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File: 5dc47389b602f1b⋯.jpeg (124.79 KB, 960x540, 16:9, dims.jpeg)

54bcd4  No.16111195

Whatever you do, do not purchase a 9th gen console or upgrade your PC to match the required specs. It WILL be a paper weight, and you can bet the fucks at Sonygger and Microsuckdick are not going to refund you a penny.

The only one who MAY survive is Nintendo, primarily because they've not be surviving on AAA shit with endless microtransactions. Though it doesn't matter because video games, as a whole, have become an inflated market and will shortly be replaced by other hobbies.

Games no longer have decent stories, the writing is subpar, the difficulty is lowered in order to assure subspecies "journalists" can play them and the overall gameplay (along with the game design) is abysmal shit.

The upcoming generation is a scam. Companies know these consoles will fail and VR is still the shit gimmick it always was, but it won't stop them from marketing them to the hordes of Reddrones who buy anything that corporate giants tell them is "cool".

Expect these fuckers to relentlessly market "backwards compatibility" too, because that's all the Xbox OneTwo PS5 will be good for.

cba117  No.16111201

>but it won't stop them from marketing them to the hordes of Reddrones who buy anything that corporate giants tell them is "cool".

Therefore the crash will literally never happen because reddt will keep buying games?

54bcd4  No.16111205


You're a very silly faggot if you think Reddit is going to play older games when newer ones with shinier graphics are available

199a65  No.16111206


>Though it doesn't matter because video games, as a whole, have become an inflated market and will shortly be replaced by other hobbies.

Everything going to shit.

>Games no longer have decent stories, the writing is subpar,

Writing has gotten worse in every other medium too.

0d659a  No.16111216

File: 0e715d1847203e1⋯.png (184.22 KB, 640x434, 320:217, 0e715d1847203e1489ae6cb6c9….png)


Not if Reddit has no games to buy.

54bcd4  No.16111233


Everything is going to shit because creatioist, social justice advocates need everyone and everything to be equal. In the process, lower the quality in order to fulfill their "god loves everyone" agenda.

a389a2  No.16111242

File: a7d218294123dfb⋯.jpg (41.24 KB, 445x445, 1:1, jikininki 2.jpg)

>I'm tellin' ya, 7th gen is gonna be the end of gaming!

>I'm tellin' ya, shit is gonna crash in 8th gen!

>It's all over in 9th gen, guys!

People have been saying there's going to be a crash for more than a decade. I can see an investor bubble popping, sure, but not a straight up crash of the market. How the fuck should I know. My guess is just as retarded as yours, because at the end of the day, /v/ is nothing but homosexuals and armchair market analysts

15cf65  No.16111273


To be fair, market analysts have roughly the same probability of being right whether they are professionally employed or not.

c0b949  No.16111277

reminder that unless you're a fucking retard, the "vidya crash" only happened in north america and is pretty impossible in today's climate with how easy it is for smaller and indie devs to make games these days

24f7ba  No.16111301


Social justice warriors doesn't believe in God, they in fact hate religious people.

54bcd4  No.16111308


You can't believe in equality without believing in a god. That's why eugenics has been banned from schools and evolution is on its way out too

15cf65  No.16111309


They don't believe in survival or the fittest or science either.

b841a7  No.16111312


>they in fact hate religious people.

Still act like creationist with antiscience and spirit gender.

cba117  No.16111322


what if we started shooting up EA studios?

b37984  No.16111329

Both film and games are already dead and have been for some time. The good content is long gone, and the decline in sales of low-quality rehashed content takes a very long time, as neither the industry nor the common consumer cared about the quality of the content in the first place as long as they're vaguely enjoying themselves, so they won't even realize it's gone and they're not having fun until something new and better comes along for them to move in to and repeat the cycle.


The way forward is most likely some kind of electronic content farm on which normalniggers can be contained so that other forms of art can thrive.

54bcd4  No.16111347


Violence doesn't solve problems. Not spending your money on shit games solves problems.

Pick up a book. Learn a new hobby. Play something that isn't complete fucking trash.

e070ea  No.16111354

File: 031e03201824ba7⋯.png (978.37 KB, 954x520, 477:260, Optimism.png)


Don't put it past reddit to buy a console with no games.

cba117  No.16111380

File: 58417479bff01bc⋯.png (484.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1.png)



b37984  No.16111384


>Violence doesn't solve problems. Not spending your money on shit games solves problems.

