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File: 7ce24a9705c5d23⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 438100_20190212020519_1.png)

7c605c  No.16111170

What is the bare minimum I'll have to spend in order to have functioning hands in VRchat?

346a2a  No.16111177

An arm and a leg.

461b27  No.16111178

File: 4d6fd7c5408af0b⋯.png (394.37 KB, 810x540, 3:2, Glove.png)

File: c553969a99a60c5⋯.png (170.78 KB, 770x440, 7:4, Hi5-Blog.png)

File: 14bc15a4919bf5f⋯.jpg (115.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: a67f005e7d44d39⋯.jpg (32.2 KB, 1040x558, 520:279, Manus_productphoto.jpg)

File: 465461cb3019b5f⋯.jpg (47.07 KB, 551x484, 551:484, C2k0mR7WEAAm1_Y.jpg)

do it

140b8b  No.16111180

If VR isn't compatible with the power glove then it's the definitive proof VR isn't worth shit.

7c605c  No.16111188

File: 5223a7563ac38db⋯.png (198.02 KB, 512x512, 1:1, please respond.png)


no I mean something I can go out and buy right now

6dbb8e  No.16111200

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I never understood why someone hasn't just used an Xbox Kinect for hand and finger detection yet. It's not that difficult to set up.

7c605c  No.16111212


I think you can use that and then nintendo switch joycons for additional movement options

b88e8c  No.16111214


>thinking the kinect ever could possibly be precise enough to track finger movement

I mean look at your own embed, it tracks the hand perfectly fine but the fingers are constantly wiggling around like worms.

02660b  No.16111223


$200 - Windows Mixed Reality bundle.

6dbb8e  No.16111247

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's using the first generation Kinect from 2010. The Xbox One Kinect is three times more precise. I posted that as a demonstration that people have been able to do it for ages. Here's another video using the first gen one with finger recognition. The second gen hardware is capable of accurately tracking the position and orientation of 25 individual joints in 3D. That means both hands plus full body tracking.

6dbb8e  No.16111252

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Found a video for full body tracking with the Kinect.

02660b  No.16111253


Until you realize it only works okay-ish if you're facing it right, if you turn at an angle then it will spaz out - simply because it can't fully see you.

6dbb8e  No.16111259


See the video I found >>16111252

He uses the Kinect for full body tracking and Windows Mixed Reality to track his fingers in full 360 degrees. It's pretty cool.

f55414  No.16111282



The VR controler that I see used is trash. You cannot control all fingers.

02660b  No.16111287


Don't need to, you'd be surprised how much mileage you can get out of basic gestures. But they're working on it anyway, in a year or two it'll be ready.

997066  No.16111306

File: a08cee789d4e299⋯.png (174.02 KB, 1360x1132, 340:283, focus.png)

File: ee9de9b17be7636⋯.jpg (87.38 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, quest.jpg)

File: 18c46ba67aeb6ca⋯.jpg (43.94 KB, 700x470, 70:47, Cosmos.jpg)


VR general thread then? What are your thoughts on the upcoming standalone headsets like the (((Oculus))) Quest and Vive Focus? Does anyone have any hands-on experience with the Focus? What do you think of the Vive Cosmos, will it have enough of a price drop, performance upgrade, and wireless built in capability to take the casual market by storm and will the rumored wireless connectivity to PC be enough to keep the dedicated fan base happy?


heh checked

000000  No.16111716

Comfortable minimum:

- a reasonably powerful cpu

- 12+ gigs of ram

- gtx 1060

It will work with less though. If you bring down render scaling to 50%, it will work on pretty much any gpu, but it won't look good. It will also work with 8 gigs of ram, most of the time. When it comes to the cpu though, you gotta have the best you can get. Retards love slapping dynamic bones and colliders on their avatars and that shit will murder your cpu if you have 20 people on screen.

Anyways, you can try to find a cheap used rift in good condition (the headphones on the rift tend to break, so you might need your own), or just buy WMR. Keep in mind that most WMR headsets don't have OLED screens, so dark worlds won't look too good.

