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File: 8dcb0cf109ff73c⋯.jpg (115.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

7f1155  No.16109746

This series has become eye candy and pure cringe.

All they had to do was end the series with KH2.

What a shitty writing staff they hired between 2005 and 2019.

This series had so much potential but they just had to drag it out for the shekels - and even then couldn't do it right.

Tons of fans didn't touch the games after KH2.

If I didn't watch a 30 minute summary on the storyline on YouTube, I would have no idea what the hell is going on.

05e2ac  No.16109904

File: 0bd0747ae03b87a⋯.mp4 (8.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Skoll_boss_fight.mp4)

>too much eye candy

>implying that's a bad thing


8b549a  No.16109906

There's already a thread.


dd9985  No.16109909

File: 327fa6e77a12374⋯.png (95.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1429197965811.png)

>Kingdom hearts

>has become pure cringe

are you joking me?

7366f1  No.16109914


>If I didn't watch a 30 minute summary on the storyline on YouTube, I would have no idea what the hell is going on.

That seems to be a common thread among everyone saying the same is shit. Did you guys just start getting into the series last year or something? Not that KH's story is cohesive by any fucking measure.

By the way, there's already a thread about this. Check the catalog.

04ccd6  No.16109919

File: a16af7d61f06aea⋯.png (714.43 KB, 960x1136, 60:71, hellgirl.png)

>A series that is literally one mans cringe fanfiction between Final Fantasy and Disney since the beginning

>Just now figuring out that its cringe

Newfags are so obvious nowadays

7f7dbb  No.16109922

File: 5d857ab984d83d2⋯.jpg (105.28 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, check my dubs.jpg)

shit duplicate thread check my dubs

04ccd6  No.16109924


Very nice

dd9985  No.16109925

File: 217c8909a378424⋯.jpg (34.99 KB, 315x431, 315:431, casshern checks them.jpg)

ab1d5e  No.16109942

KH has always been kinda cringe. but it was sort of ok a decade ago.

629ee6  No.16109973

File: 56750ad9dbed0db⋯.jpg (84.66 KB, 1309x960, 1309:960, 1537748063374.jpg)


I didn't realize, sorry.


I started playing KH in 2002 and was a dedicated fan until I realized they were going to string it out as long as possible sometime around 2012.

10654b  No.16109983

File: 35ff23027030a4e⋯.png (285.99 KB, 843x429, 281:143, 3a433fb518a024d6b1371dc93a….png)

>KH hasn't always been pure spectacle

>KH hasn't always been pure cringe

2e161c  No.16109989


Why is that goat speaking worst korea

6aa13d  No.16109999


No you just arent a tween like 15 years ago.

b14c74  No.16110012


is he fighting WereGarurumon?

7f7dbb  No.16110065


even worst Koreans see how great that goat is

a5f853  No.16110179


tfw no asriel bf

e7d7f1  No.16110183

File: 94fcac3170dde61⋯.png (618.86 KB, 661x800, 661:800, implying.png)


ff8cbf  No.16110789

>Has become

bb0a38  No.16111049







183b96  No.16111078

Kingdom Hearts is literally a story of two faggots having problems in their relationship and trying to fix shit. Then there is this gay order that tries to steal Sora's love away from him and even the furries join on this crusade to get his gay friend back.

What an utter disgrace and disgusting story to the max.

507e9d  No.16111229


>pure cringe.

I want reddit and their reddit lexicon to leave.

b924c3  No.16112012

File: 60f75cc39a83215⋯.png (982.15 KB, 1732x1920, 433:480, Xehanort_KHIII.png)


Why do Japs always have their villains embrace dumb ideologies like "I have to destroy the world to end all evil"? Why are they always acting 2deep4u? I got done my philosophy classes in high school, I just want some God damn substance.

d5990b  No.16112024

File: 24865a76ba5ee26⋯.png (556.72 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah why can't those retarded Gooks be like Whites? When we do it, it's okay.

c415e1  No.16112037

>tons of fans didn't touch it after KH2

Oh how wrong you are, you can't have a autistic fanbase who doesn't eat whatever they given, then just stop during the series's prime.

006e43  No.16112104

Anyone who ever played this - ANY KH - is a faggot and idiot with poor taste.

It was trash, is trash and will be trash forever.

ac96fa  No.16112107

File: 8a0d6374d9aa64c⋯.png (36.49 KB, 194x218, 97:109, 8a0d6374d9aa64ca0d45894828….png)


I've never played KH, all I know about it are the looks of some of the characters, the cringe enactment from those two faggots, and the fact that there are Disney characters in it.

It looks so dismissable, like it has nothing to show. Nothing eye-catching. Its entire concept looks retarded even by weeb game standards. What the fuck is it even about? Kids beating each other with giant keys and teens dressing up in black overcoats calling themselves "nobodies" to look edgy? Why are there fucking yidsney characters in this shit? Why do all the characters look so fucking generic? Why is the protag dressed up like a clown?

Everything about it only adds to the fact that it has no reason to exist, no matter how I look at it. So why does this franchise exist at all? Do people who like it exist at all?

2bdfc9  No.16112205

File: 6ff894d8aab771a⋯.png (32.51 KB, 349x554, 349:554, grump.png)

>it's another "smoothbrains don't understand the concept of sequels again" thread

88932c  No.16112249

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kingdom Hearts 1 started with a simple concept basically boy goes on adventures to different Disney movies to beat up monsters and fight along side iconic characters from the movies.

It wasn't exactly the most well written thing, but it's easy for a kid to insure themselves in the main characters shoes, and just have a good time, the fact all the Disney characters looked perfectly on model and everyone had their voice actors added a ton to the appeal. The Final Fantasy characters where around much less, but still just there for the same reason, to appeal to the fact Final Fantasy was still the shit at the time, I never played FF7 as a kid, but I still got hype seeing Cloud and Sephiroth show up, despite knowing so little about FF I knew how Iconic they were.

KH1 is just a pretty good kids game with some "My first anime" shit here and there.

It was immediately after KH1 that things got off the fucking rails with the Anime shit, Disney stuff was still fun, but It's clear that The OC edgy characters and Anime Story just kept taking more of the spot light with every game.

Now it's gotten to the point that unless your a mega autist, no one is seriously invested anymore save for maybe when that one character they actually still like Shows up, people just want to see how stupid shit is going to keep getting.

08c59a  No.16112336

File: de35936a5293510⋯.jpg (46.59 KB, 878x745, 878:745, leave xehanort to me.jpg)

eb7564  No.16112387


>This series has become eye candy and pure cringe.

>All they had to do was end the series with KH2.

I think you mean KH1. Were you one of those fat chicks cosplaying in a leather trenchcoat during the late 00's?

8bc799  No.16112391

>become pure cringe

it was from the start, but I like the hoops people jump through to justify liking the series instead of just saying "yeah i like it whatever." KHfags are the most defensive babies on earth

eb7564  No.16112430


I thought the same thing.

So what was needed in this fight? Heal and do some summon/transform, then do what? Just hit a button and move around?

622177  No.16112439

>Play Kingdom Hearts 1

>Want to fuck Kairi


>Never play another game in the series

This was low-key the way you were meant to play these games. It's your own fault.

73d651  No.16112469


It's just an excuse to have a villain want to destroy the world to raise the stakes while still explaining why he would want to do that. It's straight rule of cool stuff, because I admit, plots about trying to save the world are pretty cool. That being said, I think a character that is just plain evil and crazy and wants to destroy the world just for the thrill of it would just work better in those instances and would probably be cooler.

8a0569  No.16112495


When it came clear that the x-blade was literally just a reset button for the universe meant to be employed when Darkness got too strong, I started having fucking Dark Souls flashbacks.

d49b3b  No.16113030

>This series has become eye candy and pure cringe.

"Has become"? You mean like, right now because of KH3? Where have you been you slowpoke?

42e1b6  No.16113123


Because Eastern Philosophy doesn't have substance

98fc59  No.16113209

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>this series has become cringe

>has become

41e0e3  No.16113234

File: b8ffca1434bfa41⋯.png (106.17 KB, 358x605, 358:605, norted.png)

>Supreme combatant

>Taught all the mary sues how to wipe their asses

>Through his quest for enlightenment gains supreme mastery of light and dark

>Also gains supreme mastery of space and time while he's at it

>Dips the entire multiverse into chaos because he's so sickened by the corruption that's taken root he decides to take fate into his own hands

>Forges the ultimate weapon that allows you to access kingdom hearts, the tool needed to fulfill all of his ambitions

>At the very last second, after schooling literally everyone in everything they're good at, give up and hand over said macguffin weapon before dying on the fucking spot

How the fuck did they justify this? Who the fuck was responsible for looking over the rough draft of this and okaying it?

41e0e3  No.16113276

File: 07ec4d9a7a54f95⋯.webm (512.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, are you fucking stupid.webm)


I shouldn't be surprised, It's not like he was ever in the hands of a competent writer. If anything it's just that even shit villains have a capability to be good characters for the sole reason that they have the ambition and will to challenge the natural order of things to make their visions a reality.

Nort being a example because he saw the golden age of creation and watched it become absolute garbage. Everything is turbo fucked and splintered into a million pieces but Sora and the gang think it's fine. There's nothing wrong with wanting to reset it all and taking the reins yourself to steer the universe in the right direction, it could've been a genuinely good cause. Bending the forces of light and darkness to reach that goal is commendable in the same way bending nature to mans will to create civilization is noble.

Then they shit all over that by having him limp wristedly giving up at the last second, soiling the foundation of his character, that being someone who challenged it all to the point where his only allies are clones of himself. And even some of those betray him as he attempts to unfuck it all.

Maybe one day we'll get a dindu nuffin storyline but for real this time where the protagonist realizes he has been fucking up the entire time and has to pick up the many pieces he spent the whole game destroying.

27c231  No.16113303

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Daily reminder that Donald FUCKING Duck used one of the most powerful spells in the entire Final Fantasy series to single-handedly incinerate one of the main villains.

A Zettaflare is a move only used by fucking BAHAMUT and this little fucking duck just throws it out there like it's nothing, it may be retarded but this is one of the most entertaining forms of it I've ever seen.

10580a  No.16113330

>has become cringe


>there was a point where it was not


8c7765  No.16113368

Remember that time when there was a fake-out Goofy death?

ae861c  No.16113534


can he cast zettaflare in standard gameplay? at the cost of all of his hp and mana?

if neither, then KH3 is even worse than I thought it'd be

88932c  No.16113562

File: 4b490c0c5998af6⋯.mp4 (179.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Kingdom Hearts One Day.mp4)

c0c501  No.16113601


>Kids beating each other with giant keys and teens dressing up in black overcoats calling themselves "nobodies" to look edgy?

From KH1 onwards, yes. KH1 was about a generic shonen protagonist looking for his friends after their home got destroyed.

>Why are there fucking yidsney characters in this shit?




41e0e3  No.16113602

File: 595a6aab1ec1427⋯.jpg (8.57 KB, 213x250, 213:250, 1476232919423.jpg)


Oh. Right. We still don't know what the fuck Kingdom Hearts is, do we?

c0f197  No.16113627


>not having save the queen by that point in the game.

shit was fucking bad ass though not going to lie

Sora time traveled after that right ?

41e0e3  No.16113633


Better yet. Sora went to some kind of afterlife area then did some minigame shit to go back in time to the moment just before everyone gets world of lighted, then he does the exact same shit. Aka gaping at the darkness as it consumes everyone.

Then everyone is okay in the next scene anyway for some reason I don't remember.

c0f197  No.16113639


why didn't he go back to the start of the game and do a new game+ run then the next time they meet the group is 2x powerful and they kick his ass. that shit would have been cool.

7f7dbb  No.16113643

>this shit duplicate thread is still up

nice job mark

7f7dbb  No.16113652


>put autists in charge of directing

>surprised when it's autistic

55e392  No.16113805

File: 459efaee8459678⋯.jpg (22.82 KB, 600x325, 24:13, 8e3.jpg)


That actually was Xehanort's motivation originally. BBS and every game since kept explaining how he wanted to blow up the universe just to see what'd happen afterwards, then in KH3 at the very fucking end they pull some shit out of their ass about how he just wanted to help everybody and how DARKNESS is bad despite being a master of DARKNESS himself, contradicting a literal decade of characterization. Then they fuck even that up.

