)

>get pulled by some crab fucker's ability the moment I go down a floor in cradle of chaos inside a monster closet

>get deathworded while attempting to teleport away back to the stairs by alkonosts I can't possibly kill

>go up a floor and read return in preparation for the inevitable

>zap every charge off my holy light wands to no effect

>praying resulted in opatos laughing his ass off to no effect

>well at least I can just pick up my shit right now at town when I die

>get dealt "only" 90% off my full HP when deathword triggers

What gives? The only thing that could maybe do something funny was the barrier feat and my MP remained untouched.

>Pet assasinated by the unseen hand 10 turns later

>That'll be 180k for a rez or go farm resu books again

Deathword is a shit mechanic.

598965  No.16248975

>apparently you can dig out books of resurrection out of cemetery-type dungeons


0e7de2  No.16249250


Death word got slightly nerfed.

From MaxHP+1 to MaxHP-1

>Pet assasinated by the unseen hand 10 turns later

That only happens when their equipment is either cursed/doomed or had some skill decrease.

1802c9  No.16250152


Google drive download link isn't working

aa2307  No.16250454


I was telling it to move forward then attack instead of attacking then moving forward, not realising priority was a thing. Thanks for the help

4a96f2  No.16251038

I need better equipment. I'm on the second act but I feel like I'm going to get behind.

a44417  No.16251304


I want a Kumiromi daki…

598965  No.16252034


>Death word got slightly nerfed.

Good to know thanks

>That only happens when their equipment is either cursed/doomed or had some skill decrease.

I haven't touched said pet's inventory since and none of it was cursed. It's not the first time I lose a pet to deathword and that's the message you get when it happens.

127592  No.16259647


isn't it mitigated by dark resist?

26b190  No.16259739


I don't think so.


If I remember that right, this nerf was only for PC.

cd7acb  No.16269941

Elona+ 1.88 is out and it added a lot.


>Added 5 wide-area special actions that will resolve conflicts with speech. Makes roleplaying as a character who resolves problems peacefully via conversation, jokes, and song possible. A completely pacifist playthrough will be difficult, so you may have to pick your enemies carefully or just settle for playing support [for your pets].

>Added Talking mode to Directive and command flag.

>Collected Power special action now also recovers 5% SP.

>Added 4 new items. (twig, fane, chicury and cure crystal)

>Added 15 new weapons types. (kunai, fleure, drill, lance, tomahawk, chainsaw, scissors, bone scythe, war hammer, star hammer, shakujo, nunchaku, blade bow, crossfire, gun pair)

<Gauge attacks will work with these, but the ability to craft them and use equip update on them has yet to be implemented.

>Added 1 new item fusion recipe. (cure crystal - Cure corruption potion and earth crystal. Removes most recent ether disease effect.)

Custom and Custom-G should be out soonish

787414  No.16269968


Sheeeit nigger look at all those new weapon types. Also

>speech-based special actions

Weird, but I'd expect nothing less from this game. Honestly surprised that something like this hasn't been added sooner. Hopefully Custom and G come out soon, I'm not dealing with gay thirst bullshit just to check out the new content.

078ca3  No.16271697

File: 11beabbaa07c598⋯.gif (32.74 KB, 230x440, 23:44, test4.gif)

File: 9a7ff840fefdf3a⋯.png (1013.45 KB, 683x1200, 683:1200, ClipboardImage.png)


73a238  No.16271783

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

what makes Elona better than Nethack?

b0be62  No.16271951


>All these new "pacifist" actions appear to be just stamina drain skills that force enemies to retreat when at -100 stamina

>"If the target is the player, a pet, a unique NPC, or [an NPC with a special conversation window like a shopkeeper], it will commit suicide, dropping monster parts, corpse, and figures.



c7809e  No.16271956


>(cure crystal - Cure corruption potion and earth crystal. Removes most recent ether disease effect.)

Neat, I don't have to savescum anymore to try to keep the mutations I like.

1a2d9b  No.16273085

So, why do farm products with the same enchant value and BUC refuse to stack? Or stack in the most retarded of ways, so you have a stack of 12 eggs, a stack of 17, a stack of 4 and then like 11 stacks of 1 to 3 eggs. The kicker is when you press I to force a restack and only like a third of the eggs stack. Its already a fucking hassle walking over every single one to pick it up, why do I have to make one more round trip to the store because the game won't allow me to take more than 200 different stacks.

554d0c  No.16273539


I think they have slightly different weights but the displayed value is rounded

faa61e  No.16273553



How long has it been since I have heard those words.

de8681  No.16273706

File: 9a158e605ee4ca2⋯.jpeg (35.69 KB, 474x647, 474:647, 9a158e605ee4ca2420eb39169….jpeg)


marry her and make a baby with her

then play as your child

1a2d9b  No.16273829

File: 76e47ab1bab9d25⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1582x1022, 113:73, rucky.png)

Turning over stray cats trains luck, just a heads up.


>same enchant value and BUC

I did.


