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File: 8684634663f66e3⋯.png (47.39 KB, 661x728, 661:728, 1549918295279.png)

babbce  No.16109738

What are the implications of this for the industry?

Is time to move to godot?

3ceeba  No.16109748

This just means chinks will own unity.

25f4b5  No.16109751

Considering unity is just an engine AFAIK, I can't see this having very far reaching implications.

3c4f35  No.16109754


Sad, but true. I'm really hoping godot gains some popularity.

1a3f4d  No.16109759

They will use every jew tactic on the book to get the highest IPO they can.

12e443  No.16109763


>implying this wasnt part of the plan

Ching chong teheheh

5f6ecd  No.16109766

Unity is shit anyway, this just means it'll become more shit.

>Is time to move to godot?

If no one has gone to godot then they never will, I hope unityfags enjoy their bugman overlords.

1c8039  No.16109773

So i just use UE4? how shit is unity, how good is UE4?

77110e  No.16109782


>let's switch from the engine about to be owned by chinks to the one already owned by chinks

Brilliant, they'll never see it coming.

12e443  No.16109785


But muh competition

35b9a2  No.16109788

File: d4006aa7b887ad7⋯.webm (3.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, dancing chinese girl.webm)


Never thought of it that way. I'm going to translate "go public" to "sell to the chinese" in my head from now on.

Reminder that Tencent owns 40% of Epic Games so nearly the entire game industry will bugnetted after this.

1c71b1  No.16109793

File: e84c436636c2196⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1233x706, 1233:706, 1411154275891.png)


>I can't imagine the underlying operating code for the games having an effect on the games industry

1c8039  No.16109799


so what do i use?

1c71b1  No.16109800


Klik N Play.

f4a53d  No.16109805


Make your own or use a libre alternative such as Goydot.

9a2263  No.16109810

File: a2f6f956e382e1b⋯.jpg (210.08 KB, 490x586, 245:293, a2f6f956e382e1b9619f26988d….jpg)


Now that was interesting

25f4b5  No.16109816


No I mean what scummy practices could an engine employ? Other than telemetry.

77110e  No.16109820


I don't know. Anything? Even MonoGame is less pozzed. Maybe do a little research on the things you claim to give a shit about instead of absorbing opinions from internet strangers?

7c591d  No.16109821


I will still pay money to find the source.

27384d  No.16109828


Licensing fees and royalties.

77110e  No.16109829


>Other than telemetry

I don't think you grasp how much worse telemetry can get. We are talking about software that, by necessity, has access to all of your hardware at the lowest levels possible for performance reasons. Yes, games are really like that.

There's also DRM. What if Unreal Engine found a way to implement cross platform DRM directly into the game engine and every AAA game started using it?

356b5a  No.16109831

File: 6efccbbbfccd79e⋯.png (106.12 KB, 683x766, 683:766, Capture.PNG)




fun fact

godot removed the word slave from being used in hierarchy code b/c it's racially insensitive.

7e910b  No.16109845

Can't wait for yet another flood of shovelware to make a quick buck off of retards on steam.

b6ae9c  No.16109850

Xenko is open source now. Is it pozzed?

f4a53d  No.16109854



>Steven Universe

>Complaining about irrelevant shit

Not surprised.

356b5a  No.16109864


yeah, it just seemed like a way to avoid a potential loss of users, and only minor effort was necessary for the change to be made.

But still, It's just a bit alarming how big of a push these people have. I mean, master and slave have been pretty widely used for the past, like, 30 years. Yet, they were able to make this dude just change it in the name of social politics.


yeah, the profile fucking reeks.

356b5a  No.16109867


my bad on the reddit spacing.

1c8039  No.16109884

File: 86878d28e669806⋯.png (45.84 KB, 376x401, 376:401, XKCD think.png)


> instead of absorbing opinions from internet strangers?

is this you?

f4a53d  No.16109896

File: 79f04ced0748947⋯.png (96.81 KB, 740x633, 740:633, ClipboardImage.png)


>Unironically posting xkcd

1c8039  No.16109901

File: 7840033dcd57edc⋯.png (35.59 KB, 566x577, 566:577, XKCD.png)

3d92c9  No.16109913


that's a shop

805a96  No.16109918

File: e35429368f67546⋯.png (66.14 KB, 566x577, 566:577, edited kafkatrap.png)

1c8039  No.16109929

File: 0f8b910a6e40f78⋯.jpg (5.29 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 0f8b910a6e40f780e6cd43ffd5….jpg)


no shit

3d92c9  No.16109938


If someone wasn't familiar with his cuckery they may of thought it was genuine.

476fa7  No.16109940

maximum mediocrity with microtransactions to maximize profits.

c1b03c  No.16109953

Archive since OP didn't include any source


>Wants to start selling to engineers too

Definitely a chink target to spy into more companies and steal ips.


Isn't that what they already do? They claim to be used in most mobile crap and make most of their revenue from mobile ads.

dcd41f  No.16109980


Virtually nothing since Unity has killed itself with it's virtue signalling. Devs unless they've tied themselves via their current project or don't want to learn a new code are all that's left on Unity.