41e0e3  No.16113820


I don't think they fucked up his explanation, he explained pretty well that he wanted to reset everything and be at the helm of things. The fuck up was when he just gives up even though the path he took to get to that point was as much of a scorched earth campaign as you can get.

1b7285  No.16113824


>Then everyone is okay in the next scene anyway for some reason I don't remember.

>he doesn't remember mashing triangle 300 times because of mobage cancer


Leonard Nimoy voiced him as this almost eldritch lich trying to destory literally everything and anything. The new voice actor then goes full teenage boy rasp and it's awful ruining the character Nimoy built up.

41e0e3  No.16113829

File: 5ee8d545e876f0f⋯.jpg (26.99 KB, 296x296, 1:1, 5ee8d545e876f0ff3424f54f50….jpg)


>>he doesn't remember mashing triangle 300 times because of mobage cancer

Now I do.

effa49  No.16113879


The loss of Nimoy did massive damage to how Xehanort came across. Instead of being this ancient mother fucker who has pulled a ton of gambits to survive this late into the game he's just some old fuck.

Xehanort looked like he was well beyond Eraqus age in BBS. Then we're told they were both kids at the same time? Fucking retarded.

da26d3  No.16113949

File: e7a884ee27420f5⋯.jpg (105.37 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Attach0.jpg)

Reminder that not even Nomura himself could put up with his fanfiction bullshit any longer.

8bc799  No.16113951


>not even Nomura himself could put up with his fanfiction bullshit any longer.

but the game ends on sequel bait

1b7285  No.16113958


>image explicitly has the line "if that triggers you to think about stories that haven't been told yet"

The only thing that image proves is Nomura did not have a Masterplan and went into KH3 blind like a bitch and it shows.

7f5c02  No.16113984

File: 94b001f459cac07⋯.jpg (19.83 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1482616277074.jpg)


Some good fucking dubs right there.

d2c055  No.16114014

File: 476b9438a0b6af3⋯.png (133.58 KB, 337x259, 337:259, 476b9438a0b6af3a2c3fe291f3….png)



Wait they still haven't explained what Kingdom Hearts actually is?

01efd8  No.16114077


>Literally anything viewed with love and friendship can gain a "heart"

>Thus, worlds have hearts

>But so does the universe, as a whole.

>Kingdom Hearts is basically the heart of the setting.

8fb658  No.16114179

File: f00d73d1a64d673⋯.png (559.45 KB, 1132x666, 566:333, no fun.PNG)


My 24 year old coworker was trying to convince me this is had a great story and lore

41e0e3  No.16114223


That's not set in stone. Don't pretend like they won't find a plot twist and turn it into whatever the fuck they feel like in the next game.

a9c6bc  No.16114245

File: 9b927f1a7c1cc87⋯.png (86.31 KB, 624x544, 39:34, tranny hearts.png)


8bc799  No.16114253



these people need real jobs

38df37  No.16114317


To be fair, he doesn't throw it out like it's nothing, he literally fucking dies right after. He goes to hell with everyone else, remember.

f455a9  No.16114387

eec195  No.16114449

File: 4f2d864ff4ec192⋯.png (669.37 KB, 872x778, 436:389, xion is samus.PNG)

File: 25ffaa3b7229709⋯.png (263.7 KB, 875x774, 875:774, poor waifufags.PNG)


Hot damn this guy tweets like 20 times a day

Also LOL

6017c3  No.16114466


dear god no. you want these people to be given actual tangible responsibility? their perception of reality is warped, anon. you want them to be bagging your groceries or flipping your burgers? they'll kill us all.

8bc799  No.16114485


> their perception of reality is warped,

probably because they're unemployed. but nice triple double

f455a9  No.16114611

File: 1f741bae50515ef⋯.jpg (130.24 KB, 600x599, 600:599, time to kill.jpg)

1e8da8  No.16114631

File: 544b267e53faac4⋯.png (7.23 KB, 300x300, 1:1, PURGE.png)


>became girls

<became girls



6017c3  No.16114645




78bad2  No.16114681

File: da1de5d0b689282⋯.mp4 (1.62 MB, 640x268, 160:67, I_dont_meme_so_good.mp4)

reminder to show this to every normalfag you can find.

8bc799  No.16114689



>invested in kingdom hearts


78bad2  No.16114691

File: a8c3bec984b115d⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 353x448, 353:448, checked pencil.gif)

78bad2  No.16114697


seriously. So many fucking normalfags are in this shit and "pretend" they know what is going on, when all they wanna do is spam a button and see disney shit. Spoiling what little plot they would understand is a good swift knee to the nuts.

05e2ac  No.16114929

File: e7623638a250478⋯.jpg (29.48 KB, 1080x600, 9:5, Xion's breasts.jpg)


>implying xion had a dick

No way she was ever a male with fucking breasts like these. This is as retarded as calling Linkle from zelda a tranny, just for resembling Link.

af9683  No.16114983

File: 6ec15d8e1b043b4⋯.png (387.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


I think the argument is that AFAIK She's like an aspect or a an element of Sora's soul or a segment of his being that the baddies made into a girl , that means he's a autogynephile or some shit like that.

88932c  No.16116089


I mean I don't see how after all the portable games, how anyone could possibly think that KH3 was going to be worth it.

Not only in the direction of the story getting more autistic every game, but the gameplay too, every game after KH2 simply reinforced that there wasn't going to be another game with combat as good as KH2's.

ac96fa  No.16124198



Okay I believe you

76fd91  No.16124354



Maybe she looks like that because

Shes made in the image of Soras mom

da21e5  No.16124593

File: ee31e11917fb73e⋯.png (752.78 KB, 729x835, 729:835, TOO LEWD.png)


The entire game is fan service. Pics related.

da21e5  No.16124596

File: bff9e5122c5716b⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 03e0b0981781f01⋯.png (360.56 KB, 300x811, 300:811, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 36c7e391c35af31⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

712008  No.16124649

File: b044aa8cee52606⋯.png (8.03 MB, 3872x9349, 3872:9349, KH explained 2.8 update ed….png)


She looks like that because Sora's memories of Kairi and DARKNESS





fd88a2  No.16124691

File: c77418915f9de0c⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 301.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1430350183964.gif)

>He doesn't understand the story and meanings in KH

Heeheehee bunch of plebeians as always you lot.

712008  No.16129150

File: 31f5adb6f75cbf8⋯.png (124.1 KB, 533x883, 533:883, ClipboardImage.png)



d5400d  No.16129185


put the bong down, fren.

d5400d  No.16129203

File: 9add35ad136e3c4⋯.png (798.09 KB, 1032x553, 1032:553, ClipboardImage.png)

The one thing I'm fucking shocked that Nomura didn't try and pull was having Max in the game.

Him and his friends are almost a perfect analog for the FFXV cast

0c910e  No.16129236


>exclusive to gooks

>movie thanos praised for having exact same premise

It's a half assed explanation to try to introduce why socialism is good.

7fc6ba  No.16130519

File: 6b3c2cd62897702⋯.png (403.93 KB, 439x588, 439:588, gtfo.png)

>feel empty after finishing KH3

>haven't played KH1 since release however many years ago, borrow bro's copy of 1.5 and fire up a proud mode file

>right before the heartless arrive at Destiny Islands, Sora is seen in a normal looking bedroom and his mom calls up to him saying dinner is ready

What the fuck, I completely forgot these guys had families. I think I'd convinced myself they were just orphans living on a tiny island and it was just the three of them and the the three other final fantasy kids

are sora, riku, and kairi fucking psychopaths? they don't ever talk about trying to save their probably dead families, its just their two friends they care about. hell, even before the heartless attack, these three kids were planning on going into the ocean on a tiny raft to almost certainly die at sea away from their families, this game's MCs are pretty fucked in the head

1b3d35  No.16130535

File: 5ae9a34e92653a6⋯.png (673.78 KB, 819x503, 819:503, Anon's_roomates.png)


>This series has become eye candy and pure cringe.

I'm sick of this "Kingdom Hearts has 'become' cringe" bullshit.

The series was always silly as shit, you're a fucking teenage boy talking about the power of heart with Donald Duck and Goofy. There was never a point where KH wasn't fanfic cringe.

9b9841  No.16130564




d03da9  No.16130569


Because it was hilarious and now i'm upset i lost the screencap.

1b3d35  No.16130591

File: e293ba467c64918⋯.jpg (26.5 KB, 480x478, 240:239, nut.jpg)


Please tell me you're still sleeping with your roommates, oh god.

432d28  No.16130921

File: 52b271d2c6d31b4⋯.jpg (51.11 KB, 552x805, 24:35, bitch hold on.jpg)

>kingdom hearts is cringy as shit

>attracts transgirls and faggots

>has a storyline that requires terminal forms of autism in order to follow

>incorporates disney and final fantasy into a synergy of early '00s emo/scene bullshit

>fucking adult women are actually excited for this shit

You faggot bitches want to know why men go their own way? Its because of you.

a4bcfe  No.16130957

File: 5d9585c3e4d2b71⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 670x671, 670:671, 0a6d6cbac66287d8750b17f8e7….jpg)



8dd7f6  No.16132655

File: 88cad177b540cd0⋯.png (733 B, 54x48, 9:8, Deltarune-spr_smallface_a2.png)

83e329  No.16132812

Kingdom Hearts is the Smash Bros of Sony and Microsoft.

275878  No.16132817

It's a kids game

you have no right to be upset

0cb2fd  No.16132819


>This series had so much potential

everyone point and laugh at this retard

043c2d  No.16132824


It’s fucking ugly though.

275878  No.16132834


Don't talk about my boyfriend that way

043c2d  No.16132844

693af8  No.16132846

File: e00149cec995a19⋯.png (81.51 KB, 233x217, 233:217, ClipboardImage.png)


They can't add them the one in the middle realized they were in a cartoon and Yidsney had to take him down for good

e8be88  No.16132858


I can see why >she relates to a soulless nobody created by evil science that most people rightly perceive as inhuman and who is immediately forgotten about after dying.

275878  No.16132865

File: 40d9671d4d4f79b⋯.jpg (77.85 KB, 586x820, 293:410, 5943f2ca5e8c28cf0c25c56b08….jpg)


>implying you wouldn't tap that

043c2d  No.16132871


I wouldn’t tap it because I’m not a fag.

275878  No.16132990

2f235a  No.16133070


FFXV doesn't have an unattractive party member.

a0b394  No.16133201

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Robert "Bobby" didn't became so self-aware of the universe that he got all the knowledge about kingdom hearts and how the universe works. And so he could exit his Disney world, and then start exploring the Kingdom of Light, and then settled on Daybreak Town, and so became the Master of Masters.

That would explain everything.

275878  No.16133280


Not popular enough

KH3 is a shitty game for kids

7d7417  No.16133433

The story has been absolute garbage because it focused too much on all the games that were not KH and KH2. The plotlines just felt duct-taped together with the cheapest plot-tricks you could use. An overuse of time travel, all the mumbo jumbo around how hearts work and so on.

The worlds and their stories were worse than I expected, Frozen being the worst and Big Hero 6 being the best. In general, worlds that just literally had their movie plot with Sora being greenscreened into it sucked the most.

The combat is where the game shines - until you realize just how piss-easy this game is no matter what you do even on Proud. You no longer need reflect or stop, Aero got turned into an AoE, summons are even less important, anti-form is now there to save you not to punish you… long story short, the combat lacks depth.

I'm glad it's over but I'm already worried about how much the next KH game is going to fucking suck. I probably won't even play it.

56c804  No.16133468


Well she did turn into a copy of Sora at the end of 358/2 Days after absorbing enough of his memories.

2f235a  No.16133469


The next story will return to simplicity because it's the beginning of a new arc.