>some autistic imageboard users not buying a game is going to matter in the face of millions upon millions of normalniggers who throw money at any jewish publisher who gives them a cheap thrill

a3898a  No.16111391


Expect these fuckers to relentlessly market "backwards compatibility" too

No, because then they wouldn't be able to sell people the same games twice with (((remakes))) and (((remasters))) and overpriced digital versions on their shitty online stores. BC is dead.

3cbfb3  No.16111392

File: 87d87bb6c01a20b⋯.jpg (7.35 KB, 194x259, 194:259, pepe and wojak ying yang.jpg)


SJWs believe in a fake god called "equality" to whom the perform human sacrifices of blasfemous heretics who sin against their almighty god "equality"

what puzzles me is how the fuck does a god like "equality" share a phanteon with the god "diversity" who is also fanatically worshiped by SJWs

this almost sounds like some profound yingyang tier philosophi, and it would be if only the "equality" and "diversity" these cultist worship wasn't merelly superfitial

737ca1  No.16111404


I think /v/ seldom plays any vidya now. The better of us already picked up something new (I picked up guitar and music again), the worse offs are busy being NEETs and posting LOL and 4AM threads. But we are all here just for nostalgia, company, shitpost, and other stuffs like telling the blackpill fags, kikes, and shill like this >>16111380 to gas themselves. Hopefully with enough repetitions they might as they have did with megacorps regurgitating the same hopeless shit and they swallow it without any second thoughts.

cba117  No.16111406


>you're a blackpill shill if you're not a delusional faggot who thinks multi-billionaire companies crash out of nowhere despite every normalnigger buying microtransactions out the ass

Unless you can provide solid mathematical proof that a crash is going to happen in our lifetime then unironically commit suicide

737ca1  No.16111413


Lurk around some and then more. Many threads about AAAs losing stocks, normalfags losing trusts with their shenanigans (Fallout 76 and beth shit, Battlefield Vagina, Deep Silver kissing up to chinks and how it backfired HARD) and preparing for lay-offs. The faggiest of normalfags still buy games, but only if marketed hard enough to brainwash them into in the first place. Expenses for both developing and marketing went so much over and sales revenue are not enough to cover shit up so the only way out is either sudoku or massive downscaling.

The crash will not be a bang, but a quiet whimper you dingus.

cba117  No.16111427



You're a fucking delusional retard. The same retards who didn't buy BFV are now happily playing the new nu-titanfall battle royale shit EA just released.

4367c0  No.16111431

>"There will be a crash, just wait and see" says increasingly nervous and assblasted autist for the seventeenth time

bbb3af  No.16111452

And why not just play older games? I mean we don't consider 10 or 15 year old books to be "dead" usually. So why that attitude in regards to games?

6d4d33  No.16111454

The only thing you'll see will be a resizing of some stupidly big companies that have an overestimated worth like EA and Ubisoft.

It's already happening with Activision.

Shit will continue to be garbage in everything mainstream.

>Muh Nintendo

No they're cancer as well, 10 times more without Iwata.

3cbfb3  No.16111466


back in the day

we had writers like Orwell and Tolkien

now a days we have writers like RR Martin and JK Rowling

old books themselves may no die, but wrtting as a medium is dying just like painting, movies, theather, sculpture, music and vidya

f68414  No.16111472

>implying the entire issue within a society is contained to the users of a specific site

Lord this is fucking moronic. That being said, a video game recession is certainly due, but an economic crash is not. I know most people here are completely pessimistic about gaming, but you have to admit there are still a wide variety of incredibly talented people at work. Sure, a lot of their work gets undercut, but there are still many people within companies who despise the microtransactions. They simply don't have power in their companies to voice their opinion, they don't have any higher ups who are aware of this. Consoles this generation have been garbage machines since they launched. Hardly any games to play.

Frankly, making such a bold statement requires a single ounce of argument, requires a single sensible economic arguement or construct. this is just one guy saying vapid bullshit in order to get responses. And of course, this being the new reddit, you're going to feed him responses. Hell, even I responded.

