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File: 8923fee4af686a4⋯.webm (13.99 MB, 852x480, 71:40, Warhammer 40000 An Intro ….webm)

1b1c9e  No.16168617

A thread to discuss Warhammer (Both Fantasy & 40K) videogames. In some relatively recent news:

>Total WaWa II Skaven DLC expected before the end of May

>Chaosbane, release date is the 4th of June.

>New update for BattlefleetGothic Armada 2 now

>Recently, Vermintide 2 updated the game, dding a new weekly challenge system, as well as a series of paintings to collect and hang in your Keep.

a5fa80  No.16168808

File: bc924321ae85d40⋯.png (336.82 KB, 1210x803, 110:73, Capture.PNG)


>no price on the steam page

>visit website

>see this

I suppose hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

16da13  No.16171402


An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbound and unguarded.

1b1c9e  No.16171937


Did you remember 40K Inquisition, anon? Same genre, and it was early access mediocrity. ChasoBane can become Inquisitor fantasy edition if game is bad.

24c9b6  No.16172643

File: 9435953a46a620c⋯.jpg (125.1 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Kira heatenings.jpg)

30cdec  No.16180006

Vermintide 2 is a good game, and after a long time not playing, I went back and is still good. Looks like FatShark havent fucked the balance in the end.

Whats your main/favorite classes and weapons? To me is:

>Kruber Mercenary with Halberd & repetition gun

>Bardin Slayer with dual axes & pickaxe

>Salztpyre zealot wit Axe plus falchion and multiple guns

>Kerillian Maiden with two handed sword and swiftbow

>Sienna Battlemage with Crowbill and eitber beam staff or conflagration one

f44ec3  No.16180055

File: 651e062944f2f7a⋯.png (85.13 KB, 220x202, 110:101, nowayout.png)

WaWa: Endless butthurt from Romefags, DLC shittery, general CA faggotry

Vermintide: Good game, shame about the community

Inquisitor Martyr: lol dead

Chaosbane: >>16168808

1b1c9e  No.16180089


You forgot BFGA2: Rushed game with shitty campaign mechanics (fleet size limit for battle, and only now they bothered to at least put what ships order will be for reinforcements), and no sandbox skirmish or customizable yet.

>Vermintide: Good game, shame about the community

Tell us about the community.

16da13  No.16180117


Season pass already?

Will GW ever understand why their Warhammer games never do well? It's because they whore them out to mediocre developers and then slap this garbage on to make things worse.

f44ec3  No.16180120


I can't speak for Vermintide 2 but when I played the first game it was completely overrun with mouthbreathers who couldn't handle the easiest difficulty. Since the entire game revolves around being good AS A TEAM, playing with PUGs was a nightmare.

62f410  No.16180612


This EA-tier jewry doesn't bode well for the devs or the games quality. Is it too much to ask for a new single-player Fantasy game that isn't terrible?

16da13  No.16180645


It is if you're going to have a million and one retards shilling for Total Wawa.

30cdec  No.16181489


Remind me what non-old Fantasy games previous to Total Wawa have been released, besides Mark of Chaos.

1b1c9e  No.16186591

File: 12d0c2acda69141⋯.png (1005.18 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Vermintide 2 Winds of Magi….png)

New expansion for Vermintide 2 announced, called Winds of Magic!

>Winds of Magic is the first expansion for Vermintide 2, planned for release this summer. The expansion will bring a new enemy faction, a new endgame mode, new difficulty options, new talents and a new weapon type for each character.

>In Winds of Magic, Beastmen will join the existing alliance of Skaven and the Rotblood Tribe. Rather than simply being fresh meat to carve through, the Beastmen have been designed to introduce new types of problems for players to tackle. In the prototype build I was shown, Fatshark was testing packs of bow-wielding Ungors, and augmenting standard melee fighters with spear units—providing different ranges of attack.

>The Beastmen's elite unit is the Bestigor, a giant, armoured hulk who charges players—also knocking over any other enemies that get between him and his target. Their special, rather than ambushing players like the Gutter Runner or Packmaster, plays more of a support role. The Standardbearer will place totems that will buff nearby enemies with effects like invulnerability, forcing players to deal with the problem before clearing out the hordes.

>While Winds of Magic will likely offer a new introductory mission, Fatshark aren't planning to create a new campaign of adventure maps. Instead, the focus of the expansion will be a new mode: an ongoing gauntlet of exponentially more difficult challenges, each with a special modifier related to one of Warhammer's eight winds of magic.

>The Winds of Magic is made up of what Fatshark is currently calling "Weaves". Each Weave will be a combination of the following elements:

Map: A chunk of one of the existing adventure maps, remixed to add variety. In the example I was shown, for instance, the map was played back-to-front. These maps will also look different based on which Wind is currently active.

Wind: A modifier based on the Winds of Magic. One example being prototyped for the Jade Wind (the Lore of Life) is that players have constant health regeneration, but take damage each time they hit an enemy.

Objective: Your goal in each Weave is to complete a specific task. Currently being trialled are objectives such as killing a number of enemies of a specific type and defending a capturing a number of control points.

Finale: Once the objective has been completed, a portal will open to an arena where players must survive a final showdown. Examples I was given included battling waves of enemies, or fighting against multiple bosses.

Difficulty: As players progress through Weaves, Fatshark plans to escalate the challenge far, far beyond what is currently available. The base set of Weaves will all be handcrafted, but the plan is for them to repeat at exponentially higher difficulties.

>Fatshark's hope is that Weaves will act more like puzzles—requiring the community to figure out the best careers and weapons to progress. By not randomising them, players can share their tips, and also compete in individual leaderboards for each Weave. Beyond that, a global leaderboard is being discussed, showcasing the players who have made it the furthest through the mode. Ultimately, by continuing to escalate the challenge, Fatshark hopes to create an endgame with no upper limit on the number of Weaves—that ends simply when players are unable to progress any further.

d694ce  No.16186834


Sounds neat, but pretty gay that they aren't making new adventure levels. A new career for each character would have been nice too, but I don't know how that would work out.

6d78f1  No.16186854



Setting up the game for rape mechanics I see.

1b1c9e  No.16189604

File: 05bb97e15d36f11⋯.png (26.16 KB, 120x126, 20:21, Boba_Ed_pebble_mode.png)


Great, you fucking jinxed the expansion; If the female rat shitposting wasnt bad enought, now there will be beastiality porn of Vermintide. Good job, anon.

30cdec  No.16193382

>All these strategy & action games.

<Still no proper warhammer RPG games

Really, GW? ChaosBane could somewhat be RPG, but I really want a CRPG game either fantasy or a 40K one, like a true Inquisition game where you act as one, and not a mediocre mob-slaying shit or getting a shit telltale game (Inquisition and Eisenhorn). Im tired of all this strategy and mere action shit.

e06367  No.16193408


Sounds like shit. Enemies with spears and bows and objects behind the horde you have to kill first force you to rely more on ranged weapons. Also arena-mode challenges that supposedly require certain weapon/skill/class combinations don't work with the matchmaking system.

1b1c9e  No.16193428


>Enemies with spears and bows and objects behind the horde you have to kill first force you to rely more on ranged weapons.

And? There is no problem with that, its gives some more challenge. Besides, im not sure if the beastmen will be around all maps, or they will appear only on the new maps.

>Also arena-mode challenges that supposedly require certain weapon/skill/class combinations don't work with the matchmaking system.

You are right into this, unless they finally make you be capable of changing class when portal is already open. And if its a forced & concrete meta forced on the player, thats bad, because if its really hard, then one shouldn't use a shitty class & setup, but thats it. No need to force hard a class in mind.

Also this thing

>Beyond that, a global leaderboard is being discussed, showcasing the players who have made it the furthest through the mode.

I dont see the point of this. This game doesnt have and neither requires a ranking to show. is mostly about you group and nothing else, no competition.

e06367  No.16193436


They had to fight for pretty much the entire first year of the game to get people off of ranged meta. Their design focus is on melee weapons. Most people think melee is the more fun way to play. One of the most fun classes doesn't even have ranged weapons as an option. Forcing people back into ranged is a massive step back. Spear units in any significant number in enemy waves is going to make melee almost completely non-viable

2f28fb  No.16193439

It makes me happy that new Warhammer 40K games are out and are good.


Because a CRPG is hard to make, anon.

It's very easy to mess it up, with 40K setting too, maybe Iron Tower Studio can do it.

e06367  No.16193446


I'm a big RPG gamer and I'm sure I would play anything like that, but 40k isn't very much an RPG setting. It exists (Rogue Trader primarily), but it's not what 40k is about and I really doubt anyone would be able to do it well, let alone easily.

2f28fb  No.16193462

Man, the potential of Vermintide if they make it a single player game instead of a L4D clone.

1b1c9e  No.16193468


What you mean by that? Whats your problem with Vermintide being a cooperative group vs mobs game? Its a really good concept, and Vermintide 1 & 2 executed that concept well. Besides, its not the same with bots only, sure, but you can play it offline, you know.

0dad1c  No.16193478


Sounds cool, but knowing full well how Fatshark works when this expansion drops the game will be in a near unplayable state for the next year till they patch it 100 times to get it working as intended.

2f28fb  No.16193480


Imagine Vermintide combat but for an SP, narrative focus RPG.

e06367  No.16193487


So an 8 hour game instead of a 500 hour game. An RPG I can handle but a corridor shooter (/slasher) doesn't interest me much.

2f28fb  No.16193490


But I said a RPG.

Imagine something like Kingdom Come but set in Reikland and with Vermintide combat.

e06367  No.16193494


Better. I don't see anyone doing it very well though. First off it wouldn't be KCD but X, it would be Skyrim but X at best, but I don't see it doing X very well either.

c3e1db  No.16193512

But when are we getting Emperor May Cry: Unification Wars?

When will I, as the Emperor, get to go through the great crusade in the ultimate quest of forming the biggest human harem to ever exist in the universe?

21befb  No.16193519


lol autism

2f28fb  No.16193532


Get Warhorse on it.

42d097  No.16197469

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Was Mechanicus any good? At a glance the gameplay looks ugly and browser game-tier, but maybe there's more than meets the eye it's just one more shitty no-effort GW commission vidya, right?

18a427  No.16197544


I dont see amy problems with the looks of the game. Nevermind, game is a good game, so its a recommended warhammer game. Late game can be easy if you ger good tough.

c119e9  No.16197566


It's pretty good, but as mentioned once your tech priests start getting to high levels it ends up being a bit too easy.

42d097  No.16201528



Oh, that's nice. I hate difficulty drop-offs, though. Are there any difficulty toggles or mods that address it?

789f0c  No.16210255

If I get Total wawa pirate version, shoulf I intall both versions for the Mortal Empires, or I can just install the second game and play it?

b3fac1  No.16210313

File: d64977eefc307ab⋯.jpg (45.21 KB, 498x558, 83:93, d64977eefc307ab13ff6a31776….jpg)


Anything remotely good coming out? Like, even Mechanicus passable.

1d3cf3  No.16210389



If you like AdMech or something like the XCOM remake you will probably like mechanicus. There's not much to do about difficulty drop-off other than the patches the devs have been doing post-launch to nerf tech priests since there's no mods yet that I know of. When I played it my setup allowed me to kill the final boss in 1 turn with 5 tech priests and a squad of skitarii vanguards.


Besides Chaosbane and a game based on Necromunda from the devs of Mordheim the landscape for Warhammer games is barren.

a4e4d5  No.16210405

File: 224b121126f6245⋯.jpg (104.25 KB, 533x756, 533:756, the codex autistartes does….jpg)

Were Relic the only ones able to pull off a good 40K game and entirely by accident?

There hasn't been a really good 40K that wasn't just by some shit shovelware developer

f15794  No.16210408

File: 2f50757cc093d12⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.97 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1436147413963.webm)



5a8052  No.16210619


Space Hulk Death Wing was good

f1f622  No.16210690


>tfw the parts of Space Marine where you get the really cool jumpjets are few and far between and are often removed with retarded "I can't go in with those" throwaway lines, like the orks spent days cleaning out their base and jumpjetting would mess up the place

tfw missed the free space marine giveaway and now I can't play the multiplayer without shelling out for it

e24f2e  No.16210700

File: d446a102796777a⋯.jpg (177.3 KB, 1200x1384, 150:173, chaosbane.jpg)



At least they had to balls for some banther.

fd77b9  No.16210716


where did that h come from slava?

e24f2e  No.16211238


I had some spares lying around and thought I got slip one in cheeki breeki like.

81370d  No.16212450

If Warhammer Fantasy players had just done what Games Workshop told them to do and let Chaos win the Storm of Chaos, could we have avoided Age of Sigmar?

42d097  No.16212631


nah, killing WFantasy was one of the final 'fuck you's of a tyrannical CEO that GW had been trying to oust for ages

it's why they were so fucking shit and getting worse for a while then sudden started by slightly less shit recently

64abf0  No.16212651


Did you even read the thread?

>hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

3f1ff2  No.16213011

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's awesome in the sense it's one of the 40k games that truly captures the spirit of the lore at large.

It's less awesome because it's piss easy even though it's a decent nu-Xcom clone.

