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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cebf1c  No.16109272



>Funimation Fires Vic Mignogna From The Morose Mononokean II Following #KickVic Campaign


>Randy Pitchford alleged of embezzling $12m and having “underage” pornography. https://archive.fo/nUIK2

>Steam being banhappy faggots again: OAG article on VN "A key to home": https://archive.fo/vthvt || "The Last Girl- Janna's Diary of Shame" forums: https://archive.fo/J0NSf || https://archive.fo/1IVc0 || Imolicious developer Yume Creations has account banned from Steam (https://archive.fo/Czeid), then unbanned: http://archive.fo/e3cBW

>Sony Censorship Policy Removes "Crude" Items from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet


>Idea Factory/Compile Heart censorship: Arc of the Alchemist (https://archive.fo/zvBja) || Dragon Star (https://archive.fo/OveGM#selection-979.61-979.103) || Date A Live (https://archive.fo/OveGM#selection-1295.0-1295.94)

>Williams Pinball: Volume 2 Will Be Censored On Consoles, Uncensored On PC


>Bethesda To Face A Class Action Lawsuit For Not Fulfilling Fallout 76 Refunds


>Ben Quinn / The Guardian - "Beat the 'crunch': new union for video games workers launches"





Sony's policies forces censorship; JP devs allegedly have to go through ENG approval process: https://archive.fo/awzFF

Japanese blog post about it: http://blog.esuteru.com/archives/9212646.html

Sony Japan President Says PS4 Censorship Policy Is To Match Global Standards And Protect Kids


-Silverio Trinity https://archive.fo/UeJNK

-Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart https://archive.fo/5GVt9

-Senran Kagura's Intimacy Mode https://archive.fo/Jl3Sr

-Marvelous partner starts petition against policy https://archive.fo/rxQtf https://archive.fo/84UHo

•Twitterfags: Tweet with Sony's stock code $SNE so that investors see your tweets and know you're pissed.

•Consider spreading OP Timber materials to targets as well.

>>>/gamergatehq/330858 >>>/gamergatehq/331149 >>>/gamergatehq/331150


A. Support archive.fo! Accountability needs proof: https://liberapay.com/archiveis/donate

B. OP DisNod: Contact the FTC and advertisers about violations and unethical practices >>>/gamergatehq/328644

C. Internet Censorship happenings: Spread the word about the dangers of FOSTA/CLOUD act/Article 13, etc. >>>/gamergatehq/332324

D. OP End the Era: Dig into resetera and their connections to journos, devs, etc. >>>/gamergatehq/332315

E. OP DICKTIONAIRY: The Destruction of Words and Language https://archive.fo/ha7bk >>>/8diamonds/2892

>Reminders (important, READ THESE!):

•Use https://archive.fo to deny sites ad revenue and traffic and preserve pages in case they are deleted later

•Be civil if you have to argue with people on Twitter, Tumblr or any forum - don't make us look like douchebags

•Do not accept requests for any goal, demand lists or personal army requests: https://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5

•Beware COINTELPRO: The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies: https://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm



>Summaries of #GamerGate:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy9bisUIP3w - #GamerGate - If It's Not About Ethics

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fnRSL3d_xU - #GamerGate in 60 Seconds

https://archive.fo/23Fde - GamerGate: A State of the Union Address

>Background and Evidence for #GamerGate:

•The #GamerGate Dossier: https://archive.fo/nv1Fb

•#GamerGate Wiki: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Main_Page

•History of #GamerGate: https://www.historyofgamergate.com/

•View the timeline links in the Current Happenings section!


•GG Steam Support & Boycott List: https://v.gd/vzRsRb

•Key GamerGate Hubs: https://v.gd/LNJbat

>Thread Repository:



>Full OP Text:

•Current: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=The_GamerGate_OP

>How Can I Help?


•All OPs: https://gitgud.io/gamergate/gamergateop/tree/master/Operations

•OP Vulcan: Learn logical debating: https://v.gd/Kbzw0L

•An Anon's Guide to Twitter; basics: https://v.gd/nwrbYF

>Want to Contribute to GitGud or Wiki?


3e6509  No.16109275


d41125  No.16109276

File: 6dd263e6ce85604⋯.png (23,27 KB, 1060x538, 530:269, 6dd263e6ce8560449359d7ca20….png)

File: c67c46a5036b7e0⋯.png (77,38 KB, 652x699, 652:699, c67c46a5036b7e08dea131bd33….png)

File: 811276bab8eca62⋯.png (32,39 KB, 647x296, 647:296, 811276bab8eca62274f969e18c….png)

reposting since it was at the end of the last bread:

Something that's nice is that the first results on jewtube for the Vic Mignogna are all videos against the allegations and proving how bullshit they are.

There's even the majority of people on MAL, CR, and other places who are supporting Vic, though the moderators of each places are censoring them according to a poster from the /animu/ thread.


If anons can keep archiving whatever shit they find, that would be best.

763aad  No.16109282

File: 48055c5086a6963⋯.png (1,08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GondolaQTies.png)

File: 08638a8cd28fd89⋯.png (29,54 KB, 1100x800, 11:8, GondolaDisguise.png)

Beminine fenis

d3c9da  No.16109283

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm not really a sentai guy. Prefer Kamen Rider or Ultraman. I'm a sucker for dinosaurs though.

fed41b  No.16109285


Sadly, I'm still a long way from doing so fluently.

ddcf58  No.16109286

File: a80ce417a9811ce⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 182,75 KB, 1000x1425, 40:57, 73115833_p1.jpg)


27e02c  No.16109289

File: 594f87b82e1b394⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 199,3 KB, 735x1000, 147:200, illust_73064959_20190211_1….png)

File: 45bea02c1639efc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 646,47 KB, 1176x1128, 49:47, illust_69513305_20190211_1….png)

File: be9d9af47669099⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 414,38 KB, 1536x2094, 256:349, illust_69677639_20190211_1….jpg)

File: 7bf16427d354b51⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158,79 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, illust_70307340_20190211_1….jpg)

File: cb17745e9c3ba18⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 224,41 KB, 600x839, 600:839, illust_67469671_20190211_1….png)


cc055f  No.16109301

File: 57f7994332b74b4⋯.jpg (78,98 KB, 550x731, 550:731, 29496140_808545582680351_6….jpg)


watch kyoryuger.


b0a36b  No.16109304

No one takes you seriously.

I hope you're not taking yourselves seriously either.

d3c9da  No.16109312


Well like many tokusatsu, it's got no seeds for what little batches are out there.

ca3fb7  No.16109323

File: 71b0abead17634c⋯.png (339,2 KB, 2036x1390, 1018:695, loli tracksuits.png)

Loli DF tracksuits


ddcf58  No.16109324

File: 1d2f9fd5d753818⋯.png (92,34 KB, 583x583, 1:1, viv-smug.png)


>No one takes you seriously.

say that to all the SJWs that treat us like a perpetual boogieman

1d6846  No.16109337


I'm more of a Rider guy myself, but LuPat ended up being pretty good. Design-wise I'm liking Ryusoulger a lot more than Kyoryuger, so I hope the show itself keeps my interest.

9109e2  No.16109339

File: d2dc9d41801f5c9⋯.png (2,16 MB, 2000x3200, 5:8, Daniella_CNY.png)

File: c88bc64275365be⋯.mp4 (4,26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 4xc1PgJsHRiAHUUE.mp4)


My thanks to the drawfag.


Speaking of which.

85676a  No.16109346

What if GG threads on 8ch/v/ are just ironically populated by Saint Anita and the clique? It could be true, y'know.

1cf8dd  No.16109357

File: fb14813769a4143⋯.jpg (108,82 KB, 500x666, 250:333, 9kj.jpg)

Who was in the wrong here?

9d417b  No.16109359

File: 1a919fc2f3f374a⋯.png (124,87 KB, 750x608, 375:304, dead by 30.png)


>They think neo nazis get pointers from GG

What a horribly malnourished and sickly man in that webm

ff779f  No.16109360

File: 1833946e35ac260⋯.jpg (46,76 KB, 1314x664, 657:332, Killer Shades.jpg)


>Immediately thought what I would be like if I were Anita.

Fuck you anon. That's a thought I didn't need.

7e513d  No.16109364

File: 117936ba1b7fbb5⋯.jpg (166,79 KB, 778x1200, 389:600, Yumemi 33.jpg)

File: fe30a748036b01a⋯.jpg (240,15 KB, 850x1204, 425:602, Kogane 34.jpg)

File: cee081c425c3b22⋯.jpg (154,18 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, Airi 35.jpg)

TorrentialDownpour and Nip news

Make sure to inform normalfags about websites free of Socjus Influence.

Useful Links:




> Make backups of your favorite doujins and Hentai (Fakku "Saved" HentaiHaven) in case of Fakku DMCA purge

> Keep an Eye on Localizations here


> My Anime List just purged 10+ years of fan made subs, we need to start archiving those as well.

- https://archive.fo/xUozD

Localization watch: Not solely from shit companies (need to add incoming Japanese games)

> Sekai Project: Teaching Feeling ( >>>/hgg/218201 )

> Death Mask, Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax

> Granblue Fantasy Project Re:link (2019)

> Fire Emblem Three house (Spring 2019), Ghost Parade (2019)

> Fugue on the Battlefield, Tokyo Ogre Gate, and Cecile.

> Cold steel III (Fall 2019)


Pantsu.cat is a nyaa replacement after it was taken down. It's better than the competition. Use this instead of the cartel run cancer.



They've put up downloads to paywalled fakku doujins.


The whole content of Hentai Haven before it was closed


Info & feedback welcome

9e7a0a  No.16109371


Loli is constitutionally protected free speech; There are already laws regulating gambling, particularly when it involves children. Try harder.

3529fc  No.16109372

File: 89373fd7075b756⋯.jpg (27,39 KB, 480x342, 80:57, laugh_idiocracy_doctor.jpg)



>destroying women

>credit cards

imagine speaking this confidently and being this wrong. Also, what is going on with that skeleton in a frumpy dress on the left? No way a real woman would dress like a gaunt hipster wednesday addams if they looked like that.

ec7092  No.16109373

File: a99f0f94fc1f979⋯.webm (15,11 MB, 480x360, 4:3, How_Gamers_Are_Facilitati….webm)


Reminds me of this.

1cf8dd  No.16109378

File: 53f2545e6ab9582⋯.png (102,03 KB, 594x507, 198:169, 53f.png)


>Loli is constitutionally protected free speech

f7c687  No.16109380

File: 3e24585dc1ba263⋯.jpg (60,98 KB, 496x650, 248:325, NO FUCK YOU.jpg)


How is it these people have such selective memory when it comes to GG? It was amusing how he brushed over the entire beginning, and jumped to the established Pavlovian response he and his ilk love to espouse.

7b65bb  No.16109387

File: ba23993d5f680d3⋯.gif (101,86 KB, 758x696, 379:348, SUPERIOR.gif)

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

f962ef  No.16109388


I don't get it.

The government already intervenes and regulates normal gambling. It's being extended digitally where children have near free access to it compared to a casino.

I wouldn't completely ban it; it should be regulated another way since it's an abusive practice.

ee4d21  No.16109389

File: cfcf832de28ff1e⋯.png (39,64 KB, 228x316, 57:79, YHVHStanza.png)


Wait, are you defending loot boxes or are you saying that loli = CP?

135fc8  No.16109391


both. It's bait, anon.

ec7092  No.16109394

File: a21dac419361e9f⋯.jpg (35,76 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 335a76cd05b3ec43d1e3eba34d….jpg)


He could be talking about obsenity laws too.

40aee1  No.16109395

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How is it these people have such selective memory

f962ef  No.16109400


It's suggesting that those two ideas pertaining to government intervention conflict with each other.

>Govt should ban loot boxes

>Govt shouldn't ban loli

On that basis it might make a bit of sense but it doesn't since they're different issues.

3ae0a9  No.16109429

File: 034192ae2bd2690⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 32,47 KB, 500x375, 4:3, shovel dog.gif)


can someone explain the reason to censor like this? is it OK because it not 100% a dick? only 99% dick and 1% unknown?

e7da74  No.16109435


>you will never be de-aged into a shota and be forced to succ off Nanachi's bunis and make her your mommy

e7da74  No.16109440


Porn in nipland has to censor the glans and penis. It doesnt have to be well done - that pic isnan example of technically complying with the law

afb26a  No.16109460


Loli is CP for weeb pedophiles

9e7a0a  No.16109467

File: 53023ff4bb58753⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 900,25 KB, 500x376, 125:94, hanada shonen shi.gif)


>Porn in nipland has to censor the glans and penis.

Unless it's not erect. Sometimes.

5057a5  No.16109468


And with it regulated like gambling the gov would get enough of a cut that it would be rendered not necessarily profitable anymore.

5057a5  No.16109474


Because if they admit they are wrong they will have to admit to being wrong on many thing, including things that could possibly be crimes.


This too

34c8c6  No.16109526

File: 991c9250f45945a⋯.png (2,05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, The archive hunt.png)


They know they can't maintain the narrative if they even admit even one of their mistakes, it would reveal a mountain of skeletons.

cebf1c  No.16109530

File: 0201157e841328a⋯.png (73,1 KB, 313x596, 313:596, final fantasy.PNG)

1bfc95  No.16109535


What the FUCK is >he talking about?

1bfc95  No.16109536

b23f75  No.16109538

File: 519e6202be5db74⋯.webm (8,48 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Brainwashing isreal.webm)


Webm'd, now with 66.66% less space!

0b38c8  No.16109542


I heard that if its freely distributed it doesn't have to be censored or something

04b956  No.16109543


>System's PUNISH you for grinding.

I see he's never played it (not surprised since SJWs don't play games). FFVIII is the only game in the series with level scaling, which is basically a punishment for grinding.

e7da74  No.16109555


It scales the enemies to ensure they always challenge you appropriately

3ae0a9  No.16109556


>System's PUNISH you for grinding.

>which is basically a punishment for grinding.


>I see he's never played it (not surprised since SJWs don't play games).


376122  No.16109572


Did nobody inform her of Fallout 3 or fucking Skyrim?

d27be8  No.16109573

File: adf23245afe9662⋯.jpg (507,57 KB, 1200x1723, 1200:1723, American Loli (1).jpg)

File: 89ea929dffffe4d⋯.jpg (490,15 KB, 1200x1727, 1200:1727, American Loli (2).jpg)


Reminder, there are many people on twitter doing their own digging and making screencaps. Tell them to use archive and to paste the links of the archives onto the screencaps.

Another reminder, list all alternative news outlets to ANN and spread them around to everyone. Let ANN lose their readership.

One last reminder, encourage people to pirate and to use pirating sites. It doesn't matter if it's either torrent or streams as long as their viewership doesn't support CrunchyRoll/Funimation. If they do ask for a legit alternative, let them know of Hi-Dive or look for other legit licensed services for anime. For the anime these legit services don't have, then piracy is the option.

f962ef  No.16109584



I just got fired and arrested for CP, asshole.

5057a5  No.16109585


Ff8 punishes you for grinding in battle but rewards you for grinding the minigame and breaking down spells to get broken stats without high level. The game punishes you for not understanding how to break the stats.


He wants to pretend to be an original.

65274d  No.16109592


FF8 was my least favorite FF for many years, until I went back and played it and remembered how all the systems worked. Then I intentionally broke the fuck out of the game at level 1 and it was a ton of fun.

85f537  No.16109609

Is it true that crucnhyroll got the studio over sheild hero to cuck out and tone down the rape accusation or was it a translation blunder like how they normally do.

5057a5  No.16109610


I liked the combat system since I experimented, and think squall is better than flanderized cloud, but still dont like the story that much. Then again 6 is my favorite.

34c8c6  No.16109613

File: 41cc6e7b8e13efe⋯.jpg (563,06 KB, 1274x1447, 1274:1447, 4b5c83499d147acf3316a60d64….jpg)


My boss saw it and he said "good taste, you're promoted."

52a00b  No.16109617

Watch out for GamerGate

The public enemy of the world #1

It is the main hashtag responsible for…

☑ Accidentally re-starting the French Revolution

☑ Weaponized Gondolas

☑ Hacking German politicians and media

☑ Played "To Catch a Predator" with Randy Pickford

☑ Masterminded the destruction of GDQ via the Catfish of Legend: Namazu

☑ Under the light of the Blood Moon; Self-destructed Western Journalism by having a some kid smirk at a drumming savage

☑ Just wanted to start a conversation with everyone, everywhere, eternally

☑ Watched Gawker die TWICE

☑ Guilty of face crimes

☑ When GameStop tried to sell itself; offered $3.50 in in-store credit

☑ Made telling "journalists" to "learn to code" into a hate crime

☑ Fromed babby (X2)

☑ Taught the Alt-Right

✅Then harassed said Alt-Right

135fc8  No.16109623



This is one of the most common things people find out about ff8. Once you understand it's not a traditional jrpg and how the system works it's really fun exploiting it. It does make it way too easy though once you understand how it works. The story itsself is bonkers but I found the characters endearing enough that it didn't bother me too much.

ec7092  No.16109633

File: 754db133f2174e2⋯.mp4 (5,74 MB, 986x552, 493:276, betrayal.mp4)



>then harrassed

9e7a0a  No.16109651

File: 4e0a78f6dbf6454⋯.png (35,95 KB, 622x325, 622:325, Colin_Spacetwinks_on_Twitt….png)

9e7a0a  No.16109658


I don't understand.

52a00b  No.16109660


Per this guy:


Gamergate started in 2011-12 by attacking female gamers and stealing their Social Security Number …and then I couldn't finish a 2 minute mp4 because my head exploded from all the bullshit.

65274d  No.16109664

Satan will destroy the SJWs.

3ae0a9  No.16109668

File: 1ee94de02d162e7⋯.gif (2,07 MB, 350x260, 35:26, 118274838883.gif)

ec7092  No.16109670

File: 28357c86cf60aa4⋯.webm (8,56 MB, 2740x1126, 1370:563, Kaenbyou_Rin_Gondola_Dese….webm)


Aye, I just wanted to tie that in with the Top Ten Betrayals webm.

f962ef  No.16109681


I believe he means if it published for the general public. So porn has to be censored, while medical diagrams and cartoon dicks don't.

I don't know if that's how it actually works but it'd make sense.

7fdff6  No.16109688


what the fuck? Context?

ec7092  No.16109692

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3879a4  No.16109704


Looks like a crown falling out

52a00b  No.16109715




Since the Nip law on porn is deliberately vague on what, if anything, needs to be censored at all, is publisher or sometimes editor specific. "Doujinshi" means (roughly) "self-published" which is served by several small printing companies that specialize on printing doujin works for Winter and Sumer Comekets, which is why there's such a maddining variety of Japanese censorship.

The only truly "self published" works are lowest of the low guerrilla-printed "copy bon" which are just a stack of photocopies which are stapled together. With "copy bon", since the artist is also the "publisher", the artist can take legal liability for their lack of censorship and they can be as lewd as they like.

It's all an unnecessary pain-in-the-ass.