1c8039  No.16109997


and thats their problem not mine

4c1c95  No.16110036


I'm guess you are new as once you hit sjw you start losing it and this isn't a "muh /pol/" thing as it's been extremely common since 2013.

c895b3  No.16110072

faca62  No.16110188

File: b84fe9c344f5d5c⋯.mp4 (2.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Chinese Dog Thief.mp4)





Daily reminder that the push to mobileshit is also being pushed by the chinks, in attempt to capture the entire gaming market on Huawei devices, once they force Apple and Samsung out of the mobile space. The Rainbow Six Siege and censorship in other games are just a microcosm of the kind of shit we'll be seeing on a grand scale as more companies go public and kowtow to their newfound Chink overlords.

We need a race war. The chinks aren't just a threat to democracy, these subhuman bugpeople are a threat to the entire collective, civilized world. There's a reason why Japan raped the shit out of these dogeaters in Nanking, and why the nazis fully advocated the move. They've seen for generations just what these subhuman street shitters actually are.

3d92c9  No.16110207


I was against what you were saying to begin with. Something about mobile replacing modern vidya, which I disagree with, if there was a market for it in the U.S it would already push out actual games.

Then I read race war against chinks. I am 100% committed to removing China.

360cbd  No.16110215

File: 165633f77bc6aee⋯.mp4 (5.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, china.mp4)


China needs to go and stay go, I would be fine if it simply becomes part of the pacific ocean.

6bd79c  No.16110224


You use your own engine that you have made by yourself.

Or make a "8/agdg/ makes a game engine" thread and work with other anons toward your dreams

3cdf73  No.16110227

File: 988c18364d673da⋯.jpg (88.48 KB, 674x789, 674:789, xkcd.jpg)

205ab5  No.16110252


>There's a reason why Japan raped the shit out of these dogeaters in Nanking

We don't live in a jewish fantasy world Shlomo, we live in reality where that didn't happen. Yellow jews trying to push their phony holocaust are no better than jews v1.0 pushing theirs.

>and why the nazis fully advocated the move

Surely you can find some evidence of them advocating these fabricated and completely useless events then. No? Of course not. The great sin Japan committed was the same Germany did, not trying to exterminate the great plagues of humanity.

d8464a  No.16110335



Rémi Verschelde (Akien, project manager) is more likely to poz up Godot. Sometimes he retweets stuff like the Apex Legends leader rambling about being a POC in game development and whatnot.

d5bf65  No.16110354


That they're going to start policing the content of games made using it to keep investors happy with their imag.e

4c1c95  No.16110364

File: 9764b17a1f10a24⋯.jpg (18.4 KB, 360x374, 180:187, niggra what.jpg)


>faggot and progressive shit doesn't matter unless you're from pol.

They infect everything and make it fucking cancerous are you a fucking newfag?

383544  No.16110366


Unity already has both of those.

a10f9c  No.16110375


>Godotfags forced to admit that FOSS does not always mean the second coming of Christ

Oh heaven forbid.

Here's hoping they don't surrender too much. I'm not using Godot, but any competition is good, when both alternatives will soon be chinkware. Hopefully they'll keep working on it and adding features (and languages, fuck the made up bullshit they're working with now), but I expect more politics soon.


Unreal's essentially owned by Tencent and they haven't done that, have they? Hell, SMT5 will use it and that has Mara, so it's already saying something.

d8464a  No.16110376


He calls /pol/ pol, so definitely.

383544  No.16110384

Been thinking about using Godot for some while now, does it have any downsides other than the slave/master malarky?

0296e3  No.16110386


He also seems to think they're different people than us

4c1c95  No.16110391


The way progressives cucked gaming and the damage done is so bad that even a lot of normalfags have noticed it.

205ab5  No.16110399


Just dumb SJW faggots and shitty code, same as every other option.

000000  No.16110404

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And I thought the leftist gawker buzzfeed shoah was beautiful.

d8464a  No.16110416


If we're talking 2D stuff, Godot is easily leagues better than Unity and Game Maker Studio. The 3D engine, on the other hand, has nice visual features but is missing important shit like occlusion culling. 3.1 adds some useful shit but you'll still have to look careful into it before deciding whether it fits your game or not.

4c1c95  No.16110427


>SJW and tranny shit only exist on the united states of the jews.

Europe and Latin America say fucking otherwise.

babbce  No.16110432


Nigger, that garbage only exist in the US.

I literally never seen this shit in my cunt outside maybe argentina and spain, since they're literally SJW lefties countries.

It doesn't exist in latinoamerica.

We have bigger issues than american made up mental illness.

dfb367  No.16110455


>It doesn't exist in latinoamerica.

They just got straight up to socialist/communsit regimes.

Parts of Asia is being fucked too. GookAnon will have a word with you and Japan Olympics 2020 is a thing.

And most of the EU countries drank the SJW kool aid.

Try harder next time

132600  No.16110468


>No I mean what scummy practices could an engine employ? Other than telemetry.


>Considering unity is just an engine AFAIK, I can't see this having very far reaching implications.

Go try to make a game with chink'dreal in current year

c206af  No.16110470


Have they added .fbx support yet in the 3D engine? Or are they ever going to? People always claim they can't because it's proprietary, which is nonsense because blender has a plugin that works just fine.

000000  No.16110472


>not in Spain

Oh, it's here alright, no thanks to the literal gommies infesting the country right now.

Can't forget this gem for Bongs either

UK police arrest woman for calling tranny a man


>British police arrested a mother in front of her children for calling a trans activist a man in a Twitter argument, with a judge subsequently issuing an injunction banning her from referring to the person’s “former male identity”.

