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File: a485ce04a8ae011⋯.jpg (252.77 KB, 800x600, 4:3, nullxnull.jpg)

File: 014b6276694dcb9⋯.jpg (61.48 KB, 740x429, 740:429, WCCFcivilizationVI20-740x4….jpg)

820c66  No.16130189

Anyone gave the recent 6 expansion a go?

>cities don't flip as soon as you conquer them anymore

>horsemen spam more viable than ever

>council mechanics an afterthought

>avoid the areas marked in bold red lettering as settle near and get your shit pushed in

>global warming irrelevant

>new recon units

but who actually builds those things?

>machineguns finally have range 2

>nubia still fucking OP


89fa22  No.16130194

No I don't play games that have obviously been ruined by the pozz. Even without the pozz the game is a goddamn mess and the dev's don't know what they're doing it's inferior in every way to the previous entries.

29efc2  No.16130195

File: 22d93df4ee1feab⋯.webm (1.49 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, wew_lads.webm)

>negro with a white man jaw


820c66  No.16130205


How so? I've played just about every game that had SM's civ in the name and I can't say this is mechanically worse than any of the official titles. OK, SMAC and CTP are a step above but that's a different topic. 3 was garbage, 4 was little less garbage but had the virtue of some amazing mods. 5's weird. For example they at least made the AI upgrade it's units in this one compared to 5.

Personally I'd put the classic Colonization above all others but again, that's subjective.

>I don't play games that have obviously been ruined by the pozz

So, you don't play any games then? :^) Have you tried At the Gates by any chance?

92b94a  No.16130229


>3 was garbage

Fuck you, 3 is the best in series and nothing will change my mind. No other game in the series can be modded as easily as 3.

09f642  No.16130240


>botnet 6

98e89f  No.16130243


These people deserve death.

820c66  No.16130265


How about Civ2? You can use the in game mspaintlikething to create any unit or building from scratch, give it any attribute you'd like and have it play without even restarting the game. I remember reindeer christmas mods, tesla death robots in vietnam, fantasy shit. I even remember people doing different games from the era as mods: master of magic, conquerors, dune. Whatever.

As an added benefit there's not a tiny, badly cropped image of Sid Meier everywhere in the game making gay lewd faces at me.



I don't run steam or anything like it so I wouldn't know. Tough shit for buyfags.

fcecfa  No.16130269


No way this is real.

4eb191  No.16130281

File: b2a4886b2c27cb8⋯.gif (307.29 KB, 640x1056, 20:33, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….gif)


ea5e64  No.16130289

File: 5832a0b197ea4bf⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 616x652, 154:163, NOT KEPT.jpg)



6ff591  No.16130305


is this real

0f9ac9  No.16130306


Great pic, but how about taking it back to /tv/ where you found it.

fcecfa  No.16130307


Found him. Might be fake after all.


791066  No.16130308


knowing the shit that gets posted here, no.

820c66  No.16130335


You into scat or something? I'm sure there's a board for your fetish.


It's really sad when you can't talk about a game, even a shit game without some spaz with a boner for mark shitposting a thread to death. What's the purpose of /b/ then?

791066  No.16130367

c6933d  No.16130370

File: 03a0ea7be174bbd⋯.jpg (28.93 KB, 453x590, 453:590, Swedish_queen_Drottning_Kr….jpg)



What did I miss?

On topic: to hell with that filthy fucking traitor kristina, she is the worst possible pick they could have made. We had at least 3 different kings they could have taken but noooooo they had to go with the cunt who went and sucked off the pope after her father spent like 30 years fighting the catholics.

Fuck you sid.

820c66  No.16130455


It's the next step in their logic from having Theodora instead of Justinian or Constantine. Also who the fuck is Wilhelmina and how is she remotely considered relevant? I can also imagine they'll feature a plump Anne of Cleves as a new leader for both Germany and England because that's more or less what they just did with Eleanor of Aquitaine. Muh double the female leaders for half the effort.

820c66  No.16135979

File: ce8186c0cb9596e⋯.jpg (810.21 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 127190240_46b9d8888d_o0.jpg)

Alright fags, how about that At the Gates? Anyone tried that?

92b94a  No.16135996


I guess they'll ad the Papal State under Pope Joan next?

f5cf3b  No.16136083


Haven't played it, but from what I've seen it takes the worst part of Civ 5, shuffling units around, and makes it into a game of its own.

820c66  No.16136089


What's the best part of civ5 if the worker and army management is the worst, then? If you take that out, what's left, actually?

f5cf3b  No.16136168


Clans in At the Gates work like supply crawlers in SMAC, gathering resources for a city, and you have to move them before each winter or they die from the cold. You spend the game moving the same units back and forth so they can spend 1/4 of the game not doing anything and then the game gives you notification spam because you have clans not doing anything and you need to check up on each of them before ending each turn.

So I'm comparing it to when you try to move a group of units in Civ 5 and they all wake every turn because they need to path through each other. That isn't army management, that's the game failing to let you manage effectively.

820c66  No.16136189


You wouldn't move crawlers in SMAC, ever, unless you had to replace them. This is closer to Thea which is alright in it's own right. And how would you even move a group of units in 5? My experience with it was that they trip all over each other and waste a ton of movement points unless you control them individually.

f5cf3b  No.16136306

File: 926e1fcbbd9b66a⋯.jpg (56.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1426889875124.jpg)


>they're like supply crawlers but you have to move them frequently

>You wouldn't move crawlers

e82383  No.16136395


How is it that this games netcode is still a complete joke, there is no logical reason for a game that is a step above chess to have such bad netcode.

988e77  No.16136480

File: 50bbc28c251c445⋯.png (611.68 KB, 908x514, 454:257, Wilhelminaciv.png)

File: dde91cdacef091a⋯.png (399.5 KB, 372x482, 186:241, Wilhelmina.png)

File: baae5f54c68c2a3⋯.png (634.04 KB, 695x498, 695:498, Wilhelmina2.png)


Wilhelmina was a popular figurehead who did a lot of propaganda for the allies in WW2. As far as female leaders go…she isn't that bad.

But of course, there's three leaders that literally determined the modern shape of the country (William the Silent (maybe overdone), Maurice of Orange (finest millitary mind of his time), Fredrick Henry (called the Citybreaker for his sieges). Then you have William III that also managed to rule England, William I, who fought at Waterloo. And then there's a bunch of democratically elected leaders in our past that were better picks then Wilhelmina.

You know what the worst part of Wilhelmina is? They represented her as Pic 1 while everybody in the low countries knows here as Pic 2 or Pic 3. When she was announced on some dutch news show the local royalty watcher (and you know those faggots know this shit inside out) literally didn't even recognize who she was untill her name was dropped.

Honestly, it's not as bad as literal traitor to the cause and nation Kristine of Sweden. Fuck that shit man, that's retarded to the highest degree.

f82651  No.16136488

Play Endless Legend.

No black people and has objectively superior gameplay and atmosphere.

They even tried to copy the city expansion mechanic from Endless in Civ 6, completely watered it down and ruined it because the devs are retards.

89fa22  No.16136489


Absolutely the most retarded shit. There's literally no reason to play it with other better alternatives.

5b8d2f  No.16136517

File: 0b880405043405d⋯.png (206.24 KB, 720x720, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>>new recon units

>but who actually builds those things?

They should've just made them either guerilla fighters or some sort of proto spy unit

Also are the sales figure for this "gayme" out? I'd like to see if it stood CIV IV and V's test of time, cause for all the bad shit about CIV V at least it looked really good graphically.


As ugly the CIV III models looked, at least you could play as Joan of Arc.



Which begs the question, outside of the Sassy Black African Woman, couldn't they have at least picked womenfolk who were either loyal to their country or really good at what they did? Like why pick Catherine de Medici, a fucking Italian who just fucked'n'stabbed, over Olga of Kiev (fucking ruthless bitch who graduated top of her class in Pigeon Warfare), Margaret Thatcher (a tough and controversial bitch but at least she got things done) or some of the mystery meat from India at that point.

c5e175  No.16136554


they made her fat for propaganda purposes

>it's not as bad as literal traitor to the cause and nation Kristine of Sweden.

she didn't really betray your country, she left it to someone else

988e77  No.16136562


as I pointed out, compared to all the other female picks, Wilhelmina was basically the best one that did hold power over a government in excile, that through force of personality (though this is not very well determined, could be propaganda) kept the government running and provided propaganda to the Allied cause.

She's fucking terrible compared to the other possible dutch picks, but a saint when compared to the other women.


>catherine de medici

>the low countries in revolt offer her the crown of one of the wealthiest regions in europe, which would mean war vs. an overextended spain

>she refuses because she thinks she can play this to be queen of portugal or some shit


so lets summarize the female leaders

wilhelmina: figurehead that ran a government in exile and did propoganda. Kind of gets a pass

Amanitore: some nigger woman where we have barely any sources on.