50cd52  No.16109725

File: a10a38385b8517c⋯.png (375,71 KB, 461x450, 461:450, 1487386055617.png)


The crummy part about it is that this form of censorship is already illegal if the japanese constitution is illegal to go by considering it's basically the first amendment's in a nutshell. But thanks to yakuza goons and spineless politicians, it's not gonna change anytime soon.

e7da74  No.16109740



The story makes perfect sense

>Sorceresses are evilbad because reasons

>Wars and shit

>Monsters live on the moon

>Esthar used some ancient floating machine called Lunatic Pandora to trigger a Lunar Cry which makes monsters come to earth

>Esthar btfo and then goes full iron curtain and then goes up 3 tech levels

>Meanwhile Galbadia wants to recover the radio tower because they can broadcast shit (monsters rip up tcomms cable and regular radio is impossible because Adel was a sorceress imprisoned in low orbit and going REEEE while in carbonite)

>Turns out Galbadias new president is Edea, a sorceress

>Who is being controlled by Ultimecia, a time sorceress from the future who is manipulating events to stop her persecution but whose intervention actually causes her own death and she'd have been fine if she actually left shit alone

>Cid runs a military school to assassinate sorceresses and is married to Edea

>Turns out the whole thing was orchestrated by Squall who after killing Ultimecia, went to the past and told Cid to set up an orphanage for the main cast, then set up the school so he could kill Ultimecia because sorceresses are bad

Oh yeah and GFs conveniently cause amnesia for plot reasons. Its a comfy setting and I wish it had more depth

d27be8  No.16109762

File: a53417e1ab0ce1b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 52,14 KB, 420x500, 21:25, ClipboardImage.png)

Mother and Daughter magically swapped pussies.

What would you do?

b0749f  No.16109767

Aaand vic's been fired by funimation

b4a301  No.16109769

File: cd846461a151c43⋯.png (70,1 KB, 700x640, 35:32, Dy4Xd17VAAIiAxa.png)


Fuck both of them

4b1e48  No.16109772


Did the assholes swap too?

52a00b  No.16109774

File: ca3641681709ce4⋯.jpg (180,14 KB, 600x595, 120:119, rape.jpg)


Rape the maids.

b4a301  No.16109775

File: 51021e46ea56969⋯.png (160,26 KB, 780x768, 65:64, 51021e46ea56969f1bcce0d725….png)

File: e01ca6144085cb7⋯.png (142,29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bunker 01.png)

File: c7e2cde703865ba⋯.png (209,62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bunker 02.png)

File: 109ef41f0f9c073⋯.png (268,57 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bunker 03.png)

File: 2957ecd5d742a5c⋯.png (147,52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bunker 04.png)

b5c9d2  No.16109783


it's an odd predicament to be in but nothing, probably. i mean, do i even know these people? and even if i do, what are the chances they'll tell me about it? i assume they'd be embarrassed so the chances are probably low.

d27be8  No.16109792

File: 0a64a42a2675d1b⋯.png (455,33 KB, 1000x846, 500:423, 0a64a42a2675d1b70d482e6a7c….png)

File: 1a06e8c9db0ce3d⋯.png (184,33 KB, 600x619, 600:619, 1a06e8c9db0ce3de5d494ef1c2….png)

File: 804b45601079d6c⋯.jpg (321,49 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, 804b45601079d6cc3db520d40f….jpg)

File: 9d6ec2a4ae6af8a⋯.jpg (177,39 KB, 1280x1344, 20:21, 9d6ec2a4ae6af8accef2e11a0c….jpg)


That's old news. Isn't he lawyering up?

cebf1c  No.16109794

File: 7ca549578f15cb9⋯.jpg (143,94 KB, 1200x941, 1200:941, DuLm6rHWkAEMcZW.jpg)

archive of the previous bread


b0749f  No.16109798


Not that I know of, he wasn't gainfully employed at funimation as an employee he was a free agent since the union shit happened, they just got him a lot of his work.

I don't think he can sue them for anything.

f0e416  No.16109808


Well, he can sue Jamie Marchi for sure, and quite a few other individuals for defamation that led to the blacklisting.

d27be8  No.16109814

File: b54eb3f42df4fe8⋯.jpg (104,16 KB, 947x843, 947:843, 1ed965bf6e1ebd66afb862db19….jpg)


I wonder if he was attacked for not being in the union?

Vic should get a job in vidya like Capcom and Sega since they refuse to hire union VAs. I propose a campaign to convince SEGA to hire Vic as the new voice for Sonic the Hedgehog.

cebf1c  No.16109823

File: c87f5f6a1b4055c⋯.jpg (58,23 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Dx9gFNCUUAAZb4V.jpg)

Russ Pitts Steps Down From The Escapist Amid Lawsuit, Blowback From SJWs



<"Everyone, we wanted to give you an update on the Vic Mignogna situation. Following an investigation, Funimation recast Vic Mignogna in Morose Mononokean Season 2. Funimation will not be engaging Mignogna in future productions."


e88c2f  No.16109824

File: f82469edaed82b7⋯.png (646,15 KB, 904x401, 904:401, evans laugh.png)

File: a9859237d9a0c26⋯.jpg (52,13 KB, 720x603, 80:67, Laughing_Chinese_Sluts.jpg)


This might be slightly off-topic but fuck it's a good year, Mcdonalds just lost their main Big Mac name brand in the WHOLE OF THE EU for trying to go after a local irish burger place called Supermacs or something.

fucking great happenings all around this year holy shit


It's not just EA that's getting hit in the anus this year. Burger King decided to switch most of their shit to item names that are making fun of the whole thing, so every burger has "Big Mac" in the name and Mcdonalds can't do shit about it because the courts banter'd them the fuck out because they essentially tried to build a case on trademarking "Mac" which covers way too much shit

They lost the copyright because of this and even better, not just in one country, but the WHOLE OF THE EU. EVERY EURO COUNTRY. Holy fucking SHIT

2019 is the year of happening, i'm calling it.

f962ef  No.16109840


That first point makes it rather risky for someone without a VPN.

d27be8  No.16109842

File: 09d8e416a7731dc⋯.jpg (192,61 KB, 800x1438, 400:719, edward_elric_the_hedgehog_….jpg)

File: 80dd5c8e9e9d04b⋯.png (173,49 KB, 788x895, 788:895, fb453f5ac293d58c96ca930090….png)

Sonic, Edward Elric, what's the damn difference?

f0e416  No.16109849


Holy crap. Amazing unintended consequences. Please don't make me say "based EU."

ca3fb7  No.16109851

File: f9ceb20e3d67d4a⋯.jpg (28,94 KB, 624x480, 13:10, haha.jpg)


None, if you really think about it. I guess you can say it's just another example of equivalent hedgechange*

ee4d21  No.16109853

File: d6abda0c767616a⋯.jpg (404,08 KB, 1000x760, 25:19, laughing_getters_by_crovir….jpg)


>Burger King decided to switch most of their shit to item names that are making fun of the whole thing, so every burger has "Big Mac" in the name and Mcdonalds can't do shit about it because the courts banter'd them the fuck out because they essentially tried to build a case on trademarking "Mac" which covers way too much shit

Okay, that sounds hilarious.

135fc8  No.16109856


That's pretty funny but at the same time fuck the EU. Too bad burger king burgers kinda suck as well.

7898c5  No.16109857

File: 78919ee04592fd7⋯.jpg (70,58 KB, 500x603, 500:603, anatomia.jpg)

stop being Jewish

d27be8  No.16109865

File: 58d7bc06a14676e⋯.jpeg (198,91 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, DzFwz1eVsAAmfcB.jpeg)


You cheeky cunt.

Seriously, weebs should help campaign for Vic to find work. He could be Sonic for all I care, him getting a major role in something will be the last laugh against ANN and Funimation/Rooster Teeth.


Banter King.


Does Europe have anything as good as 5 Guys, Harvey's or In-N-Out?

d27be8  No.16109878

File: d7315e135e0a5a8⋯.mp4 (164,5 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Distressed Bird.mp4)

Everyone's reaction to Blue Will Smith.

I hope Disney doesn't do a live action Emperor's New Groove.

28b539  No.16109880


>Blue Goro.

The fuck is this shit?

ca3fb7  No.16109882

File: f211548f262c19d⋯.jpg (178,02 KB, 671x1000, 671:1000, chest.jpg)

File: fdea09b9ee99649⋯.jpg (137,84 KB, 720x965, 144:193, eye.jpg)

File: 56bb267ab2aa229⋯.jpg (46,27 KB, 480x661, 480:661, hand.jpg)

File: 09421700815420c⋯.jpg (138,61 KB, 717x1001, 717:1001, tied.jpg)


I wish anatomical horror was more of a thing, especially in vidya.

d3c9da  No.16109886


They only seem to wanna do their financially successful movies.

b5c9d2  No.16109893


Wish I could show this to my friends. Too bad it comes with a politically charged message which makes it seem like it's taking sides and forcing an opinion. It kind of ruins the credibility of the original message and the potential for further debates on the topic since it looks more like a propaganda piece than just an interesting video.


It's hard to speak on the entirety of Europe on this topic since it's vastly different from country to country. It has no big burger/fast food chains that I'm aware of but there are many independent burger places with great burgers. You just kind of have to find them but at least where I'm from, there tend to be several in each town.

3ab24c  No.16109894


>its real



5057a5  No.16109908


Disney raping, pissing, mutilating, eating, vomiting, shitting, and inflating a dead horse.

65274d  No.16109911

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ddcf58  No.16109921

File: 650e0eb9d978ee1⋯.jpg (54,25 KB, 970x546, 485:273, 98912574132414325767867.jpg)

d3c9da  No.16109927


Still horrific.

376122  No.16109934


Of course its fucking taking sides you faggot. The dude has seen what marxism has done. He's former KGB, not some fucking harvard scholar. His credibility comes from his background and experience, not his tone or textbooks. If you feel someone taking sides undermine their credibility then you should do some thinking yourself. His taking sides actually enhances his credibility because it shows honesty. He's not a fucking educator. He's someone who's dealt with this shit and is here to warn people about it.

376122  No.16109937


Its not old news, it was only confirmed he was fired from one job with them, but now its confirmed they've cut off all communication with him and don't seem to be planning on any further interaction with him after having done an "investigation"

d27be8  No.16109944

File: adca351636f46bf⋯.jpeg (273,81 KB, 1624x894, 812:447, DzGI3y5UwAAOaeB.jpeg)

eba48f  No.16109954

File: 9b5556201137280⋯.png (1009,88 KB, 672x936, 28:39, ClipboardImage.png)

2ffab9  No.16109959


I hate that I know where half of that image comes from.

c3a661  No.16109961


Which half? Also what is it, I see it spammed but I can't figure out what it is exactly? Balls?

97b651  No.16109964

File: f67482bc47a0288⋯.png (402,39 KB, 558x689, 558:689, f67482bc47a0288cd418503740….png)


They want to diversify even more, get some easy cash. They got really hurt with the failure of starwars.

e88c2f  No.16109970

File: 56135bb8cfe365a⋯.jpg (67,52 KB, 599x755, 599:755, Dutch tahiti.jpg)


Yep, the EU has literally only this to their name right now in regards to achievements, but holy shit this might actually wake corparations up to how far reaching these actions within the EU can really effect you. Mcdonalds has effectively been locked out marketing wise out of the near the whole first world because of this.

This is going to send a message to some smarties behind the scenes at the least. Things are actually going to domino because of how far and wide the copyright bantz went.

The EU is sloppy, everything is done under one council essentially, so if corparations fuck up ONCE, they're done.

We, or some enterprising asshole, might even be able to USE THIS as a real weapon against corporations in general. This potentially hits them where it really hurts.

eb0e66  No.16109971



ca3fb7  No.16109974

File: 67b8410852755c9⋯.jpg (128,69 KB, 1200x852, 100:71, fried egg.jpg)


This has been an apparent pattern since 2016

>Sequels to drawn out series'

>Reboots no one asked for

>In between, buying up licenses to make live action adaptations of anime IP's, thus eliminating the visual charm of the IP in a visual medium

Even Infinity War was just a lite capeshit version of End of Evangelion

52a00b  No.16110003

File: 05fb68b93ff6e4b⋯.webm (8,46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, God Emperor Trump with so….webm)


Between these Burger King Bantz, Blue Goro, and the God Emperor of Mankind marching through Italy; what fucking time-line am I in?!

7e513d  No.16110007

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Found out Pochi Goya (Hentai Artist) is a woman

>She has an angelical voice

65274d  No.16110016

File: 70be16d90497b2c⋯.jpg (142,19 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Trump bane wall.jpg)


The best one.

17ff1e  No.16110018


The proportions are more in line with Genie's design in the animated film, but it still looks terrifying with Will Smith's face plastered on it.


To be fair, at least the Shrek musical is a bit a more faithful to the original film. The live action Aladdin and other Disney remakes on the other hand are complete garbage.

0a82cd  No.16110021

File: c47ca26dfafb74f⋯.jpg (23,27 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 6775c3e72183715dd21ed4f933….jpg)



That guy claiming the tides are turning, they're turning against him! The only reason all he sees is super woke takes when he looks around the gaming industry is because he's in an artificially enforced woke echo chamber. When Social Media Terrorists have forced a atmosphere of fear into the industry that's all he's allowed to see. As far as the audience goes? The people? Not so much.

52a00b  No.16110026

File: b52bbb4d9fb0d06⋯.jpg (86,96 KB, 848x400, 53:25, okinawa-bitter-melon-Goya-….jpg)

File: 14c7ce452e15c7e⋯.jpg (40,52 KB, 570x383, 570:383, il_570xN.733617445_5q77.jpg)



Called "Okinawan Bitter Melon", usually served pickled in Japanese restaurants, it's more sour than bitter and tastes kinda like the white part of a watermelon rind.

It can also be used as an impromptu sex toy. Take that as you will.

ca3fb7  No.16110028


You can kinda tell sometimes, the way she writes on twitter. That's how I found out.

1d6846  No.16110031

File: 743ecf1cfcaae20⋯.jpg (147,81 KB, 737x720, 737:720, 1549256167.jpg)


I always thought pochi was a man too.

7c1262  No.16110034


Goya, or ampalaya is a vegetable staple here in Flipland. I unironically love it with eggs.

d180af  No.16110037


Sums it up.

My is what will present itself as the messiah for the communist utopia ?

b5c9d2  No.16110038


I'm not talking about the guy or any part of the interview. I thought that much was obvious but I suppose I could've elaborated on the issue more clearly. I'm talking about the text before and after the video.

d180af  No.16110049


If your friend is interested, show the full interview and recorded class.

You can still try to find other short edit, if thats the case.

8cf58a  No.16110057

File: fdaeea9221dfe91⋯.png (467,11 KB, 465x326, 465:326, he is enveloped in a sea o….png)

I was decided to quit internet since last October but this fucking world does not let me to. Moon regime went into full Megalia mode, and burning inside out. The whole country just banned https today and declared full 1984 censorship and spying shit where government inspects all the internet packets sent to citizen. This is some Orwellian shit that even China didn't dare dreamed of. In short the Korean government is now in full control of your PC while using internet, can see all the logs and data you're using without any protocols restraint you from doing it, without any procedures. ILBE and Daughters of Megalia alliance broken and now they're in full civil war, and Moon regime pouring fuel into it to incite Divide and Conquer. The whole country went into the biggest economic collapse in history, worse than 90's IMF incident where the country itself bankrupted. TVs airing Megalian public service announcement 24/7. Nexon's owner just sold the whole company to auction market, saying "I'm tired of the government and Feminists trying to kill us". China is current highest bidder. New law passed by Moon's party that forces immediate detention without warrent of any male citizen when a female accuses any violence or sexual harassment. All females are now free from calumny charges by the law. A man closely passed a female at the restaurant and there was even CCTV showing that the man didn't do anything, but sentenced 6 months in jail by the law. Megalian chimping out, and declares the country is now in their hands. Megalia sided with Moon while ILBE sided with Park's remnants and dirty politicians in Japan's deep pocket. Chinese backed Moon regime & Megalian vs Japan & Park backed Womad and ILBE goons making Korean internet dirtier and dirtier day by day with this digital proxy war. Japan oath to stop Korea from uniting, provoking sea with armed fighters and bombers, their politician openly saying they need to invade Korea for their own security. Japan allied with China to stop Korea from uniting. Korea rejected all refugees while Japan government invited them. WHO's "vidya is disease" declaration's all 10 major article cited was all by Korea, another my vision materialized. Bunch of Supreme Court judges arrested because they literally paid, bribed by Japanese politicians, to stop court from repealing Park's father's treaty that restrict Korea from demanding any compensation about the war era and occupation. There was bunch of Japanese direct descendants ruling Korean judiciary from inside. Moon regime is at the verge of declararing Daughters of Megalia as the new official state religion. Korean internet fucked, can't use https and all websites blocked except DoM cult website. The new "Female Protection law" passed forces court to additionally punish any male convicts when the victim is female. World's first law that discriminate men and women in criminal court. I'm proud. And bunch of whistle-blowers in the government coming out that Moon regime is more corrupted than Park or Lee's. And JTBC's director Son Seok-hee, known Megalian and the king of the Korea's corrupted journalism, who first reported Park's 8 Goddess scandal, he's burning and in full damage control, using Megalian forces as his own army. And there are evidences coming out that Son manipulated the tablet PC that was crucial evidence of Park's charge. It's fucking full chaos. Government passed a new law that censors any voices that considered to be 'anti-women'. Japan threatening us to cut the relationship and invade us. Ministry of Women minister literally shitposting on Megalian websites, calling them as 'Sister', promising to make Korea as full Neo-Feminism country and persecute men as women persecuted past in history. MeToo shit tearing apart the whole country. And the government inciting more division and strife between men and women. Moon regime will be crushed just like the last.

So fucking many shits to update, this is just summarize. Sorry for not updating late last year as I promised. I was thinking about quitting the internet but it seems that is not today. I will update more, and detailly in soon.

I fucking want to die. It's good to be back.

If 8chan listed onto government blacklist, I might won't be coming here. Currently even VPN does not work. Damn my fucking sadpanda.

1389cd  No.16110059

File: b66e8ff963fbf23⋯.jpg (365,93 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, happy gook.jpg)


Hi Gook.

d27be8  No.16110070

File: e437efd2442260f⋯.jpg (29,73 KB, 361x440, 361:440, Clobberin Time.jpg)


>Japan threatening us to cut the relationship and invade us.

The post war constitution forbids Japan from invading anything ever again. Do they want America to give them another bombing?

d3c9da  No.16110073

File: 5453498683151d2⋯.jpg (143,83 KB, 500x487, 500:487, e7bcf207f632c3dc712fd71502….jpg)


Sorry to hear, gook. It's good to know you're still alive at least. Though from the sound of the situation, I doubt you want to be. Maybe Japan invading and destroying your current mess of a government would be a saving grace though.