3cbfb3  No.16111489

File: a023f7d5b22fb84⋯.jpg (89.16 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait regrets nothing.jpg)

File: 301df7c4607ec7e⋯.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, 1:1, no fun allowed.png)


>not responding to bait

>not taking the chance to preach the same old songs to the choir

>not laughing as all anons here shitpost the same shit every time only with different words

>not wanting to laugh at the lone redditard shill who sees this tread and takes our shitposting seriusly

>why live anon?

d995d2  No.16111490

>Games have to be pay2win or subscription model per game.

>Industry is gearing up for stream only games as services where you pay $10 a month PER GAME in eternal early access with no release date.

>No longer can you pay $60-100 per physical game to play it whenever you want.

>USA telecom companies is trying to phase out wired internet service in favor of making all smart devices 5G only.

>So capped internet speed and bandwidth caps at monopoly prices to play consoles and even PC online.

>Microsoft working on a stream only version of Winblows that requires an always online connection to use.

>Retail stops stocking physical video games, only digital code cards for licensing a game for half a year.

>Retail version is worse license of the game according to pre-order service spread sheet meme.

>Kids stop playing video games.

>They rather shitpost like Straya did because there is no other hobby for kids.

>International Code of Conduct bans all internet shitposting regardless if it's domestic networks or not because all services are international.

>Niggers go back to doing drugs, crime, arson, and white genocide via rape and murder.

>White kids forced to start a civil war and go 4th reich out of survival now they no longer have any distractions.

We did it 8chan! We saved the human race!

4b0f4d  No.16111525

I don't believe a full game crash will happen, only a AAA crash for big companies like EA, Activision, etc.

People who are seeing the microtransaction bullshit wont buy the games using them, but they will buy the games from smaller companies that aren't using them.

I predict that once the big companies crash, the japanese devs will take the market by storm

f92ec7  No.16111544

File: edf93e6e36a965c⋯.jpg (92.91 KB, 960x835, 192:167, db1dcd60f415b11869e4334b4c….jpg)


Nope still plays games haha. Warthunder and Hearts of Iron IV as of late. I really wanna pick back up art and be a drawfag and code.

d995d2  No.16111558


The worst thing that will happen to video games, like it did to television broadcasting, is when the government subsidizes video game publishing platforms in return for strict regulations in regards to propaganda and censorship. You can make a prime time TV program but you cannot broadcast it on any consumer TV service in the USA without making your own broadcasting tech that you can govern it's service. Even then you'll be subject to FCC regulations.

8b1d78  No.16111562


Normalfags only like new things. A lot of the population here is normalfags, though they try not to let on that they are.

2a4f6d  No.16111580


>gov openly subsidising vidya

Even for the normalfags, it will only happen at gunpoint and over their dead bodies. And if it happen, shit will be the atrocity of the century with a capital A.

d995d2  No.16111596


You sound like you have faith in man. Look at TV broadcasting being regulated by FCC. Video games are starting to become stream only products. When 5G hits and can stream 4K gaming and console manufacturers drop WiFi and Ethernet for 5G then you can bet the government will want to stick their thumb in that pie for taxes and fines. It depends on how Millenials and Gen Z are groomed to vote.

ed1095  No.16111615


I have faith in mans bullshit tolerance that is reaching the limits as we speak. The reason mainstream media raises their voice and churn out articles after articles (why x is this, why y is (buzzword)) are to delay this. Only ONE person need to lose hope and that is yourself. When the world is waking up, they lie to us that it is not and that my friend is why blackpill fags are the worst and the most stupid dumbshit ever because by being edgy they became exactly what the kikes wanted them to be.

Also inb4 anything else. Vidyas are ‘arts’, to a certain degree and if gov openly subsidise that (art). They are openly admit to being the next USSR, and people will not take that lying down unless it is at gunpoint and mass execution. If they want to sub it, it has to be under the table but goobergate autists are watching hard and if they are caught pants down under the table then a shitstorm will happen.

5b4b48  No.16111639


people have been saying this shit for 5 years. We all agree but casuals will keep buying these hollywood movies with slight interactivity forever even if they know that none of it's as good as what was coming out 15 years ago

d267a2  No.16111682


I haven't bought shit since the sixth gen. Got a xeno gamecube, mm3 PS1, FHDB PS2, and UnleashX xbox. I've still not run out of games to play and I didn't pay a cent for any of them.. After the sixth gen everything got pozzed to hell and back.

6bddee  No.16111693


I'll buy it and sell it for a premium.

cb9405  No.16111742


>niggers go back to doing drugs, crime, and white genocide via rape and murder

>go back to

uh what?