Confirmed it's because of the weights. A zilla appeared inside my magic moth farm and he's shitting uncursed eggs ranging from 8 to 16-ish s.

Now if only differing weighs had absolutely any consecuence in the price or enchant value of the final product besides being a fucking pain in the ass.

de8681  No.16273926

File: 462362b4a9878dc⋯.jpg (205.97 KB, 483x777, 23:37, accelerator-amp-039-s-whis….jpg)


where can i find that dog ?i wanna kill it give me the location and the version you are using

078ca3  No.16274004

File: da6b445d92b9bdb⋯.gif (24.96 KB, 210x400, 21:40, testside1.gif)


2/3 of the sprites done

078ca3  No.16274124

File: a91c04a1834513f⋯.gif (25.47 KB, 230x400, 23:40, gifside3.gif)


>posting a gif and then immediately starting to see all the mistakes I've made

oh well, 2nd face and fixed some things here and there

554d0c  No.16274286


it does but the difference is so small that it's inconsequential, only matters on meat

078ca3  No.16274781

File: 0c34bded231a2ef⋯.gif (2.18 KB, 27x43, 27:43, final1.gif)

File: 0b0771fa6fd8601⋯.gif (1.76 KB, 27x43, 27:43, final2.gif)

File: 4ea5942e09778a3⋯.gif (2.12 KB, 27x43, 27:43, final3.gif)

File: f9e39cce27b4967⋯.gif (1.76 KB, 27x43, 27:43, final4.gif)

File: 377e00411f4b3ee⋯.png (6.51 KB, 128x192, 2:3, pcc_body_3.png)

I never thought it would take me the best part of the last 18 hours to do such a simple thing. Just convert the png into bmp to use it since somehow 8ch wont let me upload it as is.

Anyway it was fun, time really flew. Original pic that I posted earlier was made by a guy named ヒラガナ on pixiv, you can look him up.

078ca3  No.16274792

File: ced993b340cf664⋯.gif (34.01 KB, 270x430, 27:43, final1.gif)

File: e8a9732ffde6897⋯.gif (26.48 KB, 270x430, 27:43, final2.gif)

File: 1b0a2ce76f5e858⋯.gif (33.15 KB, 270x430, 27:43, final3.gif)

File: 89ff8b5d6777ea2⋯.gif (26.37 KB, 270x430, 27:43, final4.gif)


and the non-ant formats

faa61e  No.16274795

73a238  No.16275358


do you ever do porn?

87dcab  No.16275388


the game doesn't go beyond act 3, so it's not really made for people trying to game it and turning it into a breeding eroge simulator or something

omake is really cool, i like how it rewards you for sticking with a play-style (and leveling towards it appropriately), and all the "grinding" is due to people playing nothing but plus over the years. all the shit that can happen in town is also more interesting, and makes grinding less static because crazy shit can happen

078ca3  No.16275431


total fucking neophyte, I did some minor sprite work in the past that never amounted to anything but thats about it. Its actually the first time that I do anything ressembling an animation, even tho its a 4 frames walk cycle.

4796fa  No.16276648

File: bc62b4ce85fe6f4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 14.69 KB, 128x192, 2:3, uuuuuuh.png)


here you go, some autist made this threads ago

73a238  No.16276997


I'm trying my best but I still can't fap to this

4796fa  No.16277468


Good for you.

554d0c  No.16277874


how horrifying

8c8605  No.16278684

File: 2361a9d469ba431⋯.png (729.13 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, a2win.png)

File: 395d4882788668d⋯.png (999.51 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, c.png)

I like how the NPCs are so surprised that a lone (in my case completely literally) adventurer singlehandedly annihilates the meshera

How do you nerds deal with gauge attacks? I've got quite a bit of raw HP but it still hurts. Metal guard special action can stump a lot of them but the martial arts one does the most damage and triggers off a normal attack which uses up the guard.

>why are you playing a debug race?

50 alchemy, 150 magic


If nothing else I appreciate the sense of scale in vanilla. Big daddies are to be feared and respected, chess pieces are midgame enemies, and the story dungeons aren't something you can just steamroll at level 15.

af4647  No.16278691


I use Pressure to stop gauge attacks from building. Even if it starts to eat into my mp, it's really fugging important that the entire room of enemies you're fighting don't all land armor-piercing fuck-your-face attacks all at once.

973c0d  No.16279459


But it's not like Rogue. Try describing it better or coming up with a genre that matches it.

c3fd47  No.16279832

File: 5171ef8999e1487⋯.mp4 (6.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, There HE is. There HE goes….mp4)


Besides pressure, there's disturbance, but its worse as its single target. You could build a tank pet with provoke, resilient, barrier, etc and hope it can eat them instead of you. Landing your own gauge release takes off a chunk off their gauge as well (at least with short swords). As always, rods of teleport can buy you time.