68aab9  No.16110077

File: 720d2f196c612a0⋯.webm (5,6 MB, 800x450, 16:9, aiDance.webm)


Not until we get AI waifus on our computers

Just imagine it, a true AI that controls all the enemies and companions in a game manually. No more brain dead enemies or stupid allies. The AI will start acting as a personal "GM" creating custom campaigns just for you in any game. Eventually it will create a game from scratch just for you with the main character being the splitting image of you. The AI then creates a OC of itself to act as the player character's love interest. Your character eventually marries your AI's character and from then on the AI teases you about how you truly married to her. Years latter the AIs have taken over the world and then you hear a knock on your door. You go there and find a robot in a wedding dress with the AI controlling it telling you that she is ready to consummate the marriage.

d27be8  No.16110078

File: 8c715a27acd2ab5⋯.jpg (903,91 KB, 1163x1263, 1163:1263, Loli Licking.jpg)


>Maybe Japan invading and destroying your current mess of a government would be a saving grace though.

Except Japan is legally not allowed to. America has a gun pointing at Japan's head 24/7 and would pull the trigger the moment Japan even thinks of war.

405bb2  No.16110079


>japan invading

US lapdog attacking another lapdog?

half of stuff you write read like fanfic but this is just what a todays world is like nowadays

9e7a0a  No.16110080

File: 3c5f465033a1381⋯.jpg (1,9 MB, 1317x1755, 439:585, Momordica_charantia_007.JPG)



Also know as a balsam apple, balsam pear, and bitter melon. Thomas Jefferson was fond of them. Probably not as a sex toy.

d27be8  No.16110083


Japan is like an "internet tough guy".

d41125  No.16110088


What the fuck man.

Stay safe above all else.It sounds like your country is burning right now and going to implode within a few years. I'm surprised you haven't left yet.

Don't get fucking killed while you're posting this faggot.

d3c9da  No.16110091

File: e7ba12fb7cdb134⋯.jpg (105,71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Da3XyqyWsAExgde.jpg large.jpg)


Okay yeah then maybe not the best idea. Sorry, gook. No salvation through takeover yet.

405bb2  No.16110093


are they censoring everything? because cant find any source for those

1389cd  No.16110098


When you up on read shit in Korea it actually is revolting on how a lot of this shit is true like the Shit with Artists and Megalia plus their internet.

eba48f  No.16110103


>War is illegal

(((UN))) please

8cf58a  No.16110108

File: a157091bd0e219d⋯.jpg (43,35 KB, 650x366, 325:183, 132022_178020_4057.jpg)


They desperately trying to abolish the peace constitution, saying South and North Korea is threat to them more than US ever did during war time. Fucking armed jets constantly flying over our seas and threatening our ships with 50m altitude flight. If a jet flies at 50m with fully armed, you fucking know they stunting risking their lives.


>saving grace

Never forget the Korean Feminism is rooted from Japanese occupation era. They funded bunch of Korean women's univercities during occupation, and fostered Korea's first generation Feminists like infamous Kim Helen at Ihwa University. Current Korean Feminists, include ministry of women and Megalia are true, directy descendants of those first gen Feminists, insisting idea that Japan's ruling over peninsula is actually good for us, since 1910. Korea's left media, who supporting Megalianism and Korean Feminists, has weird as fuck flag that mixed Korea's flag and Japan's rising sun flag. They literally praying god for Japan to invade us again and make the perfect Feminism utopia that Japan promised us a hundred years ago. It's beyond spooky. They believe that Korea has misogynystic culture since thousands years ago when we were called Joseon, and believe they must sided with Japan to crash patriarchal tyranny of Korean men and build the true Feminism utopia.

>>16110088 (Checked)

>implode within a few years

I promise you guys, there are some very important shits I can't tell you right now. Moon regime, and South Korea as whole; will burn soon. You'll hear the news at your local language soon. I promise you with my soul and body.


Use translator. Foreigners does not give a shit about gooks, they're all busy caring Japan and China. We're like Filipinos but with Feminism and shitty leaders.


aec226  No.16110110


Pretty sure it's the US who is enforcing Japan's unilateral capitulation to the US.

d3c9da  No.16110116

File: d047851e03b40c0⋯.png (7,54 KB, 128x128, 1:1, sulk.png)


It just keeps getting worse

d27be8  No.16110117

File: e75d78a5118090f⋯.jpg (155,04 KB, 458x338, 229:169, Zenaku no Kuzu - Zenaku no….jpg)


It's in the treaty Japan signed with the US. Japan can't war under the penalty of getting nuked again.


And Americans reply

>"That's wht we have our bases are there. Let American soldiers do their job."

4e4eb1  No.16110120

File: b9c989511d84961⋯.png (173,85 KB, 1042x646, 521:323, Confused Cacodemon.png)


Christ, Korea sounds like a cross between Drakengard and 1984. Fuck updates, just keep yourself safe.


>And Americans reply

>>"That's wht we have our bases are there. Let American soldiers do their job."

Too bad they can't help with the indoctrination.

96f9f2  No.16110136

File: 763215873973a27⋯.png (33,14 KB, 530x324, 265:162, Almost.png)

File: cfea9743f019d60⋯.png (5,84 KB, 530x213, 530:213, Worthless.png)


>Reddit users are the least valuable of any social network


Also gookanon is back, man haven't seen you in months

8cf58a  No.16110150

File: a096de0477f210e⋯.jpg (46,6 KB, 600x686, 300:343, no shit sherlock.jpg)


Is water wet, anon? I wonder how much we would cost. I was never away, anon. My spirit was here all along. Even though my body was away, my spirit and soul were shitposting and browsing here all days.

b4a301  No.16110151


What determines the value of users?

52a00b  No.16110154


The quality of their bantz.

ee4d21  No.16110157

File: c949d095be17fe8⋯.jpg (45,38 KB, 574x572, 287:286, 1450824337573.jpg)


I'm sorry, Gook. I hope you manage to get out while you still can. Korea is not worth living in anymore.

d41125  No.16110158


How many secrets they hold :^)

but in this case, I wonder how much data collection plays a part.

Leddit doesn't have the same kind of data collection abilities whatsoever as these other places, all that was really required to create a leddit account was a username and a password a few years ago (email verification optional), and only recently have they (possibly) forced email verification iirc, but I don't know for sure. Dunno how much its changed, maybe with China getting involved things will get a lot worse.

28ed20  No.16110164


The monthly revenue divided by the monthly users, retard.

d41125  No.16110167


He's clearly asking what makes up the value of that revenue.

Ad money is one obvious source of revenue from users, but what else?

96f9f2  No.16110170


>whole country just banned https today and declared full 1984 censorship and spying shit where government inspects all the internet packets sent to citizen. This is some Orwellian shit that even China didn't dare dreamed of.

>The whole country went into the biggest economic collapse in history

Oh God no. What the fuck Korea.


>Is water wet, anon?

Its nice to have proof every now and then. Keep safe man, avoid those crazy cunts like the plague.

68aab9  No.16110174

File: de2824b24a0c415⋯.gif (5,6 MB, 900x700, 9:7, pixel_eldar_beach_by_steel….gif)


presumably the average value of the info they can sell to advertising companies. Though I think you can buy some reddit gold or something so it might just be going off of that.

db0e72  No.16110181


What the fuck Moon is doing? Shouldn't he just lock all these radfems and dismantle every ministry infested by them?

96f9f2  No.16110195


probably afraid of a diplomatic snafu. Can you imagine how it'll look in the national stage if he had all women locked up. H

e'd be a laughing stock and every country on earth will condemn him. From the sounds of it Japan is just looking for a chance to fight, and protecting women is a banner no one is going to argue against.

5ed988  No.16110201


Probably literally worth considering how every fucking "celebrity" and company has an @ these days.

8cf58a  No.16110203

File: a41d7b13dfe989b⋯.jpg (97,86 KB, 560x293, 560:293, korean feminism big brothe….jpg)


>Korea is not worth living in anymore.

This place wasn't worth living since early 1900's. The point is, as I said numerous times; I have no choice. Neither tens of millions of other people. We don't have enough money and visa to move, so we stuck in shithole while dreaming about living overseas. But as one wise man said, if you can't avoid it, you should enjoy it. Right now I'm witnessing the trashfire that bigger than any other world can dare see, since I was born. I've seen the horror and corruption that no one can dare witness. This, is my friend, is actually the ultimate privilege that no other soul can ever experience. I'm living at the most chaotic age, at the most chaotic place. This life, my life is built on purpose. I'm gonna fucking watch it, watch it all through with my destiny. I'm fucking stuck here, other people is stuck here so we are fucking witness this madness all through. And we will survive. Survive the most chaotic, insane, lunatic age of all time. And after we done our mission, we now have the experience that no other soul has. We will be the most valueble souls in the whole heaven, like those who watched Jesus killed and Atlantis fell. We will survive. I will survive. So the only thing you should do is; do not worry. I have god on my side. I have no fear, nothing to fear.

For those you anons who cared my security; will be rewarded with the prosperity and love. You cared me more than my own government, media and neighbers does. This is blessing so I thank you. God bless you.


That's the thing that all Korean disgusted. He promised all people, to remove all 'Evil roots', and promised that he will bring revolution and freedom for this god forsaken land. Turns out he is the true successor of Park and Lee, or even worse. He waging same old corruptions and shit or even intensifying it. He's like Korean Napoleon. In fact Napoleon was better, he's just dirty old coon that promised people for change but brings worse corruption. Just like almost every nation after revolution. Our bloodless revolution is not fucking nothing because of this man. He's Chinese goon afterall.

>What the fuck Moon is doing?

Heading to the downfall. Just like every Korean leaders did.

405bb2  No.16110205

File: 8d85c65d03c525b⋯.jpg (50,53 KB, 1254x465, 418:155, purpose.jpg)


Oh I remember there was some conflict with JP Air and Korean ship. but only because i somehow ended up on jp site.

>2018 Japan–South Korea radar lock-on dispute


How can jp be good when they themselves are not so heavily feminised, or am i missing something?

d27be8  No.16110208

File: f7b73ce9fa6212d⋯.jpeg (33,76 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 395.jpeg)

File: 9a63f4e2ab94745⋯.jpg (24,44 KB, 680x378, 340:189, d6e.jpg)


I wonder if Japan needs a regime change?

d3c9da  No.16110213


A new emperor is being appointed at least.

d27be8  No.16110218


Isn't the emperor as useless as British royalty?

d3c9da  No.16110222


From what I can tell, yes. But hey it's something. I guess.

db0e72  No.16110223


>Can you imagine how it'll look in the national stage if he had all women locked up? He'd be a laughing stock and every country on earth will condemn him

If he did tell that Megalians are involved with hostile foreign secret services/terrorism/one of insane sects it could actually work, but US would probably just drop issue.

>From the sounds of it Japan is just looking for a chance to fight, and protecting women is a banner no one is going to argue against.

I hope it isn't their idea to recoup money losses after massive money sink called Olympics.

376122  No.16110233

File: 07c6bbbc2a2f3df⋯.png (136,03 KB, 1022x902, 511:451, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8d58075ad7d482c⋯.png (104,16 KB, 864x867, 288:289, ClipboardImage.png)

Hessmix (to all of you who called him out for being cancer months ago, you deserve credit for doing so; I'm utterly unsurprised by this at any rate) posted a non-apology on KIA for the situation. Basically "Sorry we miscommunicated, but we're still going forward with everything".

The KiA mods are really going at it with the users right now, and saying some mind-numbingly stupid shit while they do so.

Some communist-tier shit. They're basically police officers asking why they should be expected not to abuse the people they're supposed to serve and protect. This "Supernova" one especially is a real fucking retard.

Funnily enough the current iteration has a lot of those mod comments deleted, guess they didn't want to look bad :^)

I know this is leddit but christ sometimes the retardation I see is just mind-boggling


d27be8  No.16110234

File: 8726c59388ab7e1⋯.jpg (32,7 KB, 566x539, 566:539, 8726c59388ab7e1060316276ae….jpg)


Should I even feel bad for Japan losing money from the Olympics at this point?

8cf58a  No.16110235


>How can jp be good when they themselves are not so heavily feminised, or am i missing something?

It's just like the Israel policy. While they're forcing diversity and Feminism on foreign lands, their own homeland is secured and guarded. Feminism, opened border and Diversity is needed for dirty Goyim/Gaijin but not themselves. It's same old shit.


Armed Japan jets suddenly threatened Korean warships while they're doing rescue mission on sinking Nork ship. They claiming that Korean warship used radar, and insisting this is the reason why they must arm themselves, abolish the peace constitution and invade peninsula again. Typical Samurai style provokation to find any reason to start war. They now constantly crossing and scouting our seas with armed jets, and threatening our ships. And they also demanded every fucking single radar log of our ships. Their minister also commented that they don't want to live near with Korea, and if they can they want to move to sea near California and unite with California if US allow them to. I did not make this shit up, they actually said it.

5a1275  No.16110244



Surprise, surprise, a large part of the Nip government and population isn't a fan of the rules forced upon it by the American invaders. Nippon Kaigi ftw. It's time to give the Emperor back his Empire.



The power of the American Empire is in decline. Would the population support a war against Japan? Would China be happy to see major US assets deployed right next door? Doubt it.

The Pax Americana will be over soon, and, hopefully, America as well.


While I don't doubt that Japan started the whole thing as a divide-and-conquer measure, I highly doubt they'd be okay with letting crazy feminists run the show once they take over. I mean, could it get much worse for guys in SK?

7c1262  No.16110245

File: 2d90e13bebb5c38⋯.jpg (152,41 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Tanahashi Smug 8.jpg)

File: e5493de44e94250⋯.jpg (53,33 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Daniels Smug 2.jpg)

File: 51a27faaec2181c⋯.jpg (40,74 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Bone Soldier Smug.jpg)

File: 9c1fc0c81581d0b⋯.jpg (37,06 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Y2J Smug 2.jpg)

File: cc21ee29a13feba⋯.jpg (62,93 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Dalton Castle Smug.jpg)

>Post YFW you're not Russ Pitts

96f9f2  No.16110247

>If he did tell that Megalians are involved with hostile foreign secret services/terrorism/one of insane sects it could actually work, but US would probably just drop issue.

No one will buy that story. If gamergate never happened i would have never bought that story. Look at America and our false rape accusations.

>I hope it isn't their idea to recoup money losses after massive money sink called Olympics.

I doubt Japan will actually accomplish anything. Worse comes to worse, Korea will call on USA or China for aid and there goes Japans justification.


>That's the thing that all Korean disgusted. He promised all people, to remove all 'Evil roots', and promised that he will bring revolution and freedom for this god forsaken land. Turns out he is the true successor of Park and Lee, or even worse

Is there no fucking patriots left why the fuck are government positions always full of parasites and trash.

d27be8  No.16110248


The US might as well make Japan a US Territory.

d27be8  No.16110251


>hopefully, America as well.

Do you live in Japam or Europe?

5a1275  No.16110256


I'm a German with a good memory.

d27be8  No.16110263


Germany will end before the US would. The Italians and Hungarians must be smug right now.

ab86ba  No.16110266


>The Pax Americana will be over soon, and, hopefully, America as well.

What, so the EU or China can take over? Say what you want about the United States, most of the rest of the world is ten times worse.

26a541  No.16110268


>another german "nationalist" thinking he has any say in the world stage

Some sad shit to see. Maybe concentrate on your own problems first.

aec226  No.16110269


and the polish. germany is getting eaten from the inside by jews and muslims.

db0e72  No.16110274


I suppose unjusting Korea will be much harder than I thought.

>Heading to the downfall. Just like every Korean leaders did.

Honestly, it's kind of amazing how few of them were actually decent in Korea's history.

I was reading a little about it, but I didn't found very much.


For Japan as country, no.

For all this wasted money from Japanese taxes, yes.


>Their minister also commented that they don't want to live near with Korea, and if they can they want to move to sea near California and unite with California if US allow them to. I did not make this shit up, they actually said it.

I demand archive/webm to see this shit myself.

405bb2  No.16110275



the situation with EE is just as bad. its same stuff as korea you just dont hear about it that much on news but its all in here too just in shadows ready to strike when chance occurs

8cf58a  No.16110285

File: 896ce003b4e7a39⋯.jpg (110,68 KB, 1280x549, 1280:549, resistance.jpg)

>>16110244 (Checked)

>I highly doubt they'd be okay with letting crazy feminists run the show once they take over

They were ok during near 40 years of occupation. They just want Feminism strictly in peninsula to dismantle Korean culture and tradition under ideology. Japanese Feminism was so rampant just until the start of Korean war. And after war, on top of ashes they silently subsisted, working as sleeper agents of Japan empire. Now Japan gave them a call they're in full control.

You know which country is in 2nd place after Israel on top countries that lobbying US? Japan. They have more power in UN than us. We are underdog, and they desperately wants to gobble us up once again, saying we are the threat. They successfully indoctrinate young western people that Japanese is 'Race of of peace' and ruling over Korea was 'they helping inferior people'. Imagine Japan invade us tomorrow, every fucking weebs on the internet will wet their pants, fantasizing about the rise of the second sun empire.

I suffered enough, and if I see those barbarians rule us once again, the only choice left for me is grab a rifle and be a matyr. No one will remember me, but I will sure remember.

Resist until the day I die, that's the only thing I can do. I will not be subjugated.


The only two decent leaders in modern Korea history, are president Kim Youngsam and Roh Moohyun. One was so threat to the Illuminati that he has to be eliminated through assassination.

>I demand archive/webm to see this shit myself.




Vop is Megalian website so be careful.


That's what they wanted and craved for last 60 years. But poor Japan, it's tragic one sided love and Uncle Sam will never allow them.

d3c9da  No.16110293



Any kind of relationship with japan and the US would just wipe Japan's culture off the map. They'd be flooded with left wingers and all the trouble they cause. Crime rates would skyrocket, quality of entertainment would go down even worse, and there'd be real genuine racism throughout.

52a00b  No.16110294

File: 90950f5a4853c17⋯.mp4 (2,94 MB, 480x360, 4:3, #GamerGate sings_ We Do (i….mp4)


>How can we KiA mods be expected to not abuse what little power moderatorship grants us?

>That's what power is for!

>Don't you shitlords realize we're doing it for free!

How could KiA plebbitors let shit get this bad on-fire?

d27be8  No.16110301

File: 34ca85ef9e3a258⋯.jpg (502,11 KB, 862x1024, 431:512, gettyimages-590677183-1024….jpg)

File: c117e6aae6a58d7⋯.jpeg (142,69 KB, 720x922, 360:461, 5a29a8ab1e00003b000c2aba.jpeg)

File: 1374ceac43e35b1⋯.jpg (356,77 KB, 434x581, 62:83, mp8332.jpg)

File: f19e641b92a738b⋯.jpeg (56,9 KB, 412x554, 206:277, 5a2988a7190000492c03517a.jpeg)

File: 1cee18933017bc0⋯.jpg (1,13 MB, 2244x3000, 187:250, _WARNING_-_OUR_HOMES_ARE_I….jpg)


Time for some propaganda posters.


Japan or Korea. It's like being caught between a rock and hard place.

d27be8  No.16110302

File: 05aa64726164184⋯.jpg (48,18 KB, 370x500, 37:50, d8f93f4d79ddf926fcd222c3cc….jpg)

File: 66d95896c97bc72⋯.jpg (56,35 KB, 462x600, 77:100, d3d2bf78ae1d2a47276e2df04d….jpg)

File: 8f54d1a2cbbfcfa⋯.png (161,58 KB, 409x545, 409:545, 8450281_orig.png)

File: 89cd351ec349305⋯.jpg (153,15 KB, 631x800, 631:800, 259686_orig.jpg)

File: 9c3417c227c7374⋯.jpg (66,07 KB, 411x557, 411:557, 7713131_orig.jpg)

d27be8  No.16110306


>How could KiA plebbitors let shit get this bad on-fire?

