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File: 63c82d3951623e8⋯.png (618.45 KB, 500x502, 250:251, dart.png)

6f3c7f  No.16109698


Legend of Dragoon thread? For old times' sake?

89ebb5  No.16109721


Sure but make a proper OP

f80d66  No.16109733


Alright, sure.

Did you enjoy LoD? Have you played it recently? Does it hold up? Do you have any fond memories of it? Just general discussion of the game would be nice.

def759  No.16109791

File: 85109de84e25325⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, grandjewel.jpg)

File: c64fc6ad4c9b6b5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.72 KB, 400x300, 4:3, lenus.jpg)


577353  No.16109797

I liked that it would tell you when you were about to get into a random fight. That's my input thanks for reading.

f80d66  No.16109804


Lenus is for bullying.

219bd1  No.16109806


>used the trick to get 1 turn transform and attack the divine dragon

>takes forever and its scrubby

>friends and i always used Dart, Albert, and Kongol as main team

>they replay it years later when we arent retarded

>wait used items are magic?

>okay then try throwing fire at Divine Dragon as Meru because magic stat

>dead in 4 turns

What the fuck

def759  No.16109818

File: 733254cdfe6fb64⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 105.67 KB, 267x303, 89:101, 1357450113994.png)


>A bug in the original game causes the enemy encounter rate to be much higher if the player is running down and/or left.



Kongol is bad and you should feel bad for using him

Magic is pretty OP in the NTSC/PAL versions. If you want a challenge, try the JP version

f80d66  No.16109822

File: 38abf53e9d4728d⋯.png (193.4 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 840.png)


>Kongol is bad and you should feel bad for using him

Rosefag detected.

219bd1  No.16109830


Does that mean we were better players for using bad party comps and winning? :^)

But yeah his speed is shit and his mdef is a liability. Was Rose or Haschel any good? Shana/Miranda were always trash iirc. Never bothered with the postgame bonus boss how was he

2b13de  No.16109836

I used Meru and Rose all the time cause they were girls.

d2f07f  No.16109843


>Dart, Albert, and Kongol

Isn't that what the strategy guide suggested? Man, was that a bad choice which admittedly, I ran with once myself. Especially when the last stretch of the game is FULL of magic-casting stuff.

f80d66  No.16109848


Haschel is a slow burn, but gets more and more broken near the end. Rose is pretty static the entire game.

def759  No.16109874

File: dd62e8fa744bd7f⋯.jpg (417.08 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1376710311923.jpg)

File: 05c71f5fad6d46d⋯.jpg (558.91 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1376710366440.jpg)

File: c2e548b26da7e63⋯.jpg (689.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1376710453846.jpg)

File: 82d1492219ef4b9⋯.jpg (500.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1376710517710.jpg)


Only until I could switch her out for someone better.


Either you died many times to some bosses and/or grinded some levels until you could beat them.

Listen to >>16109848, this is a wise anon.


Lot of people will say she is terrible but don't listen to these brainlets. She has the best base MAtk, MDef and Speed in the game. Great for killing special mobs and slapping the shit outta physical based bosses if geared properly.

7f9ab7  No.16109887

File: 06a1691bee5ff80⋯.jpg (130.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault(2).jpg)


Lenus and regole is harder. Meru and Haschel is my gotoo.

eba5e1  No.16109915

I loved this game as a kid, but never managed to beat it. I remember taking an eternity to get through disk 1, then getting walled hard by a boss somewhere on disk 2 or 3, because I refused to grind I tried skipping as many battles as possible, and was too autistic to try grinding so I'd constantly fight it over and over and get my ass kicked.

I was kind of retarded as a kid, the concept of needing to grind to beat bosses in RPGs was completely foreign and incomprehensible to me.

063a89  No.16109932


I do have fond memories of this game. The voice acting was cringy as fuck (jesus christ that Haschel transforming) but Dart and HARPOOOOOOON were cool shame about Lavitz dying, Albert never measures up to him. I'm planning to play it in jap next time

063a89  No.16109941


>run from battles to progress through the game faster

>damn I cant beat this boss, gotta grind

That's retarded and I did that in every jrpg when I was a kid

9cdd97  No.16109943

Remove Winglies.