19c3fa  No.16280331


spoiler he eats the kittens cuz he is a dog

4796fa  No.16281215

File: 2db49fbf2e810ba⋯.png (54.03 KB, 419x106, 419:106, gg.png)

fuck man i guess that's the end for me

On a related note, any tips for <Egelveil> the bind? Motherfucker just binds me and spams gauge attacks over and over.

df1de4  No.16285102

File: 0147fb919e6f812⋯.png (576.43 KB, 782x510, 23:15, ass.png)

>You can't have more than 2 out of the 4 Leold feats

Wow fuck you game

87dcab  No.16286464


I don't really think of Elona as a roguelike either, I think of it more as a open-world jrpg (with roguelite mechanics)

af4647  No.16286811


Ranged pets will help out tonnes.

15f48d  No.16288100

File: 1a644197c1f0b0b⋯.png (195.65 KB, 589x294, 589:294, air loss.png)

>try to kill vansesda

>manage to get it down to 15%-ish

>get knocked down to 10%-ish HP

>teleport away with rod to the other corner of the map using my free quick-use turn

>drink nektar

>vansesda somehow turns blue, berserks, instantly teleports next to me across the entire map, and one-shots me to -3000 HP in that single turn

>nothin personnel kid

I think I reached the point where only autists dare continue.

06aa95  No.16295927



That's Uncontrol, Vansesda's emergency move. He's guaranteed to use it when below 25% HP. I'd describe the specifics of it, but you've already seen how it works. Although it's worth mentioning that going berserk means that he'll be taking double damage in addition to dealing double damage.

aa2307  No.16296218


>I think I reached the point where only autists dare continue.

Nope, autism is completing the story and wanting to hit the max stat cap to beat the inner Gods despite there being no content after it.

902a7c  No.16296332


I have Uncontrol (from the feat) and it makes you berserk. It definitely does NOT teleport you next to your target, let alone attack it in the same action. Closest thing would be Shadow Rush but you need line of sight to the target, which he didn't have.

The closest rational explanation I could think of would be some kind of map update bug with Quick Action where the enemy AI would still target the original tile I was in before teleporting, Vansesda doing a Shadow Rush and the game going through with it, which while still some ridiculous bullshit, would make sense.

9d9b90  No.16296466


it is more likely bosses have lime of sight on every tile of their floor

ever enter a guild without a membership?

902a7c  No.16296492


Knowing where you are ≠ LOS

I could cast detect objects and learn there's a monster on the other side of a wall, but the game won't let me target it's tile and use Shadow Rush if I can't see it.

Same as if I were to cast a bolt towards it, it would just hit the wall

9d9b90  No.16296540


somebody on the wiki claims that when you run away you can outrun him, but if you teleport he will teleport after you, this might just be a unique thing he does

76cdbd  No.16296598


bullshit solutions to solve bullshit exploits I guess

06aa95  No.16301156


>It definitely does NOT teleport you next to your target, let alone attack it in the same action.

Uncontrol acts as Shadow Step if you use it again while you already have the buff from using it the first time. Unless you're already next to the target, in which case it acts as Swarm.

>you need line of sight to the target, which he didn't have

Monsters don't need line of sight, just a target. Try going into an Awoken Nefia, where every enemy on the floor spawns with you as their target. Mooks with Draw Shadow will instantly, constantly warp you into monster houses on the other side of the dungeon.

a52685  No.16305153

File: 510cdd27cbde4db⋯.jpg (17.69 KB, 512x512, 1:1, d5576.jpg)

>check out the new weapons

>dual-wield short swords with four arms

>kunai for late game is meh

>think the nunchuck might be interesting for the extra melee chance, but it's heavy as balls and my mainhand is taken by my adamantium living wakizaifu

>equip make nunchuks once for kicks

>get a godly mica nunchuck with grenade invoke

Seriously considering giving it a whirl, if only because I'm planning to artifact fuse Grenade on my Dynamic Saber wherever I actually manage to clear Karavika's quest.


>it does

Intredasting, I only ever use it precisely followed by swarm or shadow step because of their lower cost. 27sp per use is prohibitive unless you're a boss who doesn't care about stamina and your coder can't be arsed to code an actual melee AI.

7c548f  No.16307183

File: 69fbc2305e09fe4⋯.png (251.03 KB, 588x393, 196:131, y_tho.png)

This is the worst armor I ever got.

91fb8b  No.16307464



>dodge value is superior

lower damage

>super weak to magic

>bleeds you all the time

>not weak to fire!

Yeah that's really bad.

7c548f  No.16307612


You forgot to mention its also fucking doomed.

So it would give absurd amount of negative events on top of it too.

4a96f2  No.16307668

>i've played and played

>maxed luck

>still no living weapon

Watch, I'm going to get one and it won't be a sword.

af4647  No.16308192


How the shit does artifact fusion work?

40e680  No.16308596

File: 684d3a2db079029⋯.png (455.42 KB, 769x702, 769:702, ponr1.png)



basically in act 3 you complete a quest and open a new location where you get to:

>spend scrolls of gain attribute and those weird furniture items you can craft to add permanent resistances to your gear.

