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File: 2b1111cb08921da⋯.png (965.44 KB, 1280x1440, 8:9, why would soyny do this.png)

816493  No.16110694

>So retail has really dropped off. And journalists now, with the internet and the fact that 24/7 there is game news, it’s lost its impact around that.

>So the trade show became a trade show without a lot of trade activity. The world has changed, but E3 hasn’t necessarily changed with it.

>And with our decision to do fewer games — bigger games — over longer periods of time, we got to a point where June of 2019 was not a time for us to have a new thing to say. And we feel like if we ring the bell and people show up here in force, people have expectation “Oh, they’re going to tell us something.”


That's their excuse for not showing up at E3 2019.

Also, they appointed Jim "Why would anyone play games" Ryan as their new president: https://archive.fo/HZbQ7

023f0b  No.16110706


Play games as in "gameplay is overrated David Cage" tier or play games as in "games are for children" tier?

533c15  No.16110727


>Making fewer big games that will probably fail because in try to reach a broader audience since it's the only way to recover the high cost of the game

>Not just making smaller games that would have good responses with their respective niches

Not retarded at all, no sir.

1ec352  No.16110749

I predict that this strategy will last until they have their first big flop, after which they'll announce a change to the strategy.

c14f4a  No.16110770


Hopefully by then it will be too late.

24148a  No.16110772


Death stranding, The last of us 2, nuGod of war 2. Any one of those failing can deliver the killing blow. Sony should play it safe and unleash Ape Escape 4.

9c3a93  No.16110775

File: d28fef9ef3789a1⋯.jpg (85.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 65756yer5ghytu6yetrj6574he….jpg)


>Being this delusional


023f0b  No.16110782


Because gaming went mainstream.

391748  No.16110786

>Sony will shit fewer turds, bigger turds from now on


9c3a93  No.16110793


Yes and?

1ec352  No.16110797


I could see Sony shuttering their first party dev divisions, but they'll keep the hardware going for as long as it makes the money. Lord knows no other division in the company does.

816493  No.16110798


>And yet it is still the number 1 selling console each generation

<PSP was behind the DS the entire time and never caught up

<PS3 lagged behind the 360 the entire generation (Until the end), not to mention the Wii

<Vita never had a prayer

<The Switch already already outsold the PS4 in Japan

24148a  No.16110799


A man can dream.

aPe eScape 4 on PS4

023f0b  No.16110800


Is not like you can't sell less when there are more people still buying it, on the other hand PS4 is not exactly selling well in Japan when in the past it was their strongest market.

c6cb49  No.16110802

Makes sense for the marvel of gaming Sony wants to be. Release 2 or so big AAA titles only and watch the normalfags trip over each other to grap the crap. But this means the end of making more niche titles like SOCOM RIP or Gravity Rush also RIP, which Sony was ditching anyway to make movie games. So they can go fuck themselves and I'll be waiting for them to end up like the Xbone.

45e159  No.16110821


Kill Sony Japan, make the relationship and cross-promotion of Sony Pictures and Sony Gaming more tangible, and finally announce the PS5 and show us all the San Franshitco-approved games.

816493  No.16110824

File: 76c68d34839f6a8⋯.mp4 (796.33 KB, 426x426, 1:1, real bravery.mp4)


>But this means the end of making more niche titles like SOCOM

Oh, you're going to see it return, with the diverse power that the military sorely needs.


<A fucking handheld.

>Couldn't outsell another handheld

<So even with lag, it still did better then the 360 and Wii.

It just barely surpassed the 360. It was nowhere even close to the Wii's numbers

<Another fucking handheld.

>Again, couldn't outsell another handheld

<Some bullshit source that was proved false and even if it was true it's fucking Japan, not the whole world, Ps4 is still the number 1 selling console in the world.

Overall, in under two years, the Switch has managed to sell 32.2 million systems, over a third of the PS4's current numbers. But, then again, the PS4 sold 30 million by the same point in time: https://archive.fo/7MMrp

d4138a  No.16110826


>Gravity Rush also RIP

Thank could you imagine what nuSony would do to Kat?

023f0b  No.16110829


Make her fat.

000000  No.16110830


And Soyny will fail completely.

Wait for the salt. It will be hilarious.


And that makes it shit.

d4138a  No.16110831


She’s a “woman of colour” they would would do way more than that.

c6cb49  No.16110834


Make her a generic western superhero with the added commentary on whatever political event is happening at the moment?

023f0b  No.16110839


Give her an afro because blond hair is evil.

816493  No.16110842

File: 2762c9dfbc84112⋯.mp4 (4.48 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Modern AAA Game Trailer.mp4)


And give here a Kike for a boyfriend "girlfriend".

b6175e  No.16110851

File: 8a596f4246d7399⋯.jpg (567.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a38a0e09af8aef9f2e24c9ca21….jpg)


>Play games as in "gameplay is overrated David Cage" tier or play games as in "games are for children" tier?

I think the quote he's talking about is a miscommunication of "why would anyone play old games" - the excuse they gave for not having any sort of backwards compatibility for the PS4. Basically Jim showed up at a Gran Turismo Sport showcase and started shit-talking all of the old GT games as being primitive and ugly and how their shiny new product was so infinitely better that he couldn't see how anybody would want to go back and play the old games.

Which completely ignored that you can do a lot to make those old games look better in most people's eyes with just a little bit of post-processing, and the other factor being that Gran Turismo was always just a boring wanna-be driving simulator. The series never had any real soul or appeal aside from trying to ape realism, which yeah… when you're talking realism, newer games on more powerful hardware is going to be able to give you a superior sense of realism. But for any game that tried to actually be fun and imaginative, then they're going to hold up much better as they still have a reason to exist and something to offer the player they can't get anywhere else. When was the last time you played a game like Parasite Eve? They just don't fucking make them. But "driving simulators"? Dime a fucking dozen.

And this is, by no coincidence, why Forza Horizon will always be a far superior game to Gran Turismo (and even the mainline Forza series) - and will still have something to offer years down the line.

b4cf17  No.16110854

File: fb7b81474d89f5c⋯.png (109.77 KB, 177x262, 177:262, billtrinen.png)

>>>>Jim fucking Ryan as the new head of PlayStation

>Jim "old games are for old gays" Ryan

>Jim "think of the children" Ryan

>that guy everyone, including hardcore PS fans, hate everytime words exit his mouth

This followed by Shawn statement and

>skipping E3

>censoring titty world wide, not even for localization exclusively, making devs like Senran and Atlus design around it and have the original version never seen

>cross play fiasco that is still ongoing in tons of games

>PS Now

>barren amount of PS4 exclusives and even less variety to them

>outdated tech

>UI still has less features than the PS3 (or even PSP) did

I-I got a new GPU at least recently… Would be lying if I said I wasnt holding on to hope for a good new console from them though. The PS2 is still one of my favorites ever.

c2f318  No.16110857

All shit posting and autism aside, its a good move. God of War and Spider Man sold really fucking well with respects to their other projects. This is about pleasing investors at the end of the day and an approach that comes off as a better investiture of capital helps them out. My bet is that they will sign exclusivity deals to publish smaller devs games that can hit those specialized niches. It costs them far less to do that and they can make more money in the long run than having smaller, in house dev studios that release financial dud after financial dud.

Again, that is my thought. They could go full retard and just do big games. Last of Brap 2 will probably underperform which leaves Death Stranding which is just pure Kojima autism at this point. If they want to purely put all of their eggs in those baskets then it is their funeral.

d4138a  No.16110865


I would love a game where you play as a (actually) sexy black lady in lewd outfits cleaning up the ghetto. Her having a white (non-Jewish) husband would be the best icing on the cake.

b4cf17  No.16110866


>sign exclusivity deals to publish smaller devs games that can hit those specialized niches

They seemed like they were working with indies and their Japanese studios at the beginning of the PS4 gen like with those indie showcases, GR2, and Bloodborne obviously.

That shit fucking died off fast once all their big western games started taking off.

I have no faith, anon.

816493  No.16110871

File: bca42cd9ab0e3bd⋯.png (656.5 KB, 640x643, 640:643, ClipboardImage.png)

b6175e  No.16110874


It's only a good move insofar as the "Cinematic Game" meme holds true. It doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon, sure, and I wouldn't hold out much hope for normalfag tastes to improve much - but game design is often like fashion trends. It constantly changes, and you never know what's going to be in fashion next - or if has been abandoned will come back into fashion. They've been pushing the "cinematic game" since the end of the PS3's lifecycle, and I have a feeling it's starting to get to the point of oversaturation - which will lead the market to look for novelty elsewhere. Doubling down could just be slitting their own throats.

d4138a  No.16110875


Those games sold well this year because this hear was pathetic they had no competition. Spider-Man probably would have sold regardless though because it’s one of the biggest brands in the world.

816493  No.16110880

File: b70c04c196d2fd6⋯.png (5.35 MB, 1655x1470, 331:294, ClipboardImage.png)

File: caaee3e7e5661d9⋯.png (121.98 KB, 800x681, 800:681, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 331f6c8c7d672ef⋯.png (1.51 MB, 800x1149, 800:1149, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e025abfabd6b856⋯.png (807.96 KB, 800x1121, 800:1121, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c44c3c42525c7ba⋯.png (1.45 MB, 754x1068, 377:534, ClipboardImage.png)


>They've been pushing the "cinematic game" since the end of the PS3's lifecycle

I think it's been longer than that.

b6175e  No.16110896


Yet all of those games have wildly different gameplay to accompany their cinematics, whereas modern Sony cinematic games seem to be consolidating their gameplay into a prefab template… usually with a gimmick to set it apart, but overall structure being virtually identical.

551be0  No.16110900

File: 4b1b537a9990198⋯.jpg (478.86 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Huey.jpg)


They've been doing this for years as is, this isn't news.

c2f318  No.16110924


In your opinion. There was still Red Dead, Cod Blops 4, Fifa, NBA 2k, Monster Hunter World, etc when it comes to sales. There were still shit tons on niche titles that showed up across multiple platforms.

You are not seeing the forest from the trees here. GoW and SM were really fucking good sellers in a year of generic sequels, multiplayer shooters, and games that shove recurrent monetization down your throat. There were single player games and they showed they could sell and make money in today's economy. That is a big fucking deal and that is the point that I am making. If they are smart, they will prioritize the big single player games and still invest in publishing small niche works of indie studios. If they can show that behavior is financially viable, gaming will benefit as a whole. If they put their eggs all in one basket with the big releases, they are shooting themselves in the foot potentially (if the games bomb) and it can be a net negative for the industry as we see it.