9a3a56  No.16111790


If you mean the basic hand functions, get a Windows Mixed Reality kit, it's about $250 and you'll have all the VRChat hand functions.

Individual finger tracking or hand tracking without controllers, you can buy a LeapMotion tracker and mount it on your HMD, however VRChat still doesn't support it, so with some nigger rigged drivers you can make gestures and move your hands around, still limited to the same gestures you'd get with a regular controller. Note that menus are very annoying to use this way, but you do get relatively natural translation of real movements to hands and fingers ingame.


Perfect example of how companies continue to be retarded, just like Micro$'s brief BORN MOBILE, PC IS DEAD era. It's shit, it will never be able to run the vast majority of the already small library of VR games, and after countless other mixed reality and mobile VR attempts failing, I don't see why they are trying again.

>wireless HMD

Again, why? The wires are by far the smallest problem with any HMD. Go for 8k resolution, wide FOV, eye tracking, foveated rendering, improved lens, reduced weight, improved comfort, and then think about how you can stream 8k to the headset with no wires. Or if you want to expand the market, just build something decent on the cheap, something like WMR, but a bit less shit.

80ed69  No.16111838


It is extremely limited an unnatural.

93ea22  No.16112448


So a few different approaches for body tracking has been brought up in this thread:

<Visual (kinect, leap motion)

<Strain gauges (I'm assuming the gloves thing uses this)

Which do you think is better? Or can they co-exist to provide for different use cases?

443c94  No.16112531

File: 1c9e0fc8710889c⋯.jpeg (39.9 KB, 599x585, 599:585, 35292cb72ea86169ad1061396….jpeg)

>the first time in history that nintendo power gloves would have a viable use

>and VR doesn't have it

>when it does, it will cost 500x times that of the nintendo power glove

386e9e  No.16112637


we're not there yet because unironically almost all the press is shitting on gloves constantly because MUH FEEDBACK. those faggots apparently need a phallus-like object in their hands even when grabbing a virtual boob.

knuckle controller is a step in the right direction, but still a handicap. a glove would let you use all kinds of gadgets to improve immersion. simple frame with a simple trigger as gun replacement and feedback done by the gloves? much cheaper than having a whole full-fledged controller for it with none of the limitations (although the psvr aim controller is damn good at what it does). same with other inputs while keeping hand-tracking.


>Again, why?

I agree, but I think the companies dream about that for proper adoption like a mobile phone you'd a standalone headset, which would also make it cheaper. but who would run around with full-fledged HMD? so you'd use that shit semi-stationary anyway.

and valve needs to get their ass in gear, I don't want an industry dominated my facebook/microsoft directing where shit is going. lighthouse is the best solution in most aspects, and I rather have valve set a standard with their knuckles then ms which already fucked up often enough, just look at xinput.

93ea22  No.16112651


What's the deal with feedback and gloves?

386e9e  No.16112826


journos were complaining about no haptic feedback, like not having a gun to hold or sth to squeeze when grabbing sth.

plus early prototypes were probably bulky and hard to fit on different hand-sizes, but since then lot of stuff changed, some companies even have a pressure-sensitive prototype working etc. now combine it with a simple gunstock and you would have the almost perfect implementation that beats a simple wand or knuckle by miles.

problem is if no one is interested in that direction there isn't much investment, especially with no industry support.

4777cd  No.16112860

What about an HD rumble type motor on the back and palm of the hand? Would it be possible to develope haptic feedback like that? If not then what about a squeezy ball type controller to use with the glove or electric pulses on the skin?

8fca1d  No.16112877


>VR is bad without the powerglove

>The powerglove is so bad

Classic case of /v/ being unable to appreciate anything.

93ea22  No.16112921



I think to simulate a grip, a hard, motorized frame that can change shape to simulate holding and object can be used. Vibrations can be done with several normal vibration motors.