>spend jewels of Nefia earned in awakened dungeons to add permanent stat/skill boosts

>spend tears of god earned by farming insufferably boring quests from the gods's avatars to add the most interesting bonuses such as invokes, elemental damage and magic resist

It's neat because you can improve the static artifacts and really pimp out that godly gear. Its shit because you become a filthy savescummer machine once you realize every time you travel to and from Lost Irva a diastrophism hits the continent, deleting that pimped out artifact forever with no chance of recovery if you ever die in a random nefia and are sent to your home in the mainland.

You could probably transfer home, shop, and everything to Lost Irva, but with how buggy property transfer scrolls are, how incomplete are the towns there, and how you still have the problem in reverse, its a lot of work for little benefit.

They really should add a tweak to stop diastrophisms from happening upon travel to/from LI. The game shouldn't penalize you so harshly for failure if you've been playing under a different set of rules until then.

596ceb  No.16310379


It’s funny that normalfags can’t appreciate the item degradation. It requires a certain amount of flexibility—and strategy—that a lot of people just don’t have.

596ceb  No.16312667

How do I pay my bills in Vetris? H

44ed6e  No.16312789

Upcoming nerfs to ranch, that nobody asked for.

>Increased the number of produce generated on the ranch per day

<[decreased] the limit on maximum amount of produce so that ranches can only accumulate up to 30 days' worth of produce.

>The +enhance value of animal produce now has new a modifier dependent on the sprite size of ranch animals. This is on top of the existing modifier for how much they were Rubbed.

<Removed the random variation in +enhance value of animal produce.

7f6d84  No.16312813

Which version should I play for the best experience? vanilla, custom, plus, or overhaul?

d76a49  No.16312826


Start with Elona+ Custom with Custom G. If you play that for a while and want more of a challenge then Omake overhaul will probably scratch that itch.

83c85d  No.16312914


How much time will I have to spend fiddling with the game and reading the wikis until I've become familiar with the game enough to play it? Is it fine to just read the "new" pastebin, get the game and start playing or should i spend more time learning about it first?

44ed6e  No.16313100


>How much time will I have to spend fiddling with the game and reading the wikis until I've become familiar with the game enough to play it?

There is in-game tutorial, but it sucks.

Anyway, start as fighter as it's most straightforward of all classes.

>Is it fine to just read the "new" pastebin, get the game and start playing or should i spend more time learning about it first?

It will save you some grief, but you should be fine either way.

c7809e  No.16313107


Just start playing dude. ZXC menus are your friend.

b743ea  No.16313144

File: 56df87c6b76dbfb⋯.jpg (118.8 KB, 625x420, 125:84, anon I....jpg)


I'd give you one if I could, try making a lot of swords and you'll get one eventually.

c7809e  No.16313197


I don't know if I just got lucky but equip making seems to have a really high rate of producing living weapons, I got two out of like fifteen lightsabers.

aa2307  No.16313212


Thats how I got my lightsabre too, its was only the 5th try.

92f921  No.16314401

File: 3b64a7902098b21⋯.mp4 (6.47 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nigger Trigger.mp4)


>keeps nerfing shit

What a fucking nigger. I don't understand why he feels the need to "Fix the balance" for things like that which were never a problem.

c7809e  No.16314486


There's a reason everyone's playing Custom G or Omake these days.

558c02  No.16315974


worship Yacatect and you'll be off to a great start

get a little girl in Vernis and keep out of the slime putit mine, that is not level 1 quest

learn cooking and use the bakery to cook the fruit from the trees in town

head to Yowyn and learn gardening to do harvest quests, you can eat the crops you pick during the quest but can't take them home

farmer is a good class to start as

83c85d  No.16316282




thanks, i'll go for it

920112  No.16317167



I don't see how this is a nerf. You get more produce after all, you just gotta visit your ranch once every month to prevent it from capping.

This is probably for those players focusing on ranchs and farms so they get stuff from them faster instead of having to dick around for a long while before there's anything worth in their property.

Besides, is removing random variation in it's value and instead tying it to something you can control really that bad? This just confirms what I think this is: anyone playing Harvest Moon and brushing his animals every day will get better shit instead of simply visiting once a year to make a slaughter of the entire stock.


Don't worship Yacatect!

Besides being a crazy bitch, you'll have TOO MUCH SHIT. There will be too many body parts, too much trasure and even too much gold. Seriously, you won't even know what to do with half of it She floods you with ridiculous amounts of profit to the point that the gameplay shifts towards spending it faster than you can generate. Avoid Yacatect unless you want to embrace the American Dream of an unregulated Free Market.

63bab0  No.16317455


You forgot that majority of money from ranch was generated by 3 years time skips between story acts.

2c97c5  No.16318388

So I made a new character to take advantage of the new negotiation wideskills but I took the feat and the skills aren't in the wideskills menu. Anyone know what the deal is?

d76a49  No.16318395


You may need to meet certain skill/attribute requirements before you can use them. Many special actions only get "unlocked" when you get high enough in a certain stat. Also keep in mind, even if you meet the requirements, you need to level up before the action will appear in your list. Since the negotiation shit is so new I'm not sure if the wiki lists what the requirements are, but just level up a few times and I'm sure you'll start to see at least one of the new actions.