>38-year-old Kate Scottow, of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, said she was “arrested in my home by three officers, with my autistic ten-year-old daughter and breastfed 20-month-old son present” in comments posted to the Mumsnet online forum, according to the Mail on Sunday.

>“I was then detained for seven hours in a cell with no sanitary products (which I said I needed) before being interviewed then later released under investigation… I was arrested for harassment and malicious communications because I called someone out and misgendered them on Twitter.”

Also fuck ((((eurovision))).


Literally next to the tranny capital of the planet Brasil.

b93654  No.16110485

Overall it's bad for the industry.

Inevitably what happens with a private company is that they will pursue profits above all else. They're actually legally mandated to in a way.

So they'll probably have a big improvement to the engine initially with a great business plan, then start finding ways to nickle and dime developers AND consumers along the way. And probably have some kind of marketing tracker implanted in the engine itself.

a2a317  No.16110498

File: 4104dc3baf7ea4d⋯.png (240.39 KB, 757x3030, 757:3030, true free speech.png)


There's also this version.

d4b372  No.16110527


Someone should tell Juan to remove all of Godot's boolean variables since it implies binary states, or at least allow them to have more than 2 values.

654117  No.16110529

>not learning SDL and reinventing the wheel

a10f9c  No.16110537


Any benefits of SDL over OpenGL with extentions, or even Vulkan? I've seen anons talk about issues with SDL issues in Windows 10, and recall some weird bugs with inputs when moving the window as well. Small stuff, but it's why I went with GL in the first place.

7aa9c5  No.16110538


>Master/Puppet … does not make reference to a hierarchy relationship between two human beings.

Er . . .

9b1b71  No.16110539



>the 1st amendment doesn't shield you from consequences

Anyone who says this should be dragged out into the street, and shot. The entire point of free speech is that people will not self regulate because it has no consequences. Once speech has repercussions people self regulate, and at that point it ceases to be free speech.

7692d3  No.16110559


What about Polycode?

7692d3  No.16110562

File: a22f67da29930e4⋯.png (431.25 KB, 1046x802, 523:401, ClipboardImage.png)

3d9dbd  No.16110574


Dumb shit. "Puppet" is even worse than "slave", lol.

654117  No.16110578


>you can use opengl wtih SDL

>SDL comes with basic libraries that should help time to time like networking, sound and images

>compiles to a lot of platforms

d8464a  No.16110581



Isn't Polycode dead?

7692d3  No.16110598


Is it? I wouldn't know.

944697  No.16110610


If you want your opensource 3d engine, try looking out for Armory3D

944697  No.16110625

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Polycode is dead now. Armory3D is similar

d3efe5  No.16110661

File: 3171b408ea1606e⋯.webm (1.79 MB, 480x360, 4:3, bazinga.webm)


Build engine

7692d3  No.16110667


Well, then I'll check that one.

a815fa  No.16110668


>unity is shit

But it's not.

d3efe5  No.16110670

File: 74a80a1357ca962⋯.webm (66.44 KB, 720x72, 10:1, VO_MQ_Duke_BigBang.webm)


FUCK wrong webm

3444ea  No.16110767

>lol just make your own engine

I'll bet none of you people suggesting that have done so. Free engines are how people get into the swing of actually making games. If you've got to invent a computer and then invent a programming language and then invent an engine just to make your game, you're just going to give up.


I hate how socialists always frame things. Freedom of speech means freedom to say whatever gay shit you like. It doesn't mean you can freely use other peoples infrastructure to say whatever gay shit you like. That would be forcing them to service you gratis, that is most fucking certainly not what the Founders wanted.


But speech always has repercussions. Otherwise it wouldn't be speech, it'd just be harmless noise. I'm not even exactly sure what you're advocating here. Obviously any laws against any kind of expression are unconstitutional and anti-American. But one can never be insulated from the bad feelings calling someone a nigger brings up. That would be impossible to accomplish.

7692d3  No.16110778


>I'll bet none of you people suggesting that have done so. Free engines are how people get into the swing of actually making games. If you've got to invent a computer and then invent a programming language and then invent an engine just to make your game, you're just going to give up.

Reminds me of the whole proto-Amish mentality some people have about closing everything so they will be self sustainable in the end by producing everything themselves because "money is evulz" and shit like that.

b3b654  No.16110918


If you want to stay away from cucks then your only option is to build your own engine using libraries.

6af7c4  No.16110973


>But it's not

Yes it is, have you ever used it?


There are good games made in fucking RPG Maker, a person's game design skills have nothing to do with an engine's quality.

69f0c5  No.16110976

File: c4db1e9ae384b10⋯.jpg (225.54 KB, 900x850, 18:17, trumpbogdanof.jpg)


Except literally anybody can buy the product now, let alone shares comes the IPO.

25b7bd  No.16111086



80ea42  No.16111105


What a giant fucking faggot

f910f5  No.16111336


So, nothing will change.