8a1f9d  No.16111754


The trick is to create memes and image macros that normalfags can grok to make them realize what the fuck is up. Remember when Battlefront II sold like a dead cat? Shit like that.

5b8ccd  No.16111763


Do you consider newspapers to be art?

cb9405  No.16111776


>jewtendo isn't any exception. They are as much marxists as all other companies

I sware you autists can't see the word "Nintendo" with going into anaphylactic shock and sperging the fuck out. OP didn't say anything about the quality of Nintendo's products he did say they'd likely be an exception to crash since their games don't have anywhere near the budgets of other AAA's, don't rely on micro-transactions/loot boxes, and they don't sell hardware at a loss like Sony and Microsoft.

589de2  No.16111777


Nintendo is too big to fail. Even if they fail at videogames they'll make movies, or TV sets, or cell phones, maybe they'll go back to making playing cards.

I don't like nintendo, but in some weird way they're the only gaming company that could potentially turn shit around. Their BoD are a bunch of crypto-fascist emperor cultists like any japanese company that existed before the 30s and if the PC kiddie games model fails they'll cut off NoA and go back to making whatever the fuck else makes them money.

Samsung is the Korean nintendo and when refrigerators stopped making them money they moved onto making fucking tanks - my point is don't underestimate these pre-WWII asian companies. Nintendo is still shit and has been shit ever since they made the Gameboy Micro

d995d2  No.16111779


Faith can only do so much if you do not act upon it. The worst thing than evil men to do bad is for good men to do nothing. Right now "the industry" as is has back stabbed me so many times as a consumer that simply put it deserves no faith until it corrects itself in a way that restores it. However if you research economic history then you know the industry is in a bubble. Too big to fail is a myth. The "industry" may live on as comic books try to, as a shell of itself to syphon money from other profitable departments for money laundering via Hollywood accounting.

I have not lost faith in the good of video games themselves. The enthusiasts will move on to make a normalfag proof community either possibly by using mute user unfriendly means and ditching HTML and Web 3.0. That is unless 5G makes it impossible to use alternative formats by law and ToS.

A bit of a rant here:

I want to bring back physical to PC in the form of USB3.1 or a faster I/O format via hot swap solid state cartridge readers with both ROM and RW formats for commercial and personal use. No install required. Everything can run from the disk, even your OS. However the industry is so fucking Jewed in it's own lies that the only way they can make money because they are too big to fail is by restricting consumers from owning software. This isn't just video games. This is also real estate and soon vehicle ownership.

The end goal is to rent everything so businesses can constantly collect money while retaining ownership of the capital they are loaning because the consumer pays time to use the product, not for ownership. I am not blackpilling. This is a warning. This is how communism is ran in the Soviet Union.

Right now the executives and investors are pocketing their dividends before letting the companies rot and selling stocks off. To recoup that loss companies will need to extort every nickle and dime from their current customers. Eternal renting of licensed software over the cloud is where the industry is heading. Where you rent licenses of games for a monthly fee rather than pay full price for a license to play whenever you want. With this model games will be designed to create artificial scarcity in time played. You HAVE to pay this game before your subscription runs out. This is also why WoW's subscription model after the first expansion was about grinding to end game rather than exploring the world. People don't have time to play games however they want to. Not because they are busy or brainlets. But because the game itself does not give people enough time to play it at their convenience before it's license expires. This is why you reddit schedules MMOs and have to play min/max optimally. They're suckered into working for social capital rather than having fun.

When you rent something you have to use it as much as you can before time runs out. Otherwise you wasted your purchase. Not like owning the actual thing where you can use it when you need it.

Renting licenses is what is killing WoW and subscription based MMO as we speak. And soon it will kill commercial video games if this is the future direction of the cloud.

This doesn't have to be how video games end. If we can bring back physical, even with piracy, we can allow consumers to game at their convenience on their own time.

737ca1  No.16111890


Because the entirety of it is a fiction meant to 'entertain' or because it is a medium?


Have faith and keep strong. Do not support shit that enables this cancer, not only yourself but also tell your friends that without being autist irl. Because here is imageboard, we often compare the absolute worst of the drones (because blackpill fags and actual shills will dig up the worst of the drones, screencap and make a thread about it so we can despair more) as the normalfags, but actual normalfags are not as stupid as we (or they) think. They can be reasoned with provided you do not sperg out or using chanspeak. One drop in an ocean may as well be nothing, but it is SOMETHING. Like I said, it starts with you.

