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File: 8d56627471d5e58⋯.jpg (61.07 KB, 1050x700, 3:2, igotthisimagefromredbullsw….jpg)

File: d5915c9123ee7a9⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 412x383, 412:383, the n word.jpg)

6384ce  No.16178238





And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous Threads: https://pastebin.com/FPM09Key
(New) First-Time Buyer's FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6
Game recommendations: (Coming soon) Play Persona 4 Golden, at least.
Vita Hacking: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahacking.md#vita-hacking
Vita Game Mods: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitamods.md#vita-game-mods

Partial List of Vita games coming in 2019:

>Puyo Puyo Tetris finally got a fanslation
>dirty partial english fanslation (only all menus/navigation text and all images that contain text in menus) released for Gun Gun Pixies here
UPPERS! and Omega Labyrinth (Not Z)'s fanslations were finished a little while ago, and can be found here respectively.

Previous Thread: https://archive.fo/vq1Qh

Previous Threads:pastebin.com/FPM09Key

(New) First-Time Buyer's FAQ: pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6

Game recommendations: both the original link and the previous vitagen images seem to be dead. Play Persona 4 Golden, at least.

Vita Hacking: gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/guides/vitahacking.md


Vita mods: gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/guides/vitamods.md

>Latest News

>Some of the DeadlusX64 team is working on a native vita port, meaning dual analog support and acess to 512mb of ram soon

>Fate/Extellia Link coming to EU and NA regions in March

>Catherine Full Body's western release for the Vita has been canceled, contact Atlus NA here if you care https://atlus.com/contact/#support-tag

>13 Sentinels has been canceled for the Vita period, contact Atlus JP here if you care https://pro.form-mailer.jp/fms/1246530f118006

>The physical versions for Sharin No Kuni's are being worked on and still releasing as intended

>NISA (be careful) plans physical release for Penny Pinching Princess, The Lost Child, and The Longest 5 Minutes for March 2019


Some limited run games like Iconoclasts are coming soon


Partial List of Vita games coming in 2019:


>Puyo Puyo Tetris finally got a fanslation


>dirty partial english fanslation (only all menus/navigation text and all images that contain text in menus) released for Gun Gun Pixies here


UPPERS! and Omega Labyrinth (Not Z)'s fanslations were finished a little while ago, and can be found here respectively.


Previous Thread: 8ch.net/v/res/16002514.html

I gave OP from the last thread a week so I'm making one now. If I'm too much of a faggot OP you can throw me overboard and replace me.

Post last edited at

bad392  No.16178251

ninja gaiden 2 sigma which looks incredible with the gore and decapitation put back in.

6eef46  No.16178374

File: dc3d710148e950f⋯.png (980.84 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-27-140617.png)

You're fine OP. Only major news I'd contribute is the major jailbreaking progress. What a week that was.


Firmware version as far as game compatibility is now a thing of the past, as are game compatibility packs. With the necessary decryption keys, you can play any game up to 3.70 on an older firmware.


People on 3.68 or lower can now downgrade!! Useful for going to 3.65 for Ensō or 3.60 for browser-based HENkaku. Unfortunately some unlucky models may have started out at a higher version and cannot be downgraded below that, similar to how it is with PS3.

>3.69 and 3.70

Presently not doable, but proof of them existing has been shown, and so when Vita hits end-of-life they'll get released. People on such systems should make sure to stay put.

>Vita master key

The hackers only released hashes, but did at least provide their method for obtaining it for other people to reproduce and dump them. In terms of usefulness, not a 100% 0wning of the console but still opens up some interesting possibilities.

https://archive.fo/m01bJ (original link is long)

And finally, I've been slowly going through RB3 once more. Just saved the children. Been having fun also keeping it connected to PC for generating random vids and such.

6384ce  No.16178411


I might also add that the Rinnagamente guy got pissy, deleted the homebrew store for an hour, and came back. Someone in the henkaku discord was misquoting him or some dumb drama bullshit. The guy has programming talent but can't take jack.

180438  No.16178423


7f2711  No.16178446

Took long enough, where are you chartfag?

I was the OP of last thread (and a few others) but I've been too busy following the Vic controversy

I just wish you didn't create it at a time when the rapefugees and shitters are around

6eef46  No.16178484

File: 802f89e02bf9262⋯.png (4.23 MB, 1680x4267, 1680:4267, games.png)


I got a little distracted. New holes in image from the tail of last thread, and archive of last thread.



Sadly not out of the ordinary for programmers, especially ones doing it as a hobby. My high profile example of that is GZDoom's lead dev. But that's generally why I don't bother with stupid drama or egotism, and archival of everything is critical.

5847ea  No.16178598



I'm still using my psp!

7f2711  No.16178630


Good on you anon, that's one durable machine

What have you been playing? Been having fun?

672f58  No.16179262

File: 07819fb193ffe90⋯.png (281.76 KB, 774x624, 129:104, 1tb micro sd now.png)

File: c3d0a198614a904⋯.png (539.88 KB, 624x617, 624:617, one more yuri VN.png)

I've been playing Crash Bandicoot 3, FF Crystal Defenders and Catherine FullBody

I've also swapped a bunch of PSP ISOs with PSP eboots instead, since the latest update of pkg2zip, which are lighter in size and can have access to digital manuals. I saved up over 6GB by replacing a good forty of them.

6eef46  No.16179277

File: 3865261f80b5cdf⋯.png (598.26 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-22-010626.png)

Ugh. I fucked up and don't have all the items necessary to save Peashy. That's not normal since I typically play very thorougly. Too bad, I'll have to start from a (much) earlier save or from scratch.


Oh and I missed it, but the gamerec link was only 404 because I want approval by the thread before I actually publish it as something representing the thread. That was the intended location for it when ready to publish. If really wanted I can just disable the ones without descriptions and do it.

ff6767  No.16179288

I'm finally going through MuvLuv and then I might start Darkest Dungeon. I hope MuvLuv picks up soon, so far it's meh.

9fa35c  No.16179951

File: 56dc3e77732cd79⋯.jpg (100.94 KB, 364x444, 91:111, 56dc3e77732cd7924c6e2f468f….jpg)


>using handhelds in current year

naze des ?

51c3c5  No.16180036


The Vita's a nice system, big guy. Tons of games, of course a lot of em aimed at Japs, weebs(such as myself) and fujoshits. The homebrew makes it bearable because you dont have to buy $400 memory cards and pirate nearly every game in the library with NPS.

bad392  No.16180071

I just played cs and half life along with quake 3 through Homebrew ports.

82e4c3  No.16180372


you can emulate psp games in hd on toaster PCs. what are you doing anon!

fea2db  No.16180380


Archive of last thread:



Doing the smart thing by playing on the go, probably.

4d6121  No.16180470


Looks like he's "taking a break" after popping a gasket over some internet drama. At least everything is back up now.


>1TB for $449

It'll be nice once it's cheaper but right now even 256 GB is pretty spacious for any hacked handheld.

c14477  No.16180826

I'm sick of slowdowns and crashes when playing R;B3 on the PC. Does the Vita version suffer these issues, even with LOLIcon? Its easy to set up HB and CFW, but damn its hard to actually play something.

25fbff  No.16180857

File: 674ab2631a5a9d7⋯.png (205.33 KB, 629x800, 629:800, ClipboardImage.png)


>He doesn't have a PSP

Adopt one today, Anon.

b230f9  No.16180892

I'm still playing last gen because no money. Just finished Black Ops 2 Recently, was a great sendoff to a game series I really love. I dunno about 3 or 4 but I was pretty pissed to hear they completely removed the campaign as they were my favourite parts of the COD games. Other than that I'm playing through Mgs4 right now.

022a6e  No.16181444

File: 1e2a5bd6aa8773d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 255.54 KB, 521x382, 521:382, 1_(2).png)

File: 1195e8b7386e3ec⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 356.54 KB, 522x386, 261:193, 2_(2).png)

I finished blundertale. I was having fun up until a certain point and it was pretty campy but then it was like somebody flicked the shitswitch and all of the sudden there were fags and dykes and the whole game got stupidly meta for some reason. Cool music though.

I'm also trying to play toukiden but I can't get into any weapon, any advice?

fea2db  No.16181710


>any advice?

Play something else?

b56191  No.16182466

Whats the current CFW situation

I got a SD2Vita ages ago and couldn't get it to work properly and heard about some new revolutionary update for the vita scene then forgot about it.

Has that dropped yet?

b33b62  No.16182699


> female Kirito

6384ce  No.16182722


If you're on FW 3.68 or below, you can upgrade or downgrade to any fw of your choice. 3.65 or 3.60 are recommended since those are permanent. Setting up sd2vita is pretty easy, just put the gamesd.skprx (hope I got it right) in your tai folder and config, reboot and it works.

b56191  No.16182756


the problem I had was It wouldn't move the vitacard to /Ux0 or whatever it should have done, and when I moved the henkaku to the vita system it wouldnt boot when connected to the other card.

I'll update to 3.65 and try it again I think

bbbe9f  No.16182866



d32772  No.16183087

File: 77c3f55472b04bb⋯.jpg (141.34 KB, 960x544, 30:17, The Battle Pentagram.jpg)

I played two vita games recently. Firstly,

>Madoka, The Battle Pentagram (Gameplay: https://invidio.us/watch?v=-OFoxF_OrGc)

Or something like that. The prologue is a VERY brief summation of the anime, and the bulk of the game is Homura going back in time to make the 5 mahou cooperate for the sake of defeating the Walpurgis Night.

I went in this knowing nothing but just expecting some shitty VN, and no there's actually gameplay in it. You can pick any of the 5 mahou girls to play as and another character to serve as your partner. Fighting with the same partner and main a lot raises affection between the two. To distill this simply:

>Madoka is the all-rounder

>Homura is long range with a bit of utility

>Sayaka is fast but weak melee, Kyoko is strong but slow melee

>Mami is completely fucking useless.

I mostly just played as Sayaka and Kyoko cuz melee is fun.

Game is split into daytime and night time, kind of like a more streamlined Persona. Day time, you pick certain events to watch which can form better bonds between the characters (For example, you can either pick a scene with Madoka and Homura lesbing it up or pick the scene with the three others fighting over cake). The bulk of the scenes have yuri undertones. Very cute.

Nighttime, you pick whatever witch to fight. The places you fight in actually look pretty neat, and the enemies can fuck you up surprisingly fast if you're not careful. I don't think I've ever been in a single fight in this game that didn't nearly drain my health entirely if I got hit, and there's mobs of these motherfuckers later in the game.

However, as the game goes on, content starts repeating itself. It's even a plot point that the 5 mahou working together seem to be recreating the witches that they keep defeating due to the magical energy or some shit. Sure, I'm OK if you re-use enemies a lot but they're straight up re-using the exact same bosses. It's around this point the game started to get pretty repetitive, but I went on to the finale anyways because the yuri didn't get boring yet.

So you get to the Walpurgis level, fight your way through some really lackluster enemies, and then fight the Walpurgis herself. The Walpurgis is kind of hard since she throws around instakills like its nothing and can't be hit most of the time, but I did it first try anyways.

So what do I get as my reward? Well, everyone fucking died and Madoka turned into a witch from the de_spair. Homura goes back in time and you're expected to re-do the events over and over until you complete the requirements for the TRUE ending.

I'm guessing the requirements are "get some arbitrary level of friendship between all the mahou" but that involves not only playing the game again, but playing it with Mami to raise her affection too. Maybe I'll do it later for the pajama scenes.

<Also the true ending is that it's all a dream lol

Last thing, the partner AI in this game is so retarded it hurts. Suicidal, unhelpful, and more often than not going to fuck you over when it comes to bosses as they'll get their corpses stuck between a rock and a hard place. And you need them alive if you want to do the AoE attacks, which you probably will.

Despite its flaws, I'm surprised I haven't heard of it earlier. I thought people creamed their pants over Madoka. Maybe the Vita was just THAT dead.

d32772  No.16183113

File: 44f4c860ac14eb7⋯.jpg (129.69 KB, 1000x566, 500:283, ラビxラビ.jpg)


that was longer than i thought it was going to be fuck

Well I'll make this one short. Rabbit x Labyrinth, also known as Rabi x Rabi, seems to be a collection of its entire series released for the vita. It's a pretty cute Alice in Wonderland ripoff with pretty simple puzzles but still enjoyable to play. I'm only partway into the first game right now but the simplicity along with the bits of humor in it are nice. You don't even really need to know Japanese to play this one, dialogue is sparse and the controls are easy enough to guess. Only thing you're really missing out on is the level dialogue.

That being said, there's one flaw so far and that's the demo mode. For whatever reason, they've built in an option to see what the solution to the puzzle is. I guess this helps short-bussers but it's still a useless addition to the game.

e678e8  No.16183129


Are you able to sell without the peripherals? The grip and cable are pretty much junk for me.


Is there a guide to safely downgrade the Vita? Sitting on 3.68 and not wanting to downgrade to 3.65 until I know that it's 99.9% safe.

75d3e0  No.16183610

This was just posted by Rinnegatamante (one of the hackers in the Vita scene)


Some more drama, but it looks like an entertaining trainwreck.

Looks like he might leave the scene. A shame, he was a decent contributor from what it looks like, but dealing with this sort of autism sounds like a headache assuming this is all true. (I can believe it with the autism, sperginess and drama magnetism I've seen out of wiki admins and editors)

6eef46  No.16184213

File: 0cd6ee59ef984c3⋯.webm (1.61 MB, 960x544, 30:17, NOWARU.webm)

Just finishing up the normal ending soon. Yellow Heart was proving annoying and regenerated too quickly while occasionally one-shotting someone, so I'm going to do other things for a bit, and maybe note a few important item locations for attempt #2 at the true end. While faster, not NG+ it's no fun. Wish they'd learn from how the DS Castlevania games handle it.


It has pretty awful framerates by default but 444/333 will make it a lot better. However it's rock-solid, I've played through it at least six times and can't recall a single crash. This is with Re;translation, which is mandatory for removing a lot of the Doerr "translation".


There's not a lot of Japanese-only games talked here. I do muddle through some such games but typically only ones with straightforward gameplay. That Madoka one might work out with me having looked at a gameplay demo, I'd have assumed it was some sort of RPG otherwise.



The OP guide exists to answer these questions. It doesn't cover dangerous things, and almost everything has been tested.

90c091  No.16184469


>update to 3.65

No point. 3.60 is still the golden firmware for how easy it is to hack. Just read the guide in the OP, it will tell you about all the neat new things and how to set everything up too. >>16184213

>finished RB3 6 times

Jesus Christ.

628b5d  No.16184526

I want to play the trails in the sky games. I know the first one is on the OG PSP so I can just play it with Adrenaline but what about the second and third chapters? I can't find them in PKGj, are they jap only? If so, how do I play them on my vita?

75d3e0  No.16184554


you should be able to play SC in english on the Vita too.


Just use an ISO or something, or ask someone to put it up there or something

628b5d  No.16184577


What about the third? It looks like it's not localized on vita yet. Can I patch the JP version?

6384ce  No.16184668


Wewlad, I'm at ch7 on my first playthrough of rebirth 1. I'm having a fun time, but I could care less for the story. Is it the translation making everyone more retarded than intended? In thay case, for sure I'll try out the translations on 2 and 3.

75d3e0  No.16184696


unsure, you could just play that one on PC and I'd recommend doing that if you can't play it on the Vita. Its not as bad as playing TitS 1 and 2 on different systems, its not quite as direct a continuation as 1 to 2 is.

6eef46  No.16184698


>No point. 3.60 is still the golden firmware

From what I'm seeing the only major difference between 3.60 and 3.65 is if your recovery partition gets broken somehow. Like on the built-in storage or memory card (or IMCUnlock) you should have VitaShell, Ensō installer, and E-mail entrypoint or H-Encore to fix config errors and such. They're basically equivalent. Only difference is if that gets broken, you don't need a PC with 3.60, you can also get it working through the browser.

tl;dr if on 3.65 and not just starting out, maybe leave it as-is. I found it a major pain to set up.


Doerr = NISA. Not his worst butchering but still worth patching out. RT3 also comes with the Japanese voices and it's about as big as downloading the DLC for it so go for it. You should never be playing with English voices.

022a6e  No.16184848


But overall I like the game, it's just the weapons that I'm having a hard time getting used to.

Thought there just might be some mechanic I wasn't figuring out or something but I guess it's not worth it to press on.

7ecf12  No.16184978

File: 5394cb613c62b5f⋯.jpeg (38.22 KB, 384x379, 384:379, einfam.jpeg)

Hey guys I'm thinking of actually getting a Vita to retire my old PSP finally but I have a few questions.

Are all PSP games emulatable on a hacked Vita? And furthermore are all the things you could emulate on PSP emulatable too like PSX?

Is it just as easy to hack a Vita as it was for a PSP?

Can I still do that remote play shit Soyny was pushing with a hacked Vita? Bloodborne in bed sounds comfy.

6eef46  No.16185012

File: 2aa0fd372009a0b⋯.png (45.35 KB, 645x264, 215:88, hm.png)


>might be some mechanic I wasn't figuring out

Oh god. Speaking of which, I only recently learned attack direction matters in the Re;birth games. In 1 and Sega Hard Girls, presumably 2, hitting enemies in the sides or back has a damage and to-hit multiplier. In 3 it doesn't make much, if any difference to damage, but does to to-hit, and that alone makes certain fights a lot easier since hits = SP regen. On enemies like Warechu you're constantly whiffing attacks unless using this.

As far as I know this feature is only tutorialized in VII and Hyperdevotion. In the latter, enemies make use of it too. But other important details that aren't documented is the time system for the turn-based combat (this one's pretty obvious though), and that combo actually does something. I eventually clicked because Blanc usually seemed to hit hard but occasionally not, and it's because she was often last. (This eventually clicked with Akiba's Trip 2, since then I've seen games that explicitly show or it's extremely obvious like in Demonsteele)


Not all PSP games are compatible, and there's also some downgrading to PS1 compatibility, which can in theory be fixed. It cannot be improved over the original, though for certain games RetroArch may work. It's not ideal though.