1c8039  No.16111451

File: 4885ecc84c8748b⋯.png (3.96 KB, 263x263, 1:1, Faget 2.png)

Looks like i have to work with some fag then, i cant code for shit, doubt i'd be able to create my own engine being an artfag

b6ae9c  No.16111579

I fucking dropped Unity when they started SJW regulating what words you can and cannot code in their engine. Now we get to see them burn with Chinese ToS dictating how you create your projects. Plus the software became bloatware. I used to be able to run Unify fine on my ten year old machine. But now I can barely get it to load. Even Unreal 4 ran better. Course I dropped that because everything made here on out with UE4 has to be exclusive to EGS. Even freeware. So I'm using Xenko. Godot bent the knee to SJWs. So fuck them.

7fa841  No.16111588


>I fucking dropped Unity when they started SJW regulating what words you can and cannot code in their engine

wait what for real?

can you give examples?

b6ae9c  No.16111652


I wish my computer wasn't down at the time. This is baseless, However with how dyed hair Unity staff is this would not surprise me if people got banned naming variables "nig.nog" because it violates ToS for hatespeech. I wouldn't be surprised if Unity had a script checker in it's bloatware to scan politically incorrect language in code to ban your account instantly.

Also account based SDKs are just bad like that. Often back in the day you bought a license to a toolkit you had that license so long as you have the disk. You can get updates until the support ends but you still have that version of the software. Nowdays everything requires you to make an account which tracks your e-mail and possibly your windows key for DRM verification, regardless if the software is free. I stopped pirating Adobe suites when they switch to a monthly account system and choose to use open source software simply because out of principal I no longer own the license. Adobe does. I was considering buying Adobe suite when I had the money but fuck 'em for that policy change. They want to tie my e-mail to their server and extort monthly fees and other personal information in exchange for a right to borrow a license.

Right now unless I learn that Xenko bent the knee to social justice it doesn't require an account or registration to download and use. Plus I can make commercial software so long as I credit the source and not plagiarize scripts and assets, freeware or sold.

I'd eventually like Nintendo Switch support eventually for porting reasons but Jewtendo and their strict requirements for SDKs. I need to have an off-home office before I qualify for a consideration list.

9f4d0a  No.16111660


>Dumb shit. "Puppet" is even worse than "slave", lol.

wouldn't it be funny if that was intentional.

c206af  No.16111662



First time I've ever heard of that. Looks remarkably good, but it also looks like the japanese studio behind it stopped development last august. Now it's just one guy working on it part-time it seems.

88a15f  No.16111675


>slave is racially insensitive

>even though theres nothing inherently racial about that word

really gets your noggin joggin

9f4d0a  No.16111683


Are you trying to suggest that non-nigger slaves existed? That's not very politically correct of you!

5112b8  No.16111685

File: c1ee18226271d21⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 220px-Peter_Noone.jpg)


>noone want a diseased freakazoid in his vincinity.

Don't say that about Peter, Hitler Dubsman.


>being this delusional

Anon, it's everywhere. Not a single corner of this Earth isn't being corrupted by the left in some way. Your country might be experiencing the early stages, but it is there and it is getting worse. It will start with women, and if women are already "equal" then next comes the fags. After that it is a matter of time until trannies and pedos are crawling out of the woodwork. Don't be complacent, don't pretend that your other problems are worse. Squash the bugchasers before it's too late.


Literally is not a superlative.

70e6c9  No.16111692


It's less well documented than Unity, and if you have a problem you can expect to spend an hour trying random shit until something works. (Have a freebie: If you want to import a mesh for use in a Gridmap and actually have it be textured, you must import a .obj, select it in Godot, go to the right lower side of the interface and select save, save it as a .tres, then give the .tres the texture, while keeping both the .tres and the .obj, but putting the .tres in the meshlib)


>using libraries

And the faggotry has found a way in again. Or do you think the guys writing those libraries are immune? If you want to stay 100% clear of faggotry, you'd have to write an engine in a finished language, like ANSI C, with no outside code. And good luck doing anything more than vector graphics with that.

88a15f  No.16111697

File: 8a34e66dc8a9d8f⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1028x872, 257:218, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at ….png)

cb3f15  No.16111724


>libraries could be cucked, so write from scratch in a finished language

>language or compiler could be cucked, so write your own language and compiler

>graphics APIs could be cucked, so make your own unikernel and write directly to VRAM

>firmware could be cucked, so only use hardware with libre firmware or reverse engineer and flash parts with custom firmware

>finally I'm free to make my game on this breadboard computer in peace, EA watch out

000000  No.16111728


> Freedom of speech means freedom to say whatever gay shit you like. It doesn't mean you can freely use other peoples infrastructure to say whatever gay shit you like.

Then you'd be fine with Cloudflare kicking out 8chan? I wouldn't

b6ae9c  No.16111811


Do everything you greentexted right and you will make MAD DOSHE from royalties. Follow your dreams anon. Don't be a lazy nigger.

ca5862  No.16111833

File: 8f7666431c78f16⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1 YZr-kto6-vH2rfh2ChNjZw.gif)


>Searching up news about dog thiefs in china.

>A lot of news about dog thieves

>A lot of news about dog thieves getting beaten to death by Chinese people.

e456b8  No.16111874


3.0+ runs like pure shit on toasters.

9f4d0a  No.16111891


>>A lot of news about dog thieves getting beaten to death by Chinese people.

Doing one thing right, at least

9f4d0a  No.16111896


>3.0+ runs like pure shit on toasters.

So it's not just me? Is it only the editor or does this apply to exported games too?

cb3f15  No.16111929



Get out, kike.