4fe46b  No.16319265


no such thing as too much platinum

dbc0b1  No.16319478


>Yacatct is probably the one god who isnt insane.

you mean Eyth, right?

776236  No.16319515


Yacatect is cool and cheerful and would probably go out for drinks after work worth you if you could ask her

de6ed2  No.16319778


She still would make you pay for all drinks, either way.

776236  No.16319828


and the condoms

a1c629  No.16320004

File: 4c1b7a279b106e3⋯.jpg (3.83 KB, 188x187, 188:187, space_face.jpg)


Hidden Eyth boss only accessible after killing all gods inside gods when?

287395  No.16320107

File: 230c64a4f92cdf4⋯.jpg (90.84 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2016-06-26-065617.jpg)


its already implemented anon

at the point that you have killed all the inner gods, what is left to do? Nothing. You've spent countless hours and even days autistically grinding for this moment and finally got to test yourself against double gods, but whats left then? You are left with nothing, which is what Eyth is, nothing. You think you went on and embarked on a journey to grow your power and slay gods, but in reality you've been sitting on a chair facing a screen while slowly but surely wasting away, getting older, getting more unfit and further away from reasonable life goals. You've been doing nothing all this time, yet you have nothing left to do but to realise you've become no one. You've just wasted your fleeting opportunity to make something out of yourself in this cruelly short life.

Thats what the hidden Eyth boss is.

a1c629  No.16320214

File: f65e72270778437⋯.png (89.53 KB, 371x333, 371:333, 1507518170604.png)


> (1) and done blackpill tl;dr

That's deep brother.

776236  No.16320352

the point of this game is to marry a little girl

de6ed2  No.16320409


That's wrong.

The point of this is game is to larp as most powerful murderhobo in multiverse.

776236  No.16320845


screw that, I want to convince this 12 year old to let me make her squirt

286d06  No.16320909


>not cumming inside your little girl after a good day of town-wide genocide


06aa95  No.16322012


>I don't see how this is a nerf

>you just have to put up with all this micromanagement to get the same profits you got before

First 'q'uaffing ye potion got watersports stapled to it, now ranches are "playing Harvest Moon". What's next, normal shots from ranged weapons having limited ammo? I want to say that farms being Game of Life like in ADOM might actually be cool, but since it's Ano it'd probably end up just being obnoxious.

>too many body parts

just, like, use Inexpensive Exchange

>too much trasure and even too much gold

Those absurd concepts don't exist. The heck kind of murderhobo are you?

c7809e  No.16322057

File: 6207244b6525b00⋯.jpg (267.44 KB, 1073x1428, 1073:1428, 1434698958976.jpg)

>ran out of gems to feed my pets for training

>have 35m gold

>can't just give it to them

>can't find a single kitty bank to share it the hard way

I've gotten more wish rods in the past fifty hours than I have kitty banks.

4fe46b  No.16323140


if she's squirting so am I

d76a49  No.16323533



>buying gems from vendors

Come on nigger there are plenty of ways to get them. Can pets even take gold out of kitty banks? I mean they need to be thrown and broken to get the gold.

f44bd9  No.16324087

File: 8477c546c763f95⋯.png (107.57 KB, 351x335, 351:335, rage.png)

>Bumblefuck around for 5 days in order to try Karavika's quest

>You're sent to a concert hall where demons pour in from the north and try to ariana grande'd the lvl4 audience NPCs

>if any such NPC is killed quest instantly fails and you get to wait another month to try again

>murder effortlessly any invaders to the north

>quest suddenly fails, booted to Ol-Dran, game autosaves

<the fuck

>wait another month

>magic map, turns out there are accesses at the bottom right where the guests are

>plug all these accesses with wall creation and leave only a single access to the north

<i'm a genius

>remove all the invaders pouring north

>after several uneventful turns read detect objects and learn there are several demons outside near the closed accesses that can't quite find the path inside

>go outside and around, and begin to remove them

>after a couple are dead, hear the unmistakable sound of a wall crusher

<oh no

>teleport 4 times trying to land wherever the fucker is, land near the top every time

>quest failed, game immediatly autosaves >despite having enabled the savescumming tweak specifically to repeat this quest because of how fucking shit it is

I have officially quit Elona for the foreseeable future.

c7809e  No.16325100


Mining is slow and gay, buying gems is inefficient compared to just power-running dungeons and letting my pets pick up the gold but that can't sustain 300%+ potential. Throwing banks is the best way I've found and I'm just fresh out of banks.

c7809e  No.16325107


>savescumming tweak

Dude just save where you want to be, copy your save folder to somewhere else, if you fuck up delete the save from your Elona folder and replace it with the copy.