It gets a pass because in lore tech-priests dedicated to that sort of jobs (the Auxilia Myrmidon, that are pretty much the bodyguards of a Fabricator) are basically one man armies (while the skitarii are their meat shields which is properly reflected in game) to the point it's openly stated that they can take on anything short of a titan, just as nothing short of a titan can probably kill them.

There wouldn't be many even under a Magos (typically it would be 1 to 3, you get 4 of the fuckers = even a necron tomb is a picnic).

And the music is some next level clang.

ffb5a7  No.16213064

File: 77df94ca7f178d9⋯.jpg (26.21 KB, 265x377, 265:377, Warhammer_40000_Space_Mari….jpg)

I wish we had gotten that space marine trilogy relic was apparently planning, I was going to ask thq nordic if they ever thought about it but I missed the AMA.


I thought it was pretty good, I wish it was more replayable but its a good 17 hours of fun for me. Really do like how they try and show the mechanicus as mostly robotic but that some of them still have some empathy left in their robotic shells.


>Chaos won and destroyed the world

>somehow letting chaos win would somehow not destroy the world.

I am not sure i am following your thought process.

40f904  No.16213089

File: 4247c260929c444⋯.png (38.76 KB, 321x322, 321:322, 4247c260929c4445f28f847558….png)


>the music

And the voice acting binary pokemon sounds. Shit was cash and made me make bedroom eyes at my toaster.

42d097  No.16213146



Well fug. AdMech is probably my favorite 40k faction so if it does that right I guess I have to play it. I think I'll wait a few months and hope for some kind of patching or modding to correct the difficulty, though.

d11fd7  No.16213195

File: e332849c61c4db0⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Mechanicus was what convinced me to read the Priests of Mars omnibus. I fucking love Adeptus Mechanicus. The book also helped me foster an understanding and love for the Titanicus.

8bf53a  No.16213252


>Console trash

>At least it's not mobile xD

Yea, no. If I recall correctly they already have some retarded pre-order dlc scheme going too.

81677f  No.16213438


fucking #based

81370d  No.16213453


>I am not sure i am following your thought process.

I'm not sure of all the ins and outs of both events and why they decided to make AoS but Storm of Chaos seemed a lot less stupid then End Times and while I'm sure all the people who made AoS were around during Storm, they might have come up with something else if tasked to make it back then.

5de59a  No.16213481


based on what?

9d9215  No.16213683

File: 3e623ef3b2662fd⋯.webm (8.27 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Honour in Sacrifice.webm)


Just watched the Helsreach animation. Bloody good. Might check out some more of the audiobooks, because if they're this good I'm missing out on stuff.

a741d3  No.16214256

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's a great one:

05a8c3  No.16214324

File: 86a483e5613e8bb⋯.jpg (17.04 KB, 228x237, 76:79, keisari.jpg)

File: 23c2e8a42de4ffe⋯.jpg (57.34 KB, 526x299, 526:299, 20190307111834_1.jpg)

Been cleansing the Segmentum Obscurus from xenos and heretics, and been having some fun doing the Emperor's service.

However, it seems that the enemy AI is worse, at least in some parts, than in Armada 1. I recall it being much more keen on avoiding aoe skills like plasma bombs and nova cannons, whereas in Armada 2 they seem to just ignore them entirely and take the hits.

It also seems to pick one target (possibly the first one they spot) and focus everything on it.

Also, someone help me decipher the exact meanings of the weapon icons on the ships.


<the type of the weapon (macro cannon, torpedo, macro turret etc.)

>white dots in the icon

<level of the weapon (light, [standard], heavy)

>number under the icon

<number of the weapons on the ship?

<per side of the ship (for battery weapons) or total?

>number of attacks (in the stats)

<per weapon or the whole set indicated by the icon

So a heavy macro battery with a number 2 under the icon and 4 attacks fires (from one side) 2, 4 or 8 projectiles?

2ba03f  No.16214361


The number is total number of that weapon on the ship. The stats are per weapon, so if you fire the macro battery, you fire four projectiles. It is at least honest with the Imperium's weapons; the xenos ships are much more questionable. Necron lightning guns do not have 100% accuracy, despite the weapon stat screen saying that they do at any range, unless I am misunderstanding how armor works in this game. Pulsars still do not only fire one projectile, they fire in bursts. Eldar are also immune to lightning strikes if their holo/shadowfields are up; which their loading screens blatantly lie about.


Yes, they still have the issue with the AI ramming their own ships at the start of a battle if it is playing as anything that will remain stealthed despite the speed boost. Nids and Eldar will fucking murder their own out of stupidity right at the start of the battle and every single time I end up checking my ships because I think I fucked up. Despite it being featured in their intro for the campaign, Orks are apparently not as stupid about killing their own on accident.

f1f622  No.16214380


They aren't really. Sure something like The Last Church has excellent voice acting but the book itself is trash.

95d33a  No.16214621


>killing their own by accident.


05a8c3  No.16214759

File: 99badd5f890d3f2⋯.png (249.39 KB, 654x599, 654:599, eversor cunt punt.png)


On your best behaviour, everyone. The Ordo Grammaticus has its ever vigilant eye on us.

56d6f7  No.16214822

File: 46580276de46a56⋯.webm (5.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Holy decree.webm)


Praise be!

3dc6fb  No.16215109

OK GW you fucks, I know you're in this thread so here's an idea for a game.

You follow Corvus Corax's exploits throughout his life, from his sneeki breeki shit on Deliverance, to his tactical espionage action in the great crusade and his phantom pain during and after the heresy, and finally his warp daemon shenanigans in the warp hunting his brothers.

It's not vidya but are there any lewds about Konrad Kurze's "final moments"?

cac6fd  No.16215231


>buy dlc to play old maps again

Back to ubersreik all over again, fucking great.

For second there I got hopeful but they're just so out of ideas arent they?

1d3cf3  No.16215286


>lewds of Konrad Kurze's "final moments"

Assassins are pure, do not lewd them with traitor primarchs.

3dc6fb  No.16215356


Yeah, pure sluts.

8a49cf  No.16215620

File: 3c18eb43c0315b9⋯.jpg (39.62 KB, 240x239, 240:239, why must you remind me.jpg)

Chapter Master 2.0 when?

0be5f6  No.16215777

File: 0bf9bb6f650b756⋯.png (165.55 KB, 440x391, 440:391, pnfalwk5c09y.png)


>still good

as someone who 100% everything Cata, fatshark are retarded swedish faggots who catered to twitch fags and lost their actual core audience. They havent fixed the balance its still godawful as ever and they only just implemented shit that was working fine in the fucking alpha/beta (which ran better and had more shit in it than the final release mind you)

6a1431  No.16216002


Their balance greatly improved, but also did some retarded shit which negated their balancing decisions as well. I missed it when Saltspyre didn't have to reload brace of pistols, since it seems extremely unprofessional for a witch hunter captain to not have his flintlock pistols ready at all times. Also the random grunts that will just teleport behind you shit needs to go on legendary. I find it funny that they are making an even higher difficulty for more tryhards to circle jerk about, when legendary has plenty of bugs and issues that need to be resolved first before the devs focus on a harder difficulty. Legendary is pretty easy to grasp if you are not a retarded normal fag and understand the basic role of your class in your party. Also, fuck the RNG system. It's the worst fucking excuse I've ever seen for end game content. Here I am trying to get Kruber's veteran red halberd but have almost gotten everything else for classes that I never play.

eac145  No.16216043

>Vermintide 2

I like the simplicity of the wood cocksleeve.

Waystalker: What specials? What do you mean, meele?

Handmaiden: What hordes? Also give me purple drank so I can be sanic.

Shade: What Boss?

eac145  No.16216058


They did help the rng somewhat by making red items craftable. Takes 5 (I think) smelted reds though.

64cd90  No.16216826


>Chapter Master 2.0 has ceased all development. Flow on the Bay-12 Chapter Master thread (page 218) stated that they no longer have the time to work on it due to freelance work, afraid of GW lawyers, and his disdain that no one will play it if he doesn't make it "blatantly 40K related." Leaving anons to keep dreaming about the game ever being finished, and wondering which retard thought its a good idea to make forums for a plagiarized game in the first place.

83b3a3  No.16217183

File: cc12da033afc318⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 720x371, 720:371, send in the fifth wave.jpg)

File: 964d0da620f59d0⋯.jpg (81.22 KB, 796x827, 796:827, mämmi sauna.jpg)

3dc6fb  No.16218846


>Blantantly 40k related

I'm convinced making it blantantly 40k related is a death sentence.

Templar Battleforce was kinda space hulk but not really, it was excellent and it shits all over all the official space hulk games.

aa592d  No.16220549

File: de36816a761ee7f⋯.jpg (257.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, BFG 2.jpg)

05a8c3  No.16220601

File: d87676317b022f1⋯.webm (4.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, adeptus pepe.webm)

Managed to fight off the Tyranid threat in the Imperial campaign. Boy howdy, that fight was really something. Lost a Space Marine admiral in a strike cruiser and an Armageddon battlecruiser. Probably would've been even worse if the Space Marine fleet hadn't arrived

da64c9  No.16220628

File: 7929be5e0e9e75f⋯.jpg (227.16 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, vermintide_2_witch_hunter_….jpg)


Vermintide 2 Got an Anniversary Event Update.

Limited time painting for the next 10 days and a special time locked level.

The new level is: You get mad drunk with the lads and kill rats

5d68ad  No.16220643


space hulk on sega saturn is great

1b1c9e  No.16220766

File: a3763e5acb98f75⋯.webm (1.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, YAMERO.webm)


>Massive battles for singleplayer

<Only after april.

REALLY, TINDALOS? FUCK THIS SHIT, this should be either at launch or weeks after the release. why the hell Tindalos struggle to do this…

6a1431  No.16220988


Yes, they are craftable but you don't get the cosmetic illusion for them which is fucking stupid. The only way you can get the red illusions is if you craft them with the Borgenhaffen DLC or find them by rng chance. I have over 300 hours dumped into the game and still haven't gotten a veteran halberd or 2h mace for kruber, but gotten plenty of shitty illusions for classes that I never play nor ever will.

0aa3b1  No.16221803


Prophets of Waaagh. http://rgho.st/6xHz9bSsL webm, I cant be fucked to compress it.

2ba03f  No.16223281


And an announcement for the competitive season prior. I've heard that multiplayer is dead already as well. It isn't surprising since they pigeonholed most of the factions into a few good ways of fighting without too much variation.

d95fe6  No.16223423

So outside of diablo clone and BFA2 still getting patched to being an actual game, what 40k vidya is there to look forward to?

Even Not-40k stuff like Templar Batleforce or whatever.

God damn a lot of /tg/ material would be excellent vidya. I would kill for an Infinity stealth game.


Would you happen to have a higher quality rip of the track?


Children of the Omnissiah is such a great track, god damn. I wish it were longer.

f12336  No.16223428

Am I the only one who likes Mordheim ?

989a05  No.16223439


Got the soundcloud but don't know if there's a FLAC of it.


ffb5a7  No.16223442

File: f4f7292e599d130⋯.png (157.5 KB, 862x651, 862:651, Chaos jews.png)


I mean there is DLC for Total warhammer probably soon, whenever they decide to make TW 3 it might be darklands so I am looking forward to it.

d95fe6  No.16223660

File: 82e366159c72436⋯.mp4 (340.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, NTB.mp4)


>Total Wawa

d95fe6  No.16223675


Doesn't change the fact CA are a garbage developer.

d95fe6  No.16223691


It's still not that good anon.

Dear god why is mediocrity okay if it's Warhammer? Sure it's not Eisenhorn but it's a 6/10, maybe a 4/10 depending on the person's mood you're talking to.

5063dd  No.16223694


Anyone? Would be good to only have to install second game instead of installing both fiagirls repacks.

d95fe6  No.16223725



Gameplay wise WaWa sucks.

>AI is still braindead and kamikaze's their general into your troops because they have nothing better to do and end up getting routed after the general is dead

>Killing generals in the long haul is kind of pointless since they don't actually fucking die

>No naval warfare

>Sieges are a joke, no multi tier castles or objectives, no attacking from various fronts because you only get to berserk rush the frontal 5% of the castle's gate and call it a day, not even seeing your castle inbattle with all its upgrades and shit

>Not a single fucking improvement or new mechanic besides the worthless gear and magic system

It's garbage and I haven't seen a single arguement for it otherwise, it's usually just OMG IT'S WARHAMMER AND IT'S NOT COMPLETE POOPOO SO 10/10 SLANEESH FUCK MY ASS PLEASE.

Fuck me I hate CA so goddamned much.

d95fe6  No.16223733


Yeah man shitty AI is a design decision.

5063dd  No.16224446

I tried the total wawa games before, and I played one campaign for each game (dwarfs and Lizardmen), using some recommended mods, and altough had its fun, I only got the interest play them these times. Games campaigns are too long and its mechanics are somewhat rough and hard to master for me, and battles are too fast and its hard to follow what ots going on. Maybe its the age(not old but not on my prime anymore) and not having played total war games for a long time. But the Modern CA games have changed since medieval 2.

Is there any updated mod recommendation for pirated wawa games? And any guide or recommendation to play campaigns?

1b1c9e  No.16226606


Is not like the multiplayer wasnt important for the game to have longevity, and I had some fun with it, but Tindalos fucked the game at release (And many issues still not fixed), because they gave us an underworked singleplayer, which at the end people will play & talk more about. But yet they still are trying to put up a competitive scene for a game which still suffer for missing content, and not polished singleplayer.