As for the investors and executives. They may as well kill each other for money if they can get away with it. Investors are the most fickle element in business because executives have to suck their dicks to get money to do something the investors want in order to generate money for both. Business relationship lasts as long as money do literally in this case. If the sales tank, investors will backstab a business without a second thought unless executives can pull a fast kikery and promise a 'next time will not be a failure'. No one in the eastern hemisphere trusts an investors nor will accept them any more and business is trending towards SME and smaller business. People learned that you cannot chase your dreams with borrowed money or someone elses money who also hold your leash.

Should the worst come to worst like you said, the USSR case. Then the scale will not be just about vidya any longer, but a full blown atrocity of the 21th century as the west goes full soviet (with all the gulags and mass killing) while the former soviet nations and the eastern nations that is even not part of soviet know fully well how fucked up it is (there are numerous coup plots and assassination attempts during the early cold war in many nations, thankfully stopped and nations learned to keep guard up against communism and socialism since then)

I would not worry so much about the cloud. One hacking incident will send a panic across the globe. And many know not to trust the cloud, they may as well give their anal circumference mailed to CIAniggers. Ironically, the safest place to be is in physical space. Some nations still keep their top secrets and orders written in pen and paper. Not printed. Written. Fuck all the CIA eyes and ears, they cannot hack if it is in the physical space as a paper and not in anyway connected to the big brother net. Digital is ephemeral, my friend. People knows this, that is why all the bitcoin crazes tank after one silly little manipulation of the system.

b0dbb5  No.16111989

File: 38470e2b0d7fc5f⋯.png (726.6 KB, 1146x610, 573:305, ClipboardImage.png)


They crowdfunded a console with no games. This is what happens when you let total retards vote with their dollars.

b0dbb5  No.16112003


> many know not to trust the cloud

The eternal normalfag does not care where his data is. What do you think youtube is? Or netflix or Soundcloud? "The Cloud" = Someone else's computer.

737ca1  No.16112048


Then don't use those (((services))). End of the story. They relies solely on internet being an easily accessible commodity, and if the ISPs and those services starts to kike their customers through preferred stream like NetNeutral fiasco then they will be sorry because money is not infinite. If shit became too expensive, predatory, customer-unfriendly then even the normalfags will say fuck this shit and go off-grid. Greed consumes and collapses onto itself.

d995d2  No.16112065


Sadly you have to have those services to go to school now. And normalfags half the time don't have the aptitude to homeschool properly without them. So even when you're born your personal information is on the grid.

a8d257  No.16112503


I know some of these sjw fucks offline. They are not religious, but instead fedora reddit atheists who don't believe in evolution either (if they did, they wouldn't try to uphold equality as law). In fact they generally don't believe in or think anything, and just parrot memes forced by communist jews on television and social media.

ea6850  No.16112946

Gaming won't crash until western civilization does. In other words it will crash within the next 20 years.

64cb61  No.16113698

File: c5fc31a8920c94b⋯.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Sensible Chuckle.gif)


>The only one who MAY survive is Nintendo, primarily because they've not be surviving on AAA shit with endless microtransactions

Top jej.

How's that Smash DLC coming along?

I'm sure your favorite Nintendo E-influencer, videogamedunkey, will be enjoying them.

Because he has to, it's his job.

ab51c4  No.16113800

File: 8ce49451950321d⋯.gif (1.49 MB, 255x208, 255:208, loading.gif)


If we get Brazil 2 instead of Race War 1 I'm going to be so pissed.

ea6850  No.16113816


What's likely to happen is half of Europe and half of the US will turn into the middle east and mexico respectively. It will be worse than brazil 2.

c63591  No.16113817

Hardware has been so stagnant, my PC is already "9th gen" performance capable, from the perspective of the console market. Overclocked i7 2600k and a GTX 1070.

I do plan to upgrade to a 12 or 16 core Ryzen 3000 CPU this year, but that will mainly benefit productivity, not gaming.

7b6ce5  No.16113903





Nintendo still has Yakuza ties, worst case scenario for them is they take out monstrous loans and ride out the storm. That's assuming they haven't been riding on Yakuza money for the past 20 years :^)

6511f5  No.16113908


>Violence doesn't solve problems.