Unfortunately the only game compatibility list I can find is on Reddit and it's old. Check the patch history for Adrenaline over this.


Hacking is mandatory but a bit of a process. All this is documented in the OP, but 3.69+ cannot be yet, and it's easiest with 3.60-. Also Remote Play should work. I haven't tested though since I cannot set it up on my PS4 or I might've used it for 4GO.

d32772  No.16185055


A bit late on this, but the Madoka thing is a bit of an RPG and you'll have to find out the mechanics by trial and error if you can't into Nipponese. A bit of help here can come from the Madoka wiki page on the game itself.


6eef46  No.16185093

Oh damn. OP's links should not be to the raw file! It's in Markdown so I can do things like proper URLs and sectioning. It's still sort of readable but not at all intended for displaying like that. It's also possible to link sections directly. Which I've done in this instance to skip over the clutter. Only downside is it hides how long ago it was changed if done like that but I can re-introduce date stamping as was in the original.

Previous Threads: https://pastebin.com/FPM09Key
(New) First-Time Buyer's FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6
Game recommendations: (Coming soon) Play Persona 4 Golden, at least.
Vita Hacking: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahacking.md#vita-hacking
Vita Game Mods: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitamods.md#vita-game-mods

Partial List of Vita games coming in 2019:

>Puyo Puyo Tetris finally got a fanslation
>dirty partial english fanslation (only all menus/navigation text and all images that contain text in menus) released for Gun Gun Pixies here
UPPERS! and Omega Labyrinth (Not Z)'s fanslations were finished a little while ago, and can be found here respectively.

Previous Thread: https://archive.fo/vq1Qh

Can people report this post to get OP updated with edits related? URLs unbroken too, and archive.fo to the last thread.


Noted, thanks.

fc35e9  No.16185120

File: 61fb85481895ec4⋯.png (369.2 KB, 336x408, 14:17, where I want to die.PNG)

File: aa1e8f3b66bfd72⋯.jpg (124.05 KB, 601x461, 601:461, vigilantes.jpg)

Raijin is a good maiden.

7f2711  No.16185124


Almost all of them, and it allows PSP homebrew so yes, yes

Don't know the answer to remote play as I never used it myself

ebe9a0  No.16185146

File: 1ecf7793b5b42e5⋯.mp4 (13.34 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, One-turn overkill on Sweet….mp4)

File: ce3687e3773a17d⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1645x1669, 1645:1669, sad Guts.png)

>tfw remembering the good times I had with Caligula

>tfw had high hopes for the remake but it's a million times worse in every way

>tfw Aquria has become tragically shitty and probably won't make a game this good ever again

90c091  No.16185153


Almost. No POPSloader on Vita unfortunately, isn't compatible with how the PSP environment works there.


Basically, yes. If on 3.60, leave as is. If you've been on 3.65 for a while and everything works fine, leave as is. Unless you're me and have to downgrade just because you can

90c091  No.16185166


>(New) First-Time Buyer's FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6

About the region free thing: it's worth mentioning that this only is an issue with vanilla Vitas since you can just pirate everything from any region onto the same card/account (or no account at all) and it just works.

Also my personal buyer's tip: if you want to get a really good deal on a Vita right now, look for an OLED model on 3.70. They're a lot cheaper than hackable firmwares right now and you can downgrade them to 3.60/3.65 guaranteed once the hack comes out in a few months presumably.

672f58  No.16185254


>Are all PSP games emulatable on a hacked Vita?

They all are compatible through Adrenaline.

>And furthermore are all the things you could emulate on PSP emulatable too like PSX?

Official eboots shouldnt give any problem albeit Ive heard reports of Brave Fencer Murashi shitting itself on the western version while it worked fine for me in JP eboot

Custom eboots is where shit gets tricky since you cant have POPSLoader like the PSP could (something about the PSP module working differently from a real PSP), but I was able to test a good amount of personally-made eboots so it's not so bad. It's just that if you were thinking of playing games that didnt get an official digital PS1 classic release, it's not warranted it will work through POPS even if the failure rate seems rather low.

Also my personal tip for custom eboots is to convert them into ID-number folders, this will avoid any "corrupted data" on the XMB menu.

>Is it just as easy to hack a Vita as it was for a PSP?

Easy-peasy as long as you follow the instructions in the guide. Avoid that autoplugin crap despite I see some fags recommending it, because it's bound to break your system sooner or later. Manually editing the txt file for the plugins isnt that hard.

>Can I still do that remote play shit Soyny was pushing with a hacked Vita? Bloodborne in bed sounds comfy.

You can but the result only gets decent if you have a really good Internet connection (fiber type for instance). I've seen videos in the past where the japanese folks were able to remote play outside their home, but dont absolutely expect to do this in the West.

Also my experience with Remote Play is that some games have a forced mapping of the R2/L2 & R3/L3 controls on either the touch-back (Yakuza games for ex.) or in the touchscreen (EDF5). Characters can also be really small to read.

Emulation of other systems, like the Genesis, SNES, NES, Gameboy and GBC work pretty good through Retroarch. GBA emulation, while having decent performance, has frequent shitty audio for the moment.


Well once the 1tb hits the market, expect the smaller microsd cards to get cheaper too.

But lets be honest, 256GB is the maximum size I can see useful for most users. 512GB and above are really for the nips and hardcore weebs who want to hoard a shitload the games at once inside like me

b366bc  No.16185268

What are the non-weeb physical games I should get?

aaaa22  No.16185425


UNIST and Utawarerumono


English Saga Scarlet Grace and Extreme Vs Force.


I preordered Penny Pinching Princess. Personally, I think it's more expensive than it should be, but I hope for it to turn out well. Probably won't buy anything this month because no money. Thanks, local police.


>tfw had high hopes for the remake but it's a million times worse in every way

Care to explain how that is?

fa734d  No.16185443


>I hope muv luv picks up soon

Not until a bit into Alternative.

672f58  No.16185533

File: f426e0510ed0492⋯.webm (14.21 MB, 400x267, 400:267, Quality_Caligula_remake.webm)


>Care to explain how that is?

From what I've recall in Caligula-related threads

>adding a bunch of shitty characters

>glitchy effects are gone and PS4 graphics are too glossy

>QUALITY cutscenes (webm related)

>rewriting completely the game script because Furyu didnt like what Satomi Tadashi has done in the original game

I recall the main flaws of the original game on Vita was the framerate, and enemies completely ignoring the current fight going on around them (they attack you once you finish the fight, triggering a new one, instead of joining).

aaaa22  No.16185602


>rewriting completely the game script because Furyu didnt like what Satomi Tadashi has done in the original game

Gross. Well, I'll stick with the original game. If only it got a physical release.

aaaa22  No.16185604

Does anyone know if an english patch for Dragon Quest Heroes II is available? And I mean just the patch, not the whole game. I have the game already. And does anyone here play multiplayer games together?

16f552  No.16186155

File: 5e6d0813422e858⋯.png (11.47 KB, 919x145, 919:145, Caligula Overdose of Disap….png)

File: e048334acb4b16a⋯.png (3.67 MB, 2681x2057, 2681:2057, Caligula gunfire visuals.png)


>Care to explain how that is?

4d6121  No.16186249


The only patch I know of is the one done by a guy who puts them up on reddit.


8e4aa4  No.16186485


>Upcoming 2019 vita games

>that trash YIIK is supposed to be on the vita

That better be cancelled. I would be pissed if 13 Sentinels got cancelled but this utter soy shit gets a release.

c0bbb5  No.16186621


It'll come out along the Vita version of Mighty No. 9

aaaa22  No.16186678


Why would you butcher the battle system? That was already fine. The art design was good, too. Literally all you had to do was add content and make it run better. I bought the Vita version, so I guess I don't have to worry about the PS4 game. Good riddance.

>can't even move the camera

>game looks substantially worse and less detailed

What DID they get right in this game?

90c091  No.16186713



Damn, that's just awful.

eb788a  No.16186720

hack for 3.70 when

aaaa22  No.16186729


>updating to 3.70 when you've been repeatedly told not to



Yeah, I have that. Thanks anyway.

a91024  No.16186780


>UPPERS! and Omega Labyrinth (Not Z)'s fanslations were finished a little while ago, and can be found here respectively…..

Update the next OP with the link of the eng patch of Omega Labyrinth, it was posted in the previous thread.


The game must be at version 1.02.

80403a  No.16186795

Anyone want to buy my old vita that I got back in 2012? I'll sell it for $75

eb788a  No.16186825


well, that sucks, it should come out sometimes in march, is it not?

1cf78d  No.16187049

File: 0bb9a913af8b303⋯.jpg (157.04 KB, 960x544, 30:17, chip in eagle.jpg)



Had my fill of action games for a while, so I'm focusing on Virtua Tennis 4 and Hot Shots Golf for comfy instead.


>tfw no monster hunter


Probably gonna have to invest in a 2000 model soon, my 1000 has seen some beatings and I don't want to deal with hustling Chinese merchants to get a replacement for this stupid proprietary charger when it inevitably gives out for good.

aaaa22  No.16187712

Will the Vita recognize a blank micro SD card, or do I have to copy content to it first? I'm trying to restore a backup via QCMA, but I can't get the damn thing to read the card.


Probably not, it'll be a little while.

7f8111  No.16188125

Question: Is there a champion Vita game, one that stands above all others? My brother has a Vita I can borrow, I already have Persona 4 Golden and might want to see about getting some more games.

6384ce  No.16188159


Besides P4G,

0e6165  No.16188163


Dungeon Travelers 2 is pretty much universally beloved, as are the Vanillaware games (Odin Sphere probably the most so, but it faces tough competition with Dragon's Crown for different reasons)

The Ys games are venerable and highly respected on any platform they're on so you can't go wrong with them.

6384ce  No.16188164


FUCK, im such a fat thumbed nigger

what I was going to say, besides p4g, the ffX and X2 remasters are pretty great, as are the danganropa remakes. But if you're talking aside from remakes steins;gate is pretty ebin.

fa734d  No.16188168


Persona 4 is garbage though. Easily one of the worst games in the franchise.

6eef46  No.16188206


You need to format it a particular way but it can be empty when you first use it.


7f8111  No.16188393


I liked the first one best tbh, but the backlog is still probably better than anything new.



Thanks for the recommendations. Dungeon Travelers and Danganropa remakes– will take a look.

aaaa22  No.16188529


>Is there a champion Vita game, one that stands above all others

Hot Shots Golf.


>Easily one of the worst games in the franchise.

Better than 3 and 5.

fa734d  No.16188615


>better than 3

A worse battle system due to the condensement of physical attacks into a single damage type, not a single likable party member, a complete garbage plot, Marie, and to top it all off the dungeons are just as shit.

>worse than 5

5 adds back in elements that had been missing since 2, adds back guns, has better characters, has proper dungeons. Overall worse than 3 but leagues better than 4.

And of course the 2 duology are the best persona games. None of them are as good as the mainline at it's peak but that's common knowledge.

e3de96  No.16188648


Yes we get it you're a total SMT oldfag

aaaa22  No.16188696


Those are some hot opinions, son. Here's some of my own.

>Battle System

Physical split is fluff and not a big deal; not having it does not ruin the entire battle system– that's a ridiculous statement to make. Stun is fixed from P3(hit an enemy once with it's weakness, it gets knocked down; hit it again, it gets back up and is fine. WTF?), Level/experience scaling is much better(leveling up in the latter portion of P3 is a fucking grind and a half), and I would argue the only real downside is not having access to several weapon types as the main character, but 1) Regular attacks don't mean shit in Persona, and 2) Lack of physical split makes this irrelevant anyway.

Rise breaks the game in Golden, though. Like, damn.

>not a single likable character

Every social link in P3 is some hot garbage, and the main cast is pretty far from likable(although, I do love me some Takeba).

>Garbage plot

In other words, "I don't like it," because it plays out fine. I don't know how you wouldn't criticize 5 even worse.


Sure, she sucks. There's always Vanilla, though.

>Dungeons are just as shit

P3 is literally 340 floors of the SAME FUCKING DUNGEON. No, simply by virtue of having even the illusion of variety, P4 has better goddamn dungeons.

>5 adds back guns

TBH, who gives a shit, fam?

>Better characters

To each his own.

>Proper dungeons

Dungeons that drag on way too fucking long to the point that they're unenjoyable. This is a common complaint about the game. 2 good dungeons followed by a slew of shit.

a5e01a  No.16188735


Shiren 5 is the king of console roguelikes and Vita exclusive.

fa734d  No.16188802

File: 870522dc7f7effc⋯.jpg (97.95 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, 49968255_p18.jpg)


>Physical split is fluff and not a big deal;

The physical split is important because it makes it harder to cover every element. Considering the whole battle system hinges upon hitting weaknesses having less elements to worry about means the game is exponentially easier. Combining physical elements also meant that there was a huge amount of redundancy in the skills you could learn, something many persona's were not adjusted for.

>Every social link in P3 is some hot garbage, and the main cast is pretty far from likable(although, I do love me some Takeba).

The side links in every game are garbage. At least P3's main cast has character development in the story though. The way P4 handled them none of the characters grow after you recruit them.

>In other words, "I don't like it," because it plays out fine. I don't know how you wouldn't criticize 5 even worse.

4 was utter trash. Absolutely nothing of note happens until 3/4s of the game is over. Until then you just fuck around in TV land. 5 is nothing special either mind you. As far as post 2 Persona games go 3 had far and away the best plot, not that that is saying much though.

>P3 is literally 340 floors of the SAME FUCKING DUNGEON. No, simply by virtue of having even the illusion of variety, P4 has better goddamn dungeons.

It doesn't have the illusion of variety though. It's the same fucking shit but with easier fights.


Guns are tied to gun type damage, adding back an element P4 removed and thus increasing depth into the most important part of the gameplay: the battle system.

>dungeons that drag on way too fucking long to the point that they're unenjoyable

And the countless copy pasted floors of the previous games didn't? The part that dragged on endlessly in 5 was the out of dungeon segments especially early one with the constant go to bed bullshit, not the dungeons which were nice but way too short.

6eef46  No.16188893

Reminder that game recs is approaching final version and needs validation. Doubly so because OP didn't post the old chart. >>16178484

Also random question, does anyone else use the music player? That's one justification to having a bigger SD card since I like subbing in different music sometimes and almost all games allow it.


It has to be said they're somewhat niche. You'll really love it if into Japanese games and RPGs and definitely confirm the genre of whatever has been recommended. Anyway I'd nominate Muramasa (exclusive unless you count the inferior Wii version) or Gravity Rush (also on PS4).

aaaa22  No.16189452


>Absolutely nothing of note happens until 3/4s of the game is over

The same applies to Persona 3. The Full Moon bosses take up at least half the game, and they're completely insignificant. Progressing through Persona 3 is a total slog. With the plot, I won't argue nitty gritty shit, because I honestly don't care enough. I enjoyed both 3 and 4's. It's just with 3 that the actual game sucked. The Answer was total ass, though. I barely got 3 hours in before dropping it. Back to progression:

>You've unlocked the next part of Tartarus!

>Elizabeth even has new side quests for you!

You then proceed to clear the next part of Tartarus in a single day, and the side quests are largely inconsequential.

>Well, guess you can fuck around town for the rest of the month. Go make friends or grind it out at the arcade

To be frank, it doesn't get better than that even after you beat the Full Moon bosses. Forgot to mention that fatigue mechanic from early on, though. Never had I experienced a game actively trying to keep me from playing the game. That was a complete joke and a waste of time.

>having less elements to worry about makes the game exponentially easier

Nah, it's about the same. It's just less to consider. Careful with that word "exponentially". It doesn't apply here. At all. There are a handful of enemies in P3 that actually give a shit about physical weaknesses/resistances, and they're not even bosses. As a matter of fact, I think there are fewer physical moves overall in 4, but I could be remembering wrong. I don't remember having any of that Torrent Shot stuff.

>Redundancy in skills

Enemies don't tend to have physical weaknesses, so it's not really redundant. They don't serve the same kind of utility, and there's less emphasis on them outside of general damage. The elemental skills become more important, especially since, like I said, they fixed the damn stun system, and there's plenty of magic to go around. It would have been nice if some of the physical moves still inflicted status, though.

>Persona 4 dungeons are the same shit but with easier fights

In terms of difficulty:

Bath house > Heaven > The Game > Yukiko's Castle ??? Final Dungeon(s) (dependent on how busted your Persona are) > The rest, IMO.

I'd say they definitely vary. And they're not all the same shit exactly. Some of them required you to find keys or solve little puzzles. It was something different. They didn't drag on, either, because they weren't that long. You could try to tackle it at once or take breaks. The game outside the dungeons was better executed in P4 and made for a better time during breaks as well. Didn't have to wait as goddamn long, either. Tartarus was just you climbing a tower the whole game, followed by grinding in the arcade, because holy shit what else is there to do? Give some credit where it's due. Also, we disagree on Persona 5's dungeons as well. Not going to bother with that shit.

We won't come to a consensus, and I don't give a shit, but feel free to share more fresh, hot, opinions. I'd play P4 again over 3 any day. Straight up hated it by the end. At least I got to use hammers.

aaaa22  No.16189461


Tried it, but I got the same results. i guess it's because i'm trying to mount as ux0. I think my only option is actually copying the card contents over. Damn, that's a pain in the ass.


Noted. That 40 bucks better be worth it.


>Hot Shots Golf

Mah nigga. Wish the online weren't dead.