Catherine: italian bitch that backstabbed everyone was absolutely powercrazy

Dido: Myth, but whatever we got Gilgamesh so she gets a pass

Elenor of Aquitane: Who?

Gitarja: Queen regent of Mahapajit for 20 ish years. Also gets a pass.

Gorgo: Queen of Sparta sometime. Should've just been the male king. Dunno shit bout the spartans but to me it seems like they weren't very much into having any women rulers.

Kristina: No.

Jadwiga: Seems to be okay. As with all other picks, male leaders have done way more. Gets a pass

Seondok: Very old leader of some korean kingdom. Pass?

Tamar: Ruler of Georgia during a very good, stable period in it's history. Pass.

Tomyris: Myth? Pass, same as with Dido.

Victoria: Pass

So not all of them are that shit of a pick, but i believe that for all of them a male leader that has done more for the civilization that is being represented. But some of them are absolute dogshit that shouldn't be glorified at all, or basically myths.


I'm not swedish, but in my book that bitch is just a traitor to the swedish cause that left the country off worse then when she got it. And then she gave up, and just ran off to rome. Absolute dogshit-tier leader.

5b8d2f  No.16136576


>Seondok: Very old leader of some korean kingdom. Pass?

Gooks were enraged she got in so no

f5cf3b  No.16136628

File: 69ecacc218de30d⋯.jpg (346.68 KB, 2592x1944, 4:3, vwcMn.jpg)


>Elenor of Aquitane: Who?

89fa22  No.16136632


Considering the gooks history with women rulers I'm guessing she's probably on par if not worse.

988e77  No.16136669


>Basically, all the female rulers are literal whos nobody heard about except in passing, that achieved nothing of note except shit out a bunch of babies.


Also, victoria being a mascot is true too, but i thought she is well known though (but as i've stated before, there are 1000 better male choices then victoria and all the other female leaders but D I V E R S I T Y S O Y)


yeah i don't know who the fuck that is. Does it really matter at this point?

Basically, all female picks are shit leaders, figureheads, extremely obscure, or fucking myths because soyboy design.

5215ec  No.16136715

There is zero reason to play this, the new DLC changes nothing and only adds more pointless busywork on top of an already boring "Hit Next Turn until something gets built" type of gameplay.

5215ec  No.16136722


Interesting in concept, shit execution. Buggy as hell, AI is worse than Civs - It never even expands its territory.

ccb86b  No.16136725


>Dunno shit bout the spartans but to me it seems like they weren't very much into having any women rulers.

You might be surprised. Inheritance laws massively favored women (if a man died in battle his assets went to his wife not his children, and she could remarry and repeat the process) meaning that the Spartan ruling class had a bunch of very wealthy women landowners running around while the men focused on military affairs. Athens in particular thought this was degenerate as fuck and constantly shit on the Spartans for it, but Sparta's military was still top notch so Athens kept their criticism to harsh words most of the time.

5215ec  No.16136731


That still doesn't mean the queen had any say in the politics of the city. She certainly didnt have the same authority as the kings or even the ephors.

ccb86b  No.16136748


Yeah that's true. I'd also say that while women might have been entrenched in the economic aspects of Sparta, literally no one in history has cared more about the Spartan economy than the Spartan military. If you're going to make Sparta a faction you'd think they'd have a military leader.

Probably apocryphal, but here's the quote that got Civ to include Gorgo.

"When asked by a woman from Attica, 'Why are you Spartan women the only ones who can rule men?', she said: 'Because we are also the only ones who give birth to men.'"

df9291  No.16136754


Eleanor of Aquataine isn't a very good pick, considering her son or husbands. She's pretty famous for being a rich heiress who was married to King Louis VII, got an annulment because she only gave birth to daughters, remarried to King Henry II and popped out a ton of sons. She also participated in the 2nd crusade as a hanger-on who petitioned for support. She ended up taking the blame for a major defeat because of her baggage. She was characterized as an amazonian warrior though so that's why she got in, not the fact that she was only famous for fucking up and shitting out kids.

Her son Richard the Lionheart is far superior tbh. I'm surprised you've never heard Eleanor of Aquitaine. She and Joan of Arc were literally the only two figures they ever taught us about medieval europe in Burgerland. Speaking of, Joan of Arc would honestly be a better leader than Eleanor. If only because she has a penis :^)

574609  No.16136883


So i assume Alexander was the only really good general Greece had?

df9291  No.16136924






Greeks are not the greatest strategists. I would say maybe Demosthenes but even then its 50/50 win/lose. Better athletes and storytellers than anything else. As >>16136911 said, Xenophon is pretty good. Double checking some during the Peloponnessian War you get Phormio and Brasidas as two standouts.

5cbeec  No.16136967


Why would you move them if they're sitting pretty on a 7+ mine or energy?


That was my impression as well.

>literal traitor to the cause and nation Kristine of Sweden

Maybe they'll add a Hapsburg in a new patch to lead both Austria and the swamp german nation? Perhaps that guy that surrendered to Napoleon? :^) Personally I'd like to see a Boer leader but like that's going to happen.


>citizenship was primarily based on having a certain level of wealth

That's not remotely true. They held a position of WE'RE CONQUERORS. It was our people, with our blood in a hostile, foreign country versus the rest of the world. And they could attack us at any given moment so better be prepared. They never included slaves/hellots in their phalanx because they were for all intents and purposes the enemy their religion prophesied. They did have Perioeci (freemen, non citizen) auxilia but it was too little, too late.


I'd suggest you read into the post Alexander period. The amount of backstabbing, impossible victories against superior odds and stories of people being made and broke on the battlefield is unbelievable.

bb4b18  No.16137027

>be Brazil

>win cultural victory by stealing both France's and Russia's collection of Great Works

That is surprisingly realistic about how Brazil would win (stealing and cheating). 10/10 gameplay.


>That in no way disproves my claim. Yes, the Spartans held a great fear of their slaves and serfs revolting, but that has nothing to do with the way they fucked themselves over by making their citizenship so exclusive. By 400 BC there were only about 4000 Spartan males around, and Sparta could never deploy all of them on the battlefield because of the aforementioned fear of a slave uprising.

Romans almost had the same problem, until the Marian reforms basically saved the legions from becoming irrelevant.

8bf4e1  No.16137031


>the way they fucked themselves over by making their citizenship so exclusive

Reminds me of a certain board

bb4b18  No.16137043


>complaining about black people in a Civilization game

Dude, it's the only game where their presence is justified. Whether you like it or not, there were African civilization in the past.

I'd agree with you if they had negros ruling white countries, but unless I'm forgetting something, that still hasn't happened. The negros are limited to representing negro civilizations of the past. Hell, if anything, Civ 6 dialed down the negro count and is subtly showcasing that there isn't a single modern/contemporary negro leader of any worth (compare with Civ 5 where you had Ethiopia, for example).

bb4b18  No.16137062


>I'd agree with you if they had negros ruling white countries

Although, to be fair, that is to be expected on Civilization 7, at least for Sweden, England, France, and Germany. Also their default religion will be Islam. Gotta keep a little bit of realism, after all.

bb4b18  No.16137090


>None of them ever moved beyond mudhuts or spear-chucking independently, and none ever evolved past stone-age tribal mentality.

I know, but still doesn't mean that they didn't exist and can be put into a game. Don't be such a grumpy racist, anon. We all know that Kongo or the Zulus or the Nubians never amounted to anything in the grand scheme of thing, but historically, they represent something, if not only the name of some spear chuckers that interact with Europeans enough to have their names preserved.

Again, it's pretty funny that this time around they went way back in time to find "worthy" black leaders, basically recognizing that contemporary niggers are a shit. Hell, if they wanted to pander really hard, they could have put Nelson Mandela in the game, because he's the only contemporary nigger leader with some sort of reputation.

bb4b18  No.16137101



Oh, and I remembered of at least one negro from the past that had a somewhat notable nation:


49bb6b  No.16137239

When will the civ decline finally stop? The whole franchise has gotten worse with every installment since the expansions for the fourth game. It's almost time to put it out of its misery.

0b8c84  No.16137344


Civ 6 is fucked from the get-go. Splitting the tech trees into 2 makes for truly anachronistic clusterfuck. Imagine meeting cities with skyscrapers but its troops are still armed with crossbows. Tech tree being erratic and short (4-6 per era) which mean each eras are very inconsistent in length. Calendar is utterly fucked as in the pacing; science victory even before the year of our Lord is possible with enough luck and autism. Also no epic hugefuck maps, and the map are small af, game is decided early as in whoever shat out lots of settlers and claim all the shit first will win. World council is a lottery who will get fucked and others of non-importance.