Are you fucking retarded?

6511f5  No.16113914


This got me to thinknig.

have these companies thought about areas in the country where internet isn't as fast and available? like mountainous areas where they hace to use dial-up tier internet or third world countries like the Tacolands.

they're losing potential customers with there dependence on the internet.

I don't think memer beaners in their tacolands have moved past the 6th or 7th generation and just pirate their ps3 games.

000e3c  No.16113927


I've always assumed they still sell gambling-wares to Yakuzas to this day. Probably buried deep somewhere in their Income Statement, lumped together with children toys and merchandises.

5d3d5a  No.16113928

the industry is not going to crash until nukes or civil unrest happens

e07a04  No.16113948

File: 79d872159e06cfd⋯.jpg (74.43 KB, 500x504, 125:126, Blackpillmovingin.jpg)


15cf65  No.16113952




Why be retarded when you could have gone with the perfectly valid example of fire emblem heroes?

4be848  No.16113954


This stopped being funny a long time ago

455df9  No.16113961

I wonder if he knows how silly he looks sperging out about suicide over fucking video games of all things.

f878d7  No.16113962


only thing he's right about is there won't be a crash

455df9  No.16113973


You've been specifically calling for anons to commit suicide over video games. OVER CHILDREN'S TOYS. Do you have any understanding about how retarded that sounds? I'm not replying anymore after this because it only encourages you to shit up the board more.

35c45a  No.16113982


>You can't believe in equality without believing in a god



I haven't read the full term in a while.

455df9  No.16113993


Every time you fucking post it's in reply to someone going "wow this company/game is shit," then you come along smearing your word vomit all over the walls proclaiming "THIS. ALL NEW VIDEO GAMES WILL BE SHIT (as if anyone would disagree with that) SO LET'S ALL HANG OURSELVES RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!" You sound more like you escaped from an asylum than a "truth teller." Suck start a shotgun if everything is truly how you say it is. LEAD BY EXAMPLE, COWARD. LIVE STREAM YOUR SUICIDE FOR PROOF YOU SPINELESS FAGGOT. Until then, I'm not doing a damn thing but reporting your spergouts for cleanup.

35c45a  No.16114010

>tfw you realize tor autist will never stop shitposting because he'll never get a job since one will ever hire his autistic ass

7b6ce5  No.16114016

File: 7f04b5498e880e0⋯.webm (421.79 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 7f04b5498e880e007df303cf2….webm)







>False flagging /pol/ this hard

It's almost like they don't update the playbook there in Tel Aviv…

7b6ce5  No.16114027

File: 588cd02b828e4bd⋯.png (143.61 KB, 1156x452, 289:113, Quints.png)


Both of which will happen

ea6850  No.16114030

(((You))) are gonna get the gas too.

08c195  No.16114050

File: 1f5bdf8dd38bf0c⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, divine_intellect.png)

Greenpill-fag here, can confirm. 9 is the number of the End. This is why some big companies skip 9 in their product lines. For example, Windows 8 to Windows 10, or Iphone "X". They're afraid of bringing their cash cows to a natural conclusion. Remember to meme responsibly, do your part to stop blackpilling and defeatism

08c195  No.16114058

File: 4e198eb3912aaf0⋯.jpg (125.87 KB, 1241x837, 1241:837, glow_in_the_dark_1999.jpg)


>being this nervous

ab51c4  No.16114067

File: 9d094d503c3d4d1⋯.jpg (119.51 KB, 962x642, 481:321, 4e44380cf4f3ba4a601e5a798f….jpg)


So you're saying northern central and northeast US will be OK right? And which part of Europe will still be Europe? Guessing you'll say Germany or Eastern Europe.

ab51c4  No.16114078


It's the same literal faggot across imageboards and other internet communities for years now.

455df9  No.16114082


Suicide is cowardice. Apathy is death. You are no worse than the naive who walk around as if nothing is wrong. Notice how half the posts you link to offer some sort of solution or alternative. You offer nothing but a dead end. You are the problem.

455df9  No.16114086


*no better than the naive fool

Don't know what I was thinking there.

231633  No.16114096


Unlike with TORzilian I have a hard time believing blackpill fag believes a single word he spams.