6eef46  No.16189742


Can you be more specific about what happens? I am happy to troubleshoot.

cb5d04  No.16189788

Can anyone reccomend me some games with dating sim elements that're on vita. Not the whole game being a dating vn, just the ability to pick a girl.

lewd is fine

already played persona four golden

89cab2  No.16191180

the vita has officially ceased production for good.

16cc13  No.16191281


Conception 2 is one, I don't like the game since it's basically a poor man's persona but it's one that comes to mind. Trillion kind of has it if you go for the individual girls endings.

d962eb  No.16192009


How in the fuck.

38e44b  No.16192242


I dont need a psp, I have a vita.

c7da0e  No.16192290


Huh. Now the only thing that hurts about this is the lack of a physical copy, and potentially that bug the pictured anon mentioned.

87e9d3  No.16193190


I don't think there are too many games like that actually.

672f58  No.16193251


Akiba's Trip 2 has a route for each girl, the OL and imouto included who both have their own final boss fight the swedish blonde girl cant be romanced however

Zero & Ao no Kiseki let you romance different girls (or being a bro with your best buddy instead) but I dunno if the english patches were ported to Vita.

That's what I remember so far without venturing into the VN department, in which I would greatly recommend Amagami and Little Busters if they werent nip-only on the system.

6eef46  No.16193288

File: 122f54fd6645d1e⋯.jpg (104.59 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2017-08-03-212246.jpg)

File: 6c6da4a41599961⋯.jpg (121.98 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2017-11-15-010513.jpg)


>Akiba's Trip 2

Your sister doesn't have a real route. If you fulfil all of her side-quests and don't stuff up the last one you get an additional ending scene with her in addition to whichever ending you got with the other 4 mains. However there are small side activities you can do with your sister and she's who handles equipment upgrades. Also Kati is Finnish and while you can't date her, you actually get the ability to change your player model to any of the in-game characters once they're unlocked. Also free DLC for girls like Dejiko (as in Di Gi Charat) and Sonico. I made fake Mugi one time with Kati.

Also Akiba's Trip 2 is not a great game but much like its anime it has unquestionable strong appeal to some for its faithful and silly portrayal of Akihabara and its ridiculous concept. Fair warning that its port is iffy and really wants overclocking. It also got a bad NISA translation but it's one of the few games that lets you set Japanese voices and text.


One minor saving grace of the 4chan infographic is the Japan-only section.

6eef46  No.16197842

File: 2a789f7834ff8bc⋯.png (31.18 KB, 617x269, 617:269, Screenshot_2019-03-03_22-2….png)

More fucking drama = VitaDB is DoS'd. It should be said that you can still download homebrew usually through Github and such. If this shit keeps up I may need to move homebrew to a dedicated list to index them. Not considering that yet though.


In better news, there's now a thing to unlock PSM game DLC. I'll look into that later though. Instructions and release.


aaaa22  No.16198085


I'm using SD2Vita and Storagemgr. It's configured to mount the adapter as ux0. What I would like to do is just restore my vita card backup via QCMA, but I can't get the adapter to read my card. It's formatted as exFAT.

If I go into system settings and open the information page, it just shows blanks in the "free space" and "capacity" lines. gamesd gives me the same thing.

6eef46  No.16198160


So you're using an SD card. Does it show up without issue on a computer? I had a really weird problem on my own system for a sec.


(Ctrl+F 15899316)

And also I don't use Storagemgr because it had some issues when the system was in sleep for too long and it would stop working. Supposedly they're fixed in latest but still, on my primary Vita I use the plug-in specifically for my SD adapter (USBMC because 3G systems are the best).


The guide's really missing a recovery section in its own right but what is your ux0:tai/config.txt (and if applicable ur0:tai/config.txt the former overrides the latter).

21630d  No.16198184


Did you flash the ZZBlank image onto the SD?

6eef46  No.16198190


I do run Linux but I did not need this on my system. I merely followed the SD2Vita formatting instructions. As long as the Vita recognizes the SD as legit without issues it should not matter that it's blank. If this is not sufficient I need to know.

21630d  No.16198198


You absolutely need it, unless you can manually zero the entire card some other way.

ce7e3e  No.16198207

File: da79999f8df456f⋯.jpg (29.02 KB, 220x245, 44:49, 220px-AkibasBeat[1].jpg)


Yes, I can totally agree.

Akibas'sTrip, while not a masterpiece in any regard, was just a fun little gem. It didn't strive out to do much and what it did was executed with a lot of charm. Like you'd expect from a rather small developer.

A piece of art compated to the ABSOLUTE PIECE OF GARBAGE that was Akiba's Beat.


It feels like they wanted to be the new Tales/Persona/Akiba'sX and ended up blowing all their money on the fucking Jpop fightan dance mode scenes and ended up with unfinished garbage. Seriously, even paying 1$ for that shite is unacceptable and it's a full price ps4 game.

aaaa22  No.16198244


>unless you can manually zero the entire card some other way.

dd fam


> Does it show up without issue on a computer

Yep, I've transferred files to and from it before.

21630d  No.16198266


Right. Can you access the SD card through Vitashell, transfer files to/from it on the Vita itself? Also what firmware are you on?

I never tried starting an SD2Vita from scratch but theoretically, it should behave as if you've just mounted a new memory card and ask you whether you would like to have it set up. I'm assuming you have to have done that before it is actually usable.

0a3dba  No.16198288


The battle system is a Xillia copy-paste, but they forgot the most important thing about Tales battle systems: Fucking multiplayer.

Oddly enough (at least in the demo) the 2nd player controller actually works in-game, but it still controls the first character. They absolutely blew it in that regard - being able to co-op through would've at least given me the chance to laugh at the game with my bro.

Compared to Trip, the spirit is absolutely gone: The outline NPCs, dead Akiba, and worst of all the filler brands that decorate the city. Trip even had legit advertising posters for each business, that shit was pretty damn cool.

aaaa22  No.16198315


>it should behave as if you've just mounted a new memory card and ask you whether you would like to have it set up

Well, like I said, it doesn't even read the card, so I don't get that. If I load with the gamesd plugin while my official memory card is in, it'll tell me I need to format my memory card. If I remove the official memory card, then it rebuilds the database, and my shit is gone, with no micro SD being detected.

Storagemgr does the same thing.

21630d  No.16198400


Sounds like a bad SD2Vita adapter then. Get a bunch of new ones, their DOA rates are pretty high.

aaaa22  No.16198732


I don't think so. I've had it working once before, but that time I had to manually copy the contents of the card over.

21630d  No.16198861


First adapter I had lasted a couple weeks and then died suddenly without me ever touching it. If it can't even read the SD card in Vitashell, it kinda points to that.

Of course you could also try copying over everything. You could just leave out most of the stuff in /app/, /patch/, /addcont/ and only carry over the homebrew inside /app/. Should cut down the copy time by 99%.

672f58  No.16198911

File: 41ea6e572e65983⋯.png (642.91 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-22-131214.png)

>that stuck blue PS button when the vita is sleeping

>adrenaline icon failing to load after i tried to restart the app when it became mute (after a PS1 game session)

two first times I had to hard reboot the handheld recently, so not a big deal, but it seems those problems are mostly Adrenaline-related for me so far.


I remember the shitshow of this game, and XSeeD's BIGGEST DUB EVER when localizing it

21630d  No.16198931


Don't use lolicon at the same time as using Adrenaline, in case you were doing that. It will lead to unexpected behavior and crashes.

50e965  No.16198942

Pqube strongly hinting OLZ (or at least an OL game) is coming to the Switch


672f58  No.16198959


I only use vitashell, pngshot, nonpdrm and recently ref00d (for Catherine). No VSH and overclocking, I'm actually pretty light in plugins.

713c42  No.16200091



Would be interesting for Pqube to try and release it again. Sony won't be there, but the UK and a few other shity countries would still have it banned.

0e6165  No.16200121


UK pulled back on their attempts to attack it iirc

713c42  No.16200138


Is it because they changed their mind or because Sony shut it down?

0e6165  No.16200149


It was before anything was announced on PQube's end regarding the forced cancellation

6eef46  No.16201396

File: 9ca5da4985ac4c8⋯.png (131.59 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-03-04-160959.png)


I'm happy for them if that's what it is, because them having all their work thrown under the bus so late in development was inexcusable.


Beat is one of the few bad games I'm really disinclined to play. That's saying something.


Might be needed only on Windows. I've not bothered with any of that zzblanking on my systems (I have had to do this when trying to purge a stubborn LUKS partition, but dd works for that). In any case, defer to the SD2Vita's instructions for formatting SDs. Also when I said blank I mean "it has the filesystem but no files on it". On boot the Vita will create all the necessary folder tree assuming it's working.


With VitaShell that does not need any plug-ins set up to mount SD adapters. Just go to the top-most directory (with ux0: ur0: and such) and press Triangle. From there mount whatever is white and see what shows up in their respective device. If you can't that indicates a problem with the adapter, or it's not seated correctly. I've had issues with SD2Vitas before, and DS flash cards.

Also might help to post your config file. It's order-sensitive and easy to make typos. I did that with "reFOOD.skprx"

50e965  No.16202514

Looks like the Switch and PC is getting Gun Gun Pixies.

23c547  No.16202540


They are extras, they dont come with the sd2vita

6eef46  No.16202632


>it's true and even being brought West-side


Still, why? It's their worst shooter and Bullet Girls is far better, though probably far too much to possibly bring over intact, Phantasia especially. Plus the latter is already English-translated for Asian markets.


So unfortunately that Tweet probably means that and not OL/OLZ, given it's the colours of the MCs.

e22194  No.16202646

Been thinking about purchasing a Vita once I buy myself a PS3 to hack it. How's the hacking scene and how are the general games for it? I've heard the library was pretty lackluster and filled with shitty indies and such.

6eef46  No.16202699

File: 1ab1478454139ae⋯.jpg (3.55 MB, 1498x6600, 749:3300, guide_eg02.jpg)



One-sided. There's meant to be an infographic in the OP but it's not quite ready. Draft is here >>16178484 and this is the kitchen sink chart that at least gives you options.

>hacking scene

Godly and mandatory. Read OP guide.

75d3e0  No.16202705


Its most known for JRPGs, SRPGs, Mosous, lewd games and VNs, with a decent smattering of Rhythm games and ARPGs.

Expect not to find many FPS/TPS, WRPG, or western games in general outside of indies. Not nearly as much life sim stuff as the 3DS (though it does have Stardew I guess). Decent amount of shit like shmups. Lots of indie ports yeah, usually shit like metroidvanias or side-scrolling 2D affairs.

If you don't like JRPGs, VNs or lewd games, be cautious about getting a Vita.

Hacking scene is improving all the time and is pretty good at the moment. Its on the upswing compared to the 3DS's downswing especially with the banning of freeshop, but the 3DS was hacked pretty strongly from the start compared to the Vita.

75d3e0  No.16202707


Oh, and I also forgot about the dungeon crawlers, a lot of them lewd

e22194  No.16202721



If I were to get one, what would be the best model VIta to get, and is the PSTV worth it at all? Prices seem to have taken a hike with it's fucking total failure in terms of sales. I assume it's like the PSP, different models with different ups and downs.

6eef46  No.16202748


First-time buyers guide for that in the OP.

75d3e0  No.16202752


1000 is considered to have a better screen with a very sexy and nice OLED with better colors, and supposedly better triggers but is a bit fatter and heavier than the 2000 model.

2000 model is lighter and slimmer, has a bit more battery life and better charging capabilties, more fragile/off-feeling triggers according to some, and a worse screen (LCD) but still is good overall.

>PSTV worth it at all

If you treat it like a much, much better version of the PS classic with its own native library of games, and that'd be something you'd be interested in it is. Be aware not every game is compatible on the thing though, but its capable of quite a lot when hacked (Namely in terms of emulation).

I would say not to worry too much and just get whatever is best for you.

75d3e0  No.16202780



That reminds me, the 2000 model does not need a Vita memory card to be hacked because of its internal memory, but the 1000 does, which might be a big deal for you considering how expensive the cards are starting to get

6eef46  No.16202827


If he gets a used system it may come with one. Literally any functional memory card will do for jailbreaking. I THINK there was also some HENkaku variant that also set up SD cards and such without that need but I haven't looked into it. What is also possible on 1xxx systems is to subsequently unlock part of the internal storage, enough to fit the essential recovery tools if you screw up the config or something. That I don't document because it's potentially risky, but it's possible and I did it to mine.

734404  No.16203304

Earth Defense Force 2 or 2017? Feel like playing some EDF on the Vita but don't know which game would be the better choice.

672f58  No.16203473


Both are good, but I consider EDF2 is the best

>decent framerate most of the time (compared to the original PS2 and PSP re-release)

>3 classes (Ranger, Pale Wing and Air Raider)

>you're forced to empty your magazine in order to reload in EDF3 (or 2017 as called in the West)

>larger variety of enemies in EDF2 (flying ants, exploding pillbugs, centipedes, shield drones, etc)

>larger amount of missions

734404  No.16203545

File: 21c448546a0d3f1⋯.jpg (79.55 KB, 640x955, 128:191, EDF save the city.jpg)


Thanks anon. This basically confirms what little I could glean from gameplay videos. Going to get EDF2.

50e965  No.16207169

File: 218690544dc8ce9⋯.png (562.21 KB, 662x715, 662:715, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e421c033f27af7c⋯.png (595.4 KB, 727x600, 727:600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 943d5fadc553b3a⋯.png (464.79 KB, 465x800, 93:160, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 12354e5acf0a135⋯.png (290.43 KB, 503x439, 503:439, ClipboardImage.png)


Some developers pay their last tributes to the Vita, including the Falcom and NIS presidents, Yomawari's developer, Guacamelee Dev, and Caligula Effect (not overdose)

039539  No.16207512


Slim or phat?

77b2e4  No.16207613


the PSP is the perfect portable PSX

aaaa22  No.16209162

File: a77fa6454213653⋯.jpg (115.72 KB, 400x536, 50:67, manlytear.jpg)


You will be missed, Vita.

d32772  No.16209198


Oh yeah I made this post

Well I played a bit of the game and it's shit. I mean, the gameplay is kinda fun and some of the puzzles really make you thingk, but then I got to this puzzle where you had to climb up and over a door instead of opening it by climbing on top of the highest part of the room.


God I'm so fucking pissed at this I don't even feel like getting screenies. The only gameplay I can find has shitty commentary slapped on it but it's there if you want to see what it's like. Apparently the english name is Rabi x Laby

5c8c45  No.16209277

File: 30a7eebfa0608c0⋯.jpg (55.06 KB, 500x375, 4:3, sad bear.jpg)


Pour one out for the last good Playstation. How Sony mistreated and under advertised the Vita is a fucking crime against humanity.

fa734d  No.16209470

File: fd495996e14b6f0⋯.jpg (70.01 KB, 960x720, 4:3, sad jewdough.jpg)


Not just the last good playstation, quite possibly the last good handheld console. This generation has none after all and I don't see any company looking to make more.

08ba0d  No.16211092


My hope is that time will allow people to remember the best times and forget about the darker times of the vita, like how the cancer that is BL2 got put on the machine.

6d70b6  No.16211210

File: d38cfd446800a71⋯.webm (10.57 MB, 960x544, 30:17, rating:explicit heart-sha….webm)


I cannot agree. I am eternally grateful that the system was not only peak lewd, but also was neglected to the point that it was left the fuck alone. PS4 did not get that luxury.

f24286  No.16211233

File: 978b0c6689690d3⋯.gif (3.06 MB, 736x640, 23:20, 978b0c6689690d3dc7b70cc4e0….gif)

Are there good tools to make or port games to the Vita aside of GayMaker? I'd really like to make a game that could also be played on a hacked Vita

50e965  No.16211288


Yep. Vita-tan deserved a better father. It doesn't help that she was mocked pretty much everywhere in the gaming world and wrongfully so.


Ideally it would've gotten at least a little more attention (maybe 5-8 million more Vitas sold total) to still make it worth it for devs to keep developing for it at least long enough for the games that we're seeing cancelled to stay on the system, notably 13 Sentinels for me but I'm sure everyone had one that was cancelled or not brought to it that should've been.


They might make a dedicated handheld version of the Switch if the nip rumors are true, and I'm hoping they are since it'd be better than nothing.

c7860b  No.16211373

>Play Persona 4 Golden, at least

Why would you tell anyone this? It's a bad glorified high school dating sim

672f58  No.16211815

File: 7489eb6f9e27215⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 1446x2046, 241:341, __rafaela_original_drawn_b….jpg)




My real beef with the Vita is how it had little amount of ports from PS2 games in comparison to its big sister PSP.

>ZOE HD Collection got its vita version cancelled by Konami

>no Ace Combat holy trinity

>no Wild Arms 3 and above

>no Tales of Symphonia, of the Abyss

>no Growlanser 2, 3, 5 and 6

>no PS2 Katamari (instead we got that shitty vita title with microtransactions)

>no Ar tonelico (although Banpresto hasnt shown a sign of life past 2014)

>no Atelier Iris trilogy

>no Zettai Zetsumei Toshi (Irem also originally planned that godzilla/ultraman/patlabor/evangelion crossover ZZT game on Vita before it became PS4-only)

>no Fatal Frame or Siren

That's the real missed opportunity to me: porting more 6th-gen games that werent possible on the PSP before

The Vita also got robbed really hard of its exclusives but that bothers me far less in comparison.


I thought RabixLaby was okay, but yeah the option to give you the answer struck me as weird. Also small trivia, but 95% of the game's filesize is the Movies folder (1.4GB of cutscenes for a 150MB game)


P4G is a nice game albeit highly overrated as fuck. P4DAN was fun too (I originally imported it when it came out in Japan) but the recent P3 and P5 dancing games were rather mediocre (both in production and playlist).

50e965  No.16211893


I definitely think its lack of popularity hurt its ability to get PS2 ports.