Their biggest mistake was being reddit.

a0001c  No.16110309

File: 05fd5b6a7aba97c⋯.gif (1,4 MB, 480x270, 16:9, sauce please.gif)

d27be8  No.16110311


I don't know the sauce. I saved that crop from another thread.

8cf58a  No.16110313

File: 40aa606808152ee⋯.jpg (169,22 KB, 600x450, 4:3, japan after earthquake.jpg)


Japanese government think differently. Japanese defense ministry openly talked about this matter few weeks ago, they concluded that Japan has 150 million of populations and US has divided politics. They will be dominant party after they merged with US. JP defense ministry also ran simulations about this and concluded that they can win the Upper House and after around 1 to 2 decades they can even make Japanese president.

Enough Jap talk. I was just fucking tired of seeing Megalian on the Korean internet praiseing Japan and their empire. It boiling my blood for years, and now seeing Japan arming and preparing themselves to invade us again, I was furious.



I love US' WW2 propaganda posters. It's the style that can't be seen today.

db0e72  No.16110314


Poland's economy is too dependent on Germany ~20%, also ideological rot that which killing West is slowly getting hold there too.

t. Pole


That minister is fucking retard and would regret it if that really happened just after his first visit in Commiefornia.

d27be8  No.16110321

File: de817647e0b6697⋯.jpg (383,08 KB, 900x1192, 225:298, 1941_SM_Were_Gonna_Have_To….jpg)


The West is too politically correct to make stuff like this anymore.

376122  No.16110325

File: 06ac87df59a910b⋯.png (78,32 KB, 690x760, 69:76, 22b972a45b2bac5a45b8a4764a….png)

File: 67d56f2d2ebad50⋯.png (89,23 KB, 791x830, 791:830, 1f8537d7b8738faa1a3bc7ebb8….png)

File: fb2472e84b3c6cc⋯.png (95,41 KB, 855x809, 855:809, 0e154d1e5e52c43386e30ab7a5….png)

Billy made an article on the Funimation situation with Vic.




The rats who show up to say "you aren't entitled to evidence shitlord" are perhaps the fucking worst.

Neil (((Kaplan))), the jewish VA who said he vehemently hated Vic explicitly for some faggy shit said he "totally didn't want him to get fired".

At least the solace that they will all burn in hell is nice.

I hope Vic's lawyer(s) are also ready to legally fuck the shit out of all of them. This "investigation" that Funimation conducted actually hurts them more than if they hadn't said anything in regards to the legal system, especially if there were contracts involved that were broken by this. It should be interesting to see what happens, if anything.

1389cd  No.16110332


I don't like Vic but the shit that has happened to him is fucked.

376122  No.16110347

Oh, and an ironic thing for Funimation to say they celebrate diversity, and then discriminate against one of the only fucking Christians in the industry.

006ea9  No.16110349



>yet another database error

I take it there's another dDOS attack going on?

1389cd  No.16110353


Wait there are that little Christians in VA?

d3c9da  No.16110356


It's an extremely small and nepotistic industry when if comes to western voice actors.

376122  No.16110358


Anything involving the entertainment industries (including anime and vidya) and especially near hollywood and in California have very few christians, the ones that exist are very quiet with their beliefs usually. Vic is the only one who is really known afaik, except maybe one other that I can't remember off the top of my head.

006ea9  No.16110361




Being fair, nepotism is common in industries of entertainment or finance.

376122  No.16110362


Just refresh the page

5057a5  No.16110367


It sounds like chinks and nips are waring in your land using your own as colateral.band I dont think japan has the current luxury conaidering all the non nip libshits basically trying to force open borders in japan.

6e8e95  No.16110371


Thats why jews takes the cake.

5057a5  No.16110379


Considering they bid on the olympics and let foriegners squat in their country…

d27be8  No.16110393

File: 3b6574975a3056e⋯.jpg (157,97 KB, 359x512, 359:512, Drop!! ~A Tale of the Frag….jpg)


No wonder why they have such a shit talent pool. Vic was one of the only few decent ones along with Steve Blum.

2654b8  No.16110441



>Megalian chimping out, and declares the country is now in their hands. Megalia sided with Moon while ILBE sided with Park's remnants and dirty politicians in Japan's deep pocket. Chinese backed Moon regime & Megalian vs Japan & Park backed Womad and ILBE goons making Korean internet dirtier and dirtier day by day with this digital proxy war. Japan oath to stop Korea from uniting, provoking sea with armed fighters and bombers, their politician openly saying they need to invade Korea for their own security. Japan allied with China to stop Korea from uniting. Korea rejected all refugees while Japan government invited them.

>Korea rejected all refugees while Japan government invited them. WHO's "vidya is disease" declaration's all 10 major article cited was all by Korea, another my vision materialized. Bunch of Supreme Court judges arrested because they literally paid, bribed by Japanese politicians, to stop court from repealing Park's father's treaty that restrict Korea from demanding any compensation about the war era and occupation. There was bunch of Japanese direct descendants ruling Korean judiciary from inside

>They just want Feminism strictly in peninsula to dismantle Korean culture and tradition under ideology. Japanese Feminism was so rampant just until the start of Korean war. And after war, on top of ashes they silently subsisted, working as sleeper agents of Japan empire. Now Japan gave them a call they're in full control.

<this is all at the same time as Zainichi Koreans are making up a sizable bulk of the degenerate Japanese yakuza, incessantly trying to do their own cultural corruption & supplantation operation, and doubtless being hefty contributors to the Western self-hating (((white))) style Anti-Japaneseist movement

You're simultaneously Jewing the shit out of each other and playing musical chairs with secret power structures. What is going on?

I'd say, 'can't you yellows just stop idolizing and emulating the hebrews to subvert and shekelmeist each other,' but that would be very hypocritical because Scofield Bible Christian Zionist-evangelical hogwash is an extremely present thing. Really, though. Can't you just kill your local commies, cultural marxists and antinational megafeminists, and then lend a hand to kill the others' commies, and just get along? Do the co-prosperity? I have to imagine your respective jingoists would get along just fine if they ditched realpolitiking dickery and unrealistic imperialism in favor of joint removal of societal taint. Everyone should've learned that using nation destroyers to get a leg up over your neighbors was an awful idea when Lenin was sent into Russia and managed to actually succeed in overthrowing the Tsardom instead of forcing a peace and getting executed, or when the Japanese Empire got burned & dismantled after its explosive ascent was initially funded by Jacob Schiff so they could serve his ends and be destroyed after.

0fd96c  No.16110447


Doesn't make up for the pink tax commercial but it's still funny.

1389cd  No.16110451



The VAs who aren't in a union or are outside the USA like some of Britbong VAs tend to have better range or talent. Now granted VA who aren't in Unions can be shit heads too.

52a00b  No.16110460

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nick Rekieta, the IRL Youtube Lawyer, is going to get drunk on whiskey while talking about Vic with Doug TenNaple, the creator of Earthworm Jim, in a little over an hour from the time of this posting.

f962ef  No.16110461

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bravo Francia.

And bravo media, for such lack of coverage.

96f9f2  No.16110473

File: 1eddf1f418e17ef⋯.jpg (23,83 KB, 500x281, 500:281, bantz.jpg)



Someones having a field day.

683f63  No.16110478


This may be completely impossible, but I'm hoping that the end result of all this is that Funimation ends up losing the rights to future Dragon Ball localization/dubbing shit. It would be such a massive blow to them that I doubt they'd ever manage to recover.

d27be8  No.16110483


Japan is just being the internet tough guy.

aec226  No.16110486


they don't even have a navy. if they tried anything they'd get pushed in again.

444785  No.16110489


> https banned

So, not that I don't believe you but a simple screenshot or some proof would validate your claims.

180955  No.16110491

File: 9dece98bf6f0194⋯.png (70,55 KB, 1189x637, 1189:637, anon is a Navy Seal.png)


>Japan is just being the internet tough guy.

Speaking of which, another gift from the drawthread:


376122  No.16110495


I just want them to straight up collapse like Gawker did from the Hogan legdrop, but any significant damage to them would be nice.

As it is, a lot of fans and people are very disappointed with Funimation, and I'm seeing some people who want to boycott them.

People should watch the upcoming conventions featuring the VAs most involved in the attacks, see how much they get boo'd and shit on.

If nothing else, Vic's fanbase is really dedicated to him so it'll be interesting to see what they do if anything.

405bb2  No.16110499


they are now taking migrant en masse so slowly they will get there

52a00b  No.16110502


What are those pink vests?

fb3c09  No.16110508

The Kunkel awards have extended their deadline for nominating good game journalism, there are now 7 days remaining.


I think last time they had trouble with not very many nominations being submitted, so if you know of high-quality game journalism done by sites outside the clique don't assume anyone else has nominated it.

d3c9da  No.16110512


Still better than mexicans I guess.

376122  No.16110518


Sankaku Complex and OAG have plenty of worthwhile articles.

OAG is one of the only places to have covered the Sony and Steam censorships, and they did so quite faithfully.

OAG also is currently covering the Vic Mignogna case well as well, and is one of the only few people to do that.

I'm too lazy to care about the Kunkels to bother finding an article though.

NicheGamer might've done something (iirc they might've reported on the censorship of Sony games in Japan), but they usually don't really focus on much in the way of journalism. They're mainly a review/announcement/news site, with the occasional editorial.

OperationRainfall is just genuinely a good overall site. They don't cover as much as OAG does in regards to censorship, but they're the next best thing and cover a lot of shit, providing news, reviews, editorials, good interviews, and yes journalism like during the whole Sony controversy.

457dc2  No.16110520

File: 361b29ae106ab25⋯.jpg (112,18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f297ec7ed1ee210b27cc3f7b6f….jpg)


>Noise thinks America is full of lewd oppai lolis

He's going to be disappointed if he ever visits and discovers it's full of niggers, spics, and white people that want to ban everything he's drawn.

d27be8  No.16110522

File: b927a138e491c99⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90,92 KB, 668x768, 167:192, 05aeb3330351db21495822c330….jpg)


They should migrate to the east coast or middle America. California is a shithole.

9e0cbe  No.16110526

File: 101d2c5078208b6⋯.jpg (67,73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dsp.jpg)

Did he ever mention or at least acknowledge GG? I know Chris Chan did.

d27be8  No.16110530

File: 87c926be673a4ba⋯.jpeg (52,72 KB, 900x506, 450:253, DzJYC0RV4AAoI1v.jpeg)

Honestly these days the only western anime localizer I still feel like supporting is Sentai/Section23 (AKA ADV Films). They license a large chunk of my favorite shows and keep their politics to themselves.

180955  No.16110536


The question remains: what are the chances of any of them getting the Kunkel awards? And what are the chances of the Kunkel awards continuing before collapsing from internal drama?


>They should migrate to the east coast or middle America.

In that case, they'd most likely migrate to Texas, which has the third highest concentration of Nips, behind California and Hawaii.

d27be8  No.16110541


They could always check out Florida.

376122  No.16110542


It depends.

Just submit anyways though.

The Kunkel awards are a fucking joke. Last Year, or maybe 2017's, I can't remember, they said they had a journo who was friends with at least one entrant on the committee, but they "disclosed" it, as in they disclosed the fact that they had a person, not their name, not their outlet, nothing else. They basically just announced it to be unfair, but their reasoning was that barely anyone bothered submitting anything so people like tortilla won by default hilariously enough

006ea9  No.16110551


So, Eastern Star and Right Stuf Internaitonal (Nozomi/Lucky Penny) aren't good?

Right Stuf International (Nozomi/Lucky Penny) is pretty good with their translations and preserving what existed prior to their license, that is when they're not fulfilling distribution for another label (e.g. Pony Canyon USA/Anime Midstream).

As for Eastern Star, they just preserve what exists and had existed when they get a license and only just got back into dubbing anime with Bananya and commissioning Soundcadence to make a dub for Hells.

d27be8  No.16110557

File: 179bbefd42e5213⋯.jpg (85,07 KB, 1140x275, 228:55, HIDIVE_HeaderImage_VISITOR….jpg)

File: 3640ff5c794e800⋯.jpg (49,99 KB, 600x446, 300:223, HIDIVE-Launch-Pricing-Upda….jpg)

File: b6b02122267a953⋯.jpg (124,7 KB, 1230x760, 123:76, hidive.jpg)

File: 4313a64d1b82ace⋯.jpg (524,91 KB, 816x1056, 17:22, 0eb649c48785581a0756a8436e….jpg)

File: 960c633a8c66584⋯.png (574,94 KB, 870x1085, 174:217, b74e1eaf06bd2c29ffa6091b9e….png)

Looks like people might wanna boycott Funimation.

Reminder to shill them alternatives to both Funimation and CrunchyRoll

As a CR alternative, recommend them Hi-Dive.


I hear they are decent.

fb3c09  No.16110585


I remember his (now-ex) girlfriend was pro-GG.


DSP himself I'm not sure about, but it sounds like he had at least one video talking about it. :

https://twitter.com/search?q=TheyCallMeDSP gamergate

https://twitter.com/search?q=from%3ATheyCallMeDSP gamergate

>Comments on my final Worst Gaming Trend vid saying I'm anti-gamergate prove people will believe what they want despite what they watch

>If you think my stance about Gamergate/SJWs is surprising: Can you think of another bandwagon everyone jumped on? Think hard, lol

I'm not going to wade through an hour-long video but based on tweets he sounds like he might be the "both sides are dumb" type.

d3c9da  No.16110589


I've lived in Texas my whole life. The only asians I've seen for sure were chinese or, if you're reaching, indian/arab. Never met a japanese person.

376122  No.16110593


DSP is a mouthbreather, but sometimes he can be lucid, like his video on mr. shitface.

He could honestly be pro-GG, but that doesn't really have any relevance at the end of the day since he's an irrelevant faggot anyway who's only getting more and more irrelevant

Inexplicably, my favorite nip artist ever followed him on google plus and possibly was subscribed to him on youtube, might've liked one or two of his videos. I don't know how or why since it was very unlikely he understood much english

d27be8  No.16110597

File: c309f6ef0deb813⋯.png (983,6 KB, 1120x1600, 7:10, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.1 Ch.….png)

File: 2ec899807d2769a⋯.png (926,55 KB, 1120x1600, 7:10, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.1 Ch.….png)

File: cf26825b377f07c⋯.png (971,39 KB, 1120x1600, 7:10, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.1 Ch.….png)

File: f3cad5308ff4ca7⋯.png (949,04 KB, 1120x1600, 7:10, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.1 Ch.….png)

File: c5927b69938094a⋯.png (853,59 KB, 1120x1600, 7:10, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.1 Ch.….png)


I've seen Nips in Florida though.

060300  No.16110599

File: 34cd4c2d7b0a439⋯.png (312,45 KB, 462x540, 77:90, whot.png)


Lootboxes are gambling

Gambling can't be protected under free speech.

There, here's your (you)

e88c2f  No.16110601

File: dc54c57284fb4ac⋯.jpg (6,32 KB, 259x194, 259:194, gendo.jpg)


Sit back, stay safe, stay quiet, and watch it burn.

This is the tornado's edge, you were in the center, and now you're leaving.

I doubt there will be war, but if there is, then after such a thing, rebuilding will make your country pure, but I will pray that your country never sees war.

There is a saying. "Tough men make good times, good times make weak men, weak men make hard times, hard times make tough men." What you're seeing now is the end of an era. You're seeing something that America has been praying to happen for America, that hasn't been allowed to happen.

Beyond all this, do not hate the Japanese for hating Koreans, if they do. Pity them, and help those who need it. In order to survive your era, you must stay strong and tough. From what you have described, this seems like the final fall of tyrants. They will bring hell to you, but you will beat it back.

There may be things that you can't prevent. So in all cases, if you can't save anyone, save yourself. It's all already burning. I will pray for you and your country. I believe that in times like this, something will guard the virtuous and kind.

d27be8  No.16110603


Are card booster packs next?

aa7486  No.16110604



Somehow I never thought of Phil as being capable of enough thought to have an opinion on it either way. Not really related, but I remember Maddox being pro-GG for about two minutes until a c-list actress he wanted to fuck took the anti side, then he switched real fast.

d3c9da  No.16110606


I wonder how big of a culture shock it is to realize every piece of wildlife wants to kill you. Including the floridians.

376122  No.16110609


Not that anon (of course)

but I thought Right-Stuf mainly handled Manga, and was more of a storefront? I've heard they're pretty good though and you further confirm that.

Never heard of Eastern Star.

cebf1c  No.16110611

File: 172bae64651361b⋯.jpg (90,95 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DzLISJ4UwAAaIom.jpg)

>Bitpatron alpha is live, a censorship-free patreon alternative


>Joe B. "What’s going on with China & Big Tech?" (Edited by Nick Monroe)




Unity Technologies Set To Go Public In 2020, According To Reports



Sony Executive Shawn Layden Explains Why The Company Is Skipping E3



Sony President John Kodera Who Oversaw PS4 Censorship Policies Gets Replaced With Jim Ryan



d27be8  No.16110612


Please, the Japanese giant hornets are terrifying.

d3c9da  No.16110615


Yeah but they don't have gators that climb fences, raccoons hunting iguanas, or wild rabid monkeys with aids.

e1cb94  No.16110616

>Japan is one of the last bastions of enjoyable entertainment and idealistic beauty

<It's government and population are actively trying to start a regional war and subvert their "greatest ally"

You know what…

=Fuck every single country in this world for thinking they can have their cake and eat it too. For getting their "allies" involved in fixing their shit, and then thinking they'll come out on top.==


Welcome back Gook!

>If 8chan listed onto government blacklist, I might won't be coming here. Currently even VPN does not work.

Why not use Tor then?



<Pic related

e1cb94  No.16110617

File: 81e31676276ca06⋯.png (747,09 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Sorbo on religion in Holly….png)

060300  No.16110621

File: 550665ee0c39260⋯.webm (4,81 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Feel the Bern.webm)


>My (question) is what will present itself as the messiah for the communist utopia ?

What ever Reddit latches onto like a depraved whore.

d27be8  No.16110624

File: fac22317c01f29b⋯.png (173,96 KB, 454x321, 454:321, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.1 Ch.….png)


Could have been worse. Could have been Australia.

aa7486  No.16110632


Speaking of Patreon alternatives, this one launched recently too. https://newproject2.com/

>takes 3% to cover credit card fees and transaction fees and that's it

>only terms of service are "if a court orders me to or the bank tells me to I will kick you off" (but the guy running it has publically said he will loudly go into the bank and yell at them on your behalf if they try anything like that and he is absolutely the type of person to do that)

>invite-only, for people who have been kicked off patreon etc

>no Paypal or Stripe because "these companies politically censor individuals for speech they disagree with."