7f9ab7  No.16110040


>Go to the winglies village.

>Winglies guards "Dragoons get out!", chuck a fireball at Dart.

>Dart transforms into a dragoon and takes the fireball straight to the face without flinching.

>Dart "whatever fag" and moves onward.

There is such a lack of storyline moments where the dragoon forms are actually used, with this being one of the very few.

4904b1  No.16110100

Better than alot of jrpgs even today.

6207c6  No.16110105

My parents rented this game from Hollywood video for roughly 3 weeks when I was a wee lad. I made it damn near to the end, where there was some dungeon you had to walk on invisible platforms to cross a pit or something. Maybe a prison? I don't remember but I didn't pay attention when they described how to cross it and got stonewalled hard. Then we returned the game and I was sad.

Around 3 years later I bought the game and completed it, and have since tried to replay it in the decades interim. It great, but doesn't hold up particularly well. PS1 rpg battles that take 30 millenia to finish, slow as HELL pacing in the beginning, awkward voice acting, and dated graphics make it a slog to get through. That's fine though since I 100%'d it on the first go around.

Also Madness Hero was the shit. Fuck double slash, fuck volcano, fuck inferno. All that was for nerds. If you couldn't madness hero with 100% accuracy you're a scrub and you need to get out of my face.

eba5e1  No.16110131


>I did that in every jrpg when I was a kid

So did I. RPGs are shit because they give you a mechanic to run from battles but then punish you for using it, but also punish you for not using it anyway because you need to grind either way. I hated that as a child, once I finally realized how it was supposed to work, and I still hate the concept to this day. Grinding is a retarded mechanic used to pad gameplay time without actually adding any substance to the game. Nowadays "RPG elements" is synonymous with "This game isn't an RPG but we added a tonne of mindless grinding to create a skinnerbox so you'll play it for 200 hours".

063a89  No.16110169


The run option is there so you can have a shot at not having to game over when shit goes south, I'd say the game only punishes you if you abuse it. Battles are the main gameplay content of an RPG, and grinding (as in going out of your way to fight more battles than the average you're going to get before the next objective) is an (admittedly shitty) method of difficulty adjusting by the player. The real problem is with random encounters; it probably came to be because of hardware limitations, but games like Chrono Trigger and Lufia 2 made it practically obsolete as early as the 90s, yet it stuck and still remains as the lazy option when making RPGs, since it takes the least effort to implement.

000000  No.16110171


Great game, great soundtrack. Companies did a better job when they created pre-rendered graphics for scenery.

The search for those hidden items sucks, though.

There is some interview where the producer said that the only reason that the game didn't get a sequel was because he forgot about it during the time that Soyny was transiting to the PS2.

4904b1  No.16110249

The anxiety this game gave you by telling you how close a "Random encounter" was going to be was unreal. FF sure as shit didn't do that.

You see that shit turn red and you just try to book it to the next screen before you had to fight some garbage tier enemies.

def759  No.16110344

File: 49841b65e72e080⋯.jpg (34.21 KB, 634x77, 634:77, lod2.jpg)


No, they gave a "lol i dunno" type answer.


000000  No.16110430


You sure there wasn't more of that interview? I recall reading about him saying specifically that he forgot about the game at some time.

In either case, it is a shame that they never made a sequel at the time, when a quality game could still be made.

932a49  No.16110582



this game was a shitty snorefest. abandoned midways through disc 4

4904b1  No.16110815


>got his ass handed to him on the 4th disc

<durr I was too cool for this game anyway

Why didn't you drop it on the first disc if it was such a snoozefest?

51f390  No.16111220

Had this on my PS3's hard drive a long time ago. How fun is it for people that aren't that big into JRPGs? I enjoyed what I played of Grandia 2 and a few Tales games, for reference.

b49dd5  No.16111280

File: 4ad9ad112bc09a8⋯.png (34.58 KB, 578x547, 578:547, Neet hime PC.png)

Somewhat off topic, but I remember years ago there was an Anon who made a thread here for his stream of this game and said he streamed it every Christmas for a special reason. Did he return last Christmas?