That guy is wrong, cant blame him due to his bluepillediness. Skaven are top jew race in WHFB.


Damn, I forgot about that game, although i wanted to try it. Now I will play it when I can. How it is? Anything to say about it?

da64c9  No.16227485

File: ed47f07d3e13052⋯.jpg (51.74 KB, 423x320, 423:320, 22105529310l.jpg)

File: 935013435d29010⋯.png (108.24 KB, 266x280, 19:20, Eternal Dwarf.png)


>AI is still braindead and kamikaze's their general into your troops because they have nothing better to do and end up getting routed after the general is dead

Well I was playing Steel Faith the other day and the opposite of this happened. Malagor the Dark Omen kept kiting around my Infantry and I was only able to pin him with Gyrocopters.

>Killing generals in the long haul is kind of pointless since they don't actually fucking die.

Only legendary lords and lords over level 20. It would be kind of stupid If LLs like could be sniped through early game cheesing,

>No naval warfare.

Naval combat would be very cool, but I doubt it could be done proper justice inside the current development schedule they have set for themselves.

>Sieges are a joke, no multi tier castles or objectives, no attacking from various fronts because you only get to berserk rush the frontal 5% of the castle's gate and call it a day, not even seeing your castle inbattle with all its upgrades and shit

True, Sieges are pitiful in WaWa.

>Not a single fucking improvement or new mechanic besides the worthless gear and magic system.

Patently false. WaWa has loads of new features that improve the game:

Battlefield improvements:

1. Flying

2. massively improved gunpowder weapon ballistics

3. Large monsters.

4. Best Cavalry charging physics.

5. You call the magic system worthless but it's actually extremely fun. Summoning units in the back lines for disruption and calling down huge fireballs of death is worthless? Sounds like your just bitter.

Campaign Improvements:

1. Large variety of building trees and tech trees for each faction.

2. Land Corruption.

3. The Late game Chaos Invasion makes the flow of the campaign much better.

4. Building Landmarks that can greatly impact your entire empire.

5. Whenever large armies fight to the death they leave a large pile of corpses. Undead factions can then go over to these battlefield graveyards and raise huge amounts of undead units from them.

6. Dwarfs and Skaven can tunnel using the underway to bypass obstacles on the surface.

7. Questing for gear with hundreds of voice acted quest battles give the legendary lords the characterization they very much deserve.

>It's garbage and I haven't seen a single arguement for it otherwise,

I have a huge lists of things I want to see implemented as well, but to call it garbage is disingenuous. Maybe you would be able to see the arguments if they weren't getting deleted all the time.


If you think Wammer heads are bad you should just look at the anime fandom, they unironically spend $100's on gatcha shit then matsurbate to it.

Compared to most fandoms, Warhammer fans tend to have high standards, both 40k and fantasy.


>Is there any updated mod recommendation for wawa?

I use Steel Faith Overhaul, Mixu's LL Mods Compilation - SFO, [HN] banner overhaul, Mr. Festis's climate tweaks, all the Big GCCM mods, all of Dryains reskin mods, and a bunch of others.

I would highly recommend Steel Faith, especially if you like playing Dwarfs. The mod completely revamps the grudge system and makes it so that you have starting grudges against the Elves and Skaven.

For example one grudge is to hunt down Malakith and give him retribution for betraying his oaths to the dwarfs. It's very satisfying slowly hunting down all the people who the dwarfs have a grudge on and retaking each lost Dwarf hold.

da64c9  No.16227528


Download the version with the faction you want to play.

Balance that out with the factions you want to fight.

For example you want to have Empire of Man vs Tomb Kings then you'll need to get both.

Overall I'd say the second game has some good balance changes and QoL improvements but it's still extremely similar to the first.

The Second game is more like a Expansion Pack than a new game tbh, though the Game 2's vortex campaign does have an over arcing story to it so you may find it's single player more fun.

1b1c9e  No.16227891


If you play it pirated, then you only need the second game to play Mortal Empires Campaign. Besides, there is Crysus faction unlocker mod anyways.

05a8c3  No.16227966

File: 38fd9c27e756e11⋯.jpg (68.75 KB, 676x432, 169:108, happy guardsman.jpg)

>mfw big bad necron leader gets taken out at full health by a giant asteroid

The ork titans were also super weak. They wouldn't even need to infight and that mission would be easy peasy.

1b1c9e  No.16228742

So I tried to mod Total Wawa 2 non-Steam, and following Sky mods instruction, I placed the .pack files on the data folder of the game folder; And then created user.script.txt in C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer2\scripts. And in here I wrote:

mod steel_faith_overhaul_2.pack (Mind you I got this mod directly from steam workshop downloader and not from skymods)

mod alternatelighting.pack

mod @less_blood.pack

mod @settlementchange.pack

mod better_campaign_camera.pack

mod new_lore_friendly_climates.pack

I tried two times by one with quotation marks, and now without them. But it doesnt looks that it works. What did I wrong?

b00207  No.16228818

File: 5a663686204a809⋯.gif (210.91 KB, 352x200, 44:25, 5a663686204a809d24af6cb0dc….gif)

>Vermintide 2

So have those swedish niggers actually fix the shit that broke when they came out of beta or what? They've only had an entire fucking year to fix basic shit like half the ability trees. Or are they still wasting their time with their retarded twitch streamer gamemode that nobody fucking played and stealth nerfing shit while making the spawn director even more braindead.

Fuck the development cycle of the game pissed me off. For the first few months it was like they did everything in their power to break and nerf everything they had working in beta. Now I can't decide whether to reinstall to see what the fuck they've done with it now, or just forget about it and let it rot.

2d141b  No.16229448


> Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

>OS: 64-bit Windows 7, 64-bit Windows 8 (8.1) or 64-bit Windows 10

>Processor: Intel Core i3 with minimum 3.30 GHz (if the GHz is lower than 3.30 12 GB RAM is required)

>Memory: 8 GB RAM

>Graphics: 2GB ATI Radeon HD 7970, 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or better

>Storage: 8 GB available space

>Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card

< 12GB

dafuq is this game so demanding? Is there anyway to tone down particle effects or whatever to make it playable under toasters?

2ba03f  No.16229574


Yeah, they are adding in components that were promised in the advertising.

786577  No.16230235


>hunting down Malekith

in which in the end he was forgiven by White Dawi in the End Times and now BFF

d95fe6  No.16230359

Can a woman get impregnated by a Space Marine's geneseed?

f12336  No.16230363


>Now I will play it when I can. How it is? Anything to say about it?

I really like it, 800+ hours bit apart from me and a few mutants on steam no-one selse seems too

It's really unforgiving, it will rape you in fights to start with and all injuries are permanent, no save games.

It's kinda like a more individual Warhammer X-Com, give it a shot, you might be the 8th person that likes it.

1b1c9e  No.16230451


I feel you, anon. I played the hell out of the game at launch too, and everytime Fatshark went full retard on balance, it was painful. I played it until august, and in february I have gone back to the game+DLC. Its much better now, although Fatshark cant still be dumb, and with the incoming expansion, imagining how they could fuck the balance up again, I shivers by thinking about it.


Not posible, at least in theory. Maybe it old lore it was possible, but now it shouldnt be.


Thanks, anon.

2f8f9d  No.16230535


"The Last Church" short story disappointed me immensely. Fedora Atheist-tier arguments against religion made the Emperor sound a lot dumber than he should. In "The Master of Mankind", he only used the fact that faith tends to attract warpspawn bringing honeyed words and poisonous pacts. He was portrayed better.

However, I don't care for the fact that they're going for the "The Heresy was going to happen because of the Emperor's machinations (answering what he was going to do with most of the Legiones Astartes after the Great Crusade ended) it just happened too soon thanks to Chaos" route.

1b1c9e  No.16230547

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fatshark had recently released a video celebrating Vermintide 2 anniversary, using miniatures to create a Vermintide montage. Really cool for their part, to be honest…But that must have costed a shitload of money. I miss Fantasy tabletop, and this miniatures of the Five of Ubersreik are really well done

d95fe6  No.16230572

File: 4f06938683940be⋯.png (15.73 KB, 201x240, 67:80, Magical Realm.png)

So what could make a decent portrayal of a space marine in a non-RTS game? Personally I'm not really a fan of Relic's Space Marine for a multitude of reasons, mainly centered around how it takes the Binary Domain route to action where EXTREME HANDHELD CAMERA SHAKING happens on just about every action you do, and the generic TPS player character must feel like ass to move around dick move every AAA company pulls nowadays.


It needs an entirely different breed of writer than what you will find writing for a 40k novel to portray well. I'd say even as a ha-ha joke podcast the Emperor TTS was leagues better than the actual book.


That's actually really nice.


But what if, hypothetically, one of the missing primarchs was a giant, big tittied amazon and the emperor intended for her and her legion's tactics to be snu-snu and also give them the ability to birth space marines?

Pic unrelated of course.

a428ef  No.16230584

Why cant we get a proper 40 mmo? Did dark millenium really die for eternal crusade?

Eternal crusade is a imbalanced shitshow but i play it from time to time.

91286f  No.16230651

File: 46c5808daf37af0⋯.png (195.07 KB, 398x1019, 398:1019, 001 (2).png)


You're missing semi-colons after each entry. Quotes are required. If you're using the latest wawa then CA's done something to completely fuck over modding. I'm guessing they're gonna move Total War to their own storefront soon.


Just the second is fine.

5063dd  No.16230676


Post an example, please? And tell me more how they fucked modding. Im using fitgirl latest repack by the way.

91286f  No.16230771

File: 1bf795669d56a1b⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1497x961, 1497:961, Untitle.png)


mod "steel_faith_overhaul_2.pack";
mod "alternatelighting.pack";
mod "@less_blood.pack";
mod "@settlementchange.pack";
mod "better_campaign_camera.pack";
mod "new_lore_friendly_climates.pack";

Remember also to make sure the mods you're using are for the patch you're using. Sometimes they'll work, others they won't appear at all or cause CTDs.

Pic related is their new launcher. It also came with an update to their mod-manager which somehow makes it shittier than it already was.

8d6b8a  No.16230793

I tried playing Warhammer 2 a while ago but it had really shit performance compared to Warhammer 1. Was this fixed?

1b1c9e  No.16230876


Thanks, it works now, except the Steel Faith 2 Grimmhamer one, and maybe where I got it is wrong, but thing is that the mod isnt available right now in Skymods, and not sure if I should just get each compiled mod installed individually. Where to get SFO: Grimmhammer then?

5063dd  No.16231223

File: b076e3dd79edd04⋯.webm (14.89 MB, 852x480, 71:40, Warhammer_Vermintide_2_On….webm)

Fatshark have made, to celebrate Vermintide 2 anniversary, a video using a massive montage of Vermintide using miniatures.

618543  No.16231345


>"The Heresy was going to happen because of the Emperor's machinations (answering what he was going to do with most of the Legiones Astartes after the Great Crusade ended) it just happened too soon thanks to Chaos"

Something about that tells me this makes the Heresy make less sense than before. But I don't want to think about trying to explain it because I might unironically go insane a little. It sounds like someone is trying way, way, way too hard to bring "life" and "depth" to a science-fantasy world made for edgy adolescents and young adults.

d4936c  No.16231855


Somehow I think this theory is propagated by Aaron "Daddy issues" Dembski-Bowden

Black Library's Chaos fanboy extraordinaire.

Most every book he writes he goes out of his way to shit on the Emperor, the crowning example of this being Master of Mankind, where he has the Emperor do everything short of punting newborns and puppies in an effort to show what an asshole he is.

da64c9  No.16232071

File: 967bd5b6d16c1fb⋯.jpg (118.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PSDIfnIU23.jpg)


Fatshit are still retarded and the netcode is still flaming garbage.

They added paintings and such and have a limited time event going on right now, with time gated gear. So If there's anytime to reinstall it now would be the time.

Since realease, i'd say they added a functioning cosmetics system with the bogenhafen chests, but blocked it behind DLC. They completely axed the ranged meta by removing unlimited ammo exploits. They also buffed melee combat and fixed the Ice-skating enemies would keep doing. Oh yeah, and Rat Ogres are insanely hard now.

Netcode is still worthless though. Fucking hell, stop disconnecting me from the middle of games FatShark.

d95fe6  No.16232122


Having not bothered to go that far in the HH books because seriously they go to shit pretty quickly after like book 5 or some shit, do you mind going into more details

1c2eb3  No.16232220


Its a great book if you ignore fedora on Emperors head. But just for fun, imagine same conversation with Lorgar. No wonder he went heretic. Its surprising he did not went feral.

46bb45  No.16232264

>When you realize Tyranids are space Lizards

d4936c  No.16232273


Its been a while since i've read MoM so I apologize if my information is spotty.

The Emperor says that he never considered the Primarchs to be his sons and only lets them think of him as their father because it makes them easier to use. He doesn't even use their names when referring to them, only their number (Guilliman=13, Russ=6, etc.) Viewing them as weapons/tools instead of people. He also reveals that he plans to exert absolute control over humanity, as he knows about the Eldar and how Slaanesh was created and doesn't want a repeat of that. Its not so bad, if not for the fact that he ends up kicking the Custodian he was telling this to into the ruins of the human webway to be sodomized by daemons like a Bond villain disposing of an incompetent henchman. Really, its par for the course with how Emps has been portrayed in the past Aloof, monomaniacal in his pursuit of the betterment of humanity but it was the way he was portrayed that rubbed people the wrong way.