Truly, a wasted opportunity at every steps. One thing they got right is that China releases CO2 like a motherfucker and drown everyone in the planet and get away with it unless you crap hard on it early game.

5215ec  No.16137345


Firaxis should neither handle the Civ nor the XCOM IP but that's what we have to deal with. The decline will never stop because they want the mobile/zoomer audience.

c6933d  No.16137640

File: 7329ca0c83ff9f9⋯.jpg (203.94 KB, 1235x1280, 247:256, xcom.jpg)



I really like Xcom 2 though, They will probably fuck up Xcom 3 though.

5215ec  No.16137653


It may be a decent game by itself but it's not a good UFO successor. It's also full of lies ("Muh guerrilla warfare"), technically badly made and misses the point of the original UFO by a mile.

72e04b  No.16137773


It does by semantics. Hellots were the enemy. They were THE threat to keep an eye out for. To suggest they ever gave them arms in anything other than ritual culling/slaughter is sacrilegious by their own standards. Roman term of citizenship is not comparable and was itself a bunch of different things over the ages and the form Roman society as a whole adopted at that specific time.


>there were African civilization in the past.

>African civilization

That's an oxymoron from where I'm standing, and I'd love it if you could change my mind.


>Splitting the tech trees into 2

They didn't.

b5d273  No.16137781

File: e62e447e08cb99b⋯.jpg (81.38 KB, 770x770, 1:1, ^^.jpg)


the whole skull is that of a white man.

b8e891  No.16137789


But the NuCOMs are pretty fun, do you think they're bad games or do you just think they aren't proper UFO games? I'm curious what you consider the point of them is? And I don't mean that with any hint of snarkiness or sarcasm, I really am curious as I only went back and played the original after playing both NuCOMs

f5cf3b  No.16137902

File: 2eb6f5d8102a2ed⋯.png (241.85 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 1425006569922.png)


>who play AtG?

>it is like having a bunch of supply crawlers but you have to move them before each winter or they die

>why would you move a crawler in SMAC?

7e7074  No.16137922


I move crawlers to rush secret projects. Two-thirds of my crawlers are built for this purpose.

49bb6b  No.16137929


I don't know how accurate these pictures are, mate. Asians have slightly more brain-mass than whites on average.

72e04b  No.16137936


Alright, but you're not going to move established crawlers for no reason. What you're doing is contributing production from several bases but you're not suddenly going to decide how that abundant mineral mine is useless and you're going to move it to abundant nutrient farm instead. You'll just build a new fucking thing and forget about it until cruise missiles come into play.

5215ec  No.16137945


As I said, they miss the point of UFO in many regards:

- UFO never had a focus on "your dudes". It didn't even have any customization apart from the names. The devs clearly saw the stories about how some rookie did interesting shit or happened to be really lucky and misinterpreted them.

- There was no focus on story either. You gleaned most of the motivation of the aliens from a few sentences after autopsies or other research. The game certainly didn't grind to a halt every few minutes to have random people babble at you. nuCom 1 is bearable but nuCom 2 with the Chosen goes full retard in that regard.

- Obviously, the much larger unit pool. Life as a rookie in UFO was CHEAP. Losing half a dozen people on a mission wasn't a big deal. Losing even one or two people in nuCom can mean the mission fails or even the entire campaign going to shit

On the technical side, again, XCOM2 is the worst offender here. It ran like complete ass, turn times were very long due to the fucking animations and it only got better AFTER the DLC came out. I measured the turn timer in nuCom 1 once where my entire team panicked because one guy got wounded. It took over a MINUTE just to play out the "UUUH AAAHH HUURRRR" responses from my team. Unless you turn off shit like bloom and HDR the game will also look like complete ass but to be fair that's par for the course for modern games.

5215ec  No.16137960


Oh and of course the fact that the devs deliberately shit on efficient strategies. They hated how people were overwatch camping in nuCom1, so they introduced meld, which people often ignored, so they introduced hard mission timers in nuCom2. This sort of nudging is insulting. Especially since people just switch to different tactics to circumvent the "intended" gameplay again anyway.

72e04b  No.16137976


The only thing I'd dispute there is that your PC is obviously arse. In all fairness though the probably took some inspiration from the Ufo series; aftermath, afterlight and the aftershock. They are to the best of my knowledge the first ones to add heavy, character driven narration in the vein of Bradford barking at you from a mini-screen.

f5cf3b  No.16138086

File: 804be82d7ad3891⋯.jpg (133.88 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, boys at the lab.jpg)


>hack the terminal

>get to the train with the terminal before it pull out of the station in 4 turns

>2 turns of yellow move to get into visual range

>Muton Queen is in the way

>terminal has high cover walls on two sides facing the squad so spec can't hack in with his drone

>even with no enemies it would have only been possible with a lucky grenade breaking the wall but not the terminal

no engineer that month


before WotC mission load times were like half a minute and framerate fell to single digits while Firebrand unloads the squad

with WotC they load almost instantly and I only get a couple dropped frames during the landing sequence

72e04b  No.16138117

File: 94b34927102413e⋯.jpg (334.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, boys drilling.jpg)


Damn. Maybe it's a compatibility issue then? I mean, I'm not running anything remotely considered high end for the last four years or so and despite having a ton of mods I never really had any real issues with the performance. The pointlessly long animations are a different issue but dontwastemytime or however it's called took care of that one.

f5cf3b  No.16138137


that was the only performance issue I had, everything else ran smooth

but it was annoying considering how many missions you do in a game

5215ec  No.16138166


It may have been an issue with specific GPUs or CPUs, mainly AMD. The fact remains that only the DLC actually addresses these issues. The fixes were not ported back. Buy the DLC, goy.

72e04b  No.16138203

File: cb2e722e838870d⋯.jpg (52.83 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 40796480-375-500.jpg)


Believe it or not both my GPU and CPU are pre ryzen AMD. X4 Athlon and mid tier R9 respectively.

f82651  No.16140937

File: f0f874a702c834e⋯.jpg (59.55 KB, 878x494, 439:247, Forgotten.jpg)


>complaining about black people in a Civilization game

I know, I wasn't complaining.

OP had race in their post so I thought he would want to know.

There is the Forgotten faction but they aren't niggity boopers so I figured they didn't count.

3ce60d  No.16141239


>That's an oxymoron from where I'm standing, and I'd love it if you could change my mind.



<Ottoman Empire

It's all the distant past, of course. I never said anything about modern African civilizations (which there are none, and never will unless the chinks somehow manage to operate a miracle with their new nigger slaves)

3ce60d  No.16141253

Speaking of Civilization and autism, while I wait for this expansion to be cheaper, I've been playing Civ 5 with the most recent Vox Populi mod and boy, did that faggot Gazeebo made the AI completely bonkers even during the early game. Three games I started nearby the Celts, three games that I almost got crushed by them spamming their unique units + horsemen (nly saved because I heavily invested on my own horsemen and skirmishers). It seems impossible to prosper without going full Authority + early wars now.

3ce60d  No.16141258


Oh, and of course I forgot about the greatest African civilization of them all, Wakanda :^)

37a35a  No.16141262

File: 2cffdbec1dada0b⋯.webm (1.31 MB, 920x430, 92:43, 06.Various Artists - Sand….webm)

File: 4b2b36e4ca1a0e8⋯.webm (3.15 MB, 920x430, 92:43, 07.Various Artists - Rola….webm)

File: ce44c1f16c9f5a8⋯.webm (3.71 MB, 920x430, 92:43, 08.Various Artists - Rola….webm)

File: 4eae682c9e32967⋯.webm (3.57 MB, 920x430, 92:43, 09.Various Artists - Rola….webm)


>Speaking of Civilization and autism, while I wait for this expansion to be cheaper

Don't spend any money on this game.

6145ae  No.16141264


That's not going to stop some asshole bundle from practically giving it away.

75f4db  No.16141265


None of those are black african civilizations. Egypt had two distinct phases and despite having nigger mercs they never were actual niggers. Turks were notmongols that converted a bunch of notgreeks and despite some of them being fairly dark I wouldn't advise you to suggest any of them are of african heritage. Mali heavily took from the arabic culture and didn't become a true country until Morocco and their Berbers didn't come a knocking.

>It seems impossible to prosper without going early wars

That was always the case unless you're playing on easier difficulties. Even if you try to play peaceful you need to curbstomp your neighbors for some free slave workers and to ensure the lebensraum for your people.

3ce60d  No.16141276


>None of those are black african civilizations

Well, you asked for African civilizations, and these civilizations were definitely located in Africa. WE WUZ PHARAOS 'N SHEIT, YO RAYCIST.