8c8605  No.16325294


I haven't tested it but I think the theives' guild map resets every so often in E+ and it has kitty banks. If you're playing OE you're shit outta luck I guess.

can't you just give pets gold directly using <evochat>?

c7809e  No.16325313

File: 376de489a6806d1⋯.png (290.69 KB, 946x636, 473:318, 1464070372.png)


>can't you just give pets gold directly using <evochat>?


f44bd9  No.16327429

File: 60edbb03d34421f⋯.jpg (75.94 KB, 256x192, 4:3, 60edbb03d34421f6ecc903a66d….jpg)


That would be my next step if I were not so salty and burnt out from being stuck grinding stats and skills endlessly until I can instamurder the next boss before he knocks my stamina down to Very Tired, essentially turning me into a powerless punching bag waiting for death.

Farming blue capsule drags to artificially squeeze out a few more turns is even more droll.

edb176  No.16328713

fun fact: if you die against the final Act 3 boss in Loss mode, you don't permanently lose your save. Instead you reload from your last save before the boss and get nosave penalty….

feels bad when you realize you don't have any damage yourself and your pets have shit resists

d13ed3  No.16329632


sleep frequently and hope your blacksmith wife makes you something nice

edb176  No.16331112


>blacksmith wife

whats blacksmithing

I just leveled 85->104 today doing awakened nefia so I got a buttload of AP and got about 100 extra speed on myself and half of my pets. If I +10/+15 all of my pet gear I might stand a chance now.

8c8605  No.16332301

What would you say is the worst dungeon type in E+? I vote for mines, at least over level 40. Cluster bomb rocks are jerks, and rocks of any kind are NUTS if they're in an awakened dungeon or the cradle of chaos (found that out the hard way when what I thought was a harmless bomb rock instagibbed me for 10k damage through 6k health). Then in high level mines you have those bats that know decapitate and the death word harpies that teleport to parts unknown and wait for you to die. Lakes are pretty hard too because they have yith but at least they're weak in direct combat. Cemeteries get an honourable mention because legion mages somehow do good chunks of damage through a billion dark resist and they hunt in packs.

Easiest is probably forts. Always punch well above my weight in those.


>level 104 and trying to finish act 3

Really? I'm 98 and thinking I'll need to be at least 120 before even going past the 4th floor of the CoC. I am going it alone until I can find/raise pets that can handle depth 100 dungeons but my martial arts and tactics are both just above 200.


If you have a pet that has the carpentry skill it will craft an artifact heavy armour (plate gauntlets, shields, etc) when you sleep at the same time as breakfast. Same with tailoring for light armours.


Does cola restore stamina? Inns start selling it in 1.88

edb176  No.16332358


i thought he meant crafting weapons or something with a pet.

As far as levels go, I have a party of 13 fairly competent pets, so I got to Act 3 in the low 60s. Also spent a lot of time whoring myself around with low skill potentials and got high stats at low levels (due to a kitted out gene file with lots of goodies). The monsters in the cradle of Chaos are all fairly weak and just scaled up, so i blew through it pretty quickly aside from the boss floors. A few of them I had to retreat back up the stairs and regroup on (the horde fight comes to mind.)

Anything strong I just spammed blood stream or unison impact on (while buffed and using cheer/etc). Sometimes used mana burst too. Having a full set of +15 blessed artifact gear makes it hard for level 150 yeeks to hurt you. The fight against the aztec god was pretty rough though and I nearly died during that if I didn't burn through half of my rods of life.

Once I started actually doing act 3 dungeons, you get levels stupidly fast. Levels themselves don't really mean much compared to your gear and stats. 80 vs 120 is just 50% more hp/mp.

07a29f  No.16334065


>What would you say is the worst dungeon type in E+?

Lakes. At least on level 30+.

I fucking hate fighting against Yiths, even chaos seeds can fuck my shit up mid-game, when they get too close to PC.

>Does cola restore stamina?

Yes. I always have at least three/four of these on me.

6cb543  No.16340528

Is network dead in plus/etc now? Enabling it make the game error.

91fb8b  No.16340552


Yeah it's been dead for about a year now.

6cb543  No.16340561


Damn no wonder. Also while we're at it. Medium or Heavy Armor, which is better? I've never been sure about the way to go.

4ab329  No.16340575


Yes. Server was down for almost year now.

4ab329  No.16340596


Light Armor for casters and ranged characters.

Medium Armor for hybrids.

Heavy Armor for tanks.

91fb8b  No.16340598


Doesn't really matter because "light armor" and "heavy armor" as stats are based pretty much only on the weight of the armor and not the actual stats of the equipment. You could have a really heavy piece of shit with a high dodge value or a really high protection value that's extremely light, just look at what stats you want the most and then focus on one weight class.

8bf83c  No.16340605


heavy with several scrolls of flying

8c8605  No.16340754


Really it just depends on what weapon you want to use. If you're dual wielding, the weapons have to be light in the first place so you may as well go light rather than look for heavy things to wear to go up a weight class. If you're using a hammer or a shield, the thing weighs a ton so you're already looking at at least medium armor. There is a spellcasting penalty for medium and heavy but it's really not that big and only matters much in the vanilla game where training casting will take a long while. Also the actual effect of the light/medium/heavy armor skill is the same for each, 1 PV per skill level, so they aren't really that different, just pick one and train the skill and you'll have high defense.