My point is that this could be the best decision the company could make at this moment. All we can do is sit back and see how this plays out.

62f1d0  No.16110936


Oh, so instead of 3 decent games a generation, they're gonna just do 1 now?

bd3b1e  No.16110947

File: 90d8c800db97d9c⋯.png (303.25 KB, 508x447, 508:447, Capture.PNG)

rip sony

859775  No.16110955


He looks like a fat pedophille version of Gordon Ramsey

551be0  No.16110966


I can't believe Gordon Ramsay runs Sony now

023f0b  No.16110968



"It tastes like– GUMBO! – !"

**Sorry, for some reason I always imagine Ramsay with some kind of Tourette's verbal tic saying "gumbo" at random.

c41308  No.16110969

File: 99006331b982751⋯.gif (324.36 KB, 500x363, 500:363, 1413159156081.gif)

Between the censorship, this call to make less games, and Sega giving everyone the middle finger and starting to just release all their games on PC I think Sony is going to be fucking dead soon. Because Microsoft decided to only rely on one or two games a year and look where the fucking Xbone is nobody wants to by one because spending $500 to play four games is fucking retarded.

b6175e  No.16110974

File: a4c065e213ee411⋯.jpg (75.56 KB, 800x651, 800:651, 2019-02-01-image-22.jpg)


>and look where the fucking Xbone is nobody wants to by one because spending $500 to play four games is fucking retarded.

Who doesn't want an Xbox One X? It comes with two… TWO… copies of Fallout 76! What a deal!

7de0b9  No.16111010

I really hate how much Nintendo and Microsoft dropped the ball this gen. Xbone and Wii U had the worst marketing I've ever seen which allowed Sony to just dominate and spew soy everywhere as a result.

6b9b9b  No.16111024


Is this loss?

4d1df5  No.16111035


So instead of smaller, cheaper, unique, interesting games that could appeal to a variety of people, they're doubling down on even more bland, AAA, cash-burning sludge that has already fucking ruined the industry.

Indies could have been the one to fill that gap, but they blew it by being faggots.

4fe527  No.16111039

File: bae70b860d8ce49⋯.gif (473.82 KB, 688x650, 344:325, ps4 pro bae.gif)

File: b333b1a21371284⋯.png (440.67 KB, 900x900, 1:1, psp-tan.png)

File: 347a319632570aa⋯.png (38.35 KB, 500x367, 500:367, xbox-one-consoles-ps4-wii-….png)

File: d9249eb732f2ce3⋯.png (106.44 KB, 500x568, 125:142, d8jr97e-8765017b-847b-4a4e….png)




the wii was an anomaly, with the vast majority of users only playing one game (the pack-in). 360 had the best attach rate and won the generation in America (the biggest market at the time) while ps3 did much better in Japan and Europe the ps3 was held back by bad hardware design (from a coding standpoint), we would have likely seen xbox one with a small lead that ps4 would have closed as both were “no games” machines for the first 3 fucking years of the generation. but Microsoft killed any chance they had with the worst pr decisions ever. they've had chance after chance to re-brand and relaunch the xbox like Nintendo had to (they learned the hard way with "WiiU"). but Microsoft is still dumb and keeps the memory of its failure alive three hardware revisions later. with both microsoft and Nintendo stumbling out of the gate this generation Sony was left mostly unopposed even with a lack of games. the press made the ps4 seem like the most legitimate choice, it was the most powerful system of the generation and you could still own your games physically.

much as I've enjoyed lots of games on playstation and xbox platforms over the years, I hope both Sony and Microsoft get the shit kicked out them next generation by the PC and Nintendo switch 2.0

c41308  No.16111041


Yeah it's funny that Sony's response to "Big budget games never make back the money that was spent on them." Is "Just make even bigger more expensive games that we release more infrequently so that there is absolutely no possible way to make money on them."

1aee54  No.16111047

File: bb421091831e4a0⋯.jpg (211.24 KB, 450x675, 2:3, Kingsized.jpg)


Shit, I see it

7ef2bd  No.16111053


Their logic is probably based on the assumption that their audience are mindless zombies that will buy what ever they put out and they only reason their latest projects failed is they put out too many game too close together for the zombies to buy all of them.

311082  No.16111071


And it falls for the same issue that Hollywood is falling for. As soon as those big games start failing they have no back up because they are putting all their eggs into fewer baskets.


The same reaction Disney had to Solo flopping after the shit show that was the Last Jedi?

c41308  No.16111073


Yes because the reason big budget games never make back the money spent making them is because they spend so much money on the damn things that everyone who owns the console would have to buy the game three times just for it to make it's budget back. It's why companies will sell seven million copies of a game and still declare it a flop.

4fe527  No.16111077

File: 17543d9f362d384⋯.png (490.95 KB, 1119x874, 1119:874, god of soy.png)

File: 41293616c8135c5⋯.png (186.67 KB, 655x618, 655:618, sony extra soy.png)

File: fac167729cd4731⋯.png (418.64 KB, 972x838, 486:419, venom soy.png)



seems like they want to run the games sector like they run the movies sector of Sony. lots of big bland bets filled with feminism and soy. also Chinese pandering.

d6c930  No.16111081


>seems like they want to run the games sector like they run the movies sector

So, Sony wants to declare for bankruptcy within the next 5 years? Because, far as I can figure, their gaming division was the only part of the company that wasn't bleeding money all the time.

c41308  No.16111082


>seems like they want to run the games sector like they run the movies sector of Sony

So they want to lose money faster? Christ the games division of Sony was the only part of the company making money they should run the rest of the company like the games division not the other way around.

816493  No.16111083



You wouldn't believe the ego some of these idiots "in charge" have.

128858  No.16111093


now he knows what humans feel like every time they see ape-like creatures in every advert, series and film

19d2c0  No.16111096

File: 30d138b3a9fb246⋯.png (77.49 KB, 1063x882, 1063:882, 30d138b3a9fb246ab8d2f1a6eb….png)



>not a single archive

128858  No.16111098


>that first image

>make a game called god of WAR

>decry it as (((buzzword)))

128858  No.16111102


Try to send that message to the head of sony.

4fe527  No.16111107

File: c281b659675b9ed⋯.jpg (529.08 KB, 900x1440, 5:8, Console_66fb1b_6067431.jpg)

File: 645890181a5d312⋯.jpg (43.78 KB, 500x640, 25:32, Spider ps4 tan httpplaneto….jpg)

File: d7f1b4718ef929a⋯.png (14.79 KB, 777x709, 777:709, d7f.png)

File: 1572fb4f433b908⋯.png (251.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ps4 spi.png)



Sony actually owns financial and insurance companies. Sony makes a lot of money writing life, auto and medical policies in Japan. Its financial arm accounts for 63 percent of Sony’s total operating profit last year. Life insurance has been its biggest moneymaker over the last decade, earning the company 933 billion yen ($9.07 billion) in operating profit in the 10 years that ended in March.

Sony’s film and music divisions, which produced hits like the Spider-Man movies and “Zero Dark Thirty” and recorded musicians like the cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the electronic music duo Daft Punk, have contributed $7 billion to the company’s bottom line over the last decade. In that time, Sony’s electronics (and games) division has lost a cumulative $8.5 billion.

d6c930  No.16111108


I've read through a few of the leaked e-mails of their movie division. It's shocking just how stupid and egocentric all these executives are. Most also seem incapable of typing in proper English, or using a spellcheck.

128858  No.16111109


La Goblina Croft

4fe527  No.16111110


>not a single archive

isn't that only a thing for the GG thread? also I thought the archive.is guy baned 8chan.

674d85  No.16111115


Venom was ok. It's better than all of the shit that Sony has been putting out lately and it probably could have worked back during the Spiderman run in the 2000s. The final villain was just really lame. Pajeets just aren't threatening. The symbiotes outside of Venom and his lineage really should have been more normal. Venom is an outlier after the hive mind went away.


The gaming division is super pozzed now too. It really should be allowed to die at this point.

816493  No.16111119


>isn't that only a thing for the GG thread?

No, providing a source is always required.

>also I thought the archive.is guy baned 8chan.

Then you are very much mistaken.

c41308  No.16111124


They won't listen since they seem to learn this lesson almost every year.

d6c930  No.16111126


>Sony actually owns financial and insurance companies.

Well, that explains it. That was the infection vector the Jews used to thoroughly pozz the company.


>Venom was ok.

It was complete and utter shit as a movie. If you mean it wasn't a preachy leftist movie, then yeah, it's a lot better than most stuff they've made over the past few years.

>The gaming division is super pozzed now too

Which is a surprising turn of events considering just how many fuckups their California based movie division has had over the past few years, and all because of agenda pushing leftists in positions of power.

48bf29  No.16111150


Fools and money are soon parted.

4fe527  No.16111153

File: 3b9c82945e50c6d⋯.jpg (70.86 KB, 618x410, 309:205, amy-pascal.jpg)

File: 503a4f5f2448d28⋯.png (624.3 KB, 794x766, 397:383, more spider soy.png)


>>Venom was ok.

>It was complete and utter shit as a movie. If you mean it wasn't a preachy leftist movie, then yeah, it's a lot better than most stuff they've made over the past few years.

Funny thing about that, amy pascal hated the idea of a venom movie and held up any progress on one for over 10 years. Once it finally got the greenlight and did well at the box office she’s been taking credit for its success and babbling nonsense about “her vision” for the venom universe. she wants to shoehorn in Silk (a lame female spiderman rip-off) and use Venom 2 as the launch point for her own inter-sectional feminist spider movie series.

da07e0  No.16111157

Kill Soyny's games division and bring out a handheld hybrid from Sega to rekindle the Nintendo vs Sega console war.

d6c930  No.16111161


>Amy Pascal

That filthy kike rat is the stupid cunt that pushed through Cuntbusters. The fact her ass didn't get fired after that massive blunder just goes to show how thoroughly compromised the whole of Sony is.

>she wants to shoehorn in Silk

I don't mind Silk per-se (at least she's not fucking Miles), but I know they'll choose the ugliest Asian ladyboy they can find and go turbo-feminism on the plot.

>and use Venom 2 as the launch point for her own inter-sectional feminist spider movie series.