712008  No.16135304

File: a6457ed3803bf1f⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1200x665, 240:133, ClipboardImage.png)


>The next story will take place in TWEWY/FFvsXIII

7f7dbb  No.16135334

>>16132655 (Checked)


fa34a0  No.16135925

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is this accurate

712008  No.16137799

File: 627f98d0bf05d7d⋯.mp4 (666.36 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 13 Seconds of Darkness.mp4)

For all your out of context shitposting needs

b394e7  No.16139583

File: f7ca29de8d09bc4⋯.jpg (62.67 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, KHTErraAqua.jpg)

cd5ffb  No.16139606

File: 3002ebd8a192b80⋯.jpg (12.78 KB, 399x299, 399:299, 1522631772681.jpg)

The story is not even hard to understand. Xehanort is a power hungry guy who wants to incarnate himself in 13 bodies like a god. He uses Org 13 to do this. Aqua, Terra, and Ventus fought them got caught up in it and it ended up causing Riku and Sora to get caught up in it too.

Now they have to have a keyblade war to summon kingdom hearts.\

Also if you don't play the web browser game Unison/Chi whatever you're not gonna understand what is happening.

ac96fa  No.16140401


Doesn't invidious still tap into google servers anyways

8a3316  No.16140785


>Torposter spreading disinfo


Invidious used to be good because it simply loaded and mirrored the video using their server and provided it anonymously. However (((they))) didn't like that and changed the YT API for it so now you do have to use Jewgles services to use it. So it's basically just a YT mirror with a fancy UI and no privacy features

It has a built in way to download videos and it does help with monetization, but you are no longer as safe and secure in using it as you once were

bd2d84  No.16150136


what the fuck was that pls explain. why are sora and riku in IRL shinjuku now. i didnt expect Xigbar being Luxu. but i still want to see what the hell is in the box

bd2d84  No.16150158


>big hero 6 world

>"im detecting light muscular contraptions in your mouths and shoulders"

baymax failing to understand the emotion of cringe cracked me up like nothing. i didnt expect to laugh this much during a kingdom hearts game.

i agree though that the frozen world was terrible. you barely even talk to elsa or anna and the in-universe villain didnt even have a single line of dialogue. the toy story and caribbean worlds were the best. holy shit i wasn't expecting sea combat. that was a really neat thing to have.

c0c501  No.16150178


i'm in the box

i've got chips

712008  No.16151090

File: ba7a0f9fded583e⋯.png (211.7 KB, 500x325, 20:13, Truth.png)

File: 1733f8721cba2a4⋯.png (906.66 KB, 750x563, 750:563, ClipboardImage.png)


>pls explain


For now here's the ending building irl

Can you spot the difference?

fcec02  No.16151113

III is the most ridiculous fucking mixed bag I've ever seen. There's great stuff like Olympus, Toy Box and Monstropolis along with especially their plot related cutscenes, every new Keyblade has a solid design and neat gimmick to make them worth playing and you can equip at least 3 to smoothly change between, it's a sexy 60fps of all things more often than not, the Flantastic 7 are your real minigames wrapped up in a fucking adorable package, great music as expected, cutscenes saw a massive improvement, there was clear ambition with fitting diverse episodes like Olympus, Toy Box and The Carribean all in the same game with a massive underused world like San Fransokyo and 2 empty as fuck nature settings as if the infamous Osaka team really were giving their all to create mini adventures that dwarfed even KHII in scale that helped Sora train for the final battle in the grand scheme of things and the long awaited showdown with Sora, Donald and Goofy VS Master Xehanort fully delivered in excitement and spectacle aside from not fighting a world ending battleship or dragon vessel but it came at the price of how little else you see. I have no doubt Olympus at the very beginning was going to set expectations high even for every single world after.

But Tangled, Frozen and Big Hero 6 most of all felt ridiculously wasted, The Keyblade Graveyard feels rushed and underwhelmingly chopped up as fuck closeted fights despite being the big finale and site of a repeatedly stated fucking war even Naruto gave more of a sense of in the build up to and climax to that shitty filler fest, which is a serious fumble to the game as a whole for what it's exactly supposed to fucking be. All kinds of precious content like Hollow Bastion and tournaments are missing entirely while the returning 100 Acre Wood is absolutely pathetic like I mentioned earlier, more characters playable besides Sora like entering and braving the Realm of Darkness as Riku were clearly planned, the spectacle attacks cheapen and disrupt the game with being far too common and having no cost, invisible walls are egregious in this installment, Ultima Weapon is the biggest pain in the ass to make in this game just because of getting all the Orichalcum+ and finally, the ending is a giant cliffhanger middle finger to people who just wanted a comfy point to jump off after Xehanort like II with a happy ending for everyone specifically that isn't Sora and Kairi just to set bait for another fucking game. The celebratory as fuck rendition of Dearly Beloved and Sora eating a fucking paopu is the only hope for an expansion that fixes this clearly unfinished executively tampered clusterfuck that wanted to do way too much and ultimately created an unsatisfying base package inferior to its predecessors 2 entire generations ago.

bd2d84  No.16151197


well, aside from the myriad of ads, the real building says 109. while the one here says 104.


monstropolis was so adorable. the flantastic seven were great (much better than the bullshitshroom XIII thats for sure). caribbean was amazing holy shit i love Ship combat. and the gummi missions were the best in the entire franchise. they have truly and objectively improved over every aspect of gummi customization, mobility, mechanics, and content. i wasn't expecting to be enjoying myself this much with gummi ships considering that in 1 and 2 it was a massive drag and i just used whatever default ship would get me to the next world.

the final boss was a bit underwhelming. compared to ansem battleship form and xemnas massive fucking spacestation thing

Frozen was bad due to the lack of involvement or even dialogue that sora had with the in-world characters. But i disagree with you on the Tangled world. i thought it was great. really did well at retelling the movie with the KH characters on it.

a part of me wishes i could have played Chi, because i totally skipped on the movie that came with the 2.8 game, and i feel like im missing some stuff here. like who was the white haired boy that appears for a brief flash when all the keyblades in the graveyard fly to help you and you call for a bunch of obviously user-named characters

dfef43  No.16151219


Xion might be best futa but get the fuck outta here with dat white male castration propaganda.


What if Xion was actually Ava's nobody taken on Kairi's body? Wouldn't put it past autismura.


Lack of nude models of Aqua displease me.


Lol this had a big thread dedicated to that. Knew this was a forum goer.


The fact that Sora's MILF hasn't been seen is a crime.

712008  No.16151406

File: fdf386c3da10fa5⋯.png (3.91 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Continuing on from where we left off, this time covering the Disney worlds a bit more than 3d, it's


>Sora and Co arrive at Olympus

>Nowhere near civilization

>Meet Hades

>Hades punts them to Thebes

>Maleficent and Pete show up looking for a black box

>Hades calls them useless and shoos them away

>Sora and Co save Olympus from Hades with the help of Hercules, whom they ran into in Thebes and leave without the power of waking

>Pete digs up Pandora's box and Maleficent has him throw it away

>Xigbar spoils the secret ending

>Riku and Mickey arrive in the Realm of Darkness

>Get attacked, Riku's keyblade breaks, he gets a haircut and he rejoins with Repliku who's been camping down there since CoM

>Group huddle at Yen sid's

>Riku and Mickey head to Radiant Garden to look for clues to Terra while Sora and co go to Twilight Town to look for clues to find Sora

>The darkness has hit TT hard, removing half the world but Sora manages to fend off some Roxas loyalist dusks

>They head to the mansion and Ienzo helps Pence set up a shared network

>They leave without the power of waking

>Sora and co are toys

>Verum Rex ad plays (Remember this for later)

>They join forces with Andy's toys and go to Galaxy toys to look for Andy

>Find Young Xehanort

>Examine Dissidia NT section

>Other toys get kidnapped, have to save them

>Save Rex from Kaijuzilla

>Save Hamm from Doll House

>Fight Loli-toy

>Just before you leave with the rescued toys Rex goes back to the Verum Rex section

>Claims Sora looks like Yozora from the game (REMEMBER THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT)

>Buzz is Half Xehanort

>Sora is trapped in Verum Rex

>They successfully fend off Xehanort and leave without the power of waking

>Head to Corona

>Marluxia is half Xehanort

>New 7 princesses

>Nothing really happens outside movie plot (Spot the scenes that were ripped right from the movie)

>Sora and co do not get the power of waking

>Sora and Co leave

>Riku finally realizes Ansem-Xehanort is Terra

>Even is missing

>Ienzo learns that Sora has three dormant hearts inside him thanks to Ansem's research

>Arrive at Monstropolis

>Vanitas rebuilds himself using stockpiled scream canisters and floods worlds with unversed to collect more

>Vanitas' vocal cords are damaged during reconstruction but he can still talk

>Sully and Mike pick up the mass of negativity that can spawn legions of monsters and throw him through a door, throw that door through another door and throw that door through another door, presumably woodchipping it later just to be safe

>Sora and co leave without the power of waking

>Arrive at Arendelle

>Meet Elsa

>Sora tries to follow her up mountain but Larxene appears

>Larxene is half Xehanort and tells Sora to stop mansplaining, trapping him in an ice prison

>Have to climb mountain again

>Rip "Let It Go" from the movie, quickly swapping back to KH3 models at the end of the song

>Larxene tells them Elsa don't need no man and knocks them off the mountain

>Put Olaf back together

>Climb mountain again

>Fight Marshmellow

>Causes avalanche and knocks them off mountain

>Team up with Marshmellow to destroy Hans' darkness

>Elsa and Anna are both Princesses from the New 7

>Leave Arendelle without the power of waking

>Riku and Mickey re-enter the Realm of Darkness to find Aqua

>Aqua is knocked into the ocean of Darkness protecting Ansem

>Ansem is taken by Xehanort's heartless to find a girl that was used for Xehanort's experiments

>He takes Ansem to the mansion

>Hayner tries to kick him while Omelette saves Ansem

>Vexen gives them back up

>Vexen is half Xehanort

abbe0a  No.16151496


You never gave proof to your theory, so into head cannon it goes

177138  No.16151606

File: 75dc1e553bca475⋯.jpg (6.98 KB, 109x126, 109:126, Smug anime octopus.jpg)


>Has become

Reminder that this series was considered to be for girls who spent all their time drawing and uploading yaoi to deviantart until relatively recently.


Buddhist muh balance mumbo jumbo. Almost every fucking JRPG plot boils down to good and evil being just as bad as each other because muh balance is needed, since apparently orderly society is just as bad as global eradication of all life. Don't try to understand it, just write it off as an eastern meme that they actually treat seriously.

ea3e8b  No.16151608

File: 51f03b0f6a495bb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.84 KB, 500x667, 500:667, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

File: 01f6d9166209ad1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.98 KB, 494x740, 247:370, definitely miss.jpg)


I regret looking him up. Plus side is that he somehow got banned from twatter.

409723  No.16151631

I remember a weeb friend of mine berated me into trying the first kingdom hearts back in high school.

All I could think the whole time was "This game is fucking gay and why the fuck am I playing a twink hanging around with donald fucking duck? Is this all an acid trip from Elton John's early days? Also these controls fucking suck and the keyblade is a stupid weapon."

8ae6b4  No.16151813

File: b34f6682984a39b⋯.png (41.36 KB, 114x153, 38:51, goatse.png)


immediately caught my eye

7c7537  No.16151825

File: 48c367fee7ecf0f⋯.png (547.83 KB, 500x490, 50:49, 48c367fee7ecf0fbbab828b3bd….png)


>definitely miss

4e8694  No.16152171


who made dat image

bd2d84  No.16152184

File: d45c1cb42f846a9⋯.jpg (95.72 KB, 800x437, 800:437, 2 slut.jpg)


>definitely miss

9f92e0  No.16152875

How has no one posted the epilogue and secret ending yet?


>Donald uses Zettaflare

>Mickey uses Ultima

>Xehanort uses Stopga

>Get rid of all the Final Fantasy characters

>Triple down on using Final Fantasy spells


>much better than the bullshitshroom XIII thats for sure

Git gud.


>Sora and co go to Twilight Town to look for clues to find Sora


>Fight Loli-toy


>presumably woodchipping it later just to be safe


Are you summarizing someone else's posts or actually playing the game? They woodchip the door immediately in the same cutscene.


>Almost every fucking JRPG plot boils down to good and evil being just as bad as each other because muh balance is needed, since apparently orderly society is just as bad as global eradication of all life.

