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File: ca139d98e3d146f⋯.png (255.31 KB, 1061x1790, 1061:1790, proof of concept.png)

8c49af  No.16111492

/v/ might not be one person, but we can all agree that battle royale games like fortnite and apex legends are dogshit. However, many casuals would disagree with that statement and would mistakenly believe themselves to be in the right due to the mass appeal fallacy. It is harder to argue that the mass appeal is manufactured because battle royale games don't need to pay streamers to play their games nor do they give a shit about reviews. It's entire popularity is based on word of mouth. Therefore, the best course of action would be to unironically shill the other battle royale games to the fanbases of a different battle royale in a blatant and unsubtle fashion, in order to give of the impression that not all hype is genuine. The plan of attack would go something like this.

>join some shitty battle royale community, like fortnite

>tell them to play some other battle royale game, for example apex legends

>use complete nonsensical reasons to play the game

<dude, one of the characters is transgender.

<Ninja played it at one point so it's pretty much the new fortnite

>encourage them to purchase microtransactions so the developers can make >free content

>keep annoying them until you get banned.

Of course, the fortniggers will stick to their game, but at some point they will be bored of fortnite, and they will be hesitant to play other battle royale due to the bad taste in received from some other shill. It's obvious that battle royales aren't just a flavour of the month, but it's still relaticely new and can be stopped. It's also funny to tell people that "any game can't be a battle royale unless it has a dabbing mechanic".

Pic related is a proof of concept. I did most of my trolling in random apex legend party chats.

05e580  No.16111557

Apex aint that bad on its own.

a3b6f6  No.16111572

imagine all the other things you could be doing with your time, OP.

c229b3  No.16111584


OP, you should play games you enjoy instead of joining party chats with cuckchann(el)ers/redditors who greentext outside of imageboards. Boredom with battle royale is already happening from what I've seen.

fe8888  No.16111590


daa8c7  No.16111611


>encourage them to purchase microtransactions so the developers can make >free content

Yes, let's help them make more money! And let's artificially make the player base seem even bigger, to slow the eventual decline. Such a great idea.


You mean that EA shitshow where they're already bragging about LBBQGAYT+% faggotry and hideous goblin "females"? Are you shilling, trolling or just plain stupid?

292db0  No.16111650


That's just marketing bullshit, EA does it with all their games. But yeah, Apex is alright. It's not Titanfall, but Respawn did a decent job with it. Just don't give them money.

b22505  No.16111671

Template shill thread with copypasta text:

>/v/ might not be one person, but we can all agree…

Expect more threads like:

>Now that the dust has settled…

>This game isn't that bad…

>Stop hating something you never played.

Astroturfing at it's shittiest. If you had your way EA/Activision then you would groom children to become your astroturfing marketers like Sony tried to do with the Emoji Movie.

Viral marketers will hang on the day of the rope.



8c49af  No.16111702


You missed the point

f8d7e9  No.16111729

File: 348975a759104f6⋯.mp4 (81.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, oh_hi_kike.mp4)


for what reason?

61b6ec  No.16111755


I mean its a bit incoherent and the "proof of concept" doesn't prove anything.

b5f0da  No.16111807



Fortnite isn't dogshit. It's just bland. The definition of 5/10. The shit surrounding it is the problem. I've played it. The movement is bland and floaty. The shooting is bland. The building is such a pointless mechanic in a game where a circle getting smaller forces you to move all the time. If youre using it for defence why not have shielding, blocking or dodging. And if you're using it for movement then why not have a movement system that's not just walking. The graphics and artstyle are as inoffensive as they get. It's just a bore fest. It's grey gruel.

304e60  No.16111876


>haha, let's ironically shill games, it's an epic troll Xd

fbc764  No.16115925

File: 2d105e87dbbab94⋯.jpg (5.65 KB, 225x224, 225:224, IMG_0646.jpg)


>tfw i was exited for fortnight (stw)

>applied for alpha

>patiently waited for full free release

>BR mode happens

>stw still not released and f2p yet

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