You also forgot SMT Nocturne, Devil Summoner, and Digital Devil Saga

If it received Persona 5 it would've held the entire Persona franchise on a handheld which would've been nice.

Would've been nice for it to have gotten GrimGrimoire too to have nearly the entire vanillaware catalog on the thing too.

Having Yakuza, Devil May Cry 1 and 2, and God Hand could've been incredible, but those might've been pushing things.

Timesplitters would've also been cool.

6384ce  No.16212223



Thankfully, the Vita has had the 7th generation blessing of living for a long time. Similarly to how the 360 and PS3 still got major releases in 2016, the vita is still getting a good number of vidya this year, although not really major releases.

088289  No.16212792


Last game I played for the Vita was Fate/Extella (nothing spectacular, but an OK musou game) Looking to play Freedom Wars and Gravity Rush when I return to it. Was going to play the Falcom games I haven't played yet, but the recent events with Falcom and NISA have dampened my motivation to play them (also starting to become bored of story driven games, and despite the more strategic gameplay of Trails games, they are more focused on story and character development than gameplay). A shame, but I've been more of a fan of the Ys games and even then I prefer the older ones (won't touch VIII however).


DT 2, some ports, and maybe an Atelier game or 2. Would've wanted 13 Sentinels if FUCKING SONY didn't decide to reign in on Vanillaware (if that was the case for them canceling the Vita version)


Nothing yet. Haven't looked at any game stores in a while, but I'm more than likely going to find them online.

I'm glad I got my Vita years ago. Sad to see it die, but I'll do my damnedest to keep mine alive for years to come.

6f4f9b  No.16213444

>Vita production stopped in Japan

I'm kind of scared that my vita is going to break or the buttons will go bad and I won't be able to play my games. I always treat my stuff well, but I got this vita used and there's a small scratch on the edge of the screen from the previous owner. Part of me wants to get a new one before I can't anymore, but another part of me feels like it's a waste of money since my current vita works fine (and is already on a lower firmware). It's not hard to service a vita, is it?

3894d5  No.16213459


I've been told its relatively easy at least compared to the 3DS, but I've never opened up my Vita myself or been much of a tinkerer, and I failed miserably when I tried to replace the circlepad on my O3DS XL so take it with a huge grain of salt

628b5d  No.16213515

File: f287f2951def40e⋯.png (379.47 KB, 517x685, 517:685, 1469072416240-v.png)


Metal Gear Solid 3. Fucking amazing game, surprised I've never gotten around to it and impressed with the port. It runs well and vita resolution is high enough for it to feel genuinely full-featured and >immersive

Armored Core 1 is quite fun on the Vita because you can remap the controls to make it much easier to play. Using the front/back touchpad and both sticks makes it way less clunky and you're able to shoot, jump, dash, strafe and turn all at once. Fukken amazing, I hope retroarch can read the touchpads too

Also Trails In the Sky, took me like 3 hours but I managed to get patches working and translation-patched the gook-only remake. JP voices, higher res, and a fast forward button for fights makes this easily the best version I've played. Had trouble sticking with this game before because of inconveniences but thanks to the QOL shit here I'm already quite far in, can't wait to make it to SC and try out cold steel


A good fucking grip case. Would make it a lot more comfy to hold if it had proper handles like a Dualshock


Nothing. Yar har


This same fear is driving me to seek an unopened 2000. The 1000 I just got is sorta beaten up so I was able to swing it for 90 bucks, but after only a week it's already my favorite console I've ever owned, not exaggerating, especially with a beefy SD card and adapter. The sheer amount of shit you can do on here - every vita game, PSP game, almost every PS1 game, and everything Vita hardware can emulate. All the ports, RPGs and weird one-off indies, for free, and on damn solid hardware that feels good to use.

It's too good to be true and I'm immediately scared my used model is gonna break. My terminal autism may drive me to buy not just one spare, but two or three, because I love vita-tan and want to be together until the day I die

6384ce  No.16213586


I'm on the same boat, bud. I bought wristtraps, two(probably going to buy more) screen protectors, and a second vita is on my mind, but probably in a box, new or like new. I'm also probably going to get a black one, because of the vita's bezel. I have no problem with a bezel, but getting a console that is the same color hides the fact that there is one.

6d70b6  No.16213602

Skipped playing it for a bit to do picture stuff and Doom, I still have to finish the RB3 Normal End.


Yeah, where it was popular was reflected by the games people made for it. And more and more I'm starting to think it was for the best. Also for some reason I thought P5 did get a Vita release but only in Japan. It didn't though, I'm probably thinking of the Catherine re-master.


You have to realize that unless they reverse their censorship policies that the system won't cater to most people who play Vita. Switch is unfortunately looking to be the one to exodus to, despite it being a suboptimal handheld. It's still at least possible to use elsewhere.


Fair warning that 2xxx systems will be a noticeable downgrade visually. I can't stand to use my spare one anymore. I also prefer the thicker 1xxx systems ergonomically. Either is better than the 3DS in that sense though.

99087f  No.16213645

>>16213444 checked

Depends on what you mean with "servicing": deep cleaning, replacing buttons, shell, battery and the screen? Relatively easy if you have the right tools (namely a quality set of precision screwdrivers, a plastic opener tool and small tweezers) and requires no soldering; changing the motherboard or trying your hand the the PSVSD thing? You'll probably fuck it up.

6d70b6  No.16213709

File: c82946531c2a2d1⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1500x1236, 125:103, IMG_20181221_205436.jpg)


I have a PSVSD. The main problem is getting the case apart for the first time since it's pretty stubborn, and doing it carefully to not break the ribbon cable between the two halves. Then the 3G module itself has some pretty stubborn screws that need a different screwdriver to the case as well as an antenna "octopus". Otherwise it's basically like replacing a Mini PCI Express thing in a laptop. Just hope you don't need to access the physical SD card often (like for replacement, of if it needs re-seating).

86e814  No.16213809


i'v never had a vita but always wanted one

you guys think there'll be a price drop?

29857c  No.16213897


The reason consoles go for dirt cheap when they die is because retailers want to get rid of them to clear shelf space, creating a big influx of cheap supply into the market. The problem with the Vita is that there isn't any excess stock because most retailers dumped their Vitas years ago. It's been three years since any large electronics chain store in my area stocked the Vita or anything related to it. There are literally no Vitas on shelves for stores to get rid of, so a price drop is unlikely.

6d70b6  No.16214910

File: 66995f3edd9ae44⋯.png (3.75 MB, 1680x3709, 1680:3709, games.png)

The description-less games are disabled for now, and I decided to trim out a couple of sequel ones because it's starting to get too long. Can we finally expunge 4chan's chart?

6d1661  No.16214920


Nah, the platform is already saturning. You're best off trying to win one in a bid, yard sales and trying to get the games while they're still cheap.

579a01  No.16214984


I hope that the vita won't become prey for scalpers who try to buy them up for cheap and then crank up the prices by 200-300%

0e6165  No.16215612


>too long

>trimmed some of the sequel stuff

That's a bit of a shame. Though the only ones I'm seeing trimmed are the Rebirth 2 and 3 and Hatsune Miku F 2nd games, which 3 entries don't really make that much of a difference when its so close to finished and if you bothered to do a write-up for them I feel its still worth it to keep in there (plus the note about the re;translations are useful) but that's my personal opinion; I have the older chart saved at any rate

It seems pretty good to me overall though.

The only suggestions I might personally include left are maybe the Yomawari games, and Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls (its pretty much considered the best nep spinoff outside of 4GO and the best one on the Vita)

Oh, and I guess Steins;Gate and Muv-Luv.

Maybe Hyperdevotion Noire as well.

6384ce  No.16218246

File: 7fed97b1ab15629⋯.jpg (41.87 KB, 835x773, 835:773, hitlerplays.jpg)

I'm going to give a quick rundown on the emulators ive used, might compile to a pastebin if I test out any more.

Unless otherwise stated, I tried these out with base vita clocks.

mGBA vs VBANext: Got better performance in mGBA, and I got better colors in mGBA. gpSP was the worst of the GBA emulators, not worth it.

NES Emulation wins with FCEUmm. It was the most reccomended and has the best performance.

SNES emulation between Retroarch cores and SNES9xVita had CATSFC+ winning. With Overclocking any of the performance losses go away, aside from some sprite heavy areas in Super Metroid. Suffered on most FX games.

I tried out the VirtualBoy Mednafen core. Ran at 30fps even at the highest OC settings

Picodrive vs GenesisPlus, both work fine, use G+ for SG-1000 and Picodrive for 32x.

Realboy vs Gambette and TGB Dual. TGB was slower than Gambette in some cases, and realboy had audio issues.

For PS1 emulation, Adrenaline is the clear winner, however I haven't tested games that needed to be converted to eboot. Anyone with such information would be appreciated.

I tested out some CPS2 games with the FBA retroarch cores. Ran perfectly fine, and yeah the Vita dpad feels wonderful with these games.

N64 emulation is still in the very early stages, with a viable emulator still only existing through Adrenaline. It runs Fzero time trials fine, as well as Mario 64, with the optimal settings described on their git page. Crashes when playing 64mb carts.

I also tried out NekoProjectII through Adrenaline since RA doesn't have a core yet(or not anymore?). Ran like shit for 2hu which is all I cared about. Seems the problem is that it only emulates older variations of the NEC PC, not the ones that were powerful enough to run 2hu.

If there's one core I would pay money to be completed it would be Yabause, but Saturn emulation is shit everywhere so it's not suprising that's the case here.

41d0e8  No.16218313


I have an OLED and a slime vita and I don't think there's another handheld I have used as much. Looks like Switch will be the new weebmachine but it's just not the same, it's retardedly big and clunky in comparison and just doesn't have the same charm to it.

I'll probably buy another 2000 to keep NIB before they vanish

b83854  No.16218456

There a PC-98 emulator yet?

fbf4bc  No.16218719

File: e907f15f25b3887⋯.png (36.82 KB, 944x545, 944:545, diff.png)


>plus the note about the re;translations are useful

Well really, if people want to look into the Neptunia series there's a recurring general thread here with that info too. It's easy to add those two back though.

>I have the older chart saved at any rate

Yeah but watermarked. Also Git keeps the whole change history of it anyway, it's pretty rad.

>Yomawari, Steins;Gate, Muv-Luv

Only know in name, nothing about them

>Sega Hard Girls

Depending, I'd be more inclined to list this instead of RB2 and RB3 assuming people can speak for it. It seemed interesting at least. All 4 would be a bit too many though.


Its style is interesting and the Noire and (You) stuff is super-sweet, but I've had a hard time getting into this one because it's actually hard. Right now I'm being pathetic and dropped it to easy mode just because I want to at least see what happens, and maybe it'll make me more familiar with the game enough to step up to the challenge. But on Hard, I was getting frustrated at losing a few times to Lid, then same with banana girl, and it's a lot of time wasted to fail a stage with the game's slower tactical pace.

Ultimately it's the only game of its genre I've even played, so I'd need someone more familiar with the genre to speak for it. I wouldn't know how it stacks up (maybe good though if it's co-developed by Sting of DT2 fame). Also I get the impression it's one of the dodgier translations. Not Producing Perfection dreadful but still. Still I'd prefer the list to not be dominated by one series. Re;birth 1 is the definitive jumping-off point.


This guy literally just said so! >>16218246 However on PC I remember NP2 being bad with the audio side of things, and that's kind of a big deal with Touhou. Its PC-98 soundtracks are something special. Maybe fixed now?

Tangentally, PC-98 is in the same bad situation as N64 where you have more workable but proprietary emulators and the only open ones are not great. The latter is all you can use for porting off of PC though. Not to say Project64 is great or anything but for HLE it's fairly compatible and HLE is all you can do on a handheld. No way you're running bsnes on there.


While not a handheld option, Mednafen is developing a Sega Saturn core now. Which gives me great hope because its PlayStation core is excellent quality. Also excellent list!

b83854  No.16218796



>2hu STILL runs like shit

thanks anyways ;_;

672f58  No.16218799

File: f5c7245a6711eac⋯.png (129.35 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-21-132102.png)


Have you tried SegaCD and Turbo CD Grafx-16 emulation by any chance? I heard it's supposed to work well for both systems, but Retroarch crashes on me despite having those BIOS on the respective folder.

fbf4bc  No.16218831

File: 8dac946c4905a40⋯.jpg (94.86 KB, 960x544, 30:17, mpv-shot0353.jpg)

File: d1ef7f213d1598a⋯.jpg (159.69 KB, 960x544, 30:17, mpv-shot0352.jpg)


I have.

>Sega CD

Genesis Plus GX. It seems a bit iffy in terms of speed. Also I don't believe you can switch disks. Which is fine for Desert Bus at least but not the other half of that Penn & Teller game.

>PC Engine

Just Gekisha Boy on Vita. Haven't tested the disc stuff but it's Mednafen so it should work. I've used that for Rondo of Blood on PC.


Test it on PC it may have improved since. I mean it is emulating a PC, just somewhat different to a traditional IBM PC and DOSBox doesn't work well on Vita either.

9a42da  No.16218853


I've tried ps1 games that I converted to eboots with adrenaline and those that I tried ran well (mainly RPGs), with the exception of games like DW3 that still have the annoying bug at the beginning you can sometimes get past with menuing.

4fc15c  No.16218896

File: bbb2d4c7f419118⋯.jpg (20.65 KB, 474x474, 1:1, me.jpg)


Thanks, but I'll stick to my PSP1000.

99087f  No.16226413


Dude looks emaciated.

>psp 1000

>not the 3000 which has a vastly better dpad and screen

6d70b6  No.16226516

About up to where I was in Hyperdevotion last time. Even on easy enemies can make for major trouble. Also finally finally finished the RB3 Normal playthrough so I can attempt the true end again, and verify a few gameplay features while I'm at it.

Also an interesting Ensō fork came out that apparently fixes a few issues over regular Ensō and allows custom boot splash (animated even) but I cannot find anything about recovery from a bad splash screen so I'm not trying this yet. If it ends up in the starting guide I'll look into it. Right now though I'm re-arranging mine since it's missing something fairly important.

2871db  No.16226524



No, he just has a small face and inwards cheekbones, his neck clearly shows he's fine in terms of nutrition/eating

3df983  No.16228350

File: 45147ea5bb3b63c⋯.png (9.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sunshine_heaven_by_radiant….png)

Hey anons, I need help, how do you download foreign DLC (from the non-JP Asian region) onto a Vita with a US account installed? I only need to do this for one game, DOAX3, but I want to get the free DLC for the game. Thanks for any help.

1fb017  No.16228471




Pretty sure he's a 3d render. Or at least that's what I saw on /3/ a long time ago.

6384ce  No.16228659


Nope. If you have a physical cart you're not able to download DLC for other reigons. Your best bet is to pirate the dlc, and use some kind of decryptor on the US game and then I think I believe it can work through repatch.

3df983  No.16228958


>Nope. If you have a physical cart you're not able to download DLC for other reigons.

The physical cart is for the Asian region though, this was an Asian only game, there was no US release. There's no work around for that?

bea298  No.16228974


Pirate it. Pirated content works on any account no matter the region.

6384ce  No.16228983


In that case, you should be able to make a Japanese PSN account and download the DLC to the physical cart. I would reccomend using NoPayStation to get the DLC, however, since you dont have to deal with making a JP PSN account.

e678e8  No.16229016

Anyone else getting anxiety on the dwindling stock of Vita games? There are a few out there that I want to get before they run out, but I got to save up for them first.

2871db  No.16229059


I would be, but I've made peace that my collection is pretty much complete with everything I've really wanted, anything else would be extra gravy at this point

49b9d8  No.16229922


Because the amount of vita games released physically english is so low(about 350), I've considered getting the whole library, but it's probably best to just stick with the bests. It is redundant, especially since I have what I want on an sd2vita. But it would be nice to have the greatest hits going forward, and that probably numbers around 70, counting by how much I have downloaded.

6d70b6  No.16229986


Jailbreak and pirate the DLC for its region if it's available. If not switch to a different region copy. PSN is the big exception to the "region free". You can only link a single PSN account and it's tied to one of the four regions. I learned that the hard way with my copy of Muramasa which was bought locally but a USA import. It is technically possible to multi-account but don't bother.


No. I've got too many as it is in the backlog, and typically when I play a game, I get a lot out of it.

76730d  No.16231154

File: 7817b5a6707aea1⋯.jpg (167.32 KB, 600x852, 50:71, 17012-pu11wq.jpg)

So when are we getting this game localized?


e678e8  No.16231160


Their faces are disturbing me. It looks as if face assets were quickly slapped on those bodies.

41d0e8  No.16231561

File: f4862cf6993c516⋯.png (339.06 KB, 691x540, 691:540, disgust.png)


>aqua wearing undergarments

4a8664  No.16231721


>not wanting the tank that is the 1000


>over regular Ensō and allows custom boot splash (animated even)

Hopefully it utilizes the safety improvements that the boot screen plugin eventually got with its updates so that a lot of users don't brick their vitas overnight.

fa734d  No.16231859


>Aqua has saggy granny tits

Fitting of a useless goddess like her.

b6d211  No.16231867

2871db  No.16231937


>remake of the original

>for a console

It ain't worth playing on the Vita anyways because of the censorship. This can be safely ignored. Plus remakes in general tend to not be good.


I know little about konosuba, but the porn for all the female characters are nice as fuck

828794  No.16231951


You need to delete all but three of those and rename them.


c7860b  No.16232173

Anyone know if you can finally play past arcdian(?) In Valkyrie Profile using adrenaline?

aaaa22  No.16233639


Nah, I've had my Vita too long for that to be a concern. I have, unfortunately, missed out on some games, though. Waited years for Rabi Ribi for it to sell out before I could fill the order. Ghey.



Just realize performance is going to vary per game. There really isn't a definitive best, given that no single emulator is best at everything.