I think you're confusing good vs evil with chaos vs order.

bd2d84  No.16152896


we only got 6 shitty spells this game. 5 elements and cure.

where's reflect, stop, and magnet? i mean you dont have to add that balloon bullshit, but those other 3 are basic shit. Magnet instead became part of the "Second Form" combo, stop and reflect aren't even in the game except during the brief periods you play as aqua and riku.

4bd552  No.16152903



No, see, it was Great-Ice-Wolf-Sif-mon.

eb7564  No.16152905

File: dc54f2e479df575⋯.jpg (187.19 KB, 769x639, 769:639, 2007 KHOrg XIII Group.jpg)


It's been bad since KH2 arrived. You're just not in their target audience (preteen -> college age) anymore.

dfef43  No.16154022

Can I cast Assraga?

16d4ab  No.16154117

>cringe used unironically

ce03ee  No.16154145

File: dcc222ebadbea9d⋯.jpg (26.24 KB, 493x328, 493:328, God bless.jpg)

My only hope for KH3 was heartless porn

My wish has been granted.

3359a0  No.16154172


A lot of people just played KH1 and KH2, and didn't bother with all the mobile gaming bullshit.

b394e7  No.16154176

File: 32f9ebc2f1ba3b0⋯.png (752.91 KB, 715x753, 715:753, Virginity.png)

3359a0  No.16154225

File: 96d5c1b63cdc2f0⋯.jpg (596.2 KB, 864x864, 1:1, BuscemiEyesLiara.jpg)



Clever, anon… I'll be keeping an eye on you

c0c501  No.16154241

File: 200da594fbb4909⋯.jpg (18.45 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 200da594fbb49090cbb9cb9414….jpg)


>still no good Larxene porn

bd2d84  No.16154253


she's the most basic-bitch bitch ever. she talks exactly like Mindy from grim adventures of billy and mandy.

c0c501  No.16154267

File: 4df6e37a57d207a⋯.png (228.04 KB, 358x408, 179:204, 1469523425367.png)


>a KH character is flat and poorly written


3359a0  No.16154280


>he didn't notice all of Sora and Riku's character development

Did you even play the game you cynical fuck?

c0c501  No.16154290


>Sora had character development

news to me tbh

even then that's still only 2 out of some number that's too fucking large

bd2d84  No.16154468


look, kairi is still a useless bitch, she's basically sakura haruno from naruto, but at least she has a loveable personality.

Larxene is just like a blonde valleygirl thot who was after marluxia's thorny cock and joined the bad guys for it. the bitch even tempted marluxia to stage the castle oblivion coup and was tempting marluxia to do another coup in this game.

c0c501  No.16154494


How can Kairi have a lovable personality if she doesn't have a personality?

bd2d84  No.16154511


exactly. what personality is more loveable on a woman than none?

9f92e0  No.16154557

File: fbb9eaafd2922ac⋯.png (277.1 KB, 578x600, 289:300, 0Larxene.png)

Where the fuck is the epilogue and secret movie?


>she talks exactly like Mindy from grim adventures of billy and mandy.


83e1e9  No.16154563

I prefer Final Fantasy tbh

126cd0  No.16154817

towards the end of 2 the combat felt like a solid action game, by the end of 3 does the combat feel solid? Are there any genuinely challenging boss fights?

9f92e0  No.16154864


I doubt it considering all the super easy to do giant invulnerability moves.

268b97  No.16154888


The final boss was harder than everything else. That's about it.

bd2d84  No.16154908

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


sadly no. the game is too easy with all the disneyland rides appearing every 5 seconds. and even without them. the recommended level for the final boss is like 45.

im already level 83 just from the sheer amount of time i spent farming materials to complete all the synth goals. im already done with the game and i couldn't synth Ultima because of the stupid fucking way they decided to make you obtain 1 of the 7 Ori+, by making you play a stupid sledding minigame in the Frozen world. seriously fuck that minigame. just not worth it. already got all the secret reports and saw the secret movie. i would have taken an entire musical world again over this sledding crap with no map and slippery controls.

the only moderately challenging boss in the entire game is the one in the 13th battlegate, Dark Inferno. and i defeated him quite easily. it just takes a few tries to nail his pattern down.


edgy xehanort? he was pretty easy unless you were underlevel. Not enabling Critical Difficulty from the beginning was a mistake. fucking casuals.

268b97  No.16154928


I was about level 40 and out of practice since nothing in the game put me through the paces.

dfef43  No.16154931


Larxene still has a nose tho.

bd2d84  No.16154945


i actually didn't go into the third galaxy until i found all lucky emblems and all chests, with the exception of a few where i used a guide because spent hours looking for them and i just couldnt find them.

about 3 emblems and 5 chests, in the entire game, i looked up a guide for. the rest i found all on my own. and you know how that goes, running around everywhere paying deep attention to detail made me run through enough waves of enemies that i was vastly overleveled.

but even with all my extra levels, Dark Inferno still gave me a run for my money. its just so sad that there aren't more fights like it in the game. all of the post-game Battlegates are just a regrouping of the same tired old enemies. they removed the final fantasy character plotlines so no sephiroth fight. and there's no Data Copies of the 'real' organization to spice up the challenge this time either at least not until they bring them on as DLC in 2025 for KH3 Final Mix Electric Boogaloo :^)

ee8869  No.16154960



I found Xehanort to be annoying because of the floaty aerial combat. Since I beat the final boss, I haven't touched the thing.

c0f197  No.16154967

File: ffe2ba502681759⋯.jpg (148.18 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, c6acbd35f9ad047fa658a8e175….jpg)

File: 2da97a6d853dd2e⋯.png (38.07 KB, 178x225, 178:225, Strelitzia02.png)

File: b418081c0d4699f⋯.jpg (121.12 KB, 1400x964, 350:241, fjKhQn3.jpg)

can we fucking talk about Strelitzia and how shes the twin peaks Laura Palmer of all of this shit

we still don't know who killed her, who she is a sister to, and if she was the girl Ansem the wise found to start his research .

she was the girl Saïx and Axel was talking about that they use to be friends with before the last fight

c0c501  No.16154971


>can we fucking talk about Strelitzia

no because nobody knows who the fuck she is

bd2d84  No.16154982


can we still play KH Chi? i dont even know where to begin with it.

6a1be6  No.16154986


>we still don't know who killed her

The Darkness?

>who she is a sister to

Laurem. They say that specifically

> if she was the girl Ansem the wise found to start his research .

Probably not, since she's dead. Most likely Skuld

6a1be6  No.16155001


You can play Union Cross, which is a remake/sequel.

X, the browser game was the real events

Unchained X is the dream your character has after suffering PTSD from the keyblade war.

6a1be6  No.16155040


>implying I can't youtube that shit

9f92e0  No.16155043


>follow a series

>they're milking you dry

I haven't paid for shit since KH2. Why do you have to pay for anything to follow it?

c0f197  No.16155051

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>The Darkness?

she told Sora a PERSON (somebody) killed her in 3

>Laurem, They say that specifically

that hasn't been officially translated to English yet there arguments over who sister was referring to Laurem or Elrena

>Probably not, since she's dead. Most likely Skuld

i thought they said the girl didn't have a body in the secret reports.

ce03ee  No.16155058


Thank god it was circled or I might never have seen it

838107  No.16155059

this kid ii know whose severely autistic loves kingdom hearts and actually screeched and called these kids that were talking about smash DLC or some shit a bunch of idiots for not liking sora and that sora HAS to be in smash because he would be the best character ever.

not relevant to anything and i know fuck all about KH but every time i see these threads i can just picture that kid screeching all over again

no toontown online world no play

9f92e0  No.16155066



Why are you acting like I didn't already think this?

bd2d84  No.16155091


how would i go about playing any of those pre-keyblade war games?

bd2d84  No.16155108

>its mobile shit

maaaan, do i really have to play mobileshit to get details of the story that i completely missed?

the whole thing about the MoM and the 5 disciples and the 5 unions seems like an interesting narrative but not on a fucking phonegame.

bd2d84  No.16155138


it hurts knowing that KH3 had the potential to surpass it, and wasted it on disney shilling their park rides.

2ba05e  No.16155156


There is the chance for a "final mix" version where all our problems will be solved though. I don't know the time span between KH2 and KH2FM though

b394e7  No.16155411


She's very likely the "nameless star." Patient X (Lea and Isa's waifu) is likely either Skuld or Ava.

126cd0  No.16155476


What difficulty are you playing it on?

712008  No.16155631


>All those mistakes

Sorry, was coming off a 12 hour shift and hadn't played it since launch. Will do the rest with theater mode open

c5c175  No.16155861


I enjoyed it. It is the best vanilla Kingdom Hearts numbered entry by far. The only issue is the cake is horribly imbalanced. Sora is a god damn turbochad in this fucking game. Still the best one in my opinion. Fluid combat, huge comfy worlds to explore, best in the series by far, tons of minigames that add a lot to the game. I find many people take 2FM for granted. 2 vanilla was just as easy and unbalanced, and 2FM completely revitalized the game and made it top tier. It's like people forgot how thin vanilla 2 was, the only real optional boss was Sephiroth and he was shit compared to KH1 Sephiroth. KKH1vanilla only edges out vanilla KH1 because you can skip the cutscenes. I am confident 3FM will be real good.inb4 shill

Just my opinion on the game. I like the stupid story too.

c5c175  No.16155898


He didn't give up. He fucking died man. Sora shot a trinity beam of fuck you through his chest and he died. He left satisfied that there was someone like Sora to take care of the world hence why he handed off the x-blade to Sora. Xehanort wanted balance in the world. He wasn't ever on Team Dark 100%. He wanted to reshape the world because light was becoming too dominate making a bunch of useless decadent people who spread their weakwilled shit and ccorruped the world. Sora showed him that there are strong people willing to do anything to preserve the balance of the world so he pretty much bequeaths him the X-Blade and dies from his injuries.

I am way too into this stupid series.

bd2d84  No.16157178


>He wanted to reshape the world because light was becoming too dominate making a bunch of useless decadent people who spread their weakwilled shit and ccorruped the world.

was KH #Based and #Redpilled all along?

1b7285  No.16157261

File: 7289f1a000c2f29⋯.jpg (36.3 KB, 619x274, 619:274, cem_baits.jpg)



bumbling retard for 15 years now

>character development.

You can have Riku but that's only because out of the entire gaggle of retards that make up the main cast he's the only one to actually make resolutions and follow through. He's a molehill on the prairie plain of KH character development.


>Sudden (2) out of nowhere

<It is the best vanilla Kingdom Hearts numbered entry by far.

<Sora is a god damn turbochad in this fucking game.

pic related


Re-watch the scene knuckle dragging retard. Kingdom Hearts had fully manifested he could have reset the world at any moment and I qoute

>I can still do it!

He then gets talked out of his life's goal in under a minute by the ghost of the guy he murdered on his way to achieving his life goal. Xehanort lost the final battle but that wasn't important, what was important was not allowing him to get Kingdom Hearts manifested in full. That was the point of the entire conflict and Xehanort fucking did it and backed out at the last second like a fucking bitch.