455df9  No.16114107

File: f00d9b3479a4122⋯.jpg (2.43 MB, 3000x1280, 75:32, 46_demonssouls_conceptart_….jpg)

File: a1803f5b8f0191f⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 2100x2700, 7:9, 42_demonssouls_conceptart_….jpg)

File: eb1c2fe3e1ffe32⋯.jpg (932.69 KB, 1972x1571, 1972:1571, 10_13.jpg)


I don't doubt that he doesn't believe anything he says, but if that's true, he's in for the long con. Have some art to make up for his foul presence.

000e3c  No.16114303


Too busy debating whether they should move to Jerusalem.

ce1285  No.16114334


I don't know how 9th gen could possibly be worse than 8th gen, but I know it's going to be worse.

34f246  No.16114337

you've been saying that for that last 3 gens

19a37b  No.16114347

File: 740a7ff812540a1⋯.jpg (71.78 KB, 500x500, 1:1, my ass.jpg)


>Violence doesn't solve problems

Biggest lie told in human history.

9f8ba3  No.16116259


>Violence doesn't solve problems

Correct, but it's also the only thing that results in meaningful change. You can't reason with humans or convince them or change their minds; they're too stubborn and stupid. The only way to win is to kill them. Simple.

d995d2  No.16116491

File: 9cbe543f7209629⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 258.01 KB, 720x919, 720:919, thisIsBlackpillFag.png)


I'm pretty sure they have nor do they care. Those areas are too poorly populated to have votes that matter. There's states like California and Colorado that have killed electoral college. Only the rat nests matter in terms of voting and influential power.

The joke is on them because these low populated areas are rich in resources save for Mexico. When fiat crashes and the government goes bankrupt then these areas will thrive. Of course by then the masses in the city will flock to these areas hoping to raid them for resources if they haven't been nuked yet.


Equality doesn't exist. You have the aptitude for survival or you die. This is nature.


Force is the most effective problem solver that man has at their disposal. Force is violence, the other half of the battle. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. Violence is as natural as the beginning of life on Earth. To forsake the use of violence as an option means to forsake the right to life.


He's gone but he's lurking then I hope he never gets enough of spoiler.

81db1e  No.16116605

File: d845853aa65caed⋯.png (46.33 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 250px-079Slowpoke.png)


Have you been living under a rock since 2007?

Consoles haven't been worth the money since at the absolute least the start of the 8th gen, probably more correctly since the 7th gen or whichever one you call the gen with xbox 360.

Even Nintendo, the fucking king of consoles, is lagging a bit, and they've had a comparatively solid pass at building a console library.

6ef08f  No.16116626


I still can’t tell what the fuck is going on in that pic.

50d593  No.16116632


I was just thinking those exact words.

9bcd16  No.16116662

6ef08f  No.16116671


I see it now

9f8ba3  No.16116761


>You have the aptitude for survival or you die. This is nature

That's stupidly reductionist and is a condition that for humans has at least not existed for tens of thousands of years (since agriculture/civilization and the first social hierarchies). Arguably, it's not existed for millions of years because early homonids were social creatures and collectivist on a tribal level.

Aside from that, you're a fat neckbeard on an imageboard. You are not, and will never be, one of the "strong" who would survive in a theoretical SHTF scenario.

08c195  No.16116785


>direct linking to that tub of shit's youtube

d995d2  No.16116968


Aptitude is more than physical fitness. It's also creativity and problem solving in how to apply what you learned in the world and make it work. Humans did not thrive on strength, but through endurance and intelligence. Most animals give in when they can't get the food that need to eat right now. Humans learned to grow and preserve food to survive the winter through lots of trial and error. As part of our aptitude we're social creatures by design yes. There is a lot of persuasion we have to do convince other animals and humans to do what we want.

That said when persuasion does not work and we become desperate out of starvation or fear of starvation then we will use force, sometimes violent force, to claim what we need or die trying. This is a tool we as a species have been given as apex predators of the planet. To deny that humans are not violent by nature is just like saying wolves don't need to eat meat to survive. It's stupidity to say we can live in a violence free society when our government warlords draft soldiers to fights proxy wars on the other end of the globe.

Have you met a child that wasn't drugged who throws temper tantrums when they don't get their way? That is the child exerting his use of force to try to get what he wants. In the old days adults retaliate by spanking the child or threatening spanking. There is also time out when the parent uses force to move the child against their will into isolation until the child tires out. Or even in modern America where you force feed drugs into the child to make them complacently retarded. Force is necessary to raise children and keep them in line. Otherwise the child will overthrow the family and assume order before they are ready. Then enemies will take advantage of the weak leader, use force through social pressure via rallying other families to break up that family and claim the spoils, usually in seized and resold real estate.