As mentioned before, the book was written by a major chaos fanboy with daddy issues.

ffb5a7  No.16232621


They're bugs not lizards though. I do agree 40k needs to reintroduce the slann and their saurus space marines.

46bb45  No.16232652


>Slann = Zoanthrope

>Spawning Pools

>Carnifex = Carnosaur

>Skinks = Termagant

>Saurus = Warriors

They even have spawn specific colouring on the same back/neck plating section.

1c2eb3  No.16232672


All xenos look the same to you?

496caf  No.16232676


>They completely axed the ranged meta by removing unlimited ammo exploits.

>Rat Ogres are insanely hard now.

Are we playing the same game?

d95fe6  No.16232678


They all have bolter holes in their bodies.

b371b3  No.16232772


Nothing I hate more in the game than the delay when you swing your weapon at a rat swarm and it takes half a second after hitting for the enemy to recoil back. I should probably have just played single player (or host), that probably would feel a hundred times better.

1b1c9e  No.16232784


I hate that too, and when playing Legend, that the typical single mob that appears behind you magically and goes NOTHING PERSONEL KID, and fucks you up. With these two thing, Legend difficulty is really punishing.

6fe5b6  No.16232956


> Fedora Atheist-tier arguments against religion made the Emperor sound a lot dumber than he should.

Is that because the arguments themselves were super weak and thus greatly weakened the character of the God Emperor? Or is it because any rejection of God(s) as a serious concept/explanation triggers you? There's a difference between poor writing that results from the author using weak justifications, and calling something dumb solely because it bothers you.

0aa3b1  No.16234086

File: 4a4b326e09e8b1c⋯.png (42.99 KB, 676x432, 169:108, 4141.png)


>triggered much emperor-fag?

>or triggered much religion-fag?

Go back to pakistan.

5c834b  No.16234709


Wew. If that’s the honest to goodness canon for the Big E, then it sounds like the Emperor is some kind of stand-alone Chaos god who wants to Chaos so hard that he blinks everything out of existence. It also suggests the Mechanicus is right when they say the Emperor is an incomplete manifestation of the Omnissiah, and the Omnissiah is the Imperium’s true god. And if the Imperium doesn’t want to believe becoming more Chaos than Chaos is the best way to defeat Chaos, then the only alternative is to become robotic-like thralls of varying soulnesses to masters who are important because they were born to be important. Much like real life.

850a65  No.16234815


Rat Ogres hard? they're the easiest boss to fight and kill out of the lot. The hardest to fight I find is the fucking Stormfiends. Not because they hit hard or because their attacks are unpredictable, but because they fucking CLIMB OVER EVERY FUCKING THING NOW. All those cunts are now is a delay tactic so another horde can spawn on you.

da64c9  No.16235404



>Rat Ogres hard?

Well for quick play, yeah. I've had countless times were random-que shitters keep getting wiped by them.

They hit you for 30 each hit and run faster than you. At high level play with a friend who can deal damage while you tank it, yes it is the easiest. The problem is soloing them.

When you are Tanking/dodging you don't really have much of an opening to counter attack them because they just keep constantly swinging their arms at you.

If you have shitter randoms who can't dodge then the Ogre will just run over and three tap each of them until only you are left.

The Rat Ogre doesn't give you easy openings to deal enough damage on your own so you just get horde spawned and swarmed.

A Choas Spawn is easier to solo because it has a slow heavy attack that gives a wide window to punish it. Same with Bile Trolls.

Stormfiends are easy to solo, just lead them to an open area, side-step their fire, then smack the controller rat.

d4936c  No.16235668


It is the former, as mentioned in this thread, Alfabusa did a parody in TTS where the Emperor conjures up the same priest he argued with back then and tries using the same college freshman philosophy tier arguments he did back then, only to be countered because the priest had used the past ten thousand years to actually study theology In the warp, he became a Chaos worshiper.

de7c3c  No.16235835


Too bad nobody plays it anymore.

Was a load of fun running around doing orky shit.

>get nerfed every other patch

>still win most of the matches due to constant banter and laughs

Morale really does wonders

809f3b  No.16238603

Are the X of Mars books actually good or do they get a free pass because Mechanicus lads are cool?

Which are the best 40k books?

Do they have an audiobook format?

God damnit they had to burn the Admech in vidya on an X-Com clone, this sucks. Do GW execs have zero idea what the fuck video games are? Where's my fucking Raven Guard vidya?

68419e  No.16238628


Well, if it was quick play I can see why. The amount of absolute retards that join from that is astounding. Mind you, the only time I have the misfortune to be stuck in QP is during the weekly events seeing as Fatshark refuses to let you host those privately for whatever reason. I only ever play private Legend with a friend of mine and that improved bot combat mod nowadays as letting anyone who isn't a friend into a game is a disaster waiting to happen.

d11fd7  No.16238769


The Forges of Mars series is very well written and quite engaging if you’re a fan of admech. Dan Abnett wrote some good 40k books and others are misses, but not terribly so. Ciaphas Cain is a good read, I hear, but I haven’t read them myself.

Also, Mechanicus is a good game. The only problem is that it’s easy, but Kirby games are easy and yet they’re beloved by all.

4c0544  No.16239426

is vermintide 2 worth it as a single player game?

0f713a  No.16239434


Its a coop multiplayer game, and thousands still play it, so its not death. Altough you can pirate it, and bots do the job not bad, so yes, you can try it.

697b83  No.16240608

File: edcb70d8a751cfe⋯.jpg (90.47 KB, 600x850, 12:17, morale restored.jpg)


>Which are the best 40k books?

<Titanicus by Dan Abnett

Recommended unconditionally.

<Gaunt's Ghosts series by Abnett

The third book, Necropolis, is especially great in my opinion, although I've liked the entire series.

<Ciaphas Cain series by Sandy Mitchell

More humorous and has a different tone, though not in a negative way.

<Eisenhorn series by Dan Abnett

Liked them way more than the (independent) sequel Ravenor books.

I just recently started reading the Horus Heresy series and the first two books have also been good. Come to think of it, I've not yet read a 40k (or 30k) book that I've seriously disliked. I'm sure I'll get around to those at some point.

60c539  No.16240870


Can I deny the holocaust and shit on niggers and Jews without getting banned?

1b1c9e  No.16241075

File: b028ffaa0293a18⋯.mp4 (2.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [confused_marble_man].mp4)



Well, I dont know why you should start showing your powerlevel to unknown people that might ban you because of it, but thats a given in these dark times. So better not do it.

b1a761  No.16241256


Your post is pretty much just all wrong.

All of its attacks can easily be dodged / blocked and half of them leave it vulnerbale for 1-2 heavy attacks to the head. It might be faster than you but it still stops to attack or if it doesnt then the attack is blockable.

The only thing you need to kill the rat ogre and spawn is space to dodge, but with other enemies you might not have that depending on the spawning location since they can deny large areas of ground with fire / puke. The spawn and rat ogre do nothing but try to hit you and all of them can be dodged / blocked.

If you cant dodge or block then I'm sorry but you're just trash at the game.

1b1c9e  No.16243798


>The hardest to fight I find is the fucking Stormfiends. Not because they hit hard or because their attacks are unpredictable, but because they fucking CLIMB OVER EVERY FUCKING THING NOW.

THIS. Stormfiends with their flame attack, armor, and their behavior to climb everywhere makes them now the hardest monsters in Vermintide 2. Chaos Spawns are still tough, but gone is its rule as biggest fucker in the game.

5847d0  No.16243839


Going to suggest Faith and Fire by James Swallow for that list. Gives the Sororitas some much due love

da64c9  No.16243911


Fatshark doesn't monitor the chat if that's what you're wondering. Best use voice chat to be safe though.

Your teammates might vote kick you if they are normalfags though.


>If you cant dodge or block then I'm sorry but you're just trash at the game.

I can dodge and block plenty. The problem is like you said; there's only an opening for 1-2 heavy attacks with Rat Ogre.

1-2 heavy attacks isn't enough damage to solo a boss quickly when all of your teammates just got wiped. You'll just get horde swarmed before you kill it.

Spawn has the big arm sweep attack which gives plenty of time for multiple hits after you dodge it. The Big Rat just thumps the ground then immediately goes back to thwacking at you.

I've solo-ed about two chaos spawns before, no problems. Rat Ogres are harder because they are quicker and unrelenting.

0f713a  No.16244031

Should I buy total Wawa 2 plus DLC and just Wawa 1? Because its now at sale, and altough not very wealthy, it wouldnt kill me, besides I pirate games generally. And althoug modern CA is shit, this would be the only moderm total war I would bough from them( I got older titles for heap a long time ago).

But thing is that +60$ is a big amount, and I think that for Mortal Empires you need also the DLC factions to play them on ME. And im not going to play multiplayer so im going into campaign (which I heard it has it issues), and skirmish.

But thing is that I love Warhammer, and if I should buy a game, migh as well be this one, too bad CA havent released complete pack yet of the games and ME requires EVERYTHING to have EVERYTHING on it….

36f827  No.16244101

FYI, you can… acquire… the Chaosbane beta easily right now. I gave it a try. Game is very obviously aimed at consoles and not the PC. It plays like I'd expect the console version of Diablo 3 to play on a PC with M/KB, i.e. badly. The menus are absolute garbage, lots of pathfinding errors with the mouse, the force attack button is left alt and not left shift like it would be in any normal game. Otherwise it looks and sounds alright though but getting the look of a Warhammer game right is pretty fucking easy with all the source material around.

Basically this is going to be like a PC port of Champions of Norrath or those console Baldur's Gate games.

36f827  No.16244107


Buy WaWa2 base and unlock all the DLC with cream_api.

36f827  No.16244118

File: 9b6f43301acea4f⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1688x995, 1688:995, muhuntsouls.png)

Here's an example of the stash UI.

0f713a  No.16244181


Does that works, and I will use mods after this? And if yes, then I can just get Wawa 2, or maybe just the two vanilla games?

36f827  No.16244193


WaWa2 already contains all files for all DLC so you get the full game. You also earn achievements for stuff you don't have so maybe make your Steam profile private.

0f713a  No.16244264


>requires login to obtain the file.

Fuck this. No way to obtain file?

eb95c0  No.16245337

File: 2fa6dc915f17dbe⋯.jpg (155.16 KB, 519x721, 519:721, Emperor_blackwhite.jpg)



It really makes one wonder if the old back story to the Emperor is no longer cannon and the Emperor is really some kind of DAoT bio-construct or something. Maybe he's the last of the Men of Gold.

9165f9  No.16247908


It's been stated multiple times that the Emperor "has no face", because his psychic might automatically presents people with what they want to see in him. It might very well be that in that particular scene, recounted by a tech priest, the Emperor simply appeared as the hyper-pragmatic scientist a tech priests would want to see in him.

3841a1  No.16247945


I enjoyed the skiitari book duo, and am currently reading the salamander omnibus which seems pretty great also.


Which authors are considered best in the black library? I've just been picking books that pique my interest.

81370d  No.16248268


The combined map from owning both games is the best way to play it, since the races from 2 are better designed with more interesting mechanics and all current and future updates they have done to the 1st races to bring them up to par have only been applied to the combined map.

aa592d  No.16248274


Better off Anon waits for Total War Warhammer III pack or something years later since the game is a Thrilogy and holy shit the DLCS

370ca8  No.16248317

File: 61725a4cfcac298⋯.jpeg (26.55 KB, 344x344, 1:1, 61725a4cfcac298f6bd226187….jpeg)


>Called Winds of Magic

>No new wizard heroes

>You are never going to conjure chain lightning and fry them rats, or summon comets from the sky and squish them

1b1c9e  No.16248813


This. Even at sale, the price to buy both games at full is too high. Hell, even one game plus all DLC is really high when not at sale. CA went really full kike when pricing total Wawa, and there isnt no definitive version of TotalWawa 1 yet! And you need it plus DLC to play full ME, for fucks sake. Better pirate at the moment, and use Skymods to get the mods, and maybe if CA bother to pack the games full in a better priced pack, then maybe buy it. But until that, dontvwaste more money than needed.

9165f9  No.16248846


Again, you can unlock all the DLCs and factions from WaWa1 with cream_api. Full workshop integration and cheevos. If anyone wants to have the game on Steam in the first place.

1b1c9e  No.16248894


But where to get it? And are you sure there will not be any problems using it? Call me paranoid, but I havent heard about this until now, and so im suspicious about it, just like the other anon.

ffb5a7  No.16248909

File: a716aab84e033d7⋯.jpg (152.41 KB, 800x509, 800:509, brettonian knights.jpg)


>New heroes

I still want a brettonian paladin as a hero.

aa592d  No.16248957

File: 6aa22da4aa369bc⋯.png (205.74 KB, 738x277, 738:277, Rework Hint.png)


CA hinted on the Bretonnian Rework

INB4 Its Undead Bretonnians since they love Vamps for some reason

ffb5a7  No.16248978


>mousillon as playable faction with the red duke and his undead brittonian knights.

I would play it, I too love vampires.

9165f9  No.16249456


Then it would be a black grail, now would it.