God help us if they decide to make a movie based off Spider-Woman and how she fights crime while 9-months pregnant, like in the comics.

962003  No.16111179


Wasn't Pascal fired from her position? I mean they're making a ghosbusters sequel with the son of Ivan Reitman, no fucking way she would have allowed it if she had any meaningful power left.

91bb3e  No.16111183

File: 366c0a964e1bcd0⋯.gif (32.85 KB, 388x394, 194:197, spinner_of_thinking.gif)


Isn't it interesting that the PS2, while having the worst specs of every 6th generation console, was and still is the most sold console ever? Coincidentally, it also has more games than any other console in existence. Isn't that funny? Maybe dumping all your funds into the next FIFA isnt the answer, maybe you should support the smaller developers instead of helping EA eat them, you dumb fucking kikes.


>Silk is getting a movie

I'm surprised by that one. I figured silk would be too obscure. Is Sony just throwing whatever on the board and hoping it sticks? Or will they just keep going through every possible spiderman comic? Will we ever get a live action of spiderman reigns and see Mary Jane die from radioactive semen?

c41308  No.16111190


>I'm surprised by that one. I figured silk would be too obscure

It's only because she's a woman and because everyone is getting pissed at them for making Thor and Captain Marvel women that they don't just rule 63 another super hero.

c764c7  No.16111207


She was fired/stepped down as a chairwoman of Sony in 2015, then she made her own production company with Sony and now puts out garbage.

a6f7c3  No.16111208

File: b28a8a9e3b335eb⋯.jpg (24.12 KB, 401x401, 1:1, b28a8a9e3b335eb033850a2155….jpg)


Why the


is capeshit still popular? I just don't understand.

4fe527  No.16111231

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Wasn't Pascal fired from her position? I mean they're making a ghosbusters sequel with the son of Ivan Reitman, no fucking way she would have allowed it if she had any meaningful power left.

she's no longer the head of sony pictures, but she still has major pull over at Sony. she has her own production company, "Pascal Pictures" that Sony uses to produce major film projects (Ghostbusters (2016), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Venom (2018), The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) Pascal Pictures made a winning bid for a memoir by Zoë Quinn about "Gamergate" called Crash Override: How to Save the Internet from Itself. She also has an obsession with forced feminist politics and trying to get miles morales laid. She excitedly exclaimed that 14 year old Gwen Stacy will be the love interest of miles morales and that romantic relationship will be the focus of into the spider verse 2, after that “Spider” Gwen will be the lead in her own movie. (barf)


technically spider doesn't wear a cape, but I agree and wish the super hero fad would die out already (about 20 years of comic book movies so far with no end in sight) I wish I could go the mirror universe where video game movies took over instead of comics, just how to see how fucked up it could be.

c764c7  No.16111232


Because countries like China and India make capeshit profitable, big movies like Avengers always make their most money in the foreign market.

7bbf90  No.16111238


Soyny Pictures was never part of Sony in the first place. It was originally called Columbia Pictures, and is 100% a Jew run, Jew founded Hollywood studio. Sony Japan bought it out and changed the name to Sony Pictures in the 80s, but they basically left the studio alone and kept letting the Jews do business as usual.

4fe527  No.16111240

File: 1eeb92c090c1c59⋯.jpg (145.88 KB, 500x714, 250:357, the-sorcerer-and-the-white….jpg)


makes sense, china's been making ridiculous over the top "hero" movies for decades. so capeshit is a perfect fit.

d6c930  No.16111251


>all those Spidey movies

I see they want to run the IP into the ground before they throw it back at Disney.

>She excitedly exclaimed that 14 year old Gwen Stacy will be the love interest of miles morales and that romantic relationship

To be fair, that's already a thing in the comics. Marvel has spent the past 15 years cucking Peter in every way imaginable for being white, male and popular.

e80eac  No.16111258

>from now on

Haven't they done it already since birth of ps4? I guess its better to have 2 good games than 30 shit ones. And for the record i dont give a fuck about sony because consoles suck dick

d6c930  No.16111262


Except chinks don't take well to Marxist propaganda, ironically enough. They don't like feminism, they don't like ugly women and they especially don't like niggers.

I have no idea how Hollywood plans to have movies that are both pozzed and pandering to the Chinese market.


>I guess its better to have 2 good games than 30 shit ones

Except the two Sony makes will be even more shit than the 30 they did before.

311082  No.16111265


They like pro-China stuff. It is also a matter of time before they decide to cut off Hollywood and do their own thing again.

983988  No.16111267


>the stupid cunt that pushed through Cuntbusters

That trainwreck was fucking hilarious to watch mate. I would almost thank her fo fucking up so hard.

>she fights crime while 9-months pregnant, like in the comics


d6c930  No.16111268

File: 4b658660a355b64⋯.jpg (38.32 KB, 325x500, 13:20, 51rADLs9OQL.jpg)


>They like pro-China stuff

Yeah, but would something like Black Panther have been a success if the magical negro had been fighting for the glory of China? There's only so far pandering can take you before audiences balk.

>It is also a matter of time before they decide to cut off Hollywood and do their own thing again.

Can't wait for that, or for them to just decide to buy Hollywood studios outright.



>if only you knew how bad things truly are.jpeg

b6175e  No.16111269


>Isn't it interesting that the PS2, while having the worst specs of every 6th generation console, was and still is the most sold console ever?

No, that's about normal. What it really comes down to is price point and game library. Usually the victor, or at least leader, in any given generation is the weaker and cheaper hardware that is easiest to develop for and has the best third party relations. Console power has very little to do with aside from fanboy gotchas in console war threads.

The NES beat the SMS, the Genesis lead the SNES for most of it's life, the PSX (arguably weaker than the Saturn) took out Nintendo and Sega, the PS2 wasn't more powerful than the Dreamcast - but Sega dropped out - making PS2 the weakest hardware. The Wii beat out both the 360 and PS3, but Nintendo also stopped directly competing - and out of PS3 and Xbox 360 - the 360 lead in sales for most of it's life. The handheld market is a similar story - with Nintendo's weaker hardware pretty much dominating every single generation - and even among VR, it's the PSVR that has had any sort of appreciable blip on the sales radar at all… but it's still roundly getting it's shit pushed in by those shitty cell-phone VR scams.

Raw power is important, but it's not nearly as important as people like to make it out to be.

b6175e  No.16111270


> the PS2 wasn't more powerful than the Dreamcast

Was more powerful, I mean

983988  No.16111272

File: e2ddb3229fde25a⋯.jpg (79.42 KB, 300x293, 300:293, livid_hisoka.jpg)

d6c930  No.16111274


Another good example is the first Gameboy. Nintendo deliberately chose to use a monochrome display to bring down the price and prolong battery life, and only introduced a color screen when the technology was mature enough.

Despite Gameboy contemporaries having much more potent hardware and a color display they still lost because the Gamebody was both cheaper to buy and use, but also had a much bigger library of games.

The PS2 also had the advantage of being a DVD player as well, and actually one that was cheaper than most DVD players on the market were at that point.

Also, another important factor is the "killer app" to a lesser degree. The Gameboy wouldn't have been as big of a success (but still a huge one) without the arrival of Pokemon. The PS2 also had plenty of exclusives, likely more than any other console of the generation.

4fe527  No.16111291

File: db6819952547422⋯.jpg (61.82 KB, 634x435, 634:435, 34AF0B1B00000578-0-image-a….jpg)

File: 614456ed06ab67c⋯.jpg (423.43 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 03ede2fc-5db5-11e8-a4de-9f….jpg)

File: 5401c9d4aa8dbee⋯.jpg (26.73 KB, 600x492, 50:41, 180373cf843215eaef6d57.jpg)

File: 6ff9e7e8dbfbccb⋯.jpg (32.36 KB, 600x400, 3:2, b8aeed96bac619efd7b20b.jpg)

File: 68f328de414bc73⋯.jpg (90.71 KB, 1000x665, 200:133, 201491111541940585_8.jpg)


>Except chinks don't take well to Marxist propaganda ironically enough.

they worship Karl Marx like a god in china

>They don't like feminism,

they have their own version but its more economic/social class based.

>they don't like ugly women


>and they especially don't like niggers.

communist are opposed to any kind of racial strife or segregation. Chinese are fine mixing with blacks. they really don't care.

7bbf90  No.16111304


The genesis only beat the SNES in America, it got crushed everywhere else, and Japan was a much bigger slice of the market back then.

5848c0  No.16111337


>She also has an obsession with forced feminist politics and trying to get miles morales laid

That's because she's jewish.

e3f4aa  No.16111338

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Spiderman has never been a Triple A title before, it's always been a B+ title with reasonable sales based on the name alone.


China get their own edits. You will often notice a Chinese idol in the background of movies like Kong. They shoot 5-10 minutes of exclusive scenes with them and a few alt scenes and run with it.

Ironman 2 or 3 was the first major movie to do this.

c54dbd  No.16111346

File: da70faf09745a91⋯.jpg (124.82 KB, 1024x721, 1024:721, 75abc-orthodox2bjews.jpg)

>fewer games

>bigger games

read: just fewer games.

This has been the industry-nigger sell and strategy for years now. They've been been making fewer games of less varieties and with less content whilst reusing as much as they possibly can from prior titles(see: why so many games use 10 year old engines) whilst at the same time making those games as shallow and casual for as much market appeal as possible - and then they have the fucking gall to turn around and say "making games is expensive, they don't sell as well as we'd like, profit margins are narrow, pay us 60 bucks and feel bad because you should be paying us 80 bucks!".

These people as greedy as you can possibly get. Even the Jews recoil in disgust at the greediness of the gaming industry!

8b2e4e  No.16111353


Either you're an actual cuck or mentally retarded. The Chinese fucking despise Africans.

Also Marx is not "worshipped". He's viewed in the same way Abraham Lincoln is viewed in the States.

4fe527  No.16111356

File: e919d85ed794d14⋯.png (908.25 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, VS.png)



>San Francisco.

we were talking about "china" as in the communist nation. not some americanized Asian colony thats maintained a racial identity. westernized Chinese a very different from the ones living in actual mainland china. (they don't have the same race politics).

e3f4aa  No.16111357

This business model has been taking over the industry any way. Instead of releasing Street fighter 4 you release Street fighter 5 and then support it for a few years with multiple season passes. Destiny 2 was designed around this model, so have The Sims and most fighting games now. You sell 1 core product and then sell season passes and DLC.

a6f7c3  No.16111359


>The PS2 also had plenty of exclusives

Basically the opposite of what they are aiming for now. They're just shitting on all the third-party devs who normally focus on their systems, forcing them to flee to less restrictive platforms.