4777cd  No.16113020


The rumble motors on the palm and back of the hand can work. Using HD rumble in certain spots on the bone you could with enough points emulate the feel of the object based on vibration intensity. For health reasons the glove cannot restrict the movement of your fingers and hand. It can track your wrist rotation, how wide or narrow your finger spread is, and knuckle contain up to the second knuckle. You could have fingertip rumble motors but those would be things you slip on separate from the glove.

After this point is a bit shitposty but hear me out.

For those that need tangibility because they're unimaginative retards I propose the most triggering controversial technology: the Oppai Sphere controller. You fondle one Oppai sphere in each hand with your thumb on the nipple. Then you can use your hands to squeeze the jiggly gel. The gel will morph however you squeezed it into the gesture along with super HD rumble that can give you a feel of the game object inside. The controller even has motion sensor built in so it feels you slapping and juggling it. It's like holding a real pair of boobs, but not shitty American silicone boobs.

000000  No.16113172


I'm most excited about eye tracking and foveated rendering. That should bring the hardware requirements of VR down considerably.

96bee7  No.16113965

File: 6e5a71d0445b87d⋯.jpg (21.23 KB, 257x270, 257:270, smug doggo.jpg)


>those fuckers bugging his stream

Such is life in VRChat

d38d1d  No.16114073


gimme source for smug

9519e1  No.16114331

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is that how these furries hump each other 24/7?

50b496  No.16114335

File: 37fc1b6ed50007a⋯.png (480.87 KB, 528x570, 88:95, PRESS A REPEATEDLY TO GET ….png)



322375  No.16114361

443c94  No.16114535


That was painfully gay.

8f0e40  No.16114540


there's nothing available yet. it's already in the prototypical stage as you've seen, so i would assume it'll be available for the more-money-than-sense early adopters within the next year, and pretty much ubiquitous within four

386e9e  No.16114761



there is a prototype that puts varied amount of pressure on your fingertips, people that tried it said it works extremely well. iirc right now they're trying to size it down and design a version you can produce easier in higher numbers.

b10f20  No.16114763


You can't hug your children with VR hands.

dcc299  No.16114777

File: 5f306823a9fef8a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 890.11 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 5f306823a9fef8aaf619daecf7….jpg)


You'll feel like your hands are there, but you'll never be able to actually squeeze the tiddy. Not untill like 2040.

Invest in haptics and maybe they'll become cheaper or 3d printable kits at home eventually.

3d1e8e  No.16115058


"HD rumble" isn't magic. It gives a decent feel of forceful feedback but won't help if you need to provide a feeling of being stopped by a solid object. Which means you won't get a realistic feel of holding a static solid object.

It works if you need to provide a feedback of a strong yet fast decaying force. Like pressing a clicky button or flipping a switch.

It should also work for a constant vibration like a running engine.

It may work if you want to provide a deep, low frequency rumble, like an earthquake, though the ones I've used are too weak for this.

If you want to provide a stopping feedback though how would that work? At best you can provide an impact feedback but for light touches it won't work.

12e821  No.16115209

File: 86b12de899bdd4b⋯.jpg (211.09 KB, 712x1024, 89:128, 86b12de899bdd4bc4509e8f754….jpg)



f55414  No.16115214


You jelly?

e8ab4e  No.16115352

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


one day maybe

>currently it's a prototype

>vr chat would need to actually support, and such a thing wouldn't be easy to implement flawlessly

>although you could pinch the tities, there is no arm feedback if the tities where to push you back

I will just wait 40 years for the full body suit

000000  No.16115357

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>getting this triggered over relatively tame twitch-friendly furry content

I could probably make you pop a vein with a single screenshot from my vrchat folder.

f7a67a  No.16115385


Kinda rad but I'm afraid they'd give me wrist cancer.


Do not even give them an inch. They all need to be chlorinated.

f7a67a  No.16115399

File: b0ecd2d3b8c1b0a⋯.png (161.38 KB, 477x277, 477:277, ClipboardImage.png)

oy vey

9519e1  No.16115405


Post one then.