Im using it and never had any issues. Again, put Steam on private to make sure.

618543  No.16249689


>The Emperor is on a quest to unite all of mankind under one Universal truth.

>But apparently doesn't care enough to enforce a standard on something simple like his appearance and allows the creation of multiple "truths" regarding his identity.

I dunno, anon. Sounds pretty Tzeentch-y to me.

1b1c9e  No.16250137

File: 9dee3c141d44fde⋯.jpg (200.54 KB, 1132x637, 1132:637, 1132px-Knights_Encarmine2.jpg)


Why tought? the five of Ubersbriek are perfectly placed in the game, even when divided into three classes each of them. Sienna is a good character, and being anything except a fire wizard wouldnt be the same; Besides, fire is perfect to burn the Skaven, and the other schools of magics are more supportive or less direct than the Radiant school anyways.


Kruber Foot Knight does the job even if its in imperial style, with full plate armor instead of heavy mail.



Havent tested it, but there is a mod of Mousillon in Wawa games.

9165f9  No.16250841


He already fucked up by taking up the mantle of Omnissiah, so…

7e0ad0  No.16252159


Is that hard to make PC controlls not suck? Even if it were a console port, that doesnt excuse givind shit default controlls on PC, like in Nioh.

But is a least the game itself good or not shit? Maybe there is hope that it will not be shit.

95e4be  No.16252209

File: c036c21b1365019⋯.jpg (118.89 KB, 400x400, 1:1, blizzard.jpg)

File: 5f02cab8e822699⋯.jpg (266.69 KB, 900x900, 1:1, chain-lightning.jpg)


Just find it weird that an expansion with a title related to magic does not come with more actual magic. Celestial school, while not as combat oriented as Bright school, it still has an arsenal of fun spells to offer. Like razor hail from the skies, good old chain lightning and lightning bolt, a comet drop, etc.

1b1c9e  No.16252697


Well, I have just reinstalled the game to go back to Wawa 2, and I even unsuscribed all previous mods before, I recently updated my GPU drivers, and after putting all mods there, I activate them, and then start game. I t goes well…except the mods dont work/activate! I bothered to put UI Modding framework, Community framework, and Grimhammer SFO 2 mod at the first places, but they still dont appear on the game. Why dont they work, and how to activate them? This launcher is fucking shit, and I cant see the improvement over the old one.

1b1c9e  No.16253013


Nevermind, I fixed it, I had a custom file that blocked the mods on the game data.

134489  No.16256619


This is the beta so maybe they'll change it on release (lol yea as if) but these PC controls simply tell me the devs don't understand PC gaming. Neither do Nips, hence why their PC ports are always ass.

134489  No.16256627


Care to explain in detail? I got the same issue with certain mods not loading despite being activated in the launcher. That thing is a fucking mess and despite "reworking" it it STILL looks like absolute ass.

c5011f  No.16256675


Did you played pirate version, and used mods? If yes, delete the script.txt or whatever file Skymods said to make you had to make it work again.

e24a1d  No.16256792


>Come to think of it, I've not yet read a 40k (or 30k) book that I've seriously disliked. I'm sure I'll get around to those at some point.

Emporer by Gav Thrope.

I managed two pages and not I'm wondering if I burn it or not. Admec gets special pronouns.

That's what I get for not opening the fucking thing before I but it

85b0af  No.16256851


>Admec gets special pronouns.

Like what? bleep/bleepbloop/BRRRRRRTTTTTT?

e24a1d  No.16256945


I don't have the english version, but a character on the very first page has apparently Ve/Vir/Vis pronouns. After reading some comments on the book it seems that even fucking servitors get pronouns. Because lobotomized fleshbots have a personality I guess.

I dropped it so early because apart from annoying it was just plain confusing. The guy was adressed with "Sier" in my version and I just kept reading that as a name.

1b1c9e  No.16257025

How do I get gud at Wawa 2 campaigns (Moded with stuff like SFO2 and other shit)? Im experienced in games like TW Medieval 2 & Rome, but Wawa are different for me, and not first time making canpaign, it was long ago, and was unmoded, and had its struggle, at least a the beginning. Any guide or formula to follow? Should I play in Hard mode, or is normal difficulty with the mods good without being easy?

49f7ae  No.16257177

Why is Eternal Crusade so bad?

85b0af  No.16257234

File: 93c4bc1795ffcc6⋯.jpg (52.13 KB, 289x346, 289:346, fukn heresy.jpg)

477690  No.16257262

File: 4933250172742c5⋯.jpg (441.15 KB, 1383x800, 1383:800, droolingretardsandXarl.jpg)

File: 2e058df1637ccef⋯.jpg (708.83 KB, 2002x1308, 1001:654, 639d28b517ee70e340162f1df5….jpg)



Aaron Dembski Bowden is my favorite. Some dislike him for humanizing Chaos, but I think it works really well.

I'm really just shilling for the Night Lords trilogy, it's got a couple human slaves of the NL as major characters, and the interplay between them and their masters is one of the only storylines I can think of in 40k depicting the interaction of humans and marines (particularly CSM.)

He doesn't just write Chaos propaganda, Cadian Blood is a standalone Guard book, above average in my opinion, and a lot of people who come into 40k literature gravitate towards Guard stories because of the human factor.

2ba03f  No.16257359


Git gud at battles. The game is heavily focused on that and economy takes a back seat. Yes, you need the money to upgrade, but you can get a lot of money from battle loot. As long as you can keep your losses to a minimum, you should generally come out ahead.

134489  No.16257551


The recent BL novels have all been utter shit. The AdMech one is straight up unreadable due to the pronoun shit and other books are just fetish wank fests now.

134489  No.16257564


It depends on what exactly you're struggling with. The old formula of tank and flank still applies, various factions just differ in the execution.

c41db9  No.16257579

What's the deal with Dawn of War 2? Will all I will be doing is setting up heavy bolters to suppress while my tactical muhreens/scouts flank?

e24a1d  No.16257603


I read the first two since the space puppy one looked interesting but it's #7 in the series and quite liked the second since it's all about the Sisters of Silence and the Custodes. Primaris are only mentiones at the and, on the side and not even by name. Also has some terra politics. Nice read overall.

822c6e  No.16257650


Basically. It was fun seeing all the relics the blood ravens snag from other chapters.

134489  No.16257651


Titandeath has a (pregnant) female princeps have an orgasm while fighting in her titan.

49fce8  No.16257698




I've never tried it myself but autoresolving only is one technically viable way to dodge the entire battle mechanic. It means you play for numbers and economy rather than tactical skill but it makes the turns go by much faster.

134489  No.16257705


Tends to not work with the autoresolve in WaWa, its extremely swingy and overvalues certain units. A half-stack of lizardmen can take a full stack of Tomb King skellies.

2ba03f  No.16257712


What the fuck. Why?


The problem is that it misses a lot of things. For example, an entire army of feral dinosaurs is worth a lot more in battle compared to in auto-resolve because autoresolve does not take into account the effects of terror or dinosaurs throwing enemies around.

134489  No.16257729

da64c9  No.16258658

File: 935013435d29010⋯.png (108.24 KB, 266x280, 19:20, Eternal Dwarf.png)


SFO is a very hard core mod. In SFO economy matters way more than vanilla.

In SFO Archaon (and the other chaos armies) are absolutely STACKED and will roll whatever settlement is in front of them. So if you think the early game is hard just wait for the late game.

Your upkeep is going to be extremely high for most factions so you'll have to get mad income to be able to field your armies in SFO

Best way to do that is to use the most underused mechanic in the game. Raiding and sacking

Raiding gives you money and xp for your lords. Absolutely awesome way to level up your lords. For Orks it's almost essential to keep up fightyness.

A lot of players like to go for the land grab strategy were they go out conquering everything they see as fast as possible, not bothering to raid or sack settlements.

While land grabbing can pay off it comes with some detriments. Once you get a large amount of provinces Archaon will spawn early regardless of whether you are ready or not. Choas tides spawn at 30 settlements and Archaon spawns at 60 settlments.

So if you went out forging your empire by bullying the AI with cheap swordsmen, then congrats you conquered a lot of land, but Choas is here to fuck your shitty swordsmen in the ass.

Best way to play is basically this:

>Start out by securing your home region if you need to.

>Saturate your enemies with raiding and sack a few of their settlements.

>Let them rebuild then sack them again or occupy the settlement when you feel ready to expand.

>Level your lords mostly in the blue skill tree, upkeep reduction is a godsend. Doing quests is great.

>Expansion should be methodical, focusing on choke-point regions and regions with highly profitable resources like gold and diamonds.

>Take your time. Allow your nation to research technologies and develop your infrastructure. (Your capital should be focused on advanced military buildings.)

>If you're taking too many settlements too fast then just slow down. Keep up the raiding and try to intercept enemy armies when they are vulnerable.

>Once Choas Invasion starts Immediately move as many troops to prepare for your nearest threats.

Chaos invades in three directions. 1. From the North East Chaos Wastes through Kislev into the Empire. 2. From the Sea south of Ulthuan into the Southlands and Lustria. 3. From the Sea North of Ulthuan into Nagaroth and Ulthuan itself.

Prepare correctly and you shouldn't lose a single settlement to Chaos.

2d48cd  No.16258694

bbf21e  No.16258928

So who else is at the point that they've gotten tired of 40k and prefer Fantasy now?

c5011f  No.16259674


What is does have to do with warhammer?


You arent alone, anon. Wh40K is cool, but so does Fantasy(Fuck Age of Smegma). And with how GW is doing 40K after Gathering Storm, the quality of the setting have downgraded notably; Precisely because Fantasy is "dead", it mpre or less will stay the same.

c41db9  No.16259685


What's the 40k lore up to now that Guilliman is back anyways?

bbf21e  No.16260023


Girlyman woke up and in typical Ultramarine fashion, has taken front stage by introducing the Primaris space marines, which are to normal space marines what a normal space marine is to a normal human being.

Also he's mad that people have memed up the Imperium the way they did and is now heroically ultrasulking.

42ec48  No.16265131


ADB is one of the best writers for black library. I have not read those books but you describe the Emperor the way he was always implied to be once you got away from his pyschic glamour and the fact that most people reporting to him directly were kidnapped as babies and then brainwashed several different ways into being unable to see him as less than God.

42ec48  No.16265141



Really? I mean he's competant, but I swear every single story he does has the same plot arcs.

>Ciaphas Cain series by Sandy Mitchell

These books are bad and Burgers like them only because they don't know they are poor carbon copies of Flashman.


The ones I enjoyed the most by far were the Iron Warriors and Night Lord omnibus's. OH and the critical 15 hours is a must read.

2ba03f  No.16271643


Some of the new stuff is like a monkey's paw. Some good ideas, but the execution is horrid. Like a primarch comes back, but its Girlyman, and he goes into existential angst despite every human empire previously falling into corruption in some form. The massive scale of things also bothers me, but I've always had an issue with some of the things they were doing. A galaxy is a huge place, so having lots of small stories is something I considered a strength of the setting. Small scale compared to a galactic scale setting is still going to be huge, like the fate of worlds. You can create your stupid little generic marines that are the offshoot of some chapter, or some previously unknown craftworld, and it wouldn't make any waves because the setting is so massive.

5c705f  No.16271665


God, I hate meta lore. It’s the tabletop equivalent of video games’ walking simulators. It does nothing to enhance gameplay, and is a vehicle for assorted cringey autists to insert their political and sexual fetishes into a time slot which ought to be for getting away from the two aforementioned things. Any game’s flavor which does more than be like a 1:1 description of the game’s goal and mechanics is unintentionally inviting queers to be queers. Especially for a setting like 40k, where anything less than a dogmatic “Yes, sir. No, sir. Here’s how, sir.” etc. defeats the world’s setup. There is an exception of course to that which is freak fuel from its beginning. That being said, hurray for Dawn of War for still being alive enough to have a modding scene. A good 40k game with longevity from the perspective of an individual unit would be better. That’s what I have to say about that.

de9f5b  No.16271685


Non-cucks always preferred WHFB because it was the OG Warhammer and considered less kid-friendly even early on. :^)

1b1c9e  No.16272486

New patch for Battlefleet Gothic 2 is live. Any toughs? I didnt played the Necron & Tyranid campaigns at launch because I heard they were incomplete/bugged. Now after 3 patches and that Necrons have news ship and variants, are said campaigns playable now?

dd9f92  No.16272492


I do, but WHFB is fucking dead.

dd9f92  No.16272514

Man, despite all the ruckus, I'm glad Warhammer games are still good, really the best multimedia franchise out there.

Shame about Dawn of War 3 and CA eventually cucking Total Warhammer though, just wait (though if they ruin that, they destroy their whole fanbase).

1b1c9e  No.16272532


Its not death. You can still either play 8th edition or WH army project 8th/9th edition, and you can always do paper with units name if you dont have miniatures. And nevermind the setting is and will be used for videogames.


>CA eventually cucking Total Warhammer though, just wait (though if they ruin that, they destroy their whole fanbase).

This is what not few fear, if CA goes full retard on the Wawa team making the games. In any case, there are always mods to fix it, and dont forget the medieval 2 warhammer mod.

dd9f92  No.16272592


>Its not death. You can still either play 8th edition or WH army project 8th/9th edition, and you can always do paper with units name if you dont have miniatures. And nevermind the setting is and will be used for videogames.