6fb60c  No.16111365

isn't that whay they are alrready doing now?

i can count the PS4 exclusives with one hand and i'll still have fingers to spare

also i think they are mistaking the word "bigger" with the word "bloated"

52b423  No.16111372


Only /hebe/ and /loli/ was banned from archive.is because of CP iirc. The whole site was temporarily blocked though. That's why this over-reliance on that one site is worrying.

4fe527  No.16111379

File: a3d0d6e84393287⋯.jpg (126.71 KB, 533x800, 533:800, Pearaphim_by_ursulav.jpg)


>That's because she's jewish.

true, and thats why no matter how much she fucks up she will always have a job in (((hollwood)))



>The Chinese fucking despise Africans.

you've been on nu/pol/ for far too long.


this entire generation has been a shit show for both third party tittles and exclusives. at least things have slowed down on the "HD remaster" front.

9d1cce  No.16111390

Good, maybe they'll finally kill themselves by releasing only 15 games for the PS4 in a single year and we'll see a PC gaming renaissance where developers actually dedicate their time to better things. Fuck Soyny.

77d7e9  No.16111411

File: cbd2a8a369514ab⋯.png (426.55 KB, 475x974, 475:974, 2017-02-22_09-21-25.png)


>we'll see a PC gaming renaissance

>blaming tools for incompetence

>muh soy soy soy

very low IQ energy

d6c930  No.16111418


>they worship Karl Marx like a god in china

They still don't like Cultural Marxism. The ruling party actively suppresses foreign NGOs and persecutes feminist activists because they view Western leftists as subversive. Google "baizou", which translates to leftard (but in context means white left), a trending meme in China

>Chinese are fine mixing with blacks. they really don't care.

Back in the 70s there was a riot in Beijing concerning African exchange students. A lynch mob formed and they had to send in the army to evacuate the niggers from the dormitory. Chinks despise niggers.


>Ironman 2 or 3 was the first major movie to do this.

I've noticed it a few other times, most prominently in Transformers. Black Panther still did abysmally in China, to the point they pulled it from theaters after only two weeks.


We've lived long enough to see Nintendo of all people present a less censor-happy alternative to Sony. I remember Sony heavily emphasizing their line of consoles as the mature choice for mature gamers, in stark contrast to Nintendo's kid-friendly image.

9d1cce  No.16111421


>Local nigger in the west buys PC

>This is going to affect the market.

3af352  No.16111428


That's funny, because sonycucks were making the exact same response not 2 years ago. Just replace PC with PS4.

d6c930  No.16111433



>Western Country

Pick one.

6fb60c  No.16111434

File: 1b715e96157afbf⋯.jpg (503.37 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, chinks and nogs 1.jpg)

File: a4727e156004628⋯.jpg (89.92 KB, 800x580, 40:29, chinks and nogs 2.jpg)


>Chinese are fine mixing with blacks. they really don't care.

Chinks consider niggers subhuman

just read up on the interactions between chinks and southafrican nogs

dindus are alrready statring to miss white man

691c69  No.16111445


what is up with Black Panther's mask? It looks wrong

360742  No.16111448

File: 7b2b98d49e5ed2b⋯.jpg (69.24 KB, 1060x876, 265:219, china black panther.JPG)

b51431  No.16111450


lol mate the PSP can play pretty much anything that came before the PS2 era, AND DS games on top of its own games.

And the Wii failed to deliver on its own hype.

d6c930  No.16111453


Empire of Dust is a great documentary everyone here should watch.

>that salt flowing out of the nigger's face as the chink tells him how badly they've fucked up their country since they chased whitey out

That part was priceless.

45aef9  No.16111456

they killed nearly all of their smaller first party studios in the PSP/PS3 era, so frankly this is completely unsurprising. they want to latch onto bigger games as a way to sell systems, but seem to lack the understanding that the issue with their company was that they gutted nearly all of their internal studios, alienated the others, and essentially refuse to bring any new studios into the mix. Remember Wipeout, one of the greatest PlayStation series ever? Their studio was killed after Wipeout 2048. Remember guys like Jaffey? They're all dead. Seriously, they overextended the lives of the franchises, caused a lot of stagnation. Ratchet and Clank is dead. Spyro is dead. Crash is dead. Katamari is dead. Their studios just focus on this cinematic bullshit that the vast majority of gamers despise. There is not a new goddamn thing on the plate, and Sony is too fucking poorly run to do anything to change this. I will be completely glad to see this company fail. I bought a PS4 on launch mind you, when the only game you had was shitty Killzone (another dead franchise).

360742  No.16111458

File: ebae535832f37a6⋯.webm (1.79 MB, 640x360, 16:9, empire of dust.webm)

0b8dd2  No.16111461


PSP is the best portable emulator I've ever had. Battery lasts a life time, doesn't drain if left in sleep mode (takes about a month to lose a single bar of 3). Good collection of PS1 and emulators as well as it's own library. It's a god machine

a6f84f  No.16111474

File: 2d8a42db72628db⋯.png (152.06 KB, 1194x810, 199:135, no thanks.png)


>"W-we're not losing customers because our games are shit. We're just making them bigger! Quality > quantity r-right guys?"

I don't think any of the "big 3" is as pathetic as Sony is right now. Just drop out entirely you faggots.

d6c930  No.16111475


>but chinks completely wiped out Asia with their genocidal millennia war mongering and massive rape and pillaging

Are you sure you're not talking about the Mongols here? Chinks weren't exactly too successful in their conquering ambitions.

>Who knows how did the indians manage to hold their counterpart's dicks and kung fu.

You can't exactly go on conquering if you're shitting your pants every other minute. Poo is the ultimate weapon of the Indians.

0b656a  No.16111485


Who knows how did the indians manage to hold their counterpart's dicks and kung fu.

poo covered swords > kung fu

Only way the British managed to conquer them was through antibiotics and ranged weapons.

77d7e9  No.16111488


I was mocking you especially if you think PC is some kind of superior thing for the development of videogames, rather than being its own thing.


>tons of japanese-owned games coming on Playstation platforms during 2016-2018

>trying to act like a smartass because of an unexpected event

That doesnt mean I excuse or support the Sony international policies, but you fags sure act like the equivalent of old politicians who publicly give their input when shit finally hit the fan ("I saw that thing coming miles away!") in regard of their successors


PSP had ports of PS2 games too. Too bad the Vita didnt continue much on this legacy besides the entry titles

>AND DS games on top of its own games


0b8dd2  No.16111509


Get a load of this cuck. He worships slant eyed yellow midgets. A people so short they've been under Jewish domination for 60 years.

6fb60c  No.16111511


>pajets never developed any martial doctrine

the monk who turned Shaoling Monks into warrior Monks was Bodhidharma, a Hindu Buddist monk who arrived at the temple and waited by the doors meditating for one week without food or drink until Chinks let him in

then he discovered Chinks Monks were pushovers who couldn't even stand the long hours of meditation so he developed Tong Qi Gong wiach was based on Yoga to improve the health of the monks, and later they began to train in self defence


All that Shaolin Kung Fu Chinks are so proud of was invented by a Pajet monk who had to wait for a week until Chink monks finally decided to show him a bare minimum of hospitality

d6c930  No.16111514


>I cannot believe they got beat by dirty pajeets

It's not like chinks have a proud military tradition. They mostly fought other chinks, and when they tried fighting anyone else they tended to lose very badly.

The only reason they're not a Japanese colony is because Roosevelt, that kike loving subhuman, spent inordinate amounts of effort to ensure Japan would lose and the communists would win.

77d7e9  No.16111516


>waaaah ur a sonycuck because you disagree with me

Nigger I still feel betrayed by Sony since the international policies of fall October 2018, mainly because I play a shitload of imports.

That doesnt mean however you can pretend you saw that (arguably) unexpected event coming from miles away (It's not like localizations werent shit in the first place, but fucking over the japanese customers too do take some insanity).

>Reminder that I can now play everything on my computer


what the fuck am i reading

d6c930  No.16111519


Once Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 come to the PC Bloodborne will be the only reason to own a PS4.

d6c930  No.16111526


>gravity rush 2, 1

Two more games. Man, you're really selling it.

>no denuvo, no extra launchers, physical copies of games


>Until then PC gaming hasn't been relevant for a decade and 10 year old ports of games won't change that.

Enjoy the soy.

3948bf  No.16111528


okay I mean I can list some games that are worth it for a ps4.

But I don't want to defend my PS4 anymore, not after my heart has been so throughly wrecked by Kingdom Hearts 3.


Stop defending Sony. Just stop Anon.

77d7e9  No.16111532


There's EDF5 which better have a jap audio option in the eventual PC port (so I could enjoy free online), because the localization is far worse than 4.1 as it was made in-studio by D3 Publisher. The english audio from XSeeD was more on point at least (and I felt like the jap version of EDF5 took inspiration from it)

but considering there are far more problems in general with PC ports of PS4/Vita games, I'm more willing to keep my PS4 too and wait for a good hack.

962003  No.16111533


>le scraps meme

This argument is dubious even on reddit, and you're posting it on a board that greatly values backlog and games before 2007. I hope it gives you self satisfaction, because it certainly won't give you a point.

52b423  No.16111534

File: 2788b9cd8b365e4⋯.png (442.96 KB, 1090x898, 545:449, globalism.png)


Who gives a fuck about physical games? Once DRM is broken you own digital copies just as much. At that point the only benefit physical has over digital is pressed cd/dvd/blurays are easier to maintain/preserve. A convenience, not an essential feature. Not to mention the scalping fagotry that physical also entails. DRM-free software is far far more important than physical copies that come with a piece of cardboard containing the Steam key.

d6c930  No.16111535


>or sick of their pestilence

That's how India won against pretty much every invader before the British. They let their shit hygiene do all the work.


Why would the Nips kill off their workers ants? Hell, less chinks would have died under Japanese occupation than they did under communist rule.

0b8dd2  No.16111537

File: f7911944a682de2⋯.jpg (28.67 KB, 410x268, 205:134, f7911944a682de276fb5cab6c1….jpg)


He's not defending any company you retard. He's saying a console also has benefits which the PC doesn't Physical releases and no external DRM to the machine like the PC has.