But, speaking strictly in game concepts, a "civilization" is more akin to "people" - for example, the real life Zulus would be a civ that got way behind in tech and culture, so England gained a Colonial War casus belli on them and curbstomped their Spearman with Machine Guns.

3ce60d  No.16141281


>Even if you try to play peaceful you need to curbstomp your neighbors for some free slave workers and to ensure the lebensraum for your people.

I think that strategy is only justified on Deity. I'm still playing on Emperor to get the gist of the gameplay.

6145ae  No.16141283


Ah that's true. I was thinking in more of a "We can't sell this game, so we're offering it cheap to shore up sales numbers."

49a0f6  No.16141302

With the new expansion out, is it worth pirating? Kind of bored of Civ 4 and hate Civ 5.

3ce60d  No.16141310

File: 16cdccca9bb68ec⋯.jpg (79.21 KB, 924x520, 231:130, angri-rabbi.jpg)


>You're starting to sound more and more like a Jew.


>Way to be intentionally obtuse. From context alone you could deduce he was asking about niggers.

I know, but at the same time, I fail to see the problem in having African ethnicities as playable civs, specially when not overdone (like, "every single little mudhut tribe is now a civilization!"). Currently in Civ 6 we have, what, three of those? (Nubia, Zulus, and Kongo).

Hell, in Europa Universalis you can play as a plethora of African countries, are you going to complain about that as well?

75f4db  No.16141320

File: ade3e7b8cf8cf21⋯.jpg (100.37 KB, 665x609, 95:87, stry547.jpg)


Yeah? What's your bullshit excuse for Ottomans, then?

>only justified on Deity

I dare say it's mandatory on Deity

>the real life Zulus would be a civ that got way behind in tech and culture, so England gained a Colonial War casus belli on them and curbstomped their Spearman with Machine Guns.

Not remotely true. The Dutch fucked brits with maxim machineguns and french howitzers in the Boer wars but that was significantly later.


It's alright for a couple of games. The new mechanics aren't really all that significant and the revamped strategic resource is more of the same. They pretty much took from Endless Legends and have the same problem; you either have so much ie iron or horses that it's a non issue or you can't find one anywhere on the map when it really counts.

49a0f6  No.16141340



Just as well. Was never fond of districts and other gameplay features plus the horrendous art style and leaders. How the mighty have fallen.

3ce60d  No.16141367


>Yeah? What's your bullshit excuse for Ottomans, then?

You mean, for them being in the game? I think it's pretty obvious, isn't it?


>Because none of them ever amounted to anything

Well, just like that civilization that gets wiped out by the other AI at the Classical Era. History is also made of civilizational failures, you know. Last game I played it was Rome getting BTFO by Persia

>Again, none have achieved anything worthwhile that earned them the right to stand next to the likes of Rome, Greece, Germany, etc

Not my point, and also not the point of the game. If anything Civilization kinda highlights these differences, specially if you take a look at the Great People lists.

3ce60d  No.16141398


>Call me when the past 100,000 years of nigger existence amount to what Assyria achieved in a single day.

I'm not saying otherwise, neither the game is (just count how many black Great People are in game, compared to Europeans, Asians, Indians, and Middle-Easterners).

>The point of the game is to pit relevant civilizations against each other

If relevancy was the only factor for a civilization/ethnicity being part of the game, the rooster would always be the same (Egypt, Rome, Greece, the European powers, China, Japan, India, the US, the Ottomans, and maybe one or two Mesopotamian civilizations).

3ce60d  No.16141417


>And that's a problem why exactly?

I guess you have no problem with Street Fighter having the same 90% of characters since the 90s then.

3ce60d  No.16141431


>Civ 6 GS

>42 different civs

>more than a dozen are White European

>only 3 are Black



75f4db  No.16141442

File: 0d836178d502987⋯.jpg (216.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, r5578xdfu.jpg)


>ottomans black african civilization


>I think it's pretty obvious, isn't it?

No, it's not. The roach are neither african or black and they never were. Care to clarify? I'm really interested what reasoning you'll pull out of your ass next.


Are you having a stroke?

3ce60d  No.16141465


I said that the Ottomans were an African civilization (which was what the anon asked).

Do you really think it's reasonable to REEE about a "nigger loving agenda" in the game when 3 out of 42 civs are Black, and at least 15 are white? (possibly more, I'm counting out of memory)

Also ZERO Black Great People (gee, I wonder why that is) should tip you about this supposed "nigger loving agenda".

3ce60d  No.16141475



You want an example of nigger loving agenda, you watch Julius Cesar getting blacked on BBC after paying your tv loicense,of course.

75f4db  No.16141492

File: 9f7a072c503c8e1⋯.png (428.56 KB, 600x630, 20:21, 9f7a072c503c8e160c7a410f2e….png)


I'm just going to walk away now. Being this much of a cocksucker has probably resulted in you being contagious.

3ce60d  No.16141495


What are you rambling about, retard? Most of their lands were located in Northern Africa.

Rome also had holdings in that region, but of course most of its lands were in Europe, so they don't qualify.

49c478  No.16141542


3 more than have ever mattered IRL.

75f4db  No.16141604

File: 2199fe4ff96a5f8⋯.png (624.19 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, EV434AA.png)


That's pushing it even for burgers

1c35db  No.16141608

File: fba03778574a1da⋯.jpg (164.82 KB, 865x966, 865:966, 1413245998572.jpg)

Sometimes i wish Finland would be a country in Civs but no doubt they'd pick that fucking "moominmamma" cunt whose only point was to be the first female president as the leader instead of Mannerheim or even Kekkonen.

Shit i'd take our current president too even though he's a fucking cucked pushover and EU-yes man with no power.

a8c7de  No.16141626


Dont forget, that cunts signature is on the papers that allowed the goverment to bail non-finnish banks using money that was supposed to be for pensions of the finnish people.

So not only is she a worthless token person, shes a treasonous cunt as well.

f0b570  No.16141655


I think he confused the Ottomans with Carthaginians. They weren't black either though they were Semitic.

5f3c01  No.16141720

When will religion mechanics actually matter in the Civ series?

79d619  No.16141731

File: b92f4a8cb44c261⋯.jpg (27.51 KB, 125x204, 125:204, rage.jpg)


I was watching its development from distance, read some reviews and I will continue to watch it from distance

75f4db  No.16141745

File: f73788cdd4d5b38⋯.jpg (56.94 KB, 500x500, 1:1, f73788cdd4d5b38c008555f676….jpg)


Romans gave us cement, indoor plumbing, military junta, arguably the alphabet, law, had fast food that was actually good for you, set the foundation for modern medicine, the infrastructure, knew how to throw a mean party AND invented the original happy merchant meme.

534f50  No.16141746

Always hated how progression feels in these games, it takes the same amount of turns to research a tech and build a unit military units become obsolete really fast. I never had the attention span to play any speed slower than standard, is it better in marathon or epic speeds? Could I modify the XML files or is that not possible with civ 6 anymore?

534f50  No.16141761


Not even 10 minutes In I cannot stand Civ 6, it feels like so much needless boring bullshit is tacked on. Tech tree looks to be the shallowest of all civ games, districts are fucking stupid I don't care for this shit.

e4da58  No.16141989


Best you can do is start in a more advanced age or limit the max tech. Slowing research won't help the fact that when you snowball enough, and you will if you rush crossbows and bombards, you'll generally conquer most of the map with those units. I mean maybe you'll get to upgrade them once but I highly doubt you're going to see anything past WW1/2 tech even on normal.

1c35db  No.16142011


That seems to be the issue in every rts/gs with tech-trees.

The most i've managed to get out of earlier eras in CIV was on civ4 with the Rhye's scenarios starting with one of the classical civs but then you have the problem of either not having other civs to annoy for a long while (like if you start with Egypt, they start really early and most other early civs start far away) or it's just another kind of race against time as in preparing for the eventual new faggot-civs that'l spawn near or right in your fucking lands with several settlers and a better army than you could ever hope to have at that point.

a93708  No.16143082

Just wait for the Civ VI version of the Vox Populi mod, tbhfam.

a93708  No.16143130


>Myth, but whatever we got Gilgamesh so she gets a pass

Gilgamesh was a real historical figure too though.

>Dunno shit bout the spartans but to me it seems like they weren't very much into having any women rulers.

They were more OK with it than other Greeks, because when they went to war, all the men would go so somebody had to be in charge.

>Tomyris: Myth? Pass, same as with Dido.

Anything to do with Scythia is basically mythological tier since they had no writing and didn't interact much with others. Tomyris is probably the most famous Scythian, being known for killing Cyrus the Great. She's the obvious choice.