Wonder how long that endures tbh.

>This is what not few fear, if CA goes full retard on the Wawa team making the games. In any case, there are always mods to fix it, and dont forget the medieval 2 warhammer mod.

Yeah, I don't see CA suddenly being good after their total fucking up of 3 Kingdoms.

I have more hopes of smaller devs for Warhammer strat games.

7f59d4  No.16272604


>The recent BL novels have all been utter shit.

Nearly everything BL put out has been shit.


The 40k "canon" ended before the Tau were introduced. The Tau is the point of no return and showed how creatively bankrupt GW was as it's just a blatant attempt to cash on the late 90's "anime" trend.

And that was in 2001.

You can cherry pick bits here and there, most of the stuff written by other than GW/BL (FFG) is typically ok but that's 40k expiration date, the further you go from it the shittier it gets.

dd9f92  No.16272613


Tau really isn't "anime" tbh, it's just chink.

You want anime, Eldar has been anime.

59edf2  No.16272669

I lost the post of the person discussing Total Warhammer.

Lizard men specifically Big Nig Lizard are completely fucked. The AI heavily weighs their unit during auto-resolve and even then saurus warriors are all you need.

You can get a 20 stack of saurus warriors and just melt through enemies.

Only things that give small issues is wood elves magic archers and dwarves artillery.

But in campaign its unlikely you will fight with either. I got so fucking tired of Total Warhammer 2 after trying to play skaven just constantly shit on by lizards.

7f59d4  No.16272707

File: be49a9e26d5e9e9⋯.jpg (88.4 KB, 500x662, 250:331, serveimage2.jpg)

File: a17010126ea61ea⋯.jpg (588.54 KB, 2841x1899, 947:633, serveimage.jpg)


Nah eldar are stylized in the typical french old school sci-fi (Druillet, Moebius), like most of 40k (or most of "iconic" sci fi license do, add the swiss Giger to the list and you have the 3 most ripped off artists of all times).

The tau openly have "mechs" instead of "power armor" that are all clearly not in the tone of the rest of the setting (and are extremely close to Gundam/Mechwarrior, etc… design wise) as a blantant attempt (that was actually fairly successful) to cash in on weeb merchs purchase which led to today "GAMES WORKSHOP" saying with a straight face that they're a figurine company, not a game company.

59edf2  No.16272729


Not going to lie I'm a figurine painter, I don't play the game but the recent changes in GW doesn't interest me.

After painting an ogre and beastmen army, I don't feel inspired at all to paint sigmarines or orcmarines.

The end times stuff was pretty cool too bad I didn't realize at the time what they were going to do with it.

1b1c9e  No.16273678

File: 43ead9efd6ebca3⋯.jpeg (32.17 KB, 500x600, 5:6, Eldar_Chinese_Beard.jpeg)




Eldar had a lot of inspiration from anime and japanese culture, while Tau is not just japanese stuff, but also chinese. But is a fact that the Tau were the "We want the weaboo/anime audience" faction. It is just too blatant about it.

fc7d40  No.16273752

Anyone got a download for Mark of Chaos? I've wanted to try it for years but never got around to it


>no naval warfare

>implying naval warfare in TW was ever good and not having it was a genuine improvement


My biggest gripe with ADB is his seething hatred of the Emperor, making him come off as a much more incompetent tyrant than he should hell I don't even like the Imperium, been a Chaosfag since damn near day one but Night Lords is my favorite warhammer trilogy; he did a great job at making the CSM human while still being monstrous


The thing about WaWa campaigns is that the strategy you use varies wildly depending on who your playings, one of the game's big strengths, but I'd suggest trying out the faction you're playing as in custom battle for a while before using them in campaign; try to figure out which units are good and which ones are trash will be a real good start for you


Because it made Rome 2 initial launch look smooth


The great thing about Fantasy getting blown up is that it cannot be raped anymore, 40k has been boring for a while now and its lack of good games haven't helped it at all




The good news is that the teams working on WaWa and Kangdumbs are separate, but that doesn't mean they can't completely drop the ball on 3

c5011f  No.16273934


>Anyone got a download for Mark of Chaos?

I want a link too to this, and also Man O`War Corsair link updated and all DLC.

f972e9  No.16273989


I've always preferred Fantasy. It's got tons of stupid shit, but has enough cool stuff for me to overall enjoy it. 40k is just pure stupidity to the point it gives me a headache.

fc7d40  No.16274122



Alright, found a working version over on IGG games, just remember to replace the game's executable with the one in the vitality folder

49fce8  No.16274255




Tau are also the "we want to be less grimdark" faction and are the only viable alternative for Humanity outside existence in the Imperium of Man; as one federated race among many. Only Chaos is more tolerant and diverse.

786577  No.16275132

File: 1b2f7cd34c75152⋯.png (63.82 KB, 1761x581, 1761:581, dead.PNG)

any anons playing BFG 2, we got new update

Tomb Kangz get new Ships



2ba03f  No.16275610



Starpulse wave, and lightning artillery guns. So pretty weak, but I am pretty sure the idea is that it is supposed to be near another ship and use the starpulse to destroy incoming fighters/bombers. Basically a dedicated escort for the GC they made, since most Necron ships want to be as close as possible to fuck people's faces in with lightning arcs, particle whips, and star pulse waves going off all at once.


Loses the starpulse wave and particle whips, but has a shit ton of lightning arc batteries. I think eight total. I guess the idea is long range support.


More focus on particle whips, and less emphasis on lightning arcs. Probably the only ship you aren't going to keep in the arc stance and instead in reload to fire the particle whips faster. Would be a good to combine with the upgrade that makes particle whip damage jump from ship to ship, but that is flagship only.


This ship looks like a fucking abomination. It is also their carrier. Four hangers, and some guns.

The emphasis seems to be on having ships that are less about closing in and alpha striking. Which is something that was questionable in the first place, since pretty much every short range fleet either has some emphasis on boarding, or throws out enough numbers that even if they don't, they manage to brute force it.

1b1c9e  No.16275911


So it affects much the necron gameplay, for good or for bad? And the campaign? I havent played necrons much, so im not sure how they played then & now.

fc7d40  No.16278067


Alright, the base game works fine but I cannot seem to install Battle March, whenever I use the installer it keep telling me it cannot find where Mark of Chaos is installed. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?

2ba03f  No.16279708


The only one I would use is the BC. Everything else has specific flaws or run completely counter to the upgrades they get in campaign. Kind of a bad idea to have a ship off to the side pulling an enemy towards it while the ships nearby are pulling it towards it. Particle whips help because they ignore shields and count enemy armor as reduced. The carrier kind of sucks because they only have fighter-bomber hybrids; so you can't use fighter screens to keep your bombers alive and thus use the bombers more than three times.

1b1c9e  No.16280323


>Everything else has specific flaws or run completely counter to the upgrades they get in campaign.

So its not even balanced for campaign? Fuking shit, is that hard for Tindalos not not fuck up the singleplayer, and fix it?

d66f59  No.16280366

File: dbcba423b37d0a2⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1393x851, 1393:851, 4141.png)

File: 76b7e03362ba4f0⋯.jpg (219.14 KB, 1310x940, 131:94, 0ClK6Wm.jpg)

File: 514c69be0b14c79⋯.jpg (126.65 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, jodorowskys_dune_images7_1….jpg)



>based on french comic book painters and scifi with implied asian cultures

>ended up as 1/3 arrogant pricks, 1/3 bdsm faggots, 1/3 clowns

1b1c9e  No.16283645


Thank god Jodorowskys Dune was never made. It makes David Lynch movie a masterpiece compared to that movie draft.

45ea78  No.16283665

File: 7717e1b6b7e5cd3⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 250x202, 125:101, 7717e1b6b7e5cd3629fbd9aeb9….jpg)

efa9c4  No.16283667



2d566a  No.16287336

File: 54ea8674b24ca91⋯.jpg (185.45 KB, 1080x938, 540:469, angry metal skelebones.jpg)

I finished the Imperial campaign in BF:GA2 and started the Necron one. Man, they feel so unsatisfying in comparison. No more big fat broadsides or torpedo volleys, instead I'm firing zappyguns once in a millenium hoping for criticals so they'd actually do some damage.

Hopefully the bigger ships have more potential. Or maybe I should play the Tyranids instead.

66671c  No.16287366


Help explain to me the appeal of Imperials; I started with Tyranids, but this was back when those fucks were utterly broken and half their shit like spore-mines didn't work. Fun to play, but made of wet tissue-paper, and their campaign specifically punishes you harder than anyone for losing ships while relying on a gameplay aspect of 'zerg rush and lose ships lol'.

I'm playing Necron for the third time because Imperial just was so goddamn slow to me. Circling enemies farting broadsides that do pissall damage and chipping away at one another was so immensely unsatisfying. That and I am just garbage with torpedos which are a huge part of their playstyle apparently.

Necrons are just about pure damage while facetanking damage like a motherfucker. Hull Cauterization means you can actually have like 50% more HP than is shown since you will regen health in combat, though with gradually lowering max. Reload stance is usually god because most weapons fire once every 15 seconds, meaning it drops to sometimes 10 fucking lasers firing every 7-8 seconds. Top that off, their boarding (when upgraded) is very strong and can hit at ranges of like 13500+. Though their best aspects are their abilities that allow you to 'psh nthing personnel,, kid' teleport right into the center of 8+ ships, then start spamming huge burst DPS AE moves that can wipe out entire swarms of escorts and drop every cruiser/line ship by 10-20% in one attack.

2d566a  No.16287654

File: 0d361dde77a839f⋯.jpg (301.88 KB, 1280x919, 1280:919, remove chaos.jpg)


My playstyle with them was more up close and personal. Not a lot of circling, but getting close and maneuvering. Point blank broadside, short range torpedoes, boarding and bullying ramming smaller ships. Nothing quite like giving a passing Chaos cruiser the Emperor's Greeting by slapping it in the face with a high energy turn from a battlecruiser.

I'm also an Imperial guy by nature, so that's probably a part of it as well.

The tactics you describe are pretty much what I ended up using by the time I was finished with the first sector as Necrons. Reload to compensate for the low rate of fire, teleports behind you and making use of AOE and healing abilities. I guess the Imperials did also feel slow at first when the fleets were smaller.

b56a05  No.16287705



This pretty much. I love getting a battleship with a spur and just ram ships all day.

b2cd83  No.16287721


I'm an RPG guy and what they did with the End Times is un-fucking-forgivable, between the elves ass pull out of nowhere (lol let's retcon the entirety of a race lore in two poorly written books) and squashing so many shit all to make a shitty skirmish game (which is what 1st ed age of smegma is).

If they just wanted to make new games or new figs they had entire civilizations of the old world that could be used.

Hell look at what TotalWAWA did with the vampire coast DLC they fielded completely awesome models for the vampirates army (which is canon, as many other, but never got any figs).

The list of stuff that never had armies (or worse according to GW policies, had armies stats, but no figs) in WHFB is baffling. Kislev bear cavalry? Cathay clockwork terracotta automatons? The ogre realms?

So squashing something that took nearly 40 years (!) to write and could have easily been expanded upon is psychotic.

2ba03f  No.16290973


Don't forget that higher level ships have a bonus to attack rate and I think it is 30% for level 4. Necrons really do not want to lose their high level ships.


I dropped them as soon as I realized that. Such a counter intuitive way of setting up the campaign. Its also why I think the next campaign will be the Eldar. They would be the most punishing to play both in terms of how they have much less stamina for long battles compared to Imperium or Necrons, and the fact that they really should not get much in the way of resources. I'm sure a Chaos campaign is planned, since I'm sure people would like to use the Planet Killer, Vengeful Spirit and a Blackstone Fortress in campaign, but right now they are the major villains of the game.

3c41b0  No.16290979

Vermintide 2 , Deathwing or Payday 2?

1b1c9e  No.16290996


Vermintide 2. Deathwing is nice game and still played, but it gets boring fast after a bunch of multiplayer games. And Payday if a DLC clusterfuck, fucked by the devs.

f34226  No.16291039


Deathwing is fine if you can get it for like 5 bux and want to look at pretty pretty ship interiors.

3c41b0  No.16291046



I want to shoot shit up in a fun fashion without worrying about getting kicked for not playing in this way or that way or that I'll fall behind on content because I didn't buy this DLC or that DLC and I've played Payday The Heist too much to enjoy it as much as I did a year ago.

f34226  No.16291060


Then Vermintide isn't for you

3c41b0  No.16291063


Because it is melee oriented?

f34226  No.16291069


>without worrying about getting kicked for not playing in this way or that way or that I'll fall behind on content because I didn't buy this DLC or that DLC

3c41b0  No.16291072


I fucking hate dlc. Thanks for the warning.

1b1c9e  No.16291101



You dont fall back that much in V2 without DLC, and its only 2 DLC lower than 10$. Compare that to the Payday games that are riddled with DLC that generally fuck up the balance. And if you want a full game and no DLC, then get DeathWing EE.