6d70b6  No.16234664

File: 5d86d771f551140⋯.jpg (174.62 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, 5d86d771f55114073d07a0f543….jpg)


I thought the old custom splash plug-in was possible to bypass through factory resetting if it went awry. The only time you absolutely must not use it is with update365 Ensō because boot_config resides on vs0: and it's very explicit that you must not edit it or you're risking a brick. Regardless, I'm waiting for clarification on whether it's dangerous, its Git documentation is too sparse for my liking.


Aqua's looking kind of Chaika too.


Stupid LN artist draws her in shimapan like Neptune. Also stupidly depicts Megumin wearing white when they're explicitly described as black in the text.


Watch the anime if you haven't. It's great fun.

a9f610  No.16234680


Yeah but with the ability to uncensor with a jailbroken vita, we can uncensor the game.

<boot splashs

I was going to change the boot splash on my vita but then I remember reading some of the concerns here, yeah essing with booth in anything is a very risky thing, better safe then salty when it comes to boot stuff.

aaaa22  No.16235063


You can try Retroarch. I don't think the PSP emulator has fixed that issue.

aaaa22  No.16235301

>disconnected from server

>could not connect to server

>delaying connection for 5 seconds

>(failed transfers)

I fucking hate using FTP.

672f58  No.16235393

File: 12ef3a32c7a6b79⋯.jpg (358.51 KB, 1032x1169, 1032:1169, big vita boxes.jpg)


>Anyone else getting anxiety on the dwindling stock of Vita games?

Like the other anon said, I've also got what I pretty much wanted, which is pretty much nothing but imports since 2015

e678e8  No.16235401


I feel so poor after looking that image. My library is nowhere near that large.

aaaa22  No.16235414

Okay, I'm convinced that this homebrew shit is not going to work for me.

>format cards as normal

>load up enso with storagemgr activated

>tells me to format my memory card(not SD2Vita)


>reboot Vita

>tells me I need to format my memory card

>"What the fuck"

It's not even supposed to be acknowledging that card, and I know it's configured to read the SD2Vita as ux0. What the hell.

6d70b6  No.16235422


Post your config. Also make sure you follow the SD card formatting instructions for SD2Vita. All storage redirection is rooted in this.

672f58  No.16235426


I had a large amount of money to spare back then with my job, but I wont do the same shit with any other system I consider the Vita the last console I'll ever own. Vita games had the advantage to be rather cheap (besides a few VNs) with low-cost shipping.

On the upside I was able to share all those first-print DLCs for many JP titles (Atelier Rorona, Ar NoSurge, Uppers, SK Bon Appetit, New Game!, etc) on the NoPayStation database, because that crap is too easily lost.

aaaa22  No.16235431

File: 5cd76eabe5b694a⋯.png (82.15 KB, 1359x639, 151:71, Screenshot_2019-03-12_11-5….png)


I've formatted the card several times over. The only thing that isn't reading it is the damn Vita.

e678e8  No.16235447


Understandable. Thanks for allowing the exclusive first print DLC to live on.

672f58  No.16235449

File: 2cf8796445cc2f9⋯.png (17.94 KB, 591x330, 197:110, config.png)


did you inject zzBlank.img in the microsd with Win32DiskImager beforehand?

I see no storagemgr inside your config file (in the Kernel section) by the way. Dont forget to be cautious about the order list, the most important plugins should be given the top priority over the rest in the list.

Here's my config list where it just works™ for me

6d70b6  No.16235450


You're making a critical error which I do in fact mention in my example. Specifically, any plug-in that relates to re-direction of storage should always be the first entry in *KERNEL so please refer to


aaaa22  No.16235472


No. I'm not using Windows. Storagemgr is loaded on my Vita's config, but not on the one backed up on my computer. That was a screenshot of the computer backup. It's otherwise exactly the same.


That wasn't made very clear on vitahacks, but I'll try it after my Vita finishes restoring my memory card backup.

aaaa22  No.16235531


It's still doing the format prompt.

6d70b6  No.16235593

File: 2d989c42e17f263⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 1069x2013, 1069:2013, 2d989c42e17f263b0a8e2c4272….png)


Order of config is important. Please leave at least for fixing of problems in case because sex stuff and similar.

aaaa22  No.16235637

File: 13fee39c3f677dc⋯.png (73.79 KB, 679x640, 679:640, Screenshot_2019-03-12_13-4….png)


>Please leave at least for fixing of problems in case because sex stuff and similar.


aaaa22  No.16235705

At the very least, I was able to successfully downgrade my other Vita from 3.68 and install Enso. Even swapped my 64GB into the other Vita, since my old one SHOULD be using SD2Vita.

Now why won't this SD2Vita shit work?

2871db  No.16235754


Your library doesn't need to be huge anon, just meaningful to you.

LEs/CEs are nice too, having even a few of those and your library will make you feel like a king

You should always be deal-hunting if you care to build up your library, and don't be afraid to go where the best deals are, or were.

Gamestop was very good for picking up shit in terms of western releases for a long time, despite their cancerous and well-deserved reputation for being shit for example

Just make sure the games you got were ones you never planned on selling or trading back in.

Be aware of each place's flaws and advantages and you'll find success. You should also be aware that prices can vary wildly depending on where you look

Here's what i used for the western release side of things


>most easily accessible and well-known online marketplace with possibly the widest selection of games including imports and shit

>not the best prices necessarily by far and in fact mediocre prices can and will be shown to you at first

>kinda depends on if you have prime, how much you care about shipping, how much you know how to use it (for example Amazon Warehouse), etc.

Best Buy

>Had the best loyalty and paid membership program with the GCU till it was taken away

>selection of games quickly grew lean over time with very little physical presences in stores outside of store pickup but there were some good pickups if you got there in time

>if you still have GCU and care about new english copies of the last few released games in the west for the Vita, they will likely have them

>price-matching is a huge and nice deal, can use it against other places like Gamestop to get sealed copies at half their price for example

>they give a fuckton of amazing storewide coupons and gift $$ for use in-store, they will literally have paid for your GCU membership before its finished in its entirety


>erratic but decent selections at surprisingly good prices for some of them (unfortunately they were cleaned out over time and now only have a pretty average if not mediocre selection now, should've went in months ago but they might still have something of interest

>3rd party sellers are a bit unknown on there

>large physical presence across the U.S.

(continuing in next post)

2871db  No.16235755



>pretty much the best prices for preowned/unsealed games and even sometimes clearance/price drops, and the best selection out of physical retailers

>best deals and coupon frequency (but pretty much needs the pro membership to take advantage of things if you're buying more than 8-9 games from them a year

>original cases are often a hassle to obtain and the service and helpfulness as well as general knowledge varies widely depending on location and on an individual employee basis but usually lean towards unhelpful, if you're willing to put in the work you can find some LEs/CEs at good prices though

>worst trade-in and selling values, never give anything of your own to Gamestop unless there's a deal in place that would somehow give you more than its rightful value (for example if you'd have trouble selling it for even $5 on Ebay, and there's a $5 trade-in thing going on)


>pretty much the best prices you'll get for selling your games to a place outside of selling directly to people on Ebay

>solid selection, and they still have some LEs in stock but the prices are a little high for some of them

>getting the original case is usually a 1-3$ markup, but their prices are very reasonable for non-LEs

>amazing customer service system, and the best rewards system

>decent amount of sales

>selection probably grows thinner by the day


>far more erratic prices than Amazon (usually a good thing, since their prices lean on the lower side)

>have to be a bit more cautious than Amazon, usually as long as they have a 98% or higher seller rating you're safe no matter what; I've never had a bad experience but that's anecdotal

>great occasional coupons, usually 15-20% off or $5-10 off (there's one today, unfortunately app-only for 15% off unless I misread; I plan on seeing if there's anything I wanna buy today)

>pictures help vastly, but sellers can still misrepresent products if you're not careful

>generally good prices, but always check against Gamestop and other places because you can easily be paying double or triple what a game is worth somewhere else if you're not careful

Directly from developer's store

>The most ethical option if you care about supporting developers, they get the most cut and usually have some nice merch and stuff you can buy

>Unfortunately they usually have fairly high prices, but always new products

>level of selection and stock varies incredibly (For example the IFI store is usually cleaned out, yet XSEED's store is usually pretty well-stocked), but they will often have stuff other places won't

>Usually they will send something and appreciate your business (like IFI sends out those little cards and stuff sometimes, XSEED literally will include additional goodies if they damn well feel like it, I got some from them)

>customer service is usually good and more specialized

>rewards systems, deals and sales are usually nonexistent

2871db  No.16235764



Oh, and I also forgot

Half-Price Books

>selection varies incredibly, but they can have some rare and unusual finds such as Jap imports at decent prices

>sales and shit are rare, but when they do come they're usually great

>at risk of being cleaned out, and very slow to recover when that happens

>vita selections are probably a lot less full than they used to be

aaaa22  No.16235770


>I feel so poor after looking that image

I AM poor, but I still got a few Vita games. Anyway, it only actually matters if you play the shit you buy. Collecting for the sake of collect is pretty lame, IMO.


>price-matching is a huge and nice deal, can use it against other places like Gamestop to get sealed copies at half their price for example

Fuck, man. I never thought of that. Should've done that with Death Mark.

6f4f9b  No.16236795


Yeah that's exactly what I meant. That makes me feel better.



I'm super poor too, but I sometimes splurge when I have extra money. I just end up adding some used games if I ever want to import a bunch of stuff from japan.

fd38ab  No.16236943

Is there still a proper benefit to going from 3.60 OFW to Henkaku to Enso, versus updating to 3.65/3.68 OFW to h-encore? I mean, reading the hacking guide it sounds like the former has more convenient utility, but would the latter offer more of a playability range (firmware checks, etc) at this point due to the increased base firmware? Or do firmware check even matter much at this point in hacking?


>Half Price Books

Nearest one of those to me can't even stock video games anymore due to new city ordinance laws requiring a new set of paperwork. And even back when they did have them, I never saw any Vita games whatsoever.

0a3dba  No.16236969


Playability range point is now moot. With reF00D you no longer need to worry about that.

Honestly, 3.60 Enso is the gold version - it has a few more exploits available. You can get the TLS 1.2 support externally on it, then you're set.

h-encore is not a boot time exploit, so it loses to enso.

aaaa22  No.16236994


Have another problem with my old Vita.

>downgrade from 3.65

>doesn't brick


>try to open homebrew

>"file is corrupt"

Not good.

>try to open game

>"file is corrupt"

What the shit is going on? Nothing was written to these files. It shouldn't be corrupt.

aaaa22  No.16237026


Never mind. Restarting through recovery mode seems to work. Thank you random aussie on youtube.

6384ce  No.16237039

File: 8c6c458c88f98aa⋯.jpg (42.63 KB, 720x720, 1:1, drake_and_loss.jpg)


Im thinking of picking up one of those bulk vita game sales that are on ebay or other places. My main focus is picking up all the english translated weeb games. Although, problem here is that I would need to buy a proprietary card to play them. SD2Vita takes up the game card slot, and and I do not have a 3G vita. So for me, getting physical collection just to collect would be fairly useless in terms of actually playing the vidya. I might get at least the Neptunia games, and sony 1st party stuff since its cheap


Was about to reply to you. Are you using gamesd or storagemgr, by the way. I would reccomend gamesd if you only have an sd2vita.

aaaa22  No.16237057


>Are you using gamesd or storagemgr, by the way. I would reccomend gamesd if you only have an sd2vita.

Man, I've been reading everywhere that storagemgr is supposed to replace it, but I dunno. I haven't gotten the damn thing working.

2871db  No.16237295


>I never saw any vita games whatsoever

Sounds like they were cleaned out at some point and never recovered by the time you saw them

It happened with my main HPB. They had an okay selection of vita games with some rarities (like Japanese senran imports) and one day the whole thing was pretty much cleaned out, to this day its struggling to recover, in months all they've had is Disgaea 3 and some other game I can't remember, even the numerous copies of Akiba's trip all of them seemed to have, all cleaned out.

fd38ab  No.16237638


Alright, so I guess the first it is then.


The one down here always just had a small game section of a couple bookshelves, while two-thirds the three sided game section was dominated by strategy guides and tabletop books. Used to go there off and on when I was down that way already (nearest is like forty miles away roundtrip and nowhere near other places I go), but I don't think I ever saw a Vita game there even once. Plenty of DS, PSP, and PS3 compared to other systems, but no Vita games. Might have seen a system itself once or twice, but still.

In general I think more people just tend to use the other, more local multimedia chain for stuff, though their Vita selection isn't especially great. Usually just western games no one wants and the occasional Gravity Rush. One branch did have a copy of Shiren though, last time I was in.

6d70b6  No.16237746


It deserves re-iterating that there are very few practical benefits if you're on a hacked 3.65 to downgrade to 3.60. It boils down to >>16184698 and it's more trouble than its worth. I did add a new section to the guide though that attempts to modernize any older hack setups.


t. I am not in a state to help further, please be distracted for a while. Don't post when tired it makes you look like a twit.


As warned explicitly in the guide, I've found that the generic storage plug-in was nothing but trouble, and stuck to using the one specifically for my SD adapter.

0a3dba  No.16237778


Yeah, that's pretty much how it is. Basically in short, for systems that are outdated (<3.60), then 3.60 is gold. If it's already on 3.65, then it's okay to keep it there.

Those on 3.65+ would benefit from a downgrade.

fd38ab  No.16237782

Been a while since I looked into backing up with QCMA. If the program's active and specifically detects the Vita once connected (using a USB here), is it just a matter of running a back up function from the Vita end as standard for Vita to PC? Just asking since I recall in dabbling with it some time ago, there having been some whole settings menu one could mess around with on the computer end before, but it's not making itself apparent now.

8e4aa4  No.16237805


Here is what works for me. It probably is pointless to have 2 gamesd files in the config, but it somehow reads my sd card.


fd38ab  No.16237829


Actually, found that I was looking in the wrong spot for settings. But now the Vita's bitching at me that its applications folder for backing up from is read only and thus can't be done. Admittedly I did switch to a new external drive recently if that might be part of it, but I already rerouted the QCMA folder locations where applicable to where their equivalents are on the new drive.

6d70b6  No.16237841

File: 0dad69171ca0548⋯.png (10.03 KB, 413x151, 413:151, Screenshot_2019-03-13_15-1….png)

Alright. I've taken a more serious look at >>16235431 so let's go over what's wrong.

- Again, plug-in load order is imperative. gamesd.skprx needs to be first in the *KERNEL section.

- There is no user plug-in for Adrenaline. Delete the last two lines.

- Load Adrenaline's kernel plug-in last in *KERNEL section. This isn't strictly necessary to load either, it's just a convenience thing.

- If you're using gamesd.skprx it has no config. That's storagemgr, and again, I've found that to be wonky.


QCMA works happily for backing up all types of content, including games and homebrew (only the app itself in the latter case, its save data is stored differently to a game).


Some sort of permissions issue?

fd38ab  No.16237872


I don't know if it's permissions or what. It was just a generic uncoded error message. I went back into the connected device settings in the Vita and had it relocate my PC via USB (not like I've changed computers as a terminal, but still). Now I can get into the folder, but I'm not certain if there's some other parameter that I reset in doing so as to if it's going to route through QCMA or not. Or does QCMA being active override it trying to find Sony's own utility? Might be a dumb question but I haven't done a back up in quite a while.

6d70b6  No.16237905

File: e251b744f1c44ec⋯.png (85.12 KB, 1280x775, 256:155, permissive.png)


If you're using QCMA you shouldn't be using the official content manager. I don't believe it's an option for jailbroken systems anyway. As for the permissions thing, double-check your paths and definitely make sure that they aren't read-only or something. All current OSes have fairly flexible permission systems.

fd38ab  No.16237975


I'm currently just trying to back up what I have before hacking the system. Have noticed that, in checking apparent size differences between what games I've QCMAed in the past, and what the system is registering them as, in trying to boot them, they give me a C2-12828-1 error now. It only seem to be affecting what games I'd gotten digitally, so while annoying, I suppose they can just be replaced with yarrharred rips once the system is hacked though, right?

fd38ab  No.16238044


Also a few giving a C1-2741-4. Looking elsewhere it seems to signify some sort of memory card issue, with suggestions being to go into safe mode and either rebuild the database or reformat the memory card. Do either of those need to be connected to the internet/PSN to be performed, or possibly screw up my ability to hack the system if it involves firmware reinstallation? Sony's own online manual gives next to no information on either.

6d70b6  No.16238186




Unfortunately I don't know what that error code means specifically. I have only seen it happen on certain games with DLC with older versions of rePatch. That's no longer a problem though and obviously unrelated on your system. It may be a general corruption issue, which I wouldn't put it past with the official memory cards.


Mind, I wouldn't really bother doing a back-up before jailbreaking, it's basically a drop-in setup even if you have to downgrade. The only exception is if you have no PSN account linked, I think you can only do it without update nag during a factory reset, and yes those are safe. Might be possible after jailbreaking though?

fd38ab  No.16238204


So jailbreaking the system doesn't risk the actual existing data on the card, or at the very least goes for unused memory? Does it even edit the memory card, or edit the system itself, for future knowledge? Mine does have a PSN account linked (QCMA picks up on it as being recognized), but not currently logged in to better avoid updates.

Still, would be nice if I could at least clear some space a few broken games are eating, but the system can't even delete them.

6d70b6  No.16238239


>So jailbreaking the system doesn't risk the actual existing data on the card

As always it's vaguely possible for things to go wrong with any jailbreak. But you will be fine in 99.99% of cases as long as you follow instructions carefully.

>but the system can't even delete them.