They picked Eleanor because they wanted both a woman and someone who could be a leader for more than one civ.

a93708  No.16143136


There's a historic speed mod where techs are slow but units are fast to get. It lets you have full scale wars in each era. Not sure if it's been updated for GS yet (probably).

e4da58  No.16143163


>all the men

Where do you get this malarkey from? Not even both of their kings went to war and let alone something as retarded like ALL THE MEN. For fucks sake.

a93708  No.16143181


Well yeah, it's pop history not actual history. Civ has always been cheesy bullshit based on stereotypes. Look at fuckin Norway. Was I supposed to be arguing from actual history?

e4da58  No.16143257


I can understand not knowing something, I can even tolerate being lazy enough to can't be arse to double check something. Even though it's painfully easy now a days. But I can neither understand nor tolerate bored faggots pretending to be mentally deficient.

Fuck off.

332740  No.16143354


Is there any real improvement over Civ 5? Seems like 6 is being universally shit on.

a93708  No.16143379


Chill, dude. It's a shitty game with a shitty understanding of history.


The districts and wonders taking up tiles is an interesting concept but in general the game is a pretty big failure. It took them 2 expansions to make the AI not laughably terrible (you would be condemned as a warmonger for the whole game if you fought back against invaders for instance).

e4da58  No.16143435

File: d3116cd59be5b34⋯.jpg (48.19 KB, 448x513, 448:513, d3116cd59be5b34505a50649fd….jpg)


>muh history

>the fuck are you talking about

>oh shit i'm sorry

>you meant history history not something i just made up on the spot

24b549  No.16143451


From the looks of things, no. I saw people that could still at least defend Civ 5 but no one defends 6.


>(you would be condemned as a warmonger for the whole game if you fought back against invaders for instance).

Sure that's bad AI and not cucks being cucks?

a93708  No.16143561


>Sure that's bad AI and not cucks being cucks?

Yes. They have one guy coding the AI. They changed it in Gathering Storm to a "grievance" system where you rack up points for each civ based on what you do to them, and it balances what you do to them against what they do to you.

f5cf3b  No.16143773


>The districts and wonders taking up tiles is an interesting concept but in general the game is a pretty big failure.

Would be a fine feature if specialists weren't utter shit. This was a problem in BE, still a problem in BERT, and apparently they've decided specialists are a vestigial feature and are making them suck so we will accept their complete removal.

c3486f  No.16144102

can you play as lolis yet

313451  No.16144223


>historical authenticity, not accuracy, shitlord!

Only retards double down on their ignorance when called out on it.

8e1293  No.16144472

Civ is gay and ugly. Come back when you have a game that doesn't have ugly characters with annoying noises and stupid animations.

a3a4ab  No.16144707

>Settle close to volcano

>Volcano erupts


>IRL this would fuck up the weather for a long time and cause the landscape to change radically

>Kills some pop from nearby cities and destroys improvements

>The tiles get increased yield afterwards so the volcano erupting is actually good for you

I feel cucked by how underwhelming that was.

How do you fuck up volcanos?

Wasn't even worth the pirate.

0ddd06  No.16144833

File: 34769aed818ad34⋯.jpg (33.52 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 30706387_203368883804906_8….jpg)



4df7c7  No.16144957


there are 2hu and nep mods

587fa3  No.16145249

File: 83a235ce7513998⋯.jpg (71.8 KB, 940x492, 235:123, uy57.jpg)


The only thing I liked about their crisis shit is how you can sabotage dykes and dams with spies and flood their shit.

775800  No.16145272


The point of the climate and disaster mechanics is to push the politically correct idea of climate change, not be in any way realistic or a good gameplay mechanic.

37a35a  No.16145285

File: 0359a2428b5df5a⋯.webm (2.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Civilization VI - Immigra….webm)


They did sneak in a politically incorrect migration mechanic, but it's a very minor one.

775800  No.16147477

Just a few observations:

- Roads are broken looks wise. They create crossroads where there should be none

- Barbs are broken, some continents don't have any while sometimes they go full Raging Barbarians

- The Maori AI can't handle picking a place to settle. At all. It picks random 1-tile ice islands.

- The AI can't handle trade but BOY will they spam you with retarded offers each turn

- Barbs spawn quadquiremes immediately , a unit you can't beat early in the game with either slingers or galleys

- Canada, apart from not being a fucking civilization, can't declare surprise wars on city states or other civs, meaning you are more than likely completely boxed in every game

- Map generation is ass, clustering volcanoes and resources for no apparent reason

- The AI will fight you tooth and nail when it comes to diplo victory. The amount of favors you need to win becomes something ridiculous like 30.000

587fa3  No.16147551

File: 39b39402eeb8736⋯.jpg (77.82 KB, 517x650, 517:650, 39b.jpg)


>Canada are more than likely completely boxed in every game

I don't agree with this one. First presumably it's a carebear civilization, second you can declare a "formal war" after denouncing. Yeah, it's like 10 turns but it's still nothing gamechanging. Also you can declare a surprise war; when you park a couple of units at his border and he's not an ally he'll ask you to retreat. Saying no declares an instant surprise war.

The AI also tends to spread like the plague if there's sufficient tundra around.

132a39  No.16147933


Reynolds made Facebook games for Zynga last time anyone heard from him.

44790f  No.16148691

File: ea978eed665aeae⋯.png (45.69 KB, 608x198, 304:99, ClipboardImage.png)




Going back to Civ 4, If I change the values in the XML does that sort of ruin the balance of the game? I've never noticed a real difference in the balance what little I played, I had it set to 300 which is marathon speed.

f5cf3b  No.16150432

I can't update my mods because I don't know how they changed the game database. Is the schema available anywhere?

88741b  No.16150466

File: 179a76bf96aa7fe⋯.png (360.88 KB, 778x645, 778:645, (You).png)


>Asians have slightly more brain-mass than whites on average.Asians have slightly more brain-mass than whites on average.

post proofs

a9d529  No.16151732


Post more semen-demons.

587fa3  No.16152617

File: 9c23b6dd9373cb1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.41 KB, 600x699, 200:233, 9bc4683ebcb158d0a7f0b597a5….jpg)

ad4e22  No.16153511








I think it bears noting that Civ has ALWAYS had a bunch of female leaders, civ 2 litterally had 1 male and female leader per civ and even invented fictional people for some in order to facilitate it.

So i'm skeptical that what people are complaining about now is due to current SJW shit in particular. 6 defintely does have a lot more women seemingly put in for the sake of it then past games (2 aside), but igt's not like it's just women: There's really odd civ and leader choices in general It seems to me like in general they wanted to go with atypical, non-obvious leader and civ picks. There's nothing necessarily wrong with that, the issue is that they still need to deserve it and you can't just pick some obscure leader or civ when there's a objectively better choice.

Like, why Georgia over Byzantium? Why the fuck were the Mapuche added before the Inca? Why the Mapuche at all instead of, you know another ACTUAL urban state based civilizations in the andes alongside the Inca, rather then just a tribe? I don't like the inclsuion of tribal or nomadic civs in general, given the whole point of the series is you start out with a city and a ruler. So I'd cut the Huns, Cree, Scythia, Shoshone, Apache, etc. However, i'm keeping "proto-civilizations" or tribes with particularly notable accomplishments, so the Iroquious (they didn't have urban cities but had a pretty complex goverment), the Celts/Germanic tribes, Scandinavians, the Zulu, Mongols, etc.

So here's what my "ideal" civ roster of 45 civs looks like, trying to balance geographical and cultural representation (For example, latin american civs tend to get cucked out of spots despite having thousands of years of civilization) without giving stuff that doesn't deserve it a spot. Went ahead and added info in spoilers for civs people may not be familar with



Rome (Byzantium represented by Justinian as an alt leader)



Germany (HRE represented via an alt leader)




An Iron-age Scandinavian civ, such as Danes or Norway

Celtic, Germanic, or some other Indo-European group






A Southeast Asian civ, such as Suhkothai or Khmer



>Middle East/North Africa



Persian Empire

Neo-Assyrian Empire

A Bronze age Mesopotamian civ, such as Babylon or Sumer

Abbasid or Ayyubid Caliphate

Ottoman Empire






Gulf coast Conglomerate of Olmec/Epi Olmec, Classic Veracruz, and maybe Totonac/Huastec

>South America




Musica or Colombia








>North America



SW conglomerate of Pueblo, Hohokam, etc





I'm a little unhappy about Byzantium needing to represented via an alt leader rather then it's own civ, but it IS still the roman empire and that's a decent way to represent it even if it arguably deserves to be it's own thing, and I need the spot saved. Some other "honorable mentions" would be Poland (since we need more eastern europe), the Hittites, since there's no antaolian cultures other then the Ottoomans if that counts, the other Indo-European, Southeast asian, Also worh noting that we sadly don't have written records left from the Gulf coast Meso congolorate, Tiwanku, or the Musica, so you'd need to invent a fictional leade (unless for the Gulf one you include the Totonacs and make their captial Cempoala and use Xicomecoatl as the leader) Also I can clarify on who the hell they, the Misssisspians, Pueblo/Hohokam, Purepecha, Mixgec, Chimu, Tiwanku, and Muisca are and why they deserve to be in if anybody wants me to

Anyways if you anons want to help me come up with a list of specific leaders for this, and maybe a total of like 15 alt leaders, that'd be neat.