0d9d26  No.16157321

File: d3f28c4694baac5⋯.webm (13.75 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Shadow_The_Hedgehog_intro.webm)



>spotted with a brazilian flag on the day mark enabled them while posting his lunacies on clearnet, has been using TOR ever since

>also has an account on Disqus with over 700 comments: https://archive.fo/elu5v

>massive hypocrite, hates niggers despite living on a nigger paradise

>natural habitats are OneAngryGamer, KissAnime, news threads, denuvo threads, nintendo threads and Final Fantasy 8 threads

>"/v/ is /pol/", "corporations are slaves", "consumers are gods" is his gospel

>unmatched superiority complex, often refers to himself as "we" and "us"

>so easy to spot he doesn't need an ID

>certified armchair market analyst

>unable to get it up even to anime chicks, he projects his impotence onto others with his trademark catchphrase

>his only way to get off is fantasizing about killing everyone that doesn't agree with him

>unhealthy obsession with emulation and cracked games

>thinks caring about a game's plot means buying it

>brings up the topic of buying even when no one has brought it up

>preaches about stealing anything that is not free like a true nigger

>if it's not a hit and run (1) and done template post, it's a wall of text spergout with replies to the entire thread

>wants a SHTF event to happen just so he can kill leftists

>views women as "talking dogs", probably never had a mother

>gets triggered whenever someone posts a western video game soundtrack on OST threads, will insult you with "japanese superiority"

>his only accomplishment is making it harder for other TOR users to post

4bd552  No.16157860

File: c890f157f4fc122⋯.png (381.91 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

I have a feeling nobody cares about this but me, but KH3 has finally dropped below 8/10 on metacritics user scores. This is during its first month too.


b394e7  No.16157910

File: a7887a443785c3b⋯.jpg (55.37 KB, 912x513, 16:9, KHAquaNort9.jpg)


>Game with strong hatedom gets negative review bombed

Color me shocked.

bd2d84  No.16157923



>caring about metaniggers

who gives a fuck

a0b394  No.16157928

File: b248c8a4ec2a408⋯.jpg (37.5 KB, 225x350, 9:14, goto.jpg)


KH3 was along awaited sequel & supposedly the end to the main story trilogy. Just as Mass Effect 3, most of the fans must have got the game, to finally play the awaited game since thirteen years. But of course with the game being so disappointing, easy & dumb gameplay, story that went nowhere and was dumb (EVEN FOR KH STANDARDS. How can Square-Enix fail even this?), many fans must be burned, and other at least found it underwhelming compared to predecessors. KH3 sales must be shit, but expect any sequel or spinoff that Square-Enix releases in the future will sell notably lower.

After all, Who would want a shitty sequel now after KH3. The spinoffs, besides gameplay, sold because of the plot, that would come together/pay-off on KH3 (At least in theory, because Nomura is a hack). But with how shitty & rushed KH3 story was? Whats the point now?Why bother with this series if one, by seeing KH3, can imagine that any other sequel/spinoff will be mediocre or shitty, and no much pay off story-wise? Its time to let go of this series, anon. modern Square Enix cant make KH good again.

4bd552  No.16157943

File: 5d39ccc6dd4103e⋯.png (561.78 KB, 662x617, 662:617, ClipboardImage.png)


Thats the thing, its not getting negative review bombed. Its mostly being brought down by mixed reviews


Because publishers believe consumers care about it.

b394e7  No.16157952


>supposedly the end to the main story trilogy

But Nomura said for years it wasn't the end, just the end of Xehanort's story. People just covered their ears and didn't listen.

a0b394  No.16157989


>But Nomura said for years it wasn't the end, just the end of Xehanort's story.

Exactly, the main story based in Xehanort, just as the Reaper Invasion of the galaxy in Mass Effect was the main point. Of course sequels can still be made. But thing is that people expected a big pay off plot-wise on KH3, not a definitive ending to all (specially of the Kuzdu-plant plot that the series have) but that it would be big, revealing, finishing well the main plot and many of the lesser ones established earlier in other games. But the plot & ending of KH3 was really dumb, rushed & wasted. It must burned a lot of people, especially after 13 fucking years waiting.

b394e7  No.16158074


You mean 7 (actually six and bit)? If you're trying to argue "most people only cared about the main numbered games" then to them there wouldn't be a big finale because KH2 ended conclusively with no big hanging threads only vague sequel-bait. The main plot threads you speak of only came up in the spinoffs that came after KH2. You're cheating to make your point sound more convincing. And again, basically all that stuff was wrapped up. Xehanort? Dead. Roxas, Xion, Namime? Back. Birth by Sleep trio? Back. The only stuff that wasn't wrapped up were the box and Union X stuff, which was obvious next arc-bait anyway and has only been a thing for a couple of years and the mysteries raised in this game.

7d7417  No.16158135

File: ad4de841a5ffbfd⋯.png (8.84 KB, 344x341, 344:341, gelangweiltscroll.png)

The game looks amazing. 9/10.

The gameplay is okay. Fighting is fun but too easy. Gummi missions suck ass as always, sidequests sometimes okay, sometimes chores, grinding them is not worth it seeing as the game is too easy anyway. 6,5/10

The soundtrack has a couple really good pieces, but the rest is meh. Skrillex in the opening. 4/10

My god, the story. Credit where credit is due: At least they tried to make sense of the mess the prequels have caused. But the dialogues are more awkward then they have ever been, there is a fuckton of boring, spoken exposition dumps. Some world-stories are just literally the movie plot with the three half-pints in the background. Pirates of the Caribbean somehow managed to be fun either way, Big Hero 6, Toy Story and Monsters Inc. at least tried to be somewhat original. They removed almost ALL the Final Fantasy characters - yeah, they were kinda gay, but this is just lazy. And don't get me started on the ending. Fuck. 1/10

Adding to that how I overall feel about the game and how fucking long it took to make it, I can AT BEST give it a 4/10. I wanted it to be good. But /v/ was right AGAIN! Damn it.

7d7417  No.16158139


This is unironically the best summary of that scene.

9f92e0  No.16158159


>They removed almost ALL the Final Fantasy characters


Who the hell stayed?

7d7417  No.16158163


Moogles. One of them had SOMEWHAT of a relevant role, even.

b394e7  No.16158164


Moogles I guess? If you really, really wanted to stretch it I guess you could count the statues and mentions of Cloud and Auron at the beginning of Olympus.

c2852c  No.16158274


>This series has become eye candy and pure cringe.

Someone clearly hasn't actually played any of the games. They're ALL eye candy and pure cringe.This is LITERALLY nothing new.

85f4c8  No.16158289


>implying KH: BBS wasn't a good game

You're literally wrong OP.

c5c175  No.16158459


>Implying Sora wasn't full "Fuck you clowns, I'll finish this shit myself." the whole damn game.

>Riku and mickey fail to save Aqua twice.

Sora steps in and does it himself.

>Terranort fistfucks the entire party.

Sora singlehandedly saves everyone after willing himself back into existence from beyond the grave TWICE.

>Kairi fucks up and gets kidnapped for the third time, dies, and Sora gets his entire existence obliterated again only to survive in the secret ending.

Sora is a fucking turbochad in this game.

Also this is the beginning of Kairi's arc in this game. She will probably play a much bigger role in the next game, realizing she put the entire world in danger by being so weak. She will probably get a Riku style arc in the next saga. Maybe her own spin off game.

f431e0  No.16158576


>She will probably play a much bigger role in the next game

I don't want there to be a next game.

bd2d84  No.16158639


>Sora gets his entire existence obliterated again only to survive in the secret ending.

what were the conditions for the secret ending anyway? i did everything before going to the ending so i dont know what triggered it. or what part of the ending was even "secret".

the yozora/verum rex thing was special for sure, but at the ending i saw sora and kairi were sitting in their usual spot in the island and all the other revived dudes were playing freesbee, was that an illusion or some shit?

4bd552  No.16158653

File: 33538535326a15f⋯.png (666.83 KB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


the yozora/verum rex thing was the secret ending

The secret ending is based solely on how many hidden mickeys you have found, nothing else in the journal matters. IIRC its like 90 on easy, 60 on normal and 30 on proud.

Nobody knows if its an illusion or some shit. Pic related IMO

bd2d84  No.16158678


we can ask Rex in the toy box world for advice he's the biggest fan of the Verum Rex IP in the universe :^)

0218cf  No.16158769


Holy shit this is like something straight from a fanfiction. I also loved how long it took him to fucking attack Kairi with his Keyblade. Literally waited til Sora ran all the way to her to cover her.

0218cf  No.16158781


God damn the amount of bloom there is it wouldn't surprise me if this was a future video game

9f92e0  No.16158796

File: f6facf4a4aeb1d9⋯.png (158.39 KB, 672x808, 84:101, 1469424395476.png)





>The videogame commercial in Toy Story was the secret ending

bd2d84  No.16158801


no, the videogame commercial on the toy story world was the trailer for the next game.

the sneaky bastards

1b7285  No.16158805



>>Implying Sora wasn't full "Fuck you clowns, I'll finish this shit myself." the whole damn game.

Sora is a spineless cuck who begs Donald and Goofy to progress the plot 4 fucking times but is stopped backtracking on his character from the last 2 main games which was always "muh friends". He doesn't do anything until his magic MC powers activate allowing him to warp to where the plot needs him as soon as it needs him.

>Sora singlehandedly saves everyone after willing himself back into existence from beyond the grave TWICE.


He explictly needed Kairi to revive, as per usual. He cries when his party is obliterated the first time as opposed to defending them, then the second time, Terranort is not stopped by Sora, he's stopped by Lingering Will, with no input on Sora's part. Then Sora's party gets fistfucked again, except this time Sora doesn't fail because, again, not his own strength, but magical "light of the past" powers coming out of nowhere which has nothing to do with his revival, reducing the entire point of the revival sequence into some "let's tie in the mobile game" garbage that literally did nothing to progress the plot.

378241  No.16158870


To be fair, the original writers' Reaper motivation was something like, "when sentients start spamming this super advanced tech, it really speeds up entropy, we know this because we did it but now we've turned ourselves into self-sufficient bio-mechanical think tanks representing the combined genius and perspective of our race, and we will do that to every new promising civilization before they achieve that danger tech and eventually maybe we'll find the right trains of thought to do something about it, or at least we'll extend the lifespan of the galaxy while preserving its great civilizations in eternal Reaper form." Or at least the "avert entropy" part is legit, the 'sympathetic Reaper' details may be my fanfic, I can't remember, it's been 7 years.

The "we turn organics into bio-synthetics who all follow our own dogma so they don't create real synthetics because we had a bad experience with rebel AI" shit was part of the retcon that took shape somewhere during 2 and continued on to 3 where it culminated in that retarded Catalyst and "fuse all organics and synthetics" retardation ending.

268b97  No.16158880


Not that, the secret ending where Sora wakes up in Shibuya has Yozora from Verum Rex in it. Naturally discussion about the commercial comes up when discussing it.


>then the second time, Terranort is not stopped by Sora, he's stopped by Lingering Will, with no input on Sora's part. Then Sora's party gets fistfucked again, except this time Sora doesn't fail because, again, not his own strength, but magical "light of the past" powers coming out of nowhere which has nothing to do with his revival, reducing the entire point of the revival sequence into some "let's tie in the mobile game" garbage that literally did nothing to progress the plot.

That was one of the most frustrating parts of the ending. Events played out entirely differently for seemingly no reason at all. One could argue Sora making friends with Chirithy connected his heart to the "light of the past" but it's not ever explained and is just thrown in there alongside Lingering Will only to be irrelevant in the next scene.

Now what would have been cool is if Sora made friends with everyone in "the light of the past" when he was in the Final World. Where they ask Sora to help right the wrongs they committed so they could pass on. Something like that would make that whole scene make much more sense. Lingering Will showing up out of no where and everyone seeming to forget that they just respawned are still problems though. For those I think it'd be really cool if Lingering Will became another Warrior of Light and actually fought alongside you. The other problem could just be simply rewritten.

1b7285  No.16158897


>For those I think it'd be really cool if Lingering Will became another Warrior of Light and actually fought alongside you. The other problem could just be simply rewritten.

At the very least, Ansem's Guardian that turned out to be Terra could have "fused" with Lingering will during the actual Terranort fight and together beat the shit out of him, with Lingering Will shattering after Terra reclaims his body. But all that happens is that Lingering Will distracts Terranort and then dies offscreen like a bitch.

9f92e0  No.16158924


>where Sora wakes up in Shibuya

Oh boy. Is KH pulling a FF13-3 while trying to contine the story?

b394e7  No.16158991


Judging by the fact that it's the "104" building instead of the "107" building, it's likely he's specifically in The World Ends With You version of Shibuya.

268b97  No.16159045


I was thinking about that exactly, but didn't want to go too deep into the fanfic hole.


I thought that too, but as >>16158991 states that doesn't seem to be the case.

9118e0  No.16159352


I think Kairi was imagining Sora there. Going through some serious survivor's guilt shit. Him getting voided out of existence is entirely her fault after all.

9118e0  No.16159360


They didn't play it differently for no reason at all. Namine explains everything that is going to happen when Sora gets back to the world of light. There is a missablr cutscene there where you speak to Namine and she explains that she will send the Lingering will and Kairi is keeping him alive.