Seriously? Not even in content manager? Might just want to start fresh then. I definitely advise getting an SD adapter, and also, note that it is possible to migrate by just copy-pasting all the files. If games are being problematic though maybe just start over.

fd38ab  No.16238258


I know, I'm just wondering if needing to replace the card in the future would also require re jailbreaking the system, or if the process is smart enough to use the internal memory (being that I have a 2000).

>Seriously? Not even in content manager?

Trying to delete through content manager gives an error on those particular games that they can't be deleted. Actually just tried again after an on/off cycle of the system, and this time it got rid of them. Now all the system has are the skittles for my physical games, a few PS1, and PSP games. I guess for all the digital ones I'll just find backups online after I get the think hacked. If the actual downloads were corrupted when I backed them up before (just saying I don't think a game that was sized at roughly 3GB should be backed up at ~500kb), there's probably little point trying to restore those ones. I am curious though, Muramasa Rebirth has never shown up in the back up menu. I know it's one of those few games where the save data stores on the cart, but is Genroku Legends small enough to do so on the same as well? Because that wasn't in the menu either.

aaaa22  No.16241552

Alright, so here's what I'm going to do.

>delete all digital games from my card

>backup the rest via FTP

>format card, write blank img to card, then format it to exFAT

>put backed up data on microSD card

If this doesn't fucking work, I'm giving up. There's nothing else I can do. I know the configuration is fine.


My problem wasn't adrenaline not working, but I went ahead and removed that anyway. I still have this stupid format prompt when I load up with storagemgr. Same goes with gamesd. Funny thing is, it's reading my card, and I can see that, given that the amber light comes on with the adapter in. It just won't mount it. If I have the official memory card in, it demands that I format it, then it just gives me the same thing on every boot. If I take it out, it acts as though there's nothing in the system. No mounting of the adapter.

<disconnected from server

<delaying for 5 seconds

<connection established

<disconnected from server

<could not connect to server

I fucking HATE FTP.

e678e8  No.16241589


Has the SD2Vita card ever worked before? If anything, this could be a dead on arrival unit.

aaaa22  No.16241674


I'm using both a 3.0 and 5.0, but yes, I've had the 5.0 work exactly once before. The 3.0 I got later.

aaaa22  No.16242057



Still got nothing. I'm done. This thing is getting stowed away.

6d70b6  No.16242159



I made sure to have a spare one when I was using SD2Vita (1.0) but I'm pretty sure mine aren't working either now, is there like zero QC on these things? I've had one weird flake-out with my PSVSD that I still don't know what was going on with but otherwise it's been fine.


FTP is OK but Vita's Wi-Fi is terrible.

fd38ab  No.16242438


Mind answering, assuming you know, the question here >>16238258 about where the jailbreak gets stored/how it affects the system? Still wondering if, once everything's done, should one need to change the memory card (being that the guide specifies one is required), do they have to redo the process for each card swapped in, or does everything just affect the system itself, and thus doesn't need to be done again regardless of card?

6d70b6  No.16242471


(Note: "memory card" can also mean SD adapter, or the 1GB internal storage on PCH2xxx models, it's whatever is mounted to ux0: and used to hold games and media files. "internal storage" refers to any other partition that is typically only usable/seen by the OS, most of which you should not be messing around in)

For VitaShell/molecularShell, the offline E-mail exploit (3.60), H-Encore (3.65/3.68 entrypoint), Ensō installer (but not Ensō itself, that is installed to internal storage) you require a memory card. This is why PCH1xxx systems need one for jailbreaking and usually recovery unless you've used that one homebrew to re-partition so a bit of the internal storage is usable like a memory card, enough to have the important recovery tools on there. Also make sure you have QCMA back-ups of them in case you need to restore them later. HENkaku (3.60 browser exploit) doesn't need a memory card but you will if you need to set up molecularShell and do more.

If you do certain official recovery options Ensō gets disabled. Non-Ensō hacks also aren't persistent if you reboot the system but you won't often need to do that.

Also it is possible for taiHEN's config and plug-ins to be in either ur0:tai/ or ux0:tai/ usually you want the former.

Finally, if I do have to do recovery, it isn't much lost switching between my memory card with the recovery tools on it, fixing things, then switching back to the PSVSD with all the games, except that the game bubble layout gets totally messed and I have to re-install my theme. I sometimes need to re-do taiHEN's config too, depending.

fd38ab  No.16242494


I see. So for now I can just go through the process pertinent to my system's OFW (3.60, so Henkaku -> Enso), and if I need to switch/reformat cards down the line, the hacked status won't be lost, and the card is (as far as the the hacking process goes) there for temporary storage to run installation of vpks and the like from (considering how often the guide seems to say it's fine to delete the files afterward)?

b7f240  No.16242670


I had to go through whole bunch of V3's and V5's till I said fuck it and ordered one of the more expensive ones which ended up working perfectly. >>16242494

You can delete VPK's but they're really just zip files that contain the homebrew apps. The apps themselves get copied to the app folder on ux0 (primary memory card partition). It's the same place that games get installed to. Technically, you can have a hacked console without a memory card but it will be useless because you won't be able to actually run any homebrew which needs storage space.

On a 2000 you can of course install homebrew apps onto the internal memory. Then copy them over to the actual memory card (or just install again if on 3.60 since it only takes one second to re-run exploit).

There are methods of running homebrew apps without any memory card at all, even on a 1000 but they all require you to have hacked the console prior to that.

0800d4  No.16242762


In short, you get what you pay for. Unless it's a Vita memory card.


As long as your firmware is 3.68 or lower it's not much effort to set them up again anyway. Also migration between SD cards can be seamless if you just copy everything over, even if it's done with FTP/USB. Just power off, swap the SDs, and it shouldn't even notice.

c7860b  No.16242872


>I still have this stupid format prompt when I load up with storagemgr. Same goes with gamesd

You sure you formatted it correctly? I had the same problem setting up my sd2v with storagemgr and had to use terminal to get the proper format

e678e8  No.16243033


>ordered one of the more expensive ones which ended up working perfectly.

Got any info on where to find one for someone that has no clue that they even existed?

b7f240  No.16243134



Out of stock now since that dude makes them himself. He will make new ones, eventually. Maybe. There were some people making them in america too but I can't remember who they were. I think some wololo article had links to those.

aaaa22  No.16243238


100%. It's formatted to exFAT.


That's the same exact thing I have.

b7f240  No.16243257


Then the only thing that remains is the zeroing. You must have messed up there somehow. I'm not sure what the process for linux is but you need to double check it. There is also the possibility that it did not format correctly since linux does not have native exFAT support, afaik.

aaaa22  No.16243262


I literally wrote zzblank.img to the card, and on a separate occasion before that, zero'd it out using dd.

>linux does not have native exFAT support

There are tools for it, although connecting directly from the Vita is very spotty. I have to use FTP for that reason. The microSD card is fully supported.

b7f240  No.16243270


I am aware there are tools for it but since they're just reverse-engineered tools there's always the chance that they don't quiet work right. It would not surprise me if it turned out to be the culprit here because I did personally have issues with non-supported file systems like that before (not related to the Vita). But I'm basically also grasping at straws too since your problem seems very strange.

aaaa22  No.16243276


Yeah, the weird thing is that, in my experience, it's just the Vita not reading/mounting the card. I can't pinpoint why. It's only worked once before. I wonder if unlinking my memory card would help at all.

b7f240  No.16243281


All unlinking does is remove the id.dat file off the root of the card. Making it possible to mount the card on a different PSN account or firmware version.

Wait, did you change accounts/firmware spoof before trying to use the sd2vita? In that case it would ask to format the card.

aaaa22  No.16243301


>change accounts


>firmware spoof

It had been modded for years, so it was firmware spoofing before I even got an SD2Vita. Should I turn that off? At what point would I be able to start spoofing again?

b7f240  No.16243332


It will ask to format the card if the firmware of said card is higher than the one the Vita uses. It's so you can't use cards from higher firmware Vitas on lower FW ones, which is just another stupid measure by Sony to pressure users into updating.

Deleting the id.dat (= unlinking memory card) lets you bypass this restriction. Similarly you can bypass it, if you you spoof to the same or higher firmware than the memory card in question.

Don't have to do anything if your FW spoof is on latest and you didn't have it set to some stupid higher number in the past for some reason. If you had and it won't mount, just delete id.dat and reboot. This should not be happening if you just copied all your stuff to the SD card with no other changes.

aaaa22  No.16243367


I don't get any message that mentions firmware. Just says I need to format it to use it with the system. It only does that when I have gamesd or storagemgr running. If I use a default configuration, it just mounts the official memory card.

Of course, this is all with the official memory card. The microSD card is not being mounted, to my knowledge. I can go into system settings and see absolutely nothing under the free and used space when it's just the micro SD card in the system.

b7f240  No.16243394


>I don't get any message that mentions firmware

You wouldn't.

You said before all your shit disappears if you try to run the Vita with only the SD2Vita. If you copied everything from your MC to the SD correctly, it should behave as if you still had the official MC inserted. It would only show up as ux0 in vitashell, too. That's if you use gamesd, don't know about storage manager.

>I can go into system settings and see absolutely nothing under the free and used space when it's just the micro SD card in the system

You mean in the official settings app? I think I've only ever seen this kind of issue crop up if the SD card wasn't formatted properly. If the adapter was broken, it would be more likely to just hang or crash on boot. Do you have any way at all to format it in a windows environment to rule out any sort of fuckery from hacky exFAT drivers?

aaaa22  No.16243790


>If you copied everything from your MC to the SD correctly, it should behave as if you still had the official MC inserted

I copied it directly, so I don't know what else I could have done.

>format in a Windows environment

I can try a virtual machine again, but I doubt it'll help.

46c65b  No.16244114

Honestly i wanna get a vita to play nip games, mostly the konosuba vn as there doesnt look like there will be a pc port. Im just scared of buying a new one with a high firmware, used with a shitty battery/parts, or fucking up the hacking process badly.

46c65b  No.16244116


Is there any good multiplayer as well?

or are the servers all empty or shut down like PSP OG

6384ce  No.16244130


Higher firmware isn't too bad since the exploit for 3.69 and 3.70 should come out this year. Vita battery replacement is very easy and the battery costs like twenty bucks. If you're looking to get it to play nip games, thats not a bad choice. I would not be suprised if non intensive games get ported to the vita and switch for the next 2 years

672f58  No.16244559


>Arcana Heart 3 Love Max

>Catherine FullBody

>Dragon's Crown

>EDF2 Portable (Western localization and JP version have separate online. JP community has been the most active)

>EDF3 Portable

>God Eater 2 Rage Burst

>God Eater Ressurection

>Gundam Breaker 3 (seems like the online is also separate between Asia English and JP. Nip version was also the most active too)

>KoF 97 Global Match

>Metal Slug 3

>Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds

>Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD

>Puyo Puyo Tetris


>Toukiden Kiwami

>Toukiden 2


Everbody Golf and Wipeout 2048 have been shut down, no idea if Soul Sacrifice Delta is still up (doesnt help it needs an Online Pass just like the other first-party Sony games)

c7860b  No.16244702


>fucking up the hacking process badly

If you can follow instructions then there's a 99% chance everything will go smoothly

d32772  No.16244721



this. If I can do it you can do it. The 1% accounts for a possible ghost within the machine.

Also I've been playing Rabi Ribi. Characters and story are pretty cute and most of the gameplay is pretty good but a few of these bosses are annoying and can go fuck themselves. Haven't turned down the difficulty from normal at least.

40c6c6  No.16244737

Why even get a vita when you can get a new mobile phone that is twice as powerful?

7d6958  No.16244748


Depends on what you want from it. A phone would probably be more practical but a phone can't play obscure japanese vita games. Why even ask a question so stupid?

b7f240  No.16244752


Phones don't come with buttons and the best d-pad currently on the market.

362138  No.16244841


Phones can't play actual real games outside of emulation, cost far more, have touch controls and need a shitty accessory otherwise along with compatibility being a bitch on a per-game basis (plus no physical copies either

Power doesn't mean shit if you don't play games with it, plus the Vita has many indie ports that phones don't and the Vita can't be emulated yet.

aaaa22  No.16244866



Well, that seems to have done something right. Now it reads and mounts the card, but I can't open the homebrew on it. I get the generic C8-12828-1 error. It also has to update the database whenever I restart, which is odd. All that seems to do is reset the location of my homebrew on the LiveArea screen.

Well, we're making progress. Thanks, anon.

b7f240  No.16244893


I would suggest you do the copying in the same environment that you did the formatting in, just in case. That error message is the generic error "something went wrong" and it can mean anything from corrupt files to henkaku not running. As for the database rebuilds, that's normal. It shouldn't matter once you set everything up correctly on the SD2Vita.

aaaa22  No.16244923


I don't think that'll be necessary, but I'll try it if I can't load a backup of Vitashell through QCMA.

aaaa22  No.16244947


>An error has occurred (C1-2738-0).

Okay… Guess I'll try QCMA on the virtual machine, which will require me to figure out how to get file copying working. This is getting to be real goddamn inconvenient. Reeeeally wish Sony cards were cheaper, because I don't get this shit with them.

b7f240  No.16244967


Alternatively just copy your vitashell from your Vita MC to the SD card on the Vita itself.

b7f240  No.16244975


Actually that might not work since you will need to update the xml file that stores livearea icons, not sure how to do that manually. Since you're pretty bare bones right now, you could just copy and paste your entire ux0 contents with vitashell onto the SD though.

b7f240  No.16244983


Aaand, I'm obviously getting tired since you already have the bubble, how else would you attempt to run it. Disregard that.

0800d4  No.16246518


Just saying, I've routinely formatted SD cards on Linux with mkfs.exfat. Only quirk is specifying cluster size. It will still work if you don't but it will lose track of the correct amount of free space. If in doubt, https://github.com/xyzz/gamecard-microsd


Jailbreaking is easy. Just make sure you can follow instructions.


You tried this once, and it didn't work out. Why are you doing it again? Masochism?

fd38ab  No.16246521


Okay, going through this all now. Henkaku installed just fine despite the system giving me a C2-12828-1 error with the web browser. Trying to work on getting enso and vita shell on there via filezilla, but using the server the Vita is providing gives me an “Insecure FTP connection: This server does not support FTP over TLS.” warning. Maybe it’s because I don’t ftp too often, but I assume it’s because the dns or whatever on the system doesn’t sync or something? I know I previously set it to one of the listed ones on the guide just in case as a further protection against firmware updates. Is this safe to transfer through as is, or should I edit the dns settings on the Vita first, or whatever the solution would be?

594603  No.16246753

can i get some solid Vita game recs? I've been looking into getting P4G but i can't rly justify buying a $300 console for a remake of a game

fd38ab  No.16246763


Could give what >>16214910 has been compiling a read.

e678e8  No.16246768


That work in progress Vita buyer's guide has some solid recs.

594603  No.16246816


hell yeah, thanks.

0800d4  No.16246891



I'm taking that as enough is enough with 4chan's crappy hand-me-down to make mine official. I did opt to re-add Project Diva F2 and the other Re;birth games based on >>16215612 and the currently disabled games can be added if I get descriptions. Currently:

>Grand Kingdom

>Soul Sacrifice Delta


>Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA

Someone in >>>/v/16182546 suggested Malicious Rebirth as well, but I haven't added backing data for that one yet. Should I?


Post the image in the thread itself if you want, but it opens up the problem of old copies getting posted. That's why all the WIPs were watermarked. It's best to be linked in the OP so it can stay fresh much like the hacking guides can.

fd38ab  No.16247026


Actually, do I even need to use an ftp at this point? Just curious since a video I'm seeing of someone doing so for theirs is apparently able to just drag and drop via his usb connection. The guide linking in the OP itself only mentions ftp for this step though, with no mention of USB transfer until Vitashell and Enso have been installed, and the video itself seems to have been done on systems already running Vitashell instead of having to run through Molecularshell, so it's got me a little confused.

0800d4  No.16247062


You only need FTP to access partitions that aren't ux0: or on a SD adapter. You may also need it if reading off official memory cards, and in that case only if your operating system doesn't support its filesystem (it's not exFAT it's some strange variant). I don't know how it works on Windows/OS X but to even do it on Linux requires some kernel module hacked over from Android, and I've found it to be too unreliable to actually use.

fd38ab  No.16247076


So does the warning I'm getting with Filezilla here >>16246521 matter? Actually checked the IPs on both the computer and Vita, and the bulk of the address does show them to be using the same network information.

0800d4  No.16247126


It's basically safe. Still only use FTP as a last resort because of how slow it is.

fd38ab  No.16247141



Doing some looking, it seems like the warning was added in some version of Filezilla between the last I used and the one I'm on now. Apparently before then, it simply didn't give you a warning about lack of server security, so I assume since I doubt there's a way to edit FTP over TLS into the Vita (I could be wrong), I'm just going to proceed as is. I bet connecting my PS3 to my computer will give the same warnings now as well, and that's worked out fine in the past for it even without being notified.

fd38ab  No.16247328


Alright, seems about done, at least for the explicitly detailed stuff. A few more final questions though: With the "finalizing set-up stuff", is deleting the now-unnecessary applications like the Enso installer an absolute requirement, or simply because they're taking up room (was thinking I might just keep them in a "Homebrew Utility" folder as backups just in case they're ever needed again)? And what all does that Version/PSN spoofing allow for in terms of utility, beyond, I assume, just telling the games you're playing you have the correct system firmware?

0800d4  No.16247462

Apparently Blue Reflection had its English translation ported over to Vita. Plus optional crappy nudes. I've not got this game to test but it looks suspiciously like yet another one that needs delta patches. Anyone want to test?



Just taking up space. But I would advise keeping Ensō installer on the backup partition in case you need to re-install it. Certain actions disable it unless you've used update365 where it's always active.