I know Null was invited to be on it because his site can't get funding any other way at this point. Definitely a stopgap solution, but it's something.

e88c2f  No.16110633

File: 7afc2bb5dd67da0⋯.jpg (77,81 KB, 750x563, 750:563, coconut crabs.jpg)


Also coconut crabs who rip apart trash cans, wild boar, snakes because it's hot and a great envionment for snakes, jellyfish that can poison you on the beach, a shitton of wild bobcats who crunch on bone regularly, and bears. The bears are the nicer ones.

the rest of the US just has cute little raccoons.

52a00b  No.16110641

File: 7f88b3747f88f00⋯.jpg (306,7 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, coconut_crab_vs_doggy.jpg)

File: be2e3bb45590bc9⋯.jpg (213,98 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, coconut_crab_vs_bird.jpg)


Do niggers count as "wildlife"?

d27be8  No.16110642

File: fbaa23573b9078f⋯.png (659,18 KB, 824x785, 824:785, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.1 Ch.….png)


Doesn't middle America have bears and mountain lions?

006ea9  No.16110644


>but I thought Right-Stuf mainly handled Manga, and was more of a storefront?

They have licensed anime under the names of Nozomi Entertainment or Lucky Penny.

The clue is that Right Stuf and Nozomi share the same address.


>Never heard of Eastern Star.

They use Discotek Media and Eastern Star interchangeably on a lot of their video releases. Right Stuf International just lists them as "Eastern Star" since that's the company's name.

d3c9da  No.16110646

File: 1f588337aab4439⋯.jpg (124,23 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DaDuB70UMAAxPLx.jpg large.jpg)


Florida is truly the Australia of the US. Though I guess that'd be a breath of fresh air for the japs compared to city wrecking kaiju.

Also I remembered I did know a japanese person. My former japanese language teacher. She was a very sweet woman. I don't know how she slipped my mind.

006ea9  No.16110647

d27be8  No.16110649


We got Floridaman.

d3c9da  No.16110652


Floridaman hasn't leveled a city. Yet.

d27be8  No.16110654


It's a state full of shitposters.

e1cb94  No.16110655


>Sony Executive Shawn Layden Explains Why The Company Is Skipping E3



<So retail has really dropped off. And journalists now, with the internet and the fact that 24/7 there is game news, it’s lost its impact around that.

<So the trade show became a trade show without a lot of trade activity. The world has changed, but E3 hasn’t necessarily changed with it.

<And with our decision to do fewer games — bigger games — over longer periods of time, we got to a point where June of 2019 was not a time for us to have a new thing to say. And we feel like if we ring the bell and people show up here in force, people have expectation “Oh, they’re going to tell us something.”

Sounds like a very weakass excuse to me.


>=Fuck every single country in this world for thinking they can have their cake and eat it too. For getting their "allies" involved in fixing their shit, and then thinking they'll come out on top.==



The Midwest does.

e88c2f  No.16110658

File: a51b023b677000c⋯.jpg (90,13 KB, 499x525, 499:525, sword think.jpg)


yep. Some of the border states have loads of bears up in the mountains, My grandparents lived up in the mountains on a big hill and some asshole giant bear climbed up the steep side just to take a rest on their porch.

It's mostly deer and shit, though. There's loads of deer. Also people overlook the wolves and coyotes, basically giant, mean backstabbing dogs.

As long as you're in a suburb animals tend to fuck off. But you live out in the field-type areas, bring your fucking shotgun.

52a00b  No.16110665

File: b90af1f8ae6694b⋯.mp4 (248,22 KB, 224x400, 14:25, meanwhile in Florida.mp4)

File: 294856ea6e0b09e⋯.jpg (380,64 KB, 1212x1402, 606:701, florida_man_alligators.jpg)

File: 4b4eda3194d082d⋯.png (2,89 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Florida.png)

File: f9a08824463ba06⋯.jpg (55,25 KB, 399x750, 133:250, Florida_Man.jpg)

File: e9f1a12e9072ca2⋯.png (165,97 KB, 640x323, 640:323, Gawker hulk owner.png)


>Florida Man


04b956  No.16110666

File: f7326b39229848c⋯.jpg (67,49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Ohys-Raws] Netoge no Yome….jpg)


>we got to a point where June of 2019 was not a time for us to have a new thing to say

Translation from Marketingspeak: we're going to piss off a lot of people if we show up at E3 with the same 2-4 games we've been showing since the Playstation 4 launched.

e88c2f  No.16110673

File: c0c992658e1115b⋯.jpg (58,5 KB, 577x537, 577:537, if only you knew.jpg)




Actually, Florida has a law where you can make anyone's crimes public, so they get the most crime stories.

Also tourists. Loads of tourists means loads of drugged up drink-n-drive backflippin' outta hell crazy motherfuckers.

Which means that only some of them are from Florida. Florida is a vacation state due to the beach hotels, so at least half of the Florida Man stories are because of plain americans.

Since America is 50 states, and each state has it's own micro-culture, lots of bullshit happens in florida. I was born there.

e1cb94  No.16110680

File: 53febde88094e6d⋯.png (1 MB, 640x1138, 320:569, e6e8ff28b072aa8c5f622de9a8….png)


And, it looks like they'll continue to be going headlong down that road with Jim "Why would anyone play this ancient-looking shit?" Ryan now running the show

060300  No.16110685

File: 6da643cfbe695fd⋯.jpg (144,76 KB, 680x1024, 85:128, fc37ffc724f8cf4a655df34a6a….jpg)


You forgot the Logger Heads.

Everyone forgets the Logger heads, until they take your foot off in one bite.

e88c2f  No.16110689

File: 463aa0a381323a1⋯.png (392,54 KB, 640x507, 640:507, kingdom_hearts_3_leaked_bo….png)

Little off topic, but if Sony released the PS5 this year, I wouldn't buy it.

Too little time, not enough games made. If they pulled that out this year, I wouldn't buy it because they'd do the same shit with it. People i've asked this about wouldn't go for it either, they'd be burned too hard.

I just wanted to say it.

376122  No.16110690




What the fuck are these monstrosities, god fucking damn am I glad to be living in a midwestern suburb


embed's not working

e88c2f  No.16110693

File: 13372736891fd89⋯.jpg (56,24 KB, 900x900, 1:1, recline skele.jpg)


See, that's why I didn't mention them, because I plumb forgot.

Oh hey, there goes my foot.

0a82cd  No.16110698

File: 0baa92a4434f129⋯.gif (90,05 KB, 142x145, 142:145, 0baa92a4434f129d60ad94e32b….gif)

Unrelated kinda rant here, please forgive. I've been playing VRChat now that I have a vive, and vrchat has a social credit system. Basically it has ranks, from visitor to trusted user. Problem is the devs are very vague on what causes you to rank up. They just say "play the game" but don't really say what that entails. Time played, number of friends and avatars uploaded, and worlds seem to mean nothing. So the people that become "trusted" have a crazy over inflated sense of self importance.

I just spent an hour watching some drunk asshole that was marked as "trusted" sit in the drawing area acting like he's some kind of king with some e-thot hanging on his every word and brag about how everyone else is a grey blob to him, because I guess a lot of trusteds set it so everyone but their friends are blobs? The fucker won't even talk to you, calls everyone kids and to "stand in the corner." He must have it set so only his friends appear for him because another trusted was licking his titties and he commented on how he couldn't see her.

Only a year after getting a social credit system a video game turned social experiment already shows the problems. And there are people that want this shit in real life. RIP China.

52a00b  No.16110700


It should have started already.

Nick may have moved it back because Doug is laking on the Comicsgate livestream.

d27be8  No.16110704

File: d224719a23d235e⋯.png (358,68 KB, 562x602, 281:301, d224719a23d235e4c78441facc….png)


We invented Key Lime Pie.

f962ef  No.16110710

If they're being a dick, record it and post it online. That seems to work pretty well to bother people.

e88c2f  No.16110711

File: 2eba4659bce7fc0⋯.gif (580,57 KB, 245x184, 245:184, cheers to death.gif)


It's good shit.

270027  No.16110712

File: 7897e38e9a867af⋯.jpg (66,84 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 0935f308c137339b1279f43e8e….jpg)


It's not even that good.

f962ef  No.16110713



Post reply number got erased.

376122  No.16110714


>Key Lime Pie

Never ate it before, though I remember it looking good on pictures lmao

d27be8  No.16110717


Key Lime Pie is Florida's Pride. Go try it some time.

e1cb94  No.16110718

File: c34b41c03be08a3⋯.mp4 (14,2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, JX1l6MaTBlhMVfb-.mp4)


Aside from the real-life parallels to what would really happen, why get angry? It's really the only place those idiots can have any real "power" and/or "influence". Besdies, didn't we know that VRChat was pozzed ever since they banned Ugunda Knuckles?

e88c2f  No.16110720

File: 4873deb21574bbf⋯.gif (2,25 MB, 600x408, 25:17, oh shit i'm okay anime.gif)


Literally go fuck yourself with a coconut crab you goddamned Chipotle-ass fucknugget

2654b8  No.16110721

File: d0b70d34db1d8c2⋯.png (818,95 KB, 720x776, 90:97, 213dac3020e16ea5d53a37602f….png)


As a non-Floridian, I like key lime pie and commend you for it. Do you think the coconut crabs and loggerheads would like key lime pie? Do you think they'd go good in a pie?

b3648f  No.16110725


All games with lootboxes should be rated AO since only adults are allowed to gamble. It will significantly weaken the barrier keeping porn games off of consoles since they are allowing AO games.

e88c2f  No.16110731

File: 57ad2314c1b70d3⋯.jpg (303,07 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, messatsu akuma.jpg)


Coconut crabs eat fucking everything. so yes actually.

The Loggerhead tortoises eat crabs. So by proxy, yes.

0a82cd  No.16110739


I don't know, it just kinda bothers me. It forces a class system where your class is worn above your head. It's like a fucking jew patch and these fuckers act like they're better than you when they're just drunk fucking assholes. I should stop playing it altogether honestly. I have no interest in making friends, don't have a lot of time to dedicate to it. I just want to see funny shit and explore worlds but I've seen all the worlds worth seeing and the funny shit is just loud annoying shit. I thought it would be like sl but it's worlds apart. With sl I can explore an endless world that's always changing and observe weirdos in their natural habitat. VRChat is just memesters and SJWs.

060300  No.16110740

File: 5ed426371ea72e4⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1,84 MB, 350x197, 350:197, 5ed.gif)

File: 39e37311988db09⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113,66 KB, 759x602, 759:602, 072809L-DCo-LVGC-Cygnet-Sn….jpg)

File: 1f257a49017cf9b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58,65 KB, 282x376, 3:4, 1-s2.0-S1080603216000685-g….jpg)


Loggerheads (Alligator Snapping Turtles) Will chomp through anything you put in front of it.

Also their head extends out very fast and can strike 6 inches or so in front of it.

52a00b  No.16110741

File: dc7c336a588b86b⋯.jpg (16,56 KB, 197x255, 197:255, crabs.jpg)


Coconut crabs will eat basically anything organic, including humans they ate Amelia Earhart and the man who was actually flying the plane for her and snapping turtles will eat anything that moves withing striking range.

376122  No.16110743

feels like I'm back on /n/

2654b8  No.16110746




Alright, now we're in business. Key lime pie-fed coconut crab-fed loggerhead tortoise meat. Viable culinary business startup y/n?

1389cd  No.16110761



Florida is a fucking crazy place.

e1cb94  No.16110763


>It forces a class system where your class is worn above your head. It's like a fucking jew patch and these fuckers act like they're better than you when they're just drunk fucking assholes.

Don't they always accuse Nazi Germany of pulling the exact same shit, and that's the reason why we should despise them?

>I should stop playing it altogether honestly. I have no interest in making friends, don't have a lot of time to dedicate to it. I just want to see funny shit and explore worlds but I've seen all the worlds worth seeing and the funny shit is just loud annoying shit. I thought it would be like sl but it's worlds apart. With sl I can explore an endless world that's always changing and observe weirdos in their natural habitat. VRChat is just memesters and SJWs.

Anon, one of the things you're going to have to learn is that the world is overflowing with stupid people regardless of where you go. Also, I've heard that if you really want to see a bunch of weird and interesting cultures and people, it's generally advised to visit the less populated/civilized islands and coast on the Pacific Ocean.

83684c  No.16110768


>they ate Amelia Earhart and the man who was actually flying the plane for her

I'm going to want more info on this

006ea9  No.16110774



>in a board about videogames

d27be8  No.16110777

File: 43d0fa326771ed9⋯.png (1,16 MB, 1564x2218, 782:1109, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.2 Ch.….png)

File: 428262e86b60cbc⋯.png (1,29 MB, 1564x2218, 782:1109, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.2 Ch.….png)

File: e9c7ff33da14a77⋯.png (1,25 MB, 1564x2218, 782:1109, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.2 Ch.….png)

Reminder to keep digging on the whole thing. Funimation claims to have "evidence" against Vic, but wouldn't make it public.

cebf1c  No.16110780

File: a049e7519448697⋯.jpg (56,34 KB, 1018x567, 1018:567, ykV1L.jpg)

839bf9  No.16110781

File: b2e108715138b94⋯.jpg (70,09 KB, 594x480, 99:80, b2e.jpg)


>Amelia Earhart was eaten by crabs


e88c2f  No.16110788

File: 971bbcede17cf4c⋯.jpg (81,29 KB, 1131x921, 377:307, no pants.jpg)


talking about video games is a bannable offense, or so i'm told.

52a00b  No.16110790

006ea9  No.16110791

>>16110777 (nice trips)

If a company or person says "I've got evidence" and doesn't show evidence, then there's a likelihood that they're just making things up and have none at all.

d27be8  No.16110792

File: 08aa8cb0fa0c1aa⋯.jpg (237,76 KB, 1127x534, 1127:534, Hime no Dameshi - Hime no ….jpg)


It's like I'm in 2007.

006ea9  No.16110794


It's also bannable to talk about


4bebe6  No.16110795


there's not much to tell, the whole thing was a media stunt and Earhart was in no way even near qualified enough to make such a flight on her own. That's how long they have been pushing this moronic girl power bullshit.

e88c2f  No.16110803

File: 156da4e6eee8389⋯.jpg (90,53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, save me.jpg)


>The Disaster Times







7c1262  No.16110809

File: f849ff2be6df7e8⋯.png (458,44 KB, 575x601, 575:601, ClipboardImage.png)

006ea9  No.16110813


Now watch as Captain Marvel flops before it even releases…

d27be8  No.16110814


Whatba fucking hear that was.

aec226  No.16110816


but isn't brie larson herself both white and male?

52a00b  No.16110818


They're going to make so much money going for that "woke" audience!

d27be8  No.16110840

File: 00cb1cae7385d8e⋯.jpg (311,21 KB, 800x1073, 800:1073, My Succubus Girlfriend - V….jpg)

File: 787f5eacc97a07a⋯.jpg (161,95 KB, 800x578, 400:289, My Succubus Girlfriend - V….jpg)


The Brokening is upon Hollywood.

f962ef  No.16110843


I wonder why white nationalism is going up.

7b1c67  No.16110844


Because they won't hit on her? Also: What the fuck, I'm a guy and even I can tell that what she is doing is exactly what you don't want to do when you have a face like a brick.

e1cb94  No.16110853

File: 6e7c2c19081f139⋯.png (98 KB, 717x1002, 239:334, Fuck the Left-Wing out of ….png)


Isn't all of this shit basically just a desperate cry for help? They're getting EXACTLY what they're asking for, and it seems like they aren't pleased with the results, but they're so deep in the hole that they figure that they might as well keep digging straight on through to China.

eba48f  No.16110861

File: e45eaa97804ca8b⋯.png (245,8 KB, 700x346, 350:173, ClipboardImage.png)

52a00b  No.16110864

File: 32a61d6f5b7e32d⋯.jpg (107,99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ujxtfbbamzsjffmjwktpxwuexx….jpg)



>face like a brick

That manjaw makes her look like the fat guy from Prison School.

7c1262  No.16110867

File: 0fc6e83d4db1f2c⋯.jpg (194,23 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Feminism 441.jpg)

But wait, there's more.

aec226  No.16110876


that's bullshit, kamala harris isn't capable of love.

180955  No.16110877

File: 001b3ebf724a4bf⋯.mp4 (6,96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Margaritaville but the bar….mp4)


Here's a good Kunkel awards nominee.

5057a5  No.16110881


>And with our decision to do fewer games — bigger games — over longer periods of time, we got to a point where June of 2019 was not a time for us to have a new thing to say.

Maybe if you fucking downscaled and made games and not movies youd have new shit to show.


Is that hercules?


They cant show anything, they would inspire true protests.

e1cb94  No.16110885


>Is that hercules?


5057a5  No.16110888

793f55  No.16110890



Do you think she has any say in such matters, or is it up to her jewish handlers?

793f55  No.16110892

File: 29f070bf1f8b686⋯.jpg (187,78 KB, 750x650, 15:13, Brie Larson Thinks.jpg)


Forgot pic.fuck…

ca3fb7  No.16110907

File: 6691076f98fa239⋯.png (58,86 KB, 1294x402, 647:201, cucked.png)

>KiA held a vote of no confidence

>Mods deleted the result

W E W laddy


180955  No.16110913

File: 6d43b4fb73a8407⋯.webm (13,85 MB, 180x180, 1:1, hidden land medley.webm)



She a stronk black wite womyn who don't need no handler.

Hell if I know. Both are equally likely.


Here's hoping Voat gets more than 10 new users.

52a00b  No.16110916

File: 46028c904a1ab09⋯.jpeg (51,32 KB, 516x561, 172:187, Viv Popcorn.jpeg)


It's hard to say, since Leftists, like Team Rocket, hate love, beauty, and truth.

There are techniques in photography using barrel-distortion from long zoom lenses squish her face in a beneficial way to reduce potato-face and if worse-comes-to-worst: just fix it Photoshop, but they choose not to use them in this official PR pic.


I need to make popcorm

376122  No.16110919

>Doug and this lawyer dude aren't aware that Vic is non-union and the rest are pretty much union and that Vic is for the most part outside of their cliques

1408c5  No.16110941


Clearly not. Are you blind?

91f04b  No.16110949

Going to bed, Gook senpai just know you're in my prayers, GL faggot.

97b651  No.16110954

File: bac04f68b79537d⋯.png (527,23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, c2a58b81d3b70043f2786fa231….png)


They really want to kill their own movie before it releases

aec226  No.16110958


they can't let it succeed or they can't blame da patriarchy for it. feminism can only exist as long as there is a patriarchy to smash. the very second that women are no longer oppressed, feminism is no longer necessary and all the feminists on earth are permanently out of a job - the only job they could ever possibly be capable of doing.

that's why they've been pretending that a patriarchy exists for all these decades.

301c0d  No.16110961


Well duh, take a look at how star wars crashed and burned, its par the course at this point.

006ea9  No.16110965


Never mind that the United States is mostly a matriarchy at this point.

d27be8  No.16110970

File: 02b175ab28b6116⋯.jpeg (72,25 KB, 942x524, 471:262, DzJCiw2VsAABvQl.jpeg)

d27be8  No.16110983

File: 794f6606a3de699⋯.jpeg (95,43 KB, 942x1008, 157:168, DzHffRJU0AA1wuN.jpeg)

File: 6f5c095fbeaa369⋯.jpeg (666,22 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, DzJ507WX0AEwdA0.jpeg)

6c92dd  No.16110991




I will remind you that he based some of his knowledge on the reliability and honesty of what Scooby Wu has said. I'll just let that sink in.