Any argument you make for piracy can be turned back on you with console piracy also existing.

>My heart has been throughly wrecked by a game made for children

Wow, I can't even. Can you imagine being such a retard you cling to Jungle book and Snow white as an adult? What kind of a pathetic loser would want that?

d6c930  No.16111542


>Physical releases and no external DRM to the machine like the PC has.

I can just as easily download a game and crack, burn them and achieve the same result. Also, the PS4 itself is a physical DRM box.

>Any argument you make for piracy can be turned back on you with console piracy also existing.

Not on the PS4, though.

>I can't even


f533b2  No.16111543


Anyone who plays games or has a computer made after 2007 is a nigger anyway who probably likes playing ports. True PC gamers would know this but in 2019 I guess it needs reiterating.

0b8dd2  No.16111545


Being able to take my game off of a shelf at any point and play it is a huge perk. Just look at emuparadise dying and how bad it fucked up the piracy community for a while. This is all a digital pack up can ever be, where as the disc can also sit on a shelf when I want to pick it up.

Physical releases also cannot be fucked with. I can play Dark souls as it was release on physical media any time I want. I can't play that version on PC at all. But if I download it through Steam it will give me the latest patch version only. I can't roll it back 3 patches to the patch I liked before they nerfed my favourite weapon to be useless.

0b8dd2  No.16111548


>Easily burn a CD

Which rot. A pressed CD will last decades unlike your burned CD. And that's if your PC even has a physical disc any more.

PS4 has been cracked, it's just a matter of time until games are piratable.

77d7e9  No.16111553



He's right on that point though. Console physicals can get extremely pricey depending of the game serie. Main reason why I just emulate Nintendo systems for instance. And I've remarked schmup and horror games can be stupidly expensive regardless of the platform.

52b423  No.16111554


The only additional thing physical gives over digital ownership is reselling. Everything else is the same. And just to make it clear, I'm talking about digitial vs physical in general, not console vs pc or shit like that. I wish physical would be more relevent still, but I value freedom over the convenience that physical offers. So that's I argue DRM-free first. If that fight is ever won, then I would move on to pushing for physical too.


Console DRM makes pirating more convenient once it's cracked because of homogeneity. Also pressed dvds last far longer than burned ones do. At that point it might just be easier to maintain and mirror them digitally, or keep burned cds as a secondary back up to digital storage.

52b423  No.16111560

File: 066c3474166efd7⋯.jpg (85.63 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, b4c6ae637ce9469396bff84863….jpg)


Forgot to mention the scalping part, but >>16111553 answers that too.

1c2bb9  No.16111565


Pretty much

d6c930  No.16111567


Point is, any argument made in favor of physical copies is moot when piracy enters the equation. Even if genuine copies last longer, they'll still rot eventually (and let's not pretend rot is that much of a concern, I have burned CDs from 15 to 20 years ago that still work fine). On the other hand, if your original disk gets damaged you have to buy a new one, and there's also the simple fact that most physical releases these days still require Day 1 patches to be playable, thus rendering the physical copy useless unless you have an internet connection, and when the servers go down you're shit out of luck.

0b8dd2  No.16111578


While true that doesn't stop them existing. Lets say your internet goes down for a month and your pc dies at the same time. You can go out and buy another blank PC but you won't have any of your digital software, you will have your physical software. I almost exclusively use digital software these days but it's stupid to say there is no benefits to it existing.

Horror games and autism tests have been niche genres from day one. Their expensive because they have small release numbers and high demand within a cult fanbase. The people who like them really like them and will want a complete set or to try the best niche ones.


>Everyone who disagrees with me likes Sony

Are you a nigger? You sound like one.


Go back to /tv/ and be a fag there. We're discussing merits of one object over another.


Primal rage is still incomplete digitally. No physical accurate rip has every been made of the original arcade game. They all have problems and errors from AI acting wrong to characters falling into the floor. There's other examples of this but that's a decent one.

77d7e9  No.16111581


>quote a post where i dont mind getting a PC port of EDF5 (as long as it has jap audio) or another post where i said being betrayed by sony's recent policies

>lol soynycuck soysoysoy


>now quote my post because i backed up someone in the "other side"

hard to imagine things that arent black-white huh?

4cd266  No.16111582


Have you tried CTR?

4cd266  No.16111589


Crash Team Racing

1aee54  No.16111592


Crash Team Racing, a PSX ripoff of Mario Kart with surprisingly fun levels and very polished.

The story is retarded, though

0b8dd2  No.16111595

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Gog release DRM free games by default. So you have all of those.

And your old games didn't lack DRM, they had physical devices you plugged into PCs, cards you had to input codes from,

0b8dd2  No.16111597

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

683013  No.16111623


>You get a return on physical games

>This is why people bought them

You're disgusting scalper scum, a literal fucking jew that would rather count your hipster points that actually play videogames

77d7e9  No.16111628


>You don't sound very confident in your knowledge but there's always a point where game prices dip after they've been released

True, but again that honestly depends, although you can simply luck out on someone selling an used copy for rather cheap. Jap versions (region-locked or not) have also a tendency to be even cheaper since the demand is low (although that didnt stop some scalper to sell a jap PS1 copy of Biohazard 1 or Gegege no Kitaro for +200 bucks just for the heck of it).

>Make smarter purchases and don't wait for the games to be out of production for 10-15 years to get them

Easier said than done.

Nintendo games, and not just the first-party ones, have a tendency to be scalped to hell and back. I wish i could beat up my younger self for selling Gamecube games instead of keeping them.


I didnt really shit on console physicals, but more point out the obvious issue. I dont blame anyone relying on piracy and emulation because of it, which I'm also guilty of both

52b423  No.16111649

File: 0312a48f183f102⋯.jpg (321.81 KB, 700x988, 175:247, 1456905354169-0.jpg)


And plenty did. Just like PC too. And a video game has no where near the financial importance of resell value that cars and houses do. Though the benefit of console DRM had over PC DRM was that since they weren't general machinces like PCs were you don't have to worry about newer hardware/software/OSes/etc interfering with the DRM and vice versa. But since consoles are relying on online more and more and with firmware updates that benefit is greatly reduced. But just like you can keep that console around to play those games, you can also keep your older PCs to play those games too.

Also I disagree with the >>>>16111576 and the rest of his posts being deleted? What did he do so wrong to warrant that?

7c21eb  No.16111665

File: fdc2e7b5d1f6b43⋯.png (842.75 KB, 831x824, 831:824, d77ef2afa9e7206eb02840eb20….png)

Just like that, all the physical game sales beyond the Switch die off completely.

1c2bb9  No.16111678


>We've lived long enough to see Nintendo of all people present a less censor-happy alternative to Sony.

Man, what the fuck happened? Things are just getting batshit crazy at this point. Like we've gotten to the point where the same company that hired Howard "Night trap will never be on a Nintendo console" Lincoln and became less draconian than the company that allowed and defended GTA on their platform.

1c2bb9  No.16111679

File: 9ab0be49d88e4d8⋯.png (78.07 KB, 801x961, 801:961, 9ab0be49d88e4d8a05e7e7459a….png)


>cuckchan screen shot

d6c930  No.16111699


All you're doing is proving that the PS4 has shit exclusives, and that most of them happen to be cinematic third-person, open-world turds.

625fa0  No.16111700

File: 57798b82f9fcff6⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 620x480, 31:24, bill-gates-l.jpg)


>My prospect when getting a game is not playing a game whenever I want without limitations in the future

>My prospect is how much value this digital software made by someone else will be and how much I can make out of someone elses work, a work that is already digitally free online

>My childrens toys are more valuable than yours goy

<I'm not a subhuman semite though

0b8dd2  No.16111701


CTR is a generic mario kart rip off. The only reason it's popular with the PS1 kiddies is it's their first exposure to Mario kart with a recognisable cast they like. It's not bad, it's just not special.


Whats the furry game next to bloodborne and the one to the right of MAX 100%?

2d96da  No.16111704


>communist are opposed to any kind of racial strife or segregation.

gotta notify the chinese guys in Nigeria that they shouldn't have separate buses for chinese and nigger workers, because that's not true communism.


>cuck of snore

>they make the cinematic emotional™ camera set to the side

>no way of switching shoulders

>have to give player indicator arrows when enemies are striking, or have either your mutt child or the sewered head warn you, because pic related would be too difficult

>difficulty settings are literally bloat enemy health and damage, gimp the player

>this is somehow (((GOTY)))

1c2bb9  No.16111705


One of them was due to me not reading the thread properly and thinking he was derailing the thread to Chinese shit. which I agree with, but it's off topic

The other one I know IRL and is fucking with you via console vs pc bullshit.

Post last edited at

e7686b  No.16111706


The new head of nintendo is in the best business to make money, so while you'll get more lax rules concerning censorship for now, that also means shit like Mario and the other mascots getting mobile games up the ass as well. Plus it's only a matter of time before Nintendo changes its tune just like Sony did when they believe that SJWs will be the larger audience to cater towards.

0b8dd2  No.16111712


Stop being a damn kike. You deleted a post disputing an old shitty image that had some interesting content in it.

Don't make /cow/ post your mantits again

2d96da  No.16111714


>when they believe that SJWs will be the larger audience to cater towards.

<le poor misguided capitalist who doesn't know better.


You fucking imbecile, they'll play nice until they can enact their plans, which is depopulating whites by encouraging sodomy, enabling trannyshit and pedophiles so nobody breeds.

422b9f  No.16111718


yo mark can you help me with my board? How do I make my name light up like yours right now? please

d6c930  No.16111720


You must be able to trace your bloodline back to one of the original tribes of Israel

1c2bb9  No.16111722


Most of which aren't made by Sony


I'm 50/50 on it since I do believe you're right about them heavily pushing Mario and co. On mobile devices, but at the same time we've seen them release games with much less censorship than before, even if not perfect. Xenoblade 2 is an example I'd like to use in Nintendo's favor, although my eyes will be on Fire Emblem Three Houses to see if they learned a damn thing. Either way Nintendo has many issues, but I think they're smart enough not to fuck with Japanese developers unlike Sony who's entire corporation is a clusterfuck.

0b8dd2  No.16111726

File: dbb9fe8b669abe5⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 1404x6017, 1404:6017, markhashugemantits.jpg)


625fa0  No.16111733


>I actually know him IRL

So that's why everyone but him was banned and deleted in countless threads where he sucked off Sony.

d6c930  No.16111734


>Most of which aren't made by Sony

Do you actually think Sony will shit out anything that doesn't follow the (((cinematic))) formula of God of Soy and TLOU2?