712008  No.16159368

File: 060b7637bbf042c⋯.png (111.81 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


I think he vanished, dimmed, faded?

Especially since the secret reports say that any timeline where the keyblade war doesn't happen something worse does

Did they not only set up the Lost Masters Saga but the one after it too?

bd2d84  No.16159378



i think sora went to get kairi and brought her back successfully. im getting "squall died at the end of disc 1" vibes from your point of view.

ac96fa  No.16159387


>vanished, dimmed, faded

I thought that was a verse from a Linkin Park song for a moment

bd2d84  No.16159399


not enough orange peelings for a linkin park song

268b97  No.16159412

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Let's put a bunch of NPCs in an area and if you don't talk all of them you miss out on critical info for the following scenes

>Even better we'll make them all look the same and impossible to make out against the environment

I could have swore I talked to all the stars, but I don't feel stupid for missing the two most important ones because of this.

b394e7  No.16159419


Honestly, they should have been brighter and more colored and gone dim when you were finished. It was poorly handled.

bd2d84  No.16159427


i thought the first start you talked to, regardless of which, would give you that cutscene

268b97  No.16159462


Nope. Even then, reading through the Jewtube comments there's one guy who said he thought there was just one star and that it was a waymarker so you wouldn't get lost and didn't even know you could interact with it. Silly thought, but not a stupid one.


I think the best option would have been to have Terra mention the conversation or something, so even if you don't know the particulars LW's sudden appearance makes sense. It doesn't negate LW disappearing after showing up though.

7563d4  No.16159465

So is there actually a connection between KH3 and trannies? Or is this just a few brain-damaged trannies on twitter being KH3 fanboys?

b394e7  No.16159476


A lot of trannys are the extremely pathetic beta nerds of yesteryear looking for attention and validation and going tranny is the fad way to do that in current year, so it's really just about the demographic most trannys come from. KH appealed to a wide cross-section of people and that group was no exception.

bd2d84  No.16159497


i saw some stupid shit about that. no. there is not. Xion gets brought back in the body of a replica and since she is supposed to be a sora clone this minority of faggots jumped on it like sharks on a bloody piece of beef that you drop in the sea.

Xion was supposed to be a clone of sora's heart, whose strongest memory was kairi, so she took that shape.

i can go on an autistic tirade about xion and how she can exist at the end of KH3 considering she's like the 3rd clone of sora existing at the same time which is an impossibility according to KH's meta logic but in short, the xion that fights against you as one of the 13 dark and is with everyone after the ending is, physically speaking, a copy of young kairi from KH1. no dick.

b394e7  No.16159525


Also KH3 confirmed replicas are genderless until the heart goes in, hence why Namine can use the replica body that the evil Repliku got taken out of, so yeah, Xion would just have a loli body given her identity was basically "goth Kairi" once she decided who she was.

9118e0  No.16159562


Xion was made from the memories Xemnas stole from Sora in KH1FM. She takes on the appearance of several different people. She looks like Kairi to Roxas because Roxas is Sora's nobody. She looks like Ventus to Xigbar because of this. Whichever memories of Sora resonate strongest to the person looking at her is what her appearance will be. Shit's fucked.

9118e0  No.16159570


This game needs a final mix so bad. LW disappearing made no sense. They should have at least shown the armor interacting with Guardian/Terra's Heartless.

bd2d84  No.16160258


aw man, i got the nameless one but i totally missed namine.

the fuck is wrong with you SE, you shouldn't let people progress until they talk to all the glittery stars.

268b97  No.16161292


What's funny is if you read the Jewtube comments there are fanboys in there who would say it's your own fault for not interacting with everything. The fact that there's no way of tracking that is your fault, not SE's in their eyes.

bd2d84  No.16161304


it wouldn't be a problem at all IF you could go back and talk to the rest of them. but you can't. when you go back the stars are gone.

9f92e0  No.16161331


>the fuck is wrong with you SE, you shouldn't let people progress until they talk to all the glittery stars.

Are you fucking retarded? What's wrong with missable content? You want the game to hold your hand even more?

268b97  No.16161351


I actually must disagree. If they were both like the Strelizia conversation then that would be fine. But Namine's conversation is integral to the scene immediately following that section. Without seeing it LW showing up makes no sense and if you could go back and view it then it would make no sense since it's no longer in the proper context; she couldn't be talking to Terra's spirit if Terra has already been redeemed. Even if they were to change the dialogue to reflect this if you visit her later it still makes Lingering Will's appearance very jarring and random when first seen.

The best thing they could have done is give Terra a stained glass to fall in while chasing the Lich, but with slightly different context.

bd2d84  No.16161353


missable content is OK when its not related to the main fucking story you nigger.

9f92e0  No.16161383


So what? Only one ending allowed in games? You gonna complain about Yuffie and Vincent too?

268b97  No.16161405


Yuffie and Vincent aren't important for understanding what happens in the next fucking scene. No one is calling for optional/ missable content to be removed. They are just saying this is very, very shitty content to be missable.

bd2d84  No.16161407


yuffie and vincent arent part of the main story. you can take them out entirely and the story still makes full sense

ddaad5  No.16161433


>No one is calling for optional/ missable content to be removed.


>the fuck is wrong with you SE, you shouldn't let people progress until they talk to all the glittery stars.

The low IQ nigger that can't capitalize names or sentences is.


Better question, you totally went back to the Shinra mansion basement after Cloud had his breakdown to get the scene showing how Zach died and he got the Buster Blade? Right? Riiiiiight?

**It still doesn't make sense that Namine can just summon Lingering Will anyway*

bd2d84  No.16161460


>i have no argument but i got mad at being called out for being wrong, so i'll ad hom your capitalization

haah waw, you lost m8, changing your ID won't help.

9f92e0  No.16161471


>He thinks the other guy is ID hopping and has no counterargument

Wew lad.

268b97  No.16161487


I meant in general stupid, not in this instance. Notice that the point of the conversation is about Namine's scene and not Strelizia's. The latter is akin to Zach's scene in that it's important for subtext and the overarching story, but it isn't necessary to make sense of the rest of the plot; if you find it then the plot is enriched, if you don't then the plot is still intact.

However the Namine scene is the opposite; where missing it actually creates a plothole.


Neither of you have presented any counter arguments. Assuming it's not just you on two different devices.

9f92e0  No.16161526


>where missing it actually creates a plothole.

If >>16161433 is right and

>It still doesn't make sense that Namine can just summon Lingering Will anyway

Isn't it a plothole either way and the missing scene adds nothing but "enrichment"? What even is the missing scene? On that note, has anyone listed all the plotholes Nomura has created with KH 3D, KH II.8, and KH3?

268b97  No.16161551


>The series is full of plotholes! What's one more?

You're arguing from an intellectually dishonest position. You can't acknowledge plotholes are bad then turn around and say another plothole isn't bad.

>What even is the missing scene?

You don't even know what you're arguing about? Congrats out of getting so many (you)s from me then.

bd2d84  No.16161557


>what even is the missing scene

it was linked right here >>16159412 both of them.

you couldn't even be bothered reading the chain of posts you were shitposting at. low effort niggerb8.

d17966  No.16161650


>I can't address his point so I'll just accuse him of samefagging!


>>The series is full of plotholes! What's one more?

That's not what he said double nigger. What he said was it's a plothole either way as why in the fuck can Namine summon LW? Sure, she said she can, now how has this been an established thing she can do? He's never met Sora and Namine's bullshit skillset only involves people related to Sora. Unless you're saying the optional secret boss fight taking place is canon.

bd2d84  No.16161670

File: 61f04272e2ff086⋯.jpg (375.68 KB, 761x1098, 761:1098, kh.jpg)

this needs an update. suggestions?

9f92e0  No.16161729


>You're arguing from an intellectually dishonest position.

>You can't acknowledge plotholes are bad then turn around and say another plothole isn't bad.

You're arguing from an illiterate position.



So, Namine can contact Lingering Will through Terra, through Sora's memories of him? Is there any limit? Can she just "trace connections" from person to person as long as there's some small connection to Sora? Why isn't she some mastermind who has all the pieces because of her OP mind powers?


>Unless you're saying the optional secret boss fight taking place is canon.

If it is, would that make Sora fighting Xemnas in KH1 canon as well?



Always gets a chuckle out of me. Edit in the "THE". If KH3 has any heavily repeated lines, they'd be good to add. I think your party is constantly badgering you about nearby ingredients.

b394e7  No.16161774


>If KH3 has any heavily repeated lines, they'd be good to add. I think your party is constantly badgering you about nearby ingredients.

Ingredient lines are like that yeah. Rapunzel's liens during the dancing minigame are extremely repetitive too, though it's a pretty short segment.

268b97  No.16161795


It really is what he said triple nigger. The existence of one plothole doesn't excuse the existence of another. Watching that scene uses the dirt from one hole to fill another, but neither hole is excusable or justifiable. Saying "lol there's a plothole either way" is handwaving the problem that missing the scene makes LW sudden appearance seem completely random and jarring. He realized he was wrong so rather than admit it he tried to distract from it by pointing out Nomura fucked us either way; which has no bearing on my argument.

The main point of this argument is that this upsets the narrative. Yes, I know Kingdom Hearts has a shitty narrative already so it shouldn't matter to some, but a lot of us like breaking it down and complaining about it. That has been misunderstood to us complaining that we don't want missable content and ultimately want more casualized, handholdy games. Which isn't the case at all. All that anon's posts have been trying to find an inch of ground to stand on when he doesn't even understand the complaint to begin with.

9f92e0  No.16161842


>It really is what he said

No it isn't.

>Watching that scene uses the dirt from one hole to fill another, but neither hole is excusable or justifiable.

Exactly. A hole's a hole.

> the problem that missing the scene makes LW sudden appearance seem completely random and jarring.

So now the problem isn't that it doesn't make sense (is a plothole), but that it's jarring?

25ce5b  No.16161881


Could Xehanort defeat Infinite Tsukuyomi Uchiha Madara?

9f92e0  No.16161899


Xehanort can't defeat a prebuscent boy even with power to reset the universe in his hand.

bd2d84  No.16161919

File: 1f2d2d04ae750c5⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1522x2196, 761:1098, kh threads after kh3.png)

an attempt was made. feel free to bulli and/or improve it.

268b97  No.16161950


>No it isn't.

Then why sidestep the issue by bringing up another plothole as if it excuses the other?

>Exactly. A hole's a hole.

I'm glad you agree though I assume it's from your own warped understanding.

>So now the problem isn't that it doesn't make sense (is a plothole), but that it's jarring?

No, not now, that was part of the problem to begin with, but you wouldn't know that since you didn't even know about the scene in question and probably haven't even played this shitty game.

9f92e0  No.16161964


Replace BBS panel with II.8 or DDD. Replace "garbage" with FF7 Remake.


>Then why sidestep the issue by bringing up another plothole as if it excuses the other?

It's the same plot hole. Namine summoning LW doesn't make sense. The cutscene doesn't change this, only makes it "less jarring" and random.

>and probably haven't even played this shitty game.

You got me there. Not like experiencing firsthand how shit the gameplay is has much impact on the story.

bd2d84  No.16161983

File: 7311ac2359f98de⋯.jpg (38.38 KB, 583x438, 583:438, 1500160801859.jpg)


>Replace "garbage" with FF7 Remake.

but its the same thing

9f92e0  No.16161997



b394e7  No.16162003


That's the joke.

2ba05e  No.16162009


I would say change the 3rd panel from "KH3 ruined everything" to "KH3 sucked"

bd2d84  No.16162031

File: 89d33feef9244be⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1522x2196, 761:1098, kh threads after kh3.png)

9a9929  No.16162038

The mistake was making this game in the first place.

All of the people who grew up with kingdom hearts grew out of it.

So now they have to appeal to a new generation that doesn't watch classic disney films or play final fantasy.

What a fucking flop.