You're drunk on soylent and don't want to hear this: Human ability to use force, physical and social, efficiently is how we got to where we are today. We harness fire and electricity and channel that into force for our machine tools. To not use force is to not be an animal. To not use force efficiently is to not be human. This is the difference between necessary and unnecessary violence that we humans can control.

075c70  No.16116976

File: 4dde4abc72f2660⋯.jpg (74.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, you and everyone else in t….jpg)

3788e0  No.16116981

File: 973e9b77c035e6c⋯.jpg (119.22 KB, 1256x1464, 157:183, 1470108426567.jpg)

d995d2  No.16116987

e8e10e  No.16117003


You're right but nobody gives a shit. Take it to /pol/

d995d2  No.16117029

File: 9e7f3c68fc3ab7d⋯.jpg (287.88 KB, 534x800, 267:400, 5ebb15329f6e80cb96871f3409….jpg)


Nah. I'm going to sit here and smug at the 9th gen console crash. And your butthurt. five proxies to go.

8e8ff6  No.16117083


>real /v/ users

Your not very convincing. Need to step up your game.

7cf247  No.16121523

I'm going to end up buying a ps quadruple if either a good hack comes out or I can get one for 100

7b4bf4  No.16121535

They're already paperweight, dumb fuck.

You can run any good game at max settings with 2011 hardware, although you'd have to go higher if we're talking higher resolutions or frame rates than 1080 60p.

855884  No.16123864

I kind of wish gaming would crash, but I feel shit like esports and twitch/eceleb faggotry will keep it alive. Not to mention the mass amount of idiot drones that buy uninspired shit just because they're overhyped as "AAA" games, then force themselves to like it to justify their purchases. Also the kids that grew up with microtransactions and DLC, so they never knew what gaming was like when devs wanted to be proud of what they made and not just make easy money from retards.

82de7c  No.16137828


More or less, this is true, but of course, if game is unoptimized, or have redundant graphics that only make the game more demanding, while no notable visual difference (Or even being more ugly), then many times you cant run it that well o a PC setup that would run a demanding 2009 game.

9a84c4  No.16137837

what gen are we at right now?

t.never seen a console irl

aa21a6  No.16144923

your mother is going to crash

2846a3  No.16144931

File: 5efe6b95646798d⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 320x256, 5:4, DAVID BOWIE FUCKING DIES.gif)


>>I'm tellin' ya, 7th gen is gonna be the end of gaming!

I never heard anybody say this, nobody said a crash was going to happen until a few years ago.

People are also saying a crash is currently happening because of the tech industry on a whole slowly collapsing.

2846a3  No.16145013


I'm working on webming this fat fuck, give me 30-60 minutes.

5210c1  No.16145057


You mean the free one?

One re-cut zombie of a game made by one of the last decent devs is far from enough to save a company with the size and the reputation of EA.

Those turdfaggots probably lost tens of millions with just the flop that is Anthem, not to mention all the other shit that barely makes them money, if at all.

So between dozens of tech and game firms crashing Do you not have stocks?, Europe being well on their way to ban microtransaction bullshit in vidya and the general world economy looking less stable Even china is lowering their made up numbers, I would say the crash is already happening.

2846a3  No.16145247

File: fdaedcbc5bec874⋯.webm (9.76 MB, 400x225, 16:9, borndifferent.webm)



c71283  No.16145287


I don't like James politically, but he's 100% correct about how corrupt the industry is

80f247  No.16145410


At times I have to question how some of this shit can be legal

d82598  No.16145606



130c51  No.16145848


But they hate God

c85da7  No.16146924


Agreed. He is a cucky commie fag, but damn does he see industry trends.

9357c1  No.16148070


yeah the people sperging out like they are sure as sure what will happen.

Games are now a mainstream consumer product, they aren't like the old days where they were for enthusiasts. People who go to the movies to turn their brain off now go and play Madden or Fifa and turn their brain off, instead of going to the casino they blow money on lootboxes.

There will be an industry bubble popping, we are already in the midst of it, as investors realize that throwing money at tech companies don't make infinite money.

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