2d96da  No.16111737



>Lust of ass


>death stranding

>cuck of soy


>detroit become subhuman

was that a bait picture originally?

1c2bb9  No.16111739


Not the picture, just the fact that he was a console war faggot.


Like yeah, you have to keep in mind that a ton of these games were made before 2015 or aren't made by Sony. Additionally it shows Spider-Man which we all know is a shitty rip off of Spider-Man 2.

0b8dd2  No.16111746


Well fuck. I have no interest in Ratchet remake. it looked interesting as a world to explore.


They do look pretty different in environments. It's a good answer to the generic forest picture. Some truth in both images.

Any one know the FPS? I'm checking out PS4 exclusives now. Concrete Genie looks interesting.

1c2bb9  No.16111759


No, I just banned him. Look at the board log.


Well we got Gravity Rush 2, but that was probably the last "game" we got from them. Like let's be honest, those who bought a PS4 didn't only buy them for Sony games, but also 3rd party games like Persona 5, EDF, NepNep, Red Dead Redemption, etc. The main issue I have with Sony is that they're trying to get rid of these developers or have them toe the line, which to me is unacceptable. Like the benefits of consoles is that they can do things PC's can't, although that's how it used to be. Like Iwata knew this and made the Wii, WiiU, DS, 3DS and Switch different because of it. Like the people who buy soy of war will buy it anyway, but as a platform a console should always try to have as many different games as possible, while also providing unique gameplay experiences. In any case I worry about the game output on Sony's platforms, not because I want to but because that's how it is.

975a07  No.16111767

File: 7af6ab3ce8b7314⋯.webm (846.62 KB, 1280x544, 40:17, 7af6ab3ce8b73141db932c3a9….webm)


>Venom was ok.

If you're a degenerate.

1c2bb9  No.16111771

File: 1475a6f07e0045c⋯.jpg (104.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


>Defending Spider-Man PS4

I'm sorry but when Web of Shadow's had better movement mechanics and combat then I have no idea why they'd stagnate the game with Arkham combat and make it locked to 30 FPS. Insomniac hasn't been good since the PS2 days.

0b8dd2  No.16111773


Consoles are for "just working" or really cheap second hand games you pick up on a whim too. It's fun to go into a physical shop and buy something based on the box art alone. It might be great, it might suck but you spend 5 bucks and had fun buying it. PC games just can't be bought that way.

a0dfb0  No.16111784


>You didn't play it, you don't know it's shit!

>You didn't play enough of it, you don't know it's shit!

>You didn't finish it, you don't know it's shit!

>You didn't do postgame content, you don't know it's shit!

>Well, if you platinumed it, it must be good right?

Just gonna inb4 this right now.

d6c930  No.16111785


>It's fun to go into a physical shop and buy something based on the box art alone

Nobody does that anymore. Everyone has a smartphone and can access the internet at any moment and see what a game is about.

>PC games just can't be bought that way.

Except you can go to a retro shop selling physical copies of PC games and do the exact same thing, or just buy random shit on Steam, or simply go to torrent/pirate site and download whatever title strikes your fancy.

I honestly struggle to figure out what you were trying to do with this argument.

0b8dd2  No.16111801


I can go to Fmovies or Piratebay and download any movie I want or stream it right now. That's not the same experience as going to a blockbuster and browsing a movie to rent. It's a completely different experience. Maybe you're too young to know the difference. You can check your phone and look it up but that ruins the whole experience of buying a random game based on the box alone.

No shops sell retro PC games. There's no market for it.

d6c930  No.16111814


So, your argument basically boils down to rose tinted faggot nostalgia of a rental store?

>No shops sell retro PC games

Or you could stop being a stupid nigger and google that shit and you'd find out that there actually exist stores that sell retro games (and not just PC ones).


422b9f  No.16111817


Have you played the game, anon?

e2b093  No.16111823

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't need to, I've played enough of the previous games and have made an assessment based on the gameplay shown, the terrible looking Mary Jane segments, and the overall flow of combat and movement.

>B-But you haven't played it

I didn't need to play DmC: Fuck You to know that it was an inferior product. And I sure as hell don't need to play this game to see that it's a casualized Spider-Man 2.

d6c930  No.16111832


Any retard could tell the game is pozzed trash that fails to live up to the relatively low standards set by Spider-Man 2.

625fa0  No.16111835

File: 408e737883b57de⋯.jpg (76.69 KB, 355x500, 71:100, 61kgdlXDeNL.jpg)


>Shovelware is different because of boxart presentation

Are you a boomer normalfaggot?

How is seeing 30 copies of pic related shadowing over Ace Combat 5 a fucking good thing you nigger?

e2b093  No.16111836


Yeah, but you get my point. There are worth to consoles, but Sony is trying to get rid of the good will from both actual game developers and people like us who consume these games. Either way you can tell the move is politically motivated, which disgusts me.

d6c930  No.16111845


Like anyone needs to play shit like Dragon Age: Inquisition to tell it's a terrible game.

e2b093  No.16111847


>Just buy the game goyim

Now I know this is bait.

313eb1  No.16111850


Gameplay footage can give away a lot about a game, don't be a retarded fanboy.

e2b093  No.16111854


Especially in an established franchise. If it was a new IP or gameplay style that'd be one thing. But we don't need to spend 60 dollars on a shit game to know that it's shit.

625fa0  No.16111865



Game needed more forced stealth sections and LGBT flags to be good tbh.

Only that would compliment the god tier Batman Arkham Asylum combat.

d6c930  No.16111869


You can pretty much tell the newest Total War set in chinkland is going to be horrible garbage even before release. All the raw gameplay footage shows it suffers from the same issues as every previous TW game (dumb AI, pathfinding issues within cities/during sieges, next to no improvements to the base formula), and the fact it's getting delayed time and again just further cements the fact it's a broken, buggy piece of shit rushed out the door like everything else CA makes these days.

625fa0  No.16111880


It really smells of rushed out the door shit to pander to chinks and historical fags before Total War Warhammer 3 is released.

e2b093  No.16111885

File: c0372b0684b889f⋯.png (382.89 KB, 1051x1920, 1051:1920, c03.png)


There are people who actually think this and is greatly aggravates me.


Exactly, like if you've played some of these games religiously like I did with Spider-Man and you did with Total War then you can spot the flaws and oddities with the game based on gameplay alone.

24a15c  No.16111887

File: 20ba9b0d59b8adb⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, soystation.png)

Good good. Put all eggs tightly together so they can all be smashed at once. Once a couple of flops come the niche market will have gone else where. I can wait to watch sony burn.

d6c930  No.16111892


>and historical fags

The fact they've yet to show the "historically accurate" (but not authentic, goy!) mode in any of the previous tells me it's just going to be some half-assed more with features and content cut. The main focus was always on the fantasy portion because it's easier to pozz that one up.

0b8dd2  No.16111898

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You can tell you have never had the experience I talk about. You're spending a couple of bucks on a gamble just to see what happens. Some times you get a gem and some times you get something awful, but that's not the fun of the hunt. It's not nostalgic glasses saying it's more fun to find something and give it a chance over researching it online before doing so. You just haven't done it because you're too young to know game shops existed before they filled them with funko pops.


Why would you ever pick shovelware? Look at the video attached and tell me you're not going to find something you never heard of but would want to play in that place. We used to have 3 different stores like that where I lived all with different inventories.

0b8dd2  No.16111904


Fantasy has a lot bigger audience than historical does. Historic just isn't as interesting as some asshole demon fucking up the world.

c0736c  No.16111905


Think the ps2 wasn't an anomaly as well? You look at 90% of ebay list of ps2 consoles being bundled with sports. Ps2 only grew as big as it did because of it being literaly the cheapest dvd player on the market. $100+ cheaper at minimum compared to any other dvd player at the time. Wii became the netflix machine.

0b8dd2  No.16111912


PS4 was more the netflix machine.

It varies by market as well. The PS2 just hit the sweetspot for genres at the time. PS1 was big and PS2 just did PS1 with more power. Everything else was imploding at the time so it didn't make much sense to switch off of a sony platform. Ps3 shit it's self in design and 360 took over from the ps2. Simple easy to design for hardware that just works. Didn't hurt that it made the best FPS joypad in an era where console FPS was selling extremely well. P

79ef73  No.16111921


Pretty much, I'm expecting a more polished Rome 2 tier stuff.

At least the sieges don't look like complete shit.


Because small retailers died after 2007 and big retailers had tons of shovelware

0b8dd2  No.16111932


The 2007 meme really needs to die, the iphone coming out didn't tank the universe/

5198c9  No.16111934


Man games are visually noisy nowadays.

625fa0  No.16111953


<The Iphone

>What is the 2007 financial crisis and the later recession that killed shittons of small and mid sized companies

You're an absolute fucking retard

0b8dd2  No.16111956


>Every country is exactly the same so it all collapsed in exactly the same way on this exact point in time

Are you American?

2609c6  No.16111961


>Sony's going to make less games

>We're not going to E3 because journalism and retail have changed

>Can't E3 just be the Oktoberfest of vidya?

I take this to mean that Sony's future console endeavors will rely even more on the likes of Activision, EA, Ubisoft, and other third party publishers, which means that the concept of consoles is dying. Who wants a multiplat-box that's weaker than a modern PC, but with half the library and that can't be customized or modified, and that runs on a closed operating system and on a closed marketplace?

acff31  No.16111965

File: d7e15b38ee11135⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 1468263930341.jpg)


You're something special

0b8dd2  No.16111972


E3 used to be full of executives meeting and making deals behind the scenes. They can do this digitally now and don't need to all be in the same location. It's become a marketing show and Sony doesn't need a marketing show when they have the internet to use instead.

4519df  No.16111980


I'm from an European country, and how does that have anything to do with anything?

Are you 16 years of age and autistic?

49702e  No.16112011


>driving simulator are broign because they simulate real life

>i much prefer a different genre all together

its like sayign flight simulator X is boring becasue i have to actually know how to flight, i much prefer ace combat

b3def1  No.16112038


Mark you fucking kike, the thread wasn't developing in an artificial manner with constant "nuke america" bait, and you delete a half of it.

Disgusting negroid

981239  No.16112046


>but they basically left the studio alone and kept letting the Jews do business as usual.