>relatively tame

Try telling that to my 8" carrot

8182e6  No.16115800

File: d0088bc69ee67bd⋯.png (138.03 KB, 217x225, 217:225, Sanic.PNG)


Gloves don't have an analog stick or anything to press down on, how the fuck are you gonna move your character or release a magazine out of your gun efficiently?

I'm enthusiastic about trying new things in VR and I know the list of things that would be a problem without buttons is small since menus and shit can be a physical thing in front of you or on you, but some of those things are really important unless you're playing a game like Star Shelter where you move around in zero gravity using mainly only grip and trigger and all your menus and inventory management are physically on you and around you. But the no button thing is a serious issue for long term gameplay prospects I think. Sure, there ARE ways you could make the glove work for traditional games, but they won't be comfortable enough to forget you're in VR like traditional controllers. This is why knuckles are gonna be the best middle ground, assuming their individual finger tracking isn't going to be fucking garbage.

9519e1  No.16115839


I think I saw a setup that had one of those stick controllers like in >>16111306 attached to the palm of the glove so you can do other things with your fingers and still press buttons when you need to. And in the case of

>release a magazine out of your gun

You could just pull out the controller only when you need it. I'll be disappointed if there isn't already a game that lets you holster your gun that way.

141a92  No.16115891



000000  No.16115929


Nope. What happens in private worlds, stays in private worlds.

bc9c3a  No.16115937


but Hans, real reality sucks because we all live in soulless hive cities and work 80 hour weeks

4777cd  No.16116574


Got an archive link?


I know rumble isn't magic. It is a step in the right direction for taking tactile feedback at specific points. Unless there is a technology that physically pushes your body based on the context of the game like a force-field I don't think tactile feedback is going to get better. I've been thinking about 3D I/O and how to use it in a home computer desktop making it a hologram shelf rather than a 2D screen. Hologram aside we still have the problem of very little tactile feedback without something to touch.

Oppai controller may be a joke name. However it follows the concept of using fluid, whether it be sand or gel, to form the shape and texture of the surface of the object you're touching in game.

3d1e8e  No.16116719


What about the metal frame idea above? It will only be for your hand unless you expand it to a full exoskeleton, but it could provide the feedback of being stopped by and object. A feeling of gripping an item for example.

Then various vibrators to provide "impact" feedback.

For texture there's this technology that uses electrostatic or something to provide texture feedback. I forgot the name though.

For pressure on your skin some kind of morphic fabric could work. Hopefully there's a more practical approach than this though.

d5df63  No.16116757


>Connect with nature and improve a sense of spirituality.

I do both those things, but I can't be a cute anime girl in real reality so I still need video games and VR alongside them.

4777cd  No.16116765


Could work for force. Not so much for fluid like swiping your hand in a pool of sand or water. There are questions and concerns about judging temperature of the texture too. Though that could be irrelevant for gameplay.

That is unless we trick your senses of the hand with conditioning to make you feel something different.

3d1e8e  No.16116827


Fluid works too. Just use the frame to slowly let your finger move in the fluid, simulating a denser environment. Basically it will move against your finger but quickly let up, just enough for you to feel it pulling back.

Sand or water texture can be provided along with precise vibrations to simulate them running through your fingers.

4777cd  No.16116904


Now for the ultimate test. Can the virtuaframe let me feel the game controller one to one inside the game while I play another game in the virtual world? By this I mean sensory lag. It obviously depends on the framework of the software. If sensory lag is not close to one to one then the frame can bend too soon or too late and I will risk damaging the frame and myself on the broken parts.

31d456  No.16119050

>VR is pretty expensive to set up

>like 75% of people who actually bother to get it start vomiting as soon as they walk around a virtual room

>as a result devs drastically scale back their games and you have to teleport around or simply stay in one position for the whole game

>there's basically no point to VR anymore, since a 2 or 3 screen setup gives you the same "immersion" in the game world

44b2bd  No.16119062


I wanna fuck the smug out of that doggo

000000  No.16119235



Fair enough.