2ba05e  No.16162048


The 3 in "KH3" isn't lined up right but thanks for adding in my edit

b394e7  No.16162057


Who cheats.

bd2d84  No.16162110


well you can fix that one yourself

2ba05e  No.16162117

File: e4ab795ec879a87⋯.jpg (1.96 KB, 125x78, 125:78, !!!.jpg)

File: 67ce7d7c87fad00⋯.png (121.07 KB, 226x515, 226:515, aaaaah.PNG)

File: c1ed6e6e9330bde⋯.png (5.47 MB, 2923x1509, 2923:1509, mfduum.PNG)


Dude what in the fuck are you taking abo-

>looks up voice actors name


268b97  No.16162123


>It's the same plot hole.

Thanks for confirming you have no idea what you're talking about but had to sperg out regardless.

>You got me there. Not like experiencing firsthand how shit the gameplay is has much impact on the story.

It actually does in this case since we're talking about missable content. However my point was that someone who has played the game would understand. You could have easily countered that you watched all the cutscenes somewhere, but I highly doubt you even did because otherwise you wouldn't be this clueless.

The best way to understand would be to just watch a let's play of that section, but I don't expect you to do that so I will simply say: No, this isn't cool optional content you can miss like Vincent, Yuffie, Knights of the Round, Yojimbo, etc. This is shitty mandatory content you can miss. We all want more stuff like the former and none of the latter. Yes, I understand saying that something is mandatory and missable is an oxymoron, but that's the most concise way I can describe how stupid this is.

bd2d84  No.16162127

File: 9071759f9ebdb4f⋯.png (218.39 KB, 297x331, 297:331, kill me.png)


guess who voiced Ven and Roxas in this game.

2ba05e  No.16162135


>I never thought it would be so simple

>…and clean

9f92e0  No.16162136


>mandatory content you can miss.

It's not the game locks you out of completing it.

712008  No.16162153


>The point of the series is, Spock dies before he and Luke finish their game of dejark


Xion's already been explained as being "Kairi with a bit of darkness". Now Namine still hasn't been properly explained

The secret ending is Nomura being asked to make FF16, TWEWY 2 and KH4 and telling Square "Fucku you, in one trip"

9f92e0  No.16162167


not like*

a0b394  No.16163933


So did KH3 flopped? Hard to believe game didnt broke even, because lots of die-hard fans should have bough it.

b394e7  No.16163948


Financially? No. It did great. Better than FFXV, even. He's trying to claim it flopped with fans, which is mostly not true, based on the ones I've talked to.

5bb2e4  No.16164015

File: b593d8a79f07b44⋯.png (74.94 KB, 350x407, 350:407, vampire shrug.png)


>The point of the series is, Spock dies and Square can't be assed to find a decent replacement

3c2839  No.16164611

File: 2b54ff7eb678a63⋯.jpg (120.11 KB, 780x1216, 195:304, your average kingdom heart….jpg)

>this series has BECOME pure cringe

You got some nice rose-tinted glasses, it's always been something I'd describe as embarrassing. As an outsider looking in, I never could stand this series and it was just like Final Fantasy VII fans, gushing about surface level storytelling with no substance or integrity. Mickey Mouse characters in an RPG with a super forced love plot that seemed like it was written by a third grader, it was always so god damn awful. Look at the fucking stupid fandom and videos that it spawned. Retards standing on snow mounds in the parking lots of stores, doing their best not to be noticed while they quote things that you'd only say if you were mentally ill or retarded.

You know what's worse than Kingdom Hearts itself as a series? Its fandom, I remember when Simple and Clean used to be forced into fucking everything, Newgrounds videos were guaranteed to have it pop up, it was on so much of the video content on the internet. YouTube didn't exist yet either, so you either had to like it or you had to find a way to avoid it.

865fe4  No.16164717


>This series has become eye candy and pure cringe.


cbe325  No.16164725

Riku should've been the main character of this series tbh

bd2d84  No.16166137


what counts as shipped copies? like physical copies sent to stores?

do you realize the rest of the world buys their videogames online because currency conversion makes the price of physical games go up to the fucking roof? hell even a majority of people in the united states AND japan buy their games online for the convenience. how do you count "shipped" copies of something that you can make infinite copies of?

you can keep screeching about how its a flop all you want but its simply not reality. game seems to have done fairly well on both sales and score on (((review sites)))

6ad070  No.16166292

File: 04dcfc3a5dd9024⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 600x315, 40:21, wakka.jpg)

I gave the first one a try. The Final Fantasy stuff is more cringe than the Disney stuff. But I only finished Wonderland and am already pretty bored with the gameplay.

b394e7  No.16166403

File: 5d1fa057d146aaf⋯.webm (4.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Wakka'sRevenge.webm)

000000  No.16167074


Because Square themselves are bragging about only the shipped copies, and not mentioning anything else. And shipped copies without any other numbers (including sales numbers and profit numbers) = flop. And companies avoid releasing numbers when their products flop. The way that people buy the game is not the point. Where are the numbers that show it's supposed "success"? No numbers = fail/flop.

Review sites are irrelevant. They are not a measure of a game's sales.

>game seems to have done fairly well

No real numbers = flop. Profit and success is not a matter of opinion. "Seems to have" is not a measure. Money and sales numbers are. Where are the numbers proving it's success?

5bb2e4  No.16167717


Wonderland is fucking awful.

9f92e0  No.16167872


I don't understand how people have trouble with wonderland. Do they just forget which doors lead where every five seconds?

000000  No.16176774

but I didn't ask for this

1ae8aa  No.16178211

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What are you on about? The writing has been shit since Chain of Memories, and even the first game had its fair share of cringe. But yes, they should've stopped with II, because quite frankly 358/2, Birth By Sleep, Union X and especially Coded were a fucking cluster fuck of even worse story ideas. Even the Disney focused stories are garbage this time around, especially Frozen. Only decently written parts of the game this time around were Toy Story and Monster's Inc. Everything else was just terrible. Even the music this time around was weak as shit despite that usually being the game's most appealing feature. Only decent song in III was a fucking symphonic remix of The Other Promise.

4cc063  No.16178226


No. It just looks like complete garbage and is boring as fuck. Outside of the entrance area, its the most lazy world in the damn game. Flat blackgrounds, areas that are basically boxed-rooms, and its probably the most lifeless world in a universe of already horribly empty worlds.

73bb0f  No.16178693


even the soundtrack is terrible. KH3 has the worst music in the series.

3fb0b8  No.16179534

File: 7c8e1b00d60bb40⋯.png (199.43 KB, 467x456, 467:456, 1442743373405.png)


>i need a new haircut

>look mickey a barber shop

<thats a demon tower

>thats a weird name for a barber sh-


>i am quite pleased with the results

i never noticed that

>mega destruction ball of darkness and destruction

>ouchie ouch

>super duper I N G R E D I E N T blaster

268b97  No.16180919


>You idiot!

>No one gets hit by the mega destruction ball of darkness and destruction!

eb7564  No.16180951


>Meaning that the target audience is composed literally by retards.

Pretty much. Fairly confident we were the same back then.

3fb0b8  No.16181059


>it was just a prank bro

135b09  No.16181082


9f92e0  No.16181095

3fb0b8  No.16187091

is there a reason to play the gummiphone classic games?

9f92e0  No.16187324

Is there a reason to play this game?

b394e7  No.16187359


Are you a Kingdom Hearts fan? If not, then probably not. It's not a starting point, for sure. To actually enjoy it you'd have to play a whole bunch of other games.

712008  No.16188250

-It's been almost 17 years since Kingdom Hearts released on March 28 2002. And, in Kingdom Hearts III, we have come to a point of punctuation: the end of the "Dark Seeker Saga," which has lasted for these past 17 years. The worldwide release of KH3 was a success, with over 5 million units sold. Having received such a large response all over the world, please tell us what you're feeling about getting here.

Nomura: In the way of numbers, looking at the exact data that includes digital copies, it's a great result that has completely passed my expectations. We are currently beginning work on DLC, so it doesn't feel like it's over yet. I'm actually getting less sleep post-release.

–There's a form that appears called "Rage Form," which reminds us of the "Anti Form" from KH2. What is the setup behind that?

Nomura: The forms in this title are very different from that of KH2, so we decided to change all the names. Rage does indeed have characteristics that are reminiscent of Anti, but it's basically a separate thing setup wise. Anti is based on Sora getting completely stained in darkness, but Rage doesn't go quite that far. It's based on him going into a rampage state, controlled by feelings of anger.

–There's no "Critical Mode" difficulty level in this game. Was there a reason you didn't include it?

Nomura: Critical Mode wasn't originally in the base versions of the game, they were an extra feature we added to the Final Mix versions. So, we will be following that and releasing it for download later on. It's not simply a matter of changing numbers and making things stronger; we fine-tune and debug multiple times. We are polishing things to make sure it's not simply a "more difficult mode," and is as fun as you would expect from Critical.

–Among the worlds, we felt that the plot in the Big Hero 6 world had rather daring plot developments. Most of the worlds in KH3 were new to the series. Can you tell us which world's story left the deepest impression on you, or any stories from development?

Nomura: Toy Story was the first plot we worked on. The scenario took over 2 years to complete, and we even went and consulted directly with Pixar. It's a symbol of the beginning of KH3, and as such is the one I have the deepest memories of.

–There are several Organisation members whose original names are still unknown. Will we have a chance to learn them someday, or to find out about the scar on Isa's face?

Nomura: If there is a sequel, then that chance may come. But in my heart right now my desire is a blank page.

712008  No.16188252

File: 77a04bd0694f966⋯.png (4.38 MB, 2003x1840, 2003:1840, ClipboardImage.png)

–The process behind reviving Ventus and Roxas was fairly easy to understand, but how was Xion brought back, and how did she end up in the New Organisation XIII?

Nomura: I think it's possible to figure it out for yourself. However, I do plan to explain it in DLC.

–Many people who have finished KH3 are interested in the "girl" that Lea and Isa were looking for, and the existence of the "NAMELESS STAR" in the Final World. Can you give us any kind of hint about the truth behind these girls? Are they characters who have already appeared in the series?

Nomura: I think this is also possible to figure out for yourself if you look at all the secret reports, but yes, they are characters who have already appeared in the series. You will find out who "NAMELESS STAR" if there is a next time.

–What is Scala ad Caelum, the place which also appeared in the final trailer? It looks similar to Daybreak Town from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross - is there some kind of connection? Also, who were the black-clothed figures that appeared there?

Nomura: I've made it so that you should be able to understand the connection between Scala ad Caelum and Daybreak Town, if you look carefully. The black-clothed figures are replicas.

–Please give us a comment, if you can, regarding the post-release download epilogue and secret movie. We are interested in the existence of Yozora from VERUM REX, who also appeared in Toy Box.

Nomura: As I have done in the past, it is an introduction to the story I will tell if there is a next time. I know there is all kinds of speculation regarding the secret movie, but it's not something simple that could be understood at this point in time.

–Finishing KH3 got us even more interested in the plot of KHUX. Please tell us what is in store for us there.

Nomura: We are approaching a development that brings a new world. Along with it, the main story is going to get moving in a big way, and pieces that have been a mystery until now will begin to gather.

–Please tell us about your plans for post-release updates and DLC. Is there the potential for something like a Final Mix? What is coming next in the Kingdom Hearts series?

Nomura: Up until now, we have created Final Mixes as separate packages. However, this time I am hoping to release all extra elements as DLC. We are planning to release free DLC as updates once each piece of content is finished. We are also planning to release several features together in one batch as paid DLC. This means that it will take a little more time to work on, but I do want to finish it as early as possible this year and have the team start work on our next project. As for the future of the KH series - there have been some talks, but the ifs and whats are truly a blank page right now. My schedule is completely full for the rest of the year.

–Sky Tree, the Ambassador Hotel, Square Enix Cafe, Walkman, and the upcoming concert world tour: KH3 has certainly been showcased through a humongous number of channels. Which were most memorable to you? Is there anything else still to come?

Nomura: I was surprised by the Ambassador Hotel one. I was grateful for each and every collaboration. I think that perhaps for now, we have seen everything that can be announced.

>Episode Xion all but announced

This pleases me

6ace11  No.16188320

Are we sure the nameless girl that Lea and Isa wanted to save wasn't Namine?


Playing them all gets you an Orichalcum+, of which you need all 7 to synthesize Ultima Weapon.


Terra thought so too.


I don't remember that in the Secret Reports.