61f836  No.16153585

It's not just the leader choices, those simply compound on the other questionable decisions that make them look like SJW faggots.

Look at the tech quotes, really take a good look. They made damn sure to include women there. Same with great people, made sure you had women represented and damn the logic behind it.

I absolutely despise some of these quotes:

>"Who deserves more credit than the wife of a coal miner?”

>“The four building blocks of the universe are fire, water, gravel and vinyl.”

>“Remember that people break down, too, not just machinery.”

>The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”

>“Astronomy’s much more fun when you’re not an astronomer.”

Notice how these are all trying to be "witty" and "funny" but fall flat, or in some cases barely relate to the technology in the first place.

587fa3  No.16153642

File: 3b6d748f028b730⋯.jpg (93.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sixteen tons.jpg)


>I have known the fruits of strikes. The bitter and the sweet. Hunger and music… Who deserves more credit than the wife of a coal miner?

>Mother was one. She never complained about the hardships that were hers in abundance. Lighting the coal-oil lamp long before daylight, and cooking breakfast for her children and husband

I share your sentiment and their politics are indeed both obvious and very obnoxious at times but you're wrong. The said quotes came from a man, a conservative and if you dig behind it's full context you'd not make any SJW comments.

And that's not the only one you've taken in the wrong light.

c6933d  No.16153653

File: 89565e73af482a9⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.98 MB, 1240x2719, 1240:2719, 639de7c9ae50f830876c9b460….jpeg)

File: 9e45f6150b4808d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 744x2284, 186:571, 22cb4b5b2725a0405a70729a83….jpg)


>“Remember that people break down, too, not just machinery.”

that one is true though, the rest are shit. Only somewhat related but I think Civ 5 had the best narrator.

61f836  No.16153663


If they are that easy to misinterpret they aren't very good now, are they?

Quotes also shouldn't put the thing you just researched into a negative light.

587fa3  No.16153688


The righteous need not cower before the drumbeat of human progress. Though the song of yesterday fades into the challenge of tomorrow, God still watches and judges us. Evil lurks in the datalinks as it lurked in the streets of yesteryear. But it was never the streets that were evil.

You should've taken the time to contemplate the open mind quote a bit more. Or as they put it in the game "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

61f836  No.16153698


I understand the open mind quote, I just don't think these people are using it in the same sense I am because there's a clear agenda here. "Open mindedness" in education is seen as a detriment today.

3b67f1  No.16153715


>If they are that easy to misinterpret they aren't very good now, are they?

Oh yes, god forbid anything have subtlety. I need people to scream meaning at me because I can’t think for myself.

587fa3  No.16153728


As for something not being very good, by what criteria can you or this guy >>16153511 put some pre colonial mudslinging society above any in Europe? Mississippians? Anon, please. You can find three score dozen nations, civilizations or even distinct cultures in the Iberian region alone from 500BC to 1500AD that left a more significant mark in history.

One thing I'm somewhat sorry about is how shit beyond earth turned out to be. And mainly because of their design direction of forging a new nation, culture and identity as opposed to putting tribes on equal terms with actual civilizations.


You're pushing an agenda as well. That you're less of a cancer doesn't mean you're not a cancer at all.

587fa3  No.16153762


As for the coal miner one specifically: you don't understand it. That much is clear. But to put it in a context you can appreciate how do you suppose a mother of five+ that had barely enough food to feed her children, woke up at 4AM, saw her husband coughing up blood and coming home after back breaking labor and with pitiful wages. And a women that still attended church, didn't whore herself out, didn't dye her hair or bitch at the patriarchy and wage difference at her second job of washing sheets or some other physical labor, would react to current year SJWs or some alt-right fag with a chip on his shoulder comparing her, her loving family and her soon to be dead husband to said whiners?

There's shit Firaxis is definitely guilty off. But your reaction to them using that quote for example is a mark of your faggotry and not theirs.

f59b38  No.16153786

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm kinda partial to Nimoy, though that may just be TOS nostalgia. V felt better overall because all the quotes were voiced by one person.

Somehow I doubt Cleopatra was ever that hot but post more anyway

61f836  No.16153806


>That much is clear. But to put it in a context you can appreciate how do you suppose a mother of five+ that had barely enough food to feed her children, woke up at 4AM, saw her husband coughing up blood and coming home after back breaking labor and with pitiful wages.

And how does that relate to the technology of mining? Oh right, it doesn't.

61f836  No.16153815


The mining quote obviously has a cultural context that a lot of players, that is non-Americans, wouldn't be able to understand. That's not subtlety.

3b67f1  No.16153820


America had a huge fucking mining and steel industry, what are you on?

61f836  No.16153826


Who the hell apart from North Americans would know Merle Travis?

3b67f1  No.16153827


Oh wait I can’t read

61f836  No.16153831


Oh sorry, I fucked up that sentence. I meant it has a context non-Americans wouldnt get.

3b67f1  No.16153843


No you had it right, I fucked it up.

e89b24  No.16153844

File: 5e979d5ac14a773⋯.png (185.55 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1447483885742.png)

Does anybody have that screencap where an anon decided that Isabella from Civ 5 was his waifu but got rejected by her while Boudicca was making moves on him?

That was some really good lol

587fa3  No.16153851



I'm not a burger and thank God for that if your average one is either a leftist trust baby or a rabid alt right faggot that forgot his own history.

9f5ced  No.16153894

I just wanr a turn based civ type game that I can start in the ancient era and then go colonize space and other planets.

607709  No.16154004


I used to want this until I thought about how the transition would work. I quickly realized it wouldn't. It would be like Spore, every stage is a different game, and since it's competitive whoever gets a colony out first wins the space age.

If spacing out means holding your empire on Earth together while investing significant resources on space colonies then it works out like a wonder victory in Age of Empires, ie you win extermination instead because you'll be dog piled if you try. If you can confidantly survive that it means you delayed another victory to play with your food instead of eating it.

What we really need is a game that picks up where a space victory leaves of, a game that mixes elements of ES2, GalCiv and Civ.

9f5ced  No.16154744


Why does first space colony mean a win? If i play civ 5 with an emty continent being the first to land a colony on that continent doesnt do much for me. I would imagine start out on earth managing cities and then just transfer to managing whole planets with insterstellar warfare and minimal groundfighting.

c6933d  No.16154777

File: 00cba9322d2e52f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 1573x3886, 1573:3886, civ 5.png)

File: d577c97d0f70228⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 273.59 KB, 865x1253, 865:1253, c568bd5169a79bf171cce6ebae….jpg)

File: cc5b9d44ed591a5⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 904.45 KB, 1015x1200, 203:240, caa6a86a9a6a84b78cb87fb2d….jpeg)

File: 02e9e9a2e3f9518⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 322.76 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Catherine of russia condu….webm)

File: 97284603e132e8c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 1240x1934, 620:967, f3e2a701085f69f23eeff50af0….jpg)


I have it.


I just want a turn based civ game That isn't shit.


More cleo or just more civ babes? Even if she is not as pretty she was hot enough for Alexander the great.

a93708  No.16154906


The quotes in general are shit. Tech, civic, and wonder quotes are all trash. The quotes used to summarize the essence of the thing, but it seems like most of the quotes in VI are tangential at best.

f59b38  No.16155150

File: 512fdc9f3eb1ab7⋯.png (270.32 KB, 472x472, 1:1, Check_it_Out.png)


Thanks. I was fine with Cleo, but whatever works. Nice digits btw


>Isabella as a waifu

>not Dido

0b7a14  No.16155485

global warming is real goyim, now pay (((strauss zelnick))) 60 shekels

>playing 2kuck games in (((2019)))

f5cf3b  No.16155514


What happens once you get to space first? You settle all the best planets and anybody late to space gets few or crappy ones. Getting to space first means you have an economic advantage over everyone else, using that advantage to get the good planets compounds that. Everyone other civilization on Earth is fighting a losing battle. They might as well not exist after a certain point. There's no difference when you reach any endgame content before another player in a 4X game, you beat everyone else over the head with it until you win.

Having the game essentially turn into a different game where you start with a lead over the other players wouldn't be fun. Unless you really mean you want a game like Spore but with a nonsuck space age? How would multiplayer work? Would those cities still matter? Would you build new cities on Earth or the planets you colonize?

b8e891  No.16155552


>Elenor of Aquitane: Who?