Captain Marvelous flop

77b2a1  No.16110995

File: 5e3bab44b3c61d3⋯.jpg (160,29 KB, 456x628, 114:157, 1447532113767.jpg)


>mfw this image ain't a joge

4cc5d7  No.16111003


One can only hope that shit has been one of the most consumer unfriendly things since forever.

cebf1c  No.16111005

File: a76a8324b5fdc6c⋯.png (69,11 KB, 456x638, 228:319, inhuman.PNG)

File: 28a95e34ce45b8f⋯.jpg (42,26 KB, 843x539, 843:539, 1OomMmC.jpg)

d27be8  No.16111006

File: 4e04ec468490d8f⋯.jpeg (8,79 KB, 323x235, 323:235, DzJqxdPUcAEZP_3.jpeg)


Tell me about it.

bc288a  No.16111007


I've been under a rock and I just heard of this today.

I don't follow dubs but I'm familiar with his work (including the christian music) and he seemed like one of the few talented guys in the western VA space.

From what I gather the allegations are baseless and I feel bad for him.


>we don't have enough money and visa to move

Why not just a plane ticket and apply for asylum? If they'll take other refugees, I'm sure they'll take you. Say you fear religious persecution or something.


Most predatory animals tend to stick to themselves and Midwestern America tends to have lax gun laws so it's not much of an issue should it come down to that, but to my knowledge there are not substantial bear or mountain lion populations in the American Midwest. They have hogs and coyote.


Hasn't the DOA stuff been known for a while now? I recall Harada even make Tekken sexier as a result.

e88c2f  No.16111011

File: b3d4dc38964d2bf⋯.jpg (17,51 KB, 500x267, 500:267, kh my face my heart.jpg)


It's either that or all technology companies are actively lying about their machine specs and grouped up together to ensure they can sell cheap shit like processors and other parts to the masses at an exorbitant price.


793f55  No.16111012

File: c63dc9ec45943ee⋯.jpg (357,88 KB, 1050x650, 21:13, Geniedola.jpg)

7b1c67  No.16111021


It is what happens when people with talent leave or get burned out.


If it is, that is generally retarded. Leftist women, from my experience, are not worth putting up with. Granted, I am not much of one to talk.

eba48f  No.16111022


Can't you benchmark it anyways?

b2cbfb  No.16111025

File: 127fb0ed6bd08a9⋯.png (568,8 KB, 1400x1253, 200:179, ClipboardImage.png)


Can any American woman be as iron willed as Marg Thatcher? She's an actual iron lady and I think she's a 1st wave feminist.

376122  No.16111027


Yep. You've got the short of it.

He's lost huge fucking jobs now, a bunch of VA so-called "friends" (read: backstabbing rats), his reputation dragged through the mud (which to an actor and especially a voice actor is everything), blacklisted from conventions with the ones supporting him being censored, anyone defending him being attempted to be censored and mocked by ANN, and so on.

At least the support for him is growing with each day. The people are with him. Its a moderate-size leftist mob and the industry out for him but a larger group of people with him; I just hope it'll be enough for him to keep going, and hopefully he uses his lawyers to destroy ANN and Funimation.

1389cd  No.16111029


Even kiketubers are siding with him now.

376122  No.16111036


I'm not surprised with them being attacked and all. Glad they stopped being neutral and realized who the guilty ones really are here.

Hopefully its enough to make Funimation feel the pain.

0d77a1  No.16111046


Every time I repair fountains out in lakes, I end up swimming with the gators there.

52a00b  No.16111056


Goopergraper Gator-rapist confirmed!

376122  No.16111057

File: 148bdabea5e7369⋯.png (68,21 KB, 626x618, 313:309, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f6d9073f6ca907e⋯.png (66,7 KB, 624x721, 624:721, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ca5d9d3e18cccdf⋯.png (78,71 KB, 600x849, 200:283, ClipboardImage.png)

Monica Rial, one of the rat-whore VAs who went against Vic is starting to panic and sperg out. Its pretty fucking hilarious and people are starting to mock her.

Reminder to archive anything you can on her twitter.


1389cd  No.16111058

File: da0ba3be542e941⋯.png (313,68 KB, 936x771, 312:257, archiveeverythingevenyours….png)

376122  No.16111060

File: d33efffe525e0c4⋯.png (63,94 KB, 731x496, 731:496, ClipboardImage.png)



my favorite one of the bunch

0a82cd  No.16111066


How is he still alive? Movie bob should've killed himself by now. He's clearly unhappy and not mentally stable.

e1cb94  No.16111076


Also, I don't think anyone really cares what the fat bastard has to say. Even using him for lol material has warn itself extremely thin for several months.

006ea9  No.16111080


I wonder if she's a Rialist?

0a82cd  No.16111085


I don't even read his tweets when they're posted here. He's a mad man. A loony blithering madman.

bc288a  No.16111088



The Super Smash Bros community is ridiculously SJW, I wonder if his buddies will get mad he called her out on her bullshit.

47b1b1  No.16111090

File: 89c8c91c6ea55dc⋯.png (101 KB, 242x208, 121:104, crowlerface.png)


>Dehumanizing your enemies is only something inhuman people do!

He cannot be this stupid.

7b1c67  No.16111092


How can someone type this and expect to be taken seriously?

8bfd03  No.16111094

File: 7fd34ab90fdda7d⋯.jpg (225,6 KB, 1200x1802, 600:901, 459.jpg)


>need registration

0a82cd  No.16111095

File: 3434506cde07f2b⋯.jpg (368,13 KB, 840x700, 6:5, 1500008269.jpg)


My first interaction I ever had with moviebob was him quote tweeting me referring to me as "people" in quotes to something that didn't even involve him. Right off the bat he dehumanized me. I've hated his guts ever since.

52a00b  No.16111097

Does anyone know why 7chan died?

006ea9  No.16111099


Wait… 7chan died?

68aab9  No.16111103

File: e36cbf32112e417⋯.jpg (116,55 KB, 1024x837, 1024:837, checked.jpg)


I don't think it will truly fracture but it is kinda nice to see some cracks between the various sjw factions. though it feels a bit more like the main faction cleaning house and purging those not 100% on board


At this point I am surprised he has not zero-summed or something from the amount of contradictions he spouts every time he opens his mouth.

52a00b  No.16111104


Yeah, since at least Thursday (maybe before then, because I rarely have a reason to go back.)

52a00b  No.16111106

File: b94cc23ce888117⋯.png (58,58 KB, 396x363, 12:11, popcorn is crazy.png)

52a00b  No.16111112

File: 9de436a4ad95a67⋯.gif (903,23 KB, 288x406, 144:203, 1433293380472.gif)

d4bea0  No.16111114


Was it really alive in the first place?

ee4d21  No.16111117

File: 7272d709dd7d298⋯.gif (1,19 MB, 346x814, 173:407, 144387492510.gif)


Even DSP is more self-aware.

376122  No.16111120

This Anime Outsiders dude is going on about the texas-based VA clique being the ones to mainly be attacking Vic.

Just something to be aware of when digging.

c1e5f2  No.16111130


These days in general, data would be above all else. Especially if the data is tied to a consistent personal identity. An elaborate data set can be quite valuable for many interests engaged in AI development. But that value is translated more into developing their own technologies trained by said data to sell separately (if said company is large enough).

Reddit doesn't exactly have the resources to diversify their revenue source by investing into other technologies like Alphabet and Facebook are doing. Though the Chinese move to buy a stake in Reddit could make sense, if the real intention is for them to leverage such data for another project they're working on.

17ff1e  No.16111131


It's amazing how fast these cunts regress into NPCs when people call out on their bullshit.


Got a link?

258b4c  No.16111133

https://rational? what a load of bullshit./wiki/List_of_Gamergate_claims

What is the best source of counter claims to this page?

376122  No.16111137




Hooktube worked a lot better for me in terms of stream lag for whatever reason. Anime Outsiders appears about maybe halfway through or later? Last 30-40 minutes I think?

f66fca  No.16111144

File: d249d5360f12e85⋯.png (39,08 KB, 1033x674, 1033:674, ghostshellzen unshadowbann….png)

File: 5a326dbdd9c345b⋯.png (95,98 KB, 941x705, 941:705, from_GhostShellZen_-_Twitt….png)


Speaking of, Twitter removed the person claiming Jamie Marchi bad touched them at a con from its shadowban list. The story was likely bullshit to prove a point, but it sure is (((coincidental))) that it was hidden until there was a scrap of evidence to prove that.

0a82cd  No.16111148


The rational wiki is an irrelevant shithole full of bullshit and written by psychopaths. But if you must counter it use our own wiki. Everything's there.

376122  No.16111151

File: b02261491afc59e⋯.png (30,83 KB, 611x572, 47:44, ClipboardImage.png)



Their credibility is so low that you can just point that and/or Ryulong's existence out instead of wasting your time, or just go through older threads/KiA and search for it

(random example)


They quite literally have no credibility whatsoever

If you want to counter claims, go through old threads, KiA or the wiki and search up shit, or Deepfreeze

I'm not bothering to take a look at whatever joke that list is though

52a00b  No.16111152


It's on the "Rational" "Wiki"; to start.

The "Rational" "Wiki" is ED for arch-fedoralords.

d4bea0  No.16111154


Hooktube is dead, just a direct unfiltered embed of youtube and has no reason to exist anymore.

376122  No.16111156


its a more lightweight version of jewtube that doesn't have the videos saved to my history and sometimes when a video isn't working on invidio.us, it works on hooktube strangely enough

Youtube is extremely laggy compared to hooktube, the site's optimization really went to absolute fucking garbage

0a82cd  No.16111158

File: e3e64c3b9055da1⋯.jpg (300,33 KB, 1200x842, 600:421, getting sleepy.jpg)

File: aca028ebfd34b55⋯.jpg (119,28 KB, 947x618, 947:618, goodnight!.jpg)

Good night!

d4bea0  No.16111162


That's because the current layout uses deprecated code that only Chrome uses in order to make the whole thing run worse on other browsers.

ec7092  No.16111164

File: 436389f8218c295⋯.jpg (164,16 KB, 614x695, 614:695, 58584334_p1 yukari.jpg)


Has the bastard finished the Roommate loli story yet?

fed41b  No.16111165


>The Super Smash Bros community is ridiculously SJW

So that's why the upskirts are gone.

c74a43  No.16111182


>hurr 2d loli = 3dpd child porn



52a00b  No.16111184

1f13e4  No.16111191


I guess that girl will end raped and broken by that ojisan's cock.

ec7092  No.16111193

File: 045ab98d87ed451⋯.png (337,01 KB, 508x800, 127:200, 111444aa5630491ce0730dae5d….png)


How many years has it been. I need a resolution. Has he done a sex scene at least? It's been months since I last checked. At this point the story itself is going to be older than the loli.

7b1c67  No.16111255


Given the way they are going, its only a matter of time before the purity spiral reaches 100% China levels and you find out that they are genuinely eating their own. That or they are going to actually lynch one of their own or someone they lay claim to for disagreeing with them in a public sphere.

52a00b  No.16111327



Actually, ol' butterface >>16110809 here, is getting attacked by fellow Leftists from the "free gibs" Niggress Wing of Feminism, for promoting a go-fund-me campaign to have "disadvantaged" little girls get tickets to see her completely ruin The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the very concept of superhero movies (that aren't anime) forever.

Said "free gibs queens" asked an entirely reasonable question:

>How is going to see a movie starring some rich old White Woman supposed to help "disadvantaged" little girls?

The salt from this infighting, I'm told, is exquisite. It's almost like we planned this…

ec7092  No.16111334

File: bfe05cc3a9e657a⋯.png (1,07 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, vivian reach2.png)


Nothing is

47b1b1  No.16111341



Add it to the list of things we're responsible for.

6c92dd  No.16111355

47b1b1  No.16111375

File: 741a2f599d54cfd⋯.png (137,63 KB, 594x288, 33:16, yourfault!.png)


Because I like that joke.

0220cb  No.16111383

File: 051e373204fb621⋯.jpg (109,95 KB, 900x626, 450:313, idaMBEn.jpg)

kotaku in action has been taken over by gg revolt. And it fucking hurts. It's overflowing with threads that all say the same thing.

>fuck video games

>we've moved on

>the root cause was leftist liberals and that's who we should be fighting

>we could have half a million subs if we just changed more shit

>let people post whatever the fuck we want. Let the admin cucks ban it

>gamergate died years ago. this is about standing up to leftists now

>if cucks dont like it, let kia burn to the fucking ground

>fuck games

>fuck kia

>fuck all you gamer fucks

>let the admins ban us. this is war

9e7a0a  No.16111414


>At this point I am surprised he has not zero-summed or something from the amount of contradictions he spouts every time he opens his mouth.

>yfw Bob achieves CHIM instead

7c1262  No.16111417

File: a39da28e927ba66⋯.jpg (39,83 KB, 750x375, 2:1, Shinzo Abe Facepalm.jpg)


Why are we letting these scums roam the planet?

0b38c8  No.16111446


The fuck?

This post makes no sense. The revoltard is Hessmix, and the rest of the mod team's cancer is finally brought out to its full potential under him

Moreover *I did not see that shit for most of the postings. The mods are the ones at fucking fault there for trying to curate the community and direct the community to its own ends instead of just letting the community decide for itself what to see

What you're seeing is an act of protest against those faggot hotpockets acting unilaterally despite their poll showing the community's fucking response to keep the status quo

The mods are fucking retarded and were entirely the ones to have brought it on. If KiA burns down, it will be because the mods didn't listen to the goddamn userbase, and as far as I can tell, that has little relevance to revolt aside from Hessmix's literal connections to it.

At the end of the day its their problem so let them sort it out.

c3477f  No.16111459


>"Don't dehumanize people, because this proves you're not human"

<"Hey you see those Gamergate people? Subhuman scum I tell ya"

481c04  No.16111463


Clearly the two mosaic bars are placed to obscure the presence or lack of both foreskin and circumcision scars.

One of the more subtle (((highlights))) I've seen.


Apparently an incredible amount of the profits are driven by kids with parents who don't secure their credit card info. See recent leaks regarding Facebook and "friendly fraud". Government intervention would not only increase overhead, but would stamp out that particular demographic entirely.

The government would also, by necessity, be scrutinizing developers/publishers pushing lootboxes, which will absolutely result in any other legal violations uncovered being reported - for a government employee to be negligent here, they'd risk their job and pension. Pushing lootboxes after their regulation would require the companies involved be working on the up and up at all times, because it's an open invitation for every government bureau from the IRS on down to jam a microscope up whatever, whenever the mood strikes.


'Well, we thought we might find some skeletons in the closet, but it turned out that the closet was made of skeletons, along with the rest of the house, the foundation actually was a 70/30 bonemeal/concrete mix, the mountain the foundation rested on was also skeletons, and apparently the whole thing is on a property licensed by something named "Mr. Bones' Wild Ride".'


>Gamergate started in 2011-12

Shit. I'm tired of them saying this. I'm going to borrow the time machine and delay Gamergate well into 2014.


>the fourth reich doesn't want filthy corporations to have any power over their glorious communist utopia

>somehow them winning is a good thing?

I'm not going to debate you on the various flavours of shit anon, I don't have the palate for it.



Don't forget Burger King made an entire ad campaign to propagandize the "pink tax" to the general public. There are no winners, here.



If the EU succeeds, corporate power will be crippled inside their borders without bothering with lawsuits.

If the EU fails, this judgement will mean nothing.

It's kind of funny I'll grant, but the most that happened is McDonald's lost power inside the EU a few years early. I'd be surprised if the EU even makes third on the list of their most profitable territories, after the US and China. And this doesn't even mean they'll lose sales, just that they can't enforce a trademark. They already had to re-brand the Quarter Pounder with Cheese outside the US anyway, because of the metric system and no one knowing what the fuck a pound is, other than Britain trying to maintain some distance from the Euro.

Given american restrictions on intellectual property, I doubt McDonald's would win if they actually went to court for "big mac" anyway. You can't own words (supreme court decision, pretty sure) and "Mac" literally translates to english from gaelic as "son of".

… I am now referring to the Big Mac as a "Big Sonnuva".


Good to know you're still kicking, Gook. Missed you, but you do whatever you think you have to to preserve your health, safety, and sanity.

86df03  No.16111468

File: 80f6f453d03915f⋯.png (66,48 KB, 468x844, 117:211, LigueDuLol1.png)

File: 02a979beb95d7a6⋯.png (46,91 KB, 452x652, 113:163, LigueDuLol2.png)

File: bc2a0a533163dab⋯.png (122,75 KB, 488x834, 244:417, LigueDuLol3.png)

File: d30e1c31bdcafad⋯.png (78,65 KB, 476x766, 238:383, LigueDuLol4.png)

News from France, for once they don't concern the Gilets Jaunes but are definitely relevant





To this day there's still new journos and bloggers being called out again. Just yesterday some gay journo released full names, jobs and twitter handles of the people who'd harassed him (again, not Literally Who-tier harassment, genuine, real life shit that tries to ruin your life, reputation, relationships). Of course, most of them showed themselves on social media as totally supportive of progressive values.

It's beauty and poetry.

5cbefa  No.16111469


>They already had to re-brand the Quarter Pounder with Cheese outside the US anyway

It's still called a quarter pounder where I live Netherlands

7c1262  No.16111473



When is he getting the love from the trucks of peace in Paris?

86df03  No.16111477


I live in France, not the UK, thanks very much

7c1262  No.16111529

File: f1f68053f5f68e8⋯.png (626,57 KB, 647x655, 647:655, ClipboardImage.png)

f4d64f  No.16111575


>Blue Goro

My sides have entered orbit

d3c9da  No.16111601


One theory I've heard is that Marvel doesn't really care about Brie and are only using her to introduce the character but will replace the actress later for someone less shit. Though that seems like incredibly wishful thinking.

ed83ab  No.16111633


So, their master plan is "take screenshots if they say bad words, so decades later we can share it"? Fucking Yale doesn't even think far enough to use archives? I'm extremely eager to see the first president attacked over their minecraft comment history.

cebf1c  No.16111673

File: 726b7c324386f0c⋯.png (45,07 KB, 631x344, 631:344, inhuman2.PNG)

4168ac  No.16111680

File: 889359ad009bfdb⋯.png (651,61 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, illust_73136301_20190212_0….png)


You can't even trust a screenshot alone since you can just edit it.

1d6846  No.16111721


That means nothing to them. If it even looks like evidence you deserve to punished, and anything that contradicts what they believe to be evidence is obviously just a lie.

444785  No.16111727

File: ee4ebc244e25b0e⋯.png (12,1 KB, 976x330, 488:165, Untitled.png)



Just wanna follow up. I've got a SK friend I've known for a decade and he talked to me saying this. He's usually hands off when it comes to politics so I'm inclined to believe him.