I'll be disappointed if he didn't. I remember his stream being very cozy.

ae055b  No.16111310

I was never interested in this game. It always looked like a shitty generic attempt to cash in on FF7.

c9d65f  No.16111313



219a52  No.16111318


No. He got freaked out because some anon kept hitting on him because of his "cute voice"

b49dd5  No.16113144


Damn, that's a shame.

Why must homosexuals ruin everything?

def759  No.16113351


That may be true but 1st Lenus battle has a point of no return area once you're in the castle.

JP version has an extra point of no return exclusively for the Black Castle and it has no (((merchant))).

7cbc1f  No.16113359


The same reason a disease kills.

4904b1  No.16113430

File: aadd9a5091b3151⋯.png (535.03 KB, 1154x768, 577:384, 1379983704816.png)


That is so gay.

4904b1  No.16113432


If we're talking about AIDS, that's god's disease and it's doing god's work.

932a49  No.16113780


nah. game was a borefest and not worth advancing. i haven't even watched the ending on youtube because i just couldn't bring myself to care beyond that part where the party separates and each member has to go into a tube that takes them somewhere. boring characters. boring plot. and boring 1-trick pony combat

b4d171  No.16114031



>main team

Pleb as fuck.

4904b1  No.16116640


>and boring 1-trick pony combat

At least It's more than





Shit, you even had a guard option.

4904b1  No.16116647

Not only did you have magic though, but also limit break super saiyan magic. Not a lot of JRPGs or even regular RPGs exist where your characters can transform and play like a totally different character.

000000  No.16118507


Nah, it is good even today. The game won't stop being good just because you don't like good games.

da3512  No.16120414



Hell of a way to spell "the CIA".

4904b1  No.16122045


The CIA loves fags what are you talking about?

de87cc  No.16124779

Gust of Wind…Dance!

45ab63  No.16124936


>>A bug in the original game causes the enemy encounter rate to be much higher if the player is running down and/or left.

compensated by another bug where you could open the cd tray in every room to prevent random encounters from happening.

4904b1  No.16125862


Albert > Lavitz

5d785a  No.16126360


I hate JRPGs but I liked Legend of Dragoon quite a bit. You don't have to grind, just fighting the enemies you encounter normally should be plenty, and doing side missions.

da3512  No.16127349


Sure it does… now.

c57dd6  No.16135278


This man is a liar, do not listen to him.

b129a9  No.16135340

Been waiting for a reason to bring this up. When I had the game as a kid I never beat it, and I think it's because I put myself into an unwinnable state. I really, really liked the addition system in Legend of Dragoon. So when I recruited Shana and saw that her bow didn't have additions, I said fuck that bitch and as soon as I had a different party member to fill out my team I never used her unless I absolutely have to. Later in the game she gets replaced by Miranda, stuck her back in my pocket and never used her. I don't think Shana/Miranda ever breached level 20.

At some point in the game (I think in disc 3) I catch a ride on some dragon or some big flying thing and get dropped off at some kind of Yggdrasil/World Tree thing. I remember there being no random encounters here and two boss fights: The first being some bug/cocoon/moth 3 stage fight, and at the top of the path a giant nightmare rose who Miranda has to fight solo.

That rose boss ended my game. As far as I can remember either I didn't rotate saves or rotating saves wasn't an option, and there were no random encounters to grind to level Miranda up. I also remember there being no way to catch a ride back to the regular overworld to grind.

Was this an unwinnable state or was there something I could have done?