000000  No.16291190

>No download link

Typical kike

5e698c  No.16291231

I want to play Total Warhammer 1, but I noticed that fitgirl's repack doesn't have Norsca. Do I miss out on anything? I'm not sure what's the difference between them and Warrios of Chaos, gameplay-wise. I also can't find any torrent of TWW1 with Norsca; do I have to download TWW2 too and play Mortal Empires, or is there somewhere a download to TWW1 with Norsca (or just Norsca DLC/patch)?

ffb5a7  No.16291261

File: 25c749c4d5cfbc3⋯.jpg (59.24 KB, 526x524, 263:262, uncleanone.jpg)


well for some reason norsca hasn't been cracked yet so if you want to play as evil Nordics you might have to buy it. Personally I think norsca is one of the best factions in game so I have no idea why no one has cracked it. They are very aggressive with lots of infantry and monsters but unlike chaos warriors they aren't a horde so you wont lose the game the moment your armies die.

Speaking of chaos I hope we will get some nurgle focused faction, I mean chaos warriors choices are right now

>Chaos undivided

>dragon ogre dude


Would be cool if we got legendary lords for all the other chaos gods.

5e698c  No.16292078

File: 66bb2df31935e6c⋯.jpg (428.12 KB, 1920x944, 120:59, fug.jpg)


>anybody but Khorne or Sigmarines

>getting anything ever


Are Vampire Cunts hard to deal with? Due to an alliance with Talabecland I got into a war with them and since I'm also sieging a city I can't fight on two fronts. Also, how big of a mistake is it not to get cavalry as the Empire? I'd get it, if not for the fact that I don't really have anywhere to put it. Altdorf is all about making money at the moment.

e28f16  No.16292222



>Summons totems which makes enemies invulnerable

>Horde spawns

>Standardbearer spawns

>Summons an invul. Totem smack in the middle of the horde

>Can't get to it because horde is in the way

>Can't get rid of horde because of the totem

I'd be fine with totems that give enemies damage buffs, attack speed buffs, or maybe something wacky like enemies violently shitting themselves when they die making pools of slowing and damaging nurgle-infuesed diarrhea.

But the idea that a mob can spawn during a point where you're more preoccupied with the horde and other specials which can make those same things you're busy with invincible sounds like it would be extraordinarily fucking annoying to the point where most people would quit, not the mention how it would be compounded by the fact that the game is already broken as all hell already.

Also ranged units which spawn in packs sound equally nightmarish.

2d566a  No.16292241

File: 8fafad78b60a6c4⋯.jpg (304.35 KB, 1852x1305, 1852:1305, checked.jpg)

ffb5a7  No.16292361


vampire should be easy as long as you're packing artillery and spearmen. The biggest problem with them is the corruption they leave so make sure to purify that shit with shrines of sigmar and his warrior priests. The empire has pretty good cavalry but I dont think its necessary.

More importantly why is middenland 2/3rd ruins? take that shit. if it was razed by beastmen or norscans the shrine they leave behind is going to cause chaos corruption.

5f7cee  No.16299024

I thought there are too many Warhammer games, but then I checked the novels. Who the fuck is suppose to have the time to play and read all of this?

3d6ea3  No.16299298



The funniest part is about how the writer is really woke and tries to do a lot of women power stuff in his books, but he always adds fetish stuff. Each of his books involve pages of descriptions of peeing or orgasming which i just fetish fuel at that point.

c368e2  No.16299332


Maybe being woke is just a cover so he can write erotica.

723e67  No.16300407

File: 9551051fffd35f0⋯.jpg (498.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bitch.jpg)


>as long as you're packing artillery

Uhhh, let me build it real quick. There. Fucked up 3 of their lords down to 0, so I guess that now I have free reign to do as I please. I needed to auto-resolve this 'cause I'm just that shit, I guess keeping the "big army" box ticked was a mistake. I also got a quest to kill this ghost thing, but I can't order Franz to just roflstomp her, how do I do kill it?

Also, should I confederate with other provinces as soon as possible? That's what I've done with Stirland and Tabernacland, but in both cases it gave me an army and a debt. Not sure how many armies I should be running around, either.



723e67  No.16300594


>new ID already

danke IPS

I forgot to mention this, but Middenland is like that because I was hoping that beastniggers would get rid of the province capital as well, but then they just started raiding me. Guess that's what I get for counting on niggers.

0cabc2  No.16301327

File: 9a224e8ed05ee0d⋯.jpg (82.22 KB, 600x790, 60:79, 1305252432475.jpg)

File: 15b7f3ba05acfd0⋯.jpg (251.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1305252631065.jpg)

File: f17ce4e42a4d25d⋯.jpg (252.62 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, 1306950379267.jpg)


/tg/ here. We've discussed endlessly this very idea. It can be done, but it would require the kind of text heavy gameplay found in Planescape: Torment.

We doubted very much you guys have that kind of literary patience.

f1fc90  No.16302264


The only thing that keeps 40k from being "Generic sci-fi wargame #357" is the lore.

70e8e1  No.16303092

File: 17a98de96b35052⋯.jpg (462.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cunts.jpg)


Okay, I'm getting better at this. I'm not sure if I'm better than autoresolve yet, but my performance should be acceptable. Sigmar vult, you corpse fuckers!

ffb5a7  No.16304338


btw go to options and set unit size to ultra, those swords men should be 160 units strong.

7dbfd7  No.16304356


Atheists are smarter than pretty much everyone, Religionfags are irrational

c920ee  No.16306326


Confederating is a good idea whenever possible. You just need to delete the AI armies since they are most likely completely shit. More territories are always desirable though.

723da6  No.16307111


Proofs, m'lady.

0f9ef6  No.16307181

File: 1d94f91f0c6b89f⋯.jpg (52.35 KB, 247x514, 247:514, we.jpg)

42c842  No.16314358


I tolerate the Tau by seeing them as a present example of one of the many naive and ignorant races holocausted by the Emperor. If GW has any amount of creative honesty in them, then the inevitable conclusion of the Tau Empire is total annihilation (unlikely) or to throw away their utopian ideals by having their own fall like the Imperium and Eldar. Hopefully there’s a chance it could be the latter. As some Tau have fallen into the Warp before by a mass teleportation accident during the Tau’s fourth empire expansion, and are believed to have seen what the “Greater Good” really looks like. Turns out, even though the Tau have a minuscule Warp presence, if any, their auxiliaries still maintain their full presence in the Warp and can act as Warp beacons for a race which probably has nothing to do with the Warp otherwise. After the fourth expansion forces escaped the Warp, they began a campaign of mass expulsion and execution against their auxiliaries. Fourth expansion forces were punished for this with “re-education”, but they are still sometimes seen intentionally letting their auxiliaries die in battle. And the Tau still use the teleportation technology responsible for the fourth expansion disaster.

e8cefc  No.16314372

Been enjoying mordheim lately, nice game.

I wonder when will they release Necromunda.

15f3cc  No.16314978


Tabletop female primaris marines announced. Are you fucking degenerates ready for the porn?

e8cefc  No.16314988


That scares me nigger.

6c917a  No.16315039

File: 218d13adde1ef75⋯.webm (432.64 KB, 800x450, 16:9, CEASE.webm)

70e8e1  No.16315045

File: 64a09115e527c35⋯.jpg (78 KB, 600x450, 4:3, uncientific.jpg)



2e2cee  No.16315110

File: b266447b2f6b790⋯.webm (786.63 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, End this Pain.webm)

000000  No.16315178


>It's real

Well shit


Does it still an hero randomly after a battle ends? I tried the pirate copy when the vampire coast DLC came out but after I fought about half by battles twice I gave up.


Or you play a horde faction or the treefuckers and just murderfuck everything.

e8cefc  No.16315182

000000  No.16315339

>Think about going back to 40K

>Kiketube some games

>It's not as fun as I remember

>Price has somehow managed to go up

>Completely cured of the urge

Time to masturbate to some SoB porn

d4b277  No.16315344


>shaved head

Why is it always a shaved head for a strong independent black womyn? Don't these dye-hairs know any other haircut?

2d566a  No.16315354

File: bf7925bf2d33c93⋯.png (4.03 KB, 627x138, 209:46, call the inquisition.png)



It clearly implies they're just trannies (hormone glands, gene suppressors). Only thing missing now is for Guilliman to make a decree about proper pronoun usage.

bc671e  No.16315410

File: 55573aeff8d73c0⋯.jpg (55.46 KB, 273x321, 91:107, 1443908357054-3.jpg)


>Rowboat Girlyman is no longer a meme

1b1c9e  No.16315699

File: 582ceefc023710b⋯.png (8.44 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

Playing Wawa 2 SFO Vortex campaign as Khemri (blue), and I just got to defeat Followers of Nagash, and destroy the dwarfs that had a book of Nagash, I am allied to Brettonian settlers (purple) and a surviving Tomb dynasty(Orange). Should I go to break their alliance and conquer them, before they could possibly betray me, and so can get all of Nehekara? They were weaker before, but got lands from the imperial settlers that were destroyed by them & Beastmens, while I went to the coast to kill Nagash & resettle the lands destroyed by beastmen. So I got lots of land, but so my allies got stronger too. and now Orange is at the top 5 stronger factions, and If I break their alliance, it would be a long time when I could strike them, and for then they could be more stronger( I have around 4 armies, but so they too).

Excuse the shitty oekaki, but better to get a visual presentation of how big is my dynasty. So any advice? Should I start breaking the alliance, or should I still get more Nagash books (Only got one at the moment)

d66f59  No.16315754


DLC content is avaible to everyone in random matches, but you cant chose DLC missions unless someone in your group has dlc.

786577  No.16315830


Doubt its the Eldar, I think they would go For Abaddon since they want as much as possible shilling Vigilus "Campaign". Unrealated note, Updated Tabletop Chaos Models looks great

000000  No.16315896


True. Bögenhafen DLC also adds the weekly challenges for cosmetic items.

With everyone doing qick play you loose little without the DLC.

afaik someone with them can also select the DLC maps for those without them if they're in a party

63919b  No.16315935

File: eb77532a875cc0a⋯.gif (4.56 MB, 949x562, 949:562, skitarii_charge.gif)

File: 85ddec745e3349e⋯.png (4.34 MB, 1600x1167, 1600:1167, ClipboardImage-1.png)


>The Forges of Mars series

Those are some fucking great trilogy of books

e9804f  No.16317057

I'm surprised there does not exist single good doom mod featuring 40K theme.

All I could find was twice abandoned effort to implement termies in space hulk. I didn't get to see the actual footage but according to participants of the thread it featured descent bolter and chainsword which was meant to be replaced with storm bolter and power fist at later stage.

da64c9  No.16317532


You'll want to kill any of the vortex factions near you.

They periodically create Choas Army spawns in your territories due to their heretical vortex rituals.

>Should I go to break their alliance and conquer them, before they could possibly betray me, and so can get all of Nehekara?


In all seriousness, you don't have to break the alliance yourself. You can take advantage of those brettonian dukes and raid their lands under their nose. Raid them enough and they'll declare war for you. When the war starts in earnest try to ambush the manlings by hiding under the sands.

As tomb kangs you will want to raid and get mad trade deals, since your base settlements give pitiful amounts of gold.

Another good option that I just thought of is to go out on treasure hunting expeditions. The treasure islands got massively buffed in terms of loot with amounts up to +50k gold. Since your playing tomb kings I'm sure you know how valuable that would be. Just make sure you have a strong enough army to fight the Pirates.

You'll also want to get more armies. Try to get to a point were you have about 6-8 armies keep 2-4 in reserve to watch over your territory. Then send out the rest in pairs to collect books of Nagash by any means necessary.

47f2c9  No.16318901


What's the game got over something like L4D or Payday The Heist, never played 2?

47f2c9  No.16318902


Share those books, if they're so great.

cd1ce5  No.16318907

I just found my entire collection of the black library series of audiobooks.

Mainly all of the Horus Heresy ones.

Lemme c if i can upload those niggers

785681  No.16318917


it sucks since it was by the van helsing devs who made an interesting series of arpgs. Inquisitor was fucking garbage tho

9145a6  No.16319131


They are apparently reworking Inquisitor for a 2.0 update though so who knows, maybe it'll be worthwhile then. It's still always online bullshit though.

47f2c9  No.16319156


>2.0 update reworks

Those are usually nice.

For singleplayer games. Fuck, I have no hope.

c30995  No.16325924

Friendly reminder that the corpse god's lust for Eldar whores is what put the imperium in the situation it is.

2d566a  No.16325945

File: 2070411cf73e852⋯.gif (2.94 MB, 800x708, 200:177, 1446072592395.gif)

c30995  No.16325965


>Barely human autismo



>such a shitty dad to the point that all twenty one of his kids got diddled by chaos gods


>Chaos? What's that, die fucking heretic


>such a fucking nigger he didn't even know he had legitimate offspring and ended up having his lackies hunting them

>but muh master of mankind says this all part of my master plan, I got my ass whooped, gave chaos their strongest army in the materium, shattered humanities hopes and dreams to the point where they are all dependant on the emperor and his collection of oversized overpowered babies and then fucked off

>Eldar whores who still wanted the emperor's benis settled for the next best thing

Girlyman and the Emperor are the 40k equivalent of "WOW NOOB TEAM TOOK 4 OF YOU TO KILL ME"

d3303f  No.16326051


You doubt the might of Humanity and the Gifts of the Omnissiah from the Dark Age of TEchnology?


d3303f  No.16326066

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>such a shitty dad to the point that all twenty one of his kids got diddled by chaos gods

What has his kids being teleported away have to do with shitty parenting?


see video at 14:05

c30995  No.16326073


I'm talking about other human empires getting shoah'd during the great crusade, not xenos.

d3303f  No.16326084

File: ddefea891488e24⋯.jpg (72.43 KB, 600x600, 1:1, TAU.jpg)

File: 734c4e6a622466a⋯.png (269.36 KB, 500x436, 125:109, FukkenXenos.png)

File: 43c40e947b4ca2e⋯.png (161.78 KB, 500x602, 250:301, Exterminatus2.png)



>If GW has any amount of creative honesty in them, then the inevitable conclusion of the Tau Empire is total annihilation

Yes, please!