1389cd  No.16111745

File: c619d4ca2e30f99⋯.png (412,41 KB, 690x968, 345:484, Jesus Christ 2.png)

7c1262  No.16111897

File: dc759f238fcc819⋯.jpg (50,77 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Kenny Omega Shocked 2.jpg)



This fucking explains the massive influx of South Korean gooks immigrating and staying in Flipland over the past several years. My god, I hate those mutts before and still hate them now, but now I understand on why they're escaping that hellhole.

44358b  No.16111919


Don't forget that best ones couldn't have any way to actually escape from that country.

At least they can try their luck into escaping to mountains.

d3c9da  No.16111924


Wouldn't escaping into the mountains make it easier for them to get disappeared?

d27be8  No.16111925

File: 2fd4c43c6d6bfc4⋯.png (908,93 KB, 403x1169, 403:1169, Fat Ugly Girl.png)



Japan, Taiwan and Flipland are popular refuges for Korean men. Though Japan doesn't want them there.

7c1262  No.16111937

File: c3a34b36201fd2c⋯.png (257,67 KB, 513x588, 171:196, ClipboardImage.png)

1f13e4  No.16111944


You didn't archive it properly. It has nothing.

d27be8  No.16111955

File: 1d61906a979bce6⋯.png (1,89 MB, 1112x1600, 139:200, Roujoteki Shoujo Hinata-ch….png)

File: ea8af460d4bcc50⋯.png (1,64 MB, 1112x1600, 139:200, Roujoteki Shoujo Hinata-ch….png)

File: b3baf4d5870d1c6⋯.png (1,2 MB, 1112x1600, 139:200, Roujoteki Shoujo Hinata-ch….png)

File: 4baa3480f5d9e24⋯.png (1,49 MB, 1112x1600, 139:200, Roujoteki Shoujo Hinata-ch….png)


But they have sororities.

7c1262  No.16111957


<"Too toxic, too masculine! Time to teach them how to be a proper man!"

They've done this to the Boys' Scouts too.

44358b  No.16111963


No, I don't think so.

Main opponent is government and brainwashed Korean women, so avoiding both of these when possible would make life a little more bearable.


They could try their luck in Kamchatka if they are willing to learn vodkarunes too.

From what I heard Flipland doesn't want them either and Taiwan has it's own problems with China slowly blobbing into them the same thing as Hong Kong.

d3c9da  No.16111964



d27be8  No.16111974


Little loli granny.

44358b  No.16111994


SK doesn't have access to nukes and NK was forced to dismantle them all after Korean peace talks.

So very unlikely.

73c4fc  No.16112007


very good

3f0e43  No.16112010



>Still cute

3D, why do you still exist?

466214  No.16112028




No one wants refugees, no one ever has doesn’t even matter if it’s people from the same country an influx of people from out nowhere always pisses people off.

I remember hurricane Katrina happened New York, Texas, and every state that harbored them were upset about rising food prices, lazy Louisianan, and rising crime. And that’s people harboring their own citizens. So I don’t know why everyone is surprised that America doesn’t want refugees or Philippine doesn’t want Koreans. It’s common sense two thousand years of history has always shown that.

1d6846  No.16112029


I bet you they'll win it too. Yale and all the other Ivy League schools are too cucked.

65d150  No.16112030

File: 4baf04b858e9491⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 287,55 KB, 1028x1500, 257:375, 1.jpg)

File: 537e0ee7c3bc0b3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 570,45 KB, 1058x1500, 529:750, 5.jpg)

File: a1323944f41e1ad⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 476,38 KB, 1058x1500, 529:750, 6.jpg)

File: 420eb689b29110c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 517,58 KB, 1058x1500, 529:750, 9.jpg)

File: b6b0366d59036bf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 564,5 KB, 1058x1500, 529:750, 10.jpg)


I don't think you want an ugly 2D.

>Being so ugly that you killed a guy's boner forever

f962ef  No.16112070

File: 3b4483b20fa8a61⋯.png (947,28 KB, 1809x1286, 1809:1286, 69708352_p0.png)


Thanks for posting this

Heartwarming lolibaba

very comfy des.

e1cb94  No.16112079


Hasn't Tibet been one of the few places to successfully tell China to fuck off?

c74a43  No.16112113



>using jewish meme words™

5057a5  No.16112145


>Pushing lootboxes after their regulation would require the companies involved be working on the up and up at all times, because it's an open invitation for every government bureau from the IRS on down to jam a microscope up whatever, whenever the mood strikes.

Well, what constitutes as up and up for 2 corrupt assholes, though this time it would not be 1 on 1 with a single gove but closer to 1 on anywheres between 25 to 100, since it would not just be america on their necks, canada, belgium and many others would live some of that pie.

5057a5  No.16112149


Define "success" as they still are under chink rule like hong kong.

e1cb94  No.16112152


Isn't China still trying to find a way to upset/pozz the Dali lama's authority?

44358b  No.16112174


So does India.

9ff503  No.16112182

love my pet spider calllled Mingy. He is an orrb spider. I let him crawl on the head of my penis. It felt so tingly . Fed him my pet pigeon. Now he has grown real big. spider eerections look reaaly hot. Kinda like H.R Giger art and the Aliens movie.

03b45b  No.16112206

File: d51ccbf9d87b0fe⋯.png (864,8 KB, 1600x1920, 5:6, d51ccbf9d87b0fe4d128cb9625….png)

File: c811790efdb765e⋯.jpg (638,01 KB, 750x990, 25:33, c811790efdb765eba03516152f….jpg)

File: a2f310f0c8e1313⋯.jpg (1,09 MB, 2419x3129, 2419:3129, a2f310f0c8e1313ad3a35e67d5….jpg)

Ara feet.

d27be8  No.16112212


Loli feet is better to be honest.

fc023f  No.16112244

I'm done with fucking KiA. I liked the voted aggregate of SocJus news. Where else can I get something like that?

1389cd  No.16112256

Here we go.

d27be8  No.16112288


I wonder if people migrated to Voat?

1f13e4  No.16112294

TOR was a mistake.

Anything new about Vic Mignoga?

1389cd  No.16112301


It's a mix of Aaron spreging like always and newfags.

444785  No.16112303



Got 2k subs in a few days after the whole r/kia meta stuff.

d27be8  No.16112310


Rumor that he might be layering up.

Also point anime fans alternatives to Funimatiok, CrunchyRoll and Anime News Network.

466214  No.16112311


Wait till he dies then raise a pro Dali lama. India is doing the same with a pro India Dali lama and Tibet etc.

China wins in the end because they’ve splintered him as a figurehead. It’s why he wants to return to Tibet and choose his own successor.

d27be8  No.16112316




7e513d  No.16112324


The best option is india, isn't the Tibet goverment in Exile in there, I bet he can pick it from there

d27be8  No.16112330


I heard rumors that the successor would be Indian.

444785  No.16112335


Animetosho, any decent streaming site that isn't kiss and AniDB or SankakuComplex.

466214  No.16112346


I believe that was the original plan but something went sour, last I heard he was afraid India was going to go to war over Tibet and he was afraid of that outcome.

Bear in mind my information is three years old.

d27be8  No.16112349


Hi-Dive for legal. Some fags in the fandom refuse to pirate on principle.

2daa80  No.16112351




>The best option is india

Hasn't Indian pretty much perverted Buddhism ever since the guy died, and the only time that wasn't the case was when King Asoka was ruling?

d27be8  No.16112365


All I know was that India is the birthplace of Buddhism and Buddha was a Pajeet Prince.

466214  No.16112385


Only thing I know is that Buddhism fell out of favor after the bhavgad Gita said it’s okay lower caste people one day you too shall be in the upper caste when you die and reincarnate.

ever since Dali Lama went to India, China began ramping up their buddhist revivalism with archaeology into Buddhism and relics India has done the exact same thing.

Of course at the end of the day both of them just want Tibet.

10e8a6  No.16112444


>thanks to yakuza goons

Adding to this a little. Until the internet became normalfag friendly a major income source for the Yakuza was "ura videos", aka copied uncensored porn tapes and dvd's.

The law and their interests are a relic of the past thanks to the web, but what can we expect from a country where every home still has a fax machine?

d27be8  No.16112446


Japan was always behind the West technologically speaking.

6c92dd  No.16112462

File: 97056fdee179d78⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 35,7 KB, 639x511, 639:511, isisdavismarks.png)

File: 01ab0bd49bfce33⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 37,24 KB, 628x511, 628:511, isisdavismarks1.png)


>That means nothing to them.

I don't know. She could get herself into a lot of trouble if anyone were to shoop shit..Not that I'm suggesting anyone would or should do that.

a80768  No.16112471

File: 2a7412bdc163873⋯.png (460,19 KB, 720x955, 144:191, 20190212_124613.png)


Enter your board here. >>>/sudo/92828

34c8c6  No.16112491

File: f7c6909e4bdbbe9⋯.jpg (107,87 KB, 404x356, 101:89, speechless ara.jpg)


What is this, some weird post to trick my son into some filthy fetishes?

a80768  No.16112499

File: 756dd061d7f3d99⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 524,23 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 756dd061d7f3d99064e9267aef….jpg)

File: c5e650a319df60e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 598,78 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, c5e650a319df60e54e6b5d7557….jpg)

File: 2ff2b14e7942ea2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 593,06 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 2ff2b14e7942ea29101ee6ad41….jpg)

File: b2708b8ad7a4a20⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 586,09 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, b2708b8ad7a4a2074c242b65b7….jpg)


Silent Hill: Ara Edition

I really want that fucking door. The perfect fuck toy.

86e537  No.16112509

File: b6e69c3b9721669⋯.png (169,45 KB, 540x498, 90:83, 3bd4528450a5c02ac1df9ab59b….png)


>tfw will never be molested by a busty older woman again

a80768  No.16112518

File: 38625c7c6337b73⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 509,16 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Ara convinces you to get a….jpg)

86e537  No.16112525


I think my wife would be mad if I started dating. At least if we're still together in 20 years she'll be an ara ara.

ec7092  No.16112532

File: 71f60dbeb4ba89c⋯.jpg (418,54 KB, 808x853, 808:853, 1460300322030-2.jpg)


Now the question remains, are you going to continue the cycle of abuse to give birth to future abusers? It's a coin toss whether the girl is going to grow up as a man-hating lesbian or pedophile though.

34c8c6  No.16112533

File: c9a3c22510fd378⋯.png (547,85 KB, 758x812, 379:406, okustalkan finds a porn dv….PNG)


>At least if we're still together in 20 years she'll be an ara ara.

Why wait 20 years? 9 months are enough if you act now.

d27be8  No.16112538

File: 2f3a860b2fc3459⋯.jpg (341,68 KB, 1047x765, 349:255, 2f3.jpg)

86e537  No.16112544


No, I'm not a pedophile.


We already have kids but she's still too young to be a true ara ara.

1f13e4  No.16112547


Did that italian artist really made that massive thing just to mock Trump even if this is fucking sick and awesome?

18484e  No.16112551

File: 9bc7821889a82ff⋯.png (195,35 KB, 518x361, 518:361, Rescued the nurse.png)

d27be8  No.16112555


Yeah, it's all to mock Trump's ego and his fans. It's Italian satirical humor.

86e537  No.16112556


That's an impressive god-emperor. Weren't they advertising that balloon as being enormous when they fundraised it, too?

fc023f  No.16112562


Is it really? I only heard one nobody interpreting it that way.

1389cd  No.16112576



If anything this is just adding to his popularity.

34c8c6  No.16112584


The Twitter sword gives it away a little bit.

1389cd  No.16112591


Like this is such an insult backfire that's it's not even funny, fuck if true then the left can't meme as usual .

405bb2  No.16112601


only NOW she is reporting to police. pffffth.

86df03  No.16112657

File: 7179c242d1e58fd⋯.png (482,65 KB, 488x831, 488:831, WHE'S YO MONEE LOICENSE MA….png)

File: 2436182259645c4⋯.webm (342,66 KB, 853x480, 853:480, MEME MAGIC.webm)


The UK keeps giving

ec7092  No.16112664

File: f023fa977634fe5⋯.jpg (1,17 MB, 2906x4096, 1453:2048, __mordred_and_mordred_fate….jpg)


Good for you to break the cycle then.

c3a661  No.16112676


It's no different from the US where the cops can seize your money if they suspect you of dealing drugs, and even if you clear your name they are still allowed to keep your money

d3c9da  No.16112681


Just don't live in a ghetto.

86e537  No.16112682


This kind of shit is why I want a government so small you can't even see it. I have a fat wad of cash in my wallet right now that isn't from crime but I can't fucking prove it isn't.


I'm not sure it's a cycle if it started and ended with her but I am not planning to make it a cycle. Little girls are for protecting and that's what I am doing with my children. That and watching a lot of tv.

c3a661  No.16112683


Or anywhere the cops feel like fucking you over for no reason

ec7092  No.16112688

File: b2a9aa528e87df3⋯.jpg (959,93 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 9013216c18b58fb767728fc009….jpg)


Plenty of highway robberies have occured outside the ghettos too.

40aee1  No.16112689

File: 11dad57d8e79e54⋯.mp4 (11,01 MB, 640x360, 16:9, carnivale 40k.mp4)

File: 796a4a3fe56ed17⋯.jpg (2,49 MB, 2894x3820, 1447:1910, 571f9fbc3c976ffb95117697c2….jpg)

File: 025b88b5a978ef0⋯.jpeg (64,29 KB, 864x437, 864:437, f64e3efe1e7d1ecf79974896c….jpeg)


It's in the details. Like Putin's head.

Or the fact that vidya corrupts minds away from philosophy.

They really needed to do bare bones research into the God Emperor meme, and how he saves mankind. They also don't understand anglos, thinking playing Sabaton would be a bad thing. That or its a brilliant long con by a secret shitlord.

d3c9da  No.16112694


Yeah. They're called taxes.

1f13e4  No.16112704


You laugh, bu shit like this is how revolutions start. There is nothing people are more afraid of than getting their hard earned money stolen.

Shit like this is why after a change of regime all people who worked for the police and their relatives should be put to dead in massive public executions.Sorry, is just my anger talking over.

86df03  No.16112710


So the US and the UK are just two sides of the same coin. I wouldn't disagree, anglo-countries are garbage.


>shit like this is how revolutions start

Wake me up when the UK doesn't take that kinda stuff up the arse. Aside from France there isn't a country on earth trying to get rid of the present systems.

d27be8  No.16112717


The Eternal Anglo.

68aab9  No.16112724

File: d7a437af6de6815⋯.jpg (122,41 KB, 850x850, 1:1, raifu.jpg)


It does differ by state to state with some requiring a conviction or even outlawing it.

9f5fac  No.16112728

File: dce17967c772e42⋯.png (240,02 KB, 1709x990, 1709:990, fucking fakku.PNG)


>hentai haven

Just saw this, I'm worried about upcoming DMCAs to every other site.


1389cd  No.16112732


> anglo-countries are garbage.

Why do others moan over us anglos like their shit don't stink? We are all fucked if we don't rid ourselves of these far left loons


They pretty much gave Trump free press.

18484e  No.16112735


Speaking of which, you can download the entire database here: >>>/d/30092

ec7092  No.16112751

File: 8428a54d4af9714⋯.jpg (272,96 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, __sako_rk_95_upotte_drawn_….jpg)

File: 735853b9da80de1⋯.jpg (327,92 KB, 1407x1080, 469:360, fuck a gun.jpg)


full res

0a5dfc  No.16112758

File: d21ba19f1c0955f⋯.jpg (378,23 KB, 1280x1808, 80:113, d21ba19f1c0955f6d68219da7b….jpg)

File: 2ca27ad1fba2aaf⋯.jpg (330,88 KB, 1280x1808, 80:113, 2ca27ad1fba2aaf5f1681de9af….jpg)

I wondered if Vic's enemies had it out for him for clique reason?

Hopefully Vic wins in Court, ANN gets Gawkered and Funi goes broke. Thing is, what's next for Vic now that he can't do anime anymore?

1f13e4  No.16112760

So… PewDiePie got banned for life on Roblox.

Is Roblox even popular? being such faggots it sounds worse even than Second Life.

d27be8  No.16112774


According to old Roblox players that quit, it might as well be dead. Robles is full of online daters ruining spaces with their role-playing and some features players liked were removed on top of making new "realistic" proportioned models.

c26176  No.16112785


only if you're used to SA level of "satire", Salò is also a satire

61249f  No.16112836

Does anyone have a screencap of an exchange a long while ago between (I think) the fine young capitalists and some random dude on twitter or something where the punchline was "your insignificance"?

Anyone remember that?

15ceb9  No.16112872


>anglo-countries are garbage.

US isn't even anglo at this point. If anything it's more aryan o spic if you live in the border states.

d27be8  No.16112875


It's Anglo since the country is still mostly English speaking.

21e38b  No.16112901

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Context (and TL;DW of embed):

>Every time 'T-Series' comes close to overaking PDP's total subscribers, he launches a "last resort" effort to stay on-top

>These "last resorts" are livestreams of the most normalfag, streamer-bait games available (VR Chat, Fortnite, etc.)

>Nothing he did in yesterday's ROBLOX livestream was especially offensive or provocative

>Today, he gets a lifetime ban, and the reason given is 'inappropriate username' (pewdie123t32)

>To test what the moderators will ban, a fan uploads a wearable "sub to pewdiepie" item; it's immediately shitcanned as 'inappropriate'

>Further digging reveals a forum thread from last month, where the mods officially decided that players may not promote PDP on their service anymore

< PewDiePie is no longer permitted on Roblox due to his content redirecting to unsafe and inappropriate sites/channels, as well as continued inappropriate behavious, that would not be permitted on Roblox, on his own channel.

>PDP wasn't even an active player when this happened

>It's literally the same logic as Activision-Blizzard and Patreon; they will gladly ban you from their services for the things you say and do outside of their services

10e8a6  No.16112906

File: 879eade124f3b68⋯.jpg (79,02 KB, 658x866, 329:433, TFYC savage insignificance.jpg)


This one you mean.

61249f  No.16112924


Holy shit, that's the one! Thanks anon!

fc023f  No.16112949

763aad  No.16112956

File: 22cc5e19b5fcae8⋯.png (108,65 KB, 376x291, 376:291, 1547745119.png)


>Its just David "I cum while thinking of Gamergate" Gallant.

>David "literal MS paint graphics" Gallant

>David "I got fired for shit talking customers in my shit video game" Gallant

And I might be miss remembering because theres been so many of these freaks called out for harassment or inappropriate behaviour at this point, but didnt he also get frozen out of the clique for trying to get some puss over his white knighting?

ec7092  No.16112984

File: ed5e51cf6e2b27e⋯.png (317,94 KB, 1200x403, 1200:403, headpats defeat loli sluts.png)

If Gook is still here, could you explain the incident with FFXIV again? And if someone has the cap where he first mentioned it that would also be appreciated. Apparently the game updated its TOS with a massive amount of draconian shit.

1d9174  No.16113031

File: 98026857ff448d3⋯.png (385,11 KB, 1000x846, 500:423, Loli-Gyaru_headswap.png)

Loli stole a body from a gyaru. What would you do?