The distinction only really matters in Omake Overhaul where medium and heavy have speed pentalties but also melee damage bonuses.

6cb543  No.16340773


They changed the way it works? I think in the original elona it worked differently.

648205  No.16344641

Goddamn caster pets are fucking killing machines, I though Exiles were good but now that I picked up a Fox Brother and evolved him his Nightmare+Mind Bolt combo wrecks anything and everything that's not ridiculously above his level. I was lucky as hell to get a magic heart dropped off some random mob.


Can't wait to get my Exile and have these two shooting mind bullets everywhere.

9216a3  No.16345274

I'm a newfag who wants to punch and kick the shit out of things ASAP. I see Martial Artist is an available thing, however is the guide for it still relevant? I noticed it's on the old guide segment of the copypasta, and since it's (apparently) been a couple of years since that guide I'm wondering if Martial Artist is still worth using at all and is most importantly fun or gets fun at some point.

8c8605  No.16345345


The guide looks fine but take the section on what feats to take with a grain of salt because the dodge and defense feats give a flat bonus that will become worth nothing very quickly.

Martial arts is unique in that your hit dice scale with your skill level. Starts at 2d5+1 and the dice and flat bonus go up by 1 every 8 levels. It will eventually become better than almost every weapon, at 226 skill I'm up to 2d33+76. Basically you're not subject to rng of finding a good weapon and get slowly but surely more damage.

In the vanilla game it's a bit of a grind to get started but what the fuck isn't in vanilla? Omake Overhaul has several feats and a new starting class to give martial artists an edge though.

In Elona+ as you level up martial arts you unlock exclusive special moves like bakuretsuken which deals high AoE damage but the tradeoff is you don't get XP for using it. When that falls off you get reppuken shining wave at level 60 tactics which helps you deal with enemies that keep dodging your attacks and emergencies. At higher levels you get a couple buff abilties that make up for not having enchanted weapons.

You can use a shield with martial arts but your gauge attack (the best in the game) will be replaced with a shield bash. Claws and tonfas don't interfere with martial arts and the shield tonfa which you can get early is pretty much broken, even non martial artists use it for the huge damage bonus (which works on ranged weapons too if you want to use throwing for ranged attacks and be some kind of punch ninja).

9216a3  No.16345370

File: 6b4e61a75aeaf7e⋯.png (75.07 KB, 358x351, 358:351, 0599f9c1e4c152fb4fee630128….png)


>shield tonfa, the best weapon for martial artists, is broken

>in fact martial artist seems great in general

Holy shit fucking nice, another game where fists are the best weapon or at least become the best weapon in a world of swords and staves. I should've learned about this sooner, thanks anon.

2c5751  No.16346056


I enjoyed playing a rifle welding cleric party leader

6cb543  No.16346556

In Elona Custom, how to stop my pet from not doing the "mixed lies" shit in pet arena? My younger sister pet doesn't seem to want to attack ever and only does this.

8c8605  No.16346776

File: a050aad2a3b9afc⋯.png (646.47 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, training.png)


You must have some hole or oversight in your custom AI. For example, if you have your pet set to do ranged attacks when the enemy is at low health, but the pet's target is too far away (which can happen if an enemy teleports away or walks off screen), it won't know what to do, you have to add an extra line that checks if the target is within a certain distance.

Also, if the pet is learning an ability there's a high chance it won't do it until it's been fully learned. Here I have the AI set to turn on jiu jitsu when I have it on and toggle it off when I do, but it takes several attempts.

6cb543  No.16346919


The AI wasn't changed at all actually. She works fine outside arena, but she does this when in the arena for some reason.

6cb543  No.16346948

File: 385ce01bdadcdd9⋯.jpg (85.91 KB, 864x364, 216:91, Capture2019-04-10_20_11_19.jpg)



Update: on a fresh save, every single pet does that. It does it on "little girl" pet as well.

8c8605  No.16346983

Looks like a bug in 1.88, I wouldn't know because I'm still on 1.87. Try giving the pet a custom AI and see if they keep using the action anyway.

6cb543  No.16346990

File: 0c9a975ebab351b⋯.jpg (33.41 KB, 911x271, 911:271, Capture2019-04-10_20_27_24.jpg)



Yeh it's the persuasion special skill. It's really shitty too.

9216a3  No.16347870

I'm not too sure how well this works or doesn't work but I made a music pack based on the Etrian Odyssey music pack. It replaces the music there with mostly its FM counterparts plus an extra surprise like the FM versions of some EO Nexus music, but there's an extra selection of tracks to replace those specific ones if you don't find them too hot.

Still sucks there's no FM version for EOIV.


06aa95  No.16348379



>Partial changelog for next version

>Fixed pets automatically switching themselves to Talking mode instead of Onslaught in the pet arena.

8c8605  No.16352425

<hmm maybe I'll try playing vanilla again

God Fucking Damnit, this is hard. I'm gonna need to make yet another character and hope I don't screw everything up this time. I'll probably make a claymore because feat allocation would be dead simple (max longsword damage feat, then everything else can be utility), two handing is a lot easier to start up with than shields and god forbid, dual wielding (which you're gimping yourself if you dual wield as a race with a measly 2 arms anyway), and I'd have a slim but non-zero chance of casting a few spells before level 40 due to light amour.

