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File: 1f37c0310f677ef⋯.png (108.58 KB, 280x210, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

05bd94  No.16110594


^ this is the game in question, apparently its pretty popular with japanese audiences, so i wanted to give it a go. unfortunately though, translator++ does not support the version of wolf rpg the game uses, and there are thematic scenes in the game that do not use encoded scenes, instead having the text being part of the image. so i think im pretty screwed here.

08b966  No.16110623


Looks kinda of lame anyway.

What's translator++? Can't you just open the game up in Wolf RPG and edit it from there?

05bd94  No.16110640


yeah but i dont speak japanese

08b966  No.16110643


Oh I thought you were talking about fan translating the game. Learn Japanese

05bd94  No.16110645


and translator++ works for translating rpg maker and wolf rpg games automatically using multiple different auto translating services

05bd94  No.16110648


>learn japanese

>waste two+ years of my life just so i can play one game

7eb5d8  No.16111042


It's either that or play a fucking garbage machine translation, pick your poison dumb cunt.

bf441d  No.16111189


theres like other jp only games dood

5c1608  No.16111340

Why does she have 4 ears?

5c1608  No.16111342


nvm that's just gook cartoon hair

b714d8  No.16111478


>learn a language

>waste of time


9626bd  No.16111540

Is the girl in OP's pic missing her arms? Save for off-topic.

ec5ecc  No.16111778

File: 670b26903157185⋯.jpg (15.39 KB, 283x178, 283:178, polyglot.jpg)


Americans, Brits and assorted cunts don't really understand the idea of learning a different language or the advantages it brings you since they never had to.

It's the disadvantage of speaking the "lingua franca" of the world, anyone that you meet will likely adress you in english so why bother learning anything other than that?

Meanwhile the rest of the civilized world learns not just english but also the close variants to their own language and whatever else they might need.

It's funny that one of the advantages there is in learning different languages is seeing how they shape your way of thinking, meaning you can now understand the mentality of an entire culture or even think somewhat differently yourself. It literally makes you a more empathic and humble person.

And then we have America easily explained.

db7b2f  No.16112390


you would be making a point if i wasnt a native serbian

if i didnt have to learn english

if i didnt know the sanity breaking work that goes into a language

db7b2f  No.16112396


please tell me why i should absolutely learn japanese, and why i wont regret all the time i lost due to it like how i did with learning english

f8feab  No.16112420


For one learning a language is enjoyable to people. Second is that know a language opens their libraries and discussions(digital or otherwise). Russian for instance is very useful for pirating.

Also fuck the fucking kike.

b714d8  No.16112935

File: c641a4b59e9cfc2⋯.jpg (22.69 KB, 220x294, 110:147, 1526026237984.jpg)


kill yourself pajeet Also if anything I would say learning other languages helped me stay sane because of how smug it makes me feel when I can go on any site over the world and understand some of what they are saying except for koreans because fuck those yellow jew niggers.

8203ad  No.16114039

File: 37ef53c822248c6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 307.47 KB, 604x445, 604:445, 37ef53c822248c65cf040f4683….png)


Well, consider how you could mangle languages other than English. For example you could go 2ch and get laughed at for the Borat like quality of your post as opposed to getting laughed at here for your nigger like qualities. Your laziness, your illiteracy and your exasperation at the context of working on / improving oneself.

ef37cf  No.16114300


>learning japanese



ec5ecc  No.16120630


>why i should absolutely learn japanese

You don't have to "absolutely" learn any language, there's no need to exagerate this. However…

It lets you play many videogames in their original language, so not only you dodge the shitty translations, you get the entire meaning and context out of it.

Same thing for Manga.

Same thing for Anime.

It let's you understand their culture and more esoteric concepts like Shintoism a lot better. And I don't mean knowing the customs, I mean knowing the mentality behind them.

It helps you understand a different way of thinking where you respect hierarchies and traditions a lot more as well as having a more pragmatic and stoic look on life. Fortunnally, you'll know more than just Japanese so you can balance that with your own culture and avoid many of their pitfalls.

Because drawing Hiragana and Kanjis is fun and they look cute. Fuck Katakana though, that shit's ugly as fuck but then again, that's what "americanized moon runes" are meant to look like.

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