Them surviving for this long is by itself an asspull. Even the IoM, with all of it's insane resources is barely hanging on, yet the Tau keep expanding and prospering and no one is bothering to wipe them out (despite every other faction having the capacity to do so)

d3303f  No.16326098


Who gives a fuck about GW?

They can suck all the dicks.

If they try to stop you, just continue development in secret, or under a new name on a different site.

2ba03f  No.16326127


I'm trying to think of what Tau survived. Off the top of my head:

>Ork invasions


>Imperial Crusade

>Necrons and DE fucking with them, including depopulating, from murder or slave taking, entire planets

It is such blatant bullshit. I could understand some of it if GW created the setting and then just started filling out details about different factions and different parts of the galaxy. These would be the threats facing the Tau, and their fate is left unwritten like the fate of everything else. Instead, they have survived threats that are just out of their league.

1b1c9e  No.16326813

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New DLC for Wawa 2 annonced: The Prophet & the Warlock.


da64c9  No.16326951


>Doomsphere nukes.

>Doomrocket tacticle nukes.

>Skaven Finally have a proper under empire mechanic

Pretty much nailed the Clan Skryre asspet of the DLC.

Wish they had added Troglodons, though the Ancient Salamander looks fun.

The only thing I find the lizard men good for to watching there big dinos smash infantry into a fine red mist.

I like that they made Lord Croak summon-able.

3d09d3  No.16327342


>Predator reference


32b8ae  No.16327370

File: 3ebfbd8836f99ac⋯.png (178.59 KB, 1068x459, 356:153, 7d1ca512216edd002dcec89536….png)


>ratling guns and jezzails

7b66b7  No.16327757


Fuck it, call me a shill. I loved that trailer and will probably even pre-order the DLC. Aside from the blood packs (thanks Shogun 2) and the first few DLCs for the first game, the Total War Warhammer series has been great.

000000  No.16329169


For the full experience you buy two full-priced games and a ton of DLC.

I'll pirate that shit, thank you.

It does look awesome. Can't wait to nuke some lizzard-things

2d566a  No.16329714

File: 64778802b4d9571⋯.png (58.2 KB, 193x243, 193:243, you convinced me, ad. now ….png)


The whole time I was watching this I thought how the hell is this going to work?

Then I realized it was Total War, not Vermintide

d16bfe  No.16329811


I came away from the Jodorowsky documentary thinking the same thing. The man had no idea what was going on and the entire project was little more than an LSD-fueled misinterpretation of the source material.

618543  No.16329828


If I'm remembering 8th edition Tau lore correctly:

>Ork invasions

The Tau are somehow such flawless tacticians, even better in some ways than the Necrons it seems, that the Tau can win against the Ork's anarchic zerg rushes despite the Tau having vastly inferior numbers. Tau tech helps with this a lot too.


See Orks.

>Imperial Crusade

Recalled to fight in the 13th Black Crusade shortly after breaching into the inner Tau empire and establishing secure footholds.

>Necrons and DE

Raiding auxiliary planets and fringe expansions, which I guess do not hold that much strategic value to the rest of the Tau empire.

>Everything else.

The Mechanicus used Dark Age tech to seal away the inner Tau empire from the rest of the galaxy with a sector sized, ever burning, wall of fire. But this archeotech firewall also protects the inner Tau empire.

Absurd and absurd amounts of luck. I patiently await the day for the Tau to become irreparably scarred. Or preferably just plain dead.

The Tau also have a fleet sized, two way teleportation gate smack in the middle of the inner Tau empire to get around the Mechanicus seal. Somehow the other end of the gate, which is somewhere in the eastern galaxy, is perfectly safe despite the ongoing aftermaths of the 13th Black Crusade, and despite having a defense ring which is about 1/4 the size of the relatively tiny inner Tau empire.

4f7a2d  No.16329881


David Lynch's version of Dune was decent. It was forced to cut too much content for the final release, and included the dumbass non-canon 'weirding module' devices, but aside from that I thought it was alright.

1b1c9e  No.16329889

File: e08230a3627c29d⋯.webm (14.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Total_War_-_WARHAMMER_2_-….webm)


Damn, if there is going to be a Vermintide 3 game, then it would be cool for the Ubersbreik Five to go to Lustria to screw over Pestilens clan (And extra cooler if they added a Lizardmen as a new character, or at least a supporting NPC); That, or just outright go to SkavenBlight.


Lynchs Dune was nice, and not bad, it was just weird. The 2000 mini-series was ok too, it just was low-budgeted.

4f7a2d  No.16329911


The SciFi channel series was also alright, but I couldn't stomach most of it solely because, while many of their actors did okay, the guy they got to play Paul just fumbled the character so much. It came across like an angsty, rebellious faggot.

e24a1d  No.16329939



I just fired up my pirate copy of vampire coast. After the very first battle the game crashed. Reminds me why I don't play the game.

Still, buying is 60 bucks for TW:W1, another 60 for 2 and yet 60 more for the DLC for 2.

A fucking joke.

b98085  No.16330215


I have a good-paying job, so I have money to spend. Hell, I'm not even using my own money to pay for games anymore due to how much free money I make through a workplace rewarding system.

1e50b0  No.16330243

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


probably because it was the predator jungle scene

1b1c9e  No.16330341

File: 4241bd71a30082f⋯.png (594.63 KB, 764x643, 764:643, PROCEDURALLY GENERATED NIG….png)


>I tried to make a reference of predator in >>16326813

<I tough Black person screamed "contact" instead of sergeant.

Fuck my memory. Then it should be Sergeant-sergeant.

e24a1d  No.16330828


>I have a good-paying job, so I have money to spend.

I'd have no trouble paying the 180, my issue stems from having to pay 180 for a fucking video game.

1e50b0  No.16330965


not every game can be as forward thinking and refreshing as skyrim with content so rich from infinite quests and lore taken from norse mythology. it truly is a wonder how the game still managed a price point under $80 with groundbreaking features like radiant ai and having every item in buildings hand placed

but seriously. if $180 for a game is too steep for you then definitely don't get into warhammer tabletop. you might faint at the prices they charge for a plastic figurine

e24a1d  No.16331229


242,51€ actually, both games with all DLC.

Holy fuck.

f42dde  No.16331248


You'd have some real hard time convincing saltzpyre to be ok with a lizard. Even the witch and elf is stretching his patience.

fc7d40  No.16331552


What are the Empire's stance on lizardmen anyways? Would Saltzpyre be okay with them if he learned that they hate chaos even more than he does?

d11fd7  No.16331560


You reckon 3D printing the models would be cheaper? They'd also be painted already.

ffb5a7  No.16331577


I think the empire at some point did try and trade with the lizardmen but the lizardmen refused the offer every time its tried. The reason they dont want to trade with us apparently is because humans are so horribly infected with chaos.

2c2d22  No.16332149

File: b578ce6cadb9dc0⋯.png (98.68 KB, 384x325, 384:325, 1370349590875.png)

Playing Vermintide makes me want to run Enemy Within again. Should I try it for WFRP 3rd Edition? I heard it sucked and was more of a board game.

2ba03f  No.16332535


>teleportation gate

Fucking how? I know they have fucked with the technology, but a fleet sized teleportation gate for getting out of their prison is a huge step up from "we are testing this new technology." Isn't that also warp related tech as well? Something that the Tau struggle with on account of their tiny presence in the warp?

618543  No.16332969


I tried looking it up on fan wikis sourcing 8th edition Tau codex. I couldn't find any reasonable reconciliation between past and present Tau lore. "The Tau can do this now and you gotta deal with it." is pretty much how the Tau can now do Warp tech.

6c917a  No.16333041

File: 984ae23ba11fa7f⋯.jpg (231.38 KB, 1280x916, 320:229, Death Guard Assraping Tau.jpg)


Tau tested warp travel without a gellar field, created a tiny warp anus in the middle of their space which told the Death Guard and Thousand Sons that they were ready for Chaos Dick in their blue asses.

e24a1d  No.16333049


Doesn't their shit just barely dip into the warp, kinda like a flat rock flipping over water?

680ad7  No.16333064

File: e03c16fadef1cd7⋯.jpg (110.12 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 40keks.jpg)


>Wuz dis?

>Look up Chaosbane

>It's some fantasy battle crap

It never had a chance.

97b896  No.16333103


Games workshop will almost certainly retcon that at some point same as they've been retconning all the interesting faction fluff. For example tau are no longer a long-term eldar anti-chaos project.

81370d  No.16333927


>Skaven Finally have a proper under empire mechanic

Skaven are already cancerous as fuck to fight with their corruption, can ambush you on their turn, boring easy armies to fight and the fact you can't see their cities till you send an army to investigate it. Now they have better armies so the computer might actually be able to take places with them and they will be spewing up full stack armies and setting off nukes under all your cities. I think people are going to look back fondly on the current status quo of the undead killing everything.

f42dde  No.16333944


> tau are no longer a long-term eldar anti-chaos project.

Wasn't that always just a theory anyway?

23b5ed  No.16334139

Would Vermintide 2 be worth it on a big sale?

1b1c9e  No.16334432

File: 2d983dcfe319f1d⋯.jpg (590.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1511309455684.jpg)

So in april 17th, Wawa 2 will get a free update, the Doomsayer update that will give:

>New Skaven Under-Empire mechanic, similar to the Vampire Coves but more in-depth; multiple building slots, chance to be discovered by city they're underneath, but if sufficiently built up can be used to either ambush the city with a Skaven army or (if playing Ikit Claw) completely destroy it with a Doomsphere

>Lord Kroak can be sought out by Lizardmen factions and, if found, can be claimed as an immortal, legendary hero, with unique skills and ability to (going by the info in Lokhir's campaign intro) destroy cities

>Bretonnia rework, including new technologies, new Trident of Manann for Alberic, new confederation dilemma, increased turn duration and eventual unlimited uses for Green Knight (if at level 5 chivalry), free peasant mob upkeep if not at cap, garrison improvements, and all Bretonnian lords beginning mounted

>Reworked Vow system for Bretonnia: instead of being a skill point, Vows are now quests which must be fulfilled; completing Vow quests give buffs and allow progression to further Vows, which in turn give more buffs, up to and including immortality for (presumably) standard lords

2ba03f  No.16334450


The fact that they continue to not understand why the guardsman standing up to Horus was great shows they will never understand what made their factions good. I could see it more if it Eldar, or any other faction had a moment like that and they fucked it up. However, this is the Imperium, the faction that is given the most focus; so it should be impossible to not understand that.

5d7ce6  No.16334480


I think there was some solid lore about Eldrad grooming them for anti-Chaos properties. The big unconfirmed one I remember was that they were reborn/remnant Necrontyr starting again from scratch minus the whole dying from leukemia from birth thing.

02c2bd  No.16334506

File: 8eef6ef241a8a8b⋯.jpg (112.42 KB, 2560x882, 1280:441, hunter and unchained wiz.jpg)


Might want to wait till the winds of magic dlc since it's pretty dead in terms of playerbase. It's pretty good fun though I wish there were more maps/ bants between the party as you get the same conversation every time you're in a keep with two characters. Also the netcode is aids and will fuck you one way or another sometime, somehow.

1b1c9e  No.16334643

File: b1b420baf52f709⋯.png (253.16 KB, 758x923, 758:923, 2019-04-06 Warhammer_ Verm….png)




>…since it's pretty dead in terms of playerbase.

What? Game isnt fucking dead, and expect a big surge of players when the expac releases.

da64c9  No.16335307


Much like Total WaWa, you need to get the DLC to get the full experience.

The game is a definite buy if it's having a big sale, but keep an eye out for sales on the DLC.

It's a shame that the content is cut up like this, but at least it isn't the kind of Micro Transaction systems that other games have.

e24a1d  No.16336885

>Hit up ToWaWa

>Play Kang of Kangz

>Finally get to a point where any immediate thread is gone

>Ally I have a military alliance with wants to attack someone I have a NAP with

>Sorry Treefuckers, gotta help the kang

>Reliability rating goes from very high to very low in an instant

>Brettonians (previously neutral and I declined any agreements because my desert, fuckers) all declare war on me




Skaven get a tactical nuke. This'll be fun.

Also I love who those two bitches are just standing there looking at the dino eating the third


Strange, I was having trouble finding matches a few days ago.

8d25dd  No.16336891


>Strange, I was having trouble finding matches a few days ago.

Few days ago Steam was completely on the fritz.

fc7d40  No.16337022


>reliability rating

Do yourself a favor and get a mod that disables this, the reliability rating system is fucking cancer that does nothing but make life more frustrating for the player


Skaven are annoying bastards but they honestly needed a buff; they are shit in campaign because the auto resolve screws them over and are currently the worst faction in multiplayer

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