This is all Sony of Japan's fault for trusting kikes.

49702e  No.16112053


>giant snak wyman

>cartoonish orks

what ar those? anyone know the games?

49702e  No.16112060

File: b1e878272e9b0a5⋯.jpg (292.77 KB, 1403x802, 1403:802, dbb9fe8b669abe52e71739e8ee….jpg)


tried to look for them but no results

816493  No.16112069

File: c359afcbbaa3667⋯.png (15.61 KB, 211x221, 211:221, [unzip].png)

File: a64ee510985c361⋯.pdf (1.46 MB, A Short History Of The Wor….pdf)


That's hot.


>No shops sell retro PC games.

The thrift shops, antique stores, and book stores do. That's how I've gotten numerous old PC games.


>Real history is fucking bizzare and nothing like people were taught from traditional jew sources.

I don't know, seemed pretty straight forward to me (PDF related)


>>giant snak wyman

I think that's Dark Souls (Looking at the human).

>>cartoonish orks


49702e  No.16112076


found the snak woman…. Wild

0fed57  No.16112095

File: 24df218560bf75f⋯.gif (2.05 MB, 409x750, 409:750, pf0kvymVmN1s3ax2mo1.gif)

Oh boy! Quality-over-Quantity™! You guys what that means? Less 'fun' baby shit for kids like the NanaOn-sha games, Ape Escape, or Gravity Rush, and more AAA garbage and rich, diverse cinematic experiences for true reddit gamers like me!!! :D

For real though, why the fuck is sony still trying to keep up the whole quality-over-quantity gamecube bullshit and announcing it as something new? What made them stand out from other consoles in the 5th and 6th gens was not only the bigger amount of games the PS1 and PS2 had, but also the sheer variety of kinds of games that there were on the system in reflection to the Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64/Gamecube filling some specific niches, which they did a great job on, but if you still wanted the most variety and quantity of games at a cheap price the PS1 and PS2 were the best consoles for that, as well as their great support of Japanese games.

This is shitty to hear, specially coming from Jim "why would anyone want to play those icky yucky old games Ryan, but unlike with the PS3 or PS4 at least they're now actually letting us know the PS5 will be shit.

0b8dd2  No.16112109


God of War reboot and Knack.

816493  No.16112124


>This is shitty to hear, specially coming from Jim "why would anyone want to play those icky yucky old games Ryan, but unlike with the PS3 or PS4 at least they're now actually letting us know the PS5 will be shit.

Isn't Sony basically pulling the Russian roulette of marketing where they're threatening that they're going to do it and not give anyone what they want if people don't support them?


>That's just the old standard jew story they tell us

In what way? My school taught little to NOTHING about history.

816493  No.16112137

File: 7c77d09635a650c⋯.png (1.47 MB, 4472x2824, 559:353, CUCKCHANNERS_GET_OUT.png)



Way to out yourself, faggot.

816493  No.16112143

File: 65cf70ab57336f0⋯.mp4 (1.19 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cuckchanner tries to fit i….mp4)



Oh, God...

Leave, ALL OF YOU!!!

ba174b  No.16112150




>Hey there fellow channers


cf9d0f  No.16112151


What, hasn't /pol/ always hated the jew?

20ba0f  No.16112156


>from now on

Didn't they release 4 or 5 actual games over the entirety of the PS4's time on the market? Is this surprising to anyone?

0b8dd2  No.16112158

<Thread derails because a newfag doesn't remember image boards being canned the chans.

It's like you're not a real channer or something.

816493  No.16112165

File: 18767b5c373cad0⋯.png (61.63 KB, 800x480, 5:3, you are a fourchin.png)



0f5e30  No.16112184




And a pedophile. Hi Val.

49702e  No.16112188


one is knack and the other Wildnever ever game


there is ahuge differance between do a (1) screeching jeeeeeewwwwwsssss and actually point out the faults with backing up their claims

thats the differance between old/pol/ and nu/pol/

>he wasnt off topic

how did jew comics and comparison to jew religuous tales in any topic close to sony doing less games but better ones?

0fed57  No.16112239

File: 6294e32e636c7c6⋯.jpg (36 KB, 400x433, 400:433, a1879c95e130b10edf22d91500….jpg)

Is it seriously this fucking easy to derail a /v/ thread in 2019?

cf9d0f  No.16112250


>25 centimetres

Wouldn't that pierce your heart for christ sakes?

4b99ee  No.16112266

File: 2df80a19ca0ee35⋯.png (39.48 KB, 159x207, 53:69, 2df80a19ca0ee353653326ebb2….png)

cf9d0f  No.16112292


At least correct me on the misuse of "christ's sake"

a6f84f  No.16112307

File: e5f6d84b0444620⋯.png (18.56 KB, 255x220, 51:44, 1432539271639.jpg.png)


Might need to check the movie now

b3def1  No.16112321

File: ac221798688eb4f⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 515x287, 515:287, out.jpg)


I wouldn't worry about reddit, those apes can barely use a computer, why do you have them as boogiemen? Is this the cultural diversity you want to bring in?


You neither nigger

2c2a9b  No.16112323

>So retail has really dropped off.

I wonder why? You only buy a 50gb game and have to download another 50gb to even see the title screen. You might even get to play by christmas!

d78bf4  No.16112743


Bottom right is The Order 1886 or whatever the fuck its called, was terrible (I never played it but even reviewers hated it)

aa4523  No.16112852

File: caff578af664e94⋯.jpg (53.8 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1321204709075.jpg)


Who's /buyersremorseforps4/?

I regret ever buying a PS4 in the first place and now my system is collecting dust with a few PS4 games in my backlog left untouched as well.



Hell, you're better off getting a Xbone over a PS4 at this point. The Xbone has officially became the least worse current-gen console and it's amazing how a system that was hated so much early on the system's life plus having no first-party games on the console ended up being better than the PS4 all because Sony said fuck the japanese & started to censoring all nips games.

aa4523  No.16112862




Whatever happened to that Wild game? Is it stuck in development hell or something?

52b423  No.16112900

File: ceb932552b4219c⋯.png (842.65 KB, 600x900, 2:3, ceb932552b4219c7c665b3f998….png)


I'm just waiting for homebrew on the PS4 to catch up with my firmware.

360742  No.16112905

File: eb4e3412d6b7108⋯.png (291.49 KB, 1849x1073, 1849:1073, neogaf the order.png)

0f5e30  No.16112914

Right now Moot is reading this thread. And he's laughing at you, he's laughing at you while you argue who's the real old fag and who's from Reddit.He laughs because all you do is derail threads with it and get nothing done while he carries the bags of some of the most influential women in underwater basket weaving journalism

fe823a  No.16112926



I want to know more about cinema stuff like this with the Chinese.

b6175e  No.16112958

File: c3a672e6abca199⋯.jpg (111.15 KB, 1004x564, 251:141, 475251-mutant-football-lea….jpg)


No, if you find simulators exciting, then you're going to enjoy simulators. The problem is, when you're trying to ape reality - you don't have a lot of lateral wiggle room for abstraction in the game mechanics. So it's hard to make further iterations of the game beyond just adding more cars and more tracks and a new soundtrack. Future games can still be justifiable - but it makes the previous games in the series obsolete since the newer title offers everything the previous games had, but with more responsive controls and better graphics.

It's kind of like sports games, which aren't simulations, but have to follow the rules of an existing real-world game and feature real-world players. What's the point of going back to play Madden 2k1 when you have Madden 2k18? The only thing that really changes is the roster and the graphics - maybe a few extra management modes (where they can insert new rules) will be lost, but no micro-transactions. Overall though, there's very little to differentiate one title from the next. Now, a game like Mutant League Football or Rocket League or Blood Bowl can take the football/sports concept and introduce wildly different rules (or exaggerations on current rules) that differentiate themselves and makes them worth going back to play.

0f5e30  No.16112974


bloodbowls an awful example. It's the exact same game over and over. It's based off of a board game with limited content.

360742  No.16113010

File: 4205885eae3fc1e⋯.png (70.44 KB, 831x581, 831:581, star wars china.png)

6b6cf1  No.16113058


Same deal with Meg and one other movie. Both have a lot of chink propaganda and chink actors in them specifically to appeal to the chink country.

You best not upset the chinks cause those soulless bugmen number in the billions and can make or break a lot of media content when they go international.

360742  No.16113121


I remember some chink politician got some screen time in a transformer movie and was upset he wasn't in it for longer.

6238b9  No.16113166


It's true

You can get an Xboner for 150, but it's preferable to get a PC instead

b6175e  No.16113249


>I regret ever buying a PS4 in the first place

Even with everything else - I still got my Gravity Rush 2, Project Diva: Future Tone, and Yakuza 6. So the generation wasn't a total wash. They're just burning any interest I might have had in PS5. I did eventually get an Xbox One S new for about $100, which is about the replacement cost of my 360 - which is pretty much exactly what the One S is used for since there's still no satisfactory emulation solution for PC - and I'm using it more than than the PS4 at this point.

I do still have to get a copy of Bullet Girls Phantasia for the PS4 - which is probably the last of the true lewd games you'll ever see on the platform, but if I buy a game, I don't like paying more than $20. And I've played Bullet Girls 2 on the Vita… that shit ain't worth full price plus import. I can't see paying more for some virtual titties than I'd be willing to pay for a lapdance.

52b423  No.16113267


Crimson Dragon is the only game that makes me interested in the xbone.

b6175e  No.16113285


I heard it was shit. I think it was one of those early games which was built around the connect, and is all but unplayable except with hacked-in work arounds now. Kind of like D4, which I could barely play for longer than 10 minutes before deleting.

Panzer Dragoon Orta is playable though.

042a1c  No.16113293

File: f8081d736c344bc⋯.jpg (3.01 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, s03.jpg)

Everything is condensing. Soon there will be one video game that everyone plays. Then it will be one language. Then it will be one consciousness. This is the first step.

4fe527  No.16113387

File: a96037cb8f74925⋯.png (405.57 KB, 800x800, 1:1, vivian_james.png)


So you're saying Denis dyack was right all along?

cee189  No.16113410


>they worship Karl Marx like a god in china

but they don't follow his teaching anymore.

b6175e  No.16113419


>but they don't follow his teaching anymore

Most Christians don't follow Christ's teaching anymore either, but they still call themselves Christian and worship Jesus.

Just saying… It happens.