5e2132  No.16111939


I'd do this too, if someone kept stealing my food

e456b8  No.16111942


It will happen in both because of GLES3. 3.1 is supposed to bring back GLES2 support, but it currently just crashes for me. 2.1.5 is still toaster friendly, but it's missing all the new 3D stuff, switch case statements and some audio mixing improvements.

5a04fc  No.16111943


Welp, there goes that alternative. I was considering switching to Godot since Unity's Networking is fucky and going through some changes now (plus, no royalties is nice) but this spells doom on the whole ordeal.

I'm usually the faggot that goes "keep your politics out of my videogames" because the views of someone usually aren't supposed to actually affect their work.

But when a dev actually tries to pander to someone that will likely never even use his engine, capitulating on bullshit like this, I'm not so sure that he has his priorities straight or that he will last long anyway.

Slave is a bad word that should be abolished because of it's IRL conotations. Meanwhile, let's keep making videogames where we "kill" each other until we "die", simulate "criminal organziations" in tycoon-type games or play out massive battles in RTS and GSG games.

Nevermind that Game of Thrones has plenty of slaves and mainstream appeal to show that nobody is really offended by that word.

Nevermind that indenture is miles worse anyway, etc.

I just wish devs were smart enough to understand that words IRL and online do not have the same meanings or connocations. Killing someone in a videogame doesn't mean his grieving widow will have to raise 3 kids by prostituting herself. It means the guy loses whatever bonuses he got so far and a timeout of a few seconds.

Similarly, a "slave" is something that does not create an event by it's own, merely executing functions the "master" calls, who actually processes things. Nobody went to africa and brought a few nigger.cs files to boss around.

b6ae9c  No.16111945


Don't forget to make your own government that bans royalties while you're at it. It's the only way to keep Jews out of your life. :^)

1c71b1  No.16111947



They're fighting over food obviously.

3d2aeb  No.16111952









91c13f  No.16112559


unity doesn't care what language you use in the code or game you make. the minute they'll revoke a license, or worse a paid one, for some flimsy virtue signaling a lot of devs will look at alternatives, which from a business perspective is utterly stupid. reminder unity is run by tortellini, an ex-ea ceo. he might be a kike but he's not stupid.

github on the other hand will probably throw a shitfit if you try to host your kz simulator 2019 source there.

it's similar how epic happily countersues and wins, but that's winning a battle and losing the war. no big publisher wants to deal with that possible legal headache just in case, which pushed them even further doing their own engine which also gives them 100% risk-free control. sure, ue4 is still used, but nothing like ue3 which was almost used everywhere.

tbh the closest I've seen of sjw shit is their head tech guy during presentations, and that was just some pink shirts with rainbow armband, hardly triggering and doesn't say much about the their internal poz.

>Nowdays everything requires you to make an account which tracks your e-mail and possibly your windows key for DRM verification, regardless if the software is free.

mainly done for SaaS reasons and combat piracy. back in the day you had to deal with dongles and other shit, business-grade software was always borderline bullshit in their methods.

d8464a  No.16112592


At least with Godot and other freetard engines the devs cannot stop you from making games they don't like. Unity's devs, on the other hand, are far more pozzed and free to screw you over however they please.

2578d4  No.16112598


They will probably open their own game store?

a23f0c  No.16112624


sauce on movie?

b6ae9c  No.16112712


You say this as if Unity doesn't have the power nor legal right to look at your source code when they actually do. And if they don't know then you can bet at any time Unity will change their ToS after the Tencent buyout to give them that power.

69f0c5  No.16112719

File: 74c9631b986bdae⋯.jpg (67.71 KB, 973x555, 973:555, businessapplause.jpg)



91c13f  No.16112804


and if they do it will blow up in their face and cut into their profits which will in turn anger their chink overlords.

no legal department is gonna deal with "if we don't like X we terminate the license agreement at our leisure ;^)", they will take their shit inhouse or look at the competition, either way it means less money for unity.

so they already lost 1 customer, how much more you think are they possibly willing to lose once it shows up in clickbait-headlines?

eda7b9  No.16119233


>which from a business perspective is utterly stupid

They don't fucking care.

"Rational actors" is a proven lie.

b4a894  No.16121470


>slave is racially incensitive

Thas rite. Only the kangz wuz enslaved

f201ed  No.16124854

File: 3a88ade9818fed0⋯.jpg (32.86 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 007c437a7f3.jpg)


>godot removed the word slave from being used in hierarchy code b/c it's racially insensitive.


He changed it to slav didn't he?

d05ce1  No.16124904


>"Rational actors" is a proven lie.

those are not woke devs or genderfluid community people but suits that have one of the most rational goals: make the most money you can and get out. doesn't mean they can't be utterly retarded but it's still on a whole other level as some danger hair getting xer feefees hurt.

8227e1  No.16124908


what in the good name of god is that

39dcc0  No.16124937



>Rational actors

Mind giving me context on what you guys are talking about?

1aca96  No.16125170


>That would be forcing them to service you gratis, that is most fucking certainly not what the Founders wanted.

No you're wrong. The intention was explicitly to force printing presses to serve any citizen who wanted something published. I'm sure they expected the writer to pay for the service, but we live in a world where publishing *anything* on the internet is practically free. The Founders definitely considered freedom of speech more important than whatever libertarian bugbear is stuck up your ass, as evidenced by the fact that it's the First Amendment. They'd see something like Twitter, which provides its services for "free" to all except a specific political minority as tyrannical.