>version spoof

This is for things like PSN access. Game firmware requirements are enforced cryptographically. If you aren't at the required firmware version it won't have the key to decrypt the game's executable. This is why it was possible to hack certain localizations to work with a Japanese copy for example historically. Nowadays, totally irrelevant with reF00D.

fd38ab  No.16247487


>This is for things like PSN access.

So just for multiplayer in that aspect, or can one access the actual PS Store without immediately getting banned/bricked as well? I'd assume it best to play it safe and just install other people's dumped games, but still a point of curiosity as to if Sony hasn't worked detection out (assuming one runs the spoofing).

Oh, and one more thing: Does dump method matter anymore? Asking since looking at, say, NB’s pages of Vita downloads, they’re all tagged with a smattering of Vitamin, MaiDump, and NoNpDRM. Wondering if they all work well regardless, or if one is currently “proper” at present and the rest ought to be disregarded.

0800d4  No.16247507


They have actually made attempts to break PSN access. But for the most part they've just written the Vita off. Even 3DS managed to make freeShop usage a ban. Anyway from a REALLY old version of the guide.

>PSN access may be limited or broken. At time of writing you can play online but you cannot download games from PSN (E-80558325 error) even through a PS3. You cannot do system activation either.

How I worked around it back then was to download on an activated 3.67 system, QCMA back-up, then restore onto my main one, because it's the same PSN.

Right now though, I'm not totally clear on PSN. Mine is 3.60 Ensō, legitimately activated, and doesn't need ReNpDrm for downloading or playing games. I don't know if ReNpDrm still works for getting it activated but if it is, you will need it left on.

>dump standards

Read the guide.

fd38ab  No.16247656


Not sure why I never thought to just allow the scripting on the gitgud. Provides some good answers. Thanks again for the help.

fd38ab  No.16247763



Trying to install some of the additional homebrew and that I ftped over, like AM2R, but attempting to do so is now giving "Error 0xFFFFFFFF", and trying to delete the files fails and gives "Error 0x80010005".

fd38ab  No.16247766


Also constant C1-2741-4 error codes now on trying to launch stuff like Vitashell, which had been working fine prior. Molecular Shell still works though.

0800d4  No.16247790





Search suggests this is for attempting to install a corrupt VPK, and error with file moves/deletes respectively.





Generically EIO is an I/O error on a read/write operation.

With this I'd have to suspect a bad SD card or adapter, or memory card. Potentially bad USB cable though, and certain versions of VitaShell have had issues with USB transfers before. 1.95 specifically for the bug report I found.

(Might link that error code list in "recovery")

fd38ab  No.16247814


I was using FTP to move them like I'd been doing (found that I still couldn't get into particular folders using a USB earlier, and these files I'd been setting it up with weren't especially big either, so wireless ftp wasn't taking long). None of the vpks from that batch will install, nor can I remove them. Ones in question being AM2R, Retroarch, VitaBackup, savemgr, and FAGDec, as they were recommended in the gitgud. In contrast, I was able to delete the plugins that I had also copied over with the same batch as I can still get into Molecular Shell, but those are admittedly in a different folder. Additionally, thinking that maybe since Molecular Shell could be opened after deleting those (in case they were the problem), maybe something would have changed with Vita Shell, but while VS didn't give the C1-2741-4 error that time, the system froze. Holding the power until it shut down and manually booting it up still works, but again, homebrew other than MS refuses to open. Vitashell version I was using was the one linked in the guide; 1.98 I believe. Henkaku is still persisting as well thanks to Enso, so there's at least that. Honestly not real sure why this is happening when everything had been working fine up until I started going for the homebrew not explicitly in the hacking guide.

If you think it's a memory card problem, I do have an old 16gb somewhere.

fd38ab  No.16247817


Oh, and those vpks won't remove on the Filezilla end either.

fd38ab  No.16247829



Also do have a Qcma backup of VitaShell from when it was working earlier if that might help. But if it's a storage corruption thing, I have to think replacing the application isn't exactly the answer, assuming I can even delete the old one. Not going to do anything rash for the moment though.

0800d4  No.16247858


Try swapping yes, I really do suspect your main one is flaking out, and doubly so if it's an official memory card. Before the SD adapter stuff I had a 64GB one that took only a few months to start being erratic. They're villified for good reasons.

Generally speaking the hacking stuff is solid though there have been a few hiccups with things like SD adapters randomly waking the system and Storagemgr dying if left off for too long.

fd38ab  No.16247863


How the fuck did they screw up making a memory card in the first place, if the other official sizes work well? Anyhow, I guess we'll see what's retained and what isn't in swapping cards. I just hope it's still got my registration where stuff like Genroku Legends in concerned; that's DLC I actually care to keep access to for my physical copy.

fd38ab  No.16247870



Swapped the card out. System is still running 3.60 Henkaku, so I assume it's also kept the enso status since it wasn't lost. None of the other applications have been retained, so I guess I'll run QCMA and put the Molecular Shell and Vita Shell backups on and see what else it's kept.

0800d4  No.16247873


In their mind they didn't because they wanted a proprietary standard that couldn't be seen on PC. But it backfired badly because they're expensive and shitty and too small. But don't worry it is possible to use multiple memory cards. But you cannot hot-swap them and it make messy bubble layouts when you do because it has to figure out what games are set up each time.

fd38ab  No.16247878


True. But I mean specifically the 64GB one. Did they just want people to buy those horribly expensive more frequently, and as such they're made to give out quick? Sad when a fucking 1mb PS1 memory card can last the test of time better.

Anyhow, copying and installing those backups. Seems to take longer to go to the system than copy off. But regardless it's useful, and I note that the hacking guide fails to mention backing up your homebrew apps between segments or anything. Not sure how I'd get the shells back on otherwise, unless redoing the henkaku exploit would grant another.

fd38ab  No.16247890


VitaShell is working now. Digging around, there's absolutely nothing in the ux0/data/ folder, ur0:tai/ has retained suprx files of henkaku, nonpdrm, pngshot, reF00D, shellbat, and taihen, along with keys.bin and config.txt (which still has the kernel calls for Adrenaline, nonpdrm, and reF00D). However, I do note that the ur0:tai/ folder has two files titled henkaku.suprx, one of which being 3.24kb and the other being 16.49kb. Are there supposed to be two files in the folder after everything's set up?

fd38ab  No.16247900


Other than that, mostly just looks like the adrenaline application and PSP homebrew was lost, unless whatever that log file and something else in ux0/data/ were matter. Guess I'll go reinstall those, and then back them up as well.

fd38ab  No.16247904


Now the basic ass Settings application is giving me a C2-12828-1 and refuses to open. It wasn't doing this earlier before I restored VitaShell.

0800d4  No.16247920

File: 747c680e46f579a⋯.png (909.42 KB, 801x1092, 267:364, ESD.png)


Have you tried powering it off and on I have rarely seen startup programs produce that I'm pretty sure, besides the old issue with DLC and rePatch. That's just a generic "error occurred in application".

Barring that, not actually sure. Try looking it up.

fd38ab  No.16247933


I did reboot. It's working again for whatever reason. Glad I can access some minor functionality in holding the home button down while in vitashell, to make sure I could get the internet connection working for ftping.

fd38ab  No.16247951



Anyhow, for the time being, I got back up through Adrenaline getting installed again. Think I'll back it and the PSP Homebrew applications up while I'm at it with QCMA and call it a night. Or, would it be better to run a full backup at this point? Whatever the case, I do think that the hacking guide ought to make note of backing up your tools after particular points, just for an added safety net.

Also, I see that the homebrew browser application is noted as being slow, but other than that is it just as usable as ftping? Almost wondering if maybe for future installs it would be better to just download internally and eat the lost time/battery than risk another, well, whatever you want to call earlier (cascading failure?).

0800d4  No.16248003

File: 21640f5e9671a05⋯.png (322.01 KB, 849x597, 283:199, unisubbed.png)


If you're burnt out, take a break. Backup isn't really necessary, but again, if (and you should) you go the SD card route, it's seamless copy-pasting to migrate off even through FTP.

Also I've been thinking about the main structure of the guide but lately caught up in other stuff to do much. Good layout is really hard. It also cannot get too long or it's too dense to follow, at the moment I think it's pushing that limit.

Also in relation to the recent happening I am a bit concerned about whether 8chan will get blocked. I have Torbrowser but not looked into VPNs, either way it may affect my ability to post here. It won't affect the stuff on Git but people should ensure to have cloned that and periodically run "git pull" on it. Git's really really good from a preservation standpoint because a clone of a repo is as good as any other copy and has the entire commit history. It's why it was so easy to dig that really old PSN warning out earlier, and similarly if anyone needs to take it over. Also might make sure to copy some of the other OP resources into it for similar reasons. The first-time buyers guide primarily.

Sage for blogpost. Have a Nep.

fd38ab  No.16248030


Oh, so one could just copy the whole system folder hierarchy from the Vita through Filezilla and call it a back up, rather than Qcma?

>SD card

What exactly is keeping someone from making one that goes in the actual memory card port? Or can that adapter that goes in the game slot for those essentially function as a flash cart (without prompting the whole "one memory card/account at a time" thing)?

>Also in relation to the recent happening I am a bit concerned about whether 8chan will get blocked.

>>16245969 mentioned this as another imageboard that might serve well as an alternative if 8ch gets taken down. Though obviously, the less people are aware of such, the less likely they'll be to get flooded with shitters. But I'd wager quality posters would be welcome.

One more thing: tried taking a look into NPS earlier. I see that they've got the urls for their browser to pull from in a google doc, but that document's already frozen two of my browsers for whatever reason. Can't even copy pasta the text since I can't highlight it.

0800d4  No.16248399


>Oh, so one could just copy the whole system folder hierarchy from the Vita through Filezilla and call it a back up, rather than Qcma?

I've personally done it. The vast majority of the guide is dogfooding. Not all of it, but enough that I really believe people can trust it.

>What exactly is keeping someone from making one that goes in the actual memory card port?

They have encryption and similar on top of it, on top of the memory card being a proprietary form factor. This may eventually be a non-issue with the very recent F00D hacks that apparently bypass this, but it's not a reality right now like with the jailbreaking on 3.69+. Sadly, if there actually are problems with current cheap SD adapters it's not ideal.

>mentioned this as another imageboard that might serve well as an alternative if 8ch gets taken down

Bookmarked. I would hate to lose a community that I have some respect for.

>tried taking a look into NPS earlier.

Their main part is not Google Docs. They are links to different TSV files here.


I may have been iffy on direct linking in the guide solely to avoid copyright.

e23c38  No.16248605


They use the cheapest, crappiest flash storage you can possibly imagine. Think third-rate Chinese knock off SD cards. That's the kinda quality Sony went for Vita MC's. Making a killing while selling you literal trash that will just randomly die on you. The 64GB ones probably just more susceptible due to size.


You can always go on the website and force reinstall henkaku to get molecular shell back if you're on 3.60. Will recreate tai folder on ux0 too though, so don't forget to remove it afterwards.


This will happen sometimes, Vita can be finicky. I'd only start worrying if these kind of issues persist after a restart and/or database rebuild.

aaaa22  No.16249190


Okay, so I used the official memory card to change the configuration to use storagemgr, and now I can open homebrew, but I can't use QCMA to restore my backup of Vitashell. What's another way I can install Vitashell onto my card?

e23c38  No.16249321


Reinstall VPK?

99087f  No.16249464

File: 18b42818feed80c⋯.png (795.41 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-03-15-122052.png)

File: 89f1838333d8250⋯.png (714.62 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-03-15-122118.png)

File: 64a02deea625cc1⋯.png (409.53 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-03-15-122554.png)

File: c717e9dfec50e75⋯.png (286.92 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-03-15-122716.png)

File: 7b5c0b9ccf3f4d1⋯.png (58.44 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-03-15-123241.png)


Bullet Girls Phantasia and Medievil, the uncensor patch for BGP is great, but that horrible framerate seriously fucks me over, releasing the game on the soystation 4 was a mistake, the previous two games ran at 60fps while this one struggles to maintain 30, and i've heard that even with LOLIcon it still lags, so i won't bother, i'm like 5 missions away from beating the game anyway, might as well just soldier through the shit framerate. I want to mating press saki.


Nothing really, maybe another Vita for christmas, a imported silver LCD model this time.


A brand new copy of Muramasa Rebirth for $30 and the three Neptunia Rebirths for $15 each, i saw them on a pawnshop a day ago but i only had $10 on me, let's hope they're still there.

If any of you ever notices that Adrenaline is draining your battery way too fast (we're talking 10% for every 20 minutes) just turn off the filters (advanced AA or whatever the fuck you're using, and graphic smoothing), especially if you're playing PS1 games as it makes no difference anyway, i tested it and after fully beating pools of the ancient dead in medievil, which took me 15 minutes, it only drained 3% battery, clock speed makes no difference by the way so leave it on default.


>Apparently Blue Reflection had its English translation ported over to Vita. Plus optional crappy nudes. I've not got this game to test but it looks suspiciously like yet another one that needs delta patches. Anyone want to test?

I've downloaded both patches and tested the one with nude hinako, i thought it was just a mod to remove her underwear, especially since you can look up their skirts like in the nep games, but she's naked all the time and the nude mod is terrible (i can't take a screenshot of it, but her ass jiggles when running like if it were a pair of tits, and her tits jiggle way too much), so i'll stick with the normal patch. Funny how they only translated the config menu in the tutorial.

2871db  No.16249752


>I've heard it still lags so I won't even bother

you should always check that sort of thing for yourself, it can make a serious difference and usually does.

99b4b2  No.16249834

Sony, just let us pair our PS3 controllers on the damn handheld!

8e4aa4  No.16249844


I thought there was some homebrew that allowed you to do that.

022a6e  No.16249920

File: 3fac5e2279d283a⋯.png (195.23 KB, 523x727, 523:727, intensive.png)

aaaa22  No.16250558


I can't reinstall the VPK if I don't have a way to access Vitashell.

e23c38  No.16250590


Force reinstall henkaku if on 3.60.

Or just clone your MC to the SD card on the Vita already. Mount SD2Vita as uma0 and copy paste MC contents onto it in vitashell.

aaaa22  No.16250970


>copy MC contents over again

Gettin' sick of yer shit, Vita.

>force reinstall henkaku

I already have enso. You mean to reinstall that? Or do it through the browser?

4a419a  No.16250990

File: 3b5834e09f446fb⋯.png (447.4 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2019-02-14-094216.png)


>copy MC contents over again

Thought last time you did it, it was with hacky exFAT support. I'm merely suggesting this because that way you can ensure nothing interferes with it on your PC side.

>Or do it through the browser?

Yes. IIRC you hold L at a certain point while it deploys the payload. Works even if you have Enso installed but it might recreate tai folder on ux0, don't forget to remove it if it does.

aaaa22  No.16251004


>Thought last time you did it, it was with hacky exFAT support

It wasn't the copying of the data that was the problem. It was the formatting/mounting. The data was fine.

4a419a  No.16251016


If the copying of the data was fine, then why are you having trouble running vitashell? When I copied my stuff over it just worked. I did it multiple times too, with no issues.

aaaa22  No.16251022


I don't know, fam. It just didn't work. It's not like the very same data running from my official memory card, having been backed up and restored several times, is causing any problems.

4a419a  No.16251060


Official MC's don't use standard exFAT, I can imagine there might be something weird happening but I'm only guessing as I have no idea how QCMA works, never used it.

What I'm suggesting is a rather simple solution, provided you don't have to move around gigabytes of data and most importantly one that would help rule out possible issues that might have occurred while using your PC as a proxy to transfer the data. Don't copy games, don't copy retroarch because it has a gazillion tiny files that will take forever, but do copy all the other homebrew like vitashall which is stored in /app/. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes since what you're left with is just a few megabytes of random data, bunch of save files and achievements.

fd38ab  No.16251363



Might want to edit the description for AM2R's port on the gitgud to mention that it features "Sarah's" mission to "SR441" to eliminate the "Monster" species. Because apparently the Vita port removes trademarked name like Samus (most instances anyhow; Title crawl still calls it "AM2R: Return of Samus", but mentions Metroid II as "Monster II" just before), SR388, and Metroid. Or at least, the download of it I'm playing does. I mean, it's still blatantly a Metroid game, but the script edits make it feel like a chink knockoff. Wouldn't shock me if it's got other "please don't DMCA me" tier edits.

Just saying to let people know what they're in for with it. More or less plays well thus far, though I have had it crash on me once already.

fd38ab  No.16251366



SR403, rather. And I'm pretty sure that, from videos I've seen, the original PC version still uses the official terms.

2871db  No.16251386

This one is (is about to) hit the bump limit way faster than I expected

6d6327  No.16251390

File: 0a4093055e514c1⋯.jpg (207.42 KB, 800x2225, 32:89, 0a4093055e514c16327cce120b….jpg)


feel like spoonfeeding a lazy douchebag and throwing me a download link? i never really bothered trying am2r before it got shoah'd but i've been curious lately

fd38ab  No.16251402


I grabbed the one off the Homebrew Browser, version 1.41. Again, it's fun, just that it seems whoever did further work on it (official releases stopped after 1.1 for the PC, if memory serves) didn't want a suing or whatever. There's also a pair of links to it where it's mentioned as recommended homebrew on the gitgud link in the OP.

0800d4  No.16251458

File: 6cd2ec76282500c⋯.png (119.02 KB, 966x339, 322:113, Screenshot_2019-03-16_15-3….png)



You absolutely should use LOLIcon. It helps. Unfortunately it doesn't help enough and there are two stages that are in perpetual slow motion. The final boss didn't even work for me on hard difficulty, as soon as the level started he disappeared and it was an instant win. Easily the worst Vita port I've played, which is a shame since I want to like it and it's by far the lewdest game I've seen on Vita, and especially when they're stripped down to pasties. Shame you can't do that in intensive drilling.