14ad95  No.16135467

File: e3c96dbe8e01ca6⋯.mp4 (14.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The Legend of Dragoon - 6 ….mp4)

File: 37e3e164f375308⋯.png (59.71 KB, 175x194, 175:194, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eb48fe147b385bf⋯.png (268.54 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Meru did horrific things to my preteen weewee

Damia was pretty cute too though

000000  No.16135910


When you are first playing any RPG, always utilize all characters to keep their levels/powers equally distributed, no matter how shitty a character is. You never know when the game will force you to play as some specific character, with the programmers having assumed that you leveled up all of them.

d9217d  No.16136037

Legend of Dragoon sold over a million copies worldwide. Why had it essentially been forgotten about by corporate?

b129a9  No.16136204


I get that I fucked up, I'm mainly trying to see if I'm remembering my fuckup correctly and if there was a way I could have progressed past that point that I didn't grasp because I was a kid.

4904b1  No.16136245


Now is all we got.

The CIA was never technically "good" but they used to legit kill communists and prevent poz in a way, now they are just corrupt jew foot soldiers.

4904b1  No.16136254


>I got invited into his house to have dinner with his mom, that makes him better.

Meanwhile Albert has better style, easier to manage in battle than lavitz because lavitz's timing was so slow you'd be hitting the attack button prematurely but Albert was quicker and easier for me to match.

Overall, I think he looks cooler too.

107b42  No.16136262


> I'm mainly trying to see if I'm remembering my fuckup correctly

You didn't level the characters up to a near level of your party's regulars. That's your only fuckup and redoing the whole game to grind them to the appropriate level is your only solution.

b7b2a1  No.16136287


Yeah sure the cape is sweet, but Lavitz was a total bro and he also taught Albert how to fight. He just had more charisma as a character overall

418b1f  No.16136525





56eac4  No.16136566


I did a similar thing the first time I got to that point in the game, but none of those bosses should be very difficult. If if does more damage to you when you're guarding than you heal from guarding, then yes, you're fucked, but if not, you can easily turtle all of the solo bosses, healing to full by guarding, and then hitting it once or twice.

14ad95  No.16137179


Reminder that Kongol's solo boss can be one shot by the Psyche bomb

000000  No.16137473


It is explained above by one anon. Basically, the producer literally doesn't know/forgot why the game was abandoned.

4904b1  No.16139789


Dont know why I replied to myself here. Meant to be to >>16135278

Shit, man.

da3512  No.16144347


They never did any of that. They've always been the secret police of the establishment, and the establishment has never been your friend.

4904b1  No.16144355


The establishment wasn't always pro-sodomites. There's a greater than less than factor with evil.

0ef76c  No.16144845

File: 629883c40fa1128⋯.png (271.02 KB, 540x473, 540:473, 1548321782868.png)


Never played it, got the game on sale when it was a few years old and gave it to a friend.

He cried one time playing it, when the green guy died.

Dude legit sobbed. We were like 8 so it's less embarrassing, marginally.

14ad95  No.16158571

File: 3a695d08e2e0251⋯.mp4 (6.77 MB, 480x360, 4:3, The Legend of Dragoon - Me….mp4)


But Lavitz was a true bro who single handedly shut down the ancient technological city that was sending all human souls to hell for 11000 and overthrew a devil's possession through sheer bromance

da3512  No.16159538


Not really. Some would argue that it's better to be an indentured servant than a slave, but I see no functional difference.

f48382  No.16159612

This game was shit

>random encounter rate is way too high

>the intended rate is actually even higher but the game is bugged

>there's no variety to the action commands at all, just press the button when the things align

>literally less than the earliest examples

14ad95  No.16163154


You forgot

>Money is harder to earn because of a JP exclusive minigame

d94e95  No.16163470

I really liked this game but I never got past the first disc 3 times. At first, I had no memory stick and just got as far as Lavitz dying. Second and third attempts had my laptop either fry its hard drive or get stolen. I haven't even downloaded it to try a fourth time, I just can't. I'm afraid some other bullshit will keep me from playing again. Loved what I got from going that far though.

08e006  No.16165790


You can do it anon.

000000  No.16167084


It is worth trying again. It is a great game, with a rewarding final segment and ending.

4904b1  No.16170080


I always hoped Lloyd would join the party.

14ad95  No.16180114


>Lloyd joins your party

>Dies in first battle

Fucking furious

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