72a248  No.16125242

File: 2b62da8191eb7dc⋯.png (40.06 KB, 392x197, 392:197, this.png)


Going public can actually destroy a company as it makes them beholden to stock holders and a bigger target for corporate sabotage. It is likely that this will be a very bad decision which leads to a disastrous outcome.

35b6c0  No.16125273


Built-in Metallica references.

c6525c  No.16125343

What are some simple game engines that aren't cucked? I'll probably end up toying with Godot just because it seems solid, but what alternatives should I consider?

>unity is bloated

>UE4 is run by chinks

>GameMaker is still a trash fire


Just search it, dude.

2acbf1  No.16125381

78e907  No.16125382


Unity or UE4 are your best bets. Godot is the chink one and chink quality shows. It's garbage.

46ca89  No.16125597


what a disgusting man, eating with his mouth open, dying his hair that color, not shaving, and being a greasy piece of shit

615d9c  No.16125708


>What are the implications of this for the industry?

It means bugmen are going to buy Unity, then Unity starts demanding sizable royalties from developers to placate the chinks before they inevitably fuck up, crashing the value of Unity and cutting a big chunk of support for it, leaving people who used Unity in the rain.

d8464a  No.16125762

File: 0b877fa5ffdfe78⋯.gif (982.3 KB, 320x287, 320:287, 1416099891275.gif)


>calling spics chinks

That's even worse than boomers calling nips gooks.

e456b8  No.16126650


That's a framework, not an engine.

50ff5b  No.16126988


I assume he means the majority of people being retarded, but the ones running and using unity are hardly part of that, so that comment doesn't really make sense.



>not cucked



> Unity starts demanding sizable royalties from developers to placate the chinks before they inevitably fuck up

that's not how it works, they can't just go "bro, next month you're gonna pay double cuz we say so", and especially because unity doesn't take royalties to begin with

there are 2 ways to make more money: increase the sub price or put shit behind a paywall again, both which make the product less attractive, and you can only raise prices so much before people go elsewhere. either way people will simply release their shit currently in development and then re-evaluate for the next project, so unity's leverage is slim to begin with.

50ff5b  No.16127011


best part: slave triggers people, but not master who owned them and is still above them, so there's still a hierarchy.

you could also argue that puppet is even more insulting as the term replacing slave could imply they were brainless automatons (to the point they're weren't even human).

1c71b1  No.16127019


Puppet doesn't bother them because something something Pinocchio most likely.

50ff5b  No.16127248


but it's like the n-word, using the new political correct not!slave makes it inevitably linked.

it's simply bullshit all around.

1c71b1  No.16127252


My point is they only pretend to get angry over what they're told to.

50ff5b  No.16127291

eb0ad8  No.16127399

File: 2ad4f8923ce841a⋯.jpg (323.02 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, KSweeley.jpg)



There's only a few reasons why a company would go public:

- Potential to boom, but need capital. Current owners / investors not willing to take on any more private investors.

- Business is booming and founders want to cash-in before the bubble bursts

7f96fb  No.16127440


The Founders understood that rights come with responsibilities. If you enjoy the right to speak your mind, freely, honestly, to anyone you choose, you have a responsibility to extend and defend that same right for everyone.

e456b8  No.16128074


Doesn't matter as much when a FOSS engine is "cucked" because you can just "uncuck" it yourself and rename your fork to something like Gestapot.

9774b9  No.16135440



doesn't mean much, where's the kernel fork after the coc?

36eb12  No.16135713


make it yourself

d01869  No.16135749


Gay. Unity is still worse. If anything going public will open it up to people like us, though if enough miscreants invest.

d813ce  No.16135760


What exactly is wrong with unity?

6ee2ad  No.16135777


>hitboxes are only pill-shaped, which will always slip frustratingly

>usually laggy due to poor engine optimization (and lazy devs who are attracted to it since it's free)

>very easy to get caught on map geometry

>textures and models tend to look like shit - compare to old Source textures, many of which still look passable

You know those kinds of cheap, shovelware games which were popular in the 00s? How they had really simple models, bad animation, and placeholder text made of artifacted jpgs? Unity is like an engine made by those developers.

d813ce  No.16135785


Nips are gooks, faggot. "Arr rook same", get it, guy? But yeah, calling spics chinks is worse.


So what about Unreal then?

6ee2ad  No.16135798


Get your slurs right, dude. You're a disgrace to h8chan.

A friend of mine says Unreal is better on a technical level, but Epic is owned by chinks these days, and as other anons have mentioned, there will likely be some kind of exclusivity deal involving the Epic Game Store for anyone who wants to publish a game using it.

d813ce  No.16135809


Nah, fuck you.

>friend of mine says Unreal is better on a technical level, but Epic is owned by chinks these days

Ah, I see. Thanks.