As far as I'm aware the translation isn't 100% but it's close enough. Guess I'll add it to the list and mirror. Both options. Unfortunately I took a look and it is massive out of necessity with translated video files, but I can split off the nude mod changes into a separate small archive, and only have the big main one as a base patch most likely.


The version in the Mixtape mirror is the one I have and that's still Metroid-branded. I can definitely note it's been changed though in later versions, and as an option because I recall AM2R being fairly buggy in its early release.


There are a few extra kernel plug-ins that I haven't documented yet simply out of unfamiliarity. ds3vita and ds4vita in this case.

fd38ab  No.16251528


So do you know what the actual version of it that you're running is, as far as how up to date the bug fixes are? Saw some comments on the NB linked one talking about an ice beam bug that hadn't been fixed.

0800d4  No.16251665

Apparently the non-nude Blue Reflection patch is out-of-date and bugged. The main archive is a PSARC but the tool I found doesn't look to extract it. Anyone want to take a look at this? For now I'm just splitting the mod download into the nude and non-nude versions, and separated the videos. For whatever reason the main mod is twice as big as the official patch so it's verbatim not delta patching.



fd38ab  No.16251692


I have to wonder how hard it would be for someone to tweak the script in 1.41 back to the proper names and release it as a vpn anon or something. Seems like it would be an easy enough find-and-replace operation, assuming "monster" isn't used as a generic term in regard to other creatures.

Had another crash with it, this time not even giving me an error window and just booting me back to the main Vita menu. Went back to where I was and could enter the room that prompted it with no issues. Glad I save often.

0800d4  No.16251703


I'll add it to the Mega if someone's willing to do the hacking. But right now I can't even find that 1.41 version. Link?

99087f  No.16251711

Bad news, someone else bought the 4 games i was interested in, they only had some tokyo whatever game, demon gaze and the blanc spin-off. At $45 each.

I tried the normal blue reflection patch and it crashes very often at random, i've had it crash on the menu screen, right after the first video, shortly before you meet the "possessed" girl and right after you gain control of hinako, but i think it might be because i just overwrote files and didn't delete the other patch first, i'll test the patch again tomorrow, it's 3AM here.


Well no shit, the guy who refuses to redownload all his trash to his new SD2Vita took up like 70 posts, remember kids, only backup essential programs and your saves, don't be autistic and clone the entire fucking SD card with all your games installed, redownloading with NPS and transferring via USB/SD adapter is easy and takes mere seconds, don't be an idiot and FTP the entire backup through the Vita's shitty wifi.


The shitty framerate is irrelevant if i can clean up the area quickly, for this i just take either yurina (shotgun) or saki (minigun) as my buddy and they mow down every single orc in seconds, their weapons are deadly and they seem to hit weakpoints pretty often, unlike say, the lewd garterbelt slut with the dual handguns or the tomboy with the rocket launcher. It's a shame you can't change their main weapons, the redhead and the sniper are cute but they're dead weight unless you play as them.

fd38ab  No.16251756


>Demon Gaze for $45

Well, from what I've seen where I am, it's not especially easy to find preowned either (even with my area being pretty decent about niche games showing up occasionally, there's not even a Fucking Gamestop with a copy, and I rarely see them elsewhere), but that's too much. As to Muramasa Rebirth having been $30 new, you'd probably have better luck online. Hell, if you're in the US, Amazon's got one right now for $24.49, no shipping cost either.


It's the one on the homebrew browser/database. Lists it being v1.41 in the title, though in-game it still seems to register as v1.00.


0800d4  No.16251775

File: 96b14dc2d294790⋯.png (511.38 KB, 960x544, 30:17, masking tape.png)


Sad luck.


It's usually irrelevant if you're competent. But seriously, you'll know suffering when you hit 9-1. One of the 8- stages is also pretty aggravating, it doesn't have slowdown but you fight some big armoured king with a bigass sword. He's no threat. The problem is you're also getting dogpiled by skeleton knights and liches that summon more, and you have to kill all the waves, not just the king.

Also yes the weapon balance is all over the shop and feels like a dartboard determined what was super effective against something. Generally speaking shotguns and the lightsaber have been the most catch-all weapon that destroy a variety of enemies. Assault rifles work well against the orcs and devyants as do Mai's dual handguns. Machine guns are specialty at killing slimes. The homing rocket launcher is key when fighting gunships, trying to hit them with anything else is fruitless or takes too long. Of the rest, staves aren't great but they're also not totally useless. Other rocket launchers are of marginal use for knocking enemies down. They can also strip girls like BG2, but unlike BG2 you rarely even fight girls and clothing is not given out for this. Rockets also do fuck-all damage, which really annoys me because I loved abusing the four-barrel rocket launcher in BG2 and it feels pretty meaty in BGP. Other weapon types, didn't find a use for. Also no more fish gun.


The only difference between nude and non-nude is a missing video and the different .psarc, and that I'm pretty sure non-nude is out-of-date and bugged. Might have to suck it up with the lewds unless anyone knows how to mod the game. I've mirrored them by the way.


Thanks. Updated.

aaaa22  No.16251916


>Well no shit, the guy who refuses to redownload all his trash to his new SD2Vita took up like 70 posts

It was like 7GB, fuck off.

4a419a  No.16252128


I've successfully unpacked psarcs with this tool:


The reason why file size is off might be because of the packer not being as good as vanilla psarc but I dunno. That game looks and runs horribly on the Vita so I don't really give a fuck.



Eh, I did it the first time when I didn't have too much on there and it was fine.

0800d4  No.16255286

File: 5197026738e433f⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, sg.jpg)

Another translation patch. For Steins;Gate Elite, which apparently is Japan-only. This one's actually sensible enough to use delta patching even so it's not a drop-in and requires a bit of work to do. Link has pretty good instructions for it, the other way of getting decrypted files to patch against over USB is to use psvpfsparser, which is a CLI tool. The downside is it's all or nothing. It's added and mirrored.


Also I think that's the last bump? Maybe one more. In any case note to OP not to use code tags, but to ensure links are clickable. Also it's probably time to oust the 4chan gamerec >>16246891


I can't run Windows tools. Well I can but it's annoying and I'm not interested in fixing this particularly either.

7f338b  No.16260269

File: 97a497a6596d7c0⋯.jpg (8.28 MB, 5504x3096, 16:9, DSC_0091.JPG)

Have I lost my chance to hack this bitch?

7f338b  No.16260271

File: 330ee205a3ee293⋯.jpg (8.34 MB, 5504x3096, 16:9, DSC_0092.JPG)

6384ce  No.16260582


No just wait a couple of months for our friend, "TheFl0w" Nguyen to release the 3.69 and 3.70 patch.

8dd797  No.16262508

Sorry for double blogpost but I can confirm that 8chan has started to be DNS blocked in Australia. It's not a problem for browsing on my laptop since you can just use OpenDNS or Tor, but I cannot set my phone to use OpenDNS even on Wi-Fi. In any case I knew it would happen. So again, make sure to archive everything in case anything further goes wrong.

Assuming nothing does I'll probably make the new thread this time.


Read the guide fag.

e1312c  No.16262711

File: da46c3e503f0884⋯.jpg (42.61 KB, 546x789, 182:263, wazr1 yamero.jpg)

>order vita from amazon

>ver 3.6.1

>follow vita hacks guide

>demands I install finalhe

>finalhe doesn't work on 3.6.1.

>use QCMA to upgrade to 3.6.5

>check vita hacks guide again

>"good, now downgrade to 3.6.0 :^)"

fa734d  No.16262717


Get your shit together Australia. First you ban girls with small tits, then you ban coming here. What's next? Attempting to give Sweden a run for their money?

8dd797  No.16262719


Read the OP guide and refer to >>16184698 for clarification on why that downgrade is not strictly necessary.

e1312c  No.16262720



Is this one outdated? It's linked in the OP so I assumed this is what people meant.

8dd797  No.16262726


No vita.hacks.guide is up-to-date, mine refers to it for the initial setup for a reason. Mine's up-to-date too. However if you are on versions 3.61-3.65 there's very little to gain from downgrading to 3.60 so I don't recommend following that part of the guide. It's just one more thing that can go wrong. Be aware though that certain config lines aren't needed on 3.65, those are annotated in my example config as such.

8dd797  No.16262748

Oh and if you happen to be on 3.67 or 3.68, you want Ensō so you should downgrade to 3.60. If you can't because the system started higher, do 3.65. If not, sorry. No start-up entrypoint for you.

237690  No.16266434

File: fc4596f521c8195⋯.jpg (15.15 KB, 265x197, 265:197, 98server.jpg)

So I know the thread's dying I'll probably ask it again next thread anyways but I wanted to ask anyone who is still here: which version of the hardware is better the 1000 or the 2000? I was at a local game store today and they had a 1000 with the 3G module there for about $170. It looked brand new as far as a I can tell and I almost bought it. However, I though I should do some more research before I did and now I'm extremely conflicted on which version I should try and get. It seems like the 2000 would be better but I feel like the OLED screen and a PSVSD for the 3G slot would makeup for the shortcoming of the original system (i.e. proprietary charger/bulkier design from what I've been reading). Does anyone who has had experience with both systems have some input?

7f2711  No.16266506


My advice to you is to just get a goddamn Vita before its too late/too expensive. All versions of the Vita are good.

6f8209  No.16266549


$170 is a very hefty price unless it comes eith s bunch of games or something. As for which "hardware" is better, obviously the OLED. Everything else is pretty much the same hardware wise except for the screen. I heard the slim has shittier sticks but I don't have one to compare.

237690  No.16266568


That's kinda how I've been feeling after all the searching I've been doing. I just want to make sure I get the device that's going to last me the longest.


It didn't come with anything besides a case. Looking on ebay, $170 doesn't seem that ludicrous. Most of the lower prices are worn systems, have large shipping costs, or are auctions that are bound to go up.

99087f  No.16266592

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1000 is perfect, especially the 3G model as you can replace the modem with a SD slot and enjoy both legit cartridge games SD2Vita takes up the game slot, so it's essentially a digital only machine, PSVSD replaces the useless 3G modem with a SD slot and the latest revision doesn't even need soldering and pirated games from nopaystation, i've had both models side to side and even a degraded OLED screen looks better than a brand new LCD, the only drawback is the shitty mura effect which was present on every device that had a OLED screen from 2011 to 2013, but you won't notice the blotches outside of loading screens/pitch black areas, if the proprietary USB port bothers you there's a hardmod to replace it with a USB C port.


That's too much, you can get a brand new LCD Vita from japan for $200, don't pay more than $100 for a OLED model, even $120 is pushing it unless it comes with a 8GB memory card and a game at the very least.

6f8209  No.16266606


I bought one on a local private sale site for 110 Euro in pretty much mint condition with 4GB MC and one game. And that was me overpaying for a 3.60 Vita when that was the only way to hack it.

If you're willing to pay that much, look into Japanese yahoo auctions for the best deals on systems that are guaranteed to come in a great condition.

237690  No.16266657


Thanks for the insight. I think I'll go for the OLED with the 3G. I'll certainly look for a better deal too.


Yahoo auctions looks like it has much better prices. I'm a bit worried about importing though, I've not done much of that before and from what I remember reading, their Buyee shit is garbage. Still though, thanks for the tip.

6f8209  No.16266745


Can't really give you any advice on imports since I'm yuropoor. But I know you at least you won't get hit by import tax out the ass if you're american.

8dd797  No.16266840


3G by far. It has the best type of SD adapter that doesn't lock you out of cartridges, and OLED beats IPS by a mile even if it has the black splotches on black screens. The downsides are jailbreaking requires an official memory card, as does recovery unless you use IMCUnlock (risky) and that the connector is proprietary.


>proprietary port replacement

I need to know about this.

8dd797  No.16267245

Major re-structure to the guide in progress, but I split off the homebrew and plug-in lists to its own file. It isn't live yet, but it will be most likely before new thread, or shortly after.

Homebrew/Plug-ins: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahacking.md

Game Recommendations: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/gamerec/games.png

I'll probably be making the next thread as it is, but just in case someone beats me to it. I nominate a crying or abandoned Uni as the next thread theme now Vita production is ceased.

8dd797  No.16267443

File: 470afc04d497965⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1299x1371, 433:457, X.png)

File: 9a1db29f6c0be6f⋯.jpg (145.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, loveme.jpg)

File: ae25a79115d18d6⋯.png (4.21 MB, 2508x3541, 2508:3541, saduni.png)

File: 31dc9a572b5375e⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 1000x1588, 250:397, CFW Brave true love.jpg)

Big addition is that all 3 texts now have a table of contents and more cross-linking between sections, so it should be a lot easier to find what you need to know, and with homebrew split off, also less dense. Otherwise just a bit of tidy and bumping certain sections higher, particularly the memory card stuff since it's so important.

Did notice I failed to add submitted audio languages to a few games on the chart too, but I'll fix them up when there's something more substantial to add. Git's not so good with binary files and I don't want to unnecessarily bloat its history, it's already about 80MiB. Every update will add another 4MiB.

Also OP for new thread follows, at least if I make it. If someone else does obviously they can copy it.

Vita General Thread - New Life Edition





And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous thread:

Other previous threads: https://pastebin.com/FPM09Key

(New) First-time buyer's FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6

Upcoming game releases: https://www.handheldplayers.com/upcoming-games/upcoming-ps-vita-games-2019/

Recent game releases: https://www.handheldplayers.com/released-games/released-ps-vita-games-2019/

Game recommendations: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/gamerec/games.png

Vita hacking: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahacking.md#vita-hacking


Vita homebrew/plug-ins: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahomebrew.md#vita-homebrew-and-taihen-plug-in-recommendations

Vita game mods: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitamods.md#vita-game-mods

Latest News:

>PS Vita production ended in Japan



>Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon PS4, Switch, and PS Vita limited run physical edition announced


A physical release is better than none. It is unusual that they weren't able to do a digital copy when indie games are one of the other features of the system.

Not specified in OP last time, so I'll also spotlight that there is a 3.69 and 3.70 jailbreak prepared but not disclosed. It is also possible to downgrade on 3.68 and lower in most situations. Game firmware version requirements are also totally irrelevant thanks to reF00D. Modernize your system!


e1312c  No.16267747

File: 94f5a5f141b6449⋯.jpg (80.77 KB, 700x700, 1:1, qsfv 94f5a5f141b6449885cf4….jpg)

Finally homebrewed. This is awesome.

8dd797  No.16267893


>This is awesome.

It is, and it is also why I'm so pushy for doing it. Please enjoy the immeasurable power,

c2782b  No.16268068

File: 59b1a6e0c7e2b4b⋯.jpg (101.86 KB, 932x858, 466:429, uni_is_too_small_by_alloyr….jpg)

File: 37df45fce80e4a2⋯.jpg (103.68 KB, 1128x708, 94:59, uni_s_new_handheld_by_allo….jpg)


Memestop was selling them for 149, they actually lowered the prices to 129 or 139 or something but for some reason they jacked it back up to 150


Don't forget about informing people of the fan translations like the Blue Reflection one.

Adding it to the game mod list is very good but letting people know its there in the announcements if it was recently done is also good too.

Can't wait to see the cuckchan chart finally be replaced. It only took a few years :^) but your efforts will live on forever in history anon, thank you sincerely for all the work you do for our little Vita-tan.


It ain't dead till its last physical release comes, in my eyes. This is more just telling Uni she'll be dying soon but that's my opinion

6384ce  No.16268688


I got 2 PCH-2000s, but I didn't know the moddability of the 1000 was so extensive. I might get one, I really like how the 1000 model whites dont have the black bezel, unlike all the non-black colors on the 2000.


just a note, handheldplayers.org is for upcomming and released for this year. And for a link that I think should be added is http://retailgames.net/playstation-vita/complete-list/ , which lists every vita game that was released phsyically. It has good filters too, like ones that remove trash games.

0e6165  No.16269169


Not every physical game, just every retail game released in english (including LRG/Eastasiasoft/Play-asia, Europe and Asia-English releases)

99087f  No.16269353

File: 8d8a79386429c77⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.58 KB, 900x1687, 900:1687, 1ec81c04ee9621cf44944a83f8….jpg)


How fitting that the giant robot that advocates for piracy fell in love with the personification of the PSP/Vita.


I didn't know GB3 was available in english for the vita, i'm grabbing the "break edition", hope it doesn't run as badly as BGP.

I also want to give Ys VIII a try ricotta is cute, but i heard that it has way less content than the PS4/PC release, so i ask, is this game not worth playing on the vita? And is the switch version a straight port of the vita version or does it have the extra content? I don't have a soystation 4 nor i plan to get one, and my PC is a piece of shit, but i can definitely sell a bunch of shitty 360 games i have lying around and use that money to get a CFW ready switch to pirate games on it. I might also buy a N3DS, i like handhelds more than full consoles.

6384ce  No.16270272


Yeah same. Ever since I became an adult I've had little time to sit in front of a television and play vidya. PC gaming, for sure, but most of that is MP, so I've been doing most of my recent SP gaming on handhelds like the 3DS and Vita

75d3e0  No.16270606

File: 4a80868c757c141⋯.png (29.02 KB, 1423x106, 1423:106, ClipboardImage.png)


>way less

I don't know about that, but the PS4 and PC versions does seem to have additional content, like Dana's dungeon and some more backstory or whatever.

From a quick check online, it seems like the Switch version does have the additional content the PS4 version has.

Its still worth playing on the Vita in my opinion.

The performance on the Switch and Vita are about comparable.

8dd797  No.16270852



To be more specific, PCH-1xxx is generally best for the OLED display and general feel, despite the minor drawbacks. But it's specifically PCH-11xx models that have 3G that can be swapped out for a PSVSD. Apparently certain limited edition systems have 3G too. Also noted about the link.




Neptunia often ends up being humourous in hindsight.

8dd797  No.16272073

New thread >>>/v/16272072

1fe8b4  No.16272401


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