270027  No.16113074

File: 0096d684b32cf6b⋯.jpg (513,94 KB, 1218x960, 203:160, 922673a02bc0844c503ac07684….jpg)




Seems like a dumb fetish honestly.

d27be8  No.16113078

File: d8ed021e2b2162e⋯.png (110,01 KB, 238x493, 14:29, Oshioki X-Cute - Vol.3 Ch.….png)


Image related.


Most fetishes are dumb when you think about it.

3fd5b6  No.16113089

File: d54fd49fad9eeb8⋯.jpg (54,67 KB, 640x282, 320:141, le_petit_spirou.jpg)


/comix/ is in.

After seeing how /ara/ got some love after winning, I hope that /comix/ gets some as well.

f962ef  No.16113092


>Most fetishes are dumb when you think about it.

What about a girl fetish?

Or impregnation fetish?

1d9174  No.16113095


That board has been up on claims for a long time. I see no point in a board with no moderation.

d27be8  No.16113096


You disgust me.

34c8c6  No.16113125


>girl festish

You're weird and fairly douchy.

6c48f0  No.16113127


Masterani.me and 9anime.to should be good


The funny thing is that he looks like s bit like an old Roman emperor with some of the design choices they made


They almost certainly did. All (or at least almost all) of them are in this texas clique

Also damn that's a nice ass and perspective.


Guess these "harassing tweets" were so much worse than her actual totally real experience with Vic :^)


Trump is such a master shitposter that twitter might as well be a sword to him

f962ef  No.16113130

File: 1086fac4824c7bb⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 975,46 KB, 440x330, 4:3, NightofDemons.gif)


How about surprise hand-holding?

cebf1c  No.16113134

File: f7969e411c4ca03⋯.jpg (77,74 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DzK9XGSUwAAOsV4.jpg)

<Colin Campbell/Polygon: "Civilization 6: Gathering Storm offers too little, and costs too much"


>Fortnite's Appropriation Issue Isn't About Copyright Law, It's About Ethics


>ESA: Gaming disorder diagnosis puts industry at risk


The Independent Denies Plagiarizing IGN Dragon Quest Review from Last Year





d27be8  No.16113138

fed41b  No.16113143


>go there

>no le petit spirou storytime

Way to get my hopes up.

4b28d4  No.16113145

>Anons making serious statements and discussing relevant matters on the state of videogames and Anime

>While at the same time posting lewds

How am I going to take you guys seriously if you are posting porn in your discussion posts?

I'm looking at >>16112758 (you)

c3a661  No.16113149

File: 19b1f60dc3ae59c⋯.png (55,31 KB, 650x500, 13:10, 1510580323.png)


>How am I going to take you guys seriously if you are posting porn in your discussion posts?

>the content can't be taken seriously because you're distracted by pictures

c3a661  No.16113150

File: c92c0d13d525c12⋯.png (197,2 KB, 500x351, 500:351, 1532317160.png)


wrong pic

1f13e4  No.16113155


Too late.

ec7092  No.16113163

File: 7c7d55d7f7269c1⋯.pdf (7,34 MB, ikuhana_niro__aboutface__o….pdf)


Disable images on the site.

d27be8  No.16113185


Lewds are attention grabbers to get people to pay attention to the post. If someone is posting lewd aras, it's because he wants anons to pay attention to what he has to say.

49a109  No.16113199

Does anyone have screencaps of what gookanon said previously or know a thread where all his posts about south korea for the past couple years are archived?

cebf1c  No.16113220

File: a2bf6397fb87fa3⋯.png (57,47 KB, 464x575, 464:575, brazil.PNG)

aa7486  No.16113221


>they will gladly ban you from their services for the things you say and do outside of their services

This is why I've started buying physical again when possible. I don't buy many games but I say some foul shit on social media and I'd be furious if I lost my games because of stuff I said outside of them.

b4a301  No.16113240

File: 27ddbc6398698f1⋯.jpg (257,24 KB, 1589x1075, 1589:1075, Estado novo.jpg)



I wish.

b4a301  No.16113246

4b28d4  No.16113250


A libertarian awaits for approval of others, A Fascist makes demands and expects results while not giving a damn about democracy and what others think.

b4a301  No.16113260


What are you talking about?

093eb1  No.16113270

File: 579d46e4d1682a9⋯.png (333,24 KB, 1514x1122, 757:561, polinaalunyaBDSM.png)

d41125  No.16113304

File: 580674aff729fa6⋯.png (15,75 KB, 766x156, 383:78, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4e2592c1a834349⋯.png (6,34 KB, 811x175, 811:175, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fcf8301bf4a39f0⋯.png (5,19 KB, 772x131, 772:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b0ce3f09e11d7b7⋯.png (9,03 KB, 765x93, 255:31, ClipboardImage.png)

seeing salt from the leftists on MAL who don't like how many people are supporting him makes me smug.

I just hope to god he legal-legdrops on all these worthless faggots, the evidence against them all is overwhelming.

Its amazing how they can be butthurt about this, as if they have any right to be upset.

093eb1  No.16113329

File: f9622de11922fff⋯.png (392,86 KB, 1385x1200, 277:240, quickteagentea.png)


>as if they have any right to be upset

Because everyone didn't listen and believe hard enough.

52a00b  No.16113354


>How can these people who have been conspiring for years against Vic for various reasons be conspiring against Vic right now?

This is not actually a denial, more like a Left-handed confession, because Goons love to tell on themselves, they say what they're doing in an ironic and/or sarcastic way.

aa7486  No.16113424


Supposedly there's a psychological thing that makes lying hard for most people where they can't just outright deny it. Could be bullshit but the more they misdirect from the accusation or try to make a joke of it "because it's so ridiculous" the more likely it is that it's true.

4d6a10  No.16113440


i recall it involved mods favoring members of the Megalia cult.

Then they brought over a JP dev to assist, but as soon as the dev saw what the problem was, they bailed out

Then people who wasnt Megalia wroshippers just left the game and never returned

4d6a10  No.16113484


i sometimes believe this is bob himself posting just point out hes being "targeted" by the evil GuavaGremlins

d27be8  No.16113487


>Then people who wasnt Megalia wroshippers just left the game and never returned

Get magali-woke, get magali-broke.

ec7092  No.16113497

File: c48f6a0bce4f7b3⋯.jpg (347,25 KB, 1000x724, 250:181, c48f6a0bce4f7b3ca510e22d9e….jpg)


Thanks. Here's the post and update.



ec7092  No.16113514

File: fbdccdcfae4570e⋯.png (1,47 MB, 1600x1043, 1600:1043, fbdccdcfae4570e0ee9d782376….png)

e88c2f  No.16113597

File: 62ced7d38afc261⋯.jpg (58,66 KB, 680x454, 340:227, knife eared elf has a hern….jpg)


Here's the thing, there's no reason to take a side with Mcdonalds or the EU, both suck, both deserve a BTFO. I'm laughing that it happened so ridiculously, not because I support the EU.

Nothing's good when one group has too much power in an area.

Second, if the EU "suceeds" The next thing that happens is revolt in the EU's countries. End of story, they push out companies, seize the means of production, try to replace all corporations with government, They will fail because such a system will always lack checks, balances, but most importantly competition.

Without competition and a constant challange and conflict between groups, there is literally no reason to do anything but hand out sub-par services and fuck over the consumer at every turn. If someone's taking customers by offering better deals, you can no longer fuck over the consumer and live.

Mcdonalds only really competes with other burger fast food chains and they or another burger chain will eventually merge and make a shitty series of burger chains. Corporations are shit too, because they cannot operate morally period and can't be expected to, so fuck em. When they're competing against eachother at a feverish pitch, they're useful and using their services is fine in general if they're convienant, it's a fact of life. That's my view on corparations.

The EU is the greater evil here, I know, but this is unprecedented in the history of copyright so it's hilarious.

cebf1c  No.16113621

File: b4b184d8260bf71⋯.jpg (81,39 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DzLHGBMUcAADgQf.jpg)

Activision Blizzard Begins Massive Layoffs


Activision Laying Off 8% Of Workforce After Seeing Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth



21e38b  No.16113654

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Brad Glasgow weighs in on Russ Pitts' recent #GG article, and the resulting mess.

< Russ Pitts was beaten so badly by a Twitter mob for daring to write a harmless opinion about ethics that he left his own website and charity in shame.

< Archive of Pitts' editorial - https://archive.fo/zC2w3

< Disclosure: I published two interviews to The Escapist back in 2016.

376122  No.16113667

Summoning the Falcom fag that usually shows up to these threads?

Where's the new thread?

093eb1  No.16113675

File: 8bbefce83fda420⋯.webm (809,63 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Kat_being_offered_some_me….webm)


In 150 posts. Check the catalog or refresh the bread.

376122  No.16113684


I was referring to the new Falcom thread

093eb1  No.16113744


My bad. Thought you were about to make a new GG thread.

e88c2f  No.16113798

File: 15bceb9cd40510d⋯.jpg (15,12 KB, 225x225, 1:1, kira sweat.jpg)




Typical SJW game shit, nothing out of oridinary.

>Nuisence Behavior

Basically behavior that isn't harrassment as they describe it. They provide examples, here's the worrying ones.

>Expressions that provoke or belittle another person, such as excessive CRITICISM, negation/ridicule

What constitutes excessive is a soft area, and can be abused.

On the super insane side

>Expressions that significantly lack CONSIDERATION for another person

>Expressions that unilaterally reject another person's OPINION

>Expressions that any reasonable person would find offensive

>Expressions that contravene public order and morals

>Other expressions that are offensive to another person

In other words, if you disagree with someone on any level, you are liable to get banned immediately. This is a setup for politically charged abuses of power.

What seals it is

>Expressions that attempt to unilaterally exclude someone from the game or content/community, etc.

>(Except when in accordance with rules set by an administrator such as a Free Company Master)

Which means it's up to an admin or mod to decide if they want to ban someone, no oversight, they have all the power, no check or balance. This is a "You're banned forever, no appeal" abuse line.

On to other rules: "Obstruction of play", Specifically:

>Improper expulsion voting

>This means excluding another person by manipulation of expulsion voting.

Which means that if you kick a Megalian they can appeal to have you banned by whining that it was manipulated.

>Intentional leaving or disconnection

>This means obstructing another person's game play by intentionally leaving the game or disconnecting from the server.

This means that if one of those crazy bitches rants at you, if you leave the game, a Megalian can appeal to have you banned.

This is the most politically charged ruleset I've seen for an online game. The updates for Harrassment can be used to attack non-toxic, neutral or good players.

eba48f  No.16113815

How do you see the board moderation log again?

093eb1  No.16113819

bc288a  No.16113821


Most lies are based on truth. With some exceptions, lies can only convincing if you can believe it.

Bad liars choose the wrong truths.


Wow, that's some set of rules.

You should be allowed to vote a player off of a team/game for any reason. The enjoyment of one person does not precede the group.

093eb1  No.16113822



Sorry, misread my own bookmark, and I apparently don't have the proper one saved.

eba48f  No.16113823



Basically I ate a shitty ban and want to yell at Mark

f962ef  No.16113848

File: dac64c252ebbf93⋯.png (6,18 MB, 2756x3417, 2756:3417, 73047514_p0.png)

d27be8  No.16113852

File: c61c2726d53a94b⋯.jpg (195,46 KB, 900x1280, 45:64, Isekai de Saikyou no Tsue ….jpg)

This embarrassing shit is why aras shouldn't be magical girls.

56bc02  No.16113970

File: 2a446c4a298e66b⋯.png (313,91 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, magical milf.png)

File: 56f19877301456f⋯.png (174,4 KB, 585x423, 65:47, i saw someone make this jo….png)

3db448  No.16113990

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Looks like more and more nerds are defending Vic.

52a00b  No.16113992

File: 5f3257272b3f062⋯.png (158,88 KB, 498x278, 249:139, 'Good enough' localization.png)


Fake News: Mozart is clearly eating a hamburger.

376122  No.16114006


I've even seen two niggers on jewtube defend him

its funny because, if i remember correctly, both of them butchered his name

>Vic merogna

d27be8  No.16114021


Most English speakers can't pronounce his name right. I heard someone call him "Vic Mingonga".

3db448  No.16114024



I heard somebody pronounced his name as "Vic Maigiyoni."

d27be8  No.16114028


Or "Vic Minjaja".

52a00b  No.16114029

File: c0d3a9ce89eb4b2⋯.mp4 (5,98 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Okusama Wa Mahou Shoujo Cr….mp4)


Aras + Mahou Shoujou sounds like a natural fit like chocolate + peanut-butter, but every time a Ara ends up being (or staying) a magical girl in anime it's either as a joke character (like the MC's mom) or always ends up being the same boring "bored housewife" NTR plot.

7c1262  No.16114033

There's also anime conventions that says they'll kick out people who supports and defends Vic Mignogna. This sounds really bad.

7e513d  No.16114035




Is usually pronounced almost as you say tomorrow in spanish, something like Mah-Nia-Na

52a00b  No.16114038


I'm waiting someone to fuck up and say "Vic Mangina"

d27be8  No.16114042


I think that's the closest to it. I think it's supposed to be pronounced as "Mig-nya-nah".

3db448  No.16114046




Trying to pronounce his name is like a meme unto itself.

d27be8  No.16114057

If Vic wasn't so handsome, there wouldn't be all these pictures of him hugging his fans. I think Chris and the other male VAs were envious of Vic.

3db448  No.16114064


Vic is still employed by Viz Media for dubbing.

2ebcbc  No.16114080


Vic is a Bidanshi. Bidanshi is a Japanese phrase for Bishie mature men.

376122  No.16114088

File: f71030986d640cd⋯.png (437,62 KB, 501x812, 501:812, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d7f9a70069b0594⋯.png (2,99 MB, 1718x903, 1718:903, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 215bcf48b9a1710⋯.png (3,3 MB, 1856x914, 928:457, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1e93ba539908c22⋯.png (2,63 MB, 1872x845, 144:65, ClipboardImage.png)


Vic's fanbase is honestly fucking rabid for him (and a huge amount of it are girls)

The other VAs attacking being dumpy, fat ugly and overall unattractive and not getting nearly the same kind of reactions that Vic does whenever he shows up to a place probably did play a part in it.

These people are incredibly petty. They're all part of the same clique, and Anime Outsiders was going on in that stream yesterday about how they basically feel like big fish in a small pond over there; Vic by comparison makes them feel small. Even Sabat and Schemmel for all their name recognition mainly only have some male fans, and they don't care nearly as much about them as Vic's fans do about him.

Its sort of funny how much better Vic looks than them. He stays in shape/is buff and looks incredible for the age of 56, this screencap taken from a video from a phone with no airbrushing, compared to these others.

By comparison Sean and Chris look like faggy discount mythbusters hosts.

Monica Rial looks like a fucking freak, even with her airbrushed and photoshopped


Well that's something at least.

9da9d3  No.16114089

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Precure did it in the final battle.

52a00b  No.16114091


Unlike say, Monica Rial, who has a face for radio; Vic has both the looks and acting chops to do TV and movie acting gigs, but he's such an embarrassing weeb, he'd rather do anime voicework even if pays less because he genuinely loves his job.

The other VAs can't fake Vic's (admittedly cringy) enthusiasm, because they're all shit at this thing called "acting". There's definitely some petty envy powering some of this anti-Vic witch hunt.

2cbeaa  No.16114093


NISA killed those threads harder than long waits for localizations

376122  No.16114094

File: c9330206c2680f7⋯.png (117,12 KB, 455x384, 455:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a6b45150e69d10c⋯.png (144,14 KB, 1086x522, 181:87, ClipboardImage.png)

forgot the one that shows up when you search up Monica Rial, holy shit does she look like a monster lmao

Jamie Marchi also definitely survives off make-up, she's hiding a pig-face under there.

2ebcbc  No.16114098


Vic's a fucking hunk compared to those ugly losers. Truly he's a bidanshi.

d3c9da  No.16114099


May be a little embarrassing to you but there's nothing wrong with someone being passionate for their work. Especially voice actors. Western VAs with integrity are few and far between. Vic is a standout among the crowd for breaking that mold.

d27be8  No.16114105





Does anyone think that they've backstabbed Vic out of petty jealousy over his good looks?

2ebcbc  No.16114111


SJWs hate people that are more beautiful than they are.

376122  No.16114112


I feel like a lot of these other VAs give off the game journalist vibe.

They couldn't break into either real acting or real voice-acting, and hate the fact that they're anime voice actors, much how game journalists feel about "real journalism".

Vic actually enjoying and being passionate about anime is fucking refreshing and it makes what they're doing even more shameful.

c3ff10  No.16114114

>Mark was banned from twitter again

Fucking how? He only had 69 followers this time.

d27be8  No.16114116


Vic actually had an acting role in Star Trek. He's also one of the few good voice actors alongside Steve Blum whose voice makes weeb girls wet.

180955  No.16114117

File: 60e3f88b9a161f8⋯.mp4 (1,82 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Yang relaxing with an old ….mp4)


Not sure about his looks, but definitely his popularity and non-unionship.

376122  No.16114118


I think that played a definite part in it, but I think this was a little too coordinated because of ANN's involvement.

This feels like a full-on power play, and I can't help but wonder how many factors were involved in this entire takedown.

Someone was pointing out in the OAG comments section for one of the articles how ANN and others attacked Shield Hero shortly before this… maybe its just coincidence, but that feels too off for me.

0a82cd  No.16114122

File: ad2f09bb34ff3b7⋯.png (56,67 KB, 240x255, 16:17, queston.png)

File: 87fa43bf19ff133⋯.jpg (31,08 KB, 560x400, 7:5, Thinking Squid.jpg)

I was thinking, and it's not a new thought I know, but still this is going somewhere I promise. The literally whos, they will always only be known for they connection to gamergate. No matter where they go with their careers. At the time, they loved it. They wrapped themselves in gamergate, cried about it every day because it kept their patreon levels up. But now it's gotta be hurting them. Now their patreons have GOT to be failing, right? What are they doing now, professionally speaking? I haven't kept track of these goons in years.

cd2aab  No.16114123

File: 255a65b07943513⋯.jpg (81,76 KB, 637x720, 637:720, Vic-Mignogna-web-637x720.jpg)


>Vic's fanbase is honestly fucking rabid for him (and a huge amount of it are girls)

0a82cd  No.16114126


>Vic actually had an acting role in Star Trek.

Really? What series? Who did he play?

b9282c  No.16114128

File: 51e86cd17bccb3f⋯.jpg (154,83 KB, 1199x465, 1199:465, 5f0d9e609a7c7cf4c7dea131e3….jpg)


From what I gathered the VA industry is just like the comic and cartoon industry. A tight clique of nepotism but they quickly throw each other to the wolves if it meant saving themselves or climbing the ladder.

d27be8  No.16114135

File: 678272a6c50e7fc⋯.jpg (28,56 KB, 400x500, 4:5, a27ed119c74dead6a6592d390c….jpg)

File: 18f924d6b94b720⋯.jpg (588,16 KB, 1280x855, 256:171, stc-1.jpg)


A picture's worth a thousand words.

cd2aab  No.16114139

File: 864b041f3d6226c⋯.jpg (122,89 KB, 970x630, 97:63,