I highly doubt that gardening is all it's cracked up to be and that farmer is some amazing starting class. The profit margin from selling cooked food is slim and not really worth the trouble. There's a lot more money to be made in pretty much anything else, like picking up all the spellbooks you find and NPCing them. Furthermore, there's no point in going out of your way to train attributes in the early game because the potentials are all going down to hopeless eventually anyway. Cooking is for late game when you have an ungodly stockpile of potions of potential.

Performing seems also not worth the trouble. In theory it's a source of platinum but you need an uncanny amount of time and platinum to make it usable in the first place so it's only going to break even when it's time to fight Zeome. All of this is of course not even counting the fact that while OO does make the vanilla game easier overall, feats are everything in it and pianist doesn't start with a weapon feat meaning you lose several feat points from the get go.

6cb543  No.16352491


Vanilla would be nice if the story and younger sister/younger cat sister were translated.

6cb543  No.16355890

File: 317d26911746ee1⋯.jpg (67.46 KB, 633x436, 633:436, Capture2019-04-13_16_54_15.jpg)

Did Elona+ remove the equipment crafting recently or am I missing something?

a9850f  No.16355909


Relatively recently, yeah. You can't craft pantsu and sell them for untold amounts of shekels anymore

6cb543  No.16355925


Man this nerf is really gay. I really liked to make items during lucky days.

e942b7  No.16355937

File: 02ae98a16711eba⋯.jpg (340.43 KB, 840x525, 8:5, 1552558524107.jpg)

What equipment do you like to give your little girls?

a9850f  No.16355947


Yeah it really sucks, I wish a mod like Custom G would add it back in somehow


I always give her 2H weapons for some reason, my current one has the <Claymore> right now

6cb543  No.16355969

File: 9ee48add5da4b15⋯.jpg (61.58 KB, 597x393, 199:131, Capture2019-04-13_17_28_07.jpg)


I gave my younger catsister a living 2H weapon.

My younger sister uses dual wield.

6cb543  No.16359312

File: d338957d1882dcb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 54.42 KB, 858x612, 143:102, elonaporn.png)

Bumping with some lewd from a few years ago.

Are living weapons worth using now or do they start sucking blood very early? I seemingly got lucky as the one I have right now hasn't done that yet at lv5 or so.

06aa95  No.16360036



Equipment crafting was replaced with the pot for fusion's Equip Making recipe two years ago.


Bloodsucking is only added when you let the weapon reach L10, and it gives you a warning message that the weapon is about to become dangerous.

6cb543  No.16361835


Oh damn, yeh. I hadn't played since 2 years ago I guess. And I was too lazy to update when I played.

As for bloodsucking I completely forgot honestly. Plus it could had changed compared to 2 years ago.

660ccc  No.16365424

>it's good

>then it's even better

>then it kills you

what's the point of living weapons?

a1e771  No.16365707


>Can empower and add more buffs to these for free, when you kill enough with that weapon.

>With low bloodsuck(##-), it's easy and safe way to train your Healing and CON as long you have Good potential or better for both.

<It needs a lot of exp and at some point it's too dangerous to make it stronger.

01f9fc  No.16367525


I found bloodsucking weapons to be more trouble than they're worth, unless you're making a god-slayer at the very endgame.

In which case you put it aside and don't touch it until it's damage to gods+ month, then you dedicate the entire month to nonstop murder and stack as many levels as possible, optionally repeat the following years until maxed so you can kill the final Act 3 bosses in a few less attacks.

Damage to dragons/undeads is not worth bothering with, there are neither strong enough to warrant this kind of grind. Enhances spells would be another option, however it doesn't stack, and I think you'd probably need to max out the weapon with it to beat the Vital Flayer. If you have the patience to level a living weapon as a caster that far, you have the patience to wait for a randart with enough spell enhance to beat both.

I'm not sure if adding enhancement bonus allows you to break the max enhancement value, but as living weapons are barred from artifact fusion you're missing out on useful on-hit invokes anyway (unless generated with them, if which case, buy a lottery ticket already).

Everything else can be added to gear with artifact fusion and not worth spending a level on, specially stat/skill boosts which become statistically insignificant at endgame numbers.

And bloodsucking will force you to redo every pot of fusion recipe you fire, waste book charges, and ruin your sleep schedule every time you forget to unequip it, then to go into a fight barehanded when you inevitably forget to equip it again.

But hey, you can conveniently add to it every elemental damage which will be 90% resisted by anything with a level in the triple digits.

7744a9  No.16367687


They seemed to be decent for Elona+ Act I and in Omake, but these were separated into three kinds.

Normal ones, Holy Weapons(Don't get bloodsuck ever, but needs 10x more kills per level) and Evil Weapon(Very strong, but these are doomed and using uncurse/vanish curse will destroy them)

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