000000  No.16113420


No. /pol/ was not full-on neo-nazi. They were just an obnoxious contingent. And the original reason why /pol/ dealt with nazis is because in the early stages of /pol/ they had to deal with idiots whose idea of winning a political argument is to get morally outraged at the other person, flip their shit, and compare them to nazis then act self-satisfied that they proved they're right. /pol/ got so sick and tired of those histrionic morons that nazism became a board joke, at which point the pearl-clutchers who loved acting morally superior and comparing other people to nazis got triggered before they wasted people's time with inane arguments and up and left. This made /pol/ decent for a while, but it attracted actual neo-nazis too, who thought it was a fun place for people like them. Then you had the neo-nazis from Stormfront who considered /pol/ an important vector to peddle their bullshit to others and recruit more morons. Since arguing with neo-nazis was liable to get you royally trolled by people who spotted a good opportunity to stir up reactions and then make you out to be one of those hypersensitive types, nazism wound up sort of infesting /pol/ for real.

86004b  No.16113427


which Jesus's teachings dont they follow?

f831ed  No.16113433


>implying you know the history of /pol/

Nigger we loved Hitler when /pol/ was /n/

cee189  No.16113434


if anything this is true. Many modern titles are often "one gamer - one game", starting with WoW. Games like LoL, WoT, Warframe, or Fortnite they suppose players play only them, the more they play the more rewarding it is and the more sinking costs tie player to title.

It is bad news for competition. When player hooked on such title he is gone for other games. Its no more 20 hours of gameplay of Doom like game of the old "what is next game". Competition for gamer is nuclear war now.

b6175e  No.16113454


Whichever ones are inconvenient at the moment, or which they think they can ignore in certain situations because they assume that god is on their side.

0ed8d4  No.16113458

File: 0d1f58d84120a39⋯.jpg (156.97 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 0d1f58d84120a392201fc06f00….jpg)

>How do we sell more consoles

<Less games!


The crash can't come any time sooner

86004b  No.16113463


which ones are those?

dd5550  No.16113494


Sony makes games to sell playstation's so it makes sense to just release big games as I doubt anyone bought a playstation for small/download only games

dd5550  No.16113496


>I could see Sony shuttering their first party dev divisions

you are 101% retarded

2d96da  No.16113499


>go to "das kino"

>pay for a movie ticket and overpriced snacks

>get to watch niggers and ugly people for 90 minutes

Why do wh*toids do it?

b6175e  No.16113513


I already said, whichever ones are inconvenient for them. It's determined on an individual basis, cultural basis, and national basis. That there are over 10,000 various denominations of Christianity with major liturgical and ecclesiastical differences - large enough to cause schisms and persecutions, even wars between them.

You're not going to suggest that Mexican gangsters with the Holy Cross tattoo'd on them are following Jesus's teachings, or that the Protestant and Catholic violence in Ireland is following Jesus's vision for how brothers should treat each other. Or is this just socratric baiting that's going to end with a no-true-scotsman?

2defff  No.16113563


>Just drop out entirely you faggots.

That can be said for any of the big 3 though. They're all pathetic in their own ways.

86004b  No.16113566


I just wanna know where you got that idea. It sounds more like a personal belief you have rather then based on any facts

d7f58d  No.16113580


>, or that the Protestant and Catholic violence in Ireland is following Jesus's vision for how brothers should treat each other.

Matt 10:35-36

For I have come to turn "'a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law–

a man's enemies will be the members of his own household.'

2defff  No.16113587


That's pretty much the core root of it all, huh? If Netflix wasn't a factor none of these companies would be alive right now.

cf9d0f  No.16113598


Isn't that out of context as fuck

b6175e  No.16113600


You can be a man's enemy, without bombing him and his family, or robbing them of everything they own.

Matt 5:39-45

But I say to you, do not resist an evil person; but whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also. Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two. Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you. You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven.

But that just illustrates my point, right? People tend to look for whatever justification for their current position is and ignore the rest of the context until that is also needed in the moment to justify their actions or beliefs. And it's not like I don't blame them, don't get me wrong. That's some awfully cuckish talk right there.

78f137  No.16114314


Just sit back, relax, and watch PS5's launch from afar.

4fe527  No.16114674


I wonder if the PlayStation 5 will even have any dedicated games at launch, I have a feeling it will mostly just be PlayStation 4 games with a "enhance" on PlayStation 5 sticker on them. I wonder if they'll even stop bothering to make games backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4 for the first year or two. The architectures will be so similar the only difference will be lower frame rates and lower resolution overall like playing a game on an older video card and having to turn some stuff off. The only real reason to put out new console seems to be better 4K compatibility and eventually 8K compatibility. But for the most part the graphics will probably just look the same.

d6c930  No.16114716


I just love how their "winning" strategy is to double down on the nogaems meme. With the PS3 and PS4 it was the product of incompetence, with the PS5 they're deliberately reducing the number of exclusives on their platform, spitting in the face of developers and shrinking down their userbase by exclusively focusing on the soyboy cinematic faggots.

How can a company be run by people this stupid?

816493  No.16114748

File: dd5557e84dc6b2d⋯.webm (178.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Ming Kek.webm)


>I wonder if they'll even stop bothering to make games backwards compatible


>they appointed Jim "Why would anyone play games" Ryan as their new president: https://archive.fo/HZbQ7

4fe527  No.16114756


The games division is completely pozzed, but they seem to believe they have a built-in audience of soy cucks, numales, blue hairs along with billions of chinese just waiting to be fleeced with endless microtransactions and garbage loot boxes. I hope it all blows up in their faces.

4fe527  No.16114768


I said for the first year or two, if what we're hearing is true and the PS5 is somehow even more of a no games machine than the PlayStation 4 was what would be even be the incentive. Not to mention they've been trying to make consoles function like Android phones and iPhones. over time the performance just degrades to the point that you have to buy a newer model.

816493  No.16114792


>they have a built-in audience of soy cucks, numales,

<Their only dependable market

>blue hairs

<Don't play BUY games

>along with billions of chinese just waiting to be fleeced with endless microtransactions and garbage loot boxes

<Not interested in "foreign" shit unless it has pretty Asian girls and/or promotes the PRC


I think we'll be lucky if the PS5 even has BC. Remember that the PS4 has had PS2 BC for 4 YEARS and only 54 games are on it (Not to mention that all these games have to be bought off PSN). Meanwhile, on the Xbone, 33 original Xbox games and 542 360 games, all of which can function if you have the original disc. Sony doesn't care about backwards compatibility, and appointing Ryan as their new president should make that very clear.

939c03  No.16114794


except when the ps5 will be a simple hardware upgrade with ps4 compatibility people will keep using it. you think suddenly people will sell their playstation, all their games, completely drop their ps+ to buy a xbox where they don't have any games for, no live and no friends to play with?

generations aren't a reset anymore, you just upgrade your console to keep using the platform you're locked into.


ps5 will most likely have bc with ps4, not even sony is stupid enough to release a console with only 1-2 games, there's zero incentive to upgrade otherwise.

d6c930  No.16114803


Oh, they do have a built-in audience of leftist vermin, that's a given. The question is if there's enough of them to warrant alienating every other demographic.

>billions of chinese

Billions of chinks that aren't too keen on dykes, faggots, niggers and other leftist pandering shit. I still don't quite understand how Sony is planning to pander to these two diametrically opposed groups at the same time while also significantly reducing the number of first party games in their lineup.


But what is their strategy then? Hyperbole aside, I'm going to assume they're not completely retarded. Why are they taking a big fat shit on all their Japanese developers in favor of cucks like Naughty Dog when Nip developers were their primary strength?

Surely they don't believe one or two TLOUs are enough to make up for all the other smaller titles they are bound to lose?


>with ps4 compatibility

Wonderful. They can play those 5 PS4 exclusives they managed to accumulate over the years and patiently wait for Sony to deliver nothing until 4 years after launch.

816493  No.16114810

File: a5102b21087c15d⋯.png (334.25 KB, 869x1240, 869:1240, Baizuo thinking.png)


>But what is their strategy then? Hyperbole aside, I'm going to assume they're not completely retarded. Why are they taking a big fat shit on all their Japanese developers in favor of cucks like Naughty Dog when Nip developers were their primary strength?

>Surely they don't believe one or two TLOUs are enough to make up for all the other smaller titles they are bound to lose?

60048f  No.16114877


>not "beautifull" enough

hehe, how to say things without having to say them and forcing your opponent to say it.





fixed that for you

60048f  No.16114892


>literally retarded: the post

/n/ was already full on nazi, and that's the group that would later evolve into /pol/.

So it was quite litterally there since the inception, if not its main reason.

only delusional retards with no balls could try to trick themselves into thinking otherwise because they couldn't fathom anyone having a spine.

Do nigger statistics sound like a joke to you?

And as usual, this sort of diarrhea comes from a proxy.

939c03  No.16114903

File: af054964451a2ee⋯.jpg (34.64 KB, 750x720, 25:24, s.jpg)


>people only play exclusives

>people never play the same games as their social circle

<I am a retard who has zero fucking clue what platform lock-in is

d6c930  No.16114918


I remember moot whining like a bitch about /n/ back in the day, shutting it down and then realizing to his horror that all he had achieved was to scatter the Nazis all across the other boards, before eventually caving in and re-instituting /n/.

You're likely talking with a deluded /leftypol/ fuckwit trying to rewrite history. Next he'll tell you 4chan was always a bastion of communism.

5b2216  No.16114938


Nigger there was a fucking reason we called it /n/atsoc and now you could make an argument that 8/pol/ was more more grounded in the pre /pol/ harbour, as there was a balance of fringe and sanity.

1e0c07  No.16115009


You could make the argument 8/pol/ isn't fully natsoc, but then that would be a change from it's inception instead of it's foundation. Afterall /leftypol/ exists purely because commies just hate having to share space with people they can't convince they're right and are proven wrong.

0f5e30  No.16115115


Not getting into a christfag slap fight here but Turn the other cheek doesn't mean "get slapped twice". At the time you slapped a man's left cheek was declaring a duel challenge. Let a faggot slap you there and you can kill him lawfully. It wasn't be a pussy and get hit twice.

000000  No.16115170


That's what I used to think until imkampfy took over /pol/ and went fucking crazy with his shill hunts until the board only reflected what he wanted to see. Still, I'm pretty sure the socialist elements of old /pol/ never made the move to /leftypol/. From what I understand /leftypol/ was some reddit shit.

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