Walking in VR did make me lose balance at first, but it never made me sick. I got used to it within hours. After a week it feels like second nature.


Worst fucking gimmick ever. Left stick to move, right stick to rotate. Anything else is heresy.


I cannot suck dicks in vrchat with a 3 screen setup.

3d1e8e  No.16120895


Unfortunately she stayed smug throughout the whole thing

3a6fb0  No.16121619

File: f4177ee0e1a412c⋯.png (147.17 KB, 308x293, 308:293, yuru.PNG)


I can do both you fucking faggot. Dedicating yourself to one thing and one thing only is unhealthy and leads to mental deterioration.

Here's your (You).

8182e6  No.16121648


Only the first and 3rd greentexts of this post are correct. As someone who has a 3 screen setup I can guarantee you you're spewing sour grapes nonsense. While VR is not a guarantee of immersion, the application you're using has to do half the work, I can say for sure that even at it's worst it's more immersive than a 3 monitor setup.

107ca0  No.16123028


The fact that it completely destroys immersion if you're reaching out to touch something in the game but don't actually touch anything. It also makes it extremely difficult to be accurate because your hand doesn't actually stop when it reaches, say, the switch you need to flip; so as a result you end up reaching PAST the switch and clip into the wall the switch is on, and the game will fail to recognize that you've hit the thing. It can take several tries unless the game makes things really "context sensitive", meaning the switch will flip if you make some vague gesture somewhere reasonably close to it. Then, instead of sitting in a mech cockpit and flipping switches, you'd just waving around vaguely like a reterd as the switches flip themselves.


I think I just found exactly what's in the eight layer of the Abyss. A narehate orgy of such density that it becomes a singularity.

3d1e8e  No.16123356

b76769  No.16123358


A little haptic feedback on the controllers might help with that, though I don't have VR so I can't imagine how immersion breaking reaching past things are.

e4b6db  No.16123395


>KKK member lynches niggers in VR.

31c32d  No.16123567


you can feel????

46365d  No.16123582


>since a 2 or 3 screen setup gives you the same "immersion" in the game world

No it doesn't, it doesn't even come close.

9519e1  No.16123952

File: 309ea439d4a35e9⋯.webm (8.36 MB, 800x450, 16:9, pawfaggotry.webm)



well shit where's my whistle

107ca0  No.16124919


I played a VR game a while back, and I don't remember much about it (didn't play very long) but there was a part where you had to remove some things (like a battery or whatever) from some object and stick it into another, in a specific pattern like a puzzle. Only the object you were trying to insert was flailing around and clipping and jumping around and shit and not going where it was supposed to go, even after several attempts. It was basically how you'd imagine trying to play a game of sticking a key into a lock, except the controls are fucking QWOP.


Why does nobody have dicks in this? It's like everyone's a lesbian or some shit.

489c6a  No.16125109


or they're cboys uwu

f55414  No.16125179


Oh, there are avatars with dicks running around, thought they usually get banned.

I have screenshots of a few anime futa girls I run into. There was also an orgy avatar (literaly a bed full of girls having sex)

8b7482  No.16125193


Ah yes, because people sure do enjoy being harassed by mumbling, stuttering autistics who were told by other mumbling, stuttering autistics to go outside and make friends.

bc9425  No.16125367

>Ctrl+F "Oligarch"

>0 Result


000000  No.16125773


I believe a lot of them do have dicks, but they're not going to pull them out in a friends+ world, especially when there's a streamer present. The entire community is gay as fuck though. Anyways, the worst you'll see in public worlds is people cuddling, maybe even kissing. The "dicks out time to cum" action only happens in private worlds, and it takes a lot of trust building to get in on that stuff.

-t someone who actually sucked rabbit dick in vrchat

e269ab  No.16126055

File: 4c73dd7dfea1721⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 294.01 KB, 1920x1005, 128:67, 20180901011018_1.jpg)


Avatars like this?

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