I said the same thing and she's a leader for france and england? I'm fairly well versed in history and I've never heard of that name.

0268f7  No.16156589


I'm a huge anti-semite and even I think Dido looks a little too much like a caricature

f5cf3b  No.16157944


she looks nothing like the cute Italian girl Dido from the last game

82d33f  No.16158262


I'm still playing Call to Power 2 and having fun with it

Modern civ games are cancer

740bb3  No.16160185


>arguably the alphabet

arabs did that



>had fast food that was actually good for you

like the rest of the fucking mediterranean civ

>set the foundation for modern medicine


9e10a8  No.16160676

File: d2a609f81a7c632⋯.gif (6.54 KB, 576x286, 288:143, 742712b348d32696a518485f2c….gif)


>arabs did that



They were the first to really codify their laws but the Roman legal system was far more advanced.

587fa3  No.16160714

File: e3ba6f341841b26⋯.jpg (30.06 KB, 800x531, 800:531, epilationForceps_e.jpg)



Prayed to Appolo, Romans did open eye surgery.

66de6c  No.16161510


Evidence for that?

587fa3  No.16161533

File: 8668aecb8915069⋯.jpg (81.97 KB, 720x909, 80:101, DGPHQ9yXcAMgXtC.jpg large.jpg)


BBC if I had to guess

d548b2  No.16162365


>arabs did that

Came into this thread to call you a gigantic nigger for not knowing that arabic is not written in an alphabet, but an abjad.


Babylonians codified their laws but it was Corpus Iuris Civilis that gave rise to the modern system of law. now, corpus iuris civilis could be argued to be greek in origin, because it was codified in the eastern roman empire, but since it was done by a native latin speaker I'll say it was roman in origin, and besides it's composed mostly of things that are roman in origin anyway.

679dbe  No.16162474

File: f8449247b35b4a9⋯.jpg (55.48 KB, 467x640, 467:640, HK19880313_1.jpg)


I'd prefer Kekkonen tbh. Mannerheim excelled on the battlefield but he wasn't an amazing statesman whereas Kekkonen defined a whole era and transformed our political landscape. Kekkonen is even "politically correct" because no one talks about his ebin AKS membership or antisemitism.

dff7ee  No.16162511


Ancient Babylonians, Greeks, and "rest of the fucking mediterranean civ" were all Aryans and are not the same as the modern population of those areas from a racial perspective.

ad4e22  No.16184752


0491ea  No.16184800


>. Asians have slightly more brain-mass than whites on average.

Is that why they lack behind whites in: Architecture, laws, arts, music, military, culture, medicine and acting like civil human beings?

907996  No.16184819


>Is that why they lack behind whites in: Architecture, laws, arts, music, military, culture, medicine

Nope you philistine. They were going smoothly, slowly, and nicely with their own things you mentioned. While during 1700s, you had the (((Enlightenment))) which while it brought the Europeans a huge boost in technology and such, it results in the world becoming a shithole today.

2f29e9  No.16184876


> acting like civil human beings?

Have you seen white nations?

dff7ee  No.16184918


Aryans have historically and presently exceeded all other races including East Asians. The fact that you think things were going 'smoothly' in the region of East Asia prior to the Aryans' encounters with them is proof that you know nothing about them; China has been a hellhole of arrogance and stupidity for the past thousand years, to such an extent that even all of their surrounding neighbors hate them with a passion.

0491ea  No.16184926



>attack chinks

>two new IP's come out of nowhere to defend asians and attack whites


deb7b6  No.16184959

This entire game can eat so much fucking ass.

The concept DOES NOT WORK. Firaxis can't design games for shit.

It takes units multiple centuries to cross through hills, resulting in endless meaningless turn skipping.

Production is low, resulting in endless meaningless turn skipping.

War means everyone will hate you no matter what, grievances system be damned.

Firaxis needs to be burned to the ground.

2c5bc1  No.16184961


Shoo shoo subhuman, maybe one day you can do more than just type like a person.

2f29e9  No.16184977



No amount of shitposting is going to change the fact that quite a few white nations are so loyal disgusting rats that they would rather kill themselves than to ever allow anyone to harm them. Last I checked, Japs aren't too fond of rats.

f3c648  No.16185021

File: f50947fa9bc1592⋯.jpg (67.79 KB, 570x449, 570:449, china_steam.jpg)


I won't deny that the western side were much ahead in advancement past 18th century, but the east Asian were not exactly spear chugging-tier like that poster said and the west has their fair share of 'arrogance' as well. More like they are still in medieval age about to hit renaissance when colonialism happened and then everything went to shit cultural wise.

I kind of want to see what if the East Asian would be like if they were to hit their renaissance without too much direct influence from the west. It is all derailed now, what a waste.

dff7ee  No.16185031


East Asians in general are obviously much better than niggers, sandniggers, kikes, and spics. However, the 'bugmen' stereotype is based in reality. Additionally, while Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and some otherse (I know the latter two are SEA, not 'East Asia' specifically) manage to maintain decent civilizations and family struture, morals, etc, China is a blackhole of culture. In every area of human activity except sexual perversion, chinks are just as bad as the kikes.

f3c648  No.16185079


I don't have much to say in the defence of the Chinese though except for the Cultural Revolution (thanks a fucking lot Marx and leftist fucktards). Any semblance of culture and decency was burned along with those irreplaceable ancient historical books in that fire, it is said such when East Asians questions the integrity of the Chinese in general. Also the 'bugmen' culture, yeah, I would put it on the commie influence too. Kind of like Human Hive from Alpha Centauri but in real life.

Any decent Chinese that escape the hell that was the revolution went to Japan, Thailand, HK, Taiwan, etc. And they carried their baggage with them but with time unlike nigs and spics they integrated and those were mostly lost. Only few remains in Chinatown now and most of those still clung to old ways are either carrying too important legacies (medical knowledge, etc.) to discard, or outright mainland Chinese snakeoil merchant spies, or the triads.

Mainland Chinese and overseas Chinese do not count each other kin anymore, and the fastest way to get a lulz/rise out of one is to call them Chinese.

872953  No.16185446

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Only somewhat related but I think Civ 5 had the best narrator.

Some of his World Wonder quotes are particularly kino, like Branderburg Gate, Borobodur, Great Library, and Temple of Artemis

872953  No.16185454


Oh, and the Big Ben and the Hubble Space Telescope too (perhaps my favorite of all them, the Anatole France quote is so powerful).

7eb60d  No.16185576

File: 9a4e5cf21a11b42⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 283x313, 283:313, frog child.gif)


Just because they're remotely notable doesn't "pass" them, all countries listed have more prominent, well known and vastly higher achievers that are male which would have been more appropriate rather than fishing for a semi obscure woman

5b2382  No.16185732


How about I call you a faggot with a serious case of yellow fever denial? Does that get some "lulz", you fucking goon reject? Their bugmen culture was based on which horsefucker conquered them last and ran on west pushed opium. Mao for all his faults did the right thing, he lined up all degenerates; the crossdressers, the pencil pushing eunuchs and the drug addicts and put a bullet in their head. Also the Chinese enclaves abroad were established decades before the reds came to power.

b80a69  No.16186536



>modern medicine

four humors theory of medicine crippled western advancement in health and disease until 200 years ago

the Greeks fucked up medicine so hard we know have hit the limits of what it is possible to know about fundamental particles but barely have a handle on how our own bodies work

deb7b6  No.16186541

Sure would be cool if people talked about the game itt.

429861  No.16186556


>3 was garbage

Your garbage. 4 was the best followed by 3

b80a69  No.16186578


their women are also hot


sounds like you've never had 3 decide to not give you saltpeter

47b21b  No.16186614


The forgotten are just edgy vaulters that were expelled from the vaults and as a result hate technology. They're tribal wiggers.

dc5e3a  No.16186638


>Thinking the issue was with female leaders in general.

>Not the fact they picked female leaders who were historically horrible.

>Forgetting about the Korean queen that Koreans hated

>Forgetting about making the Korean queen into a mulatto nigress

>Making a giant fucking useless blog post and missing the point.

Either go back to Reddit or fucking neck yourself, nigger. Infact, do both.

7eb60d  No.16186662


Do you also forget about those times where he got millions of civilians killed due to killing birds or ordering them to make worthless iron out if their tools? And all those mass executions of villages and people he suspected were doing "something" illegal?