Sora specifically told Neku, "See you in Shibuya" in Dream Drop Distance. It was a throwaway line, but they're gonna make it a thing now.

268b97  No.16188331


>Are we sure the nameless girl that Lea and Isa wanted to save wasn't Namine?

I assumed it was Ava since she was absent from the ending, but I lack any knowledge of KHUX to be sure.

>Playing them all gets you an Orichalcum+, of which you need all 7 to synthesize Ultima Weapon.

No, it gets you a keyblade that's a reskin of the Favorite Deputy that has a max of 14 magic; one higher than Ultima.

6ace11  No.16188336


Oh, you're right about the keyblade, my bad. I'm sick as fuck right now and semi-deliriumposting.

289f62  No.16188351

File: bfc2071c5bddec7⋯.jpg (87.82 KB, 800x782, 400:391, 1410954760077.jpg)

File: 7159b7bac1411cb⋯.png (58.21 KB, 318x472, 159:236, 1410934311585.png)

File: 56f09c4f4563fd6⋯.jpeg (170.47 KB, 620x877, 620:877, 791157.jpeg)

File: 79189e417c220d3⋯.gif (76.75 KB, 704x400, 44:25, 1365754007815.gif)

File: 0640a0436a9c7e4⋯.jpg (240.08 KB, 666x862, 333:431, 1369962806908.jpg)



268b97  No.16188352


No problem Ace, it's a pretty understandable mistake considering what they have you do for those mats. I would actually prefer to get one that way rather than the sled treasures.

712008  No.16188384


Secret Report 12

Observations, Excerpt 2—

Even on a worldline with no Keyblade War, peace is but a dream. In the absence of us and our Master, a "darkness" arrived—one that shall surely lead the World to yet another demise.

Amid the chaos, I bequeathed my Keyblade to one of the Union leaders, just as the Master instructed. I watched as the Five were sent to another worldline—at no small cost—ensuring the line of Keyblade wielders will live on. And now, Keybladeless, I must depart this land to fulfill my final task. This means casting my own body aside and sojourning my heart in vessel after vessel—as many as it takes.

But I will continue gazing upon each passing era, one unto the next. In time, be it years or decades, centuries or millennia, I will meet the Five once more.

Somewhere in this cyclical history of bequeathings, a chosen one will appear and reenact the Keyblade War. When this scapegoat arrives and takes my Keyblade in hand, that will be the time to take the stage and finish my role.

The Lost Masters will awaken.


6ace11  No.16188453


Oh. I actually read that and somehow didn't understand the full meaning. So a worldline is like a timeline except for all fractal causalities and pocket planes that are accessible to one perceivable Gummispace. And there's more than one, and even the eldtrich high lords of plot bullshit consider the cost to traverse them extreme.

This actually ties in well to a theory I've had since about two thirds through the game. So, KHIII is full on sucking Disney's dick at every single possible opportunity. Attraction attacks are the only supers you don't have to unlock, are frequently available regardless of 'build', and cannot be disabled or turned off. There is no FF representation anywhere in the game aside from a few very offhand mentions in favor of Disney getting literally every instant of spotlight that isn't a KH-original character. We didn't even get a final showdown with Sephiroth. All of the new Disney worlds are very recent IPs and are handled in ways that are more like advertisements than nostalgia trips. They spent a huge chunk of budget to recreate the Let it Go musical sequence for Frozen, etc. Meanwhile the secret movie has Sora waking up in The World Ends With You, and Riku waking up in Verum Rex (which is totally-not-FF Versus XIII). Sora specifically tells Donald and Goofy that they can't come on his next adventure. The cost of traversing worldlines is extraordinary, so one-way trips are prohibitive and I bet return trips are unthinkable.

My theory is that Disney has had its fill of playing worldbuilding consultant and IP bank for a video game company and the two are amicably going their separate ways. KHIII was Square sending their involvement off to rest with a Viking funeral, giving them all the screentime they could have hoped for to maintain good relations post-split. Kingdom Hearts IV and the new post-Xehanort arc will be taking place on a different Worldline that has nothing to do with Disney and everything to do with other Square IPs. Starting with TWEWY and Versus XIII. Maybe to keep the 'unexpected crossover' theme going they'll team up with another studio, video game or otherwise, just to keep it mixed up.

Screencap this post.

712008  No.16188503


With the introduction of 7 new princesses of heart, and Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa being among them this seems unlikely

>Cross over with another studio

Princess Nep when?

6ace11  No.16188527


The Princesses were only relevant for reenacting the Keyblade War scenario, which is now behind us. They're irrelevant.

And that's a funny way to spell Princess Roll Caskett.

Also, oh my fuck. You know what other IP juggernaut Square has tight ties with, lots of princesses, an ongoing event where they announce new participants in their multiversal mashup game, and are also the only console that currently does not have KHIII on it? I don't even know how I'd feel about Sora kicking about the Mushroom Kingdom, Lylat, and Hyrule.

6ace11  No.16188571


Actually, wait. What WERE the princesses for in III? Why even mention them? The 7 lights were replaced with the Keyblade Krew you attack the Graveyard with.

268b97  No.16188612


The princesses were backups just in case they couldn't gather 7 guardians of light. Which made me think of a slightly better plot:

One of the problems I have with the plot is that Xehanort keeps telling everyone they're going to clash, but Sora and co have no reason to do so. If they don't fight then Xehanort loses. Instead it'd make much more sense if these nu-princesses were kidnapped and needed to be rescued; just like in KH1. Now you have a reason to fight, it blends FF and Disney more, and could take some of the sting off of the fuck up with Kairi's arc.

dfef43  No.16188621


What are the possibility of adding dead Enix properties?

6ace11  No.16188624


That would be better, yeah.

Axel and Kairi's sheer ratio of time in preparation versus time it took them to get rekt reminded me of playing Engineer in vanilla TF2. I'm not bitter.

I am however going to bed.

6ace11  No.16188632


DDD had a world about a direct to DVD movie where Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were the 3 musketeers. Nothing is off limits.

dfef43  No.16188652


Three Musketeers was a comic book before a movie. I question the direction of Disney influence from here on out. They may still be involved with a few world ideas. Kingdom Hearts is their property as much as Square Enix's. Now go to bed and hug Xion all night.

4860ae  No.16188669


Kingdom Hearts was never good.

712008  No.16189530

File: 137609045f637bb⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, __xion_kingdom_hearts_and_….jpg)


I'm just waiting for us to get a Quack Pack/Goof Troop world

I did

dfef43  No.16189739


I don't feel confident about Kingdom Hearts touching Taito IPs. Especially now Neverland closed and half the dev team got absorbed into Marvelous. Besides they'll relive the abomination that is Curse of the Sinistrals.

Never change Xionfag.

3fb0b8  No.16190239


>tfw i cant make the joke where i screencap xionfags post and blank out xion because now everyone remembers xion

its a complex kind of feel

6ace11  No.16190251


He connected everyone else's heart to his own, by which he forced recognition of who was at its core. He won.

68284d  No.16191984

File: 22b3f5b318a768e⋯.jpg (12.3 KB, 524x585, 524:585, aqairi.jpg)


>normalfags complain about not understanding the story

>last mainline game was released in 2005

>expecting normalfags to play any game made before 2007

6a1be6  No.16192008


>missable content is OK when its not related to the main fucking story you nigger.

the two cutscenes have absolutely nothing to do with the plot of KH 3. It's sequel bait

268b97  No.16192080


>absolutely nothing to do with the plot

Why do you faggots keep chiming in despite not being at all familiar with the plot of this game? The Strelizia scene is sequel bait for sure; no one contests this. The Namine one is not as it covers events that occur immediately after it.

c0c501  No.16192106


Fuck no. If you're a fan of the story (do those exist) then you're better off watching an LP since the game plays itself. If you're not a fan of the story nothing will make any sense.

76fd91  No.16192119



I never played KH3 yet but something is bothering me about it.

Does it ever explain who the fuck Xion was or where she truly came from? I really dont think a heart can just shit out a new person out of thin air like that, right?

c0c501  No.16192125


Xion's from a prior game and got killed off. She revived by climbing out of a plothole.

268b97  No.16192162


The most explanation we got for Xion was in Days. All you get in 3 is Axel seeing her in Kairi, but presumably not understanding it and her suddenly showing up in the final fight as an antagonist for two seconds before she switches sides.

Supposably we're getting Episode of Xion DLC going by this >>16188250 >>16188252

1b7285  No.16192218


She was manufactured in Castle Oblivion by Vexen. How? Who knows, all we know is that she based on some of "Sora's memories"

8ae6b4  No.16192285


Lemme outline a few problems that I noticed

>Summons are dogshit while disneyland rides are OP

>Combat is even more watered down than KH2 in general, which I find to be an accomplishment

>Cutscenes are very stiff and lifeless. Outside of a few moments (Woody telling mansex or whichever xehonort he didn't give a fuck about what he was spouting and Sully punking vantias from behind and throwing him into a bunch of doors before chipping the last), it just felt like they didn't care that much. Even the first game had better choreography, this one mostly just had people standing around doing nothing.

>Generally speaking, the game lacked aesthetic. It's incredibly important for a series like this to have it, KH1 and KH2 had aesthetic out the ass. It's what overall binds things together when you go from Toy Story world to fighting a bunch of poofs in black coats in the world of darkness

>The big one: The dialogue was WAY too self-aware. A few cheeky nods about how convoluted is fine, but they constantly lay on how idiotic the series became between KH2 and KH3. It kills the immersion and makes the overall narrative weaker.

I can begrudgingly accept the Gummi Phones, unironic QR codes, bubble bobble minigames in Winnie the Pooh world, and a lot of other shit the game had in it. Those are lesser problems compared to the others at large.

3fb0b8  No.16192333


>sully grabbing vanitas by the ass and throwing him into a door with the force of a thousand suns

literally best cutscene in the game. sully a bro

b394e7  No.16192344


>Cutscenes are very stiff and lifeless

This was probably the most animated the games have ever been. I was immediately struck by how much more alive they seemed this time, so I don't agree with this particular one.

1b596a  No.16192377

File: bf8acd4e338962c⋯.webm (11.99 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Gmod no cool doods.webm)




The reality is that invidio and hooktube are just bandaids for people who can't make webms.

So next time you see a cuckchanner linking jewtube tell them to learn how to webm or just make a mp4.

712008  No.16192580

File: fd099d614fed17a⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1664x2966, 832:1483, __xion_kingdom_hearts_and_….jpg)


You thought you could contain her with memes, knowing all that you do about connections?

dfef43  No.16192674


Still need to see if Xion has pantsu or nopan.

126cd0  No.16193937

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Are any of the combos in this video actually impressive or hard to pull of?

14af0f  No.16194388


combos are literally mash X with the proper combo move abilities equipped. he's just swapping keyblades mid combo and adding some DMC music because the combo animations in KH3 are really, really pretty. he's just doing a funny. dont kid yourself, KH is nowhere near the level of timing and complexity of DMC combos.

126cd0  No.16194671


that's a shame, I was hoping there'd be some hidden depth to the combat.

14af0f  No.16195095


its just a parody video pretty much. he equipped all the combo booster abilities and changes keyblades in between using magic and Lockshots mid-combo to cancel combos that are going through and keep going. not a bad AMV i guess. i rate 6/10.

126cd0  No.16195336


so is there anything satisfying about the combat at all or is it just tap x to win? I'm thinking about getting it and playing it on the hardest difficulty but if it's as easy as people say I'm tempted to just watch all the cutscenes and be done with it.

14af0f  No.16195383


its fun. just dont expect the level of difficulty of a DMC game.

im pissed off that they removed Critical difficulty. in that difficulty the game becomes challenging. but even then, the game doesn't have any hard bosses. they will probably come in the Final Mix, alongside the critical difficulty.

126cd0  No.16195392


they've announced the critical difficulty for the dlc Good to hear the games at least fun though.

b394e7  No.16195444


>Final Mix

There isn't going to be a physical final mix release. It's gonna be DLC. Nomura said it himself. So vanilla KH will eventually become final mix.

14af0f  No.16195463


i know, but might as well just call it "final mix" even if its not a new release, for traditions sake.

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