0e9500  No.16135836

File: c5a045a42659b17⋯.jpg (56.91 KB, 597x615, 199:205, 1465256778254.jpg)


I was gonna say something about how I hope China finally fucking implodes and they undergo a massive civil war and revolution, but then I realized that the PCP would literally just export a billion fucking subhuman bugmen chinks to the rest of the world and forgo the problems of having hundreds of millions of jobless people dying of "fog" inhalation.

c60537  No.16135963


/g/'s own inherpreter.

d05ce1  No.16136493

File: e6b489556660a1b⋯.png (463.7 KB, 597x448, 597:448, they_see_me_rollin.png)


>hitboxes are only pill-shaped, which will always slip frustratingly

that's up to you and almost all games have simplified hitboxes for performance reasons. even basic learning material tells you this.

>usually laggy due to poor engine optimization (and lazy devs who are attracted to it since it's free)

again entirely up to you, if you don't know how to optimize that's not the engine's fault

>very easy to get caught on map geometry

can also happen in every game, not specific to engine but implementation.

>textures and models tend to look like shit - compare to old Source textures, many of which still look passable

also completely up to you, model is whatever you import, texture is whatever you import and what shader you use.


unreal looks better out of the box if you don't want to put any effort in it and is more expensive depending how much money your game makes (unreal takes royalties, unity is a flat sub), also lets you "code" via blueprints without ever touching a line of code while unity has it as a paid 3rd-party plugin.

also highly depends what you wanna do, unity is allegedly easier to prototype and do simple games in like platformers/cardgames etc, if you want beefy 3d unreal is usually a better choice. but then valve's the lab was done in unity, so it's not impossible (then there's also gamemaker for 2d and a few others, there's simply too many factors to make a general recommendation).

if you just want to do shit on the side it depends you your level and knowledge, unreal is either c++ or blueprints (which still requires you to understand the logic behind it) or c# for unity. starting cold is pretty much the same for either.


china is literally too bugmen for that, they've been fucked sideways for millennia, mao did the rest and the last time they tried they got publicly shot, regime or the rest of them doesn't give a fuck, that's just how they are. so even if half of them dying of starvation or sickness they probably won't even waste bullets and be happy to have less mouths to feed.

also thanks to globalization if china goes under we go down alongside it, it's really just a competition who nosedives first anyway, we or them.

63e3fb  No.16146910




Spic have some but it's nowhere near as bad as US

2ca043  No.16146998


I don't know whether what he said was true or not, but hitboxes that are ONLY pill shaped is horrible. Other simplified shapes, like actual boxes for instance, serve important functions as well, and while you might generally want a simplified hitbox, every once in a while you might need an exact one as well.

232834  No.16148438

53be2b  No.16150198

File: 2825b00906db726⋯.jpg (16.97 KB, 236x309, 236:309, 7d4b7c5e2eb02223e2a1dc9950….jpg)


>hitboxes that are ONLY pill shaped are horrible

As that anon said >>16136493

>that's up to you

You can use capsules, cubes ("actual boxes"), mesh colliders (the "exact ones"), spheres, and so on.

It's not the "engine" it's the physics SDK they're using; which is physx (produced by nvidia, an industry standard physics SDK).

That other anon >>16135777 is obviously misinformed/ignorant.

Or in otherwords, they're not knowledgeable enough to make a statement on this, as their opinions on "what is wrong with unity" are all issues that originate via the developer using the tool, and have nothing to do with the engine itself (i.e. the end user is at fault, not the software).

Don't get me wrong though, Unity has its problems, but the words they typed contributed absolutely nothing of value to conversation; except to brilliantly demonstrate how uninformed they are.

d9bb53  No.16150388


Econ 101 shit. Basically the idea that individual actors in an economy will pursue goals based on rational self interest, with implied implications for the efficiency and sustainability of the economy at large.

cfa3e5  No.16150558


>Other simplified shapes, like actual boxes for instance, serve important functions as well

actually a simple box is worse than a pill, simply for the sole reason a pill is a closer approximation to most bipedal models. imagine it like this, run around in a cardboard box and check how much empty air you have between your body and the box - in a game anything entering that space will trigger a hit, even it never actually hit the model.

it gets even worse with your head if you use single cube, the upper dome of a pill leaves less space (most humanoids have smaller heads).

depending on your game the lower dome never matters since it will be in the floor most of the time, unless you do a jump&run where the lower hitbox actually makes a difference.

only advantage a box has it takes even less performance to calculate due to the simpler shape (but usually not that much that you couldn't use a pill.

you could go by using a cylinder and a pyramid/cone, but then you'd end up with 2 hitboxes etc.

in the end it's like >>16150198 said, you can use whatever you want and there's pretty much a solution for everything, depending on your wants and needs, the engine is just a tool.

2f4867  No.16151875


Is this how they hunt for food over there?

b4f8dd  No.16151878

more shit low effort indie garbage, other than that nothing particular

8cf289  No.16151899

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Unity game

5c6b4b  No.16152288

File: 96e0854b8d69182⋯.mp4 (357.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, chinks_do_not_tolerate_nig….mp4)


Most Chinamen don't eat dogs. It's the people of the Yu Lin province that do. They are like the gypsies of China.

baec88  No.16160474

File: b67d8d8bd47a509⋯.webm (3 MB, 720x780, 12:13, eeac8b929b47ba94e8e7de9a3….webm)


haro farrow american pig ! unity for china greatest ally china greatest .

Can't remember a good unity game.

Or maybe every good unity game doesn't have that atrocious default launcher.

Everything is run of the mill or only uses Unity as a hardware abstraction layer.