02cec6  No.16186675

File: a0e19d2c3e68938⋯.jpg (44.76 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1549943343185.jpg)


Literally whats the difference between the first image and the third? I think you just have autism anon.

f3c648  No.16186711


Hello /leftypol/, caught wind of a random anon shit talking your beloved idol Mao and his Great Leap Forward (and face down) and glorious Cultural Revolution(tm)? You can go suck his dick along with the other bugmen in China. Oversea Chinese are not as much of cuntbag or bugmen like the Mainlander. Gee, I wonder what happened that diverged them in the last century or so, something something revolution.

Oh right, communism(tm) and book burning happened. Fuck you and all adherent of your poisonous cult for killing an entire culture and the future that could have been.

5b2382  No.16186778



Your mother. I'm not going to sugarcoat a nation that bent sideways for every mongol, notmongol and notmongol's inbred cousin invader in its thousands upon of thousands of years history despite supposedly being the first civilization to unify presumably millions AND invent gunpowder and stirrups. Mao and his fags were cancer but they were a wake-up call they obviously needed.


>Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius

Sure, he was an autocratic asshole that pulled his country into a position of power by the bloody balls of his own people. How's that different from Peter the Great, Oliver Cromwell or even Octavian? Hell, from any great reformer? And ask yourself does not the end justify the means if you liberate your people from shit like being a puppet of either politics, economy or drugs?

ca5d04  No.16186869


Probably that she's a dorky undignified and fat middle aged woman in a shitty pantsuit with no facial resemblance to the real Willhelmina, as opposed to the gracefully aging and classily dressed old woman you see in pic 2.

All the model needs is blue hair and she'd look barely different than your average college humanities lecturer, and they have zero dignity, not remotely comparable to European royalty at the turn of the century. And that's also leaving aside that they easily could have just represented her as she looked in her youth (i.e. not a tub, and even in old age she's not actually as fat as the middle-aged model).

f124c8  No.16186988


The thing is that Mao was worse than all of them combined, china would've been better off if he didn't exist.

5b2382  No.16187043


Maybe. But you can't argue that he unlike all the other blood and power hungry bugmen before him didn't leave a stable, peaceful nation after he finally kicked the bucket. For example the great father of their nation and the first non red revolution was in the bed with everyone from the triads to japs, the US government, the pineapple conglomerate from Hawai, the Tzar, the Soviets and presumably the kikes themselves since they financed at least five of his fifteen or something uprising attempts. And that terrorist by any definition of the word is celebrated despite leading the country into some thirty odd year free-for-all bloodbath.

ad4e22  No.16192798


>ut some pre colonial mudslinging society above any in Europe? Mississippians? Anon, please. You can find three score dozen nations, civilizations or even distinct cultures in the Iberian region alone from 500BC to 1500AD that left a more significant mark in history.

Anon, I meant to reply to this (and to clarify on >>16153511 )days ago, but I never got around to it: I thnk your post here is very logically flawed. here's a tl;dr, I can clarify further upon request, I imagine most people are going to be skeptical of what I say re: conquest of mexico/the americas being up to chance

>Assuming that "significance" even has a meaning when prior to the Age of Exploration,as >>16184819 alludes to, most cultures were still only regionally relevant and as such you can only really measure sigifnicance in terms of sisnrficance in each given region of the world that has complex shit going on (So europe, middle east, south/southeast asia, far east, mesoamerica, andes, and west africa)

>If you just mean "significant to how the world turned out how it did", then logically speaking, every civ in a civ game would be a nation formed in the past 200-300 years with a few exceptions, since obviously events closer to where we are had more of a direct, identifiable role in shaping history play out

>If you DO want to include older historical examples at all, even if you still want to focus on global relvenance rather then local ones (not that that's even nessscarily possible), you run into the problem that at a certain point it becomes impossible to say how impatful something is. It's easy to say the Roman empire was impactful, but any random kingdom in central eurpope during the middle ages and it's actions? It's real;ly not possible to say that it "impacted" more then, say, a random city-state in Mesoamerica or in southeast asia, because any actions they have taken get so diffussed by the chaos of different shit happening and interacting over the following centuries. Any one of them could have done something that randomly buttrfly effect'd a later major world event

In essence, your claim is pretty invalid, and basically amounts to just saying that "they weren't significant to EUROPEAN" history, when as established, europe wasn't globally influential or more advanced then the rest of the world by a huge margin till after they colnizaed the americas: The far east was on par with them, the middle east had onl;y recently starte to fall behind by then, and even in like Mesoamerica they weren't THAT behind as much as people think but more on that later.

Speaking of the Aztec, that's a good example even for the post 1500's launch of europe into it's position of global supermacy, non-european cultures still had big historical influences. The Conquest ogf Mexico was only possible due to a series of flukes and the cooporation of a ton of different Mesoamerican city-states that did most of the fighting and logistical work for the Spanish, and even with that help and smallpox it took them decades, arguably centuries in some spots (the last maya state didn't fall till 1697) to conquer it. The specific diplomatic norms and geopolitical systems in the region played a big role in how that played out how it did with Spanish success and domination, as did the specific histories of certain notable states. It could be argued that a number of said city-states and empires are some of the most infential states in history due to them essentially securing and enabling the colonization of the americas as a whole (which, contrary to what a lot of people think, was not something that would have nessscarily happened to the same extent it did no matter what)

Needing to split this up into two posts

64609b  No.16194198


That's a nice way to double back on your claim there faggot, elaborate on clear cut claim with vague bullshit and then extrapolate on that by putting yet more words in someone else's mouth. Getting enslaved, enslaving your own people and selling them for beads or clear liquor, getting used by a handful of outlaws and or wearing skins and sleeping in twig and cowshit huts well into the 21st century is anything other than a mark of civilization. It's more of a direct opposite in fact.

But missisipian civilization. What are you on about for fucks sake.

988e77  No.16194375


i actually agree with you on that, i was just judging them outside of that to show just how many of them are 100 percent absolute dogshit and how many have a mere sliver of a reason to be there.

988e77  No.16194444


in the first she looks FUCKING MASSIVELY OVERWEIGHT HOLY SHIT THAT CHIN. She's a fucking queen, and she's in some fucking outfit like she's mary poppins not an actual queen.

The second is her in a royal outfit, looking good and healthy, like a real queen.

The last one she's at the end of her life, looking firm (and fat but not insanely CHIN like her Civ depiction), and this is her most common depiction and most well known period in history where she did propaganda for the allies to lift dutch spirits under occupation.

To put this in context for burgers,

this is as if George Washington is depicted as a young man in a lumberjack outfit while his face looks so fucked up you barely recognize him.

When a dutch royalty watcher on the reveal trailer doesn't recognize her (and those kinds of niggers have absolute obsession with the dutch royals past and present) you realize just how much they fucked up.

TLDR: Civ VI's design of Wilhelmina is SHIT

60a28f  No.16194634


If Korean civ was accurate the player should be stuck below medieval times until XX century where Japan player has a moral obligation to uplift the subhumans, then you get free spies to steal technology and culture (^:

c3486f  No.16195009

are there any mods that let me play as a cute girl, preferably a loli?

c6933d  No.16195783


I know Civ 5 has a bunch of neptunia mods, does that count?

c3486f  No.16196113

File: e7d55e04f792069⋯.png (506.98 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, ocZubKr.png)


>mushroom fiefdom

yes this is ridiculous. thank you

and it does seem that the knack for nep continues in 6

ad4e22  No.16201899


Sorry I'm taking forever to reply to you, anon, been really busy. Will try to do so tommorow

429f04  No.16201916

I love Jadwiga,

I wanna make a lot of love with her and pump her full of my seed.

I wanna caress her face with my tongue.

I wanna split her collum in two like a wiener in a hot dog bun

I wanna lick her hard nipples and make her moan my name

I wanna call her name and lick her earlobe as I pound her from behind

I wanna hold hands with her watching our 30 children playing in the garden, sitting with her unde the appel tree and look deep into her eyes.

c3486f  No.16202132

File: 4d2053e5449eb40⋯.jpg (69.69 KB, 350x350, 1:1, A3_A1502-350.jpg)


do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

02e30d  No.16202146

Playing a trash game with a more "we own you now" EULA than Facebook, I shiggy diggy.


>incompetent modder put in charge of Civ 5

>even he admits he sucked ass at it (and in very accurate detail, I'll give him that)

>he seriously leverages "I learned from how badly Civ 5 sucked ass" to shill for his own game

>results in this piece of shit eight years later

At the Gates is a hard pass for me.

09597c  No.16210594


the irony of course is that she died in childbirth at the age of 25

ad4e22  No.16221389

bumping because I still intend to reply to >>16194198

ad4e22  No.16234917




you what

429861  No.16234928


Sounds like you're a fucking faggot with shit tastes

429861  No.16234947


Except he's right in that of that entire song they picked that one line which shows you their intentions. He's also right about the other quotes, they're unbelievably shit and guaranteed picked by a fag or a woman

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