It's not like any LinkedIns have Unity dev cert.

b3b654  No.16160519



The only good thing about china is that they don't buy into western "progressive" cancer.

bfdbf3  No.16160598

File: 9d7028a879a0b44⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 640x329, 640:329, ChineseBTFO.jpg)

20c2cd  No.16160619

File: b1058a9453f8b2d⋯.jpg (37.32 KB, 960x960, 1:1, b1058a9453f8b2d8c4a2785a74….jpg)


Wait what? I thought "June 4th Tienanmen Square massacre" was something you typed to anger the chinks. You telling me if I type this shit in a reply to a gook their government will cut off their internet.

Thats like suddenly having fucking super powers.


96e579  No.16160660


>slow metal


0e9e1b  No.16160684


>what is doom

96e579  No.16160697


If you mean Zenimax Doom I just want you to know you're a nigger, never touch my genre again or I'm gonna send you to the funny farm faggot.

bfdbf3  No.16160708


He means Doom Metal.

bfdbf3  No.16160729


There's a complete possibility that government agents will come find them too, and that's why they disconnect. The Chinese government has all kinds of bullshit authoritative powers that a government should not have. You know Orwell's 1984? That's LESS scary than China's actual government practices today. Here's a few facts about China:

1- Credit score is linked to your online activity

Play too many games? Bad credit. Post the wrong opinions? Bad credit. Not saying enough good about China? Bad fucking credit. The reason that Chinese are the loudest and proudest is because they have to be, otherwise they get penalized.

2- Whatever China consider themselves, they're not capitalist and they have very little freedoms

Chinese are not allowed to own land in China. Instead, the Government ALWAYS owns your land. This is why Chinese cities and homes are always falling apart, Chinese people do not give a shit, they won't even pay $0.05 to help pay for an elevator to be installed in their buildings. A landlord tried to get his tennants to pay for an elevator that they wanted, all he asked of each tenant was $1. Not a single one would pay the $1, they all argued that they shouldn't have to. In the end no one installed the elevator, and they kept on being angry.

3- The Chinese have had jews in their population for hundreds if not thousands of years

There are actual population bases of Jews that have existed in China for a very long time. And it's no secret, that there are chinks with jew blood in their politics.

4- If you've not been following the Huawei situation, know this, Huawei have been doing more than just selling technology to Syria. Earlier this year it was discovered that Huawei had borrowed some technology from another tech company under the guise of analyzing the technology to license it. The piece was loaned out, it was to be for 1 week, and they were to return it in the same condition it was loaned in. 6 months later, they still hadn't gotten the piece back, so finally after additional months the piece of "diamond glass" was returned. However, there were issues. One the piece of glass had been broken into multiple pieces. Two not all of the pieces fit together and there were pieces missing. Three the damage to the glass was consistent with a high-powered laser blasting the glass. Huawei had been attempting to reverse engineer the glass to figure out how it was made so they could steal the patented technology. And the most damning thing of all, after raiding Huawei labs, they determined that not only had Huawei done this, they'd shipped the pieces they'd broken off to China. Huawei had stolen someone's corporate secrets, and then stolen American technology.

But you know, besides rerouting all of your internet traffic, stealing corporate and trade secrets, and having a secret police that don't even answer to the fucking government, I guess China "not dealing in progressive politics" makes them alright, according to one anon.

Except they're wrong there too. Women in China who get divorced still get half. Unless they're married to a foreigner, then they get EVERYTHING. Custody, the house, the kids, the fucking clothes on their husbands' backs… China has special laws that protect Chinese nationals, but under their very laws, a foreigner has zero rights when facing off against a Chink. You ever see those movies where someone gets arrested and held in a dirty cell while a guy who looks like a Chinese general interrogates them? That shit is still the norm. And they can use physical torture should they so choose.

There is absolutely NOTHING cool about China.

8c503c  No.16160731


People forget that even though China has adopted Capitalism to a large degree, they still have a Communist government. Much like the US government, it just makes lots of special exceptions for rich assholes.

ef9b30  No.16160741

File: bcda3d96a325f43⋯.jpg (34.74 KB, 408x327, 136:109, wuuuut.jpg)


>If you mean Zenimax Doom I just want you to know you're a nigger, never touch my genre again or I'm gonna send you to the funny farm faggot.

>Claims to like metal.

>Does not know what Doom Metal is.

>Thinks its Doom 2016 OST.

I am..holy..fuck. This Anon is so fucking retarded I do not know how to reply to him.

56a947  No.16160742


>oy vey goyim they're capitalist

>they just have an oligarchical caste that is allowed to do anything it wants while 99.9% of everyone else is forced into the iron fist of communist rule

>ha ha wow that's what capitalism is don't you know

>look how evil it is

>communism has never been tried


8c503c  No.16160780


You seem to have misunderstood my post, (((friend))). Capitalism only truly works to the benefit of society when there is a strong Populist government to ensure that it doesn't turn into an oligarchical nightmare, like we currently have in the US and China.

85f488  No.16160818

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


please educate yourself

e72ccf  No.16172558


>1- Credit score is linked to your online activity

>Play too many games? Bad credit. Post the wrong opinions? Bad credit. Not saying enough good about China? Bad fucking credit. The reason that Chinese are the loudest and proudest is because they have to be, otherwise they get penalized.

They're just doing what the West does, but they're more open about it as opposed to our subtle "take your pills and watch anime, anongoy," approach.

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